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This is EXTREME: Fab watches ECW 1997 For the first time

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Bam Bam Bigelow
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Full Blooded Italians

    ECW November to Remember
    November 30th, 1997
    Golden Dome in Monaca, Pennsylvania

    Joey Styles is in the middle of the ring and welcomes us to the show. He puts over the crowd and makes a promise that tonight they will give them a November 2 Remember.

    Tommy Rogers vs. Chris Candido
    Tommy Is in incredible shape, I wanted to do some research on him and found out he died on June 1st, 2015. Damn. Kinda put a damper on things; They do the traditional ECW opener/Candido match. Lots of mat work, counters and exchanging of moves before they pick up the intensity. The crowd does a fuckin boring chant during an arm bar showing they are no better than New York or fuckin’ Philly. Both men go back and forth, neither fully gaining control and not just a minute, the entire match is like that. Rodgers does manage to hit an apron suplex, suplexing Candido to the hard floor. After some relatively boring Candido work, like his heel work tonight just seemed off. Both men do moves off the top for two counts. Rodgers with a superplex and Candido with the ‘Rana. Rodgers follows up with the Liger Bomb, but Lance Storm runs in to attack. The ref John Finnegan allows it but Jerry Lynn comes out to save. He finally calls for the bell :lmao Joey says Lynn is his tag team partner, I don’t buy it and considering how ECW Hardcore TV is used for clips and shit and they’ve never brought it up once I call bull shit. Anyways, this becomes a tag team match now because the referee has the power to make matches.

    Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn & Tommy Rogers
    They immediately go right into the match breakdown spots where all 4 are just in the ring, Rodgers does this awful sloppy pathetic roll up attempt which gets a two, and Candido has his bare ass showing. Lance knocks Lynn off the top rope and goes to dropkick Rodgers who moves and he nails Candido with Rodgers rolling him up for two. Tommy and Lynn do the double team Electric Chair/Cross body move for a two. Candido then tells Lance to watch him as he hits the Blond bombshell off the top but it gets broken up by Rodgers who then murders Lance with the Tomikaze. Candido then hits him with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for the win :lmao I don’t wanna say this was a waste of time, but. Meh I didn’t like it could have just given Lance and Candido a tag match instead of the fuckery. The moves were all sound and stuff but it just bored me. **1/4

    A video airs of Mikey eating Stunning Steve Austin, but the kicker is the song is a repug version of Ahmed Johnson pearl river plunge theme :mark: Credible beating Sasuke a few weeks ago airs too.

    Justin Credible (w/Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck
    Both men are bumping like crazy early on :mark: Justin more so, and he makes everything Mikey does look incredible. He then ruins it by taking over but it Mikey a chance to show off his bumping and selling. Jason does some interference work, Justin had some nice piece of offense when he wasn't trying to argue with the ref or the crowd for no reason. Both men exchange sleeper holds and counters leading to a Mikey comeback, as Justin is back to his Shawn selling. Jason tries to interfere but he gets low blowed allowing Justin to hit him with the inverted DDT for two. Jason then holds Mikey up as Justin heads up top, but Justin takes too long allowing Mikey to fight off Jason and hit the Whippersnapper off the top for the win. **

    Al Snow is in the locker room wearing a J.O.B T-shirt, and “Help Me” written backwards on his head. HE’S TALKING TO HEAD!!!! He says he could have had that match and done the J-O-B on the P-P-V, but Head told everyone he had a dislocated shoulder. He says the Head screwed the Head. Al says he's getting himself over from now on.

    Joey Styles looks dumbfounded and says “Al Snow has gotten a little head in the locker room”

    ECW Television Championship: Pitbull #2 (w/Pitbull #1, Lance Wright & Some Guy) vs. Taz
    Paul E. joins commentary for the match, this is like 90 seconds and Taz wins with the Tazmission. Oh, thank god. After the match, Taz throws #1 around. He gets on the mic and well it’s obvious Lance Wright brought his boyfriend with him, It’s also obvious Vince gave Lance Wright a present. He takes off his shirt, and Taz says it's obvious he sticks needles up his ass :lmao Taz challenges him to a fight and tells him he’s gonna show him the difference between being CUM DRUNK AND PUNCH DRUNK :lmaolmao:lmao He gets on the apron so security tries to break it up. Taz beats the shit out of him with crossfaces and chokes him out, Paul yells to roll something else. TAZ!

