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Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to the official website of Here you will find everything you need when it comes to the FWA Reality show Ground Zero. This website will contain news, rosters, show results, history, and more! Ground Zero is known as FWA's first ever reality TV show. It has multiple seasons where wrestling wannabes got the chance to earn their way onto an FWA roster. The grand prize for every season has always been a guaranteed roster spot. If you can make it on the show, survive every weekly elimination, and win in the final match, you get yourself an official FWA contract.

The first ever season of Ground Zero featured a variety of nobodies off the street who were trying to prove themselves. It was hosted by FWA Wrestler Saint Sulley, and unlike other seasons, this season came with more than just an FWA contract as a prize. The winner got to be managed by Saint Sulley himself. Eventually, Ty Johnson would ultimately win the first season of Ground Zero, and the rest is history!


Saint Sulley



Gus Johnson


and Chris Collinsworth


Team Coaches:

Mac Michaud


James Hughes


Broc Flucker


Chris Kennedy


Main Cast:


(Ryan Eggold)

Name: James Blake
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Age: 27
Background: James Blake is a forensic psychologist from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and has worked with children and adults from all different backgrounds. But the wrestling world is a whole different type of psychology that James may or may not be prepared for.


(Hulk Hogan)

Name: Magnum Jackson
Location: Tampa Florida
Age: 51
Background: Magnum is an 80s cover band musician, struggling to make a living. He is obsessed with the 80s and all the flare that came with it.


(Matt Damon)

Name: Dan Dulaney
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 30
Background: Dan isan NYPD officer who has been on the job for 8 years. He has experienced all kinds of different criminals and thugs, so he thinks the FWA will be no big deal.


(Mark Walhberg)

Name: Jack Harris
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 31
Background: Jack is a Navy Seal vet. His counselor advised him not to go into the show because of his lingering PTSD, but Jack is doing it anyway. His hand to hand combat experience should make him dangerous in the ring, and his mental state should make him dangerous outside of it.


(Brad Pitt)

Name: Sam Donovan
Location: Seattle, Washington
Age: 25
Background: Sam listed his occupation as elementary school teacher, but we swear we remember a guy with a similar name who briefly appeared in the FWA awhile back as a CIA agent. We could be mistaken, but it does seem odd.



Name: Ramjam
Location: The FWA Rafters (Also known to reside in North Carolina)
Age: 39
Background: Ramjam works as a dedicated independent contractor, often working highly exclusive and popular events. By that we mean he works as a clown for children's birthday parties. When he isn't giving crying children balloons, he's usually off drinking himself into a coma. He is also a very big advocate of the #ClownLivesMatter movement.working highly exclusive and popular events. By that we mean he works as a clown for children's birthday parties. When he isn't giving crying children balloons, he's usually off drinking himself into a coma. He is also a very big advocate of the #ClownLivesMatter movement.


(Reid Flair)

Name: Randy Porter
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 23
Background: He's not a wrestler, but he plays one on TV! Randy has been working as a wrestling actor and stunt double in LA. But can he pull off the real thing? Oh, and he also has a major drug problem.


(Norman Reedus)

Name: Ralph Maddox
Location: Detroit, MI
Age: 25
Background: Ralph is a working as a Detroit mechanic. His favorite weapon of choice is his big giant wrench.


(Damson Idris)

Name: Tyrone Johnson
Location: Paterson, NJ
Age: 24
Background: Tyrone is a two-bit gangster from the streets of Paterson, NJ. He's had jobs at Toys R Us, Dish Network, Hamilton County Jail cafeteria worker, and Embassy Suites Hotels. He also has an addiction to cocaine, something his best friend Daiquan Andrews is often concerned about. Daiquan will be on the show with Tyrone, as well as his brother Wayne.


(Bin Wang)

Name: Chang Hoi Sun
Location: Bejing, China
Age: 27
Background: Chang Hoi Sun is a seasoned martial arts instructor in Bejing, China. He takes pride in his self-discipline and perseverance as he strives for success. He has all the tools to win the show, but can he do it?


(Joc Pederson)

Name: "Rusty" Keener
Location: Kansas
Age: 25
Background: Russell "Rusty" Keener is a blue collar farm boy working on his father's ranch in somewhere in the heart of Kansas. But Rusty wants more in life than to live on a ranch milking cows forever. He wants to be one of them big city 'wrasslers he sees on the talking picture screen. Will Rusty's farm boy charm and dirty hands work ethic be enough to get him a contract with the FWA?


(Ben Affleck)

Name: Tommy Morris
Location: Boston, Massachusets
Age: 29
Background: Tommy is an up and coming defense attorney from the city on the hill. He has defended some pretty big clients, but can he defend himself in the wrestling ring?


(Zach Braff)

Name: Tanner Gaskil
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 29
Background: Tanner is an EMT medic from Las Vegas. He has seen some pretty gruesome things in his day, so battling in the ring won't be the worst thing he's done. He has turned some of his traditional EMT techniques into some pretty deadly in ring moves. Just wait until you see his new version of The Heimlich Maneuver.


(Doug Hutchison)

Name: The Butcher
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 34
Background: The Butcher is a former prison guard from Baltimore who has gone absolutely off the wall. It started with an overinflated sense of authority, that turned into an ignorant idea of how he thinks the law works. He is really big on intellectual property, so steal his gimmick and he will sue you. He has been manipulative and psychotic on his prison block and gets his name from the way he mentally breaks down his inmates.


(William Baldwin)

Name: Jackson DeBolt
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 30
Background: Jackson is a firefighter from the city of brotherly love.


(Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
Name: Jeff Crowe
Location: Morris, Minnesota
Age: 32
Background: Jeff has made a living as a used car salesman. He is very slick with his words and getting his way, and knows how to manipulate people with his charismatic personality.


(Daniel Stern)

Name: Sticky Finger Joe
Location: Chicago
Age: 43
Background: Sticky Finger Joe is a long time Hobo from Chicago. He loves liquor and long walks on the beach. is a long time Hobo from Chicago. He loves liquor and long walks on the beach.



Name: Big Steve
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 28
Background: Big Steve is often overlooked, but don't estimate his size as he very often comes up short.


(Joe Anglim)

Name: Luke Turner
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 26
Background: Luke is a ticket scalper for a living. He stands on street corners and scalps tickets for Cleveland Browns games. Do you know how hard it is to get people to buy Cleveland Browns tickets?


(Richard Sherman)

Name: Daiquan Andrews
Location: Paterson, NJ
Age: 24
Background: Daiquan is the dimmer best friend of Tyrone Johnson. When Tyrone is the brains of the group that is usually not a good thing, but these two blend well together. Daiquan rocks either two outfits, his tighty whitie pump panties or a classy tailored suit. In fact, Daiquan is a huge suit enthusiast.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1


The show opens with a great shot of the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania spanning across the Allegheny River. Standing on the bridge is none other than former FWA star Dave Sullivan, dressed in an expensive looking suit. Dave has an earpiece in his left ear.


Dave Sullivan: I am standing here in my native home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we are about to meet 26 people whose lives will be forever changed by one credible journey.

These contestants that you will see on your TV are just like you. They are every day people who have been living every day lives. But they have an once in a lifetime opportunity to make their life into something completely new, and fulfill a dream of becoming an FWA Superstar.

Over the next ten weeks these every day men will be showing their worth. They are wiping the slate of their previous lives clean, and will venture into a completely new territory. They will be sent home one by one until there is one man standing. The last one left will get a contract to become an FWA Superstar, and will be managed by one of the greatest FWA wrestlers to have played the off course.

26 men...only one will win. Ground Zero.


January 18th, 2017

Dave Sullivan is in an office interviewing potential candidates for the show. The scene has sort of a documentary film style to it, with office phones ringing in the background.

Dave Sullivan: So tell me about yourself. Tell me why you think you'll be a great superstar in the FWA.

Bobby Yu: Well...uh, I mean I'm pretty awesome. Like, do you see that water jug out there in the annex? I could probably go over and punch it like really hard, and it'd fall right off. Probably.

Dave Sullivan: Hmm, about this. Tell me who you are. What do you do? Who is Bobby Yu?

Bobby Yu: Well, I guess I'll start with childhood. I grew up in those pretty terrible house out in New Orleans. Foster house they're called, many poor boys like myself have lived there trust me.

Dave Sullivan: Oh wow, ok. Tell me about your parents. What happened to them?

Bobby Yu: Well my mom, she uh...she sewed clothes. She was a tailor I guess they're called. I remember she sewed me this really nice pair of blue jeans right before she left. And my father, he loved to play poker. Always going down into New Orleans and gambling...

Dave Sullivan: Wait, are you just telling me the lyrics of House of the Rising Sun?

Bobby Yu: Uh....

Dave Sullivan: Get the hell out of here.

*Cut to Present Day inside the Ground Zero Arena*

The live crowd is cheering loud as host Dave Sullivan is standing in the middle of a black and gold ring.

Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen. You know the idea of the show already. 26 every day citizens will compete for an FWA contract. But there's a part that I did not tell you...

Each of them will be split up into four teams, and each team will be led by a coach. The coach is responsible for training every member of their team, and will occasionally be responsible for sending someone from their team home. These coaches are not just any ordinary coaches though. They are more competitive than ever, and they will try to be the winning coach at all costs. Why? Because these coaches, like me, are FWA superstars!

Introducing the first coach....from Edmonton, Alberta Canada...he is a two time FWA TV Champion....

Mac Michaud!


Strutting down to the ring is Coach Michaud. He shakes Sullivan's hand and joins him as Dave announces the next coach.

Dave Sullivan: Our next Coach is recently retired from the FWA. He has at times ruled the Tag Team division, and was a former partner of mine and Mac's in the stable Over The Edge long long ago...his name is...

James Hughes


James Hughes heads out to a mix of a boos and cheers as he joins Mac and Dave in the ring.

Dave Sullivan: This next coach may not have the accomplishments of Hughes and Michaud, but dammit he is like a cousin to me. And that's because he is my cousin. Please welcome.....

Broc "Lobster" Flucker


Broc heads down to the ring without his Broc Lobster gimmick and his lobster Larry. He is here in a more serious role as he looks to coach some young superstars.

Dave Sullivan: And now I have one last coach to introduce. And don't think I saved the best for last, because there is no reason to think I did...but...well...I did. Because let's face it, this guy is a 4x World Champion. A Carnal Contendership winner, a rookie of the year winner. I mean basically every award you could have won he won it, and here he is trying to win something else. He is here because, and I quote "I have nothing else better to do so sure why not".

Chris Kennedy


Chris Kennedy makes a big show of his entrance as he smugly heads down to the ring. The crowd goes crazy at the sight of one of the biggest stars in FWA history. Dave extends his hand to Kennedy for a handshake as he enters the ring, but Chris pretends he doesn't see him and runs right past him to jump on the turn buckle and hype up the crowd.

Dave Sullivan: So we have our coaches. At the end of this show they will draft their teams. Each team will start out with five contestants. But Dave, how can there only be four teams of five contestants whenever there are 26 contestants total you ask?

Because our main (and only) event of the evening...we will have a Ground Zero Showdown.

And I will explain what that is after this commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

April 14th, 2016

Dave Sullivan is seen riding in a van with his camera crew. They are driving through the streets of Paterson, NJ.

Dave Sullivan: Hey, hey stop! This is the place.

They stop the van and head outside to a very Ghetto looking neighborhood. Right outside the van is a very run down basketball court, with some very...urban...looking gentlemen having a game.

Dave, in his suit, heads up to the gentlemen to introduce himself.

Dave Sullivan: Hello, my name is Dave Sullivan and I'd like to invite you fellas to apply to our new reality sh-

Black Guy 1: YO WHO DA HELL is this cracka on our court?

Black Guy 2: LOL I think dat fool tryin to talk smack on you Tyrone. You should kick his white little ass.

Tyrone: You talkin smack dawg? Daiquan says you betalkin smack.

Dave Sullivan: No, I'm a host of a-

Daiquan: Oh man he totally talkin smack Tyrone. Whoop his ass.

Dave Sullivan: Wait you guys don't understand, I'm from the FWA andI just wa-

Tyrone: SHUT you mouth cracka. Daiquan hold him down.

Daiquan grabs Dave's arms as Tyrone is about to get ready to fight until...


Tyrone: God dammit...Wayne, go back inside man. This don't concern you.


Daiquan: LOL Tyrone tell your fat Blue brother to go back inside and cry about his knee.


Tyrone: What, no I aint gonna tell him you don't bite man why would I say that. He gonna think you bite if I tell him that.

Daiquan: Well he does bite Tyrone.


Dave Sullivan: Guys! I hate to interrupt this, but you don't understand. I'm from a TV Show. You know FWA Wrestling? Tyrone, I think you have potential to become a part of it.

Daiquan: Yo why the fuck Tyrone the one who's on it?

Tyrone: Daiquan is right, I aint going on without my boy Daiquan.

Daiquan: Yo man you aint going on at all. This fool out his mind. I say we whoop him now, and if he wasn't wearing such a nice suit I would've kicked his ass already.

Dave Sullivan: What if...what if I beat you guys in a basketball game?

Tyrone: LOL! Beat us in basketball? Daiquan you hear that man?

Daiquan: you gonna beat us both man? You aint even got another partner...

Dave Sullivan: Well what about...him?

Dave points towards Wayne...


Tyrone: Oh my god this is too funny. Smh.Ight man you and Wayne versus me and Daiquan. And if we win, we get to kick yo ass. First to ten.

The basketball game is about to start. Wayne and Dave are on one side and Tyrone and Daiquan are on the other. Tyrone and Daiquan pull ahead with the first basket. And another, and another. But Dave and Wayne come back and tie it up 9-9. Game point coming up.

Dave: Ok Wayne, we need a play. Gotan ideas?


Dave: *sigh* Ok...let's do this.

Tyrone passes the ball to Daiquan, and Daiquan passes it back..Tyrone pushes into the paint, but passes it back to the outside. Daiquan is about to hit a deep shot when out of nowhere comes Wayne! Wayne bites Daiquan right in the shoulder.

Daiquan: AH! Goddamn, he bit me!

Daiquan drops the ball and Sullivan scoops it up. Dave sprints down court and hits the game winning dunk to pull of the upset.

Dave Sullivan: So I guess I can write you guys a paycheck to be on the show then?

Tyrone: Paycheck? Why aint you say we gonna get a paycheck? WE IN MAN.

*Commercial Break*

We are back to Dave Sullivan and his coaches in the FWA ring, where Dave will announce just what a Ground Zero Showdown match is.

Dave Sullivan: So where was I? Oh yes. A Ground Zero Showdown. You see we only have 10 Weeks to find our next FWA Superstar, and we have 26contestents. It just doesn't work. So we need to figure out who deserves to be here, and who doesn't make the cut.

So here are the rules for a Ground Zero Showdown...

Rule Number 1: Everyone starts in or around the ring. All 26 superstars.

Rule Number 2: If you get a pin, you are safe. You can leave the match and head back to the locker room.

Rule Number 3: The last six contestants remaining without a pin will be eliminated from the show.

And ladies and gentlemen let me introduce our commentators...famously known for their work in the NFL...

Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth!

Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth both trot down to the ring as we head to another break.
*commercial break*

We come back from the break to a scene taking place at a shooting range. With host Dave Sullivan standing with another man.

Dave Sullivan: I'm here with Ground Zero contestant Jack Harris. He is a former Navy Seal, and he is one of the toughest contestants I have met so far. He has been through and seen it all, and yet here he is trying to go for me.

Jack let me ask you...there have been some concerns with our production staff, that you may not be mentally fit to participate in our show. There are some questions on whether or not you have PTSD. If you do we do have doctors and a lot of professionals who can help you, but we want you to disclose this information now...

Jack Harris picks up a glock off the table
and loads the clip into it. Dave takes a step back. Harris moves his arm up, and shoots the shooting range target. Bullseye.

Jack Harris: Dave...are you seriously talking to me about mental illnesses?

Dave Sullivan: Touche Jack...Touche.

*commercial break*

Ground Zero Showdown Match
Rule Number 1: Everyone starts in or around the ring. All 26 superstars.

Rule Number 2: If you get a pin, you are safe. You can leave the match and head back to the locker room.

Rule Number 3: The last six contestants remaining without a pin will be eliminated from the show.

Contestants: Sam Donovan, Derek Silver, Tyrone Johnson, Daiquan Andrews, Wayne Johnson, The Den Lion, Bobby Yu, Jack Harris, Dan Dulaney, Captain Insano (he shows no mercy), Alex Flocker, James Blake, Chang Hoi Sun, Big Steve, The Butcher, Randy Porter, Sticky Finger Joe, Magnum Jackson, Ram Jam, Luke Turner, Rusty Keener, Jeff Crowe, Tanner Gaskil, Jaskson Debolt, Tommy Morris, and Ralph Maddox

Gus Johnson: Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for the first ever Ground Zero match?

Cris Collinsworth: Man this is crazy, aint it? 26 guys all fighting at the same time. And the best part is, none of them have never had any experience or training before. They are all just fighting for the first time. Well we'll see who stands out huh?

Gus: Yes we certainly will. Well everybody is out here. Let's get it started...

The bell rings, and it turns into an all out brawl. Things get absolutely crazy. It is hard to keep track of everything because everybody is attacking each other. It looks like a straight up riot out here.
Ramjam is the first one to get a pin. He went right for it after kicking Big Steve in the face.

Gus Johnson: OH MY GOD. The midget just got pulverized.

Ramjam is Safe.

Some other guys take the opportunity to pin Big Steve while they can. Magnum Jackson jumps on him, Randy Porter, and The Butcher too. They are all safe.

The fighting continues. Sam Donovan and Tyrone Johnson are going at it in the ring, and Daiquan Andrews come in to assist Tyrone. In fact The trio of Tyrone, Daiquan, and Wayne seem to be controlling things. Tyrone pins Sam to be safe. Then Daiquan turns around and rolls up Wayne!

Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews are safe.

Derek Silver is going crazy in the ring. He wants some redemption. He's attacking everybody, but he can't get a pin. Instead Jackson Debolt and Tanner Gaskil get the cover on Silver.

Jackson Debolt and Tanner Gaskil are safe.

Sticky Finger Joe sneaks up on Big Steve for the roll up pin. He laughs as he throws some spare change in the face of Alex Flocker. Distracted, Alex Flocker gets pinned by the lawyer Tommy Morris. Ralph Maddox also gets in on it.

Sticky Finger Joe, Ralph Maddox, and Tommy Morris are safe.

Captain Insano is going into rage mode. He hasn't gotten a pin yet, and he is ready to show No Mercy. Meanwhile, Sam Donovan and Jack Harris are starting to cause some damage in the match. Throwing people through barricades and using steel chairs. Jeff Crowe starts to take advantage of Luke Turner, sneaking up behind him and hitting a low blow before sneaking a pin.

Jeff Crowe is safe.

Jack Harris and Sam Donovan are safe.

Angry, Luke Turner quickly recovers and attacks Alex Flocker. Turner gets the pin, and Chang Hoi Sun jumps on that pin as well.

Luke Turner and Chang Hoi Sun are safe.

Police officer Dan Dulaney teams up with psychologist James Blake to take care of business. The two of them get pins on Bobby Yu and The Den Lion respectively.

Dan Dulaney is safe.

James Blake is safe.

The Den Lion is pissed. He starts screaming and running around the ring screaming I am boss. Before he's clotheslined by Rusty Keener out of nowhere. Rusty the farm boy gets the pin to ensure his spot on the roster.

Rusty Keener is safe.

And just like that there are just seven people left. Most of them are flat out dead and destroyed, regretting being talked into coming onto the show by that slimeball Dave Sullivan. Wayne Johnson tries to get some energy. He wipes out Captain Insano. He crushes The Den Lion, and punches Derek Silver right in his stupid silver face. He grabs Bobby Yu by the throat, and gives him a chokeslam. Alex Flocker runs towards Wayne, and Wayne hits him with a huge boot. Wayne looks to be the last man to join the roster, when Daiquan Andrews comes out of nowhere from the locker room!

Gus Johnson: DAIQUAN ANDREWS? What is he doing here! The man was already safe. He already is out of the match. Daiquan Andrews nails Wayne in the head with a steel chair in an act of pure betrayal and scurries out of the ring.

Out of nowhere, Big Steve the midget comes crawling out from under the ring. He covers Wayne for the pin. 1...2...3.

Big Steve is safe.

Eliminated from the show are: Wayne Johnson, Alex Flocker, Captain Insano, Bobby Yu, The Den Lion, and Derek Silver.

Gus Johnson: Well ladies and gentlemen that was our show for tonight. What a match that was. I cannot wait to see who gets drafted to which coach's team and how they improve.

Cris Collinsworth: My money is on Big Steve. What an underdog win for him right at the end there.

Dave Sullivan comes into the ring with a microphone.

Dave Sullivan: Well that is that, we have our 20 man roster! But guess what folks, those twenty still aren't safe.

This week, I want some things from the fans. I am going to ask that you all head over to, and you vote on our poll. All 20 guys who were safe tonight will be on there. I want you to vote for who you think should go home next. The two guys with the most votes will face off in a match to open up our show next week, and the loser will be eliminated on the spot.

In the meantime, check out for some other great clips on all of our superstars. We have so much more to show about our contestants that didn't make it on the live show tonight.

Have a great night guys and see you next Wednesday night!

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2



The show opens with host Dave Sullivan standing right in the middle of the ring of the small arena. After some black and gold fireworks cast off, Dave begins to speak to the crowd. Coaches Chris Kennedy, Mac Michaud, James Hughes, and Broc Flucker are all on the side. Commentators Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth are at the commentary table.

Dave Sullivan: THIS...IS...GROUND ZERO!

The free admission crowd cheers.

Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen...we have quite the show in store for you today. Soon we will have our first fans voted over the course of last week to determine who your two least favorite every dayheros were. Those two will compete to open our show, and the loser will be eliminated on the spot. But before I reveal who those two were, I have one more thing to reveal.

Over the course of the week, our four coaches have drafted their teams based on how they competed in last week's main event. So, here are those teams.

Team Chris

1. Jeff Crowe
2. James Blake
3. Sam Donovan
4. Magnum Jackson
5. Randy Porter

Team James

1. Tyrone Johnson
2. Tommy Morris
3. Luke Turner
4. Tanner Gaskil
5. Big Steve

Team Broc

1. Daiquan Andrews
2. Dan Dulaney
3. The Butcher
4. RamJam
5. Ralph Maddox

Team Mac

1. Chang Hoi Sun
2. Rusty Keener
3. Sticky Finger Joe
4. Jack Harris
5. Jackson DeBolt

Dave Sullivan: So those are our teams, but sadly one of those coaches is going to lose one of their draft players right off the bat. The two contestants with the most votes were...actually, it was a three way tie. Magnum Jackson from Team Chris, Randy Porter from Team Chris, and Rusty Keener from Team Mac.

So because this is a two person match, here is what we are going to do. Mac, Rusty has to participate...but who he faces is up to Coach Chris Kennedy. He can choose to put up Randy Porter or Magnum Jackson.

So Chris, who is going to face Rusty Keener in a sudden death elimination match?

Chris Kennedy: I am a winner Dave, you know that. And I will be damned if I am the first one to lose one of my competitors. I think Randy Porter is more tuned when it comes to wrestling than Magnum is right now. I like his chances to win this match.

Dave Sullivan: Fair enough. When we come back from commercial, it will be Randy Porter vs Rusty Keener...the loser will become the 7th person eliminated from the first season of Ground Zero. Coaches you may get in the corners of your respective team members.

*Commercial Break*

Gus Johnson: WELCOME BACK to Ground Zero folks. We are about to get started with our first match, and boy it is a doozie. Someone will be eliminated when this thing is all said and done.

Cris Collinsworth: Here is the fun thing, the coaches are right in their corners. Chris Kenendy and Mac Michaud certainly aren't the best of friends, what is going to stop these guys from getting in the way here?

Randy Porter vs Rusty Keener (LOSER will be eliminated from Ground Zero)
The bell rings and Porter clotheslines Rusty Keener right away. Porter picks up Rusty, and throws him against the turnbuckles. Keener comes back and swings at Porter, but he misses and gets a boot to the face instead.
Chris Kennedy: That's right, kick his ass!

Mac Michaud: Come on Rusty, you can do this brother! Get up and fight.

Rusty tackles Porter to the floor and begins to ground and pound.

Cris: You know Gus, what's interesting about these rights is...these guys have no experience whatsoever in the ring.

Gus Johnson: You're absolutely right Cris, most of them don't. Randy Porter is a stunt actor in Hollywood, and Rusty Keener is a farm boy! None of them have any real training at all.

Porter rolls off of the floor, and throws Rusty into the turnbuckle. Keener's face smacks right into the padded turn buckle, and when he bounces off, Porter hits him smack in the nose. But the farm boy is unfazed! Keener goes right at him like an animal. He takes Porter's head, and he throws it into the turnbuckle over and over again. Porter falls back to the ground holding his head in pain.

Rusty Keener then jumps on the turnbuckle in Chris Kennedy's corner. He is going to jump! But right as he gets up to the top, Kennedy pushes Keener off and back into the ring. Out of nowhere Porter goes to cover Keener, but the bell has rung!

Winner by DQ: Rusty Kenner

Gus Johnson: WHAT! Kennedy just got Randy Porter DQ'd! I can't believe it.

Cris Collinsworth: Oh boy, the drama is starting already.

Kennedy is raging and getting in the ref's face, as Mac and Rusty cheer. Rusty Keener has survived and will stay on the show. Randy Porter on the other hand will be going home.


*Commercial Break*
There are several more matches throughout the show.

  • Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews competed in a tag team match against Tanner Gaskil and Jackson Debolt, with Tyrone and Daiquan getting the win.
  • Ramjam faced Sticky Finger Joe in a battle of the bums, a match that ended in a DQ.
  • And in the main event, Jack Harris fought against Sam Donovan in one of the most competitive matches yet, with Sam Donovan pulling out the win via pinfall.

By the end of the night, everyone had competed. The wins were tallied up, and the scores were in.

Dave Sullivan: The team with the most points would be completely safe from any sort of elimination. That team would be...Team Chris! The next two teams will be forced to put a player up in the sudden death elimination match to start next week's show. The team with the second most points...Team James, and the team will the third amount of points...Team Mac!

Team Broc, that means one of you will be going home tonight. Broc, please choose two people from your team to face off in a sudden death elimination match...NO DQ.

Broc Flucker: Oh dammit...I really don't think any of these guys are ready to go home yet. I see a lot of potential in all of them. Dan Dulaney...a NYPD Police officer, he has a lot of fight in him. And Daiquan, man that dude loves suits. He may be dumb as a rock, but I think he has a lot of potential and plus he got the win. Ralph Maddox, I mean that dude already fought for his life today and won.

So I am going to go with Ramjam and The Butcher.

Ramjam vs The Butcher in a Sudden Death Elimination Match (NO DQ)

Ramjam The Clown is a child's birthday party entertainer, but he has a dark side to him. He's been quite depressed with his life, and has been drinking away his sorrows. The Butcher is a prison guard who loves to torture the inmates, real sick son of a bitch he is. He also took one semester of law at his local community college so he thinks he knows a lot about how criminal justice works.

The Butcher is a methodical fighter. He is slow and deadly in the ring, always looking at how he can pick apart at his opponent.Meanwhile RamJam is just the opposite. He just dives in, and that is just what he does. He goes straight towards Butcher and attacks. The two roll around on the ground, and roll out of the ring. The fight still goes on without a count from the ref because this match is No DQ. The Butcher throws RamJam right into the announcer's table.

Gus Johnson: OH MY GOD!

Cris Collinsworth: Man they almost took our heads off!

Butcher has Ramjam on the ground, and he's stomping away. Ramjam can't escape, but all of a sudden he reaches out under the ring and grabs...a BEER BOTTLE. He smashes The Butcher in the head with it. The Butcher is now on the floor crying like a little girl, as Ramjam laughs...Ramjam then grabs a pie from underneath the ring now, and smashes it right in The Butcher's bloody face.

But Ramjam isn't stopping there. He grabs aballoon, and waits for The Butcher to get up. Right when Butcher gets up, Ramjam pops the balloon right in his face. The Butcher is pissed now. He grabs the ring bell from ringside, and smashes it right in the clown's face. Ramjam goes down hard, and the crowd begins to boo.

The Butcher throws the lifeless Ramjam back into thering, and follows him in. Ramjam is laying flat on his back, all the Butcher has to do is pin him. The crowd is booing very loudly now and The Butcher is loving it. He's eating up the attention, yelling at the crowd and taunting them.

The crowd begins to chant "CLOWN LIVES MATTER!"


The crowd keeps going, and The Butcher keeps yelling at them. With his back turned to RamJam, the Butcher keeps taunting the crowd. Suddenly the crowd begins to cheer. Ramjam has gotten up...The Butcher turns around when the crowdcheers, and Ramjam launches himself at The Butcher and...HE BITES HIS EAR OFF!


Cris Collinsworth: This is supposed to be a PG 13 show for crying out loud!

The Butcher is screaming. There is blood everywhere! Ramjam goes for the rollup. 1...2...3!

Winner: Ramjam The Clown

The Butcher is screaming in pain and crying as blood pours from his ear. The medics are trying to help him but they can't get to him because he keeps running around. Mothers are covering their children's eyes.

The medics finally get a hold of The Butcher and have to hold him down.

The Butcher yells out...



Gus Johnson: Well folks, that is the end of our show. We are now down to 18 contestants...but only one will win.

Cris Collinsworth: Tune in next week,hopefully we don't see anything as graphic as we just did there.

Gus Johnson: Goodnight everybody!

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 3


The camera shows the full stadium of the small 12,000 capacity stadium here this Wednesday night. They were all given the chance to get autographs from the contestants, hoping that maybe it is worth something one day. It probably won't but, but dammit do not crush their dreams.

The fireworks go off and the crowd gets hyped as the theme song and intro video begins to play on theJUMBO TRON.



Gus Johnson: WELCOME TO GROUND ZERO! Ladies and Gentlemen we have quite the show tonight.

Cris Collinsworth: That's right, it is a mega episodefolks. We are having two episodes combined into one big two hour show. Which means...

Gus Johnson: FOUR contestants will go home tonight! Four!

Cris Collinsworth: Yeah Gus...I was gonna say that. You just kind of jumped right in there and stole it from me.

Gus Johnson: Well I'd love to talk about that but here comes the host of our show Dave Sullivan...

Cris Collinsworth: As well as Team Coaches James Hughes and Mac Michaud.

Host Dave Sullivan comes down the ramp to a mix of boos and cheers. There are some signs that say "Get a real Job" and "GO BACK TO JAIL" in the crowd. Coach Mac and Coach James are right behind Dave.

The trio strolls through the ropes.

Dave Sullivan: Last week I promised you guys another sudden death elimination match. The show ended with Broc having to pick one of his guys to eliminate because he had the least amount of points by the end of the show. But the two coaches with the second and third amount of points would have to put someone up for elimination.

Mac, this is the second week in a row now where you have to have one of your guys fight to survive on the show. What your thoughts?

Mac Michaud: My guys...are the best.

Dave Sullivan: Ok then. James, who are you going to pick to represent your team in a sudden death elimination match?

James Hughes: I could go with my best competitor and try to knock off one of Mac's guys...but I am going to save that for another day. Big Steve I think has a lot to prove to everyone. I am going to give him his chance to prove his worth to our team and on the show. He is going to represent Team James.

Dave Sullivan: Ok, interesting choice James. And Mac, who will you choose from your team to fight Big Steve?

Mac Michaud: HAHAHAH...Big Steve? The midget?? This should be good. I have an idea, lets make it interesting. Sticky Finger Joe is the guy I'm putting up Dave.

Dave Sullivan: Sticky Finger we are going to have a Midget vs a Hobo...God dammit....this show is already becoming a joke. Ok, let's get this started then.

Mac Michaud: Haha, does Sticky Finger Joe have to stay on his knees to keep it even?

Dave Sullivan: Shut up Mac.

Sticky Finger Joe (TEAM MAC) vs Big Steve (TEAM JAMES) in a Sudden Death Elimination Match

The bell rings and it seems to confuse Sticky Finger Joe. The homeless man staggers drunkenly around the ring trying to figure out where he is. He sees Big Steve and charges at him, but Big Steve quickly uses his size to avoid the large smelly homeless man.

Sticky Fingers gets angry, and charges at Big Steve again, but Big Steve again gets out of the way and Joe goes over the ropes and to the outside. Big Steve then launches himself off the ropes and onto Sticky Finger Joe, but Joe catches the small statured man, and drops him right on the steel steps.

Just like that Big Steve is motionless. Sticky Finger Joe throws him back in the ring and covers him for the pin.


Winner: Sticky Finger Joe


*Commercial Break*

Dave Sullivan: Here we go...up next I asked all four coaches to put up who they believe is physically the best contestant on their team. The winner of this fatal four way match will get immunity for the rest of tonight. That includes the second hour of the show. That is three eliminations their team will be immune from tonight. The stakes are higher than they have ever been.

Along with that, they will make one coach have to eliminate one of their contestants on the spot.

Winning this match will be huge for your team, and will give you a huge boost in this show.

Who will come out on top?

Dan Dulaney (Team Broc) vs Tyrone Johnson (Team James) vs Sam Donovan(Team Chris) vs Chang Hoi Sun (Team Mac)

The bell rings and the match starts. Tyrone Johnson immediately goes after Dan Dulaney screaming "pig" over and over again. Dan dodges it and puts Tyrone in a hold.

Meanwhile Chang Hoi Sun gives a roundhouse kick to Sam Donovan the school teacher whose glasses just got knocked clean off. Sam goes down right away and Chang tries to pin him...

1...2...Dan lets go of Tyrone to break up the pin and go after Chang. Dan and Chang start to rumble now outside of the ring, while Tyrone gets up and attacks Sam Donovan. He hits Donovan with a clothesline and sends him down.

The fight between Dulaney and Chang Hoi Sun is getting really intense, both with martial arts backgrounds. Dan is trained in hand to hand combat, but so is Sun. The two are very evenly matched.

Sam Donovan on the other hand is getting his ass handed to him. He doesn't appear to be trying at all here, looking physically weak despite being in great shape. Tyrone Johnson's fighting style is the compelte opposite of Dan and Chang's. While Dulaney and Hoi Sun are trained, Tyrone has much more of a street fighting approach. He is stomping away at Donovan.

Chang is getting the upperhand on Dulaney now. He is about to pull off a huge combo of punches, but suddenly Dulaney gets a little more aggressive and sends Chang right into the steel steps. Changs face is cracked open. He might be knocked out cold.

Dulaney throws Chang back into the ring. The cop gets on the apron to renter the ring, but suddenly Tyrone Johnson picks up Donovan and throws him right at Dulaney, knocking both of them down to the outside.

Johnson goes for the cover on the knocked out Chang Hoi Sun.




Winner: Tyrone Johnson (Team James)

Gus Johnson: Unbelievable! Tyrone Johnson just stole the win away from Dan Dulaney...

Cris Collinsworth: Hey, a win is a win Gus.

Gus Johnson: But Dulaney did all the work.

Cris Collinsworth: It doesn't matter. Tyrone gets the win and now Team James is going to be immune from elimination the rest of the night. This was huge!

Dave Sullivan congratulates Tyrone Johnson for his win in the ring, and grabs a microphone from the outside.

Dave Sullivan: Congrats on the big win Tyrone. Because of your efforts, nobody from your team will be eliminated tonight. However, someone from a team of your choosing will be eliminated right now on the spot. Which team do you want to choose?

Tyrone Johnson: Ya know man...Team James only got 4 people left. Same with Team Chris...and Team Broc. Only cracka still rolling with all 5 of their boys is Team Mac. We can't let that slide now can we? Team Mac gonna have to make some cuts.

Dave Sullivan: Team Mac it is.

Mac Michaud seems visibly pissed from the sidelines. Coach Mac storms into the ring with a mic of his own.

Coach Mac: This is bullshit. I have to eliminate one of my guys without them even being able to fight and defend themselves?

Dave Sullivan: Your guy is the one who got pinned. If you want to make it fair, eliminate him.

Chang Hoi Sun looks on in shame knowing he let his team down.

Coach Mac: I have half a mind to eliminateyou Chang...I put you in this fatal fourway because I thought you were our best man. Was I wrong?

Chang Hoi Sun: I disappoint. I bring dishonor to the team. If you choose to eliminate me, I understand.

Coach Mac: are one of the most talented guys on my team. Dave, Sticky Finger Joe is who I chose to eliminate.


Gus Johnson: Wow! So after defeating Big Steve to start the show and starving off elimination, he gets eliminated on the spot anyway by Coach Mac. That is cold as ice.

Cris Collinsworth: And now Team Mac is down to four contestants, just like the other three teams on the show. There are 16 contestants left, only one will win. When we come back we will have one more whole hour of Ground Zero, with two more people going home. One thing we know is that it won't be anyone from Team James going tonight...thanks to Tyrone Johnson.

*Commercial Break*

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 4


The second half of the episode opens with Tyrone Johnson in the backstage area. He catches up to childhood friend Daiquan Andrews who is about to get ready for a match of his own. Daiquan is wrapping up his knuckles with tape as Tyrone gets to him.childhood friend Daiquan Andrews who is about to get ready for a match of his own. Daiquan is wrapping up his knuckles with tape as Tyrone gets to him.

Tyrone Johnson: Yo Daiquan man...I haven't seen you at all these last few weeks. Feels like you been ...I haven't seen you at all these last few weeks. Feels like you been avoidin me or something brother.

Daiquan Andrews: Ya homie, yo ass smells thats why man.

Tyrone: Yoshuddup, haha. For real tho dawg, aint nothing bothering you?

Daiquan: Aint nothing bothering YOU?

Tyrone: Why did you do that to Wayne last week man? He aint do nothing to you. He could've helped us...three of us together on this show out of 20 others, we could have had an advantage.

Daiquan: You gotta get it in your head man. I did you a favor and you don't even see it. Wayne is a blueberry. He would only drag both our asses down.

Tyrone: That's my brother you're talking about...HOMIE.

Daiquan: Ya? And what am I to you then?

Tyrone: You my brother too...

Daiquan: Yeah we'll see Tyrone. Only gonna be one winner one this show, and all the media sayin you the favorite to win so far. The golden boy, aint no love for Daiquan though. Ay man don't sweat it though, I'm used to it.

Tyrone: Don't be like that.

Daiquan: Just wait till they find out about yo coke problem though. What you aint been drug tested yet? Huh...

Tyrone: Shut your mouth Daiquan.

Daiquan: Yeah whatever, I've got a match man. Gonna be out there on my own, nothing new there.

Daiquan Andrews (Team Broc) vs James Blake (Team Chris)

James Blake, the forensic psychologist, is in one corner as the hoodrat Daiquan is in the other. Blake is great at analyzing the mind of guys like Daiquan, but can he beat him in a fight is the question? With Chris Kennedy in his corner, he has a shot.

The bell rings and the two go at each other. Daiquan, like his friend Tyrone, is much more of a street fighter. He has no polish to him. Kennedy has been training Blake the last few weeks in all sorts of different techniques. Andrews goes right at Blake, but James dodges it and sends Daiquan tripping over his feet. Andrews gets mad, and gets back up and goes after Blake again...but again Blake ducks. This sends Daiquan over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.

The small crowd begins to laugh at him, and Daiquan begins to fume even more. The ref begins counting, he is up to three. He jumps back on the apron to get back in the ring, but Blake drop kicks him and sends Daiquan flying back to the floor once again.

The refs count gets to 8 before Daiquan crawls back in the ring. Blake goes to kick him, but Daiqan grabs his leg and flips him on his back. Andrews begins to ground and pound on Blake now, finally getting an advantage, but Blake turns it around into a quick roll up.


Winner: James Blake (Team Chris)

Host Dave Sullivan is seen talking to the camera in a green room.

Dave Sullivan: Welcome back to Ground Zero folks. Coming up next we have quite a battle. Team Chris vs Team Mac vs Team Broc...each team will select one of their contestants to compete in a triple threat match. Whoever gets pinned will be eliminated on the spot. Whoever gets the pin will earn immunity for their team along with Team James, and the odd team out will have to put up two people to compete in a sudden death elimination match tonight.

Who will survive?

Magnum Jackson (Team Chris) vs Ralph Maddox (Team Broc) vs Jackson Debolt (Team Mac)

Magnum Jackson the 80s freak vs Ralph Maddox the mechanic vs Jackson DeBolt the firefighter. It should be a good brawl. Someone is getting eliminated right here.

The bell rings and Magnum Jackson starts screaming and charging at DeBolt. Jackson Debolt vs Magnum Jackson goes on in the ring while the dirty grease stained Maddox stays back and watches. The firefighter DeBolt gets the upper hand on Magnum, but all of a sudden Maddox comes from behind and knocks him down.

DeBolt and Maddox begin to brawl now. Maddox gets DeBolt in the turnbuckle corner and starts pounding away...

All of a sudden Magnum Jackson starts doing some crazy Hulk Hogan shit in the ring to hype up the crowd. This distracts Maddox long enough for DeBolt to get the upper hand with a right hook. This knocks Maddox down and he rolls to the outside. Magnum then charges at DeBolt, but DeBolt ducks and Magnum goes right into the referee who was facing the other way counting out Maddox!

With the referee down, Maddox comes back in the ring with his trusty big metal wrench. He swings it hard at Jackson Debolt's knees. Debolt rolls out of the ring in pain. Maddox then swings again right at the head of Magnum Jackson. Magnum is out cold. Maddox throws the wrench out of the ring just in time for the ref to get back up. Ralph Maddox goes for the cover...1...2...3!

Winner: Ralph Maddox

Gus Johnson: WHAT! Maddox cheated! Ralph Maddox just cheated.

Cris Collinsworth: Hey what the ref doesn't see is fair game, Gus.

Gus Johnson: No...that's not right.

Cris Collinsworth: It doesn't matter. He just won immunity for his team, just like Tyrone Johnson did earlier in the night. But I've got bad news for Magnum Jackson.


