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WWE Raw, Smackdown & PPV's 2003

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Main AWARDS!!!

    Tag Team Of The Year: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, THE WORLDS GREATEST TAG TEAM!
    No team really came close to even touching them, they even took like 2 months off and no one stepped up. Los Guerrero’s were a distant 2nd like far behind.

    Wrestler Of The Year: Chris Benoit
    This was so hard to choose, Benoit and Eddie carried Smackdown for the whole year. They were the most consistent. But Benoit just edged it out a little more. Also shoutout to Brock, he may not have wrestled every week but when he did it was rarely bad and he came on strong in November and December. I know it doesn’t matter but the Raw wrestler of the year is probably Chris Jericho as he was the most consistent, and everyone else on the show sucked outside CLB.

    Brand Of The Year: Smackdown
    lol like, was this ever even close

    PPV Of The Year: WrestleMania 19
    Top to bottom this had everything a wrestling fan could want, Rock/Austin, Kurt/Brock, Shawn/Jericho. Vince/Hogan is even watchable. Not only the best PPV of the year but one of the best Mania’s ever and overall shows ever.

    Thanks for reading, I'M OUT UNTIL NEXT TIME!

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