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OMBayBay Presents: Interactive Game Series


Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2011
Yeah fuck this I'm going into the house. I ain't facing some goddamn mysterious figure. For all I know they're packing. This is a no brainer for me



Hail To The King
Jun 10, 2019
The group makes their way into the house quickly. The house looks old and broken down but as they go in the figure stands in the road staring.

Sylar: What is it doin?

Leah: We need the flashlight Sylar.

Sylar dropped it outside.

Xander: Thats just great dumbass you drop the one thing that could fucking help us out you are such a moron.

Sylar grabs Xander holding him up against.

Sylar: Prick shit... Shut your mouth this is all your fault. We wouldnt be in this if it wasn't for you.

The group starts to aruge as the dark room is filled with voices aruging. Everyone blaming each other except Jose who has gone missing.

Leah: Where's Jose?

Ashley: Jose?

Jennifer: Jose?

All of a sudden a loud bang is heard in the next room. Jose emerges holding a candle the flame lights up the room. The room though is filled with paintings of just alot of creepy eyes.

Xander: Oh this is nice.

Xander says with sarcasm.

Jennifer looks at one of the painting as it looks to be staring out her the eyes follow her back and forth she lets out a scream as the group turns.

Leah: What ?

Jennifer: The fucking painting the eyes are following me.

The group looks but it looks as though no one can see anything.

Jennifer is confused.

Jennifer: I am telling you there was something.

Ashley: Guys....

Ashley is looking torwards Jennifer as a hand grabs her shoulder. It is grey with long fingernail as they all scream and start running all throughout the house. Sylar & Jose go upstairs Jennifer & Xander are frozen in the room as Ashley helps Leah go into the hallway.

Jennifer runs behind Xander whose lighter sees as a tall figure stands above them. It grabs them rushing off into the painting.


Chapter 2: Eyes Of The Beholder

The group now all in different places.

Jose & Sylar in a victorian style bedroom as Sylar sits on the bed his hands in his face. Jose is looking around the room.

Sylar: Oh Fuck... Oh fuck... What the hell am I suppose to do? Fuck!

Jose doesnt know what Sylar is saying be he sees that he is upset he found a piece of broken bed post and gives it to Sylar. Jose also found a old hunting knife and weilds it in his hand.

Jose opens the bedroom door peaking his head out and looking from side to side. Sylar cowards behind him and we see them make there way down the hallway. A lightning storm has started and the flashes light up the room as we go down the hallway. They come to the end of the hallway. Something brushes against Sylar's face and he yelps but it was just a string flash of light shows it is a string to the attic.


Choice is for you two only. No one else can speak about the decsion for you to make.

Kairi HoHo Kairi HoHo Sylar Sylar

Go Up into the attic?

Turn Back?
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