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  • It's a dig at the ending of batman Tony starts talking like he's going to retire. How he could leave it to someone else and then says I could but tthats not me cause I'm Iron man. Basically alludes to doing the same thing as batman then does a 180
    A BEST PPV Tournament would be good, list every tournament dating back to like 94 or something?
    You're a Bond geek so you should definitely watch it. The girl I went with is a major geek and she said she was expecting more from it, but still geeked out. As a casual fan, I enjoyed it for what it was - a well acted action movie, with at least one amazing sequence, a few (minor) preposterous moments and some good acting, especially from Bardem, Judi Dench and the kid who plays Q.
    Enjoy the freebie on the Football Predictions Game, I'll be back for next gameweek and taking the lead again! :p
    Hey Keith. I will check it out but I am not sure if I will join because I probably wont end up posting my tips each week. Cheers
    I considered it when you first put up the thread but decided against it. I really cbf predicting scores for every game and it defeats the purpose just tipping winners.
    You don't need a code the thread is in International Sports selection and like I said the matches for this week are up now.
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