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WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament 2017 Review


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Dec 3, 2010
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United Kingdom Championship Tournament Night 1
January 14th, 2017
Empress Ballroom: Blackpool, England

Commentary: Michael Cole & Nigel McGuiness

Just wanna say, I'm so happy for Nigel man, granted it's not what he or I thought he would be doing when he finally got to WWE but, he's made it and is getting a steady check every month or however they get paid.

Also, I've never seen this before, so I'm kinda excited. Also, it's about time I started showing some love to the place of where I'm from.

The show opens with TripsGod doing his little spotlight promo, he says every empire has a beginning and tonight they build there's. The camera then pans to the UK title in the ring.

Video of Trent Seven airs, he says it's an honor to be involved in the UK wrestling and there is no way he's going into this with anything less than 100% confidence.

Video on H.C. Dyer airs, he says the power in his fists make him stand out when he strikes he strikes hard and it only takes 1 punch.

Pretty Cool all 1st round matches have a 15 Minute time limit.

First Round Match: Trent Seven vs. H.C. Dyer
Solid opening, Trent is overconfident and doesn't take it seriously which allows H.C. to get the better until it comes to striking, they do a spot with Trent missing a chop and hitting the ringpost, but then he proceeds to do the Kobashi rapid chops like 5 seconds later and continues to use chops throughout the whole match, Dyer doesn't even attack the hand too. SO WHAT'S THE POINT?!?! Dyer takes over with the double-A spinebuster spot, but makes a rookie mistake of hitting one of his "signature" punches, but waits 6 seconds before going for the cover which allows Trent to kick out, he follows up with a blue thunder bomb but again Trent kicks out, Dyer misses the D'Lo frog splash and that allows Trent to hit the spinning backhand and big lariat for the win. **1/4

Danny Burch video airs :mark: He says for someone that has been in NXT for two years to finally get his moment is humbling, he doesn't have a plan B this is what he was put on this planet to do.

Video on Jordan Devin airs, he's pretty much Finn Balor lite. He's just as bland and generic as him too.

UGH! Finn is at ringside to watch his protege.

First Round Match: Danny Burch vs. Jordan Devlin
Cole talks about people comparing Jordan to Finn has now gotten under Jordan's skin, despite Finn training him and the fact that he pretty much looks and moves exactly like Finn, but okay. Burch has gotten himself into great shape from when he last was on NXT TV. He uses the experience early but Devlin uses the speed and finds his opening by pulling Burch's leg off the ropes to take over, standard chinlock and headlock stuff, he really is just a shorter and more generic Finn :lmao He does have some nice forearm shots, but he gets distracted by the "You're Not Balor" chants which allows Burch to make a comeback, they get into some solid near falls and Burch kills him with a knee followed with a headbutt, but can't get him to tap to the crossface. Deadlift German gets countered and Finn I mean Devlin hits a double stomp, he follows up with a nasty roundhouse kick that busts Burch open at the back of his head and the ref counts to 3 even though Danny kicked out at 3. **

After the match; Danny offers the handshake and Devlin shakes his hand, but superkicks poor Burch.

On the stage; Charly asks what statement he was trying to make with his post-match actions, Devlin says it was just a confidence booster to get a win so cleanly over someone caliber of Danny. He says people wrote him off but he's in this to the very end.

Video on Saxton Huxley airs, he says he reads 2 books a day and meditates every day, he also believes his mind will help him in this tournament. He's spent years around the world, it's every man for themselves.

Video on Sam Gradwell airs, he says his childhood home was called the "WARZONE" and the WWE was an escape from his troubled childhood. His mum was an alcoholic and he took care of his brothers. And when this is over everyone will know the name SAM GRADWELL!

