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This is EXTREME: Fab watches ECW 1997 For the first time

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Aug 7, 2016.

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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 194
    January 9th, 1997
    Webster, Massachusetts

    The show opens with a video recap of Terry Funk making his return November 2 Remember. He’s making this one more run :side:

    The intro video package is cut-off mid way through by a b.W.o intro :mark:

    Axl Rotten vs. Stevie Richards (w/b.W.o)
    After Axl’s entrance, Joey gives us a rundown of what’s gonna be on tonight’s show. I won’t tell you because it will spoil all the fun. This wasn’t bad but wasn’t good at the same time. Very ECW squash-ish if that makes sense. Axl did some moves and never really focused on a body part and Stevie tried to target Axl’s dick. I did like that they kinda towards to end built the story around the Stevie kick and Axl avoiding it at all cost so when Stevie did end up hitting it, it got a nice pop and the win. Post-Match: the b.W.o celebrate.**

    Joey Styles explains to us that apparently Taz's shoulder might be injured but we don't know for sure. He shows some evidence, such as him favoring the shoulder after the match with Van Dam. He then refused to compete in the King of the Hill Battle Royal, and then apparently at this show in Massachusetts, he refused to compete and picked Chris Candido as his replacement.

    We cut to footage of Buh Buh beating up D-Von and hitting him with the Buh Buh Cutta. Francine wearing this short low cut slut dress (side note, Francine might be underrated. Not just in looks but her body is pretty great. Great rack and nipple always sticking out DEAD) footage of Dreamer/Douglas and Eliminators vs. Buh Buh /Spike air.


    Joey Styles shows us footage of Killer Kowalski presented The Eliminators with the new ECW Tag Team Championship belts.

    Joel Gertner YES!!!!! He gives us some sleazy lines before introducing Chris Candido. He cuts a promo on his past with Louie in the WWF, but here it's different. Before it was fun and games, and he should've just taken the licks he got from him and moved on. But now he cost Candido another win after just getting to ECW, and it's personal. NO GIMMICKS NEEDED.

    Clips air of the b.W.o being eliminated by Brian Lee. Joey also tells us that Brian Lee is paid by Raven, but he's also paid by Shane Douglas, which shows how in demand he is.

    Brian Lee vs. Hollywood Nova (b.W.o)
    Before the match; Stevie applauds Brian Lee. He gets on the mic and says they're boys, the two of them, and the battle royal was every man for himself, so he forgives him for eliminating all of the Blue World Order. Stevie says Brian knows his roots are with Raven's Nest, as he's Raven's hitman, and they're also in the Nest. He says they're all friends, and if he wants, he can even join the BWO! He says to think about it. BLUEDOZER. Brian Lee wins with the Chokeslam in 30 seconds.

    Joey Styles goes to interview Killer Kowalski, but Brian Lee interrupts by choking him out and saying Terry Funk is next because he is the……Legend Killer smh

    Backstage: The Eliminators are pissed because Brian Lee took out a 74 year old man, who is their mentor. He says he was sending a message, and they've intercepted the message, and now he and Candido have a Boston style ass whipping coming their way.

    Raven is in the ring with a mic, he calls out the Sandman. He says he’s a better man that’s why his wife left him. He’s also a better farther that’s why his kid left him and he’s a better wrestler that’s why he’s the world champion. Well, Sandman waste no time and they brawl for a while. Sandman gets the better or Raven even busting him open with punches. Raven eventually outsmarts him which wasn’t that hard to do, as instead of him getting up and walking into punches he just sits in the corner so when Sandman comes charging in Raven low blows him. Raven gets his belt, and hits Sandman with it, busting him open now. He says that's his belt and keeps slamming his face into it on the mat. They have a brawl all over the arena, and Raven throws Sandman into the b.W.o locker room. Raven tries to run back to the ring to get his belt, but Sandman catches him, now in a b.W.o shirt. They get back to the ring and trade punches on their knees, until both men collapse :lmao The show ends with Joey Styles wondering how Sandman got the b.W.o shirt.

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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 195
    January 14th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Paul E. opens the show and says this is not the American Wrestling Association, and in about 30 seconds Ricky and Tommy will be taken to the extreme.

    The Gangstaz vs. Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton
    NEW JACK SIGHTING! This is a total murdering; this was a murder on sight. Poor Ricky and Tommy stood no chance. Sure they got some shots in but this was a total Gangstaz showcase made better with Ricky’s god like ability to sell and die. Jack hits the 187 to win (I’m not even mad WWE took out Natural Born Kllers and added "In The Ghetto" in its place..

    Joey Syles shows us during the commercial, Rich running down Morton on the mic for being awful and ugly. Morton attacks him and they get into a huge brawl which becomes an impromptu match. Both men bloody themselves even more and Morton misses a crossbody into the corner, allowing Rich to roll him up to win.

    Joey brings up Taz’s injured shoulder. He says earlier today ECW got a camera crew to go down to Team Taz Dojo in New York to try and get word on the arm of Taz. A random camera guy knocks on the door of the dojo, and some random New Yorker comes out and says to beat it. The camera goes to leave, but the door man comes back and says Taz will give him the interview.

    We come back and the camera is in Taz's office at the Dojo, He explains that if Sabu can go out to Japan and sit out for a month, then he's going to do that too. And maybe he'll just continue to sit out until Sabu decides to face him. Styles asks about the shoulder injury and Taz admits it, he does have a shoulder injury...that he got 3 years ago when he first came into ECW that's just a nagging oversight he deals with every day, nothing that keeps him from going out there and wrestling like he's done every day the past few years of his life. Taz says no smart ass punk pretty boy can take him. Taz says he'll demonstrate his skills next week to shut him up, and tells him NEVER to come here uninvited again.

    Joey shows us a quick recap of the Sandman/Raven brawl from last week.

    Raven makes his way to the ring and calls out the Sandman to bring him his belt now (GOD DAMN WWE’S version of Sandman’s theme song is repug) Anyway Sandman walks out with cigarette in hand and the brawl is on. They exchange right hands to start, idk if it was to try to knock the other man out or to bloody someone up. Either way crowd wanted the b.W.o more than they wanted this. They continue to brawl around ringside and Sandman uses a table as a weapon. Once back in the ring. Raven clotheslines Sandman over the top onto a table that was wedged between the ring apron and the rails. He’s not done as Raven whips him headfirst into the broken down table. Raven grabs the world title and connects with the Evenflow, as the b.W.o come out. Raven is distracted, and Sandman has time to get a beer, and that is his spinach, so he spits it in Raven's face and has regained his strength. He blindly hits Meanie and Nova, but then sees Stevie, and shoves him. Stevie shoves Raven down; Sandman gets up behind them as they argue. STEVIE KICK, BUT TO SANDMAN! It looks planned, BUT STEVIE SPINS RAVEN AROUND AND SAYS THEY'RE NOT DONE YET! Raven jabs him, and they go to fight, but Sandman hits a DDT on Raven. Stevie tries to recruit Sandman and hits Raven with the Stevie kick. Stevie doesn't look too mad, and he gives Sandman his b.W.o t-shirt to recruit him. They leave but Sandman continues to beat Raven down by tying him up in the ropes and leveling him countless times in the head with the kendo stick. Sandman leaves again with the belt to the repug music.


    Raven's dead weight slumps down out of the ropes and he lay there motionless for a minute or so. Referees comes out to check on him but he keeps refusing help. He's eventually able to crawl out of the ring and to the back on his own.

    Joey Styles runs down what just happen just encase you know you’re not watching the fuckin’ show smh. They not only show it once, but twice and on the second time it’s in slow motion. FUCK!!!!

    So Joel Gertner has a backstage segment called the HYPE CENTRAL! Okay, Roses are Red, Violets are blue. You can’t look like me because I’m better than you. Joel says we’ve been begging for his next guest with the best chest in wrestling….his guest is…..him. He begins to interview himself or just says he is the best dressed. That’s it :lmao

    Joey Styles attempts to give us another fuckin’ run down of the Sandman/Raven stuff when thankfully Raven grabs him by the throat and says he took his wife, took his kid and his sanity. He tells him to go and get Sandman to bring him his title. Bum ass Tod Gordon tries to calm Raven down, but Raven grabs him by the tie and says he knows he and Sandman are buddies so he better get him to bring him his title. Tod says he's beaten everyone, but if he wants the belt back, he has to take it. Raven says he'll take it, and he'll pay.

    Joey gives us a quick rundown in the Douglas/Pitbulls, Douglas/Dreamer, Candido/Louie feuds We're then shown the last 30 seconds of the recent Candido/Spicolli with Candido sitting down on a sunset flip to win. Candido talks shit and shoves Louie after the match, so Louie attacks again. Shane Douglas and Brian Lee come out to attack Spicolli and he eats the Chokeslam. Brian and Shane then hit a Spike Tombstone. Pitbull #2 comes out to save. He no-sell the chokeslam, you know that move you’ve been building up, and cleans house as the show just ends.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 196
    January 21rd, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Joey Styles is in the ring and welcomes us to the show. Just as he’s about to speak. He screams TOMMY, LOOK OUT! And THE TRIPLE THREAT IS THERE AND THEY ATTACK DREAMER! Lee pushes a table in the way of Heyman & Buffone to block them and Francine gets in their way. They beat the shit out of Dreamer before FUCKIN’ THROWINGTOMMY OFF THE STAGE INTO THE CROWD! People check on him, and Terry Funk comes out to help calling them motherfuckers and punk motherfuckers. Funk begins to leave with Tommy on the stretcher but Tommy Rich attacks Funk with a chair and beats him down. Beulah just screams while the whole thing is going on and not in a hot sexual way.


