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Gotham Falls


Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
New Batman Series Coming Soon

FX Network has announced today a new series that is coming to the channel as a new original Batman TV Show will be in its lineups coming this fall. It is said that the series will be about 8 episodes and will be headed by Sons of Anarchy & Mayans MC showrunner one Kurt Sutter as he will be co-producer with rookie producer and screenwriter Dakota Graves in a effort to give DC's Dark Knight a fresh new spin. The show has kept its cast under wraps but, it is said to be the an all star cast and highest costing show in FX history. There are those said to think they see this as the next big hit tv show. The premise and plot unknown but, sources say that Bruce Wayne will not be the lead of the series. The series is also supposed to be Rated MA and will have lots of violence, drugs, and sex. It is said that more info will be coming out soon.

All of this is fan fiction written by me.

Gotham Falls


Jeremy Allen White as Jackson "J.T." Taylor

Best known for his role as the oldest brother in the TV Show Shameless. Jeremy Allen White has been casted in the new Batman series per report. While it is a surprising cast as the lead of the show many think he is an actor on the rise. He has played Lip Gallagher and his co-star Cameron Monaghan was casted as Jeremiah and Jerome and the hit series Gotham.

Zachary Quinto as Dr. Jonathan Crane

Best known for his role on NBC hit show "Heroes" Zachary Quinto has a huge number a roles to his name including being cast in Star Trek movies series as Mr. Spock. He has been cast to play the big bad of the series Dr. Jonathan Crane also known as Batman villain Scarecrow. Sutter & Graves both think that he brings the right stuff as Scarecrow and were excited to bring him on board.

Matthew Gray Gubler as The Riddler

This was a man that Graves himself has said to have had only one person in mind and Matthew Gray Gubler was it. Best known as Dr. Spencer Reid on the CBS series "Criminal Minds" Graves sees Gubler as the perfect man to play the role on the series.

Frank Dillane as Son of The Joker

Best known for his time on AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead" Dillane was a breakout star of the series as many claim he's a up and coming actor with nothing but, upside and while he's had some problems outside of acting in his personal life he has said to love the script and is looking forwarded to his time on "Gotham Falls"

Crispin Glover as The Joker

He maybe one of the strangest men in showbiz today but a man who will really go in such detail for his role. Crispin Glover of "Back To The Future" fame has been casted as the villain The Joker. Graves was said to love Glover's work and a huge fan of his look. This variation of Joker is sick and looks to keep his legacy alive through any means.

Anson Mount as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Graves said when he was making the script that he did not want to do your typical Batman story. He said with so many different characters in the universe he would dive down into other things. However he did not want to abandon Bruce Wayne all together and he wanted an older Batman and Bruce Wayne. Anson Mount best known for his role as Cullen Bohannan in AMC's "Hell On Wheels" has been cast as Batman. Not much is known as too how much he will be on the series but, Anson is a hell of a actor.

Hannah Murray as Poison Ivy/Lilian Rose

Hannah Murray a British actresses best known for her roles on both "Skins" UK version and HBO's "Game Of Thrones" has been cast to play Lilian Rose or better known as Poison Ivy. She has said not yet to be evil but, no pun intended the seeds are to be planted as Graves would like to say. Graves who has been said to love her innocent look sees her as one of the characters who could easily be the breakout of the series.

Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Hugo Strange

One of the most respected actors in the past decade Graves and Sutter were both over the moon when they were able to bring in Kelsey Grammer to play Dr. Hugo Strange. Best known as Frasier in both "Cheers" and "Frasier" Kelsey has dabbled in the super hero franchises before playing Beast in X-Men. Grammer has stated he wants to bring a sinister side to Strange one which we haven't seen before.

Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth

Another former "Game Of Thrones" actor Liam Cunningham has played Ser Davos on the show. Graves has stated that Liam brings a wit and a father figure presence to Alfred. He also stated this Alfred will have some similarities to "Gotham" Alfred where he is more then just a manner mild butler.

Oded Fehr as Ra Al Ghul

Best Known for his roles in "The Mummy" and "Resident Evil" franchise . Oded Fehr has been cast as Ra's Al Ghul in a move that sees him take a role that he has played on "Young Justice" animated series to real life.

Jaimie Alexander as Talia Al Ghul

Known for her roles in "Thor" and NBC's "Blindspot" Jaimie Alexander was announced as Al Ghul's daughter Talia. It is not known if she is a love interest in the series yet but more will be disclosed soon.

Hunter Parrish as Oliver Queen

Finally today it was announced that "Weeds" star Hunter Parrish will join the cast playing a mid twenties Oliver Queen in a number of episodes. Hunter Parrish has the Oliver Queen look to which Graves was picturing per report.

Elias Koteas as Commissioner Gordon

It was announced today that Elias Koteas has been cast as Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon allie to Batman and head of GSPD. It is as of right now unknown how many episodes he will be in but, he is a good addition to the cast. It is said that this Gordon's first case as a detective will be death of Wayne's parents when he was about in his twenties so there will be only about 10 -13 year gap between the two.

