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Watching NXT from the start (2012 - ???)

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Santana Garrett.....hot af.....y u no sign her WWE?
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  2. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Dash & Dawson
    NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley

    NXT Episode 187
    March 9th, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Back in sucky Full Sail.

    GM William Regal comes down to the ring, he says last week Corbin took unprofessional actions by attacking Aries during his debut, And while his actions deserve discipline, he's not going to, because Aries has asked him not to. So, at NXT TakeOver Dallas it will be Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin. He then hypes up the main event.

    Sasha Banks, Hideo Itami, and MICHAEL P.S. HAYES are all sitting in the front row for this match (Sidebar, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THAT IN NXT THE WRESTLERS ARE THE CELEBRITIES AND NOT THE CELEBS THAT DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WRESTLING)

    2 Out Of 3 Falls Match to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT World Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn
    So a little backstory, I basically started this project just so I can watch the rank the classics like Sami/Cesaro, Sasha/Bayley, Revival/DIY, Revival/Alpha, Dunn/Bate, and Idolo/Gargano. Along with watching 2018 as I've yet to watch any, another reason is to find the gems and I remember watching this live and loving it, so I wanna see if this still holds up.

    Good feeling out to start, with Joe either trying to kick Sami's head off or trying to get him on the mat to tire him out, while Sami uses his speed to avoid kicks and break free of holds. You know what cracks me up, NXT commentary they just assume all indy guys know and travel with one another. Like Graves assumes these two sharded locker rooms up and down the roads for years, and sure they shared a couple but they never really was on the road like that when you think about it. Joe was in ROH from 2002-2007, and sure some Generico had a stint in ROH for like 2 shows in 2004 but by the time he got to be a regular in '07 Joe was in TNA full time. Anyway, they trade holds for a good 5 minutes with Sami winning the later battles so Joe goes to strikes, so Sami goes the speed route and tries to turn up the pace. He fakes Joe out with a dive as we have our first break. Back and Joe takes over with some kicks to the chest, he has a really long isolation period and it never feels like he's trying to win, more like drag the match to fill out time. After like the 3rd Samicomeback where he doesn't hit any of his signature spots, Joe cuts him off with Muscle Buster and covers for the three. To take a 1-0 advantage. The best part of that whole first fall was Joe's jabs and him debuting these short elbow strikes.

    Back from the 3rd break, Joe attempts another Muscle Buster but Sami fights it off so Joe slaps the shit out of him, Joe continues to destroy Sami with short elbows and slow but connecting blows and Sami busts out his tremendous gassed, concussed selling where he just stumbles and collapses off anything that lands. The ref keeps holding Sami back after a headbutt causes a little cut on Joe's head, that allows Joe to recover and regain control. Joe keeps trying to end this quickly, but Sami's heart is too much for him to overcome and he eventually locks in the Koji Clutch forcing Joe to tap. 1-1. This isn't it :( way too slow, and just isn't clicking.

    The third fall is clearly the best, but not HOT! as both guys are super gassed. Sami is building off tieing it up, so, he's pulling out desperation big moves for near falls. Like the blue thunder bomb, sunset flip powerbomb off the top and even hits the through the turnbuckle DDT's but nothing works. Joe reverts back to looking for the KO shot, so he does the KAWADA HAD KICK COMBO! Which fires Sami up and he locks in Joe's own choke against him, but Joe reaches the ropes. Sami follows with the corner exploder and goes for the Helluva but Joe avoids and locks in the choke and Sami passes out. Cesaro/Sami this is not, this might be worse than Sami/Kruger. What a bust. **
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE RoadBlock
    March 12, 2016
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    NXT World Tag Team Championships: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/Carmella) vs. The Revival
    This is the night, the night my kids become my kids. Faces control Dash to start, I love that the Revival try to get into all their bags of tricks and illegal tactics just to try to gain an advantage but nothing works. They bump around like crazy for the G's, they eventually get the numbers on Enzo and Dawson sends him into the ringpost, typical awesome Revival arm work tons of holds but they drop it just to punish Enzo instead. THEIR'S THIS AWESOME SPOT WHERE ENZO IS PRETTY MUCH OUT ON HIS FEET ON THE FLOOR, BUT HE AVOIDS BOTH A DASH AND DAWSON MOVE HE QUICKLY ROLLS IN AND TRIES TO DIVE FOR THE TAG BUT DASH POUNCES HIM OUT OF MID AIR BEFORE THE TAG. Cass gets the hot tag like a minute later and does his thing, he KO's both guys with big boots and hits Dash with the east river, he tags Zo back in but from the floor Dawson crotches him. Cass chases him on the floor and he hides behind Mella but she slaps him. He still tries to send Cass into the post, but it gets blocked. BUT INSTEAD DASH TAKE HIM OUT WITH THE SHATTER MACHINE ON THE FLOOR! Back in Enzo avoids the Shatter Machine off the top like in London, and fights both men out but in the end, the numbers catch up to him and Dash blind tags in and hits a newer version of the Shatter Machine with Dash the one coming off the top with the knees for the win. ***

  4. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: The Revival
    NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley

    NXT Episode 188
    March 16th, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Video package airs on the Sami/Joe match from last week, and God bless the editors cause they really make it look way better than it is.

