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Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA
@Starlight Kid
@Jimmy King
@Bobby Barrows
@Dubble J
@Jazz Wolf
@The Golden One
@Prison Dom
@Tommy Bedlam

Episode 3 is live! It's on the end of page 9.

Thank you to Krash for sending in a segment for this one.

Next week on 9/20 we'll go live with Episode 4 in Jacksonville. Then we'll take a one week break with no episode on 9/27, before returning on 10/4 for the second half of the season in California...starting in San Diego! If you want to send in a segment (I could certainly use a couple) you have a solid six days or so!
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Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Episode 4: Jobbing in Jacksonville
Live from the Vystar Veterans Arena in Jacksonville, FLorida
Wednesday, September 20th, 2023


Ground Zero cuts to a pre-taped promo from the week prior following the main event after Hazel Knight scored her first big moment of the season. Hazel seems over the moon following her win and she can hardly contain herself.

“You know, I was THIS close to elimination.”

Hazel holds up a hand with her index finger almost touching her thumb to signify how close she came to elimination.

“Not only did I secure myself with immunity but I sent Hailey Price packing. Now she’ll have to find another way in to get her foot in the door to FWA, maybe she can have Allen Price pull some strings for her, I’ve heard they’re related.”

Hazel chuckles to herself.

“Things are coming up for Hazel in Ground Zero just like things are coming up for my man Jackson Fenix. He’s going to earn himself that title match at Lights Out and then he’ll wipe the floor with that big dope Bryan Baxter. You know, there’s someone here at Ground Zero that has history with Baxter, Kristy Vance.”

“Kristy, you’ve been impressive here on Ground Zero so far, but that’s because you haven’t faced me. I know you’re just ducking me like Bryan has been ducking Jackson, but sooner or later you’ll have to come face to face with me. This face will be the last thing you see before I clean your clock with a Lavender Haze and send you packing just like Hailey Price. That goes for everyone else in this season of Ground Zero, you’ve been put on notice!”

“I hope my bestie Taylor Swift will be watching me clean house here in Ground Zero. I just know how proud she’d be of me. Hey, isn’t Blair Ravenwood related to her? She looks a lot like her. Maybe Blair can hook me up with a meetup with Taylor, I’ll have to ask Blair the next time I see her.”

Hazel shuffles away from the camera as she taps her chin and ponders to herself

We return after the fireworks have gone off to Blair and Celestia at the commentary table.

Blair Ravenwood: Welcome to Jacksonville!

Celestia Ravenwood: Duuuuvalll.

Blair Ravenwood: We only have one elimination match tonight! A tag team match featuring contestents from Team Katsu and Bell going up against Team Trixie and Team Penny.

Celestia Ravenwood: But before then we have two non elimination singles matches between teams.

Blair Ravenwood: And starting off first is Lihn Nguyen and Celestia Zewbowski.

Celestia Ravenwood: I still don't know how I feel about this other Celestia...

Blair Ravenwood: I always thought your name was unique sister, but I guess not.

Nguyen and Zewbowski both head down to the ring as the match gets ready to go.

Team Katsu vs Team Penny
Non-Elimination Match

Quick Recap:

Celestia Zewbowksi looked like she had this match from the start. She dominated the small Lihn Nguyen for most of the match, but Lihn's endurance and small frame allowed her to stay agile and avoid most big blows.

It looked like it wasn't going to matter as Celestia lifted Lihn up for a powerbomb, but somehow Lihn reversed it for a quick roll up as she shocked Celestia with the quick upset.

Winner: Linh Nguyen (Team Katsu)

Following the win, Lihn rolls off Zewbowski.

Celestia is mad at the loss, and looks like she's going to escalate things, but decides against it as she storms out of the ring.

Blair Ravenwood: Another win for Nguyen!

Celestia Ravenwood: Meanwhile, Zewbowski brings shame to the Celestia name.

Blair Ravenwood: That makes two of you.

Celestia Ravenwood: Shut up sister.

Standing in the middle of the ring is a familiar face to Ground Zero, former winner, from Nuances of Wrestling, Ty Johnson. He stands in the ring with a long sleeve dress shirt and jeans. He has a microphone in hand and addresses the crowd.

Ty Johnson: “Ladies and Gentlemen of Jacksonville, thank you for having me as right now, I’m going to try to get the scoop on someone who managed to stand out last week. This young woman earned immunity from elimination for the week. So this week, I want to get the dirt on her. Find out what makes her tick. From Team Katsu, REO!”

The lights of the arena flash around the stage as “Shadow is the Light” plays. The fans give a modest cheer for the young Joshi prodigy as, after a few moments, she makes her way out. She has a sleeveless loose top featuring the Ground Zero Season five logo over her in ring gear. She moves fluidly and yet sporadically as she leans forward on the stage, then back, her head looking straight up. The wild-Joshi has a wicked grin on her face. Her face paint reads on her cheeks “Shadow” and “Soul.” The coaches on stage watch, with Katsu in particular being keen and observant.

Celestia Ravenwood: “This REO she’s a bit of a strange girl, huh? Younger sister to Ririko and she’s already pretty weird, but she takes the cake! What’s up with their family.”

Blair Ravenwood: “We’ll gladly be dealing with them and her friends at Lights Out, but I’ve liked what she’s done so far! If YDS don’t want her, we’ll gladly take her in. Say, does she have any interest in witchcraft?”

Ty Johnson, upon looking at the interesting character of REO, begins to have second thoughts of his interview assignment. As REO heads to the steps, she leans forward before running up them and into the ring between the middle and bottom rope. Standing next to Ty, she gives a playful “wave” as she darts to the ropes, leaning her head between the middle and top rope. She shows a wicked grin before her theme music fades and she saunters to the middle of the ring to join Ty.

REO: “Hello Ty.”

She shows a grin which is slightly unnerving. Ty can only gulp and get the interview going.

Ty Johnson: “To begin, REO, we all know your connections to Ririko, who has been making waves early on in FWA as part of YOKAI Death Squad with your coach Katsu-”

Blair Ravenwood: “We’ll put a stop to it soon.”

Blair can’t help but make that comment.

Ty Johnson: “And you made it very clear that you would not have accepted any coach other than Katsu, is it because of this relationship?”

Before he can even lean the microphone closer, REO gently pulls the microphone closer with her finger.

REO: “It’s more than that.”

She has a slight giggle under her breath and her English, surprisingly strong given that her older sister is still struggling and learning the language.

REO: “I have known Katsu since I started training. My sister and her unit would often visit our dojo sessions, scouting and giving advice. So yes, that familiarity is important, but most importantly she has been through what I’ve been through…”

Turning to the stage, she looks at the other three coaches. Bell Connelly keeps her usual cheerful disposition. Penny raises an eyebrow, and Trixie is too busy looking at her reflection in her FWA Trios Championship.

REO: “All four of you, talented and have blazed your own paths. But you do not know what it is like to go through the training I have been through. To be beaten down to raise your toughness, to be treated differently because people think you are only there because of family… And if you, or any woman in this competition would have went through my training, that level of hardship, none of you would be pro-wrestlers!”

The coaches exchange glances before looking at Katsu, the coach of this young wrestler. The masked woman looks just as confused as the others.

REO: “There would be no Hall of Fame career. No impact, no championships! You all would quit!”

We can see Katsu mouth something to the other coaches along the lines of “I don’t know why she’s doing this.” REO faces the hard camera. Some fans still support her, others have a more mixed opinion.

REO: “Strong style is my way. It is my mentality, my life! So I wanted a coach who understood that…”

Ty reluctantly takes the microphone back to ask the next question.

Ty Johnson: “Okay, I understand, but by calling out the rest of the competitors, even the coaches, are you sure that is the right thing to do? Take it from me, I’m a former winner of this it may not be-”

Grabbing the microphone, REO shows a wide grin.

REO: “I already know how it feels to have people wish for my failure… I welcome the challenge.”

Celestia Ravenwood: “This kid is a bit…”

Blair Ravenwood: “Feisty!”

Ty Johnson: “So it’s you against the world, right?”

REO: “It was in the battle royal last week, was it not?”

She smirks, giving a wink.

Ty Johnson: “Yes, you won immunity for the week. But nothing is guaranteed. One mistake and it might be over. See the screen…”

The former Ground Zero winner points to the screen and we see footage from several weeks ago. It is after Katsu and REO had a conversation backstage. Someone from the production team goes over to REO to tell her she’s needed. REO turns around and cracks him in the head with her Skull Kick. Katsu, who likely hasn’t seen the footage yet, looks at her friend, slightly shocked. REO shows a small smirk.

Ty Johnson: “I see you’ve been causing a bit of chaos already. So I have to wonder, why? Why are you like this? I think it’s something a lot of people might be curious of. So-”

REO is quick to grab the microphone from Ty’s hand. She leans on the ropes, looking at the stage.

REO: “So what? Why did I kick that man in the head? Why am I here making enemies? Well… Heh. I wanted to belong somewhere but was DENIED. So I know where my true friends lie…”

Getting up from her chair, Katsu walks to the ringside area, looking at her team member. We can see her mouth. “They’re gone. They left. Don’t worry about them.”

REO: “I have no issues with you, Katsu. You’ve been like a second sister to me. But I know in America not everyone believes in a girl like me. Not everyone accepts me. You know that, right?”

Even under her mask, we can see Katsu put her tongue in her cheek. This girl knows her inside-out better than perhaps everyone else in FWA apart from YOKAI Death Squad.

REO: “So, I’m here to defend myself. I am not this little girl anymore, I need to take control of this competition and my career. So a little reminder that I won’t lie down is needed. It is not personal. This is just… my destiny, and it is in my hands... Interview over.”