    Clips air of Bam Bam vs. Spike from the Last PPV and Bam Bam beating Shane for the world title.

    Once we return the FBI are at ringside, Tommy Rich has the mic and demands respect from the crowd. He says the godfathers have been phoning him telling him the FBI are doing the right thing. Suddenly, the Dudleyz come out. D-Von has the mic and says it now time for brother Gertner to testify. WELL, WELL, WELL! It is I the quintessential muff stuffer-whoops. I mean studmuffin. And a damn handsome man, just like a Rubik's cube the more you play with it the harder is it gets. Joel “So big, it's hard to keep from hurtin' her" Gertner, He introduces everyone. He says Big Dick Dudley impregnated your mother last night and points to some fat fuck in the crowd :lmao Joel doesn’t say how much D-Von weighs tonight :( Buh Buh is from Suburban South Park section of Dudleyville :lmao

    ECW Tag Team Championships: Full Blooded Italians (w/Tommy Rich) vs. The Dudley Boyz (w/Joel Gertner, Big Dick Dudley & Sign Guy Dudley) vs. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs. The Gangstanators
    The Dudleyz are jawing with the FBI when Balls and Axl hit them from behind with steel chairs. They then murder the FBI with chair shots to the head. Axl/Balls are in complete control early on until Rich and Big Dick get involved, Dick chokeslams Axel and Buh Buh hits Balls with a Samoan drop that allows the FBI to double Axl while the Dudleyz work over Balls. This goes on for several minutes until New Jacks music hits and this turn into the usual massive insane crazy violent brawl. All the usual hardcore spots, Buh Buh rakes a cheese grater over Axl’s face then licks the cheese grater and spits it into the crowd. BUH BUH HITS A FUCKIN RUNNING PLANCHA OVER THE TOP AND WIPES OUT EVERYONE. Tommy Rich has a guitar broken over his head. Kronus goes up top, but Guido shoves him off into the Buh Buh cutter and is pinned, they continue to brawl with Gertner accidentally blinds Buh Buh with powder when Balls moves. Balls tricks him into helping him hit D-Von with the 3D and Axl pins D-Von to eliminate them. Balls and Axl the proceed to beat the shit out of the FBI but the ref gets bumped during a spin, which allows Jeff Jones to run down. He fakes counts and stops at 2 to go check on the ref, so Balls goes after him, Jeff Jones kicks him in the dick, AND GUIDO GETS A ROLL UP TO WIN! YEAH! **1/2 - **3/4

    Early on today; Tommy and Beulah arrived at the building, Tommy says doctors told him he shouldn’t even be here. He’s not 100%, hell he’s not even 50%. He has a torn up shoulder and a bad broken heel. He says he lives his life in pain. RVD's a better athlete than him and he's got better moves than he does. He says if this was any type of match he would win. But he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, this is my company. This is my home and he will defend it. Nothing is gonna stop him.

    Video Package airs on Tommy Dreamer/Rob Van Dam feud so far.


    Flag Match: Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty)
    Holy shit Beulah is wearing this shit silver cocktail dress and she walks to the ring with are arms crossed so it pushes her tits together making the cleavage look fan-fuckin-tasty. This could have been great or even MOTYC worthy, but Tommy is obviously hurt and is hurt bad, he's not even athletic, to begin with, but now he has a fucked up shoulder and walking boot on the further hinder him. RVD is RVD tho so he’s slowly morphing into ’98 flashy as fuck offense. I don’t want to say I’m numb to their matches because I’ve pretty much been seeing it on and off for the past 2 months, they don’t add anything new it’s just like an extended version of all the matches we’ve gotten in the past. It’s still solid tho. They have a nice exchange on the floor and RVD gets cut on his eye and starts picking up the intensity which was good. Dreamer hits this sick hangman's neck breaker that RVD legit looks like his neck broke, shit looked horrific. Dreamer goes up top but Fonzie hits him in the ankle knocking him off allowing RVD to hit a tumbling splash for two. Dreamer gets the chair up during RVD split leg, but RVD counters a DDT and throws Dreamer back of the head into the chair. SPIKE DDT by Dreamer but Fonzie pulls the ref out during the count. Fonzie then kills him with a road sign just because :lmao Jeff Jones gets involved and keeps breaking up Dreamers pin falls UGH! He dares the refs to fight him so Beulah low blows him from behind and the two refs double DDT him. Fonzie low blows them both, and Beulah low blows him so all the referees are down. Tommy looks like he has it won, but Furnas and Lafon interfere WHAT? Tommy manages to fight them off but TURNS INTO A STEVIE KICK FROM STEVIE RICHARDS. It’s a 4-1 beatdown RVD hits a Frog Splash as they hold a garbage can over Tommy, and Stevie and the Can-Ams unofficially count to three. Fonzie announces RVD as the winner, and they pull out the WWF flag. They put Tommy on a table and drape the WWF flag over him. They signal to the back, and Sabu comes out now. He goes up top, but Beulah tries to get in the way, SO SABU JUST KILLS HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE! YEAH! They tip over the table and proceed to beat on Tommy and Beulah as they lay dead on the mat. The Sandman comes out and everyone kinda just leaves leaving Sandman and Sabu. Everything was going great until the ref fuckery and got even worse by the interference fuckshit. **3/4