    Sami Zayn comes down to ring and grabs a mic, he says last week he didn't just have a match with Samoa Joe. He had a war, It's normally a pretty humbling thing to admit that you came up short, but he's not embarrassed about that at all. They went toe-to-toe for nearly an hour, it happened to go Samoa Joe's way, but his focus is the same here, be it Joe or Finn, he wants to become the first ever two-time NXT Champion. The only thing that's nagging over him is knowing Takeover Dallas is going to be huge, he knows NXT will steal the show. William Regal comes out and says Sami deserves something special at Takeover Dallas for all his hard work in NXT. He deserves one of the best in the world, so on April 1st, his opponent will be NXT's newest signee......AND SHINSUKE NAKAMURA appears on the tron. "NXT, SAMI ZAYN, I WILL SEE YOU IN DALLAS"

    Angelo Dawkins & Kenneth Crawford vs. The Hype Bros
    Kenneth is Montez Ford, just not named that yet and this is pre lean in the cup profit team. This is pretty much the same as every Bros showcase match. Hype Ryder to win.

    Footage airs of NXT at the 2016 Arnold Classic this year.

    Backstage: Dana and Emma are walking and bump into Deonna Purrazzo, Emma says the beating Asuka gave her was nothing compared to what she's gonna do to her tonight. Deonna says she will stop the EmmaLUTION, Dana laughs at her then pats her on the head.

    Deonna Purrazzo vs. Emma (w/Dana Brooke)
    Another real good Emma showcase, EmmaLock ends it.

    Recap of the Revival/Enzo&Cass match from Roadblock

    Jesse Sorenson vs. Tommaso Ciampa
    AWESOME Ciampa showcase, he's now working his style hard hitting and big moves, he even busts out the 04 Randy headlock, so it looks super vicious and nasty due to his facial expressions. Jesse's makes a brief comeback but Ciampa kills him with a knee to the face and ends it with the same armbar he beat Bull with. **

    Nia Jax & Eva Marie vs. Asuka & Bayley
    This is a blast for what it is, Team BFF's 3.0 try to isolate Bayley as they feel she's the weaker link, but it fails real early and Eva dies at the hands of Asuka and Bayley, Nia blind tags in and hits a Samoan drop on Bayley to takeover. They do a deal with Bayley not needing to tag out after some miscommunication between the BFF's when Nia accidentally leg drops Eva on the mat as she tries to save her, Bayley then knocks Nia to the floor and Asuka kicks Eva from the apron, she stumbles into the Bayley to belly for the win. *3/4

    After the match; GM Regal comes out and books Asuka vs. Bayley @ TakeOver Dallas.

    Live via satellite, Tom and Corey interview Austin Aries, Aries thanks the fans for accepting him, he says he could have gone anywhere in the world but chose NXT. He then says as he laid their Regal came up and apologized to him, but he said not to. He's dealt with big insecure guys his entire life, insecure about guys like him who earned it, instead of being handed a contract because he's tall.

    Next Week: Emma vs. Asuka

    #1 Contenders Match for the NXT World Tag Team Championships: American Alpha vs. The Vaudevillains
    Another really good Gable/Gotch exchange to start, Gotch seems more prepared for the mat work now so he doesn't totally get embarrassed. VV end up isolating Gable, and it's their standard stuff headlocks and punches. Jordan's hot tag rules, as usual, Gotch has Grand Amplitude scouted and blocks the attempt on English in the ring, but Jordan belly to bellies Gotch on the floor taking him out. English/Gable have a solid interaction in the ring, but the numbers catch up to him and they drop English with Grand Amplitude for the win. **1/4
  5. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I think she had another random TV loss earlier this year, maybe one day
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  6. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: The Revival
    NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley

    NXT Episode 189
    March 23rd, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Elias Samson vs. Johnny Gargano
    Gargano coming out to one of the old diva's songs is hilarious, I think it might be Jillian, I can't remember but it's super generic. This is pretty much an angle match, Elias does his thing and doesn't take Gargano serious so it ends up backfiring on him and schoolboys him for the upset and hands, Elias, his first loss in NXT.

    After the match; Elias attacks Gargano during celebrations, he beats the tar out of him on the floor until Ciampa Apollo Crews makes the save.

    Rich Swann vs. Finn Balor
    Good showcase for the paper-champion, he grounds Swann early with wristlocks, so, I guess it must have been wristlock training at the PC this week. It kinda leads to nothing as he just breaks it and that allows Swann to bust out all his awesome flippy offense, he totally outshines Finn here :lmao Finn starts feeling a type of way so he ends it with his ending sequence, he hits 1916 after burying CDG for the win. I have no idea why he's started doing that, but it's pretty awful. **

    Alex is with Emma and Dana Brooke and asks why Emma thinks she can beat Asuka now. Emma says this will be different than London, because they put their minds together, and two minds are greater than one. Dana says she's helped Emma with her fitness expertise since Asuka injured her at Takeover Respect. She looks fine, but inside, she's not okay. She wants to squash Asuka, but Emma will do the job tonight. Emma says she's not down or out, and that match should be hers. The Empress of Tomorrow won't last past today.