Turning around, she tosses the microphone back to Ty Johnson, not expecting the toss, it falls to the mat below, falling out from his fingertips. He leans down to pick it up and something switches in REO’s mind. She takes a step forward and spins around-


Celestia Ravenwood: “SKULL KICK!”

Blair Ravenwood: “Ty Johnson is down!”

The fans gasp at the very sudden and LOUD Skull Kick and Ty lies face down in the canvas! There’s a mixed reaction from fans with some loving the chaos, others not so much. Katsu immediately rushes the ring and gets in REO’s face. She’s furious with her team members. She doesn’t lay a hand on her, and neither does REO.

Blair Ravenwood: “Come on, kick her too!”

Katsu points to Ty Johnson on the mat, asking her for some explanation. REO only smiles. She wipes her orange hair out of her eyes and pats Katsu on the shoulder. On the cameras, we pick up her saying “You have your way, I have mine.” before walking out of the ring. The coaches on the stage are left speechless as REO heads to the stage. Katsu checks on Ty Johnson who has cobwebs, blinking and groggily rolls to his back. Doctors come in to check on him as, on stage, REO turns around showing her sinister grin.

When we return, Paige is heading out to the ring.

Blair Ravenwood: Here comes one of my favorites. Probably the only NORMAL one from Team Trixie.

Celestia Ravenwood: Paige definitely has talent, that's for sure.

Blair Ravenwood: Talent AND Attitude.

After that, the covert Agent Winter comes out to a pop.

Blair Ravenwood: Now here's someone I'd like to know more about...

Celestia Ravenwood: That's classified.

Blair Ravenwood: Ok, but is she just some Jason Bourne wannabe or does she actually have talent?

With both ladies in the ring it's time to start.

Team Trixie vs Team Bell Non
Non-Elimination Match

Quick Recap:

Probably the match of the night, one of the best stars from Team Trixie crashing head-to-head with one of the best from Team Bell. This one went back and forth the entire time, with momentum swinging like a pendulum.

Agent Winters nearly capitalized when Westerby missed a big boot.

But before she could, Paige got her into a deadly figure-four leg lock.

Winters had to choose...her mission or her knees. This time she picked the latter and tapped out.

Winner: Paige Westerby (Team Trixie)

Westerby celebrates the win, leaving Agent Winters shocked at the defeat. She smiles though, knowing her mission is still going to plan.

Celestia Ravenwood: A big win for Paige Westerby! What a great night for her...

Blair Ravenwood: "Well, it's a disappointing night for-"

Tonya Scott: "Disappointing?! How can anything be disappointing when magic is in the air!"

Out of nowhere, much like she did last week, Tonya Scott seems to appear out of nowhere to stand in front of the commentary desk, much to the dismay of the coven.

Celestia Ravenwood: NOPE!

Blair Ravenwood: "Na-um, we're not doing this again.

Tonya Scott: "Doing what? What's the problem, ladies?

Celestia Ravenwood: "You KNOW what."

Blair Ravenwood: "You're not going to come out here and make us look like fools with your tricks that make a mockery of our ancient ritual art!"

Tonya Scott: "Why, gals. You wound me so; I don't want to mock anyone, especially people who are so respectable like yourselves. I just wanted to ask you guys a question."

Tonya gestures idly to the cup in front of Celestia.

Celestia Ravenwood: "...The...Cup?"

Blair Ravenwood: "You came out, and disrupted the show just to ask me what she's drinking?"

Tonya Scott: "Yep. I did!"

Celestia Ravenwood: "...Ok, weird, it's just orange soda."

Blair Ravenwood: "Big deal"

Tonya Scott: "Orange Soda eh? Cool. Cool. Very Cool. Hey, real quick; What else is orange?"

Celestia Ravenwood: "What el-I don't know, Pumpkins, Traffic cones. Basketballs. Cheetos?"

Celestia clearly rolls her eyes as she goes to take a sip from her soda...and when she does, her eyes grow wide in slow creeping horror.

Blair Ravenwood: "Celestia?"

Celestia doesn't answer. Examining her drink, she takes off the top and looks to pour out the context on the table...and what comes out? Cheetos!

Celestia Ravenwood: "What the hell- how did you-Where did my soda go?!"

It was then Blair spit out orange soda in Celestia's face.

Blair Ravenwood: I'm so sorry...I don't...It was just...THERE in my mouth!"

Celestia seems to be frozen in anger, slowly wiping soda from her face before going to lunge at Tonya...which is a shame considering Tonya has vanished into thin air.

Celestia Ravenwood: "I swear to Lilith....Blair...I swear to Lilith... The things I'm going to do to that Tonya Scott

Blair Ravenwood: Sister, relax. She's going to be eliminated any day now

Backstage, Team Penny’s Kristy Vance works out as she hits some boxing jabs into a freestanding punching box. Her stare is intense as she focuses on each blow. However, her workout is interrupted as a young girl walks into the shot. The little brunette girl in pigtails watches in awe as Kristy’s punches get more and more furious. A deep burning fire in her eyes as she doesn’t even realize that her daughter, Audrey Vance, had entered the room with her.

Audrey Vance: “Jeez, Mom… save some for the ring why don’t ya?”

The voice of her daughter quickly snaps her out of her trance-like work out. She turns, surprised to see her in the room.

Kristy Vance: “Audrey? What are you doing here?”

Audrey Vance: “I talked Grandpa into bringing me. I wanted to see you in action.”

Kristy Vance: “Dammit Dad… ugh, okay, well that may not be the greatest of ideas but you’re here now… so, okay.”

Audrey Vance: “This is so awesome! I can’t wait to watch you kick some ass!”

Kristy Vance: “Audrey! Language!”

Audrey innocently shrugs her shoulders.

Audrey Vance: “What? How come you can say it? You talk about kicking peoples asses all the time.”

Kristy Vance: “Yeah, well… it’s kinda my job. Outside the ring, I am your mom… but as soon as I step through those ropes… it’s like… a therapeutic release.”

Audrey Vance: “What do you mean?”

Kristy Vance: “Let’s just say Mommy has years and years of anger to let out and I get to take it out on whoever is in the ring with me.”

The young girl’s eyes light up as she begins to nod her head, seemingly understanding.

Audrey Vance: “Oh! Kinda like how Bryan Baxter becomes Bryan Bastard in the ring, huh?”

Kristy closes her eyes, some frustration evident at the mention of the name.

Audrey Vance: “What’s wrong?”

Kristy Vance: “Can we just not talk about him?”

Audrey Vance: “I thought you two used to be friends.”

Kristy half grinned as she shook her head.

Kristy Vance: “Uhh, yeah… something like that.”

Audrey Vance: “You know, if you had told him about wanting to get into the FWA, he would’ve got you in. He sai… I mean, I bet he would’ve anyway.”

Kristy eyed her daughter closely, examining her for any signs of lying. A character trait she had unfortunately picked up from the other side of the gene pool.

Kristy Vance: “Audrey Marie… have you been using my phone again?”

Audrey Vance: “No ma’am! I swear!”

Kristy got down on Audrey’s level, intensely staring into her daughter’s eyes. The young girl begins to wiggle uncomfortably.

Audrey Vance: “Fine! But it was just one time!”

Kristy Vance: “Audrey! I specifically told you not to talk to him anymore! He’s bad news. He’s not worth talking to. And I didn’t tell him because I don’t need his help. I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ve made it this far without anyone’s help. I’m going to make it to the FWA and when I do, it’s not because of someone’s hand out. Not like him. If you want to do anything, Audrey… trust me when I say this, you gotta do it yourself. So when I make it to the FWA… I’m going to have earned it.

The young girl smiles, her eyes beaming with pride.

Audrey Vance: “That’s awesome, Mom! I can’t wait! Go kick some ass!”

Despite her earlier warning, Kristy can’t help but chuckle as she stands back up and rubs the top of her daughter’s head. She then cracks her neck and turns back to the punching bag, resuming her work out as Audrey cheers her on.

When we return from the break, all four competitors are already out in the ring and ready to go. Indigo and Kirek are on one side, while Mercy and Josie Katt on the other side.

Blair Ravenwood: Well here we are the main event.

Celestia Ravenwood: Two more going home. Who's your money on Blair?

Blair Ravenwood: Well, I do like cats for Josie is a favorite for me...but Mercy O'Neil is getting way too much hype, so I'd like to see her get shut down.

Celestia Ravenwood: On the other hand, we haven't seen a whole lot of Indigo or Kirek Night. Now is their chance to shine!

The referee signals for the bell as the match gets started.
Main Event Elimination
Tag Team Match

(Whichever team loses goes home)




Quick Recap:

A tag team match to determine which two were going home.

Indigo Dreyer started out in the ring first. She looked a bit timid standing across from Mercy O'Neil, who rightfully did throw her around like a rag doll.

Eventually, Night was able to tag in and chase Mercy off, but soon Josie Katt was able to come in and hold her own against Kirek.

Josie and Indigo went back and fourth for awhile too. Indigo actually got the upper hand, and almost took Josie down a couple of times. Just when it looked like Indigo was going to put Josie down, Kirek tagged herself in to finish the job. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as it allowed Katt to get Mercy in as well.

Mercy came rushing in like a bull and took Kirek down with a clothesline.

Mercy then hit Kirek with The Real Deal (Burning Hammer) and took her down for the count. She confidently hooked the leg.




Winners: "The Real Deal" Mercy O'Neil (Team Penny) and Josie Katt (Team Trixie)

Eliminated: Kirek Night (Team Katsu, 16th Place)
Eliminated: Indigo Dreyer (Team Bell, 15th Place)

Following the decision, Kirek is left pissed off and kicking things. Meanwhile Indigo looks like she is about to cry.

