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WWE Raw, Smackdown & PPV's 2003

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    YES! You see correctly, I will begin watching and reviewing the 2003 year. STARTING TONIGHT! So get ready the 2 people that actually read this because SHIT GONNA GET REAL TONIGHT! Oh I will be adding gifs again for you non-readers.
  2. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member


    In between me taking over the world of critucism I will be popping in for a read and commenting as honest as I can be on your thoughts. I remember 2003 being a very mixed year like 02. The big events were of a high stardard but there was a lot of dross inbetween them. The early and closing parts of the year were the strongest for me.
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Smackdown 01/02/2003
    Albuquerque, New Mexico [​IMG]

    WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Guerrero’s
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

    Rikishi vs. John Cena (w/ B2)
    So before the match John does the usual pre-match RAP! I don’t remember all of it but some of the highlights were Cena calling him tons of fun, he’s so fat he sweats grease. Man this had a lot of fat jokes. B2 adding “BOOO YEAH!†was better than the rap. Cena debut shorts tonight :mark: It’s combat shorts but still it begins. The early part was all Rikishi taking it to Cena which looks better than he has in a while. Cena gains control when Rikishi loses concentration as he looks at B2 allowing Cena to get a cheap shot and B2 gets a couple shots in too. Not much happen during the heat-segment, but at one point B2 tries to give Cena the chain but the ref sees it. Rikishi hits a huge spine buster but the ref is still distracted, minutes later Rikishi brings B2 in the ring and Cena pushes the ref away allowing him to get a roll-up for the win. Meh! Not a good way to start the year. **

    Dawn Marie comes onto the stage in her wedding dress looking great, she gets on the mic and says the was looking at herself in the mirror and saw how beautiful she looked so she felt she should come out here and show everyone. Dawn then says later tonight, she will make history and marry Al Wilson in the nude. AWESOME!

    Backstage; Stephanie McMahon walks into Dawn’s room and compliments Dawn on how beautiful she looks. Steph then says she has no problem with her getting married on Smackdown, but not in the nude. Dawn says she wants to show Al how much she loves him. Steph threatens Dawn with repercussions if the dress comes off.

    Bill DeMott vs. Chuck Palumbo
    Much better than I thought it would be, lots of hard hitting but it was basically a squash for Bill. Chuck had a great looking belly-to-belly but that was about it. Anyway Bill wins after hitting a Reverse DDT lol **

    VIDEO PACKAGE SAYING TAKER IS RETURNING AT THE RUMBLE! :mark: Wait why is it showing “Deadman Taker†wait is the Deadman returning :mark:

    Backstage; Kidman tries to cheer up Torrie with a horrible impression of Al Wilson and Dawn Marie. Elsewhere Kurt Angle stands with Team Angle and says he's not worried about Benoit at the Rumble. He then makes Josh show the footage of Team Angle getting the better of Benoit. Josh then asks if Kurt is worried about whom Benoit picked as his partner. Kurt says he is not worried about who Benoit will pick as his tag team partner, this is the World Wrestling Entertainment, keyword WRESTLING! Kurt introduces Team Angle. Charlie Haas is a multi-time All American, as is Shelton Benjamin, who was also Brock Lesnar’s former teammate, and declares his boys and himself the three greatest wrestlers in the history of the sport. They put the “Wrestling†in “World Wrestling Entertainment.†So they’re not worried about Benoit, or his tag team partner. But if he was Benoit, he’d be worried sick.

    Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero) vs. Billy Kidman
    Eddie cut the mullet :( RIP! The match starts off with good quick high-flying action before Eddie takes over with stiff elbows and even hitting a “Bridging fallaway salm†for two. All of a sudden Cena comes out cutting another one of his RAPS! Cena even makes fun of the mullet; I guess Cena didn’t get the mullet memo. Cena even added immigrant jokes. Anyway Cena and B2 come down and Eddie and Chavo go after them and Rikishi also comes down. Rikishi, Chavo, and B2 fight to the back, as Cena hides :lmao we are back from a commercial and Cena is on commentary as the match still goes on. Eddie takes over again after hitting an impressive tilt a whirl backbreaker and even hitting a Gorri special but goes right to work with a chinlock. Cena is cracking me up on commentary right now, Eddie is now switching his heat from working the chin and mid-Section, but Billy no-sells all of it, he doesn’t even attempt to sell a thing. Billy’s in full on comeback not and it sucks, god this guy has fallen off. Anyway the match ends when Kidman X-Factors out of a powerbomb and goes up top. Cross body gets two. Kidman floats out of a suplex and they run into each other for a double KO. Cena leaves the announce position and nails Eddie with the chain. Kidman doesn’t realize, and he hits the Shooting Star Press for the win. **3/4

    Al comes down in some ridiculous Saturday Night Fever suit. Dawn Marie walks down the aisle alone wearing her dress still, they do the normal wedding stuff and the minister asks if there is anyone who objects to Al & Dawn wedding, to speak now. Dawn speaks and says that she objects, says she can't marry Al like this. She promised to recite her vows without her dress on, Dawn removes her wedding dress but she’s not nude. Instead she has this sexy Victoria’s Secret Lingerie; Dawn teases the removal of her panties but says Steph won't allow it. Dawn says that Stephanie never said anything about Al getting married in the nude :lmao Dawn takes Al's clothes off as the crowd chants "Keep it on!" Dawn teases removing Al's underwear but decides not to. The minister pronounces Al Wilson & Dawn Marie as man and wife. Dawn knocks Al over and kisses him on the floor!


    Team Angle (w/WWE Champion Kurt Angle) vs. Chris Benoit & Edge
    For the 6/7 minutes this got it was super fun, Shelton and Charlie looked great and held their own in here. I was impressed as they didn’t look lost for a split second. The match starts with Benoit and Charlie with Benoit getting the best of him at every turn; he looked to be 2 steps ahead of young Charlie at every turn. Benjamin tags in and gets locked in the Crossface but Charlie breaks it up leading to Benoit throwing him out. Edge tags in now and he’s getting the better of Shelton now with decent looking chops. Minutes later Team Angle would take over when on the ring apron Charlie would pull Edge’s hair leading to Shelton hitting a chop block. They now begin to work on Edge head but cutting the ring in half and basically throwing Edge around, even throwing in Kurt inspired moves. LEAP FROG BACK BREAKER DOUBLE TEAM! I still have no idea what’s that called. Charlie now begins to work the knee and locks Edge in the Hass of pain but Benoit breaks it up and Edge hits a desperation face planted. HOT TAG BY BENOIT! It’s so good as he throws Team Angle around. The match would end when Benoit hits a Snap suplex for Benjamin sets up the diving Headbutt for two, broken by Haas, who gets nailed with an Edge clothesline. Stereo rolling Germans by Edge and Benoit. Benoit gets the Crossface on Benjamin and Edge spears Haas away from the breakup, and then Angle nails Benoit with the belt for the DQ. Post-Match: Haas hits an awesome running crutch shot to Edge's throat. And Kurt beats up Tony Chimel and forces him to call Team Angle the winning. ***

    Back from break, and Paul Heyman is in the ring he says he’s so proud he is of his latest clients, Team Angle, he is also proud of his other Client, Kurt Angle. Paul says that everybody is looking forward to Brock Lesnar returning, but the real reason the building is sold out because of his 'biggest' client, Big Show! The Big Show's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Paul announces that they are challenging Brock Lesnar to a match at Royal Rumble. He says it's his ambition that Brock Lesnar never gets near the WWE Title, and the Royal Rumble is coming up. He says Big Show is the man who stopped Brock, who took his title, and ended his streak. Paul makes a challenge for Brock vs. Big Show at the Rumble, and with only the winner going on to the Royal Rumble. Paul says Brock will not accept because the he is afraid of the Big Show. BROCK COMES OUT! But Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore attack Brock from behind with a chair. (Brock is busted open bad on the back of his head) But he does fights back and chases Heyman, Show, Hardy & Moore off.