    Video airs of Nakamura's press conference and meeting Vince at the WWE HQ.

    Sarah Dobson vs. Alexa Bliss (w/Blake & Murphy)
    Decent Bliss showcase, she's still not a great leader in a match. But does well here, Dodson AKA Logan sells and bumps a bunch so good for her. She has a brief comeback but it gets cut off rather quickly and Bliss hits Twisted Bliss for the win. *3/4

    Backstage: Alex is with Samoa Joe, Alex puts over Finn a bunch while asking a question so Joe just walks out on the interview.

    Bull Dempsey comes out for his match, BUT SAMOA JOE ATTACKS HIM ON THE RAMP AND CHOKES HIM OUT! He then enters the ring and chokes out Danny Burch too. Joe yells at the camera "Balor, that will be you, you will not escape or survive. I'm coming for you and will take my championship"


    Next Week: A-Ry/Crews & Joe/Bull LOL!

    Emma (w/Dana Brooke) vs. Asuka
    Good story here with Emma being prepared here, but still being scared shitless about getting her head kicked off. They go back and forth exchanging holds with neither wanting to make a mistake or rush into anything. Asuka then toys with her, he goes from the hammerlock to kneebar to ankle lock kinda like pick your poison, but Emma sends Asuka to the floor and stomps on the head as Asuka tries to get back in to get control. Emma's control is fine, but for someone reason, she's dropped all the mean and aggressive stuff she's been doing in her showcase matches. She does a couple of nice heel antics like pulling of the hair during the hair or refuse to break until 4. DANA YELLING "SHE HAS UNTIL 5" is the best, Asuka doesn't really get a full comeback as Emma has her scouted, it forces Asuka to come up with stuff in the fly just to fight back in before locking in the Asuka Lock for the win. **
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: The Revival
    NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley

    NXT Episode 190
    March 30th, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Corey Hollis & John Skyler vs. American Alpha
    Another one of those awesome Alpha showcases, I'm telling you it must be hammerlock/wrist lock week at the PC. Finn did it, Asuka last week and now Gable here. Obviously, Gable's is far superior to anyone on the rosters. Jobbers eventually take over once Gable gets too cocky, they back him into their corner and a Skyler cheapshot allows them to take over for all of 12 seconds before Gable fights back, Jordan gets the tag and does his hot tag stuff before hitting Grand Amplitude for the win. **

    In the back, the Revival are watching on. TAPE STUDYING!

    Earlier Today, Finn says he's heard everything Samoa Joe's had to say. He thinks he's bigger than NXT and he's become obsessed with beating him for the NXT Title. He's obsessed with all the wrong things. He's obsessed with being the best and it brought him to NXT and it's why he beat Kevin Owens for this in Tokyo. It's why he beat Joe in London and it's why he'll beat Samoa Joe again in Dallas.

    Mike Cuellari vs. Baron Corbin

    Video Package hyping up Nakamura's debut.

    Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler vs. The Revival
    Pretty awesome stuff by my kids, the do the smothering style by thinking you have them 1on1 but they blind tag in and the next thing you know, you're getting attacked from behind. They work the mid-section on Cutler, and it's dope Cutler's whole left side of his ribs is bright pink/red. Tucker's hot tag it fine, Dawson suckers him into a chase around the ring, allowing Dash to tag in and they hit Shatter Machine for the win. **

    Backstage: AA are watching on, TAPE STUDYING!

    Backstage: Alex is with Bull, he says he was gonna chalk it up to Joe being jealous of him being in better shape than Joe. But the reality is Joe isn't a coward, he's a bully. And Bull-fit is gonna give him a cheat meal, courtesy of the "Last of a dying breed" and the last lesson Jor is gonna learn before he heads off to Dallas is. FIT HAPPENS! WHAT?!?!?!?!

    Apollo Crews vs. Alex Riley
    Thankfully this is kept short, both men get some stuff in but it's Crews who manages to outlast Riley's shitty offense and hit the Blue Thunder powerbomb for the win. Elias comes out playing the guitar and stares him down post-match.

    Backstage: Baron Corbin says Austin Aries hasn't been in an arena since he punked him out. He talked a big game from 3000 miles away, but the little man knows the truth. He's gonna flatten him again at Takeover Dallas, Aries is going to lose and he can go wow crowds of 50 people with his fighting spirit. While he continues to be the hottest star in the hottest company in the world, NXT. And after he beats him, he can sit next to Virgil at a convention and beg people to remember when he used to be somebody. FUCK YEAH! Bas Corbs.

    Video package airs on Bayley/Asuka.

    Earlier Today, Sami Zayn say down with a camera, he says if you watch TV, you can see what's going on. He finally has a shot to get his hands on Kevin Owens and it feels great, but he's not losing sight of Nakamura. He's a multitasker and he can handle two big things at once. This might be the biggest match of Nakamura's career as he needs to make a big first impression. He did it with Cesaro three years ago, and if he failed then, he might not be here now. He's heard references to him being the heart and soul of NXT, and he's flattered by that and he takes pride in his legacy in NXT. He won't let someone come in here and make their legacy at his expense. This is the biggest show in NXT history and this is once in a lifetime.

