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Sep 13, 2022
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proudly presents

Live from Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico.
Saturday 22nd July, 2023.


Only on the WCNetwork.


We open up in a wide shot of the Estadio Azteca, which is jumping with activity as the show's opening theme music - provided by the Wu-Tang Clan - continues to blare out. We scan across the excited faces of a vocal crowd, the anticipation for the second consecutive Back in Business to take place in Latin America.

The camera rests upon the staging area, where the big screen shows the BiB XVII logo, as a huge array of fireworks - mostly navy blue and gold - explode high in the sky either side of it. More are ignited above the open roof, painting the sky in bright lights and drenching the air with a vague smell of sulphur.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Welcome, wrestling fans, to the seventeenth edition of Back in Business, the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance's biggest show of the year, where the action is too plentiful to contain in one night! We're here to bring you an entire weekend of enthralling, engaging, encapsulating pro-wrestling. I'm Jean-Luc Watkins, and I'm here tonight with my regular Fallout broadcast partner Allen Price, along with Rod Sterling and Anzu Kurosawa…"

Allen Price: "Four does seem a bit much, now that you've listed us all…"

Rod Sterling: "Nonsense, Allen! There's plenty of Back in Business for all of us! We're expecting no fewer than thirteen bouts, plus a pre-show tomorrow, all culminating in that climactic showdown between Chris Peacock and Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship…"

Allen Price: "That's out Night Two main event, whilst here on Night One things will conclude with the Buried Alive match between Jeremy Best and Krash. That match has been a year in the making, with the White Wolf and Randy Ramon's epic brawl across Rio De Janeiro resulting in both of those competitors plunging to a watery grave…"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "… or so we thought! Tonight, Krash returns to singles action and is out for revenge, whilst Jeremy Best looks to finish the job that R3 started."

Rod Sterling: "But first…"

Rather than cut back to the stage area on order to show the first entrance, we instead move to the ring, which we now realise isn't empty. The official for tonight's opening match is already in position, whilst another figure is sat in the corner, with her head propped up against the second turnbuckle.

Anzu Kurosawa: "She's been out here for almost an hour already. This place has filled up around her."

Michelle von Horrowitz has her eyes closed, breathes slowly, and waits. The camera watches this for a few seconds until, finally, we do cut to the stage for the first entrance music of the night…

There's a huge ovation within the Estadio Azteca as Sword of Destiny begins to thud around it. The crowd doubles down on their reaction when the man himself walks out onto the stage, a passive expression upon his face as he glares ahead of himself at the ring.

Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, and with a sixty minute time limit, and is a Retirement Match! Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan and weighing in at four hundred and two pounds… KAIJU… Jon Snowmantashi!!"

Finally, as the big man begins his slow descent of the ramp, Michelle grabs hold of the top rope and uses it to pull herself out of her seated position. She watches KAIJU approach with a look of both awe and rage.

Kurt Harrington: "And his opponent, already in the ring, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands… she weighs in at fifty two kilograms…'Dreamer'... Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "No big entrance for Michelle von Horrowitz, who has - as Anzu pointed out - been in the ring for nearly an hour. We all know how much this match means to her, but I'm not sure what to make of this punctuality… maybe Michelle couldn't wait to get things started?"

Rod Sterling: "Or maybe she's realising the weight of this situation, and wanted to soak up as much of this atmosphere as she could. Just to reiterate the stakes in this match: the loser will be forced to retire from professional wrestling."

Anzu Kurosawa: "We already know that Jon Snowmantashi intends to retire from the sport after tonight, either way. In fact, he was preparing to do so in his native Japan after a Genki Puro event a couple of months ago, but this offer of one final showdown from MvH was too much for him to resist."

Allen Price: "Not until that additional layer of jeopardy was placed onto the stipulation. It appears KAIJU wants to take Dreamer with him when he goes."

If this is indeed his intention, it's not clear from the visage or body language of the man himself. He is a calm ocean. He doesn't look like he would hurt a fly. He climbs over the top rope and continues to stare at Dreamer, who does the same in return, his music fading out as the stand-off continues…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Seven years in the making. KAIJU and Dreamer. Back in Business XVII. Here… we… go!"



Michelle von Horrowitz
vs. Jon Snowmantashi.
Singles Retirement Match.
Match writer: SS.


After the bell rings, the stand-off continues. The crowd goes on cheering, their excitement building and building as they wait for the action to commence. We see Michelle's lips move, though what she says is lost in the general din of the arena.

Snowmantashi, unmoving, says nothing in response.

Dreamer's breathing is noticeable, her ribcage gently expanding and then contracting is she drags in anxious lung-fulls of oxygen. She is tense. More inaudible words escape her lips. Her hands clench at her sides.

Finally, KAIJU registers her presence with a slight shake of the head.

Michelle draws back, almost in slow motion, before thudding into him with a forearm that would've felled any normal man as well as some trees. The echo of the strike reverberates around the arena. But, perhaps predictably, Snowmantashi doesn't budge at all.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Michelle von Horrowitz lays into that forearm strike, but it has no effect! KAIJU stands firm!"

Michelle is unphased by the no-sell. She winds up and thuds into Snowmantashi a second time, but again he stands his ground! It looks as though Dreamer is sizing him up for forearm number three, but instead, she crashes into him - dome on dome - with a hellacious headbutt!

It is Michelle herself, though, who staggers back after the strike. Snowmantashi remains steadfast with his feet and his shoulders square. Dreamer, meanwhile, goes to one knee and is visibly rocked by the move, and when we cut to a close-up of her we see that a thin trickle of blood has opened up from her forehead!

Allen Price: "Only a minute into this match, and already Michelle is opened up!"

Rod Sterling: "Hoisted by her own petard, too! That skull might be made of granite. The moral of the story is an obvious one: don't headbutt Jon Snowmantashi."

Snowmantashi finally takes action when Michelle gets up from her knee and to a vertical base. She is a couple of steps away from him, and the KAIJU shows his speed by bounding into her at an impressive pace and wiping her out with a shoulder block! MvH is knocked off her feet and into the ropes, collapsing into a heap near the corner. KAIJU stares at her crumpled form from his position in the centre of the ring. This time, the shake of his head is a little more pronounced.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Jon Snowmantashi doesn't look too impressed with what he's up against tonight. He just steamrolled right through Dreamer!"

Allen Price: "And Michelle, perhaps wisely, rolls out beneath the bottom rope, looking to re-evaluate her game plan following that opening exchange."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Knowledge of their previous matches would suggest that this sort of evasive strategy will only work for so long. Eventually, the big man will follow her out, and she can't run forever."

Michelle seems to know this, too. She spends a little time pacing on the outside with her hands on her hips, but rolls back into the ring when the referee reaches five. There is a strained look of focus on her face as she watches Snowmantashi slowly turn so that he is once again facing her head-on. Dreamer slowly encroached towards him, tentatively offering a hand for a test of strength…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Ill-advised…"

Jon seems to think so, too. A flicker of amusement passes over his eyes. Still, she creeps closer to him, the hand offered up above her head, which is about at his eyeline.

Rod Sterling: "A test of strength would be ill-advised, but something tells me Michelle has something up her sleeve…"

She might have, but we'll never find out what it was… when Michelle is in range, Snowmantashi swipes at her with a ferocious overhand chop, his huge palm clattering down into her chest, potentially caving it in, and immediately flattening her. She is crushed by the blow and ends up in a heap in the corner, clutching at her chest and writhing in pain…

Only for a moment, though. Snowmantashi gives her no more than that, charging across the ring and squashing her in the corner with a running hip attack!! Dreamer collapses onto the mat, but KAIJU immediately begins the process of dragging her up to her feet…

Allen Price: "Snowmantashi not going for the pinfall, instead looking to deal more damage to MvH."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "He has her up in a fireman's carry, perhaps looking for Hailstorm already?! We're only a few minutes into our opening bout and already KAIJU is looking to finish it!"

Michelle senses her peril as much as the announcers. She grabs onto the top rope and pulls with all her might, relinquishing herself from Snowmantashi's grasp and out onto the apron. She lands on her feet and, with KAIJU's head I'm her grasp, brings him down throat-first over the top rope! Snowmantashi stumbles into the middle of the ring as Dreamer tees him up…

Anzu Kurosawa: "Michelle looking for some extra momentum to cut the big man down - she goes for a springboard forearm…"

Rod Sterling: "BUT EATS A STANDING DROPKICK! Impressive agility on display from this monster!"

Michelle is down in a heap again after this anti-air, with the crowd up on their feet following the impressive maneuver from Snowmantashi. KAIJU is slow to get to his feet, dusting himself after he does, whilst MvH writhes around in agony on the mat. Jon slowly saunters over to her and drags her up onto her feet by the scruff of the neck.

Then, the onslaught really begins…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Belly-to-belly suplex!"

Allen Price: "Running senton!"

Rod Sterling: "A clubbing series of European uppercuts! And now HEADBUTTS!!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Stalling vertical suplex! Saito suplex! Half-and-half suplex!!"

The moves are devastating and, but for the quick torrent of suplexes, punctuated by lengthy pauses during which Snowman watches on passively as Michelle slowly drags herself to her feet. He is methodical and clinical, and most of all cruel, Dreamer barely able to stand up before she's hurled back down by the next power move.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "But we should note that Jon Snowmantashi is NOT going for a pin here, despite his utter domination throughout these opening six or seven minutes…"

Rod Sterling: "Jon Snowmantashi isn't usually one to play with his food."

Allen Price: "Perhaps he's savouring this last supper?"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "… pretty good, Price."

Michelle is using the ropes to drag herself up again and - definitely unwisely - has her back to KAIJU. Snowmantashi grips her in a rear waistlock, pulls her away from the ropes (which she grasps at desperately with outstretched fingertips) and throws her across the ring with a massive German suplex!! Michelle lands at an ugly angle on the back of her head!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "I'm really not sure how much more of this Michelle can take…"

Rod Sterling: "Looks like Jon Snowmantashi intends on finding out…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "… I can't watch!"

Indeed, KAIJU is on the prowl again, standing over the prone form of MvH. He reaches down, grabs her waist, and deadlifts her with ease from the mat, hurling her once more for a second German suplex!!

And, after another lengthy pause in which he hovers over Michelle with a dull and displeased countenance, he repeats the process, executing a third German! MvH once more is dumped at an ugly angle on the back of her head!

With Snowmantashi staring down at his would-be prey, the crowd begin an UNO MAS! chant that gathers steam…

Anzu Kurosawa: "Don't give him any ideas!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Looks like we are going to see uno mas, but I'm not sure how much the crowd's intervention had to do with that. I think Snowmantashi is doing exactly what he set out to do."

Rod Sterling: "And that's destroy Michelle von Horrowitz… German #4!"


Anzu Kurosawa: "I don't think I've ever seen Jon Snowmantashi so compliant! Here we go! Number five!"

By the time KAIJU delivers the eighth and (for now) final German suplex, Michelle looks flat out of it. She lies stomach down in the middle of the ring, her eyes open but looking out at the world with a vacant and despondent stare.

Finally, KAIJU rolls her over onto her front and appears to think, only for a moment, about a cover. He decides against it, instead beginning his ascent of the turnbuckles, facing away from the ring with his back to Michelle…

Rod Sterling: "Anyone with even a passing interest in professional wrestling over the past ten years knows what this means. When Jon Snowmantashi hits Snowfall, it's done…"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "KAIJU is skipping right past his Hailstorm neckbreaker, going for the moonsault instead… and Michelle's on Dream Street below! Look out!!"

The sight of the four hundred pound KAIJU standing on the top rope is somewhat surreal, but he balances atop it surprisingly well. The moonsault is picture perfect, an awe-inspiring display of agility and self-sacrifice…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "MvH rolls out of the way!"

Allen Price: "Nobody home! Crashes and burns! Other such platitudes!!"

Michelle is exhausted, and it's an ordeal for her to even drag her up using the ropes to help her. Snowmantashi, exhibiting his superhuman resilience, is already up to one knee, facing away from Dreamer… who siezes the opportunity as best she can, taking KAIJU out at the back of the left knee with a chop block!! She rises to her feet and Snowmantashi does the same, but she's already hitting the ropes in front of him, hitting the left knee again with a low dropkick! Snowmantashi hits the mat!

He rolls towards a corner, and already Michelle is out of the ring and yanking him towards the steel post by the boot, eventually succeeding in wrapping KAIJU's knee against it! And a second time! Then a third!

Anzu Kurosawa: "Figure 4 Leg Lock! Michelle has it applied around the steel post! Unbelievable pressure exerted on Snowmantashi's left knee!”

The official is quick to start a count, with Dreamer utilising every millisecond of the five before relinquishing the hold. Snowmantashi rolls out of the ring and onto the floor next to her, and she wastes no time in dislodging the steel steps. She places KAIJU's leg behind it so that his knee is wedged between the steps and the post…

Rod Sterling: "Sinister tactics here from Michelle…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Just doing what it takes, Rod! Have you seen who she's facing?!"

Dreamer backs away from the steps and watches Snowmantashi struggle to dislodge himself… and delivers a low dropkick to the steel steps!! KAIJU's left knee is crushed against the steel post!!

With KAIJU going so far as to register pain on the outside, Michelle slides back into the ring, takes a seat on the corner, and then instructs the official to count. Which he does.

At four, Snowmantashi finally kicks the steps away from him with his right boot.

At six, he is finally onto his knees.

At eight, he climbs to his feet, and stumbles into the ring apron.

And at nine, he's back into the ring. Where Michelle is waiting for him…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "SUPERKICK!"

Allen Price: "Snowmantashi only has time to get up to his knees before he's rocked…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "She follows up with a mule kick, doubling Snowmantashi over… double-arm undertook DDT!!"

Rod Sterling: "Michelle graves Snowmantashi over onto his back, no easy task in itself, and then hooks the far leg…"


Snowmantashi heaves Michelle off as the official's hand hits the mat for the first count! She flies across the ring after the emphatic kickout, and rolls out under the bottom rope, rising on the apron as KAIJU does the same thing in the middle of the ring. MvH leaps up onto the top rope for a springboard cross-body, seeming to hover above Snowmantashi before crashing down on top of him…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "… but Jon Snowmantashi plucks her from the air! Catches her as if she’s nothing! Incredible strength on display from KAIJU."

He throws her weight up onto his shoulder, looking as though he’s going to hit a running powerslam… but Michelle kicks her legs and, as KAIJU begins to charge, slips out the back. She pushes Jon forward into the turnbuckles, which he hits chest first before bouncing back towards Dreamer.



Rod Sterling: "Again, the big man kicks out at one…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Gonna take more than that…"

Michelle thinks the same thing. As Snowmantashi scrambles up, she stalks him from the corner, charging in as KAIJU stumbles around to face her…

Anzu Kurosawa: "BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Snowmantashi is knocked onto his back… but immediately and inevitably he rolls over, forcing himself back to his feet…"

Rod Sterling: "And he eats another busaiku knee! And this time he stays down…"

Michelle senses that, maybe, this is her moment. She hops up onto the top rope, putting the fatigue of the match behind her in this urgent moment, and steadies herself atop the turnbuckles…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "450 SPLASH!!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Michelle hits it!! She hooks BOTH legs!!"

ONE – NO!!!

Anzu Kurosawa: "STILL!"

Rod Sterling: "After two busaiku knee kicks and a 450 splash, Jon Snowmantashi kicks out at one!"

Allen Price: "And with authority!"

Michelle is momentarily dumbfounded, but realises that KAIJU is already trying to find a vertical base. She grabs him by the boot and starts to position him for a stretch muffler.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Michelle changes tact, looking for a submission… but Jon Snowmantashi is far too large!"

Allen Price: "He catches her flush in the face with a boot, causing some separation…"

KAIJU drags himself up again, Michelle coming back at him for a discus forearm… which he blocks with his head!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Michelle might have fractured her radius! And Snowmantashi follows up with a headbutt! MvH is dropped once again!"

Only for a moment, though: Snowmantashi drags her up again, hoists her onto his shoulders…

Rod Sterling: "POWERBOMB! Michelle von Horrowitz is damn near broken in half!! Just cover her!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "I don’t think Jon Snowmantashi is quite done… he’s looking over at those turnbuckles once more."

Anzu Kurosawa: "He’s thinking Snowfall!"

Indeed, for the second time in the match, Snowmantashi walks over to the turnbuckles and begins to climb them. He’s moving a lot more slowly than he was the first time he tried it, but eventually he succeeds in the ascent…

Rod Sterling: "Look out! Michelle’s on her feet!"

Dreamer propels herself into the adjacent ropes, causing Snowmantashi to lose his balance and land split legged over the top turnbuckle!! MvH shakes the cobwebs loose and then climbs out onto the apron, following Snowmantashi up…

Allen Price: "Michelle is climbing up towards Snowmantashi’s perch on the turnbuckles… not sure that’s a wise plan…"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "She works him over with a series of forearms, this time delivered with her left… and then stamps down on Snowmantashi’s hand!!"

KAIJU loses his balance when he lets go of the top turnbuckle, and MvH capitalises on his momentary lack of poise…


Rod Sterling: "Jon Snowmantashi lands on the top of his head!!!"

KAIJU remains face down in the middle of the ring, whilst MvH is still atop the second turnbuckle. She wastes no time in climbing up to the top one, steadying herself with Snowmantashi prone below…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "A second 450 splash!!! This time to the back of the head!"

Rod Sterling: "Michelle’s exhausted from this battle, but she just about manages to heave KAIJU over onto his back, and now she hooks the leg!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Gotta be it!"

ONE… T – NO!!!

Allen Price: "… Jesus!"

Rod Sterling: "He’s a monster!! He’s a beast!!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "He is KAIJU!!"

Michelle stares at the now-supine Snowmantashi in awe-struck disbelief and then, stirred into motion, she rolls out of the ring, searches under the apron, and produces a steel chair! The crowd boo the weapon’s introduction into the match, but MvH - her eyes crazed and her face covered with blood - slides it into the ring and rolls in after it.

Rod Sterling: "Michelle needs to think this through. The referee is telling her in no uncertain terms that, if she uses that chair, she’ll get herself disqualified… which would mean the end of her career."

Indeed, the referee is pointing to the bell, communicating to Dreamer that he has no qualms calling for it if she was to use the weapon. Michelle, frustration dripping from her amidst the blood, finally acquiesces to his wishes and throws the foreign object back out of the ring. She then pushes the official out of the way, noticing Snowmantashi stubbornly rise behind him.

Rod Sterling: "Dreamer looks for another busaiku… but it’s side-stepped by Snowmantashi, who looks almost enraged by Michelle’s attacks, as one might swat at a troublesome fly…"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "He has her in a rear waistlock… and it’s ANOTHER German suplex!! Is that seven or eight?!"

Once more, like he has so often in the match so far, KAIJU stares down at the fallen body of MvH. She’s rotated all the way over with the move and landed on her stomach, and we can just about see her breathing as Snowmantashi saunters over to her again. He hoists her up and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry…

Rod Sterling: "He’s got her… and this time there’s no escape! Michelle might be out cold already!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "HAILSTORM!!!!"

