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KeepItFresh's Top Matches of the Year

Discussion in 'Reviews & Columns' started by KeepItFresh, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Alright, I might miss out something from the last few months but I'm gonna add some shit to this.

    Battleground 2015:
    Kevin Owens v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Championship match. ***3/4
    -Another solid match between these but this feud was timed weirdly around these pay-per views and just felt the matches kept goin' down in regards of bein' important. The addition of Cesaro was awesome though as you'll see from my other ratings.

    Rollins should have to Suplex city for a bit longer...

    WWE Raw matches:
    -Cesaro v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Title match at WWE Raw June 29th.***3/4
    Really was enjoyin' this despite the finish bein' all about Owens. It did however set up a rematch because even WWE could see the greatness these two can produce together.

    Cesaro v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Title match at WWE Raw July 6th. ****1/4
    -The mother fuckin' follow up to what was already a fantastic match. I think they worked off everything from the week prior very well and were actually able to get a real finish this time around. Cesaro is on fire right and and hell Cena's been pumpin' out the classics all over my list.

    Seth Rollins v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Title match. ****
    -Another fuckin' classic from Cena even if this was mostly for that sick ass knee. It did kind of stall out after the knee a bit yet still had some fun spots before closin' out. What a way to set up a future match with how WWE capitalized on it. Too bad Jon Stewart got involved in this later... oh well I still enjoyed the hell out of this.

    There are some other matches with Cesaro and Owens but I think they're best 1 on 1 match happened on SmackDown(other than SummerSlam which I'm gettin' to) it was just only about ***1/4 or maybe ***1/2. Orton had some good showings here too however he was still dealin' with Sheamus for the most part. Might need to rewatch one of the Owens/Orton matches though.

    WWE SummerSlam:
    Cesaro v.s Kevin Owens. ****1/4
    -I fuckin' loved this, god damn it. I think it's the best match WWE put together in Brooklyn and this was after that useless ladder match Owens was in the night before. This match had some killer spots to add to some almost perfect progression. Of course, this match is still a bit of an afterthought but you really can't argue that this match didn't have a better finish they any 'big' match in Brooklyn that weekend.

    Hard to take the Rollins/Cena seriously or Taker/Lesnar with their garbage finishes. What a mess. I figured after some of the boneheaded decisions they made at NXT Brooklyn that they were more focused on this. Ugh, that didn't seem to be the case though.
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  2. I didn't get to post my thoughts for Night of Champions. I thought the match of the night was Cena/Rollins but it didn't escalate to another level. The whole Rollins/Cena feud seemed like World Title filler when they got have more heated matches. I still got their match from the show at ***3/4. These past few weeks matches didn't seem all that important on Raw or SmackDown! and then out of nowhere last Thursday I got to watch Rollins/Cesaro who opened the show with a very fun match that I have at around ***1/2. Just some honorable mentions to get out of the way before I divulge my thoughts on Hell in a Cell.

    Hell in a Cell 2015:
    I think Del Rio/Cena was good for what it was but Cena really didn't get much offense in and looked like he was just tryin' to put over Del Rio in front of a hot Los Angeles crowd. It's hard to go higher than ** for me but I marked like a bitch for the return of two of my heroes in Del Rio and Zeb. I didn't mind the cell match between Reigns/Wyatt but the spots were sporadic and didn't flow very well in my opinion. I was hopin' for Reigns to be the innovative one to turn the cell into his own playground. I didn't get that and Wyatt's ideas were pretty good but just were poorly done.

    On to one of the better matches of the night in Nikki/Charlotte. Nikki and her Misawa-like forearms these last few months have been one of the best things about the diva's division if not the best overall. The progression of this match was superb until the last two minutes which like I said in the Hell in a Cell discussion thread was a clusterfuck. I think they were told to go home and Nikki after that superplex/moonsault whatever thing rushed out of the Figure 8 after already takin' control of the move to get to her Alabama Slam on the ring apron. Then for whatever reason Charlotte still won by pretty much no sellin' one of the sickest moves I have ever seen. Ugh. I got it at ***-***1/4 but would have easily been ****+ if they didn't have to rush the endin'.

    THEN we got what I am now callin' my match of the year for the time bein' because I wasn't expectin' much from Undertaker after that debacle of a match at SummerSlam. Jesus Christ, I know I am usually all about mat classics but we got two warriors beatin' the shit out of each other like Lesnar and Taker, it's hard to trump that. For example my all-time favorite match I'd say is Funk/Flair I Quit Match from 1989 and that wasn't about bein' a mat classic even if both were amazin' at that style as well. It was just a straight up fight. That is the impression I got from Taker/Lesnar last night. What a fuckin' moment. It might have looked like overkill to rip up the mat to some but what else could they really do escalate this further and make Lesnar look like even more of a badass from kickin' out of that last Tombstone. Yeah, answer me that one, hot shots. Yeah, I don't think you can. My favorite moment was probably the fists Lesnar threw at Taker to get out of the Hell's Gate submission. Those were just sickenin' shots. Fuck man. I loved Reigns/Lesnar fight from Mania as well but my god I think this match takes my top spot for the year and may be almost impossible to top. If it wasn't for some the awkward Lesnar busted open/blade jobs in the match and the way Lesnar fell backwards with the steel steps I think I would have this at the full 5. So for now I got this at ****3/4 which is higher than I have the first Lesnar/Taker cell match which if you know my thoughts on that you know I still dislike Taker not sellin' the arm. Don't give me that HE'S A DEADMAN trash either, Lesnar has always made Taker look like a mere mortal.

    And I'm gonna pretend Bray Wyatt didn't show up just for the sake of this thread.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
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  4. KickStarters are for poor people, dawg.
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  6. Probably Lesnar but for more active talent I'd have Seth Rollins.

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