    Samoa Joe vs. Bull Dempsey
    I'm fully convinced this is Bull's last match, at least Bull comes out giving his best showing to date he comes out trying to slug it out with Joe, but you know it backfires and Joe chokes him out.

    After the match; Joe refuses to break the hold until refs and jobbers pull him off. Joe then destroys Fulton and another Mexican guy. Regal comes out and warns Joe, but he doesn't listen and continues to choke Bull out until Finn comes out and attacks Joe. They brawl through the crowd to the announce table where Joe throws him over the table whipping out Graves. FUCK YEAH! Security all hold Joe back allowing Finn to recover and dive off the table whipping everyone out. They continue to fight until the bigger NXT trainee's make the save. A.O.P SIGHTING!
  8. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Corbin predicted Aries perfectly.
  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: The Revival
    NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley


    NXT TakeOver: Dallas
    April 1st, 2016
    Dallas, Texas

    NXT World Tag Team Championships: American Alpha vs. The Revival
    Still holds up, I've seen this maybe 9 or 10 times, and now that I've rewatched NXT from the start I've noticed the little things, like Dawson having his best showing on the mat against Gable and kinda edges him for the most part, which no one has done since Gable has been in NXT. Some really cool stuff like kids really trying to slow down the pace, with a bunch of illegal double teams but Alpha has everything scouted and seems to be 1 step ahead the whole first half. Revival finally gets control when Dawson suckers Gable to the floor for a quick chase and Dash drills him with a clothesline on the floor. Really good RV hot tag, it's not brutal but everything is really solid and laid out well, theirs' this awesome false hope spot with Gable countering a double backdrop into a double DDT, Dash then rolls to the floor and goes under the ring to pull Jordan off the apron before the tag can be made. Sadly, they would fuck up a double team and almost drop Gable on his neck that's really the only blemish on this match. Jordan's hot tag is still the best in the WWE at this point, the match breaks down and both teams have this awesome near falls, the match would end when Dawson tries to roll Gable up but he kicks out and they trade roll ups until Jordan blind tags in and hits his killer shoulder tackle and they hit Grand Amplitude for the win. Good stuff, if it wasn't for Sami/Cesaro this would be the best opener in NXT so far. It's most definitely the best tag match in NXT. ***3/4

    Jim Ross, Kota Ibushi, and Funaki are all in the crowd.

    Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries
    Decent big vs. small guy match, Aries comes out pissed so he takes the fight to Corbin early. Corbin manages to weather the Aries flurry before hanging him up on the top rope to take over, lots of trash talking and holds for a few minutes. Aries would eventually fight back but Bas Corbs would drop him with a Deep6 on the floor, he then counters the End of days in the ring and rolls Corbin up for the win. The highlight of the match, was Tom mentioning Aries once ended Joe's 21-month reign as a world champion, several years ago. Good for you face fucker. **

    Scott Hall & X-Pac are in the crowd.

    Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    This might be Sami's most masterful performance during his entire WWE/NXT run, he's the most serious I think he's been so far. Outside the Owens matches but that was built off hate, this is more Sami knowing how dangerous Nakamura is and not wanting to be embarrassed. Plus this is his house he can't let the big foreign guy come in and make a name for himself off his name. Good feeling out process to start, they go back on forth on offense, it starts off with some respectful showman-ship but it quickly turns into stiff strikes. Nakamura offense is based around his MMA background so we get lots of elbows and knees to the mid-section. Sami has a lot of Nakamura's basic offense scouted so he able to counter them, and that's what really keeps him in the match. AWESOME! Exchange of forearms between the two, with Nakamura’s nose being busted up, that would lead to some heated exchanges and some real dickish cheap shots from him like stomping on his head. Sami’s counter out of the triangle choke just to return the favor with boots to the head, and he further gives Nakamura recipes with kicking him in the head while he was up against the ropes. They trade near falls and continue to just strike the shit out of the other, the finishing stretch is super hot, you know you have the fans in the palm of your hands when they bite on the blue thunder bomb. As the match goes on, Nakamura now has Sami's big stuff scouted like the Helluva kick and the turnbuckle DDT. Nakamura avoids the corner Exploder and hits the flying knee off the middle and then the Kinshasa to for the win. I have to lower my rating a bit, as it's not as clean and perfect as I remembered it being, but it's still a damn good high level top tier match. ****1/4

    After The Match; Nakamura offers his hand and Sami is clearly disappointed and looks like he doesn’t want to. But in the end, they shake and hug. Nakamura leaves and SAMI stands alone in the ring.


    Sami gets a huge ovation, as he stands in HIS ring soaking it up. THIS IS A HUGE LOSS! Like losing Sasha, Becky and Charlotte were all huge too, but now they lose their heart and soul, for the 2nd year in a row. Thankfully, this wasn't isn't due to injury it's to the main roster. NXT is built off Sami's blood, sweat, emotion, and tears. He's always been their guy, not Neville, not Finn, and it won't be Nakamura (which we would later find out) It's always been Sami he's the most genuine babyface of all time, the most relatable. The only guy that really came close was maybe Big E and Bayley. And I don't think they really get that babyface again until Gargano? Should be an interesting 2 years, Not looking forward to those Joe/Nakamura matches tho, still have a sour taste in my mouth.