Dave Sullivan is now in the ring ready for the main event.

Dave Sullivan: What a match that was! We saw Magnum Jackson finally pack his bags. Ralph Maddox earned immunity for Team Broc. With Ty Johnson already having immunity for Team James, that leaves us with poor Team Mac for the main event. Team Mac entered the night with all five of its contestants, but now they will leave with only three.

Mac has chosen the two contestants of his who have yet to compete tonight. One will go home.

Who will it be?

Jack Harris (Team Mac) vs Rusty Keener (Team Mac) in a Sudden Death Elimination Match

Farm boy Rusty Keener already was able to survive elimination once. Can he do it again against the navy seal vet Jack Harris?

The match starts and the two get physical right away. The farm boy Keener is rolling on the ground trying to get a grip on Harris.

Harris though has had lots of hand to hand combat experience. Once that bell rings he becomes an animal in the ring, just attacking Keener everywhere. Keener is just overwhelmed. He tries to stay in the fight, but he has no chance. Harris is clearly Team Mac's biggest competitor, even over Chang Hoi Sun at this point.

Keener puts up a fight though. He tries to get Harris up against the ropes, but Jack gets Keener in a strong hold, one that only a Navy Seal vet would know. One that is probably considered use a deadly force.

Not wanting his arm broken, Keener quickly taps.

Winner: Jack Harris

Rusty Keener has been eliminated from Ground Zero.
Gus Johnson: Jack Harris dominated that match Cris!

Cris Collinsworth: This guy I think is a huge threat to win the whole damn show. Rusty Keener didn't have a chance.

Gus Johnson: Poor Rusty, I liked the boy but he's going to have to go back to Kansas to milk his cows.

Cris Collinsworth: That is the end of our show folks! 14 stars remain, but only one will win! Who will it be? Tune in next week to find out.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 5


The arena fireworks go off as the show's theme song begins to play throughout the arena. The fans get pumped.


Gus Johnson: WELCOME everybody to the 5th episode of Ground Zero.

Cris Collinsworth: We are down to 14 people, and by the end of the night we will be at 12.

Gus Johnson: The numbers are slowly dwindling Cris. By the end of the night we will be through the halfway point. Only one person will be crowned the Ground Zero season one winner and get that guaranteed contract with FWA.

Cris Collinsworth: I don't know though Gus, I think a handful of these guys all have potential. From what I hear, nGw has actually been scouting for some talent in the bunch.

Gus Johnson: Thewinner howeverwill in fact get that guaranteed contract, and will be managed by none other than FWA star Dave Sullivan.

Cris Collinsworth: How is that an award? Dave has never made it out of the lower card.

Gus Johnson: Come on Cris, he is a three time X Division champion.

Cris Collinsworth: Whoopity Doo, the X Division.

Gus Johnson: Oh Cris come on lighten up.

Cris Collinsworth: I'd love to, but here comes Tyrone Johnson. He is currently ranked number one on the Power 25 list for favorite to win the show.

Tyrone Johnson heads down the ramp to a bunch of cheers. He is wearing a white wife beater and blue jeans with a pair of white Jordan sneakers. He grabs a mic from ringside and jumps in the ring.

Tyrone Johnson: I came out here to address a big problem of mine. You see when I agreed to come on this show, I came out on it for fun. Because my homie Daiquan and my brother Wayne were both coming on with me. I thought shit, hang out with my two boys and it'd be fun.

But I don't know now man. This shit has been tearing us apart. Daiquan has been my best friend in the whole world, and since this show started the dude won't even talk to me. I'm sorry, but nothing worth that.

I hate to say it...but I think I am regretfully goin to have to withdraw myself from the competition.

The crowd starts to boo. Tyrone Johnson has become a fan favorite on the show, this is the last thing they want to hear.

When suddenly, Daiquan Andrews comes strolling down the ramp. He is dressed to the nines in a nice pinstripe suit. His long dreads dance around as he struts down the ramp. He grabs a microphone himself and joins Johnson in the ring.

Daiquan Andrews: Don't you dare do that shit man...don't you dare do it. Just like you fool...come out here and take up all the attention. Oh boo hoo I think ima quit. I can't handle this. Man that cracka talk right there. You came here to fight.

Tyrone Johnson: Then stop this shit man! We need to work together. There are 12 other competitors on this show. It doesn't have to be every man for himself. Work with me, us against them. Then when we the last two we see who wins. Winner makes it into the FWA, loser works their way in anyway.

Daiquan Andrews: You trippin Tyrone...

Tyrone Johnson: Please man...I don't want to lose our friendship over this.

Daiquan Andrews: ...shit, you sound like such a girl homie. But ight, fine. If yous cool then I'm cool. But you betta get cool real fast, because tonight we're facing off in a tag team match. You and me versus some other fools. Losers get eliminated. But don't you dare try and steal my spotlight again, or you gonna regret it.

The two street thugs reunite in the ring and do some sort of weird gang handshake as we go to a commercial break.

When we get back from commercial, Dave Sullivan is standing in the middle of the ring.

Dave Sullivan: Now for the main event. All four coaches are at risk here tonight. The two teams will have to work together against two other teams. It is going to be Daiquan Andrews and Tyrone Johnson representing Team Broc and Team James. They will be going up against Jeff Crowe and Jackson DeBolt, representing Team Chris and Team Mac. Both participants from the losing team will be eliminated on the spot.

Let's get started, shall we?

Daiquan Andrews (Team Broc) and Tyrone Johnson (Team James) vs Jackson DeBolt (Team Mac) and Jeff Crowe (Team Chris) in a Sudden Death Tag Team Match

The match starts with Tyrone Johnson and Jackson DeBolt in the ring. The two go at each other right away, with Jackson getting the upper hand forcing Tyrone into his own corner. But right when they get there, Daiquan Andrews slaps Tyrone's back and jumps in the fight.

He pounces on DeBolt and starts grinding away at every limb of his body. DeBolt barely is able to make it to the corner, where he tags the car salesman Jeff Crowe.

Crowe runs in and kicks Daiquan in the head. He starts to get the upper hand as he throws Daiquan into the other corner and starts punching him there. He picks up Daiquan and gives him aspinebuster. He goes for the cover. 1...2..but Daiquan kicks out.

Tyrone is reaching his hand out for Daiquan to tag him in, but Daiquan is ignoring Tyrone.Instead he gets the upper hand on Crowe and starts pounding away at him.

Crowe goes ahead and tags in DeBolt. DeBolt rushes in, but Daiquan hits him with a clothesline. DeBolt goes straight to the ground. Crowe isn't even up on his apron as he's recovering on the outside floor.

Daiquan picks upDeBolt, and throws him head first into the turnbuckle cover.

DeBolt falls back flat in the middle of the ring. He looks motionless. Daiquan climbs up on the turnbuckle in his owncorner, and looks to jump on DeBolt for an Elbow drop.

But right before he does, Tyrone Johnson tags Daiquan! Daiquan looks shocked as Tyrone rushes into the ring. DeBolt gets up, and Tyrone hits him with a spear.

Tyrone Johnson goes for the cover!


Winner: Tyrone Johnson (Team James) and Daiquan Andrews)

Jackson DeBolt (Team Mac) and Jeff Crowe (Team Chris) have been eliminated from Ground Zero.

Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews the childhood friends are celebrating their victory in the ring. The two just reunited after weeks of fighting with each other, so this is a big win for them.

Daiquan grabs a microphone, and puts him arm around his buddy Tyrone.

Daiquan: Ya know Tyrone, you pretty good for a fool.

Tyrone: Thanks man. We earned this. Aint no one can stop us. I'm tellin ya bro if we work together, we can beat all these guys. Its gonna be you and me in the end. Just like always.

Daiquan: Ya man, I can see that happening for sure...except I got one problem...

With that, Daiquan Andrews slaps Tyrone in the head with the microphone. Tyrone hits the floor hard and holds his head.

Gus Johnson: WHAT! Daiquan just hit Tyrone! They're supposed to be friends!

Daiquan Andrews kneels down to the hurting Tyrone, and spits right in his face.

Daiquan Andrews: I am sick and goddamn tired of you always stealin my spotlight you wanna be cracka ass fool. Every damn time it's Tyrone and Daiquan. I'm always you motherfuckin sidekick. You batman and I'm Robin. Well guess what HOMIE...I aint no Robin no more. Since everyone things I'm a goddamn joke, ima be the Joker up in here.

You and me Tyrone, we done. There can only be one winner on this show, and I aint gonna let you steal my thunder one more time. This aint going down like that.

This is the time for Daiquan to shine. By the time I'm done with you, Imasend your bitch ass back to Paterson with you dumbass brother Wayne. This is my spotlight now...bitch.

With that Daiquan throws the microphone like a fast ball right at the head of the already hurting Tyrone as the show cuts to black.

End of show.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 6


We are outside tonight as the fireworks go off. It's a beautiful night and the crowd is excited. Two people are going home tonight on Ground Zero. 12 contestants remain at the start of the show, but who will be left when it's all said and done?



Host Dave Sullivan bursts through the entrance stage and struts down the ramp dressed to the nines in an expensive looking suit and a black tie. He gets a mixed reaction from the small live crowd as he makes his way into the ring.

Dave Sullivan: WELCOME TO EPISODE SIX OF GROUND ZERO! We are officially through five episodes...starting tonight we have five more to go. And if you thought the first half was good, the second half is only going to get better.

And to prove that to you...I am going to eliminate one person...RIGHT NOW.

I am going to eliminate the contestant I think brings the least to the table. They have had five weeks to prove themselves. So please, would all the contestants make their way out here?

Slowly, all 12 remaining contestants make their way to the top of the ramp and all stand in a line.

Dave Sullivan: RamJam...tell me why you should stay tonight...what because you bit somebody's ear off? What about you Chang Hoi Sun? What exactly have you done? I'm not going to lie, some of you guys really don't deserve to still be here.

But I have one person in particular who I don't think has put up much of a fight at all. They are hogging a spot from somebody else, and I won't put up with it any longer.

...Sam Donovan. You are a school teacher, and probably a very good one. But you a very clearly not a wrestler. I am sorry, pack up your bags and leave the arena.

Sam looks very upset as Dave gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. The school teacher slowly makes his way to the back as the other 11 contestants look relieved.
Dave Sullivan: As for the rest of're not off the hook. I am going to pick the next four weakest competitors, and you will all fight in a fatal fourway match. Tommy Morris, RamJam, Ralph Maddox, and Luke Turner...get ready to fight tonight because one of you will be going with Sam on the bus home.

Oh, and one more thing...this is going to be a NO DQ match. Anything goes.

The crowd goes crazy as Dave exits the ring and we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Gus Johnson: Well fans it is time for our main event. A fatal four way elimination match. First two people pinned will be eliminated from Ground Zero on the spot.

Cris Collinsworth: Earlier Sam Donovan was apparently eliminated by Dave Sullivan, but that decision has been reversed. He is now fighting for his spot on the show tonight along with three other contestants.

Gus Johnson: If Sam gets pinned though, he is done for good.

Sam Donovan (Team Chris) vs Luke Turner (Team James) vs RamJam (Team Broc) vs Tommy Morris (Team James) in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match

The bell rings, and the two men from Team James immediately team up with each other. They both target Sam Donovan. They think Sam was rightfully eliminated earlier in the night and it is unfair that he is being given a second chance.

RamJam however has other plans. He takes the ticket scalper Luke Turner, and throws him out of the ring. He then takes the Boston lawyer Tommy Morris, and throws him right into the turnbuckle.

RamJam turns around, but Donovan is right there! He kicks RamJam in the gut, and then throws him out of the ring.

Tommy Morris, still in the turnbuckle, tries to make a move. But Sam picks him up and gives him a huge spinebuster. And just like that Donovan is going for the pin!





RamJam throws Luke Turner, now with now team partner, back in the ring. But Sam launches himself off the ropes and to the outside onto RamJam!

Sam and RamJam begin to go at each other. Sam and RamJam, what a fun combination of words. Try saying those two names ten times real fast.

RamJam is getting really killer clown aggressive on Sam, but Sam is dodging all of RamJam's moves. That's only making RamJam angrier. Finally RamJam charges at Donovan, but Donovan grabs RamJam and throws him over the security barrier and into the crowd.

Donovan then reenters the ring. Turner gets up ready to fight, but Donovan gives him several quick round house kicks to the chest and finishes it off with a huge elbow to the head! Turner is out cold.

Donovan goes for the pin!





Right after, RamJam is counted out by the referee. Fortunately for him there have already been two eliminations, so RamJam is safe on the show. However, that makes the winner...

Winner: Sam Donovan

Gus Johnson: Sam has earned his way back on the show! He has survived!

Cris Collinsworth: Man he looked like a whole different warrior out there than before. Are you sure he's a school teacher?

Gus Johnson: More amazingly is Team James entered the night with four contestants, and now they are down to two just like that.

Cris Collinsworth: How the hell do you go into a fatal four way match having a partner and both of ya end up getting eliminated? That's just sad.
Gus Johnson: So Team Broc is now the only team left with four contestants. Team Chris, Team Mac, and Team James now all have just two.

Cris Collinsworth: Yeah, that's got to put a big target on the backs of Team Broc members.

Gus Johnson: Well folks that's all we have for you tonight! We are down to just ten contestants. Tune in next week to see a match that has been weeks in the making...Tyrone Johnson...going up against his childhood friend turned rival Daiquan Andrews. Who will win?

End Show.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 7


The pyros go off as the crowd goes crazy. We are about to start yet another episode of Ground Zero! Everyday People starts to play as the intro to the show is seen playing on the Jumbotron.



Gus Johnson: Welcome to Episode 7 of Ground Zero folks! We have just ten superstars remaining on the show. Including tonight we have just four episodes left of FWA's first Reality TV Competition.

Cris Collinsworth: Speaking of firsts, we also have our first feud match in show history happening tonight. Tyrone Johnson will face off against his former childhood friend turned rival Daiquan Andrews. The duo knows there can only be one winner of the show, and so they have turned their backs on each other.

Gus Johnson: It is really quite a sad story. Cris do you think these two can come back from this once the show is over?

Cris Collinsworth: I don't know Gus, I've seen friendships permanently destroyed over lesser things. The question is how much farther will the two take it before the show ends? Some actions are just nonforgivable.

Gus Johnson: Well we will surely find out within these last four episodes, but here comes host Dave Sullivan.

Host of Ground Zero Dave Sullivan struts down to the stage ring with a microphone in his hand. The small crowd of 7,500 gets on their feet as they await what the host of the show has to say tonight.

Dave Sullivan: So in tonight's main event...we will see two childhood best friends go at it. This however, will be a non elimination match...

The crowd begins to boo.

Dave Sullivan: But we still have two eliminations coming tonight. And one will be coming tonight...I will be picking who I believe is the worst competitor from each team. They will fight in an elimination match...whoever is pinned will be eliminated on the spot. Whoever gets the pin will earn immunity for their team for the rest of the night.

So let's get started, let me get...James Blake, Ralph Maddox, Tanner Gaskil, and Chang Hoi Sun. Get your asses out here and prove to us all you still deserve to be here.

James Blake (Team Chris) vs Ralph Maddox (Team Broc) vs Tanner Gaskil (Team James) vs Chang Hoi Sun (Team Mac) in a Sudden Death Fatal Four Way Elimination Match

The bell rings and Ralph Maddox has his wrench in his hand. He swings it right at Tanner Gaskil, but Gaskil ducks and the wrench his Chang Hoi Sun instead. Hoi Sun goes straight to the floor from the blow of the wrench and rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile James Blake kicks Maddox in the gut.

Maddox drops the wrench, which is then kicked outside of the ring by Gaskil.

Blake and Gaskil start going at each other now with some grapples, but Maddox gets up and tackles Blake to the ground. The brawler in Maddox comes out as he starts to ground and pound on Blake. But Gaskil comes to Blake's rescue, and kicks Maddox right in the head.

Blake rolls to the outside.

Gaskil continues to pick Maddox apart, and puts him in an armbar submission. Maddox looks like he is about to tap, but Hoi Sun comes out of nowhere and breaks up the submission. Maddox rolls out of the ring holding his arm as Chang and Gaskil start going at each other.

Meanwhile Blake is up, and he sees Maddox roll to the outside. Blake takes Maddox, and throws him into the security barrier. Then he picks up Maddox, and throws him into the ring steps. Maddox is broken now, as Blake just keeps picking him apart.

Chang goes for a clothesline on Gaskil, but Gaskil ducks and sends Chang over the top rope and to the outside floor.

Blake throws Maddox back in the ring. Gaskil tries to go for the quick cover on Maddox before Blake can break it up!



...But Gaskil gets nailed in the head by Blake! Blake grabbed Maddox's wrench that was previously tossed to the outside, and he whacked Gaskil in the hea dwith it. Gaskil is out cold.

Blake covers Ralph Maddox himself now.




Winner: James Blake (Team Chris)

Ralph Maddox (Team Broc) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

RamJam (Team Broc) and Dan Dulaney (Team Broc) vs Sam Donovan (Team Chris) and Jack Harris (Team Mac)

It's a non elimination tag team match. Team Broc is facing off against the mixed team duo of Sam Donovan from Team Chris and Jack Harris from Team Mac.

RamJam is starting things off in Team Broc's corner while Jack Harris is starting things off for his side.

The bell rings and RamJam screams bloody murder as he runs towards Harris. But Harris takes him down right away with a clothesline. It's a miracle RamJam has made it this far it really is, but now he is left with the best competitors on the show. Jack Harris was a former Navy Seal veteran. The amount of hand to hand combat experience and training he has is unmatchable. RamJam on the other hand is a drunken birthday party clown.

"CLOWN LIVES MATTER" chants the crowd.



The energy from the crowd gets RamJam pumped, as he somehow starts to overpower the former Navy Seal with a barrage of punches. Harris finally breaks away and tags in his partner Sam Donovan. Dan Dulaney is calling for RamJam to tag him, but RamJam refuses. He's seen this school teacher fight and he knows he can take him...

But what RamJam doesn't know is Sam is no school teacher. The NOC Agent for the CIA goes right after RamJam with a spear. He starts to pound the holy hell out of RamJam's big red nose. Sam picks RamJam up and throws him against the ropes, and then clotheslines him to the ground. Sam picks RamJam up again, but the clown uppercuts him.

After the uppercut, RamJam stumbles backwards to his own corner. Dulaney is calling for a tag, but RamJam looks at his teammate and shakes his head no. Suddenly, Dulaney slaps RamJam on the back and tags himself in anyway.

Officer Dulaney goes right after Donovan. The two exchange blows on the ground. Both are trained in the art of martial arts, but Donovan begins to get the upper hand. Meanwhile RamJam is fuming outside the ring at Dulaney tagging himself in, and he begins rummaging through Officer Dulaney's duty bag.

Donovan manages to tag Jack Harris back in. Harris and Dulaney start to go at each other now. These two have had a lot of back and fourth brawls throughout the entire show, and they still seem evenly matched.

Harris looks to be getting the upper hand. He picks up Dulaney for a spinebuster, but Dulaney gets out of it. Dulaney throws Harris off the ropes, and hits him with a huge clothesline! Jack Harris is down, and Sam Donovan can't reach him for the tag. Dulaney just has to pin him and Team Broc wins!

But wait, RamJam is in the ring. RamJam just clotheslined Dan Dulaney! His own tag team partner and his own Team Broc partner. RamJam has just attacked Dulaney. RamJam drags Dulaney to the corner, and offically tags himself in. RamJam then throws Dulaney to the outside.

RamJam continues his assault on his own partner Dulaney, punch after punch to the head. Suddenly, the evil clown takes something out of his's Dan Dulaney's handcuffs, he must have taken them out of Dulaney's duty bag! RamJam takes Dulaney's wrist, and he handcuffs it to the turnbuckle post. RamJam gives him a couple more punches to the head before re-entering the ring.

Obviously RamJam did not take too kindly to having a partner in this match. He re-enters the ring to go and pin Harris, but Harris tags Donovan!

Donovan runs full speed at RamJam at hits him with a spear! RamJam goes to the floor hard. Donovan is like an animal, and he is too fast for RamJam to keep up with. Punch after punch lands on RamJam. RamJam can't even catch his breather. RamJam's partner Dan Dulaney can't do anything to help as he is still handcuffed to the turnbuckle post (thanks to RamJam).

Donovan has RamJam in a submission, a heel lock! RamJam would be in reaching distance of his partner Dulaney right now had RamJam not handcuffed him to the turnbuckle post. Instead the clown is on his own!

Ramjam has nowhere to go! He taps out!

Winner: Sam Donovan (Team Chris) and Jack Harris (Team Mac)

Gus Johnson: Wow RamJam just costed his team the match with his antics!

Cris Collinsworth: So much for Clown Lives Matter. He just handcuffed his own partner...using Officer Dulaney's own handcuffs.

Gus Johnson: I don't know if I've ever seen something this messed up. RamJam is certainly going to be in hot water with Team Broc.

*Commercial Break*

Dave Sullivan, the Host of Ground Zero, is out in the ring.

Dave Sullivan: Fans, it is time for our main event. But we still have one more elimination to go tonight, so here is what we are going to do. Daiquan is representing Team Broc...Tyrone is representing Team James. Whichever person loses, their team coach will be forced to eliminate someone tonight. It could be them, it could be someone else. That is up to the coach. But those are the stakes.

This match has been in the making for weeks now, and I think it's finally time for these two boys to get their energy out. They both have a lot to prove. Let's get started...

Tyrone Johnson (Team James) vs Daiquan Andrews (Team Broc)

Both of these men are hungry for the fight. They have been going at each other's throats for weeks, and now they finally have their chance to start hitting each other.

The bell rings, and they both charge at each other. Daiquan goes high and Tyrone goes low. Ultimately, Tyrone takes down Daiquan by the legs and the fight goes to the ground. Johnson gets some punches in on the head of Daiquan. Daiquan gets some punches back towards Tyrone.

Daiquan rolls Tyrone onto his back and gets control. He knees Tyrone in the gut, and then pulls him up. He throws Tyrone off the ropes, and then hits him with a big boot to the face when he comes back. Tyrone is on the floor, and Daiquan goes for the pin right away.



but Tyrone kicks out.

Angry, Daiquan goes to pick up Tyrone off the floor but Tyrone uppercuts him right in the jaw. Andrews falls backwards onto the mat. Tyrone picks up his former best friend by the dreads, and he throws him right over the top rope of the ring.

The referee begins to count. He gets to five before Daiquan makes it up on his feet and back in the ring. But when he does, Tyrone starts stomping away at him. To avoid the stomps, Andrews rolls back to the outside of the ring. But Tyrone launches himself off the top rope and onto Andrews to the outside floor!

Both men end up on the ground and the ref starts counting. Tyrone gets in at six!




Andrews gets back in right before being counted out.

Both men get on their feet inside of the ring and begin circling each other. Daiquan goes in for a punch first, and Tyrone gives him on back. The two start punching each other harder and slower.

Tyrone gives a punch.

Andrews gives a punch.

Tyrone gives a punch.

Andrews gives a punch.

Tyrone gives a punch. Tyrone gives a punch. Tyrone gives a punch...finally Daiquan stumbles backwards to the mat. Johnson goes for the pin! 1...2...but Andrews kicks out.

Tyrone sits up exhausted, as Daiquan rolls over to his back to catch a breath of his own.

Frustrated, Tyrone picks up Andrews to get him to his feet. But as Tyrone is picking him up by the shoulders, Daiquan takes advantage of the position. Suddenly with a burst of energy, Andrews spears Tyrone into the corner of the turnbuckle. Daiquan is an animal all of a sudden, as he starts punching away at the face of Tyrone in the corner of the ring.

Tyrone is bleeding from the nose as Daiquan is still punching! Things are going too far and the ref begins to count and order Daiquan off him. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

The ref signals for the bell to be rung! Daiquan has been disqualified!

Winner by DQ: Tyrone Johnson (Team James)

Gus Johnson: Daiquan just got himself DQ'd!

Cris Collinsworth: That shows you how heated this feud is. I think on paper even though Tyrone gets the win, Daiquan got a win of his own. Tyrone is still bleeding in the ring.

Gus Johnson: Right, but was it worth it Cris? Because now Team Broc is going to have to eliminate another contestant, and it could be Daiquan himself.

Tyrone rolls out of the ring to get medical attention, as Coach Broc storms down the ramp and into the ring. He is not very happy. He has a microphone.

Coach Broc Flucker: Do you taste that guys? That is the taste of shit. We had four men...four guys on Team Broc going into the night. Ralph lost earlier, fine he had it coming. Then RamJam costs us the match by handcuffing his own damn partner to a turnbuckle with handcuffs...and then...and then Daiquan, with our team on the line, you go and get yourself disqualified from the match. All you had to do was pin him you idiot!

The way I see it I have two choices tonight. It's either going to be you Daiquan...who got us into this predicament in the first place by costing himself the match, or the clown.


RamJam struts down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd begins to chant "CLOWN LIVES MATTER" again.

Coach Broc: be a wrestler in the FWA, sometimes you have to work as a team with people. Tonight you took your partner and you handcuffed him to a turnbuckle because you thought you could win by yourself. You didn' instead got pinned and lost us the match. For that, you are my choice to be eliminated. Pack up your shit.

The crowd begins to boo loudly as they start chanting "CLOWN LIVES MATTER" even harder.

RamJam (Team Broc) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

Gus Johnson: Well RamJam had that coming. He coasted his team the match earlier. And even though Daiquan got himself DQ'd, we all knew Broc wouldn't eliminate him tonight.

Cris Collinsworth: What a bad night for Team Broc. But now we only have 8 stars left...two for each team.

Gus Johnson: And with three episodes left of Ground Zero, we are inching our way closer and closer to seeing who will be crowned the winner. That is it for the show tonight folks! Tune in next week where we will see the final 8 contestants square off yet again! Good night!

End Show.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 8


The crowd is hyped as the theme song for the show begins to play. It is time for Ground Zero!



The host of the show Dave Sullivan is standing in the ring to start the show off right away. He has a microphone in his hand. Usually we get an entrance first, or some sort of intro from the commentary team. So this is a little weird, but we'll see what the host of Ground has to say.

Dave Sullivan: Earlier today we had gotten some unfortunate news about one of our contestants. Chang Hoi Sun, a player from Team Mac, has failed his substance policy test.

In the FWA you are tested regularly for substance abuse. This show is no difference, and it will not be tolerated.

Because of his actions, Chang has been disqualified and eliminated from the show.

Chang Hoi Sun (Team Mac) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

Dave Sullivan: Now that that's over with...let's get on with the show! There are now seven contestants left, and we are going to jump right into it. Team Broc vs Team James in a tag team match. Losing team sends someone hope. Considering there are only two players left on both teams...everyone is fighting for their lives here. Good luck fellas...

*Commercial Break*

Gus Johnson: So before the break we learned from Dave Sullivan that Chang Hoi Sun was eliminated from the show on the spot due to failing his substance abuse test. What a crazy revelation.

Cris Collinsworth: That's too bad man. We have a lot of that in the NFL too. I don't know why guys have to resort to that kind of stuff.

Gus Johnson: Now Cris we don't know what he used that made him fail the test.

Cris Collinsworth: Come on was roids.

Gus Johnson: You don't know that. I could have been ibuprofen or something.

Cris Collinsworth: Ibuprofen? Really Gus?

Gus Johnson: Well none the less it's over. He is gone. And now we're about to see a team have to eliminate someone else tonight.

Cris Collinsworth: Even crazier, Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews will square off in the ring. Just last week Andrews got himself DQ'd from their match because he wouldn't let up in the corner.

Gus Johnson: And the stakes are high. Losing team has to send someone home...

Cris Collinsworth: At this point of the show with the level of talent we have left, I think this is going to come down to who costs their team the match. That's who will get sent home.

Gus Johnson: We'll see how it goes.

Team Broc (Tanner
Gaskil and Tyrone Johnson) vs Team James (Daiquan Andrews and Dan Dulaney)

The bell rings with Gaskil and Andrews starting off against each other. Andrews takes Gaskil down with a clothesline right away.

"Come tag inyou pussy!" yells Daiquan to Tyrone.

Tyrone is putting his hand out for Gaskil to tag, but Daiquan goes over and knocks him right off the apron with a right hook!

Daiquan then focuses his attention back to TannerGaskil, as he starts stomping away at the EMT.

Andrews picks Gaskilup, and hits him with a DDT. Gaskil looks down...

...Daiquan is about to go for the pin when...TYRONE HITS HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR. Daiquan Andrews goes straight to the floor after that head shot. Tyrone keeps slapping Daiquan in the back and head with that steel chair. It is now bent up like a fork in the microwave.

The referee rings the bell to stop the match, but Tyrone just keeps hitting Andrews with the steel chair. The ref finally stops him long enough for Andrews to roll to the outside and flee to the back.

Winners by DQ: Team Broc (Daiquan Andrews and Dan Dulaney)

Gus Johnson: Tyrone costed his team the match! Just like Daiquan did last week!

Cris Collinsworth: I think Tyrone finally had enough of Daiquan's crap.

Gus Johnson: At what cost though? Coach James might eliminate him on the spot now?

Cris Collinsworth: Well here he comes now...

Coach James Hughes storms down to the ring. He is wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt but no tie. Tyrone is still fuming in the ring, as Tanner Gaskil is still a little groggy from the DDT that Andrews laid on him.

James Hughes: knew damn well losing this match would cause your team an elimination. So what do you want me to do? Eliminate Gaskil because you got us DQ'd? Is that what you want?

Tyrone doesn't give an answer. He just stares down Hughes, still filled with rage at his old friend Daiquan.

James Hughes: Lucky for your dumbass, I just got word that I don't have to eliminate one of you guys on the spot. Instead, in tonight's match you will face off against each other. Loser goes home. Good luck.

*Commercial Break*

Mac Michaud storms into Dave Sullivan's office, and he is pissed off.

Mac Michaud: You goddamn son of a bitch...

Dave Sullivan: You want to go back out and try again with a different tone?

Mac Michaud: What the hell is this about Chang being suspended? I talked to him. He said he wasn't taking anything illegal. Whatever the tests said, it is bullshit. I want him reinstated on the show now.

Dave Sullivan: It's not bullshit, Mac. He failed the test.

Mac Michaud: What was it? What kind of PEDS did it say he was taking? Because Chang and I have been working in that damn gym every day. He is all natural.

Dave Sullivan: It wasn't PEDs Mac...

Mac Michaud: WHAT? Then why the hell did you say he failed the test? Why is he suspended?

Dave Sullivan: Chang was caught with marijuana in his system. We're sorry, but that was clearly in violation of his contract with the show. He has been disqualified. There is nothing I can do. It's a network thing.

Mac Michaud: My ass it's a network thing. You have had it out against my team since the start of the show! And what because of some bitter feud we had in the FWA? This isn't about us, this is about these future stars. And you are screwing them with your pettiness! Pot? Really? It's goddamn 2017, and you are disqualifying one of my last guys because of a little weed.

Dave Sullivan: You're right. This isn't about us. I couldn't give a damn if Chang Hoi Sun won the show or if Sticky goddamn FingerJoewon to be honest. But how about have one guy left, Jack Harris. If he beats James Blake in his match next, then Chang can be reinstated onto the show. Sound like a deal?

Mac Michaud: This isn't over Dave. One of my guys is going to win this show, and you're going to be crying your big alligator tears when it happens. All because your big rival Mac Michaud came onto YOUR show and stole your thunder.

Dave Sullivan: Whatever you say chief, just get out of my office...please.

James Blake (Team Chris)/w Sam Donovan vs Jack Harris (Team Mac) - If Jack Harris wins, Chang Hoi Sun will be reinstated onto the show for Team Mac

The match starts and Harris goes right after Blake, but Blake dodges it. He gets behind Harris and puts him in a hold that Chris Kennedy taught him earlier. He gets it semi tight, but Harris breaks out of it with an back elbow to the gut of Blake.

Blake rolls over to his back, and Harris jumps on top. He starts to ground and pound in full mount, but Blake gets his hands up and blocks a lot of the hits. Blake eventually manages to get Harris off of him after a knee to the gut.

The two end up back on their feet, and Harris hits Blake with a running elbow. Blake goes to the floor...

Harris goes for the cover now!



.......but Blake kicks out! Harris is getting frustrated now. He jumps on the turnbuckle to do a huge dive onto Blake...but right when he jumps Blake moves out of the way! Harris lands chest first hard onto the match. He screams out in pain. Blake takes advantage. Right when Harris gets back up, Blake hits him with a huge spear.

Blake goes for the cover now!



But Harris kicks out.

Both men get up on their feet quickly. The punches start flying. A hook from Harris! A hook from Blake! A hook from Harris! A hook from Blake! The two start to grapple in the middle, and Harris performs a takedown. The two end up on thefloor, and Harris gets Blake in an armbar!

Blake looks lost. He is in the middle of the ring...but just when it looks like he is about to tap he somehow manages to make it to the ropes. He grabs onto that bottom rope and the ref begins to count. 1! 2! 3! 4!

Harris finallylets go. He gets up and begins to stalk Blake for a spear of his own....

James Blake stands up and Harris goes running at him full speed for the spear...but Blake moves out of the way! Harris goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Harris seizes the moment and goes for arollup pin on Harris!




Winner: James Blake

Gus Johnson: BLAKE WINS! Chang Hoi Sun will not be reinstated!

Cris Collinsworth: No he is not. Harris had to win and he didn't. Chang is officially eliminated from the show.

*Commercial Break*

Tyrone Johnson w/ Wayne Johnson vs Tanner Gaskil - Team James Sudden Death Elimination

The bell rings and the Johnson starts to grapple with Gaskil in the ring. Wayne Johnson is at ringside cheering on his brother Tyrone.

Gaskil gives a couple of strikes to the head of Johnson before Tyrone takes him down to the ground. Tyrone starts striking away at Gaskil's head and chest on the ground, but Gaskil reverses it into a Heimlich Manuever like position.

Gaskil starts giving Tyrone the Heimlich Maneuver! Tyrone wasn't choking but he might be choking on his own blood now. That didn't look very comfortable.

Tyrone manages to stand up and with Gaskil still on his back, Tyrone forces them both into the corner turnbuckle. Gaskil hits the turnbuckle with his back in pain as he falls to the ground. Tyrone starts stomping away at him in the corner. The ref counts 1...2...3...and Tyrone stops, not wanting to get eliminated the same way Daiquan cost his team the match last week.

Gaskil gets up fast but Tyrone hits him with a clothesline right away and goes for the cover.



but Gaskil breaks out of it.

Meanwhile at ringside, Tyrone's brother Wayne Johnson is playing cheerleader. "GO TYRONE" he says.

Tyrone has control of the match now. He starts picking apart at Gaskil, stomping each one of his limbs. He picks up Gaskil and hits him with a DDT! Gaskil looks done. This is the second time tonight he got hit with a crushing DDT in the second match.

Tyrone is about to go for the pin.

"YEAH TYRONE GET IT" says Wayne, when out of nowhere Wayne gets smacked in the face with a steel chair. The same steel chair Tyrone used to hit Daiquan earlier. And holding the chair is none other than Daiquan.

Daiquan continues to pound Wayne with the bent up steel chair. Tyrone sees what's going on and screams out in panic. He runs to the outside of the ring but Daiquan bolts off over the security barrier and through the crowd. Tyrone tends to his hurting brother Wayne, when out of nowhere comes Tanner Gaskil. He grabs Tyrone, and throws him into the steel steps. Gaskil is fighting for his life now as he slams Tyrone's face into the ring steps again.

Gaskil tosses Tyrone back in the ring and goes for the pin.



....but Tyrone kicks out.Gaskil starts to punch away at Tyrone's now bleeding face, but Tyrone counters and starts punching Gaskil. In fact Tyrone is out of control. He looks like Ralphie beating up Farkus in A Christmas Story. Gaskil is overwhelmed.

Tyrone finally runs out of breath, but Gaskil looks motionless. Johnson goes for the pin...




Winner: Tyrone Johnson

Tyrone rolls out of the ring, but he doesn't celebrate staying alive on the show. Instead he goes to his brother Wayne...who is now being placed on a stretcher thanks to the dirty work of Daiquan Andrews.

Tanner Gaskil (Team James) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

End Show.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9


The fireworks go off as the crowd gets hyped! It is time for Ground Zero. That rock version of "Everyday People" that the fans have grown to love is blasting through the arena as a graphic of all of our contestants is shown.



Before the fireworks even finish blasting, Tyrone Johnson is storming down to center stage. He is wearing a pair of jeans and a white wife beater. He grabs a microphone from ringside and jumps in the ring to a large sound of cheers.

Tyrone Johnson: Daiquan you get your bitch ass out here right now and you fight me like the man your mother was.

Tyrone waits a moment, but nothing is happening.

Tyrone Johnson: You want a fight brother? Well you got it. Come out here and fight me. The gloves are off refs, no DQ's happening. Just you and me brawlin.

Again Tyrone waits, but no one is coming.

Tyrone Johnson: Man that's just like you to bail. You start this shit with me, you attack my BROTHER. And then you aint even showin up to fight. You always been nothing Daiquan. You my sidekick. It's always Tyrone and Daiquan, you right man. You livin in my shadow. So congrats, big boy Daiquan tryin to get out of Tyrone's shadow. Well I got news for will never be out of my shadow. You are always going to be a step below me you jealous little loser.

So come out here and let me prove it. Or are you gonna just go and run away...just like yo daddy?

Out of nowhere the crowd begins to yell. Daiquan Andrews is sprinting down the ramp. He is wearing a nice pinstripe suit that he probably can't afford. Daiquan gets halfway down the ramp as Tyrone starts squaring up in the ring, when all of a sudden the host of Ground Zero Dave Sullivan comes sprinting full speed behind Daiquan. He gets in front of Daiquan and stops him right before he enters the ring.

Dave Sullivan: Wow wow wow, calm down. No, we aren't doing it like this. Back up.

Dave Sullivan jumps in the ring and grabs Tyrone's microphone out of his hands.

Dave Sullivan: I am sick and tired of you two bickering. I think it's safe the say the whole theme of this little feud of yours is that there isn't enough room on this show for the both of you. And yet here we are in Episode 9. Six guys are left and you two are one of them. But I think we've pushed this as far as we can. Tonight it ends. You two are fighting in a sudden death elimination match. Loser goes home, winner moves onto the finale.

Tyrone grabs the microphone.
Tyrone: Man this bitch just gonna go and get himself DQ'd like the coward he is. Or he gonna cheat somehow, just like he does at Madden.

Daiquan: "Oh da sun is in my eyes, that aint fair" - Tyrone

Tyrone Johnson: Shuddup

Dave Sullivan: NO! cheating, no DQ's...because this match is going to take place inside a cage. Because that's where you two animals belong.
Daiquan Andrews and Tyrone Johnson: WHAT DA FUCK?

Daiquan: MAN did that cracka just say what I think he said?

Tyrone Johnson: Man this dude is racist.

Daiquan: White people man...

Dave Sullivan: You know what. Not only is this going to be a Hell in a Cell match, but I am going to spice it up. Last...Man...Standing. Good luck with that, both of you. Can't wait to see one of you off of my show by the end of the night.

Tyrone Johnson *yelling at Daiquan*: You goin home fool!

Daiquan Andrews: Pfft. Yeah right. When I send you to the hospital make sure you say hi to your Blue brother Wayne for me.

The two continue their bickering as the screen fades to a commercial.

Gus Johnson: So before the break we got our main event scheduled. A Hell in a Cell Last Man Standing Match between Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews. The grand finale to this summer long feud. Someone has to lose and go home tonight.

Cris Collinsworth: It is about time someone locked those two in a cage and let them just fight it out. Any chance they end up coming out as friends?

Gus Johnson: No chance.

Cris Collinsworth: In other news, there is going to be one more elimination tonight other than Tyrone or Daiquan. And to figure it out we're going to have a beat the clock challenge. Team Broc, Team Mac, and Team Chris will all be going at it tonight. The person out of the three teams to lose in the fastest time will be eliminated from the show.

Gus Johnson: First up is going to be James Blake versus Dan Dulaney.

James Blake (Team Chris) vs Dan Dulaney (Team Broc)

The bell rings and James Blake and Dan Dulaney go right at each other. With the mentoring of Chris Kennedy, the forensic psychologist James Blake has really become finely tuned in the ring. But so has Dan Dulaney, who came into the show with a background in close quarters combat already.

Dulaney has Blake in a hold, but Blake elbows him to get out of it. Blake throws Dan Dulaney against the ropes, and when Dulaney comes back he hits him with a clothesline. He tries to go for the quick pin.



But Dulaney breaks out of it. Dulaney pushes Blake into the corner and starts pounding away. The ref has to start counting. 1...2...3..4...and Dulaney lets go. Blake starts punching his way out now, and takes Dulaney onto the ground.

But Dulaney turns in into a submission armbar. Blake nearly gets loose, but Dulaney tightens it. It is locked in now!

Blake has nowhere to go, they are right in the middle of the ring. It looks like Dulaney is going to break Blake's arm! James Blake taps out! He finally taps!

Winner by submission: Dan Dulaney @ 6 minutes, 12 seconds.

Gus Johnson: Well now James Blake is in the spotlight. If the loser of the next match doesn't lose before the 6:12 point, he will be eliminated from the show.

Cris Collinsworth: Blake has been such a good competitor. I'm not sure if he has lost a match on the show yet. He has actually be one of the most undervalued stars, picking up wins week after week. Chris Kennedy has really turned him into a great competitor.

Gus Johnson: Well now we have our next match. Sam Donovan vs Jack of those two or Blake will go home tonight.

Sam Donovan (Team Chris) vs Jack Harris (Team Mac)

The bell rings and Donovan and Harris circle each other in the ring. Each man is waiting to make their move. The former Navy Seal vet Jack Harris goes in low to try and take out Donovan's legs, but Donovan dodges it and starts stomping away at Harris.

