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WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Discussion Thread

Dark Phoeni⦻

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Jun 28, 2010
The one thing that's kinda funny is they took the belts off Bray Wyatt who both members of B-Team once shared a tag team with.
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Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
Final thoughts on each match cause I'm bored:

Almas/Cara delivered. It wasn't much different from their smackdown match but it was a bit better and had a couple call back spots. El Idolo better get some good opportunities soon

New Day/Sanity was pretty meh, the only spot that stood out was the diving stop by Kofi and it felt like everyone was just laying around not doing shit all match. It would have been a perfect opportunity to have Dain just brutalize someone

Raw tag title match was whatever, basic af and about what I expected. I liked the B Team winning but man this Raw tag division is like wtf. Maybe AoP take the belts off B Team at SummerSlam?

Balor/Corbin was so forgettable tbh it was a fine match but could have just happened on raw

Fuck that Carmella/Asuka match

Lol at that Nakamura/Hardy match and that weird Orton return

Owens/Strowman was alright, they worked it pretty well and that bump at the end was crazy, kudos to Owen's for taking that and at least he got a win out of it

Bryan tried in the Smackdown tag title match but that was so much fuckery he couldn't save it, waste of time after all the hype they gave it tbh.

Lashley/Roman was solid, it started slow but I got into it towards the end and I'm interested to see where they go with Lashley now for sure

Bliss/Jax was overbooked af like the security in Pittsburgh is absolute trash

Styles/Rusev was pretty good, not amazing or anything but I liked it. I think Fab called it tho, Rusev/Aiden a summerslam preshow match for sure

Really liked Ziggler/Rollins tbh, it was pretty overbooked too but i kinda like that in iron man matches and the only real complaint about it was the annoying ass crowd. I didn't even mind the sudden death fuckery but I def would have preferred at least a short competitive fall

Overall not a big fan of the PPV, too much fuckery. Plus the biggest thing go come out of it was the Brock news anyway
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