    Bayley/Asuka video package airs.

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is sitting in the crowd cause SHE BUILT THE WOMAN'S DIVISION!

    NXT Woman's Championship: Asuka vs. Bayley
    This is Bayley's biggest challenge as champion, I would say bigger than Sasha in the Iron Woman match, as she Asuka debuted that night and since then all Asuka has done is run through all the woman. They pretty much play off the Sami/Nakamura story with the face of their respected gender's division having to defend spot against an JAP arguably better wrestler. Bayley hasn't faced anyone the caliber of Asuka, she a better striker, Bayley has to resort to combo moves and stick and move attacks but Asuka never seems like she's in trouble, I guess it's a selling issue too. This is also the most offense someone has ever had against Asuka so far, but nothing works so she has to resort to the front guillotine that worked against Nia. But, Asuka manages to fight out and breaks out an ankle lock counter. Bayley has a nice counter and hits a sweet through the ropes 'rana to the floor. Bayley eventually goes to target both legs of Asuka just looking for that 1 opening, but Asuka's selling is spotty. Bayley makes the mistake of going for holds that worked for her in the past, or trying to go toe-to-toe in the striking exchange instead of hitting her big finish, and that leads to Asuka trapping her in the Asuka Lock. Bayley tries to fight it and survive as long as she can, but in the end, she passes out. NEW CHAMPION! This is way more enjoyable than I remembered it being. ***

    After the match; The crowd is stunned, Asuka celebrates with the title as Bayley is heartbroken on the floor as the ref and EMT's all check on her.

    Credit, Bayley, she was a fantastic transitional champion, and I liked her run as the vet lovable top dog. But I will always believe Bayley is a better chaser than champion, same with Sami.



    Finn busts out this awful, red, blue, black spiderman/Texas chainsaw massacre adjace Demon. Now it just feels like he's doing them for the sake of doing it.

    NXT World Championship: Samoa Joe vs. "The Demon" Finn Bálor
    Again JOE TURNS BACK THE CLOCK! Joe's eye gets busted open in the first 10 seconds of the match, he has nasty gash right above the eye on the eyebrow. And both men gives no fucks. I think they kinda improvise, with Joe hurling Finn into the crowd long enough for Joe to at least wipe some of the blood out of his eye.


    Kinda, awesome he uses the blood as motivation and completely destroys Finn with strikes, the refs and EMT's keep trying to tend to him and it keeps fucking up the pace and hate, but credit both guys for fighting through or shoving the EMT's out of the way to continue. After the 4th stop time we get a "FUCK PG" chant, Awesome big of storytelling is Finn being the dumb person he is, he doesn't attack Joe while he's being attended to and when Joe is cleared to return Joe beats the shit out of him. It's largely a Joe showcase :lmao After the 6th stop a "Let Joe Bleed" chant breaks out, somewhere, Scott Steiner is smiling. Finn would eventually fight back and hit all his big match stuff. Joe has most of it scouted as he knows Finn all to well at this point, and let's be honest their nothing that differents Finn the person to Finn the Demon outside some paint. Joe hits the muscle buster and Finn again kicks out, Finn then miraculously recovers and hits all his finishing sequence including Coup de Grace but as he picks him up for 1916, Joe slips out and applies the choke but Finn runs up the ropes and they do the Bret/Piper, Bret/Austin pin spot for the win. ***

    Again this match is really good, but 90% is due to Joe being OLD JOE. Really good show.
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  10. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 191
    April 6th, 2016
    Dallas, Texas

    Tonight: Crews vs. Elias, SPOILERS I WILL NOT BE WATCHING!

    Cathy Kelly makes her debut, which means Devin Taylor has officially been fired :( She shows footage of Crews making his RAW debut on the post-mania raw.

    Clips air of Alpha/Revival.

    In the back, Cameraman asks what this win means to them. Jordan who is pretty much crying says a lot of hard work, a lot of ups and downs and emotions to stick with it. Gable says they've been to the top and come up short before, and they couldn't let that happen again. Cam guy asks what it means winning during Mania weekend. Gable says you want to win on the biggest stage possible, and this is perfect. Jason says this is the biggest weekend of the year and the people came to see something special. Gable says people know about their past, but Jason's been here so long and nobody deserves it more, and he's so happy to be a part of his success.

    Clips air of Asuka/Bayley

    In the back, Cameraman is with Bayley and asks what when wrong. Bayley congratulates Asuka first of all, and says it's hard to wrap her mind around everything. Asuka had a counter for everything she tried to do. She's just on a whole different level, and maybe she wasn't fully prepared for her. She feels like she let everybody down, but a champion is made by how many times they get up and get better, and she'll come back and be better and rise to the occasion.

    Clips air of Aries/Corbin.

