Worlds Unite: Presented By Nine Tales Entertainment (SHOW)

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Dark Side
Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
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From Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan




Opening footage shows the famous Nippon Budokan before the doors open. The ring canvas is set up with a red square on the outside, the inside white with various sponsors including the NTE logo in the middle.

“In a dead end street in Tokyo
I finished my bottle all alone
Where I'll end up well I just don't know

Another dead end in Tokyo”

Match footage begins to play from the various promotions partnering together for the show, specifically with a highlight on the wrestlers, hitting signature moves. The package specifically highlights each match, one by one, mixing in the competitors names in Japanese and match graphics, the theme music continues to play as we cut to Nippon Budokan with the crowd clapping.


The arena has a red hue of its lights and the previously seen ring canvas is ready with the famous boxing pads of the ring. The ringside area has the rickety thin blue barricades along with a separate area for the commentary area and various officials. Along the apron are some trainee wrestlers from some of the organisations supporting this show, wearing matching t-shirts branded with the event’s logo. Above the ring is a square screen playing videos. The aisle way to the ring is lined with lights and leads to the stage which features LED signs in a wall with an opening for the wrestlers.

The lights show the show logos with some imagery of Japan. Panning around, the camera focuses on the English commentary table for this version of the broadcast, where three people sit. In the middle is a man with a beard with some strands of grey and a suit. Next to his left is a woman who appears to be Latin-American with long dark curly hair. To the right is a man with blonde and grey hair, a thin beard, and a dark cowboy hat. The man in the middle speaks with a speed to his speech and an Irish accent.

James O’Connell: “Welcome to the Worlds Unite event, hosted by Nine Tales Entertainment! Here we are providing English commentary for this wonderful collection of different promotions. My name is James O’Connell, the ‘Irish Stallion’ himself. I have called matches across Europe along with various promotions here in Japan including Royal Wrestling Kingdom in Europe, COSMIC Joshi Wrestling, and DJPW. I'll be providing play-by-play with colour from my two wonderful guests tonight who know a thing or two about competing across the Pacific!”

He motions to his female colleague.

James O’Connell: “Ladies first, this woman here is the first non-Japanese woman to win COSMIC Joshi Wrestling’s Universe of Cosmic Championship, their top prize, and after stepping away from in ring competition due to injury, she has remained a regular in Japan providing her great insight!”

Stephanie Starr gives a friendly wave to the camera.

Stephanie Starr: “Thanks James. Even if I miss being in the ring, I’m always excited to help our Western fans experience the beauty of wrestling here in Japan and make it accessible. It’s going to be great to call the action here, especially for two matches in which I can give some… personal experience in.”

She winks to the camera as James motions to his other side.

James O’Connell: “And my partner, he hasn’t always been the most beloved competitor here, but he has earned respect from the Japanese crowd for his experience, stepping foot in several promotions and still does on a part-time basis. He is ‘The Dubb,’ Bobby Joel!”

Bobby Joel: “I knew you’d save the best for last.”

The cowboy jokes before turning to the camera.

Bobby Joel: “Ladies and gents, if you don’t know about ‘The Dubb,’ then I’m going to provide you with a brief history lesson. In Japan I am a four time singles champion, six-time tag team champion, and I have done it all my way, whether or not these fans like it. But in the end, I provide results and that alone these fans can appreciate. I’ll be glad to enhance your viewing experience.”

James O’Connell: “Confident as always.”

James brushes off his broadcast colleague’s ego and gets to addressing the English fans.

James O’Connell: “We got ourselves a taster tonight of some of the wonderful action that Japanese wrestling can provide with foreigners who embody some spirit of our sport in Japan mixing it up with some of Japan’s brightest.”

Bobby Joel: “We got a true red-white and blue blooded American, Major Mayhem, fighting Japan's most rebellious son, Rio Kobayashi, the oddity MOIST trying to topple the towering SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER, and a speedy triple threat with FWA’s Sawyer Xavier, Anzu Kurosawa, and the masked Kage Oni. Then the AMA Wrestling’s Grand Champion, a man who embodies Strong Style, Shinzo Omega, fights rising star Vengedor in a non-title match.”

Stephanie Starr: “And a Gaijin showcase between The Ozmanclaimed and Kung Fu Boom. But where I’m most excited is some of the action of my main promotion CJW. The CJW Tag Team Championships are on the line as former Unit members face off in a personal battle for tag team gold. YOKAI Death Squad’s Ririko and Cali Hayama defend their gold against former MAYHEM members Miho Watase and Miss Fuka who now represent Virtue. Then our main event is a bit of a Joshi dream match.”

James O’Connell: “Yuna Funanori, who has success in Japan as well as FWA as a Gauntlet Champion fights a woman who has had similar parallels in Katsu. Katsu is a former FWA Television Champion, Stephanie, you saw her when she started wrestling in CJW, but tonight is the chance to see if Yuna is still one step ahead of the Kitsune Warrior, or if Katsu is ready to end the comparisons and prove her superiority!”

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve been a fan of Yuna for years. She is one of the few women I wish I could come out of retirement to face, but I have seen Katsu grow up as a competitor and mature. From the punching bag of her former stable, acting vicious one moment to scared the next, to a rising international star, so while I’ll be neutral in my commentary, I have a soft spot for her.”

Bobby Joel: “But tonight is her first match after being out for over two months after surgery. From what we know and has been confirmed, it was a broken collarbone which took her out during an out of ring accident, I doubt she’ll be 100% and one diving elbow drop from Yuna can shatter it again!”

James O’Connell:
“I think we’ll be answering those questions in the main event. But before we get going tonight, I'd be remised if we don't acknowledge a disaster on New Year's Day.”

The tone of James turns more serious.

James O'Connell: "As Japan was ringing in the new year, the western coast of the country was affected by Earthquakes. The death toll is rising and we here give our thoughts, prays, and well wishes to those affected."

Stephanie Starr: "Agreed. I always consider Japan my second home so it hit hard. For those interested, you can go to Red Cross Japan and learn about their efforts, donate if you can."

Bobby Joel: "As for us, we'll do what we always do in wrestling and provide a bit of escape and with multiple promotions under this roof, we're going to bust our tails to put on a hell of a show!"

James switches to his 'salesman' tone, adding some excitement to his dialogue.

James O'Connell: "And how about we start with a title match? Months in the making, CJW Tag Team Championships on the line, former allies do battle, Cali Hayama and Ririko of MAYHEM's YOKAI Death Squad defend against Miho Watase and Miss Fuka of Virtue!"

The camera pans to the ring where a Japanese man in a suit stands. His hair is well kept and he is clean shaven. The announcer looks into the hardcam which is positioned in a way where the stage is in view behind him. Next to him is the co-owner of COSMIC Joshi Wrestling, Yuria Anou, wearing a sparkly white dress. He speaks Japanese to the crowd with the English Broadcast (on a slight delay) shows subtitles.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Ladies and Gentlemen, Nine Tales Entertainment is proud to present from Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, WORLDS UNITE!!!”

The fans give a cheer and clap, a bit more reserved in comparison to crowds you would see in the west.

James O’Connell: “Just a few weeks ago at CJW’s end of year show, Galaxy Clash, the champions defended their championships, but the group of Virtue led a beatdown of them, which led to a slight change of the match.”

Footage on the screen plays with the logo in the corner being from CJW, saying “From December 17th.” Cali and Ririko are holding their title belts in the ring with a trophy next to them. Ririko’s on the microphone, dedicating the match to their injured friends of Katsu and Saori Suzuki, before the challenges along with their three other stablemates, rush the ring. The footage shows steel chairs getting involved before, oddly enough, people from other stables choose to step in, rushing the ring.

Stephanie Starr: “In this match, to prevent another attack, there will be no-seconds in this match and the rest of the members of Virtue have been barred from the arena tonight. Katsu, with her upcoming main event, likely was not planning on intervening."

Bobby Joel: “No excuses for either team, this match will maybe put a line under the group of MAYHEM once and for all.”

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “The opening match is a tag team match scheduled for fall with a 60-minute time-limit and is for the COSMIC Joshi Wrestling Tag Team Championships!”

There is a clap from the crowd in Nippon-Budokan.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And, as per ruling by COSMIC Joshi Wrestling co-owner, Yuria Anou, there will be no seconds in this match. Any interference will result in suspension or contract termination!”

Far Beyond The Sun || Unlucky Morpheus

The violins echo through the speakers as the stage's LED shows a mountain with a Goddess on it, shining above. To the left and right is match footage of both of the members. Making their way out through the right side of the stage are the two “leaders” of Virtue, Miss Fuka and Miho Watase in similarly dazzling robes. Miho, shorter, has a blue and gold robe while Fuka’s is white and similarly gold as she stands behind her. The Tokyo crowd jeer the two ladies as they make their way out. Sparkling pyro shoots up from the sides of the stage as Miho Watase stands in the middle, doing a half bow and showing a coy smirk. Miss Fuka looks up, spreading her arms wide, as if she’s looking to a higher power.

James O’Connell: “For the non-Joshi fans watching, these two ladies at one point were part of the hell-raising MAYHEM, but after failing to overtake the group from the injured Saori Suzuki, they have gone through a mental transformation of sorts. Claiming to be the true “Virtuous” ones in wrestling.”

Bobby Joel: “And they are truly two ladies of outstanding moral principle and I firmly believe this change will lead them to great things in their career and they’ll be great mentors to their new group.”

The two tag partners look at each other, locking pinkies and winking at each other before making their way down the aisle.

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve seen groups form and fall in my time in wrestling, but this split of MAYHEM was something you could see from a mile away, and yet, became heartbreaking. Saori Suzuki, I genuinely consider a friend after all our battles, and she loved the group, and she called Miho Watase, her best friend at one point. She saw Cali, Ririko, and Katsu as like her younger siblings. So it hurt me to see Miho and Fuka betray their group.”

Bobby Joel: “They were kicked out, remember! I understand their ambitions. They felt they needed to leap the rest of the group. Saori may never wrestle again, and YDS are three talented young ladies, but they would never coexist without Suzuki playing mediator.”

Getting to ringside, they stop at the steps connected to the ring apron. The official raises the middle rope as Miho Watase steps up them and into the ring, then he lowers it for the tall and slender Miss Fuka.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing the challengers in the Blue Corner! They are representing Virtue! First, she is the Mountain of Excellence…”

Miss Fuka readies herself in the ring, bowing her head down.


She raises her hands up high, showing a stoic, yet confident look on her face. Her tag team partner stands in front of her head.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Her partner… The Virtuous… WAATAAASEEEEE MIIIIIIIIHOOOOOOOOO!”

Miho Watase does her customary half bow, putting her arm across her stomach, then forms the MAYHEM “M” with her hand before slapping it away. That group is dead to her as she and Miss Fuka are ready to put the final nails in its coffin tonight. Their theme music fades as the two ladies exit the ring on orders of the official, not wanting any pre-match attacks. The challengers oblige, removing their robes as they do, handing them off to trainee wrestlers at ringside.

Delete || Kuwanano

The lights of the arena flash neon colours as, in contrast to the villains of the match, the fans cheer and begin to clap to the beat of the music as video game inspired graphics appear on the screen. Making their way through the left-side of the stage are the current CJW Tag Team Champions. In matching jackets, Cali Hayama and Ririko make their way out. Cali has a half mask on with a teeth design and a tongue sticking out as she has her tag title slung over her shoulder. Ririko has a full mask with some similar features, her title belt around her waist. On the stage, Cali Hayama leans down and points her hand like a gun. Ririko spins around and points forward as well as smoke shoots up from the side of the stage.

James O’Connell: “And the 25th CJW Tag Team Champions, fired up as they enter Nippon Budokan with the titles which, in all likelihood, have sort of started the wedge to be formed between the two parts of MAYHEM.”

Bobby Joel: “That and they took a little ‘vacation’ over to FWA wrestling with Katsu. But be that as it may, I can admit they have carried the banner of CJW and YOKAI Death Squad well during their brief time in FWA, though Katsu’s injury put a stop to it for the time being.”

Stephanie Starr: “They’ve been champions for just under a year now. Seven title defenses, with this being their eighth. And they have been CJW’s tag team of the year as voted from the end of year awards.”

Cali leaps up and she and Ririko head down the aisle. They notice the crowd begin to chant and Ririko claps along-




Stephanie Starr: “YDS has been a feel-good story for CJW over the past two years. A trio of young wrestlers becoming close in and out of the ring and taking it internationally. The crowd here in Japan have been in their corner.”

Bobby Joel: “But to do it, they drove away Miho and Fuka. In their formation of YOKAI Death Squad as a ‘sub-group,’ what they did was spell their demise. Which hey, they have each other, we’ll see if they still have the tag titles after tonight, but what they did was create enemies.”

Stopping at the steps, Ririko and Cali Hayama look back at each other and nod before going up them one by one. Cali leaps in the ring over the top rope, showing some agility as Ririko steps in.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And introducing the red corner; the CJW Tag Team Champions, YOKAI Death Squad, first… she is the Crazy Ghost…”

Ririko heads to a corner turnbuckle on the side of the hardcam and climbs-


Ririko pulls off her mask, letting her colourful pigtails flop out as she shakes her head, fired up.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And her partner… she is the Sky Devil…”

Cali Hayama heads to the ropes, hooking her leg on the top rope.


Cali Hayama rips off her half mask showing a smirk. She holds up her CJW Tag Team Championship belt as her and Ririko’s eyes immediately shoot ringside to Miho Watase and Miss Fuka. The official steps between the ropes, discouraging any physical altercation before the bell. “Delete” fades from the arena speakers as Cali and Ririko head to their corner as they remove their jackets.

Virtue hesitantly enters the ring as Ririko removes her championship belt. The champions hand their titles to Yuria Anou who holds the title belts in her arms. The champions and challengers meet her in the middle of the ring over the NTE logo. The referee stands between them before the referee, Anou, and the wrestlers stand in a line for a brief photo op.

James O’Connell: “As is tradition with any title match for CJW, a mini-ceremony in the ring, champions and challengers along with the assigned referee meet with a company official for a brief photo op, capturing this moment in time.”

Both Miss Fuka and Miho Watase do their new groups half-bow and Cali Hayama and Ririko, at least for tonight, hold down the MAYHEM “M,” gesture. But the eyes of all four wrestlers lock and tension is in the air.

Bobby Joel: “All four of these ladies look like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve been involved in these before as both champion and challenger, and I have a hunch what’s coming next.”

The bad blood is building. Both teams have been looking for the moment to get their hands on each other in a match. As soon as CJW’s co-owner turns around to exit the ring-


Stephanie Starr: “Called it !”

James O’Connell: “And there is zero time wasted as both teams are laying into each other!”

Stephanie Starr: “This is about more than the tag titles, this is personal between both teams! Miho Watase and Miss Fuka brought the world of MAYHEM crashing down!”

Bobby Joel: “And the bell hasn’t even rang yet!”

