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WWE: The Evolution

Discussion in 'Fantasy Bookers' started by Bully Ray, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Bully Ray

    Bully Ray Member

    evolution (v-lshn, v-)
    1. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.
    ''There are no shortcuts in evolution''
    (Louis D. Brandeis)

    WWE: The Evolution​




    July 14, 2013​

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​

    WWE Championship Match​

    John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry​
    John Cena wins via pinfall after a huge Attitude Adjustment​

    WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match

    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Ryback vs Big Show vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
    Randy Orton wins after CM Punk is pushed off the ladder by Brock Lesnar and goes through the announcers table

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Alberto Del Rio (c) w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs Dolph Ziggler w/AJ Lee/Big E Langstom​
    Alberto Del Rio wins via pinfall after a botched interference from AJ and Langston

    World Heavyweight Championship MITB Ladder Match​

    Antonio Cesaro vs Big E Langston vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs US Champion Dean Ambrose vs Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs Sin Cara
    Dean Ambrose wins by punching off Sheamus on top of the ladder

    Tag Team Championship Match

    Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (c) vs The Usos​
    Reigns and Rollins win via pinfall after Reigns spears Jimmy Uso​

    Intercontinental Championship Match

    Curtis Axel (c) w/Paul Heyman vs The Miz vs Christian​
    Curtis Axel wins via pinfall after a Perfect-Plex to The Miz​

    Divas Championship

    AJ Lee (c) w/Big E Langston vs Kaitlyn
    AJ Lee wins via submission after an Octopus Hold


    ~ Weekly Programs ~
    WWE Monday Night RAW
    120 min. at 8 ET/6 CT on Mon. on USA

    WWE Friday Night Smackdown
    120 min. at 8 ET/6 CT on Fri. on SyFy​

    ~ The Board ~

    The Chairman – Vince McMahon
    The COO – Triple H
    Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon
    Raw Managing Supervisor - Vickie Guerrero
    Smackdown GM - Booker T

    Raw Commentators – Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
    Smackdown Commentators – Josh Matthews & JBL
    Ring Announcers – Justin Roberts & Lillian Garcia
    Backstage Interviewer – Renee Young

    ~ The Hall of Champions ~
    WWE Champion – John Cena
    World Heavyweight Champion – Alberto Del Rio
    WWE Intercontinental Champion – Curtis Axel
    WWE United States Champion – Dean Ambrose
    WWE Diva's Champion – AJ Lee
    WWE World Tag Team Champions – Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
    Raw Mr. Money-In-The-Bank - Randy Orton
    Smackdown Mr. Money-In-The-Bank – Dean Ambrose

    ~ Superstars ~
    Alberto Del Rio
    Alex Riley
    Antonio Cesaro
    Big Show
    Big E. Langston
    Bo Dallas
    Bray Wyatt
    Brock Lesnar
    Brodus Clay
    Chris Jericho
    CM Punk
    Cody Rhodes
    Curt Hawkins
    Curtis Axel
    Damien Sandow
    Daniel Bryan
    Darren Young
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Erick Rowan
    Evan Bourne
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Heath Slater
    Jack Swagger
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    John Cena
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston
    Luke Harper
    Mark Henry
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Rob Van Dam
    Roman Reigns
    Seth Rollins
    Sin Cara
    Ted DiBiase
    The Miz
    The Rock
    The Undertaker
    Titus O'Neil
    Triple H
    Tyson Kidd
    Wade Barrett
    William Regal (Part-time)
    Zack Ryder

    ~ Divas ~
    AJ Lee
    Alicia Fox
    Brie Bella
    Nikki Bella
    Rosa Mendes
    Summer Rae
    Tamina Snuka

    ~ NXT Development Staff

    General Manager - Dusty Rhodes
    Recruiter - Gerald Brisco
    Trainers - Billy DeMott, Billy Gunn, Joey Mercury, Mike Quackenbush, Norman Smiley, Rickey Steamboat, Sara Del Rey and Terry Taylor

    ~ Contracted NXT Developmental Talent ~

    ~ Superstars ~
    Adrian Neville
    Connor O'Brian
    Corey Graves
    Kassius Ohno
    Leo Kruger
    Michie Keegan
    Mike Bennett
    Oliver Grey
    Prince Devitt
    Rhett Titus
    Richie Steamboat
    Rick Victor
    Ryan Drago
    Sami Callihan
    Sami Zayn
    Samurai del Sol
    Xavier Woods

    ~ Divas ~
    Audery Marie
    Maria Kanellis
    Raquel Diaz

    ~ Other On-Screen Personalities ~
    Brad Maddox - Vickie Guerrero's Assistant
    Paul Heyman - Manages Brock Lesnar & Curtis Axel
    Ricardo Rodriguez - Manages Alberto Del Rio
    Theodore Long - Senior Advisor of Smackdown
    Zeb Colter - Manages Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger

    ~ Tag Team & Stables ~

    3MB - Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, & Jinder Mahal
    Bella Twins - Brie & Nikki Bella
    CoLter's Militia - Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter
    Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, & Big E. Langston
    Funkadactyls - Cameron & Naomi
    Epico and Primo w/Rosa Mendes
    ReyCara - Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
    Primetime Players - Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
    Team Rhodes Scholars - Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow
    The Shield - Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins
    Tons of Funk - Brodus Clay & Tensai
    The Usos - Jey & Jimmy Uso
    The Wyatt Family - Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, & Luke Harper

    ~ Pay-Per-View Schedule ~
    SummerSlam - Los Angeles, CA
    August 18th

    Night of Champions - Detroit, MI
    September 15th

    Over The Limit - Buffalo, NY
    October 6th

    Hell in a Cell - Miami, FL
    October 27th

    Survivor Series
    - Boston, MA
    November 24th

    TLC - Houston, TX
    December 15th

    Royal Rumble - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    January 26th

    Elimination Chamber - Pittsburgh, PA
    February 23rd

    Wrestlemania XXX - New Orleans, LO
    April 6th


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    Last edited: Aug 21, 2013
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  2. Troy

    Troy POP! POP!