    Ladder & Tables Match: Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. The Sandman
    This is the famous match where Sandman is high af on acid. What a guy, Sabu is sick of Sandman just standing on the floor or on the ladder so he hits a running suicide dive through the middle rope knock him off. This is fuckin’ hilarious Sandman how is extra wreckless with his weapons throwing is even worse tonight he’s beating on Sabu like he’s trying to fight a murder in one of those scary movie films. He also lays on the mat way too long during the selling and just keeps stumbling and falling over when it his time to do stuff. Sabu does what he can, but this is the Sandman show and not in the “Shawn Michaels” way :lmao they do a ton of brawling and Sandman hits a guillotine leg drop off the top through a table on the floor. But the problem is he had Sabu way too bar on the guard rails so he pretty much went ass first through the table and barely got Sabu on the way down :lmao Sabu then through Sandman through a table set up on the floor, they do fuckin 4 table spots in a row :lmao so Sabu goes through a table, then he goes through another then Sandman goes through 2 in a row :lmao They finally enter back into the ring and during an Irish whip Sandman just spins around and collapses :lmaolmao Joey tries to sell it as ribs injury. Alright, this is a fuckin drag Sabu botches a jump to the floor with a ladder as he complexly misses Sandman and the ladder gets him instead, Sandman just rolls off the table instead of going through it. Back in SABU hits this great triple jump moonsault onto a ladder that was on top of Sandman. He also hits the top of the ladder with his dick. They beat the shit out of one another with ladders and sandman trips over a ladder and fucks up the catapult spot :lmao This is amazing, Sabu just says fuck it and dumps the ladder on Sandman's head busting him open :lmao SABU introduces the spike and begins stabbing Sandman but he out of desperation throws Sabu to the floor and throws a ladder at him. ALRIGHT ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT FAST FORWARD 5 MORE MINUTES OF SPOTS AND NONSENSE SABU BOTCHES A FIREBALL :lmao and wins with a ladder Arabian Facebuster. After the match, I’m convinced the Sandman pukes up the acid case he pukes up and it’s all white. He just then lays their and Styles asks for replays so we don’t have to look at this patheticness. The crowd gives Sandman a round of applause and he gets to his feet.


    Joey Styles is talking about the main event when Taz interrupts. He says in a few minutes we will see Bam Bam beat Shane and he hopes he wins :( because on March 1st the Next ECW PPV. Called Living Dangerously, he’s challenging him :mark:

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Shane Douglas (w/Francine)
    Styles tells us Bam Bam demanded to come out first, and Lance and Chris have been barred from ringside. Douglas even has the WWF ‘95/96 backstage walk to the ring :lmao This got 25 minutes, and that was a mistake. Shane is not a top guy and I guess he’s trying to stick it to Shawn and Flair by saying look I can also get as much time as a main eventer too. THE PROBLEM IS HE FUCKIN SUCKS AND HE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH TO GO 10 let along 25. As for Bam Bam he’s been killing it all year in short extended squash matches, where he can throw people around impose his will. So having him go 25 against a “babyface” Shane ‘cause it’s his hometown is a huge mistake and it was. Shane is no babyface and not even the crowd is buying him as this underdog/a ton of heart face. Sure they’re chanting his man and cheer everything he does but again hometown. With that being said this is 95% Bam Bam no joke, and he’s great at it but becomes a bit too much well I wouldn’t say too much as I loved Douglas getting beat up for long periods of time but it’s not like he was toying with him. You know what I just realized this is Cena/Brock from Extreme Rules just without the blood and violence and with way too much time. Shane first real piece of offense comes 15 minutes in after a desperation powerbomb off the top through a table. Douglas tries to attack the kidney but Bam Bam puts a stop to that, with a shitty reverse suplex over the top. Bam Bam counters a ‘rana to the floor and powerbombs Shane through a table on the floor. I love that Bam Bam keeps holding the kidneys and the camera cuts to Shane on the floor and Francine is talking to him. She says stick to the plan only a little bit longer, he says he doesn’t know he's killing him. So the plan is to take all of Bam Bam’s beating and outlast him, that’s pretty smart in “kayfabe storytelling” wise and ballsy in terms of booking. Bam Bam continues the assault for another 5-7 minute, he teases throwing Shane into the crowd when the Triple Treat hit the ring, well they try to but security holds them back. Bam Bam then throws Shane onto all of them wiping them out. Security drags Candido and Lance to the back, as Bam Bam keeps up the beating as Francine gets in she hits Bam Bam in the back with the crutch which pisses him off, he then goes to swing it at her HOLY SHIT! But she ducks and he misses. Shane then gets dropped throat first on the crutch and he whacks Shane on the arm with it, Bam Bam briefly works the arm and it’s probably the best stuff of the match it vicious and Shane sells it like a champ. Shane counters a back roll up into a belly-to-belly but can’t cover, that allows Bam Bam to squash him in the corner. Bam Bam brings in a chair and part of the broken table in, he then goes for a powerbomb but Shane counters into a FLUKE BELLY-TO-BELLY ONTO IT FOR THE WIN. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. The Triple Threat celebrates with the title to end the show and it's awful, so that was a 25-minute squash with a fluke ending. Okay, brah. *1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Full Blooded Italians

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 241
    December 1st, 1997

    In a recap of Shane Douglas' world title win to open the show, Paul Heyman says he's scheduled for elbow surgery this week, and his career may be over. YES!

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show, he talks about the history between Bam Bam and Shane, he then recaps the PPV. A recap via photos and Heyman voice overs airs of Bigelow/Douglas.

    Spike Dudley vs. Mikey Whipwreck
    So this is pretty great and better than what aired on the entire PPV. It’s babyface vs. babyface, tag partner vs. tag partner and underdog vs. underdog. Spikes on acid chant breaks out as he’s got that sandman tunnel vision and is pacing back and forth :lmao good showing of respect early on with neither man cheap shitting the other as they have respect for one another. The immediately ditch that and Spike starts connecting with the high-risk moves. I love that Mikey who is the greatest underdog is the bigger and experienced wrestler here, he outsmarts Spike on a couple of drop-down close pins. Spike tries to debut the acid drop but he gets thrown through a table set up at ringside. Mikey rolls him back in and gets a two count, he heads up top but gets caught on his way down with a powerbomb for two. A superkick sends spike to the floor and Mikey follows up with a dive. Back in, Spike hits the acid drop but he can’t cover fast enough which allows Mikey to kick out at two. Both men battle for position and Mikey hits the Whippersnapper for the win. This was dope. **3/4

    Joey Styles talks about upsets and miracles in sports, he then calls Mikey the “Upset King” footage airs of Mikey/Justin and Mikey/Austin from N2R ‘95

    Clips air of Sabu/The Sandman feud

    A fucked up looking Sandman, is attempting to walk out of his locker room after the November 2 Remember PPV. He has a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He stops in front of the camera and says, "God, I love ECW", and walks off.

    Al Snow vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso)
    This was from the most recent Queens New York show, it’s a really good spot fest. Snow is slowly morphing into his insane crazy gimmick, he keeps talking to himself ‘cause he hasn’t found head yet. RVD’s bumping is great he dies on everything, he really goes over and above to make Snow’s moves look deadly. Both men fuck up guard rail jumps but RVD recovers faster and kicks Snow in the face. RVD does the usual flashy moves along with kicks, they go back and forth for way too long until Sabu interferes and Snow takes him out with a chair shot to the head before he turns into the Van Daminator and RVD covers for the win. **1/2

    Clips air of Taz/Pittbull #2 from the PPV. With Heyman doing voiceovers that he did commentary for :lmao

    A recap airs of RVD/Tommy Dreamer.