Katey Segal as Athena Louise McGowen

The rumored role of Katey Segal has been announced today as she will be playing Athena Louise a older woman that will have a close relationship with JT. Her husband being Kurt Sutter it was a real no brainer she be on the show in some sort of way. Graves still is happy to have the former Gemma Teller and Mrs. Bundy onboard agreeing with Sutter she is a great actress and is hot as hell.

Jordan Fisher as Hayden Callaway

Jordan Fisher will be playing Hayden Callaway a closet gay man that lives in a bad part of Gotham. His character is said to be dealing with life as a closet gay, living in a rough part of town and the pressures of life as a African America. He is one of the four kids who have a past connection with Batman and such. He will be in his senior year of high school and a star sports player for Gotham High.

Joe Keery as Atticus Lynch

Joe will play Atticus Lynch a super smart kid age 19 has already graduated from MIT and was hired to work at Wayne Enterprises as part of Wayne Grant Program. He is a nerd at heart.

Katherine Langford as Jennifer Blake

She was adopted after her mother left her on a doorstep Jennifer only had a little hat that had her name on it. She wants to learn more about her past. She finds out she has a closer connection then almost all of them to Batman. She is in her twenties and is working as a Police Officer for GSPD where she has a close relationship to Harvey Bullock.

Bruce Campbell as Harvey Bullock

Dakota was set to be like a little school girl after the news that Bruce Campbell would being joining the cast as Harvey Bullock. Best known for Ash Williams. Graves was said he sees a reoccurring role for him on the show.

Cast for Unknown Roles Or Not Yet Released

Alicia Silverstone (parent role)
Natalie Alyn Lid
Caleb McLaughlin (brother of Fisher)
Dayton Callie (Father Figure to White)
Common ( as father of Fisher & Caleb)
Sabrina Carpenter
Chandler Riggs


Season One

"Things From Our Past"

"Monsters In Daylight"

"Grey Lines"

"Unanswered Questions"
(Not Aired Yet)

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Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I really enjoy 8 episode miniseries like this and i love Batman so I might give this a shot. Cast looks really good as well, probably just gonna wait til the season airs before I decide if i wanna watch it tho
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Jun 28, 2010
Is this a fan fiction series? Cause I fuck with it heavy.

My boy Sylar as the Scarecrow?! :proud

Do him proud.
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Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
Gotham Falls

Ep 1

"Things From Our Past"

We open up to a night sky going over the city of Gotham as the rain drops fall onto the ground we hear screams an sirens going off as a young man looks up.

???: Somebody help, he stole my purse.

The young man sees the a early 50's women point in the direction of a man running away through a crowd and goes on to chase her.

???: You bastard, stop!

The young man chases after him and after a long chase scene the thief is corner in a alley way. The thief looks up smiling as from behind comes a few more foot steps behind him.

???: Kid you made the wrong choice today.

We now see the face of the thief and its one of The Joker's thugs his facepaint smeared and scars across the corners of his mouth to make it look like he was smiling. He pulls out a switchblade and laughs.

???: Shit man, well looks like you are apart of Joker's crew huh. Well fuck me.

The thugs all looking the same charge after the kid who is seen looking around for a few more seconds before seeing a metal trash lid he uses his foot to pop it up into his hands and begins swinging away. He hits the first man coming back around hitting the next few thugs. He barley misses getting stabbed before the original thief hits him in the back of the head with a beer bottle.

The young man drops to the ground and from his point of view we see the thugs surrounded him. He starts to go in and out of consciousness as we see one by one the thugs being taken out from behind. We then get a few shots of him groggy being picked up by someone.

???: I got to get that to...

End Scene

He falls asleep and when he awakes he sees the first person looking over him is Batman.

Batman: What were you thinking kid? You could of gotten yourself killed.

The kid looks up staring at the tall dark knight as he tries to get up.

Batman grabs him forcing him to lay down as he talks.

Batman: Save your strength hero. What us your name?

The kid looks up and states his name.

I am Jackson Taylor but, you can call me J.T.

Batman: Alright, J.T. rest we will talk later.

Batman leaves as the kid falls back to sleep.

We open back up with the kid waking up and he looks across the room where an older man in a suit vest looks at him offering him some Advil and a glass of water.

???: Hello young master, take these it will help. When you are ready he wants to talk to you.

JT: Yeah, thanks, hey look how long have I been out? I got to get to work. If I am late they are going to fire me.

???: You been out for few days Master Taylor and don't worry he took care of that you are fine. I got some clothes over there if you need to change. There's a towel there and the shower is over there. If you need anything else let me know. I am Alfred Pennyworth.

JT: Yeah, No, I am good... Well wait you got any cigs?

Alfred looks on with a little bit of a snarky remark.

Alfred: Those things will kill you such a nasty habit. No I don't , now if you will excuse me I have some things I must attend too.

Alfred exits leaving JT sitting in the bed. He comes out of the bedroom and enters into "The Batcave".

JT: Holy Shit!

Batman is at the computer he turns around staring at JT. He invites him to sit before he starts talking.