Miss Fuka and Ririko meet up and exchange heavy blows as Cali Hayama double legs Miho Watase and the two are rolling on the canvas throwing hands! The referee doesn’t know what to do and is forced to let both teams get it out of their system before he can take proper control of the match. Miss Fuka presses Ririko into a corner and grabs her by the throat. The two tall ladies fight as Ririko turns it around and hits a hard chop to the chest in the corner before the two continue to brawl.

Grabbing each other by the back of their heads, Miho Watase and Cali Hayama exchange forearms as if they were in a hockey fight. Unfortunately for the Virtuous Watase, Cali’s Canadian and is able to knock her into the ropes. Cali charges, but is backdropped over the top, landing feet first on the apron. Watase lunches and takes both of them down with a spear to the outside! The fans cheer as before the bell even rings, there’s chaos afoot!

James O’Connell: “Watase is out of the ring!”

Bobby Joel: “If I was the official, I’d just let them fight however they damn well please. I don’t think anyone in this match wants it to end in a disqualification, especially if they are going to fight like THIS before the match starts.”

Miss Fuka slugs out some forearms and a rising knee, catching Ririko under the chin. Miss Fuka goes off the ropes and does a pump kick which Ririko ducks! The Mountain of a woman trips and has to catch herself with the ropes. Ririko follows up, catching her with a Big Boot that sends Fuka OVER the top rope and onto the floor!

James O’Connell: “And Ririko takes Miss Fuka to the outside!”

Stephanie Starr: “There’s only maybe a handful of women larger than Ririko in CJW. Saori Suzuki in terms of weight, and Miss Fuka with height, but she’s got power to spare.”

Miho Watase, who is still grabbing the back of her head after her nasty spear to the outside, checks on Miss Fuka. Ririko looks at the space between them and she gets a wild look on her face. She claps to rally the fans behind her. The Crazy Ghost runs off the ropes and jumps OVER the top rope with a plauncha that takes out BOTH Miss Fuka and Watase!”


Bobby Joel: “This young lady is mad!”

The fans cheer, beginning to chant for Ririko as she makes her way to her feet, showing a big grin. She checks on Cali who has her arm over her ribcage. The spear was a bad landing. The two friends look at Fuka and Watase, two women who acted like older siblings to them but have since stabbed them in the back. The Tag Team Champions nod and run, laying in boots on the challenger! Some of the younger wrestlers rush in and BOTH teams push them away as they fight.

Bobby Joel: “Where’s the referee!?”

Stephanie Starr: “He’s letting it go, a bell wouldn’t stop either team in this spot and this is now YOKAI Death Squad’s chance for revenge.”

The challengers try to fight back, but YDS gets the jump and they are fighting around ringside. Miho Watase is smashed into the apron by Ririko and the champion's attention goes to Miss Fuka. They look at the barricade in the direction of the commentators.

James O’Connell: “Guys, grab your notes and take a step back.”

With a nod, the two grab a hand and send the six foot tall woman into the barricades and she crashes OVER onto the English commentators! James and Stephanie avoid Fuka, but Bobby Joel gets knocked down!

James O’Connell: “And Miss Fuka flies into our table!”

Stephanie Starr: “Sorry, Bobby, it was you or me.”

Bobby’s head-set falls off as the fans cheer. Cali Hayama goes over and checks on the commentators. She holds the microphone from Bobby’s headset.

Cali Hayama: “Check one, check two, is this thing on?”

James O’Connell: “You’re live.”

Cali Hayama: “Good. Then how about everyone follows me on Twitch and YouTube? Cali underscore X. Just recently did a charity stream for the Building Bridges Foundation who just opened a Canadian chapter. You can still donate the links on social media.”

Stephanie Starr: “Did you just want to do a plug?”

Cali Hayama: “Hey, it’s a self-plug but one for charity too. Now if you’ll excuse me, some girls need their fucking asses kicked.”

Cali tosses the headset to the ground as Ririko hypes up the crowd. Cali Hayama points to Ririko, trying to hype her friend up, but Miho Watase blindsides her, rushing over and elbowing her in the head! Bobby Joel grabs his headset, frustrated.

Bobby Joel: “Damnit, ladies, does this LOOK like the Spanish announce table?”

Stephanie Starr: “We’re in Japan. The English table is pretty much their Spanish announce table.”

Ririko rushes to the outside to make the save for Cali, and the CJW Tag Team Champions take control against Watase. Ririko scoops Watase up and she drops her onto the thin pads with a scoop slam! Cali reaches over the barricade and is about to grab the English announcer’s table.

Bobby Joel: “You caused enough damage, missy!”

Cali gives a sarcastic thumbs up and moves on to the next table, removing stuff from the time-keeper’s table before picking it up and to ringside. She folds it and drops the table on top of Miho Watase.

James O’Connell: “Bad intentions from Cali Hayama.”

Stephanie Starr: “Yeah, and for the folks at home, usually in the US they pick easier to break tables because they practically KNOW people will use them. But here in Japan, see the back of the table, there’s metal supports. It’s thicker and smaller. They hurt.”

Bobby Joel: “Thank you for that insight on furniture, Stephanie.”

Cali Hayama gets on the apron and rallies the crowd. Ririko keeps the table pressed on top of Miho Watase as Cali runs and hits a double foot stomp on the table, crushing Watase! A hole is formed where her feet land and Watase rolls on the canvas.

James O’Connell: “Cali Hayama CRUSHES Miho Watase under the table!”

Cali rolls to her feet and Ririko goes to grab Miss Fuka who is trying to climb back over the barricade. She sends her opponent into the ring and finally, the match seem ready to start. With Ririko and Miss Fuka in the ring, the referee separates the two.

Bobby Joel: “Finally, the match is getting going.”

Some trainee wrestlers pulls Miho Watase out from under the table and the ‘Virtuous One,’ pushes them aside, grabbing her mouth, though she needs a few moments to settle herself. The trainee’s give a thumbs up and the match OFFICIALLY begins with the bell ringing, Ririko and Miss Fuka the official combatants to begin.



Written by: Rosie
@Sky Tiger

And Ririko charges to knock Miss Fuka down with a lariat, beginning fast! She follows it up by running off the ropes for another lariat, but Miss Fuka ducks and hits a knife edge chop, creating a loud crack. Ririko shows a smirk and grabs Fuka’s head, hitting a hard elbow strike! Fuka responds with one of her own and then a hard CHOP from Ririko!

James O’Connell: “And even with the action in the ring, now it is just the two big lasses from each team exchanging HEAVY blows."

Bobby Joel: “And I think this might be a case of Ririko getting an advantage. Miss Fuka’s got height and powerful long legs, but Ririko’s just got more weight behind each strike and chop.”

Backing up, Miss Fuka kicks Ririko in the gut, going where her strengths lie. She runs off the ropes for a big boot but Ririko catches her foot and pushes her into a neutral corner and lights her chest up with ANOTHER loud chop! Then multiple elbows! She bounces off the ropes as Miss Fuka stumbles forward and meets her in the middle with a clothesline!

The fans cheer as RIriko sends her into her team’s corner then makes the tag to Cali Hayama. Ririko backs up as Cali hops the ropes, trying to hold Fuka in place. Ririko darts forward and squishes Fuka with a back elbow! Ririko holds in place. Hayama rolls to create distance and runs forward. Ririko gets out of the way for Cali to hit a corner dropkick, just under the chin! Cali makes the first pinfall attempt of the match as the referee slides in.

ONE… T- Fuka kicks out to no surprise. Cali simply shrugs and she gets up.

James O’Connell: “And YOKAI Death Squad remain in control, but I don’t think that pinfall was to go for a win.”

Stephanie Starr: “No, but there’s plenty of times you make an early pinfall to either catch someone off guard, or more likely, just make an opponent tired and weary of the pin.”

Bobby Joel: “Yeah, but I’d argue they need to end this sooner. With Miho recovering on the outside, eventually that damage from the brawl will be a non-factor and she’ll tag in, be fresh as a daisy.”

Hopping around, light on her feet, Cali Hayama realises she needs to wrestle smart with the size difference between the two of them. She starts with Fuka’s long legs, kicking them repeatedly. Fuka reaches in, but Hayama meets her with a kick to the chest, then a second! Cali runs off the ropes and Fuka catches her, throwing her in the air, but the Canadian is quick to adjust with a dropkick and Fuka drops to the mat!

The Sky Devil claps, rallying the fans behind her as she runs-

Into an uppercut from Fuka! Miss Fuka takes a step back and hits Cali in the side of the head with a superkick! Cali rolls to the apron for safety. Fuka turns to her corner for a tag, but Miho Watase is only just now trying to pull herself up by the apron.

James O’Connell: “Miss Fuka has a moment to breathe after being double teamed, but Watase is still catching her breath. She needs to hold the fort a bit longer.”

Bobby Joel: “I’ve heard of isolating a teammate, but in this case, they just took one out for a bit at the start and that was AFTER a fight which was wanted by both sides.”

Stephanie Starr: “At this point, I call that karma.”

Miss Fuka turns around. But she is surprised to see Cali Hayama, airborn of a springboard, and she takes her down with a forearm smash! She gets to her feet and backs up, waiting as Miss Fuka is almost to her feet. Rolling forward, Cali grabs Fuka’s head and crushes her with an X-Factor! She goes for a cover on the bigger woman.


And Miss Fuka powers out, practically lifting Cali up off the kickout, a stark reminder to her that if she’s going to mix it up with Miss Fuka, she’s going to be overpowered regularly. Looking at Ririko, she sees her friend extend her arm for a tag. Cali holds Fuka down in a front facelock as Ririko gets on the middle rope. Ririko leaps off for a double axe-handle-

And Miss Fuka pushes Cali INTO Ririko! Cali rolls to the apron to get out of the way as Miss Fuka catches Ririko under the chin with an uppercut! There’s an Irish whip from the Mountain of Excellence, but Ririko reverses it-

And there’s a blind tag from Miho Watase as Fuka and Ririko take each other DOWN with a double clothesline!

James O’Connell: “And the blind tag might have saved Miss Fuka!”

Bobby Joel: “And I don’t think Ririko saw it and now she’s taken down!”

Stephanie Starr: “This is the worst case scenario for YOKAI Death Squad, Virtue having a chance to be surgical and isolate one of them.”

Knowing that she’s going to be overpowered, Miho Watase quickly ascends to the top turnbuckle and waits for Ririko. Miss Fuka rolls to the ropes and Ririko keeps an eye on her, not knowing there’s a tag. Miho leaps and takes Ririko down with a dropkick! She quickly gets up and knees Cali Hayama off the apron! Wataste struts in the rung trying to antagonise the fans as Virtue changes the tide!

James O’Connell: “I find it hard to believe that at this time last year, Miho Watase was actually seen as one of the more popular stars in COSMIC Joshi Wrestling.”

Bobby Joel: “It doesn’t matter the continent, wrestling fans can be FICKLE!”

Stephanie Starr: “People can change, for the better or the worse, and people’s opinions can change. Considering Watase and Fuka’s attitude went from bad to worse, I don’t blame them. I hardly recognise them.”

With Virtue’s chance to take control, Miho Watase decides to start by cutting Ririko down to size. She picks the ankle and twists the leg with a dragon screw! Keeping hold, she drops her leg across the knee thrice. Ririko shouts as her knee is constantly dropped down on the mat and it goes from bad to worse as Watase twists and slams her leg on the mat! Ririko rolls around grabbing her knee and Watase continues her assault. The leader of Virtue drags Ririko’s leg into the ropes and ties it up. The official does a count, finally beginning to enforce the rules as Watase releases at four. With the referee’s back turned-

Miss Fuka stomps Ririko’s leg, drawing jeers from the fans!

James O’Connell: “Miho Watase and Miss Fuka, working to cut down Ririko, at least a bit.”

Bobby Joel: “They don’t need to do it much, but even slowing her down, preventing her from using her base of power, can help long term.”

Miho wipes her mouth which has a small cut from the table. She slaps Fuka’s hand for a tag and quickly goes to the leg of Ririko, grabbing the ankle. She exposes the leg so that Miss Fuka can drop one more knee on it! The fans jeer as the villains of the match target the leg of Ririko. After taking some damage, Miss Fuka decides to be careful and switch approach to her power. As Ririko hops to her feet, Miss Fuka swings with a big forearm to the jaw then scoops her up into a slam! Fuka runs off the ropes and drops the knee across her chin. She goes for an over-confident pin, putting her knee across the chest.

ONE… TW- Ririko pushes Miss Fuka off who just smirks and does a foot wash on her cheek, thinking lowly of her former ally. Ririko pushes the boot away and gets up, though her leg is a touch tender, so Fuka knees her in the head and picks her up for a shin breaker! The more experienced Fuka keeps hold and double legs Ririko. Before she knows it, she’s dropped throat-first across the top rope with a stun gun! She snaps back, grabbing her neck and quickly rolling to the apron. Cali Hayama’s been watching this and is already looking concerned for her friend, but she is on the other side of the ring.

Stephanie Starr: “Virtue has Ririko completely cut off from Cali already and after a chaotic brawl to start, they’re slowing things down a bit, being deliberate.’

Bobby Joel: “And that’s why they have been tag team champions previously. They know how to work together and while Ririko, Cali, and even Katsu seemingly caught lightning in a bottle, Fuka and Watase have teamed together longer.”

Miss Fuka steps on the apron to join her opponent and hoists Ririko up. She grabs the arms of the Crazy Ghost and pulls them back, practically tying them to the top rope. Miho Watase joins in and both of them raise their boots, trying to choke Ririko out! The fans boo as Virtue holds it until a four, with Fuka lighting the chest of Ririko up. Miss Fuka gets a sick grin on her face and gets an idea. Ririko is grabbed in a waist-lock and Fuka tries to lift her up, but she blocks it. Ririko back elbows Fuka and does one to Miho Watase who is on the apron. Fuka comes back again and lifts her up, dropping her SPINE first into the apron with a back suplex!


Stephanie Starr: “Too many bumps like that can end a career.”

Bobby Joel: “Or at least a match.”

The fans gasp as Ririko lies on the apron, back aching. Miss Fuka leans against the apron, admiring her handiwork. She pushes Ririko into the ring and makes a tag to Watase. Miho Watase crosses the legs of Ririko and steps over into a cloverleaf, driving her knee in the spine of the Bad Apple of YOKAI Death Squad. She screams out in pain as the submission wears down two areas already targeted.

James O’Connell: “Texas Cloverleaf by Miho Watase, bending the spine and putting pressure on the knee at the same time.”

Bobby Joel: “Genius submission by the former Intergalactic Cosmic Champion. Break Ririko down more and more.”

Stephanie Starr: “But a submission like this is not as easy on someone taller than you.”

The hands of Ririko shake as she reaches for the ropes, with her being in the middle of the ring. Cali Hayama shouts encouragement for her friend and reaches out for a tag. Miho smirks and repositions herself to put some extra pressure on the legs, moving her position from over the lower back to the legs. This allows a tighter grip, but less effective. Ririko manages to push her stomach off the mat and she begins to crawl. There’s too much strength from Ririko as she finally reaches the ropes.

James O’Connell: “Rope break after damage from the Cloverleaf.”