Allen Price: "Nailed it!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Oh no! Oh dear God no!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "But… he’s not pinning her? Snowmantashi isn’t done!!"

After another long, searching stare at the fallen MvH, he collects her once more, dragging her back up into another fireman’s carry… for a second Hailstorm!!

Rod Sterling: "Devastating!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "I can’t watch! Tell me when it’s over…"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "I think it might be a few more seconds yet… KAIJU is heading back to the top rope! He’s tried this twice before already, and on both occasions Michelle cut him off at the pass, but I can’t see her managing that a second time!"

Rod Sterling: "SNOWFALL!! Michelle is crushed by the MASSIVE moonsault!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "And now, finally, Jon Snowmantashi goes for a lateral press…"


Allen Price: "But wait! Snowmantashi lifts Michelle’s shoulders back up off the mat!"

Rod Sterling: "Perhaps he wants to inflict more damage on Dreamer?! That was never really Snowmantashi’s M.O., but these two go back a long way…"

Snowmantashi gets to his feet. He stands over Michelle, the dominating expression upon his face still passivity.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "What’s he thinking?!"

Rod Sterling: "It’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly is going through that mind. Jon Snowmantashi continues to stare listlessly at Michelle von Horrowitz’ lifeless form… until he turns away from her, and… climbs through the ropes?! What’s he up to?"

KAIJU spends a moment glancing back from the apron, and then he hops down onto the floor.

Allen Price: "I… I don’t understand?!"

Allen verbalises the thoughts of most of the audience, and indeed the official, who stares at Snowmantashi on the outside with a perplexed look on his face. KAIJU’s expression is unchanging. He stares back at Michelle with his hands on his hips, until finally - stirred into motion by a realisation of the occasion - he starts a count.


Even so, KAIJU only has eyes for Michelle, as if all of the noise in the arena - the clamouring of the crowd and the official’s count - is inaudible to him.


With another slight, subtle shake of his head, KAIJU turns away from the ring.


And begins to walk up the ramp!


Allen Price: "What on Earth is he doing?! Where is he going?!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "I… I’m not sure, Price, maybe…"


Snowmantashi continues his slow walk up the ramp, as if the events transpiring around him are entirely irrelevant.


And then a shot of Michelle, still lying supine in the middle of the ring, her eyes closed over and only even a slight suggestion that she’s breathing.


Allen Price: "Maybe what, J-L?!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "… maybe Jon Snowmantashi thinks he’s done enough already."


Rod Sterling: "Enough?! He’s going to get himself counted out!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "I think… I think that might be precisely the point, Rod. Maybe leaving Michelle here alone is more meaningful to KAIJU than taking her with him."


Snowmantashi doesn’t pause at the top of the ramp. He disappears through the curtain, the audience raining down boos, perhaps not aimed directly at Snowmantashi but certainly showing their disdain for the situation. The camera cuts back to Michelle, still in the same helpless spot as she has been since the first Hailstorm…


Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz via countout at 24:52.

For a moment, a dumbfounded silence settles around the Estadio Azteca.

Kurt Harrington: "Here is your winner, by countout… ‘Dreamer’... Michelle von Horrowitz!"

Then, following the announcement and the opening chords of the Roy Orbison song, the boos resume. A few overzealous fans through empty drinks cup or other items into the ring. No flowers or coins, though.

Rod Sterling: "I can’t believe what we’ve just seen… Michelle von Horrowitz escapes? Just when it seemed like it was all over…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "It’s over?! She won?! How?! What happened!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Jon Snowmantashi hands Dreamer the countout win by leaving the ring and then the arena… MvH is destroyed by KAIJU, but is handed the victory by her old adversary."

Allen Price: "An unbelievable way to kick of Back in Business… I…"

Rod Sterling: "I think we all need a few moments to reorganise our thoughts…"

The camera hovers over Dreamer in the ring, still unconscious, as Roy continues to sing.

’In dreams you're mine all of the time,
We're together in dreams, in dreams…’



Sep 13, 2022
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We see Tommy Bedlam in his locker room, dressed in his street clothes. Rocco and Randi are in the room with him.

Tommy Bedlam: "Listen, I don’t want either one of you two to go to the ring with me. Randi, you’re about to pop, and Rocco, that asshole almost took you out a couple weeks ago. You guys are gonna stick with me tonight, and then tomorrow, I want you both in this locker room during the match. That son of a bitch isn’t gonna get within 100 feet of you."

Rocco Sullivan: "It’s Summers, kid. You need an extra set of eyes, somebody to watch your back."

Tommy Bedlam: "I promise, I have everything totally under control. Honestly, you two don’t even need to be here tonight. I told you both to stay at the hotel."

They’re interrupted by a knock on the door.

The door opens to reveal another competitor who should be getting ready for their match, that being the trios battle royal, the one-time tag partner and long-term rival of Tommy Bedlam, Reagan Cole with his hands up, open palms in a nonchalant “I surrender” kind of way. Tommy slowly stands up from his chair.

Reagan Cole: "I would say don’t shoot but I don’t think you’re good at listening to that specific command."

Tommy Bedlam; "What do you want, Cole?"

Reagan Cole: "Just want to talk. Genuinely."

Tommy looks at Cole with a hint of suspicion. Ever since this whole feud with Summers started, Tommy’s been uneasy about most people.

Tommy Bedlam: "Go ahead."

Reagan responds with a firm look of his own and a slight nod.

Reagan Cole: "…Listen I’m not gonna stand here and pretend that I don’t still hate your guts for what happened between us. But I thought I would at least come over and wish you luck for your match against Summers."

Tommy Bedlam: "You should probably still hate my guts. That’s fair. But I appreciate the well wishes, Cole. I do."

Reagan Cole: "No problem…I’ve seen what he’s done to you the past couple of months, to your family even."

Reagan looks over to Randi and does another nod, acknowledging her.

Reagan Cole: "The shit he has pulled….If he did the same things to Sarah or Roy or TYLER even, I don’t know what the fuck I would do, to be honest with ya."

Reagan wraps his hand around the back of his neck, clearly uncomfortable just thinking about the scenario in general and the slight feelings last felt last year when Reagan and Jeffry Mason fought for the first time start crawling to the surface.

Reagan Cole: "That’s the thing about being a father in this space, people are always gonna try to target that string because they know it’s the easiest way to get to ya. Trust me I’ve had my fair share, Darius Wright called my kid a blueberry a couple of years back, you think I’ve ever forgotten it? Nope. But Shawn….he wins that last match, he gets to hold that name over you forever."

Tommy Cole: "Yea, Summers is a real piece of shit. I’m not gonna stand here and act like he hasn’t gotten to me. He’s fucked with her, he’s fucked with Rocco, and now he wants to fuck with my kid. I know he knows what he’s doing."

Reagan Cole: "I know. But you also know that wrestling is unpredictable, anyone can beat anyone at any time, one slip-up and it all goes downhill. You slip up in this one, that’s your entire kid's life that he has to go through with that nam-"

Tommy starts to get visibly annoyed.

Tommy Bedlam: "You don’t think I fuckin’ know that?"

Reagan Cole: "Listen, I genuinely don’t mean to piss you off, trust me I currently have a brainwashed buddy, a couple of witches, and the girl from Enchanted on my list of current issues, I’m not interested in adding you back on. I’m just asking…Are you 100% sure about this?"

Tommy Bedlam: "Cole, I don’t have a choice. The shit he’s pulled, hell, that doesn’t even cover the shit that you don’t know that he’s pulled, has left me with no other option. I have to end Shawn Summers. Taking his titles, yea, that’d be nice. But I have to end him.”

Reagan Cole: "Alright. That’s all I needed to hear…"

Reagan slowly brings out a small black bag from his pocket…

Reagan Cole: "At King of The Deathmatch Shawn got himself a shortcut. That meant he didn’t have to go through what I had to go through and he ended up celebrating that right to a one-on-one match while I was broken and bruised on the ground having just saved a demon from his fiery demise. I know you can only use this for one match of three but…"

Reagan extends his left arm, offering the bag to Tommy

Reagan Cole: “Make sure he doesn’t get such an easy escape this time.”

Tommy reaches his hand out and takes the bag. He rattles it around his hand for a second and extends his right hand toward Reagan, offering a handshake.

Tommy Bedlam: "Thanks a lot, Cole. He’s not walking away from this one easily...if he walks away from it at all."

Reagan looks at the hand, knowing that the last time he shook the cowboy's hand, it did not go significantly well for him to say the least which does build up a bit of reluctance but eventually, he does embrace the hand of Tommy.

Reagan Cole: "From one father to another…Give him hell, Cowboy."

And with that, a new page in the Bedlam and Cole story is written, and who knows? Maybe if Tommy wins one of the belts, they can add another chapter to it as we go back to ringside for the next match.


Back inside the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, the crowd are shown to be raucous already after the opening contest of the night and their excitement levels are heightened already as it is shown that the ringside area has been adorned with ladders, stretching from in front of the commentary table all the way up the ramp.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, wrestling fans, after that opening contest we can already say that Back in Business XVII has gotten off to a historic start with the final chapter between Michelle von Horrowitz and Jon Snowmantashi finally concluding. I’m sure you have noticed the hardware and know that up next we have the first of five championship matches this Back in Business weekend with the FWA World Tag Team Championships on the line… and there they are!”

A separate shot of the ring and then the championships which are suspended above it are shown and the lights inside the stadium reflect off of both belts.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Three teams are going to give it all that they have to ensure that they are the ones leaving Mexico City with those titles.”

Rod Sterling: “The person who reaches up and unclips those championships will win the match for their team in this Triangle Ladder Match. Anzu, you seem pretty excited…”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Bodies are about to be broken, that’s why! Let’s take it over to Kurt so we can get this one started.”

In the ring, Kurt Harrington grins and then addresses the audience inside the stadium.

Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is a Triangle Ladder Match and it is for the FWA World Tag Team Championships!”

There is a mixed reaction as the first of the two challenging teams in this match appear on the stage; “The Last Twinkle in the Sky” Makima Snowmantashi and the uniquely large figure of Zom Gippy. Together they walk down to the ring, with Makima looking determined ahead of the upcoming match, but there appears to be a touch of solemnness in her mannerisms.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing the challengers… first, at a combined weight of one-hundred and sixty kilograms… the team of Zom Gippy and “The Last Twinkle in the Sky” Makima Snowmantashi… they are dayspring/nightfall!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, we just witnessed the end of the story for one Snowmantashi but tonight could be the beginning of a new one for another, as Makima Snowmantashi looks to win her first FWA championship alongside Zom Gippy.”

Allen Price: “These two surprised everyone when they took The Connection to the limit after Makima exploded onto the scene a couple of months ago; they’ll want to go one step better tonight, for sure.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “These two are perfectly contrasted in terms of size and abilities and both can bring different things to this ladder match. Can you imagine Zom Gippy climbing one of those things?”

Makima weaves through the ladders at ringside before sliding into the ring, whereas her partner is more direct in her approach and enters the ring after stepping over the top rope once she was up on the apron.

There is another mixed reaction, but this one is more towards cheers as the next team emerges; that team being Aka Yurei and Keiko Hirabayashi. The fans are pleased to see Aka in particular, due to her previous experience in the FWA. Together, Aka Manto give off a very mysterious and creepy vibe, with Aka crawling on her hands and knees through the ladders on the ramp and Keiko ominously stalking her partner from behind.

Kurt Harrington: “Next, at a combined weight of two-hundred and forty-six pounds… the team of ‘The Crimson Ghost’ Aka Yurei and ‘The Blue Princess’ Keiko Hirabayashi… they are AKAAAAAA MAAAAANNNNNTOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Allen Price: “Wow, these two are some real spooky chicks, huh? Don’t let this fool you, though, wrestling fans, these are two of the most dangerous women in the FWA.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’m not sure anyone is suggesting otherwise, Price. It can be said that Aka and Keiko have been on a good run since emerging as a team together… with their sole loss coming against dayspring/nightfall.”

Rod Sterling: “With Aka Yurei being a former FWA World Tag Team Champion alongside Reagan Cole as The Spirit Walkers, she knows what it is like to hold those titles and doing just that with Keiko has been her goal since returning at The Grand March.”

Aka Manto make it into the ring and the four women presently occupying it make for quite the strange sight and the crowd swells in anticipation for the entrance of the FWA World Tag Team Champions.

The arena goes dark for a brief moment before a single spotlight shines down on a choir that has amassed beside the entrance ramp. Three rows of ten, each singer paired off in twos, one wearing an Alyster Black mask, and their partner wearing a fake Chris Peacock moustache.

After a brief countdown a piano begins playing slowly and the choir begins to sing.

“Oh she may be weary
Them young girls they do get wearied
Wearing that same old miniskirt dress
But when she gets weary
You try a little tenderness

Oh man that
Un hunh

I know she's waiting
Just anticipating
The thing that you'll never never possess
No no no

But while she there waiting
Try just a little bit of tenderness
That's all you got to do

Now it might be a little bit sentimental no
But she has her greaves and care
But the soft words they are spoke so gentle
Yeah yeah yeah

And it makes it easier to bear
Oh she wont regret it
No no
Them young girls they don't forget it
Love is their whole happiness
Yeah yeah yeah
But it's all so easy…”

A pause. The spotlight goes out. The anticipation has built to a fever pitch, this crowd is restless, it knows what it wants, nay, what it needs.

The house lights turn on, the choir comes to life, the piano is accompanied by a full band. The crowd joins in.



From the opposite side of the stage comes a truck, being driven by Alyster Black, a truck that Chris Peacock is standing on top, holding a hose connected to a large tank housed on the back of the truck. The hose, of course, sitting between his legs.

The symbolism is juvenile.

The truck parks at the top of the entrance ramp and Chris Peacock turns on the hose. White foam shoots out of the end of the hose.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “My God…”

Allen Price: “IT’S A DAMN CUM TRUCK!”

The choir loops the final verse, singing it over as Chris sprays them with white hot foam. He’s soon joined by his masked partner, wielding his own hose and joining in on the climax.

Allen Price: “Coming out in a cum truck is just genius!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I knew these guys liked to jerk themselves off but this is really a new low. This may be the darkest day in our sport.”

Rod Sterling: “Steve vs. Ratin is looking more appealing now, isn’t it?”

Allen Price: “Come on fellas, come embrace your World Tag Team Champions.”

Allen gets up from the desk, throwing his headset down and runs out to the ramp, sliding across his knees with his arms raised out to the side. He’s spotted by the FWA World Tag Team Champions who turn both their hoses on him, covering him head to toe in the white foam.

Allen is dripping as he slowly rises to his feet, offering a thumbs up to his clients before returning to the booth.

Anzu Kurosawa: “You look like you enjoyed yourself, Allen.”

Allen Price: “Absolutely Anzu. That was a delicious offering, citrus flavoured. Could have even been pineapple. Spectacular.”

Satisfied and emptied, Alyster and Chris climb down from the truck and begin to saunter down toward the ring. Both men look spent, a pair of ringhands hand each of them a bottle of gatorade which they quickly down.

Kurt Harrington: “And introducing the champions…First, he is the dual FWA World Champion and FWA Tag Team Champion, the king of swing, the master of dong style, THIS IS CHRIS PEACOCK. And his partner… large and in charge, the dual CWA World Tag Team, and FWA World Tag Team Champion, ALYSTER BLACK! TOGETHER THEY ARE…




Jean-Luc Watkins: “What in the actual fuck was that?”

Unsurprisingly, the four challengers in the ring look equally perplexed and disgusted about what they have just witnessed. What confuses them even more is the manner in which the champions choose not to acknowledge what just happened in the slightest.


(Chris Peacock and Alyster Black) [c] vs. dayspring/nightfall (Makima Snowmantashi and Zom Gippy) vs. Aka Manto (Aka Yurei and Keiko Hirabayashi)..
Triangle Ladder Match for the FWA World Tag Team Championships.
Match writer: Man.


Once the bell rings, all six competitors look up at the championships above their heads and then at each other. There is a pause, before Aka Manto rush out of the ring and both Aka and Keiko start disassembling a couple of the ladders at ringside! This leaves FTN and dayspring/nightfall in the ring together and Chris Peacock gets things going by running straight at Zom Gippy and cracking her in the face with a running forearm strike! This catches Zom off guard and she backs into the corner and Peacock starts laying into her with punches and kicks all over her body.

Whilst Peacock and Gippy are entangled, Alyster Black and Makima Snowmantashi are left facing each other, and whilst Makima is ready to tussle with ‘Black Jesus’, Black seems much more reluctant.

Allen Price: “Oh no, I was worried this might happen. Alyster isn’t going to attack Makima - he thinks she’s too cute.”

This stance seems to be reflected by Alyster’s refusal to go after Makima, but she does not share the same apparent affinity for him so she lunges forward and grabs Black around the head… BUT THEN BOTH ALYSTER AND MAKIMA GET SANDWICHED BY LADDERS HELD BY AKA MANTO! This causes both Alyster and Makima to fall to the mat, and upon hearing the noise, Peacock turns away from Zom Gippy but is met with the end of the ladder rammed into his gut by Keiko!

Peacock doubles over, holding his midsection, and then once he gets back up, Aka smashes him in the face with the ladder as well! The dual champion falls backwards through the ropes and lands in a heap at ringside. Aka Manto turn see that Zom Gippy is the only other left standing in the ring. Zom Gippy steps forward and both members of Aka Manto look to run the ladders into her as well but the very large woman grabs both of the ladders with one hand each and holds them off.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Look at this strength from Zom Gippy! She’s holding both Aka and Keiko with those ladders, and they’re not in a good place now, either!”

Zom Gippy pushes back and forces both Aka and Keiko a couple of paces back whilst they still hold the ladders. As they provide resistance, she lowers her arms and their momentum causes them to rush forward and Zom Gippy knocks them both down with a Double Clothesline! With both members of Aka Manto on the mat after that, Zom Gippy looks to pick up one of the dropped ladders, but Alyster Black is back on her and he clubs her on the back a couple of times.

This causes Zom Gippy to drop to her knees and Black grabs both of her arms from behind and places his boot on her back and then looks around at the arena, looking to Curb Stomp her onto the ladder on the mat on the mat. However, before he can do that, Makima is back on the scene and she drills him in the face with a Leo Kick! Black drops down to the mat and Makima helps her partner up, and together dayspring/nightfall see that all of their opponents are down and Zom Gippy picks up the ladder, standing it up in the middle of the ring.

The crowd cheer as Makima begins to scale the ladder, with Zom Gippy standing guard at the base of the ladder to prevent any interruptions. However, she is unable to do so as Chris Peacock is back… with his Singapore Cane in hand and he cracks Zom Gippy across the back with it! Zom stands back up and Peacock lines her up and swings for the fences - AND CRACKS HER ON THE TOP OF THE HEAD!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, I suppose it isn’t illegal for Peacock to be using that cane in this match, but it has done the job!”