    In the back, Cameraman asks Aries his thoughts on his win tonight. Aries calls himself the most polarizing man in wrestling, he says some love him, some hate him but it doesn't matter to him. He's here to prove something to himself. Baron Corbin doesn't want to give him the respect he's earned after a decade and a half, but he made him respect him tonight. Talent isn't measured with a ruler. Passion isn't measured with a scale. Corbin found out why he's the greatest man that ever lived. Like him or don't like him, he's not going anywhere for a long time.

    Pictures air of Corbin winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Mania.

    Clips air of Balor/Joe

    In the back, Cameraman is with Finn, he asks what it took to win. Finn says Joe is a monster and is a monster that keeps on coming. If London was a battle than Dallas was a bloody war, and he doesn't know how much more he can give to stop Joe from coming forward, because he keeps coming back. And he barely survived once again.

    Backstage: Cameraman tries to ask Joe a question, but he storms off.


    Speaking of No Way, the Devils just posted this on IG.

    Get it? NO WAY, (SAN) JOSE! :kawhi

    Elias comes out and plays a song, but the crowd cuts him off with "we want wrestling" chants which means I blame this match on them.

    Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews
    PASS! IDK if this is the match I would have booked for the pre-show dark match, I would have put a cluster womans'. Or Tag match. Crews wins, thankfully this is his last show and now failing on the main roster.

    Nakamura/Zayn highlights.

    In the back, Cameraman asks Sami for his reactions on the match and aftermath. Sami says he can't say much about Shinsuke Nakamura. He was excited about the match and it was one of his hardest battles. As far as after the match, the show of respect on Shinsuke's part meant a lot and it meant a lot from the fans. There's a lot of emotion that's hard to put into words, and it means a lot.

    In the back, Cameraman asks Nakamura what it means to be in NXT. Funaki translates, but Nakamura cuts in and says "STONG STYLE. HAS. ARRIVED!"
  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 192
    April 13th, 2016
    Dallas, Texas

    This is one of those pointless squash/showcase matches from Mania Axxess.

    Austin Aries defeated Angelo Dawkins
    Alexa Bliss defeated Tessa Blanchard
    Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa defeated The Vaudevillains
    Baron Corbin defeated Tucker Knight
    Bayley defeated Liv Morgan
    Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Tye Dillinger
  12. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 193
    April 20th, 2016
    Dallas, Texas

    Tonight: Joe/Crews :(

    Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. American Alpha
    Good babyface vs. babyface matchup, thankfully Alpha control the match and it's their style. They outwrestle and embarrass Enzo with ease to start, it's hilarious seeing Enzo get rag dolled and just flipped around on the mat and him flopping around like a fish out of the watcher just trying to escape. The champs work the arm early with holds and mat work, Enzo has to go to the eyes of Jordan for separation and quickly tags Cass in. I'm guessing Cass's offense was the dirt worse as it all got cut due to merch commercial, and when we return it's the champs again beating the shit out of Enzo. Cass tags in and he gets a brief control over Gable, he gives Gable a taste of his own medicine by working the arm and just pounding on poor Gable. Jordan's hot tag rules as usual, and god bless Enzo he's such a great bumper the match ends when Big Cass took a bullet for Enzo, diving in the path of a spear from Jordan, but that left Enzo alone allowing the champs to hit Grand Amplitude for the win. **1/2

    Backstage: Crews says if their's one thing he doesn't like it's bullies, which means he doesn't like Joe. But he's followed Joe career and well aware of he's accomplished in wrestling and knows what he can do in the ring. But he can do some things too and can't wait to show him. UGH!


    Alexander Wolfe vs. No Way Jose
    NO! NO WAY! Can't wait until trips and Vince realize dancing gimmicks ain't it. FUCK YEAH! Graves shits on Jose for looking like one of those shady guys outside the hotel resort "claiming he knows where the real party is" :lmao This is shit, Jose wins with a knuckleball punch.

    FUCK THESE FANS FOR REPLACING JOSE INSTEAD OF OLE! Goat has been gone all of 3 weeks and this is how you treat him.

    Backstage: Rich or Alex is with Aries, he asks Aries on his thoughts on Corbin saying Aries got lucky in his TakeOver win. Aries says he doesn't believe in luck, it's down to good decisions and hard work. He says he doesn't need luck, he has skill. Corbin beat him up good in that match, but he needed only three seconds and luck had nothing to do with that. He says he's not hard to find, and that goes to anyone in NXT looking for him. They're all at an A level, while he's on the A Double level.

    Backstage: Elias is playing, but Regal comes over and says he doesn't know what Elias wants but he knows what NXT wants and that's him verses NAKAMURA! Next Week.

    Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purazzoa
    SQUASH! Leg drop wins, brother-brother.

    Backstage: I think it's Dasha, but I'm not sure, she interviews Bayley she asks for her thoughts on Eva vs. Asuka next week. Bayley says she knows how lethal Asuka is, and wouldn't look past Eva especially if Nia is by her side. So she will be watching.