And Miho Watase refuses to break. The referee counts her and Watase smirks. Ririko pulls herself up by the ropes and turns herself over to her back! Miho’s grip breaks as Ririko pushes her with her legs!

James O’Connell: “And Ririko uses the ropes to not just get a rope break, but to BREAK the hold!”

Bobby Joel: “At first we were wondering how Virtue would do after the pre-match brawl lead to a YOKAI Death Squad advantage, now that gap isn’t just closed, but turned the other way.”

Ririko gets to her feet and unloads a HEAVY chop to Watase, creating a loud clap through Nippon Budokan! She smirks, feeling a surge of energy, swiping one of her pigtails out of her face and she grabs Watase and rapid-fires multiple elbows to the jaw! She winds up and hits one more giant elbow which sends Miho Watase back into her corner! Ririko gets down to a knee, still feeling some pain in her back in legs, but turns around-

As Miss Fuka makes a blind tag and takes her down with a chop block!

James O’Connell: “And the burst of momentum was cut off by Fuka!”

Stephanie Starr: “The longer Ririko is in the ring, the worse it’ll be for YDS. Their titles are in danger now.”

Miss Fuka gets up and goes over to Cali Hayama in the opposing corner. She has a smug look on her face and she tussles Cali’s silver hair. The Canadian tries to get in the ring, but the official gets in between as Watase sneaks in an elbow drop to the back of Ririko before rolling to the apron! The fans continue to boo as Miss Fuka backs up, feigning ignorance and Cali flips her off.

Bobby Joel: “And now we don’t have to just worry about a physical advantage, but Virtue is getting in heads of their former allies. Cali’s hotheaded and Miss Fuka just took advantage of that.”

Stephanie Starr: “Cali can be all smiles outside of the ring, but genuinely one of the most competitive people I’ve seen in CJW and her loyalty to Ririko and Katsu probably the strongest of anyone in any unit, and it has to be FRUSTRATING her to watch Ririko be cut off and beaten down.”

Hoisting Ririko off the mat, Miss Fuka goes back to the well of submissions and locks in an abdominal Stretch, old school, but continuing to target the ribs and back of Ririko.

James O’Connell: “And frustratedly for YDS, back to the submissions on Ririko.”

Bobby Joel: “I’ve seen the mistake of many wrestlers to try and put this hold on someone who’s shorter than them. But Fuka towers over CJW and Ririko is in unfamiliar territory.”

Cali Hayama claps on the apron, trying to get the crowd behind Ririko as they begin to chant “Y-D-S” over and over. Miss Fuka pulls back and drives her knee into Ririko’s ribs. She is reveling in the pain of Ririko. But there’s a surge of energy from Ririko. Finally, feeling the support of her fans, Ririko begins to break out, elbowing Fuka in the ribs.

Stephanie Starr: “And Ririko has some life!”

She repeatedly hits Fuka in the gut with elbows. Fuka’s grip breaks and RIriko attempts a hip-toss but the taller Fuka blocks it! In one motion Fuka picks Ririko up in an Electric chair and crosses her arms, hitting a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Plex!

James O’Connell: “QUEEN’S PLEX!”

Bobby Joel: “You spoke too soon!”

There is a beautiful bridge from Miss Fuka as she holds the pin.

ONE… TWO… T- And Ririko powers out.

Stephanie Starr: “She’s adopted that move as a way to drop an opponent from as high as possible into a pin. Earlier on in her career, she ended matches with it, but in recent years, it hasn’t had as much of a successful win-rate, though still helpful.”

James O’Connell: “I have to wonder if there’s some concern from them that Ririko’s going to give them problems, so she went for some heavy artillery earlier than expected.”

Bobby Joel: “Doubtful.”

Stephanie Starr: “Nah, I think so, even if these two egomaniacs will refuse to admit it.”

Giving the side-eye to Ririko, Miss Fuka is aiming for a move one step higher. She grabs her opponent in a front facelock and places the arm over her head, a suplex position. She looks at Cali and blows a kiss to her, winking, something which seemingly ‘urks’ the Slayer-Queen more than expected. She lifts up Ririko.

James O’Connell: “Hellevator-”

And the Crazy Ghost reverses it, spiking Miss Fuka in the mat with a DDT!

James O’Connell: “No! DDT counter! She took a moment too long!”

Stephanie Starr: “You talked about ‘mind games,’ Bobby? Well there, it hurt her!”

Cali and Miho Watase both extend their arms, readying for a tag as the powerhouses of each team gather themselves on the canvas. The fans chant for Ririko.




Both ladies crawl and finally…


James O’Connell: “And a double tag!”

Cali, who has been dying to get involved in the match, gets the jump and takes down Watase with a flying forearm. She hits the ropes like a bullet and comes back with a second, kicking up after landing! Hayama grabs Watase by the wrist for an Irish whip, but the Virtuous One reverses it and sends Cali into a neutral corner. The incoming move from Miho is blocked by a raised boot from Cali and she grabs her in a front facelock, sitting on the second top rope. She spins around and drops her on her head with a Tornado DDT!

James O’Connell: “And Cali Hayama is like a house of fire!”

Stephanie Starr: “There’s few who can move like her in wrestling. Light on her feet and so explosive.”

Bobby Joel: “And I don’t think she’s done!”

Getting up, she notices Watase is in the middle of the ring, lying down. Cali Hayama springboards off the middle rope and hits a lionsault!

James O’Connell: “Springboard Moonsault!”

She goes for a deep cover on the Leader of Virtue!


And a kickout! Cali swipes the bangs out from her eyes and keeps her attention on Watase. She quickly tries for a brainbuster, getting Watase off her feet, but she blocks it into a small package attempt. She is unable to hook the legs so the referee doesn’t even get to one as Cali rolls through. She hooks both arms and pins Miho with a crucifix!

ONE…T- Miho gets her shoulder up and rolls through.

James O’Connell: “Quick pin by Cali Haya-”

James O’Connell can’t even finish his thought as, in one motion, Cali rolls through and strikes her opponent in the side of the head with a Listo kick!

James O’Connell: “-And a kick just as quick!”

Miho Watase stumbles backward from the kick, trying to get a grip of herself. Taking advantage of her opponent’s confusion, Cali handsprings off the ropes and nails an enzuigiri! Chaos Control!

Bobby Joel: “At this point she’s just showing off!”

James O’Connell: “Chaos Control!”

Cali Hayama goes for a cover as her kick caused Watase to crash backwards into the mat. She hooks the leg.

ONE… TWO… T- And ANOTHER kick out from Miho Watase.

Cali shakes her head, trying not to let her emotions get the better of her. She looks over to her corner to see Ririko pulling herself up by the tag rope. She’s a little beat up, but she’s recovering well after getting some damage early on. Though, ending the match now would be ideal. Cali points her finger like a gun and winks. She twists the wrist of Watase and readies herself for her Destino. She is about to flip over, but a forearm from Watase stops it!

Miho Watase quickly goes behind and locks both arms in a full nelson for a snap dragon suplex! She bridges into a pin!

ONE… TWO- And now Cali is the one having to kick out!

Stephanie Starr: “And momentum changes quickly. Miho Watase knew Ether Calamity was coming. These teams have trained together for some time and know each other’s big moves.”

Despite the kickout, Miho keeps hold of a waist-lock, and she transitions into a Straight-jacket suplex! She bridges again, leading to another two count!

James O’Connell: “And Miho Watase chaining suplexes together.”

Bobby Joel: “Few do it as smoothly as her.”

Watase keeps a tight grip on Cali’s waist, but Cali, knowing what she’s in for, is having none of it. She blocks the third suplex attempt, and manages to uncross her arms, but the waist-lock is secure. She looks back at her corner and pushes back with full force! Ririko makes a blind tag as Watase is sandwiched between Cali and the red corner!

Stephanie Starr: “And a tag from Ririko, Miho might not have noticed, we need to see if Ririko still has something in the tank.”

Cali rolls towards the middle of the ring to create some distance as Miho Watase steps forward, Ririko comes from behind with a waist-lock! Cali bounces off the ropes for a running dropkick as Ririko tosses Watase overhead with a German Suplex!

James O’Connell: “Drive-by plex!”

Cali Hayama sees Miss Fuka getting up on the apron and is quick to take her down with a triangle dropkick as Ririko rolls Miho over for a cover.

ONE… TWO- And a kick out!

Bobby Joel: “And see there, usually Ririko is able to bridge into an immediate pin, but she just did a release suplex, I think with the damage to the leg and the back, she might not be able to bridge as normal. It’s going to reduce what she can do.”

Stephanie Starr: “Getting into an immediate pin’s an underrated part of a match. That’s why you see a lot of bridging in a joshi match. It not just takes strong neck strength, but you need strength in your legs and back to bend.”

Cali rolls to her team’s corner and shouts something at Ririko in Japanese, a look of concern on her face. She’s making sure her friend is okay. Ririko swallows some of her pride and makes a quick tag back to Cali Hayama. Ririko drags Watase and places her legs on the middle rope, holding her up by her shoulders. Cali readies a springboard, but the team took a few seconds too long to set up the move as Watase grabs Ririko by the pigtail and pulls her down- Cali Springboards for a Hilo, but Ririko blocks the move by accident!

James O’Connell: “And a misfire on that!”

Stephanie Starr: “This goes back to both teams knowing each other so well.”

The assigned official warns Watase for the hail pull as Ririko rolls to the apron, holding the back of her head after Cali’s shoulder crashed into it. Watase doesn’t seem to care. Cali recovers and attempts a forearm, but Miho blocks it with one of her own! She irish whips Cali off the ropes and catches her, slamming her with a Michinoku driver! She hooks the legs for a-

James O’Connell: “Michinoku Driver!”

ONE… TWO count as Cali kicks out, holding her neck after she lands high on it.

Watase’s cool demeanor is slowly fading as the match goes on. She looks to Miss Fuka who is pulling herself up by the ropes. She demands a tag and gets it. The team decides their next move. Fuka enters the rings and drives her knee into the spine of Cali with a pendulum backbreaker, holding her in place. Miho Watase gets to the middle rope and has a smirk on her face. She puts her arm across her stomach like a bow and leaps in the air and drives her knees into the chest of Cali with a diving knee drop!

James O’Connell: “Virtuous Design!”

Stephanie Starr: “At one point, it was Total MAYHEM.”

Bobby Joel: “And that is long dead.”

Miss Fuka stacks Cali Hayama up with a deep cover and the referee makes the count, titles on the line


And Calo Hayama kicks out again!

James O’Connell: “And YOKAI Death Squad keep their titles for being with a kickout!”

Bobby Joel: “Though Ririko took more punishment, Cali’s been hit with heavy moves right off the bat.”

Stephanie Starr: “And the fact Cali was relatively fresh might have saved the CJW Tag titles there.”

Miss Fuka shakes her head and scrapes Cali Hayama off the mat, she throws her into the corner and tries to trap her faster opponent. She elbows her repeatedly, and mixes it up with loud chops to her chest, lighting them up with each heavy blow. She face-washes Cali Hayama and grabs her chin, getting directly in her face, shouting at her, slapping her. The referee lets some slide, but finally steps in with Cali finally having a return shot.

The Sky Devil quickly ascends the middle rope, and gets to the top rope, getting to her comfort zone. She leaps-

And Miss Fuka grabs her around the throat mid-air. She lifts her up and spins out, driving her with FORCE into the canvas with a Chokeslam!

James O’Connell: “CHOKESLAM all the way down to hell!”

Stephanie Starr: “Your eyes don’t deceive you, folks, a female wrestler using a chokeslam.”

Bobby Joel: “And honestly, pound for pound, might be one of the most vicious ones in the game with how she spins out.”

Stephanie Starr: “I can tell from experience taking it, that move isn’t some pleasant sensation.”

Removing the hair from her face, Fuka looks at Cali who is practically indented into the ring-canvas. She’s breathing heavily, tired of this ‘Gaijin’ who she had to treat as a friend for years. She looks at Watase and the two exchange a sick smirk.

James O’Connell: “Miss Fuka is in control and what in the world is she planning?”

Bobby Joel: “Hellevator maybe?”

Stephanie Starr: “No, I have a feeling this might be worse.”

Miss Fuka slowly pulls Cali Hayama off the mat. She’s taking her time. With her hand, she holds down a MAYHEM “M” and pushes it in Cali’s face with disrespect and disdain before doing a knee lift. The crowd boo heavily and MIss Fuka scoops Cali on her shoulder in a powerslam position. She holds her and simply parades her around the ring. The crowd clues into what she’s doing and rain down boos.

James O’Connell: “She’s going to hit her with Saori Suzuki’s finisher, the Emerald Flowsion.”

Stephanie Starr: “For Christ’s sake… It’s bad enough that Saori's career has been in jeopardy…”

Bobby Joel: “Yeah, now her former ally is going to hit one of her proteges with her own finisher AND do it better!”

Miss Fuka faces the hard-cam side of the ring and is about to drive Cali into the mat, but the Sky Devil comes to her senses and slides off her shoulder! Miss Fuka turns around and Cali double legs her and mounts with a flurry of forearms and elbows! She’s PISSED! And the fans are rallying behind her!

James O’Connell: “And Cali Hayama, filled with RAGE from the disrespect is laying into Miss Fuka!”

Bobby Joel: “It’s the GAMER RAGE!”

Stephanie Starr: “It’s the respect for Saori, the love of her friends!”

Miss Fuka pushes Cali Hayama off but the damage is done as Cali, full of fire, kicks the ropes and paces around the ring. She gets in Miho Watase’s face and pushes her off the apron with the Leader of Virtue landing on her ass on the outside.

Miss Fuka stumbles to her knees and Cali Hayama points her finger like a gun and unloads with a Superkick, catching her in the jaw! She follows that up with a more ariel move, running into a standing shooting star press!

James O’Connell: “Draco Meteor! 130 Base Power Dragon-Type Move at the cost of special attack! And yes she told me to say that.”

Bobby Joel: “Nerd…”

Stephanie Starr: “Hey, we played some Pokemon GO! Yesterday, those little creatures were cute!”

Cali Hayama practically bounces off of Miss Fuka and rather than pinning, she looks and sees Ririko, a girl who has been in MAYHEM for her whole career. Cali gets up and tags her friend in. Ririko grabs Fuka in a rear-waistlock and pulls her to her feet. It takes two tries, but Ririko sends Fuka flying over her head with a Backdrop driver!

James O’Connell: “Drop-You-Plex by Ririko!”

Bobby Joel: “Too many of those can break a neck… No offense Stephanie.”

Stephanie Starr: “I didn’t break my neck off that move, but it takes a toll.”

Ririko keeps hold and she wants to end this NOW. She pulls Fuka back to her feet and gets her up in an Argentine Backbreaker position, nearly losing her balance.

James O’Connell: “And Ririko has Miss Fuka on her shoulders.”

Bobby Joel: “How?!”

With some previous damage to her legs, they begin to wobble, but Ririko keeps a tight grip. She spins around and drives Miss Fuka to the mat with a Torture Rack Bomb!

James O’Connell: “Idol Bomb!”

Stephanie Starr: “It’s it! YOKAI Death Squad retains!”