    Joey Styles is back in the ring and attempts to start over. He introduces Taz, he grabs the mic and asks Styles if he’s hurt before Bill Alfonzo grabs the mic and says a bunch of nonsense. He tells Styles to shut the hell up and go in the corner. The crowd begins to chant “Sabu” and Taz tells them they have to go abit louder because he’s 90k miles away because he’s so loyal to you people. He says along with Sabu in Japan is RVD the pussy with or bitch with long hair (damn you network edits) He tells Paul E to get some balls and draw up a contract for he and Sabu. And it will only take 5 minutes for him to finish Sabu. The crowd begins to chant “BULLSSHIT” So Taz’s reply is “FUCK SABU” :lmao A small group of fans start screaming FUCK SABU over and over and Taz turns to them, calling the ring leader out. He asks what gives him the right to chant that to one of HIS contemporaries when he has never laced up a pair of boots, stepped in this ring or paid his dues. He says he may say Fuck Sabu but that's because he hates the piece of shit, and he's been in the business, he is a professional wrestler, he wrestles for ungrateful fucks like these fans, "...and until YOU do that, shut your fat fucking mouth you piece of shit. Fuck you and Fuck Sabu." And immediately, Taz gets the crowd to completely hate him again. AMAZING!

    ECW World Tag Team Championships: The Eliminators vs. D-Von Dudley & Axl Rotten
    Taz joins Joey on commentary; this was a nice little showcase for the Eliminators. The bust out the double moonsault that leads to a brawl on the floor that plays into D-Von and Axl hands. Axl connects with some of the worse chops in history, but Perry outdoes him with the worse punches and high kicks in history. Perry connects with a knee off the top before saving his partner on the floor. More brawling until Axl loses to Total Elimination. Match was all over the place as expected. Post-Match: The Eliminators celebrate and motion to Taz, and bow to each other in the traditional judo style.

    Joey Styles tells us the main event of tonight was supposed to be Douglas/Dreamer for the TV title but that’s not happen now. Shane Douglas says he's doubling the bounty on #2's bald head and asks for someone to come and collect. Bubba doesn't want it, so he helps Pitbull #2 fight off The Bad Crew. D-Von and Axl come back out and the Dudleys fight. Bubba hits the Bubba Cutter and Pitbull hits Axl with the Super Fallaway Slam. Shane gets on the apron and says if he can't pay someone to do it, he'll do it himself, but Candido and Brian Lee come from behind and attack them. Bubba eats one Chokeslam, AND PITBULL #2 GETS CHOKESLAMMED OVER THE TOP THROUGH A TABLE! AND FUCKIN NO SELLS IT So Divorce Court through half of the table, and somehow, THAT puts him down. FUCK OFF! On now Pitbull #2 does a stretcher job :lmao

    Terry Funk vs. Brian Lee
    Terry is bloody from the attack and is just screaming what appears to be all types of swears words :mark: when return from a commercial, Lee is stalling with the crowd so Terry takes the fight to him. But Lee gets the better and with one punch he rebusts Terry open. The brawl soon the floor as Lee begins to pull Funks knee pad down and rips his tights to expose the knee bone. He whacks him twice with a chair and Funk sells it like someone one shot him it’s magnificent. Funk’s bumping here is incredible he is just getting murdered but he’s Terry FUCKIN’ Funk so you can’t keep him down. He no sells a Piledriver and fights back with lefts and rights. But a headbutt words and Terry gets his second wind. He piledrives Lee on the concrete floor onto of a chair DEAD! He’s not done FUNK begins swinging the chair at Lee head at least 8 times before sending him into the crowd and throwing chairs ontop of him :mark: Funk tries to go back to ringside but Lee crotches him on the rails and his head off the the table at ringside. The first slam Funk didn’t put his hands up so you can hear his head thud onto it. The next 4 or 5 Terry manages to get his hands up. Funk now slams Lee’s heads off the table and then attempts a legdrop but the tables doesn’t break and I think Funk low blows himself :lmao Funk headbutts Lee which pisses him off so Lee picks up the table and throws it into the ring…..and guess what the table lands on Funk’s back. He drives it into his back one more time before Lee throws him into the table set up in the corner. Lee begins to taunt now. So FUNK COMES BACK WITH THE DRUNK AIR PUNCHES!!!!! They brawl on the floor again, and Styles points out if Funk is gonna go down he’s gonna go down swinging. They brawl up the entrance way. Shane Douglas attacks Funk on the floor as Chris sets up another table on the floor. Lee Chokeslams Funk off the apron through the table. The Triple Threat gets him back in, and Lee covers to win. **3/4 FUNK IS GOD!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lee gets on the mic and says he bet’s his old man is rolling over in his grace watching his bitch of a girl (referring to Funk) getting his ass kicked. Lee and Funk begin trading f-bombs towards one another and Funk begins to slap the shit out of him. FUNK IS GOD!

    Joel Gertner starts combing his chest hair because, why the fuck not.

    Joey gives us a run down along with video footage of all the Douglas antics that happen tonight. Do we really need to see this again? Bad enough we got it during a 3 hour Raw but now on a 1 hour TV show smh

    Shane Douglas & Francine are in the ring (Francine is wearing this short, short skirt and matching bra it’s that stripper gold. You know the one) Douglas randomly attacks the ref and says he doesn’t respect men wearing stripes. He makes fun of Dreamer for not being here before wondering who will take his place. Douglas sees someone man in a mask coming out and laughs, asking if this is supposed to be Juventud Guerrera or something. He gets in the ring and snatches the mic, saying "It's a new year, Shane Douglas" and as soon as they hear his voice THE PLACE FUCKING EXPLODES! THEY KNOW WHO THE FUCK IT IS! Douglas & Francine have these amazing expressions of shock and awe on their faces. The masked man says his new year's resolution is to change the direction of the ECW. His new year’s resolution is to FUCK with the FRANCHISE! The fans start chanting the man's name but Douglas runs around, screaming for them to shut up because there's no way it's him. Douglas asks the man if he wants to fuck with the Franchise, how come he's hiding behind a mask. Rude says for two reasons: 1, if he takes the mask off, Douglas shits himself and 2, that would mean he has to deal with the stench for the rest of the night. He says he knows somebody in the back that's ready and willing to fight Shane Douglas tonight because like a "fat tub of shit that used to be the NWA World Champion said 'To be the man, you've gotta beat the man'" He says Douglas is the man in ECW, but there's somebody in the back ready to prove him wrong. Douglas mockingly asks if it's Dreamer ot Pitbull #2 and the masked man replies that it clearly can't be. Douglas is like fuck it, bring it on and Rude says to hit the music and PITBULL #1'S RETURNS TO AN AMAZING POP! He beats the shit out of Douglas as time runs out and the show ends.

    Great fuckin’ show.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 197
    January 28th, 1997
    Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Dunder Mifflin sup?

    The show opens us with the finish of Mikey Whipwreck vs. The Rookie. Whipwreck gets the win with a crucifix pin and shows respect by shaking his hand. Another clip airs of Tommy Dreamer getting murdered and all the other Douglas antics from last week.

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show before bringing out Shane Douglas and Francine (who is wearing this hot little black dress, tight af) the whole Triple Threat comes out basically. Douglas says if it looks like a rose, smells like a rose it must be a rose. And last week it look like him, smelled like him and even talked like him it must be him. He says he prides himself of being a student of the game and for 14 years he saw one man that was at the top of his game. And he knows what he’s all about. He says he can’t have what he has, and tells the mask man to take a backseat because the Triple Threat has bigger things to do. Brian and Chris are also too busy when they win the world tag titles. But they have hired someone to watch Francines’ back……… MIKE AWESOME!!!! A YOUNG MIKE AWESOME!!! HOLY SHIT!


    Video tribute airs for the New Triple Threat, set to WWE Networks adjace version of "Perfect Strangers"

    Backstage: Terry FUCKIN’ Funk cuts a promo on how sometimes a loss can bring your life into focus. And what your goals are, he says last week when he lost and came to the back he just say their thinking about a lot of things. He thought about Tommy Dreamer and the heart of him. He says Dreamer reminds him a lot of his father, and in 1973 he had a dream of being champion. But it never happen because he had a heart attack and when he and his brother took him to the hospital. He dad said he can’t do it anymore and those were his last words. Funk says that was the saddest day of his life. But now he’s here to do what his father couldn’t. And that’s being World champion; he wants to do it for the fans and to prove it to all the old farts everywhere. All he needs is one match, and when he does he wants all the fans to get in the ring and holds our hands up and says “we did it our way” Not like the WWF. Not like the WCW. Not like NJPW, AJPW or FMW. Not like the UFC. But their way, the hardcore way, the ECW way. He says he's in alot of pain, he doesn't know where he's going -- but he's not ready to let go. Not yet :mark:

    ECW Via Satellite: Taz is in his dojo, he says in early December he had shoulder surgery. He tore up his rotator cuff and labarum. And like he said before it was an old injury, he needed to have it done. He was running through ECW at 80%. Now he's at 110%, and that's bad news for a lot of people. Sabu. He asks Sabu what he thinks the beating's going to be like now. He must think RVD is going to slow him up, and says nothing stops him. He says he hates RVD and everything he stands for, and says Rob wanted to use a chair instead of wrestling with him. He says he doesn't need a weapon, his hands are his weapons. Sandman needing canes to fight his battles, Dreamer needing trash cans to fight his battles, and Terry Funk using whatever he can get his hands on just to keep himself alive...BUT THESE HANDS, THESE HANDS ARE MY WEAPONS. He says when the time is right he threatens to cut throat SABU!!!