    SMACKDOWNS #1 ANNONCER! Funaki catches Dawn & Al in the parking lot; Dawn and Al are still in their underwear in the parking lot ready to leave. Dawn says that they're going to video tape their entire honeymoon, and they will show highlights of their honeymoon next week! Al says that he is getting cold and wants to get in the limo and GET HOT! "Funaki... feel... very... dirty..."

    Brock Lesnar vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore)
    Mattitude.com entrance says Matt always stays up until sunrise on New Year's. More epic Brock squash action, but this one had extra stiff with it. Brock is still bleeding though. I will give Matt some credit his bumping here was great he takes nutty bumps all match long, but Moore is still a pussy. The match ends when BROCK hits a F5 on Moore but Matt hits a Twist Of Fate out of nowhere for two, which pisses BROCK off so he hits a quick F5 on Matt for the win. Post-Match: Show and Heyman come out trying to intimidate Brock so Brock delivers another F5 on Matt.
  4. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Very weak SD that. The surreal (if anti-climatic) wedding segment and Team Angle VS. Benoit and Edge the highlights for me.

    Think Matt Hardy and Brock were wasted in that squash.
  5. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    I disagree about the Squash, it's was so good. BROCK! just beating the shit out of Matt and Moore for 5 minutes to get revenge on the chair shot and to send a message to the Big Show.
  6. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    It was the main event of the show, which a squash should never be (unless it has special importance), lasted too long, and made Matt look bad. It was pretty lame IMO.
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Raw 01/05/2003
    Phoenix, Arizona

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Goldust
    WE Women's Champion: Victoria

    TONIGHT: Triple H and Scott Steiner in a pose down contest = DEM RATINGZ

    The Dudley Boyz come out for a match, but Bischoff and Chief Morley come out and show clips of them helping JR & King beat Lance & Regal, and say there will be a change in attitude around here. Bischoff says that he won't tolerate the Dudleyz behavior any more, and that 2003 will go down as the year of Eric Bischoff. But that isn’t enough so Bischoff makes a no DQ handicap match; Dudley Boyz vs. Three Minute Warning, Rico & Batista.

    NoDq Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Three Minute Warning, Rico & Batista (w/ Ric Flair)
    Horrible squash attempt. Flair, Bischoff, and Morley also get involved at points. The ref kept refusing to count until Eric threatened to fire him. FUCK THIS SHOW!

    William Regal and Lance Storm come out and bully JR/King at the announce table, Regal says he is humiliated that Jim Ross pinned him last week and say they've been sent out because the Dudleyz aren't getting the message. Regal/Storm go to the ring and Regal punches Regal in the head with the brass knux! While Lance puts D-Von in the Sharpshooter.

    Backstage; Triple H is looking at himself in the mirror slowly unzipping his jacket to look at his oiled up body and Flair enters the room. Hunter says his arm was hurt last week that’s why he didn’t win the arm wrestling match last. Flair and Hunter both look at HHH’s pics in a magazine. Out of nowhere Steiner shows up and says he already kicked HHH's ass in arm wrestling, he's going to kick HHH's ass in the pose-down tonight. Scotty then threatens to rip Flair head off if he tries anything.

    Trish Stratus & Jacqueline vs. Molly Holly & Victoria (w/Steven Richards)
    It was 3 minutes, nothing really happen. I call it the Diva’s filler exhibition. The match ends when Victoria rolled up Trish with help from Steven.

    Backstage; Terri interviews Booker and Goldust, and Goldust is doing weird stuff behind Terri’s back. Booker says if 2003 is the year of Bischoff, it will suck for them. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW BOOKER!

    Elsewhere, Eric is PISSED! So he makes Booker & Goldust vs. Regal/Lance for the titles, and says he will not put up with this.

    Chris Jericho comes down to the ring, and he gets on the mic. He says since WrestleMania last year, he's had a dream to go back and regain his World Title in the main event, he’s gonna make that a reality and he doesn’t care if it’s against H or vs. Steiner. He says it's not just about the title; it's about being seen as the best in the world at what he does. OH SHIT! Jericho says the best way to get this is to be entered into the 2003 Royal Rumble and will win. Suddenly Shawn Michaels' music hits and he comes down to the ring. Michaels says that Jericho only wants everyone to recognize that he is the best; you gotta volunteer to be the #1 entrant in the Rumble. Jericho says he knows what Michaels is trying to do, and not to patronize him and that Shawn Michaels is the only man to enter #1 and win the Rumble. Jericho says Michaels is trying to insinuate that, to be great, Jericho has to do it too, he beat two men that Michaels has never beat (on the same night) to win the UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP! Michaels tells Jericho to prove that he is great, and volunteer to be #1 for the Rumble. Shawn challenges him to prove it and enter at #1 or he will! Jericho suggests he go through Michael’s right here tonight.

    RNN BEAKING NEWS and its LIVE! RANDY ORTON COMES DOWN TO THE RING! He says while Shawn in the Rumble is big news, the real big news is that his shoulder is up to 93% mobility. Randy says that Michaels is jealous cause his comeback story is better than his :mark: and that all the girls will agree that there is a new "Sexy Boy" in town. Randy says that Michaels doesn't wanna be anywhere near him when he's 100% suddenly Shawn punches Randy Orton, who falls to the mat so Jericho goes after Michaels, and Christian runs down to help. But Rob Van Dam & Kane run down and chase Jericho/Christian away from the ring.

    WWE World Tag Team Championships: Booker T & Goldust vs. William Regal & Lance Storm
    Damn this was fun, match starts with Booker/Lance which was solid but Regal/Goldust and Regal/Booker was GOOD! Man I can’t wait to re watch Regal/Goldust superstar matches. Team Canada 2 UK/Un-Americans begin to work on Booker with quick tags just taking turns working the fuck out of the neck and head, but most of the time was spent in a chinlock. Goldust hawt tag is so good [MENTION=11]Andrew[/MENTION] should really educate himself and check this out to see how well Goldust was moving back in the day. Anyway all hell breaks loose and Goldust looks like he has the match won so Regal fucking kicks Charles Robinson in the face and throat, so he's dead. Morley runs out in a ref shirt, but when Lance moves, Booker hits him with the Harlem Sidekick! Nick Patrick runs down and Booker has it won but that only gets a 2, on a great near fall. Un-Americans now begin to work on Goldust how is knocking it out of the park on his role as hot tag and Goldust face in peril. The match ends when Booker hits an axe kick but Morley pulls him out. Regal KOs Regal with the knucks and Lance covers for the win. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 3 FUCKIN’ WEEK RUN, THE DREAM IS OVER. RAW IS DEAD. ***1/4

    Backstage: Storm tell Bischoff that it will be an honor to represent him as Tag Team champions, as Regal sucks up by saying he always loved working for him.

    Christopher Nowinski (w/ D'Lo Brown) vs. Test (w/ Stacy Keibler)
    Keibler’s LEGS and gold digger attitude is a win, Nowinski theme double WIN! But D’lo’s head shaking on his way to the ring EPIC WIN! That is all

    Backstage: Christian tell Jericho that he's also in the Rumble now, and Jericho says that he can help him win then :lmao Christian says that it's every man for themselves and he wants to win the World title, both men begin to bicker back-and-forth about who is better and who’s gonna win until Randy Orton calms them down and says to focus on RVD & Kane for now. Jericho and Christian leave, and Orton looks at himself in a mirror.