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I like the way that you mapped out MITB and your MITB winners leave you with some good options going forward. Huge roster to work with so I am intrigued at how you utilise them all going forward.

    Good luck
  3. Bully Ray

    Bully Ray Member

    The Raw preview should be up in a couple of days and then followed by that the first Raw will be up!
  4. Echo

    Echo Member

    Looks good, looking forward to reading the first Raw.
  5. Bully Ray

    Bully Ray Member


    Barclays Center
    Brooklyn, NY


    Clips of:
    • Dean Ambrose knocking Sheamus off the ladder, then grabbing the blue Smackdown briefcase
    • AJ Lee and Big E Langston botching up an interference leading to Alberto Del Rio rolling up Ziggler to retain
    • CM Punk reaching out to grab the red Raw briefcase but Brock Lesnar running out and knocking him off the ladder, causing Punk to go through the announcers table
    • Randy Orton slowly climbing up the ladder and grabbing the red Raw briefcase
    • John Cena retaining against Mark Henry

    ***Tonight Is The Night***


    ''Cult Of Personality'' blasts out as CM Punk makes his way down the ramp with an angry face.

    CM Punk stands in the ring with an angry expression on his face. He waits for the crowd to stop chanting ''Punk Was Screwed!''. He says that last night at Money In The Bank he was about to win the Raw Money In The Bank briefcase but Lesnar stopped him! He receives more cheers from the crowd before carrying on, he says that he knows that Lesnar has had some heat with him since the day he became a Paul Heyman guy! He then says that Lesnar had an issue with Punk stealing the limelight and being the champion for the record 434 days! The crowd chant ''Best In The World'' before Punk starts his speech again, he says that due to the fact that he was The Best In The World and Lesnar got his ass whopped by Cena at Extreme Rules, Lesnar thought that I was a threat to his glory at WWE! After that Lesnar beat Hunter, but after that Lesnar got his ass kicked by Hunter at Wrestlemania! So at this point Lesnar was pretty damn angry but before he could get me I left for a break! Punk then goes on to say that things between him and Lesnar were fine but after he left Heyman! At this point ''Heyman Done It'' is chanted around the arena! Punk says he agrees every single word the crowd says and he knew that this was Heyman's revenge! But Punk says he doesn't care about Heyman and Lesnar! All he cares about is regaining the WWE Championship! He says that he wants one shot at Orton's briefcase, but before he can go on.

    Excuse Me is shouted out! The camera turns to the ramp where Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero and assistant Brad Maddox stand. Vickie says that as much as Punk and the crowd would like she can't give Punk a chance to get Orton's briefcase as he actually won it fair and square! Punk replies saying that getting pushed off a ladder and landing through an announcers table when you're about to win really isn't fair! Guerrero says that as under the Money In The Bank rules their is no such thing as DQ or interference so anything can happen, but Vickie says she can do one thing for Punk! She says that she can book him tonight in a match against Randy Orton! Agreed says Punk! Which causes a huge pop from the crowd.

    ''Cult Of Personality'' hits agains as Punk jumps out of the ring and begins exiting.


    MATCH 1
    Christian vs The Miz

    This match was shared in possesion as both men got the chance for the occasional beatdown of each other. As we reached towards the end, Christian moved out of the way as The Miz run to hit a running clothsline and then getting kicked in the chest before getting hit with a Killswitch by Christian. Christian got up to his knees and then dropped on to Miz's body for the cover for the win.

    After the match, Christian got up and celebrated before ''ChaChaLaLa'' hits the titantron! Christian looks towards the entrance but their is nobody there. As Christian turns Fandango kicks him in the chest and hitting a Swinging Reverse STO! Fandango reaches out for a microphone and then says that it's good to be back!


    We see CM Punk walking through the corridors before walking around the corner. He sees Paul Heyman standing there, Punk turns around before Heyman tells him to stop and listen to him. Heyman says to Punk that he had nothing to do with Lesnar's attack and if he could he would've asked Lesnar to help him! Punk says that he doesn't play dirty anymore and he does things fair and square absolutely clean. Heyman says that he's alright with that and then offers to be ringside for Punk's match against Orton tonight but Punk kindly declines Heyman and says I don't need your help before leaving. This receives a huge pop in the arena as the camera focuses on Heyman's rejected face!

    MATCH 2
    ReyCara vs Team Rhodes Scholars

    This was a back and forth match with ReyCara starting off quite well with Mysterio using high flying and tactical moves on Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. During the match, Rey slipped up in a top rope move causing Mysterio to land really hard on his bad knee. Due to this incident, Team Rhodes Scholars dominated the match, both targeted the knee of Mysterio by locking him up in tight subimission moves and adding more injuries on it by stepping and jumping on it. With Cody Rhodes in the ring, he goes to finish of Mysterio with Cross Rhodes but Mysterio reverses with a huge spin and kicking Rhodes causing Rhodes to collide into Sandow. Mysterio lands back down on the mat, before slowly crawling to his corner. The crowd cheer him on as he gets closer to Sin Cara. He jumps with his last might and tags in Sin Cara! With Sandow tagged in both men go to attack but in the end Cara comes out on top with a number of dropkicks and multiple high flying manouvers! Cara goes top rope ready to finish this match off with a Senton Bomb but Cody Rhodes who is outside punches Cara on the head hard! Cara falls as Sandow takes advantage and hits The Silencer for the win as the ref counts the fall.