    In a pretape promo Raven says Stevie has a cult of his own now, a little following. You know what he likes to do for fun? He took a man’s wife; he took a man’s son and sanity. What would you do for fun? Before he decides to fly the Nest, he should remember that nobody gets out alive.

    Clips air of Stevie beating Little Guido.

    Joey Styles said Raven has put up his hair and the title on the line, just to get possession of his World Title back.

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Raven (w/ Sandman’s ex-wife) vs. The Sandman
    If Sandman Wins; He Keeps the Belt and is World Champion, plus, Raven's head gets shaved. If Raven wins, he gets the belt back. As Sandman makes his entrance through the crowd Raven ambushes him and begins using the kendo stick as a weapon. He piledrivers him and instead of pinning him throws a table inside. Sandman counters a whip and Raven crashes into the table but it doesn’t break. Sandman takes the time to open a can of beer and pours it into Ravens eyes. Raven rolls to the floor and Sandman viciously dumps the table onto Ravens head :lmao They brawl on the floor for a bit before bringing it back in. Raven throws part of the broken table at Sandman, but Sandman counters with a chair. He DDT’s Raven onto the chair but Lori breaks up the pin. Sandman rips off her dress and she’s wearing a b.W.o shirt. Raven looks shocked and starts choking her when all of a sudden the b.W.o comes out. They run out and Stevie gets into the ring. Raven shoves him and Stevie shoves back. Raven says this can wait till later and he goes to turn, but STEVIE SPINS HIM AND NAILS HIM WITH THE STEVIE KICK! BUT! WHEN RAVEN GOT KO'D, HE LANDED RIGHT ON TOP OF SANDMAN AND PINNED HIM TO WIN!


    Pitbull #2 vs. Brian Lee
    This is a minute or so before Shane and Candido come out for a DQ. Thank God :blessed it's 3 on 1 until Pitbull #1 and Tommy Dreamer run out to even up the odds. But that doesn't last long because they get the shit kicked out of them, too. Pitbull #1 screams my neck, my neck! Pitbull #2 stands in the corner in front of him to protect him, taking a shit load of punishment from the Triple Threat. They go to leave and the Masked Man gets into the ring saying Douglas isn't getting away with this that easily. But if he gives him what he wants right now, he'll stay out of his life. Douglas talks to Francine and orders her up there, and she gets on the apron and starts touching the masked man. Mike Awesome tries to jump him from behind but that backfires and the mask man hits the Rude Awakening and begins thrusting his hips, as Douglas screams it’s him. It’s him.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 198
    February 5th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The opens with a recap promo from the “Crossing the Line Again” show that just happen 24 hours again. Heyman has all the babyfaces in the ring, while the heels are on the stage area. Heyman makes the announcement on April 13th ECW WILL HAVE ITS FIRST PPV AND THE MAIN EVENT WILL BE TAZ AND SABU.


    Joey Styles says this PPV on 4/13 will be so extreme that it's Barely Legal.

    Ricky Morton (w/Some Ugly Slut) vs. Stevie Richards AKA Big Stevie Cool (w/b.W.o)
    This is from the Cross the line show, no not the TNA one 8D vintage ECW, I say that because the crowd made it that way. Stevie is so over that everything he does gets a reaction like he’s a god send. And Ricky, well Ricky is a dick. But when you actually break it down it’s kinda like a hot mess no real flow, pointless rest holds, pointless low blow, just two guys going back and forth until the Stevie Kick wins it. *1/2

    Backstage: Shane Douglas is with Francine as he cuts a promo; he says ECW has come down so hard on him about all the things he’s done to poor ol’ Pitbull #1. Well what about all the things he’s done to him? Before all of this nobody questioned him but not anymore. Now all they know about him is he’s the guy that broke his neck. Well 30 seconds before Pitbull #1 powerbombed Francine through a table and no one questions his honor. No. Nobody says a thing about him attacking him, and was just protecting himself. He said he's got a score to settle to, and he can't wait for him to be carted out again. And if he's lucky, he'll be in the chair permanently, and he'll have a friend in Christopher Reeves.

    “Doctor Death” Steve Williams vs. Axl Rotten
    Again this is from the Cross the line show, this was short but oh so sweet. Axl isn’t really good at a lot of things but he shines at getting killed and DOC’s specialty is killing motherfuckers, and that what he does. They brawl for a bit Doc pins him with a BACK DROP DRIVER!

    We cut right to Joey Styles in the ring with Raven and Doc, Doc says did anybody invite him (meaning Raven) into his ring. Raven grabs the mic and says hey asshole, you want the belt, you take it. AND THE MATCH IS ON.

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship: “Doctor Death” Steve Williams vs. Raven
    Great fuckin’ brawl to start; Raven busts him open with a shot into the ringpost followed by some brutal chair shots to the head. Raven places Doc on a table and attempts a legdrop but Doc moves and Raven goes crashing through it. Doc kills Raven with a chair shot of his own, busting Raven open now. Like a fish smelling blood in the water, or seeing blood in the water. I forget which one it is. Doc begins to murder Raven with everything he can think of. Raven continues to kick out showing that black hearts matter, Raven eventually hits a superplex off the middle rope but just as he celebrates. Here come the b.W.o with Sandman’s ex-wife and kid :lmao Raven isn’t happy so he punches Stevie, that allows Doc to lariat Raven into Stevie knocking him down. Doc picks up Raven and press slams him on top of the b.W.o on the floor. Stevie presents Doc with his b.W.o shirt but Doc wants no part of it and rips it. That allows Stevie to hit Doc with THE STEVIE KICK! HE GETS RIGHT UP INTO ANOTHER! Doc gets up slower, and ducks a third. Stevie ducks a punch, AND HITS A THIRD STEVIE KICK! RAVEN THROWS STEVIE OUT, AND HITS THE EVENFLOW TO WIN! b.W.o stuff kinda ruined it, oh and this was the first time in 10 years that Dr. Death lost in America. SWERVE! **3/4

    D-Von Dudley vs. The Sandman
    lol @ during Sandman’s entrance some guy was rubbing Sandman’s fat belly. D-Von has seen enough and pearl harbour jobs Sandman (shout out to Gorilla Monsoon) he beats him up all around ringside while taking the time to talk shit to every fan he sees. Sandman fires back with boots, as the crowd chants “fuck him up sandman, fuck him up” nice of the network to not bleep that out. Sandman now beats D-Von up all around ringside and even hitting a legdrop off the apron onto D-Von who was placed on the guard rails. Fuckin’ Sandman suplexes a table onto D-Von, not once but twice :lmao D-von might be the GOAT at getting killed with headshots from kendo sticks. Sandman finally finishes it with a legdrop off the top with a chair crushing D-Von’s face. **1/4

    Joel Gertner is in the ring as the crowd beg for Sandman to fuck him up. Joel hypes up Sandman before announcing the winner, via points, as D-Von Dudley. Sandman canes him in the back of the head. D-Von attacks Sandman and begins hitting him in the head. Buh Buh & Spike run out! Buh Buh's got a chair and they stand off with D-Von. BUT AS SANDMAN GETS UP, BUH BUH KILLS HIM WITH A CHAIR! Buh Buh and D-von trade smiles as Spike looks shocked, so he jumps them. The numbers catches up to him and they hit the THE DUDLEY DEATH DROP! They proceed to kill Sandman with chair and kendo stick shots to the head. THE GANGSTAS COME OUT! AND THE FIGHT IS ON!!!! The Dudleyz eventually get the better as the show goes off the air.

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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 199
    February 11th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Tommy Dreamer video package airs; highlighting the caning angle from 1994, Piledriver to Beulah, and chair shot heard round the world, fight with Cactus Jack and pinning him, hitting Raven with a stop sign, Korankuen match with Raven and the scaffold match. All of his best moments to date.

    Joey Styles hypes up Barely Legal and says everyone wants to be World Champion going into Barely Legal before showing the ending of Raven/Williams and the Stevie Kicks.

    Terry Funk vs. Tommy Rich
    This is from the Cross the Line show. God damn Tommy looks a mess; one more time chants as soon as Funk comes out the certain. Damn I can feel my allergies acting up before it was out of nowhere. FUNK MAN! I love that guy so much. But as for the match, Funk does what he can with this fat fuck. Tommy’s fat ass can barely get over the rails to talk shit with the fans :lmao that allows Funk to jump him from behind and with the first punch Tommy is already busted open. Funk proceeds to beat the shit out of him as with every punch the blood just pours out of Tommy. At some point Tommy gains the advantage (I wouldn’t know as ECW has clipped the match down so I see certain parts) Tommy works the knee that but Funk no sells and uses the spinning toe hold for the win.

    Backstage: Terry Funk cuts a promo. He says he wants to tell them about Freckles Brown, somebody most people don't remember, because he was a bull rider. He says he was past his prime, had bad shoulders and knees, but in 1967, he got to the national finals, and he drew a bull named Tornado. He crawled on and Tornado had thrown a lot of good cowboys off, but he rode him for eight seconds until the buzzer rang. They asked Freckles how he did it, and he said every dog has his day. That's how he feels. He says he wants his day with the ECW World Champion, Raven. He says if he can get that match and beat him, he can give his family a memory, his two daughters, his wife, his father, even if he's not here any longer. He says this dog's going to have his day. :flaircry

    In a pre-tape segment; The Dudley Boyz are in these streets. Buh Buh says they've been looking all over east side and they couldn't find ya’ll. D-Von says to testify, and Buh Buh says they couldn't find them on the east or west or north side, but they can't afford the North Side. D-Von says they can't be found, so Buh Buh says they went to the south side, but they're still cowards. D-Von says Buh Buh been healed, but The Gangstas won't be when The Dudley Boyz find them.