Miss Fuka bounces off the mat. With Ririko’s damage to her legs, she is unable to turn it into a sit-out powerbomb and her grip slips, but it doesn’t matter, the move has put down Fuka. Ririko hooks the near leg and goes for the winning cover.



Right before the hand of the official hits the mat, Miho Watase shouts and gets him to look up to see-

Miss Fuka’s long leg is resting on the bottom rope.

Miho Watase, rather than burning her pin-break, reached in and pulled her tag partner’s leg on the rope.

James O’Connell: “And a rope break… YOKAI Death Squad nearly retained.”

Bobby Joel: “Cali made a mistake not knocking down Miho harder earlier, and Ririko hooked the near-leg rather than the far leg. Seemingly minor, but they were huge mistakes.”

Ririko lies on the canvas and looks up at the lights. She thought she had her. Cali shouts at Miho Watase from the apron and the official pokes his head between the ropes, ordering Watase back to her corner. Ririko looks at Cali and the two decide to try ANOTHER attempt at a big move to put their opponent’s away.

Ririko tags in Cali and goes over to pick Fuka off the mat, holding her in a sleeper! Miss Fuka struggles as Ririko tries to seat her on the mat.

James O’Connell: “Ririko is trying to set Miss Fuka up for Cali Hayama’s ‘Dying Night.’ They’re going to try to stomp her head into the canvas.”

As Cali ascends the ropes, Miho Watase rushes back and immediately jumps on the apron, grabbing the top rope! Cali loses her balance and Ririko has to let go in order to try to get the meddlesome illegal partner out of the way. Cali finally is able to balance herself on the top rope and she leaps-

But Miss Fuka catches her in the air!

Bobby Joel: “Now here comes a bad landing-”

-And Miss Fuka plants Cali Hayama into the canvas with a vicious spinebuster!

James O’Connell: “Spine… BUSTER!”

Stephanie Starr: “Miho saved Fuka again there, this time causing enough delay.”

Ririko turns around as Fuka goes to push her over the top rope, with Watase pulling the top rope down to send her crashing to the floor! Miss Fuka drags Cali Hayama towards their half of the ring and her partner rushes over so she can be tagged in.

Bobby Joel: “YOKAI Death Squad put up a valiant defense, but this is over.”

Stephanie Starr: “And to think they were able to hold on to the championships for most of 2023.”

Miss Fuka readies her Hellavator as Miho Watase grabs the legs. A double-team Hellavator. Miho has Cali’s feet on her shoulder and the team count down to ensure they time it right, but Cali begins to try to worm her way out, there's still a fight in her! She manages to wrap her legs around the neck of Watase and does a headscissors takedown while doing an arm-drag to Fuka! She takes them both down! Cali rolls to her feet and does a running hurricanrana, sending Fuka to the outside!

James O’Connell: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, folks,”

After the spinebuster, Cali Hayama holds her back, taking a deep breath in. She sees Fuka on the outside and her daredevil side takes over. She goes over to one of the corners and readies herself. The fans cheer, expecting something breathtaking.

Bobby Joel: “Cali, don’t do it, focus on Watase.”

Stephanie Starr: “Cali’s known as a risk-taker and I think she wants to take Fuka out as a factor permanently.”

Cali takes a deep breath and ‘slashes’ her hands like a sword. She charges to the corner-

And Miho Watase jumps in, clubbing her into the back as she jumps! She just sent her crashing into the corner!

James O’Connell: “Watase cuts Cali off!”

Cali’s feet land just over the middle rope, trapping her in the corner and Miho decides to take things a step further, moving Cali to the top rope. She joins her and clubs her in the back!

Stephanie Starr: “Both wrestlers on the top rope, this will end badly for one of them.”

Bobby Joel: “Or maybe both?”

Responding, Cali Hayama hits a back elbow in an attempt to create some distance, but Miho Watase clubs her in the back of the head repeatedly until she grabs her in a rear-waist lock. She traps the arm and lifts Cali up and BOTH girls crash into the canvas below as Watase hits a Back Superplex!

James O’Connell: “BACK SUPERPLEX!”

Both ladies need to catch themselves after the landing. Watase is slow to get up as she crawls to the ropes, the fans giving applause at the breathtaking move. Cali rolls to her back and holds her neck. The official checks on her before continuing the match.

Stephanie Starr: “A move like that takes a fair bit out of the attacker and Watase wasn’t able to pin her.”

Bobby Joel: “It did more damage to Cali for sure. But whether or not the move will be worth it depends on how Watase can take advantage.”

Miho stumbles over to Cali and grabs the wrist. She pulls her opponent to her feet and starts with a forearm strike to the face! Cali drops to a knee and Watase maintains wrist control. She does a second before going behind, crossing Hayama’s hand across her chest. She spins her out with a ripcord and catches her in the chin with a step-up enzuigiri!

James O’Connell: “Miho-Maker!”

Bobby Joel: “The prelude to-”

Cali doesn’t even have a chance to drop as Miho scoops her up by the legs and puts her in a Back-to-Belly position. She hooks her legs under her arms before dropping Cali Hayama right onto her head!

James O’Connell: “STRONG ZERO!”

Stephanie Starr: “Into the pin.”

Miho Watase sits on top of Cali and has the pin counted.


Bobby Joel: “Where did Ririko come from!?”

James O’Connell: “Ririko comes in at the last moment to save their tag championships!”

Stephanie Starr: “Cali straight up was not going to kick out of that. It was a blessing for her.”

Ririko rushed into the ring and broke up the pin at the last moment. Cali Hayama rolls to the corner, trying to recover, as Miho’s attention is towards her tag partner. Watase elbows Ririko, but the powerhouse lights her chest up with ANOTHER Knife Edge chop! Miho throws a clothesline, but Ririko side-steps and she catches her in a full nelson. Ririko falls back and drives her opponent into the mat with a snapdragon!

James O’Connell: “And a snap dragon! Ririko evened things!”

Bobby Joel: “But she’s not the legal competitor, she has to leave it to Cali.”

Ririko rolls to the apron and watches as Cali slowly pulls herself up by the ropes in a neutral corner. Her breathing is becoming heavy and she holds the back of her head after being dropped. She looks at Miho’s position in the ring. In the middle, back turned to her. A small smirk appears on Cali’s face. She grabs her hand and blows a kiss to her former stablemate before pointing her finger like a gun.

James O’Connell: “She’s going to kiss Miho goodbye.”

Stephanie Starr: “And I think Cali Hayama is going to take her head off.”

Running forward, Cali pulls her arm back before hitting Miho in the back of the head with a backhand elbow, full force!

James O’Connell: “AN EXECUTION ELBOW!”

Bobby Joel: “Where did she pull THAT from!?”

Cali practically falls head over heels on the follow through. She put everything into that. Ririko re-enters the ring and the two are ready to put the final nail. They pick Watase off the canvas and hold her up in a double team Electric chair position.

James O’Connell: “They’re ready to hit CTRL… ALT…”

They grab her head and drive her full force into the canvas with a Dirt-Bomb!”

James O’Connell: “DELETE!”

Stephanie Starr: “That’s how they retained their titles at Galaxy Clash!”

Cali Hayama falls into a cover and the referee counts.


Miss Fuka enters the ring and tackles Ririko-



James O’Connell: “And now it’s Virtue’s time to break up a pin!”

Bobby Joel: “Both teams burn their one pin-break and they chose the perfect time.”

Cali falls over as Miss Fuka gets to her feet. She runs off the ropes and takes her head off with a drive-by boot! Ririko has rolled to the apron after the spear and Miho is struggling to her feet after eating two major moves back to back. Miss Fuka has to help pull Watase to their corner. She checks on her partner before making a tag.

James O’Connell: “And Miss Fuka, after making a major save, is on clean-up duty.”

Stephanie Starr: “Both teams have hit each other with some of the biggest moves in their repertoires and even a couple unique ones. Just what else can they do?”

Miss Fuka thinks through her options and just wants to end things now. She pulls Cali up for a Hellavator, but the Canadian places her foot between Fuka’s legs to block it. There’s some back and forth before Cali pulls her into a small package pin-

ONE… TWO… Fuka powers out.

Cali doesn’t have the energy to follow up so Fuka quickly hoists her upside-down…


James O’Connell: “Goodnight with a Piledriver!”

Rolling Cali over to her back, Miss Fuka sits on top, pulling the leg back for a pinfall.


Bobby Joel: “How many times can a woman survive getting dropped on her head!?”

The Tokyo crowd cheer as Cali kicks out. She lies on the mat, breathing heavily as Miss Fuka argues with the official for his count.

James O’Connell: “I think Miss Fuka is finally losing patience.”

Stephanie Starr: “Her and Miho have seen Cali and Ririko as their underlings their entire time in MAYHEM, as if they were beneath them, but in the past couple of years, the YDS trio has become at the very least on their level.”

Bobby Joel: “No matter what happens, YOKAI Death Squad has their year-long Trios Championship reign, and Ririko and Cali are in the books as CJW’s tag team champions, titles which Miho Watase and Fuka have held together. That alone means they have come far.”

Turning around to Cali, Miss Fuka does something surprising, she leans down and spits on the Sky Devil! The fans are disgusted and ERUPT in a chorus of boos.

James O’Connell: “Was that really necessary!?"

Stephanie Starr: “That’s not just disrespectful, but genuinely something that can get you a fine in most public spaces in Japan.”

Bobby Joel: “Which was why I had to quit Tobacco chewing when I started wrestling in Japan.”

Miss Fuka pulls Cali off the mat and hoists her onto her shoulders in a powerbomb position. She looks at one of the neutral corners and sends Cali into it with a Buckle Bomb-

But Cali bounces off and nails a running Blockbuster!

James O’Connell: “NERF THIS BUSTER!”

Bobby Joel: “Cali Hayama just used what was left to hit that.”

Stephanie Starr: “Yeah, I think Cali’s done.”

The crowd cheer as Cali Hayama lies on the mat in the middle of the ring. Ririko and Miho Watase have both pulled themselves up in their corner and are both reaching out for a tag. Ririko waves her arm and gets the crowd to chant for her friend.




Cali Hayama begins to crawl towards the red corner and Miss Fuka begins to stir, looking at Miho in the blue corner. The arms of the streamer shakes as she crawls. Fuka’s reach helps her make up some distance as both ladies jump to make the tag!

Stephanie Starr: “Ririko’s in!”

Bobby Joel: “Watase is in!”

Both girls try to meet in the ring with a clothesline, but with Ririko’s size, she is the one to take down Watase! She bounces off the ropes and hits a second before throwing her into the corner! Ririko charges with a knife edge chop then continues with some Machine gun chops! She’s lighting up the chest of Miho so much that it’s becoming red under her bra and she slides down to a seated position. Ririko backs up and drives her elbow into the head with a Sliding D!

James O’Connell: “Ririko, after having time to rest, has come in like a house full of fire!”

Bobby Joel: “End it, now. Fuka’s out, Cali’s out, it’s just you and Miho.”

Ririko pulls Miho out of the corner and puts her in a Uranage position. She picks her up and SLAMS her across her knee with a backbreaker!

James O’Connell: “GHOST’S CURSE-”

But Ririko immediately grabs the leg.

Stephanie Starr: “But the leg damage from early on in the match coming back to bite her.”

Ririko stays on her knees and feels her leg out. She looks over to see Cali Hayama on the apron, lying face first on the canvas. She won’t be getting any help. Ririko stumbles to her leg and shouts to the crowd in Japanese, “IT’S OVER!” and she waits for Watase to get up. Her opponent has to use the ropes but Ririko tries for another Torture Rack.

She’s unable to keep her balance and stumbles. There’s a second attempt as Miho Watase reaches out and Ririko gets her on her shoulders-

As Miss Fuka reaches in for a tag! Ririko doesn’t see it. Ririko lets out a shout, but before she can finish Watase off, she sees Miss Fuka enter the ring, her grip slips as the Mountain of a woman hits a Pump Kick which sends Ririko crashing OVER Miho!

James O’Connell: “Pump that Kick!”

Both members of Virtue are nearing empty, but now Ririko is down. Miss Fuka puts the Crazy Ghost of MAYHEM in a suplex position and Watase picks her up by the leg. Miho pushes to help Fuka get extra height as she finally plants Ririko into the mat with her Hellevator!

James O’Connell: “Hellevator!”

Bobby Joel: “With the assist.”

Stephanie Starr: “I can’t believe it-”

Miss Fuka keeps an arm over Ririko for the pin as the official finally counts.





Miho Watase And Miss Fuka [Virtue]




James O’Connell: “And YOKAI Death Squad’s Tag Team Championship reign comes to an end on the eighth defense in a cruel twist of irony to their former allies.

Stephanie Starr: “They fought hard in CJW and even beyond to spread their group and the company’s name. Been one of my favourite title reigns to watch even though it has come to an end.”

Bobby Joel: “But Miho Watase and Miss Fuka are ready to return to the mountain as champions to enshrine a new vision of Virtue, and they did it on their own!”

With no outside interference, Virtue has become tag team champions. Miss Fuka and Miho Watase lie back on the mat with giant smirks on their faces. They’ve been at the top together before, but this time, it was a little extra sweet because of who they beat. Ririko rolls to Cali Hayama, the result beginning to dawn on them, and the tag partners console each other as trainee wrestlers hand them ice packs.

CJW Co-Owner, Yuria Anou enters the ring with the CJW Tag Team Championships and a trophy, part of the reward for winning a title match. She hands the championships and trophy off to the new champions as Yuji announces the result.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Here are your winners, by pinfall at 21:46, and 26th, CJW Tag Team Champions, WATASE MIHO, MISS FUKA VIRTUE!!!”

The referee raises their hands as Miss Fuka and Miho hold up their newly won championships. Miss Fuka holds up the trophy as the person who got the winning pinfall before Miho looks back at Cali and Ririko, still in the ring, catching their breath. She whispers to her tag partner who puts down the trophy. They turn around-


James O’Connell: “Stop it! Come on! You guys proved you’re the better team. You won the titles. You had a great match, stop!”

Bobby Joel: “It’s not always just about the titles, James, it’s about sending a message!”

Stephanie Starr: “I’m tired of this, someone stop them!”

The Joshi trainees enter the ring in an attempt to break it up but Virtue immediately takes each of them down. The bell rings repeatedly, trying to bring order to this. Miss Fuka grabs her boot and chokes Ririko in the corner as Miho Watase runs and spikes Cali head first into the mat with a DDT! The fans rain down boos at the once fan favourites and they gloat to the crowd.

James O’Connell: “We need someone to bring some order here, this is enough!”

Bobby Joel: “Not to them-”

Miho Watase grabs the trophy from the match and holds it up, motioning for Fuka to pick Cali Hayama off the mat.

Stephanie Starr: “She’s going to smash the trophy over Cali’s head.”

Cali tries to fight a bit, but the grip of Miss Fuka is tight. She can’t break free. But as hope fades, the lights of Nippon Nippon Budokan dim and the crowd erupts as music plays.

CRIMSON FLAMES || Naruto Shippuden

James O’Connell: “Is that Boss music I hear!?”