    Team Rhodes Scholars hug each other before celebrating, as the crowd boos on!


    MATCH 3
    Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Colter vs Sheamus

    Sheamus starts the match well hitting a huge running high knee to the jaw of Cesaro as Cesaro turns around Sheamus excecutes a good neckbraker. As the match goes on Sheamus continues to dominate, Sheamus looks to finish of with a Brouge Kick but he misses Cesaro, as Sheamus turns around Cesaro hits a huge powerful Very European Uppercut for the win as the ref counts the fall.

    The crowd is shocked as Cesaro's hand is lifted by the ref before Colter joins Cesaro in the ring!

    Colter says Very European as the pair begin laughing!

    Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman promo
    They boast about how great they are and how Axel is the best IC Champion ever!



    We see Rob Van Dam walking through the corridor, the arena erupts in cheers at the sight of Rob Van Dam!

    MATCH 4
    Rob Van Dam vs Kane

    This match is pretty equal both taking control in a different way, Van Dam by his aerobic skills and Kane by his powerful boots and kicks. To finish off the match, Van Dam slowly climbs up to top rope and signals for a Five Star Frog Splash but he misses Kane, who rolls over. Van Dam lands hard on the mat as Kane rises and lifts his arm for a Chokeslam, Kane's hand goes around Van Dam's neck but Van Dam headbutts Kane on the head. Kane falls on the ropes and bounces off and is hit by a huge Spinning Heel Kick! Van Dam falls on the buckles before climbing it in tiredness. He gets his place and finds his balance and hits a huge Five Star Frog Splash for the win!

    As RVD wins, the crowd erupts in cheers as the Whole F'n Show has won!

    We cut to an AJ Lee promo, she talks about how she's the only Diva in this company that can fight, she's the strongest of them all! No one can beat her, not even Kaitlyn!


    Smackdown Mr Money In The Bank Dean Ambrose walks down the ramp with his title on his shoulder and his briefcase clutched in his hand!

    Ambrose reaches out for a microphone, he says that last night was the greatest day of his life! He became Smackdown's Mr Money In The Bank! He's now is top of the pile and not only that but he is also the United States Champion also! He says that Alberto Del Rio or any future World Champion better watch their back as Reigns and Rollins can attack them anytime and any place, which can lead to me cashing in my MITB contract and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion! The crowd boo as Ambrose hands his title and briefcase over to the referee.

    ''I'm Here To Show The World'' blasts out! The crowd erupt in cheers as Dolph Ziggler walks out!

    MATCH 5
    Smackdown Mr MITB and United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

    These two superstars put up an amazing show! Both in control at different times, both thinking similar. Ziggler goes for a shoulder block knocking Ambrose off his feet and landing on the mat, Ziggler kicks his face really hard before hitting a huge leg drop. Ambrose bounces up as Ziggler hits a huge Superkick on to the jaw of Ambrose! Ambrose falls on the turnbuckle as Ziggler runs and hits a huge stinger splash! Ziggler shakes his hand before moving them through his hair. Ambrose turns around as Ziggler wraps his hands around Ambrose's neck but Ambrose runs back with Ziggler around his neck! Ziggler headbutts the back of Ambrose who flies forward, Ambrose bounces off the ropes as Ziggler goes for a punch but quickly Ambrose lunges forward and hits a huge shoulder block. Ziggler falls hard on the ground as Ambrose picks him up and hits a huge Headlock Driver to end the match!

    Ambrose's hand is lifted up by the ref as he is handed both his briefcase and his title. Ziggler gets up, but can only sit. Ambrose turns around and sees the chance he runs and knocks out Ziggler with his briefcase right on Ziggler's skull! Ziggler falls with impact as Ambrose stands tall!


    ''Cult Of Personality'' blasts out as CM Punk walks out! The crowd well behind his back as he walks into the ring!

    ''Burn In My Light'' hits the titantron as Randy Orton walks out to his old theme song! The crowd chant ''Heel Orton'' as he slowly walks into the ring.

    MATCH 6
    CM Punk vs Raw Mr MITB Randy Orton

    Punk started the match in control with huge kicks, punches and chops to Orton. Orton got back for a little period of time but Punk retook his postion in control and reversed an early RKO! As the match began to come to the end, Punk hits a huge roundhouse kick to the head of Orton. Orton falls back on the ropes as Punk goes vintage and hits a running high knee to the face of Orton followed by a huge buldog! Punk signals for the GTS but
    ''The Next Big Thing'' blasts out! The crowd gets up to see Lesnar and if he comes out! Punk looks towards the ramp waiting for Lesnar to walk out! Punk turns around and is hit by a RKO from Randy Orton! Orton goes for the cover as the ref counts the fall for the win!

    Orton falls towards the ropes in exhaustion as the ref hands him his briefcase and lifts his hand up!

    ***END OF SHOW***


    Christian def The Miz

    Team Rhodes Scholars def ReyCara

    Antonio Cesaro def Sheamus

    Rob Van Dam def Kane

    Dean Ambrose def Dolph Ziggler

    Randy Orton def CM Punk

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan def The Usos
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  6. Troy

    Troy POP! POP!