    Lance Storm vs. Balls Mahoney
    Same deal as the other matches for the past 2 weeks, it’s a nice little showcase for Lance and his amazing rat tail hair style. Balls doesn’t look like Balls at all, he looks weird with short hair, anyway. Lance hits a Spinning Wheel Kick for the win.

    Backstage: Raven cuts a promo from the basement. He says if Terry Funk is going to bore them with war stories, he should have the decency to buy them all another round. He says fate is a vicious nasty little thing that can drive a family apart or a man insane, for no particular reason. And if fate puts them together, every dog will not have its day, He says he wishes his dad would have died like Terry's, because he would have had a much happier childhood. He says nobody can beat him, not even him. Quote the Raven, nevermore.

    ECW Tag Team Championship: The Eliminators vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu
    I can’t really enjoy this it’s basically spot, spot, double team, do some stuff then the match would cut forward. Both teams from what I say hit some real cool double teams and high risk moves. It felt more like a 4 way just, that the other two wrestlers would touch one another. NO ONE SELLS A GOD DAMN THING. LoL total elimination while RVD and Sabu were standing on a ladder looked weak af. The match ends when Sabu tried the triple jump moonsault onto Kronus but Saturn shoved Van Dam in the way and Van Dam took the brunt of it. TOTAL ELIMINATION! Is followed for the 3 count.

    Post-match: Sabu & Van Dam attempt to attack but basically get laid out. Van Dam's laid half way out of the ring and Taz runs out with a chair and knocks his head in with it. The Eliminators continue to beat down Sabu and they hold him by his arms and force him to watch as Taz chokes out Van Dam, daring Sabu to come save his friend. Van Dam gets choked out and Taz grabs the chair, about to nail Sabu, but he stops, saying he's saving it, and he spits on Sabu instead. Sabu tries to go after him but the Eliminators hit him with Total Elimination.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 200
    February 18th, 1997
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Raven is sitting in a stairway, and begins to cut a promo. He says Tommy Dreamer has never, ever pinned him. On last week's program, they made a big deal about Tommy Dreamer's career. A video retrospective. Yet there was no footage of him beating me, because he never has. He never will. Tommy Dreamer! You think that this is your time. Well Tommy Dreamer, it will NEVER be your time. As it will never be for you mentor, your hero, that 53 year old man. That five and dime cartoon working legend, Terry Funk. Don't you understand that all the young wrestlers look at you and point and laugh in your direction? You are old, Terry Funk. You're a hasbeen, you're washed up. But what infuriates me worst of all, you're so old you could be my father. And I hate my father. And every time I get you in a ring, I'm gonna beat you. And I'm gonna hit you like that old man did to me. Like that abusive bastard did to me when I was a child. My father beat me, Terry Funk. And I'm going to beat you the same way. You see, Terry Funk, it isn't enough that I want to hurt you. I want to end you, I want to end your career, I WANT TO END YOUR LIFE! Because you remind me of my father. And all of the sadistic things he did to me -- the molestation, the beatings, the divorce, the time he never spent with me, all the baseball games that all my friends went to and I never got to go to. That was the childhood I never had. Childhood...Tyler Fullington. Sandman, what kind of childhood does your son have? A much better one since he's left you. Sandman, I took your son, I took your wife, I took my belt back. Sandman, you don't have the guts, you don't have the balls, you don't have the intestinal fortitude to come back and take any of it. You can never take this from me; this will go to my grave. If you want your wife and kid, it's a different story. You gotta go see Stevie Richards for that. b.W.o, they've got your kids now. Stevie Richards, haha, just like everybody else; he deserted me when I needed him the most. When I needed him the most, he decided he wanted to have his own career. He didn't want to be my lackey anymore; he didn't want to be my flunkie. He decided it was time for him to become a man. Well Stevie Richards, before you leave this Nest, I'm going to give you one last chance to come back. You come back to Raven's nest, and almost...almost everything will be forgiven. Stevie Richards, Terry Funk, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer -- I've had enough of all of you. I've had enough of Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon. I AM THE ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Do not incur the wrath of Raven. DO NOT INCUR MY WRATH ANYMORE! You want the belt, you come and get it. But it ain't happen. QUOTH ME “Nevermore..." AMAZING!

    Joey Styles talks about the problems Raven has with Dreamer, Sandman, Stevie & Funk and how they're all connected. Each man gets a brief video package set to their theme, showing their most recent moments with Raven. Raven then gets his own video package.

    D-Von Dudley (w/Sign Guy Dudley) vs. The Sandman
    God damn WWE Network, its bad enough I have to watch him attempt to wrestle or fight. But now I have to watch his 5 minutes entrance to their shitty version of Enter Sandman loop smh. Before the match after the entrance they show us a recap of last week’s Dudley Boyz formation along with the Gangstaz brawl. 5 seconds in and D-Von kills him with a chair shot, he then proceeds to smack the shit out of him and beats him up all over the ringside area. Shit lasted way too long, until Sandman finally and when I mean finally D-Von was beating him up for the 5 minutes, pulled him by the shorts into the post. Sandman took over and it was some decent enough hardcore stuff for a guy who is drunk and just smoked 2 cigarettes’ in like a minute. Sandman then introduces a Ladder to which would be used the prime weapon in dishing out punishment. At one point D-Von went up top. Sandman stumbled back into the ropes, It threw D-Von off balance and he landed on the ladder, sending flying up into Sandman’s face for a two count. D-Von would then miss a splash off a ladder because he took too long to get up. Sandman hits a DDT, then climbs up the ladder AND GRABS ONTO THE CEILING AND HITS A FLYING LEGDROP FROM THE CEILING FOR THE WIN! Post-Match: Sandman celebrates and again grabs his cane, as Gertner comes in but Sandman belts him across the face with the cane. Buh Bug Ray comes out and attacks. Sandman ducks a lariat and hits Bubba in the dick with the cane. D-Von attacks him immediately with a Reverse DDT. They plant him with the Dudley Death Drop. **1/4


    ECW via Satellite, Tokyo, Japan; Gran Hamada, Gran Nasiwa and Great Sasuke cut a promo in Japanese before saying ECW is number one in USA, and so is Michinoku Pro in Japan.

    Taz (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. Scott Taylor
    A young Scott Taylor before he found his worm YAY! This is basically a Taz showcase with Scott showing brief glimpses of goodness. Once Taz finishes allowing Scotty to get his shit in, he begins to throw him all over the ring and finishes it with a TAZMISSION.

    ECW via Satellite, Tokyo, Japan; TAKA Michinoku, Dick Togo and Terry Boy cut a Japanese promo but the b.W.o appear and this gets lit AF. Stevie says they know they’re in the middle of an important promo however we have found that the blue world order, has grown so huge over the states that now we need to expand overseas somewhere like Japan right? So what we want to do since you are the best 3 man team in Japan. We would like to make you the international blue world order, They put in the b.W.o shirt and do the taunts :lmao

    Shane Douglas is with Francine, he says Terry Funk, you say there’s only one belt worthy to fit around your waist but there’s 16 pounds of gold sitting on his shoulder. The world television title signifying me as the best wrestler on TV in the world. Terry Funk can do it his way, the ECW way, but The Franchise will do it his way. Francine says he does it so good, and they kiss.

    Brian Lee says, one for the money, two for the money, and three for the money. He's a Bulldozer for hire. PAY ME, BITCH. He says to show him the money, and he'll take somebody's ass out.

    Shane says he broke Gary Wolfe's neck for fun; now imagine what I’ll do to keep what I own?

    Chris Candido talks about how he though he and Sabu were friends, but instead he was jealous of him and the woman he as at home. He says he doesn't care about his scars or his pointing or his symbols, and throws up the three fingers, and says this is the only one that matters. He says Sabu is looking past him, but he's stupid for doing it, because he's not getting past him.

    ECW FAN CAM: RVD is celebrating after his match until Taz comes out and attacks him from behind, that brings out Sabu. Ref try to stop the face off but they get throw out. The locker-room come out to stop them from ever touching. The Eliminators got Taz to leave, so Sabu went for a dive. Taz moved, and Sabu took out Saturn and Kronus. Taz backed up to the curtain and stared down Sabu, as people held Sabu back from going after him.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 201
    February 26th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The show opens up with the Joey Styles promo from Cyberslam 1997; he brings out the Pitbulls. Joey asks about Gary's neck, and he says he's ready to kick some serious Franchise ass. Thetes one problem he’s a fuckin’ pussy, all he does is complain oh my knee is hurt, my back is hurt and that pig he has for a manager. It’s time to dae it, it’s time to face me and I’m gonna break your neck. Stop being a SHAWN MICHAELS and face me :lmaolmao:lmao Shane Douglas gets the mic from the stage, where he is with Francine and on crutches (Francine is wearing one patten suits you know the one it’s black and seethrough with pattens on it. She’s also wearing a black bra and black panties) Douglas says for a disabled man, Gary sure has a big mouth. He may have the people chanting his name thinking he’s a tough man. He says he doesn’t give a fuck about Monday night raw, and he doesn’t give a fuck about ECW and Paul Heyman’s games. What he gives a fuck about is them running their mouths and beating their chests. He says they don't have to wait for a PPV and says to never compare him to a faggot like Shawn Michaels. He challenges them both to come up here and fight, and they do, and are jumped obviously by Candido and Lee. #2 is Chokeslammed through a table on the stage and Shane yells to break his neck as they continue to beat them down.


