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Announcement WS E-Feds Now Open Once Again for Registration


Evil Owner
Jun 28, 2010
Did you ever have that itch to join an E-Fed? Were you already a member somewhere and wanted to RP again?

Look no further as WS is opening its doors again to welcome back the e-wrestling world!

@Andrew has graciously volunteered to step up to help make this a reality. If you're looking to promo as your favorite superstar IRL, please join the Pure Adrenaline Wrestling E-Fed! Sign up here!

If you're like myself and you would like to take the reigns of someone you've created from scratch right out of your own imagination, please give the World Wrestling Syndicate a look! It's worth, believe that! Follow this link to sign up!

I do hope to see some of you soon around the WWS or PAW water coolers. I promise we don't bite!
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