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KeepItFresh's Top Matches of the Year

Discussion in 'Reviews & Columns' started by KeepItFresh, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Revised for a full top 10.

    1. Brock Lesnar v.s The Undertaker-Hell in a Cell. ****3/4
    This is how you end a rivalry even the nod Taker gave Lesnar was classy as all hell. WWE should book matches like legit fights more often but then again it's hard to retain this kind of awesomeness and heat. My full thoughts are page over and if you don't think this match deserves this kind of praise I'd recommend readin' them.

    2. Roman Reigns v.s Brock Lesnar(c)-WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 31. ****1/2
    -This fuckin' fight takes my top spot. It was brutal as fuck and the crowd loved it. Hell they even loved Seth's cash in which is the only thing that takes my ratin' down. Good way to set the tone for the upcomin' months.

    3. Kevin Owens v.s John Cena- WWE Elimination Chamber. ****1/2
    -Fuckin' lord, Kevin Owens. This was such a well paced fight for two guys that understand how to work a match. The spots weren't over the top and it was just like they worked with each other to progress this thing. Amazing stuff by both men knowin' their characters and roles too.

    4. Cesaro v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Title match at WWE Raw July 6th. ****1/4
    -The mother fuckin' follow up to what was already fantastic match. I think they worked off everything from the week prior very well and were actually able to get a real finish this time around. Cesaro is on fire right and and hell Cena's been pumpin' out the classics all over my list.

    5. Roderick Strong v.s Alberto Del Patron- ROH Winter Wars Dayton. ****1/4
    -Very fun match in the desolate Ring of Honor. Haven't been excited in ROH in a long time but these two are easily two of my favorites so you can say this is biased. Still a hell of a bout between two stiff competitors.

    6. Cesaro v.s Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. ****1/4
    -I fuckin' loved this, god damn it. I think it's the best match WWE put together in Brooklyn and this was after that useless ladder match Owens was in the night before. This match had some killer spots to add to some almost perfect progression. Of course, this match is still a bit of an afterthought but you really can't argue that this match didn't have a better finish they any 'big' match in Brooklyn that weekend.

    7. Seth Rollins v.s John Cena(c)- WWE United States Title match. ****
    -Another fuckin' classic from Cena even if this was mostly for that sick ass knee. It did kind of stall out after the knee a bit yet still had some fun spots before closin' out. What a way to set up a future match with how WWE capitalized on it. Too bad Jon Stewart got involved in this later... oh well I still enjoyed the hell out of this.

    8. Kevin Owens v.s John Cena. WWE Money in the Bank. ****
    Terrific follow up to their initial classic. The story really just panned out into another SuperCena story overcomin' the odds when earlier on the pace dictactin' a much fresher story. Awesome bout, nonetheless.

    9. Kevin Owens v.s Sami Zayn(c)- NXT Championship match at NXT Rival. ****
    -Great, heated match between two guys that know each other very well. The ending was a nice touch to continue this since the natural progression of these two always have them buttin' heads.

    10. Seth Rollins v.s John Cena v.s Brock Lesnar(c)- WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at the Royal Rumble. ****
    -Fantastic WWE Title match that really elevated Rollins from a cocky heel to a real threat. Great escalation in this encounter despite the interference. The interference stops this from bein' higher though.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
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  2. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    can't argue the match placements for the top 4, will deff have to rewatch number 5 i remember it being damn good.
  3. Well before I start Extreme Rules which I hope shakes up my list, let's talk the SmackDown! main event.

    Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose v.s Luke Harper & Seth Rollins- WWE SmackDown!, April 23rd. ***3/4
    -Might be a little high but this was way better than the protected Daniel Bryan match main event they recently had. This is how you end the last show before a pay-per view. Really lookin' forward to Harper/Ambrose tearin' each other apart at Extreme Rules.
  4. After watchin' Extreme Rules, I got Reigns/Show at **** currently. Great, great fight. If it wasn't for the rest of the show suckin' for the most part this may have not stood out as much but in the end I'm kind of glad it did. I enjoyed the tag team title match too but I only have that at **3/4-*** so it won't be breakin' the top 5.
  5. Best match on Raw: Luke Harper v.s Neville- King of the Ring First Round. **3/4

    -A good little back and forth contest showcasin' the brawlin' skills of Harper and of course the high flyin' skills of the Man Gravity Forgot. Wish the rest of the tournament was like this.
  6. Twitchy

    Twitchy Slaters Gonna Slate

    I was impressed with Big Show vs Regins this last sunday. I thought it was going be a snooze fest compared to the cage match, but it was fun to watch. Would agree it was the best match of the night.
  7. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    You gonna keep posting ratings for each show you watch?
  8. It'll depend on the show. If there aren't any decent matches to comment on I'll probably just ignore it.