Rod Sterling: “Well, that’s Zom Gippy dealt with for now, but Chris Peacock needs to turn his attention back to Makima; she’s not far away from those titles.”

Makima only has a couple of rungs to go until she has scaled the ladder and has the championships not too far away from her reach, and Peacock reaches up with the cane and lashes it across her back! This causes her to drop down a step, and Peacock tries climbing up behind her using one hand, but Keiko is back up and she runs behind him and leaps into the air and connects with a Bulldog off of the ladder and Peacock lands face-first on the mat.

With Keiko dealing with Peacock, it is Aka that has to follow up with Makima as she is on the ladder and she climbs in the same manner that Peacock did and she clubs Makima on the back a couple of times and then hooks her up for a Back Suplex, but Makima elbows Aka a couple of times to resist it. Makima adjusts her body on the ladder and walks up it… she flips over Aka’s head and DRIVES HER DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A REVERSE DDT FROM THE LADDER!

Makima kicking off of the ladder causes it to fall down and it finds itself leant on the ropes. With Aka down, Keiko immediately turns her attention to Makima and she cuts her off with a knee to the midsection, and she then throws Makima out of the ring through the ropes. Keiko walks towards the second of the ladders in the ring, but she’s grabbed from behind by a re-emerged Alyster Black. Black attempts to hit a Russian Leg Sweep, but Keiko rolls through and then gets up and tries to kick Black across his chest, but Black catches her boot.

Alyster stands up and then spins her around and then cracks her with a Roaring Elbow to the face, which knocks her down to the mat and Keiko also rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Allen Price: “Yeah! You’ve got this, Alyster. This match has been absolute carnage so far!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Funnily enough, it has been the two challenging teams that have displayed some semblances of teamwork in the match, but the same really cannot be said for FTN.”

With a bit of space in the ring, Alyster goes after the ladder but turns around to see Zom Gippy in his path and the large wrestler grabs Black but ‘Black Jesus’ strikes her with a couple of hard elbow strikes which do not seem to have much effect on Zom Gippy, and she grabs him around the neck and then bundles his head in between her legs and LEAPS INTO THE AIR, DRIVING BLACK INTO THE LADDER ON THE ROPES WITH THE PLATINUMDRIVER #13! The ladder buckles under the weight and is bent out of shape as a result of this.

As Zom Gippy takes down Alyster Black, the attention of the crowd turns to her tag team partner on the outside of the ring, as Makima has scaled one of the ladders set up around the ring and she steadies herself on the top for a moment as both Chris Peacock and Keiko Hirabayashi are both getting to their feet at the base of the ladder. Chris and Keiko look up as Makima steadies herself… SHOOTING STAR SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER DOWN ONTO THE PEOPLE BELOW!

The crowd cheers loudly as Peacock, Keiko and Makima are all down in a heap on the floor due to Makima’s risk-taking. Back in the ring, Zom Gippy fails to get the ladder back in its regular state and in doing so is accosted by Aka Yurei, and ‘The Crimson Ghost’ stings the back of Zom Gippy’s leg with a stiff kick. This causes it to buckle slightly, and Aka follows up with several equally stiff forearm strikes to the head of her fellow challenger. Zom Gippy creates a bit of separation between herself and Aka to slow Yurei down, but the former FWA World Tag Team Champion is straight back on her.

Anzu Kurosawa: “There’s no backing down from a fight from Aka Yurei, and with a few bodies on the outside down after Makima’s amazing feat, this is a good chance for either one of these individuals to make a dash for those titles.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “With both of the champions out of the picture at the moment, you’re absolutely right, Anzu. If Zom Gippy or Aka Yurei can take the other out of the equation, then they’ve got a really good chance here.”

Despite Aka firing several hard shots at her, Zom Gippy stands firm and she attempts to set up Aka for a Piledriver in the same way that she did to Alyster Black, but Black himself is now back to his feet and he charges in and STEPS ON AKA’S BACK AND TAKES ZOM GIPPY DOWN WITH A ONE SHOT KILL!

The largest competitor in the match falls to the mat and rolls out to the floor and Black gets his footing back and turns back to Aka Yurei. Alyster looks to strike Aka with a punch, but she ducks it and Black puts on the brakes to avoid hitting Makima Snowmantashi who had slid into the ring behind Yurei. Again, Black cannot bring himself to attack Makima, and Aka takes advantage of this and she shoves Black forward and he and Makima clunk heads.

This sends Makima back down through the ropes and she spills to the floor once more. Then Aka runs the ropes from behind Alyster and when she returns she knocks him flat with THE LIVING END! The former X Champion is laid out in the middle of the ring, and now alone, Aka Yurei takes the undamaged ladder and stands it up in the middle of the ring.

Rod Sterling: “It is what you were both talking about! Here’s Aka Yurei with an opportunity to get the win here!”

As Aka begins to climb, Chris Peacock pulls himself up from the floor and he gets back into the ring and attempts to reach Aka, but Keiko reaches through the ropes and holds his foot! Yurei continues to climb as Peacock is forced to turn around and kick Keiko away and when he finally does, he turns his attention straight to the joshi on the ladder and stands on the other side of it, appearing to be nervous about scaling it himself.

Allen Price: “I was worried about this as well… Chris really doesn’t want to have to climb up the ladders. He’s got one eye on Cyrus Truth tomorrow night and I’m not sure that he can take the risk…”

Anzu Kurosawa: “In that case, he can expect to kiss goodbye to those tag titles that he was so determined to win with Alyster Black.”

In Peacock’s hesitation, Aka reaches the top of the ladder and reaches up and gets one of her hands on one of the championships suspended above the ring. Peacock is shown panicking and he is hesitant to start scaling the ladder but he realises that there is another thing he can do - and Peacock kicks the ladder, causing it to collapse under Aka… but she’s left suspended above the ring hanging from the championships!

Peacock looks up with a panicked expression and he is then grabbed by Keiko who is up on the apron behind him and he can only watch as Aka kicks with her legs in an attempt to make the straps of the title she is holding from to unclip, which would win Aka Manto the championships. Peacock reaches back and catches Keiko with an elbow to knock her back down onto a knee on the apron. Peacock then can only watch as Zom Gippy enters the ring and is able to reach up and grab Aka’s boot from standing in the ring with ease due to her height.

She pulls Aka down onto her shoulders in a Powerbomb position… and then pulls her down into a Piledriver! Aka rolls out under the ring next to Peacock and Keiko and Zom Gippy then turns her attention towards Peacock… and she charges forward, but Peacock moves and Zom Gippy knocks Keiko from the apron and she lands down on the floor on top of her partner!

Peacock then cracks Zom Gippy with a knee to the face as she is on the ropes after knocking Keiko from the apron and his eyes widen when he sees that Makima is back in the ring and she has a twenty foot ladder in her possession!

Rod Sterling: “Look at the size of that ladder! It dwarfs little Makima!”

Makima lifts the ladder up and she charges towards Peacock with it - but HE PULLS ZOM GIPPY INTO THE WAY AND THE LADDER SMASHES HER RIGHT IN THE FACE AND SENDS HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Zom Gippy joins the pile up with both Aka Manto members and Makima then swings the ladder and catches Peacock on the side of the head to knock him down to a knee.

With the path now clear, Makima turns and erects the ladder in the middle of the ring and she looks up with a defiant look on her face and she begins to climb up the ladder as the crowd looks on, concerned. Peacock holds the side of his head and realises now the true danger that his and Alyster’s reign is in and the crowd does begin to cheer for the dual champion as he finally gets over his fear and starts to climb the ladder on the opposite side.

Makima has a hand on one of the titles as Peacock reaches the top and looks extremely nervous to be up there and he meets her with a punch, almost losing her balance in the process.

Allen Price: “Come on now, Chris… be careful! You don’t want to hurt yourself!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, it seems that Chris Peacock is going to overcome his aversion to climbing ladders because it is now or never… wait, or is it?”

The crowd begins to cheer wildly as Peacock looks down from the top of the tall ladder and sees that his tag team partner is in the ring and standing at the bottom of the ladder. Chris calls down to Alyster and tells him to get Makima, but Black shakes his head!

Rod Sterling: “Wait! Alyster Black doesn’t want to hurt Makima!”

‘Black Jesus’ looks out of the ring and sees that Zom Gippy and Aka Manto have returned to their feel although all three of them are slightly dazed and woozy. Peacock’s eyes widen as he sees Black put both hands on the side of the ladder…


Peacock’s pleas are met with a shrug from his FTN partner and the crowd scream in unison and shock as ALYSTER BLACK TIPS THE LADDER OVER…





On his way to retrieve the ladder from on top of the ropes, Black leans over and asks Makima if she is okay and then tells Peacock to suck it up. But the important thing now though is that Alyster Black has the ladder in the middle of the ring and there is no one to prevent him from climbing up…


Winners: FTN via retrieving the belts at 14:03.

‘Try a Little Tenderness’ plays in the Estadio Azteca and Alyster Black raises both of the FWA World Tag Team Championships up in the air from on top of the ladder and the camera then cuts to his partner, Chris Peacock, who is still down on the outside. Peacock’s face is scrunched up and he holds onto his ribs tightly. The other challengers are shown stirring in the bundle on the mat as Black leaves the ring to help Peacock up.

Kurt Harrington: “Here are your winners and STILL the FWA World Tag Team Champions… FFFFFFFFF TTTTTTTTTTT NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Those who hoped or suspected that Chris Peacock would leave Back in Business without either of the championships that he entered with will be at least partially disappointed as FTN retain their titles in the first championship match this weekend. Although, due to the conclusion of that match, his prospects of overcoming Cyrus Truth tomorrow night may have taken a considerable dent.”

Allen Price: “I can’t believe that Alyster was so happy to sacrifice Chris like that, but the important thing here is that FTN are still your FWA World Tag Team Champions. As for tomorrow night, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but if there’s one thing that Chris Peacock does not do, it is lose to Cyrus Truth.”

Rod Sterling: “All three teams came close to winning this one at various points, and it could be seen as a surprise that the team that showed arguably the poorest teamwork in there was the champions, but they still walked away as winners.”

With Peacock’s arm over his shoulders, Black holds all three of the titles belonging to FTN members in his spare arm and he helps Chris back to his feet and together FTN back up the ramp. Through the pain, a small smile creeps onto Peacock’s face and that is the image that we fade away on…


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"Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Trevor Walker... Wrestling superstar. For over forty years now I have excelled to the highest levels of my profession. Think of a great wrestler and I've beaten them. There might not be footage of these victories out there on the interwebs but I promise you if you look hard enough you will find it. In the meantime I'm looking to give back to the sport of wrestling which is why I am launching the Walker Wrestling Experience or WWE for short. It is here that I will educate you and I will push you into being the best that you can be. So if you really want to see the world and prove yourself then come learn from the best teacher you could have. My wealth of knowledge and wisdom will be an invaluable source of wisdom for you and it can be yours at a cost of $199.99 a week. Now I know that seems like a lot to you losers out there but Jack let me tell you.. I make that amount if not more in a fuckin night! So be a man and not a pussy for the first time in your sad pathetic lives and become apart of the Walker Wrestling Experience today!"


The music begins to play and darkness has engulfed Estadio Azteca and smoke begins to billow out from the stage. El Vengador emerges through the smoke and the lights come back on while Vengador stands on the stage and he scans the crowd. It's a fairly mixed response for the man that has his fair share of supporters, but he doesn’t pay any mind to that and he slowly walks to the ring with a sense of purpose.

Kurt Harrington: “The following match is set for one fall with a thirty-minute-time-limit! Introducing first, from The Realm of Despair and weighing in at 250 lb…he is El Vengador!”

Rod Sterling: “On the last Meltdown we saw the FWA in-ring debut for El Vengador where he made quick work of Juan Tothrefor, but that wasn’t the only thing that went down at Meltdown involving El Vengador.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “That’s right, Rod, before his match took place he had a showdown of sorts with his opponent tonight, Katsu. Katsu wanted Vengador to strike her with a steel chair, but instead of hitting her with the steel chair he spared her that night.”

Rod Sterling: “It was an odd occurrence from both competitors but mind games are to be expected. Vengador did spare Katsu that night, but tonight he has vowed to take her out.”

The screens on the stage all shift to an image of cherry blossoms falling on a dark background as dramatic music begins to play. The majority of the lights dim apart from a small red spotlight in the middle of the stage. After a few moments, the fans see Katsu walk towards the middle of the spotlight. Mixed in with her usual attire which has a cape flowing behind her, rests on her face is a customized mask, showing a skull design. She slowly raises one her right hand as a drum strikes. On the screen appears the Japanese symbols.


She raises her left as another drum strikes.

Then she crosses her arms as above her appears:


Translations appear under each of them in both Spanish and English.



And a word that Vengador uses.


The wind blows, removing all the cherry blossoms and symbols as we get the traditional Katsu entrance.

The lights around the stage begin to flash red in tune with the music. The intro plays as fire begins to shoot up from various parts of the stage. Katsu spins around and does a throat slashing gesture with her pointer finger as the flames shoot higher before making her way down the ramp.

Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent, representing YOKAI Death Squad, from Osaka, Japan, she is the Kitsune Warrior… KAAAATSUUUUUUUU!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Katsu may have been spared by Vengador on Meltdown, but Cyrus Truth showed no mercy with a win over Katsu on the last Fallout in what was a highly competitive affair.”

Allen Price: “Judging by this entrance, Katsu doesn’t seem too phased despite coming off a loss to Cyrus Truth.”

Heading down the ramp, Katsu holds her hands out, letting her cape flow behind her. Stopping about halfway, she does another throat slashing gesture before removing her extra mask. In it, she reveals a half green, half white mask, with her usual red trim, a nod to Mexico, the birthplace of masked wrestling. She looks forward to the ring where El Vengador stands, a person she ‘coached’ to a Ground Zero Season 4 victory. A wicked smirk appears on her face as she gets down to ringside.

Anzu Kurosawa: “I would hope she’s not too phased about that loss. Sure that loss stung, especially heading into the biggest show of the year and her Back in Business debut, but putting that aside and focusing on Vengador will help her chances in walking out of here with the victory.”

Going around the ring, she places her extra mask down before sliding onto the apron. One hand on the ropes, she opens up her cape and closes her eyes, keeping a calm aura to her. She quickly drops down into the splits then slides into the ring. Heading to the nearest corner turnbuckles, Katsu climbs up them and puts one foot on the top rope. She does another throat slash before holding her finger down in an “M'' formation. Heading down, she leans down in a superhero-like pose, holding her arms in an “X” in front of her chest. Katsu’s hands again have the wolf gesture before she spins around and heads to her corner. Unclipping her entrance cape, she looks dead ahead at El Vengador, showing a slight smirk.

Allen Price: “El Vengador doesn’t look impressed by Katsu’s extravagant entrance.”

Rod Sterling: “How can you tell? He’s wearing a mask!”

Vengador hasn’t moved from his spot in the corner and his attention is squarely on Katsu. The referee for the match, Grace-Lynn Guerrero, checks out both competitors before calling for the bell.



THIRD MATCH || 1/30.
vs. El Vengador.
Singles Match.
Match writer: Jimmy King.



Jean-Luc Watkins: “Anzu, you mentioned that this is Katsu’s first Back in Business, but this is also El Vengador’s first Back in Business in what is only his second match in the company.”

Allen Price: “Imagine it being only your second match in the company and it’s on the big stage!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I imagine that’s the last thing he has on his mind right now, Allen. The only thing Vengador has on his mind is revenge.”

Vengador charges toward Katsu but she catches him with an arm drag. Vengador kips back up and this time he swings for the fences but Katsu blocks his strike and she strikes him with a forearm to the face! Katsu with repeated forearm strikes to the face before sending Vengador to the corner, and Katsu comes in hot with a running dropkick to Vengador in the corner! Vengador remains trapped in the corner and Katsu unleashes a flurry of knife edge chops, lighting up Vengador’s chest!

Katsu grabs Vengador by the wrist and is looking to drag him out of the corner, but Vengador blocks that and switches places with her and now Katsu is in trouble in the corner. Vengador gives Katsu a taste of her own medicine by lighting up her chest with machine gun chops! Vengador then sends Katsu into the opposite corner and Vengador charges toward her, but Katsu does a handstand in the corner and catches Vengador and counters with a headscissors takedown! Vengador stumbles to his feet and Katsu nails him with another running dropkick that knocks him back first into the corner! Katsu runs at Vengador again and this time catches him out of the corner with a monkey flip! Katsu sets herself up in position and hits Vengador with a standing moonsault! She hooks both legs for the pin…

ONE… TW - - NO!

Kick out by Vengador!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Katsu with her efficient speed and agility on display that I don’t think Vengador was prepared for.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It has seemed evenly matched but it’s been mostly all Katsu in the opening minutes.”

Katsu continues her assault with some stomps on the knees of Vengador, and Vengador sits up to clutch at his knees and this allows Katsu to strike with a penalty kick to the back! Vengador stiffens up in pain and he’s on his knees, trying to bring himself back to a vertical base, but Katsu is more happy to assist him as she brings him up in a front face lock and drills him with an uppercut! She peppers him with several uppercuts and Katsu has Vengador on the ropes now, and she goes for an irish whip but Vengador blocks that and pulls Katsu forward and nails her with a headbutt! Vengador then sends Katsu to the ropes and catches her with a shoulder tackle!

Katsu rolls underneath the bottom rope and is on the apron now as she gets up, but she’s knocked off of the apron by a dropkick from Vengador! Katsu is quick to her feet however, but she’s not quick enough to counter Vengador, who launches himself off the top rope to the outside with a diving moonsault! The crowd is eating this up and is cheering wildly for this fast paced action.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Vengador with a high risk maneuver and it pays dividends for him as he takes out Katsu!”

Vengador tosses Katsu back inside the ring underneath the bottom rope and Katsu begins to stir while Vengador has positioned himself on the apron, and just as Katsu stumbles to her feet, she gets knocked down with a springboard dropkick by Vengador! Vengador drops down for the pin…

ONE… TW - - NO!

Vengador doesn’t miss a beat as he brings Katsu back to her feet and he goes for a suplex, but Katsu flips out of it and she lands behind him. Katsu drills Vengador with a dropkick to the back that sends Vengador spiraling forward toward the ropes, and he bounces off of them right back into the waiting arms of Katsu who does a roll through into a deadlift bridging german suplex!


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Katsu with an amazing feat of strength hitting that chaos theory on Vengador but it still wasn’t enough to put him away!”

Katsu applies a boston crab submission hold on Vengador and he’s doing everything in his power to stop himself from tapping out. Vengador crawls toward the ropes and he tries to reach out but Katsu pulls him away. Some of the fans start to rally behind Vengador and he starts to muster up the strength to slip out and he has Katsu grounded now and he stomps down on her chest for good measure before keeping hold of her legs and he launches her forward right into the turnbuckle sternum first! Katsu is lifeless in the corner but Vengador drives home some clubbing blows to the back for good measure. Vengador then hoists her up on his shoulder while he begins to ascend to the top…

Allen Price: “Oh no, I just know that this won’t end well for Katsu!”