    Apollo Crews vs. Samoa Joe
    This starts off a little dry, with Crews using his quickness and fitness try to wear Joe down with headlocks for about 2 minutes, Joe tries to counter with his killer jabs and chops but Crews fights back, but Joe takes over with his corner enzuigiri. Total house show stuff here from Joe he does basic bully Joe offense until Crews mounts a comeback, Joe ends up choking him out for the win. *1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Samoa Joe
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 194
    April 27th, 2016
    Dallas, Texas


    Asuka vs. Eva Marie
    This is really weird, it gets 10 minutes and it's far too long for Eva. You can tell she's legitimately scared of Asuka kayfabe and none-kayfabe after one nasty kick to the back, she keeps learning away and covering up before every strike like a good second or two before Asuka even telegraphs it, and I don't blame her. Asuka toys and fucks around in the early going, Nia comes out before the break. When we return Eva is now in control and hits a RUNNING SENTON :mark: But only gets a 1 count, Eva's moves are fine, but her holds are awful and just looks like she's leaning on Asuka instead of stretching Asuka and trying to hurt her. Asuka eventually makes a comeback and hits a spin kick looked like it didn't even come close to connecting for the win. *3/4

    Nia gets in post-match, and Asuka fakes her out with a spin kick.

    After the match; Joe walks to the back and says he told them he was the inevitable. Twice before, Finn Balor barely survived. Tonight, he didn't.

    Matt Lee & Jeff Parker vs. The Revival
    So this is awesome for two reasons, my kids being pissed and beating the shit out of Parker, while he partner Lee awful trash talking. Not only does he yell "he's respecting the rules" when Dawson dares him to get in, he then tries a "DEFENSE" chant :lmao Dash then takes him out with a kick and he sells it like someone shot him in the back, IDK who this Matt guy is but he's already #1 in my MVP RACE! Dawson then allows Lee to tag in and the crowd starts a defense chant, but they immediately drop him with Shatter Machine. ALL THE STARTS, BUT REALLY IT'S ABOUT **

    After the match; My kids beat on the jobbers some more, Dawson says there's a reason they're called the Revival. They're preaching a sermon on this whole tag team revolution, it's because of them. Best on the planet, and you all know it. In saying that, they have to have their titles back. They eat, sleep, breath, and dream about those championships, so every tag team in this world is on notice. None of them are safe. They talk-heavy and hit hard and they want back what completes them.

    The Hype Bros vs. Blake & Murphy
    This happens its pretty whatever, heels work over Ryder's leg, it all filler until MoJo's hot tag happens. Hype Ryder ends it. Revival comes out to attack the Hype Bros post-match.

    Carmella vs. Aaliyah
    Real bad Mella showcase, Modified figure-four headscissors ends it.

    Backstage: Dasha is with Elias, Elias says Mr. Regal misinterpreted his song and words, but that's okay as for tonight he will show Nakamura why he is the drifter and why he should have never drifted to NXT.

    Austin Aries in action next week.

    Elias Samson vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    Another really weird match, it goes about 4 minutes or so, Nakamura doesn't do any strong style stuff more flashy showboaty stuff and Elias dominates 90% of this. He's not good yet, and if memory serves he sucked his entire NXT run so only 1 year to go :( Nakamura hits the finishing stretch that put Sami away and ends it with Kinshasa. *1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Samoa Joe
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 195
    May 4th, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    NEW NXT WORLD CHAMPION SAMOA JOE comes down to the ring, and the title looks oh so right with the title over his shoulder. He says what stands before them is a man who keeps his word. Despite the best efforts of their beloved former champion Finn Balor. He is inevitable like death and taxes. YOUR NEW NXT CHAMPION! It's a new era, it's his time, and he runs things. If anyone has a problem with that, he's more than happy to beat them down and choke them out. And Eric Young then interrupts :lmao:lmao:lmao EY comes out and says Joe knows him and he knows Joe. Joe is a wrecking machine, the baddest man in the land. Eric says the only guarantee is change and as sure as he's here now, things are gonna change. Things changed for Joe, and now, they're gonna change for him. They go face-to-face, but Joe decides to leave and says EY doesn't belong in the same ring as him, and the next time he steps in it, he's gonna beat his ass.

    Tessa Blanchard vs. Nia Jax
    Tessa isn't Tessa yet, and she doesn't have the goat thigh meat. She does a decent enough job bumping and selling Nia as a monster. Nia is meh, Legdrop ends it.

    Tye Dillinger vs. Austin Aries
    Standard showcase for A Double, it's also Tye's best showing to date. He's now in that role of CJ Parker, Breeze of putting over the new indy guys as creative really has nothing for him, but the 10 chants are so over that they kinda have to put him on TV. He does a bunch of no flashy decent stuff until it's time for the Aries comeback, he hits some of his Signature moves but Tye hits the perfect 10 but Aries kicks out. The match ends when Aries hits the corner dropkick followed by 450 for the win. **1/2

    The Hype Bros vs. The Revival
    Kinda shocked that this isn't more competitive, it's more of a showcase for my kids. Angry southern beating towards Ryder, they don't pick a body part more of just beat up Ryder, cut the ring off and wear him down. MoJo's hot tag is fun, he's finally starting to get it kindof. HE HITS THE POUNCE ON DASH! But Dawson blind tags in and they hit Shatter Machine for the win. **1/4

    Backstage: Some new broad makes her debut, she interviews Alex Riley, she announces his make against Nakamura next week. Riley says he doesn't even know what "strong style" is, so he's gonna throw that out of the window. He then says a guy half his size, and a tenth as strong as him, with absolutely 0 athletic coordination is gonna step in the ring with ME and he's gonna punch me in the face, then a RAGING lunatic is gonna punch him back. He hears he's handed out beatings around the world, but here in NXT, he's giving him one. It's time to rage.

