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OMBayBay Presents: Interactive Game Series


Hail To The King
Jun 10, 2019
The group is frozen not knowing what to do as the door is close behind the, The whispers get louder as it is Jose! He is dead on the ground. He was trying to yell but no one was able to hear him. His throat is cut out as the shadow starts to rush them the group still frozen without knowing what to do.

They run torwards the door and hear Sylar in the background pacing scared.

The shadow draws closer.

Sylar finally opens it up right as the shadow get's there....

What do you do? What can you do? Xander runs at the Jose body on the floor trying to escape he slips and falls on the blood.

Ashley & Jennifer are frozen.

Group Choice?
KeepItFresh KeepItFresh Sabretooth Sabretooth Sylar Sylar Chris Chris

Go into the room lock yourselves in?

Do you split up sending either Ashley or Jennifer to get Xander?

Do you stay as a group and forsaken Xander?

(Jose played by Hoho has died)​