Avalanche samoan drop! Vengador with an avalanche samoan drop on Katsu and the crowd is going bananas! Vengador reaches over and hooks the leg for the pin…


Katsu kicks out!

Allen Price: “Oh my, I thought Katsu might’ve been done for!”

Rod Sterling: “Vengador must’ve thought the same thing because he does not look happy!”

Allen Price: “I thought you couldn’t tell how he looked because of his mask!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Now is not the time for that, Price!”

Vengador composes himself and he has Katsu in his sights now and he goes for a superkick, but Katsu side steps him and grabs him from behind in a rear waistlock and hits another bridging german suplex!


Vengador kicks out with authority and he rolls through and he’s back on his feet but Katsu is quicker on the and nails him with a roundhouse kick to the stomach! Katsu then sends Vengador into the ropes with a hurricanrana and he’s hanging off the middle rope…Katsu lines him up…Sakura Kick!

The crowd has come alive for Katsu and she doesn’t waste a second as she ascends to the top…NIGHTFALL! Katsu gets all of the Phoenix splash and hooks both legs…


Winner: Katsu via pin at 21:02.

Kurt Harrington: “The winner of the match…KAAAATSUUUUUUUU!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “What a win for Katsu in her Back in Business debut! That has to feel good for her to have this moment!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I have to agree, Anzu, what a year it’s been in FWA for Katsu and this won’t be the last time we see her this weekend because she’ll be in action tomorrow night with her YDS teammates as they look to become the inaugural trios champions!”

Katsu has her arm raised by referee Guerrero and she turns to see Vengador standing behind her. Katsu seems startled by him standing there but Vengador offers her a handshake, and Katsu accepts the handshake and gives Vengador a curt bow, which he returns and then he leaves the ring to allow Katsu to have her moment.

Allen Price: “That’s what I like to see, good sportsmanship!”

Rod Sterling: “It remains unclear if Vengador got the answers he was looking for in regards to his brother’s death, but he did gain a newfound respect for Katsu.”

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Sep 13, 2022
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Backstage, Todd Salum was standing by with the FWA North American Champion, Bryan Baxter.

Todd Salum: ”I’m here with Bryan Baxter, who later tonight will be defending his championship against a man who is no stranger to the North American Title… “The Prodigy” Mike Pa–”

Baxter forcefully grabs the microphone, taking it away and shoving Todd aside.

Bryan Baxter: ”Scram pipsqueak, I can handle this.”

There would be no argument from Todd, who gladly walks off and lets Bryan have the time to himself.

Bryan Baxter: ”I’ve come to realize… that maybe I haven’t been completely myself lately. I’ve been in my own head. I’ve been worrying about things to come and not worrying about what was right in front of me. I was sweatin’ over this target on my back because it looks like there’s no shortage of people who want this here championship. But I’m done worryin’. Someone helped me realize… that I’m at my best… when I’m bein’ bad. When I’m bein’ myself. A lot of people seem to think that I’m nothin’ without Bill Scorpane. That I’m just Jeremy Best’s muscle.”

“But you’re all about to learn… that there’s more to Bryan Baxter than you think. You haven’t seen what I’m capable of.”

“Because this title ain’t leavin’ me any time soon.”

“It’s time I introduced FWA… to Big Bryan Bastard.”

Baxter smirks before shoving the camera away and walking off screen.


Kurt Harrington: “Fans, your next contest is set for one fall with a thirty-minute-time-limit!”

A few seconds after the song kicks in, XYZ struts out on stage and strikes a pose for the fans. The fans respond with cheers and adulation for the unorthodox XYZ, who makes his way down to the ring and on the way he poses and interacts with several fans.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, from Sitka, Alaska and weighing in at 180 lb…he is…X…Y…ZEEEEEEEEE!”

Rod Sterling: “Unsurprisingly there’s no over-the-top entrance from XYZ. I know some of our stars like to go all out but XYZ is all business tonight.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “During the build up to this match, XYZ has been kind of caught in the middle of the ongoing rivalry between his opponents and some feel like he’s been overlooked in favor of his opposition, while others feel like he may not care either way. Whatever the case may be, XYZ will be looking to silence those doubters and naysayers.”

The song is unfamiliar to FWA fans but soon they figure out it belongs to none other than The Wildcard, who is walking through the sea of fans while wearing a Jason Voorhees style hockey mask, along with his usual attire.

Kurt Harrington: “and his opponent, from San Diego, California and weighing in at 234 lb…he is The Wildcard…Jason Randaaaaaalllll!”

Rod Sterling: “Randall has also been someone that has been overlooked, at least according to him and some fans, depending on who you ask. He’s not only looking to win this match in order to gain a chance to regain gold, but he’s looking for his Back in Business moment.”

Randall hops over the barricade and quickly slides in the ring. He removes his mask and jacket and hands them off to the referee. Randall is standing in the corner opposite of XYZ and he’s staring daggers in XYZ but then he turns his attention to the entrance area as his music fades out…

All of the lights are turned off for a while as something happens under the veil of darkness. A few spotlights are shining over about 20 - 30 hooded figures, all in black (and one distinct figure at the back standing a bit to the right) where they have gathered into a tight circle. For a moment, nothing happens until this plays...

...and the crowd bursts into loud disruptive noise while others can be heard booing. And the lights do their flashing effect with the chorus to this song. Within a swift moment, a person in the center of this group flings off a black sheet that had been covering their appearance and now reveals that the person is no other than... Darius Wright?!

...freshly shaved bald head, well trimmed goatee, dark brown eyes, no war paint, no mask... just a smug look on his face and apparently one of his black sleeveless t-shirts with the rest of his old ring gear. As the rapper on the song begins the first verse to The Dark Traveler's original theme, the whole group with Darius take a slow stroll down a big and long ramp to the ring. Darius never says a word but gives his usual cocky look to his favorite haters, never removing that patented smirk. As he leaves many to wonder if he's the one competing in this match instead of his demonic persona, he and his mysterious "friends" stop right at the bottom of the ramp and one by one, the hooded individuals assemble all around the ring from both sides alternately. When the final individual has stepped in front of a smiling Darius Wright, this reveals what his new t-shirt reads which is "You're damn right, you should fear me...". A silent Darius stares into the camera getting a closeup shot and simply tugs at the top of his t-shirt. Then with The Dark Guardian close by in his black velvet cloak with dark red shimmery trimming around every edge, Wright takes his time going up the ring steps to enter the ring. This also happens to reveal the back of the t-shirt which reads "...because in the end, they all have to PAY. THE. COST!". That's when right as The Dark Traveler steps between the ropes, all of the lights cut off again. It's another confusing moment as the crowd boos in an unsettling fashion. However, it isn't too long before the audience hears this...

Kurt Harrington: “and their opponent, from the depths of HELL! Weighing in at 243 lb…he is The Dark Traveler…The Soul Collector…he is DEATH WALKERRRRRR!”

…and the house lights are brought back on but flashing in both red and white colors. Looking towards the ring, the group remains motionless side by side, surrounding the squared circle. But in the ring, there are two dark figures near the center... one standing slightly behind one kneeling on one knee as smoke forms at ringside. A big spotlight is placed upon these two and they never raise their heads to reveal who's under these big hooded cloaks as each hides their identity well. That is until the one standing on his feet, walks over to the back of the knelt one and unhooks the other's cloak which now slides off of his shoulders. And while lunging up at the hard camera with his arms crossed like an x, we see.. the demonic hybrid known as Death Walker. With his ripped up jeans, leather boots, white irises around his pupils, hands in black wraps and wearing his demon skull mask... Walker just holds this solid pose for a few minutes close to the ropes as the other hooded freaks are doing the same X symbol with their arms at neck level. The lights return to normal and music turns off but the crowd continues making more noise from rooting to booing, mixed reactions. Death Walker drops his arms and walks over to his Dark Guardian while the hooded individuals at ringside all hop over the barricade to the front row seats. And then these psychos demand the front seats from the fans sitting in them as the match gets on its way.


Death Walker
vs. Jason Randall vs. XYZ.
Triple Threat Match.
Match writer: Jimmy King.



Allen Price: “What a dark and intimidating entrance from Death Walker! He’s clearly trying to get in the heads of his opponents!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Perhaps you’re right about that Price, but it appears that neither XYZ or Randall seem affected by it.”

Randall doesn’t miss a beat and rushes straight toward Death Walker and the two bitter rivals start trading blows! Reminiscent of a hockey fight, Death and Randall batter each other relentlessly while XYZ watches on from the side.

Rod Sterling: “It looks like XYZ is opting to not get involved and he’s letting these two wear each other out!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “That’s a wise move if you ask me, Rod.”

Randall has Death backed into the corner and starts laying into him with some stiff knife-edge chops and then some stiff open palm strikes to the chest! Randall then continues this onslaught with backhand chops to the chest before he takes Death by the wrist and looks to send him to the opposite corner, but Death puts on the brakes and nails Randall with a headbutt! Death throws Randall in the and starts leveling him with repeated corner clotheslines! Death then snatches Randall from the corner and pulls him right into a devastating short-arm lariat!

Randall is taken off of his feet and Death is relishing in the fact he’s dishing out the punishment, but he’s taken for surprise when XYZ catches him with a springboard clothesline!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “XYZ bided his time but struck when the time was right!”

Death is briefly taken off of his feet but he pops right back up and swings wildly at XYZ, but XYZ ducks out of the way and connects with a standing dropkick! XYZ unloads on Death with his vicious kicks to the thighs and shins, and Death manages to catch XYZ by the leg but XYZ counters that with an enziguri! Death stumbles back and XYZ sweeps him right off his feets with a leg sweep!

XYZ goes for a springboard moonsault but it’s a fake out as he hits the landing, and he’s about to go for a standing senton but he’s leveled by The Wildcard with a nasty discus lariat! XYZ starts to rise up but Randall strikes with some shoot kicks to the chest and then he brings XYZ up and right back down with a dragon suplex into a bridge!


The pin is broken up by Death Walker!

Death drags Randall to his feet in a front facelock and he peppers Randall with several uppercuts and then he goes to lift Randall up for a suplex, but Randall flips out behind him and Randall hits Death with a saito suplex! Randall notices XYZ is back up and Randall charges at him and strikes with a sling blade!

Rod Sterling: “Randall in firm control so far but in matches like this that change in an instant!”

Indeed it does Rod, because Randall charges at Death Walker and looks for a sling blade on him but instead Death catches Randall and hits him with a capture suplex! Randall takes a nasty landing but somehow he’s back on his feet but unaware of his surroundings and that allows Death to clobber him with a running high knee!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Death Walker with The Wright Way on Randall!”

Death drops down for the pin…

ONE… TW - - NO!

Anzu Kurosawa: “XYZ with the save! He crushed both Death Walker and Randall with that running senton to break up that pin!”

XYZ rolls Death Walker off of Randall and hooks both legs on Randall…

ONE…TW - - NO!

Kick out by Randall! XYZ takes a chance on Death Walker and makes the pin there!

ONE… TW - - NO!

XYZ rethinks his strategy and runs the ropes but Randall pops up and catches XYZ with a Michinoku driver into a pin!


Death Walker breaks up with a boot to the face of Randall! Death quickly takes Randall by the head and drills him with some forearm smashes and then sends Randall to the corner. Death strikes with a running elbow! Randall has a busted lip now and Death drags Randall from the corner and Randall tries to fight back but it’s to no avail as Death unloads on Randall with a barrage of strikes in the corner! Including a spinning back elbow, spinning back fist, overhand punch, and spinning back kick!

Rod Sterling: “Death Walker is just using Randall as a punching bag at this point!”

Death brings Randall in close before spinning him around and hits him with Bedtime Story! Sleeper suplex on Randall!

Rod Sterling: “Death Walker looks like he has this in the bag”

Death Walker is taken for surprise again after XYZ nails him with a dropkick and then takes him down with a headscissors!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Don’t forget about XYZ, Rod!”

Randall is starting to come back to his senses now but before he can react he’s taken off of his feet with a leg sweep from XYZ and a quick leaping elbow drop to the chest! XYZ then climbs to the top…he walks the rope…Front-flip springboard leg drop! XYZ hooks both legs…


Winner: XYZ via pin at 19:20.

Kurt Harrington: “The winner of the match…X…Y…Z!”

Allen Price: “Wow, just like that it’s over!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “XYZ came out of nowhere at the end and took out both Death Walker and Randall for the win!”

XYZ quickly leaves the ring and interacts with some elated fans that are glad he picked up the win. Meanwhile, Death Walker is understandably irate and Dark Guardian is trying to calm him down while Randall is checked on…



Sep 13, 2022
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The music hits and “The Prodigy” Mike Parr trots out from the back, tossing his hands up in the air to the crowd who greets him with a big ovation. Parr stops at the top of the ramp, scopes out the fans before locking his eyes to the ring.

Anzu Kurosawa: “You can see the determination in that man’s eyes. This is a man who wants something he thinks he never should’ve lost in the first place.”

Rod Sterling: “Of course referring to the FWA North American Championship, a title he has held a record setting four times, including the record for longest title reign of an astounding 454 days. When you think about the North American Championship, it’s hard not to think about The Prodigy.”

Kurt Harrington: “The following match is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit and it is for the FWA… NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at two hundred forty pounds, from Toronto, Canada… he is… “THE PRODIGY”.... MMMMMIIIIIIIKKKKKEEE PPPPPPAAAARRRRRRRR!”

Parr gives a slight smirk before he begins to walk down the ramp, stretching out his wrists and arms as he makes his way down, the determination evident.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “But winning that belt back won’t come easy as the champion, Big Bryan Baxter, has shown that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep that belt..”

Allen Price: “Dirty little cheater…”

Rod Sterling: “We’ve certainly seen him utilize every trick in the book… though he no longer has Mr. Scorpane by his side and Jeremy Best is otherwise preoccupied tonight… this is one of the rare defenses where Baxter has to go at this one with no one in his corner.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Yeah so hopefully we’ll… WAIT! LOOK OUT!”


That’s the sound of a metal chair cracking across the back of Mike Parr halfway down the aisle to the ring. Parr drops to a knee as the chair comes down for a second time across his back, sending him down to the floor.

Standing over Parr, holding the chair in hand is the North American Champion, Bryan Baxter.

Allen Price: “What is the meaning of this?!”

Rod Sterling: “The North American Champion is just assaulting his challenger with the chair before the match is even under way! This isn’t a no disqualification match. What is going on right now?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The match hasn’t started yet, technically, Rod.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I guess this is what he meant earlier by showing us Big Bryan Bastard.”

Baxter brings the chair down three more times across Parr’s back as the boos in the arena intensify for the North American champion. He looks to the crowd and simply smirks before pulling Parr up to his knees. Parr attempts to battle back, but Baxter knees him in the face before lifting him up and diving him a Piledriver onto the floor!

Allen Price: “This is disgusting!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And unfortunately, I don’t think he’s done yet…”


The crowd lets BBB have it, but he just smiles and once again pulls Parr to his feet, walking with him down the aisle and to ringside before tossing him head first into the steel ring post. Baxter pulls the ring steps away from the post before once again grabbing Parr and POWERBOMBING HIM ONTO THE RINGSTEPS!


Rod Sterling: “I can’t help but agree with the sentiment of the fans. I’m not sure this match is going to be able to even happen at this point…”

Several FWA security members rush down to try and stop Baxter’s assault on Parr, but Baxter meets the first one with a right hand, the second one with a left hand, the third one with a headbutt and the fourth one gets tossed into the ring post as well for his troubles.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well now he’s not only ruining this match but also will be getting fined.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I don’t think he cares too much about either.”

With some of the security disposed of, Baxter pulls Parr up and rolls him into the ring. Parr climbs in and stares at Kurt Harrington. “Announce me!” he demands.

Reluctantly, Harrington complies.

Kurt Harrington: “....And… his opponent… from Hickory, North Carolina… weighing in at three hundred twelve pounds… he is the FWA North American Champion… BIG… BRYAN… BAXT…”

Baxter cuts Harrington off and whispers something in his ear. Kurt seems unsure but Baxter gives him a threatening look.

Kurt Harrington: “Excuse me… BIG… BRYAN… BASTARD!”

Baxter extends his arms out toward the booing crowd as he now takes off the North American Championship from around his waist and tries to hand it over to FWA Official Tommy Palmer while Palmer is more interested in checking on Parr.

Bryan grabs Palmer by the arm, pulling him over and forcing him to take the title from him. Baxter then shouts, “ring the fucking bell!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Oh come on! What’s he trying to pull here! There’s no way this match can go on right now.”

Palmer argues with Baxter, pointing over to Parr, who begins showing signs of life as he grabs the bottom ropes and pulls himself up to a seated position in the corner. Baxter continues to demand the match start, as Palmer goes over to check on Parr again.

Rod Sterling: “It’s amazing that Parr is even conscious right now… but ultimately it’s up to him if the match happens or not…”

Palmer consults with Parr, who now somehow, someway begins to pull himself up to his feet using the ropes… and he… tells Palmer to start the match!

Allen Price: “Unbelievable! He still wants the match!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I spent a lot of time with Parr during Executive Excellence… and if he has his mind set on something, then it’s probably going to happen. And he obviously has his mind set on that North American title… but even I think this is ill-advised.”

Clearly reluctant… Tommy Palmer calls for the bell.


FIFTH MATCH || 1/60.
Bryan Baxter
[c] vs. Mike Parr.
Singles Match for the FWA North American Championship.
Match writer: Dubb.


Baxter charges in the second the bell is rang, looking to splash Parr in the corner..


There’s still life in The Prodigy! He hits a series of jabs in the corner to Baxter’s large midsection before springboarding onto the ropes and going for a Tornado DDT, but Baxter holds on and turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex instead!

Baxter doesn’t bridge, and instead gets right back up to his feet and hits a big standing splash on the fallen Parr. And another splash! And another!

Rod Sterling: ”Three hundred plus pounds keep splashing down on the already beaten and bruised Parr! This match shouldn’t even be happening and Baxter is just piling on more and more punishment!”

Baxter grab Parr by the hair, pulling him up to his feet…

BUCKLE BOMB TO PARR! Parr slums over, in the corner as Baxter then charges in with a running hip attack, Parr’s head bouncing off the bottom turnbuckle.

He then grabs the leg of Parr, dragging the dead weight out of the corner before pulling him up by his hair once again… he lifts Parr up…


Baxter hooks the leg..



Parr didn’t kick out… Baxter pulled him up!


Baxter pulls Parr up one more time..


He hooks the leg again.


WInner: Bryan Baxter via pinfall at 1:18.

Bryan Baxter drops Parr’s leg down to the mat as some FWA Officials and medics enter the ring, beginning to check on him. The boos continue to food in as Bryan Baxer snatches back his FWA North American Title from Palmer, and climbs the turnbuckle, holding the belt up in the air proudly amidst the sea of boos.

Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner… and still FWA North American Champion… Big Bryan Baxter!”

Allen Price: “Mercifully… its finally over..”

Anzu Kurosawa: ““There was little mercy being shown there, unfortunately.

Rod Sterling: ”It was not the match any of us expected… but once again… Bryan Baxter walks away holding that title… by any means necessary.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He may have won today… but you can believe that when he’s able to… Parr will be coming back for him… and when he does… Baxter better watch his own back because you know there’s going to be Hell to pay! So enjoy your time now Baxter… I have a feeling your days as champion are numbered!”

Perhaps having painted an even bigger target on his back, Baxter seems to care less as he climbs out of the ring, smirking as he places the championship belt over his shoulder and begins to walk away from the ring as the medics continue to tend to Parr in the ring.

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Sep 13, 2022
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Back in Business is rocking through the entire night. The entire crowd is on fire and electric as they wait for more action from the FWA roster. However, there is a person in the back whose demeanor is just a little different. Tommy Bedlam sits in his locker room counting the minutes until his life altering and much anticipated, Three Stages of Hell match against Shawn Summers. His face is very stoic and focused as every second brings him closer to his match against Shawn Summers. Just then there are a few knocks on the door.

Tommy Bedlam: “Come in.”

Tommy’s demeanor doesn’t change and his focused gaze doesn’t budge an inch as he continues to stare intently at something in front of him as the door opens. From the opened door appears none other than Johnny Johnson. Johnny has a huge smile on his face and is dressed in a designer plaid burgundy suit, with a lavender shirt underneath it and a black tie to go with it all. Johnny makes it inside of the locker room and closes the door behind him. Clasping his hand in pure excitement with who he sees right before him, Johnny can’t make the smile from his face disappear.

Johnny Johnson: “Tommy, mother fucking, Bedlam. How the hell are ya, Cowboy?! It’s been forever and a year since I’ve seen you.”

Johnny then abruptly stops speaking and has a confused look on his face. He then turns his head to see what exactly Tommy is staring at and then looks back at Tommy, confused.

Johnny Johnson: ”Is this not the best time?”

Then Johnny moves a step closer and waves his hand in front of Tommy’s face, trying to divert his gaze, as if Tommy isn’t aware of the fact that Johnny stepped into the locker room. Then all at once Tommy speaks up.

Tommy Bedlam: ”Not at all, I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen you earlier than tonight. Given the rumors swirling around that you returned and what you have been trying to do.”

Johnny’s face then lights up once again with a sly sneer.

Johnny Johnson: ”Excellent to hear. So you know why I would bless you with my presence. But listen, I can see it in your eyes already. You can’t wait to say yes to me offering you a spot in my crew. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to quelch that excitement just for a little bit. I know at one point there were many talks between you, me and my father about the three of us putting together a group and running through this place.

With that being said, giving you that opportunity was actually my father’s idea. Whom we all know couldn’t tell his ass from a hole in the wall. Since this is my dream, my creature I’m going to build it as I see fit and frankly if you had any ambitions to set foot in it I’m going to see a little of the old Tommy Bedlam that I used to know. Because frankly, this Tommy Bedlam, the one I see before me, doesn't have a chance getting through this match tonight, let alone stand shoulder to shoulder and dominate this place like my creation will.”

Tommy’s face grows a little agitated and at that point he stands up and looks right into Johnny’s face. Still holding a calm demeanor, Tommy looks straight into Johnny’s eyes.

Tommy Bedlam: ”Alright, I think it’s time for me to say my peace. Truth be told Johnny, I couldn’t give a damn that you’re back. When I joined up with you and your father, it was all about accomplishing the most I could in this place, taking the easiest route possible. Not only that, but DSI wasn’t even you and your father. You might have been there in the beginning, but then you two turned tail and left this place, leaving me and Crowe high and dry.

At first, the two of us weren’t sure what to think of it. But, truth is, it was a blessing to the two of us. Crowe and myself could have just floundered, with a bullseye on both of our backs with no real allies to speak of and we smashed it out of the park. I’m going to tell it like it is Johnny, I don’t need this group you're trying to form, and I have no desire to be a part of it.”

Tommy then looks Johnny up and down for a second.

Tommy Bedlam: “And as far as what I’m looking at before me, all I see now is a dick in a fancy suit that knows he is in over his head when he steps inside of a wrestling ring. So what does he do? Does exactly what you’re doing, try to find an army to stick in front of you and have them fight your battles like some power hungry dictator.”

Johnny’s slightly cheerful manor changes quickly with the last few words of Tommy and he gets within inches of Tommy. Standing face to face, Johnny begins to talk to Tommy in a low, very direct manner.

Johnny Johnson: “Don’t get it twisted Tommy. I came here tonight, extending an olive branch to someone I thought could use it. I’ve been watching what has been happening around here. I’ve seen with this little spat between you and Shawn Summers, at every turn he’s one upped you. I’ve seen that he has you so damn twisted that he’s even bringing your family into it all. And I know that makes your blood boil, so damn hot.

So being the class act that I am, I came here tonight to ensure that Randi and that awful brat she’s about to push out of that gap between her legs was going to have you in their life after this match tonight. I didn’t knock on that door thinking, “oh the great Tommy Bedlam, he’s done so much and he’ll protect me from the big bad wolves of FWA”. Not in the slightest, I came in here believing you were smart enough to know that if you weren’t going to join me on this next journey of mine, that it would mean you were going to be a barricade that I was going to have to tear down like your hopes and dreams at obtaining either of those pieces of gold tomorrow night.”

Tommy chuckles a little bit under his breath, as Johnny speaks his usual bullshit. But he then takes a deep sigh and puts a little more bass in his voice.

Tommy Bedlam: ”First things first, keep the name of my wife out of your trap. You must really think I’m some kind of idiot, don’t you? I know what you’re doing Johnny and it has no chance of working. You came here tonight with this idea, putting out a handshake and getting me all riled up, right before the biggest match of my FWA career. All to get in my head, making sure that I lose this chance and come crawling to you. As if you're some kind of guardian angel that will protect me from the big, mean bulls of FWA.”

Johnny Johnson: ”No, no, no, Tommy. I came here tonight because I thought you may want that little bastard of yours to be more proud of you than you ever were of that piece of shit dad of yours. I guess you wanna be just like him. Forget being a has-been, you're on the fast track to being a never-was. Looks like you're on track to be a father just like the one you had.”

Tommy draws back and slaps Johnny Johnson across the face, staggering his former stable-mate.

Tommy Bedlam: ”That's twice. That's twice that you came in here and talked about my family, Johnny. I gave you the first one because I know your mouth has always worked faster than your brain. We'll call that slap a warning shot. I don't know if you recall, but DSI formed when I kicked Reagan Cole in the face and joined up with you and your dad, who is obviously so proud of you that he's nowhere to be seen. But do you remember what happened before that? I kicked your ass all over that ring, JJ. So, if you wanna walk out of my locker room, I suggest you start moving. If not, we can take a little stroll down memory lane and somebody can pack you out after I beat the shit out of you again.”

Johnny stumbles back, holding the side of his face that Tommy slapped, with a horrified look on his face. Cowering back towards the door, he reaches behind him fumbling for the door knob as he stares at Tommy with daggers in his eyes. He begins to yell at Tommy with a screeching voice.

Johnny Johnson: ”You think you can just do that to The Legend you neanderthal! You will pay for this Tommy, maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow. But there will be a day where you will regret that you ever raised a hand to The Legend!”

Johnny finally grabs a hold of the door knob, opens the door as he slides his way around it, never diverting his gaze from Tommy.

Johnny Johnson: ”This isn’t over Tommy Bedlam, there is a great wave coming and you will be buried under it, just like the rest of them!”

Johnny then slinks behind the door, closing it behind him. Tommy just shakes his head and begins to divert his focus to where it was earlier before he was interrupted by the parasite that is The Legend.



A closeup of Kurt Harrington graces the screen as he gets ready to introduce the next match.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and Gentlemen, if there are children in attendance, or watching at home, please take a moment to turn their attention away from this next contest.”

The camera fades to show the commentators looking directly into the camera with worried looks on their faces.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “While the crew prepares the ring, let’s take a moment to talk about what’s going on. Well, folks, while this is the first Garden of Eden match in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, this is not the first time this structure has been used for a match in general.

Rod Sterling: “That’s right, this is actually the fourth Garden of Eden match to ever take place in any promotion, and its use has been rare for a reason. Listen to this fact – the very first Garden of Eden match resulted in one of its competitors being declared legally dead for several minutes, and he was the WINNER of that match.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The loser of that match never wrestled again and has barely ever been seen in public since that match took place. The other two Garden of Eden matches, one was for a title, and the other actually involved two current FWA competitors going against one another in a different company. Those competitors were Reagan Cole and, fittingly, the TORN Angel herself, Princess Nova.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Oh we forgot a small detail about the guy that legally died and was brought back to life in the first one… that man was Keres’ father. So now his twisted seed is going to show that she was literally born for this. My god, just look at that thing, get the camera off of us, show that dangerous monstrosity.”

The ropes and turnbuckle padding have been removed from the ring. All that remains is the canvas, four metal posts, and the apron. The camera focuses on the structure hanging above the ring. A steel cage that comes directly out of a deathmatch fan’s greatest dreams and a normal person’s nightmares. Befitting the name; intricately woven between the steel of each cage wall are the vines and thorns you’d see in an actual garden, but these are not for the purpose of beauty, as intertwined with these vines and thorns is sharp barbed wire. One of the walls has a barbed wire wrapped table tied to it. Atop the cage are wooden platforms – just sturdy enough to barely hold the weight of two grown men – and attached to these wooden platforms are hooks holding various weapons. Amongst the multitude of weapons is a steel chair, an old looking cloth bag, a hammer, a fire extinguisher, and… the rose staff Eternal had presented to Lizzie Rose, no longer broken.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Garden of Eden match! The only way to win this match is by knockout, saying I quit, or otherwise submitting if a competitor is unable to speak. In order to keep things fair, neither competitor is permitted to wear gloves during this match or otherwise use any outside protection. Leaving the cage will result in a forfeit. In the event of an unforeseen, unintended, and/or catastrophic conclusion to this match, both competitors have waived the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance of any legal liabilities. Welcome to the Garden of Eden!”

Rather than her usual entrance music, the hypnotic tones of "Dance in the Dark" play over the loudspeakers of the Stadium. The lights dim around the stage. Then there are sudden flashes of white light in tune with the music. The screens show Lizzie Rose standing in a dark room with a lone spotlight that reveals she is clad in a Brooklyn Dodgers jersey. Images flash on the screen of everything Eternal has put her through the past several months. Her being cost the North American title, losing Joe Burr, her crying backstage, lost.

"If you're afraid...

It's okay..."

A black rose is in Lizzie's hand, and she tosses it away-

"Everybody's afraid, it's okay, so Dance-"

And begins to groove to the music. The room slowly becomes more illuminated. She's dancing the darkness away-

The fans cheer as they see Lizzie Rose making her way out on the stage. She has a captain's style hat decked out in proper rave style. A special flashy attire made up of dark blue and neon green bearing the logo of the city. Brooklyn turns her back to the fans. As the intro song fades…

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, “The Rave” LIZZIIIIIIEEEEEEE RRRROOOOOOSSE!”

And wearing that flashy version of her attire Lizzie Rose walks briskly onto the stage and paces halfway down the aisle before tossing the multi-colored cap to the crowd and taking a moment to look around the massive Stadium. Her eyes almost seem…teary? The reaction is overwhelming, but Lizzie sucks it up and begins her stoic walk down the aisle.

Rod Sterling: There's no dancing tonight. No raving. Not even a smile from Lizzie Rose. Because she knows full well that even by her standards, win, lose or draw, she's going into the most violent match of her life, and years of her career are about to be cut off.

Anzu Kurosawa: But to her, it'll be worth it to stop ETERNAL. I know she's made a career out of being an underdog; this time last year in Rio, she pinned Hall Of Famer Gabrielle in one of the biggest upsets I've ever seen, but now she is stepping into this demented playground that her opponent has called for. God knows what we're about to witness.

Jean-Luc Watkins:; "Nothing good..."

Lizzie takes a few extra moments on the outside as she takes a long look at the incredible Garden Of Eden structure that hangs above the ring. Lizzie walks around ringside, making her way to the steps. She climbs onto the apron and proceeds to the corner, where she turns her back to the rest of the ring and plants her head on the top of the post, getting herself in a peaceful mindset and preparing for what's to come. She looks up and eyes the Cell walls from below and takes one more look around the arena. In a strange move, she gets down low on her haunches, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before turning her attention back towards the stage.

Kurt Harrington: “And her oppon-“

The microphone makes a loud and unsettling screeching sound. The lights in the arena go black and then slowly turn into an extremely dark purple. Foreboding and eerie violin strings begin to echo throughout the arena over a steady hum in the background.

Smoke begins to fill the arena. A single blinding white spotlight shines on the left side of the stage to show a man wearing a navy-blue suit. His face is covered by a white mask depicting a dove. In his hands he holds a bouquet of flowers. A second blinding white spotlight shines on the right side of the stage to show a woman covered in tattoos and wearing a black dress. Her face is covered by a mask depicting a skull. In her hands she also holds a bouquet of flowers, but they are all dried up and dead.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What in the world…”

A third spotlight, this time a faint yellow, shines on the middle of the stage revealing an absurdly large black crib. The two masked figures walk over to the crib and place their bouquets inside of it. A large cloud of smoke begins to rush out from the crib as the two masked figures step out of the light and recede into the darkness.

An ominous, weirdly comforting, yet threatening, tune begins to play in the arena as the Daughter of Demise begins to rise out from the crib. Through the smoke we can see Keres wearing a large black ball gown that is covered in small silver gemstones. Covering Keres’ head is a black hood and over her face is an incredibly realistic raven mask with slits that show her own eyes underneath. The silky material of the feathers causes it to shine in the yellow spotlight. The outer portion of the mask has feathers that flare out and dance as she slowly moves her arms and head to the gentle music and steps out of the crib.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This… this is almost peaceful. She’s moving gracefully, and with care, like she’s healing the world. But I… but I- ”

Allen Price: “But you can’t shake the heavy feeling of horror and fear either, can you?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Exactly that.”

With his microphone working once again, and Keres having made it to ringside, Kurt Harrington finishes the introduction.

Kurt Harrington: “Residing in The Residence, representing Eternal, she is the “Daughter of Demise”, Keres!

Standing in the middle of the ring, Keres removes the ball gown to reveal a solid black, sleeveless, body suit that is complete with black boots made of black feathers. She removes the raven mask and hood, holding it in her left hand, and reveals her running eye shadow, as if she had been crying. Holding the mask above her head, she stares at it and snaps the fingers on her right hand causing the lights to go out and the top of the mask to catch fire and start burning in the dark, illuminating her face. Quickly, Keres shakes the mask and whips it to the floor, extinguishing the flames, as all the lights turn back on. The whole time Keres was making her entrance, a confident and defiant Lizzie Rose never let her tormentor leave her line of sight, staring at this soulless husk.

Allen Price: “What was this? What is Keres?”

Rod Sterling: “I have a feeling that her entrance is nothing compared to what’s about to happen in this ring.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “To her credit, Lizzie Rose doesn’t seem to be letting this display get to her. She looks ready to rip Keres apart, just look at the intensity in her eyes.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Yeah, but it’s matched by the dead look in Keres’ eyes. And that smirk… I think I’m choking on my own heart.”

The cage lowers. The bell rings.

Rod Sterling: “Here we go, FWA’s first Garden of Eden match has officially started.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “If you believe in a deity, pray to it now.”


Lizzie Rose
vs. Keres.
Garden of Eden Match [Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match - with winner decided by KO or ‘I Quit’].
Match writer: StarlightKid and Nostradamus.


The two women stare at each other from opposite sides of the ring, neither making a move for the other. The tension in the air is thick. The arena somehow feels colder, and the steel of the cage is almost glistening under the bright lights. Feeling excited and foaming at the mouth with anticipation, the crowd begins chanting “This looks awesome!” at the image of these two women inside one of, if not the most, sadistic cages ever utilized around a wrestling ring.

Still not breaking from their death stare, the two women slowly begin circling around the ring extremely close to the cage walls. For a moment, Lizzie’s eyes gaze around the structure, surveying the weapons that hang from it. Keres does the same, except she stares knowingly at one specific weapon… The rose staff she and Princess Nova had gifted to Lizzie Rose before it was broken in two by its recipient.

Anzu Kurosawa: “There’s that staff, of course it’s here. We know Eternal is always a step ahead. How’s it even in one piece?”

Lizzie stares at the staff as well. It’s calling to her… but she ignores it and runs at Keres while she’s trying to play mind games and hits her with a hard front dropkick, sending her back first directly into the barbed wire covered wall of the cage! Lizzie pops back up to her feet and looks at Keres as she stands pressed against the cage wall with her face red from pain and anger. Her face slowly changes back to its neutral state as she grips the cage wall with both of her hands and squeezes down on the barbed wire and releases, showing her bare hands absolutely soaked in blood.

Allen Price: “What is wrong with this girl?!”

Lizzie Rose, trying to brush off the antics of Keres, runs at her again and lays in repeated strikes to the stomach and head of Keres. The Daughter of Demise tries to get away, but Lizzie stays on her with strike after strike, only stopping momentarily to let out a primal yell that gets the crowd on their feet. Keres is lightly dazed from the barrage of offense and stumbles around the ring, stopping in front of one of the bare ring posts, where she is met by a flying Lizzie Rose, who nails her with a European Uppercut that makes the back of Keres’ head bounce off of the post!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Oh my god, Keres’ head!”

Allen Price: “That might be a knockout right there!”

Evidently, everyone slowly realizes this is not a knockout as Keres sits on the mat, leaning against the post, and chuckles at Lizzie. Rose stomps back over to Keres and reaches down to grab her by the pigtails, but Keres reaches up with both of her bloody hands and covers Lizzies face, digging at her eyes at the same time. Lizzie holds her face and turns around, blinded by both Keres’ hand blood and the eye rake, and is unable to avoid being pulled by her hair and dragged down with a neckbreaker. Keres quickly gets to her feet, positions herself on the side of Lizzie, and drops down with an elbow to her face! Lizzie kicks her feet and rolls away from Keres while covering her face. Having scurried away, Lizzie looks at her hands and can’t tell if the blood on them is from Keres or Lizzie’s own nose after that elbow. Not giving her time to think about it any longer, Keres grabs Lizzie by the leg and drags her back towards the center of the ring and locks in a Kneebar.

Using her other leg, Lizzie kicks at Keres and forces her to let go of the hold after a few seconds. Both women get to their feet and Keres attempts a Super Woman Punch, but it is sidestepped by Lizzie Rose who waits for Keres to turn back around and catches her with a sudden Brooklyn Flash!

Rod Sterling: “Lizzie hits her version of the Slingblade out of nowhere!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And I don’t think she’s about to make a call as well! Calling Mr. Vain!”