Batman: Jackson Taylor. Height 6 feet. Weight 180 pounds. 20 years old. Brown Hair. Blue Eyes. Blood Type O. You are a only child. Your mother name is Maci Taylor.

JT yells at Batman which sees the two meet eye to eye.

JT: Don't talk about my mother. I don't talk about my mother. It has been years since I saw her face. She died. My father has never been in the picture and I been pretty much on my own since I was 14 years old.

Batman: Look, I was just trying to say I know you kid. Hell I been you and I want to know if I can trust you.

JT: Why would you need to trust me?

Batman: I believe in you kid. I saw you chase after that guy and you didn't even flinch or think about it. You put up a hell of a fight even with your back up against the wall. You even wanted to give that woman her purse back. We live in a world where heroes are far and between but, those villains that evil the numbers grow every fucking second. I know that I cant do this alone. I wanna know if you got what it takes if you can do what's good.

End Scene

We come back from commercial break and we see that now on the corner of the screen it says Present Day. We are now inside the Batcave where Bruce Wayne is seen training J.T. who doesn't seem to get it yet. He is knocked down as Bruce tells him to try it again. He sweeps JT's leg and tells him to try and strike him again. They show this going on and on with JT getting upset. Alfred steps telling Bruce he has a call as he leaves the screen,

Alfred: You are getting better you know. Don't get to hard on yourself. When Master Wayne was a boy. I taught him some of the things he knows.

JT laughs as Alfred glares over.

Alfred: Tell you what JT, try and hit me.

JT laughs looking at Alfred who takes his vest off and tests the young man.

Alfred: Come on... Show me what you got. Unless your scared a old man gonna how do you say, whoop your ass.

JT: Fuck that...

JT charges in but, Alfred moves to the side Alfred blocks every hit knocks JT to the ground as he offers his hand to the young man. JT looks up a little embarrassed but, he accepts the hand as Bruce Wayne enters the room again.

Bruce Wayne: You know what you did wrong right? You underestimated your foe, see that is going to be your undoing. The thing is when I first started Alfred here kick my ass all the time.

Alfred smiles before speaking.

Alfred: Master Wayne, I can still whoop your ass but, never the less he is right. Master Taylor , every fight you go into you got to act like it could be your last. If you don't you are going to lose every time.

JT acknowledges it says Thank You . He looks at his phone before stating he has to go.

End Scene

We move onto our next scene as JT walks inside a flower shop. He looks around seeing all the pretty flowers before ringing the bell at the service table.

???: Just..a…second!

A female voice shouts from behind the desk in another room. The girl walks out and its a pretty younger girls in her early twenties. She has a number of flowers in her hand she goes to walk out as she slips. JT catches her and the flowers before helping her out. She looks up at him with redhair beautiful green eyes.

???: Thank you so very much.

JT: Not a problem anytime.

???: Well hi my name is Lilian Rose nice to meet you. You were my knight in shining armor.

JT: Funny you should stay rose cause that's what I am looking for.

Lilian Rose: Hot date huh.

JT: Yea, no I wish, see todays my mother anniversary since her passing and every year I leave a rose on her tombstone.

Lilian smile turns to sadness.

Lilian Rose: Oh, I am so sorry. That is very sweet of you. You must of really loved her.

JT: Don't worry about it, you cant live in the past all the time at least that's what I am told. I did love her though.

JT gets back up and she hands him a rose.

JT: How much do I owe you?

Lilian Rose: Don't worry about it this one is on the house. Plants they are a beautiful thing huh. They can heal broken hearts the perfect medicine.

JT: Yeah, but, that aren't the only things beautiful in here. Thank you very much have a nice day.

She smiles as he leaves we see her then tend to the other plants before we see JT glance back at her before the scene ends.

End Scene

We open back up with JT in the graveyard he places the rose down on it where we see the name Maci Taylor 1975- 2005

JT: Still miss you every day mom. I hope I am making you proud.

A female voice is heard saying You Are, as JT looks around seeing the women who he tried to get her purse back for smile at him. She is smoking a cig she's a older women but, she's good looking. She walks up to him offering him a smoke he accepts as the two smoke.

???: Maci Taylor what a beautiful name. You know she be real proud of you. I mean in this shithole piece of garbage city heroes are far in between and you are my hero kid. You know you left this at my door ring the bell and ran off. I wanted to say thank you.

JT seems confused but, then figures Bruce took it to there.

JT: It really was no problem. You are welcome.

???: Don't be modest, in that thing was a picture of me and my late husband on our first date.

She pulls out the picture showing him.

???: God I was hot back then, I had a great rake my ass was tight. I had legs for days and my husband would tell me everyday how lucky he was to be with me. Everyday for 35 years. He go Athena Louise McGowen why are you with a man like me. I always answer the same damn thing because you were stupid enough to marry me. The truth was, I was lucky to have him.

He was such a great man. Then that God Damn cancer took him from me. He's in a better place, I know that and his old job...Wayne Enterprises offered me 1 million dollars and paid off all his medical bills. I tell you that Bruce Wayne is a kind as he is handsome, No matter what those tabloids say. I told them that I didn't need to be handed anything. That I wanted to earn my keep. So they give me a job. I had just got done when those thugs came in.