    Backstage: Triple H is oiling his body up and begins using an arm’s crusher I think, IDK

    Pose Down: Scott Steiner vs. Triple H (w/Ric Flair)
    Triple H comes out first and gets a pop, JESUS! And this is what makes Hunter so great is that he hears that so he gets on the mic and says that the entire crowd is not fit to judge a pose down. DAT HEAT! He then says he'll pick six fans from the crowd (AKA Plants) to judge the competition, OH SHIT! One of the guys is Mike Knox. Triple H explains the rules to the judges and now out comes Scotty, they start doing some poses I’m not gonna name the names of the poses. All six judges vote unanimously for Triple H :lmao Scott Steiner grabs the mic and yells at the judges he then accuses Hunter of knowing the six guys. Scott Steiner then says he's going to let all his freaks in fix decide who the real winner is! The crowd cheers as Steiner flexes on the ropes. Scott tells Hunter to go to the corner and see what people think. Triple H says he doesn't need a bunch of idiots to tell him something he already knows, and the panel voted for him and that is fair. Triple H says that Steiner is embarrassed because it was a clean slate. Triple H then suggest they have a push-up contest. Steiner pretty much OWNS this, but then the 6 guys get up and attack Steiner but he fights back and beats up all six guys as Triple H & Flair escape.

    Chris Jericho & Christian (w/Randy Orton) vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane (w/Shawn Michaels)
    I didn’t really care for this at all; it just didn’t click for me. Maybe it’s because this whole night has been a DUD! Or maybe it’s because I’m still laughing my ass off at the pose off before this. Fuck it the match ends when Orton goes to throw RVD back in the ring but Shawn kills Orton with SCM but he walks right into Jericho throwing him into the steps, hot tag by Kane and he takes out both Christian and Jericho and wins with the chokeslam. *1/4

    Backstage: Bischoff says that he finally feels like he's in charge of RAW! But then receives a phone call and has a worried look on his face. Bischoff hangs up and tells his boys that it was Vince McMahon, and that Vince will be HERE next week on RAW!

    4 tag matches, one shitty jobber one-on-one match and a pose down, way to kick off Raw for 2003
  8. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    I may have been one of the only ones who enjoyed the Regal-Storm team.

    The Steiner-HHH feud was pretty bad, but there were some random good segments like the pose down and arm wrestling the week before.

    I think this Raw sounds alright and I might revisit at some point.
  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Don't get me wrong I love the team of Regal and Storm but the fair tail 8 month dream of Goldust and Booker gone in 3 weeks was more upsetting for me and what upset me even more is they them making the Dudleyz into that number one face tag team and i'm gonna be honest yeah the crowd cheers we want tables every night but Booker and Goldust were clearly the more over and entertaining team.
  10. Slim

    Slim #MFR

    To be honest... I'm just waiting for the Royal Rumble review to see what you have to say about the Scott Steiner vs. Triple H "match" heh heh cause I got all 12 PPVs from that year.
  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Smackdown 01/09/2003
    Tucsan, Arizona

    WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Guerrero’s
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

    The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Rikishi
    I would say this match was an angle advancement match, yeah Rikishi got some shots in but this was basically a squash match and Shows was of sending a message to Brock. It wasn’t a bad thing to book it this way though, Show was moving slow but it was more of a methodical slow pace instead of a he’s gassed so he moves slowly. I should also point out Show’s chopping was great here. The match would end when Show hits a sick clothesline that turns Rikishi “Inside out†and finishes him off with a chokeslam. *1/2

    John Cena Freestyle; Here are some highlights.
    “I'm a Rottweiler, you’re a Mexican Chiuauaâ€
    “You hate me ‘cause I'm white, that's reverse discriminationâ€
    “I hate you for two words ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!â€
    “Sit back, relax, and listen to the boss. Work at Taco Bell, handing me the mild sauceâ€

    BOO YA!!!!!

    John Cena (w/B2) vs. Chavo Guerrero (w/ Eddie Guerrero)
    For the 4 minutes this got it was quite enjoyable, first few minutes Cena was a bumping machines but took over with a vicious clothesline and begins to go to work. Minutes later, Chavo fights out of a backdrop superplex, but B2 knocks him off the top before he can hit a top rope move. Eddie and B2 go at it outside, and Cena joins them. Chavo hits a slingshot body press on Cena as Eddie suplexes B2 on the ramp. A bunch of Refs rush down and send them to the back. Back in the ring, Cena goes up top but gets superplexed off for two. Chavo then nails Cena with this sweet DDT for another two. But Cena counters a sunset flip by sitting down and grabs the ropes for the win. **

    Recap of Al & Dawn’s wedding, good times.

    Dawn Marie is in the honeymoon suite, and Dawn Marie talks about how Al is an animal and to stay tuned ‘cause much more is to come.


    Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore)
    Mattitude.com entrance says Matt has a heated toilet seat & Matt likes pulp in his orange juice. The match was alright when Matt was in control; Billy is still like fuck selling everything. Moore interfering every time he could was hilarious but actually in a good way because that means Billy wasn’t on the offensive too much. At one point Billy hit the most laziest SSP press to the outside onto Matt and Moore, Billy’s went forehead to forehead into Moore :lmao Minutes later the match would end when Matt gets a modified Side Effect for two. Scoop slam sets up the middle rope Legdrop which misses. Rydien Bomb by Kidman and Moore distracts him from the Shooting Star Press, and then Matt presses him off the top. Kidman dodges the Twist of Fate, Matt runs into Shannon and Kidman rolls Hardy up for the win. Post-Match: Matt calls Shannon into the ring. Matt says that he knows Shannon tried, and even though he failed, it’s better than not trying at all, and he forgives him. Matt raises Shannon’s hand and hugs him. *1/2


    Backstage: Josh asks Torrie what she thinks of her new 'step-mother' Torrie says that the wedding on Smackdown! Last week was tasteless and disgusting, she’s there to support her father, but Dawn was there to embarrass him! Torrie says that they are blessing fans with a live tape of their honey moon and Dawn will get what's coming to her. Josh announces a Step-Mother vs. Step-Daughter match at Royal Rumble. Torrie says that she will take care of her EVIL Step-Mother.

    Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble (w/Nidia)
    OH FUCK YES! For the 5 minutes this got it was good. Knoble ducks a kick to start and tell the ref to watch his feet :lmao Knoble begins to target the arm but Tajiri uses the quickness to get out so Knoble switches and goes to the back but again Tajiri fights off and reverses a whip into the Tarantula. Noble fights out and goes to the outside, tossing Tajiri onto the barricade, rolls him back in for two. Noble works Tajiri arm. Northern Lights suplex connects by Knoble for two and he goes right back to work on the arm with a Hammerlock on the mat. Tajiri fights back with kicks and a rolling sunset flip just for two. Knoble reverse but Tajiri bridges out. Double clothesline for the double KO, Bridging German suplex by Tajiri gets two. Handspring elbow gets two. Rolling arm bar into the Trailer Hitch :mark: But Tajiri makes the ropes. Knoble works the leg on the ropes but Tajiri gets the Tarantula Kick. Buzzasaw Kick ducked, Trailer Bomb is countered to a catapult, countered to a second rope dropkick which is stopped with a kick, and Tajiri ends it with the Buzzsaw Kick. ***

    Backstage: Kurt Angle fires up Team Angle.