    Joey Styles announces on March 15th Shane Douglas will face Pitbull #2 in a “I QUIT” Match

    Tables & Ladders Match For The ECW World Tag Team Championships: Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. The Eliminators
    This is from the Cyberslam show; Perry and RVD do some counter mat wrestling to start, Kronus and Sabu tag him saving me until they locks up and it’s worse than Perry/RVD. I have no idea why Sabu wants to show us his wrestling ability; I just want him to murder people without botching. Is that so hard? Both teams go back and forth for a while, it’s just like the previous match. Thankfully they start brawling all over the arena; through the crowd it’s glorious. WELL! Not glorious but it’s what I want to see considering it’s the 3rd match and this one tables and ladders are encouraged. RVD and Sabu both level Perry and Kronus with the flying chair before Sabu connects with the triple jump moonsault that RVD covers or two. Sabu “hurt” his ribs and was in too much pain to fall right on top of Perry. RVD and Sabu then begin to murder Perry with moonsaults, Legdrops and splashes onto the ladder for only 2 counts. HOLY SHIT! At one point Perry just throws a ladder side-ways into RVD’s head, RVD didn’t even put his hands up so when the ladder hit him a piece of the steel comes flying off. RVD pretty much no sells it to get Perry into a surfboard just for Sabu to jump on top of him. WHY THE FUCK ARE THE TAG PARTNERS STANDING ON THE APRON? THE MATCH BROKE DOWN LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO. THEY JUST BREAK UP PINS THEN GO BACK TO STANDING ON THE APRON! WHAT MAKES IT EVEN WORSE IS THEY ALLOW DOUBLE TEAMS WITH THE LADDER AS A WEAPON AND JUST WATCH ON THE APRON THEN BREAK UP THE TWO COUNT! WHAT THE FUCKINGING FUCKSHIT FUCKERY IS THIS? Fuck this they do more pointless spots and hardcore shit, it finally ends when The Eliminators hit two total Eliminations in a row on RVD pinning him. Post-Match: Sabu shakes their hands while RVD doesn’t because he’s still salty. **1/4


    Taz (w/Bill Alfonso & Team Taz) vs. Tracey Smothers
    Again from the Cyberslam show. Another Taz showcase getting him ready for Barely Legal. Tracy took some big bumps, and even made a nice little comeback for falling victim to the Tazmission.

    Backstage: Chris Candido cuts a promo, he says he used to admire Terry Funk as a kid, and he thought he was the greatest of all time, but he's still hearing about him and his lifetime, and how he wants to talk about his daddy and how he wants to be the World Champion again and some ass named Freckles Brown. He says he was the NWA Champion two years, and asks where his banquet is. He says he would do all that hardcore stuff, but he just doesn't want to because he’s got this thing on his back and he doesn’t want to hurt it. Because he's a hardcore legend, but that's a gimmick, and he doesn't need it.

    Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah) vs. Raven & Brian Lee
    Raven and Brian Lee come out together, followed by DA GOD HIMSELF TERRY FUCKIN’ FUNK with Dreamer and Beulah. The ring announcer does the introductions, Raven gets on the mic and says they’ve known eachother since they were 12 years old. He says in the two years he's been in ECW, Tommy Dreamer has NEVER pinned him, and says divine providence is smiling upon him tonight, because he's going to let him. He lays on his back and says to pin him, IF HE WANTS TO COST HIS MENTOR A WORLD TITLE SHOT. He yells that he doesn't have the balls, so Tommy attacks him and connects with a scoop slam but as soon as he goes for a cover he quickly breaks it and yells FUCK! Cause he so wants to pin Raven but he doesn’t want to cost Funk a shot at the title :mark: GUESS FUCKIN’ WHAT? THE FUCKIN SHOW ENDS CAUSE APPERENLY WE GET TO SEE THIS MATCH NEXT WEEK :lmaolmao:lmao smh
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 202
    March 4th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah) vs. Raven & Brian Lee
    If Funk Pins Raven; Funk Faces Raven at Barely Legal, we get to see the opening again with Raven taunting Dreamer into pinning him, but he can’t because he doesn’t want to cost Funk a chance at the world title. Tommy tags out to Funk as Raven continues to verbally abuse them; Raven wants no part of him so he tags in Lee. Funk just wants to get his hands on Raven so he tags Dreamer back in. The heel immediately take control but every time Dreamer connects with a move he covers but stops himself to tag in Funk, you can see he’s frustrated and wants nothing more to pin Raven but that’s Funk his mentor. He doesn’t want to be the one to ruin this last “comeback” The match breaks down and all 4 men brawl into the crowd. Tons of chair shots with those shitty plastic chairs, back in the ring and Raven hits Funk with two straight low blows before grabbing a mic and taunting him. Raven slams his head countless times into the ring mat before peppering him with rights. Funk then makes a comeback and calls Raven an asshole and use the mic as a weapon. Lee and Dreamer are still brawling on the floor, while Funk kicks away at Raven’s leg before applying the spinning toe hold. Styles claims he hears Raven screaming “I QUIT!” but the ref is too busy with the brawl on the floor to see or hear it. He would eventually come in but Brian Lee would break it up with a trash can to the head of Funk, one to Dreamer too knocking him off the apron and Brain Lee the proceeds to murder Funk with 15 trash can shots to the head in a fuckin’ row, Funk’s selling of this is phenomenal as is Dreamers who sells the fact that Funk will not stay down. Dreamer tries covering him to protect him but Funk keeps shoving him off and going back for more. Lee eventually lets up and has a bit of sympathy which Raven yells at him for. Funk keeps trying to stand and go towards Raven, but he can't even hold himself up. After arguing and playing the concussion up perfectly, he eventually gets wheeled out on a stretcher.

    Stevie Richards comes out and Lori Fullington & Tyler; Raven punches him. Raven dares him to kick him so Stevie tunes up the band but as he goes forward, Lee catches him with the Chokeslam. Lori goes to get into the ring and Tyler bolts to the back. She slaps Raven so Raven slaps her back and hits her with the Evenflow. Tyler comes back out, dragging Tommy Dreamer by the hand. Dreamer tells him something before running into the ring to get killed some more. THE SANDMAN COMES OUT AND TYLER'S ON HIS SHOULDERS. He canes Brian Lee and then Raven, before connecting with a DDT and Pins Raven lolwat? SANDMAN AND TYLER HUG! Amazing angle, wait does that mean Sandman took Funks place and is going to the PPV? Oh I also forgot to mention Dreamer and Stevie shake hands.


    They show the Little Guido vs. Chris Chetti from the Cyberslam show it’s meh and not worth my words. Only good thing is fat shit Tommy announces that Guido and he are Full Bloodied Itilians because they know the mafia.

    Brian Lee is in the locker room area cutting a promo; he says show me the money; show me the money while doing the Raven taunt. Ask Stevie Richards, ask Terry Funk. You stand in my way, you show me the money and I’ll take someone out for you.

    Raven cuts a promo in the locker room; he says Terry Funk wasn’t man enough to finish the match. I beat Terry Funk down while his partner Tommy Dreamer cried. Tommy had to watch his hero, the Hardcore Legend, go down, and he didn't have the guts to finish the match. Something about his ear, his ear was bleeding. BUT TERRY FUNK WALKS OVER AND YELLS AT HIM TO STAND UP! TO TALK TO HIM RIGHT NOW AND TO STAND UP! Raven says if he stands up, he won't be in any condition to see him wrestle SOMEONE ELSE on April 13th, and he wants him alive, well and miserable as he is forced to watch him wrestle someone else on the PPV. Terry says he's tired of his bullshit and his idiot, Brian Lee, yelling to show him the money. Terry says he has a concussion, BUT IT ISN'T HIS FIRST DAMN RODEO AND IT WON'T BE HIS LAST! He yells at him to stand up, and Raven says he won't get up, and Terry says he doesn't have the guts, then he'll come down. Terry gets down in his face and says he's said a lot of stuff and having these long stories, and he says he's not lecturing him, and calls him a fool, and says he'll slap him right now if he wants to. He says he LOVED his father, and he can't help if his dad was an idiot. He says to watch his damn mouth and watch what he tries. Raven says nothing and Terry says to say something now. He says he doesn't have the balls to say anything to him now, and if he gets him in the ring, he's going to beat the shit out of him.

    Clips air of the Spike/Axel match from CyberSlam.

    The Gangstas vs. The Dudley Boyz (w/Sign Guy Dudley & Axl Rotten)
    As expected this is a brawl from the get go, tones of hardcore spots. He match gets clipped down because originally it was 15 minutes long, thankfully Paul E. Knows better and just shows us the beginning, middle and end. Oh and New Jack hitting one of his trade make suicide insane dives. Also D-Von’s blade job in this is major. Wait, so is Axl’s. Both men legit look like New Jack took a knife to their heads. The match ends when Jack heads up top with a steel chair but Axl tries to cut him off so Jack kills him with a chair shot. As he’s talking shit to him, he doesn’t see Buh Buh come into the ring. Jack then jumps off and Buh Buh catches him in mid air with the Cutter for the win.

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    New Jack without Natural Born Killaz makes 13 year old Deezy sad.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 203
    March 12th, 1997
    Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Hey Pam :yum:

    Joey Styles welcomes out to the show before introducing his guest, the Blue World Order. Just as Stevie begins to talk some thot in the crowd hopes the rails and makes out with Big Stevie Cool :lmao Stevie says he really hates to take over his show but….OH MY GAWD! He says the b.W.o has come out for a special announcement for all these BWOites. March 1st 1997 as the date that Stevie Richards threw his name into the race for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. He says he wants a shot to fight Raven at the PPV. He says he says he has suffered enough abuse to last him a lifetime, and if he has his way he will become the new champion. Blue Guy calls Raven "depressed mang" he says Raven may have taught him everything Raven knows, but he didn’t teach Stevie everything he knows. And the Blue World Order man, you can’t beat us mang, so you might as well join us meng. Raven comes storming out and grabs a mic. He says fat boy don’t ever take sides against me. I’ll take your woman, shoot your dog and spit on your parents :lmao god damn. He then hits da Blue Guy and Nova with DDT’s before facing off with Stevie. He then takes off the title belt and places it on the ground like a line in the sand and taunts Stevie. Stevie gets ready to fight, but Raven says he hasn’t even begun to screw with him yet before leaving.