JT: Well Mrs. McGowen. I am glad I was able to help.

JT goes to walk off as she stops him.

Mrs. McGowen: You eat?

JT: No, I am going to eat some Ramen Noodles when I got home.

Mrs. McGowen: No you're not come on. I will cook you a home cooked meal.

JT: I couldn't.

Mrs. McGowen: You can and you will besides its getting late and those freaks might come out again come on.

He agrees as we end the scene with them two walking off.

End Scene

We are back from commercial as the two are walking back towards McGowen's place when we see that the flower shop from earlier has a couple of shady looking thugs walking in the door we hear a scream and JT runs in

JT: Call the police.

McGowen does as JT runs towards the shop. We see that there is about five thugs and they are destroying the place. Lilian Rose is being held by one with a gun to her head. We see that the thugs are asking for money. She gives them what in the register but, its not much.

Thug 1: Bitch, you better fucking, have some more.

He pulls out a switchblade as JT demands they stop.

Thug 1 turns around and he sees that it is the guy from the past.

Thug 1: You fucker, you are the reason why I got my ass beat by the Bats. Let's see how tough you are when you ain't got the Bats to save your ass.

JT: Guess we will.

A fight breaks out as JT takes out the thugs with a few sweeps and throwing one through the window. He then takes out another with a punch to the throat and then a judo toss punching him out cold. He stares at the first thug who starts to try and stab JT . He remembers how Alfred blocked and starts to do the same thing he twists under him and disarms the knife that goes across the room. While that is going on Lilian Rose stomps on the other thugs foot before taking a flower pot and smashing it over his head. The thug pissed pulls out a gun and tries to shoot her but, misses hitting the light which sets the plants on fire.

Lilian Rose screams about her plants and shop as JT sees that the thug is closing in on her. He gets to the knife throwing it stabbing though the guys hand as its stuck in the wall. The first thug comes from behind putting him in a chokehold trying to kill him. He is about to be choked out when...Bang! a gun goes off. The next thing you hear is a scream coming from the thug. Lilian Rose drops the gun.

Thug 1: You Bitch, You fucking C***, You shot me through the face.

Sirens go off from the background as the flames start to engulf the place.

Thug 1 runs off stating they will pay as JT sees Mrs. McGowen as kicked down a side door and JT with Lilian Rose get out as the place explodes. Lilian Rose is in tears crying.

Lilian Rose: My plants! My Shop!

She gets ahold of herself as the three walk off towards the sirens. We get to see a bunch of people around and we see that there are Gotham City Police and Firefighters, EMT's all around they get checked out as Mrs. McGowen is seen giving her statement to the officer. She says she will have to raincheck that dinner as JT goes over to Lilian Rose who is shaken up. She is seen looking at her shop and sees a burnt up rose.

Lilian Rose: Thank you for saving me. I just I cant believe my plants got killed. I know it seems silly but, they are like my children. I feel like a failed mother right now.

JT puts her arm around her as she smiles there looks like there is a moment when a older man approaches them.

???: You did good kid. The name is Jim Gordon. Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon. That was a hell of a job you did. You saved this girls life. If you wouldn't mind tomorrow stopping by the GPSD. I like to ask you about the thug that got away. We think he actual maybe the Son of The Joker.

JT: Damn really no problem Sir, I will see you tomorrow.

Gordon gives him his card as he walks away. Lilian Rose looks at JT and are about to pick off when JT's phones goes off and its from Wayne's phone.

JT: I really... wanna continue this but, if you wouldn't mind just a second.

JT walks away answering the phone.

JT: Bruce this really isn't a good time..

Alfred answers to a surprise of JT.

Alfred: Get to Wayne Manor now! Something has happen to Master Wayne.

JT says alright and goes back to Lilian Rose.

JT: Look something came up. I got to go. I really wanna see you again but, I go to go.

He runs off as she yells You don't even got my number. He says Shit but she says meet her tomorrow at GSPD. He gives her a nod before running off. She has a smile on her face as we cut to Wayne Manor. We see that there is a lot of cars that aren't Bruce's in the driveway. He knocks on the door Alfred answers takes him to Batcave.

We go down to the Batcave where three other people are there. We one white average looking guy, a girl and a African- American guy all wondering what is going on. JT looks confused as well.

Alfred: Bruce has gone missing and you four are going to find him.

We see all of them looking at each other as we pan back and cut to a dark room where we see Batman in the corner rocking back and forth.

Batman: Help Me!

Batman says that over and over as we hear a sinister laugh in the ack ground and a man step forward in a Scarecrow mask as we fade to black to end show.

End Show

Cast & Crew

Co-Produced & Directed by Kurt Sutter & Dakota Graves

Jeremy Allen White as Jackson "J.T." Taylor
Anson Mount as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Katey Segal as Athena Louise McGowen
Hannah Murray as Lilian Rose
Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth
Frank Dillane as Son Of The Joker/Thug 1
Elias Koteas as Commissioner Gordon
Katherine Langford as ???
Jordan Fisher as ???
Joe Keery as ???
Zachary Quinto as Scarecrow



Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
Gotham Falls

Ep 2

"Monsters In Daylight"

The camera pans as all four kids are down in the Batcave each one of them looking to one another as if sizing each other up and wondering what the fuck is going on. We get a close shot of the African American young adult and we go to a flashback.