    Good read. I like the storylines that you have set up going forward. Good to see you putting Fandango against a guy like Christian. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the tag team division going forward, big fan of tag team wrestling. I wonder how long Ambrose will remain US champion and MITB briefcase holder, will you keep both on him for a long time or will we see Ziggler possibly take the US title from him? Punk vs. Lesnar feud started off well in your BTB. Nice way to ease into it the first RAW after Lesnar screwed him on PPV.
  7. Bully Ray

    Bully Ray Member


    Dunkin' Donuts Center
    Providence, RI


    Clips of:
    • Curtis Axel retaining his IC Title by hitting a huge Perfect-Plex on The Miz
    • Dean Ambrose knocking Sheamus off the ladder, then grabbing the blue Smackdown briefcase
    • AJ Lee and Big E Langston botching up an interference leading to Alberto Del Rio rolling up Ziggler to retain

    ***Born 2 Run***


    WHC Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez stands in the ring, looking cocky as ever! He grabs a microphone and begins announcing Del Rio in Spanish! As the crowd copy him while Rodriguez says ''Dellllllll Riooooooooo''! ''Realeza'' hits as World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio walks out. He lifts his title and with his left hand hits his chest. As the crowd boo him on!

    Del Rio stands in the ring as the crowd boo before lifting up his World Heavyweight Championship high in the air, on this note the crowd boo more! Chants of ''Ziggler's Awesome'' are heard throughout the crowd! Del Rio says the crowd can say anything they want to and that he doesn't care! All he cares about is the World Heayweight Championship, he continues on to say that he's too good for the WWE and he's to good for Ziggler! The crowd chants ''Ziggler should've won it!'' as Alberto Del Rio carries on. He says that Ziggler wouldn't of won in the first place and he wouldn't of won it even if his girlfriend and his big bodyguard tried to! Rodriguez whispers something to Del Rio, Del Rio says that his friend just said to Ziggler, ''How did that work out for you?'' The pair laugh!

    ''I'm Here To Show The World'' blasts out as Dolph Ziggler walks out! The crowd cheer as he stands there. Ziggler says that everything Del Rio says are big fat lies, he's not a real champion! The only reason why he won at Payback was due to his concussion and at Money In The Bank, he won due to a botched interference which I didn't even need! Ziggler then ends it off by saying tonight him and Del Rio will lock horns once more and this time, he'll show him who's the real champion!

    ''I'm Here To Show The World'' hits once more as Ziggler points at Del Rio before leaving


    We return to the ring, where Jimmy Uso stands by himself, getting ready for his match

    MATCH 1
    Jimmy Uso vs Seth Rollins

    This match comes after Reigns and Rollins defeated The Usos at MITB, both use different styles. Uso goes for the more tactical moves such as bear hugs and tight grapples, whereas Rollins uses a bit more flying then tactical. Jimmy takes control at the start but that is soon ended by Rollins who reverses a rolling cutter from Uso. After that Rollins takes control and keeps it that way till the end. Rollins hits a Blackout to win!

    Yet again another win by a Shield member! Giving the trio huge momentum!

    JBL and Matthews talk about the impressive match put on by the duo but Rollins with his aerobic skills getting the advantage of the more tactical Jimmy Uso!


    We cut backstage where Rey Mysterio is teaching Sin Cara some tactics for his important match up next against IC Champion Curtis Axel, with the stipulation being if Cara wins he gets a title shot for the IC Title next week!


    ''Reborn'' blasts out as Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel walks out with his manager Paul Heyman!

    Heyman reaches out for a microphone and begins to talk, he says on Sunday at Money In The Bank, his client Curtis Axel showed the world, that he can win and that he's a proper Intercontinental Champion! He goes on to say that right now these days his client Curtis Axel is giving the importance to the Intercontinental Championship like it had back in the days when it was held by Michaels, Ramon and Triple H! Those were the days when the Intercontinental Championship actually meant something! But nowadays WWE are treating it like crap, before Axel was champion people like The Miz and Kofi Kingston held it! Do you call these people real champions, no! Heyman says, he finishes off with right now Axel will again beat Sin Cara's hopes of winning a belt and once again Curtis Axel will show that he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion that has stepping in this darn ring!

    Heyman slips out as "Ancient Spirit" blasts out! Sin Cara runs and springboard dives of the mat before landing perfectly!

    MATCH 2

    If Sin Cara wins he gets a title shot next week
    IC Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs Sin Cara

    This match is pretty even, Axel started of well hitting a huge boot to Cara and then beating him down with a couple of powerful kicks to the head of Cara, Axel grabbed Cara by the mask to rip it off but the referee pushes Axel away before it could happen. Cara sets his mask before Axel knocks him with a huge kick to the skull. As the match went on, Cara managed to reverse a Perfect-Plex and hit Axel with a huge superkick! Axel fell back on the ropes as Cara grabs him by the head and delivers a huge buldog. Cara gies to the top rope ready to finish off Axel with a Senton Bomb but he misses Axel by an inch. Axel takes advantage and drops on Cara for the pin, the ref counts the fall for the victory!

    Axel's hand is lifted up by Paul Heyman who then hands him his IC Title! Cara rolls around in agony knowing that he let another chance slip!

    JBL and Matthews strike a conversation about how continuously Cara lets chances go, JBL goes on to say that Cara is a good competitor but lately not only is he keeping back himself but he's also keeping back his mentor Rey Mysterio!