Lizzie Rose drills a seated Keres in the side of the head with a low roundhouse kick. The crowd can’t get enough of seeing Keres get what they believe she deserves. Using this moment of Keres being down to her advantage, Lizzie jumps up and knocks a weapon off one of the hooks like it was a basketball stuck in-between the hoop and the backboard.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Smart move there, she avoids having to climb up the barbed wire wall by jumping.”

Allen Price: “And look what her hops got her.”

Lizzie reaches down and picks up the hammer she knocked off of the hook. She holds it in her hand and looks at Keres as she gets to her feet. Once Keres is facing Lizzie, she swings the hammer at Keres’ head!... and stops before she even gets close, still not willing to sink that low even in the face of the woman that has been making her life a living hell. Taking advantage of Lizzie’s wholesome nature, Keres grabs Lizzie’s likely broken nose and squeezes it, causing her to yell in pain. She follows this up with a knee lift to the gut, a forearm to the back, and ends this sequence by grabbing Lizzie by her hair and driving her forehead into The Rave’s forehead!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Keres with a bit of Horrible Sanity! Ironic since that headbutt was anything but!”

Lizzie drops down to the mat, visibly struggling to keep herself awake... and she’s suddenly given a potion of awakening as an excruciating jolt of pain shoots up her leg because of Keres bashing the side of her knee with the hammer Lizzie couldn’t use a few moments ago!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Jesus Christ, the sound of that!”

Keres, with a sadistic smile on her face, again bashes the hammer into the leg of Lizzie Rose, this time hitting higher up on the thigh. Lizzie lets out a pained yelp as she kicks the hammer out of Keres’ hand using her good leg. Luckily for Lizzie, she manages to kick the hammer through an opening in the cage and it falls out of the ring. With Lizzie holding her leg in pain on the ground, Keres looks at the referee and points at Lizzie Rose. The referee goes over to ask Lizzie if she wants to quit, but Lizzie just pushes the referee away from her. The smirk on Keres’ face grows as she climbs the barbed wire cage wall, face turning red as the barbs dig into her hands.

Rod Sterling: “Her back has been shredded from the start of this match and she continues to put her own hands through hell by grabbing the cage wall. Barbed wire doesn’t care who or what you are, if you can bleed, it WILL make you humble!”

Keres reaches up for the cloth bag and takes it off the hook. As she was doing this, Lizzie Rose managed to hobble on one leg over to the wall with the barbed wire wrapped table.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Lizzie refuses to let Keres get the upper hand, she’s got a toy of her own. Although, we don’t know what’s in the bag Keres is holding.”

Keres hops down to the mat and turns around to see that Lizzie has setup the barbed wire wrapped table. Putting her weight on mostly one leg, Lizzie motions at Keres to bring it and taunts her for only having a bag. Keres holds the bag in front of her and begins to untie the string that closes it. Once it’s open, the fear from everyone in the arena is heard as they all yell at the sight of the item in Keres’ evil, bloody hands.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “IS THAT A [bleep]-ING BLOWTORCH?!”

Keres, holding the blowtorch out in front of her, presses down on a button which makes a large and steady stream of fire come out from it.

Allen Price: “Eternal did something to that blowtorch, they aren’t made to produce flames THAT big! Ref, get that out of her hands!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He can’t! There’s no rule against it!”

Keres comes at Lizzie and wildly swings the flame of the blowtorch at her, but Lizzie is dodging and ducking for her life. She manages to get some distance between herself and Keres, enough to provide her with some time to figure out how to neutralize the blowtorch in Keres’ hand. Fighting through pain and worry, Lizzie Rose hits a Spinning Back Elbow square on the jaw of Keres, sending her down to the mat and the blowtorch next to the barbed wire wrapped table. Lizzie drops to a knee, still feeling the pain of the hammer shots to her legs, and Keres rushes up from a kneeling position and lunges at Lizzie… who reacts by taking Keres off her feet for a Flapjack but slams her face and torso first into the cage wall instead of the mat! This impact with the barbed wire has torn open the gash on Keres’ cheek caused by Lizzie Rose during their last encounter, but Lizzie does not go unscathed as the back of her shoulder is also shredded by the barbed wire wall. The shaking of the cage wall causes a second bag to fall from the top of the Garden of Eden Structure.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Oh man, not another bag.”

Allen Price: “What does this one have, a landmine?”

Noticing the bag, Keres crawls over to it and places her hand on the string keeping it closed… but she’s soccer kicked directly in the face by Lizzie Rose, sending a trail of blood flying across the mat! Keres rolls away from Lizzie, trying to put some distance between them. Lizzie now reaches for the bag, opens it, and peeks inside. She likes what she sees, and she walks over to the barbed wire wrapped table, emptying the contents of the bag on top of it.

Anzu Kurosawa:: “Not a landmine, but we got some thumbtacks in play now!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “As if a table covered in barbed wire wasn’t enough, now it’s covered in tacks too!”

Lizzie walks to Keres and drags her by the pigtails, bringing her over to the table. Lizzie picks Keres up and holds her in powerbomb position in front of the table and goes to put her through it! But she fails as Keres reverses it into a Hurricanrana, sending The Rave through the table, leaving her mixed up in a bed of barbed wire and thumbtacks! The pained wail of Lizzie bounces off the walls of the arena as her upper body lays in the table and her legs rest against the cage wall, leaving her at a ninety-degree angle. Keres crawls away and tries to regain her composure while the referee runs over to check on Lizzie Rose. From within the debris, the referee hears Lizzie say she doesn’t quit, and he backs on in disbelief and concern.

Rod Sterling: “You have to wonder what either of these women are thinking at this point and what condition they’ll be in after this match. This match has been absolutely barbaric.”

Allen Price: “I’m seriously worried for- OH MY GOD!”

He is cut off mid-sentence at the scene in the ring as we see Keres clearing the debris off of Lizzie only for Lizzie to reveal she had grabbed the blowtorch and used it to set Keres’ black feather covered boots on fire! Keres screams, showing fear for perhaps the first time in her entire existence, and jumps away from Lizzie Rose. Keres falls to the mat and feverishly shakes her feet, trying to put the fire out to no avail. The referee, who is wearing gloves since he is not an active competitor in this match, reaches up the cage wall and retrieves the fire extinguisher. Keres has managed to kick her boots off, leaving her in just black socks, and the referee puts the fire out. The boots are no longer in wearable condition. A battered and bloody Lizzie Rose rips the fire extinguisher from the referee’s hands and stares at Keres, who has a surprised look on her face.

Lizzie Rose: “What’s that thing you always say, Keres?”

Lizzie Rose holds the fire extinguisher horizontally by her shoulder.

Lizzie Rose: “Be not afraid?!”

And with that Lizzie Rose LAUNCHES the fire extinguisher directly at the head of a seated Keres and it hits with an extremely loud CLANG. Keres’ body shoots backwards and her head bounces off the mat. Her hand twitches a bit, but her eyes remain open. The referee goes to check on Keres but does not call the match as Keres is still able to verbally communicate defiance. Despite this, the crowd is in an absolute uproar and cheering for Lizzie Rose as she shows her vicious side to a level that hasn’t been seen before in the FWA. Lizzie Rose drags Keres’ almost completely limp body away from the corner she was in and then brings her to her feet, which seems to reactivate Keres’ brain, as she suddenly hits Lizzie with Oscurità! The darkest Spinning Backfist you’ve ever seen connects with the temple of Lizzie Rose! Both women fall to the mat exhausted. They both slowly roll away from each other and use the cage wall to help themselves up, either ignoring the barbed wire going into their hands or just numb to it at this point.

They both breathe heavily, quickly, and angrily, as they rush at one another and meet in the center of the ring, locking up and letting their fists fly! Shot after shot to the head of each woman, then blow after blow to their torsos, followed by a big Backhand Chop from Lizzie Rose.

Keres responds with a Knife Edge Chop of her own.

Lizzie hits Keres with a Spinning Heel Kick that sends her stumbling back first, again, into the barbed wire cage wall! Once Lizzie stands back up from hitting her move, Keres runs at Lizzie and attempts to nail her with Realtà Contorta!... But Lizzie somehow leaps above an airborne Keres and drives her into the mat with the Goomba Stomp!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Lizzie Rose hits the Goomba Stomp in miraculous fashion! That’s got to be the kill shot right there!”

Allen Price: “It very well could be!”

The force of the Goomba Stomp has not only taken all the air out of Keres’ body, but it may have also taken all that Lizzie had left in her leg. Lizzie clutches the leg that Keres brutalized with a hammer earlier in the match. Keres slowly recovers from the Goomba Stomp and crawls towards a ring post, showing that the stomp did not have everything behind it because of Lizzie’s hurt leg. A smile is emblazoned across the face of Keres as she pulls herself up using the post. She goes over to Lizzie Rose and puts her incredibly surprising strength on display as she pretty much deadlifts Lizzie off of the mat, holds her in a backdrop position, but runs across the ring instead, and drives Lizzie’s hurt leg into the other ring post!

Allen Price: “One of these women is going to end up crippled!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I think Keres’ goal is to make sure one of them ends up like her father did, but maybe permanently this time, this chick is insane!”

Keres climbs one of the cage walls again and retrieves a metal chain from one of the hooks. She also knocks down a steel chair. Keres climbs back down the wall, gets her feet on the mat, turns around… and is met with a flying chair to the face! Lizzie Rose had seen the chair on the mat and rushed to grab and throw it at Keres. The impact of the chair makes Keres drop the chain as she goes back first into the wall again. Lizzie, not hesitating like she had done with the hammer earlier, picks up the chain and goes unhinged as she whips Keres across the stomach, arms, and back with it!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Lizzie has had enough!”

Allen Price: “The longer this goes, the more violent she gets! I don’t know, I think she’s losing herself in there.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “This match changes people, and I think all it’s done is show Lizzie that she’s done with Eternal! That she can stand up to Eternal! That she can dish out what they’ve given to her!”

Keres gets away from Lizzie Rose and starts to climb the cage wall.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wait, is Keres going to forfeit? If she leaves the cage, that counts as quitting the match.”

Allen Price: “I don’t think that’s what’s happening, look.”

Keres has made her way to the top of the wooden platforms on the top of the cage. An unsettling smile is on her face as she looks down at Lizzie Rose and beckons her to join her at the top. Laughing, Keres lifts her hand and holds it next to her head. She snaps… and a pissed off Lizzie Rose starts climbing the cage wall!

Rod Sterling: “I guess the action’s going up!”

Now on top of the wooden platforms, both women are trading punches, with neither having a concrete advantage. After a few shots, Lizzie gets thrown off balance and stumbles. She avoids falling by steadying herself with her hands, but this allows Keres to act on Lizzie’s moment of vulnerability by locking in a standing hammerlock and guillotine combination!

Allen Price: “I can’t watch this, they’re so high up, this is dangerous!”

Lizzie struggles to release Keres’ grip but is unable to do so as Keres’ submission holds are almost always airtight. The struggle causes the wooden platform to shake, throwing both women slightly off balance. This is enough to make Keres stumble and step on the bit of barbed wire on the edge of the board with her sock-covered foot, leading to her starting to fall off the platform! But she grabs Lizzie by the arm and drags her down with a very sloppy arm drag-like maneuver! Both women fall to the mat below with an absolutely sickening thud.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “No! Dear god no!”

Allen Price: “They’ve got to be dead, there’s no way they survived that, somebody send some help!”

Contrary to the reactions of the commentators, the two women are somehow still awake. Their bodies have been visibly broken and destroyed by this grueling match. The referee kneels between them, checking on both women to make sure neither has been gravely injured and that they are both still willing to compete. They both slowly get back to their feet and stare a hole through one another. Lizzie puts most of her weight on one leg and holds her midsection. Keres stands as if she is hugging herself, each hand on the opposite shoulder. Keres’ gaze moves next to Lizzie, on the mat, and Lizzie responds by looking at the ground next to herself as well. Their bodies crashing to the mat caused every remaining weapon to fall off the hooks at the top of the cage. A kendo stick rests by one wall, a cheese grater by a second wall, a light tube by a third… and by Lizzie’s feet, poetically, is the rose staff.

Keres: “Remember, Elizabeth…”

Lizzie looks back at Keres. She watches as Keres walks over to the kendo stick and picks it up with her left hand. She watches as Keres walks over to the light tube and picks up it with her right hand. Lizzie allows Keres to retrieve and dual-wield these weapons.

Keres: “T̳̮̙ḥ̮͓̭̫̖͆ͯͫ̄͋̑e̪̺̳̯̓̃ͦ̇̀ ͛ͣ̆ͭ̾̄c͖̠̘̝̝͔̽ͦ͐̀h̷̩̙̟͓̣̰̄̃̐̈o̘̹̥̤̩̊ì͖͓̿̍ͭͭ͋ͥc̺ͥͬế͕̦̙̼̌ͪ͟ ̛͍͇̃h̚ằ̹̲̖̺̔ͭ̃̓s̞͂̕ a̻̳̝͓͞l̷̲ͭ̿w̌̈ͤ̚a̷͇͓̘̺̓͒̔̈́ͭ̍y̟̭͇͕̅ͯ͂ͅs̩̰̤ͅ ̟͖̹̼̮͉̎ͣ̋͛͋ͦͨb̏͑ͨ̽̚e̟̰ͭͣ̇͟e͎̮͉̯̺͇͎͡ṇ͖͙̋̊ ̰͕͆̒ͯ̔ͬ͊̂y̤̰̭ͧ̅o̢̺͓̘̱̜ͨ̐ͅù̯͓͚̦̯̹̉́̉r̘̝͎̜̹͋ͨͥͫ̆̃s̡͖̙̲͈̭̙̐.”

Keres holds the kendo stick and light tube in a martial arts fashion. The stick is in front of her, and the tube is by her head. Lizzie Rose looks back down at the rose staff. The staff is yearning for her… and she is yearning for it. The rose on the staff appears to be glowing only before her eyes, speaking words only she can hear. Lizzie Rose reaches out… and she grabs the cheese grater.

Cheese grater in hand, Lizzie goes at Keres, but is severely mismatched as Keres snaps the kendo stick on the midsection of Lizzie Rose, leaving her with just the light tube. They both turn to face each other and Keres swings the light tube, misses, and is rewarded with Lizzie introducing a cheese grater to the chest of Keres! She digs it in and slowly drags it across Keres’ chest as they both yell out, most likely a mix of anger and pain from both. With Lizzie still being in close and using Keres’ chest as a block of cheese, Keres swings the light tube around Lizzie and destroys it over the back of Lizzie’s head!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Just end this already, you’ve both damn near killed each other!”

Allen Price: “We all knew what we were getting into, but I don’t think we fully understood exactly what this entailed.”[/B]

Both women drop to their knees, holding themselves up only because they are forehead-to-forehead. Blood, sweat, and tears run down both of their bodies after all they’ve put themselves and one another through in this match. And then… Keres suddenly hugs Lizzie.

Allen Price: “Oh no. No, no, no, no.”

Rod Sterling: “That hug is dangerous. Lizzie’s felt that hug before, well, sort of. It was a different Keres.

Allen Price: “This is so weird; I’ll never fully understand the intricacies of this TORN Universe stuff or Keres herself. But like you said, we do know that hug is nothing good for Lizzie.”

Keres lets go of the hug and Lizzie is almost frozen. The two women stare at each other again and both slowly rise to stand. Once again, Keres looks down at the rose staff, and so does Lizzie, but this time… Lizzie reaches down and picks it up.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Woah, she actually picked it up?”

Allen Price: “I’m… I’m somehow more scared and worried now.”

Lizzie Rose stares at the rose staff in her hand. She feels the power it can give her. The ability to be what she’s truly meant to be. The chance to finally reach her true potential and show everyone that she isn’t a weak, selfless, spineless afterthought.

Keres: “You can feel it. I know you do… Elizabeth… regardless of what is about to happen… I’ve already won. It’s time for you to make your choice. I have waited for this moment for so long. Let us not play this game any longer.”

Keres momentarily smirks before her face goes back to its normal, cold manner. Covered in blood, both her own and Lizzie’s, Keres has never looked more pleased, even if her emotions don’t necessarily show it. The Daughter of Demise closes her eyes, turns around, and slightly tilts her head up.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What… what is Keres doing?”

Allen Price: “She’s… leaving herself vulnerable for Lizzie, I think?”

Lizzie’s eyes go between Keres’ head and the rose staff. Keres is right, Eternal has already changed her. Lizzie is not the same person that she was before all of this started. The Rave has proven just that inside the hellish structure ironically named the Garden of Eden... but she must make a choice.

Keres: “Lizzie… make your choice. It’s ok. I will love you like a sister, no matter what.”

Lizzie Rose’s heart is racing. She is hyperventilating. Her mind is all over the place. The rose staff in her hand feels so light, as if she could literally do anything she wanted with it… like it is the solution to all her problems… like this moment, here, with Keres, will be her salvation… Lizzie Rose knows what she wants to do, here and now, inside the Garden of Eden…

Anzu Kurosawa: “Come on Lizzie…”

The rage. Months of torment, torture, reshaping, and “care” from Eternal. The gifts, the pain, the metal anguish. Lizzie Rose has gone through several layers of hell before even stepping inside of the Garden of Eden. She’s been a toy in Keres’ playpen for so long that she doesn’t know how life can possibly go back to normal. She’s reached levels of violence she’s never hit before, done things that she’s never done, experienced feelings that she’s never had before. The crowd is going crazy chanting Lizzie’s name… so she has to give them something to rave about.

Lizzie clutches the rose staff in her hand, squeezing it tightly. She wriggles her arm, moving it towards and away from Keres, conflicted. Lizzie finally lets out a loud primal scream, grabs Keres’ arm to turn her around, raises the beautiful rose staff above them both…

Then she lowers it and pulls Keres in for a hug of her own!

Allen Price: “Damn it, no!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Lizzie, what are you doing?!”

The two women tightly embrace in the middle of the ring. The raucous crowd rains their disdain at the scene playing out before them. Lizzie Rose has embraced her true potential.

Lizzie Rose: “Thank you”, Lizzie mutters close to Keres’ ear, “Thank you so much.”

They release the hug and Keres gently holds Lizzie by her arms, looking into the face of a bloody, teary-eyed, and happy looking Lizzie Rose.

Keres: “No, thank you. For seeing your potential. For seeing how great you can be. For freeing yourself… Now Elizabeth, let us fully cleanse you of what is left of Lizzie Rose.”

Elizabeth Rose: “Yes, sister.”

Keres releases Rose’s arms… and swiftly brings her hand around the throat of her new sister, gripping her in the Clutch of Woe. She walks forward as Rose walks backwards, pressing against the barbed wire wall of the Garden of Eden. Keres smirks and squeezes with deathly intent. The face of Rose goes from red to blue and she smiles as her eyes start to roll back in her head. She grips the cage wall with both of her hands much like Keres did at the beginning of the match.