The LED lights of the stage show purple flames with the MAYHEM group logo in the middle. The fans cheer as Fuka throws Cali down.

And out walks… MAYHEM’s leader who has been out for nearly a year-




Stephanie Starr: “YES! She’s back!”

James O’Connell: “After watching these two tear her group apart for her time on the sidelines, she is here to get revenge and save two girls who have been nothing but loyal to her!”

The crowd cheer as the former Universe of COSMIC CHAMPION makes her way out in her ring gear, knee brace on her surgically repeated knee, and over her shoulder, a spray painted staff she calls “The Equalizer.” The face painted heavyweight storms her way down the aisle with purpose.

Miho Watase and Miss Fuka roll out of the ring and rush towards their former leader, but Saori gets the jump, cracking her staff the ribs of Miss Fuka!

James O’Connell: “And now it’s a fight!”

Bobby Joel: “Two against one, but Saori has the weapon!”

Stephanie Starr: “That staff hurts like hell, take it from experience.”

Saori Suzuki slams the staff against Miho Watase’s shoulder and the heavyweight throws Fuka against the aisle barricades!

Miho Watase clocks Saori Suzuki in the back of the head.

And Saori simply turns around. She looks at her once best friend and points her weapon at her. Miho Watase backs up, pleading with her.

Bobby Joel: “And Saori Suzuki is cornering Miho like her prey.”

James O’Connell: “Too much damage has been caused to repair this friendship.”

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Back against the edge of the ring, Miho Watase tries to apologize but Saori simply shakes her head. She pulls back her staff and Miho rolls into the ring, letting the ropes block the weapons shot. Miho stands in the middle of the ring-

Just as Cali Hayama and Ririko get to their feet. Miho backs up into them and turns around.

James O’Connell: “Nowhere to run…”

Stephanie Starr: “And nowhere to hide.”

Bobby Joel: “Come on ladies, think of all you’ve been through.”

Saori Suzuki slides into the ring and kneels down in the corner. Miho begs the former tag champions to leave her be. But she turns around into a massive spear!

James O’Connell: “And a Spear from the Boss of MAYHEM!”

The fans cheer as Saori Suzuki hits her first move in almost a year. She gets up and there’s a smile on her face, a rare sight. Saori takes a moment to soak it in and her proteges let her as the Tokyo crowd cheers her on.

But Miho Watase, wisely rolls out of the ring, grabbing her newly won tag titles with her. The fans boo as Miss Fuka has to catch Miho to prevent her from falling down and the two leaders of Virtue hold up their newly won tag titles, a reminder of who’s the champions.

James O’Connell: “And Miho Watase and Miss Fuka worm their way out.”

Bobby Joel: “Well, what else was she going to do? Get beat up?”

Stephanie Starr: “How about not attacking Ririko and Cali after the match.”

Cali and Ririko lean on the ropes, looking out at the tag team championships which, until moments ago, they held. Saori Suzuki puts her hands on their shoulders, sort of consoling them, before the two turn around and embrace Saori Suzuki on her return.

James O’Connell: “Bitter-sweet feelings for the former champions, feeling the sting of defeat, but now has the return of their mentor, their Boss, Saori Suzuki.”

Stephanie Starr: “I think the war between Virtue, Saori Suzuki, and YOKAI Death Squad, is far from over.”

The CJW Tag Team Champions make their way to the back, holding up their tag team championships, as we cut to a break.


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After the opening match, James O’Connell, on commentary, exhales and adjusts his notes.

James O’Connell: “Ooof, sorry guys, just need to take a breather. With high animosity, those ladies put everything on the line and the return of Saori Suzuki tied it all together.

Stephanie Starr: “I can honestly say as a former rival of her's, I've missed seeing her in the ring and she got a measure of payback tonight, but knowing her, she won't rest until Miho and Fuka pay.”

Bobby Joel: “But of course, Virtue have the most important thing, and that's the championship gold and have instantly validated their new unit in what I think will be the first of many titles for Virtue."

James O’Connell: “Time will tell, but it’s great to be here for this action packed night of wrestling. We are here for the English commentary which you guys will be seeing at 5pm Eastern Time on both NTE's English streaming service and the WCNetwork. But if you have already watched the Japanese version, you’ll have two legends on call.”

The camera zooms out and moves to the table next to them where we see the commentators. The first man has a dark goatee and bleached blond hair. His suit has an open collar and a chain (no, a literal chain) around his neck. The ‘Wild Man’ Nobuo Yoshida. A four-time heavyweight champion. Then his broadcast colleague is wearing a mask inspired by a tiger while still wearing a suit. It is a former 6 time Junior Heavyweight champion, The Grand Tiger.

Bobby Joel: “Nobou Yoshida and The Grand Tiger. I have had several singles matches against Yoshia in my career and they were some of the toughest fights I’ve had. Since retiring, he’s been working in different capacities both behind the scenes and on camera, being an ambassador of our sport. Then Grand Tiger, in different weight classes, didn’t fight one on one, but was involved in several tags, easily one of the most influential Junior Heavyweights in Japanese wrestling.”

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve been able to talk to both of them before the show. I see even after their days in the ring are over, they are still as passionate as ever about wrestling. They mentioned that each of them have talked to several wrestlers on this show in the weeks beforehand, especially their Japanese stars, trying to offer advice. For those who are able to speak Japanese, you’re in for a treat watching on the Nine Tales network in Japan.”

James O’Connell: “Sorry lads, no ‘Dubs’ for it available.”

Bobby Joel: “That’s because I’m the DUBB himself.”

James O’Connell: “But now let’s move on to our next contest!”

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit!”

BOOM BOOM POW || The Black Eyed Peas

The opening to “Boom Boom Pow” builds as the screens have a comic-book/Manga art style, showing drawn versions of both members of Kung-Fu Boom, with their tag team name appearing as if it was a “POW!” effect in an old Batman Cartoon. The fans clap as the ‘Boom Boom Pow'' reverberates through the arena. Kung Fu Karl and Jimmy Boom Boom make their way out. Karl is putting his ‘Game Face’ on while wearing his Gi and Jimmy runs out in a fancy jumpsuit on, hyped up. He looks at Karl who does a ‘bow’ and Jimmy shakes his shoulders, excited for the match as they make their way down the aisle-way, with Karl reminding Jimmy to stay focused.

James O’Connell: “This here is a Gaijin showcase tag match between two teams with over the top personalities. Kung-Fu Boom have been wrestling across multiple promotions, and known to be the friends of the Undisputed Alliance, but are looking to change their fortunes around.”

Bobby Joel: “They were thrown in a dumpster. They for sure need to stay focused. Although I ran into them earlier today. Jimmy said ‘He’s glad to be in the birthplace of Kung Fu,’ and Karl had to correct him saying Kung Fu was from China-”

Stephanie Starr: “They’re not the brightest, are they? But I think the crowd here may welcome them. And I think, win or lose, being on a show like this does a lot to build your reputation. A show which is meant to show fans a variety of Japanese wrestling and beyond, you’re given a chance to show what you can do.”

As they approach the middle steps. Karl motions for Jimmy to stand to the side as he puts on a very serious face and heads up the steps. Jimmy jumps up and leaps over the top rope, a bundle of energy.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing, in the blue corner, representing FWA Wrestling, Kung Fu Boom… Here comes the Boom-”

Jimmy Boom Boom runs to the corner as Yuji Yoshida announces his name.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “JIMMMYYYYYY BOOOM BOOOOOOOOM!”

Kung Fu Karl bows in the middle of the ring before he strikes a pose.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “The Kung Fu Artist… KUUUUNG FUUUUU KARRRRRL!”

Kung Fu Karl does a kick before bowing to the crowd who give him a respectful cheer. Jimmy Boom Boom jumps down from the turnbuckles and shakes the ropes, excited to be wrestling in Tokyo as their theme music fades, to be replaced by the rap beats of the Ozmanclaimed-

The Acclaimed || Max Caster

The theme song of the Ozmanclaimed beats through the speakers of the arena as the lights have a pink hue to them. Max Pollux, Anthony Bsteen, and Father Posterior make their way out.

James O’Connell: “And here comes the legally distinct, Ozmanclaimed!”

Bobby Joel: “What does that mean?”

Stephanie Starr: “I think I have an idea. The viewers will know.”

Max Pollux has a microphone in his hand and shouts.

Max Pollux: “Yo, listen! Listen!”

The screens behind them show the Japanese translation of his rap as Max begins to free-style on Kung Fu Boom.

Max Pollux: “Ozmanclaimed here for our Tokyo Drift, embarrass these dudes so they jump off a cliff.

The doctors of this game, call us surgeons, it’s Karate Kid, not a middle aged virgin-”

Jimmy Boom Boom stands between his tag team partner and their opponents, though Kung Fu Karl tries to remain stone faced, the line has him seething.

Max Pollux: “We’re so sick, you can call us an infection, while Jimmy’s parents should have used protection-”

Anthony Bsteen puts two of his fingers into a circle and ‘pokes’ it with his other finger. Jimmy Boom Boom shouts as their opponents get to the end of the aisle, with Father Posterior right behind.

Max Pollux: “Welcome to our world, we’ll take you to class because welcome to the Ancient art of kicking your ass!”

Max hands off the microphone to Anothny Bsteen who shouts.

Anthony Bsteen: “Toooookyoooooo! The Ozmanclaimed have arrived!”

He turns to Father Posterior.


Father Posterior gives Anthony a hug from behind as if he was “spooning” him as Anthony enters the ring.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “In the red corner, accompanied by Father Posterior, Ozmanclaimed! He is the Golden-”

Max turns to the hard camera and poses.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “MAAAAX POLLLUX!”

Anthony enters the ring afterwards with a boombox.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “The Utility Player…. ANTHOOONY BSTEEEEEEEEN!”

Anthony flexes with his boombox before dropping it to ‘Spoon’ his best friend. Their theme music fades as the Japanese crowd doesn’t know WHAT to make of their entrance.

The referee gets the teams to go to their respective corners, and gets each team to decide on a legal competitor to start. Jimmy Boom Boom jumps in place in his jumpsuit while Bsteen steps in for Ozmanclaimed.



Written by: Rosie
@Mandalorian @Oz @Jimmy King


An eager Jimmy Boom Boom readies for a lock-up with Bsteen. Anthony raises his hands and fakes out Boom Boom with a kick to the gut. The Utility Player of the team clubs Boom Boom in the back before tapping his temple.

Bobby Joel: “Only the best wrestlers do that, you know? Tap the temple”

Bsteen quickly whips Jimmy into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Jimmy quickly kips back up and Anthony trips him back down-

And Jimmy Boom Boom gets back up with a kip up.


And again.

The fans chuckle as Anthony Bsteen scowls at his opponent. He stops this little game with a forearm to the face.

James O’Connell: “And it seems like Kung Fu Boom, mainly Jimmy, is already finding a few ways to get under the skins of Ozmanclaimed.”

Stephanie Starr: “Ozmanclaimed have no issues dishing out insults, embarrassing people with raps, but I’m not sure how well they can take being made a fool of.”

Anthony double-legs Boom Boom and wisely pushes him to his team’s corner and makes a tag to Max Pollux. Bsteen holds Boom Boom in the corner and is met with a running elbow smash from Pollux. The ‘rappers’ snapmare Boom Boom on his rear and hit a double running neck snap! They look at each other, overly excited before they shout into the hard-camera-


James O’Conell: “A Spoon-plex?”

Bobby Joel: “Come on, don’t you know the wonders of spooning, James? Put two and two together.”

Stephanie Starr: “I did my research… Not in what you think. It's a double team German Suplex.”

The tag team goes behind and locks hands around Jimmy’s waist. They hoist Boom Boom up and sends him over-

And Jimmy Boom Boom flips and lands on his feet. He stumbles back, surprised he even HAD it in him.

James O’Connell: “And no spooning today! Surprising athleticism from Jimmy Boom Boom!”

Stephanie Starr: “Guess the training with their master worked?”

The Ozmanclaimed, not looking behind them, gets hyped and Anthony Bsteeen hugs Max from behind in a display of spooning comradery. They jump around and Jimmy hits a running dropkick, forcing Anthony to German Suplex his own partner! The fans clap at the impressive display.

Bobby Joel: “Their spoons were used against them!”

Jimmy Boom Boom grabs Anthony and throws him out of the ring, leaving the legal competitor as he is just hyped up. Karl shouts for him to stay focused, so Jimmy takes Max Pollux and throws him into his team’s corner. He kicks him in the gut before making the tag to Karl. The self-proclaimed Kung Fu artist steps in the ring and both of them look… Before repeatedly doing machine gun chops to the chest of Max Pollux!

James O’Connell: “Now that’s something for the Japanese crowd! Machine gun chops!”

Stephanie Starr: “Too many of those in a match, you’ll be waking up in the morning with bruises all over your chest, and God forbid you lie down on your stomach.”

Jimmy Boom Boom steps outside before his count is up and now Kung Fu Karl tries to keep control. He steps back and kicks Max hard in the chest with a roundhouse kick! The wannabe rapper drops and rolls back up and Karl does an open hand chop to the jaw. Keeping the team fresh, he makes a quick tag to Jimmy Boom Boom. The two teammates kick him in the gut and Irish whip him to the ropes, meeting him with a double dropkick! Jimmy makes the first pin of the match.


And Pollux to that idea as Max kicks out.

James O’Connell: “Kung Fu Boom, given the fact their recent exploits saw them be dropped in a dumpster, they’ve been faring better.”

Bobby Joel: “After a loss like that, you need to put effort forward. You literally were treated like TRASH.”

Stephanie Starr: “And Jimmy told me he was binging tag team matches in Japan, especially the ‘fast guys’ before this match. He probably meant Junior Heavyweights.So maybe that has helped them get ideas for double-team moves?”

On the outside, Anthony Bsteen gets back on the apron and reaches out for a tag as Jimmy Boom Boom gets in his face. He covers his mouth and pretends to beatbox before hitting him with a “WHAT!?” and heading back to Max. Bsteen looks confused as he looks at Father Posterior, who just holds out his cross, wishing to wash away whatever sin he witnessed.

Max finally gets to his feet and attempts to make a tag, but he is quickly put in a roll-up from Boom Boom.


And there is a quick kick out, but Jimmy is standing between him and his partner. Jimmy Boom Boom quickly runs forward and hits a shining wizard, catching him under the chin!

James O’Connell: “And Shining Wizard, a classic in the land of the rising sun!”

Stephanie Starr: “Jimmy Boom Boom and Karl might not be the brightest around, but Jimmy’s ability to act fast might be one of his most underrated traits.”

Feeling the Japanese crowd, Jimmy Boom Boom is feeling energized. He claps as the crowd joins in. Running off the ropes, Jimmy stops right in front of Max and shouts-


And hits a double leg drop to the gut!

James O'Connell: "BOOM BOOM DROP!"

Bobby Joel: “He announces the Boom Boom drop and yet it worked? Who'd funk it?”

He goes in for a cover!

One- Two- T- And the Golden Max Pollux raises the shoulder up at two. He’s somehow still alive.

James O’Connell: “And Kung Fu Boom has a somewhat surprising start in this match.”