    We are backstage in Booker T's office where Booker and Long are taking before Team Rhodes Scholars walk in! Cody Rhodes says how great the team have been working lately and how they deserve a chance at the Tag Team Championships, especially after their performance in the Smackdown MITB Match and their victory last week on Raw against ReyCara! Booker says they have been working pretty well but he's given many chances to the pair before, but before Booker goes on to reject them Teddy Long comes in. Long says that how can you not give the pair another chance, honestly these two are the future of WWE and right now we need solid contenders for Reigns and Rollins title so why not give it to them? Booker replies saying alright but firstly they've gotta beat Tons Of Funk next! Team Rhodes Scholars agree before exiting.

    MATCH 3

    If Team Rhodes Scholars win they become Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Championships​

    Team Rhodes Scholars vs Tons of Funk w/Funkadactyls

    Clay and Tensai start of strong, squashing Rhodes in the corner and hitting him with a number of bodyslams on the mat and turnbuckles. Tensai takes control, he does similar things like Clay using his stregnth against Rhodes. Rhodes is hit by a a huge running crossbody before Brodus Clay is once more tagged in. Clay looks to end the match off quickly. Sandow is going crazy in the corner, he needs a pin! Clay bounces of the ropes before dancing, he goes for What The Funk? but misses Rhodes who slides the opposite way! Rhodes gets up on his knees before crawling towards his corner and tagging in Sandow! Sandow hits a huge punt to the head of Clay, he goes mad hitting it a number of times before Tensai jumps in and goes head to head with him, the ref pushes Tensai away from Sandow! As Tensai turns Cody Rhodes hits a huge Cross Rhodes before falling outside. With Tensai out in the corner and Rhodes on the steps trying to get up! Sandow knows that he's by himself. Clay gets up and is hit by a Terminus from Sandow causing the victory for Team Rhodes Scholars!

    Team Rhodes Scholars embrace before celebrating as they celebrate we cut to the commentary box with JBL and Matthews who start to talk about how impressive this team is getting and how maybe they can be the people to end Reigns and Rollins chances of being champions!


    Team Rhodes Scholars walk to there locker room talking about their victory, before The Bella Twins come to each side of them! The Bella's praise the pairs natch and how good they are! They say that later on tonight they're holding a party for just the pair! Rhodes and Sandow smile before The Bella's leave!

    ''Let's Light It Up'' blasts out as Divas Champion, AJ Lee skips out into the ring! AJ talks about how Kaitlyn couldn't stop her from still being Divas Champion and however much Kaitlyn thinks she's good are all just lies because the truth is that Kaitlyn was just a little weed in the path of her glory in this company, she says how she's the only good Diva left in this company and how she's got no competition! May it be Aksana, The Bella Twins, Naomi, Tamina or Kaitlyn no one and she means no one is superior then the AJ Lee! She lifts her title up as the crowd boo!

    But suddenly the lights go out and its pitch black! There is a huge thud heard in the ring! The lights go on as the camera shows Divas Champion, AJ Lee on the floor! The crowd knowing who it is erupts into cheers! The camera turns and shows Paige standing there in anger! The crowd goes mental as Paige stands there in the ring!


    JBL and Matthews talk about the strong debut of Paige, and what impact she's made! A replay is shown, showing the lights going off and then Paige standing over Divas Champion AJ Lee!

    '''Special Op'' blasts out as US Champion and Smackdown's MR MITB Dean Ambrose walks out to receive huge heat from the crowd!

    MATCH 4
    US Champion and Smackdown MR MITB Dean Ambrose vs Rey Mysterio

    This match was the highlight of the show, Ambrose and Mysterio both nearly getting the briefcase at Money In The Bank but Ambrose who knocked out Mysterio with a huge powebomb through the table destroying Rey's chances! Rey looked for revenge in this match. He started off well with a huge DDT and then followed by a springboard clothsline. The remainder of the match went that way, Mysterio using high flying moves and Ambrose using tactics and reversing. Near the end, Ambrose grabs Mysterio's ankle which was injured and locks him in a huge Ankle Lock! Mysterio screams in pain as Ambrose's hands are clasped around Mysterio's ankle! Mysterio with two hands begins to frantically jump forward to release Ambrose's hand. He jumps and lands on the turnbuckle, Ambrose runs for a clothsline but Mysterio moves out of the way as Ambrose meets the steel post! Ambrose gets dizzy as Mysterio gets up top rope and jumps and lands a West Coast Pop on Dean Ambrose! But Ambrose flings outside, Mysterio tries to grab his ankle before it leaves but misses. In anger, he punches the turnbuckle before going for a springboard dive but this time Ambrose rolls out the way and Mysterio meets the barricade! Ambrose crawls towards the timekeeper area and snatches his MITB Briefcase. The ref counts on looking at Mysterio with the count to 7..8.. but Ambrose hits Mysterio on the head with the briefcase! The ref rings for a DQ!

    Mysterio falls back as Ambrose knocks him out with the briefcase. He goes to grab his ankle but many security guards run out, Ambrose grabs his US Title belt and jumps over the barricade and begins walking cockily as the crowd boo on!


    ''I'm Here To Show The World'' blasts out as Dolph Ziggler walks out to the cheering, Providence crowd!

    Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez stands in the ring. He grabs a microphone and begins announcing Del Rio in Spanish! As the crowd copy him while Rodriguez says ''Dellllllll Riooooooooo''! ''Realeza'' hits as World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio walks out. He lifts his title up before jumping on the top rope and lifting his World Title in the air!