Harris quickly gets up, but Donovan launches himself at Harris and they both end up over the top rope and to the ring floor.

The ref starts counting


Donovan takes Harris and throws him at the commentary table, knocking over Cris Collinsworth's drink.

Cris Collinsworth: Hey! That was my diet soda!

2! Counts the ref.


Harris gets up, and throws Donovan into the turnbuckle.

4! 5!

Harris then throws Sam back into the ring, and goes in there with him. Harris would love to eliminate Donovan from the show. He should've been eliminated anyway. Not to mention that his teammate James Blake will be eliminated if he can't eliminate Donovan in time.

Both men are back in the ring. Harris goes for the cover. 1...2...

But Donovan is up.

Harris starts pounding away at Donovan now. He picks him up, and slams him with a spinebuster. He goes for the cover again!


But again Donovan gets his shoulder up.

Harris is getting frustrated. He knows he is running out of time to save Blake.

He puts Donovan in an armbar! The same armbar that Blake tapped out to against Dan Dulaney. Harris has it locked in tight, Donovan has nowhere to go...

Donovan looks like he is going to tap.....but he breaks out of it! Unbelieveable!

Harris can't believe. He picks up Donovan, and slams him with a spinebuster. And then another one, and then another one, and then another one! And one more! Five straight spinebusters!

Donovan isn't moving! Jack Harris goes for the cover!




Jack Harris wins!

Winner: Jack Harris

Dave Sullivan is out now in the ring to announce the elimination...

Dave Sullivan: Earlier tonight, James Blake lost to Dan Dulaney in 6 minutes and 12 seconds. Just now his teammate Jack Harris was put up to the task of saving him by beating Sam Donovan in a quicker time.

He did in fact defeat Sam Donovan...and his time was...6 minutes...and 27 seconds.

I am sorry James Cross, but you have been eliminated from Ground Zero.

James Cross (Team Chris) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.


Gus Johnson: We are back from the commercial break and it is time for our main event.

Cris Collinsworth: It is going to be a crazy one. Possibly one of the most hardcore matches I've ever heard of. A Last Man Standing match inside that Hell in a Cell.

Gus Johnson: Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews have been tearing at each other's throats. They each faced each other in matches and each got themselves disqualified out of rage from the feud. Daiquan Andrews attacked Tyrone's brother Wayne.

Cris Collinsworth: It is crazy how these two used to be best friends. They met in Kindergarten. They slept over at each other's houses.

Gus Johnson: And now they're about to beat the living hell out of each other. There is no coming back from this, Cris.

Cris Collinsworth: No, no there is not. But hopefully for one of them it will all be worth it in the end if they end up winning it all and getting into the FWA.

Tyrone Johnson vs Daiquan Andrews in a Hell in a Cell - Last Man Standing Match (Loser Goes Home)

The rules are simple. Last Man Standing...if you can't get up off the floor after the referee counts to ten then you lose. Only this time the two contestants will be locked inside a 20 ft cell while trying to knock the other down.

Daiquan Andrews makes his entrance first, and he is greeted with large boos from the crowd. Tyrone Johnson comes out next and the crowd goes crazy. It is easy to tell who the fan favorite is, and it only fuels Daiquan's rage even more.

The two men go to their respective corners.

The 20 ft cell is slowly raised down over the ring. Tyrone and Daiquan are locked inside of that 5 ton steel structure.

Finally it is time. The bell rings.

Daiquan screams and goes right after Tyrone. The two end up brawling on the mat floor like a couple of thugs. They're throwing punches, pulling hair. I'm pretty sure Daiquan has even bitten Tyrone at some point in this quick brawl.

Tyrone picks up Daiquan by his dreads, and throws him into the turnbuckle corner.

Tyrone has Daiquan pinned in the corner now, just like Daiquan had Tyrone pinned a few weeks ago when he got DQ'd for not letting up. But this time there are no DQ's. Tyrone has Andrews pinned, and he starts to pound away at his face. The ref can't stop him as Tyrone just punches him over and over again. Last week Daiquan attacked Tyrone's brother Wayne. Now Tyrone is letting it all out.

Daiquan finally manages to knee Tyrone in the gut and push him off. Daiquan takes Tyrone and throws him over the top rope of the ring. Tyrone goes falling hard on the floor.

Daiquan follows him outside, picks him up, and slams him against the wall of the steel cage. Tyrone falls backwards hard onto the floor. The ref begins to count...




But Tyrone makes it to his feet. Daiquan doesn't wait for Tyrone to make a move, he grabs him by the head and intends to slam him back into that cell wall. But Tyrone puts his hand out and stops it, and then grabs Daiquan and throws him against the ring steps. He then grabs Daiquan by the dreads again, and slams his head over and over into the steps.

The ref begins to count for Daiquan now....





But Daiquan gets up! Tyrone is pissed now, he kicks Daiquan right in the ribs, and then throws him face first right into the ring steps again.

"BITE THE CURB" Tyrone says. He forces Daiquan to bite the looks looks like he's about to curb stomp him.

But right before he goes, Daiquan elbows Tyrone right in the groin! No DQ's! Everything is fair game.

Tyrone falls backwards to the floor holding his crotch, as Daiquan pulls out a steel chair...just like Tyrone did last week against him. Daiquan takes the chair and slams it against Tyrone's head. He whacks Tyrone with the chair over and over again just like he did to his brother Wayne. The chair is all bent up by the time Daiquan finishes. He throws the bent chair to the ground and screams at the ref to start counting.



3! 4! 5!

But Tyrone sprints up, and spears Daiquan! He spears him right through the cell door!

Tyrone and Daiquan are outside of the cell now! They both start punching each other on the ground. Tyrone picks up Daiquan and throws him right into the security barrier. Tyrone goes back inside the cell and grabs something from underneath the's a crowbar!

Daiquan is overwhelmed now...he's trying to get away. He starts to run away from the crazed Tyrone.

"Tyrone man...let's talk about this man. No need to get crazy" says Daiquan as he tries to back up. Tyrone starts walking towards Daiquan with that crowbar like he's Jason Voorhees or something.

Daiquan has nowhere to go. He starts scaling the wall of that 20 foot cell. Tyrone is right behind him.

Both men make it to the top. Tyrone chases Daiquan all the way to the edge of the cell...Daiquan has nowhere else left to run.

"Jump off" Tyrone says. Daiquan looks down below in fear, it is way too high of a fall.

Tyrone swings the crowbar at Daiquan's head, but Daiquan moves out of the way. The crowbar falls twenty feet to the ground. Tyrone almost goes with it, but he grabs the edge of the cell wall with both his hands. He is trying to pull himself up.

"Daiquan! Daiquan man help..ima fall...don't let me fall brother"

Daiquan grabs Tyrone by the hands. The two look each other in the eyes. Daiquan has to make a choice, does he help Tyrone up?

Daiquan stares Tyrone down and then utters four dark words "Long live the king..." he says as he lets go of Tyrone's hands and lets him fall 20 feet to the ground. Tyrone hits the floor hard.

This thing looks over. Tyrone looks like he is out cold as the ref begins to count.




Tyrone isn't moving.





He is out cold!


This match is over! Daiquan wins! Tyrone is eliminated!


Out of nowhere, Tyrone sits straight up! Like an undead demon or some sort! Daiquan can't believe it! Daiquan is in shock. Tyrone looks like pure evil now with a look of emptiness in his eyes. Daiquan is scared as all hell, up on top of the cell he falls backwards onto his ass right in the middle of it.

" Tyrone I'm sorry man. Please...please man I'm sorry I didn't mean it"

Tyrone starts to slowly scale the 20 ft wall.

"No Tyrone please man. You can win. I give up, I quit. You win!"

Tyrone is still climbing. He isn't listening to a word Daiquan has to say. Tyrone gets to the top, and just stares Daiquan down.

"We cool right?" says Daiquan...

Tyrone screams like an animal as he sprints full speed towards Daiquan. He hits him with a HUGE spear right in the middle of the cell! Both men go crashing through the top roof! They both fall 20 ft down onto the mat below!

They are both out cold! This could be a tie!

The ref counts!




Neither man is moving!

4! 5! 6! Both men now start to move around. They're trying to get up on their feet. Who will get up first? 7! 8! Daiquan is almost up...but he falls back onto his back in pain...


Tyrone...Tyrone is up! Tyrone is up on his feet!


That's it! Tyrone has gotten up, but Daiquan is still on the floor! He's done it! Tyrone wins! Daiquan has been eliminated!

Winner: Tyrone Johnson

Daiquan Andrews (Team Broc) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

End show.

Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10

Season One Finale


Before the show even starts, the camera starts right in the office of the host Dave Sullivan. He is sitting at his desk and is going through some papers. Probably some sort of schedule for the episode tonight.

When all of a sudden a thick envelope is thrown on Dave's desk. Sullivan looks up and says "What the hell are you doing in here...again?"


Sam Donovan: Look in the envelope, Dave.

Sullivan opens up the envelope to find a thick wad of $100 bills.

Dave Sullivan: What is this, a bribe? Sam I can't take a bribe.

Sam Donovan: No. It's a payment. My job is done.

Sam takes a flashdrive out of his suit jacket and flashes it at Sullivan.

Sam Donovan: Thank you for your help.

Dave Sullivan: Wait, done? I thought you needed to get onto the FWA roster.

Donovan chuckles.

Sam Donovan: No Dave...that's just what I told you I was here for. Do you think I really would have told you what I needed to do? That was just to keep you and everyone else distracted long enough for me to do my job. And's done. I no longer have a need to be on this show. Consider me "eliminated" or whatever you guys do.

Dave Sullivan: Are you kidding me...after all of that. Come on Sam, are you sure you don't want to try and win? Become a wrestler. Start a new life for yourself.

Sam Donovan: Sorry Dave. It doesn't work like that. I've got places to go.

Dave Sullivan: Like where?

Sam Donovan: Ha...if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Dave Sullivan: Brazil?

Sam Donovan: What? How did yo- not that place. Just...goodbye Dave. Good luck with everything.

Sam Donovan (Team Chris) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.


The fireworks go off as it's time to finally start the last episode of Ground Zero! The theme song plays one last time as the crowd gets pumped.


Gus Johnson: Welcome to Ground Zero's season finale! We are set to have what might be one of the biggest and best episodes yet. By the end of the night we will know just who will be the winner of our very first season.

Cris Collinsworth: Well just moments ago Sam Donovan removed himself from the competition. We still have Jack Harris, Tyrone Johnson, and Dan Dulaney. But the winner isn't limited to just one of those three. From what we are told there is going to be a 20 man Royal Rumble consisting of twenty eliminated contestants. The winner will get the third spot in the triple threat finale.

Gus Johnson: So literally anyone can win this thing.

Cris Collinsworth: I don't know if you would want to though. I mean the winner supposedly gets to be "managed" by Dave Sullivan in the FWA. What kind of reward is that? What does he know?

Gus Johnson: Speak of the devil, here he comes now.

Dave Sullivan struts down to the ring with a microphone in his hand. He adjusts the tie on his suit before entering through the ropes and hushing down the very lively crowd.

Dave Sullivan: So during the week we had one last Fan Interactive. We asked fans who they thought deserved to win Ground Zero the most. The winner of that poll would get immunity all the way to the final match. The winner of that a landslide...Tyrone Johnson!

The crowd goes wild with excitement. It's obvious Tyrone has become a fan favorite here on Ground Zero.

Dave Sullivan: With that being said, there are two more contestants left after Sam Donovan removed himself from the equation.

So to start us off...we have Jack Harris vs Dan Dulaney. Winner goes onto the ladder match. The loser is eliminated. Let's get started. Oh and one more thing...this match is going to be a first blood match.

Jack Harris vs Dan Dulaney - First Blood - Sudden Death Elimination

The bell rings and Jack Harris goes right after Dan. But Dulaney grabs Harris and throws him over the top rope.

Dulaney doesn't wait long before jumping off the top rope and onto Harris. But Harris catches him and tosses him onto those steel steps.

Dulaney grabs his back in pain. Harris grabs Dulaney by the head and starts slamming it into those steel steps with fury. It looks like Dulaney's forehead might crack open right here, but the cop puts his hand out and finally stops it. He elbows Harris in the stomach, and then throws him into the security barrier.

Harris gets up and he's pissed. He starts running full speed at Dan Dulaney, but Dulaney grabs the ring bell and smacks Harris right in the face with it. The bell rings and Harris goes straight to the ground. Dulaney starts throwing fists down at Harris' face. He then picks up the groggy Harris, and tosses him back into the ring.

Dulaney grabs a steel chair and takes it into the ring with him. He waits for Harris to get up and swings it at his face like a baseball bat. But Harris ducks and kicks him straight in gut. Dulaney drops the chair and Harris picks it up. He smacks Dulaney in the back with it, and then in the back of the head. He then takes Dulaney's knee and sticks it right inside of the chair.

Harris goes to climb the corner turnbuckle while Dulaney desperately tries to get his leg out of the chair. He's almost out right until Jack Harris jumps off the top of the turnbuckle. He lands right on Harris, crushing his leg in the chair.

Dulaney screams out in pain.

Harris keeps going at it. He starts pounding his fists into Dulaney's face. He's actually hitting him right in the nose hoping for a nose bleed.

Finally, Dulaney knees Harris in the gut and pushes him off. But Harris kicks Dulaney in the head and gets him down again. Jack Harris goes over to the same turnbuckle he climbed and begins to take the cover off of it.

That turnbuckle is now exposing pure steel. Harris grabs Dulaney by his shorts and pulls him up to the turnbuckle. He is about to slam his face in it, when out of nowhere the goodie two shoes cop hits Jack Harris with a low blow!

Dulaney is doing whatever it takes to win. He takes Harris' face and starts slamming it into the turnbuckle with a rage. Over and over again Dulaney is slamming Harris' face with full force into that exposed turnbuckle.

Finally Dulaney lets up. He pulls Harris' face up and it is crimson red! Harris' face is covered in blood as he falls backward to the mat.

The ref signals for the bell to be rung.

Winner: Dan Dulaney

Jack Harris (Team Mac) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

Gus Johnson: Wow! Dan Dulaney, the babyface cop, just did whatever it took to win.

Cris Collinsworth: He hit that man in the nuts! What a dirty move, but Dan is moving on and Jack Harris is eliminated.

Gus Johnson: Well Harris still has one more chance, because when we come back it is a 20 man Royal Rumble featuring all of our eliminated contestants. The winner will join Tyrone Johnson and Dan Dulaney in that triple threat ladder match!

*Commercial Break*

20 Man Royal Rumbe (Winner Gets Final Spot in Main Event Finale)

The order is essentially based on the order of which they were eliminated. Those eliminated first will appear first. Making Jack Harris the confirmed last entrant. The first four are entirely random however, considering they were all eliminated at the same time.

Numero Uno enters first, and it's none other than Atlanta weatherman Derek Silver! The Silver One struts down the ramp and into the ring, shaking his jiggly ass with each step.

Next is Number Two. It's....Captain Insano! "Show No Mercy" chants the crowd as Captain Insano stomps his way down the ramp and into the ring. He stares Derek Silver fact he points at him and then does the cut throat jester. Derek Silver looks a little startled.

The bell rings and Captain Insano grabs Derek Silver by the throat. He lifts Silver high above the ring and goes to throw him over the top rope. But Derek Silver pokes him in the eyes and falls to the ground.

The two continue to brawl, as number three comes down to the ring.

It's Wayne Johnson! Tyrone's brother who was beaten down by Daiquan Andrews a couple weeks ago. Wayne is back and he storms to the ring. The crowd goes wild!

Wayne starts throwing punches towards Captain Insano, and Derek Silver joins in. Silver and Wayne join up and toss Captain Insano over the top rope!

Captain Insano has official been eliminated.
Silver and Wayne start to brawl now as the fourth competitors enters. It's Bobby Yu! Bobby Yu joins into the fight, but is quickly thrown into the turnbuckle by Wayne. Then Wayne knocks Silver down!

Here comes #5...Randy Porter! Porter joins the fight just as Derek Silver is tossed over the top rope by Wayne Johnson!

Derek Silver has officially been eliminated.

Randy Porter and Bobby Yu begin exchanging blows, but Wayne Johnson out of nowhere clotheslines both of them over the top rope!

Randy Porter and Bobby Yu have been officially eliminated.

It's just Wayne Johnson now in the ring as he awaits's...Big Steve! The midget trots down to the ring as fast as he can. He slides under the bottom rope and begins kicking Wayne Johnson in the shins.

Wayne doesn't know what to do as Big Steve just keeps hitting him with those BIG blows. Here comes #7...Sticky Finger Joe! The dirty hobo walks down the ramp and into the ring. Wayne picks up Big Steve and throws him like a football at Sticky Finger Joe. Joe catches him, and they both fall backwards! Sticky Finger Joe hadn't entered the ring yet, but Big Steve falls over the top rope and to the floor!

Big Steve has officially been eliminated.

Magnum Jackson heads down the ramp now as #8! He tosses Sticky Finger Joe into the ring as the trio begin to fight. Magnum Jackson and Sticky Finger Joe try to team up on Wayne as the 9th contestant heads down. Rusty Keener heads down the ramp.

Jackson and Sticky Fingers toss the big loveable teddy bear Wayne Johnson over the top rope.

Wayne Johnson has officially been eliminated.

But Rusty Keener clotheslines Jackson and Sticky Finger Joe, knocking them both over the top rope and down to the floor.

Magnum Jackon and Sticky Finger Joe are officially eliminated.

#10 Jackson Debolt joins Rusty Keener in the ring as the two begin to exchange blows. Debolt almost has Keener over the top rope, but Keener hangs on.

Keener makes it back inside of the ring and pushes Debolt into the turnbuckle as #11 begins to come out. It's fan favorite Jeff Crowe! Crowe runs down the ring and joins the fight. The trio all begin to attack each other. Everyone is fighting for that last spot in the ladder match, but only one person can win this rumble.

Tommy Morris comes down as #12. Jeff Crowe kicks Jackson Debolt in the gut and is about to throw him over the top rope before being attacked by Tommy Morris.

Meanwhile Rusty Keener is on the top turnbuckle! He does a moonsault onto Tommy Morris!

#13 is here! It's Luke Turner! Five men are in the ring now as Turner goes after Keener! Meanwhile Tommy Morris and Jeff Crowe are attacking each other and Jackson Debolt is recovering in the corner. #15 comes out now, it's Ralph Maddox! Maddox enters the ring and starts hitting Jeff Crowe.

Crowe takes Maddox and throws him against the ropes. When Maddox comes back around Crowe hits a huge spinebuster on him!

Here comes #15! It's...RAMJAM!

The crowd goes wild!

"Clown Lives Matter!"

"Clown Lives Matter!"

"Clown Lives Matter"

Ramjam is getting pumped fro the chants. He enters the ring and immediately goes after Jackson DeBolt. He clotheslines him over the top rope!

Jackson Debolt has officially been eliminated.

Tommy Morris goes to eliminate RamJam with a big swing, but RamJam ducks and sends Morris over the top rope as well!

Tommy Morris has officially been eliminated.

Keener and Crowe go at it as RamJam starts stomping on Luke Turner. Ralph Maddox starts to attack Crowe, but Crowe throws him over the top rope just like that...and then Luke Turner goes right behind him after RamJam tosses him over!

Ralph Maddox and Luke Turner have officially been eliminated.

Here comes's Chang Hoi Sun! Chang enters the ring and starts cleaning house right away as he kicks Keener in the gut, and throws him into Crowe. But RamJam comes out of nowhere with a big clown-themed sledgehammer! Where did he even get that from???

Ramjam starts swinging his sledgehammer all over when all of a sudden #17 comes down to the's Tanner Gaskil!

Gaskil knocks RamJam down, and throws his sledgehammer out of the ring. He tries to get Ramjam to go with it, but Crowe gets up and tackles Gaskil. Meanwhile Chang Hoi Sun gets up and grabs Keener by the trunks and forces him over the top rope!

Rusty Keener has officially been eliminated.

#18 James Blake sprints down to the ring. He clotheslines Gaskil, he knocks down Chang! He punches Crowe right in the gut. But before he can find RamJam, the crazy clown takes him out from behind.

Meanwhile Jeff Crowe and Tanner Gaskil team up to eliminate the elusive Chang Hoi Sun! But Chang hangs on somehow! They can't get his feet to hit the floor as he dangles from the top rope!

Uh comes's none other than...Daiquan Andrews! The crowd boos as Daiquan runs down the ramp and into the ring. He takes out RamJam first. Jeff Crowe tries to take out Daiquan, but Andrews ducks and sends Crowe over the top rope and to the floor!

Jeff Crowe has officially been eliminated.

And last but not least comes the final contestant...#20...Jack Harris!

Harris runs down the ramp and into the ring as the final competitor. We have RamJam, Chang Hoi Sun, Tanner Gaskil, James Blake, Daiquan Andrews, and Jack Harris left in the match. Only one man will be the last one standing and get the final spot in the ladder match.

Harris is an animal! He starts attacking everyone! All at the same time somehow! He grabs Chang Hoi Sun by the throat and throws him into the turnbuckle, then he throws him over the top rope! He then takes RamJam but his ugly looking clown hair, and he throws him over!

Chang Hoi Sun and RamJam have officially been eliminated.

It's down to Blake, Andrews, Harris, and Gaskil. Andrews is suddenly cornered..being the villain of the show seems to have it's drawbacks as all three begin to team up against him. Andrews has nowhere to go as he's getting attacked from all over...

When out of nowhere, here comes Tyrone Johnson! Johnson sprints down the ramp in a t-shirt and jeans. He enters the he here to help eliminate Andrews? No! He attacks the trio! He takes James Blake over the top rope with him as Johnson and Blake fall to the floor. Security swarms Tyrone and drags him out of the area. Daiquan gives his old enemy and older friend a nod...signifying possibly a reunited friendship on this Ground Zero finale.

James Blake has officially been eliminated.

It seems like Harris and Gaskil are still intent on teaming up against Andrews though. Andrews tries to hold them off, but two of the strongest competitors on the show up against one is a hard battle. They have Andrews over the top rope, but he's still gripping on from the outside apron.

Just when it looks like Harris is about to kick Andrews off...Gaskil attacks Harris out of nowhere! Gaskil betrays Harris, and tosses him over the top rope!

Jack Harris has been officially eliminated.

It's now down to two! Tanner Gaskil and Daiquan Andrews! Andrews gets back in the ring and goes after Gaskil. The two begin to roll all man will win! Gaskil or Andrews who will it be?

Daiquan throws Gaskil into the corner. He starts picking apart at every limb! He grabs Gaskil by the arm and throws him into the ropes! He kicks Gaskil in the gut, and then gives him a huge DDT! Gaskil looks groggy as Daiquan slowly picks him up! Andrews goes to throw him over the top rope!

Gaskil is now on the outside apron as Andrews begins to push him off! Gaskil is almost Andrews takes a step back...he wants to get a good running start here and knock Gaskil off for good.

Andrews runs full speed at Gaskil...and Gaskil ducks! Andrews is launched over the top rope and onto the floor!

It's all over! Gaskil is the last man standing!

Winner: Tanner Gaskil!

Gus Johnson: Tanner Gaskil is moving onto the main event finale!

Cris Collinsworth: Wow what a rumble that was! I thought Andrews was gonna win for a minute.

Gus Johnson: Well in a way I think he did win. It looks like he and Tyrone have rekindled their long friendship.

Cris Collinsworth: I knew they would. Those kinds of friendships never died.

Gus Johnson: Oh bullshit, Cris. You said just a few weeks ago that their feud went too far. That it was far too much damage to be repaired.

Cris Collinsworth: I don't think so Gus, I would've remembered.

Gus Johnson: Oh whatever. When we come last match. The grand finale...a triple threat ladder match between Tyrone Johnson, Dan Dulaney, and Tanner Gaskil! Whoever grabs that briefcase with that FWA contract inside of going to be crowned the winner of Ground Zero!

Cris Collinsworth: Right after this short word from our sponsors.

Gus Johnson: Short? Why do I have the feeling like we're going to be sitting here for 18 hours or something.

Cris Collinsworth: 18 hours what? I don't know what you're referencing Gus but we have to take this commercial break now.

*Commercial Break*


Dave Sullivan is sitting in an interview chair on a set backstage. With him is a man in a suit named Joe Anderson who was brought in as Ground Zero's official media coordinator. When he agreed to work for Ground Zero, Dave Sullivan promised him many interviews on the show. It wasn't until earlier tonight that Joe reminded Dave he hasn't gotten a single interview yet. So here we are...

Joe Anderson: We are just minutes away from crowning the first winner of Ground Zero. With me right now is the very host of Ground Zero. He is a three time X Division champion in the FWA, he has a winning record in fights, and here he is hosting his own television show. The winner of this season will get the pleasure of being managed and coached by Dave as they start their journey into the FWA world.

So Dave, I have to ask...what approach are you going to take when coaching and managing your winning superstar?

Dave Sullivan: Well Joe...for me, I think I've hit my ceiling. When I first started out in the FWA I had aspired to be the best that there was. I wanted to win world championships left and right. Even at the peak of my last run I thought that I just had a chance to win a world title. Though sometime around the Carnal Contendership last year I realized...I put in my maximum effort and be my very best, but I will never get that high. So I kind of accepted the fact that I was a role player in the FWA. I rule the X Division, and you know what I am comfortable with that.

But my goal for the winner of this season, is to make them better than I was. They're going to be like a son to me, and we always want our kids to grow up to do the things we never could. That's my goal. I'm going to take one of these guys under my wing, and I am going to teach them everything I know. And hopefully that combined with everything they learn and have learned on this show will help mold them into a main event caliber wrestler.

Joe Anderson: Wow. So you have some pretty big aspirations for the winner of this show. So we have narrowed it down to just three men. Tyrone Johnson is obviously the fan favorite. Dan Dulaney earned his way in by beating a tough competitor in Jack Harris, and Tanner Gaskil won that redemption Royal Rumble to earn his way back on after being previously eliminated. Which of those three do you think has the best chance to win tonight, and who do you think would be the easiest to manage in the FWA?

Dave Sullivan: Dan Dulaney hands down is the best physical competitor left standing. We had a handful of guys who came into the show in great physical shape and a background in fighting. Chang Hoi Sun and Jack Harris were both great competitors, but ultimately they didn't make it this far. Dan however is someone who has been trained to fight for his life and the lives of others. Having that training, knowledge, and experience in the ring physically puts him ahead of the rest. However with that being said, I feel like when it came to listening to my advice in the FWA...Dan may not exactly be open to suggestions. We're close in age, and I feel like he might already think he knows more than I do. He's a great guy though and I don't see him acting like a jerk or anything...but I just feel like Gaskil or Johnson I would be able to teach more.

With that being said, Tanner Gaskil is the underdog here. He is the only contestant that was actually eliminated before, so he is coming into this with a lot to prove. If I remember correctly he was one that didn't even "earn" his elimination, so this match could very easily be his. Tyrone Johnson however is coming in with a lot of fan support. He won the fan interaction poll by a landslide, and the crowd goes crazy anytime they see his face. As a fighter I know how much having the crowd on your side can make an impact in your performance in the ring.

These three guys are all here for a reason, and I think it could be anyone's to win.

Joe Anderson: Well Dave it is time for us to find out. They're just about to make their entrances to the ring...

Tyrone Johnson vs Dan Dulaney vs Tanner Gaskil

Triple Threat Ladder Match

Winner of this match will win Season One of Ground Zero

Gaskil, Johnson, and Dulaney have all made their way down to the ring. Hanging high above the ring is a briefcase, and inside of that briefcase is an FWA contract. Whoever unclips the briefcase for themselves gets the contract and will be crowned the winner of Ground Zero. There are ladders surrounding the entire ring, as well as a couple at the top of the entrance ramp. Dan Dulaney looks somewhat damaged from his first blood bout with Jack Harris earlier in the night, where Harris crushed Dulaney's knee inside of a steel chair.

The bell rings are we are underway. Gaskil and Johnson both go after the physical threat in Dan Dulaney. The stomp him to the ground as Dulaney rolls under the bottom rope to get away.

Johnson focus on Gaskil now and those two begin to fight. Back and forth go the punches, as Johnson throws Gaskil against the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Gaskil however gets back up right away and tackles Johnson by the legs. They end up on the ground and continue to throw punches at one another.

Gaskil picks up Johnson, and throws him against the ropes now. But Johnson comes back and blocks the elbow he was about to get hit with. Johnson and Gaskil are now grappling inside of the ring, when out of nowhere they both get hit by a LADDER! Dan Dulaney knocked them both down with a ladder he brought from the outside.

With Gaskil and Tyrone both on the ground in pain, Dan Dulaney sets up the ladder underneath that briefcase and begins to climb. He reaches the top and gets to the briefcase with a big smile. But that smile fades quick as he looks down and sees both Tyrone and Tanner at the bottom of the ladder with sly smiles of their own. They look at each other and know exactly what to do, as they both simultaneously tip the ladder over...Dan Dulaney is sent crashing down to the floor below.

Gaskil and Tyrone give each other a high five, before realising that now they have to focus on each other again. The two start fighting over the ladder. Tanner pushes Tyrone off it and sets it up in the ring. Tanner climbs it fast, and Tyrone begins to climb the other side. Both men are at the top now trying to grab the briefcase. Tanner throws a punch towards Tyrone as they are high above the ring on that 20 ft ladder. Tyrone Johnson throws a punch back towards Gaskil.

Gaskil throws a punch.

Tyrone throws a punch.

Gaskil throws a punch.

Tyrone throws a punch. Tyrone throws a punch, and Tyrone throws another one.

Gaskil is about to fall off, but instead he throws a hugh punch! Tyrone falls backwards off the ladder and to the floor. Tanner Gaskil looks like he's about to win it. He grabs the briefcase, when here comes Dan Dulaney. Dan begins to shake the ladder from the floor. Not wanting to go crashing down, Tanner decides to do something else...

Tanner jumps from the ladder! He jumps onto Dan Dulaney. Gaskil starts throwing punches at Dulaney on the ground, as the cop and EMT start rolling around. Both men roll to the outside of the ring and take their fight there. Dulaney throws Gaskil into one of those standing ladders. Dulaney limps over to Gaskil, still hurting from his match from Jack Harris earlier. Falling from the ladder didn't help either. Dulaney takes Gaskil and throws him into the steel steps.

Gaskil is hurting now, but Dulaney is not done. He pulls a steel chair out from under the ring, and slaps Gaskil on the back with it. Gaskil screams in pain, as Dulaney hits him over and over again. Gaskil looks down and out for awhile, as Dulaney throws the steel chair to the ground.

When out of nowhere comes Tyrone Johnson. He takes out Dulaney from behind. The crowd cheers for Johnson, as he grabs the police officer by the back and throws him into the security barrier. Dulaney bounces off the barrier like a soccer ball, as Tyrone Johnson drags him over to the ladder.

Tyrone has an evil look in his eye, as he drags the hurting Dulaney over to the ladder and opens it up. "No! please no!" screams Dulaney, as Tyrone takes Dulaney's knee and jams it inside of the ladder. Johnson then takes duck tape out from under the ring! What? Duck tape? Why do we even have duck tape in there? Tyrone duck tapes Dan Dulaney's leg to the inside of the ladder!

Dan Dulaney can't get it out, as Tyrone now grabs another ladder and sets it up INSIDE of the ring! But not under the briefcase, no instead it is near the ropes...near the ropes and near Dan Dulaney! Dan Dulaney had that very same leg crushed inside of a steel chair earlier by Jack Harris, and now it looks like it might end up even worse as Tyrone climbs 20 ft in the air on that steel ladder inside of the ring.

"NO!" Dulaney screams, as Tyrone looks around...even the fans look worried as Tyrone contemplates jumping...

When in comes Tanner Gaskil. He slides into the ring with a ladder of his own and sets it up right underneath that briefcase. Tyrone sighs as he gets down from the ladder to chase Gaskil up once again.

Soon, both men are on top of the ladder and it's deja vu all over again.

Johnson punches Gaskil!

Gaskil punches Johnson!

Johnson punches Gaskil!

Gaskil punches Johnson!

Both men continue to go back and fourth, as Dan Dulaney desperately tries to get the duck tape off of his knee and away from the ladder.

Gaskil punches Johnson!

Gaskil punches Johnson!

Gaskil punches Johnson!

Tyrone Johnson falls off the ladder, but he falls on his feet. Gaskil thinks he won the battle, but he really didn't. Gaskil tries to grab the briefcase, but Tyrone is tipping the ladder...he's tipping it right towards the side that Dan Dulaney is on!

Johnson tips it...and TANNER GASKIL falls off the ladder! He falls all the way to the outside of the ring and lands right on top of Dan Dulaney! The ladder crushes Dulaney's leg and Tanner Gaskil's fall is broken by that very same steel ladder!

Tyrone Johnson is all by himself now as his two opponents are hurting bad! He sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring, and slowly takes his time climbing to the top. He has the briefcase in his hands and is about to unclip it when...

RAMJAM??? Ramjam comes through the crowd out of nowhere. He enters the ring, and drags Tyrone Johnson off the ladder. Tyrone has no idea what is going on as Ramjam is beating him down! The crowd does not chant clown lives matter, in fact the crowd is heavily booing RamJam for interfering in this match...and uh oh! Here comes another! It's Daiquan Andrews!

Is Andrews here to get his last licks in on Tyrone? Andrews grabs a steel chair...RamJam and Tyrone are both standing in the ring, and Andrews is with them now with the steel chair. RamJam keeps telling his former Team Broc member to hit Tyrone with the chair, and Tyrone is begging him not to. Andrews looks at both of them and....HE HITS RAMJAM with the chair. Andrews beats down RamJam with the chair as Tyrone quickly sets the ladder back up to try and grab the briefcase.

But here comes Dan Dulaney! Somehow Dan Dulaney has gotten out of the duct tape. His knee looks like a mess, but he hobbles into the ring and up the ladder.

Johnson and Dulaney begin exchanging blows on top of that 20 ft ladder, as now Tanner Gaskil is on his feet! Gaskil enters the ring now.

Tanner Gaskil is about to tip that 20 ft ladder over and send both Johnson and Dulaney to the floor. This could effectively win Gaskil the match!

Tanner Gaskil tips the ladder and....the ladder falls! But Dan Dulaney and Tyrone Johnson are still hanging on! Johnson and Dulaney are hanging 25 feet in the air on that briefcase! Tanner Gaskil can't believe it! Tyrone and Dan begin punching each other but to no avail. Tyrone and Dan are hanging high above the ring with no ladder below. Tanner Gaskil is watching from below unable to do anything, and RamJam is getting his ass beat by Daiquan Andrews far away on the entrance ramp.

Tanner Gaskil picks up the ladder again, and swings it like he's hitting a pinita! He hits Dan Dulaney! Dan Dulaney falls 20ft to the ground, but Johnson is still hanging on! Dulaney falls, and he falls right on top of Tanner Gaskil!

Both Dulaney and Gaskil are now out on the ground, as Tyrone Johnson is hanging all by himself 25ft in the air. Johnson finally gets a good grip, and unclips the briefcase!

Tyrone Johnson falls to the ground with the briefcase in his hand and the bell is rung!

Winner: Tyrone Johnson

Gus Johnson: He wins it! The fan favorite Tyrone Johnson wins it all!

Cris Collinsworth: What a brutal match that was! I don't know if anyone is going to even be able to continue any sort of career after the intensity of this match! Is Dulaney's leg ok?

Gus Johnson: I don't know, but what I do know is that Tyrone Johnson is the first winner of Ground Zero! It was a tough road. Johnson came into this show with his best friend Daiquan Andrews. But his best friend turned into his biggest enemy. Now after it's all said and done, Johnson has reunited with Daiquan once again. He gets it all! He wins the show and his friend.

Cris Collinsworth: Tyrone Johnson is officially an FWA Superstar. His FWA contract is in that briefcase, and all he has to do is sign it!

Tyrone Johnson is celebrating in the ring holding that briefcase high. He is joined by his best friend and former rival Daiquan Andrews, who gives his buddy a huge. Andrews raises Johnson's hand high as the two celebrate in the ring.

They are soon joined by host Dave Sullivan. Sullivan shakes Johnson's hand inside of the ring, and grabs a microphone.

Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen...the winner of Ground Zero Season One....Tyrone Johnson!

Confetti falls from the roof as fireworks blast throughout the arena. Tyrone Johnson can't imagine feeling more on top of the world than he does right now. Little does he know that this is only the beginning. He is now an FWA Superstar. He will have his first match in the FWA. Soon he will have his first win. Then maybe his first championship. His first Back in Business match, and so so much more. He is an FWA Superstar, there is literally nothing can get in his way now.

Winner of Ground Zero Season One:

Tyrone Johnson


The second season of Ground Zero opened the doors to more wannabe FWA stars. Potential starts from across the world applied to compete. This season was again hosted by Saint Sulley, and it was won by Konchu Hao.

FWA Network presents
Ground Zero: Season 2

Official Roster:

Executive Producer

Forbes Rooney

Forbes Rooney is a multi-billionare who purchased the rights to Ground Zero after it's success as an independent project in 2017. He's retained Sullivan as it's host but is looking to shake things up and make Ground Zero bigger than ever. With all the executive power, it's possible he and Sullivan could majorly clash this season.


Dave Sullivan


Dave Sullivan is one of FWA's hottest stars. He's held all three singles titles at once, including the coveted FWA World Championship. He's also hosted before, hosting Ground Zero Season 1 where Ty Johnson was crowned the winner. As part of Johnson's reward, Sullivan mentored him in the big leagues. Although that ending wasn't a happy one, here's hoping the winner of Ground Zero Season 2 finds more success. Although Sullivan will not be mentoring this next star, he will still be the host of our show. Ego and all.

Commentary Team

Broc Lobster and Daiquan Andrews

This dynamic commentary duo is new to the scene of Ground Zero. The first season of Ground Zero show acclaimed broadcasters Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth. Unavailable this season due to NFL commitments, the network decided to go a different direction. Starting with former FWA Wrestler, Broc "Lobster" Flucker was a coach on the first go around for Ground Zero. Not only has he wrestled, but he also has experience running his own wrestling company, where he ran the indy Hardcore Wrestling Alliance with his cousin Dave Sullivan. Broc looks to make a new journey in his career by making a leap to broadcasting.

His partner also has a Ground Zero history. Daiquan Andrews was in fact a runner up on Season 1. Childhood friends with winner of the show Ty Johnson, Andrews was showcased in the show's first ever feud where he and Johnson competed to take the crown of Ground Zero's first winner. Johnson would eventually go on to win, and also rekindle his friendship with Andrews. Andrews competed in nGw for a short while, but was never able to make it into the FWA as a big league. But he has enough FWA experience to broadcast, and he'll certainly be an interesting broadcast partner for Broc Lobster.


Gabrielle Montgomery, Randy Ramon and Michael Garcia



Three current stars from the FWA will be appearing on the main show. Gabrielle Montgomery started in the FWA 14 years ago, and has made quite the career with multiple Women's Championship wins, and also two FWA World Championship wins. Now, she'll be mentoring a group of young stars trying to follow in her foot steps.

Randy Ramon is a bit newer to the FWA, but he's still made his mark. His most success has come from the tag team division, with successful reigns partnering with Danny Toner, Ayla El, and now Devin Golden. Ramon's crippling alcoholism has been a barrier at points, but hopefully he can help sway these hopeful prospects from making the same mistakes.

Last is Michael Garcia, a man who might have as much to prove as some of these FWA hopefuls. Garcia's ego is big enough that he'll strive anyone on his team to be crowned the winner, just so Garcia can take the credit for it. Losing to Dave Sullivan in the main event of Division's Rules, Garcia has a lot to prove. Will he be able to successfully coach the next FWA star to glory?

Each coach will start with seven contestants on their team. With two contestants each eliminated each week, the numbers will begin to slowly dwindle. Only one coach will have the Ground Zero Season 2 winner. In Ground Zero Season 1, Chris Kennedy got that glory. Which one of these three will walk away with the bragging rights?


Active Roster

Joe Burr (Rawr)

Nicole Valander (Maniax)

"Discos Last Warrior" Chris Peacock (Man)

Stu Grimes (SuperSaiyan)

"Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller (SJW)

Lizzie Rose (AON)

Cornelius Aurelius Caesar (Hermes)

"Big Mack" Marcus McClain (Jimmy King)


"The Renegade" Emerson McCoy (OMB)

Konchu Hao (Cyrus)


Grayce Riley (Sully)

Reagan Cole (The Gipper)

Angel Clemente (Sully)

"The Rookie Sensation" Leon Sandcastle (Sully)

Noah "The Roach" Van Der Cappellen (AON)

“The Ice Princess” Ingibjörg Guðjohnsen (AON)

Billy Gene (AON)

Guru Quang (AON)

Sauce Man (TGO)

Johnathan "Squeaky" McClean (AON)

Steve The Techno Vampire (AON)

"The FORE Horseman" Putter Green (AON)

Moto Moto (Sully)

Sean Sue (ETE)

Janet Shelley (Hermes)

"The Scheming Behmoth" Charles Newry (AON)

Daphne Shelley (Hermes)


The Teams:

Team Goddess (Coached by Gabrielle)
1. Lizzie Rose (Drafted 2nd overall)
2. Grayce Riley (Drafted 5th overall)
3. Joe Burr (Drafted 8th overall)
4. Nicole Valander (Drafted 11th overall)
5. Daphne Shelley (Drafted 14th overall)
6. Noah "The Roach" Van Der Cappellen (Drafted 17th overall)
7. Johnathan "Squeaky" McClean (Drafted 20th overall)

Team Carnivore (Coached by Mike Garcia)
1. "Big Mack" Marcus McClain (Drafted 3rd overall)
2. Cornelius Aurelius Caesar (Drafted 4th overall)
3. Stu Grimes (Drafted 9th overall)
4. "Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller (Drafted 10th overall)
5. "The Screaming Behemoth" Charles Newry (Drafted 15th overall)
6. Moto Moto (Drafted 16th overall)
7. "The FORE Horseman" Putter Green (Drafted 21st overall)

Team Rockstar (Coached by Randy Ramon)
1. "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock (Drafted 1st overall)
2. "The Renegade" Emerson McCoy (Drafted 6th overall)
3. Koncho Hao (Drafted 7th overall)
4. Reagan Cole (Undrafted)
5. Janet Shelley (Drafted 18th overall)

6. Sean Sue (Drafted 12th overall)
7. Steve The Techno Vampire (Drafted 19th overall)
8. Sauce Man (Drafted 13th Overall)

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode One
Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Taped from Orlando, Florida at Addition Financial Arena


Fireworks go off inside the Addition Financial Arena, a venue who's seating seating capacity is just under 10,000 seats. Most of those are taped off, and there looks to be about 2500 or so fans in attendance for this first episode of Ground Zero. Fans wait in anticipation as they hope to see the next future FWA star.