Mercy O'Neil and Josie Katt are celebrating in the ring, with Josie Katt meowing like a weirdo.

Celestia Ravenwood: Well, sorry Blair, but Mercy keeps on trucking.

Blair Ravenwood: At least Josie Katt survived too!

Celestia Ravenwood: Meanwhile this marks the end for Indigo Dreyer and Kirek Night.

Blair Ravenwood: I'm sure Violet was proud of Indigo for making it even this far...

The last shot we see is of a dominant Mercy O'Neil flexing her muscles in the ring. Josie Katt continues to claw and meow like a weirdo.

Blair Ravenwood: Well fans, this closes out the first half of Ground Zero.

Celestia Ravenwood; Our Florida tour is over. Join us again two weeks from tonight as we return to travel up the California coast for the last four episodes!

We get one last shot of Indigo's makeup running down her face as Ground Zero comes to a finish.

@Starlight Kid
@Jimmy King
@Bobby Barrows
@Dubble J
@Jazz Wolf
@The Golden One
@Prison Dom
@Tommy Bedlam

Episode 4 is live! Big thanks to Dubb, AON, Beavie, and Jimmy for sending in segments for this one.

Commentary and match recaps are weaker than normal so I apologize on that front.

I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow which means Ground Zero will be taking a week off as well! The beginning of the last four episodes will return on 10/4. The Florida leg of the tour is over, as we now will be partying on the beaches on the California coast...starting with San Diego!


Dark Side
Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
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REO is one pissy psycho teen.


Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA
Update: I know I'm like two weeks behind on episodes. Have had a ton of real life work to catch up on, but I'm pretty close to finally being on top of things in that regard so I should have time to finally pound these two episodes out.

I'm expecting to post both episodes either tonight or over the weekend. I might actually post two next Wednesday too to give us time for a promo window, I'll be looking into that.

For these next two shows that are behind I'm good on segments. I got two from some lovely people and will be doing one on each show.


Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA


Episode 5: Slam Diego
Live from the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California
Wednesday, October 4th 2023


The fireworks go off in San Diego as we're welcome to the show.

Blair Ravenwood: Welcome to Ground Zero!

Celestia Ravenwood: Hello SLAM DIEGO! You know San Diego is my favorite place to shop at Target?

Blair Ravenwood: Oh yeah?

Celestia Ravenwood: Yeah I was just at a Target on my way here, had to pick up a few things. There was a really nice fella there pushing carts around. Nicest guy I ever met, big beard, kind of cute!

Blair Ravenwood: Oh sister, get ahold of yourself. He probably doesn't even know who you are.

Celestia Ravenwood: I don't know, he looked like a wrestling fan. He definitely was nice! I could tell!

Blair Ravenwood: If you say so.

Celestia Ravenwood: I put my cart back in the return cart area for him, and he winked at me.

Blair Ravenwood: Oh my god Celestia enough! We have a show to talk about! Tonight is Triple Threat night! We have not two, but THREE eliminations tonight. Three triple threat matches, a loser going home in every one.

Celestia Ravenwood: How exciting!

Blair Ravenwood: It certainly is! However, due to some production issues, our folks watching on TV are going to get some parts cut out. You may not get to see any of the entrances and flair you usually see on our shows.

Celestia Ravenwood: I don't know Blair, sounds like a cheap way to say the writer is in a rush to get this done.

Blair Ravenwood: Well, it is 11pm already Blair and he's got to be up early tomorrow. But let's not break any fourth walls now ok?

Celestia Ravenwood: Aww but that's my favorite number wall to break!

Blair Ravenwood: On with the show!

Triple Threat Match
Hazel Knight (Team Penny) vs Paige Westerby (Team Trixie) vs Millie Harrows (Team Bell)
Quick Recap:

A very even match throughout. All three girls had their ups and downs.

Hazel Knight had the most crowd support, although the smoking Paige Westerby did get a lot of cheers from the boys.

In the end it would be Millie Harrows who would steal the show, with a quick surprise rollup on Paige. Millie didn't even realize what happened, but Paige was even more surprised! Millie got out of their quick before Paige could react.

For Hazel she was disappointed not to get the win, but she knew Millie was trouble when she walked in.

Winner: Millie Harrows (Team Bell)
Elimianted: Paige Westerby (Team Trixie)

Millie quickly escapes the ring, as Paige is left shocked at the elimination.

Blair Ravenwood: Well after four episodes of success, Paige is eliminated at the top of episode 5. It's a shame, I liked her.

Celestia Ravenwood: Yeah, I was rooting for Hazel myself.

Blair Ravenwood: I'm not sure I like her...she gives me...weird looks.

Triple Threat Match
Hemmlock (Team Katsu) vs Celestia Zewbowski (Team Penny) vs Josie Katt (Team Trixie)
Quick Recap:

This match was fast paced between three smaller girls. Celestia was the smoothest in the ring, but seemed fixated on Josie Katt. Meanwhile Hemmlock was dodging every punch and kick thrown at her, and she avoided getting hit throughout most of the match.

While Celestia was focused and distracted on Josie Katt, Hemmlock snuck up on her from behind and hit her with a huge frog splash! The ref got a quick count in and Hemmlock got a big win on Ground Zero season 5!

Winner: Hemmlock (Team Katsu)
Eliminated: Celestia Zewbowski (Team Penny)

Celestia gets up and begins to argue with the ref on the quick count, but it's too late!

Hemmlock cheers as her theme song plays! Josie Katt congratulates her before scurrying out of the ring.

Blair Ravenwood: A big win for the returning Ground Zero contestent Hemmlock!

Celestia Ravenwood: And a loss for Celestia...there's only room for ONE Celestia on this show.

Blair Ravenwood: Eh, I liked that one better.

From her position within the stairwell of the Ground Zero arena, Agent Winters leaned over the railing, watching quietly as some of her fellow Ground Zero competitors were in the midst of some extra training by their coaches. Despite the flurry of activity, her eyes only fell onto one athlete: Katsu.

With a clipboard and a pen, Katsu marked and took notes on the progress of her students, offering words of encouragement that Agent Winters did not hear. Katsu suddenly made a gesture, glancing at her phone, and motioned that she would be back in a few minutes, stepping away from her students, and into a nearby corridor.

Someone glanced up at the stairwell, feeling the presence of someone watching, but by the time they raised their eyes, the stairwell was empty.

Meanwhile, within the isolated corridor, Katsu glanced at her phone, eyebrows furrowed. She was certain it buzzed a minute ago, but-

???: Katsu.

Surprised, Katsu glanced up at the figure that had approached her without a sound. Initially she assumed it was an office worker judging by the suit, but she took in the sunglasses, stirred a memory, and nodded in recognition of one of the contestants.

Katsu: Hello. Winters, is it? I’ve been impressed with what you’ve done so far.

Agent Winters idly stepped forward, clicking her tongue, as she observed Katsu’s frame. Her expression was unreadable, neither a smile nor a frown on her features, as she crossed her arms, leaning on a wall, observant.

Agent Winters: Hm.

A brief silence ensured. Katsu felt Winter’s gaze encompass her entire being, quietly analyzing her with nary a blink behind those sunglasses. She stood firm, as Agent Winters trailed a finger against the wall.

Agent Winters: I was hoping you could… Assist me, with some enquiries I have.

Katsu: No offense intended, but I’m not your coach. Bell Connelly is. I’m sure she’d be happy to-

Agent Winters cleared her throat in interruption, leaning forward, towards Katsu, gesturing with a finger.

Agent Winters: No, no, I believe you may be able to tell me more than Connelly could, in this particular instance.

Katsu hesitated but acquiesced. What could the harm be, after all?

Katsu: … Alright. What’s your question?

Agent Winters tapped her fingers against her palm, her face unmoving.

Agent Winters: You were a coach last season, correct?

Katsu: Yes…?

Agent Winters: One of your students, El Vengador, won the season under your guidance. I was… Curious about El Vengador.

Katsu: Ah, the man who dropped me on my head.

Katsu shudders at the memory. Agent Winter seemed impassive, only making a vague gesture at the recalled memory.

Katsu: What would you like to know?

Agent Winters: His attitude. His aptitude. His background. Where he is from, how he got here, what his real goal is… Anything along those lines would be of assistance, Katsu.

Katsu hums, tapping a finger against her jaw.

Katsu: I’m not too sure why you’re so interested in him.

There was a twitch of an eyebrow, a brief fragment of emotion on Agent Winter’s face - but just as quick as it flashed, it was gone. Katsu wasn’t even certain it even existed in the first place, as Agent Winters let out a sigh, stepping forward.

Agent Winters: That is classified information, Katsu. There’s a mountain of red tape I need to clear before I can even consider giving a civilian so much as a scrap. All you need to know is that he is considered an active suspect in a classified investigation. That is all you need to know, that is more than you need to know, and I’ll thank you to keep it to yourself. I’m already risking it by discussing this with a civilian. No offense.

Despite the remark of ‘no offense’, Agent Winters’ tone still seemed to imply some level of offense. Katsu didn’t seem convinced, as Agent Winters leaned back, content to let that, and that alone, stir within her.

Katsu: Well, I’m not sure if I can provide too much about him, but I can help a little. Anything in particular?

Agent Winters ran a finger along the frame of her sunglasses, allowing the faintest hint of a smirk to grace her features.

Agent Winters: Let’s start somewhere… Easy. Whilst El Vengador was under your tutelage, did he ever mention a specific area of interest? A place of familiarity, say, a home town, or a locale he spent his youth in. I - That is to say, myself and my organization - are attempting to track down the people he grew up with, collaborate some stories, and see if they line up with what we suspect. So any sort of location-based lead, would be a start.