    They show cut down version of a Taz/Spike match :(

    Clips then air of Tommy Rich vs. Chris Chetti, and Little Guido is taking notes on the floor.

    Clips then air of RVD/Sabu vs. Eliminators

    A clip then airs of Sandman and Dreamer making their entrance for a match against the Dudley Boyz, no match footage tho FUCK OFF!

    Clips then of Lance Storm beating Axl Rotten.


    But wait; The Dudley Boyz come out after the match to attack Lance Storm. It’s a 3-1 beat down until The Gangstaz run down and a huge brawl ensues. Buh Buh and D-Von beat them down again, and Axl gets on the mic and thanks them and calls them the next Tag Team Champions and the best tag team in the world. This brings out The Eliminators and Lance Storm fights back as The Eliminators fight back. The Eliminators run The Dudley Boyz from the ring, and hit Axl with Total Elimination. The Gangstas and Dudley Boyz then brawl to the back.

    Joey Styles announces at Hostile City Showdown ’97 it will be Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #1 Gary Wolf in a “I QUIT” Match

    Shane Douglas and Francine are in the locker room; Fran tells him to calm down. Shane says he knows you people are paying your hard earned money to see me get my neck broken. It’s not going to happen; IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    ECW fancam shows footage from Downington, PA where Taz & Sabu had another huge pull apart.

    Joey Gertner has a $100 bill taped to his forehead to his forehead. He says he’s here for a special report live from the “hood” but before he gets to that, he usually walks around neighborhoods like this with a $100 on his head to see if anybody will mess with him. He says that’s not gonna happen tonight or any other night, because he has got the hook up with The Dudley Brother. Buh Buh says hello Gangstaz, says at the ECW Arena, they had a great hold for hold match, and says Pat O'Connor and Lou Thesz would be proud. He says they have more important things on their mind now, like the Tag Team Titles, the ones The Gangstaz USED TO have. Testify.

    Eliminators cut a promo in the empty ECW arena; Perry says Vince McMahon calls this a bingo hall and Eric Bischoff asks where the lights and fireworks, well to us this is home because there’s nothing to concentrate on here but the wrestling. We’re the best tag team in the world and the Dudleyz will suffer the same fate as every other team TOTOAL ELMINSTION!

    Tommy Rich says the Full Blooded Italians are going to get some of the best Italian foods, so that means going to Domino's :lmao

    Francine and Shane are still in the locker room; Fran says its simple just two words Pitbull #1 needs to know “I QUIT”

    Pitbull #1 says you broke my neck, would’ve killed me but the chase is over no more promises no more threats. You smacked this Pitbull for the last time.

    RVD says it’s unfortunate about Taz’s eye swelling up and all. And his nose and throat. Oh and his shoulder too. Man, that’s got to suck. Let’s look at something here who is really at fault me or you.

    Brian Lee cuts a promo saying her grew up watching and being a fan of Terry Funk. He says it will be his pleasure to step in the ring with him. Because someone showed him the money, BITCH!

    The end of the Funk/Raven locker room promo from last week airs

    Tommy Dreamers cuts a promo; he says Terry Funk is a true hardcore legend. And it was an honor for me to be in his corner and to be passed the torch as being HARDCORE! Raven he showed you something that I haven’t been able to do. He showed you he can beat you, and then Brian Lee took a trash can and smashed him in the ear over and over again. And for 20 years since Funk lost the title he had this dream of getting it back and now that dream is dead. You see Raven he’s now going to do everything in his power to end your world. “HOPE THE DREAMER” Never More.

    Chris Candido (w/The Triple Threat) vs. Louie Spicolli
    Good back and forth match, Candido gets that I’ve seen out of Louie so far that I’ve seen. I wish they'd played with the three people on the floor more instead of doing like one interference spot in a back and forth exhibition style match. Candido sneaks in a inside cradle for the win. Post-Match: the Triple Threat corners Spicolli and teases a beatdown, but instead, Douglas offers his hand and seemingly, a truce, perhaps a spot in the Triple Threat, Spicolli immediately says no and attacks all three men only to get a Chokeslam. The Pitbulls run out and clean house. #2 & Spicolli brawl off with Candido & Lee and #1 gets his hands on Douglas. He hits a single-arm DDT's him and puts him in a Full Nelson! He refuses to let go and Douglas is passing out as #1 applies more and more pressure. A bunch of people come out to break it up and finally pull him off, and Lee has to carry Douglas to the back to end the show.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 203
    March 17th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The show opens up with a big brawl in the ring I think it’s Sabu and Taz, Chris Candido and RVD then begin to argue. Then, RVD turns his back to him and Candido jumps him from behind. They start brawling until Sabu makes the save. HERE COMES TAZ! Before Taz and Sabu get started RVD jumps Taz while Candido jumps Sabu. The other wrestlers in the ring try to break all 4 men apart. Raven, Brian Lee, and Stevie Richards are left in the ring. Brian asks if he wants him to take him out, and Raven says he's all his. Raven says he'll give him one clean shot, BUT NEW JACK'S MUSIC HITS?! NEW JACK IS UP ON THE ENTRANCE WAY! HE BEGINS TO DANCE BEFORE DIVING OFF ONTO ALL THE WRESTLERS ON THE FLOOR.


    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show to let us know that this show is to relive all the stuff that happen at Hostile City Showdown.

    Rob Van Dam vs. Taz (w/Bill Alfonso)
    As soon as the bell rings Taz grabs a steel chair and places it in the ring daring RVD to go pick it up and use it. RVD fakes him out one time but then goes for the chair but Taz cuts him off and they begins rolling around kinda mat wrestling it’s like the male version of cat fight. They would eventually get to some mat counters until RVD kicks Taz’s head off, he then almost murders himself with a top rope plancha onto Taz well Taz’s midsection. Taz would gain brief control after a TazPlex sending RVD crashing onto his belly like a backflip. Nice series of counters before Taz begins to stretch the shit out of RVD. Later on in the match, RVD hits the Van Daminator, the split leg moonsault is followed ontop of the chair for two. The match ends when RVD whips Taz into the ropes but when RVD drops down Taz locks in the Tazmission, RVD tries his best to fight and struggle and worm is way out but he can’t and simply passes out. Good match, really good. ***

    Clips air of Funk/Lee (it looks awesome, Funk even pulls out a fuckin’ moonsault onto the concrete)

    A video package airs announcing that the top three contenders would have a three way dance at Barely Legal, and the winner would get the title shot that same night, and the top three contenders are The Sandman, Stevie Richards, and Tommy Dreamer! However, Tommy has relinquished his shot to Terry Funk.

    We cut to the ending moments between Pitbull and Douglas; Gary powerbombs Shane through a table in the ring. He then applies the full nelson but Francine , nails the time keeper and picks up the hammer. She slides it in after distracting him. That allows Shane to hit him in the back of the neck with it before fake selling again, Francine then gets in the ring and begins loosening the top and middle ropes. Douglas then hits a neckbreaker that Shane calls the Rude awakening nice, Shane then applies a full nelson of his own but he refuses to quit. Pitbul fights out but Shane throws him into the ropes but his neck gets caught in between the ropes only for her to tighten the ropes back around his throat and neck. Pitbull #2 comes trying to give him words of whisdoom instead of helping him get his neck free :lmao Candido attacks him from behind as Francine begins to retighten the ropes HOLY SHIT! Lee and Candido tie up Pitbull #2 using a chain and force him watch as the life is getting sucked out of Gary Wolf. Francine yells to quit to save his partner, so he does. Great fuckin’ ending.

    Cut to The Pitbulls being stretchered out like geeks.

    Joey Styles is with the “Masked Man” he says Easter will be a sad day in the wolf household but for everyone else Easter is gonna have a trail. He says the trail of Peter Cottontail leads to Pittsburgh, Shane Douglas' home, and he sees a wicker basket full of rabbit shit and a flower basket for Francine with edible undies. His size, with him in them. He wishes Francine a happy Easter and blows her a kiss. Shane Douglas then comes on after he leaves, and has a tape with him. He says Rick Rude doesn't know what he's about, and he needs to do some research and for a man with three bad discs in his necks, he's got a real big fucking mouth. He says it sickens him Rick Rude, because he’s 50 pounds lighter and you’re not half the man you use to be. He doesn’t give a shit about the man he beat in the past. And in his hand he has a tape that shows why Rude is too scared to take his mask off; it’s too bad this is not 1993 because in 1997 Douglas would beat the shit out of him. Fran then asks Joey what flavour were those underwear, anyway? I JUST CUM SO HARD.

    Clips of the Dudleyz/ Eliminators air. DUDLEYZ WIN! DUDLEYZ WIN! DUDLEYZ WIN!

    Joel Gertner is "LIVE" on the streets of Philadelphia with the NEW ECW World Tag Team Champions; Buh Buh has a harmonica and plays it :lmao D-Von says The Eliminators' reign is dead and buried, all hail the new champions, the best tag team in the world, The Dudley Boyz.