We are now on a football field after the State Championship. Hayden Callaway the young stud QB has just won them the game as they celebrate on the field. He and his teammates go back to the locker room and we here a number of them talking.

Hayden Callaway: Well guys we did it State Champions baby.

There is a moment of chatter among the guys about what party they should go to and that they are now the kings of Gotham High School. They ask Hayden who of the ladies he has his eye on.

Hayden Callaway: I don't know man none of these girls really interest me man. I am focused on one thing right now man keeping my grades up so I can get into a good school, get a scholarship then take them Gotham Knights all the way to the Super Bowl.

A couple of the guys ask him about what he should do now this is the present.

Hayden Callaway: Besides man, I got to watch my brother dad is at work. You guys do the party for me I will hit you up later.

Hayden says his goodbyes and begins to walk towards home. We see that he doesn't go directly home instead sneaking around he gets changed around a building and into some other clothes he makes his way downtown towards a bar. He makes it so he's not recognizable. He makes his way into the bar where loud techno music is playing. He is seen talking to other guys in the bar and we get a montage of them dancing around, having drinks . Hayden's eyes are caught by another man smiling at him he goes over and the two start to talk.

Hayden Callaway: Hey how are you.

???: I am better now that you are here. So tell me what do you think of this place.

Hayden Callaway: It is nice, but to be honest its not really my scene I guess. I rather be in a different place but, it seems here at least people accept me for who I am.

???: So you haven't come out huh.

Hayden Callaway: How did you know.

???: I was just like you, I didn't know how all this work. I didn't know if I be accepted by my friends by my family. I felt lost ashamed and I shouldn't of. Neither should you. We all should be accepted for anything we are . Straight, Bi, Gay, Trans we are all human. We all want to be loved.

Hayden smiles and nods his head in agreement.

Hayden Callaway: So what happen when you came out. I am sorry to this whole time we have talked I haven't even asked your name.

???: Its Arik. Arik Dyson. Pleasure to meet you.

Hayden tells him his name as they walk of talking towards the outside while Arik smokes a cig.

Arik Dyson: So when I came out, there was a lot of good out of it. I felt like myself for the first time. It was a shocking to some and they had to learn how to deal with it because I wasn't going to live a lie anymore. If they couldn't get passed my sexual preference and were going to judge me on that Fuck' Em.

Hayden Callaway: You obviously not from Gotham are you. People around here especially downtown they are stuck in the past and they cant accept it.

Arik Dyson: Why do you care?

Hayden Callaway: I worked my whole life to get out of this city. I am so close, I can give my family a better life, I can get my brother a better chance that he doesn't have to be afraid of the noises in the dark the shadows on the wall. You know my brother is the only one who knows he maybe younger then me but, he is so much smarter then I am he didn't care and he said the same things you said. I was going to come out but, then, I heard some of the guys in the locker room I heard what they said about someone who they deemed as gay and the words that they used were terrible. I was scared. I am scared. I get it that its a whole new world that we are accepted but its Gotham there is a stigma and it is easier to just.

Arik looks on in disgust at Hayden he is about to walk away. He turns to Hayden.

Arik Dyson: You think that its easier? You think hiding who you are is easy? You think that hiding yourself from ignorant people is easier who gives a damn. You seemed cool I get this whole thing here this lead jock whose "the man" right. Wake up! what you are isn't a disease its not a blight its who you are. It doesn't matter if you are gay, bi, trans pan, you should love who ever you want.

You are just a coward not for what people think of you but you are a coward cause you cant admit to yourself on who you really are.

Arik leaves as Hayden ponders his words. Hayden then feels bad and goes to leave towards home a few minutes later. Hayden is walking past an alley and hears a huge crash sound he looks and about halfway down the alley we see Arik who is seen in a heated argument with 3 guys.

Hayden hears Arik tell the guys to leave him alone they make a few gay slurs before calling him a word. Arik tries to leave as the one guy throws him into the wall. There is a few exchanged words we cant hear before Arik spits in the guys face. The guys then
begin to beat on Arik with wicked shots. Hayden looks and sees that there is a Gotham High Lettermen jackets on the guy.

Hayden Callaway: No I cant get involved... I can't...

A few more seconds go by there's a loud scream as we see that one of the guys has a steel pipe in his hand. He motions over towards the other guys as they drop Arik's pants.

Gotham High Student #1: Well since you like it when someone cleans your pipes.

Hayden still conflicted finally comes out and the three guys look his way. Then notice its Hayden confused for a second before talking to him.

Gotham High Student #1: Callaway what you doin here? Well since you are here this f**** h*** bout to get what's coming to him.

Hayden stares at the guys who try and get him to join them he walks towards them grabbing the pipe. Arik looks at Hayden with anger he screams at him.