    Edge vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Kurt Angle & Shelton Benjamin)
    As soon as the bell rings, Benoit’s music hits and he comes down to ringside. Good mat work to start with Hass using the front headlock but Edge counters to the hammerlock and so on, things looks like it’s about to quicken up when Edge hits a hiptoss but he decides to go back to the arm. Haas gets out with an elbow but gets face planted off a whip. Cross corner whip but Edge gets the boot up. Haas gets an overhead belly to belly. Snap suplex gets a pair of two counts. Edge fights out to a backdrop for two. Irish whip by Edge but Haas ducks under a clothesline and German suplexes him. Haas goes up top but gets booted on the way down and belly-to-bellied by Edge (Both those moves look ugly when Edge hits them) Edge-O-Matic gets two, and the Flapjack sets up a double KO. On the outside, Angle, Shelton attack Benoit and Benjamin hits a superkick on Benoit. Edge spears Haas for two but gets pulled off by Angle. Haas whips Edge and Angle gets in a shot in with the crutch which allows Haas hits an Exploder suplex for the win. **3/4

    Post-Match: Benoit gets on the mic and cuts a “Tick-Tock†promo saying he’s gonna win the title and make him tap. Benoit then challenge’s Shelton Benjamin to a match RIGHT NOW!

    Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin
    So during the break not only did this match start but officials sent Hass, Kurt and Edge to the back. Benoit is in control to start and even goes for an early Crossface but Benjamin makes the ropes. Benoit chops Shelton but gets dragged out and tossed around from apron to barricade. But Shelton takes over with a Backdrop; Shelton now begins to work the back which ruled. Benoit screaming when Shelton was pulling on the neck was great. Shelton kept doing a lot of holds and quick pins like you'd think that an amateur wrestler in his first singles WWE match DAT STORYTELLING :mark: Minutes later Benoit chops him but gets school Boy'd after ducking a kick. Benjamin had his foot on the rope and the ref saw it. Corner whip but a splash by Benjamin misses which leads to Benoit hitting the three German suplexes. He signals for the Diving Headbutt and it hits, right into the Crossface, but a crippled Angle manages to get to the ring which distracts the ref as Benjamin taps and nails Benoit with the crutch to draw the DQ. Post-Match: Angle gets put in the Crossface but Benjamin and Haas save. Edge tries to save, but Kurt kills him with the crutch. Kurt goes nuts on Benoit with the crutch and chokes him with it. Haas and Benjamin hold up Benoit, and Kurt taunts him with the WWE Title, before nailing him with it. But Kurt isn’t done as he applies Ankle Lock, and they forced Benoit's limp hand to tap out. ***

    Back at the honeymoon suit Al is washing his face as Dawn is in the shower, Al ask again referring to does he have to fuck again, what a guy

    Bill DeMott vs. Shannon Moore (w/ Matt Hardy)
    Shannon dying for 3 minutes is so far the best thing that has happen so far into 2003. Matt was on commentary for this and says “Mattfact; Michael Cole is bias†sit-out Doctor Bomb wins it for Bill. Post-Match: Matt gets in the ring, and tells Shannon he did his best, hugs him, then hits the Twist of Fate :lmao


    Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero vs. B-2 (w/John Cena)
    Eddie tries his best to make B2 look like a legit challenger god bless him. Lots of back and forth action until B2 does these terrible looking elbows, forearms and attempts to take over but Eddie cuts him off at every turn. Don’t even get me started on the awful looking floats out of a backdrop with Eddie messing up the landing then B2 gets a springboard clothesline which was under shot to it barely touches Eddie. The match would end when Cena tries to use the chain but Chavo would hit him with the title and Eddie hits the frog splash for the win. *1/2

    At the honeymoon sweet Al wants more SEX but Al is lying face down on the pillow honeymoon unresponsive. OH SHIT!

    Backstage: A-Train tells Heyman and Show they can have whatever they want with Brock after the match, but he's going to cement his reputation by busting up Brock, just like he to Rey. A-Train says that nobody on the Smackdown! Roster measures up physically with A-Train.

    Brock Lesnar vs. A-Train
    Cole tells us that the chair shot last week by Matt forced Brock to get 18 stiches in the back of the head and he also has or had a concussion. JESUS! HUGE Power vs. Power match, both men beating the shit out of each other A-Train looked AWESOME! Here IDK if it’s the new gimmick or he’s been training but JESUS! It’s good and BROCK’s bumping for him was tremendous for a guy his size he makes any and everyone’s shit look well. Brock wins after hitting a pair of Belly-to-Belly’s and finishes him with a F5. Post-Match: Brock gets on the mic and calls out Show and Heyman to teach him that lesson. In the back, Show and Heyman walk and Heyman says the lesson is...just when you think they'll go right, they go left, and they turn around and walk out the building, with Heyman saying that Brock can't beat The Big Show. **3/4

    We cut to Dawn and Al’s hotel room, where paramedics are shocking Al with defibrillator paddles, with Dawn screaming he’s not breathing. OH SHIT! AL WILSON IS DEAD!
  12. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Raw 01/13/2003
    Uncasville, CT

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Lance Storm
    WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

    In the parking lot: Bischoff & Morely are waiting for Vince McMahon to arrive, when Bischoff tells Morely to make sure all RAW superstars are on their best behaviour. Earl Hebner approaches the duo and says that the refs have been talking about striking so Eric tells him to deal with this so Morely leads the two referee off to 'discuss?' the matter. Steiner sneaks up behind Bischoff and demands a match with Triple H tonight, so Bischoff proposes a bench press contest and Steiner says he's tired of the games and the people want to see a fight. Bischoff tells Steiner to please promise not to do anything crazy. Steiner says he can't promise anything.

    Hardcore Match for the WWE Women's Championship: Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline
    This was fun, and the weapons more than made up for me not giving a fuck about this. This was like 2 and a half minutes long and ended when Richards hits Trish with the lid to give Victoria the win *

    Backstage: Bischoff is stressing out over what Vince's intentions are. The Dudleyz come up behind Bischoff and get in his face demanding stuff until Morely talks shit with Bischoff and the Dudleyz attack him, Security pulls the Dudleyz off and Bischoff fires them on the spot. Bubba says that Stephanie could use a good tag team on Smackdown! So Bischoff changes his mind and decides to only suspend the Dudleyz without pay!

    Maven & Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. D-Lo Brown & Christopher Nowinski
    Gonna honest I didn’t give a fuck about the match but Lawler had me in stiches on commentary with his jokes 1) I heard Stacey was bad at English but good on dates :lmao 2) I heard Maven wanted to go to Penn State but instead went to State Penn :lmao 3) When I was in college I studied S.E.X.

    In the parking lot, Bischoff greets an approaching Limousine thinking it will be Vince McMahon. Instead, Gene Okerland steps out of the limo! Bischoff asks Gene what the hell he's going here. Gene says he's there to be a presenter at the Anniversary show and Bischoff informs Gene that that is TOMORROW NIGHT! :lmao Gene tells Bischoff if he wasn't so stupid a few years ago, it would be Nitro's anniversary :lmao Gene gets back into the limo as Jericho approaches and says he's got a big problem, he wants to prove he is the best by entering the Rumble & #1. Bischoff says he needs a RAW superstar to win the Rumble, #1 is against the odds.

    Regal is reading Jerry Lawler's book and makes fun of Lawler's wives leaving him. Storm asks him why he's not getting ready for his match, and Regal responds with "Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance" and taps his hip.

    William Regal vs. Jerry Lawler
    The referees check Regal and find his brass knucks, another ref comes out and checks storm and he finds some knucks on him so they send him to the back. While this is going on Lawler pulls a chain out of his boot and KO’s Regal with them, he goes for the cover but the ref sees the chain on the hand and calls for the DQ. DUD! FUCK THIS BRAND.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Raven
    Wasn’t Raven banished from RAW during July 2002 forever, GOD DAMMINT WWE! But I guess the bookers didn’t know it was Raven since he cut his hair and is now wearing back underwear :lmao FUCK THIS MATCH! Everything was botches both men looked higher than RVD on his day off here, I hate Raw right now.