    We get clips of a Sandman/Balls Mahoney match; Sandman cains the shit out of him and legit busts him open with the first cain shot the 2nd one opens him up worse and the blood is pouring HOLY SHIT! After the 3rd Sandman grabs the mic and says “YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I gotta admit he’s got some balls” before hitting him again with the cain. The match skips forward, to Balls breaking Sandman’s face with a steel chair HOLY SHIT! Sandman wins in the end with a diving leg drop to the chair on Balls' face.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sabu vs. Spike Dudley
    Sabu wearing orange and black to fuck with Taz, he also has Taz written on his arm tape to show how much hatred he has for the man. This is pretty great interns of squash showcases is concerned. Everything Sabu does it was with intentions of sending a message to Taz about how I’m not just this carzy hardcore maniac, but I can wrestle too kinda. Spike gets in a few moves too, like the Dudleydog for two. But Sabu has seen enough and murders him with a middle rope springing legdrop for two. BUT HE’S NOT DONE HE HITS A TAZPLEX AND DOES THE TAZ CROSS ARM TAUNT BEFORE SAYING FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER! Well I think that what he says I was lip reading while marking out. HE’S NOT DONE HE JUMPS ON SPIKES BACK AND LOCKS IN THE TAZMISSION! Post-Match: Sabu grabs the mic, he says Taz, fuckin’ midget. Get out here :lmao Fonzie comes out instead and says they've been calling him out for a year, BUT SABU CUTS OFF FONZIE WITH AN AMAZING PUNCH! Sabu puts Fonzie onto the timekeeper's table at ringside, and calls for Taz again. He doesn't come out, so Sabu hits the Triple Jump Legdrop through the table once he rolls back in here comes Taz and as soon as they touch the wrestlers from the back swarm and break it up.

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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 205
    March 24th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The show opens with the Francine promo from last week with her telling Garry Wolf to say “I Quit” along with footage of the match. The video then cuts to the Pittbulls along with the Mask Man, Pitbull #1 is in a neck brace, the Pitbulls say they will not roll over and play dead, while the masked man says the only one that will be rolling over will be Francine and she won’t be playing dead. "The question isn't to be or not to be. Francine, will you stay with the Franchise, or will you CUM with me?"

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show; he announces that Shane Douglas will Face Pitbull #2 with the Masked Man in his corner at Barely Legal for the TV title. It Pitbull #2 fails to win the championship the Masked man will be forced to unmask. To see if it’s Rick Rude or not.

    Raven vs. the winner of the three-way dance
    Terry Funk vs. The Sandman vs. Big Stevie Cool
    Taz vs. Sabu
    Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2 (If Pitbull does not win, Masked Man has to unmask)
    KDX vs. Sasuke, Hamada & Naniwa
    Dudley Boyz vs. The Eliminators

    Clips air of a Terry Funk/Axl Rotten from a house show that looked good, Funk wins with a DDT. After the match; The Dudley Boyz run out and attack Funk from behind. Brian Lee joins in until Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman make the save. Terry is out of it and accidentally punches Sandman, but Tommy tries to make peace. The Dudleyz & Brian Lee attack again and are in control. The Eliminators come out and help clear house this time and chase the heels to the back. Dreamer again holds Sandman & Funk back and points up to the top of the arena where Raven stands in his pose and Styles assumes this was all a big mind game on the part of Raven.

    Backstage: Terry Funk cuts a promo on how he’s Wind-Milling, Power-Driving, Neck-Breaking, Backbreaking, Bear-Hugging, Wrist-Locking, Knee-Dropping, Toe-Holding. Son….Of….A….Gun. Meaner than a rattlesnake, tougher than shoe leather, more dangerous than a hollow-eyed scorpion. He then goes on to say so many times through the years, you don’t know how long it took him to remember that. But here goes Raven, who thinks he’s some kind of fool. Well, I am an old fool, but I have to think in reality. And the reality is I WANT TO BE THE ECW WORLD CHAMPION! He wants to be able to see the fans come into the ring and say WE DID IT OUR WAY! He realizes that there's a Three Way Dance. He says this is the biggest match of their lives, and he has to go in with the best of his ability and knowledge and take it one step at a time, and he hopes and prays that he has a little bit of luck on his side, and if he gets Raven in the ring, then it's a sure thing. BET YOUR MONEY ON THE FUNKER!

    A video package airs of the b.W.o but more importantly how Stevie went from, funny, joking, kinda the main event program in the main event match in the first ever ECW PPV.

    The same clips air of the brutal Sandman/Balls match that I made gifs of last week, that segway into the rematch. It’s basically the same spots cain vs. chair. Just not as brutal, Balls blades but it’s not on the same level. Sandman does take an amazing bump into the steel rails. Sandman wins with a schoolboy, which kinda feels antic-climatic given the violence and the way the first match ended.

    Clips air of the Dudleyz winning the tag titles on last week's show, The Eliminators cut a pre-tape promo. Saturn says the first time is the best time. There's nothing like the first time. He says they remember their first day of school, wearing clothes from the Salvation Army, and the other kids laughed. They remember the first time they told their parents they wanted to be wrestlers, and they laughed. They remember March 15th, the first time they fought Bubba and D-Von Dudley, and they were better than them on that day. And Joel Gertner laughed. But on April 13th, their FIRST PPV, the laughing ends.

    Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa vs. Dick Togo & Terry Boy & Taka Michinoku
    This is from the Webster hall show, earlier this year. Tried to give and in-depth review but I had to keep pausing after ever 30 seconds as I was going a million miles per hour. So I’m just gonna give an amazing shit that happens. So this is pretty fun, it’s my first time seeing and it’s a lot of what you see on the indies these days just done first and kinda better. Like this being my first time, seeing it ever I can defiantly spots that got stolen from it. The Early portion of the match is a lot of back and forth, no one on either team can gain full control of the team even the brutal strikes. The match never really slows down, and why would they when they have the no tag rule. Don’t get it twisted this has some great story telling and tag formula of isolation with double teams and triple teams. Kaientai DX start dicking it up is pretty great tho, at one point in the match Sasuke hits this awesome moonsault onto Taka on the floor, but what made it great was Dick was trying to throw a punch at him but he hits the moonsault before he can touch him. The match breaks down and we get 3 one-on-one showdowns, the best being Taka/Sasuke. It would eventually end with Taka paying back Sasuke with his own dive to the floor, Dick and Terry hit a doomsday for two, a powerbomb and a back senton give Tongo the win. *** - ***1/4

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There was supposed to be a Guido/Smothers vs. Spike/Chetti match on a house show in the last few days, BUT TAZ RAN OUT AND KILLED EVERYONE! Taz gets on the mic and he calls for Sabu to get the fuck out here. SABU COMES OUT AND THEY FINALLY FIGHT! YEAH! The roster spills out to pull them apart.

    Backstage: Taz cuts a promo on Sabu about how Clint Eastwood once said, “A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations” He then says he’s got him so hot, so pissed off. That’s he's the one calling him out now. And he loves it, he can taste it. He can taste his blood. And he can taste his stinky sweaty scared up body. Sabu, I AM YOUT LIMITATIONS! You can beat man after man after man. But you can’t beat me, Sabu. You can’t hurt me, you can’t touch me. Back in the day, you beat the Tazmaniac with no problem. I was the underdog, but it’s amazing it's gone full circle? Look who’s the underdog now? Because if you don’t think it’s you, you’re a bigger schmuck than I thought you were. And as GOD as my witness, you better prepare yourself. I am training my ass off, and you better be too Sabu. Because if you don’t, I’ll probably kill you. April 13th, Say goodbye to the legend Sabu, I’M GONNA KILL HIM!

    Side Note: I had to chop the TAZ promo down because he kept saying he can taste Sabu and that Sabu was now the underdog. Said it at least 7 times on both.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 206
    March 31st, 1997
    Pittsburgh, Pensalvanaia

    The show opens up with Shane Douglas trying to rip off the mask of the masked man; Pitbull #2 and Brian Lee are in the ring, so I’m guessing this was a match that took place.

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show, he hypes up next week's events. Which include a Terry Funk Lifetime Achievement Banquet that takes place at the Philly Hilon Airport, Saturday, April 12th 6PM.

    Backstage: Raven looks like he’s been drinking, taking ever drug known to man and hasn’t slept in 48 hours cuts a promo. He says; Sandman, for all the trauma and misery he’s caused him. He knows he wants to tear him apart but beware, there are things inside me without remorse. Without compassion, things that are dead. Things that can hurt you, things that can scar you for now and forever. He then says high school seems like forever and Stevie Richards being a misfit and having no friends and no family having nothing except the constant annoying agony of the realization that no one likes you. How does it feel? He then says he’s not worried about him, he says Stevie won’t make it through the 3-way-dance and get a shot at him. So he’s gonna go onto Terry Funk, Wrestling is a sport for young virile men not sickly old fools. Raven then tells a story about some old man, god and a desert. He then says on April 13th, Terry funk, God will not be in the ring with you carrying you. I will be the one to carry you. He will enable Terry Funk to almost taste victory before he takes it away, and at some point in the match, Funk real realizes he can’t beat him and when it happens he’s going to torment, torture and humiliate him. Then look into his eyes and look at this broken man, and see every hope, dream, and aspiration of his father come crumbling down (RAVEN BEGINS CRYING) And says Terry Funk when he ends him, he will be hurting his father. Quote my fathers’ son, nevermore.

    Joey Styles then tries to make sense of Raven’s promo and what’s going on in the messed up head of Raven.