Arik Dyson: You God Damn coward. You cant admit it.

Students look over at Hayden. Hayden has the pipe in his hand and then tosses it away over into a dumpster.

Hayden Callaway: I cant let you guys do this its not right.

Gotham High Student #1: Who gives a damn about right or wrong? Why do you give a damn about this dude. What he is doing isn't normal. We are your friends.

Student goes on to say some more slurs this time though he has gotten more aggressive.

Hayden Callaway: Stop! what you are saying is awful. He is a human being it is modern age man. He should be able to love whoever the hell he wants. See if you were a real friend you learn to accept people.

Gotham High Student #1: Why do you keep defending him?

Hayden Callaway: Because I am gay!

There is a silence for a few moments Callaway is seen shaking but standing firm.

Gotham High Students #2 & 3: What?

Hayden Callaway: Yeah, Im gay. That's why I got a problem with all of this more then the fact that you are just trying to assault someone because he is different. Look, you need to turn around and go home.

Gotham High Student #1: You are gay... you been in the locker room with us you been in the showers with us. You f***** h***.

He grabs Callaway and clocks him in the mouth. The other two guys try and get him away from Hayden as he begins to punch him again and again. Hayden then reverses a punch on him as he sends him back against the alley wall. He goes for a punch the student ducks as Hayden fist his the wall. The student with a headbutt. The two other guys try and hold him back but, he comes in grabs a brick and clocks Hayden in the skull. Hayden drops to the floor.

We are now in Hayden's perspective as we see that everything is hazy for him you hear the three students arguing as a kneeling Arik is speaking but, you cant make out what is said. The student runs off as the other two follow suit after what looks like them freaking out. Hayden then passes out.

End Scene

We open up the next scene with Hayden waking up inside a hospital bed. He tries to sit up but his head hurts extremely bad. His hand is still in pain. He turns to see a gentleman staring out the window.

Hayden Callaway: Dad?

The man turns and he has a smile on his face.

Mr. Callaway: Hayden hey you ok? I am so glad you are ok. Who did this to you?

Hayden looks likes he's about to answer when the doctor comes in. The doctor name tag says Peters. Doctor shuts the door behind him and looks at his chart. The doctor then takes a look at Hayden's head as Doctor Peters begins to speak.

Doctor Peters: So Hayden there is good news and there is some bad news. The good news is that you have no brain damage and that the swelling isn't to bad. You were lucky though if that brick hit you a few inches higher you would have died. Now the bad news is besides the fact that you will have that scar for the rest of your life is that you are concussed now I would like to keep you overnight. We wanna run a few more test.

Mr. Callaway: No... Look my son is going to be alright like you said. I ain't got the money to pay for this treatment doctor you said he's going to be alright so I am taking my son home.

Doctor Peters: Mr. Callaway... if you are worried about the payment you don't need to be . Mr. Bruce Wayne has paid the hospital bills for those who cant pay.

Mr. Callaway: Do I look like a charity case? No, I can take care of my kids. I can provide for my kids. I know what's best for them. Hayden just needs to be at home.

Doctor Peters: Well... this isn't ideal but, if there is any change you got to bring him back. You cant fall asleep tonight. If you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded please come back in.

Mr. Callaway agrees as he signs his son out. They walk out of the hospital and into a old beat up car. Hayden & his father have a quiet ride home until his father starts to speak.

Mr. Callaway: There was a boy who brought you to the hospital they said. Did he see what happen?

Hayden Callaway: No. He was just someone that found me dad.

Mr. Callaway: Ok, yeah, Well look I'm glad your ok. I don't know what I would do if anything happen to your or your brother its this go damn city. All those god damn good for nothing scums. Its not just those thugs its those white collar criminals like Bruce Wayne. He thinks that charity will forgive the sins of his family. I lost my job because of him. I am now out there trying to make enough to put food on the table to give you and your brother a better life. Those Wayne's always thought they were better then us.

Hayden Callaway: Dad... I got.... to... tell... you... something...

Mr. Callaway doesn't hear a word of Hayden going on about the Wayne's complaining about Gotham about losing everything. They get to the home an old broken down apartment where Hayden's little brother walks out hugging his brother. Hayden smiles at his brother.

Hayden Callaway: Hey Ty...

Ty Callaway: I am so glad your ok Hayden. I was worried dad said you got attack.

Hayden Callaway: I am ok Ty. Its going to be alright. I am going to go lay down.

Ty nods as he and his father begin to talk. Mr. Callaway's phone rings and we hear him speak.

Mr. Callaway: Yes I know its late... I had a family issue... No it can still got done... I told you...

Mr. Callaway walks off going outside. You hear him quietly speaking barley.

Mr. Callaway: This is it... after this I am done I am...Wait how do you know? Yes he was...Who... Yes I am on my way.

Mr. Callaway enters the room the brothers act like they weren't eavesdropping as Mr. Callaway goes to speak.

Mr. Callaway: Look work called I got to go in. Hayden go lay down. Ty make him some soup or something then go to bed I will be home later.

