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Postman Dave
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  • Which songs are you really into? Could be because of the songs, maybe you can relate to them? :laugh: idk. I really don't know why I enjoy them either, but I know I like her a lot haha.
    I just love her! Damn it makes me want to get some Taylor stuff made on here for me to use :laugh: but at the same time, I'm not sure. I need to really go back to my Ziggler avy here soon since the Tony G game has been passed now.
    Hey bro, I'll have my UFC 163 predictions up later today.

    So don't forget to drop those dimes on the fighters you love the most!
    I wish I could join you in that LD, but it seems right to set up the thread anyway!
    Thanks, she really did awesome there! Even as a fan I can admit she's sometimes not up to par on her live singing, but she did very nice there
    Ooops wrong person. Thay was meant for The Chosen Messiah haha..
    ...What in the world is that supposed to be? Lmao
    Doing lovely just laying in bed
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