    MATCH 5
    World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs Dolph Ziggler

    Ziggler and Del Rio started the match off with a grapple around the ringm, with Ziggler hitting a huge neckbraker onto Del Rio. Ziggler keeps control for quite awhile after that neckbraker. Ziggler aims on the neck of Del Rio by kicking a number of times before the referee pushes him away. The referee looks at Del Rio as Rodriguez takes advantage from outside and hits a huge punch to the head of Ziggler. Del Rio gets up and looks to take Ziggler out with a clothsline but Ziggler dives out of the way, Del Rio clashes into Rodriguez as Ziggler from behind goes for the roll up pin but Del Rio kicks out. Ziggler quickly crawls back to the rope and gets ready for a Superkick! Del Rio gets up and is hit with a Superkick. Del Rio falls as Ziggler hits Rodriguez who tries to interfere with a dropkick. As Ziggler turns Del Rio goes for the quick roll up but again Ziggler kicks out! Del Rio gets up in anger and grabs Ziggler by the hair and lifts him up for a standing fireman carry takeover but Ziggler lands lightly on the ground and returns Del Rio with a quick Zig Zag! Ziggler drops on Del Rio as the ref counts for the winning fall!

    Ziggler's hand is lifted up by the referee as he falls back in exhaustion as the crowd cheer on as Smackdown ends

    ***END OF SHOW***


    Seth Rollins def Jimmy Uso

    Curtis Axel def Sin Cara

    Team Rhodes Scholars def Tons Of Funk to be Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Championships

    Rey Mysterio def Dean Ambrose by DQ

    Dolph Ziggler def Alberto Del Rio

    + Thanks to Troy for the feedback
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  8. Nate

    Nate Well-Known Member

    -Good solid open, having the main men kick off the show with a classic confrontation between both competitors. Good hype for the upcoming main event match. Always great to see Del Rio being a douchey heel, really suits him more than his babyface bullcrap.

    -The opening contest was alright, I'm personally not a big fan of singles matches involving team members, but since it did involve I'll let it slide. Good to see that the champion won the match too.

    -Excellent Pre-match promo involving Heyman and Axel. Good to see that you're utilizing Heyman properly. Loving the fact how you're trying to bring up the status of the IC championship, and bringing down those who devalued the title. :lmao

    -Nice little stipulation between Cara and Axel. Oh man and Axel STILL won the match! Brilliant my friend, just brilliant! Wonder how the IC title scene will play out now.

    -Can't say that I'm a fan of the stipulation of the tag team match involving Rhode Scholars and Tons of Funk. Why not just make it a general #1 Contenders match? Good match though and the right team won. Wonder how that's going to play out next. Oooh and a victory celebration for the Rhode Scholars! Nice... ;)

    -I'm not gonna lie, I had to look up who Paige was, but that in ring segment looked good. Hey you're making the divas division look interesting so I'll give you a thumbs up for that.

    -I really liked the Rey Mysterio vs Ambrose match. The DQ finish was interesting and having Ambrose's dramatic escape was pure gold.

    -Huh and here comes the main event... in a non title match. Interesting. Anyways good match but having Ziggler win clean over Del Rio was kinda questionable. But still hopefully this leads to a rematch for the title at some point.

    Anyways overall a good show for Smackdown! Can't wait until RAW to see the followup... mostly between Punk and Lesnar. :clap2:
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  9. Troy

    Troy POP! POP!

    Another good show.

    Again I like how you use quite a few tag teams. Rollins beating Jimmy pretty much closes out their feud now that Rhodes Scholars are the number one contenders. Good choice for challengers for the title, hopefully they will be more successful in your BTB than they were as a team in WWE.

    I like the storyline that you have going with Rey and Sin Cara, with Rey as his mentor and tag team partner. Be interested to see where that leads, how long they stay as a team, how long before they feud and how long before Sin Cara overtakes Rey.

    Nice to see you bringing Paige up to the main roster. She is the most talented diva in NXT and she should excel in the Divas division.

    I was also surprised by Ziggler getting the clean win over the champion. I assume this will lead to a title shot for Ziggler at the next PPV.
  10. Bully Ray

    Bully Ray Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I highly appreciate it, with Rollins and Uso's match it was like Troy said to just end the feud between the two teams. Especially after Team Rhodes Scholars being new number one contenders.

    With the stipulation for the match, I didn't really see why I should also give Tons of Funk a chance to the belts also as I don't really see them as contenders so that's why I just gave Rhodes Scholars the chance.

    The clean win was a way to put Ziggler as a stronger face, it shows that Ziggler ain't the old jobber anymore.

    Thanks for the feedback Troy! You encourage me more to carry this on!
  11. Bully Ray

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    WWE News​

  12. Bully Ray

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    Summerslam Poster

  13. Troy

    Troy POP! POP!

    No worries at all. I like seeing what storylines and feuds people can come up with and to see how they would book the current product.
  14. Bully Ray

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    Frank Erwin Center
    Austin, TX


    **Tonight Is The Night***



    We start Raw of with the usual pyro, before panning across the crowd! We go to the commentary box, where Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Raw, they state that they've got an explosive show ahead, fresh from last week's Raw

    As we turn to the ramp we see the stage set up for Fandango, ''ChaChaLaLa'' hits as Summer Rae walks out before getting joined by Fandango. The pair do a dance, while the crowd hums Fandango's theme song!