Rod Sterling: “She’s squeezing the life out of Lizzie Rose!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I don’t think Lizzie’s here anymore.”

Rose’s arms fall off the cage and hang at her sides. Her head and body go limp, and she falls forward into Keres’ arms. Keres gently places her face up on the mat and puts the rose staff between her hands on top of her chest. Smiles are still on the faces of both women. The referee goes to Rose’s side and, upon seeing that she is unconscious, calls for the bell.

Winner: Keres via knockout at 36:11.

Keres snaps her fingers. A legion of her servants, all clad in raven masks, surround the ring and take apart the garden of Eden structure. Two of them enter the ring and offer their hands to Keres to carry her as usual, but she declines, and instead points at her new sister. The two servants lift the unconscious body of El̵̦̟̤̺̦̫̣͒̀͗̅i͙͆͛͠zͩ͊͛ͧ̅̐å̖͙͙͖͍b̟͔̲͇̫ͤͨ̂e̟͇̘̘ͥ̾̇͋͑͛͗t̠̘̱͕͇̼͡h̒̃ͬͦ͐ͮ Rose and carry her out of the ring. Leading her servants, two of them carrying the newest member of the TORN Universe and the rest carrying pieces of the Garden of Eden, Keres walks up the stage and they all disappear behind it.

Allen Price: “I… don’t know what we just witnessed.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Lizzie… or I suppose Elizabeth Rose… has given herself over to the TORN Universe… I… for once… feel much like Allen, at a complete loss.”

Rod Sterling: “What an intense match… and it’s not only going to get even more intense, because our Main Event… is up next.”



Dark Side
Apr 16, 2016
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Sep 13, 2022
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As Kurt Harrington climbs into the ring, the camera pans over to give us an ominous foreshadow of the upcoming match. The man made a graveside set up just to the right of the main stage. A shallow grave sits next to a mound of dirt, two shovels sticking up upright out of the dirt and just directly behind the hole is a heavy duty excavator, it’s bucket lifted up in the air, filled with dirt ready to drop down onto the grave with the pull of a lever, linked to the exterior of the machine.

Rod Sterling: “A foreboding scene if I’ve ever seen one, ladies and gentlemen. What we are about to witness might not be for the faint at heart.”

The lights in the arena go out. From the crowd, cell phone lights begin to pierce the pitch blake state of the stadium. Anticipation feels the air before as music familiar to any of those who have lost loved ones begins to play.

The music begins soft and slow as the familiar voice of Jeremy Best begins to speak through the PA system in the arena.

“There is a time for everything.

And a season for every activity under the heavens.

A time to be born…

And a time to….






A time to plant… and a time to uproot.


A time to kill…

And a time… to heal.

A time to tear down and a time to build.
A time to weep and a time to laugh.
A time to mourn and a time… to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them…
A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.

A time to search and a time…

To give up…”

The crowd in Mexico have now begin to boo violently as the lights slowly come back up, but at a dim level with a spotlight on Jeremy Best who has now walked out onto the stage. The normally colorful, vibrant, and happy-go lucky Jeremy is not smiling tonight. He is dressed in all black - buttoned up dress shirt and slacks with a mournful look on his face.

Anzu Kurosawa: “This is certainly not the Jeremy Best we met two years ago.”

Allen Price: “I miss that guy. That Jeremy Best was fun…”

Rod Sterling: “What a difference one year makes. Last year at Back in Business, Jeremy Best was one of the most popular acts in FWA and was part of a triumphant win against Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage… but now listen to these fans. After his acts at Back in Town, Jeremy Best has become of the most hated men in all of wrestling!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I told you people all along that no one was that nice! I knew there was something wrong with this guy all along!”

The boos not phasing him, Jeremy very slowly makes his way down from the stage. He stops to look at the open grave. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photograph. The camera zooms in… it’s actually a ripped half of a photo, a signed autographed photo of Krash. A photo that previously had featured both members of the GangStars before the Alyster half had been ripped away.

Jeremy kneels down beside the (for now) empty grave. He gives one last longing look at the photo before allowing it to drop down into the grave. Jeremy stands back up at the grave, pausing briefly as if to reflect as the Funeral March’s volume grows, hitting the “epic” portion. Jeremy wipes a tear away from his eye before turning and walking back down to the ring, finally climbing in.

Funeral March fades to silence. Jeremy stands tall, breathing heavily,closing his eyes as he awaits for the familiar, the oh-so familiar drums of Back In Town, to harken the arrival of his opponent…

… And his face contorts into confusion, as the opening licks of a guitar echo throughout the arena instead.

“What if I wanted to break?
Laugh it all off in your face?
What would you do?
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh…”

Rod Sterling: “Here’s a callback to a bygone era…”

Allen Price: ”I don’t get it…?

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Before he was the Maverick… Before he was the Heartbeat…”

Some of the more savvy members of the audience immediately recognize the tune, roaring in approval to a tune that had not been played in a FWA arena before. Spotlights shine through the arena, before centering on the stage, building to a crescendo.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He was the White Wolf.

“What if I fell to the floor,
Couldn’t take this anymore?
What would you do
Do… Do?”

Right as the chorus hits and the guitar kicks up, a figure steps out from behind the curtain, to a sea of cheers, pausing in the center of the stage. He’s definitely not the same man who was at Back In Business last year, he still looks like a man possessing his own corpse, but it’s him. Despite everything, it’s him.



A little bit more alive, a little bit less dead. For now, at the very least. In sharp contrast to Jeremy, Krash is dressed in all white, with a bit of grey. White trousers, grey boots, white elbow pads, and a grey vest over his lithe, pale frame. He casts his gaze across the arena, expression neutral, unreadable, as he makes his way down the stage.

Anzu Kurosawa: “What emotions must be running through of Krash - the thin veneer of composure, of neutrality, as he approaches his tormentor, the man who took so much from him.”

Rod Sterling: “A cataclysm of emotions, just beneath the surface, waiting for the right time to crash upon the shores of this upcoming match.”

“What if I wanted to fight?
Beg for the rest of my life?
What would you do?”

Krash pauses at the burial mound, and flickering a glance towards his awaiting opponent, steps towards the open grave. Krash kneels, running his hand through the dirt, scooping a small amount between his fingers and lifting it to his gaze. The dirt trickles between his fingers, trailing back to the grave. The dirt falls onto Jeremy’s discarded photograph, perhaps purposefully so. Krash wipes his hands, raises back to his feet, and resumes the approach towards the ring.

Allen Price: “Is this symbolic?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Everything is symbolic, Allen.”

“You say you wanted more,
What are you waiting for?
I’m not running from you…
From you...”

Krash climbs onto the apron, halting to stare directly at Jeremy, who avoids his gaze. Seconds pass, as the song reaches a chorus once again, and Krash breaks eye contact as he leaps onto the second turnbuckle, throwing his arms out at the roaring crowd.


Krash climbs down, into the ring, removing his vest and throwing it over his shoulder. He waits in his corner, staring down Jeremy Best, as his classic theme slowly draws to a quiet.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Last year, Krash was last seen being buried beneath the waves. This year, after being missing in action for a year, he might be buried again, this time in dirt. Will history repeat itself, or will he drag Jeremy Best to an untimely end?

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for your Back in Business Night One MAIN EVENT! The following contest is a BURIED ALIVE MATCH that will not end until one man has placed his opponent into the grave and filled the grave with dirt… quite literally… burying them!”

Pop from the crowd, perhaps mostly at the thought of Jeremy being buried under the ground.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, from Friendship, North Carolina, weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds… he is “Your New Best Friend”.... JJJJEEEERRREEMMMMY BEST!”

The boos are deafening as Jeremy simply stares across the ring with almost a look of disgust at the man who does not believe to be the real Krash.

Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent, returning to the ring for the first time since last year’s Back in Business, he’s from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at two hundred five pounds… he is… “The White Wolf”... KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRASH!”

The crowd is ecstatic in their reaction for Krash, but the fan favorite doesn’t acknowledge the cheers just as much as his opponent doesn’t acknowledge his own boos. The two just simply stare at one another as Kurt Harrington exits the ring.


Jeremy Best
vs. Krash.
Buried Alive Match.
Match writer: Dubb & SJW.


The bell rings and this much anticipated main event match is under way. However, things don’t get started off as heated as perhaps many would’ve thought. Krash and Jeremy meet in the center of the ring… the two stare each other down… both of their faces stoic, showing little to no emotion on either side. The noises from the crowd grow louder and louder, eager for someone to make a move. Eager to see Jeremy hopefully get the shit beat out of him. See the man who tormented the Mustached Maverick for so many months get what’s coming to him.

Jeremy shakes his head. “No. I can’t do this.”

Massive boos fill the stadium as Jeremy backs away from Krash, stepping through the ropes and out onto the apron. He looks back at his former hero, almost expecting him to give chase.

But Krash just watches.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Are you kidding me? After all this, he’s just going to leave?”

Rod Sterling: “I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s going on inside that man’s head. He seemed eager to bury the man he claims to ‘not’ be the real Krash… but now he’s just walking away?”

Allen Price: “Perhaps he can’t bring himself to hurt Krash… whether he thinks he’s real or not?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “No, I think he’s just scared of being in the ring with the man he’s held against his will for the last six months! He’s scared of what’s about to happen to him!”


The chants fill the arena as Jeremy climbs down off the apron and begins to back his way up the aisle, still looking for a reaction from Krash. Still expecting to be chased down. But Krash stands his ground in the ring. Jeremy stops, putting his hands on his hips with an inquisitive look on his face.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Come on Krash! Now’s your chance! Go get ‘em!”

A smile begins to come across Jeremy’s face, almost as if he has had a revelation. The man who walked down to the ring in grief and mourning suddenly seems to have a big weight lifted off of his shoulders. Suddenly we see the Jeremy that we’ve come to know over the years. His face is filled with life and a look of pure joy.

Jeremy runs back to the ring, sliding in.

“I knew it!” Jeremy can be heard without the need of a microphone. “I knew you were still in there! I knew you were having second thoughts about all this!”

BOOOOOO! The crowd is sure to let them know what they think of that idea.

“Oh Krashy! I knew it would all work out! I knew we were going to be friends forever! Let’s go bud… let’s get outta here…”

Jeremy extends his hands to Krash, who still was showing nothing more than a blank look on his face.

Allen Price: “To be sure… this isn’t happening, right?”

Rod Sterling: “After everything he’s put Krash through. The mental torture… the attack from Baxter at Back in Town… how delusional does Jeremy have to be to actually think there’s still a chance of friendship between these two?”

Krash finally shows signs of life as hid head slowly tilts down to look at the extended hand from Jeremy. He then slowly tilts his head back up to see Jeremy’s ear to ear grin.

Krash snaps back to life…


The crowd roars in appreciation as Jeremy’s head snaps back, a shocked, wounded expression on his face, as if he can’t believe it. Krash takes one step forward, Jeremy’s eyes go wide, and Krash just CLOCKS him with a straightout punch right to the jaw! And another, another! Jeremy is trying to block the assault and retreat at the same time, but Krash is relentless, pummeling him with frenzied blows, forearm strikes and punches, backing him into a corner and continuing the attack! The blows are wild, unfocused rather than controlled, switching to stomps and kicks as Jeremy huddles in the corner. Krash finally breaks off, retreating as he lets out an emotional shout, stomping the mat as he exhales.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Six months! Six months of goodness-knows-what at the hands of Best! All the pent up frustrations, all the repressed emotions, all the confined memories and constrained moments, bursting at the seams! Everything, being taken out on the man responsible!”

Krash sprints at the cornered Jeremy - but Jeremy sees him coming, and scurries through the ropes and to the outside, trying to catch his bearings. Krash doesn’t stop or even slow down, sprinting to the ropes, to the corner - TRIANGLE CANNONBALL! A senton crashing down upon Jeremy Best! Krash rolls to his feet as Jeremy sprawls, and Krash doesn’t hesitate to go right back to the attack, grasping Jeremy by the back of the head and throwing him into the ringside barricade! Followed by a throw into the side of the apron! Followed by a throw against the steel steps! Bouncing Jeremy against things like a pinball!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This has been all Krash so far! It’s been wild, unfocused - I don’t think there’s much, if any, plan right now.”

Rod Sterling: “I agree, Jean-Luc. Right now, Krash just seems to want to beat the stuffing out of Jeremy… And so far, it’s working.”

As Jeremy leans against the steel steps, Krash darts with a thurst kick! But at the last second, Jeremy ducks out of the way, throwing himself under the ring apron as Krash’s kick THUDs against the steel steps! Krash pauses for just a second, before wrenching the ring apron aside and throwing a hand in, trying to grab Jeremy and drag him out! Out comes a steel chair, thrown aside - A trash can, thrown aside - A table, thrown to the ringside. Various plunder, but to his immense frustration, no Jeremy. He puts his hands on his hips, before audibly saying “Ah, fuck it.” He rips up the ring apron, and crawls under after Jeremy!

Allen Price: “Switch to our under-the-ring camera!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We don’t have one of those.”

Rod Sterling: “Though we obviously should.”

Seconds pass, until from the other side of the ring, Jeremy crawls out from under the apron, Krash reaching behind him to grasp him by the hair and yank him back under! Jeremy struggles, trying to twist his way out of it, before catching Krash with a sudden kick to the chin, gaining some much needed separation. Jeremy climbs onto the apron, Krash reaching after him, and Jeremy just fuckin’ STOMPS Krash’s hand into the edge of the mat! Jeremy ducks into the ring, giving himself some space, figuring out a game plan, beside deciding to catch Krash with a sliding dropkick, sending him sprawling onto the mat outside.

Back on the outside, Jeremy grabs the trash can, lifting it up but Krash leaps back up with a fist to Jeremy’s midsection causing him to drop the can down. Now Krash instead picks up the trash can and dents it across Jeremy’s bent over back! Best drops to his knees, grabbing the ring curtain and trying to pull himself up as Krash picks up the chair now and drives it into Jeremy’s ribs! And again! And again! Jeremy falls to the ground, pulling himself up to all fours… “please…” Jeremy seems to plead but it’s on deaf ears as Krash just brings the chair down across Jeremy’s back instead!

Rod Sterling: “I”m not sure I’ve ever seen Krash quite like this. Jeremy Best has barely got in any offense and Krash is unrelenting in his attack!”

Tossing the chair down with force, Krash pulls Jeremy up and finally rolls him back into the ring. Best begins to try to crawl away from the ring ropes, desperate to try and escape Krash’s onslaught. Meanwhile, Krash climbs up to the apron himself and springboards into the ring with a leg drop right onto the back of Jeremy’s head!

Krash wastes no time, getting right back up and just unleading a flurry of stomps to the back of Jeremy’s back as his former captor continues to struggle and try to escape the wrath of his prisoner. Jeremy makes his way to the corner, but that proves to be a prison itself, this time for Jeremy, who now finds himself at the will of a man desperate to unleash six months worth of torment onto him. Stuck in the corner, Best is at the mercy of Krash as he continues to just violently stomp away at Jeremy’s chest and face into the bottom turnbuckle. A fiery wrath burning in Krash’s otherwise emotionless face as he just refuses to relent.

The crowd is almost at awe at this side of Krash as he finally pulls back from his attack and lets out another emotional scream, almost as if to vent out the mental anguish he has endured. He then turns back to Jeremy, who lays in the corner with his head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. His face showing a mixture of sadness and pain. Krash rushes in to deliver a running knee to the cornered Jeremy…

But Best rolls out of the way! Krash’s knee collides with the turnbuckle as Best comes in with a step up enziguri to take Krash down!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Pure desperation from Jeremy there as he was on the verge of letting Krash completely dominate this match.”

Jeremy clutches at his ribs, selling the multiple chair shots from earlier as he very slowly pulls himself up. The extended beatdown from Krash has taken its toll but he sees Krash also struggling up in the corner and he takes advantage, rushing in with a lariat to the back of Krash’s head, sending him sternum first into that top turnbuckle. Krash staggers back out into a release German Suplex from Jermey!

Krash’s momentum from the suplex sends him rolling back up to his feet but clearly dazed as Jeremy follows up with a Dropsault! The impact of the dropkick sends Krash backwards into the ropes and stumbles back towards Jeremy who catches him with a kick to the midsection followed up with a Famouser! The boos intensify through the crowd as they realize Jeremy is hitting a melody of Krash’s greatest hits as the Mustached Maverick stumbles back up right into…


Jeremy sits up to his knees, a wicked sideways grin on his face as he runs his hands through his short blonde hair as the boos rain in.

Allen Price: “I believe Jeremy has stolen the offensive playbook from Krash.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Very astute of you, Price. That’s a result of nearly a decade of obsessive fandom right there… Jeremy Best knows the offense of his hero and mentor inside and out!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And I don’t think he’s done…”

Jeremy makes his way over to the corner, climbing up to the top… he reaches up and grabs his elbow pad, pulling it off and tossing it to the canvas as a sea of boos cascade around him.


NO! Krash rolled out of the way!

Rod Sterling: “As well as Jeremy knows the Krash playbook, no one knows it better than the man himself! And he saw his own finisher coming there and now both men are down!”

Best grabs the ropes and begins to pull himself up as Krash struggles his way back up as well. Krash is able to run and strike first, hitting a running dropkick that sends Jeremy spilling through the middle ropes, hitting the apron and then flopping to the floor. Krash shakes away some of his own cobwebs as Jeremy begins to get up at ringside. He then runs to the opposite ropes and dives through middle ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE, but Jeremy SIDE STEPS IT!

Krash crashes to ringside as Jeremy now slides back into the ring. Jeremy runs to the opposite rope as Krash tries to collect himself at ringside, and Jeremy now strikes with a SUICIDE DIVE of his own, sending Krash back first into the metal guard rails at ringside!

Rod Sterling: “You can’t help but be impressed with the speed and agility of Jeremy Best, despite everything he’s been through in the first portion of this match.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “In the time it took for Krash to land, and regain his footing, Jeremy had already re-entered the ring and cut Krash down with a suicide of his own. Dare I say it… But Jeremy might be faster, more agile, than Krash is?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Part of it is the speed of Jeremy Best, granted but another part of it has to be ring rust from Krash. Remember, this is a man who hasn’t had a real wrestling match in over a year and isn’t in the best of health to begin with. He’s clearly down a gear or so.”

Jeremy lifts Krash up to his knees up against the guard rail and begins to unleash some FRIENDLY FIRE kicks to Krash’s chest. Stiff kick after stiff kick bounces Krash’s back off the railing and then back into the next waiting kick from Jeremy. Finally Jermey finishes off the combination with a devastating spinkick to the head sending the back of his head bouncing off the metal as he slumps down to the floor.

After delivering a couple more kicks to Krash while he is down, Jeremy pulls his hero up with a handful of hair and walks over to the announce booth, slamming Krash head first into the booth. He attempts a second slam of the head, but Krash blocks it! Krash with a pair of back elbows to the mouth to Jeremy before he takes Best by the head and slams him into the announce booth instead! The White Wolf rears back with Jeremy’s head one more time, but this time it’s Jeremy with the block, extending his arms out and grabbing ahold of the announce booth! Jeremy hits a backfist to Krash to stagger him before Jeremy yanks the monitor out from in front of Allen Price and CRACKS IT ACROSS KRASH’S HEAD!