Broc Lobster: Hello everybody! My name is Broc Lobster, a former FWA star myself, and I'm sitting here alongside my broadcast partner Daiquan Andrews, and we are here live from Orlando Florida! It is a great crowd here tonight, as we are all anticipating the start of this second season of Ground Zero. Daiquan, you have some history with Ground Zero don't you? Tell us about yourself.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo that's right Lobstah, I was on Ground Zero. First eva season. You know I'm the only reason why Ty Johnson won in the first place? If you go back and watch dat first episode, you'd see man...Tyrone and I had to win in a basketball match against Dave Sullivan and Ty's brother Wayne. It's what got us on the show. I was THIS close man to winning the first season. I made it all the way to the second to last episode, episode nine.

Broc Lobster: But what happened? Didn't Ty beat you in some crazy Hell in a Cell last man standing match?

Daiquan Andrews: Yo, the sun got in ma eyes, and Ty got lucky. We fell through the top of the cell, and both landed in the ring. I almost got up, but I got a back spasm you know? Ty got up in the last second and won. If that don't happen, then I go onto the finals and I win that match again. And I'd still be in the FWA you know? Not flaking out like Ty Johnson has done. TWICE now.

Broc Lobster: Aren't you and Ty still friends though? It sounds like you hate the guy.

Daiquan Andrews: Aw no man we homies.

Broc Lobster: Well anyway, we've got a BIG show tonight. Two episodes of Ground Zero. This first episode will feature more eliminations than any other episode, where will be cutting down from 26 contestants to 20.

Daiquan Andrews: How they gonna do that? How do you just pick six guys to wack off? It aint like we got a bunch of red shirts to kill off like some Star Trek episode. Everybody on the roster is serious business.

Broc Lobster: I gotta agree with you Daiquan. The first episode of Ground Zero had a lot of contestants who didn't deserve to be there. Ramjam The Clown? Derek Silver? But this season? I mean these guys are legit competitors. Have you seen the list? Steve The Techno Vampire looks like a future FWA World Champion!

Daiquan Andrews: Ima big fan of Leon Sandcastle myself Broc. He looks so familiar, but I can't place my finger on where.

Broc Lobster: This conversation looks like it'll have to be put on a hold, because here comes our Executive Producer down to the ring, and he's followed by our host Dave Sullivan!

Dave Sullivan's Hail to the King theme music hits, as he struts around in a pinstripe suit. He's got a microphone in his hand, and he's followed by another man in a suit. That man must be the Executive Producer of the show, Forbes Rooney.

Rooney and Sullivan both enter the ring together, and Sullivan speaks first.

Dave Sullivan: Well, hello Orlando!

You are looking at the only two time host of Ground Zero television. That's right. In 2016, I pitched this show idea to the big dogs at FWA Network, and got just enough of a budget to run it in 2017. Thanks to me, you saw innovative television, and got to see a fresh FWA face.

Unfortunately, at the conclusion of the season, the FWA Network decided that Ground Zero did not have the budget to continue on for a second season...despite the record breaking ratings I brought to the show. So sadly, the show got axed, and Ty Johnson appeared to be the one and only winner of Ground Zero. That is until Mr. Rooney here came along. Forbes, why don't you tell the crowd about yourself?

Sullivan hands Forbes Rooney the microphone.

Forbes Rooney: My name is Forbes Rooney, and I became one of the youngest people to ever make one billionaire dollars. I don't know much about wrestling, but I do know about business. And I saw a business opportunity in Ground Zero. So I purchased the rights, and I decided to bring this show to life one more time. So what does that mean? Well, Ground Zero Season 1 was a huge success in 2017, and that was on a budget that was essentially lifeless. Well this season, Ground Zero has ten times the budget it had in 2017. That means this season will be ten times better than season one. We have a whole new roster full of competitive talent, and we're looking to find the next FWA star.

Dave, tell us how we're going to do that.

Dave Sullivan: Certainly Mr. Rooney. We had so many applicants for Ground Zero Season 2, that we had to cut the roster down. We managed to get things down to 26 fighters, but that still is too much. In Ground Zero Season 1, we had what I called a Ground Zero Showdown match. All 26 fighters will start out in the ring. Yes, that's right it's going to be an absolute brawl. If someone gets a pin, they get a confirmed spot on the roster. First 21 fighters to get a pin are safe. The other five become our fight five eliminated, right out of the gate.

And that starts right now!

The crowd pops, as Indestructible by Disturbed hits the arena speakers.


"Big Mack" Marcus McClain comes down the ramp, as the camera fades out for a commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We return from commercial to have all 26 contestants in the ring.

Broc Lobster: Wow, I can't see who's who! The ring is packed right now.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo I can speak from experience on this one, this match is a shit show. You ever get in a fumble pile up in a football game? All kinds of crazy things are going on. It's a mess! Luckily for me I was the sixth person to get a pin in season one, so I didn't have to stay in the match too long. But the longer this goes on, the harder it gets.

Broc Lobster: I can imagine. When there's six guys left, and the next pin is the last one, it's going to be sudden death for everyone in there.

Ground Zero Showdown Match
Featuring: Joe Burr, Nicole Valander, Chris Peacock, Stu Grimes, Sauce Man, Phil Miller, Guru Quang, Steve The Techno Vampire, Charles Newry, Billy Gene, Lizzie Rose, Johnathan McClean, “The Ice Princess” Ingibjörg Guðjohnsen, Putter Green, Noah Van Der Cappellen, Daphne Shelley, Janet Shelley, Cornelius Aurelius Caesar, Marcus McClain, Sean Sue, Emerson McCoy, Konchu Hao, Leon Sandcastle, Moto Moto, Grayce Riley, and Angel Clemente

It looks as if there's a riot going on when the bell rings. Caesar, Billy Gene, and Charles Newry attempt to team up on Moto Moto. Meanwhile, Marcus McClain and Angel Clemente are exchanging fists, while Grayce Riley and Lizzie Rose are also having a back and forth going.

Joe Burr is fighting with Chris Peacock, while Sauce Man is getting double teamed by Leon Sandcastle and Emerson McCoy.

Sean Sue is going one on one with Konchu Hao, and NVDC is kicking Putter Green in the head.

Suddenly, Marcus McClain hits a running powerslam on Billy Gene! He pins him for the cover!




Marcus McClain is safe.

Later on in the match, we see Lizzie Rose and “The Ice Princess” Ingibjörg Guðjohnsen going at it. Lizzie Rose rolls up The Ice Princess for the pin!




Lizzie Ross is safe.

Some time later, Chris Peacock is in the ring with Steve The Techno Vampire. He hits The Strut (Shining Wizard, and then a Running Splash)! Peacock pins Steve Vampire for the cover.




Chris Peacock is safe.

Suddenly, Billy Gene is on the top turnbuckle! He has Daphne Shelley on the ground, and is gonna do a frog splash!

Billie Gene jumps for the frog splash!

But Daphne gets out of the way!

Billie Gene misses, and lands on his head neck first!

It looks bad.

Billie Gene is passed out!

Daphne has a shocked and disgusted look on her face as Billie Gene rolls over in pain.

Suddenly, Emerson McCoy pins him! With Billie still out, Koncho Hao, Joe Burr, Stu Grimes, and Phil Miller all do the same thing.

Emerson McCoy, Koncho Hao, Joe Burr, Stu Grimes, and Phil Miller are safe.

Billie Gene eventually rolls out of the ring and can no longer be used as an easy pin.

Meanwhile Grayce Riley clotheslines Janet Shelley.

Grayce hits a DDT on J. Shelley and pins her to get a secured spot on the roster.

Grayce Riley is safe.

Next is Caesar who is going up against Sean Sue. Both are the only two in the ring at the moment as the rest are brawling outside.

Suddenly, Caesar hits the Crossing The Rubicon (Cross Rhodes) on Sue!

He pins him!




Cornelius Aurelius Caesar is safe.

Ten people are safe now, and there are 11 spots left.

In a quick montage of action, Nicole Valander rolls up Guru Quang to get safe. Sean Sue pins Putter Green, Sauce Man gets a pin on Leon Sandcastle, and Charles Newry pins The Ice Princess.

Nicole Valander, Sean Sue, Sauce Man, and Charles Newry are safe.

Seven spots left.

Janet and Daphne Shelley are now brawling in the ring. It's getting intense, when suddenly Moto Moto comes along and clotheslines Janet! Daphne grimices, but doesn't help her mother as Moto Moto continues to attack her.

Instead, Daphne focuses on Angel Clemente, who appears to have just majorly injured his leg after a bad kick. Clemente wasn't even touched by anyone, but the swinging of his leg appeared to have done damage. Daphne quickly pins Clemente, and gets safe spot on the roster. Meanwhile, Moto Moto bear hugs Janet Shelley, and ends up pinning her for a safe spot as well.

Daphne Shelley and Moto Moto are safe.

There are five spots left, and ten contestants remaining.

In another montage of action, Noah The Roach gets a pin on Guru Quang. Janet Shelley pins Putter Green, and Johnathan McClean pins Billie Gene. Putter Green gets up from getting pinned by Shelley, and pins The Ice Princess!

Noah Van Der Cappellen is safe.

Janet Shelley is safe.

Johnathan McClean is safe.

Putter Green is safe.

There is only one spot left!

We have Angel Clemente, Steve The Techno Vampire, Billie Gene, The Ice Princess, Guru Quang, and Leon Sandcastle left.

Only one will get a confirmed spot on the roster. The rest will be done before their journey even began.

Clemente still appears to be in significant pain as he favors his right knee.

Meanwhile Billie Gene and The Ice Princess are fighting outside the ring, while Guru Quang is fighting with Leon Sandcastle.

Leon Sandcastle suddenly tosses Guru Quang out of the ring.

The two fight, to the point where Guru Quang throws Sandcastle against the ring steps!

Sandcastle looks out of it as his face smacks across the steel steps.

The Ice Princess meanwhile has just put Billie Gene through a table!

Guru Quang runs up, and spears The Ice Princess through the security barricade! Both look out of it!

It's just Angel Clemente and Steve The Techno Vampire now. They are both in the ring exchanging fists. Suddenly, Angel Clemente dodges Steve's punch, and puts him in an arm bar! Angel Clemente has an arm bar locked in! He's going to make Steve tap!

And he does!

Steve The Vampire taps out!

He taps out!

But wait!

Only pinfalls can secure you a safe spot on the roster. Submissions DO NOT count!

Clemente is furious as he lets go of Steve The Techno Vampire's arm, which looks to be significantly damaged.

Suddenly, Steve The Techno Vampire kicks Clemente in the gut, and hits him with a DDT!

Steve The Techno Vampire pins Clemente!




Steve The Techno Vampire is safe.

Broc Lobster: Steve The Techno Vampire does it! He is the last safe person on the roster! There you have it. Angel Clemente, Leon Sandcastle, The Ice Princess, Guro Quang, and Billie Gene are our first eliminations.

Daiquan Andrews: It's just how it goes. There has to be someone to get eliminated first. Sucks for these losers, but better luck next time, ight?

Broc Lobster: But more luck to the 21 who have made it. We still have some show left, and we still have ONE more elimination. Coming up, our three coaches will draft their teams.

*Commercial Break*

Broc Lobster: So we are back from commercial break. We are going to have our three coaches draft their teams. Each coach will start with a team of seven. Those seven are who they are responsible for. They will train their team members and push them to victory. But don't worry, the coaches do not get anything out of it...except bragging rights.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo in the FWA, bragging rights is goes a long way.

Broc Lobster: It sure does. Do you remember who your coach was in season one Daiquan?

Daiquan Andrews: Yeah I do. It was you fool.

Broc Lobster: Oh yeah that's right, haha.

Daiquan Andrews: No wonder why I lost. I got stuck with some washout who barely made a dent in the FWA.

Broc Lobster: Oh so we're just hurting each others' feelings now? Well to be fair, this season on Ground Zero we have three brand new coaches, and all of them have a lot of experience in the FWA. We have two time tag team champion..."The Rockstar" Randy Ramon. We have the Carniege Carnivore Michael Garcia, another former tag team champion...and then we have a two time FWA World Champion, Gabrielle Montgomery! No matter what team any of these contestents is on, they're going to get some good training experience.

Daiquan Andrews: But these coaches are all certainly different. They all bring something different to the table. Garcia is a powerhouse. Randy Ramon is more of a technical striker, while Gabrielle obviously has her own unique talents.

Broc Lobster: Their own personalities might factor into the fighters they draft. We'll see how it goes...Randy Ramon has the first pick!

Draft Recap

Team Rockstar

1. "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock, 1st overall
2. "The Renegade" Emerson McCoy, 6th overall
3. Konchu Hao, 7th overall
4. Sean Sue, 12th overall
5. Sauce Man, 13th overall
6. Janet Shelley, 18th overall
7. Steve The Techno Vampire, 19th overall

Team Goddess

1. Lizzie Rose, 2nd overall
2. Grayce Riley, 5th overall
3. Joe Burr, 8th overall
4. Nicole Valander, 11th overall
5. Daphne Shelley, 14th overall
6. Noah "The Roach" Van Der Cappellen, 17th overall
7. Johnathan "Squeaky" McClean, 20th overall

Team Carnivore

1. "Big Mack" Marcus McClain, 3rd overall
2. Cornelius Aurelius Caesar, 4th overall
3. Stu Grimes, 9th overall
4. "Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller, 10th overall
5. "The Scheming Behmoth" Charles Newry, 15th overall
6. Moto Moto, 16th overall
7. "The FORE Horseman" Putter Green, 21st overall

The draft ends, and all three teams get together in different parts of the arena. Team Rockstar is outside of the ring to the left, Team Carnivore is on the outside of the ring to the right, and Team Goddess is up on the stage.

Our host Dave Sullivan comes out again, microphone in hand.

Broc Lobster: Well our draft is over. What fasciniating choices by these coaches. It looks like Garcia did go for some of the bigger fighters with McClain, Grimes, and Newry. Meanwhile Gabrielle seemed to go after more of the female contestants. Is she looking to mentor the next big female star in the FWA?

Daiquan Andrews: Well if you ever asked me what female has made the breakthrough for women in wrestling, it's Gabrielle Montgomery. She really has broken that barrier more than anyone, and has proven women can compete with the men in this sport. She has done that and more. For her to look and encourage another set of young females to rise up to her level, it's inspiring yo.

Broc Lobster: Meanwhile, I love how Disco's Last Warrior was chosen by THE ROCKSTAR. How will Disco and Rock coincide? Anyway, here comes my cousin for another announcement.

Sullivan is in the ring now, and is ready to talk with a smile on his face.

Dave Sullivan: We have ONE more match for the first episode of Ground Zero season two, and it's going to be determined by our coaches themselves. See each of them are going to have to pick one member of their team to compete in our main event for tonight.

The coach who's team wins, will be immune from elimination in the entirety of episode episode where we'll eliminate two more contestants. The coach who's team gets pinned, that person will be eliminated on the spot.

So...our coaches have to decide.

Do you nominate a strong person, and risk having them eliminated so soon? Or do you sacrifice one of your weaker talents?

Let's get going!

Team Rockstar chooses Sauce Man.

Team Goddess chooses Nicole Valander.

Team Carnivore chooses "Big Mack" Marcus McClain

Broc Lobster: OF COURSE Garcia chooses his first pick of the draft.

Daiquan Andrews: Why not? He wants to go all in.

Broc Lobster: Meanwhile, Team Rockstar and Team Goddess went with smarter picks, picking from the middle of the pack on both their teams. One of these three is getting eliminated? Who will it be?

Reward vs Elimination Match:
Sauce Man vs Nicole Valander vs "Big Mack" Marcus McClain
Team who gets the pinfall will be safe for Episode Two. Fighter who gets pinned is eliminated.

The Beginning:

The match begins and Marcus McClain immediately clotheslines Sauce Man. He then targets Nicole Valander who ducks out of the way and hits McClain with an enziguri!

Sauce Man meanwhile gets up, and Valander with the HOT SAUCE (hurricanrana).

He goes for the pin on Valander!



But she kicks out!

Meanwhile, McClain rips Sauce Man off of Valander, and throws him into the corner. he hits Sauce Man with a barrage of punches.

Valander then comes from out of nowhere, and rolls up McClain!



But McClain kicks out!

The Middle:

Sauce Man and McClain are exchanging fists in the middle of the ring, while Valander is on the outside recovering.
He hits Chipotle sauce (Top rope or springboard spinning elbow) on McClain!

He's not finished.

Suddenly, Sauce Man Buffalo sauce (runs the ropes while dodging opponent's strikes and kicks, ending with a running jumping DDT) on McClain!

McClain rolls out of the ring, as Valander comes in. But Sauce Man is on a roll!

He hits BBQ sauce (flying double knees from top tope; to standing or laying opponent's chest) on Valander!

Then he hits Ketchup (springboard spinning wheel kick) on Valander!

Valander looks groggy, as Sauce Man goes for a roll up pin on her!

This could be it!



But NO! Only TWO!

Nicole Valander kicks out!

The End:

Sauce Man still has control..

McClain is back in the ring now, after he and Valander had a fist fight on the outside.

Sauce Man however has just hit a second Chipotle Sauce on McClain, and McClain appeared to hit his head hard on the mat!

McClain gets to his knees, but looks groggy.

Sauce Man...He's going to do it!


But NO!

McClain reverses it, and tosses Sauce Man off of him!

McClain hits a SIDEWALK slam on Sauce Man!

Nicole Valander comes in the ring now, and goes for a clothesline on McClain, but McClain ducks and hits Valander with a Military Press!

Valander rolls out of the ring, and McClain focuses back on Sauce Man.

He picks him up, and hits The Wreckoning! (Batista Bomb)

McClain pins Sauce Man!




Winner: "Big Mack" Marcus McClain (Team Garcia)

Eliminated: Sauce Man (Team Rockstar)

Marcus McClain celebrates, as Sauce Man is crying tears of hot sauce outside the ring. Meanwhile Gabrielle is talking with Nicole Valander at ringside, giving tips on what she did wrong.
Garcia is in the ring celebrating with McClain, knowing his team is safe for episode two.

Broc Lobster: Wow! What a statement from Team Garcia and Marcus McClain!

Daiquan Andrews: Yo, I never expected Sauce Man to go out this early man. I thought he had all the spicyness to make it deep in this thing. Guess I was wrong.

Broc Lobster: So stay tuned for Episode TWO! Where two contestants from either Team Rockstar or Team Goddess will be eliminated.

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Two
Wednesday, September 9th, 2020
Taped from Orlando, Florida at Addition Financial Arena


The fireworks go off yet again as the same crowd pops for the start of the second episode tonight, on this special back to back opener.

Broc Lobster: Well long time no see everyone, and welcome to Ground Zero!

Daiquan Andrews: Yo whatchu mean long time no see? We literally just ended the first episode. We aint go nowhere.

Broc Lobster: Yes...that was the- anyway, we just saw our roster cut from 26 to 20 following that first episode. Now, we'll be seeing two more cut as we're looking to end the night with 18 fighters. Team Carnivore won the main event, and therefor they are immune from tonight's elimination. Last episode, Team Rockstar had the first elimination where they lost Sauce Man. It's possible they could lose TWO more contestants, and be down to just four already by the end of this show.

Daiquan Andrews: I think Team Rockstar and Team Goddess are gonna split. It makes more sense that way from a booking perspective.

Broc Lobster: A booking perspective what are you talking about? On second thought, don't answer that. After this commercial break, we'll have our first match of the night. A match between a member of Team Carnivore and Team Goddess. The winner will get some sort of reward, but we don't yet know what it is.

*Commercial Break*

We cut to what seems to be a pre-recorded video package, we’re taken quite a lavishly set up room backstage, with dark mood lighting a giant Ground Zero poster in the background, and in the foreground a humble steel chair currently groaning under the weight of a rather heavyset gentleman, utterly massive. His bulky frame is practically eclipsing the light in the studio. The man himself is dressed in an immaculately pressed three-piece suit, his hair parted neatly to the side and his hands clasped in front of him, his body language calm and at ease, and just a general smug energy.

“Good Evening, Ciao, Ola, Namaste. Sallam.Ndras Tvuy-Tu What a pleasure it for you to meet me.”

A smirk appeared on his face as if to say “That’s right, I just greeted you in six languages, what are you going to about it.

“My name is Charles Newby, but you will come to know me by my rather more colourful sobriquet; “The Scheming Behemoth” Admittedly a crude and sophomoric sounding moniker but I must admit like a chilled bottle of vik millahue it had grown on me.

Leaning back in place we hear soft jolly classic music as we’re taken to B-roll, The Bememoth taking some pictures for the show, delivering poses. Hands behind his back, Chn up, looking down at the camera with disdain

“I am a man of discerning tastes, I’ve consulted with the monks of Tibet about the nature of existence. I’ve studied the great greek philosophies of the past and can recite to you the entire works of William Shakespeare in mandarin Chinese while playing the oboe.

As he spoke we see a montage of the Bememoth walking calmly down the ramp in his all-black wrestling trucks, before standing in the ring

“As you can tell, I’m a rather impressive man, but what I’m most proud of, is a very special form of genius, inside the ring.

...and that’s when the strings start to get heavier as it’s intermixed with footage of the scheming one utterly crushing his foes with bone-cracking slams and stiff strikes, easily picking up his victims and hurling them across the ring like they were made of paper, all with a cool indifferent, all ending with Newy calling for the ref to have the pleasure of raising his hand

“Naturally, I knew it was only a matter of time before FWA came calling, granted, going through this ridiculous charades of a reality tv show. A form of entertainment that only morons enjoy, but I see it as a public service. You see, the gentleman that won, the first Ground Zero, has not merited the time and attention that this project had put into him. I on the other hand, When I’m sat here with the FWA World Heavyweight Title wrapped snug around my waist in time for season two. I will become the prime example of how one succeeds in this contest.

The camera cuts back to SB in the studio lecturing whoever she’s talking to

“...And I assure you, I will win because quite frankly no one else in this contest has anything to challenge me, Compare me to the rest and you’ll see I’m tougher. Stronger and most assuredly smarter. I’m what you would call a perfect gladiator. Imagine what Mike Tyson would have done with the brain of Stephen Hawkings? Wonder no more. Because that’s who “The Scheming Behemoth” is. Genius. Warrior. Winner. And when you interview me yet again this time next year, you might find me weeping. For like Alexander; I shall have no more worlds in which to conquer

His eyes linger on the camera, underlining that final line before someone yells cut, The Scheming Behemoth seems to relax and presses his hand against his temple.

“Now that I have fulfilled my contractual obligations; I have questions of my own, namely will this house have a library? I expect of a private study, of course, a bottle of brandy an-

“Um, with respect; need to win first to get entry into the house.

“God, I’m surrounded by idiots.”


The camera cuts back to the ring.

Four fighters are already in the ring and ready to go for the next match.

It's a tag team match between Team Carnivore and Team Goddess, the two teams who weren't pinned last episode. The winner will get training equipment for their team's training room back at the main Ground Zero base.

Cornelius Aurelius Caesar, Stu Grimes, and "Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller (Team Carnivore) vs Lizzie Rose, Grayce Riley, Joe Burr (Team Goddess)

The Beginning:

Caesar is up against Lizzie Rose to start. He takes her down with a suplex and goes for a quick pin, but she kicks out of it.

Rose tags in Riley, who is able to take down Casear with a spear, but Casar tags in Grimes who takes it to Riley.

Eventually Riley tags in Joe Burr, and Burr hits a school boy on Grimes!

He pins Grimes!



But Grimes kicks out,

The Middle:

Flash forward a little, and we've got Phil Miller and Lizzie Rose exchanging fists. Rose hits an arm drag on Miller, followed up by a FLAPJACK!

She pins Miller!



But Miller kicks out.

Rose then tags in Riley, who clotheslines Miller.

Miller tags Caesar back in, and it's Riley vs Caesar.

The End:

Caesar and Riley are still exchanging fists back and forth.

But Riley tags in Rose, who runs in and takes down Caesar.

Caesar ends up tagging in Phil Miller for some relief.

Miller puts Rose in a bear hug!

But she gets out of it!

Suddenly Rose hits the SLICED LIZ (sliced bread)

Miller looks out of it, as Rose does a quick pin!




Winners: Lizzie Rose, Grayce Riley, and Joe Burr (Team Goddess)
Broc Lobster: So Team Goddess gets the gym equipment award! That's going to be a big help for them in this competition. Team Carnivore didn't get the win here, but they're still totally immune tonight.

Daiquan Andrews: Speaking of immune, we got another immunity showdown coming up. This one is gonna be a bit crazy, because we doing an obstacle course 'yall. It's every man for themselves to see who can get the immunity on either team and be safe tonight.

*Commercial Break*

A video begins to play on the titantron.

"Do you guys have water? These lights are really hot, and I get really sweaty when I'm nervous I've never been on TV before, I don't want my first impressions to be pit stains. Also sometimes nose bleeds.

The camera eventually starts rolling as we go back to the studio we saw The Scheming Behmeont introduce himself to Ground Zero, only now the hulking frame that had occupied the stool is now filled by..Either one of the producers twelve-year-old daughter whose messing around on the interview set. Or the smallest tiniest wrestler with flaming red hair and pale skin, you've ever seen. She looked like a school girl more than a pro wrestler. Whatever the case may be, she was shifting in the chair uncomfortably swinging her legs clearly not knowing what to do with her self in these unfamiliar circumstances—looking like she doesn't know what to do with herself in this slick, high-end studio. She glances down at the mic clipped to her T-shirt -a vintage Spice Girl shirt- and begins to fidget with it, amused by the booming sound effect to come from it. Gaining confidence, she leans forward until her lips were practically against the mic.


That was as far as she got before the SCREECH of audio feedback cut through the air like nails on a million chalkboards. Almost instantly stunned by this she screws up her face and presses her hands to her ears and leans back but instinctively over commits loses her balance and falls off the stool with a thud landing off camera. For a moment, all is quiet.

"...You weren't filming that, were you?"

Voice off-screen: "Yeah we were"

"Aw nuts…"

Never fear though-! After a quick cut, the girl is back on her chair, looking more focused on the task at hand.

"Heya; I'm Elizabeth Rose, from Manhattan New York, but my friends call me; "Lizzie."

"Well, Friend. I have one friend, and she calls me that, but if I had more then one. I'm sure they'd call me "Lizzie."

The scene cuts quickly to footage of the short girl in action, jumping off the apron, onto an opponent, interacting with people at ringside and dancing and shuffling her feet to her 90' s-riffic entrance music.

"When I got the call that, FWA wanted me for Ground Zero, I was SHOCKED. So I had to ask; why me? Did they see potential in me? Were they wowed by my matches? Did they see footage of me, and think I'm the next big thing in wrestling? "

Suddenly the music stops with a record scratch.

They said "No, we've never heard of you; We just really want Daphne Shelly and she's refusing to sign the contract without you

The footage eventually cuts to more footage, of the dark and intense Daphne Shelly making a bee line for the ring..backed up by the colourful Lizzie Rose. Daphne launching Lizzie in the air giving her the height for some Lucha inspired move, and a few pics of Lizzie hugging the taller girl tight, while Daphne looks awkward about the whole thing. It's a very heavy Scrappy Doo, hanging out with Scobby vibe.

Voice off-screen: ...And why do you think, Daphne, was so intent on having you involved."

"Oh well, Daphne is great, like honestly, she is! It's me and her against the world. I literally wouldn't be here without her. I owe everything to her...but she's not what you'd call a people person..She hates people. No really, if I wasn't here, she'd probably murder everyone in the house with scissors."

Lizzie says this totally straight. She means it

"Plus, she's going to find it super weird that her mom's there too. Even though Mrs Shelly is super nice...not like my mom...PLEASE DON'T TELL HER I QUIT MY JOB TO WRESTLE. SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME-!

To give Lizzie a beat to calm down, more footage begins to roll, this time show casting the surprising amount of fight in Lizzie. It's basically a highlight reel of Lizzie getting the ever loving crap kicked out of her, yet still getting up

"I know, I might not look tough, and that I'm the smallest person on the show, and everyone else looks SUPER impressive... And I suffer from chronic stress nose bleeds….and I have phobias fear of clowns, and ducks..What was my point again? Oh yeah, I may have all that going for me, but this is my golden shot to live my dream and I'm not going to waste. everyone expects me to be on the first plane out of here, but I've got the key. I got the secret. This is my chance to shock the world, and show I'm more than Daphne's sidekick. Because I'm Lizzie Rose and I…..



...Really should have come up with a cool closing line. Can I get have another take? I need to brainstorm of catchphrases…Wait what do you mean I've used all my time?! No wait don't stop fil-"


Back to the action as the camera cuts to the ring, we see a crazy obstacle course set up with cones, barricades, and other various objects.

Every member from Team Goddess and Team Rockstar is in the ring to start.

They must run out of the ring through the ropes, and through a series of cones. They then must jolt through a various tires, and then climb a fence on top of the stage area to go to the back hallways of the arena.

Back in the arena they must then sprint to the parking lot where there are a series of basketball hoops and basketballs. The contestants must make 3 three point shots.

The first person to make the 3 three pointers will be safe and can't be chosen by their coach to compete tonight.

Immunity Challenge

Chris Peacock, Emerson McCoy, Koncho Hao, Sean Sue, Janet Shelley, and Steve The Techno Vampire are all here from Team Rockstar. Team Goddess has Lizzie Rose, Grayce Riley, Nicole Valander, Joe Burr, Daphne Shelley, Noah Van Der Cappellen, and Johnathan McClean.

It's a tight race to start where Daphne and Janet push past each other at every step, essentially just slowing both of them down.

Lizzie Rose gets a good head start, but Peacock is close behind her as they go through the cones.

But it's Koncho Hao who gets the big lead as he nearly jumps the fence entirely.

Steve the Techno Vampire is way in the back, all the way out of stamina, as Grayce Riley is not far behind Hao.

In the hallway now, Peacock passes Hao and gets to the hoops first. Riley is behind him, and then Sean Sue comes out of nowhere too.

Sue makes the first basket, and then Hao makes one.

Peacock makes two in a row, but then is having trouble sinking a third.

Riley makes her first basket.

Lizzie Rose has arrived, and she makes a basket.

Janet and Daphne Shelley are still pushing each other at the fence part of the course.

Riley makes her second basket.

Hao makes his second basket.

It's neck and neck.

Peacock MAKES HIS THIR- NO! It bounces out!

Hao takes a shot...


Winner of Immunity: Koncho Hao


Broc Lobster: We are back, and we have the final match of the night. It's going to be the elimination match.

Daiquan Andrews: So here's what went down. The coaches from both teams have chosen TWO contestants. The winners are safe, the losers get eliminated. They fightin in a tag team match. HERE WE GO!

Tag Team Match
Losers are Eliminated

Janet Shelley and Steve The Techno Vampire (Team Rockstar) vs Johnathan "Squeaky" McClean and Noah "The Roach" Van Der Cappellen (Team Goddess)


In a tight tag team match, McClean and The Roach got control first by attacking Janet Shelley who started the match. Roach appeared to be the better of him and McClean, but niether let Shelley tag in her partner Steve The Techno Vampire.

When suddenly, Shelley broke free and was able to get a tag.

Steve The Techno Vampire came in and was able to hit THE VAMPIRE RAVE (Northen Lights Buster)

on McClean!

Steve pinned McClean for a




Winners: Janet Shelley and Steve The Techno Vampire (Team Rockstar)

Eliminated: Johnathan McClean and Noah Van Der Cappellen (Team Goddess)

The Team Rockstar members celebrate their first win of the show, as they are both safe tonight.


Daiquan Andrews: Yo I thought it'd never end, it was so long. What was that, thirty minutes?

Broc Lobster: I think it was forty five!

Daiquan Andrews: I thought both McClean and The Roach would do better than this. I never expected Steve The Vampire and Janet Shellet to survive this, but they surprised me!

Broc Lobster: Well folks, we're done with our first two episodes. In that, eight people have already been eliminated. Tune in next week to see who the next two will be! Thank you, and good night!

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Three
Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Taped from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Peterson Events Center


The fireworks go off as the crowd tonight in Pittsburgh, PA goes off for the third episode of Ground Zero. There's roughly 6,000 fans in attendance here in the 12,000 capacity arena, home of the Pitt Panthers basketball team. The crowd is holding up signs in support of various talent on the roster. One sign reads "My heart bleeds for Steve The Techno Vampire" while another sign says "SCHOOL BOY ME NEXT JOE BURR". The hype is real.

Broc Lobster: Welcome to Grooooooound Zero! This is Broc Lobster here, and I'm with my partner Daiquan Andrews. We're ready for another exciting night of Ground Zero action, as we get another step closer to crowning the winner of this show.

Daiquan Andrews: I dunno why we doin that. We all know Steve The Techno Vampire is the winner. Lets just crown it right here, right now. Dude had three pins last week. He was a stud.

Broc Lobster: I'm personally a fan of Chris Peacock. I think Disco's Last Warrior has the makings of a true FWA star, but hey...what do I know about being an FWA star?

Daiquan Andrews: Oh damn, self burn! Those are rare

Broc Lobster: Speaking of stars, here comes the current FWA World Champion, Dave Sullivan!

Daiquan Andrews: Oh not this fool...

Dave Sullivan comes out to a big pop from his hometown crowd. He waves like a President on the campaign trail as he enters the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Dave Sullivan: Hello Pittsburgh! How about them Stillers?

Our commentators talk as Sullivan pauses and the crowd pops for the mention of their local sports team.

Broc Lobster: HELL YEAH!

Daiquan Andrews: Shut you mouth, lobster boy.

Sullivan continues talking.

Dave Sullivan: I told everyone the Giants will be no match. Just like the Denver Broncos will be no match for them this Sunday afternoon. Just like Chris Kennedy will be no match for me at the FWA Anniversary Show. But you know what? This isn't about me. This is about the 18 contestants on the roster tonight, and who is going to be the next star. Tonight, my Pittsburgh loves, you are going to see a special night. Because while normally we see our three teams fighting each other, for most of the show, we're going to see the teams fight in their own squads. It's intersquad night!

All three of Gabrielle, Randy Ramon, and Mike Garcia, have chosen the matches for their stars.

But in the main event, all three teams will finally go at each other. Each coach was directed to pick their weakest and their strongest member. Those two will then represent the team in a three way tag team elimination match.

The person pinned goes home right away. The team pinning them, gets to straight up eliminate someone from an opposite team.

The stakes are high.

Good luck!

Sullivan drops the mic and leaves the ring as the crowd pops.

Broc Lobster: Wow! Did he just say that the winning team gets to send someone from the losing teams home?

Daiquan Andrews: That is some huge stuff right there. They could take out another teams biggest contender!

Broc Lobster: Winning is a must! When we come back, it's a Carnivore Fatal Four Way match!


*Nicole Valander is at a gym nearby the site of the Peterson Events Center, she is in practical gym gear doing kicks and punches to the punching bag.*

Nicole: 25…….26……..27……..28…….29………..30, whew, that was great.

*Nicole stopped with the punching bag to walk over to her bottle of fruit punch Gatorade when suddenly someone mysteriously pats on her back*

Nicole: Whoever, that was, prepare for an ass kicking courtesy of Nicole Valander.

*Nicole puts her drink down and turns around in a fighting stance only for it to reveal that it was her brother Mike*

Mike: What's up Nicole? Haven't seen in a long while, how's it going?

*Nicole gives Mike a huge big hug*

Nicole: Mike, you're here, I'm glad to see you again.

*Mike takes it easy with the hug before pushing her away from the hug*

Mike: Okay sis, settle down. We just came here to see you before you go to ground zero and get a chance at becoming a regular somewhat on the roster.

Nicole: Wait we? Is he also here?

*The "we" Nicole was referring to was her other brother, Louis Valander who is at the front desk trying to hit on the lady*

Louis: So uh, what's your schedule like?

Front desk lady: None of your damn business, get out of here.

*The front desk lady smacks Louis with a bag before walking off*

Louis: What was that for? What did I do wrong?

*Nicole and Mike are still talking to each other and watching Louis fail at his quest*

Nicole: So it was great having you guys come over and wish me luck.

Mike: Wait, wait, what about the fact that you're professional is Gabs? Nice, what pointers has she told you?

Nicole: Well, she told me a few, to not give up on this competition so and so, and I'm trying to not lose here at all.

Mike: Thatta girl, Nicole. You keep trying and practicing more for that prize, and eventually who knows? We might see you most often on the main show if it happens. How about that?

Nicole: I like that, I would really like that. Thanks.

Mike: No problem sis, you're family you're a Valander, we never quit. We may lose but we're not quitters.

Nicole: Yeah especially, Louis down there, he's still trying to hit on other women.

*It cuts to Louis staring at a window of the yoga room*

Louis: Look at those chicks, soon the Louis would step in and steal their hearts.

Nicole: I better say hi before you guys leave.

*Nicole walks over to the railing and says hi*

Nicole: Hello brother, what's going on?

Louis: Oh hey, not much, just sitting and waiting on Mike to get back downstairs.

Nicole: Ok then, you don't want to go upstairs?

Louis: Nah I'm good, I can't wait, by the way good luck on the show, I know you got it especially with bikini lady as your coach.

Nicole: Yep I got it, see ya later.

*Nicole walks away from the railing and walks to the machines*

Nicole: Thanks, see you guys later, I appreciate your guys thoughts.

Mike: Yeah gotta go too, Louis is iffy and I can't leave him much longer.

*Mike leaves the upstairs gym room and finds Louis and they leave as Nicole keeps on training.*


Broc Lobster: We are back folks, and we're in for a good one. A fatal four way match between the four BIGGEST guys on the roster. Moto Moto, Marcus McClain, Stu Grimes, and and Charles Newry.

Daiquan Andrews: I really like dat Moto Moto guy. He likes em big, he likes em chunky.

Broc Lobster: So nice you say it twice!

Daiquan Andrews: Speak of the devil, here he comes!


The crowd pops as Moto Moto comes waddling down to the ring with confidence. The girls in the crowd swoon, as Moto Moto does some finger guns at a woman who's a bit big boned in the crowd.

He stomps up the steel steps and into the ring.

He stands up on the turnbuckle and bangs his chest, and then waits in a corner.


"Big Mack" Marcus McClain's song hits as he storms out now with a look of determination.

Broc Lobster: Here comes "Big Mack"! A favorite to win this season of Ground Zero. He certainly has all the tools.

Daiquan Andrews: A favorite from who? This fool aint a favorite in my book. He aint no Steve The Techno Vampire.

The Ex-Con climbs up onto the apron, and goes under the top rope to enter the ring. He stares down his teammate Moto Moto the entire time, as Moto Moto chuckles in a disrespecting way at him.


Broc Lobster: Watch out, it's "The Screaming Behemoth" Charles Newry!

Daiquan Andrews: More like the screamin fool.

Charles Newry walks with a egotistical strut down to the ring, smirking at the crowd as the boo him defiantly.

He enters the ring, and stares down both his opponents.


Broc Lobster: Last but not least, it's the time traveling legend Stu Grimes!

Daiquan Andrews: My great grandpappy was always talking bout this fool.

Broc Lobster: By far the oldest contestant at 80 years old, he has a lot to prove here on Ground Zero.

Daiquan Andrews: Now now, technically he's only like...50. Cause of being frozen and all that.

Broc Lobster: I don't know if it works that way.

Daiquan Andrews: OH, are you just an expert on cyrogenical science now, huh Lobster? What are you, Walt Disney?

Grimes makes his way to the ring with a smile as the match begins.

Team Carnivore
Big Man Fatal Four Way

Stu Grimes vs Moto Moto vs "Big Mack" Marcus McClain vs "The Screaming Behemoth" Charles Newry

The Beginning:

Moto Moto gets ahead first as he clotheslines Charles Newry as soon as the bell rings. Meanwhile Stu Grimes and Marcus McClain end up fighting on the outside for a bit.

Moto Moto does a bear hug on Newry, but Newry gets out of it and hits a running big boot on Moto Moto!

He pins him...



But Moto Moto Kicks out!

The Middle:

Meanwhile Marcus McClain and Stu Grimes are duking it out on the outside.

Grimes throws McClain against the ring steps.

But McClain gets back up and SPEARS Stu Grimes through the barrier. Grimes looks down and out, as McClain looks to return to the inside of the ring.

The End:

Sometime later, it's Marcus McClain and Charles Newry exchanging fists in the middle of the ring.

Right hook from Newry, right hook from McClain. Right hook from Newry, left hook from Newry.

Suddenly, Stu Grimes comes in and takes them BOTH down with a double clothesline.

Grimes picks up Newry, and hits him with MAX OUT!

Grimes pins Newry.




Newry kicks out.

Before Grimes can do anything, he's attacked by MOTO MOTO!

Moto Moto hits a boot to Grimes' head, and then attempts to toss him out of the ring, but he can't! Grimes is too big!

So Grimes tosses the large Moto Moto instead.

He then picks up Newry, and tosses him out on top of Moto Moto!

Grimes looks back to focus on McClain, but McClain is gone!

All of a sudden, McClain comes up from behind Grimes and does a SCHOOL BOY!