    Eric Bischoff greets Vince McMahon in the parking lot and Vince says that all he's going to do tonight is make an announcement, Vince runs into Randy Orton and asks him how his shoulder is doing and Randy smiles and reports that it's at 94%! Vince congratulates him and gives him a swift WHACK on the shoulder before walking away.

    Vince comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, Vince says that he's here for one reason, because 10 years ago he started something. Suddenly the Dudley Boyz storms the ring to talk to Vince McMahon. Bubba says that earlier on they got suspended and they don’t know where to turn, they have a tremendous amount of respect for Vince McMahon and that Vince chose a 'piece of crap' to be GM of RAW. Bubba says he speaks for every wrestler and every fan, Bischoff doesn't appreciate talent. Vince interrupts and says he doesn't appreciate the Dudleyz interrupted him. Vince then reinstates the Dudley and gives the Dudleyz a tag team title match against Regal & Storm at Royal Rumble. Vince says that he wants to hear the words "DVON.. GET THE TABLES" at the PPV! The Dudleyz celebrate and leave the ring happy. Vince gets back to his speech but is interrupted AGAIN by Chris Jericho. Jericho says it's great to see Vince again, and says we have a huge problem, he was denied the #1 slot in the Royal Rumble. Vince says that the winner of the Over the Top Challenge tonight gets to choose their entry #Number he wants. Jericho says that when he wins that match he'll choose #1 and prove that he's the best. Vince says that the winner can pick any number except #1, because Shawn Michaels has it, Vince then kicks Jericho out of the ring so he can finally get to his announcement. Suddenly Eric Bischoff's music hits and he comes out to interrupt THE BOSS! Eric questions Vince's efforts to undermine his authority as General Manager of RAW. Vince tells Eric Bischoff to SHUT UP! He’s been interrupted by wrestlers Bischoff cannot control and maybe it's time for a public employee evaluation. Vince asks the crowd if Bischoff is doing a good job as General Manager (Crowd Boos) Vince disagrees and says Bischoff is doing a good job, but he didn't hire Bischoff to do a good job, he hired him to do a GREAT job. Vince gives Eric Bischoff 30 days to turn RAW around, or he'll be fired.

    In the parking lot, Bischoff is pleading with Vince to give him more time and says that Vince knows there is nobody on the planet who could replace him. Vince opens the limo door and YOUNG FUCKIN’ SIMBA Shane McMahon steps out :mark:


    Booker T (w/ Goldust) vs. Lance Storm (w/William Regal)
    Really fun for 5 minutes but got ruined when the Dudley Boyz come in for the interference DQ.

    Brock Lesnar and Team Angle are at WWF New York.

    The Hurricane (w/ Trish Stratus) vs. Steven Richards (w Victoria)
    They did some stuff it was like a minute long, MEH!

    Nathan Jones promo, OH SHIT!

    Bench Press Challenge: Triple H vs. Scott Steiner
    The Coach introduces Scott Steiner to the stage first and Steiner tells the helpers to load up the bar with 588lbs for starters, what a guy. Triple H is introduced, but he walks by the stage and heads towards the ring. Triple H says he doesn't give a crap about bench pressing, arm wrestling and posedowns, and he’s’ been playing games with him he doesn’t care about any of that all he cares about is the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H lists all the big names that tried to knock him off but he's still standing. Triple H says that Scott Steiner will end up just like the others. Steiner suggests they not wait til Sunday and fight right now; he drops the mic and walks to the ring, where the two begin to brawl! Steiner ends up ripping Triple H's suit off, all the way down to his tight grey undies. WHAT A BUILD UP!

    Over the Top Challenge: Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kane vs. Batista
    JESUS! This was sloppy as hell but for 6 minutes it was all over the place, but to be fair it’s just like everything else on this show. I’m just gonna list the eliminations how they happen. Batista & Kane eliminate each other. But Batista gets back up and knocks RVD off onto the top rope. Jericho comes over and flips RVD out of the ring to win the match. Post-Match: Jericho says that if Shawn Michaels is #1, then he's picking #2! Suddenly Shawn Michaels runs out and attacks Jericho. Jericho throws Michaels over the top rope, but Michaels skins the cat and slips back in, Jericho charges and Michaels tosses Jericho over the top rope. *3/4
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Smackdown 01/16/2001
    East Rutherford, New Jersey

    WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Guerrero’s
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman


    We open the show with a pre-taped video package with a hawt Dawn Marie, she says a week ago she was the happiest woman in the world when she married Al, on her honeymoon but now Al has passed but despite all the spite and hate from his family they overcame it as she loved him. Al was a good man and loved all that public attention that’s why the wedding and honeymoon was public. So tonight she'll respect Al's wishes and have the pre-funeral viewing ceremony on Smackdown.

    TONIGHT: Team Angle (Kurt, Charlie & Shelton) vs. Edge & Chris Benoit

    WWE Tag Team Championship: Los Guerrero’s vs. John Cena & B2
    Pre-Match Cena RAP: Since when did the meadow lands become a place for Mexicans, go back to home depo to they can hire you for extra hands. The opening minutes of the match was all Eddie & Chavo taking it to B2 and Cena until Eddie goes to bounce off the ropes but Cena pulls down the rope and attacks Eddie before rolling him back in where B2 hits a huge Falcon Arrow which gets two for Buchannan, then two for Cena when he tags in. Face lock by Cena. Chavo tags in by hitting Eddie’s foot and the match would breakdown. Snap suplex by Cena gets two, into another facelock. Eddie’s not getting up. Chavo counters a flapjack with a dropkick and tags Eddie in as B2 tags in. Eddie hits DDT for two, broken by Cena. Chavo back body drops B2 out and hits a plancha that’s caught by both heels, and then Eddie hits another plancha onto all three, hurting himself further. Back in, Chavo gets whipped but B2 telegraphs and gets kicked in the mush. Dropkick and Chavo hits a frog splash to pick up the win. Post-Match: Cena and B2 argue, and B2 shoves him down. Until some guy from the crowd jumps out, OH SHIT! It’s Rodney Mack and assaults B2, laying him out. **1/2


    Stephanie McMahon comes onto the stage; she hypes up the Rumble PPV and then announces Big Show & A-Train vs. Brock Lesnar & a partner to be named.

    Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott
    Before the match Rikishi has a video promo trying to sell us that he believes he’s gonna win the Rumble this Sunday. Bill comes out and he has a mic (Oh great this will be fun) He says some shit how people think he’s a Bully so Smackdown gave him a match with Rikishi so he can pick on someone his own size, he then tells Rikishi to back that ass out of the arena. This match was actually allot better than it really should have been, both men pretty much beat the tar out of each other to start but Bill began to slow it down ‘cause he really doesn’t want dat ass anywhere near him. Bill’s arm work was really solid and Rikishi sold it so well until his comeback. The match would end when Bill reversed the bonzai drop into a powerbomb and used the tights for the win. *1/2

    Backstage: SMACKDOWN NUMBER #1 ANNONCER is with Billy Kidman who is making fun of Shannon Moore for being brainwashed, then Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore show up and they argue, which leads to a brawl


    Tajiri vs. Nunzio (w/ Jamie Noble & Nidia)
    Tajiri cutting a promo in Japanese on how he's gonna win the rumble = EPIC! And way more believable than Rikishi’s this was fun Nunzio works the arm ‘cause he saw Knoble had some success with it last week but Nunzio’s wasn’t as good as Knobles, though. Tajiri is just so good offense with moves and just straight up killing bitches with kicks. The match would end when Nidia goes to distract by kissing Tajiri but gets a face full of green mist. Nunizo takes advantage and hits a springboard tornado armbar for the win. **3/4

    Highlights of the Raw 10th Anniversary award show.

