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Recent content by Keith

  1. What Are You Watching Now?

    The Kid (1921)
  2. Worst Gimmick Round 1a: Gobbledy Gooker vs Sister Abigail Bray Wyatt

    On that note Survivor Series 90 was the first PPV I watched. The Good Guys VS. Bad Guys main event is what hooked me to wrestling.
  3. Worst Gimmick Round 1a: Gobbledy Gooker vs Sister Abigail Bray Wyatt

    I've heard that story too. But wasn't he still under contract to WCW at the time anyway?
  4. New Tournament Suggestions

    Seem to remember in the past there was a Greatest Tag teams poll on this forum. But I can't remember for sure and if we did it was a long time ago. So I think there's one we should do here. When you consider all the different teams over so many decades and different promotions I think it...
  5. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Psycho David Flair vs Self Help Guru DDP

    Yeah this one baffles me. Sure Page's character was obnoxious, but it was supposed to be and it got him over. I went Flair.
  6. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Tugboat vs "Wildman" Marc Mero

    Disagree. At least with Badd you knew what they were driving at. Mero himself has said he felt more at home playing Badd. I do think it got over up to a point anyway. I voted Tugboat though.
  7. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Beaver Cleavage vs Jillian Hall's Facial Blemish

    Its a tossup. Beaver is a good example of just how clueless Russo is 99% of the time. But there's something truly mean spirited about the Jillian face thing. I feel bad for her having to do that.
  8. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Tiger Ali Singh vs Adrian Adonis

    Have no beef with the Adonis character. Tiger was a lame Indian stereotype who got no heat.
  9. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Repo Man vs The Artist Formely Known as Goldust

    Don't think either are terrible. Considering how much heat he could get as Goldust the whole TAFKA gimmick was pretty dumb. But it had some guilty pleasure moments at least. I went Repo but only by a hair.
  10. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: The Shockmaster vs Stardust

    Stardust might be a bit silly but its no Shockmaster which was just oh, help me out here Sean?... :
  11. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Duke "The Dumpster" Droese vs Deacon Batista

    Think Batista was just miscast in his gimmick. But yeah the trashman gimmick was total trash!
  12. Worst Gimmick Round 1c: Christmas Creature vs 2006 DX Reunion

    As dumb as the Christmas Creature was (that clip was gold though thanks!:lmao). DX 2006 was pointless and did far more damage.
  13. What Are You Watching Now?

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1E03 - Witch
  14. What Are You Watching Now?

    Seinfeld - The Hamptons