Allen Price: “Uh, fellas, how am I supposed to call the action now?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Just look… right in front of you… Price. They’re literally right here.”

Krash drops to the ground as Jeremy tosses the cracked monitor away. He staggers over to the table pulled out of the ring at the beginning of the match and begins to set it up at ringside. He then grabs a hold of Krash, pulling him up and rolling him onto the table. Jeremy slowly climbs back to the apron and up to the top of the closest set of turnbuckles..

Rod Sterling: “I don’t like the looks of this for Krash!”

Jeremy looks down at his former mentor. His former hero. His former friend. He hesitates for a moment… and in that moment of hesitation, Krash rolls off the table to the safety of the floor.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Jeremy seemed to show a brief moment of pause about delivering perhaps another attempt of a Daybreaker to Krash… this time through a table. One second he seems hell-bent on destroying his hero and the next there seems to be regret in his eyes.”

Allen Price: “He’s completely mentally unstable!”

Rod Sterling: “There’s no doubt about any of that… but that moment of hesitation along with the pure wrestling instinct still deep down inside Krash despite his year long absence kicked in and has saved him for the moment.”

Noticing Krash’s evasion, Best climbs down from the turnbuckle back down to the apron. He measures up Krash as the mustached hero begins to get up and he leaps off the turnbuckle with an axhandle attempt, but Krash avoids it and comes back at Best with a superkick! Jeremy falls back into the apron as a weary and woozy Krash stumbles forward, hitting a open handed chop to Jeremy’s chest with no a lot of force behind it.

Krash climbs up onto the apron, starting to climb to the turnbuckles, but Jeremy gives chase! Jeremy bashes Krash from behind with a forearm shiver before climbing up with him, both men now perched up on the top turnbuckle in a precarious position to say the least. Jeremy delivers a pair of elbows to Krash before wrapping his arms around his former friend with a hug. Krash struggles to escape, but Jeremy tightens his grip on the hug on the top ropes. Jeremy glances to the table below at ringside, and looks ready to jump off, HOLDING KRASH in his arms…


And another!

Krash breaks the hug from Jeremy!

Krash hooks Jeremy’s by the head…



Allen Price: “This is insanity! This is carnage!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “These two are going to kill each other before they even get to the grave!”


The crowd echoes the sentiments of the announcers, as both Krash and Jeremy are down at ringside alongside the debris from the shattered table. There is no standing ten count for these two downed competitors as there was only one way to end this match and neither man was buried yet. Slowly but surely they both start to stir. They each make their way up to their knees, one in front of the other, and Krash throws an elbow to Jeremy, and Jeremy comes back with a stiff open hand chop to Krash’s chest! Back and forth they trade blows on their knees on the floor.

Jeremy strikes! BOOO!

Krash strikes! YAY!

Jeremy strikes! BOOO!

Krash strikes! YAY!

Both begin to feel some adrenaline as they continue to trade jabs back and forth, now getting up to their feet, but Krash gets the upperhand in the exchange and begins to fire away at Jeremy, hitting a Dropsault that sends Jeremy backward into the guard rail!

Staggering, Jeremy is at a momentary loss, until he falls back on his original plan - Retreat. Stumbling up the aisle, Jeremy heads towards the stage, waving off the match as Krash stares, incredulously.

At least, for a second, before audibly muttering ‘Oh, no you fuckin’ don’t,’ and SPRINTING after him! Jeremy turns just in time to catch a running boot to the jaw! He goes sprawling, tumbling, rolling towards the burial mound part of the stage, as Krash follows, shooting a soccer ball kick to Jeremy’s ribs!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “‘We’ve come too far to back away now,’ is the vibe.”

Rod Sterling: “Our two combatants, bearing the wounds of war as they step closer to the open grave, to the burial mound - The end may be in sight.”

Jeremy catches Krash with a back body drop, onto the dirt!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shouldn’t have have worn white…”

Anzu Kurosawa: “It’s a statement, Jean. It’s him saying that all the dirt, all the grime, all the blood, all the trauma from this rivalry… It stains his soul now, but with enough time and care, it’ll fade away. Maybe.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I think you’re looking a bit too far into fashion, Anzu.”

Krash catches Jeremy with an arm drag, sending him towards the open grave! Jeremy halts himself before rolling in, letting out a ‘phew’ of relief as he turns around - SPEAR! Spear from Krash! The both of them crash into the open grave with a dustcloud of dirt behind them!

Allen Price: “Into the grave! Krash & Jeremy Best tumble into the grave!

Rod Sterling: “But the match will not end until a competitor has been buried! And good thing, otherwise this would be a draw.”

Jeremy Best and Krash lay in the grave, recovering. Krash stirs first, rising to his knees, panting. He rises to the edge of the grave-

A boot THWACKS him right in the jaw, and he crumbles back into the grave!


Anzu Kurosawa: “WHAT?!”

Attached to that boot is none other than Bryan Baxter! Masked Krash is also there! The fans break into relentless booing, as Masked Krash scurries into the grave, wrapping his arms around a dazed Jeremy Best and dragging him up and out of the grave! Meanwhile, Bryan Baxter leaps into the grave to stomp the life out of Krash!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Oh you motherfu-”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Impartial, Anzu?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Hell no!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Bryan Baxter, and that imposter Krash - or maybe it’s the real Krash? - coming to Jeremy’s aid! Perhaps we should’ve expected something like this, this is a no DQ by default match after all.”

Masked Krash gives Jeremy Best some CPR chest compressions, raising his hands in victory when Jeremy ‘gasps’ back to ‘life.’ Baxter continues stomping Krash into the dirt, making that six-feet deep grave a few extra inches deeper, before gesturing to Masked Krash to go pull the lever on the excavator and finish this. Nodding, Masked Krash jogs over to the lever, on the exterior of the excavator, and reaches a hand out to grasp the-

A crowbar hooks onto Masked Krash’s wrist, preventing him from reaching the lever?!? The crowd pops!

Rod Sterling: “Is that-”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Violet Dreyer! We know that mohawk anywhere.”

Indeed! The Dastardly Dirtbag with the neon green mohawk sprints out of the entranceway at the last second, catching Masked Krash off guard! She jerks him away from the lever, throwing him back towards Jeremy, mouthing off things that shouldn’t be copied onto text all the while!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Here to even the odds, but between Jeremy, Baxter, & Masked Krash, she’s outnumbered…”

Indeed! Bryan Baxter climbs out of the grave, staring down Violet derisively. He and Masked Krash approach Violet, while Violet positions herself between them and the lever, gamely raising the crowbar warningly.

Allen Price: “She may have beaten Masked Krash into a pulp, she may have somehow made Jeremy Best tap out, but Bryan Baxter? That’s a difference maker.”

Baxter & Masked Krash surround Violet, who dares them to bring it on. As Baxter takes a step closer, Violet swings…

And taps the crowbar twice against the door of the excavator.

The door swings open, catching Baxter in the face.

And a man steps out.

The crowd erupts into a monster pop, as a man dressed in all black joins Violet, slamming the door shut behind him.

Anzu Kurosawa: “ALYSTER BLACK!”

Rod Sterling: “Those odds are now even!”

With a nod, Alyster Black & Violet Dreyer go on the attack! Alyster goes after Bryan, the two big heavy hitters duking it out, Bryan somewhat dazed after the door shot! Violet goes after Masked Krash, the two, uh, hanger-ons, so to say, and starts wailing on him with the crowbar! Jeremy Best watches from his position beside the grave in frozen horror!

Alyster & Bryan battle onto the ramp, trading hard blows and headbutts, but Bryan is caught off guard, as Alyster starts to gain the advantage, wearing the big man down! Meanwhile, Masked Krash primarily just tries to avoid getting struck by the errant swinging of Violet’s crowbar, trying to run backstage and away! Violet hooks the curve of the crowbar onto the belt of Masked Krash, jerks him back, and SLAPS him across the jaw with the crowbar! Alyster uppercuts Bryan so hard he seems to see stars! The opening!

Violet Dreyer nails Masked Krash with the Deadbeat Derby!

Alyster Black crushes Bryan Baxter with the Satan’s Spike!

The crowd is roaring!

Alyster & Violet stare at each other, then simply nod. Alyster glares at Jeremy, takes a step forward - but Violet holds him back with a grip on his arm, and simply shakes her head.

Rod Sterling: “They understand… This is not their battle to win.”

Alyster grimly accepts this, and with a final stomp on Bryan Baxter, exits the stage, Violet following. A team of personnel rush out to drag Masked Krash & Bryan Baxter backstage, and now, we’re back where we started.

With Jeremy Best, and Krash.

Jeremy, now alone, finally breaks out of his shocked stupor, and makes a scrambled dash for the lever - but Krash has recovered, and grips his leg from the grave!

Jeremy, shrieking, starts being dragged back into the grave! He turns, and THROWS DIRT IN THE EYES OF KRASH!

Allen Price: ”That’s gotta sting!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Insightful as always, Allen.”

Blinded, Krash rolls back, stumbling out of the grave as Jeremy rises to his feet. Jeremy’s palms wrap around a shovel as Krash wipes the dirt from his eyes - just in time to see Jeremy swing the shovel like he’s going for a home run! Krash ducks, the swing misses! Jeremy repositions, and swings again! Krash rolls out of the way! Jeremy thrusts the shovel, bladed end first, directly at Krash’s throat!

Krash blocks it, with a shovel of his own! The blade impacts the faceplate of the shovel, knocking it off center and causing the shovel to impale the dirt right next to Krash’s ear! He avoids decapitation, and rolls to his feet while Jeremy yanks his shovel out of the earth. Both armed with a shovel, they circle each other, as the crowd roars.

Anzu Kurosawa: “SHOVEL WARS!”

Krash strikes! Jeremy parries, and swings! Krash ducks, shoots out a boot and catches Jeremy in the chest, knocking him to a knee, and swings his shovel! Now Jeremy ducks, and thrusts his shovel at Krash’s knee - the same one that caused so many issues throughout his career! Krash sidesteps a microsecond too late, able to avoid the majority of the blow - but the blade of the shovel catches him in the side of the knee, tearing the trousers and some skin! A thin smear of blood starts seeping down his calf, as Krash curses, stumbling back! He swings his shovel in more of a retaliatory response, which Jeremy is able to avoid with a quick step back!

Taking advantage of the miss, Jeremy drives the blunt end of his shovel into Krash’s midsection, doubling the White Wolf over in pain before Jeremy lifts up the shovel over Krash’s head, bringing the long wooden shaft of the shovel back up against Krash’s throat! Jeremy now begins to choke the life out of Krash with the shaft of the shovel.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Look at those eyes! We may have seen a different side of Jeremy best since February but those are the eyes of a truly deranged man!”

Krash struggles, bringing his hands up to the handle of the shovel, trying valiantly to pry Jeremy’s fingers off… to just get a break from the pressure… to escape the viscous choke from Jeremy Best. But Jeremy’s grip is too tight and Krash has expended so much energy already in the match.

The wide eyes of Jeremy somehow grow even wider as he pulls back on the shaft, continuing to choke Krash, but now dragging his body over toward the grave. He uses his feet to push Krash’s body over the edge of the grave while still holding onto the choke with the shaft of the shovel! Krash’s near lifeless body hands over the edge whilst being choked by Jeremy above ground!

”I’m so sorry….” Tears once again begin to roll down Jeremy’s face. ”“It didn’t have to be this way! This isn’t how the story was supposed to go! We could’ve been together forever!”

Gagging and grimacing, Krash reaches up out of desperation…


Jeremy lets out a scream in agony, releasing the choke as Krash spills into the open grave. Krash gasps for air on his knees before reaching up to the top and slowly pulling himself back up out of the grave. He grabs the same shovel that Jeremy had just been choking him with and now uses it as a lifeline, helping pull himself back up to his feet while Jeremy shakes off the momentary blindness. Jeremy grabs another shovel from the pile of dirt.

A tense standoff ensues, the two stuck in eye contact, wondering who will make the next move. Jeremy tightens his grip on his shovel, while Krash gingerly favors his leg.

Suddenly, Krash changes his grip on the shovel - and throws it like a trident at Jeremy! Eyes wide, Jeremy ducks, the shovel sailing over his head by a centimeter - but it was a ruse! Krash sprints, nailing Jeremy with a Eiffel De Parachute!

Rod Sterling: “What the hell was th-”


Jeremy crawls away, as Krash picks up the dropped shovel, and stalks his adversary. Scrambling to the excavator, Jeremy drags himself to a vertical base, throwing himself onto the treads to avoid a swing from the shovel. Krash swings again, Jeremy ducks again, and the shovel CRACKS against the glass windshield! With little where else to go, Jeremy climbs onto the roof of the excavator! Scrambling, unsure of a game plan, Jeremy tries to push Krash away - but a swing of the shovel catches him right on the nose! He wails in agony, clutching at his likely broken nose, blood seeping through his fingers as Krash joins him on the roof of the excavator!

Allen Price: ”Nowhere to go, nowhere to run!”

Jeremy seems to realize this, too, holding up his bloodstained hands, as Krash brandishes the shovel, huffing.

“Wait!” Jeremy cries. “Wait, wait, wait, just… Wait…”

Krash squints, glaring, breathless.

“I-I’m sorry…” Jeremy says, hands shaking. “I’m sorry, about- about everything. I’m sorry! Everything I did, I did for you! All I- All I ever wanted was… Was to be your friend. For us to be friends! I didn’t- I never thought- I… Please. I’m sorry.”

Sobs echo throughout the arena, Jeremy’s tears mixing with the blood from his nose, as he raises a single palm, outstretched. “We- We can start over. Start again. Go back, go back to before all this, and… And forget everything that happened. I know you’d want to forget the last year, right? Y-You can do that. We can do that. Please. I-... I’m so, so sorry.”

A long, tense silence ensures. Jeremy, trembling, awaits with bated breath, as Krash stares, chest heaving, the shovel still primed over his shoulder, his expression unreadable.

Finally, he replies.

“You took everything from me.” He whispers, voice shaky, uneven. “You broke me. You RUINED me.” Now louder, eyes narrowed in a glare, as he spits on the floor. “Take your apology to the fucking grave!” He howls, voice cracking as he shakes, remembering the trauma, the stress, the toil of the last year… And the man responsible for it.

With that, he swings the shovel. With wide eyes, Jeremy is unable to defend himself. The shovel CRACKS Jeremy right in the head, sending him falling off of the roof of the excavator, with a rough landing on the dirt below/ with a THUD.

Jeremy lies motionless, as Krash stands tall, on the roof of the excavator. He glances at the sea of fans, cheering him, supporting him, as he tosses the shovel back down to earth.

He takes a step back.

Then another.

Before he gets a running start, and leaps off of the roof of the excavator…

A sea of cell phone flashes go off as Krash soars through the air….



And it…


Rod Sterling: “Can you believe what we’ve just witnessed?! Krash puts what is left of his body on the line with the most impressive Daybreaker I think we’ve ever seen!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “But at what cost, Rod? Does Krash even have enough left to get Jeremy into the grave AND bury him? At this point, that’s all that matters.”

The crowd is electric as Krash lay on the ground right next to the man who has held him captive the last six months. Jeremy’s face is covered in blood from the slash to the face from the shovel atop the excavator. Both men’s bodies show that they have gone through Hell and back despite neither being buried yet.

Krash crawls over to Jeremy’s body, what is only a few feet away might as well be a whole football field to him. He sits up on his knees and begins to push Jeremy, rolling him from his back over to his stomach.

Another mighty heave from Krash gets Jeremy back over onto his back again.

The exhaustion. The pain. The anguish. The six long months being trapped and mentally tortured by Jeremy. The six other long months being lost from the battle with Randy Ramon one year ago at Back in Business. All that wears on Krash as he must make one last heave… he tilts his head back, summoning up the energy through a visceral cry as he pushes all his weight into one more push…

Sending Jeremy’s prone body tumbling all the way to the bottom of the grave.

Seemingly completely depleted of energy, Krash sits on his knees at the edge of the grave, breathing heavily looking down at Jeremy… he knows this isn’t over.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Pull the lever! End this Krash! End it once and for all! Let’s go!”

Krash pulls himself up, and stumbles over to the lever on the side of the heavy machinery…



The now weak voice of Jeremy Best gives one last plea to his… hero.


Jeremy lifts his arm up weakly…

Krash leans against the excavator, the only thing keeping him from perhaps falling over and joining Jeremy in the grave.

“Go to Hell.” Krash doesn’t scream these words out. He doesn’t even raise it. It’s not the words you say to someone when you’re simply angry or annoyed with them. This was a command. This was an order. In this case… these are words Krash truly means.

And he pulls the lever.

The dirt from the bucket above drops from the heavens, slowly creating a mound around “Your New Best Friend.”

Krash watches. He waits. He wants to make sure the deed is done. He wants to make sure Jeremy’s entire body is covered.

And it is.

Save for the very end of that extended hand… it just barely peaking from the surface of the dirt.

But it was enough.

It was done.

The bell rang.

Winner: Krash via burial at 44:38.

Fittingly, “The Kill” begins to play over the speakers while Krash drops to his knees. Now it was his face that had tears rolling down.

Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner… KKKKKKRRRAAAASSSHHH!”

While the crowd was ruckus in excitement for Krash getting the best of Best, Krash was not celebrating. The roar of the crowd did not seem to effect him. He sat there, right by the now filled grave, weeping.

Rod Sterling: ”That does not look like a man who just main evented and won at Back in Business Night One…”

Anzu Kurosawa: “It was never about main eventing Back in Business to Krash. He never wanted any of this, Rod. Think of everything he’s been through in the last year… neither man in this match will ever be the same again. Krash may have vanquished his tormentor tonight, but he is still quite clearly a changed and broken man.”

Violet Dreyer rushes out from the back, quick to run and embrace her weary mentor, wrapping her arms around him. Even as Alyster Black also walks out to celebrate with Krash, there is no look of joy on the victor’s face.

For Krash… this was not a cause for celebration.

But the fans certainly would take joy in the occasion as Alyster Black helps Krash to his feet - he and Violet lift up Krash’s limp arms.

Rod Sterling: ”This has certainly been a match and a night none of us will ever forget… and we’re just getting started! This was just Night One! We’ll see you all tomorrow night were we will crown our first ever Trios Champions, we’ll witness two bitter rivals going through three stages of hell with two titles and quite literally a first born on the line, and of course, capping it all off will be the FWA World Championship Match as Chris Peacock defends against Cyrus Truth! And much, much more! See you there wrestling fans!”

The camera pans from the subdued celebration of victory over to the now covered grave. Back in Business Night one comes to a close with a close up shot of Jeremy Best’s extended hand sticking up from the fresh dirt…

Forever looking for that handshake…

That will never come.