It's a SCHOOL BOY roll up on Grimes!

The ref counts...




Winner: "Big Mack" Marcus McClain

Mike Garcia claps from the side of the ring, as he watches his team ace secure a victory. Although disappointed in the performance of his other three contestants, Garcia sees a lot of potential in all of them.

McClain raises his hands in victory as his theme song plays through the arena.

Broc Lobster: Wow! I never thought I'd see Grimes pinned with a school boy again.

Daiquan Andrews: Man that dude got some really bad balance.


The camera opens in a what seems to be an abandoned ancient town square. A ‘forum’, as the man who greets us would call it according to his culture. The man commonly known as Caesar is wandering around the forum, his back turned to the camera until he slightly rotates his head to meet it.

“Modern technology. Not quite my forte so please excuse any possible illiteracies I might make with your devices.”

After that, Caesar turns back, fully revealing himself in his full glory. He has the iconic civic crown on the top of his head while the purple stripe in his white toga shines gracefully under the sun.

“Civilization. Oxford Dictionary has a specific definition of that word, but given how the people living in the Isle of Britain were one of the most uncivilized folk I’ve ever seen during my conquests, I choose not to trust their definition for it. Instead, I will be explaining it with a definition on my own: Heartbeat of mankind. Civilization is the thing that keeps us from being simple and instinctual animals. It is quite disheartening to see that the peak of the thing we call ‘civilization’ had been reached during my time more than two thousand years ago and mankind was unable to create a bigger civilization than what we had in the glory days of Rome. And by glory days, I fully mean the days where I was graced by the Gods to take the greatest command of her. After that…such a preventable tragedy created by the fools that undeservedly have their names written in history as my killers. Nay, it was ignorance what killed me once and I fully refuse to be killed by it twice.”

Caesar puts one of his hands on a nearby marble column, running his hand over it. He withdraws his hand and stares at it.

“That is simply why I feel the urge to teach you civilization. Why I feel the urge to especially teach it to the barbarians I compete in the competition they call ‘Ground Zero’. I have no guesses on why they call it that but I’ll have you know Rome was founded on high ground by Romulus who named the city after himself after a dispute with his brother Remus who wanted to build the city on a different hill. Two brothers who suckled their milk from the she-wolf Lupa laid down a foundation that would influence the world for centuries.

But the legacy of Rome deserves to live for not just centuries, but eons, as your modern world would call it. This is why Pluto has send me back to this world. Rome has tol ive forever and I am the only man, the greatest Roman in history, to preserve that legacy. And not just preserve it, but expand it as well. The Roman Empire will born from the ashes and I will personally lead the new Empire, my Empire to a glory that had never be seen in human history before.”

The light in Caesar’s eyes grow and grow as he proclaims his ambitions, only to fade away at the end. Caesar lets out a sigh.

“Until then, I will hunt for glory here in Ground Zero, battling with modern gladiators and proving my prowess for the entire world to see. And I will make sure to teach every single of my opponents the meaning of civilization, dignity and glory. Just like I did thousands of years ago. ROMA INVICTA!"

Caesar’s battle cry slightly echoes around the forum as he reaches to his garment, grabbing a long-sword and holding it out in the air. After that glorious display, the camera closes.


The camera pans into one of the back locker rooms of the Peterson Events Center. A lone Joe Burr is sitting on a bench staring down at an iPad. He’s in a video call with his mother, Joanne Burr.

Joe: Did you guys watch me? I won a match!

Excited is Joe Burr about his first career win. The first one in his thus far year long professional career. His mother is a lot less excited than her son, a dismal look crosses her face.

Joanne: Joe honey, we saw it and we’re proud of you but…

Her voice trails off. Joe’s toothy grin and bright expression diminishes, he looks concerned.

Joe: What’s up ma?

Joanne: Well that big man nearly crushed you Joe.

Joe: What? No, I pulled him down into a school boy, I hit a wrestling move!

Joanne: Joe, we watched the tape back. That big man tripped on you and he nearly crushed you. He practically threw himself at the ground to avoid killing you honey.

Joe is teary eyed. This wasn’t the first time a member of his family had doubted him and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Joe: You just don’t get it! I’m a great wrestler and I just wrestled Stu into the ground. Why can’t you just accept that?

Joanne: We just don’t want you to keep getting hurt Joe, don’t you remember wrestling school? All the broken bones, concussions and muscle tears you had to suffer. For pete’s sake Joe, you started training at 15 and they wouldn’t let you graduate until just last year.

Joe: They were jealous of me! Cause I’m so swift and agile in the ring and I can do a shooting star press!

Joanne: Joe, we both know you can’t flip. You have the grace and agility of a sloth on acid. It’s time to hang up the boots, leave that castle and please come home. We’re all worried about you.

Joe is now balling his eyes out. He heaves and presses the iPad against his forehead. Sniffling as he tries to force out his next sentence.

Joe: I can't, this is my dream and I’m gonna win this whole show and become an FWA superstar. Just you watch!

Before his mother can get another word in, Joe hangs up on her and throws the iPad aside.

Joe: I’ll make you proud momma. You just watch! I’m gonna win Ground Zero and I’m gonna be the best wrestler in FWA. Better than Devin Golden, Dave Sullivan, and even Chris Kennedy.

Joe gets up off of the bench, taking a step toward the camera then trips on a misplaced shoe and falls face first on the hard arena floor, presumably breaking his nose in the process as for whatever reason, the ‘trained’ pro-wrestler does nothing to protect his face when he falls


Broc Lobster: Welcome back folks! We have a good match coming up, and it's a showdown between two Team Goddess members.

Daiquan Andrews: I think the Goddess team might be my favorite yo. They got a lot of good looking girls. Lizzie looking pretty damn nice and thicc. Then ya got Grayce Riley comin in with dat spice. And even that girl who got that pin on Stu Grimes last week.

Broc Lobster: You mean Joe Burr?

Daiquan Andrews: Ya Jo Burr. She fine too.

Broc Lobster: Uh...Daiquan, Joe Burr is a male wrestler.

Daiquan Andrews: Wait...but...but the long hair? And the scrawny body? Nah man quit playin.

Broc Lobster: I'm not playing, Daiquan. That's a dude.

Daiquan Andrews: Dude look like a lady. No wonder Gabby drafted him to her all girls team!

Broc Lobster: That's a great point...with Johnathan McClean and Noah Van Der Capellen eliminated, Gabrielle's team is left very...feminine. And speaking of the laddies, here they come now!


Power by Ellie Goulding starts playing, as Nicole Valander comes out with confidence. The crowd pops, as she skips down the ramp with a smile on her face.

She quickly slides into the ring.

Broc Lobster: And here comes the younger sister of FWA stars Mike and Louis Valander.

Daiquan Andrews: I gotta say, the Calander boys are fun to watch in the FWA, but this Nicole might be the most talented yet.

Broc Lobster: You're just saying that because she's pretty.

Daiquan Andrews: Yeah so what?


Now Daphne Shelley's theme song plays, as Daphne comes down to the ring in a sprint.

She slides into the ring, and shakes hands with Nicole.

Team Goddess
Daphne Shelley vs Nicole Valander


The match started off slow wit Shelley and Valander exchanging punches. Shelley got control early after hitting a backstabber, but then Nicole Valander got in her licks as she hit a snap suplex on Daphne.

Daphne would again regain control as she hit a reverse huricanrana on Valander.

Daphne would cover Valander for a pin...



But Valander kicked out.

Daphne would go on to continually attack Valander with various kicks...

Bicycle Kick.

Scissors Kick.

She'd pin Valander again...



But again, Valander is resilient.

Daphne would go on to hit a DDT on Valander, and then jump up top on the turnbuckle.

Looking for a suicide dive...

But then out of nowhere comes Janet Shelley! She knocks Daphne off the top turnbuckle.

Daphne looks up shocked at the betrayal of her mother, and goes to chase her, but Janet escapes through the crowd.

Due to the distraction,

Nicole Valander was able to use a school boy roll up pin on Daphne!




Winner: Nicole Valander
Broc Lobster: She does it! Nicole Valander gets the win!

Daiquan Andrews: IF you wanna call it that man. Daphne had the win, but then that cougar Janet Shelley went and costed her the match. That's her own mother!

Broc Lobster: I know! I never expected her own mother to come in and cost it for Daphne, but that's what happened. Meanwhile, Nicole takes advantage and picks up a huge win. Another big stride for the Valander family.

Daphne is furious as she storms out of the arena, meanwhile Nicole celebrates her victory in the ring as her theme music plays.



Meanwhile, backstage, Lizzie Rose and Gabrielle Montgomery are seen together in the locker room.
Gabrielle is giving Lizzie some training tips, and the two continue to talk.

Gabrielle: I picked you to fight for us tonight for a reason. It's because I trust you, Elizabeth. I needed to pick my strongest contestant, and my weakest. So you and Joe Burr are going to be teaming up.

Lizzie's eyes glow with excitement.
Lizzie Rose: Wait! You mean you think I'm more talented than Grayce? But she's so strong.

Gabrielle: Grayce is tough, but she's raw. We need a big win tonight, we can't afford to lose. We're already down to 5 contestants. Garcia has lost none, and Randy Ramon only lost one. We cannot afford to lose.

Lizzie Rose: I won't let you down Gabby!

Gabrielle: Good. Because you need to cover Joe.

Lizzie Rose: I like Joe! I think he's got a lot of talent. Did you see what he did to Stu Grimes?

Gabrielle: He almost got killed is what he did. If he tries that again, he could cost us that match. I'm trusting you Lizzie.

Lizzie Rose: I won't let you down!

Lizzie Rose jumps up and down clapping she's filled with so much excitement.


Broc Lobster: We're back folks, and it's time for another match. This time, it's Team Rockstar where we get to see a Triple Threat match go down between some of Ramon's best stars.
Daiquan Andrews: Yo, I'm excited for this one. Particularly excited for Emerson McCoy. I think he has the makings of a star. Here he comes now!


"The Renegade" Emerson McCoy comes out from the back with confidence.

He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd but doesn't care as he comes down to the ring.

He jumps up onto the apron, and ducks underneath the ropes.


The fans go crazy as the lights in the arena go dark, and the disco ball strobe lights come on.

"Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock comes strutting out to the entrance ramp.

He does The Hustle up on the ramp as the fans are going wild.

Peacock then sprints into the ring.

In the middle of the ring he does "The Travolta".

The music stops playing as Peacock gets ready in a corner.


Now Stay Broken by Drown This City starts playing, as Sean Sue comes into the stadium.

The fans pop as he sprints down into the ring.

His entrance is the quickest, as he stares down his opponents. The gym junkie picks a corner, and gets in it.

Team Rockstar
Triple Threat Match

"The Renegade" Emerson McCoy vs Sean Sue vs "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock


McCoy got off to a hot start hitting clotheslines on both Peacock and Sue.

He hit "Southern Hospitality" on Sue and tried to pin him, but Sue kicked out. Then Chris Peacock came in, and hit THE STRUT on McCoy.

He then attempted to pin McCoy, but McCoy kicked out at two.

Sean Sue got back up and went at Peacock. He hit a powerbomb on Peacock, and tried to pin him.

But after two, Peacock kicked out.

Angry, Sue then focused on McCoy, and Irish Whipped him out of the ring.

Sue and Peacock brawled for awhile, but it was broken up after a couple minutes when McCoy came back in the ring and took them both down. McCoy focused on Sue, where he hit WRONG SIDE OF THE BARREL!

McCoy pinned Sue, but Sue kicked out again.

Suddenly, Peacock came in and The Roller Disco on McCoy!

He then pinned McCoy, but McCoy kicked out again!

McCoy jumped up, dazed, and Peacock hit him with a big kick to the head.

Then out of nowhere, Peacock went for the SCHOOL BOY on McCoy.




Winner: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

Chris Peacock celebrates in the ring as his theme music plays, once again doing "The Travolta" dance.

Emerson McCoy is tipping over the ring steps on the outside in anger that he lost, and Sean Sue is sitting in the corner with his hands over his head.

Broc Lobster: THE DISCO DEVIL DOES IT! He gets the match.

Daiquan Andrews: And with a school boy roll up too! That move sure is getting popular.


As we return from the commercial break, we open in what appears to be a basic interview set up, a plain chair in the middle of the scene, a simple red backdrop with the Ground Zero Season 2 poster hung over it, and a somewhat portly, north-of-middle-aged man. Wearing an ugly brown sweater vest over a white dress shirt and black slacks, he looks more like a backstage producer than the actual backstage producer, currently affixing a mic to the collar of his sweater vest, does. Surely he's not one of the competitors for Ground Zero? No, he must be a guest judge of some kind, or a parent of one of the competitors, or some sort of non-active role. Surely.

"So last night I got an email from Google Earth." The man in the ugly sweater vest began, making idle conversation with the producer.

"Google Earth, huh?" The producer replied absently.

"Yeah." Ugly Sweater Vest Man continued, nodding. "The email said 'At Google Earth, we can read maps backwards.'"

"Oh really."

"And I thought to myself, 'Well, that's just spam.'"

There was a beat of silence. Ugly Sweater Vest Man raised his eyebrows and stared at the producer, smiling. The producer slowly lowered his head, let out a looooong breath, and tried not to cry.

Fade to black. Four words appear on the screen, words that explain so much.

~ 'Cool Stepdad' ~

Cut back to the interview. Ugly Sweater Vest Man - perhaps more well known as 'Phil Miller' and less well known as a 'Cool Stepdad' - now sits alone on the uncomfortable steel chair in the middle of the room, the unnamed backstage producer presumably vanished to a dark corner to rethink the choices in his life that led him to this moment.

"So, why don't you begin by introducing yourself?" A voice from offscreen, presumably a different producer, directed.

Phil Miller chuckled nervously, and waved a pale hand. "Hey. Uh, my name is Phil, Phil Miller. I'm forty-two years old, I'm an accountant from Detroit, Michigan, and I'm going to be the winner of Ground Zero: Season Two." He announced, with the exact amount of misplaced confidence you'd expect from a 42 year old accountant from Detroit.

"What prior experience do you have in a wrestling ring?" The offscreen voice asked.

"Well, I mean, technically none." Phil admitted, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "But I've, y'know, seen a wrestling ring. It's big, it's square, it has ropes around it. People store furniture underneath it. So you could say I'm pretty familiar with a wrestling ring, y'know?"

A pause. A cough in the distance. "Why is it that you believe FWA accepted you onto the Ground Zero roster, and furthermore, why Michael Garcia drafted you onto his team? What do you have that gives you an advantage over the dozens of other applicants?"

Phil replied instantly, tapping a palm against his chest. "A very big heart. Enlarged. Doctor said so. Experience can be taught, talent can be taught, but heart is something you can't teach. And I think having the heart to do whatever it takes to reach your goals is something FWA, and Michael Garcia too, understand, respect, and admire. I think Michael Garcia sees something in me, something that he's relied on to create the hall of fame career he has - and that something is Love."

The pause this time is slightly longer. Has Phil Miller even met Michael Garcia, let alone watched any of his matches? Michael Garcia doesn't have a loving bone in his body. The only 'Love' commonly associated with Michael Garcia might be a 'Love for hurting people.'

"Why did you sign up for Ground Zero?" The offscreen producer asked, perhaps echoing the questions of the viewers watching this portly accountant with zero knowledge of the product smile obliviously.

"For... Well... Look, let's state the obvious," Phil starts, the smile fading into an uneasy frown. "I'm not exactly the first thing you imagine when you think of a wrestler. I'm not ripped, I'm not seven feet tall, I don't have the natural talent when it comes to wrestling. I didn't even grow up watching it. For the past 42 years, I never gave wrestling more than a passing thought. I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for my stepson, in an attempt to understand his life and career choices, and to hopefully earn his love and admiration."

Phil Miller suddenly leaps to his feet, in a motion that takes at least two seconds longer than you would assume it does, and thrusts his finger in the air. "So watch out, Ground Zero! Phil Miller's coming for you, and he's got the motivation of a distant stepchild behind him!" He holds the pose awkwardly for several seconds longer than necessary, until mercifully, we fade to black.



The camera cuts away from Cool Stepdad, as Lizzie Rose is seen walking backstage in the walking room.

She's full of glee as she's about to partake in tonight's main event.

The Team Goddess ace is smiling ear to ear as her match is about to start.

When suddenly...



A golf club hits Lizzie right in the left knee cap!

Lizzie hits the ground immeaditly and tears begin to go down her face from both the pain and the sadness.

Lizzie Rose: WHY! WHY!

She screams in tears.

The camera zooms out to show Team Carnivore's Putter Green standing there with a huge smile on his face.

He yells out...

Putter Green: FORE!

As he whacks Lizzie in the knee a second time with the club before throwing it down to the ground.

Lizzie continues to scream and cry, as Green jaunts away proud of what he done.

Security and medics rush to Lizzie's aid as the screen quickly cuts away from the tears going down her face.


We return from another commercial to an empty ring and a silent crowd.

Broc Lobster speaks with a solemn voice.

Broc Lobster: So ladies and gentlemen...moments before the break, we witnessed a horrible attack on Team Goddess star Lizzie Rose. She was set to compete in this upcoming match, and now because of that we have a delay. Team Goddess now has to select a replacement for her.

Daiquan Andrews: I don't...I don't even have any words to say man. That attack was just nasty. Absolutely terrible. Man dat girl aint do nothing to deserve that.

Broc Lobster: No, no she didn't. Leave it to Team Carnivore to do something so dirty and despicable.

Daiquan Andrews: Man Garcia probably put that fool up to it.

Broc Lobster: We don't know that for sure. But one thing is certain, Putter Green is a despicable man. We don't know what the status currently is for Lizzie. What we do know is she was rushed to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, which is thankfully right across the street from the arena. She obviously isn't going to compete tonight, and her status for the remainder of this season of Ground Zero is obviously in jeopardy.

Daiquan Andrews: BUT DA SHOW MUST GO ON!

Broc Lobster: That is correct. We have just gotten word that Grayce Riley Mendoza has been chosen by Gabrielle to replace Lizzie. She and Burr will compete for Team Goddess. If they lose, Team Goddess could potentially be down to just three contestants to open next week's show.

The coaches have chosen their strongest and weakest contestants from their teams.

Let's see how it plays out.

All three teams enter the ring, and are in their respective corners.

Main Event
Team Goddess vs Team Carnivore vs Team Rockstar
First person pinned is automatically eliminated from the show
Team to get the pin can eliminate a contestant of their choosing

Representing Team Goddess:

Grayce Riley Mendoza (Strongest)
Joe Burr (Weakest)

Representing Team Carnivore:

Caesar (Strongest)
"The FORE Horeseman" Putter Green (Weakest)

Representing Team Rockstar:

Koncho Hao (Strongest)
Steve The Techno Vampire (Weakest)

The Beginning:

The bell rings with all three of the weakest contestants in the ring. Burr immediately goes after Putter Green in a rage, as Steve Vampire chills back and watches.

Burr keeps landing punch after punch on Putter Green, until finally Green gets away and tags in Caesar.

Caesar comes in and takes down Vampire first.

He then focuses on Burr, who quickly tags in Grayce Riley Mendoza.

The Middle:

Grayce and Caesar go toe to toe for a solid couple of minutes in the ring.

Finally, Steve Vampire ends up getting up and tagging Koncho Hao!

Hao comes in and hits an inverted DDT on Riley Mendoza!

He pins her, but Caesar quickly breaks it up.

Grayce tags in Joe Burr.

He comes jumping in!

But Caesar catches him, and hits
Damnatio Memoriae in MID AIR!

The crowd is shocked at the move, as Caesar than puts Hao in The Triumph (Masterlock).

Hao is stuck.

But he manages to push himself and Caesar over to Steve Vampire, who tags in.

The Middle:

After a short while of fighting back and forth, Steve Vampire has control of the match. With both Caesar and Burr on the ground, Vampire decides who to go after first.

He wisely chooses Burr, and picks him up, but Burr suddely hits him with an upper cut!

Steve Vampire stumbles backwards, as Burr tags Grayce Riley back in!

Grayce clotheslines Vampire.

She pins him!




It gets broken up by Caesar.

Grayce focuses on Caesar, but Caesar takes her down with a kick to the gut, followed by a DDT.

Caesar than tags in Putter Green.

Green smiles as he looks to attack Grayce Riley. He kicks her in the ribs, getting satisfaction of hurting another one of Team Goddess' members.

He screams "How's Lizzie" as he punches Grayce in the face.

Burr is on the apron going crazy with anger at Green.

Suddenly, Grayce fights back.

She hits Green with an upper cut, and then pounces on him LOU THEZ PRESS STYLE.

The End:

While Green and Grayce are fighting, Vampire tags in Hao.

Hao comes rushing in to attack Grayce Riley Mendoza.

He pounces on her, allowing Putter Green to then tag in Caesar again.

Grayce is furious as Putter Green escapes the ring, and gets far away from the apron as he looks back with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Caesar goes straight for Hao.

Hao and Caesar go back and forth for a minute or so, as Grayce Mendoza tags in Joe Burr!

Caesar gets full control of Hao, and almost has him in another Triumph! But Hao gets away at the last second, and dives for a tag to Steve The Techno Vampire!

Steve The Techno Vampire comes running in and CLOTHESLINES Caesar!

Caesar falls to the ground in pain and rolls out of the ring.

Steve The Techno Vampire searches for Burr in the ring, ready to finish this...

But Burr is behind him!

Burr rolls up Steve The Techno Vampire WITH A SCHOOL BOY!





Winners: Joe Burr and Grayce Riley Mendoza
Eliminated: Steve The Techno Vampire (Team Rockstar)

Broc Lobster: HE did it! Joe Burr got the win for Team Goddess! What a huge moment for him.

Daiquan Andrews: Even bigger news, Steve The Techno Vampire's storybook journey comes to a disappointing end.

Broc Lobster: Not only does Team Goddess avoid elimination now, but they also get to eliminate one more person from either Team Rockstar or Team Carnivore. Who will they pick?

Daiquan Andrews: Are...are you asking me? Or was that like a rhetorical thing?

Broc Lobster: It was a rhetorical thing.

Daiquan Andrews: Oh. Well you gotta say that then man I was confused.

Broc Lobster: Never the less, we'll find out after this last commercial break!


All three teams are in the ring now, as they all stand behind their coaches.

Gabrielle: Well boys, it looks like my team won.

Mike Garcia and Randy Ramon both look on in disappoint at their teams, as their teams look on in fear that anyone of them could get axed.

Gabrielle: What do you think Joe? You were the hero tonight. He do we get rid of. Randy's big star Chris Peacock? Or Mike's big star Marcus McClain? Hmm...or maybe Caesar.


Joe speaks.

Joe Burr: No...HIM!

Joe points angrily at Putter Green.

Putter Green looks shocked and offended, giving a "why me" look.

Gabrielle: Ah, I get it. I probably would've took out one of their stronger guys, but I get it. For Lizzie, right?

PUTTER GREEN (Team Carnivore) has been Eliminated.

Our host Dave Sullivan speaks from the entrance ramp as the the credits begin to roll over the screen.

Dave Sullivan: So there we have it folks, Putter Green is our last elimination of the night! And rightfully so after his brutal attack on Lizzie Rose. Perhaps an anti climatic ending for him after his actions...but maybe this isn't the last we've seen of him?

Tune in next week for Episode Four, where we'll have THREE eliminations!

That's all folks.

The crowd cheers as the third episode of Ground Zero comes to an end.

Putter Green is furious, wrecking the entire ring side. Broc Lobster and Daiquan Andrews have long fled the commentary table as Putter Green continues to destroy it, and the screen fades to black.

The camera cuts to the back to footage taken a few hours before the show, in what looks like some kind of medical area of the house where we see Lizzie Rose. Sat on a bed, her feet swinging nervously clad in a “Team Gabby” shirt and of course, her knee has an ice pack taped to it, in a vain attempt to keep down the massive amount of swelling caused by getting clobbered by a golf club as a doctor looks over the damage.

“I’m sorry Lizzie, but I can’t clear you to wrestle tonight and if I can’t clear you..I’m sorry you’re going to have to pack your ba-”

Lizzie Rose:


Jesus. The doctor actually takes a step back really freaking alarmed by the abruptly shrill and distressed high pitched scream that could shatter light bulbs from Lizzie Rose.

Doctor: “....”

Lizzie Rose: “....I think I might have underestimated the volume of my voice there. Sorry…

Awkward beat of silence

Lizzie Rose: “Mr Doctor man! You can’t kick me out! Please! Please! Please! This is all I ever wanted! It’s my dream! I was going to move my family out of the ghetto. I told nana Rose I’d win! Nana Rose is watching right now. You can’t make me look like a liar in front of nana!”

Doctor: Look, there’s nothing I can do about clearing, But if you can prove that your knee is healing then maybe I won’t recommend you going home, but I gotta be honest even then it’s-

Even before the doctor finishes the statement, Lizzie had jumped down off the bed, sticking the landing, putting all the weight on that busted knee in a brazen show of how sturdy it is….Or at least that was the idea, instead Lizzie’s knee instantly buckles and we hear her involuntary whimper in pain. We heard it. She heard it. The doctor surely heard it, but Lizzie tries it off, coldly causally playing off the moment, clearly biting her lip trying to stifle her pain.

Lizzie Rose: “Oh-! Which knee is shattered? I honestly forgot.. I’m just going to the ring...ow...ow...ow...ow...

She clearly limps out the door, trying to cry out in pain too loudly.

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Four
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Taped from Dublin, Ireland at Sullivan Manor


The camera spans in to show the make shift High School gym sized arena beneath the depth's of Sullivan Manor in Dublin, Ireland. There are only about 100 fans in attendance tonight for this exclusive event.

The ring is set up as normal in the smaller arena, and the commentators table is set up as well.

Broc Lobster: Welcome all to a one time exclusive event, where we're airing from Sullivan Castle!

Daiquan Andrews: Damn man this place is spooky. I swear the pictures of Sullivan on the walls...their eyes follow yo ass when you walk past em. And don't even try to find the bathroom. Man I got lost.

Broc Lobster: You got lost going to the bathroom?

Daiquan Andrews: This place is a maze man. A huge creepy maze.

Broc Lobster: Anyway...we've got a huge episode tonight. THREE eliminations. It looks like Lizzie Rose, due to the injury last week, is going to be eliminated here at the beginning of the show. Then we're going to see a second elimination pair of eliminations tonight. And here comes Sullivan now!

Dave Sullivan comes out to the ring with a smile and a wave to the crowd. He has a microphone in his hand. The coaches soon follow him, and stand outside the ring.

Dave Sullivan: Welcome to my home! Mi casa, su Casa! Except you Gabby...keep your fingers off my stuff.

Anyway, Gabby...speaking of you, I've got some bad news.

Lizzie Rose was not cleared to compete. Therefor, she is eliminated from the show.

The small crowd boos in disappointment.

Suddenly, Lizzie Rose limps out to the ring!

Lizzie Rose: NO! I am here! I can compete.

Her leg is completely taped up.

Dave Sullivan:'s clear, you can't. I am sorry, but we-

Lizzie Rose: I am NOT going home. Let me prove it...

Dave Sullivan: Fine. You know what, we're going to have a match. A triple threat match. Coaches, you pick your weakest contestant. Whoever gets the pin stays. The other two, go home.

Broc Lobster: What! This is huge! Lizzie Rose is going to compete.

Daiquan Andrews: I don't know how dat girl plans on doing it. She can barely walk!

Broc Lobster: But dammit she has grit!


Lizzie Rose (Team Goddess) vs Moto Moto (Team Carnivore) vs Sean Sue (Team Rockstar)
Winner stays, losers are eliminated.

The Beginning:

The bell rings and Moto Moto goes directly at Lizzie, but Sean Sue runs up and attacks Moto Moto first.

Moto Moto grabs Sue, and tosses him into the corner. Suddenly, Lizzie jumps on top of Moto Moto and is on his back. She has her arm around his neck as she punches away at the beast.

Moto Moto throws her off!

She lands on her knee, and rolls out of the ring in pain.

The Middle:

Moto Moto and Sean Sue continue to brawl it out.

Moto Moto hits a spinebuster on Sue!

He pins Sue!



But Sue kicks out.

Moto Moto continues to tear Sue apart.

He tosses him into one corner. Then another. Then another.

Finally, Sue fights back.

Moto Moto and Sue are now brawling in the ring.

The End:

Moto Moto has Sue in a bear hug now!

Sue looks like he's can't breath, when finally the grip loosens.

Sue hits Moto in the end, and Double M drops him.

Out of nowhere, a jumping DDT!

Sue just took down Moto Moto!

Sue is about to pin Moto Moto when...





Winner: Lizzie Rose (Team Goddess)
Eliminated: Sean Sue (Team Rockstar) and Moto Moto (Team Carnivore)

Broc Lobster: I can't believe it! Lizzie did it! She beat Sean Sue and Moto Moto!

Daiquan Andrews: Man this is crazy. That girl wasn't even supposed to compete tonight. How she do that?

Broc Lobster: I don't know but this girl has grit. She went from being an ace on Team Goddess, to now an underdog. Can she win this competition in spite of this devasating knee injury? So far, she's proving she has a chance.

Lizzie continues to celebrate in the ring with the rest of Team Goddess as we cut to a commercial break.


When we return from the commercial break, we see Daphne Shelley in the middle of the ring with a microphone, and she looks furious.

The crowd cheers her name as she stands firm in the ring.

Daphne Shelley: Last week, my mother costed me a win against Nicole Valander. She costed me a chance to get ahead on this show, and make a career for myself. Wearing my jeans? Okay. Snooping through my room? Sure.

But when you interfere with my career, you are betraying everything about our relationship.

I want to know one thing...why.

You come out here, and tell me why.

Why you had to cost me my match first of all.

And second, why you had to come here in the first place. You aren't a wrestler. You didn't put any of the training I did to get onto this show. Yet here you are.

So explain to me, mother dearest, why you had to follow me here.

Because it might be the last conversation we have as a family...

Daphne waits patiently in the ring.

It seems like nothing is going to happen when suddenly...

Janet's theme song hits, as she comes out to the entrance ramp with a microphone in her hand.

Janet Shelley: You have always been an entitled little brat, haven't you? It's always been about you! I gave you everything. I fed you, I clothed you, I bathed you. I bought you a car, I paid for your cellphone.

And yet, you aren't grateful.

You want to "Make a name for yourself" and go on and be a big dangerous wrestler?

Daphne, you don't realize it, but you need me.

You think you're a grown up, but you're not.

I see the same little girl who's diapers I changed.

The little girl who wet herself on the playground and needed mommy to come and clean her up. That's what I see you as, and that's what I always will see you as. You aren't an adult. And you certainly aren't going to be some professional wrestler. I came here, to make sure of it. To make you avoid that mistake. Because I'm your mommy, and I care about you Daphne. Some day you're going to realize that, and you're going to thank me.

Daphne has heard enough.

She interrupts her mother.

Daphne Shelley: You are a monster.

Don't feed me that bullshit about this being about me.

This is about YOU.

You can't handle that I am going to be more successful than you. You're so vain, so shallow.

I am not doing this anymore...

You're going to fight me...tonight.

You're going to get what's coming to you...

Janet Shelley: I am not fighting my own Daughter.

Daphne Shelley: You won't have a choice. You're going to fight me, or I'm going to make you fight me...

Janet Shelley: Fine.

So bet it.

But you did this to yourself.

We're going to fight.

And if I win, you go home. Where you belong.

Daphne Shelley: That sounds good to me, because if I win, you go home!

Daphne drops the mic. As she stares her mother down in the ring.

Broc Lobster: Holy shit! We're getting a huge main event tonight! Mother vs Daughter. Loser goes home!


"Big Mack" Marcus McClain (Team Carnivore) vs "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock and Koncho Hao (Team Rockstar)

The Beginning:

The bell rings, and McClain clotheslines Peacock.

Koncho Hao jumps at him, and the two brawl in the ring.

McClain looks like he's going to get an advantage, when Peacock gets back up and the two begin to double team McClain.

They back McClain in the corner and continue to beat at him.

The Middle:

It looks like McClain can't handle both Peacock and Hao,

But suddenly Big Mack gets an opening. He takes down Hao with a spear. And then hits Peacock with a spinebuster!

It looks like McClain might win, when he pins Peacock!




But Peacock kicks out!

The End:

It's an all out brawl as Hao and Peacock try to take down McClain, but McClain refuses.

Hao hits McClain, McClain hits Hao.'

Peacock hits McClain, McClain hits Peacock.

McClain hits Hao.

McClain hits Peacock.

Suddenly the match ends up going to the outside of the ring. Both men are on the outside, as the fight goes into the crowd.

The referee tries to get both sides back in the ring, but there's no regulation at this point.

Winner: No Contest

Broc Lobster: What? We aren't getting a finish?

Daiquan Andrews: Man this is some BULL. A match containing possibly the three best dudes on the roster. I wanted to see who would win!

Broc Lobster: I guess it's too early for us to see that kind of separation. It looked like McClain would, but who knows. All three of these guys are so talented! And guess what, I have just been told that after that break we'll be getting an interview from McClain himself!


“Big Mack” Marcus McClain stands in front of a backdrop with the Ground Zero logo plastered on it in the center.

Marcus McClain: You know, ever since my first appearance on Ground Zero, people have been wanting to hear from me.

They want to know my story, want to know why I’m here. First of all it’s really simple why I’m here, because I want to be an FWA star.

Now, I know that will not come easy, hell nothing in life ever does, I know that from experience.

Marcus pauses briefly and thinks for a second before continuing.

Marcus McClain: That won’t stop me though, it never has.

No matter what obstacles life has thrown my way, I manage to get through it.

There was a time in my life where I thought that I may never be able to get through though, but I persevered and now I stand here before the world today.

I know how much some of these competitors want this opportunity, how hungry they really are, but I also know how much I want this and how much I need this...

This is my second chance to find my purpose in life, and I won’t let it be taken away from me again…

With that, McClain walks off and the interview is over.


Joe Burr (Team Goddess) vs Stu Grimes (Team Carnivore)
School Boy Showdown Match
(Winner Must Win by School Boy)


A close match the entire way through, but Joe Burr was just unable to roll up Stu Grimes for a school boy!

Burr tried and tried, but it appeared his first school boy on Grimes was an absolute fluke like predicted by everyone.

Grimes ended up hitting a chokeslam on Burr.

He needed to get on his knees in order to roll him up, but when he did it was pretty easy to pin all his weight down on Burr.

Burr had absolutely no chance.

Winner: Stu Grimes (Team Carnivore)

Broc Lobster: What an intense match! The fairy tale run for Joe Burr finally comes to a halt, as Grimes drags Burr out of the clouds and crashing down to reality.

Daiquan Andrews: What a shame man. I hope Burr bounces back, but I'm afraid he had his run of momentum in this thing.


Sullivan Manor...a magnificent, splendorous architectural marvel nestled in the rolling green hills of Ireland. Renovated with modern comforts, but retaining its Old World charm, it's not hard to see why FWA World Champion and Ground Zero host Dave Sullivan chose this as his new residence.

However, like most medieval fortifications, there's more to this castle than meets the eye.

Deep in the bowels of the castle are dark, damp cellars and dungeons that have been left unattended, presumably either because Sullivan hasn't gotten around to it or has no interest in it.

But Konchu Hao? That's a different story.

We find our masked malevolent would-be overlord sitting cross-legged in one such cellar, with candles and burning incense all around him as he himself is dead center in the middle of a ring of crystalline gemstones. He is chanting something in an incomprehensible language, but stops in the middle of his incantation to look directly into the camera.

"Kehahaha! It seems that I've been followed. A minor inconvenience. It's not as if there's anything you can do to halt what I am doing. Mr. Sullivan is a very ferocious warrior and he has excellent taste in domiciles, but even HE is unaware of the true power that dwells within his walls.

"This castle is an old relic, and within its stones dwells the restless and vengeful spirits of a hundred mighty Gaelic warriors. Once I've completed this seance and communed with these spirits, I will obtain even greater power than I had before! Their wrath will spur my own, and grant me the strength I need to OBLITERATE my opposition on my way to obtaining the contract for Season the Second of Ground Zero!

"This is what separates me from the rank and file neophytes of Ground Zero, you know. Certainly, in terms of raw physical strength, agility, and technique, even I will admit that my opponents are my equals in these regards. But unlike those jelly-brained nincompoops, I am a master of the dark arts of magic and science! I have communed with specters and studied the formulas of the world's most potent alchemists. What's a man's physical strength verses the militant might of an army of angry Irish ghosts?! Do you even know just how powerful the cold grasp of an Irish ghost is? Has your feeble mind even grasped that a ghost grasp is a superior grasp to just about any grasp...well, not counting the grasp of an elderly Romani mystic who's spent a bit too much time imbibing on natural hallucinogens. I tell you, there's quite a few of my peers who could improve their grappling game by spending a summer with Bachano when he's had his special mushrooms..."

Konchu kind of rambles for a bit about vice-like grips, mushrooms, and old hermits before shaking his head to get back on track.

"Regardless! I will admit that this seance isn't entirely necessary. Randall Ramon has already admitted to the world that he sees me as the strongest member of his team, proving that he is a man of wisdom and superior intellect. Clearly, Randall has recognized that, while I might not have been his first pick? I am definitely the key to his success. Not that the feeling's mutual, mind you. While I appreciate his confidence, even if I didn't have it? I'd still be the one to beat in Ground Zero. They call me 'Mad.' 'MAD!' Is it madness to dive into the middle of a frigid lake on the hunch that some long-forgotten scrolls are buried in a chest on the lake bed wearing nothing but a loincloth? Is it MADNESS to drink a concoction of poisons and venom brewed from a shaman in the Amazon rainforest in order to have a conversation in the afterlife with Karl Marx? It's only madness because the world is full of cowards unwilling to accept that hypothermia and being poisoned is a small price to pay to learn EVERYTHING this world has to offer! Knowledge IS power. A power none of my adversaries have the ability or drive to grasp. So just stand there and watch...bear witness to the power of an ancient glory! KEHAHAHA!"

Konchu's cackles echo for a bit before returning to the same eldritch chanting. And to our surprise, the gemstones surrounding Konchu begin to shake a bit...or do they? Are our eyes playing tricks on us? Is the Mad Wizard about to summon...

"Jubakara! JUBAKARA!"

Konchu's trance is interrupted by a series of incoherence babbles coming off screen. Even through the mask, you can see Konchu's right eye twitch in irritation as he turns towards the babbling.

"EPSILON! What did I tell you about interrupting me in the middle of important rituals?!"

The babbling continues as Konchu listens. Despite the voice making no coherent sense, Konchu seems more than capable of understanding this "Epsilon."

"No, I don't care about what shiny rocks you found out on the castle grounds. You shouldn't even be out wandering around in the first place. I'm allowed to be here due to the Ground Zero partnership. You are not, and the only reason you're here is because I..."

More babbling from Epsilon...but this time? Konchu's annoyed expression changes to one of shock.

"Wait...say that again?"

Epsilon repeats his sentence, albeit a bit slower. Koncho's expression immediately shifts to one of rampant curiosity.

"You're certain that you saw the symbol? You are 100% certain of that?!"

Epsilon grunts in affirmation as Koncho scratches his chin.

"Is he aware that it's here? Did Sullivan know about that when he procured this estate? That...that is incredible. But I cannot...I have to be certain. Epsilon! Can you lead me to those rocks?"

Epsilon once again grunts off-screen as if to say "Yes." Konchu immediately stands up and starts snuffing out the candles and smothering the incense braziers as he says:

"Well, it would appear a demonstration of my power will have to wait for another day. Urgent matters have come to my attention, and I must investigate. However! Make no mistake about it...this season of Ground Zero belongs to the Master of the Dark Arts, the leader of the Army of the Night...Konchu Hao! So, to any and all who would stand in my way, consider this! You can either submit to your new master now and join my righteous crusade towards the complete and utter domination of this pathetic world...or end up just another victim to my devious machinations! So whether it's Michael Garcia's or Gabrielle Montgomery's teams of lesser mortals or even my own teammates, I will not be denied what is rightfully mine! Soon, I will raise an army of minions and sweep across the world like some kind of random arthropod swarm until the world is blackened by the shadow of my GENIUS! Bow down! Submit to your new overlord! And bear witness to the dark mystical arts of the one...the only...KONCHU HAO! KEHAHAHA!!!

''...Epsilon, this had better be what you said it was. I swear to all Fourteen Aspects that if this is just another dead squirrel..."

Konchu continues to mutter and ramble as he exits the cellar, leaving behind his divination tools...


Grayce Riley Mendoza and Nicole Valander (Team Goddess) vs "Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller and "The Screaming Behemoth" Charles Newry (Team Carnivore)


Grayce Riley opened the match against Miller, and it looked like Riley got the upperhand as she actually pinned Miller a couple times, but Miller kicked out. Miller then tagged in Newry, and the giant came in and swung momentum back towards Team Carnivore.

Newry looked like he was going to put Riley away, but she tagged in her partner Nicole Valander who really did a great job of taking Newry down.

Valander than tagged in Riley, who hit Newry with an RKO.

She pinned him, but Newry kicked out at 2.

Riley than tagged in Valander, who immediately hit a frog splash on Newry and went for the cover.




Winners: Nicole Valander and Grayce Riley (Team Goddess)

Broc Lobster: The talented Nicole Valander gets the pin for Team Goddess!

Daiquan Andrews: Riley looked good here too. Team Goddess really has a talented crop of female talent. Meanwhile, Team Carnivore takes the loss. And if you asked me who it would be that got pinned, I'd tell ya Cool Stepdad. But it was Newry who costed his team.

Broc Lobster: That might have dire implications as this thing tightens up.


Broc Lobster: Welcome back from the break! We have a big match tonight. A showdown between Team Carnivore and Team Rockstar. Caesar vs Emerson McCoy. Throughout the week the fans voted in what the match stipulation would be.

