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WWE Raw November 4th 2019 Live Discussion Thread: Brock Lesnar is back

The EC

Well-Known Member
Aug 3, 2011
I dug this week's episode quite a bit. The NXT stuff was better executed this week, with stories being played out instead of just having a bunch of attacks that don't amount to much. Heyman's promo early on was really fantastic and Brock storming around looking for Rey was great too. If anything, I wish they had dragged that out more and had him do some real damage to the arena. I don't think I can buy Rey leaving Lesnar laid out twice when Lesnar has torn through the likes of Strowman, Reigns and Rollins but I really don't care - I can't wait for Rey and Lesnar to finally meet again. Could be a MOTYC if they give it the chance. The story with Rollins and Triple H was also really great. Unfortunately, I predicted the interference finish and the big roster-wide brawl to close the show really didn't pack much of a punch for me, either. Good show though, all things considered.