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  • That's not normal for me, I tried to get something in, I even wrote a promo for my Smackdown return. I just didn't get the chance to reply to either of the trashtalks, so no I don't think that was a dick move because I couldn't help it. You could have easily sent me a private message, or even asked Chase to let me know over skype.
    It's not that I didn't want to trash talk. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't want to write promos as Aries. He's always been my favourite and first choice in leagues because I enjoy writing promos as him. I simply didn't have the opportunity to write one. I've hardly been able to get onto the site this week let alone sit down and write a trash talk/ promo for it.
    And I really wish that you would have talked to me before stripping my character from me. The only one I've properly stayed as ever since Chriss left too. You can't pretend that wasn't a dick move.
    Funny thing is, if I was told about it, or even involved in the decision, I would have given Aries to Chriss anyway. But the fact that you went about it this way just annoys me. I'm sorry, but you can take Ryback from me too.
    THanks for letting me know... lol. I've had a busy week, there's a PPV going on in the other league I'm a part of which has my full attention when it comes to online feds/leagues. To take my character from me without even asking me which I'd like to keep... When it was plainly obvious I'd have picked Aries is just irritating to me because it's more than obvious you only did that for Chriss.
    Are you writing Smackdown right now? If so do I still have time to get a promo in?
    oh yeah can you submit it to Hoov please? Only because I have to leave for work soon and don't want another Bumout promo missing from the show. lol
    Alright I will.
    IDK but i know all the video is a WIN! I loved that he walked up to the guy acting all cocky but the entrance is the magical
    Let me look into it....might be a setting in PayPal I need to change.
    Haha dont worry about it man! I get to be THE Tag team champions so thats awesome! Plus, keeping the Dudleys was a better choice anyway, but you never know! we could meet up somewhere down the road. Now go win that Transatlantic belt.
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