    Backstage: Stevie Richards says he feels the need to address the public and his fans, the last five months, he's been in WCW and he's done a lot of thinking. What stuck out in his mind was June 7th, because that was supposed to be his ECW Title match that he gave up due to a severe neck injury. He went out to wish Candido Luck in the match as his replacement. But when he got out they chanted "FUCK YOU" and for him to go home, so he left and the "YOU SOLD OUT" chants got to him. He says he thought about it for five months and came to the conclusion that he's better. When you're “THE” superstar, that doesn't matter, petty anger doesn’t bother him and the one opinion that matters to him is his opinion, and he forgives them. He then blesses the fans.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Wanna know how I know Heyman knows ECW put on an all-time awful show? He only replays it for one week, shit it was hardly one week it was 20 minutes in a 42-45-minute show. He had to use matches from the last two “home shows” :lmoa And consider how he to show footage of previous shows to fill up 2-3 weeks, yeah. At least I get to watch new matches, bad news I have to watch new matches December would go a lot quicker if it was just recapped.

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Can-Am Express

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 242
    December 8th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show, He announces that Furnas and Lafon won the ECW Tag Team Titles last night when they took the tag title shot belonging to The Gangstanators. Why? Well, This happens when the Dudleyz jumped them from behind, and Kronus injured his thumb on one hand and his pinky finger on the other :lmaolmao:lmao Styles bring out Kronus with his both his hands taped up. Styles ask him about the last few months teaming with New Jack, but the Dudleyz come out. Styles yells this is bullshit, this isn’t a match and they’ve done enough. Styles tries to calm everything down but Buh Buh makes him leave. They 3-1 beat him down while Joel asks Kronus if he's having a good evening :lmao NEW JACK MAKES THE SAVE! He cleans house but is still alone and Spike Dudley comes out to help out against his brothers hitting them with acid drops, he hits one on big dick but he no sells and grabs spike by the throat. That allows Jack to murder him with a guitar.

    The Dudley Boyz & Big Dick Dudley (w/Joel Gertner & Sign Guy Dudley) vs. The Gangstanators & Spike Dudley
    This goes about 5 minutes, its hardcore as shit. Tons of the usual spots, D-Von breaks a guitar over New Jacks head for months of revenge. Spike tries to fight, but Big Dick catches him on the top rope AND THROWS HIM OFF INTO A BUBBA CUTTER ONTO THE TABLE, BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK AND SPIKE IS DEAD. Bubba then puts him through the table with another Powerbomb before he pins him with a foot on the chest.

    Justin Credible (w/Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck
    This is a good time, Mikey uses the speed advantage early and Justin is still on his HBK bumping so he dies and flys around on everything. Sadly his offense is pretty mediocre. He’s also trying way too hard to get heat and get under the skin of the fans, it's like after every move he flips them off or does the suck it. Mikey’ comeback is pretty great, Jason comes in to stop the Whippersnapper, but Mikey gets down and hits him with the Stunner, and then hits Credible with the Frankensteiner for the win. **1/4 - **1/2

    Joey Styles says it was supposed to be Shane Douglas vs. Chris Chetti, but shows video of Shane Douglas with his arm from the bicep to wrist in a full cast due to the elbow surgery, and says "Superstar" Stevie Richards has stepped in to take his place.

    We cut to Richards/Chetti match already in progress. It looks pretty shit.

    Pre-tape airs of Al Snow arguing with Head and he yells at Head and says he's trying to listen to him. He says the head honchos always told him the key to getting push was to give them a little head, and he never got it, but now he does and says he's got a little Head, and now he's gonna get a push.

    Video Package airs of Al Snow and Head.

    The Can-Am come out with Lance Wright and his jacked bodyguard. I don’t think they’ve given him a name yet; Lance grabs the mic and calls himself Vince’s own personal message boy. A role he takes very, very seriously. He says they're going to hand the ECW Tag Titles to Vince McMahon this Monday night, so he can throw them in the trash where they belong. They then leave leaving Can-Am’s alone. Axl grabs the mic and says if it wasn’t for Jeff Jones they would be tag champs, he says he respects the Can-Am’s wrestling ability but if they think they’re leaving here with the tag titles and taking them to raw. The only thing they’re taking is these chairs wrapped around their heads. Francine tells the people to shut the fuck up and Candido tells them they are no way in hell they are leaving with those belts his girl may like it up there but he doesn’t so FUCK WWF AND FUCK THEM TOO! Francie grabs the mic and says she wants a 3-way-dance and everyone agrees.

