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Creed (2015)

Discussion in 'Coming Attractions' started by Citan, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

    From Wikipedia:

    Creed is an upcoming American action drama film directed by Ryan Coogler and co-written by Aaron Covington and Coogler. It is the seventh Rocky film and a spin-off from the Rocky film series. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Tony Bellew and Graham McTavish.

    Filming began on January 19, 2015 in England, and later in Philadelphia. It is scheduled to be released on November 25, 2015 in the United States.

    Wanting to find his own self-worth, Adonis Johnson Creed (Michael B. Jordan) seeks to follow in his late father's footsteps to become a professional boxer. With the help of his father's old rival turned friend, retired champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Adonis dreams of becoming the next champion.
  2. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Woah Adonis before I heard was his Grandson of Apollo, him being his Son now alright then. I'm guess age wise Adonis is around 30 then timeline wise. I'm guessing Adonis is angry at his family, and life he's had with no Father and Rocky leads him down the right path. I think Adonis maybe even doesn't have the Creed name, and maybe he's already Boxing before going to Rocky. Maybe he's a okay fighter, but doesn't have the right leadership and that's Rocky job to do. Hopefully this movie does well, and we get two more after this. Rocky battling something if it's Cancer he can defeat that, if it's Parkinsons that would be sad to see Rocky die off, but that could happen.
  3. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    I love the Rocky series so I am looking forward to this.
  4. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Likewise, I think the majority of people hate Rocky 5 but honestly I liked it overall. Even the last one they did, people were like why?? Hopefully this sends off the Rocky Balboa character in a wonderful way.
  5. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member

    I can see why there is hate for Rocky 5. I personally like it as well. Rocky Balboa was a nice chapter in the Rocky story too, at least for me. I really don't want to see Rocky get wrote off in this movie, but he is getting older and it would make sense so people just expect Creed in the movies.
  6. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    Michael B Jordan is great casting for this role, sounds like he's gonna be the lead I guess too. Awesome, I'll give it a shot when it's out.
  7. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    I think if Rocky goes, it won't be this film but it could be the second like Mick did in Rocky 2. Still tear up seeing that scene of Mick saying I love ya kid and passing away.
  8. Anaconda Vice

    Anaconda Vice Well-Known Member

    Except that happened in Rocky III.

    - Factual Fuji
  9. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    He died in Rocky III ya silly head
  10. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Oh my mistake lol. Still I can see Rocky going away eventually and Adonis dealing with it like he did many moons ago.
  11. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    If Rocky dies imma jump off a balcony.

    Anyway here's the synopsis and cast list.

    Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
    Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson Creed
    Tessa Thompson as Bianca
    Tony Bellew as 'Pretty' Ricky Porter
    Graham McTavish
    Phylicia Rashād as Mary Anne Creed
    Andre Ward
  12. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

    They wanted to kill him off in Rocky V after the Street Fight with Tommy Gunn.

    Boy am I glad they came to their senses.
  13. Kairi HoHo

    Kairi HoHo Prince of Joshi

    Wait..what first time I heard that before? So what they wanted Gunn to kill Rocky, and what that would of lead him down the right path?
  14. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

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