    Noah Kekoa vs. No Way Jose

    Backstage: Cathy Kelly is with Austin Aries with a banana, she congratulates him on all his success he's had so far in NXT. He then congratulates her looks wise and I agree. Aries says Tye's an A-level talent, but he's at the A Double level. He's pretty successful so far, but something seems off and says he always finds his way to the top but maybe it'll take some extra initiative. He's going to go replenish his potassium levels and think on that.


    Pretty awesome Finn/Joe video package airs.

    Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe
    WE ARE NXT TNA! This gets pretty close to 10 minutes, and it's bad, really flat, lackluster, Joe totally phones it in and looks washed and EY is not really a great wrestler now, in the past he had the comedy gimmick to hide behind and was a killer bumper but now he's older he doesn't take those risks. The match ends when Joe drops him with the muscle buster and chokes him out. *
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Samoa Joe
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: American Alpha
    NXT Woman's Champion: Asuka

    NXT Episode 196
    May 11th, 2016
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida


    Finn comes down to the ring, for some reason the fans thank him. IDK WHY! Finn says he wants to adress the elephant in the room, Joe is the NXT champion, he says he and Joe have been at war for some time now. The matches at Takeover could have went either way, but he won. In Lowell, the match could have gone either way.....................BUT ELIAS INTERRUPTS! FUCK YEAH! Elias's hate for Finn goes back to NXT :mark: Elias sings him a song, but you can barely hear as the fans BOOOO the shit out of him. The punchline is "The Demon got exposed, and Finn ain't nothing without the title" Finn then attacks him and steals his guitar, before throwing it at him.

    WWE.com exclusive, Cathy Kelly is with EY. He says the best are in NXT and the WWE so he's here to prove that he belongs and that the cream rises to the top. He's a world-class man, world-class wrestler and a world-class maniac, and he'll prove it.

    Backstage: New broad tries to interview Finn, but he says he will address Joe once he gets done kicking Elias' arse.

    Corey Hollis & John Skyler vs. American Alpha
    Awesome showcase for the champs, Gable finesses them with sped and mat work while Jordan just dumps them all over the ring with suplexes and throws. Hollis and Skyler have a good brief offense on Gable before the awesome Jordan hot murks them. The Revival come out to watch, but it doesn't matter much, as the champions hit Grand Amplitude for the win. **1/4

    Backstage: Cathy Kelly interviews Nakamura, he laughs at Riley's "Rage" tag.

    Alex Riley vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    Fuck yeah, Graves shits on A-Ry for calling himself the "white lion of nxt" :lmao This is bad, it goes about 3 minutes and it's totally pointless, Nakamura clearly doesn't give a shit in this one in. Kinshasa thankfully ends this mess.

    Backstage: Austin Aries and GM Regal are talking in his office, Aries says he didn't come to NXT just to be another guy, he's an impact player and a difference maker and he wants to prove it. Blake and Murphy come in and want one more title match. Aries says nobody interrupts his conversations without at least having the decency to bring Alexa Bliss with them. They all argue and Regal says he has a wonderful idea and tells Aries to find a partner to fight them next week.

    Alexa Bliss vs. Rachel Ellering
    Really awesome Bliss aggressive showcase, she works the arm a bunch and busts out the stiff forearms that she's hasn't done since the Banks feud. Rachel is fine, she will get some much better with time but for now, she's really green and dull. Twisted Bliss ends it.

    Backstage: Cathy asks Bayley when will she invoke her rematch clause? Bayley says she had the fight of her life in Dallas, but she's refocusing. Nia Jax comes over and says when she made one mistake, she got stronger. But when Bayley got choked out, she became weaker. Bayley says she dominated her in London, but she won and Nia lost. Nia says the outcome would not be the same and Bayley says she can choke her out again any time.

    Next Week: Blake & Murphy vs. Aries & ????, Bayley vs. Nia

    Elias Samson vs. Finn Balor
    This happens, it's not good, total filler stuff. Finn does his arm stuff to fill time and it takes up 2 breaks. We cut back to a small Elias control but Finn hits all his signature spots and connects with 1916 for the win. God damn, NXT sucks right now.

    Finn says Joe beat him cleanly, and he wants his rematch. He's obsessed with NXT and being its champion but now he's possessed LIKE A DEMON STALKING HIS PREY :lmao Samoa Joe comes out but William Regal comes out to prevent it. He says this will not break down into chaos and says there's a Takeover on June 8th, here, and he makes a rematch. Joe says he had to go through hell to get a title shot and Finn hasn't beaten anyone like he did, Finn yells he is the line and DIVES ON TOP OF JOE TO END THE SHOW.

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