First Round Match: Saxton Huxley vs. Sam Gradwell
God bless my English blokes, Saxton comes out with the Jesus look so they immediately start the "Let's go, Jesus, Jesus sucks" duel chants. They also have a bunch of football chants with "Jesus" name being the punchline. Thankfully this is kept short and both guy just beat up one another, no filler and waiting lots of brawling and power moves. BRUH! They remixed the "HEEEEEEEEEEEEY Bayley, to HEEEEEEEEEEEEY JESUS WOULD YOU BE MY......" :lmao Gradwell eventually ends it with a diving headbutt and eliminates Jesus. *3/4

Pete Dunne video airs, he says he does things his own way, he hurts people and loves it. He's been doing this for 11 years and it's all built up to this.

Roy Johnson video airs, he calls himself the most "WAVY" guy in wrestling :lmao He has a powerlifting background so he uses that.

First Round Match: Roy Johnson vs. Pete Dunne
Pete doesn't have his amazing NXT theme yet :( Pete does what he can, but Roy is really bad and adds nothing outside some basic power counters, Pete does his awesome hand and wrist work, it's super vicious but it's today's wrestling so Roy doesn't sell and Pete doesn't stick with it. This essentially just a Pete showcase, he toys with him for 6 minutes before hitting the bitter end for the win. **

Wolfgang video airs, he says his dream is to work for the WWE and 1 day become WWE champion. He also works in a pub and uses his wrestling in the pub, he says he has no problems breaking rules to get that belt.

Tyson T-Bone video airs, he says what makes him stand out is he's not a wrestler he's here for a fight. And he's a gypsy.

Charly asks T-Bone for his mindset for his match, he says whoever organized this found out he's not a wrestler (despite him telling them himself in that video package that he's not a wrestler :lmao) And now he has to fight the biggest guy in this tournament, but he's still confident and when Wolfgang is flat on his back, it will be who's next.

First Round Match: Wolfgang vs. Tyson T-Bone
Initially, I didn't give a fuck about this match, but that all changed when T-Bone headbutted Wolf as soon as he entered the ring, which I'm all for. Sadly, they don't really keep that same energy, it's two guys fighting and brawling which is fine as it's a nice difference from the previous match and it's better than the Jesus/Gradwell brawl but I was just hoping it was stiffer and nastier. Wolf hits a Swanton Bomb for the win. *3/4

Charly asks Wolfgang on how he feels going into his 2nd round match against Trent7 tomorrow, Wolf says Trent knows why he's called the big bad wolf and that title is coming home to Scottland.

Joseph Conners video airs, he says his in-ring style is hard hitting and shows off his half-ear, like Foley's

James Drake video airs, he's from Blackpool, 23, he lists a bunch of places and tyes of wrestlers he's beaten.

First Round Match: James Drake vs. Jospeh Conners
Both men look like the exact same man, 1 just has a beard. It's the spiderman point meme. And they wrestle like it to, but with all the jokes to the side this s the best match to date, Drake keeps going after that ear to be a dick and it works for him. Conners sells the equilibrium damage more, before fighting back and he goes after Drake's ear for revenge. They do some standard filler holds, which kills the match for me and the crowd so they quickly drop it and go back to punching the shit out of one another. Conners hits a back elbow into a backbreaker, WHICH I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE and follows up with a Cradle reverse STO for the win. **1/2

Mark Andrews video airs, he wants to put Wales on the map.

Dan Molony video airs, he says he doesn't have any regard for anyone safety and he's seen a lot in his life.

First Round Match: Dan Molony vs. Mark Andrews
Just like the Pete match, this is pretty much just an Andrews showcase, Dan is just a bigger guy and he doesn't really live the gimmick of having no regards to hurting Mark cause he does basic heel 101 shit, Andrews does a bunch of flashy high spots before hitting a shooting star press for the win. *3/4

Tucker video airs, he loves to brawl, he just had major knee surgery and the docs said this could be it for him. So this is his 1 and only shot.

Tyler Bate video air, he says when push comes to shove he can rely on bop the right fist, and BANG the left. He has the advantage because he has nothing to lose being 19 years old.

