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  • Thanks for sending that along. The user was banned before and I just figured out how to delete all his pm's.
    Too good for the competition :p Need to get some more people posting sigs.
    Thanks Itch. Soz I didn't reply to your PM, got called into work all frickin' day. Just send me it as is, it's more of a standalone thing, I wanna see where you see your character going etc, it'll just slot in nicely I'm sure. Thanks bro.
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Steve Sanders wrote on Noah's Smark's profile.
peekaboo I see you
Noah's Smark wrote on Ben's profile.
Howdy, stranger. :)
Just joined. If you are curious, I am not a gimmick poster. Yes, a bit of a conspiracy theory fan, but for the most part tired of using similar names for accounts on different sites.

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