Katsu has to think through, but she can’t give an answer.

Katsu: Sorry, but I was never privy to his private information. We masked wrestlers try to keep certain information private. Some leave out a name, others even leave out their hometown. I don’t think I’m able to give that.

Agent Winters: Hmph. Are you… Certain, you cannot recall any sort of information pertaining to this topic? You were El Vengador’s coach. Surely, you inquired about his background at some stage, no?

???: Can you back off from her?

Agent Winters and Katsu both turn to the side and walking up to them is REO in her training gear of a t-shirt and shorts. Her facepaint is not on, and she glares.

Agent Winters: REO, is it? Ah. The Joshi prodigy. This is none of your concern.

The young girl steps into Winter’s face. She glares at her, not intimidated by Agent Winters.

REO: Last time I checked, you are not on her ‘team…’ and you’re the competition standing between me and being Ground Zero champion…

Agent Winters scoffs, pointedly scanning REO’s being with a gaze.

Agent Winters: ‘Competition.’ I’m not too surprised - Your file did say you were a classic case of Little Sister Syndrome.

REO’s eyes narrow, as Agent Winters saunters around her, observing.

Agent Winters: Ririko’s brethren. Temperamental, violent, the kind to assume the world is out to get them. You rebel, you strike out, you push the envelope because nobody else understands, nobody else gets you. And the one person here who DOES get you, you’re terrified of looking weak in front of. Of looking like you’re not worthy. Of letting them down. The chip on your shoulder weighs heavily, and it’s dragging you under while you continue to tell yourself you can still swim. You provoke, you go further than anyone else, because you’re desperate to get out of the shadow of your sister, so much so that you find a completely different kind of shadow to walk under. Forever on a quest to prove someone wrong, but never the one person who doubts you the most. You crave, yet fear acceptance in the same breath, because you don’t know who you would be with it, and that thought infuriates you more than you know how to deal with. Oh yes. I’ve heard of you, REO. And I must say, I’m not terribly impressed.

The young wrestler twitches.

REO: What did you say?!

She steps closer, getting forehead to forehead with the agent. Katsu, sensing danger, steps in between them. As Katsu faces REO, Agent Winters allows a brief flicker of a smirk to pass her features.


The coach turns to Agent Winters, she tries to remain composed. Agent Winters merely arches an eyebrow, allowing her face to resume neutrality.

Katsu: Miss Winters, I’m sincerely sorry. Now is not the best time. I am sure you can get my email or something. Just, not now.

Agent Winters: Hm. No, I don’t believe you have much more to offer, for this specific quandary. If anyone asks, we never met. Good luck with your students, Katsu. And good luck in the competition… Ririko’s Little Sister.

REO steps around her coach and turns her foot, she is about to spin around for a Skull Kick, but Agent Winters backs up in time for a dodge, just barely. Agent Winters casually fixes her tie, turning and walking away, but not before shooting one final comment over her shoulder.

Agent Winters: I’d be careful not to teach this one too much, Katsu. You already had one student turn on you.

The young member of Team Katsu is steaming mad as she sees Agent Winters make her exit. Katsu, furious with her ‘friend’ raises her voice.

Katsu: REO, you have been doing nothing but cause trouble since you got here! Kicking employees, interviewers, showing extra aggression in the ring, you’re getting out of control!

Stepping up to her coach, REO defends her actions.

REO: I told you, I am doing everything I need to do to win.

Katsu: Or want to?

Katsu clarifies her protege’s statement.

Katsu: Did the rejection from Miss Fuka and Watase hurt you that much? Look… I understand there are times where aggression is called for. Remember what Saori Suzuki told your sister?

REO glares and folds her arms.

REO: “Do what is needed.”

Katsu: And you know what she meant? Return the aggression. Match it so that it is even, not go beyond. Let your talents shine on an even playing field. You’re honestly reminding me of my time in Sin, and not for a good reason. They are angry, bitter. Do you want to be like them? Because I am sure you can quit this competition now, go to Queen Yoshika, beg her to be let in, and you can be her new lapdog.

The words sting REO as she looks aside.

Katsu: Take it from personal experience, it is not fun. Think about it while you go back to your training.

The coach demands her team member to do so, pointing back to the training area. REO pouts, sulking. She turns around and heads towards the guerilla position...for a very important match.​

Triple Threat Match
REO (Team Katsu) vs Iris Everglow (Team Trixie) vs The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)
Quick Recap:

As soon as the bell rings, REO goes all in with a fury and kicks Iris Everglow in the face. Iris isn't prepared for it, and goes down right away. But before she can get a pin, The Pink Precipitation is on top of her with a fury of punches.

TPP and REO go at it from here, while Iris rolls to the outside holding her face.

The match essentially turns into a singles match for awhile, with both Pink and REO showing their strength. Neither is able to get a pin in however. All the while medical is attending to Iris, who's trying to recover. She eventually shoos them away, and makes it to her feet with a cheer from the crowd.

Her face has an ugly red mark on it, but she's undeterred as she slides into the ring. TPP and REO were having a grappling contest trying to overpower one another.

Iris joins in, but particularly targets REO as TPP steps back to take a breath.

Iris goes all in on REO trying to get some revenge from the earlier kick, but REO overpowers her. From a fireman's carry, REO SLAMS Iris to the mat. Iris seems to be in pain, as REO picks her up and slams her again! REO is about to slam her for a third time, but suddenly she's hit with a kick of her own! A running bicycle kick from The Pink Precipitation! As the camera zooms in, it almost looks as if TPP mouthed the words "Paradise City" after the kick with a smile.

Distracted by her own fury, REO now lays on the ground as TPP can focus on Iris. Iris tries to recover, but the super hero is too fast as she picks up Iris and hits her with a snap suplex. She hooks the leg for the cover.




Winner: The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)
Elimianted: Iris Everglow (Team Trixie)

The Pink Precipitation celebrates in ring ring. She mimics her bicycle kick again. REO meawhile is furious, as she's proved Agent Winters right from earlier.

Iris still lays in the ring, yet again being attended to by doctors.

The young witch however again brushes them off. She gets up, and in an instant her face has been repaired!

Blair Ravenwood: Oh we go again. We're not letting you into The Coven girl!

Celestia Ravenwood: She did impress me this season though...

Blair Ravenwood: Stop...just stop.

Celestia Ravenwood: Meanwhile, both Pink and REO look like the favorites to win it all. We only have three episodes left!

The camera zooms back in on the eliminated Iris. She gives the camera a wink before disappearing in a cloud of red smoke as the cameras go off the air.
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Episode 5 is live! Big thanks to Beavie and Krash for the segment. I have an AON segment in the wings too for tomorrow ight.

Episode 6 will be posted tomorrow evening, along with Episode 7 on Saturday evening. Then we'll have a week long promo deadline for the finale, with episode 8 hopefully being posted on Wednesday 11/1.

Little bit weak on some details for this one I know, my apologies. Expect similar for the next two, but a much better put together show for the finale!​


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Episode 6: La La Land
Live from the Kia Forum in Los Angelas, California
Wednesday, October 11th 2023


The LA fans from the small Kia Forum are pumped for Episode 6 of Ground Zero!

Blair Ravenwood: Welcome to LA!

Celestia Ravenwood: Things are tightening up. We have just 11 contestants left in the show. By the end of tonight, we'll have 9.

Blair Ravenwood: The stakes have never been higher. Every winner tonight will be getting a guaranteed spot in Semi Finals. We have two singles matches, where the losers will go home.

Celestia Ravenwood: And sandwiched in the middle, and immunity bowl Where the winner gets a lock in for the Semi Finals as well. The losers of that battle royal will all be competing in Episode 7 to try and earn a spot in the Semi Finals.

Ground Zero
Elimination Match
Lihn Nguyen (Team Katsu) vs Kristy Vance (Team Penny)
Quick Recap:

Lihn Nguyen showed off more athleticism in this one than she did all season, but it was Kristy Vance who yet again shined.

Kristy's back has been up against a wall since episode one, but under pressure she delivered yet again. She finished Lihn's season with a Woman Scorned (High Impact Spear). Kristy then wrapped up Lihn's leg and secured it for the pin.




Winner: Kristy Vance
Elimianted: Lihn Nguyen (Team Katsu)

Lihn's disappointment is immeasurable, but the Penny coached Kristy Vance came out ahead.

Blair Ravenwood: Well, there you have it. Another Kristy Vance victory!

Celestia Ravenwood: Kristy has had her back against the wall this entire competition...from episode 1, but here she is, headed to the semi finals.

Blair Ravenwood: I feel like this isn't the last we've seen of Nguyen though. She's shown a lot of promise this season, and I feel like she has a lot of potential...I don't say that about just anyone.

The camera cuts back over to a proud Kristy who's got nothing but smiles as she's got a confirmed spot in the final episode of Ground Zero. Just two matches away from the FWA.

We cut back to the announce table where we see Blair and Celestia at the announce table, wearing matching angered expressions on their faces; the reason becomes quite clear as leaning ever so casually against the table, is Tonya Scott, clad in a signature Top Hat, she leans against the table like it's a bar tab.

Tonya Scott: "Sup?"

Blair Ravenwood: "No. Na-um."

Celestia Ravenwood: "We're not doing this, this week."

Tonya Scott: "Mhhh? Sorry? Doing what?"

Blair Ravenwood: "YOU KNOW WHAT!"

Celestia Ravenwood: "Throughout this entire season, all you've done is come over to our announce table and mock our lives work, turning the art of witchcraft into a few flashy cheap tricks."

Tonya Scott: "Did someone say tricks? Because I got a really good one."

Blair Ravenwood: "Nope! We're not interested."

