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  • You don't need to worry about me posting a 3rd one! I've been doing this for a long time now!
    Hey man, can we call it a day at 3-3, going to be busy all day :p, but again, always good to TT with you and hopefully we'll do it again
    Well since you asked... could you write the Umaga/Sandow match for me please? lol
    Which character you keeping bro. I think its obvious but need confirmation from you
    You'll get more practice with Nattie... against my experienced Trish. but you got a good hand on nattie though.
    Well, I'm waiting on you to confirm so I can throw up this Impact preview lol.

    Was gonna be giving Fish some real proper love this month but if Jay Briscoe, even better :p.
    So yeah we're planning on putting you in a feud for Survivor Series. We're just arguing on who Kidd's going to face lol. Glad you liked Survivor Series and yes we will have another match together. This time I will win.
    Clique is your Kidd Heel or Face? I'm just wondering so I know how to book you.
    I'm sorry man I've just had no desire to trash talk what with everything going on right now. I think it's going to have to stay as 2-1.

    Grats on the win. :p
    I'll try to reply today. I'm going through some stuff right now so I can't guarantee a response but I'll make it my priority.
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