    Josh asks Cena what happened with him and B-2, Cena 'raps' his response, basically introducing his new partner, Redd Dogg.

    2:30 - 3:00 :lmao

    Steph is on the phone with Shane McMahon when Brock Lesnar enters the office he says that he doesn't want or need a tag team partner. Steph says that she has to protect her investment and she wants Brock to beat Big Show this Sunday and win the Royal Rumble. Steph says that Brock will have a partner tonight.

    A-Train & The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Brock Lesnar and a Mystery Partner
    Heyman gets on the mic, talking about how Brock won't win the Rumble, because he can't beat The Big Show. And if he does somehow, Haas & Benjamin and their new friend A-Train will be waiting, along with 26 others. Brock comes out first alone then all of a sudden Rey Mysterio entrance hits and HE’S THE PARTNER! :mark: Brock and Rey hit the ring, Brock F5s A-Train, then floats out of the chokeslam and clotheslines Show out. 619 to A-Train and a slingshot body splash finishes A-Train for the win, 36 seconds :lmao

    Back at the funeral home Dawn is greeting some old woman until Torrie shows up as the music stops and everyone gets silent. Torrie walks over to Dawn for a face-off.

    Matt Hardy vs. Funaki
    Mattitude.com entrance says Matt was in the academically gifted class in grade school. Matt pretty much control’s the entire match, the match would end when Funaki goes up top and hits a cross body but the ref is distracted by Shannon Moore and Billy Kidman going at it on the apron and misses it. Matt hits the Twist of Fate for the win. Post-Match: Moore and Hardy celebrate up the ramp. Moore yells that they did it, so Matt slaps the shit out of him and says HE did it. **

    At the viewing, Torrie is crying over Al's corpse, and Dawn comes up. Dawn tells Torrie that most people think Al died of a broken heart because of how Torrie didn't want him to be happy with her. Dawn slaps Torrie, and Torrie is crying. She slaps Dawn down, and yells that she hates her. Torrie cries over Al more, so Dawn breaks a lamp on Torrie's head. This was AMAZING!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Edge & Chris Benoit vs. Team Angle (Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle)
    Lol @ Kurt still using the crutch to hobble his way down to the ring, Edge makes his way followed by Benoit as we go to a commercial. We are back and the match has started, Benoit throws Haas out of the ring and begs for Angle to come in but Haas comes back so Benoit lights his chest up with chops as Kurt looks one. Back body drop to Haas and now a snap suplex. Clothesline to Haas as Kurt low blows Benoit and Haas takes over working some kind of arm, head submission. Quick rollup by Benoit and Edge tags in. Haas Whips Edge and Benjamin trips him up, Kurt tags in who begins to stomps a Edge down. Edge ducks a clothesline and hits a forearm and a faceplant. Tag in for Benoit and Angle bails. Benoit follows and runs into a clothesline from Benjamin. Angle stomps away and hits some mounted punches. Short arm clothesline gets two for Angle. German suplex to Benoit, cheap shot to Edge, by Angle. Ankle lock is now applied to Benoit, but he kicks Angle away and Benjamin tags in. Whip to the corner and Benoit clotheslines Benjamin. Tag to Edge, who hits a flying clothesline for two. Angle draws Benoit into the ring so Team Angle can beat on Edge. Haas dumps Edge in and Angle clotheslines him. AWESOME! Cheap heel tactics here by Team Angle, the ref is distracted by Benoit, so Benjamin hits Scoop slam followed by a legdrop gets two. The leapfrog/backbreaker by Team Angle gets two for Haas. Bulldog by Haas gets two as it gets broken up by Benoit. Tag to Benjamin who hits a neck breaker for two. Edge fights out of a chinlock and hits Edge-O-Matic. Tag to Haas who breaks up the tag to Benoit. DAT FALSE HAWT TAG CUTOFF SPOT: mark: Suplex gets two as Team Angle chokes away at him in the corner. Double team elbow by Team Angle as Kurt tags in, and Edge runs into an overhead belly to belly. Haas works a neck vice to weaken him and tags Angle in, who continues to stomps away. Edge and Haas do the double clothesline spot for the double KO, but Angle hits a German. Belly to belly by Edge but Benjamin tags in at the same time Benoit gets the hawt tag, and proceeds to kills Benjamin with elbows. Germans Suplexes to Team Angle. Benoit counters a fireman’s carry to a Crossface, then counters Angle’s belt shot to another Crossface. He won’t let go and the ref DQ’s him because Angle’s not legal. JESUS! Post-Match: Benoit keeps the Crossface on Kurt, and Edge continually cuts off Haas and Shelton. He hits a Plancha to them on the floor, and Kurt taps out to the Crossface. Referees pull Benoit off, So as promised Benoit grabs Kurt's crutch and begins to KILL Kurt with crutch shots for revenge for the last 3 weeks, he finally stops and poses over him to end the show. ***1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Royal Rumble 2003
    Boston, Massachusetts

    WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Guerrero’s
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Lance Storm
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman
    WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

    Winner goes into the Royal Rumble Match, Other goes home: Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show (w/ Paul Heyman)
    This was good but not as good as the SSeries match cause that was short and both men came out hitting move after move after move, hell this isn’t as good as some of the later matches they would have down the line this year. Show uses his size leverage to overpowers Brock at first but Lesnar shows his speed and relentless to hit a couple of shoulder block and even hitting Show with 2 belly-to-belly suplexes but on the third show does this sick counter by throwing Lesnar over the top rope with both hands. Back in and Show goes to work with chops and boots in the corner, Show misses a charge and Lesnar release German suplexes him. Heyman grabs Lesnar’s leg that allows the Big Show to big boot and sidewalk slam him. Chokeslam is countered into am arm drag roll for two:mark: Lesnar hits another belly-to-belly but this time Heyman gets on the apron so Lesnar flings him in the ring and props him up for an F5 but Big Show makes the saves with a chokeslam which only gets a two count. Show goes for another but that gets countered into an F5 for three and for the win. **1/2

    Terri Runnels interviews Chris Jericho, She asks why Chris Jericho picked the #2 he cuts her off by saying he choose to be #2 because Vince McMahon just GAVE the #1 spot to Shawn Michaels. But that doesn't matter, because he'll survive, throw out 29 other people, and go back to WrestleMania to regain his World Championship.

    WWE World Tag Team Championship: Lance Storm & William Regal vs. The Dudley Boyz
    While Team Un-Americans 2.0 makes their way down to the ring Referee “THE GOAT†Nick Patrick checks over Regal for brass knuckles. Bubba and Storm start and it’s alright, have to admit Bubba is getting fatter as the shows go by. Anyway the Dudleyz get the better of both Regal and Storm until Devon goes charging into Regal who’s in the corner but Storm pulls him out of the way and they hit a double clothesline to takeover. The heat segment was alright they worked on the head and neck wearing him down they also had quick tags. JESUS! Even Storms trash talking is boring “HOW’S YOUR TAG PARTNER DOING? HE’S DONEâ€:lmao Bubba gets the hot tag and its basic, didn’t care for it at all Bubba Bomb on Storm but Regal breaks the three count. D-Von tags in and the Dudleyz hit the Wazzup spot followed by a double-flapjack for two. They set up for the 3-D but Chief Morley, heads to the ring and argues with the referee allowing Regal to pulls out the brass knuckles. The Dudleyz hit the 3-D on Regal as Morley gets nailed by Bubba. D-Von grabs the knuckles and clobbers Storm with them for the win. UGH! **

    Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie Wilson
    Both girls selling the heartbreak during their entrances is GREAT! Dawn attacks Torrie before the match even starts, she stomps away until Torrie slingshots Dawn Marie on her face; Dawn counters a German suplex into a Fujiwara armbar :mark: Marie elbows and punches then nails a desperation flapjack on Torrie. Double KO leads to backslide followed by couple of nice arm drags by Torrie. Dawn hits a springboard rebound clothesline, Torrie ends it with a swinging neck breaker for three.