Tonya Scott: "Are you sure? It's a good one!"

Celestia Ravenwood: "Not happenin'"

Tonya Scott: "Ok, I tell you what, if I show you this one trick, I'll leave you alone AND give you a hundred dollars"

Both Coven Sisters share a look.

Celestia Ravenwood: "Just this one trick, and we're done?"

Tonya Scott: "Cross my magical heart and hope to die."

There seems to be a moment of nonverbal communication between the sisters, and after a few moments, they both share a sizeable sigh.

Blair Ravenwood: "Fine. Sure. Whatever"

Tonya claps her hands together, excited

Tonya Scott: "Great! Trust me, you're going to love it!"

Blair Ravenwood: "Sure...."

Tonya Scott: "Do you remember Ground Zero Season 3?"

Blair Ravenwood: "....We debuted on it, so....sure"

Tonya Scott: "Right, you spent half the season looking for Lilith."

Celestia Ravenwood: "Yes, Queen of Ravens, Lady of the underworld. All powerful dark goddess of magic...where is this going?"

Tonya Scott: "Can you bring that first segment up?"

Celestia Ravenwood: "....whhhhhhhhhy?"

Tonya Scott: "Nothing, just curious about something is all"

It's clear that both members of the coven don't know where this is going, they make the sign for the production backstage to cue up the footage.​

Blair and Celestia Ravenwood appear not in the arena for Ground Zero, but rather somewhere the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

The town has a creepy vibe to it during this time of year, as everything looks dead to match the Fall season. Even creepier is the abandoned church that Blair and Celestia stand in front of. Even creepier than that are the smiles on their faces.

Celestia Ravenwood: This is the place?

Blair Ravenwood: Yes, Celestia. The Sanctuary of Lilith.

Celestia Ravenwood: Did Lilith create this place?

Blair Ravenwood: I don't think so...just her followers. It's a place of worship.

The two girls enter inside the church to find it completely run down and abandoned. It looks like the last inhabitants left in a hurry, as there are still many objects left inside.

Blair and Celestia carefully walk down the torn red carpet of the church. There, they look up at a stone statue of Lilith herself.

Blair looks on in awe at the statue. She rubs her hand down her stone hair.

Blair Ravenwood: Incredible...

Celestia Ravenwood: So are we going to find it here?

Blair Ravenwood: Let's keep looking.

The two girls move past the main sanctuary hall and into the back office of the church. There, it appears the two have reached a dead end.

Celestia looks disappointed.

Celestia Ravenwood: Blair, there is nothing here!

Blair Ravenwood: Keep looking.

The two of them search around the office but find nothing but unimportant papers and books.

Finally, Blair's attention is drawn to a bookcase in the middle of the room.

While Celestia keeps looking through papers on the desk, Blair walks over to the bookcase.

She pulls out a book, and...nothing happens.

Then she pulls out another book.

And another book...

Until finally, the bookcase opens!

Celestia looks up with glee as the two girls look down now at the open passageway leading down into the basement.

Blair Ravenwood: We have to be on the right track, sis.

Celestia takes out her cellphone and turns the flashlight on, lighting up the dark stairwell as the two traverse into the basement of the church.

As they reach the bottom, they find themselves in some catacombs.

Celestia Ravenwood: This place is so cool

The two sisters walk carefully through the dark catacombs until they reach a room at the end, one that is still lit up by torches.

They enter the room, finding all sorts of portraits and statues of Lilith herself. The two girls are in amazement, but even more so when they see what's in the center of the room...a coffin!

Celestia's glee is nearly uncontainable.

Celestia Ravenwood: Do you think that's her sister?

Blair Ravenwood: I think it's what we're looking for.

The two girls walk over to the coffin, and, together, slowly push the heavy lid open. And inside, their faces light up at what they see. The camera finally pans over to reveal....

A woman decked out like a magician

Tonya Scott: "Hey guys, here's your hundred dollars"

Blair Ravenwood: "SON OF A-"

We see Blair literally lunge at the place where Tonya was, only to find she vanished into thin air.​

Ground Zero
Immunity Bowl (Battle Royal)
(Winner gets a guaranteed spot in the Semi Finals)
Josie Katt vs Agent Winters vs Mercy O'Neil vs Hemmlock vs The Pink Precipitation vs Hazel Knight vs REO
Quick Recap:

7 woman battle royal.

Winner gets locked into the Semi Finals in Episode 8.

A lot at state as the bell rings. A good bit of the competitors focused on REO and The Pink Precipitation. Two of the biggest physical threats in the ring right now.

The small Hemmlock leaned back and waited for an opportunity, while Agent Winters sat on the top turnbuckle in the corner and just...studied.

Despite Josie Katt's efforts, REO was able to toss her over the ring. But not without cost, as the distraction allowed TPP to scoop REO's legs and send her over as well. This would be a fatal mistake, as now TPP was the biggest threat. Winters, Hemmlock, Mercy, and Hazel would all team up and send Pink right over as well.

Things got more intense as the ring tightened up, but the most intense was Mercy O'Neil who went on a rampage. She tossed over Hemmlock first, then Agent Winters.

It came down to her and Hazel Knight, but Mercy's momentum was too much as she would toss Hazel over and get a confirmed spot in the Semi Finals.

Winner: Mercy O'Neil (Team Penny)

After a bit of a drought, Mercy O'Neil has broken through and won a giant match that has her locked into Episode 8. Hazel Knight looks disappointed she couldn't get the same luck she had last week, but it's Mercy who moves on.

Blair Ravenwood: Mercy O'Neil is a BEAST!

Celestia Ravenwood: Damn right she is. She just reminded everyone why she was considered a threat to win this from the start.

Ground Zero
Elimination Match
Millie Harrows (Team Bell) vs Tonya Scott (Team Trixie)​
Quick Recap:

In the main event, Millie Harrows squared off against Tonya Scott.

Winner moves onto the Semi Finals, and the loser goes home. Millie had been on quite the run, but Tonya has been a favorite to win this from the start.

In the end, it looked like Millie might get the upset, but Tonya had a card up her sleeve.


She distracted Millie with a card, before hitting her with a random DDT and getting a quick roll up for the pin.




Winner: Tonya Scott (Team Trixie)
Eliminated: Millie Harrows (Team Temm Bell)

Blair Ravenwood: NO!!!

Tonya wins!

Blair and Celestia are even more disappointed than Millie, but that isn't to understate Millie's disappointment. She had a great season, and now it is over.

Tonya is moving on.

Celestia Ravenwood: Well this sucks...Tonya Scott is going to the Semi Finals.

Blair Ravenwood: I hate her so much...I really do.

Tonya's music plays as a bummed Millie walks up the ramp. She's doing magic tricks for the crowd, until finally the cameras cut off.

@Starlight Kid
@Jimmy King
@Bobby Barrows
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@Tommy Bedlam

And here is Episode 6! Big thanks to AON for the segment.

Episode 7 will come tomorrow, and will continue the final tournament, Then we'll have a week long promo deadline for the finale, with episode 8 hopefully being posted on Wednesday 11/1.

There will be 6 remaining stars in the finale, but per past characters can promo and win (only one promo per handler however).​


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Episode 7: San Jose Semi Finals
Live from the SAP Center in San Jose, California
Wednesday, October 18th 2023


The fireworks go off in San Jose and we start episode 7.

Blair Ravenwood: Welcome to Ground Zero!

Celestia Ravenwood: We continue our tournament. From this point on, every match is an elimination match. Win, you move on. Lose, you go home.

Blair Ravenwood: Just nine remain. We saw last week, Tonya Scott, Kristy Vance, and Mercy O'Neil locked up spots in the final episode. The other six will be going at it tonight to earn their way to the end now. When it's all said and done tonight, we'll only have six left. Three are going home tonight! I wish it was Tonya Scott...

Celestia Ravenwood: Me too Blair...Interestingly, Team Trixie has just two left. Josie Katt and Tonya Scott. Team Katsu has two too, REO and Hemmlock. Team Penny has two, Mercy O'Neil and Kristy Vance. And Team Bell? Team Bell has three. The Pink Precipitation, Hazel Knight, and Agent Winters.

Blair Ravenwood: Team Bell has dominated this competition. They had four for the longest team before Millie Harrows just got eliminated. It's clear Bell's experience as a Hall of Famer has rubbed off.

Celestia Ravenwood: But in the end...only one can win. Let's get started, shall we sister?

Round 1
Singles Match
Hazel Knight (Team Bell) vs Josie Katt (Team Trixie)​
Quick Recap:

In the first match of the night, we saw Josie Katt of Team Trixie take on Hazel Knight of Team Bell. Despite the coaching from Trixie on the sidelines, Hazel Knight appeared to clearly outmatch Josie Katt.

The underdog of Team Trixie, Josie Katt managed to claw her way this far.

But Hazel Knight has been on a run, and her momentum was too much to handle.

In the end, Hazel Knight locked Sparks Fly (Rings of Saturn) in on Josie.

Jose had no choice but to tap, sealing her elimination.

Winner: Hazel Knight (Team Penny)
Eliminated: Josie Katt (Team Trixie)

With the match over, and Anti Hero by Taylor Swift playing, Hazel Knight was nothing but thrilled with her win. She was moving onto the final episode.

Blair Ravenwood: Well, Josie Katt's nine lives are all gone.

Celestia Ravenwood: One of the final two remaining on Team Trixie.'s just that brat Tonya Scott.

Blair Ravenwood: Shame, I really wanted Team Trixie to win this too, but I guess that's all over huh?

We see another shot of Hazel celebrating before going to commercial.

Prior to entering, we see Hemmlock at the guerilla position getting ready to come out.

