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Spectre (2015)

Discussion in 'Coming Attractions' started by The Linebacker, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Anaconda Vice

    Anaconda Vice Well-Known Member

    Yeah, same here. I can't believe I've seen people complaining about it already. Apparently a lot of people think Smith sucks but personally I think he's a great fit for a Bond tune. Not to mention, they haven't had a Brit male solo artist do the theme since Tom Jones all the way back in Thunderball, so that's a plus as well.
  2. Champagne Charlie

    Champagne Charlie Emotionless

    I am not a huge Sam Smith fan in general but I do agree his voice will fit a bond tune quite well. I enjoyed the Skyfall theme done by Adele so I hope this one is of similar quality.
  3. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    Final trailer....

  4. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    Saw this last night.

    Good fun, not Skyfall great but still very good.
  5. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

  6. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    He did absolutely fine, the role suited him down to a tee: Act tough & imposing, and don't speak :lol:

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