    Backstage: Stephanie McMahon interrupts Eric Bishoff who is talking to a young Randy Orton, and asks what his big bombshell is, and Eric promises that it's a huge announcement for Raw. Eric asks what her plan is, and she says she's a way better GM, but also has a big announcement for this Thursday on SD. Stephanie says that as far as her job security, blood is thicker than urine, and Eric says money is thicker than blood.

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Scott Steiner vs. Triple H (w/Ric Flair)
    I forgot 2003 was the year Hunter was in his different colour main event tights mode. Tonight he’s got the Red ones on. Earl Hebner lays down the rules early on and says he’s not putting up with any crap tonight, face-off to start and they start trading punches right away that Scotty wins; now chops are being lit up by Scott as Hunter tries his best to punch his way out of the corner. Whip is countered into a clubby forearm by Scotty and now a military press slam connects as Hunter rolls to the outside where Scotty meets him with a clothesline. Scott now begins to work the lower back on the guardrail and apron before supperslexing him back in for two. But goes right back to work on the lower back, ELBOW DROP TO THE BACK OF HUNTERS HEAD! He now applies a Boston Crab but Triple H makes the ropes and Scott elbows away at his head. Hunter counters a whip into a facebuster that Scotty no-sells and goes right into the bear hugs , but Triple H and turns it into a belly-to-belly; Flair pulls Hunter out of the ring as Scott goes after him. Back in, Steiner charges right into a big boot of Triple H who takes it to the floor and whips Steiner into the steps. Back in the ring and Hunter his a swininging neckbreaker for two and now Triple H goes to work, Flair even gets involved by choking Scott with his $500 jacket. More referee distraction allows more Flair choking; Steiner counters the Pedigree and slingshots him head first into the buckle. Exploder suplex by Scott and he goes for a Tombstone but Hunter reverses it and then hits a cutter-like neckbreaker. Triple H then hits a vertical suplex and decides to head up but jumps into a belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner starts hitting Steinerlines and another belly-to-belly; Steiner hits a twisting belly-to-belly this time. BUT NOW THE BEST PART OF THE MATCH! Steiner tries a butterfly suplex and barely gets Triple H over: lmao Hunter tries to go to the top again but Steiner catches him and superplexes him. Flair grabs the world title and decides FUCK THIS! And begin to leave but Steiner runs them down and nails Hunter in the head with his own the world title as the Ref is busy with Flair, OH SHIT Hunter is bleeding. Back in the ring Steiner hits another belly-to-belly as the fans begin to boo everything Scott does Triple H tries to escape into the crowd but Scott pulls him back into the ring and begins to do push ups. Triple H flings the referee out of the ring hoping for a DQ; Hebner refuses to DQ him and Steiner hits another belly-to-belly for two. Triple H kicks Steiner in the balls and rolls him up for two. Triple H heads out the ring and gets his BFF the sledgehammer, he brings it into the ring and nails Steiner in the gut with it and Hebner has seen enough and calls for the DQ. :lmao Post-Match: Scott is pissed so destroys Hunter and Flair with the hammer. He puts Hunter in the Steiner Recliner until referees pull him off. Scott then poses with the title, and puts it on H's chest before leaving. The first few minutes or so was good but after that when Scott took over he looked lost, poor Hunter he tried when it was his time but Scott No-sold any and all of it. *1/2


    WWE Championship: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (w/ Team Angle)
    As Chris comes down to the ring he does the EPIC thing and goes right up in Team Angles face causing them to push Benoit away. So the re sends team Angle to the back making this a one-on-one match. GENIUS! Side headlock by Benoit to start and he nails a huge should tackle which forces Angle out, back in and Benoit gets another sidelock on Angle. Angle tries to hiplock, Benoit blocks and Angle tries a dragon screw but Benoit dropkicks him. Angle locks in a sleeper but Benoit arm drags out and dragon screws into another Sharpshooter attempt. Kurt then throws Benoit shoulder first into the ring post and clubs the surgically repaired neck and upper back. Benoit boots Angle to counter a corner charge and clotheslines the back of his head and then knees him in the gut; more Benoit chops but Kurt counters and hangs Benoit off the top rope via vertical suplex. But as Kurt comes in Benoit counters the follow-up with a hangman’s clothesline off the top. Both men are not battling on the ring apron where Benoit DDTs Angle off the ring apron and blood comes down the nose of Angle right away, back in and Benoit covers for two. Benoit MISSES! A diving headbutt. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Benoit floats over into a Sharpshooter but Angle makes the ropes. Benoit lands a nice backdrop suplex and gets a two count, he goes for another but Angle reverses it and nails Benoit with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle flings Benoit to the floor now and rams him into the barricade. Back in, where Angle applies a rear naked chinlock with a body scissors. Benoit manages to fight out and hits an arm drags to get out but walks into a belly-to-belly and followed by a backdrop suplex as Kurt goes right back to the chinlock. But again Benoit gets to his feet to break the hold but this time both men go charging in and knock heads for the double DQ spot. Benoit gets to his feet first and begins to punch and chops his way back; he delivers the triple Germans but Angle does the standing switches on the third and delivers his on triple Germans. Benoit counters the third one and lands his final one. Benoit goes up for the headbutt again but Angle pops up and runs the ropes for the belly-to-belly superplex off the top. Benoit avoids another Olympic Slam into a Crippler Crossface, which forces Angle to makes the ropes. Benoit applies an ankle lock on Kurt before Angle reverses it into his own ankle lock :mark: Shades of the Unforgiven match. Benoit reverses the ankle lock into another Crossface but Kurt does this ridiculous counter into a cradle for two but runs right back into the Crossface. But now Angle counters a Peterson rolls out of the Crossface and into the Angle Slam :mark: for two. Angle PULLS DOWN THE STRAPS! And applies the ankle lock but Benoit rolls through and counters a German into roll up for two. Benoit goes for more German suplexes but this time Angle counters into one then Benoit shows him up with one of his own, but this time on the release he throws Angle in some full mid-air backflip/270 degree release German suplex. Benoit again goes up looking for the Headbutt for the 3rd time and this time he connects half-way across the ring for two. Benoit tries another Crossface but Angle reverses into an Alley-oop, face-first, into the top turnbuckle. ANGLE SLAM connects for two, this is FUCKIN’ AMAZING! Benoit pops up and locks in another Crossface but Angle rolls through again into an ankle lock. Benoit fights out fights out but Angle maintains the grip, eventually grape vining the leg and that forces Benoit to tap. Just an absolutely awesome match, everything was crisp, smooth, and technical just like every other Benoit/Angle match in the past. My only problem with this was the length of the chinlocks in the middle of the match. But other than that these two traded back and forth between anklelocks and crossfaces and just absolutely ruled, hell even Cole and Tazz did a wonderful job telling the story of the match and showed they did have what it takes to be the best commentary team if they wanted to. To me this match proves you don't need weapons, gimmicks or blood to get the crowd the size of the WWE audience invested in a match.

    A commercial for the WWE anthology music which was probably the last WWE CD I ever purchased. Good times, anyway we are back and Benoit is standing in the middle of the ring as pretty much all 15 thousand people give him a standing ovation as he leaves. GIVES ME CHILLS!

    In the back, Kane tells RVD that he's one hell of a tag partner, but it's every man for himself tonight, and he's going to win it. RVD says that's cool, but the winner of the Rumble is going to be ROB! VAN! DAM!