That's when she's approached by none other, than her opponent Agent Winters!

The masked Hemmlock looks a little surprised to see Winters, who's there wearing her sunglasses and looking intimadting.

Agent Winters: Hello Hemmlock...

Hemmlock: Uh, aren't we about to fight?

Agent Winters: What? Oh, yeah...I guess we are. But, speaking of which, you were on Ground Zero last year too? Weren't you?

Hemmlock: Yeah, I was...

Agent Winters: So you know El Vengador?

Hemmlock: I, I guess...we didn't really...

Agent Winters: You two were on the same team. You have to know him?

Hemmlock: Look I'd really just rather focus on this match. You're not going to distract me.

With that, Hemmlock walks away about to make her entrance.

Agent Winters seems dissatisfied.

Agent Winters: Fine Hemmlock...have it your way. I've done harder interrogations than this.

We cut to one more commercial before going into the next match.

Round 1
Singles Match
Hemmlock (Team Katsu) vs Agent Winters (Team Bell)​
Quick Recap:

During the match, Hemmlock of Team Katsu went with her usual evasive and quick style, but Agent Winters was much more methodical. She focused on getting Hemmlock on the ground and into several submissions.

This would be Agent Winter's downfall.

Every time the Agent got Hemmlock in a vulnerable position, instead of putting the match away,she'd go "Tell me about El Vengador!"

But each time, Hemmlock would not give up.

"Tell me! Tell me about El Vengador"Agent Winters screamed as she had Hemmlock trapped against the mat. But finally, the small Hemmlock was able to get loose, and surprise Agent Winters with a jumping DDT! Before Winters could react, Hemmlock was already flying off the top turnbuckle for a frog splash!

The ref counted




Winner: Hemmlock (Team Katsu)
Eliminated: Agent Winters (Team Bell)

Agent Winters slaps the mat, as Hemmlock celebrates her win! The two time Ground Zero contestant is moving onto the finals.

Blair Ravenwood: Hemmlock did it!

Celestia Ravenwood: Last season, Hemmlock was eliminated on the penultimate episode, by LaVonny Toner. This year, she's going to the finale.

Blair Ravenwood: What an arc for her. Meanwhile, Agent Winters story ends here...

Celestia Ravenwood: Oh, I doubt that Blair. She may be eliminated, but something tells me Agent Winters' mission has not been terminated.

Mucha Lucha continues to play, as Hemmlock celebrates with the crowd as we head into another commercial.

Round 1
Singles Match
REO (Team Katsu) vs The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)​
Quick Recap:

In the main event of the night, Team Katsu's prize fighter REO is up against The Pink Precipitation, the super hero of Team Bell. TPP got one over on REO a couple episodes ago, when she stole the win away from her.

REO was determined to get back at her.

This one was a series of big kicks back and forth from REO and Pink.

But after some boxing jabs, Pink got REO in a bad spot after hitting a devasting one armed bull dog.

REO got a sudden burst of adrenaline and went for one of her big kicks, but yet again she was blinded by her anger. TPP ducked, and hit REO with a deadly running bicycle kick.




Winner: The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)
Eliminated: REO (Team Katsu)

REO was still seeing birds when the bell was rung, but The Pink Precipitation was celebrating as Rihanna played from the speakers. The Team Bell representative was officially moving onto the final episode.

Blair Ravenwood: Well there we have it...just six competitors remain.

Celestia Ravenwood: I really thought REO was going to win this whole thing. I think if things play out just a little differently, she does.

Blair Ravenwood: Instead, her Ground Zero story ends here, but I agree...I really loved REO as a competitor. I think she's going to be a force someday.

Celestia Ravenwood: Meanwhile, The Pink Precipitation is a force in this competition right now! She might be my favorite to win.

Blair Ravenwood: Well...we won't have to wait long. One more week...two more rounds. Someone is winning, someone is joining us in the FWA. Who will it be?

Cheers (Drink To That) by Rihanna continues to play as The Pink Precipitation leans against the ropes, listening to the fans cheer her name as we come to a close.

@Jimmy King
@Bobby Barrows
@Dubble J
@Jazz Wolf
@The Golden One
@Prison Dom
@Tommy Bedlam

And here is Episode 7!

We have just one more episode left.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post RE: Promos for this final segment.​


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@Dubble J
@The Golden One
@Jimmy King

Congratulations, all of your characters have reached the end. Because multiple people have put in for their characters to win, we'll have a promo competition to decide the winner.

Per usual, the grading scale for this will be the typical FWA grading scale.

You'll have just over a week.

Promo deadline will be at 3AM EST next Monday. So, exactly one week from the current Meltdown/Fallout promo deadline.

Here is a countdown timer to help you keep track of the deadline (click link)

Just because your character was eliminated, doesn't mean you can't promo. Anyone who signed up with a character can promo. Although, keep in mind you can only submit ONE promo. So, Dubb for example can't submit promos for both Iris Everglow and Kristy Vance. If you have multiple characters, you have to choose one.

I can write your character back into the show if need be. I've done it for the last two winners actually!

Also, per past seasons, if nobody promos, then my character wins by default. Show runner's gambit. I don't anticipate that happening.

Good luck everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the show, sorry it got a little rushed at the end. The final episode won't be posted until the first week of November most likely, depending on when grades are done, but the episode's canon air date will be 10/25/23.

You can submit your promos here in this thread.


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Just to clarify a few things for this promo part.

1. There is no word limit. I think I have used one in the past? But I didn't say anything about that in my first post so we won't have one.

2. The way the final show will be laid out... there's six left at the start. So two triple threat matches. The winners of those two matches will face each other in a final ladder match. If there's a returning competitor and they win, they will win a tournament to return and the final match will have three in it instead of two.

As of now I am grading, and Wolf also graciously volunteered. He may promo but he already said he isn't trying to win. I'll also probably bribe SS or something, maybe use the blackmail I have on Welsh for the last grader if I need to.
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Sep 14, 2022
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This was it.

This was her big chance.

She honestly didn’t think this would ever happen. She never thought she’d be in this position. For the past eight years, she had only known one thing. And that was trying to raise her child. She thought for sure the wrestling dreams were behind her.

She had given it up.

Just like she had given up so much in her life once that unexpected change happened.

She had made the sacrifices.

Sacrifices he never had to make.

Sacrifices she was sure he would never be willing to make.

Eight years of anger. Eight years of resentment.

She hated him almost as much as she hated herself for getting herself into that position to begin with.

Granted, the result of the situation made everything worth it. Her daughter meant everything to her. And after all, it was Audrey that gave her that inspiration.

The inspiration to give this whole wrestling thing one more try.


“Awwww man! I was really rooting for Halloween Knight to win!”

Little Audrey Vance expressed her disappointment at the results of Ground Zero Season 4 as Vengador defeated the Halloween Knight and earned himself the FWA Contract.

“I dunno,” Kristy said as she crunched on some popcorn, relaxing next to her daughter as they enjoyed the finale episode. “Vengador seems pretty cool, I guess. I like how he came from behind… almost out of nowhere to win it all. Everyone thought he was out of it and he came back to win.”

“I guess that is pretty cool,” the young girl nodded.

As the show began to close, Audrey’s eyes grew wide as they announced that the next season of Ground Zero would be an all female season.

“This is it, Mom!" Audrey exclaimed, her eyes glued to the TV.

Kristy raised an eyebrow and turned her attention to the commercial. The words "FWA's Search for the Next Female Superstar" flashed across the screen, accompanied by clips of FWA's biggest female stars like Michelle von Horrowitz, Gabrielle, and Bell Connelly.

Audrey turned to her mother, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Mom, you used to be a wrestler, right?"

Kristy looked at her daughter, her expression a mix of surprise and nostalgia. "Yeah, I used to be," she admitted, her voice tinged with a hint of sadness.

Audrey's face lit up as she made a suggestion. "You should try out for this! You're amazing, and you could totally win!"

Kristy sighed, her gaze falling back to the TV screen. "Audrey, it's been so long. I gave up wrestling when you came into my life. Being your mom is the most important thing to me."

Audrey, undeterred, continued to pester her mother. "But think about how cool it would be! We could watch you on Fallout every week. You could wrestle alongside superstars like Michelle von Horowitz, Lizzie Rose, and Trixie Bordeaux. And… oh my gosh… imagine getting in the ring with Bryan Baxter!"

The mention of Bryan Baxter's name sent a shiver down Kristy's spine. Of course her daughter had no idea why Kristy would have no interest in being anywhere near that man... but that part of what she was saying certainly wasn't the best argument for her..

But her daughter's enthusiasm was infectious. She looked at Audrey and saw the same fiery passion for wrestling that had once burned within her.

A fire... whether Kristy knew it or not... was still burning deep down in her as well.

"Yeah... that was a dream of mine once... but c'mon Audrey, look at me now."

Audrey jumps up off the couch with excitement. "Yeah! You're a total badass!"


"No for real! I've seen the way you train at the gym... the boxing you do with those guys... you still got in you! I just know it! Don't let me be what's stopping you! Because I'd love it! I want to say my favorite wrestler is Kristy Vance... my mom!"

Kristy couldn't help but smile. She was right, whether Kristy wanted to admit it or not. "Okay fine... I'll think about it, okay?"

"Yay! Yay! Yay!"

Audrey climbed up on the couch next to her mom, grabbing her by the arms and jumping up and down with excitement while Kristy could not contain her own laughter at the sight of her daughter’s joy.


She thought about it.

And now here she is.

One show away from a FWA contract.

She tried not to think about the Bryan Baxter factor. Because there would no longer be any avoiding him anymore.

But she’d cross the bridge when she got there.

For now, she had years of anger and resentment to take out in the ring.