    Raven & Shane Douglas (w/Francine) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk (w/Beulah)
    Fran is wearing this one piece, seethrough bedroom attire with show black high up her ass thong, it’s fuckin’ cumtastic. Funk and Douglas start, Funk gets the better before turning his attention to Raven who jumps off the apron, so he tries to chase after Francine. Back in, Dreamer and Raven tag in. after like 2 seconds of shitty mat wrestling, Raven walks over and spits in Funks face to Dreamer tags him in. But as soon as he does Raven tags in Douglas again, what a dick. Douglas/Funk do some stuff before Douglas/Tommy stink up the joint that botches a bulldog and a low blow in a span of 10 seconds. I love that even ever Funk gets tagged in Raven just runs away, the sad thing about it is. Douglas is getting ring time. Big brawl on the floor, that lasts several minutes and isn’t really good. Back in the ring, Dreamer and Funk take turns beating on Raven until Douglas makes the saving with a frying pan. He hits Funk in the head with it 8 times for a two count. More brawling on the floor but this time, they go through the crowd and up the steps where Brian Lee is waiting. He jumps Dreamer and throws him down the set of stairs. Raven and Funk make their way back to the ring while Lee and Douglas continue the assault, Funk see this and leaves beating on Raven to make the save. They fight all the way back to the ring, where Raven applies the spinning toe hold to Raven……but Stevie Richards runs out and hits Raven with the Stevie Kick, then one to Funk but here comes the Sandman. He cains Stevie and Funk before drinking a beer in the ring. Sandman leaves, while Stevie and Raven brawl into the crowd. Funk then hits Douglas with a DDT, and Dreamer throws Funk on top, but here comes Francine to break it up. CAT FIGHT! Dreamer goes to piledrive Fran but Douglas breaks it up and hits a belly-to-belly when he connects Raven shoves him away to steal the pin :lmao match was alright, but a great way to advance the big angles leading to the PPV. ***

    So they air a clipped version of a Dudleyz/Eliminators/Gangstaz match, it just seems to be a big weapons filled brawl that we’re all seen before. Same spots, so yeah. But no New Jack dive smh but they did make up for it with SIGN GUY DUDLEY BREAKING A FUCKIN LONG WINDOW GLASS OVER PERRY’S HEAD.

    Backstage: Joey Styles is going by Chris Candido who has his arm in a sling, Joey announces that Chris has a partially torn bicep. And he’s going to have an MRI after the show. Chris cuts him off and says if he thinks he’s going to be some joke telling color commentary this week, he’s wrong. Joey says he wants him here for to explore his wrestling intellect.

    Sabu vs. Louie Spicolli
    This is basically a Sabu showcase showing all the good Shit Sabu can do using a chair, Louie looks alright; he didn’t get much shit in but had some good logical counters. Ref bump leads to some moves but as Louie goes to DVD Sabu through a table set on the floor Taz runs out and shoves both men over crashing through. az poses and talks his shit and Van Dam runs out. He throws a chair at Taz and goes for the Van Daminator but Taz throws the chair back at him and he catches it. They get into an argument and Sabu comes in and tackles Taz from behind, sending Taz head first into the chair, and sending the chair into Van Dam. Sabu & Van Dam start arguing this time and Spicolli starts crawling back in the ring, Tax them locks in the TAZMISSION on Louie :lmao RVD & Sabu watch the decide they should you attack Taz but it’s too late and Taz bails to the floor. He yells the only on who’s gonna hurt Sabu is him. Sabu hits the Triple Jump Moonsault onto Spicolli to win.


    Chris Candido starts hyping himself up saying; the only thing to make it better was if he was in the ring with Sabu and Taz to make it a three-way dance. I might take off his sling. But at soon as he says that Taz pops up on the screen and Chris shuts up and gives the greatest facial expression ever :lmao Taz says Sabu, is the luckiest man in the world. For the next week, you have the best insurance policy in the world. And it him, TAZ! He says Sabu will not get struck by lightning, slip on the sidewalk, will not get hurt in the ring by some out of shape fat sloth-like Louie. And he’s gonna make sure Sabu is 110%, So he has no excuses when I choke you out. Chris cuts him off and begins sucking up :lmao then says Styles was knocking him the whole time :lmao Taz then says he appreciates that and if he ever needs a favor…..

    Backstage: Raven is sitting in a locker room when Terry Funk stands over him, he says Hello ASSHOLE :lmao Raven questions what does he think he’s doing and Funk says well if you wanna talk about his old man and him, and wanna say he’s a big crybaby. Well, he is an old bastard and loves a lot of things unlike him. He then calls Raven a whippy Little Bastard. Raven says he’s not gonna goad him into fighting him, and Funk needs to win the 3 way to get a shot at him. They getting into a yelling contest and Raven begins headbutting the lockers, Raven begs him to get up but now Funk doesn’t want to. So instead Raven kicks him. He keeps doing it, and Funk asks if that's the best he's got. "I'M THE FUNKER. NEVERMORE? YOU PIECE OF SHIT." Raven then starts attacking him, and they have this awesome fight on the floor as the show ends.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven
    ECW Television Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

    ECW Hardcore TV: Episode 207
    April 8th, 1997
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Video Package airs of the Pitbulls/Shane Douglas feud; along the mask man’s debut followed by like 3 Pitbull promos infused together. Shit was like 8 minutes in total, and I maybe be 3 months in I don’t care about the match or the feud. Just glad it’s gonna be over.

    Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and to Barley Legal week, he thanks the supports and semi-shits on the detractors by saying they’re out to be outed.

    Joey gives us a run down of the Weekends events, the Terry Funk banquet followed by a rundown of some of the top matches on the card.

    ECW Fan Cam footage of RVD vs. Pitbull #2, RVD connects with a senton splash to the outside and took out Gary Wolf "accidentally" RVD begins to argue with the ref showing no fucks given so Pitbull #2 kills him. BUT WAIT! Shane Douglas runs down and starts beating on Gary Wolf until Pitbull #2 makes the save.

    A video package airs of all of Douglas’ accomplishments along with him cutting a promo as a voice over.

    Backstage: The Dudley Boyz are with Sign Guy Dudley; D-Von says God may have rested on his 7th day but the Dudleyz doesn't and on Sunday night, Eliminators, it’s time to testify. Buh Buh asks how does it feel to lose sleep at night knowing they ain’t the best team anymore. They’ve taken everything they can dish out and this Sunday night in front of the world. What makes you think anything is gonna be different. Sign guy then pats them on the back showing a “Total Elimination” Sign.

    So a rematch of the Dudleyz/Eliminators/Gangstaz happen last weekend in Queens so they showed a clipped version of that. Thankfully this match included A NEW JACK DOES An LEGDROP THROUGH A TABLE FROM THE BALCONY! T

    The Eliminators cut a promo say this Sunday is the biggest night in all of their careers, but for The Dudley Boyz, it's their biggest loss, embarrassment, and ass kicking, and it's their biggest victory because they get to become three-time ECW Tag Team Champions.

    Tommy Dreamer says he's going to make sure that April 13th is a night that Raven always remembers and a night that Terry Funk will never forget.

    Taz/Sabu hype video.

    Taz is in the “Team Taz DoJo” ring with a towel over his head; he says this is my domain, this is my world. This is my house and Sabu you’re just a visitor, a very welcomed visitor. This Sunday night Sabu do me a favour brother be the old Sabu, bring to the ring the old Sabu. The Sabu that I use to know. The Sabu that would give 150% the Sabu that has a heart of a lion, the Sabu that would fight me to the death to the end. PUSH ME! COME TO PHILLY AND PUSH ME! Bring it all Sabu, I beg you, I plead, I pray the old Sabu shows up. And when he does he’s gonna hit a wall ME! I promise I’m not only going to beat you up, I am not only gonna blow you up, I am not only going to stretch you. I’M GOING TO CHOKE YOU OUY! It's gonna be a war, I know it’s going to be and I love it. I can’t wait to have my hand raised in victory and look down on the mat at your bitch ass sweaty battered body, Sabu. I’m going to choke you out Sabu because I have to. I don’t have a choice and neither do you. This Sunday night, 2 years of waiting and anger will come to a crashing halt. You will get choked out for making me wait, I’m gonna make you feel like shit. I HAVE TO, SABU I’M GONNA CHOKE YOU OUT!

    Joey asks about the relationship between the three #1 Contenders. Sandman drinks and stares into the camera, so Joey talks about Raven, so Sandman crushes his beer on his head in response.

    A video package on Big Stevie Cool.

    Raven cuts a promo saying sometimes in life we make out own choices, sometimes our choices are made for us. But sometimes there is no choice at all. So, it is written and so it will come to pass. Raven then says he visited an old friend of his, an 117-year-old gipsy lady. And as they sat down she started speaking some sort of gibberish sand he could make out the words and dreams, but then she started singing about having stuff you have and lost. Raven then brings up the first time they took the ECW title away from him when he was sitting in rehab for addictions, that is no one's business but his own. When a junkie walked up to him and said to him what would he be doing if he wasn’t in here right now because obviously, you’d be scoring. And that’s when is sunk in all the pain of what it meant to lose one of the two things in his life that I loved. Now, he’s got three gunslingers gunning for him. He says he needs to be MR. Miracle to pull it off, because those are three determined men, three men that hate and despise him. And all that pain he's gonna have to suffer it makes hm feel alive. !Quote the world heavyweight champion, forever more”

    In a pretape, Terry Funk visits his father's grave and says he comes here sometimes when he needs strength. He says that the gravestone says "Do not stand at my gravestone and cry. I am not here. I did not die." Terry says his wife and kids are going to be there on April 13th at Barely Legal along with the people he loves, and he's sure his father will be there, in spirit. He says if he makes it to Raven and beats him, he has to do it one step at a time. One step at a time. He says this one for dad. "Don't stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die."

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