    ''I Came To Play'' blasts out as The Miz walks out, the crowd cheer Miz on as he enters the ring, the pair stare off before the referee pushes them apart and rings the bell.

    MATCH 1
    Fandango w/Summer Rae vs The Miz

    These two enemies were meant to meet at Payback, but with Fandango injured, it couldn't happen. Miz dominates the match quite early on, keeping Fandango under control with a huge boots and high knees to the face of Fandango. But this soon changes after Fandango takes advantage of a slip up from Miz. Fandango quickly begins working on Miz with quick dropkicks and neckbrakers! Fandango has everything in control until
    "Just Close Your Eyes" hits the titantron. Fandango turns around awaiting Christian to walk out, Christian slowly makes his way out as Fandango turns he is rolled up by Miz but he kicks out by two. Christian walks around the ring eying Fandango. Miz gets up and goes for Skull-Crushing Finale but Fandango manages to strike his left leg onto Miz's chest! Miz flies back towards Christian who is stood on the other side of the mat but Christian just hops off simply. As Miz returns Fandago boots him in the chest and hits a neckbraker! Fandango goes up to Christian and begins shouting things at him telling him that he's too cocky and he's never going to be better then him. But Miz takes the advantage of this, and kicks Fandango from behind on the leg. Fandango drops on his knees as Miz hits a DDT. Fandango drops as Miz grabs both his legs and locks him in a Figure-Four leglock. Fandango is locked in a wrath of pain and has no choice but to tap out!

    The ref rings the bell as Miz lets go off Fandango! Fandango falls back and rolls back in pain. Miz hops on the top rope and celebrates before leaving. Christian then walks in the ring and stands in the ring with a microphone he says that nobody is better then The Instant Classic, The Livewire and Captain Charisma! Christian! He then kicks him on the face and leaves the ring!


    ''Reborn'' blasts out as IC Champion Curtis Axel walks out with his title around his shoulder and this time no Paul Heyman with him!

    ''SOS'' blasts out as the crowd go wild, it's Kofi Kingston! Kingston who's been out since Extreme Rules! Kingston grabs a microphone, he says that on Friday he heard that Paul Heyman dissed him by saying he's not a real Intercontinental Champion! So after he's been recovered for quite a while, why not come back now! And kick your ass!

    MATCH 2
    IC Champion Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston

    Kingston is well ready to be back in action after getting sidelined months ago! He works quick on Axel by pouncing on him in the corner, knocking him punches. But Axel stregnth wise chucks him forward and delivers a huge shoulder block to Kingston. Kingston flies back and then Axel starts to target Kingston's former injured elbow. From then the match goes with Axel dominating, he goes to wear down Kofi with a running neckbraker but Kingston counters by swinging Axel around and hitting a Trouble In Paradise! But Axel falls back and over the ropes. Kingston runs and bounces of the ropes landing on the fallen Axel! He gets up and goes on top of the announcers table! He shouts I'm a real champion not you! He jumps but misses Axel and lands hard with his elbow going first! Kingston's elbow bounces off as he falls hard on the ground! Kingston looks finished as Axel puts his hands on the mat at the count of 8 and just manages to slip in! The count goes to 10 as Axel lays in the ring with Kingston outside!

    Axel's handed his belt as he slips away and lifts up his title before exting, the paramedics come to help Kofi, but Kofi rejects and begins walking to exit. The crowd clap as Kofi leaves, the camera follows Kofi walking backstage. Members of staff ask if he's okay before he turns. As he turns someone punches him right on the face, he falls on the wall. Out comes Ryback from the corner, he begins attacking Kingston, punches and all. He grabs him by the neck and pushes him on the wall but before he can do anymore damage a number off staff and referee's run out and push Ryback away from Kingston!


    We are backstage where Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are chatting, Daniel Bryan walks in the office! The arena cheer inside, Bryan said that he wants a match or opportunity and he's sick of being not involved in anything. He says that he would of had that briefcase for the WWE Championship but Orton got the better of him! But tonight he wants a match against Orton or even better Cena! Vickie says that as much as she would love to she couldn't as Bryan and Orton has happened too many times and Cena isn't ready to compete tonight, so what she can do for him is put him in a match against his former partner Kane! Which will be up next!


    A Wyatt Family promo airs showing an empty rocking chair, rocking by itself!

    Wyatt: Come out, come out, where ever you are, wolf will never lose sleep, worrying about the feelings of sheep! But no one ever told the sheep that they out number the wolf! Come out, come out, where ever you are! We're coming! We're coming next week! RUN! (a sadistic laugh)

    MATCH 3
    Daniel Bryan vs Kane

    These two former partners put up a hell of a show at Money In The Bank and they sure put a hell of show tonight. Bryan starts stronger taking out his anger on Kane with body chops but Kane returns it with huge punches to the jaw and his face. The match continued to be back and forth with both getting opportunities to show that they're good. Coming towards the end of the match Kane grabs Bryan by the arm before twisting it around and going Old School! Kane tributes to his brother Undertaker by slashing his thumb across his throat his hands clasp around Bryan's throat but Bryan reverses with an impressive falling DDT! Bryan gets up and begins to shout YES! YES! YES! as he goes top rope and hits a diving headbutt taking Kane out. Bryan drops and locks Kane in a Yes! Lock, Kane tries to stay strong but he can't Bryan's hands are too tight! Kane taps out!

    Bryan lets go fof his former partner as the referee lifts his hand up, Bryan pushes him away and shouts NO! before getting up top rope and shouting YES! YES! YES! This is yet another impressive match by Daniel Bryan!