First Round Match: Tucker vs. Tyler Bate
Awesome opening minutes, both guys have one another scouted, until Tucker falls for the bop and bang. Bate does a lot of little things that make him stand out like while he has Tucker in a headlock he uses his boot to kick him in the head, Tucker who has probably the worse name in wrestling, def top 3 worse on this card with Dan Molony and Saxton Huxley has a good showing, he's not the smoothest and most agile but everything he did was solid, but this is pretty much the Tyler show. Tucker drops himself on his own neck as he hits a 'rana on the floor, thankfully he gets back up fine he goes for a crossbody but Bate catches it and turns it into a 20 seconds spin for two. Tyler gets the knees up as Tucker tries a Swanton, which allows Tyler to hit the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. **3/4

Nigel and Regal come out onto the stage, Nigel gives a rundown of the 2nd round matches. Bate/Devlin, Trent7/Wolfgang, Dunne/Gradwell, Andrews/Conners. SUDDENLY, Pete attacks Gradwell :mark:
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Dec 3, 2010
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United Kingdom Championship Tournament Night 2
January 15th, 2017
Empress Ballroom: Blackpool, England

Quarter-Finals now have a 20-minute time limit.

Quarter-Finals Match: Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell
So this rules, Sam is pissed from the sneak attack so he takes a bunch of anger and rage and takes it out on Pete. Credit Cole, cause he's been amazing this tournament, he gives some backstory that these two used to be friends and room matted when they went overseas to Japan a bunch. So, it seems like Pete who knows him wanted to get Sam so angry that he would lose focus and Sam knowing that doesn't fall for it, he pretty much controls and beats up Pete for 90% of the match, after about 5 minutes Pete finally finds his opening and shoves Sam injured back onto the apron to take over, he then hits a quick scoop slam into the turnbuckles and covers for the win. **3/4

After the match, Pete drops him with the bitter end. Charly then asks him about his "controversial" action, but he cuts her off and says that wasn't controversial, he didn't think so, and neither did Triple H. He was just making a name for himself.

Quarter-Finals Match: Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners
Good stuff here, they play off Conners being a slow starter, so it takes him a while to get a feeling of Mark. He eventually avoids a spot and sends Mark face first into the steps to take over. Real brutal slams, I wrestlers that use the ring as weapons e.g. slamming Mark's chest on the edge of the apron, also sending him chest first into the ropes setting up a back suplex. He gets too aggressive and tries to do the Joe ole kick into the steps but Andrews avoids and hits a summersault senton off the barricades to get back into it. Real good finishing stretch, with both men hitting big near falls and them having to modify their bigger moves as they have the original scouted, Mark blocks a suplex into a stunner and hits the SSP for the win. **1/2

Fit Finlay is in the crowd :mark:

Quarter-Finals Match: Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang
Two big guys stiff one another, FUCK YEAH! They do a good mix of striking and high spots, like Wolfgang doing a moonsault but legit fucks up his knee, while Trent murders Wolf with a middle rope suicide dive. I love as the match furthers along they just begin dumping one another on their heads, and the strikes get sloppier so it looks they're so gassed and hurt to hit a perfect working punch. Trent teases a piledriver off the top, but Wolf shoves him down and hits the Swanton for the big upset. **3/4

Some loser from Blue Peter is in the crowd :lmao that show is still a thing.

Quarter-Finals Match: Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin
Kept short at around 6 minutes, Devlin does his best to show me what Finn would look like if he was a heel. While Bate again has a great showing, BUT THEN DEVLIN WHIPS THE TOP ROPE BACK INTO BATES FACE AND I TAKE BACK ALL THE BAD THINGS I SAID ABOUT HIM! FINN WANTS TO BE HIM! I TOO WOULD BE UPSET IF I KEPT GETTING COMPARED TO THAT BORING CLOWN. Devlin keeps trying high spots but Bate has them all scouted, he counters the Tyler Driver '97, and hits the spin kicks, Jordan then makes the weird mistake of not following up and it allows Bate to recover he hits the BANG punch and follows up with the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. **1/2