    Three-Way-Dance for the ECW Tag Team Championships: The Can-Am Express vs. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs. Chris Candido & Lance Storm (w/Francine)
    This is pretty much a complete mess, everyone brawls and does shit. It’s 2 men in the ring the other 4 fight on the outside so at 2 people are guaranteed ring time to shine. Axl/Balls IsoFurnas while Triple Threat iso Lafon, both teams break up pinfalls cause I guess they forgot ECW 3-ways are elimination. Furnas holds Balls up but Axl comes off the middle rope with a dropkick and Balls falls on top for the win and the elimination. After some back and forth from both teams Balls and Axl seem to have this one in the bag when Francine tries to get involved she backs into a corner and throws a crutch at Candido who nails Axl in the back with it, he then this Balls with it and hits a superplex off the top with assistance from Lance for the win. NEW TAG CHAMPS!

    Replay airs of Lance’s bodyguard's staredown with Taz; Styles says TAZ has built his reputation on making big guys looking small and choking them out.

    The Show then ends with Sandman, Tommy and Beulah making their entrance to the ring. Beulah is in all white and licks a can of beer. SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE!
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: Chris Candido & Lance Storm

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 243
    December 15th, 1997
    Buffalo, New York

    The show opens with Sandman/Sabu already in progress and they ended up just showing the last 5 minutes or so of it. It’s safe to say this 5 minutes or so and is million times better than the N2R match. Sandman doesn’t look fucked up like he did, he probably was but that was due to weed and some beer not acid. Sabu hits an Arabian Facebuster while Sandman is under the ladder for the win.

    Justin Credible (w/Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck
    This is the weakest of the three matches, they waste no time bumping and dying for one another. Justin’s offense is more high impact and high risk than doing shit, Mikey hits a desperation stunner and makes a comeback but injures his knee. Justin sees this and attacks it with a shitty leglock and Mikey sells it like he’s in the walking dead and someone is sawing his leg off “he yells he’s breaking my leg” The referee stops the match and awards it to Credible :lmao Justin refuses to break the hold and Jason join in the attack. Justin hits him with two That's Incredibles as da Blue Guy, Jerry Lynn, Axl Rotten, and Balls Mahoney runs down to stop it. Mikey is stretchered out. *3/4 - **

    Joey Styles talks about what just happen and we get replays like we didn’t just watch it. Styles tries to sell it like Mikey life just ended.

    Clips air of Al Snow vs. Paul Diamond.

    Pitbull #2 (w/Pitbull #1) vs. Chris Chetti
    Pitbull #1 does some terrible mic work, he tries to claim they were on Vince's private jet and how Pitbull #1 has a mansion :lmao he says if Pitbull#2 can’t beat this rookie they might as well leave forever. Pitbull does shitty stuff until Chetti does a Double Jump Moonsault for the win, meh shitty upset. HOLY SHIT! PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS THE END OF THE Pitbull’s.

    Backstage: Lance Wright is holding some cash, the camera man is arguing that he wants no part of this and doesn’t want to be fired. Lance says he has a little stroke, he bribes him with money to stick around. Lance welcomes them to Monday night raw he then calls himself Lance Machaon. He says he’s got video of himself with all the ECW girls and it’s better than the Pam Anderson tape. Beulah walks in on him and asks what the hell he’s doing and he’s spitting all over her, he then grabs her by the hair and says don’t ever mak fun of him. She slaps the mic away and he laughs saying she missed so she slaps him across the face. LANCE THEN CRIES AND SAYS HE WANTS HIS MOMMY!

    Backstage: Al Snow is in the locker room, he says it’s Christmas time and he’s had time to reflect on the past year. He’s realized for the 15 years this has to be the happiest year he’s had. He appreciates that the fans have accepted him in ECW, and it means the world to him and his family. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from him and his Head. He holds up Head and says he doesn't want to do that. He argues with it but then says he hopes they all get a little head for Christmas too, and yells at Head for making him say that.

    FRANCINE IS IN AN MRS. CLAUSE’S SLUT OUTFIT! She says she knows everyone wants her, but she’s all for the Franchise.

    The FBI wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a bloody new year.

    Lance Wright is still crying.

    Tommy Rich confuses Spanish and Italian :lmao they try to do the retake again and Rich now says it in Japanese :lmao

    From X-Mas ’94 those bum ass Public Enemy talk, FUCK THEM!

    Chris Candido and Lance Storm are in the locker room, Lance questions why he doesn’t have a locker yet and Candido tells him not to worry about it.