Daiquan Andrews: And it looked for a moment like it was going to be a tables match, but then Falls Count Anywhere got in there. It ended up being a tie when it was all said and done, wasn't it Broc. And who did host Dave Sullivan ask to break the tie breaker?

Broc Lobster: ME!

Daiquan Andrews: So tell us Broc, what is the match going to be.

Broc Lobster: We are in Dave Sullivan's CASTLE. I had no had to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Daiquan Andrews: Awwwww SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK. This gonna be good.

Caesar (Team Carnivore) vs "The Renegade" Emerson McCoy (Team Rockstar)
Fans Vote Match
The Fans voted and the winning result: Falls Count Anywhere

The Beginning:

The match starts in the ring as Caesar and Emerson McCoy brawl it out.

It starts with a fist fight but soon ends up on the ground.

McCoy appears to get control, as he tosses Caesar out of the ring. The two now brawl on the outside as the small crowd cheers on.

The Middle:

Suddenly, McCoy spears Caesar through the gym doors and the two are now in Sullivan's basement hallway.

McCoy takes a painting of Sullivan off the wall, and smacks Caesar in the head with it.

Meanwhile Caesar takes a creepy looking candlestick, and he starts beating McCoy with it.

The two end up brawling their way upstairs.

The End:

Now in the kitchen, McCoy slams Caesar through Sullivan's kitchen table! Sullivan can't be happy, as the two end up going over his couch in the living room of the castle.

Suddenly, Caesar throws McCoy out a large window as the two end up in Sullivan's outside garden away.

In the garden, the two continue to brawl.

Caesar hits Crossing The Rubicon (Cross Rhodes)

Right in the middle of Sullivan's garden!

He covers McCoy for the pin.




Winner: Caesar (Team Carnivore)

Broc Lobster: WOW! Caesar gets the big win. What a destructive match. Caesar proves here though that he might be the man to beat on the roster. And McCoy takes a bit of a hit with the loss.

Daiquan Andrews: Dave Sullivan cannot be happy about all that damage to his home...but...oh well! God knows he got the money.


The camera can be seen backstage sneaking up to a castle room of host Dave Sullivan. The camera man doesn't let Sullivan know he's there, as executive producer Forbes Rooney is in there with him.

Muffled arguing can be heard from outside the cracked door, as the camera man gets closer the audio becomes more clear.

Forbes Rooney: Sullivan, I don't care how talented you think she is. You have to cut her. It is a liability!

Dave Sullivan: Look, that girl has way too much talent. We can't just cut her loose.

Forbes Rooney: It isn't up to you, and it isn't up to me. We could get sued, Sullivan!

Dave Sullivan: Just...just give her a few more weeks. We still haven't even proved this is necessary yet!

Forbes signs, as he takes off his glasses and rubs his temples.

Forbes Rooney: Okay...okay fine. I'll have my people dig deeper. You have until they figure it out, but when I tell you it's time to cut her loose, you gotta cut her loose. Got it?

Dave Sullivan: I understand...


Daphne Shelley (Team Goddess) vs Janet Shelley (Team Rockstar)
Loser Goes Home


Daphne fought with much more violence than Janet. Daphne appeared to be fighting with anger throughout the match. Too much anger in fact, as Janet took psychological advantage. She knows her daughter well.

But still, the two women went neck and neck.

Mother and daughter.

Janet appeared to take control at the climax of the match, hitting several big slams and getting some key pinfal attempts. But with each pinfall, Daphne kicked out.

Things took a huge turn when Daphne ended up getting Janet caught after a failed kick, and Daphne put her in an ankle lock!

Janet had no other choice but to tap out and finally give up.

Winner: Daphne Shelley (Team Goddess)
Eliminated: Janet Shelley (Team Rockstar)

But Daphne kept going! She kept attacking her mother's ankle! She would not let go!

Members of both Team Goddess and Team Rockstar had to rush in and pull Daphne off of her mother!

Janet meanwhile nursed her ankle, as they dragged Daphne away to the back.

Broc Lobster: Janet Shelley is eliminated! What a big result!

Daiquan Andrews: Did you see the fire in Daphne's eyes! Going after her mother like that? She had determination. She might make a professional wrestler after all.

Broc Lobster: Team Rockstar meanwhile takes a huge hit tonight! Just like that they're down to just three members! The other two teams still have five. Team Rockstar though didn't get a single win tonight!

Daiquan Andrews: It sounds like they gotta get their shit together.

Broc Lobster: I agree with you, for once, Daiquan. But that's it for tonight.
Meanwhile big week...not only will we have two eliminations...but we're going to have a superstar return! In the main event, we'll see a 15 Man Royal Rumble featuring 15 previously eliminated contestants. The winner returns to the active roster. This is literally anybody's show to win right now.

Good night everyone!

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Five
Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Taped from BC Place in Vancouver, Canada


The fireworks blast off as the small crowd in BC Place gets pumped up for another episode of Ground Zero.

Broc Lobster: Hello FWA fans! This is Broc Lobster here, and we're here at BC Place just right down the road from where we'll be seeing the FWA's 15th Anniversary Show at the Rogers Center, because today is October 7th and that show is going live October 9th!

Daiquan Andrews: Really? It feels like we're much later in the month than that. Didn't the Anniversary show already happen?

Broc Lobster: I have no idea what you're talking about. This show is taking place on October 7th.
Daiquan Andrews: No man remember, Devin Golden and Randy Ramon defe-

Daiquan Andrews: Alright chill, damn.

Broc Lobster: So tonight we have a special night. We have TWO elimination matches, which will take place in the form of triple threat matches. Whoever gets pinned is out. And then, for our main event, a Second Chance Royal Rumble featuring contestants who have been eliminated from the show. Whoever wins gets a spot back on the team with the least amount of contestants.

Daiquan Andrews: My money is on Sauce Man.


"The Behemoth" Charles Newry (Team Carnivore) vs Grayce Riley (Team Goddess) vs "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock (Team Rockstar)


This match was a thriller. It started with Newry dominating both Riley and Peacock, but losing endurance quickly. Peacock and Riley both then teamed up to take down Newry, but it was Riley who would make the huge surprise as she'd take Peacock out and then put Newry in an arm bar to force a submission and get the winner.

Meanwhile, Newry takes the loss and ends up being the latest contestant eliminated from Ground Zero.

Winner: Grayce Riley @ 8 minutes, 31 seconds
Eliminated: "The Behemoth" Charles Newry

AON click here.

Broc Lobster: Riley wins it! What a powerful win for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trained Grayce Riley. A powerful showing, as she may have just moved past Joe Burr, Nicole Valander, and Lizzie Rose as the ace of Team Goddess.

Daiquan Andrews: ....whu...what?

Broc Lobster: Were you just sleeping?

Daiquan Andrews: Naw man, I was just resting my eyes.


(The following was filmed on the last episode of Ground Zero)

It's somewhere within the Sullivan manor. Where exactly, is impossible to tell. After a while, the slate-grey brick walls and chandelier-aligned roofing all blended together to create an endless loop of lavish, if somewhat extravagantly unnecessarily so, rooms. According to the Valander Calander - available now only at - it's... Last week. Unlike previous segments, this doesn't seem to be some sort of interview or vignette. Infact, there's no sign of anyone... Until a man paced into view.

The man is, inexplicably, shirtless. His pale white gut reflected light with enough shine that he could probably start a small forest fire if he aimed his paunch well enough. Covered in sweat, perspiration positively pouring off of him like a leaking faucet, the man continued to pace, occasionally waving his arms around in a lackadaisical manner, doubtlessly drenching several of Dave Sullivan's treasured tapestries with sweat.

A second man, taller, bigger, significantly less sweatier, with a permanent scowl across his face, entered the room, past the inexplicably shirtless sweating man, and very nearly exited the room just as quickly as he entered, pausing as his eyes double-taked onto the sweating out-of-shape magnificence that is Phil Miller.

"For the grace of Theagenes of Thasos," Charles Newry, 'The Scheming Behemoth' began, looking less scheming and more revolted. "More than two hours have passed since our prior battle. How on earth are you still perspiring at such a disgraceful rate?"

The 5-star athlete he is, Inexplicably Shirtless Phil Miller and his one-pack shrugged, the motion sending a trio of sweatdrops to the ceiling, where they would remain a stain on the roof until Dave Sullivan replaced it. "Trust me, man. It's all in the jeans." He smirked, and pointed at his pants.

Charles Newry stared at Phil Miller. Then at Phil Miller's pants, which were decidedly not jeans. He stared back at Phil Miller, his face contorting into the kind of expression that would leave exit wounds. "Was that an attempt at wordplay-based fatherly humour?"

"A pretty successful attempt, I'd say."

Charles Newry grunted, shaking his head. "I would advise you to seek a medical professional about your excessive perspiration, least you aim to achieve a stench stronger than your cardiovascular system. Which I imagine isn't too difficult of a task to accomplish."

The thinly-veiled insult made a soft 'whizzing' sound as it flew over Phil Miller's head. "Yeah, you're probably right, Charlie. I'll call my doctor when I get back to the states, thanks bud." Phil slapped his palm against Charles Newry's, in a motion that could be described as a 'one-sided high five,' leaving a sweat stain on the back of Newry's fist.

Charles Newry stared at his hand in abject disgust, before producing a bottle of hand sanitizer with his other hand. He glanced between his stained hand and the oblivious smile of Phil Miller, before emptying the entire contents of the sanitizer bottle over his hand. "Imbecile." He muttered, leaving the scene.

Alone in the room, Phil Miller turned around, before fumbling his slightly-less-sweatier hand into the pocket of his pants, dragging out a phone. Glancing behind him, making sure he was alone, Phil began to dial.

"Please pick up, please pick up." He quietly mumbled, before his face lit up with joy. "Helen! Hey!" He exclaimed, delighted. "Yeah, I miss you too. How are the kids?"

Unintelligible muttering from the phone, barely audible from out of range.

"Tell them I miss them. Did you see this week's episode? I wasn't pinned!"

More unintelligible mumbling from the receiver.

"Well, yeah, I still lost, but I wasn't pinned! That's an improvement, right?" Phil remarked, fidgeting.

Resigned muttering. Phil Miller continued to pace, glancing nervously around.

"Yeah, but still. Did, ah, did Brent watch?"

A long beat of silence, before an apologetic tone of murmuring, and Phil's face fell, the delighted smile giving way to a saddened gaze.

"No, no, it's fine, I understand." Phil said, in a tone that implied he had said the same phrase too many times before. "He's got his own thing going, I'm sure he's waiting to binge the season when it's all over, watch his dad triumph all at once. Right?"

A sole mutter.

"Step-dad, right. Well, I got to go, Sullivan doesn't want people walking around his house without a camera crew. Had to sneak away just for this call. Love you and the kids, Helen."

Making a wet kissing noise at his phone, Phil hung up, dropping the now-sweaty phone on a nearby table, gazed out an open window, and let out a sigh. He idly rubbed a sweaty hand against the bruises on his back, feeling the stiff discomfort of muscles crying out in overexertion. His body hurt, it ached and groaned, as far as physical specimen went, Phil felt comfortable admitting he was on the far end of the scale.

He shouldn't be here. He wasn't an athlete, or anything close to it. He barely knew what he was doing, and his body screamed at him for it.

But as long as he still had a chance to win over the love and admiration of his stepson, he'd keep going until circumstances forced him to stop.

And so, wiping his forehead with yet another tapestry, Phil Miller turned and exited the room, vanishing from view.


Broc Lobster: Well we are back from commercial, and we have one more match before our Royal Rumble main event. Another triple threat match, same rules apply as the first one. Contestant to get pinned gets eliminated, the person to pin them gets bragging rights.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo man, question...didn't we used to have like immunity challenges and rewards and shit? What happened to that? Now we just have a bunch of boring old matches.

Broc Lobster: Uh, Daiquan, we were told by the execs to just pretend like that never happened...remember? If we don't acknowledge it, it never existed.

Daiquan Andrews: MAN that don't make no sense. You can't just erase history by pretending it never happened. Shit don't work that way...

The camera zooms in on Broc and Daiquan who both give a fourth wall breaking look to the camera.

Daphne Shelley (Team Goddess) vs "The Renegade" (Team Rockstar) vs "Big Mack" Marcus McClain (Team Carnivore)


Another tight match just like the first, that started out with McCoy looking like an early pin after getting wiped out by McClain, but Shelley ended up stepping in and taking McClain on.

This proved to be a costly mistake as McClain would quickly focus his attention on Shelley, and squash her with a huge spinerbuster out of nowhere. McClain would pin on Shelley and get a surprisingly fast victory.

Winner: "Big Mack" Marcus McClain at 2 minutes, 12 seconds
Eliminated: Daphne Shelley

Marcus McClain's new titantron plays as he pounds his chest after a dominant victory.


Broc Lobster: BIG MACK DOES IT AGAIN! A dominant squash for him, and a surprising loss for Shelley! Wow, I had Shelley going to the finals, Daiquan.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo but McCoy moves on! He's one of my FAVE FIVE right there.

Broc Lobster: And did you see that new titantron for McClain? That looks like some professional stuff!

Daiquan Andrews: I don't know looks like it was the fifth video ever made by some loser in his grandmother's basement who just bought a cheap version of Movavi to me.

Broc Lobster: Wow that's strangely specific...

Daiquan Andrews: I call it how I see it.


(This was filmed last week at Sullivan Manor)

We are cut to a random room in Sullivan's castle. Caesar is seen in his purple toga, examining the room. He once again notices the camera and turns to speak.

"Such grand architecture. Even I must commend it. Sullivan must've spent a fortune for it and thinking about such fortune sadly ends my admiration for it. For you see, in my time, we built such architecture ourselves rather than buying it. Like in many other things, our Roman civilization was known for their perfect architecture. Like in Alesia, against an army nearly as six times my size, I put that into test and ordered my legionnaires to build not one wall, but two walls. One, to keep Gauls in. And one, to keep them out. For you see, citizens of this modern but uncivilized world, I know how to win under any kind of circumstances. You can ask Vercingetorix, you can ask Pompey, you can ask Tiberius. And most certainly, you can ask Emerson McCoy."

Caesar's lips curl up into a smirk as he recalls his first singles match that took place just recently.

"The type of battle I was going to prove myself against Emerson was put into the vote of the people. While I must admire this practice of democracy -and yes, I am aware that's ironic given how I am still percieved by your biased records of history-, I must remind everyone that you do not simply get to choose the circumstances of your battles. With that being said, however, the choice of the people commanded that Caesar must fight in a Falls Count Anywhere match. A match, a battle without any boundaries. Must I remind once again that I am the man who is famous for crossing the most important boundary in history? When Pompey and his lackeys in senate threatened to take my Imperium away, I crossed the Rubicon and led my army into the city of Rome. But Emerson? I highly doubt he had crossed the borders of his farm much in his life. He had fighting spirit inside of him but he was not prepared for what he was about to face. And that led to his demise. Just like after when I defeated Pharnaces in Asia Minor in a quick victory while everyone else expected that to be a very long campaign, I will close this with three simple but effective words:

Veni. Vidi. Vici."

With his smirk growing even more cockier, Caesar shooes the cameraman away.


Broc Lobster: And we're back.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo we had two promos from Sullivan Manor in one episode. That's super weird.

Broc Lobster: Yeah I think people didn't realize Sulley, despite advertising that the entire show was going to take place at Sullivan Manor, changed it at the last second and then hoped nobody noticed. Even though he deleted the news article with the information about it, it seems like everyone sort of was locked into that thought that the show would be taking place at Sullivan Manor. Then instead, we ended up having shows at arenas instead.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo you were yelling at me for breaking the fourth wall, now you doin it! You gonna get us in trouble man.

Broc Lobster: Oh shit, my bad. Anyway, it's time for our main event. A 15 Man Royal Rumble match. Second person will get a spot back on the roster, the rest will go home and cry. Who will win?

Daiquan Andrews: Sauce Man! Sauce Man! Sauce Man!

15 Man Royal Rumble featuring previous Ground Zero Contestants.
Winner gets a spot on Team Rockstar

Moto Moto and Sean Sue start out first in the ring. Sean Sue doesn't last very long, as Moto Moto tosses him over the top rope before the third contestant even arrived.

Eliminated at 1: Sean Sue (2nd Entrant)

That third contestant happens to be none other than Putter Green. Moto Moto tries to make quick work of his former teammate from Team Carnivore, but is unable to as Putter held his own. Soon, Steve The Techno Vampire comes out at #4 followed by Sauce Man at #5!

The three of them work together to throw Moto Moto over the top rope!

Eliminated at 2: Moto Moto (1st Entrant)

All the women in attendance cry as Moto Moto has been eliminated from Ground Zero again. Next out at #6 is Johnathan McClean, and behind him at #7 is Noah The Roach!

Suddenly, Sauce Man appears outnumbered.

Steve The Techno Vampire grabs a microphone and starts shouting in it.

Steve The Techno Vampire: WE WILL NOT BE PUSHED DOWN ANY LONGER. We are the best talent on this show. And we have decided to team up against the rest who have disrespected us.

You can call us...the All Or Nothing Jobber Squad.

Because that's what we're in for...ALL...OR...NOTHING.

So get ready. The A.O.N Jobbers are here to wreck havoc.

As the A.O.N Jobber Squad featuring Steve The Techno Vampire, Putter Green, Johnathan McClean, and Noah The Roach is all together and looking to form an alliance. Sauce Man can't hold them off! Green and McClean toss Sauce Man over the top ropes!

Eliminated at 3: Sauce Man (5th Entrant)

All the men in attendance cry as Sauce Man has been eliminated now.

The next three entrants at #8, #9, and #10 are Guru Quang, Billy Gene, and The Ice Princess. All members of the A.O.N Jobber Squad.


The Next Rookie Sensation heads down the ramp, and sees the seven A.O.N Jobbers in the ring waiting for him to enter. He takes a deep breath and tries his best, but the 7 Man Army throws him over the top rope with ease.

Eliminated at 4: Leon Sandcastle (11th Entrant)

Next out to the ring is none other than Daphne Shelley! Eliminated just earlier tonight.

She runs in, and immediately goes at members of the A.O.N Jobbers. She tries her best, but they're about to take her out when...

It's #13, Janet Shelley!

Daphne's mom! The two feuded on the show just last week, when Daphne won a match and eliminated her!

She runs in the ring, and she saves Daphne! Together, the two of them try their best to fight back against the AON Jobbers.

They look like they're going to make a dent...when...

Oh no...

At #14, "The Behemoth" Charles Newry, who was also eliminated tonight.

Newry runs out to the ring, and he immediately helps his fellow AON Jobbers. He throws both mother and daughter out of the ring at the same time, as the two fall to the ground shocked.

They get up, and give each other a hug, reunited at last.

Eliminated at 5 and 6: Janet Shelley (13th Entrant) and Daphne Shelley (12th Entrant)

The now 8 man AON Jobber Army stands proud in the ring, ready for the 15th entrant...who is it going to be...



Broc Lobster: Wait! What? Who the hell is that!

Daiquan Andrews: He wasn't no eliminated contestant...what the...

Broc Lobster: I think...I think that's Reagan Cole! He's Roy Gibson's son in law. He's fought in some major companies, how do you not know him?

Daiquan Andrews: I don't watch any of those other wrestling companies. But I do know this dude was not an original contestant on Ground Zero.

Broc Lobster: NO, you're wrong...I'm looking here! It says he applied, his application just got lost in the shuffle, and he ended getting DQ'd as a result. But this is the Rumble of Second Chances! So here he is!

Daiquan Andrews: Well, no way he takes out the AON Jobber Army. There's 8 of them!

Cole runs in the ring, and right away he clotheslines Steve The Techno Vampire.

The other 7 jobbers jump on him, and it looks like a mosh pit as there's bodies everything. But suddenly, we see Billy Gene fly over the ropes.

Eliminated at 7: Billy Gene (#9)

Cole just eliminated Gene, and now...Cole just took out The Ice Princess and Johnathan McClean with a double clothesline!

Eliminated at 8 and 9: The Ice Princess (#10) and Johnathan McClean (#6)

That's three members of the AON army down.

Five left!

Guru Quang tries to run full speed at Cole to take him out, but Cole ducks and Quang goes over the top rope!

Eliminated at 10: Guru Quang (#8)

It's Cole against four other AON Jobbers now! Steve The Techno Vampire, Putter Green, Noah The Roach, and "The Behemoth" Charles Newry".

All four try to team up on Cole, but Cole is too elusive. He ends up taking Roach out of nowhere, and tossing him out of the ring.

The then clothesline both Steve The Techno Vampire and Putter Green to the mat.

Eliminated at 11: Noah The Roach (#7)

This is a massacre. The 8 members of the AON Army are getting eliminated one by one by this rambo like hero.

Newry and Cole end up going toe to toe in the ring,. Green and Techno Vampire are back up to their feet, and the three try to take Cole down. All three pick up Cole at once, and try to toss him out of the ring and over the top rope...


But Cole grabs the top rope on his way out, and he somehow hangs there!


Cole swings himself back in, just in time to dodge a Steve The Techno Vampire headbutt, sending the Dracula wannabe over the top rope and out of the ring.

Eliminated at 12: Steve The Techno Vampire (#4)

It's now just the #2 Entrant in Putter Green, the #14 Entrant with Charles Newry, and the #15 entrant with Reagan Cole. Cole has taken out SIX contestents...
It looks like his luck is running out now, as Newry finally has ran out of patience and takes him down with a boot.

He picks up Cole and is about to toss him over the ropes when...

IT'S LIZZIE ROSS. She attacks Putter Green from behind! Lizzie is on Putter Green now and has him in a sleeper! Newry puts Cole down to help Green. Green and Newry toss out Lizzie, but in the distraction...Cole throws Putter Green over the top topre!

Eliminated at 13: Putter Green (#3)

Green had a great run, but he's eliminated and ends up taking third in this rumble. Now it's just down to Entrant #14 and Entrant #15.

Newry and Green are both duking it out in the center. Meanwhile Putter Green is chasing Lizzie Rose outside the ring! Lizzie jaunts up the ramp as Green is close behind.

Suddenly Reagan Cole hits...THE FIRE OF COLE! Right in the middle of the ring.

Newry looks out of it on the mat.

Cole picks him up, but Newry uppercuts him. Cole falls back against the ropes, and Newry goes for a big boot...


Reagan Cole ducks, and Newry goes over the top and tumbling to the floor.

Eliminated at 14: "The Behemoth" Charles Newry

Reagan Cole has done it! He has eliminated eight straight contestants, and has earned himself a spot on the Ground Zero roster.

YOUR WINNER: REAGAN COLE at 19 minutes, 21 Seconds

Broc Lobster: Reagan Cole does it! Reagan Cole has won this Royal Rumble!

Daiquan Andrews: I can't believe it. That dude just eliminated eight straight men. Eight members of the All or Nothing (AON) Job Squad, he just single handedly took down. He has earned his spot on the roster.

Broc Lobster: And with Coach Ramon being down 3-4-4 compared to the other teams, Team Rockstar will be getting this energetic star. What an unbelievable show folks. Well, we're down to it now. After five episodes, 12 contestants remain with 4 on each of the three teams.

Who will be our next FWA star?

Find out next week!

Cole celebrates in the ring as his music goes off.

The crowd still stunned at his Royal Rumble performance.

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Six
Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Taped from Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington



"Big Mack" Marcus McClain comes out to open up the show. The crowd pops as the Team Carnivore store enters the ring with his music playing and his titantron on in the background.

The storms down to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Marcus McClain: We're just two weeks away from the finals. Two weeks away, from me being crowned as the Ground Zero Season 2 winner. I

Team Carnivore has some talent. I'll give my teammates from credit, Caesar is going to be one of the ones to beat.

But I'm telling you right now, nobody from Team Goddess or Team Rockstar is winning this.

Grayce Riley can't touch me.

Koncho Hao can't touch me.

And "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock definitely can't touch me.


And I'm going to be crashing into anyone who tries to get in my way to the FWA.

And I'll be proving that right here, right now, in this steel cage.

McClain drops the mic, as Chris Peacock's music hits and he heads to the ring for the first match.

Winner Qualifies for the Finals
Steel Cage match
"Big Mack" Marcus McClain vs "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

Right out from the gates, before the steel cage has even finished lowering, Chris Peacock sprints onto the offensive, laying into his larger opponent with a flurry of wicked strikes! Knowing that he'll be fighting from beneath, Peacock aims to stay on offense as much as possible to incapacitate Marcus McClain, this frenzies attack taking McClain off guard. Peacock goes for The Strut early on, only for McClain to deftly avoid the knee, and catches Peacock with a blazing uppercut! Despite Peacock's early sprint, McClain is quick to shake off the cobwebs, and catches Paacock with an earth-shattering spinebuster!

And just like that, Chris Peacock's early lead seems to have vanished.

Now on the offense, a role much more suited for him, Marcus McClain unloads with a trio of forearms to Peacock, his striking game equally as vicious as his powerhouse game. Peacock can only struggle to play defense and look for an opening, an opening that soon materializes after McClain telegraphed a big boot, which Peacock manages to duck, kick out the leg, and drop McClain with a Famouser! McClain rolls to the ropes, using the ropes and the cage to climb back to his feet - only for Peacock to catch him with a Shining Wizard, snapping McClain's face against the steel cage! This may be the opening Peacock needs!

Chris Peacock tries to drag Marcus McClain into the center of the ring for a pin cover, but quickly gives up the awkward attempt, deciding instead to start climbing the cage in an attempt to escape! But his foot snags on the top rope - wait, not the top rope, McClain's fist! Peacock kicks his grasp away, sending McClain reeling, then leaps with a deadly Axe Handle Smash...

Only for McClain to just catch him in midair and fucking yeet him into the side of the cage!

Peacock slumps, seeing stars and butterflies, and McClain glances at the cage, as if briefly considering climbing it to escape...

Before he dismisses the notion, and brutally crushes Peacock's body against the steel cage with a thunderous Mack Attack! McClain drags Peacock's body into the center of the ring!

One, two, three, it's over!

Winner: "Big Mack" Marcus McClain at 8 minutes, 14 seconds

Broc Lobster: BIG MACK DOES IT AGAIN! A dominating performance in the steel cage over Chris Peacock. This win makes Big Mack McClain the first official finalist...with just this episode and next week before the finals, this is huge for McClain.

Daiquan Andrews: You bet. This dude not gotsa confirmed spot in the ladder match finale to fight for an FWA contract.

Broc Lobster: Next week we will be having even more finalist matches, but until then we're going to be faced with TWO elimination matches coming up.


Broc Lobster: So folks, I didn't get a chance to welcome you at the beginning of the show, so WELCOME TO THE SIX EPISODE OF FIGHT NIGHT. After tonight we have just two episodes left of Ground Zero season two. TWO weeks until the finale where we will see a winner crowned, with a guaranteed contract in the FWA.

Daiquan Andrews: It don't matter...

Broc Lobster: What do you mean it doesn't matter? It definitely matters!

Daiquan Andrews: Say that all you want man. I'm calling it now, we gonna see at least four people on here make the FWA roster.

Broc Lobster: You know what, I think you're absolutely right. There is so much talent on this entire roster, that I think we do have more than one who ends up making it. However, that doesn't dilute from the end game for this show, because nothing is guaranteed...nothing except the final prize for this one, which is a guaranteed FWA contract. The winner of this show will fight in FWA. Anyone else has to prove their way even further like everyone else.

Daiquan Andrews: Up next tho...AN ELIMINATION MATCH. That's right. All three teams are sending someone home tonight, and Team Carnivore's match is up first. Whoever gets pinned, is eliminated!

Team Carnivore Triple Threat
Stu Grimes vs Phil Miller vs Caesar

This starts off slow, with an unlikely alliance between Caesar and Phil Miller, realizing the bigger (BIGGER) man is the clear threat. The two double-team Stu Grimes, first with a series of co-ordinated strikes to take Stu down a leg, then with a double DDT. It's then that Caesar shows his true colours - which everyone but one person saw coming - by taking out Miller with an Et Tu, Caesar?, thus making it clear that it's ultimately every man for himself. Caesar works over Miller, clearly the weakest link in the team, but keeps an eye on Stu Grimes, occasionally separating from Miller to kick Grimes out of interfering.

It's at this point that the tactic to isolate the weakest member backfires, as Caesar's focus on Grimes distracts him enough for Miller to surprise him with a jawbreaker, followed with an atomic drop, and finally a back body drop! Rarely on the offense, Miller celebrates - but in his celebration he forgets the ever-looming presence of Stu Grimes, who makes himself known by taking out both competitors with a double clothesline! Miller & Caesar find themselves in the worst place to be - stuck in a corner as Grimes charges at a significant pace, flattening them against the turnbuckle! He repeats the act twice more! Caesar slides down and out of the ring, while Miller stumbles forward - right into a Fallaway Slam! Grimes makes a cover, but Miller is too close to the ropes, and scores a rope break. Grimes transitions into a bearhug! Caesar rolls in, and tries to lock in The Triumph on Grimes! But he's too big, too tall, and Caesar struggles to lock the submission in!

Dropping Miller away from the bearhug, Grimes swings Caesar around with a snapmare, and grabs Caesar by the throat, lifting him high into the air with one hand, before dropping him on his face. Then he turns back to Phil Miller, stumbling uncoordinatedly, and lays him out with the Max Out! He raises a foot to place it on Miller's chest-

Only for Caesar to surprise him with a schoolboy rollup! Grimes' one weakness!


Grimes climbs back to his knees, but Caesar is younger, faster, lighter, and is there to catch Grimes with a vicious headbutt, stunning the giant! Caesar throws the Damnatio Memoriae, catching Grimes flush on the jaw, stunning him! Caesar follows with Crossing The Rubicon! Caesar takes a moment to observe both competitors, both unmoving, and elects to pin Stu Grimes.

One! Two! Three, it's over!

Winner: Caesar at 6 minutes, 32 seconds.
Eliminated: Stu Grimes (Team Carnivore)

Broc Lobster: A powerful win for Caesar, who gives Big Mack a run for his money as the ace of Team Carnivore.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo, I don't know how anyone gonna beat either of these two Team Carnivore boys. They are tough.

Broc Lobster: But meanwhile, the biggest carnivore of all has just been eliminated! I thought for sure it'd be Cool Stepdad, but Stu Grimes bites the bullet here with an elimination.


When we come back from a commercial, the eliminated Putter Green is standing in the ring getting boo'd by the crowd.

He has a golf club in one hand, and a microphone in the other.

The crowd continues to boo as Green taunts and shouts at them.

Putter Green: The pure absolute injustice that I've been dealt by this show.

I was the only person eliminated WITHOUT losing a match.

That's right, every other one of these losers had lost on their way out the door.

Not me, no instead that little snake Joe Burr pointed his finger at me with tears in his eyes, and said I was the one to go.

How is that fair?

It's not.

And then to further the injustice, I have by far the best performance in the Royal Rumble. I entered at #3, and last all the way till the far on MY way to win, when that little brat Lizzie Rose had to interfere, and cost me everything. Because of her is why I lost.

I am DEMANDING I get my spot back on the roster, and I'm not leaving until that happens.

The crowd boos, as Putter stays in the ring.

The booing goes on for about a solid minute, until finally...


Dave Sullivan: Well, I make a fair enough point.

But, your actions against Lizzie Rose where you ATTACKED her were absolutely atrocious. In my opinion, she had every right to get revenge in that Royal Rumble match.

But, you're did get the...short end of the stick.

Sullivan gestures at Putter's short height as the crowd chuckles.

Dave Sullivan:'s the deal.

We're going to settle this little spat with you and Lizzie Rose once and for all.

Because TONIGHT...

You'll be fighting her...

The crowd roars with excitement at the idea of seeing Lizzie get her final revenge on Green.
You'll be fighting her in an I Quit Match.

Loser is off of Ground Zero for good.

If Putter wins...he gets Lizzie spot on the roster.

And with that, the crowd boos, fearing that Putter might defeat the fan favorite Lizzie Rose, who was seen still walking with a knee brace earlier in the night.

Putter smiles in the ring, knowing he's gotten just what he wanted.


Broc Lobster: Well we're back, and we have our main event set. Lizzie Rose will finally have a chance at revenge, when she'll fight Putter Green in an I Quit match. If Lizzie loses, Putter takes her spot on the roster.

Daiquan Andrews: Man, Lizzie got everything to lose. Putter aint got nothing, he's already off the show. Plus her knee is all banged up, she gonna be in trouble. But I know what wanting revenge is like. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

Broc Lobster: So coming up now, another triple threat match. This one featuring the members of Team Goddess. Same rules as the first one...the person pinned is eliminated.

Daiquan Andrews: So damn, we cuttin down from 12 people to 8 tonight, just like that...

Broc Lobster: Great math, Daiquan. Yes, just like that, next week we'll be starting the show with just EIGHT. That is how close we're getting down to things. But who's next to go?

Team Goddess Triple Threat
Grayce Riley vs Joe Burr vs Nicole Valander

The bell rings, the girls stick together as they focus on Joe Burr...the last standing man on Team Goddess. Burr tries his best to hold them off, and ends up getting rid of Nicole Valander by tossing her out of the ring.

But now one on one with Riley, Burr finds himself in trouble as she uses her Muay Thai and BJJ to get an advantage.

Riley ends up getting Burr in a bar choke!

Valander is up to her feet and has a chance to break it up, but she opts not to and let's Riley put down Burr...who ends up tapping in the bar choke.

Winner by submission at 6 minutes, 49 seconds: Grayce Riley
Eliminated: Joe Burr (Team Goddess)

Daiquan Andrews: NO!

Broc Lobster: Joe Burr is eliminated! Riley dominates another one, as Joe Burr has taken the loss. The story book start for Burr with huge wins in the first few episodes, including that historic school boy on Stu Grimes, ended up taking a nose dive in the last few...and it all ends here when his momentum finally ran dry. Burr is our latest elimination.

Daiquan Andrews: Well...he lasted longer than anyone thought he would.

Broc Lobster: That is very true. Nicole Valander all the while has survived another week. She was smart to not interfere, or else she could've been the one in that bar choke. One more elimination match...and then finally...our main event!


Broc Lobster: So coming up, our final elimination match, and Reagan Cole's first match on the roster now. He looked incredible last week when he entered the Royal Rumble and ended up eliminating eight stars, who were all teaming up against him, in order to earn a spot on Team Rockstar. Now, he has to defend that spot because if he gets pinned, he's out just like that.

Daiquan: Yo and let me tell you these are the three best dudes on Team Rockstar. McCoy and Hao have both looked incredible, and they're going to be tough to beat. Hard to believe we're this down into the show that it's down to one of these dudes going home, but that's the case here.

Broc Lobster: So who's it going to be? Here we go!

Daiquan Andrews: Awwwwwww Shucky Ducky Quack QUACK!

Team Rockstar Triple Threat
"The Renegade" Emerson McCoy vs Koncho Hao vs Reagan Cole

The bell rings, and all three men wait to see how things develop before diving in the middle. McCoy makes the first move as he goes after Hao, and Cole then joins McCoy.

The two team up on Hao, who ends up fighting back and taking Cole on for a few minutes in the ring with some back and forth action. It looks like Hao is about to take down Cole, but then McCoy comes running in Leroy Jenkins style to down now Hao.

Cole takes advantage of this with a roll up on McCoy, and secures the victory!

As well as McCoy's elimination!

Winner: Reagan Cole
Eliminated: "The Renegade" Emerson McCoy (Team Rockstar)

Broc: McCoy's journey has ended! I thought he had a chance to be in the finals, but Cole's emergence into Ground Zero has changed the game. Is he the new one to beat?

Daiquan Andrews: I don't know man. Marcus McClain has already qualified for the finals, and Hao just as easily could've won too. Then you got Caesar, and Riley too. Who knows how this goes down.


Lizzie Rose vs "The FORE Horseman" Putter Green in an I Quit Match
If Green wins, he takes Lizzie's spot

Lizzie Rose has her knee taped up majorly as she comes out. Putter Green meanwhile has his golf club in hand.

The bell rings, and Green immedaitly starts swinging the golf club at Lizzie as the crowd boos, but Lizzie ends up dodging his swings, and takes the golf club out of his hand!

She starts then whacking Green with the club!

The crowd goes nuts as Lizzie beats Green down with the golf club until it's a bent up mess. Lizzie tosses the club in the crowd.

Green gets up, and he spars with Rose for a few minutes, before putting her bad knee in a single leg Boston Crab! It looks like Lizzie is going to say the words I Quit, but she holds strong.

She gets out of the hold eventually, but her knee is very much hurting.

Green and Lizzie spar on the outside, with Lizzie throwing Green into the steel steps. But Green eventually gets control, and uses those same steel steps against Lizzie. He picks them up, and it looks like Lizzie is about to get her knee crushed, but she rolls out of the way right before Green throws the stair s down.

This gives Lizzie a chance to get up and put Green in an ankle lock!

The ankle lock goes on for about 30 seconds before Green finally starts tapping his hand on the mat...but he hasn't said the words I Lizzie keeps twisting his ankle, until he finally says the words...

Putter Green: I quit...I quit...please let go...please...

Lizzie continues to twist Green's ankle until the bell rings, and she's pulled away by the referee.

Winner and still on Ground Zero: Lizzie Rose

Broc Lobster: Lizzie has done it! She wins! Lizzie wins!

Daiquan Andrews: So she gets her revenge after all. Hopefully this is the last we've seen of that Putter Green fool.

Broc Lobster: Meanwhile, Lizzie Rose has defied the odds by winning yet again despite her injured knee. Riley may have passed her up as the ace of Team Goddess, but Lizzie Rose...I'm telling you, she's a sleeper to win this whole thing.

Daiquan Andrews: Speakin of sleepers...Ima go take a nap.

Broc Lobster: ...and on that note, goodnight Seattle!

The show ends with the camera zooming in on a crying Lizzie Rose, who's celebrating in the ring after taking down Putter Green for the final time.

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Seven
Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Taped from The Resch Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The fireworks go off as the show opens with it's largest crowd yet. Folks are getting excited as Ground Zero nears the end.

Broc Lobster: WELCOME everyone to Ground Zero. This is our biggest week yet, because the rules are simple. Win tonight, and you're in the finals. Anybody who does not get a single win tonight will not be a finalist and will be sent home packing.

Daiquan Andrews: It's all on the line, everything they were working for. I'm pumped. This is like the playoffs man. Right here. And don't forget, Big Mack Marcus already qualified last week by beating Chris Peacock in that steel cage match. That dude is in. Who's going to join him?

Winner Qualifies For Finals
Grayce Riley vs Lizzie Rose

One of the closest matches of the night, this match was intense as Lizzie and Riley competed to open the show. Riley ended up trying to take the fight to the Ground, but Lizzie has a lot of determination.

Riley used her BJJ moves to get Lizzie into compromising positions, but just like last week in the I Quit match, Lizzie wouldn't give up.

It took a Twist of Fate from Riley to Lizzie Rose to finally put her down, and Riley pinned her for the victory and became a finalist.

Winner: Grayce Riley (Team Goddess)


Second Chances Tournament
Held Earlier in the Evening


Broc Lobster: So earlier tonight before the show started, we had a tournament with everyone who was eliminated competing for a spot in a battle royal match in the main event.

Daiquan Andrews: Oh yeah, and if you see the underdog baby...Joe Burr was the one who beat them all, upsetting Charles Newry in that final match to make his way back to have a chance to be a finalist. If he wins in the battle royal, where he'll compete with the rest of tonight's losers, he will find himself in the ladder match next week. I'm excited for him.

Broc Lobster: But it's going to be hard. There are a lot of tough people to beat still left in this competition. We know for sure now Lizzie Rose is going to be in the Battle Royal, after losing to Grayce Riley right before the break. One of Koncho Hao and Phil Miller will be in it, one of Reagan Cole and Nicole Valander will be in it, and one of Caesar and Chris Peacock will be in it. It's going to be a hard match, but someone will win it. Could it be Burr?


Winner Qualifies For Finals

"Cool Stepdad" Phil Miller vs Koncho Hao

This match was as good as it can get, with several pin attempts and submissions. Cool Step Dad Phil Miller tried to get ahead on Koncho Hao, but Hao was just too fast for him.

Despite Miller trying his best, Hao got the better end of the deal when he did a classic Ground Zero school boy rollup, and got the pin on Miller to qualify for the finals and become the first Team Rockstar member to do so.

Winner: Koncho Hao (Team Rockstar)

Broc Lobster: Koncho wins! He does it!

Daiquan Andrews: Oh man...oh we go. This dude is gonna be the next Cyrus Truth. I'm calling it. He'll be in the Carnal Contendership match this December, then he gonna be out there fighting for the World Title. Next thing you know he gonna have four world title reigns.

Broc Lobster: I don't know if anyone is going to be "The Next Cyrus Truth" but Koncho has potential to win this competition for sure.


Broc Lobster: Up next we have Reagan Cole vs Nicole Valander.

Daiquan Andrews: Man my girl Nicole is in trouble. She's been impressive, but this Reagan dude look nasty. He come in and eliminated eight dudes straight in the Royal Rumble to get on the show, and then he just got a big win in that triple threat last week too. Who he pin, Emerson McCoy? I mean, he tough.

Broc Lobster: Nicole is certainly at a disadvantage due to the lack of Ground Zero tape on Cole, but at the same time if Nicole can use Cole's tapes from his previous wrestling gigs she actually has MORE tape than Cole has on Valander. So we'll see...will Nicole join her brothers?

Winner Qualifies For Finals

Reagan Cole vs Nicole Valander

Before the match started, Nicole Valander grabbed a fake princess crown and did a curtsy. An inside joke that none of us understand, but apparently it ticked off Cole.

Reagan Cole and Nicole Valander fought off, Nicole held her own for awhile but this match came down to endurance, as Cole continued to wear Valander down. Louis and Mike cheered on Nicole from the crowd, but their cheers didn't help.

In the end Cole hit a clothesline on Valander and covered her for the victory.

