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WWE SMACKVILLE Network Special Discussion Thread

Dark Phoeni⦻

Evil Owner
Jun 28, 2010
I tolerate 3 man booths when they're good but I think two-man ones are superior almost every time. Very rare exceptions where I like all 3 and they each get decent talking time, but usually there's always one I think sucks or one I think doesn't get enough input even if I like all 3.
I'll take Tony, Tenay and Bobby every single time.
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Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I'll take Tony, Tenay and Bobby every single time.
Same but that didn't last long and you got guys like McMichael and Dusty in there (I love ya Dream the only thing on commentary you ever contributed was the word plunder), if they would have stuck with those three forever I would have been 100% on board, but none of WWE's 3 man booths have been anything worth mentioning since they started doing it