    From X-Mas ’95 Buh Buh tries to talk but stutters. Big Dick hits him but he falls over.

    Jenna Jameson does some stuff but doesn’t show her tits smh.

    Tommy Rich still can’t get his lines right, Tracy says he's aged 10 years.

    Balls and Axl say they will make it through and they will handle it.

    From X-Mas ’96 the b.W.o are walking around New York and Stevie Stevie kicks Santa.

    Francine says HO! HO! HO! Why talk about Beulah.

    Tommy Rich says he’s had enough lets just to the bar. They kick a statue of Santa and Guido covers for the 3 count :lmao
  5. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Tommy Rogers was criminally underrated and more Beulah gifs.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: Chris Candido & Lance Storm

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 244
    December 23rd, 1997
    Buffalo, New York

    The show opens with Taz making his way down to the ring, he has a mic in hand and says, he says 5 months ago he stood in this ring with Tommy Dreamer. And he told Tommy Dreamer he'd challenge him for his title the next time they were in Buffalo, well unlike WCW and WWF we are gonna give you what we promise you. He says they will both get in this ring and Tommy Dreamer will be just another victim. BECAUSE MY NAME IS TAZ! I AM THE ECW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION! BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YO!

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show, he says the main event is Taz/Dreamer but he then tells us they recently tagged up against up; let's roll the footage.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    @Deezy this ones for you bud

    They cut to the entrance of Sandman, Tommy, and Beulah that aired 2 weeks ago, Beulah is standing on the ladder and bends over showing her ASS :mark: they all get on the apron and Tommy pours beer on her tits and drinks it off. TOMMY LOW KEY MIGHT BE MY HERO! He use to bang Francine and Beulah in their prime. This is the usual, insane, crazy, wacky, hardcore spots. It’s also clipped from what I guess is 15 minutes to 5 so they only show the real hardcore shit. Sabu has tape around his jaw because he broke it at the PPV. So instead of taking time, he just put some white tape on it :lmao at one point Jeff Jones comes from the back even though he’s not the ref for the match and carries Beulah to the back. Sabu and RVD continue to destroy Tommy’s foot with brutal weapon shots and do the same moves to Sandman’s head. They beat the shit out of them until Bill Alfonso gets on the mic; he says if Vince McMahon doesn't buy this piece of shit bingo hall company with a small check, he might, because there's nobody who can beat Sabu, AND TAZ COMES OUT! The numbers catch up to Taz and until Tommy has enough time to recover. Dreamer and Taz put RVD on a table but Taz doesn’t look happy about it. He then gets up top and Dreamer gives him an assisted Senton through RVD and the table. Stevie Richards then runs in and Stevie Kicks Dreamer but he turns and sees Taz. Sabu breaks up the Taz’s attack by locking him into his own Tazmission. While that is going on RVD hits the Frog-Splash off the top and covers Dreamer for the win. Only took RVD a year for the Frog-Splash is finally used as a finisher.

    Backstage: Al Snow is upset that Head is taking too long in the shower and is using all the hot water.

    Joey Styles talks about Mikey/Credible from last week, they also show the injury and the post match beating. Styles then talks about Bam Bam/Douglas injuries.

    Backstage: The New Triple Threat is standing in the hallway, Douglas says what we are looking at right now. Is the greatest set that this sport has to offer today. He talks about them having all the gold in the sport, Shane says he's dominated this sport and these two men are already the greatest tag team in ECW. They throw up the sign, but Candido yells at Lance Storm when he tries and says not yet.

    Bill Wiles & Lou Marconi vs. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney
    This goes for a minute, it’s a Balls/Axl squash so it Isn’t good unless they are swinging chairs. They hit the Saving Grace and Nutcracker Suite for the win. Then Kill both men with chair shots for the win.