This was her moment.

A moment she deserved.

She will not be denied.

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Sep 13, 2022
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A Few Months Ago...

The late-summer nights outside of the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado, are unusually hot. Maybe blame it on global warming, or maybe just chalk it up to August being this way throughout the United States. Whatever your credit to the temperature, there's not a soul out ... especially at this hour of the night, or morning. It is past midnight. Hell, it's 3 a.m. and it's a weeknight. No one is out at 3 a.m. near the Ball Arena on a weeknight, and especially not in this place.

A cloud of fog -- similar to ones we've seen in this setting before -- hovers at the height of a lamp post and street light, making for an eerie and borderline spooky aura. Slowly, a bus turns the corner, taking a right-hand turn at an intersection and rolling up to the outside of the Ball Arena. This is where the Greyhound bus halts, next to the curb. When the door opens, stepping off is a woman with blonde hair and a pink outfit from head to toe with little skin to show. It looks quite hot, but she isn't fazed. Instead, this woman looks around with her hands on her hips and stares up at the early morning sky in Denver.

She looks back to the bus driver, who now shows his face -- a face of familiarity -- and offers a bold, "Thank ya', driver." The driver, sporting a tattoo on his right bicep, smiles and pulls the lever to close the bus door.

Who is this woman? Where did she come from? Why is she here? And why is she wearing what appears to be a pink superhero outfit?

Unfortunately, the Ball Arena is not where this woman needs to be. She needs to be somewhere else, specifically wherever the first episode of the next season of Ground Zero is supposed to be. That's Miami, Florida, which is far away from Denver, Colorado, but she'll deal with that later. That's quite literally all she knows about where she needs to be, and she only knows that if she needs help, she can call "Saint Sulley" to get that help.

As this woman scrolls through her cell phone, which she literally has not known of its existence until this very moment but somehow knew how to use it, she suddenly hears someone screaming. Where is that coming from?

This woman in the pink superhero suit -- complete with a Zorro-style mask that's also pink -- with the black trim on the outside of the outfit from her shoulders down to her ankles begins looking down dark alleyways to find the screaming voice.

"Who's there?" she says in a midwestern accent.

The voice screams again, this time calling for help.

"Who out there?" she says, a diction that appears to be from a state such as Iowa or Indiana or Kansas.

Another scream, and it seems to be getting louder. The woman begins jogging now, hoping to find the person in peril. As she turns a street corner, she stumbles upon two individuals who are standing near an otherwise-vacant bus stop.

"Help! Heeeelp!" the man says, cackling as he turns to the woman in pink.

"Haha. We got her attention, yeah?" the other man says.

These two men seem up to no good, and with no one around in this desolate downtown of Denver to witness any immoral or unlawful acts, they pull out switchblades and begin walking towards the woman in pink. She's frozen as they approach slowly, their switchblades softly grazing against the goosebumps on her arm.

"Such a pretty girl. Blonde hair. Blue eyes," one man says.

"I ain't lookin' for trouble now," the woman in pink says. "Just wantin' to make sure no one was bein' hurt."

"Yeah, but we are,"
the second man replies. The whole scene feels ... standard for these types of incidents, but this is the situation this woman is in. Whether you find it cheeky or cliche, it's still dangerous for her. It feels like a midwestern face-off except in a male predatory fashion and in the middle of an abandoned metropolitan at 2:05 a.m. on a weeknight. That probably feels like a fever dream to take in.

The woman in pink remains frozen as the two men circle her and internally plan out with wink-winks to one another how they'll get the better of her here.

"Why don't you come with us?" one says. "Make it easier."

"No, I have to get to Ground Zero,"
she replies. "Will you two take me?"

The two men look to one another and share a chuckle.

"Nah, I don't think you know how this works."

"Oh, I do,"
she says, wizening up. "I was just offering you a chance. Figure I should be nice 'n all, since I'm a superhero. But I don't ask twice. I do punch twice, though."

Suddenly, the woman in pink flings her right fist and lands it square in the jaw of one man. Then she back kicks the other man in the ribs. He gets a follow-up uppercut to the jaw for his troubles and quickly falls backwards unconsciously to the pavement. The first man tries to cut the woman, but she swings back her elbow and connects right into the nose before a wicked right hook plants him on the ground as well. Three punches, one kick, and one elbow. They're nearly done.

But one of the guys tries getting up, and with his face looking down to the ground, and the blade still in his right hand, the "superhero" knows she has to finish him. So she takes two steps and hits a bicycle kick right into the nose, knocking him backwards and into the bus stop. It's a scene straight out of a superhero movie, but it's real life ... or as real life as this place can be.

The man is still not unconscious, but he is certainly waving the white flag.

"Who are you?"

The woman smiles.

"I'm the Pink Precipitation."

The man can barely process what she just said.

"Where'd you come from?"

"I came from La..."

Just then, an elderly man with a cane walks down the street, and his presence interrupts Pink Precipitation's answer. He has on a top hat with black dress pants, a white collared shirt, and a $30 belt. No tie. He looks like a doctor who just finished at the office. The man seems friendly enough, and he approaches the scene of the carnage of the two would-be attackers laid out by the Pink Precipitation.

"These men were bothering you, it seems?"

"Not anymore, they ain't."

"Yes, I can see that well."

A beat.

"You ... look ... familiar."

"I'm the Pink Precipitation, and I need to get to Miami, Florida, to start wrasslin'. Can you help me?"

"I ... I'm not sure yet if I can help you. But ... before you go off punching me like you did them ... may I ask where that accent is from?"

"Oh mine? Well, shoot, a little 'ole town in Indiana."

"Ah, yeah. I think I may know the one."

"Really? There be a lotta little towns in Indiana. I'm from La..."

"Lafayette, yes. I know it well."

Pink Precipitation is caught off guard by this man's correct assumption.

"I think you're who I was looking for."

"And your name?"

"What? You don't remember me?!"

The elderly man tilts his head a bit, surprised at this. Pink Precipitation is likewise surprised, but for the opposite reason: that he'd even ask such a question considering she is certain she has no memory of this man.

"Why ... I'm afraid I just don't. Or, if I do, I can't quite put mah finger on it just yet."

"Well, this is something then. I can't tell if this is deja vu or I've found myself a time machine. Either way, let me introduce myself."

The man holds out his free hand for a proper shake, and Pink Precipitation accepts and nearly pulls the elderly man over in the process.

"Whew. Quite the grip there."

"That's what bein' the Pink Precipitation'll do."

"Sounds right. Well, I'm going to help you get to Ground Zero and start your wrestling career. I think you may even have a good shot at winning it, too."

Pink Precipitation's face lights up. She has only really considered competing in Ground Zero, but not really actually winning it. How could a woman from Indiana ever think she could have such a chance of pulling off something so enormous? The superhero garb is her way of standing out, because otherwise, she feels she is nothing extraordinary.

But even still, with this elderly man's hopeful and encouraging words, she's hesitant.

"I still ain't gotten ya' name, sir, and I'd feel obliged to get at least that if I'ma let ya' help me."

"Right, right. I figure you might remember, but I could be mistaking you for someone ... someone else.

My name is Robbins Thurgood. And ... yeah ... I can help you get where you need to go."

"Oh yeah? What makes you say that, sir?"

"Well ... I can't get into the specifics right now, but we have a long drive. Let's just say ... I have a history of ... helping people ... just like you."

"People just like me, huh? Blonde women from Lafayette, Indiana? Really?"

"Youuuuu'd be ... surprised."

Those words seem to be enough, and with a friendly smirk from this Robbins Thurgood character, Pink Precipitation nods her head and joins his side, off to Miami, Florida, for the first episode of Ground Zero.​
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Sep 30, 2022
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"You think I'm insane. You think I'm nuts. But I do believe in magic. I was born and raised in a magic time, in a magic town, among magicians. Before I ever picked up a pair of wrestling boots or pom-poms. I picked up a magic wand, But almost everyone on the planet doesn't believe magic is a real thing.....

Now, if you're expecting me to sit here and tell you it absolutely is, and I control it...

...Then I got a secret for you...

I'm not magic at all. I'm a trick, a conwoman. A liar. an illusion. It's showbiz, baby, and that's probably going to surprise you, considering my whole deal; I'm a magician and all that jazz.

But here's the thing.

A magician's job isn't to convince you I'm magic or have any special powers. I think deep down, people know what they're seeing with me is a trick...but you WANT to be fooled. You want to believe for a moment that what you're seeing breaks everything you know about reality. That your boring, monotonous nine-to-five lives can be shattered in an instinct by pure, undiluted wonder.

That's what being a magician means: to provoke a sense of wonder inside people.

That's what magic is.

That Coven stuff? The oh-so-spooky, scary, ritualistic stuff. Urg. Come on...really? That stuff is so 18th-century. They use all the idea of magic to intimidate, to scare...that's the opposite of what Magic should be used for, and that's what I've been trying to show them since I arrived at Ground Zero.

Wonder beats fear. Every single time

The Coven doesn't realize we live in that web of magic, connected by silver filaments of chance and circumstance. But I knew it all along. When I was twelve years old, the world was my magic lantern, and by its green spirit glow, I saw the past, the present and the future.

You probably did, too; you just don't remember it.

See, this is my opinion: we all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds, read the clouds, and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. We get put on the straight and narrow and told to be responsible. Told to act our age. Told to grow up, for God's sake. And you know why? Because the people doing the telling were afraid of our wildness and youth and because the magic we knew made them ashamed and sad of what they'd allowed to wither in themselves. A boring grey version of themselves. Living in a grey little office. In a grey little world.