    I'm gonna watch The King of the Ring soon as it is.

    Neville v.s Sheamus. King of the Ring Semi-Finals 2015. **
    -This was pretty damn good beat down on Neville while it lasted but of course with Sheamus we had Ziggler interfere and lead us to a stagnant finish.

    Neville v.s Bad News Barrett. King of the Ring Finals 2015. **3/4
    -This match left off where Neville's first match did with him takin' more abuse to his rib area. Neville had short comebacks with his explosive offense that kept him in the match as a real threat. Decent, little match but it's kind of deflatin' in the end because this tournament felt useless.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2015
  9. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd v.s The New Day(c)- WWE Tag Team Title Match at WWE SmackDown! 4/30. ***1/4
    -Got ourselves a rematch from Extreme Rules and it delivered well for SmackDown!. Felt a little less random than their PPV match was so that's why I gave this a little higher of a ratin'. I must say Cesaro & Kidd are puttin' a pretty good showcase of tag matches these last few months.

    I did also like Rollins/Ambrose but felt like a pretty typical match between the two and well KANE's involvement.
  10. Dean Ambrose v.s Seth Rollins- WWE Raw 5/4. **3/4-***
    -Fun match and found it better than there SmackDown! from the week prior. Good, good stuff and I totally feel this was much better Zayn/Cena so don't ask why I'm not postin' that here.

    I haven't watched Impact yet but I doubt I'll make another post for that, just thought I'd update this before Raw tonight.
  11. Should drop some stuff for Payback.

    Dolph Ziggler v.s Sheamus. ***
    -Very solid match between these two and the finish was pretty unique. Bringin' back them damn headbutts from the opening of Wrestlemania.

    Cesaro & Tyson Kidd v.s The New Day- 2 out of 3 falls for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match. ***1/4-**1/2
    -For the most part this was a very, very fun match but I just can't condone the finish for a high enough ratin' for the action that was already displayed by the wrestlers actually in the match. Still, we had tons of great exchanges.

    Dean Ambrose v.s Roman Reigns v.s Randy Orton v.s Seth Rollins- World Heavyweight Title Match. ***3/4
    -Match of the night here but it should be that way. Right? Of course the action was a bit overshadowed with Rollins' current storyline so that stalls it a bit.

    If Cena/Rusev's pacing was just a little better this would be my favorite show of the year. I'll try to update this soon with some Raw and SmackDown! mentioning.
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
  12. Fuck yeah, Owens/Cena delivered. Jumpin' to #2 on my list.

    The Chamber matches were sketchy as fuck though. The tag chamber was awesome until about 3/4 of the way through it. And the IC Title match felt like 10 midcard Raw matches at once. Ambrose/Rollins was okay but the flow was all over the place, the progression wasn't great and I've seen what seem like more heated matches between the two on regular Raws. Still, hard to be upset when you get something like Owens/Cena on a free, throwaway special.
  13. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    @Bubsy 3D have you watched RoddyKUSHIDA yet? also i'm dloading Roddy/Tanahashi i'll let you know how it goes at some point
  14. Been a bit behind. I have Strong/KUSHIDA on my computer. I'm gonna watch that soon. Tell me how Strong/Tanahashi goes.

    From Money in the Bank I got Owens/Cena at ****. The frustration built up in Cena never really paid off. He just kept hittin' Attitude Adjustments. The way he approached the referee after the first time was totally un-Cena-like(?) so I felt they should have capatalizied on that better. Still, it was a satisfyin' fight to continue what I'd call the hottest feud in the WWE right now.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2015
  15. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Strong/Tanahashi is a must bro, so is Roddy/Zack Sabre Jr – PWG, Don’t Sweat the Technique


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