    MATCH 4
    Rey Mysterio vs Smackdown MR MITB and United States Champion Dean Ambrose

    This was a rematch from Friday, where Ambrose knocked out Mysterio with his briefcase before running away! Mysterio in anger lashes out on Ambrose with boots, punches, kicks and a couple of high flying moves. Ambrose struggles to get in the match, as Mysterio keeps on knocking him down. Mysterio goes for a shoulder block but Ambrose catches him sidewards and delivers a huge running crossbody slam! Ambrose grabs Mysterio to the top rope where he kicks him on the head. Ambrose sits on the top buckle and lifts Mysterio up but Mysterio strikes him with a quick punch. Ambrose looks weary on the top rope and hits a Frankenstiener! Ambrose flips over and lands on the buckle and bounces off, Mysterio drops down and springboards himself towards Ambrsoe but Ambrose hits a huge Powerbomb by quickly catching Mysterio and slamming him hard on the mat! Ambrose goes for the cover as the referee counts the winning fall!

    Ambrose's hand is lifted up as his title and briefcase is handed. He looks cockier then ever, he see's an opportunity! Mysterio is up to his knees, with quick effect, Ambrose chucks out the referee. He clasps his hand around his briefcase but Sin Cara runs out! Ambrose runs back as Cara jumps in and hits Ambrose with a quick dropkick from behind! Ambrose falls forward and quickly grabs his briefcase and title before rubbing his head and running away! The crowd boo as Ambrose exits. Inside the ring, Cara helps Mysterio up to his knees and lifts him up but out of nowhere Cara boots Mysterio in the chest and delivers a huge running powerbomb! The crowd are shocked at Cara's action! They boo as Cara stares at Mysterio!


    We go to the commentary box, where Cole and Lawler discuss the attack by Sin Cara to his mentor Rey Mysterio! Lawler says that this could lead up to many other things between what used to be friends!

    ''My Time Is Now'' blasts out, as WWE Champion John Cena walks out for the first time since his victory at Money In The Bank, the crowd cheer him on as he slides into the ring! Cena waits for the crowd to calm down before speaking, he says that at Money In The Bank he and Mark Henry had a hell of a match in the ring and in the end the best person would come out on top and well guess who that was? Cena lifts up his title before placing it around his shoulder, he continues on to say that he watched the Raw Money In The Bank match and in that match every single competitor was a threat to his title and in the end, Punk was about to win it but Lesnar came and knocked Punk's ass of the ladder but eventually in the end Orton won it!

    Before he can go on ''Burn In My Light'' blasts out as Raw's Mr Money In The Bank, Randy Orton walks out!

    He grabs a microphone, he says that before John can go on, he would like to say congratulations to him for beating Henry! But he ain't here for that crap, he's here to say that Cena better watch his back because any minute, wherever he walks, steps or moves in this ring! He's in danger, from ''The Viper'' Randy Orton! The crowd cheer for a minute as Orton drops his microphone, Orton picks up his red briefcase and lifts it up in the air as Cena does the same with his WWE title! Quickly Orton boots Cena in the chest and hits him with a RKO! The crowd go mad as Orton stares at Cena! Orton reaches down for the microphone and says not now John but soon before picking up Cena's title and lifting it up!


    We see CM Punk walking through the corrider, smiling! Inside the arena the crowd cheer! The camera focuses on the crowd before ''Cult Of Personality'' blasts out on the titantron. CM Punk walks out receiving huge cheers from the crowd! Punk has a microphone clutched in his hand as he walks in! He says that Lesnar once more gave him an issue to raise, once more Lesnar made him lose another match that he was going to win! This time it was against Orton and jeez Orton was gonna get his ass kicked by him. A pop from the crowd! Punk goes on to say that he's only got one thing to say to Lesnar and that is that he's the biggest pussy that he's ever seen! The crowd start shouting Lesnar and Punk! As Punk starts to talk again, he says that Lesnar come and fight me now! The crowd go mental as Punk chucks his hoodie outside!

    ''The Next Big Thing'' blasts out! As the crowd goes MENTAL! Out comes Brock Lesnar, looking fiercer then ever! He walks around the stage before walking in!

    Lesnar steps in and moves towards Punk, the two lock heads staring at each other with envy! At this point the crowd are going NUTS! Lesnar pushes Punk but Punk wastes no time and hits Lesnar with a huge Roundhouse Kick before hitting another, before hitting a huge neckbraker! Punk goes on top of Lesnar as the pair begin brawling! The guards begin running out trying to keep these two apart but both men begin attacking the guards! Chucking them out before starting again on eachother! Now the WWE Roster begins running out, all push away the two men from each other! Axel keeps back Lesnar as Jericho holds back Punk! Both stare at each other with envy from each corner as the camera shows Lesnar bleeding from the nose as Punk looks on!

    ''The Game'' blasts out as COO, Triple H walks out wearing a suit! Triple H moves the microphone towards his mouth! He says at Summerslam! CM Punk and Brock Lesnar will battle in a Street Fight! This announcement is welcomed by a huge pop from the crowd! ''Thank You Hunter'' is chanted as his theme song hits again! The camera shows Punk telling Lesnar he's dead!

    ***END OF SHOW***​


    The Miz def Fandango

    Curtis Axel def Kofi Kingston

    Daniel Bryan df Kane

    Dean Ambrose df Rey Mysterio

    Dean Ambrose def Dolph Ziggler

    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar set for Summerslam

    Tyson Kidd def Hunico​
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