After you go so far away from it, though, you can't really get it back. You can have seconds of it. Just seconds of knowing and remembering. When people get weepy at movies? That's more magical than anything that The Coven can do. Why? It's because, in that dark theatre, the golden pool of magic is touched just briefly. Then they come out into the hard sun of logic and reason again, and it dries up, and they're left feeling a little heart sad and not knowing why. When a song stirs a memory, when motes of dust turning in a shaft of light takes your attention from the world, when you listen to a train passing on a track at night in the distance and wonder where it might be going, you step beyond who you are and where you are. For the briefest of instants, you have stepped into the magic realm.

That's what I believe.

The truth of life is that every year, we get farther away from the essence that is born within us. We get shouldered with burdens, some of them good, some of them not so good. Things happen to us. Loved ones die. People get in wrecks and get crippled. People lose their way for one reason or another. It's not hard to do in this world of crazy mazes. Life itself does its best to take that memory of magic away from us. You don't know it's happening until one day, you feel you've lost something, but you're not sure what it is. It's like smiling at a pretty girl, and she calls you "sir." It just happens.

These memories of who I am and where I live are important to me. They make up a large part of who I'm going to be when my journey winds down. I need the memory of magic if I am ever going to conjure magic again. I need to know and remember, and I want to tell you......

That I am "Little Miss Magic" Tonya Scott...

...I will win Ground Zero...

...and you WILL believe in magic"
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Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA

Episode 8: Finale at the Bay
Live from the SAP Center in San Francisco, California
Wednesday, October 25th 2023


The Ground Zero finale is here. The biggest venue of the season, the Chase Center, is sold out tonight as fans eagerly anticipate to see who will be crowned the winner of Ground Zero Season 5. 26 women started this season, but only 6 remain. By the end of tonight, it will only be one. Who will be the winner of Ground Zero?

Will it be Katsu's Hemmlock? The returnee from Season 4, Hemmlock is the shortest on the roster but also the fastest. She uses speed and agility to outmaneuver her opponents.

Or will it be one of Team Penny's stars? Mercy O'Neil is a brute, and probably the strongest on the show, but Kristy Vance has grit.

Could it be the crafty magician on Team Trixie, Tonya Scott? Her magic distractions have gotten her quite far, and she managed to outlast every other member of Team Trixie.

Or will it be one of Bell Connelly's ladies? The Pink Precipitation has been making it rain on a lot of women this season, but Hazel Knight has surprised many by still being here in the end.

It can only be one.

Blair Ravenwood: Welcome to the last episode of Ground Zero Season 5.

Celestia Ravenwood: By the end of it, we'll know which one of these final six women will become the winner. My money is on Kristy Vance.

Blair Ravenwood: Just as long as it's not Tonya Scott.

Celestia Ravenwood: A lot of people thought that two teams had an advantage going into this episode. Team Penny and Team Bell both still have two remaining, while Team Trixie and Team Katsu just have one. Well, the host of the show Saint Sully announced this morning that only one from each team is going to the final match...if that.

Blair Ravenwood: That's right. The two from Team Penny are going to be kicking things off head to head, and then the two from Team Bell right after. Then, the last members of Team Trixie and Team Katsu will take each other on. The winner of all three of those matches will face off in the final match...a ladder elimination match.

Celestia Ravenwood: And for those who don't know what that is...basically...a briefcase is held high high above the ring. You get the briefcase, you get the contract inside and a guaranteed spot in the FWA. But there's a twist, that case is too high, and it will only get lowered after the first pinfall. So, we'll have one last elimination before it's all said and done.

Blair Ravenwood: No ties!

Celestia Ravenwood: And to start things off...Team Penny vs Team Penny!

Semi Finals
Singles Match
Team Penny vs Team Penny
Quick Recap:

In what was a match up between two of the strongest women, and a head to head clash of the two remaining stars from Team Penny, Kristy Vane would take on her teammate Mercy O'Neil.

Mercy used her strength to throw Kristy around the ring, but Kristy did not give up. Her endurance is what got her this far, and it's what will keep pushing her.

After a belly to belly suplex it looked like Mercy had it, but then Kristy surprised her with a spinning DDT and it was all over.




Winner: Kristy Vance (Team Penny)
Eliminated: Mercy O'Neil (Team Penny, 6th Place)

With the match over, Kristy can celebrate.

Mercy O'Neil is disappointed as her journey comes to an end.

Blair Ravenwood: Kristy is moving on! Kristy will represent Team Penny in the ladder match tonight!

Celestia Ravenwood: What a showing for The Matriarch of Mayhem. She's going all the way!

We get ready for the next one as Hazel Knight and The Pink Precipitation make their way down to the ring.

Blair Ravenwood: Only one from Team Bell will be making it to the end.

Celestia Ravenwood: Hazel Knight and Pink Precipitation both are great competitors. Whoever wins this could win the whole thing.

Singles Match
Team Bell vs Team Bell
Quick Recap:

The Pink Precipitation and Hazel Knight brawled it out for the final spot on Team Bell. Hazel tried her best, but TPP has been on a outstreak. She overpowered Hazel at every turn.

Knight had a moment where it looked like she was going to win, but after a quick bicycle kick from Pink she was out.

Pink covered her for a win and a locked in spot for the final ladder match.

Winner: The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)
Eliminated: Hazel Knight (Team Bell, 5th Place)

Pink gets up and raises her fist in the air.

The crowd is on her side. Hazel is disappointed, but she will shake it off shake it off.

Blair Ravenwood: Pink wins it! She is tough.

Celestia Ravenwood: I liked Hazel, but she's going to remember this ending all too well.

Semi Finals
Singles Match
Team Trixie vs Team Katsu
Quick Recap:

Tonya and Hemmlock would battle back and forth. Hemmlock was quicker than Tonya, and faster than Tonya, but Tonya kept up. The two of them were well matched.

It looked like Hemmlock was going to secure the victory and a place in the final match.

She got up on the top rope and went for a frog splash, but as she was coming down, in a quick smoke Tonya was up. She met Hemmlock with a super kick in mid air.

That was enough.

Tonya covered Hemmlock for the victory.




Winner: Tonya Scott (Team Trixie)
Eliminated: Hemmlock (Team Katsu, 4th Place)

Tonya jumps up in victory!

Hemmlock rolls out. She comes just short yet again.

Blair Ravenwood: NOOOO!

Celestia Ravenwood: I know sister. I know...I really wanted Hemmlock to win this one.

Blair Ravenwood: Now we have to root for someone from the other teams. I'm sorry Trixie...I just can't.

Ground Zero Season 6

Before the final match, the host Saint Sully comes out to the ring.

He has a microphone in his hand.

Saint Sully: Another Ground Zero season comes to a close. Five seasons down...I never thought it would go this long. But here we are. So with that said, I am happy to announce that this spring Ground Zero will be coming back.

And it's a theme that is better than any other we've had...a theme I know well.

A theme that is...HARDCORE.

We won't be in arenas next year either. Warehouses, junkyards, and much much more. This next season will only be for the toughest, for the meanest...and for the strongest.

As one of the greatest X Champions of all time, I know a thing or two of what looks like hardcore. Apply today, and we'll find out if it's you.

It's time for the final match.

Only one can win.

Who will it be?

Ground Zero Finale Match
Ladder Elimination Match
Team Penny vs Team Trixie vs Team Bell
Quick Recap:

The rules for a ladder elimination match are simple. Like any ladder match, you have to grab the briefcase from the top ring. The twist? The ring doesn't get lowered until a pinfall is made.

Which means that someone has to get eliminated before another can win.

Once a pinfall is made, the briefcase, containing an FWA contract, is lowered down just enough to be reached...with a ladder.

It took us about 12 minutes to get that far. The three ladies in the ring would battle it out until that. Tonya Scott was in the middle of distracting TPP with a magic trick, but it was she who was distracted, when Kristy Vance hit her with the Women Scorned (High Impact Spear). The Pink Precipitation didn't bother breaking up the pin, she was already going for a ladder when Tonya Scott was getting eliminated.

At the sound of the first bell, the rung up above began to lower. Pink and Kristy both watched, with Pink from the outside. As soon as it was done lowering, TPP came in swinging with the ladder.

The two of them would go back and forth for about about ten minutes. Each of them with the fingers on the briefcase before getting pulled down by the other. In the end it came down to one final brawl at the top of the ladder. Pink and Kristy Vance exchanging blows back and forth. After a ten-count punch, Kristy lost her footing and dropped to the floor. It looked like it was going to be enough for Pink to secure the victory, but Kristy drop-kicked the ladder!

Somehow though, like the superhero she was, Pink stayed grasping onto the briefcase as the ladder fell below her. Kristy grabbed TPP's boot, and tried to yank her down...and it worked! Pink fell down, on top of Kristy...with the briefcase in her hands!

The bell was rung.

The Pink Percipitation has won.

Winner: The Pink Precipitation (Team Bell)
Eliminated: Kristy Vance (Team Penny, 2nd Place) and Tonya Scott (Team Trixie, 3rd Place)

Winner: The Pink Precipitation

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Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA
Thank you everyone!

That is a close. I wanted to fluff this out more this episode but I'm doing it at work, and I have a meeting coming up so I wanted to get it finally done. I apologize for all the delays this season, but it's all over.

Thank you to everyone who contributed segments and characters!

The finish was really close between Dubb and TGO. Both promos had people who picked them to win, but TGO's edged out Dubb's but just a very tiny bit. I think it really could have been a coin toss, but it's TGO who robs Dubb of a back to back victory, and he gets his first Ground Zero win with The Pink Precipitation.

I hope you all enjoyed this season. We'll be returning for a 6th season sometime in March/April, and you can see above for the theme! It's going to be a good one! I'll probably have the sign up post for that up sometime in January.