Stephanie Starr: “And I think it just comes down to Ozmanclaimed under-estimating them so far.”

Bobby Joel: “Sometimes, if you’re coming off a major loss, you find a team either falling into the ditches, or coming together and fighting harder than ever. That’s true if it’s Football, baseball, debating, wrestling, whatever. But if they don’t capitalize soon, then Ozmanclaimed can capitalize and pick up ‘The Dubb.’”

Jimmy Boom Boom points to his team’s corner to ask the fans and he tags in Kung Fu Karl. The middle-aged master of martial arts gets into the ring and hops around Pollux, surprisingly light on his feet. He meets the jaw of Pollux with a jumping knee and the rapper leans against the ropes. Seeing his partner is in trouble, Anthony Bsteen leans down to Father Posterior and whispers something of a game plan. Karl does an Irish whip which is reversed-

And Father Posterior hops on the apron to get the referee’s attention as Bsteen clocks Karl in the back of the head with a forearm! Karl falls forward and Pollux drives his head into the mat with a DDT!

James O’Connell: “And we spoke too soon as the Ozmanclaimed, with a well planned distraction, level the playing field.”

Bobby Joel: “The fun and games are over, now the Spoon Crew are ready to scoop these two up.”

Stephanie Starr: “Spoon Crew?”

Max quickly makes a tag to Anthony and the Utility Player enters the ring and immediately stomps on Kung Fu Karl to keep him on the mat. The fans jeer, having picked their favourites in the match. Bsteen rolls Karl to his stomach and picks him up in a wheelbarrow. Anthony holds Karl, holding him up so that he looks at Jimmy on the apron and SLAMS him down with a facebuster. He makes a quick cover.

ONE… T- Karl rolls his shoulder up.

Going back to basics, Bsteen secures a chinlock on Karl, keeping the older competitor on the ground.

James O’Connell: “The Ozmanclaimed, now taking their chance to take control of the match, and even rubbed salt in, delaying that Facebuster and making Jimmy Boom Boom watch.”

Bobby Joel: “That’s their M.O. The raps, the antics, they get under their opponent’s skins, almost bully them, in order to get an advantage.”

Kung Fu Karl fights for position and manages to get back to his knees. Though Karl has a bit more size, the younger, more fit Bsteen pushes him off and takes him down with a clothesline! Following it up he sends Karl back into the ropes. He scoops him up and drives him into his knee with a backbreaker!

Stephanie Starr: “Simple but effective. There’s something to say about being able to just cause general damage on someone. Anything you do can serve the end goal of winning.”

Bobby Joel: “There’s the classic idea of wearing down a body part, limiting one part of someone’s game. But I think early on, unless there’s an obvious target, just do whatever you think can keep them down. Then adjust as the match goes on.”

Karl reaches for his corner but Anthony keeps him within arm’s reach, elbowing him in the back of the head. He grabs him by the collar and throws him into his team’s corner and chokes him with his foot. The official gets to a four count before he finally breaks it up. With the referee’s back turned, Max goes in for his own choke, letting go just in time. The two tag partners look and quickly tag, making Max the legal participant. Anthony double legs Karl and drops him across his knee with a reverse Manhattan Drop, holding him in place. Pollux runs off the ropes and hits a boot to the chin. Anthony runs to knock Jimmy off the apron as Max covers Karl.

One… Two… A Kick Out by Karl as he holds his groin area from the Manhattan drop.

James O’Connell: “And going back to your idea, with Max having a moment to breathe, he’s back in the match and now we can have the Ozmanclaimed potentially isolating Karl and just beating him down until he’s a non-factor.”

Max Pollux mouths off to Jimmy Boom Boom, trying to further aggravate his opponent. Karl goes towards a neutral corner, aching a bit. Max Pollux drops a beating by stomping on his chest, even adding a knee to choke him until a four count. Max sends Karl across the ring and follows with a running back elbow! Max leans on him, ever confident. He mouths “One more?” And he Irish whips Karl across the ring and hits a second! Karl stumbles forward and Pollux runs off the ropes and takes him down with a dropkick!

Ending his spree, Max Pollux swings and hits a neckbreaker!

James O’Connell: “And Max Pollux is in control.”

Stephanie Starr: “Max is sort of the ‘mouth’ of the team, and we often associate some of the in ring work with Anthony, but Max is no slouch.”

Bobby Joel: “He’s confident, and smart. How else can he think of stuff like the hit song “'Ancient Art of Kicking Your Ass.'”

Ever confident, Max Pollux jumps up and does some mock Karate poses, pretending to strike and chop around the ring making a very stereotypical “FWAH!” noise with each pose. He then turns to both Karl and Jimmy Boom Boom and gives them a huge ol’ Crotch chop! Karl looks up as Max is practically laughing at him. No, not again. Karl leaps up and nails a roundhouse kick to the side of his head!

James O’Connell: “And Karl has life!”

Pollux drops to a knee as Kung Fu Karl stumbles to the ground. Jimmy stretches out the arm, hoping for a tag. Karl has to step around Max and that gives the rapper a chance to grab the ankle. Karl pushes him away and is ready to leap-

And Max Pollux cuts him DOWN with a chop block!

James O’Connell: “I spoke too soon as Max cut him down!”

Bobby Joel: “Max took too long posing, but it worked out for him.”

Dragging Karl by the leg, Max Pollux moves him closer to his team’s corner so he can make a tag to Anthony Bsteen. Bsteen steps into the ring and gets on the middle rope. Max opens Karl’s legs wide. The cocky rappers have a juvenile grin on their face as they ready the move-

Stephanie Starr: “Are they trying to tear that man’s groin apart?”

But Karl rolls through and sends Max head first into Anthony’s groin!

James O’Connell: “-And Karl returned the favor!”

Bobby Joel: “There goes Anthony’s family jewels-”

Max apologies as Anthony falls off the ropes grabbing his groin. Father Posterior gets on the apron to check on his team, but the Ozmanclaimed do not see Kung Fu Karl crawling to his corner. Jimmy stomps on the apron, rallying the crowd. Ozmanclaimed finally turn around-


Jimmy shakes the ropes, feeling energized before he springboards through the air, taking both members of Ozmanclaimed down with a double springboard dropkick! Max rolls to the apron as Anthony is left along with the jumpsuit wearing king of boom.

James O’Connell: “Beautiful double dropkick!”

Stephanie Starr: “He’s the fresh man for the team, and if he can pick up the pace, Kung Fu Boom might end up with the upset”

Bobby Joel: “Might be a BIG upset.”

Building a head of steam, Jimmy runs off the ropes and takes Anthony down with a jumping lariat! He follows with a back elbow and a standing dropkick, three moves in succession! Boom Boom rolls to his feet and he’s hyped up as Anthony stumbles to his feet. He gestures for the rapper to ‘bring it’ including a crotch chop of his own. Anthony charges, but is taken to the mat with a sling blade! Jimmy Boom Boom gets on the middle rope and motions to the crowd to cheer who gives a clap and cheer in return.

James O’Connell: “Jimmy’s been building up a head of steam, but he can’t distract himself too much.”

Bobby Joel: “Let him take it, given his win/loss record, he probably is not used to moments like this.”

Anthony gets up and goes behind to attempt a roll up, but Jimmy rolls through and jumps up with a hurricanrana, rolling through into a pin.


And the surprise pin doesn't work, but Anthony rolls to the outside upon the kickout. Father Posterior checks on Bsteen and Jimmy aims for a little high risk action. He runs off the far ropes. Father Posterior sees him and gets out of the way, trying to warn Anthony, but Jimmy dives between the middle and bottom rope for a wrecking ball dropkick! Bsteen is sent into the steel of the barricade!

James O’Connell: “High risk pays off!”

Stephanie Starr: “And remember, there’s zero padding on those barricades, Bsteen just FLEW into it.”

Bobby Joel: “But is it possible for Kung Fu Boom to do the deed and finish this? I’m not sure.”

Jimmy shouts in Father Posterior’s face, “BOOOM!” and pushes Anthony back into the ring. There’s a scoop slam and Jimmy has Anthony Bsteen in the middle of the ring. He heads to the apron and ascends to the top.

James O’Connell: “And Jimmy Boom Boom is ready to fly. Here comes the Boom!”

Jimmy Boom Boom makes a minor error. He ascends the turnbuckle… in The Ozmanclaimed’s own corner! Father Posterior jumps on the apron and gets the attention of the risk taker. The referee immediately warns the manager to back away, but the time is just enough as Max Pollux punches Jimmy in the face. Anthony recovers as Max pushes Boom Boom off the top rope into a powerslam from Bsteen!

James O’Connell: “And after the distraction, a BIG powerslam in mid-air!”

Bobby Joel: “Genuinely impressive power from Anthony to catch him and slam him with ease.”

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve seen something like that happen a few times, you need strong lower-body strength to not fall down, and just perfect timing.”

Anthony goes for a deep cover on Jimmy Boom Boom.

ONE… TWO.. T- and Jimmy kicks out. The Ozmanclaimed exchange a glance. They’re going to end this. Anthony tags in Pollux and picks Jimmy Boom Boom up in a Torture rack position. Max shouts “REMIX!” and runs to hit a single leg dropkick as Anthony splats Jimmy Boom Boom with a reverse Olympic Slam!

James O’Connell: “And they just remixed Jimmy’s face!”

Stephanie Starr: “That double team move signals the end.”

Max hooks the leg as Anthony poses to the crowd.


And Kung Fu Karl comes out of nowhere and kicks Anthony into the cover! He broke it up!

Bobby Joel: “How is he still in it?!”

James O’Connell: “Last minute save from Karl!”

Stephanie Starr: “If there was a time to burn your one pin-break of the match, that was it.”

Anthony rolls over near the ropes as Karl is forced to go back in his team’s corner, but the ‘Kung Fu Master’ is shaking with anticipation. A stern look on his face which is beat red from anger. He slaps the turnbuckle pad to get the fan’s support and waits for Jimmy-

To make the tag! Karl rushes in and throat chops Max Pollux! He then slaps him across the chest with a knife edge chop! Anthony Bsteen gets to his feet and he gets a throat chop of his own with a slap to the chest! Karl roundhouse kicks Max-

Then Anthony!

After getting whipped around earlier, Karl is fighting with a powerful Kung Fu Spirit! He shakes as both opponents stumble near him. He closes his left hand into a fist and pushes it into his palm-

And knocks both members of the Ozmanclaimed down with a double chop to the delight of the fans!

Stephanie Starr: “I have never seen something as… unique as that.”

Bobby Joel: “I guess I should have taken Kung Fu training too.”

Karl gets on one foot and hops around the ring, staring at Max Pollux. He shouts before nailing him in the chin with a Crane Kick!

James O’Connell: “And a Karl Kick for the KO blow!”

Kung Fu Karl makes the cover, hooking both legs.


And no!

Bobby Joel: “I thought we had an upset there.”

Going to his corner, Karl gets the attention of his tag team partner, Jimmy, and they are ready to end it. Karl heads to a neutral corner as Jimmy ascends the top rope. Karl crosses his hands and breathes heavily. Incoming Lightning Fist. Max Pollux shakes the cobwebs out of his head and hasn’t noticed Kung Fu Karl yet, or Jimmy. He has spaghetti legs-

James O’Connell: “A Fist… Of… Fu-”

Kung Fu Karl makes the steps forward, but with his attention diverted to Max Pollux, he doesn’t see Anthony Bsteen charge in. He catches him in a Uranage and lifts him up into a sidewalk slam!

James O’Connell: “-No! The Arrival!”

Jimmy Boom Boom, sensing disaster, dives to try to take Anthony down with a missile dropkick, but Max catches him in mid-air with a superkick! There goes Kung Fu Boom’s chances! Anthony gets Jimmy out of the ring as Max Pollux, getting his senses about himself, heads to the top turnbuckle.

Stephanie Starr: “Jimmy is taken care of, Karl is down on the mat.”

Bobby Joel: “And this is the final verse of Kung Fu Boom.”

James O’Connell: “With any rap, there’s only one way to end it…”

Max steadies himself and leaps through the air to hit a pointed elbow drop to the heart of Kung Fu Karl.

James O’Connell: “And that’s with a Mic Drop!”

Karl flops on the ground like a karp after the elbow drop and Max goes in for the cover.




Max Pollux and Anthony Bsteen
9: 28


The beats of The Ozmanclaimed’s entrance plays through Nippon Budokan as the fans jeer as the loudmouths secure a victory. Anthony rolls into the ring and gives his partner a hug from behind, a lovely spoon as they act as if they dropped the greatest Diss track this side of Eminiem.

James O’Connell: “I won’t chalk that loss as an embarrassment of any kind. Jimmy and Karl stepped up their game, but once again, a disappointing result.”

Bobby Joel: “Let’s face it, Ozmanclaimed had the mental advantage from the start as soon as they released “The Ancient Art of Kicking your ass.” Tonight’s pre-match diss track was just an encore.”

Stephanie Starr: “I honestly expected them to be all talk, and I still won’t be buying any album of theirs any time soon, but they worked well as a team and backed it up.”

Father Posterior enters the ring and picks his two boys off the mat as the official goes to raise their hands.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And here are your winners, by pinfall at 9: 28. Max Pollux, Anthony Bsteen, Ozmanclaimed!”

The team hops and celebrates. They go into the camera to shout “EVERYONE LOVES OZMANCLAIMED!” as Kung Fu Boom rolls to the apron, with some trainee wrestlers giving them ice packs as they lead them to the back.

Bobby Joel: “Come on, James, it’s a Spoon party, spoon me, buddy!”

James O’Connell: “No thanks… Not at work.”

Stephanie Starr: “If you say that to me, Bobby, I SWEAR I'll be calling HR.”

The rapping tag team exit the ring, celebrating as we cut to a brief break.


Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limt!”

Diesel Coated Grin || Durdiss

The whales of the opening to MOIST’s theme song plays as the lights of the arena have an odd lime green coating. The “wettest man” in all of professional wrestling makes his way out with his very ‘unique’ look of a brown cloak covered in unhealthy amounts of baby oil. He acts all brooding while holding a bottle of baby oil in his hands.

James O’Connell: “Normally we go into long detail about the opponents but uhh… What else can we say? It’s MOIST.”

Bobby Joel: “A man from Genki Puro, no stranger to the odd side of pro wrestling, but can the he fight the unmovable object?”

Stephanie Starr: “I told my husband to make sure we have our kids take a bathroom trip this match. Just, all I need to say.”

Heading up the steps, oil drips from the cloak as MOIST, used to such slippery matches, enters the ring with ease as the LED screen ‘drips’ oil with his name written in a very ‘sus’ white smudgy font.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing, in the blue corner from Genki Puro, wrestling’s wettest man… MOOOOOOIIIIIIISSSST!”

MOIST removes his cloak, showing his ugly gear and begins to spray his baby oil ALL over the ring and the ropes, letting out a maniacal laugh.

James O’Connell: “That’s just disgusting, and dangerous! Can someone clean up the ring after this match?”

Bobby Joel: “They got a backup ring canvas and ropes ready. Same with the mats on the outside.”