Winner: Reagan Cole (Team Rocktar)

Broc Lobster: And COLE advances...Reagan Cole has advanced to the finals. Just like that, Team Rockstar becomes the first team to clinch more than one member. What a story for Cole, who missed the first half of the show, winning the Royal Rumble and now being a finalist. I'm excited for him.

Daiquan Andrews: Yeah man, the other finalists should be scared man. This due is tough and he hasn't lost on Ground Zero yet.


In the office of Forbes Rooney, he, Sullivan, and Gabrielle are all sitting in chairs. Rooney looks furious, and so does Sullivan as Gabrielle looks on.

Forbes Rooney: I warned you...if we found out any more information about this, she'd have to be cut from the show. We can''s a liability.

Dave Sullivan: Look, her birthday is literally on October 30th. That's two days after the finals, I don't see why it has to be an issue now, we one more episode left.

Forbes Rooney: Because, it is. We can't let a 17 year old compete, Dave.

Sullivan slams his fist on Rooney's desk and walks out of the office, but the Executive Producer is having none of it.

Winner Qualifies For Finals

"Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock vs Caesar

One of the most even matches of the night, the first overall pick of the draft Chris Peacock faces off against the fourth overall pick.

Peacock had a chance to qualify last week by beating Marcus McClain in the Steel Cage match, but was unable to. Now he has to go through one of Team Carnivore's studs and a favorite by many to win, and that's Caesar.

The match went back and forth for a solid ten minutes of action, but ultimately Peacock got caught Crossing the Rubicon as Caesar hit his finisher and went for the pin to clinch a Finalist Spot.

Winner: Caesar (Team Carnivore)

Broc Lobster: And to the surprise of no one, Caesar moves on.
Daiquan Andrews: I don't know Broc, I thought this was the best match of the night. Chris Peacock, who was taken first out of anyone by Randy Ramon for his team, ends up falling here to Caesar.


Winner Qualifies For Finals

Battle Royale
Rose vs Valander vs Miller vs Peacock vs Joe Burr (Tournament Winner)

All five competitors are in the ring, including Joe Burr who won a tournament to earn this spot, as the bell rings.

Thing are tight at first as Team Goddess members Burr, Rose, and Valander team up against Miller and Peacock. Peacock ends up letting them solely focus on Phil Miller, as the Team Carnivore star gets tossed out of the ring first.

But with Miller gone, it's all of Team Goddess against Chris Peacock.

Peacock manages to take out Joe Burr on his own, and then soon to follow Nicole Valander.

So he's up against Lizzie Rose now, who has her knee wrapped and is still sore from her match against Grayce Riley earlier in the night. But sadly for Peacock, he too is sore after a tough match against Caesar literally right before this one.

The endurance plays a huge role, as Peacock throws Rose over the top rope...but she hangs on! Peacock goes for a clothesline to take her out, but Lizzie ducks, and Peacock goes over the ropes and falls to the floor.

The Last Warrior of Disco falls, as tears are shed under every disco ball.

Winner: Lizzie Rose (Team Goddess)

Broc Lobster: CHRIS PEACOCK WENT DOWN! WHAT! Lizzie Rose, with her injured knee and a loss to Grayce Riley earlier...has won this match.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo I always knew Lizzie Rose had it in her. Didn't I always say she was gonna win?

Broc Lobster: never said that...wait, uh comes Forbes Rooney!


Forbes Rooney enters the ring, and shakes Lizzie's hand who is still celebrating after becoming a finalist in next week's main event.

Forbes Rooney: Congratulations Lizzie, on becoming the second finalist for Team Goddess. But I'm afraid, I have some bad news for Team Goddess. After further review, we are forced to disqualify a member of their team.

Lizzie looks shocked, worried that she's getting the boot due to her injury.

Forbes Rooney: This was a hard decision, but ultimat-

Suddenly, Rooney is interrupted by our host Dave Sullivan.

Dave Sullivan: ROONEY! I just want to say, this is absolute bullshit. That girl has a lot of talent, and for you to disqualify her, it's uncalled for.

Forbes Rooney: I am sorry Dave, but we just can't have it.

Lizzie is crying now, thinking she is DQ'd from the show.

Forbes Rooney: As of this moment, Grayce Riley of Team Goddess, is disqualified from the show. It has come to our attention that Grayce...with the help of our host, had lied about her age on her application. She is actually just 17 years old, and not 18 which was the minimum age required to compete. Obviously we can't have a person fighting on the show underage, so we are forced to remove her from the competition, and she will not be allowed to compete on the October 28th finale next week...

Dave Sullivan is fuming on top of the ramp as he shouts back into his mic at Rooney...

Dave Sullivan: No, no that is absolute bullshit. That girl has compete for seven episodes, dominating people left and right. I don't think she's even lost, and she was on track to become the next winner of this damn show. Her birthday is literally two days after the finale next week...TWO DAYS. And you're going to disqualify her...

Forbes Rooney: Obviously we hate the end the second to the last show like this, but we're in for a HUGE match next week, where we will crown the official winner of Ground Zero.

Thank you everyone, and have a good night.

Dave Sullivan: You have not seen the last of that girl. I'm going to get her a damn FWA contract, and she doesn't need this show for it. I have more pull than you'll ever have...MORE PULL THAN YOU WILL EV-

Sullivan's mic has been cut off as Rooney exits the ring with a smile.

The host is fuming as the show comes to a close.

Broc Lobster: WOW! Grayce Riley has been disqualified right before the finale.

Daiquan Andrews: Well you can't compete if you're underage.

Broc Lobster: A controversial ending for sure. Well folks, that's all for tonight...tune in next week for the final episode of Ground Zero, where we will see who the next FWA Star will be! Goodnight Wisconsin!

FWA Network presents

Ground Zero: Season 2


Episode Eight: Finale

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Taped from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


The fireworks in MGM Grand go off as this packed crowd is hyped up for the Grand Finale episode of Ground Zero Season Two. These fans know they are witnessing history tonight as one person will win the main event and get a guaranteed shot to move onto the FWA.

Broc Lobster: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the very last episode of Ground Zero Season Two. Whether it's the very last episode of Ground Zero is a question that remains unanswered.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo that's right Broc. Three years separated Ground Zero Season One and this season. So who knows. Are we gonna get a new season of Ground Zero next September? Probably not. Could we see another season in like five years? Probably not. But I mean who knows with these things, right?

Broc Lobster: One question that won't be unanswered is the one that's been building all season long...who is going to be crowned the winner of this show and get a guaranteed FWA Contract? But first, we have a few matches featuring past competitors tonight, where we will relive and showcase some of the best that Ground Zero has had to offer.

Daiquan Andrews: And ah yo, don't forget about Grayce Riley.

Broc Lobster: That is correct. Last week, Riley was disqualified from the show despite being the second contestant to qualify for the main event. It was discovered that Riley was not Grayce Riley after all, and instead is someone named Kleio De Santos. This Kleio was only 17 years old, and obviously that means she wasn't allowed to compete in this show.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo you mean a 17 year old girl was whopping everyone's asses all up in here?

Broc Lobster: Supposedly, she turns 18 in two days. So we will see if she gets an FWA contract then. But first, one of the most controversial and shocking moments of the entire season was in our very first match, when Joe Burr shocked the world when he school boy'd the giant Stu Grimes. They fought off later in a School Boy match, which Stu Grimes won. Now, we'll see them fight one more time's REVENGE OF THE SCHOOL BOY II.

Revenge of the School Boy II
Joe Burr vs Stu Grimes

This match looked like it was going to be a squash right out of the gate when Grimes gave Joe Burr a big boot to the face. Burr went down fast, and Grimes could've pinned him there.

But instead he picked him up and continued to toss him around the ring.

Burr tried to keep fighting back, but Grimes was too powerful.

Grimes hit him with a spinebuster.

Yet despite Burr looking like he was done, Grimes didn't pin him. Instead he stomped around the ring...

When suddenly Grimes got up...






The crowd is stunned, and so is Grimes! The bell rings, as Grimes is screaming at the referee who certainly tapped his hand faster against than mat than he's ever done.

Winner: Joe Burr

Broc Lobster: Wh-...what? Burr did it again!

Daiquan Andrews: Oh no...oh we go. The internet wrestling forums are going to be having a fit about this one.

Broc Lobster: There will definitely be some controversy about that fast count from the ref, but Burr did it! He will end his Ground Zero career with an upset win over Stu Grimes.

Team Goddess Showdown
Nicole Valander vs Daphne Shelley

This match featuring two Team Goddess members started off pretty even at first. Both Valander and Shelley had signs of success under the coaching of Gabrielle, and it showed here!

But in the end it was Daphne who ultimately got control early.

Her control would fall to Nicole Valander though after a big DDT...and Nicole Valander went for a pin...




But no! It was Janet Shelley! Janet Shelley came in and pulled the referees leg! This allowed Daphne to break out of the pin in time, and hit a German Suplex on Nicole Valander.

Daphne covered.


Winner: Daphne Shelley

Daphne and Janet Shelley hug in the ring and celebrate as Nicole Valander furiously kicks at the mat, with her brothers Mike and Louis giving her support from the crowd.

Broc Lobster: Well one of the biggest feuds of the season was this Mother-Daughter day time TV show drama fest between Janet and Daphne Shelley. Dr. Phil was close to being brought in as a special guest referee at one point as these two were ready to tear each other apart. But they reconciled in the Royal Rumble a few episodes a go, and now it's clear that things are back to normal in the Shelley family.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo I always thought Daphne's mom had it goin on myself. Total MILF right there if you know what I'm saying right?

Broc Lobster: I don't. But the question remains, what is next for the Shelley girls? Will Daphne continue to pursue her dreams? Will Janet support her? Find out on next week's episode of Maury.


Broc Lobster: ONE more match until our ladder match finale, and it is huge. It is to determine who will replace the DQ'd Grayce Riley in the six man ladder match. Emerson McCoy was the runner up in the tournament last week, and Chris Peacock was the last to be eliminated in the battle royal. They are probably two of the best stars to not have qualified, but one of them will tonight!

Daiquan Andrews: Yo my money is on Peacock man. He tough, and this McCoy dude lost to Joe Burr last week.

Broc Lobster: You always say your money is on someone, and that person never ends up winning...and you never actually put money down either.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo bet. Bet. Put money down right now.

Broc Lobster: Okay, I'm a betting man. I'll take your bet, I like McCoy in this match anyways. How much do you have in your pocket?

Daiquan Andrews: Uh...let me check....uh...I got about tree fiddy.

Broc Lobster: Wait a're not a lochness monster are you?

Daiquan Andrews: WHAT?

Broc Lobster: Never mind. Let's just get on with the match.

Redemption Match
"The Renegade" Emerson McCoy vs "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

(Winner takes Grayce Riley's place in the 6 Man Ladder Finale)

By far the best match of the night, both Chris Peacock and McCoy started off hot. McCoy attempted the first pin after a Rodeo RKO on Peacock, but Peacock kicked out.

Then Peacock did a Disco DDT on McCoy, and McCoy kicked out.

With back and forth moves and kickouts, it didn't look like there would be a winner.

That was until Peacock hit THE STRUT.

With McCoy clearly knocked out, Peacock covered him for the win.




Winner and now a finalist: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

Daiquan Andrews: YO I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!

Broc Lobster: Just...just shut up...


Broc Lobster: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo Broc...yeah um...I'm gonna be bout tree fiddy.

Broc Lobster: Now you wait just a damn minute....


Broc Lobster: Well we are back from the break. My broadcast partner may or may not be eight stories tall and a crustacean from the protozoic era, but let's not get into that now.

Daiquan Andrews: Yo you are just mad that I was right.

Broc Lobster: Even the sun shines on the cold side of a dog's ass every once in awhile.

Daiquan Andrew: Yo are you the dog or the ass in that metaphor?

Broc Lobster: Enough. It is time for our main event! A six man ladder match. Winner gets a guaranteed path to the FWA. All the hard work, all built up to this moment right here. Who's going to be our winner?

Daiquan Andrews: My money is on Chris Peacock.

Six Man Ladder Match
Koncho Hao vs Lizzie Rose vs "Big Mack" Marcus McClain vs Reagan Cole vs "Disco's Last Warrior Chris Peacock" vs Caesar
(Winner gets a guaranteed FWA Contract)

The bell rings as all six fighters in the ring run forward for a blood bash. Big Mack McClain and Cole go at each other first, while Peacock and Rose take their fight to the outside.

Caesar is in the middle exchanging fists with Koncho Hao.

Peacock takes Rose on the outside, and throws her straight into the steel steps knee first! Rose grabs her knee in pain. Peacock then grabs a ladder from the outside, and throws it in the ring.

Meanwhile McClain and Cole are on the outside mat, as McClain SPINEBUSTERS COLE into the ground.

Peacock sets up the ladder first, as Hao just gets down stomping Caesar in the corner.

Peacock jolts up the ladder and goes to grab the briefcase...he's about to grab it when...HAO is there. Koncho Hao now fights with Peacock up on top of the ladder.

Hao and Peacock both go back and forth with fists...when McClain enters the ring, and tips the ladder over!

Both Peacock and Hao fall to the outside from the top of the ladder.

McClain is all alone in the ring now. He sets the ladder back up, but now Lizzie Rose limps in! McClain focuses on Lizzie, he goes to hit her with a right hook, but Lizzie ducks. She hits McClain with a couple roundhouse kicks to the side, but her knee obviously has her in a lot of pain. McClain kicks Lizzie in the gut, and then throws her back out of the ring.

But when McClain turns out, Reagan Cole is there! Cole hits him with a clothesline! And now he's all alone in the ring as McClain rolls to the outside. Rose is holding her knee on the outside, and Hao and Peacock are still out from that tumble on the ladder.

Cole begins to climb the ladder. He's almost at the top when...

He's pulled down by his feet by Caesar.

Cole and Caesar now go back and forth with each other for quite sometime in the middle of the ring.

Meanwhile Hao is back up on his feet and slides in the ring. He takes down both Caesar AND Cole with double kicks to the face. But goes to pick up a ladder, but Lizzie Rose comes in and takes him out with a huricanranna!

It's now just Lizzie Rose as everyone else is on the outside. Peacock is trying to get to his feet however.

Lizzie Rose tries to climb the ladder, but with her hurt knee she's really slow. She makes it all the way to the top, and grabs the briefcase. She has it in her hand! She just needs to unhook it...


But Peacock doesn't go up the ladder. He jumps up on the top turnbuckle instead...and


They both land hard on the ground and roll out of the ring. Lizzie's leg looks real messed up as she screams out in pain and the medics take a look. Meanwhile Peacock is out as well.

Koncho Hao ends up being the first to get back in the ring. He picks up the ladder and sets it up, nobody else is there but Caesar is stirring on the ground as is McClain and Cole.

Cole goes to enter the ring, but Caesar pulls him out and the two end up in a fist fight that leads over the security barricade and into the crowd.

Koncho Hao has the ladder set up and he goes to climb it...he's at the top, and just gets his hands on the FWA Contract when...


Marcus McClain enters the ring. But instead of climbing up the ladder, he gives it a large BIG BOOT knocking it out from under Hao's feet...but Hao didn't fall!

Koncho Hao is hanging on.

McClain can't believe it.

Meanwhile Reagan Cole has just dispatched of Caesar on the outside, and hops over the barricade.

McClain is pulling at Hao's feet trying to pull him Hao still clutches that briefcase in the air.

Cole is now in the ring, and also moves to pull on Hao.

Chris Peacock makes it to his feet, and joins Cole and McClain.

All three are pulling at the feet of Hao...

When suddenly, the chain holding the briefcase up SNAPS!

Hao and the briefcase fall to the ground. Suddenly, it is a GIANT pile up in the middle of the ring, almost like an American Football fumble pile up. All four of McClain, Cole, Peacock, and Hao are in the pile trying to grab the briefcase. The crowd is going nuts as nobody can see exactly who has it. The referee tries to pull them off, but he can't get to the bottom. Three additional referees run out from the back and join in, trying to separate everyone...

All the bodies are pulled off, with the camera zooming in to show...


The referee signals for the bell.

Winner: Koncho Hao (Team Rockstar)

It's absolute chaos still as Hao's declared the winner.

Marcus McClain is screaming in the referee's face that he's the one who pulled the briefcase down.

Chris Peacock is claiming he had the briefcase while in the pile up, and that he should be the winner.

Reagan Cole is saying the same thing.

But it's Koncho Hao...who is now outside the ring and already halfway up the ramp, who's clutching that FWA Contract.

Broc Lobster: I can't believe what I just saw! Ladies and gentlemen, we just had a fumble pile up on national television, with four different men in there fighting for that briefcase. In the end, only one man got it. Koncho Hao of Team Rockstar has done it!

Daiquan Andrews: There were so many directions I thought this one was gonna go man. There is so much talent in this six man ladder match. We might see all six of these fighters in the big leagues some day.

Broc Lobster: But only one with that guaranteed contract in their hands. Congratulations to Koncho Hao! A controversial ending for sure. Technically, it was the other three who pulled the briefcase down, but Hao was holding it! Then the pile up! Who knows how many times that briefcase changed hands while the referees were trying to sort it out. But in the end, Hao had it.

Ladies and gentleman it has been an honor broadcasting this season of Ground Zero.

You will certainly see a good chunk of these stars in the FWA. But, one thing is for sure...Koncho Hao will be there.

Koncho Hao and his coach Randy Ramon celebrate on top of the ramp. Hao holds the briefcase up high and proud as the screen fades to black.


The third season of Ground Zero was the first to change the game. This season was a special tag team edition, where only tag teams were allowed to compete. Hosted by Saint Sulley again, this season was won by The Internet Anti H8 Squad.

Official Roster





Nuances of Wrestling

Ground Zero S3:
Episode 1 (RECAP)



Written by Ty Johnson
Head Writer
November 10th, 2021

Let me just start by praising the person who made the intro video for Ground Zero. He is one of NoW's top viewers, a user by the name of Jiggy! Great dude, and apparently a huge Chris Kennedy mark. But never the less, credit and applaud to him.

Covering Ground Zero is big for me, as someone who competed on the show myself and won in it's first season. This season of Ground Zero is obviously very unique, as it's featuring TAG TEAMS as opposed to singles stars as the first season did.

Similar concept as the first two shows where all the competitors are divided up onto a team run by "coaches". In the past we saw three coaches, but in this season we just have two tag teams both of which have championship experience. The first team consists of former FWA Tag Team champs, and a former X Champ, with The Undisputed Alliance! And The second team is even bigger...they are the current FWA Tag Team Champions, current CWA Tag Team Champions, and one of them is even currently the X Champ. It's THE GANG STARS.

Meanwhile, on commentary, former FWA Tag Team Champions themselves...GHOST DOGS. I probably won't cover much of the commentary in these recaps, but I think it's a much better improved duo than what we had with Broc Lobster and Daiquan Andrews last season. That's saying that as someone who was best friends with Daiquan Andrews. That guy is not fit for a commentary job. Good on Broc though for being able to get that Meltdown job.

Anyway, onto the matches for this week.

Match One
All Brand Tag Team Tornado Elimination Battle Royal

In the first two seasons of Ground Zero, we saw the opening match as the Ground Zero Showdown match. An all out battle royal type of brawl where if you get a pin, you are safe and can leave the match, but the last ones standing were eliminated at the end. This gimmick was tossed away this season, and we instead opened up with a battle royal featuring all 23 teams.

Pinfalls were the only way to get eliminated.

But here was the twist, the first team to get pinned was out of the show for good.

Here's the next twist, the winner of the battle royal gets to eliminate another team on the spot.

So right out of the gate, the stakes were high.

Here is the elimination order below.

23. The Thompson Twins (Eliminated from the show)
22. Claw and Order
21. The Wrights
20. Leviathans
19. Toxic Wonderland
18. Poni Boi
17. Donut Demolishers
16. The Nomads
15. The Internet Anti H8 Squad
14. We Do Exist
13. Kung-fu Boom
12. The Coven
11. The Eye of the Beholder
10. The Heroes of Earth
9. The Terrorizers
8. The Bedlam Brothers
7. Action Force
6. The Revolution
5. Fun With Austrians
4. Ragashat Men
3. The Alchemists
2. Dem Franchise Boys
1. The Lumberjacks

So as you can see above, The Thompson Twins were the first ones pinned when Action Force pinned both of them AT THE SAME TIME. Michael and Pichael went on to argue their way all the way up the ramp.

Meanwhile, former CWA stars Dem Franchise Boys and The Lumberjack twins ended up the last in the ring, but it was The Lumberjacks who went on to win.

As advertised, they got to choose any team to eliminate. Would it be Dem Franchise Boys who appeared to be stronger competition? No. It wouldn't, as it was actually the Fun With Austrians team that bumped heads with The Lumberjacks the most in the match, meaning that they choose the FWA (Fun With Austrians) team to be the second team to pack their bags on the first night. Hans and Franz were upset about the decision, but never the less left the arena.

First Eliminated: The Thompson Twins (No Team)
Second Eliminated: Fun With Austrians (No Team)


Following the show case battle royal, our two teams of coaches then made their decisions both based on what they saw in that opening match and just judging overall on looks.

Here is the results of that draft (The UA picked first).

Team Alliance
1. The Lumberjacks
2. Dem Franchise Boys
3. Action Force
4. Ragashat Men
5. The Revolution
6. The Nomads
7. Kung-fu Boom
8. The Internet Anti H8 Squad
9. Donut Demolishers

Team Gang Stars
1. The Alchemists
2. We Do Exist
3. The Heroes of Earth
4. Leviathans
5. The Bedlam Brothers
6. The Coven
7. The Terrorizers
8. The Eye of the Beholder
9. Toxic Wonderland

Left undrafted were The Wrights, Claw and Order, and Poni Boi. As a result, it was announced by the host of the season (and past seasons) Saint Sulley that those three undrafted teams would be competing in the main event of the evening in a triple threat tag team match. The team to get pinned? Eliminated from the show. The team getting the pin? They get to pick which of the two teams they will join. The team in between will get placed on the other team. Simple enough right?

Match Two (Team Alliance match)
Dem Franchise Boys vs Action Force

In the first official tag team match of the night we saw the second and third picks to Team Alliance face off against each other. Because this match is interteam, it isn't an elimination match.

Supposedly how things are going to work on the show is that any match that's team vs team will be an elimination match. Any match where two tag teams within the same team compete against each other will not be elimination. Simple enough right?

Dem Franchise Boys had a lot of hype going on, but it was Arnold and Sylvester who pulled out the big upset win to make a statement.

Winners: Action Force

Match Three (Team Gang Stars match)
The Heroes of Earth vs Leviathans

In the third match of the night two teams from Team Gang Stars faced off. Capt. Ray Gun and the Terra Tree of Living against Megladon Man and Gator Guy.

Both two strange teams who matched up well.

It was the Leviathans who ended up using their brute strength to get the victory.


Main Event
Match Four
Poni Boi vs Claw and Order vs The Wrights

With their spot on the roster on the line, these three teams battled it out as the three teams undrafted.

The winning team would get to choose their coaches, and the team pinned would be eliminated.

While Poni Boi would control most of the match, it would be the quirky detective duo of Claw and Order that would get the win by pinning Karen Wright and eliminating The Wrights.

Winners: Claw and Order
Eliminated: The Wrights

After the match, Claw and Order choose to join Team Alliance. This meant that Poni Boi ended up on Team Gang Stars.

Segment of the Night

While there were a few good scenes during this show, this segment from The Alchemists is being showcased as my #SegmentOfTheNight

In a pitch black room, a single lightbulb flickers off and on, providing only the slightest bit of illumination. Below the light, sitting at side-by-side at a round table, facing the camera, we see The Elric Brothers, Boston and Wesley. Wesley, his face concealed behind his glass visor, sits there stirring a small cauldron, red smoke bellowing from it. Boston is shuffling a stack of Tarot Cards before laying them side to side, face down. He pauses for a moment and looks to his brother as Wesley places some unknown substance into an herb grinder before emptying it's contents into the cauldron. The smoke coming from the cauldron changes from red to purple, and Boston looks up at the camera, speaking directly to us.

"Alchemy is the practice of merging science and magic together in the act of transcending the confines of our reality in favor of the limitless possibilities that lay beyond. The alchemical heritage of chemistry represents human attempts to explore, control, and make use of the natural world. It was alchemists who developed practical knowledge about matter as well as sophisticated theories about its hidden nature and transformations. A powerful incentive for their endeavors was their desire to discover how to prepare the philosopher's stone-a substance supposedly able to transmute base metals into gold. In addition, they made significant contributions to mining, metallurgy, pharmacy, and medicine, and their accomplishments (as well as failures) influenced artists, playwrights, and poets. Their researches and goals had both commercial and scientific aspects, as well as philosophical and theological ones. Many alchemists expressed (often just implicitly) a strong confidence in the power of human beings to imitate and improve on nature, and their work included the exploration of the relationship of human beings to God and the created universe. We look at the FWA Tag Team division, and we are reminded of the alchemists of old who sought after the Philosopher's stone in an attempt to make gold out of nothing. This is exactly what we aim to do."

Boston sifts the smoke from Wesley's cauldron into his direction and takes a deep breath. Wesley leans into the cauldron and opens the bottom flap of his face mask, breathing it in as well. Suddenly, they are no longer in a pitch black room. They've now found themselves in the middle of an FWA wrestling ring, still sat at the small round table. Around them, standing in uniform position, side by side with their arms behind their backs. are tag teams of FWA old. Sunrise-Sunset. Vodka and Venom. Aut Pax Aut Bellum. The Sin City Vultures. The Olympians. The Gang Starrs. The Echo. The Kennedy/Carter Administration. Ghost Dog. They all look like sinister, almost undead interpretations of the versions of them we've seen before. They all have blank expressions on their faces, with their eyes cocaine white, devoid of any color whatsoever.

"FWA, take notice. We are The Alchemists. The sons of a fabled voodoo priestess, our mother inadvertently burned our childhood home down to the ground when dabbling in forbidden magics. I was able to save my brother Wesley from the fire, but couldn't our mother. Wesley was rendered mute after being forever traumatized at the sight of our mother being burned alive before our very eyes. As agonizing as her death may have been, that's far and away the worst thing to come from that night. Our mothers soul is in a state of limbo due to utilizing these forbidden magics, and as a practitioner in "The Infernal Chaos" school of magic, we understand that the only way to free her soul is by honoring her in combat, offering pain as a tribute to the Infernal Forces that we draw our power from." Boston says.

As the smoke from the cauldron stops pouring out, the scene fades back to the pitch black room and the famed tag teams have disappeared. Boston flips the first Tarot Card in line to reveal The Death card, which showcases a black knight on horseback waving a black flag as he treads across a battlefield full of dead bodies.

"The current status quo is coming to an end. We've already won Ground Zeros, that much is written in the stars. Fate cannot be changed, not by the likes of any tandem you could possibly throw at us. Our time has come, and sooner than later, the whole world will fear and respect the Alchemists, and the blood of our enemies will spill to the floor in tribute to The Infernal Chaos. Embrace the Void...or brace yourself." Boston continues.

The scene fades to black as we cut to commercial.​

Overall it was a great first show. With so many teams in the mix it's going to be hard for every team to get proper exposure early on. It looks like going forward we're going to see 4-5 matches each week with at least three teams being eliminated.

As a remainder, the winner of this season will get a GURANTEED contract with the FWA.

So now that the first episode has aired, what are your thoughts?

Who is your favorite team?

Which team do you think will win the whole damn thing?

Which teams will be cut from the pack next week?

Give me your thoughts in the comments down below!​

Nuances of Wrestling

Ground Zero S3:
Episode 2 (RECAP)



Written by Ty Johnson
Head Writer
November 17th, 2021

Again praise to our favorite user Jiggy for the intro video he created for Ground Zero. He is a gem.

This is the second episode of Ground Zero Season 3. We saw the first three teams get the axe on the first episode with The Thompson Twins, Fun With Austrians, and The Wrights all packing their bags on going home. That meant that Claw and Order would join Team UA, and Poni Boi would join Team Gang Stars.

20 teams remain, with 10 on each team.

What this episode did for Ground Zero was establish some form of format to understand. As we know from last week, any team vs team match would be an elimination match (losers go home) and any inter team matches would be just for bragging rights. It looks like we'll be getting three team vs team matches each week, and two inter team matches (one from each team).

Match One
We Do Exist (Team GS) vs Ragashat Men (Team UA)
Elimination Match

Our first match was between our dinosaur looking friends We Do Exist face off against the Ragashat Men.

It's worth noting that Smaug and Tyranus were the second team drafted by Team Gang Stars last week, so clearly Krash and Alyster Black were high on them.

However in the end it would be the Ragshat Men who would get a big upset after Rebboj hit a DDT on Smaug to pin him for the win.

Winners: Ragashat Men (Team UA)
Eliminated: We Do Exist (Team GS)

Match Two
The Coven vs Toxic Wonderland
Team GS vs Team GS

It's an inter Gang Stars match as two pairs of girls face off against each other. The spooky witch sisters Blair and Celestia Underwood would prove to be evenly matched against Hunter Havok and Spencer Von Starr.

However it'd be The Coven that gets their first win after Blair Ravenwood rolled up SVS for the win.

Winners: The Coven

Match Three
Poni Boi (Team GS) vs Kung-fu Boom (Team UA)
Elimination Match

Another elimination match as Poni Boi from Team Gang Stars would face off against Kung-fu Boom from Team Alliance. Poni Boi is coming into this with two note worthy things. The first is that they were nearly eliminated LAST week after not being drafted. They ended up not getting a pin in the main event, but they didn't get pinned either which meant they stayed for another week.

Another thing is that they JUST fought in an FWA match two days prior against Saint Sulley and Joe Burr himself. Sulley is actually the host of this show, so I wonder if he had anything to do with Poni Boi being in an elimination match?

Never the less, their second match in three days proved too much as they get their second loss in three days. Also note worthy, the team being coached by the tag team champs has had the first two eliminations of the show.

Winners: Kung-fu Boom (Team UA)
Eliminated: Poni Boi (Team GS)

Match Four
The Revolution vs The Internet H8 Squad
Team UA vs Team UA

In this match up between two teams of Team Alliance, The Revolution would go up against The Internet H8 Squad.

This was probably the most intense match of the night as both teams battled for control back and forth.

In the end it would be Nick "N Force" Frostman who would get the win with a surprise super kick towards the face of Nathan "Play" Station.

Winners: The Revolution

Main Event
Match Five
Dem Franchise Boys (Team UA) vs The Alchemists (Team GS)
Elimination Match

This main event was set up to be one for the ages from the start. The second team drafted for Team UA last week vs the first team drafted for The Gang Stars. One highly touted team would be packing their bags early!

Dem Franchise Boys have a lot of professional experience, but it would be Boston and Wesley Elric who would get the big win after The Alchemists would hit their tag team finisher ABC (Another Bad Creation). Boston got the pin over Chris "The Franchise" Jackson.

Winners: The Alchemists (Team GS)
Eliminated: Dem Franchise Boys (Team UA)

Segment of the Night

While there were a few good scenes during this show, this segment from The Coven is my showcase for the week!

We cut to backstage where the cameras are in a dimly lit locker room. There are dark curtains stapled up onto the walls, and candles lighting up the room.

Two girls in dark robes are standing there mystically. The camera zooms in and it is revealed that the two girls are Blair and Celestia Ravenwood of The Coven.

Blair Ravenwood: We've been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Celestia giggles.
Celestia Ravenwood: I am so excited to meet her! Imagine everything she can teach us?

Blair Ravenwood: If we can get her on our side, we would be unstoppable!

Blair pulls out a large old looking book and drops it on the table.

It makes a loud thud.

Celestia Ravenwood: Are you ready sister?

Blair Ravenwood: Yes sister.

The two girls hold their hands together and bow their hands.

Simultaneously they begin chanting...

Blair and Celestia Ravenwood:

Exorcizamus te....

omnis immundus spiritus....omnis satanica potestas...omnis incursio infernalis adversarii...



Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through the room, exstinguishing all the candles.

Smiles light up the girl's faces...

But then, the lights turn on.

And nobody is there. The only thing these girls summoned is disappointment.

Celestia Ravenwood: Aw, sis...why didn't it work?

Blair Ravenwood: I don't quite know...maybe we did the wrong chant? We'll keep working on it. I promise, we will bring Lilith to us...soon enough.

So three more teams have packed their bags, and we're down to just 17. Only one team will be the winner though!

Team Gang Stars lost two teams this week, while Team UA lost just one. Dem Franchise Boys getting eliminated on Episode 2 was a big shock. Will we see any more big surprises next week?

Leave your comments below. Who was your favorite team this week? Who will be eliminated next week?

It's worth noting that not every team is going to compete every week, especially with as big as the roster is right now. There were a few teams who didn't make it on the air this week, but I'm sure we will see them next week for sure!

Nuances of Wrestling

Ground Zero S3:
Episode 3 (RECAP)



Written by Ty Johnson
Head Writer
November 24th, 2021

We are onto our third episode of Ground Zero Season 3. We have so far seen six teams eliminated. Last week both We Do Exist and Dem Franchise Boys packed their bags and went home, which was a big shock as they were high draft picks by both teams. The Gang Stars also lost Poni Boi, which puts them down a team in comparison to Team UA going into this episode.

Per the usual format we saw three elimination matches between teams, and two interteam matches.

Match One
The Terrorizers (Team GS) vs The Nomads (Team UA)
Elimination Match

The first match of the night saw The Terroizers from Team Gang Stars face off against The Nomads from Team UA.

The Nomads actually featured a Ground Zero season 1 contestant with Ralph Maddox, this time joined by his little brother Matt.

However, Matt and Ralph would fall victim to the Terrorizers as Terrorizer #1 would go on to spear Matt Maddox through the security barricade.

Maddox would be counted out and The Terrorizers would win by countout. They live another week, while The Nomads are eliminated. This one tied things up as both teams now have 8 remaining duos.

Winners: The Terrorizers (Team GS)
Eliminated: The Nomads(Team UA)

Match Two
Leviathans vs The Bedlam Brothers
Team GS vs Team GS

In the first interteam match of the night, Leviathans from Team GS would take on The Bedlam Brothers also from Team GS.

Megladon Man and Gator Guy looked strong in this match, but The Bedlam Brothers proved that talent runs in the Bedlam family (their brother Tommy is currently on Meltdown).

Jimmy Bedlam would get his team the win after hitting a frog splash on Megladon Man and hooking his leg for the pin.

Winners: The Bedlam Brothers

Match Three
The Heroes of Earth (Team GS) vs ACTION FORCE (Team UA)
Elimination Match

Another elimination match as The Heroes of Earth would take on Action Force. Sylvester and Arnold started the match by taking turns wearing down Terra The Living Tree. Eventually it was Capt. Ray Gun who had to come in and carry the load.

Capt. Gunn ended up eating a spinebuster from Sylvester however and was pinned for the loss, thus eliminating The Heroes of Earth.

Action Force, representing Team UA, would move on.

Winners: ACTION FORCE (Team UA)
Eliminated: The Heroes of Earth (Team GS)

Match Four
Claw and Order vs The Donut Demolishers
Team UA vs Team UA

In the fourth match of the night we saw Claw and Order take on The Donut Demolishers. Both teams belonging to Team UA.

This was a pretty even match through, and although it looked like momentum kept swinging towards Val Quinn and Mar Cruz, it would be Claw and Order who would get the win after Val Quinn tapped out to a sleeper hold from "White Claw" Buster Murphy.

The buddy cops went on to win again, quite a redemption story after nearly being eliminated in the first episode.

Winners: Claw and Order

Main Event
Match Five
The Lumberjacks (Team UA) vs The Eye of the Beholder (Team GS)
Elimination Match

In the main event we saw the final elimination match of the night, and it featured two strong teams from both sides. The Lumberjacks of course were the winners of the battle royal in Episode One, and actually were the top draft picks for Team UA.

Team Gang Stars drafted The Eye of the Beholder a bit lower, and it was clear this wasn't very matched. Doug and Dan LuPone took turns wearing down both Bobby Fettlewhittick and Charisma Trent.

Eventually Doug LuPone hit Charisma Trent with a big boot and covered her for the pinfall victory.

The Lumberjacks would continue their run of dominance in this one while The Eye of the Beholder would be eliminated.

Winners: The Lumberjacks (Team UA)
Eliminated: The Eye of the Beholder (Team GS)

Segment of the Night

For the second week in a row, the segment of the night comes from The Coven!

Check out the youtube clip below.

Blair and Celestia Ravenwood appear not in the arena for Ground Zero, but rather somewhere the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

The town has a creepy vibe to it during this time of year, as everything looks dead to match the Fall season.

Even creepier is the abandoned church that Blair and Celestia stand in front of.

Even creepier than that are the smiles on their faces.

Celestia Ravenwood: This is the place?

Blair Ravenwood: Yes, Celestia. The Sanctuary of Lilith.

Celestia Ravenwood: Did Lilith create this place?

Blair Ravenwood: I don't think so...just her followers. It's a place of worship.

The two girls enter inside the church to find it completely run down and abandoned. It looks like the last inhabitants left in a hurry as there are still many objects left inside.

Blair and Celestia carefully walk down the torn red carpet of the church. There they look up at a stone statue of Lilith herself.

Blair looks on in awe at the statue. She rubs her hand down her stone hair.

Blair Ravenwood: Incredible...

Celestia Ravenwood: So are we going to find it here?

Blair Ravenwood: Let's keep looking.

The two girls move past beyond the main sanctuary hall and into the back office of the church. There it appears the two have reached a dead end.

Celestia looks on disappointed.

Celestia Ravenwood: Blair, there is nothing here!

Blair Ravenwood: Keep looking.

The two of them search around the office but find nothing but unimportant papers and books.

Finally, Blair's attention is drawn to a book case in the middle of the room.

While Celestia keeps looking through papers on the desk, Blair walks over to the book case.

She pulls out a book and...nothing happens.

Then she pulls out another book.

And another book...

Until finally, the book case opens!

Celestia looks up with glee as the two girls look down now at the open passageway leading down into the basement.

Blair Ravenwood: We have to be on the right track, sis.

Celestia takes out her cellphone and turns the flashlight on, lighting up the dark stairwell as the two traverse into the basement of the church.

As they reach the bottom, they find themselves in some catacombs.

Celestia Ravenwood: This place is so cool!

The two sisters walk carefully through the dark catacombs until they reach a room at the end, one that is still lit up by torches.

They enter the room, finding all sorts of portraits and statues of Lilith herself. The two girls are in amazement, but even more so when they see what's in the center of the room...a coffin!

Celestia's glee is nearly uncontainable.

Celestia Ravenwood: Do you think that's her sister?

Blair Ravenwood: I think it's what we're looking for.

The two girls walk over to the coffin, and together, slowly push the heavy lid open. And inside, their faces light up at what they see. The camera finally pans over, to body.

There is no body at all.

Celestia Ravenwood: Where is she!

Blair Ravenwood: Relax, she is here.

Blair reaches into the coffin, and pulls out something gold and shiny...

Celestia Ravenwood: A necklace!

Blair holds the Onxy and Gold necklace up in the air and twirls it with her fingers.

Blair Ravenwood: This is exactly what we were missing. This isn't just any necklace, this belonged to Lilith...and with it...we're going to bring her back.

The two sisters then begin to cackle in the catacombs as the camera zooms out to black.

By the end of the night Team UA would have 8 duos remaining while Team Gangstars would have 6. Team Gang Stars is dwindling and needs to make a comeback next week.

Meanwhile The Lumberjacks are the big favorites now to win the entire show, having dominated at several points already. The Bedlam Brothers also looked strong this week, and Claw and Order is emerging as a dark horse to win.

Also what is going on with those crazy girls from The Coven? Will they succeed in summoning Lilith?

That's all for this recap of Ground Zero Season 3 Episode 3. Tune in next week for Episode 4. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the episode, who you think has the best chance to win, and who you think may be eliminated next week!​

Nuances of Wrestling

Ground Zero S3:
Episodes 4, 5, and 6 (RECAP)



Written by Ty Johnson
Head Writer
December 16th, 2021

Hello all, apologies for the lack of a recaps in the last few weeks. NoW has been slacking, but to make up for it I'll be covering the last THREE episodes of Ground Zero that aired on Dec. 1st, Dec. 8th, and Dec. 15th.

There have been a lot of eliminations, leading up to the semi finals that took place last night.

But first we're going to cover the Dec. 1st episode of this season, which was the season's 4th episode.

Episode 4
(December 1st, 2021)

Episode 4 followed a similar format as the other episodes, with three team vs team elimination matches sandwiching two interteam matches for bragging rights.
The first match we saw the Anti Internet Hate Squad (Team UA) take on Toxic Wonderland (Team GS). Station and Yokida would ultimately get the win as Havok and Von Starr would be eliminated.

After that we saw a Team UA only match as The Revolution went up against Kung Fu Boom. The Revolution would continue their strong swing of momentum as they got the win.

Another elimination match followed with the Ragashat Men vs Leviathans. Megladon Man and Gator Guy dominated most of the match, and ended up getting a big win as they moved on for Team Gang Stars, perhaps turning the team's luck around.

Following was a Team UA showdown between The Terrorizers and The Bedlam Brothers. Jimmy and Jason Bedlam would end up getting the win, although both teams came out looking incredibly strong in this one.

Lastly in the main event of the night, another elimination match, between Action Force (Team UA) and The Alchemists (Team GS). Ultimately, it'd be The Alchemists who'd continue their strong showing by eliminating Action Force and moving on.

Episode 5
(December 8th, 2021)

On the 5th episode we opened we an elimination match, Kung-fu Boom vs The Terrorizers. In a momentum shift for Team Gangstars who ended up going down many numbers early on, The Terrorizers would win and suddenly even up the numbers.

Both teams would have now just 5 teams remaining on each side, and only 10 teams remained on the roster.

The second match saw The Bedlam Brothers take on The Coven both from Team Gangstars. The Bedlam Brothers dominated the match for a good portion, but after the lights mysteriously went off, they came back on to show Blair Ravenwood pinning Jason Bedlam to get the win. Nobody was eliminated due to the fact that this was an inter team match.