End Scene

We are now in the car of Mr. Callaway as he is driving through Gotham. He gets to a building complex and parks the car. He has a janitor crew uniform on as he walks inside. He gets through security with his keycard he then makes his way up the stairs as he looks at his watch. There is something strange as the ID card on his chest doesn't say Callaway it says Keaton. He gets to the top of the building looks around and then goes to a AC Unit he unscrews the AC unit and grabs a briefcase inside which inside it is a Sniper Rifle. He puts the gun together and then lays on the ground aiming with the scope. He is seen looking through it at the building across the street good distance away. We see him go through a few people on his scope looking through before stopping with his eye on the target.

Mr. Callaway: Alright got you...

???: Put down the weapon right now Jefferson Callaway... or should I stay Floyd Lawton.

Jefferson Callaway: Actually its Deadshot.

End Show

Cast & Crew

Co-Produced & Directed by Kurt Sutter & Dakota Graves

this is a fan fiction Kurt Sutter has nothing to do with this nor FX or any DC Characters or the actors or actresses

Jeremy Allen White as Jackson "J.T." Taylor
Anson Mount as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth
Katherine Langford as ???
Joe Keery as ???
Jordan Fisher as Hayden Callaway
Caleb McLaughlin as Ty Callaway
Common as Jefferson Callaway/Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
Diego Boneta as Arik Dyson
Jack Conley as Dr. Peters
Ricardo Hoyos as Gotham High Student #1

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Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
Good shit, I think you handled the gay thing really well. I know you were worried about cliches, and I'd say some of it, like the gay bar, still felt like your typical gay cliches, but IMO not all cliches are bad and they became that way bc they worked anyway, and that's how I feel about how you wrote this.

The Deadshot reveal was cool af, he's one of my favorite minor Batman villains and I pop every time he's used in something, so I look forward to where you go with that.


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Jun 10, 2019
Gotham Falls

Ep 3

"Grey Lines"


We open up with Deadshot his eyes on the target as the voice behind him tells him to put down the gun.

???: Deadshot I told you one last time put down the weapon now. I am taking you in.

Deadshot slowly gets up dropping the gun he turns where we see the voice was that of Batman.

Batman: I thought you were done with this life Lawton.

Deadshot: Ya I thought I was too but the fact remains that here we are.

Batman: It is such a shame, you are a father you got to be there for your kids and how are you going to do that in prison?

Batman goes to cuff Deadshot who comes in with a headbutt the two of them begin to fight.

Deadshot: Don't you tell me how to be a father. What kind of father dresses up as a big bad bat every night fighting so called bad guys get to judge me? I love my kids.

Batman knocks Deadshot back towards the wall as Deadshot pulls out a pistol and begins to shoot at Batman who dodges them and places himself behind a metal structure. Deadshot goes to reload as Batman uses this as a chance to run at Deadshot he throws a batarang that sticks in his shoulder. He goes for another gun but, Batman tosses another through his hand.

Deadshot: Ahh you motherfucker.

Batman gets closer but, Deadshot pulls out a smoke bomb tossing it to the ground. He pulls the one batarang out of his hand and escapes. Deadshot takes off the mask and gets in his car and begins to drive away. He is going down the road when BAM! A loud noise and we see that Deadshot's car roof caved in. He swerves down the road as Batman's fist comes through the window hitting Deadshot knocking him out. Batman grabs Deadshot and tosses him on the windshield after the car has stopped in an alleyway.

Batman: You always got to make things difficult huh. Well you are Arkham's problem now come on.

Batman places him in the Batmobile begins to drive.

Deadshot: Man... This night sucks.

Batman: Well stop the villainous activity try and be a good person.

Deadshot: Its not even about this. It is but, it isn't. My son was in the hospital tonight. He was attacked. He's lucky to be alive.

Batman: Doing something he shouldn't be huh?

Deadshot: No! he's not like that he's a good kid he's a star football player he is smart the kid is going places. He is going to be better then his father ever was. Maybe he's better off without me anyway. Maybe you are right. It's tough for the kid and I know that he is different.

Batman: Different?

Deadshot: I shouldn't say different but, he is... gay. I think I knew for a long time. I wish he would just tell me. I think he's scared too. I love the kid no matter what he is. I love both my kids. That's why tonight sucks because he was attacked by some Thugs who couldn't accept his lifestyle that couldn't accept him for himself.

Batman stops the car right before the entrance of Arkham Aslyum and stares at Deadshot. He unbuckles him and opens the door.

Batman: Go...

Deadshot laughs looking at how he's about 25 feet from Arkham.

Batman: This isn't a joke go be a father. This is your last shot though if I ever see you on the streets again. Those kids are going to be seeing their father on supervised visits through iron bars. Am I clear.

Deadshot nods his head as he hops out. A few moments go by as Batman gets on radio.

Batman: Gordon... I lost him... He got away...

Commissioner Gordon gets on the radio responding back.

Gordon: Dammit... Well it looks as though we will send a APB out. I am going to send a couple of my detectives to the scene. If we get anything I will hand it over.

Batman: Thanks Gordon over and out.

Gordon: Yeah, no problem over and out.