MOIST’s theme music fades away as he empties his bottle.

Boomer Kuwanger Stage || Megaman X

The video game inspired tunes of SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER draws a somewhat positive response, on the impressive height of him alone as the giant of a man makes his way out in his all blue gear. His height staggers and he shuffles his way down the ramp as his LED screens have buildings behind him being destroyed.

James O’Connell: “If I was a certain American, I’d be in awe of his size, and S.M.D as some call him, does have a bit of a pop-culture significance here, being a star of an anime series.”

Stephanie Starr: “But with his large body comes a challenge of movement. We know some people of size can defy expectations, but those big joints aren’t exactly ‘graceful.’”

Bobby Joel: “Just all he needs to do is stay on his feet, and use his power.”

SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER makes his way up the steps-

And immediately slips because of the oil on it! He grabs the ropes to pull him up and he steps over the top rope-

Tripping again.

James O’Connell: “Dear God… I got a bad feeling about this.”

Stephanie Starr: “Excuse me, could you get something for me?”

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And his opponent, fighting out of the red corner, from DJPW, SUUUUUUUUUUUPEEEER MAAAAASIIIIIIIVE DESTROOOOOYER!”

SMD raises his hands up high, finally executing something right for once. His theme music fades as he stands menacingly in the corner-



Written by: AON
@AON @Jazz Wolf

There's no other way of saying it, this is no doubt the worst match you'll ever see in your goddamn life, and it's not even close! This match is hard to watch, and I do mean that literally- Between Super Massive Destroyers bright clashing and garish colours and the emo eye shadow of MOIST...It's literally a match that is painful to watch even before the bell The two men sloppily brawl it out in the ring throughout most of the match. Well one person does; MOIST is doing all the work, but SMD just...stands there, doing nothing, literally nothing, and that includes selling any of Moist's offence.

James O’Connell: “MOIST has been bouncing off Super massive Destroyer again and again. But… This has NOT been pretty.”

Bobby Joel: “Come on, I’d kill for a headlock at this point and it’s only been a minute.”

Stephanie Starr: “You’ll do that for me? Awesome. Arigato.”

Moist is literally running rings around him and SMD just stares off into space, before suddenly remembering he should probably work and throws a few overhand punches that seem to come from underwater the two men going through a lot of punch-kick offense, keeping things even until SMD hits the HIGH SPOT of the match and clothesline Moist up and over the top rope! and finally SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER sells something as he trips on his own feet trying to stand up...From there, there's quite a lot of stalling as that one spot has gassed the big man out, so what we have next is a wonderful waste of time where Moist motions from the ring to "bring it on!" and on the outside SMD motions that he's going to come in there and kick his ass...

....This lasts for three minutes… And the fans begin to boo.

James O’Connell: “The normally respectful Japanese crowd are getting restless. They want to see some action.”

Bobby Joel: “I’m just at a loss for words.”

Stephanie Starr: “One sugar on the side would be appreciated.”

Eventually, SMD does indeed make a move and goes to stand up on the apron...but the oil all over the ring causes him to lose his footing and falls off, whacking his face on the apron (breaking his nose in the process) he then proceeded to stagger back, trip over a tv cable and fall head first over the barricade!.

James O’Connell: “And Massive Destroyer takes a tumble!”

Bobby Joel: “Might be the best part of the match.”

Stephanie Starr: “Oooh, this smells amazing.”

As you can imagine it's mass confusion and mayhem at ringside as Moist and the ref tries to figure out what to do, things are evidently not going to plan, so the ref does the only thing he can do and start a 20 count hoping that the SMD can get back in the ring and salvage it....but the big man is slipping and sliding like Bambi on ice all tangled up at ringside and clearly has no coordination whatsoever...and so after a long and laboured a rain of boos..

It goes to a count out win for Moist.

Jesus fuck





WINNER's Theme


MOIST has his hand risen by the official, and the Genku Puro Wrestler goes to ringside to grab, you guessed it, ANOTHER bottle of baby oil. He shouts, saliva spilling from his mouth and he sprays it around the ring, celebrating as officials go to check on SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER. Yuji announces the winner, but he is lacking enthusiasm after the match.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): "The winner, by count out, at a too long 5:12, Moist."

James O’Connell: “Out of all the matches I have called in my broadcasting career… That was one of them-”

Bobby Joel: “I’m not one for these kinds of ratings but, uh, MINUS FIVE STARS!”

Stephanie Starr: “What happened guys? I was ordering a cup of tea. Good for the throat, you know?”

MOIST slides out of the ring easily as the camera cuts away to the commentators. James puts his head to his headset, getting something told to him. Stephanie has a cup of tea which she blows to cool off before adding her sugar.

James O’Connell: “Message from NTE CEO, Takaaki Kojima, he says ‘I am sincerely sorry for what we have witnessed in the ring. We were given a deal with SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER’s anime series, and they promised an ‘entertaining’ match, but we were given anything but. Our legal department is taking action right now. For complaints, there will be an email you can message posted on our socials after the show and you get a month of NTE’s streaming service free for one month in the language of your choice, where you can watch your favourite anime, and Japanese television shows at any time! Conditions may apply. Thank you, and once we get this ring cleaned up, we’ll be back on track.’ But first, a word from our sponsors!”



After a lengthy delay where NTE staff ensure the ring is no longer MOIST, the lights dim down in time for the next match.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): "The following is a three way match scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit!"

Smells Like Teen Spirit || Nirvana

The strums of the classic grunge rock anthem plays as there is a a positive reaction for Sawyer Xavier as the FWA star walks out surveying the fans packed into the Budokan. A man with an up and down career, but always able to step up to competition above his weight-class. With a familiar, and unfamiliar opponent, this is just the chance to show his career is ready to reach new heights

James O'Connel: "This man comes to us tonight all the way from the good ol’ US of A, where he is a regular in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Sawyer Xavier is still young but with a lot still to prove."

Stephanie Starr: "He's been around several promotions, he's had moments like winning for his team during FWA's brand warfare, and most notably, just days ago, beating Jason Randall at Winter Wasteland."

Bobby Joel: "What I'm most interested in seeing is if he can put it together in this match which might reach higher speeds. The sizzle with his flash. If he can do that, keep up the momentum built from Winter Wasteland, I'm going to become a big fan of his in the future."

Xavier slides into the ring and loosens up in his corner. Steading himself, he hears Yuji begin to announce him.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): "Introducing, in the blue corner, from FWA wrestling, the Ultimate Underdog..."

And Sawyer climbs the top turnbuckle as he announces his name.


He shows a smirk, taking a deep breath as his theme music is replaced by-

Symphony No. 7 || Beethoven

The violins of the classic by Beethoven. The LED screens are off, blank. There's a mixed reaction for the next competitor as he walks out onto the stage, surveying the audience before locking eyes on Sawyer Xavier in the ring. His all black appearance obscures everything about him. Face, muscles, everything. Kage begins his walk down to the ring, ignoring the outstretched hands of fans either side of the ramp as he approaches the ring.

Bobby Joel: "What’s this guy wearing? Is this a fetish thing?!"

Stephanie Starr: "I think he's dressed for combat, Bobby…"

Bobby Joel: "I know what this guy's dressed for, and it sure as shit ain't combat!"

James O'Connell: "Listen. Kage Oni might be the 'X factor' in this match. The all black is a look, but there's something intimidating about it. The inability to see his eyes, read his expression. You never know his intentions and, once he gets going, he's just a dark blur of speed and destruction.

Oni slides into the ring, Sawyer not backing down and taking steps towards his irregularly attired opponent. He looks to the hard camera, unflinchingly, as Yuji Yoshida announces him.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): "Introducing, in the white corner, the mysterious... KAAAAAAAGE OOOOOOONIIIIII!!!"

The official comes between them and sends them back to their corners whilst they await the final competitor.

Stephanie Starr: "He feels like a terminator... It's chilling."

Under Your Spell || Desire

There's a big cheer around the stadium for Anzu Kurosawa, as she appears on stage with a wide smile on her face. She flashes them a double thumbs up before pacing down the ramp, high fiving those in the front row as she goes.

Bobby Joel: "To listen to this crowd you'd think MC Fromage or old Gorilla Greyson himself had just walked out on stage. Who is this little lady?"

James O'Connell: "That is, as our audience will be aware, Anzu Kurosawa, also employed by the aforementioned FWA, but with a much longer history here in Japan than either of her two opponents. Looks like she can rely on some home support here at the Budokan!"

Stephanie Starr: "I personally chalk her up as an opponent I wish I would have faced in my career. Quick wit, smart in the ring, been mainly providing commentary in FWA, but has been known to step in the ring from time to time."

Anzu hops into the ring and gives the audience one final smile as Yuji announces.

Yuju Yoshida (Translation): "Finally, in the Blue corner, from FWA wrestling... KUROSAWAAAAAAA AAAAAAANZZUUUUUUUU!!!!"

Before applying her game face. She contemplates each of her opponents as the official conducts his final checks before calling for the bell.



Written by: SupineSnake
@TOP GUY TIME @Doc Sulliday @SupineSnake



<< 04:20. >>

With Anzu down on the outside, Kage backs Sawyer into the ropes with repeated forearm strikes before whipping him into the opposite set. Oni looks to connect with a big lariat, but Sawyer is able to duck beneath it before taking Oni down with a backslide pin attempt…


Oni kicks out, but Sawyer is quicker to his feet and connects with a knee strike! Xavier prevents Oni from slumping to the mat by applying a hammerlock…

James O'Connel: "Hammerlock DDT from Sawyer Xavier to Kage Oni! He spikes the mysterious wrestler onto the top of his head!"

Stephanie Starr: "If this was a singles match, it might be time for Xavier to try a cover, but he spots Anzu Kurosawa on the apron. You need eyes in the back of your head in a triple threat match!"

Anzu springboards up onto the top rope, looking for perhaps a springboard hurricanrana… but Xavier demonstrates impressive power (as well as the possession of eyes in the back of his head, at least in Stephanie’s estimation) by catching her on his shoulders…

James O'Connel: "LIGER BOMB!"

Stephanie Starr: "Sawyer Xavier plants Anzu with the move she claims to have invented, and named after her favourite animal! Pinfall attempt from Xavier!"


Anzu gets a shoulder up! Sawyer takes her hand and stretches her arm with a hammerlock as the match roles on…


<< 09:52. >>

Anzu has fought her way back into the match and now backs Sawyer into a corner with alternating knife edge chops and elbow strikes. She backs away from him, looking to charge in for a clothesline but instead finding herself lifted up and over the top rope with a back body drop. She lands on her feet as Sawyer stumbles into the centre of the ring, and lines him up for a springboard attack… but is wiped out by a triangle dropkick from the resurgent Kage Oni!

Oni clambers to his feet and turns to see Sawyer charging at him. He sidesteps the attempted forearm strike and goes behind into a rear waistlock, taking Xavier over with a high angle German suplex! Kage bridges for the cover.


Kickout from Xavier! Kage looks to press home the adventure, hoisting Sawyer up and applying a front facelock… only for Sawyer to rotate out of it and into a full nelson…

James O'Connel: "Dragon suplex from Sawyer Xavier!! Kage Oni takes a nasty bump on the back of the neck!"

Stephanie Starr: "But still Kage Oni is on his knees. Fighting spirit!"

Bobby Joel: "Fighting spirit don’t pay the bills, Stephanie!"

Sawyer takes one look at Kage on his knees before running through him with a hellacious shining wizard!!

James O'Connel: "Sawyer Xavier damn near takes his head off! All he needs to do, surely, is cover Kage Oni…"

Stephanie Starr: "But he turns around to see Anzu springboarding into the ring… hurricanrana! She finally hits the move she’s been looking for for most of this match!"

Sawyer hits the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, allowing Anzu to scoop Kage Oni up in a front facelock and hoisting him off the mat…


Bobby Joel: "Jesus! Right on the top of his dome!!"

Stephanie Starr: "Anzu with the cover…"




Anzu Kurosawa

Winner's Theme

Anzu climbs up from her downed opponent as her music begins to play again. She has a wide smile on her face, happily allowing the official to lift her arm in victory.

Yuju Yoshida (Translation): "Here is your winner, by pinfall at 13:27, KUROSAAWAAAA ANZUUUUUU!!"

The audience are happy with the result, cheering for Anzu as she climbs to the second rope to celebrate her victory. She points at the poster - now updated to contain her image at the expense of Chris Peacock’s - with an approving nod of her head.

James O'Connell: "Can't believe the lass is still hung up about a poster. But that match was a perfect pallet cleanser after the very..."

Bobby Joel: "-Shit match between a moisture enthusiast and a man with the mobility of a tree??"

James O'Connell: "That."

Stephanie Starr: "Snappy, fast paced, three people with talent. Great showcase, but Anzu's building some momentum after a surprising appearance at FWA's Winter Wasteland."

The camera picks up a frustrated Sawyer Xavier in the background, leaving the ringside area with his hands on his hips.

Kage Oni is rolled beneath the bottom rope by match officials, ice packs pressed against his neck after the ugly brainbuster.

In the ring, Anzu has collected a microphone, taking up a central position in the ring as the audience continues to cheer for her. Her breathing is laboured after the exertions of the match as she lifts the microphone to her mouth, she speaks Japanese to her home country fans.

Anzu Kurosawa (Translation): "This year it's Queen of the Nine Tails. Next year? King of the Deathmatch!"

The audience applause the declaration.

Bobby Joel: "Deathmatch King? Don't you mean Queen?"

Stephanie Starr: "I think we know when Anzu's stepping in the ring next in her home country."

Anzu offers them a thumbs up with her free hand, which morphs into a finger pointed directly at the camera.

Anzu Kurosawa (Translation): "Jeffry Mason, I'm coming for you!"

Anzu drops the microphone to more cheers, climbing out of the ring as her music plays again.

James O'Connel: "Anzu just announced her entry in FWA's King of the Deathmatch tournament, as well as calling out Jeffry Mason! Interesting developments for the other side of the Pacific."

Stephanie Starr: "Jeffry Mason, genuinely a name I didn't expect to be brought up here, but Anzu answered his Deathmatch open challenge on Winter Wasteland, leading to a draw. He's one of the most controversial figures in wrestling, and that doesn't even include his deathmatch expertise as the Ultraviolent God."

Bobby Joel: "And was the runner up in FWA's King of the Deathmatch last year, a likely favourite again this year. Anzu, you're tough, but be careful. Surviving ten minutes is one thing, but if you're lined up with him, BEATING him will take a part of you."

James O'Connell: "I've called Jeffry Mason matches before. I know the level of damage he can do. One example, KJ Kidd. The man survived the match, won, but he was the one who exited on a stretcher in what was meant to be his swan song. I hope Anzu knows what she is doing.
I'm sure fans of FWA will be keeping their eyes glued to that tournament, but action will continue to roll on tonight."



Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “This following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!