    Jerry Lynn & Tommy Rodgers/FBI also get the clip job to about 5 minutes. Rogers hits Smothers with the Tomikaze for the win

    ECW Television Championship: Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty) vs. Taz
    We don’t even get entrances, it just cuts straight into the lock up. This is a little weird they’re playing off the mutual respect and both guys are babyfaces so they play clean. Which is fine, but they don’t have chemistry that much it just doesn’t feel right. Taz doesn’t ever really go to target Dreamers ankle like he does it once but once Dreamer fights if off they go right into the brawling and the high impact moves. Taz hits a beautiful belly-to-belly off the top; he blocks a DDT into the Tazmission but Dreamer low blows him and connects with the DDT for two. Tommy sets up a table on the floor, but it's already broken so he just leans it up against the rails. Taz hits a T-Bone Suplex through a table on the floor, but when he gets back into the ring, Sabu and Rob Van Dam come out to attack him for the DQ. Lance Wright’s bodyguard comes out but The Sandman runs out and the show ends with the two teams of three about to fight. **
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Television Champion: Taz
    ECW Tag Team Champions: Chris Candido & Lance Storm

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 245
    December 30th, 1997
    Korakuen Hall; Tokyo, Japan

    The show opens with weekly pro wrestling magazine editor, Fumi Saito. He says on behalf of Japan he would like to welcome the future of wrestling, ECW.

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show. He says FMW and ECW have joined forces for the past week and has been putting on matches. We then go to Atsushi Onita creator of FMW and Paul Heyman creator of ECW meeting for the first time. They shake hands and have an intense staredown for the cameras.

    Out the building; Fonzie and Sabu who are both in suits cut a promo. Fonzie says he knows Sandman knows Sabu is the king of hardcore, he then talks about all the stuff Sabu has done to him. He says tonight Sandman is gonna get his ass kicked, and the only way he’s gonna make it back to the ECW arena is in a box.

    Sandman is outside the ECW Dressing room, he says he’s gotten more injuries face him than he’s had facing anyone else. And that’s why he likes fighting him. Tonight they take Tokyo to the extreme.

    AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING Video package airs of the history between Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer and how much Funk means to him.

    They air a then air a 15-minute highlight video of wrestlers and matches from this Japan tour :lmao 15 FUCKIN’ MINUTES! No Rope Barbed-wire C4 matches, Awesome bombs through tables, Dudleyz telling the crowd to fuck off. Tanaka/Awesome looks incredible, and I’m looking forward to that :mark: There is also a barbed-wire C4 steel cage match, YEAH! Not barbed wire just on the top the cage is covered in barbed-wire anyone they don’t pin one another so the C4 goes off and shit looks like an explosion from a movie.Yeah, shit like that.

    The Sandman vs. Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso)
    This is shockingly good the most well put together match they’ve done. Well the first few minutes were. Sandman tries to go after Fonzie early on which leaves him open for a Sabu attack. Sabu hits some nice dives and high-risk moves before getting to the hardcore stuff. Sandman who is probably the soberest he’s been already as I’m guessing the Japanese beer isn’t the best does some great bumping and sells very well. Sabu with a table in hand climbs to the top rope and throws it right into Sandman's face, it’s hilarious hearing the Japanese fans chant for ECW. But even more hilarious is SABU botches the triple jump moonsault as the chair gives away under his weight and he sticks to the ropes. Fonzie stops a cane shot allowing Sabu to hit him with a suicide dive. Fonzie introduces a table and ladder in which both get used. They do all the usual stuff we’ve seen from them in the past and continue for another 5-to-7 minute. I think Sabu botches another triple jump because we cut to Fonzie already on the ringside and Sabu hitting a moonsault off the middle rope with no chair in sight :lmao anything goes way too long for another 5 minutes and Sabu hits a Legdrop with help from a steel chair onto a Ladder onto Sandman for the win. **3/4


    Clips airs of the Great Sasuke having a press conference saying he will return to ECW to get revenge on Justin Credible for the loss.


    Stay tuned for awards and shit.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    10. Terry Funk vs. Raven - BARELY LEGAL 1997
    9. Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer - Hardcore Heaven 1997
    8. Spike Dudley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - August 11th, 1997
    7. Spike Dudley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - Hardcore Heaven 1997
    6. Shane Douglas vs. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer - November 3rd, 1997
    5. The Triple Threat (w/Francine) vs. The Pitbulls & Balls Mahoney - June 25th, 1997
    4. Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa vs. Dick Togo & Terry Boy & Taka Michinoku - March 24th, 1997
    3. Great Sasuke, GRAN Hamada & Masato Yakushiji vs. Terry Boy, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku - BARELY LEGAL 1997
    2. The Final Battel: Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer - WRESTLEPALOOZA 1997
    1. Sabu vs. Taz - BARELY LEGAL 1997

    Tag Team Of The Year: The Dudley Boyz

    Wrestler Of The Year: Sabu
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    Tommy Dreamer may be fat and old......but goddamn he's winning at life.

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