    Royal Rumble Match
    #1 Shawn Michaels and #2 Chris Jericho kicks off the Rumble this year. As Jericho comes down to the ring we in fact see its Christian who FAKES! Jericho’s entrance allowing the Chris Jericho to come through the crowd and low blow Shawn from behind. Jericho goes out to the floor and collects a chair on the floor and absolutely nails Shawn in the head with the chair busting him open. :mark: FUCKIN’ AWESOME! Storytelling. Christopher Nowinski is out now but he decides to waits on the floor as Jericho beats on Shawn some more, Jericho now decides enough is enough and throws tosses Shawn out of the ring and Shawn’s out first OH SHIT! Rey Mysterio runs to the ring and dropkicks Jericho followed by a springboard hurracanrana. Nowiniski still has not gotten in the ring yet. Jericho tries to counter the pop-up hurracanrana but Mysterio turns it into an X-Factor. Jericho tries to press-slam Rey but he counter but runs into a boot in the corner. Jericho tosses him into the buckle upside-down; Jericho tosses him over the top but he hangs on and springboard missile dropkicks him as Nowiniski finally enters the ring as Edge makes his way. Edge spears Nowiniski and Jericho; Rey adds a top rope head scissor take down on Jericho, Edge avoids a 619 and he and Edge go over the top and (nearly) eliminate each other. Rey tries another springboard… right into a powerbomb. Christian out now and he right away hugs Edge trying to reconcile. Rey slides through his legs and Edge spears him. AWESOME! A couple seconds past as Chavo Guerrero makes his way down e and Rey do a brief Luchadore series ending with a 619 to Chavo. Rey nails Christian with one as well. He springboards back in and lands on Nowiniski’s shoulders and hurracanranas him over the top for the elimination. Jericho returns and clotheslines Mysterio over the top eliminating him :mark: Tajiri heads in and kicks Jericho and Christian for a bit as everyone does that pairing in the corner for a breather. Bill DeMott is in now and everyone is still doing nothing. #10 is Tommy Dreamer :lmao he brings a rash can full of weapons to make this a HARDCORE ROYAL RUMBLE, But sadly this isn’t even close to the 2001 Rumble. Anyway Dreamer and Edge team up to eliminate Bill with a Kendo stick over the top, Jericho and Christian con-chair-to Dreamer with two trashcan lids and kendo stick then throwing him out. Tajiri tries a Tarantula on Jericho but he just flings him over :( Bull Buchanan is out now, he gets at least one cheap shot on everyone before charging at Edge but Edge ducks and he’s gone. Chavo goes over the top and lands on the apron but Edge spears for the elimination. Edge tosses Jericho over for about the tenth time. Jericho regains his composure and dumps both Edge and Christian over the top for the elimination. RVD out now and they do some stuff until Matt Hardy comes out next attacks RVD immediately and he and Jericho double team him. RVD flips over a Jericho on a double team whip and spin kicks Matt Hardy. Eddie Guerrero out next, he attacks RVD and Matt Hardy but walks right into a RVD monkey flips across the ring. Matt sets up Guerrero for a frogsplash of his own on RVD then Matt delivers a Twist of Fate to Eddie.

    #15 Is Jeff Hardy, and he decides to ruin the Rumble by attacking Matt he throws him over the top but Shannon Moore holds him in a Virgil-like fashion to save the elimination :lmao Rosey is next as the ring begins to get back and everyone goes back into pairing off for a breather, Test is out now and he clotheslines everyone and spinning sidewalk slams Eddie and pump-handle slams Matt. Test and Jericho go at it and Y2J almost goes out again for the 9th time. Test chokes out Matt with his boot as Cena makes his way to the ring complete with FULL 90 second freestyle. Everyone brawls in the ring as Cena keeps rapping around the ring :lmao Charlie Haas is out now but in the ring; Jeff tries a Whisper in the Wind and RVD pushes him to the floor, what an idiot Jeff is. #20 is Rikishi and starts superkicking everyone in sight, Shannon Moore runs in and Rosie sets them up for a reverse avalanche from Rikishi. Rosey turns on him with a 360-sell clothesline. Jamal is up next and superkicks Rikishi; but Rikishi comes back with a reverse avalanche and a Stink Face. JESUS! The ring is ridiculously packed right now. MR 2001 Rumble MVP Kane heads out next as everyone tries to gets knocked down; Kane chokeslams Rico from the apron into the ring. Kane eliminates Rosey and chokeslams Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore. He tosses Jericho top for Jericho’s 12th time but he manages to get back in. Shelton Benjamin is out now so Team Angle works together on John Cena while Eddie Guerrero tries to sleeper Rikishi down. Everyone tries to eliminate everyone in the corners. UGH! Booker T comes out and backdrops Eddie Guerrero over, C’MON! A-Train to head out and Baldo Bombs John Cena then hits the Derailer on Shelton Benjamin; he drops another Baldo Bomb to RVD. Rikishi tries to throw Jericho out but A bloody bandaged up Shawn Michaels returns and attacks Jericho that distracts him enough for Test to sneak up and throws Jericho out. DAMMIT! Shawn dives over onto him and the battle all the way back to the dressing room. Maven out next, He then makes the mistake of attacking Kane and gets clobbered. A-Train slams and splashes Haas. More brawling on the ropes for #27 Goldust to head out and take out Team Angle; powerslam to Benjamin. Goldust gives Maven the Shattered Dreams in the corner. Team Angle collects themselves and eliminates Goldust; tag partner Booker T comes over to attack and he gets eliminated by Team Angle as well :( Batista is out now and attacks everyone but gets full nelson slammed by Test who tosses him over the top; Batista lands on the apron, Test charges, so Batista low bridges him eliminating Test. Batista spinebusters Rikishi and eliminates him. #29 Brock Lesnar runs down. Team Angle tries to double team Lesnar but he eliminates them both; Lesnar then F5's Matt Hardy over the top onto Team Angle, eliminating him as well. Batista whips A-Train into an avalanche on Lesnar then Train turns on Batista with a bicycle kick. #30 IS THE RETURNING UNDERTAKER! Undertaker ELIMINATES John Cena and then eliminates Jamal. Maven tries to dropkick him over, like in the 2002 Royal Rumble :mark: but that doesn’t go as well as it did the last time. Undertaker chokeslams him and eliminates S him. A-Train stops Taker’s momentum with a Baldo Bomb then goes for RVD. Kane chokeslams Lesnar and RVD saves Kane from a powerbomb, they both eliminates A-Train. As Kane lures RVD into a double team involving a press-slam but fakes him out and eliminates RVD instead :lmao.

    Okay so the final four are; Kane, Brock Lesnar, Batista and the Undertaker. Batista and Kane double KO each other. Lesnar and Undertaker eyeball each other but Kane and Batista interfere before they battle. Batista manages a spinebuster on Undertaker as Lesnar battles back on Kane and Batista. Lesnar hits a belly-to-belly on Batista and nails Kane with a F5. Now Taker and Lesnar battle it out as Taker connects with a big boot. Undertaker charges and nearly goes out off a hotshot by Lesnar but Lesnar pulls him back in :lmao Undertaker counters an F5 into a Tombstone and clotheslines Batista over the top. Taker then helps Kane up and but turns on him and eliminating him. Batista returns with a chair to try to take out Undertaker but Taker fights him off and Lesnar uses the distraction to sneak up and ELIMINATE Undertaker to win the 2003 Royal Rumble. This rumble was weird the first half or so was all the young guys with Jericho tearing it up but as we got deeper it became too much of a clusterfuck for my liking. I did actually like the final 4 beating the shit out of each other though.
  15. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    No I do agree with that point about Goldust and Booker. Maybe they just thought the chase leading up to them winning the titles was more interesting than them holding the belts, but yeah they should have gotta a longer run.

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