Sami-Finals Match: Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne
30-minute time limit, more awesome little things. Nigel tells us that these two very first match in wrestling was against one another, so they have that history together. Also when Andrews came out he grabbed his neck, so Pete immediately goes to work it seeing weak it is, but Andrews fights it off so Pete goes after the hand but Andrews stops the stomps to the hand on the steps by hitting a 'rana. BRUH! Andrews just his a fucking standing 630, think about that. STANDING! Pete blocks a dive to the floor and hits the roddy suplex to the apron, to get the momentum back and goes back to work on the neck. Andrews selling is spotty, during the work and he completely drops it towards the end. They hit some awesome big moves and near falls towards the end, and even though I knew the outcome I still bit on some of the near falls which is always a great feeling. Andrews misses the Shooting Star Press, which allows Dunne to recover and hits Andrews with a suplex into the corner, followed by an X-Plex, and finally ended with the Bitter End for the win. ***1/4

Sami-Finals Match: Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang
Cole informs us that Wolfgang not only has come on here with bad knees, but he may have broken his nose too. This ruled off storytelling by Bate/Wolf and Nigel/Cole, Nigel and Cole talk about how for the past 2 rounds Wolf have been getting over, but now the cheers are against him and question if its now playing on his mind. While the match is short at 6 minutes or so, so they play off Wolf really wanting to end it but the crowd turning on him makes him lose focus, which allows Bate to make comebacks going after the nose and knee. He misses the Swanton, and that allows Bate new life who hits the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. **1/4

After the match; Pete Dunne runs out and attacks Bate as he's celebrating. He rams him shoulder first into the ring post twice before leaving, GM Regal comes out pissed.

EVIL Neville comes down to the ring, he says it seems someone has been forgotten once again. 1st it was the Cruiserweight Classic, 205 Live, and now the UK Title Tournament. He should be the champion by default, but he gets it the powers to be didn't want him in the tournament, cause they wanted it to be competitive and if he was involved it would have been a no contest. TOMMY END! THEN MAKES HIS DEBUT, I didn't know this happened :mark: I thought he went straight to the Black name.

Neville vs. Tommy End
Good exhibition match, kept short at 8 minutes so they only do about 2/10's of stuff they can do, Charly sexy voice appears on the speakers informing us she's outside the trainer's room waiting for an update on Bate's condition. Neville controls he's still finding his way as a heel, so it's very house showey and meh, End throws some great kicks and other strikes. The match ends when Neville hits the super Frankensteiner followed by the Red Arrow for the win. **1/4

Backstage: Charly informs us Bate has a minor separated AC joint in his shoulder, but he's been cleared to compete tonight.

UGH! That Jordan Devlin wannabe comes out for some reason, he puts over the show, wrestlers and the crowd for a few minutes before fucking off.

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate
No time-limit for championship matches smh. This rules, good feeling out process to start, Dunne keeps going after the arm, but he also breaks clean a bunch during breaks to mess with Bate, while bate does everything with his left arm and shoulder out of the reach of Dunne. They eventually throw the holds out the window and just begin slugging the shit out of one another, Dunne loses that so he goes to work on the arm again. Tyler does put on the best selling of the tournament, he holds the left tight to his body and doesn't use it unless he has to, he constantly tries to shake feeling into it. He never once throws a punch with it, it's always with the right. Even the airplane spin he does it with 1 hand and keeps the arm close to his body not anywhere in the area where Dunne can grab it. The selling is so good, that him using it to do the sit down one arm powerbomb spot to break up the triangle choke was a big deal. BATE THEN BUSTS OUT AJ'S FONZBURRY FLOP AND 450 double stomp for near falls. All high-risk offense where he doesn't use his arm. Dunne then hits a desperation Bigger End but Tyler kicks out, he locks in a nasty double wristlock, into the kimura but Bate counters into A FUCKING BRAINBUSTER! They trade strikes until Tyler finds new life and hits the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. ****

After the match, Trips, Regal, Fit and Finn all come out to pose with Bate.

Overall: Real solid tournament, Night 1 was about showcasing the guys and having a feel for the standout guys, while Night 2 was great for the most part.