The third match was another elimination match however, this time between The Alchemists and The Donut Demolishers. Yet again The Alchemists would win, sending the Donut Demolishers home and also giving Team Gangstars a comeback lead.

Following that match would be another interteam match between The Revolution and Claw and Order. The Revolution would go on to win with double superkicks to Whiteclaw Murphy.

And in the main event elimination match, it'd be a powerhouse showdown as Leviathans would face off against The Lumberjacks. The match last nearly 20 minutes as both duos of strongmen would go at it. But in the end The Lumberjacks would win after a knockout punch from Doug Lupone sent Megladon Man to the ground. LuPone got the pin and sealed the victory for The Lumberjacks who would move onto the semi finals.

Episode 6
Semi Finals
(December 15th, 2021)

Finally in last night's episode we saw the Semi Finals. The format would change slightly now as there would only be four matches between the surviving eight teams, and every one of those matches would be an elimination match.

Match One
Anti Internet H8 Squad (Team UA) vs The Terrorizers (Team GS)

In the first match of the night we'd see the AIHS take on The Terrorizers. This match was quick and fast paced, with both speedy teams bouncing off every rope and turnbuckle. In the end Nathan "Play" Station would slip up and get taken out by Terrorizer #2 who would propel his team to victory.

Winner: The Terrorizers (Team Gang Stars)
Eliminated: Anti Internet H8 Squad (Team UA)

Match Two
Claw and Order vs The Bedlam Brothers

In the second match we'd see Buster Murphy and Dave O'Houlihan take on the Bedlam Brothers.

The Bedlam Brothers dominated for most of the match, but after Jimmy Bedlam got too big of an ego and started taunting, "White Claw" Buster Murphy hit him with a quick clothesline from hell than gave Claw and Order yet another upset win.

Claw and Order remains underdogs as they head into the finals.

Winner: Claw and Order (Team UA)
Eliminated: The Bedlam Brothers (Team Gang Stars)

Match Three
The Coven vs The Lumberjacks

The Lumberjacks went into this one as the big Vegas favorites, but The Coven ended up being a bit surprising for them. Blair and Celestia Ravenwood held off the two giants as best as they could.

But in the end it wouldn't be enough as Dan LuPone would initiate a bear hug on Celestia followed by a spinebuster.

The Lumberjacks moved on as The Coven would be eliminated.

Winner: The Lumberjacks (Team UA)
Eliminated: The Coven (Team Gang Stars)

Match Four
The Alchemists vs The Revolution

In the final match of the night, two of the best teams would clash head to head as The Alchemists would take on The Revolution. Frostman and Palmer came close a few times to getting a win, but the Elric brothers just kept kicking out.

In the end Wesley Elric would hit a shooting star press on Nick Frostman and get the pin to give The Alchemists a win in their third straight elimination match.

Winner: The Alchemists (Team Gang Stars)
Eliminated: The Revolution (Team UA)

Segment of the The Last Three Weeks

The best segment out of these three shows comes from The Anti Internet H8 Squad.

Check it out below!

[Highlight taken from Nathan 'Play' Station's Twitch Stream - 2:34, 11k viewers]

"Stream, Stream, check this noob out - he's missing every single shot. I could stand still and this guy wouldn't be able to hit me. I bet he just installed the game, probably still uses arrow keys to move instead of W-A-S-D. Ha! Noobs, Stream, what can ya do but teach them how things are done, huh?"

A generic soldier guy from a generic war shooter game - there's dozens of them and they're all the same so there's no point specifying which - promptly exploded into a dozen pieces, as Nathan 'Play' Station, Ground Zero competitor and wrestler in the loosest sense of the term, laughed a cruel, mocking laugh. The chat exploded with '
and 'LOL's and even one 'LMFAOOOOOO' from a particularly dedicated viewer. A loud 'dingdingding' echoed as a notification popped up on the screen.

Boe Jurr donated $2!
fuck 'em up like you're gonna fuck up those ground zero dorks

Immediately, Nathan dropped everything, stopping in the middle of his game, swivelling as he turned to his webcam. "Yoooo! Fucking-" He squinted. "Doe Furr, thank you so much for the donation! Keep them rolling, folks, every dollar goes towards upgrading my setup to ensure YOU get a much better streaming experience!" He dabbed for added emphasis, having finished his rehearsed spiel once again as he turned back to the game. "'Doe Furr.' Fuck, are you one of Neon Foxtrot's friends? Fuckin-HEY, WHAT THE SHIT?" He cried, having realized that while he was AFK, someone on the opposing squad ended the miserable existence of his gun-toting avatar and was currently teabagging his corpse.

He hunched over his keyboard, immediately typing out a vulgarity-filled response to his teabagger, 'KDS-Sphinx2002.' "You... better... watch... your... fucking... back... Reported... For... Harassment... & Bullying. Fuck you." A weak thumb nearly folded in half as he sent the message, before he sat back in his gamer chair, arms folded in anger as he waited to respawn, his shitty arm tattoos on display.

This wasn't the first, nor last, outburst Nathan Station would display through this stream or any other. For Nathan was a thoroughly unpleasant person, pale and rail-thin as if he were an anorexic vampire, frequently toxic and vulgar to anyone who dared to upset him in any capacity - which occurred fairly often, all things considered. Many of his 'most viewed' highlights were of Nathan himself going off on wild, horrible tangents at those who has bested him, even temporarily, at the game at hand. Of course, he used every excuse under the book - Streamsniping, lag, usage of crutch tactics, or the good ol' fashioned cheating. It was difficult to say how anyone would routinely enjoy watching a half-grown manchild frequently spout abuse at those who did nothing to deserve it, and yet, his streams regularly attracted tens of thousands of viewers. If one could hazard a guess, it might've been the allure of watching a human car crash in slow motion, the intangible delight one gets out of putting a lightbulb in a microwave and waiting for it to explode, or simply those who had nothing better to do with their time. But really, who's to say.

Beside Nathan, another man leant into frame, the ominous creaking of the chair shifting beneath his weight temporarily drowning out Nathan's latest tirade. Unlike Nathan, this man had more to his frame, a slight more color to his face, with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses perched on the end of his nose. "Nathan-kun, one of our kōhai wishes to know which of the Ground Zero teams we feel is the most..." He paused dramatically, staring somewhere up and offscreen as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "The most formidable of taisen aite."

"The fucking what? English, Kyle."

"Apologies, Nathan-kun. Our opponents. And please refer to me as my true name."

Nathan rolled his eyes, shooting a glance at his stream. "... Akira." He spat, as if it were a slug on his tongue.

Kyle Adams, or Akira Yoshida if you prefer, nodded steely. Unlike Nathan, Akira was more level-headed, more calm in his demeanour. It could be said that Akira was even approachable, friendly at times. However, more often than not, unless you matched him in his exact hobby of interest, it was likely you'd be blown off. For Akira Yoshida was 'Otaku-Dono', roughly and potentially incorrectly translated to 'Weeb Lord.' He dedicated a not insignificant portion of his life towards his interest, watching and reading only the best of anime and manga. Of course, all stuff you never heard of. My Hero Academica? Pfft. Chainsaw Man? Uh-huh, sure. You're not a real weeb like him, unless you've watched only the most obscure of series. And subbed, naturally. Dubs are for posers.

"Alright, noobs, here's the deal," Nathan began, addressing the camera. "Those fuckin' Ground Zero dorks? Might as well call them Ground Beef, 'cause that's what they'll be lookin' like after we're through with 'em! And don't you get shitty with me for using Ground Beef as an analogy! I'm looking at you, Mark, you and your fuckin' vegetables!"

In the chat, user 'Meat-Free Mark' sent an eyes rolling emoticon.

"These teams... These brotherhoods... They are not like ours, Nathan-kun." Akira continued, eyes squinting at the ground as his meaty frame trembled dramatically. "They do not have the message we do. They do not have the purpose we do. They lack... Discipline. They lack focus. To them, we are their senpai, but to us, they are merely... Baka."

Nathan's left eye twitched as he slapped a palm against his keyboard. "What the fuck are you saying, Ky-Akira?" He demanded.

Akira chuckled, a chuckle that proclaimed an air of intellectual superiority, the kind of chuckle that informed those in the nearby vicinity that the face connected to this chuckle was a fine place to rest your fists. He wiped away a single tear, sighing. "Oh, Nathan-kun. You are such a tsundre."

Nathan's face turned so red, he could've easily been mistaken for a stop sign. "I don't fuckin' know what that word means!" He raised a hand, clenched a fist, then grabbed the closest trinket - a pointless flashing light doodad - and threw it offscreen, where it shattered into a dozen pieces. The doodad embraced the sweet relief of death. Meanwhile, Nathan let out a breath. "Know what, it doesn't fuckin' matter. It doesn't matter if you're those fuckin conjoined twins, or those dumbass Austrians, or the midlife crisis couple-"

"All of those teams are eliminated, Nathan-kun."
Akira interrupted.

"What? When?"

"In the very first episode."

For the faintest millisecond, Nathan was almost speechless. That millisecond rapidly passed in the blink of an eye, as milliseconds tend to do. "Well would you look at that, we've already outlasted those goobers! Ha! Well, it also doesn't matter if you're a pair of dinosaurs, or a CWA fossil and his dumbass brother, or a lame-ass J-Pop dup-"

"The genre is called K-Pop."
Akira spoke up once again.

Nathan slapped his palms onto his keyboard, groaning. "What's the fuckin' difference?"

"Geography and language, for one. Also, those three teams are, similarly, eliminated."

"Fuck, these bozos are droppin' like flies. They're killing my boast."

"Try again, Nathan-kun."
Akira encouraged, resting a hand on Nathan's shoulder as his voice began to swell. "As the heroes of anime say, never give up! With your allies by your side, you can do anythi-"

"Shut the fuck up!"
Nathan spat, slapping his hand away. "Alright, take three - it doesn't matter if you're a pair of homeless bikers who havn't had a shower in like three years, or some fuckin' Custodians of the Constellations, or a pair of disgraced fashion losers! We are the-" He halted, gritting his teeth. "Godamnit Kyle you're looking at me with that stupid fuckin' face again, what is it?!?"

"Akira. And those teams are also eliminated."

Nathan exhaled. "Fuck, I guess we're so fuckin' badass that everyone is tripping over themselves to get away from us. Well who the fuck is left?"

"Well, The Coven a-"

"It doesn't fuckin' matter! A pair of scene-kid witch wannabees, or a pair of fuckin' twinsie lumberjacks, or some fuckin' cops! WE are here!"
Nathan jerked a finger at the camera, leaving a slightly smudged fingerprint on half of the lens. "WE are the Internet Anti-H8 Squad, and WE will not stand for shits like you looking down on us! For too long, gamers like me have sat back and allowed themselves to be the punching bag of society, be the jokes of the internet but no more! You hear me? No fuckin' more! That's all changing! And it starts with Ground Zero! Gamers, rise up! We live in a society-"

Akira cleared his throat.

Nathan sighed. "Gamers, and weebs."


"Shut the fuck up. Damnit, I've lost my train of thought. Thanks for nothing, Akira."

"No matter, Nathan-kun. I will take it from here."
Akira declared, rising to his feet. The stream only caught his lower half as he posed dramatically. But to be fair his thighs do look pretty dramatic, so I guess it still works. "Ground Zero is ours. We are changing the world, one victory at a time. You will learn to respect us or you will learn to fear us. There will be no place for anything else in our new world, where Weebs and Gamers are not shunned, but celebrated for their prowess. This is stage one of our new world order, and let me tell you, foolish viewers... So far, it's all going according to keikaku."

There was a long pause. Akira shuffled his feet awkwardly, as Nathan began to turn red again, shaking in anger and doing his best impression of raspberry jelly in a microwave.

Finally, Akira cleared his throat.

"Keikaku means plan."


[End Stream Highlight]

So big things went down in the Episode 6 Semi Finals as we saw four teams get eliminated.

Now just four teams remain.

The Terrorizers
Claw and Order
The Lumberjacks
The Alchemists

In the Episode 7 finale we will see ONE final winner.

Who is it going to be?​

Nuances of Wrestling

Ground Zero S3:
Episode 7 Finale (REVIEW)



Written by Ty Johnson
Head Writer

Hi all,

Ty Johnson here yet again. I apologize for the long wait, but my review of the final Ground Zero episode is here at last. That is correct, this post will be a review format as opposed to the recap one. I apologize for how watered down this has become, but I am looking forward to getting it finished here by announcing the winner of Ground Zero Season 3 at long last.

This season saw many teams, but each week more and more got eliminated. Which meant going into the finale, we had just four teams left, or so we thought. Claw and Order, The Lumberjacks, The Alchemists, and The Terrorizers.

But at the beginning of the episode, host Saint Sulley announced a twist. An opportunity for TWO teams to return back into the action, making this a SIX team finale.

After a huge tournament that took place before the show aired live with all the remaining teams, it was two teams that would move on. Blair and Celestia Ravenwood of The Coven, and The Anti Internet H8 Squad.

So of course finally, the remaining matches would occur. Six teams, each match from this point on being elimination.

We opened up first with Claw and Order vs The Terrorizers, and it was The Terrorizers who finally won and put Claw and Order out of their misery. After that, The Alchemists faced off against The Coven...also winning and sending the Witch sisters home yet again. Following that, the Lumberjacks who won a hard fought fight against The Revolution. And last but not least, the Anti Internet H8 Squad who continued their momentum after winning the earlier tournament, and upset The Bedlam Brothers to advance to the next round.

In the semi finals now we saw The Anti Internet H8 Squad against The Terrorizers. Nathan "Play" Station would get a big win again and propel his team to yet another upset, getting into the finals. But it was the next fight that was one everyone was looking forward to, between two of the most dominant teams of the show. The Lumberjacks vs The Alchemists. This fight was intense and went back and forth, but ultimately The Lumberjacks would end up making their statement by getting the win.

And so last but not least we had the finale. The Lumberjacks vs The Anti Internet H8 Squad, a team previously eliminated. One might think The Lumberjacks had this in the bag, but...don't forget, this was a ladder match! The mobile high flying team was too quick for The Lumberjacks, and ultimately Nathan "Play" Station grabbed the briefcase to secure the miracle run as The Anti Internet H8 Squad were crowned winners of Ground Zero Season 3.

Overall it was a solid season that introduce the tag team twist. I probably still rank Season 2 so far as the best Ground Zero season, even over my own where I won the whole damn thing, but this one was just as memorable. Congratulations to Nathan and Akira on their victory, and guaranteed contracts on the FWA roster should they choose to accept them.

No word yet on if they will or not however, so stay tuned!

Winners of Ground Zero Season 3:


Winner History

Season One:
Ty Johnson

Season Two:
Konchu Hao

Season Three:
The Internet Anti H8 Squad

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Pittsburgh, PA




Team Katsu



Team Penny



Team Trixie



Team Bell



Episode Schedule

Week 1:
August 23rd, 2023 live from Miami, Florida
Week 2: August 30th, 2023 live from Tampa Bay, Florida
Week 3: September 6th, 2023 live from Orlando Florida
Week 4: September 13th, 2023 live from Jacksonville, Florida

*Sept 20th will be reserved as a makeup week.
*Sept 27th will have no show as I will be on vacation

Week 5: October 4th, 2023 live from San Diego, California
Week 6: October 11th, 2023 live from Los Angeles, California
Week 7: October 18th, 2023 live from San Jose, California
Week 8: October 25th, 2023 live from San Francisco, California


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Already Submitted GZS4 Applications

Character Name: “Cien Vidas” LaVonny Toner

Height, Weight, and Age: 6’3”, 225 lbs, ??

Billed From: Tonerville

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move: “Ode to the OG” - Triple-Rope Jump Double Axe-Handle

Additional Moves: Springboard Inverted DDT, no-hands somersault flip to the outside, “P.I.K” - Spinning Roundhouse Kick (used as flash finisher on occasion when “Ode to the OG” is not practical nor feasible)

Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Cheer

Gimmick/Backstory: Not much is known about Tonerville’s resident masked man - aside from the fact he seems to be … immortal. The Tonerville Tribunal seems to have printed the death of LaVon Davis a record number of times, so much so, that the residents decided to investigate. Much to the dismay of residing priest - Fr Lennon - the locals dug up the plot where LaVon Davis was said to have been put to rest. After forcefully opening the casket, the locals were greeted with an empty berth. Hours later, LaVonny Toner made his debut in an unadvertised warehouse show. He vehemently denies any and all connections to the deceased (?) LaVon Davis.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?): LaVonny ALWAYS wears his mask. It is not for any specified reason but any request to remove his mask is met with a seriously confused look and then promptly ignored. Mask as pictured above


: 6'2

Weight: 230 Lbs

Age: 24

Billed From:

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move:

By Royal Command Slam-High impact delayed Falling Spinebuster

The Crowning-Jumping Superkick

Hitting people with his royal scepter -behind the ref's back, as for obvious reasons would draw an instant DQ-

Additional Moves:
Arm twist followed by a hook kick
Repeated Knee strikes to the head from a double collar tie clinch
Running Forearm Smash
Spinning Wheel Kick
Sunsetflip out of the corner as a counter to an oncoming opponent
Jumping High Angle Hook Kick to an oncoming opponent
-Russian Leg sweep
-Sidewalk Slam
-Running Knee Drop with Royal theatrics
-Scoop Slam
-Back Suplex
-Snap Suplex
-Delayed Vertical Suplex

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):



THE KING-! The King of Lucha Libre! How do we know he's the king of Lucha Libre? Because his name literally means "The King" AND he has a literal crown airbrushed onto his mask. Seems to check out, a man of nobility, of royalty he looks down on peasants and those lower them him (IE: Everyone) and has launched his own crusade to become not only the king of lucha but the king of THE WORLD.

There's a definite up side and down side with El Rey. On the one hand he's rather a-typical of a luchador, he's not a highflyer or cruiserweight, but as a former football player he's a a stocky powerhouse and most of his attacks are basic power moves which makes his in ring work rather boring. But hey, he has time to grow, however as a result of training under quite possibly the greatest crowd worker of all time Maravilloso. He excels at character work as his royal mannerisms and snooty attitude are a sure fire way to get the crowd booing

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):

Training under Maravilloso for a number of years, he was the one to present him with a mask, nuff said

Character Name:

Height, Weight, and Age:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 170 Pounds

Age: early forties?

Billed From:

Nightmare Alley, Mexico

Entrance Music:

Ice Nine Kills- Hip To Be Scared

Finishing Move:

The Hypocritic Oath (also referred as THO)

Finisher Two:
Doctor's Orders
Crossface Chickenwing

Signature Moves:

DNH (Do No Harm) Rolling German Suplex (sometimes into the turnbuckle, though he would expose the turnbuckle before hand)


Malpractice Suit

Perfect Precession

Additional Moves:

Full Nelson Slam
Orton Backbreaker
Spider Suplex
Ripcord Lariat
Diving Headbutt
Cesaro's Swing
dragging a wrestler's face against the ropes
Strikes to pressure points
Mandible Claw (sometimes with a STO Slam)
Crucifix Driver
Rope Hung Snapmare Driver
Spear into corner followed by Spinning Powerbomb
Running Senton To The Back
Knife Edge Chops
Cobra Clutch Bomb
Running Spinning Wheel Kick
Straight Jacket DDT

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):



A former disgrace doctor he fled to Tijuana and picked up wrestling as a way to live. However around the same time a number of missing persons and organs have been seen. There are claims that Crowley has ties with The Cartel as a Repo Man collecting on organs that were sold on Black Market as well as performing surgery as well.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):

Yes To Hide his identity

Pic Base:
The Blade & Dr. Decker from Nightbreed





Character Name: La Sobrina Del Horror Cósmico

Height: 6'1

Weight: 165 Lbs

Age: 26

Billed From: The Cosmos

Entrance Music: "Catalina" - Rosalia

Finishing Move: Cosmic Rondo Knock Out (Slingshot RKO), Cosmic Equalizer (Slingshot High Knee), Cosmic Ultralisk (Slingshot into Flip Piledriver), Cosmic Uncomfortably Numb (Slingshot into Emerald Flowsion Kai) ... her super finisher is to use all four back to back on each side of the ring.

Additional Moves:

Step on Face
Heel Kick
Bicycle Kick
Spinning Backfist
Ripcord Headbutt
Ripcord Elbow
Ripcord Punch
Ripcord Knee
Extreme Impact (Gerald Grayson's Slingshot Lariat)
Busaiku Knee
WMC DDT (Uncle's DDT)
Stop! (Open-Fist Palm Strike)
Finisher #1 (Cyclone)
Cosmic One Shot Kill
Cosmic One Hit Kill
Cosmic 24K Kick
Cosmic Invented Suplex
Cosmic Wonderland (Slingshot, run into corner, Moonsault)
Co(s)mic Sans (Slingshot Double Foot Stomp)
Times New Roman (Damnatio Memoriae aka Spinning Heel Kick)
WordPress Slam (Journey's End)
Cosmic Remix

Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Boo (though people aspire to be stepped on by her)

Gimmick/Backstory: La Sobrina Del Horror Cósmico may or may not be the niece of Uncle J.J. JAY!, one way or another, she has been plying her trade in Mexico, particularly with Art of Lucha where she credits Chubby Carlos for training her in lucha wrestling. Naturally, as a fan of family entertainment, colorful characters, and high flying wrestling, Uncle and Chubby Carlos have historically been good friends with Uncle having been a reliable import during his independent wrestling days. La Sobrina had an easy in with Chubby Carlos who Uncle had full faith would turn his niece into one of wrestling's future greats. Like her Uncle, she has infamously corrupt morals when it comes to how to get around to winning matches. She is egomaniacal and under the belief that she hardly has to try to win a match, often refusing to put in effort, believing her opponents aren't ever worth the effort.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?): Yes she has a half mask with tentacles on it.

Base Pic: Jade Cargill as Kitana (for illustrative purposes, she may wear different outfits though)

Mr. Liberty (real alias John Winston)


From: Liberty, Pennsylvania

Height: 6"6

Weight: 300 pounds

Gimmick: A American Superhero; he attempts to be a symbol of justice.

Age: 37

Alignment: Face

Signature Moves: Stomp Of Approval (Brouge Kick),

Finishing Move: Bell Rung (Superman Bullhammer), Red, White, and Bruised (Bearhug)

Theme: Born In The USA Bruce Springsteen

Other Info: He has had a on again off again friendship/partnership with
Colonel Canuck his Canadian counterpart (play by Miz as Calgary Kid)

Mask: he wears one much like The Patroit Del Wilkes.

Character Name:

Lou Cha

Height, Weight, and Age:

Height: 4’10

Weight: 134Lbs

Age: 69

Billed From:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Entrance Music:

Lucha Dragons theme song

Finishing Move:


Additional Moves:


Alignment (Cheer or Boo):



Lou is an old man that has decided that he wants to become a wrestler, specifically a luchador.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):

He has never wrestled a match and therefore has not earned a mask.

Base Pic:


(Danny DeVito)

Character Name:

Hijo De Espanda Roja

Height, Weight, and Age:

Height: 5'9

Weight: 174 Lbs

Age: 22

Billed From:

Torreon. Coahuila, Mexico

Entrance Music:


Finishing Move:
Crossed Swords- Samoan Driver
-Corkscrew Somersault Senton Bomb

Additional Moves:
-Feint Front Kick Into Discus Back Elbow
-Rope hung triangle armbar
-Springboard corkscrew plancha to an opponent outside the ring
La Quebrada-Inverted facelock backbreaker into spinning inverted facelock elbow drop
-Tornado inverted DDT
-Rope-Assisted Enzuigiri
-Wheelbarrow bulldog
Suicide Dive
-Diving Elbow Drop sometimes while ropewalking or springboarding
-Diving Splash sometimes while rope walking
-Diving crossbody
-Multiple hurricanana varations including diving off the ropes aftter rope walking
-Open hand chop
-Sunset flip Powerbomb
-Somersault arm drag, while springboarding on the ropes
-Springboard moonsault out of the corner
-Spinning one handed bulldog
-Shotgun Dropkick

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):



Interestingly enough Hijo De Espanda Roja; Directly translated to Son of Red Sword, is not actually the son of Red Sword. The second generation Luchador is the nephew of the original Espanda Roja (The son of his brother who never got into the business) but shares a lot of his traits.

Well, I thought it was interesting.

Espanda Roja was a luchador from the 1970s and 80s. Fairly popular but never a true headliner on the level as El Diablo or Maravillso and his career was sadly cut short due to a neck injury, Hijo De Espanda Roja now looks to honor his "Father"/Uncle by doing something the original could never do. Win a world title.

Presented as the traditionally totally moral always fights for what's right tecnico who will uphold the luchador code of honor to the letter, the character isn't the most layered or interesting gimmick you'd ever see, but he's an exciting high flyer with bags of agility and a desire to success.


While not the son of the original, he's family and continuing on the family tradition, add that to the fact he's been trained by the orginal, and he's more then earned his uncle's red and white mask with airbrushed images of crossed swords on it.

Base Pic:
Dragon Lee

Principe Cielo

El Paso, Texas


160 pounds

Born into a Luchador family, Principe Cielo at first rejecting the family and going out on his own opening a wrestling school he hopes to win Ground Zero in hopes of keeping his school alive after his family tries to push him out of wrestling.

Ring Gear: Black and Yellow Mask

He wears a giant half angel wing on one side of his back with it on fire as he runs to the ring. When he gets to the ring it goes out with pieces of the wing falling to the ground.

Pic Base:


Signature Moves:
Midnight Sun
(Running Enziguri kick in the corner followed up by a double rotating moonsault)

Icarus Last Cry

Finishing Moves:
Golden Sun Driver/Half- Nelson Driver (also known as GSD)

Theme Song:




Name: Mamífero De Basura
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 237 lbs
Age: 23
Billed from: Your Local Dumpster
Entrance theme: Electric Swing Circus - Claustrophobia


Finishing move:
Rabies Shot - Spinning Blue Thunder Bomb
Playing Possum - Nearly-inescapable pin trap, typically busted out by surprise.

Additional moves:
Springboard Spinning Elbow Strike
Lucha Armdrag
Spinning Snapmare
Lou Thez Press

Alignment: Cheer! To the point where he has a popular call-and-response chant with the fans. "EAT TRASH - clap clap clap - KICK ASS - clap clap clap."

Gimmick/Backstory: Throughout history, luchadors have ascended to stardom by taking on an animal motif for their gimmick. It really adds to the larger-than-life, borderline superhero persona. Where others would've adopted the threatening and intimidating motif of a dragon, the proud and vicious mask of a lion, or the sleek and elegant aura of a flamingo, a new name has stepped up to continue the long-time tradition in a more humble, modern way. Mamífero De Basura, aka, TRASH MAMMAL.

Taking on the noble and whimsical motif of the majestic possum, Mamífero De Basura keeps his opponents on their toes with wit and trickery, usually by 'playing dead' after visibly motioning for the audience to play along behind his opponent's back. He's obviously still pretty green as a wrestler, but has a pretty good knack of working a crowd, so even a nothing match with minimal workrate has the crowd interested purely through his antics. Eat trash, scream, play dead, get paid. It's a good slogan for a t-shirt, ain't it?

Mask: Earned after the yearly 'Indy Gimmick Battle Royal', hosted by Neon Foxtrot, Mamífero De Basura battled with foes who would go one to be frequent rivals in his career of animal-based gimmickry, including Pez De Colores, The Pink Panther, and Arachnaperson, finally winning the match and a custom made mask by last eliminating Prince Slender. Reportedly Shake Meltzer was in attendance and, quote, 'hated it.'



Character Name:

Halloween Knight

Height, Weight, and Age:

Height: 6 ft 1in

Weight: 221 Lbs

Age: 48

Billed From:

Torreon, Mexico

Entrance Music:

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Finishing Move:

Dia De Los Muertos- Jumping Spinning Wheel Kick, more often then not with the assistance of a steel chair ALA The Van Daminator

Additional Moves:

Horrorcanrana sometimes to an oncoming opponent while springboarding or from the top rope to an opponent sitting on the turnbuckle

Monkey Flip to an cornered opponent

Three SPOOKY Suplexes- Triple Rolling Vertical Suplexs

TERROR Tornado DDT!-A springboard DDT, often preceded by his DANCE walking across the top rope

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):



BOO! Did that Scare you?! Well I know something scarier and that's the GHOULIST and FRIGHTFUL. Senior SPOOKS Mr Halloween Knight! The man of a thousand bones is a cult hero if ever there was one, a out and out vet of the Lucha scene, The SPOOK Master General has been rattling his bone since the mid 90s and still going strong today. I know what you're thinking; With the high flying bumps Lucha Dudes tend to take how is this avatar of angst and bonechilling FEAR still going strong? And the answer is simple. He's adapted to the Santa wrestling schedule, or if you like, The Undertaker. IE He usually only works, one week a year and that week? The 31st of October to the 6th of November, or as it's most commonly known; Halloween to The Day Of The Dead. That week is always an event in Lucha land, as he runs down the ramp handing out candy, doing his fun little skeleton dance...ok, it doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it's over like rover. So of course with Ground Zero happening in October, who better to show up then the GHOUL father himself to make one last run at the big time.

Who knows; if we're lucky, he might just treat us with the always crowd pleasing. DANCE OF THE DAMNED.


Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):
After two decades in the biz, yeah he's probably earned it


Base Pic: LA. Parka!
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Official Update:

Hello Ground Zero fans! Many of you are waiting in anticipation for news on the upcoming season of Ground Zero. It was announced during the summer time that the highly popular FWA reality competition Ground Zero would be airing yet again this fall, with the theme this year being "Luchadors".

However, due to production disputes, the season is currently being delayed and will not be airing this fall.

Instead fourth season of Ground Zero is expected to take place in Winter 2023.

Applications for Ground Zero are still open, and you can apply yourself! Just follow the link here:

Mitch Buchannon

Free Palestine
Feb 10, 2012
Reaction score
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Character Name:

Height, Weight, and Age:


Weight: 225 Lbs

Age: 32

Billed From:

The Beginning of Time

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move:

God of Time (Rainmaker)

Additional Moves:

Time's Arrow (flying elbow)
Time Jump ((Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a double knee backbreaker)
Clock Kick (single leg running dropkick)

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):
Tweener, depends on who they are against


Shinya Taijimoto, the founder former leader of The Hour, has claimed that he has absorbed Donovan Moore and now believes he is the God of Time, Khronos

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):

Does wear a mask

Base Pic:

My project (2).jpg
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Sep 14, 2022
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Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
rip donovan moore we will hold an hour of official mourning period for you

The ScapeDubb

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Sep 14, 2022
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Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team

Moochelle Von Cowowitz




Billed from:
The Farm


"Moo" by Doja Cat

Cattle Driver (Fire Thunder Driver)
Springboard Stampede (Springboard 450 Splash)

Additional Mooves
The Cowacanrana (Hurricanrana)
What A Moonuever (Code Red)
Moosle Dropkick (Missle Dropkick)
The Cow Pen (Mouse trap roll up pin)
Calf Suplex (Half and Half Suplex)

Might edit in some more cow puns as I come up with them.

I mean BOO!

Gimmick Backstory:
She's the leader of the Herd, the most evil group of cows in wrestling.


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Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team


"The Freak"
"The Masked Weirdo"
"The Meme"

5 foot 11.

189 lbs

According to the Crayon covered "birth certificate" we got, 32.

We asked him, and all we got was him shouting about some magically weird place, then went off topic talking about some cereal he had, and further off topic by showing us his stuffed owl named "Hooty" so we will not inquire and further.

"The Other Realm"

Entrance Theme:

Tabuu theme from Super Smash Bros Brawl

In-Ring Style:
Comedy with occasional wrestling, pure insanity.

Freak Effect (Double Underhook Tornado DDT)
In The Nether Regions (Low Blow + Roll Up)

Some Other Moves:
Taboo's Wonderful Ride (Airplane Spin)
The Freak's Elbow (People's Elbow)
Headlock Noogies
Biting an opponent
Small Package
Running Hip Attack (running, in corner)
Running Cross Body
Lou Thez Press plus slamming an opponent's head.

Face, he has become a cult-favourite.

Backstory and Gimmick:
Taboo is not smart. He is not bright. He is weird. But by God has Taboo become a cult-favourite because of it. Showing up in wrestling under a mask, this wrestler has been a punching bag most of his career. Unable to form complete or long sentences, he has always been off, loving the bizarre and shiny, while showing his mind is more like the inside of a coconut. Things changed when he got signed to a contract with Liberty or Death Wrestling... and we are not referring to him in the wins/loss column.

In LDW, his weirdness started to earn him favour with the fans, and it especially sky-rocketed once, for an entire show, he stole the LDW World Championship because it is "Shiny" and lead LDW staff on a wild Taboo chase around the arena. He persisted, getting roped into a group of other wrestlers who couldn't buy a win, but the self-proclaimed "leader" of said group, Daemon Raze, kept pushing Taboo aside once he noticed the masked idiot was getting more popular than him, only fueling the fan's love for him. It culminated in Taboo lucking his way into a LDW World Championship open challenge and... probably due to some weird magic, got a two count on the champion.

Since the company's closure, Taboo has been an independent staple, carrying around his Owl plush "Hooty" and surprisingly has gotten a bit better in the ring, picking up a few wins, through a mix of luck, opponent's under-estimating him, or rarely... ACTUALLY WRESTLING!? He is still an idiot. He is still a Weirdo, but he is our lovable Weirdo and no matter if Taboo lucks his way to a win or is eliminated early, may FWA consider themselves in on the best joke in the world.

Yes, I don't know if he really "earned" his mask, but we don't want to know what is under it.

Credit For Co-Creation


The lights flash green as "Tabuu" begins to build. After fifteen seconds, the masked freak Taboo makes his way out. The masked Anomoly holds his precious stuffed owl, Hooty and raises it in the air before holding it to his ear. He has a wild grin on his face before he has a rush down the entranceway!

Announcer: (Normal stuff), accompanied by Hooty, from the Other Realm, weighing in at 189 pounds, the Freak, the Meme, THIS IS TABOO!!!

The peculiar masked man runs around the ring before sliding into the ring, rolling. He hops up and bounces off all the ropes before climbing one of the turnbuckles, holding his owl up high. He gently places his friend down in his corner and he kneels with a crazed look in his eyes as his theme music fades.​
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Hello all.

Applications for Ground Zero Season 4 will remain open for one more week.

On February 7th I will begin to make roster graphics for the show. And on February 15th, the first episode of Ground Zero Season 4 will be posted here.

Thank you. :)

The ScapeDubb

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Sep 14, 2022
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Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
I'm going to withdraw El Extraño Misterioso Guapo since I re-used the idea/picbase for LCW (wasn't sure if this was moving forward or not) and while it's definitely not Jeremy Best under the mask in LCW (like totally... it couldn't possibly be him, he's not a luchadore!)... there's a SLIGHT CHANCE maybe it is... which would go against the rules for GZ. I'll conjure up another idea before the deadline.


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Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Hello all.

Applications for Ground Zero Season 4 will remain open for one more week.

On February 7th I will begin to make roster graphics for the show. And on February 15th, the first episode of Ground Zero Season 4 will be posted here.

Thank you. :)

The Meme.

Will be



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Pittsburgh, PA
I'm going to withdraw El Extraño Misterioso Guapo since I re-used the idea/picbase for LCW (wasn't sure if this was moving forward or not) and while it's definitely not Jeremy Best under the mask in LCW (like totally... it couldn't possibly be him, he's not a luchadore!)... there's a SLIGHT CHANCE maybe it is... which would go against the rules for GZ. I'll conjure up another idea before the deadline.
No problem. I just ask that you edit your original application for El Extrano so that I don't forget he's withdrawn
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Dec 12, 2010
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Slam Diego
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Character Name:
Lone Shark


180 lb


Billed From:
Amity Island

Entrance Music:
“Fast as a Shark” by Accept

Finishing Move:
Shark Driver (Tiger Driver)
Sharknado (Springboard tornado DDT)

Additional Moves:
Jumping the Shark (Somersault senton)
Shark Splash (Frog splash)
Shining Shark (Shining Wizard)
Bull Shark (Running bulldog)
Shark Kick (Tiger feint kick)
Tiger Shark (Tiger suplex, sometimes w/ bridge)
Snap Shark Suplex (Snap-dragon suplex)
Blue Shark Bomb (Blue Thunder Bomb)
Shark Tamer (Lion Tamer)
Shark Clutch (Camel Clutch)
Shark Hug (Bear hug) *This typically doesn't work out well for him against larger opponents

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):

The story of Lone Shark is pretty simple.

He’s a man that has been a lifelong wrestling fan and has also seen one too many shark movies decided to try his hand at the sport, and given his affinity for sharks and movies portraying them, he decided that would be the focal point of his gimmick.

He’s been wrestling for many years, specifically in small indie promotions down in Mexico, where he’s a beloved act wherever he appears. He calls himself Lone Shark because he’s always been a bit of a loner all his life, and he thinks it’s a clever pun.

It’s rumored that he’s become so invested in the gimmick that he may or may not believe that in a previous life he was a shark. It's never been confirmed nor denied by Lone Shark when it's been brought up.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):
He wears a mask similar to his picture base (he made it himself, along with the rest of his attire)

Base Pic:
Shark Boy
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Favorite Sports Team

Character Name:
El Vengador

Height, Weight, and Age:


Weight: 250 Lbs

Age: 30

Billed From:
The Realm of Despair

Entrance Music:

Finishing Move:

Justicia (Awful Waffle)

Additional Moves:
Machine Gun Chops
Fireman's Carry Facebuster
Avalanche Samoan Drop
Standing Moonsault
Springboard Dropkick
Step Up Enziguri
Somersault Suicide Dive
Jumping Big Boot
Standing Dropkick
Diving Moonsault (often to an opponent standing outside the ring)
Rolling Neck Snap

Alignment (Cheer or Boo):


El Vengador, a name he recently adopted, is not from this world. He is from an alternate, parallel universe where the world is mostly post apocalyptic. He has crossed dimensions in search of the man (or woman) who murdered his brother. He has reason to believe this person has entered the Ground Zero competition, so he too is entering the competition and he will not rest until justice is served.

Mask (Does he wear one? Does he need to earn it?):

Yes, to conceal his identity from his brother's killer.

The Gipper

The Gipper
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Character Name: TYLER

Height: 6’2

Weight: 230 Lbs

Age: 39

Billed From: London, England

Entrance Music: Andrew W.K - Ready To Die

Finishing Move: Lightning Bolt (Jumping DDT)

London Overground (720 DDT)

Additional Moves:
  • Double foot Stomp, standing, corner and top rope
  • Jumping Neckbreaker
  • Lou Thez Press but instead of punches, its just plain elbows
  • Hurricanrana into the corner so the opponent’s jaw hits the middle turnbuckle,
  • Kings Cross (Flying Headbutt),
  • All kinds of Arm Drags
  • Springboard Flip Piledriver (Think Adam Cole’s Panama Sunrise but a Springboard jump instead of a corner move)
  • Springboard Spinning Back Kick
  • Running Yakuza Kick
  • Pentagon Driver
  • Springboard Bulldog
  • Inverted Overdrive/Rayne Drop
  • Tiger Driver '91!
  • No Hands Cartwheel Splash
  • Muta Lock
  • Rolling Yoshi Tonic into Pin Attempt
  • Springboard Superman Punch
  • Springboard Satellite DDT
  • Tope Con Hilo
  • London’s (Hell’s) Gate
  • Rarely does British (European) Uppercut-os
  • Pretty much all kick and knee strikes, he got that “educated feet”, he commonly tends to not actual punches unless the opponents on the floor and open for some free shots.

Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Boo, mostly just because of his connection to Jeffry Mason

Gimmick/Backstory: Energetic, spunky, chaotic, agile and high flying, runs at 101% all the time. All pretty good words to describe the formerly named British Kid. Former best friend and multi-championship winning tag partner of current FWA wrestler Reagan Cole, British Kid was a rush of adrenaline in the ring, if he wasn’t attacking that particular moment, he was interacting with the fans getting them pumped so he got pumped up in return. This high speed velocity was both perfect and terrible for his and Reagan’s team “The UK”, as the speed based offense combined with Reagan’s focused technical ability made for a pretty good duo but the more British Kid got distracted with the fans, the more the opponents could take advantage and so British Kid did end up being at fault for a lot of the big losses for the duo. And it didn’t help that British Kid ended most words in “O”, nobody really knows where the origin of that came from but some people like British Kid believed it was just the power of the mask itself. But that was all then.

Now recently he has come back to wreck havoc on his former tag partners life alongside Reagan’s years-long enemy Jeffry Mason, making a sudden impact by injuring FWA star, Aka Yurei. Not much is known about the newly named TYLER since he’s came back, we haven’t seen much of him wrestle but from what we have seen is that he still holds some qualities similar to his past self but now it feels…twisted somehow. Instead of feeding off the “electricity” in the crowd so he could perform the big spots, now it’s more in the same situation of the more hatred TYLER gets from the crowd, the more aggressive he becomes to his opponent and when he gets to a boiling point, he’s not scared of using a weapon to get his point across, he’s even dared the crowd in recent cases to boo him because it’s almost like he wants to get to that boiling point quicker if you know what I mean. All of his athletic moves that were formerly full of flare and fireworks has now been replaced with nothing but anger and frustration and almost giving a small chuckle at someone else’s expense. Jeffry Mason was the one that signed up TYLER to Ground Zero to see what he could do but also to haunt Reagan Cole a bit more than doing the one thing Reagan could never do. Win Ground Zero.

Mask: Nothing too fancy. The Union Jack covers the entirety of the head except the headlight shaped silver eye plates that are supposed to cover up the eyes. Since TYLER has been a thing though, his entire costume has changed into a ominous black and grey color, it’s quite creepy. On one hand it’s kind of a good thing that the only clear photo shoot pictures people have been able to get of the guy was before the transformation, on the other hand the multiple photographers he’s injured seem to disagree. So probably just use pictures from the British Kid era, i don’t know.

Base Pic: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man
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