Batman hangs it up and we see him start to drive away.

???: Master Wayne...

Alfred is talking through the coms.

Alfred: Bruce... you know he could be lying to you. Don't let him play on emotions.

Batman: He didn't do anything Alfred.

Alfred: Attempted Murder might say other wise. In the end it is your choice. I guess everything isn't black and white now is it.

Batman: Yeah, you might be right.

Alfred: Oh Yes, There seems to be a meeting for you tonight at Wayne Enterprises regarding the Wayne Grant Program . You have an interview with one Atticus Lynch 19. He grad from Gotham Prep at age 15. He then grad from MIT this year. He came back to Gotham for this.

Batman: Alright I will be right there.

End Scene

We pick up with Bruce Wayne walking into Wayne Towers of Wayne Enterprises. He sees a young man with long hair glasses looking at the bookshelf.

Bruce Wayne: Mr. Lynch very nice to meet you. Please have a seat.

The boy is still looking at the bookshelf and Bruce tries to speak up as Atticus is fixated on the shelf and we can tell Bruce Wayne speaks a little louder.

Atticus Lynch: Sorry... Mr. Wayne I was just admiring your books. I see that you are a fan of mystery novels huh. Sherlock Holmes I see many others but, then there's that one....

He points at a book that is called " The Giver" .

Bruce Wayne sees the book and smiles. Bruce Wayne walks towards Atticus.

Bruce Wayne: It was my mother's it was her favorite. She used to read it to me when I was a child. Have you ever read it?

Atticus Lynch shakes his head no.

Atticus Lynch: I never... have... I imagine my mother has though. Sorry I just kind of got this OCD thing where if something seems off it just really bugs me. Anyway Mr. Wayne I would love to be accepted into your program. Wayne Enterprises could be the leading tech business in the world if the people you had running your programs had any idea what they are doing they would be the number one instead you are poised to be number two behind Luthor Corp. Luthor Corp offered me a position when I was younger but, something wasn't right about the Lionel Luthor.

Look Mr. Wayne I find the imperfections in any code take the bugs, the things that don't work right and don't belong and I can put them back together I can see where this place can go where Wayne Enterprises could make a better future for Gotham a safer one, we could help the police if you got something like your Triton program or the Angel programs that way doctor's could help find diseases before they spread or find thugs before the crime is committed.

Bruce Wayne: How would you do that?

Atticus Lynch: By finding the things that other people can't see by learning to improve. For instance how to improve your hidden room like the one where you have "The Giver" I noticed that the shelf came out about .5 inch more then the rest. There is also a warm spot by the book as well as if computers are running on that side and the dashboards are giving off heat.

Bruce Wayne looks on laughing as Atticus looks at him with no emotion. Atticus gets up and pulls down the book to open up another room with a hand print verification.

Atticus Lynch: See I am a smart kid... I know your secret Bruce Wayne you are Batman.

Bruce Wayne tries to play it off.

Bruce Wayne: Ok you got me, in that room is extra quiet projects that we are devolping but, I am not Batman.

Atticus Lynch readjust his glasses before turning towards Bruce Wayne.

Atticus Lynch: There is no need to lie. I know you are Batman. I won't say anything. I just think that if you really wanna protect this city you need better equipment. I can do that for you.

Bruce knows he can't sway him from the truth he finally let's a sigh out.

Bruce Wayne: Alright kid... you got the job.

Bruce Wayne shows the kid the room as we end the scene.

End Scene

We now time jump to the present where Bruce Wayne is seen in rough shape unkept and losing his mind a little bit every second. We see him his head is resting on the wall as the door opens. We hear footsteps and finally see a man crouch down. We see a name tag that reads Crane.

Crane: Bruce how are you feeling? You have been in the dark in this room for about I say little less then ten days.

Bruce Wayne: Someone has to know I am missing.

Crane: The thing is that they really don't see I got friends and they are in very high places. See we got the media and everyone thinking that Mr. Bruce Wayne is on some island right now with beautiful women but you and I both know that isn't true Bruce.

I got to say I was shocked when I found out that you were the big bad bat. Bruce Wayne are you serious? He is just playboy.

He is just a naive child with money left to him by his parent after an unfourtatne accident. Then again though it does make perfect since but my biggest gripe with this whole story is why a bat?

Bruce Wayne: I am...not...Batman.

The man grabs Wayne by the head bouncing it off the wall.

Crane: Don't lie to me Bruce! I know! Do you know how I know it was you? I found out because I was told it. Bruce. Come on in don't be shy.

Another figure arrives walking into the room but, we see just see a shadow as Bruce looks up.

Bruce Wayne: It was you?

Bruce drops to the ground laying as we then fade to the window and police sirens in the distance.

End Show

This is a fan fiction Kurt Sutter, FX, all the actors and actresses have no involvement in this.

Cast and Crew

Anson Mount as Bruce Wayne
Joe Keery as Atticus Lynch
Common as Deadshot/Jefferson Callaway/Floyd Lawton
Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth
Zachary Quinto as Dr. Crane

Co Produced by Kurt Sutter & Dakota Graves