My Country 'Tis of Thee || The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The lights around Buddakan turn to a Patriotic red, white, and blue as the Choir sounds echo the song of Americana. The fans roll their eyes at the overly nationalistic American. Stepping out through the curtains is the patriotic Major Mayhem in his cameo attire. The veteran is followed by his troops. Monica, the “Secretary of Defense,” along with the small Private Paulie, and his Admiral. The Admiral waves the American flag as Bobby Joel stands up attention on the commentary table.

Bobby Joel: “Why aren’t you saluting this PROUD American?”

James O’Connell: “Lad, I’m Irish, remember that?”

Bobby Joel: “Well, why not Stephanie?”

Stephanie Starr: “This is too much, Bobby.”

A couple other “Troops” make their way out behind Major Mayhem who points them to hand out small American flags to some of the audience members on the ground level. Most of the fans either refuse the ‘gift’ or throw it down. Major Mayhem makes his way down the aisle.

James O’Connell: “Let’s get this commentary back on track. Major Mayhem, for those who don’t know, is a veteran in the wrestling industry. Since the ninety’s he’s sported the red, white, and blue and while Stateside he’s generally well received, his patriotism has rubbed the international audience the wrong way. Speaking as an Irishman, art imitates life.”

Bobby Joel: “There’s nothing wrong with loving your country, James. Don’t you know that?”

James O’Connell: “I know all too well, trust me. But you don’t see me doing Football chants for Ireland everywhere I go.”

Stephanie Starr: “I think I’m going to bite my tongue on that, but I’ll give Major Mayhem some credit. He’s an in-ring smart veteran who knows how to brawl. He’s against a rising star in Japanese wrestling tonight, and… Well, I’m going to ignore certain comments from him-”

Major Mayhem’s “Troops” march up the steps, with Monica entering, followed by Paulie and the Admiral with his flag. The Major goes up the steps as the announcer introduces him in Japanese.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing, in the Blue Corner, accompanied by his Troops, he is the Patriotic…”

Yuji announces in Japanese. Major Mayhem raises an eyebrow as his name is announced.


And Major Mayhem rips the microphone from the hands of Yoshida.

Major Mayhem: “Listen here, maggot, next time I’m here I want you to introduce me in God’s language like a true American, do you understand?!”

He shouts at Yuji Yoshida and the commentator table collectively…. Gulp.

James O’Connell: “Mayhem with a live microphone… Dear God.”

Stephanie Starr: “I’m predicting an International incident. There goes my work visa.”

Bobby Joel: “I can’t wait to hear what he says, personally.”

Major Mayhem clears his throat and speaks.

Major Mayhem: “Attention you no good non-Americans. I am Major Mayhem and I am here as a proud American, ready to instill our values of freedom and justice on the greater world, whether you want it or not!”

James O’Connell: “Oh lord…”

Major Mayhem: “And that means taking down tyrants, terrorists, and dictators around the world and that includes Emperors!”

The audience, who at least get the gist of what he is saying “Rah-Rah, America” murmur at the mention of an emperor.

Stephanie Starr: “Did he mention an Emperor?”

Bobby Joel: “Well, Japan still has an emperor, just it’s symbolic. Easy misunderstanding-”

Major Mayhem: “Long ago, we Americans had a chance to give you the freedom like we Americans have and we failed and we left a tyrant to run, and his name is Rico Kobashi!”

All of the English commentary tables facepalm collectively. There are no words. We can even hear a frustrated groan from Stephanie Starr.

Stephanie Starr: “Can I revoke my US citizenship now? I’m not sure I want to be associated with this-”

Private Paulie pulls on the Major’s pants. He leans to the microphone which is around waist level for the Major.

Private Paulie: “-Sir, his name is Rio Kobayashi.”

Major Mayhem: “What did I say about interrupting me!? DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!”

Major Mayhem shouts and points to the mat and the pint-sized Private gets down and attempts push ups which creates some laughter in the crowd, entertained by the squabbling they see in the ring. Monica leans into the microphone.

Monica: “Sir, are we all taking turns? In that case, can I tell everyone here to subscribe to my-”

The wannabe general rips the microphone from Monica.

Major Mayhem: “I don’t give a rat’s ass about your Only Fans! Gah! Where was I now?! You all got me off track!”

Mayhem shouts at the Admiral.

Major Mayhem: “Admiral! Finish my promo for me and that’s an order, maggot!”

He forcefully hands the microphone off to the Admiral and his large mustache. He clears his throat and gets this segment back on track.

Admiral: “Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is an All-American Smackdown on one Rio Kobayashi with the Major and his two fists of Freedom and Justice! Then you all will have no choice but to treat America as your true heroes! Now, stand at attention as we do the Pledge of Allegiance!”

There are jeers from the fans as Major Mayhem yanks Private Paulie off the mat and forces him to stand at attention. Monica does a salute as Major Mayhem leads them through. Even Bobby Joel on commentary tries to join in.

Stephanie Starr: “What are you doing?”

Bobby Joel: “Standing at attention, I am an American after all.”

James O’Connell: “Damnit, Bobby, cut it out.”

Major Mayhem: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands-”


The sound of thunder startles the troops in the ring as the lights of Nippon Budokan fade.

Made In Hell || Lazy Sound Life

The LED screens show a scene of rainfall on the city streets with a shadowy figure walking through the thunder and rain. He goes through a door as it creeks shut.

The opening to “Made in Hell” plays with the lights of the arena flashing as smoke builds. After seventeen seconds or so, Rio Kobayashi makes his way out, long hair slicked back, with his cape and dark entrance attire. He has a calm look on his face as he gets what is likely the loudest positive reaction of his career after interrupting the red white and blue loudmouths.

James O’Connell: “Finally, we can get back on track. Rio Kobayashi. A young rising star from DJPW, he’s been a controversial figure, focused on building his vision of what it means to be a professional wrestler in Japan. Taking on DJPW’s legends, there’s a boat load of potential for this man both along these shores, and dare I say, internationally.”

Bobby Joel: “I just can’t believe he cut off the pledge of allegiance like that! He must think he runs the place.”

Stephanie Starr: “He might not, but he’s dead-set on leading a ‘Real Generation’ of Japanese wrestling and in the build-up, he has taken exception to Major Mayhem, not just with his patriotism, but he feels he’s part of his greater problem of people ‘mooching’ off of Japan.”

He has a sly grin on his face as he makes his way down the aisleway, cape dragging behind him through the fog. Some small bursts of fire appear behind him as the camera looks at an infuriated Major Mayhem in the ring as the assigned official gets his troops out of the ring. Major Mayhem turns to Private Paulie and shouts at him, pointing at Rio Kobayashi.

Private Paulie rolls out of the ring and charges at Kobayashi-

And the leader of the Real Generation simply raises his boot, kicking the private in the face! He continues his walk down the ring, unphased.

James O’Connell: “-Well, that plan didn’t work, haha.”

His co-commentators continue their conversation.

Bobby Joel: “There’s nothing wrong with a foreigner looking to make a name or expand their legacy in Japan, Stephanie, you and I both know personally.”

Stephanie Starr: “But in the mind of Kobayashi, you need to add something, and he thinks all that Major Mayhem adds is Xenophobia.”

Looking at the steps at the edge of the apron, he unzips his cape before he goes up the steps and onto the apron, carefully entering the ring. He puts his hand on his heart and reaches into his jacket’s pocket. He stands across from Major Mayhem who looks at him face to face. The referee separates as Yuji Yoshida does his introduction.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And his opponent in the red corner, representing DJPW, the leader of the Real Generation…”

Stretching his arm out, he pulls a single rose out from his jacket.


The young man has a slight smirk on his face before he simply places his rose in the corner. His theme music fades as he removes his entrance jacket, showing his long black tights with matching kickpads, and knee-pads. There’s an aura of calm around him as he stands across from the rage filled American.

The competitors are forced to their corners and the official does a quick pat down of Rio Kobayashi who calmly cooperates. Private Paulie stumbles back to ringside as the referee makes his way to Major Mayhem. He checks his boot and immediately feels something in it. Major Mayhem slaps his hand away, shouting about his right to “bear arms.” The referee finally pulls out a steel pipe and hands it off to someone at ringside.

James O’Connell: “I have a feeling he had more but he lost them at customs-”

With Major Mayhem finally de-armed, the referee gives shouts and motions for the bell to ring, beginning this contest.



Written by: Rosie
@Tommy Bedlam @Sky Tiger


Rio Kobayashi is loose and relaxed as the bell rings, showing a small smirk on his face. Major Mayhem makes the first movement of the match and charges at Rio who simply side steps and goes behind with a rear waistlock, he pulls Major Mayhem down to the mat and quickly grabs his arm, adding pressure on the ribs from his knee. He looks down as he wrenches the arm, giving a wink to Mayhem. The American rolls over but Rio smoothly applies a side-headlock. The fans clap for the technique, not really going with loud cheers for the opening of the match as Mayhem’s eyebrows furrow.

James O’Connell: “And the veteran to start the match, makes a bit of a rookie mistake and lets the quicker and more technically sound Kobayashi take him to the mat.”

Stephanie Starr: “That’s something I’ve enjoyed about competing in Japan, the variety of styles. Most people associate Japan with puroresu, or ‘strong style,’ but Kobayashi is a student of King’s Road, focusing on technique and endurance.”

Bobby Joel: “And you get to see true Americans apply their trade here and beat the crap out of people which will happen sooner or later.”

The technically sound Kobayashi quickly transitions to a figure four necklock and keeps pressure on the larger opponent, just toying with him in the opening stages. Finally, Major Mayhem gets a hold of Kobayashi’s locks and pulls, forcing a break. The American gets to his knees and throws a closed fisted punch! Rio drops to the mat holding his jaw. The referee immediately reprimands the American, giving him a warning.

James O’Connell: “And the closed fisted punch. Illegal often here in Japan.”

Bobby Joel: “But you have to remember, disqualification here also comes to the official’s discretion. They look at the competitors involved, the stakes in the match, and the level infraction. Which is why you see sometimes people get away with one chair shot in a match with a warning, but overuse and interference results in a disqualification.”

Stephanie Starr: “That’s one point I agree with you on, Bobby. It doesn’t make it ‘right’ in my mind, but if you know you can get away with something small, I don’t blame someone for taking advantage once in a while.”

The Major looks at his troops at ringside and barks in English. “Tactic alpha, Private, go!” and we see Private Paulie get to the middle of the apron, still on the floor. Major Mayhem, going by his expertise, nails a European American uppercut on Kobayashi, stunning him. He follows with knees to force Kobayashi into the ropes. He Irish whips Rio towards Paulie-

And Rio reverses the momentum and Private Paulie, who can’t see properly over the apron, trips up Major Mayhem! The frustrated general roles out to the apron and begins to shout at Private Paulie, causing some laughter from the fans.

James O'Connell: “And uhh, what he calls it, ‘Tactic Alpha’ failed on the account of short-sighted planning… Pun intended.”

Stephanie Starr: “I expect more of this throughout the match and for the Major’s sake, they better go to plan.”

Bobby Joel: “I have you know, he is a master tactician on the battlefield and in the ring! He has backup plans! And back-ups to those backups!”

James O’Connell: “What Wars did the lad fight in, if I can ask?”

Bobby Joel: “I believe the ‘Invasion of
El Bajío’ he told me.”

Major Mayhem shouts at Private Paulie, ‘Drop and give me 50!’ and the pint sized private obeys his officer. Rio Kobayashi, amused, begins to count the push-ups in the ring, the official, blown away by the absurdity, isn’t even counting out yet. Some members of the crowd even begin to count along.

James O’Connell: “This is unlike I have ever seen in wrestling, and I’ve seen some lads to a dance off in the ring before-”

As the count reaches over ten, Rio Kobayashi heads over to the ropes and, with Major Mayhem distracted, he leaps over the top rope with a vaulting body press, taking the Major down!

James O’Connell: “And there’s that athleticism from Kobayashi!”

Stephanie Starr: “He let the crowd and Private Paulie’s ‘punishment’ distract him.”

Bobby Joel: “Come on, leave a man with his privates- That did not come out right.”

The fans show support to the Rogue Spirit who gets to his feet and simply cracks his neck. The Troops look at Rio who pulls their commander to his knees. The Japanese star is unphased as he pushes the Major in the ring. He slides back into the ring and circles the aging star. He wrenches the arm before nailing him in the jaw with an open palm strike. Kobayashi continues to chop down the larger opponent with a hard kick to the leg and a forearm, getting Mayhem in the ropes. Quickening the pace for a moment, Rio Irish whips him across the ring. He leaps over Major Mayhem, then drops down on the follow through. Then he hits a picture perfect standing dropkick under the chin! He quickly attempts the first pinfall of the match.


And Major Mayhem kicks out, out of instinct rolling to his back.

James O’Connell: “First pin of the match, no luck, but the control is firmly in the favour of the younger Kobayashi.”

Stephanie Starr: “And I have to think the longer this match goes the more firmly in control Kobayashi will be.”

Bobby Joel: “Major Mayhem is still in good shape. With training and conditioning, we see the window for the prime of a wrestler expand where even if they are in decline, they do it slower, and they can wrestle longer. Major’s got that Marine training and he’s smart enough to pace himself.”

Getting Major Mayhem in a neutral corner, Rio Kobayashi drives the shoulder to the ribs and does an old favourite, a knife edge chop! He rips at the camo shirt of Major Mayhem and exposes the flesh of his chest for a louder, harder, chop to the chest! He sends Mayhem to the opposite corner and follows with a leaping elbow strike! The American is stunned as Rio Kobayashi hooks him and drives him overhead with a T-Bone Suplex! Major Mayhem crashes hard on his shoulder and neck and Kobayashi quickly goes to his legs. He begins what appears to be a cloverleaf, but as he turns Mayhem to his stomach, he steps over with a crossface, an STF! He quickly grabs the arm and traps it with him!

James O’Connell: “And Rio Kobayashi is moving it to the mat, a beautiful STF with the crossing of the legs.”

Stephanie Starr: “Harder to get out because you don’t have a free leg to help push you to the ropes. That’s why I used a Muta Lock often while wrestling, once you have those legs crossed, you have them beat.”

Bobby Joel: “And I’m surprised that Rio wishes to slow it down, but with Major Mayhem being larger and his Troops on the outside, keeping him grounded in the middle of the ring might be the better option.”

The fans clap, rallying behind Kobayashi (for once), and hoping for a Major Mayhem submission. The American shouts while in the hold. The referee asks ‘Give up?’ and he appropriately shouts-


And he tries to crawl towards the ropes by using his free elbow, but he is carrying 235 pounds on his back and he continues to get worn down as he moves, his caught arm being stretched, his legs bending awkwardly. He’s near the ropes, but Kobayashi releases the hold and tries to drag him back to the middle of the ring by his foot. Rio goes back to the STF, but is unable to get the face locked in as Mayhem tucks his chin in and catches him in an elbow. The General rolls to his back and boots Kobayashi in the chest!

He shouts, “TACTIC ROMEO!” and his troops get in place. Monica quickly gets on the apron, twirling her hips to get his attention. The Admiral grabs Rio’s feet to get him to turn and he jabs his flag pole into his neck! Rio falls down to the mat coughing.

James O’Connell: “And Monica with the distraction for the flag pole to be jabbed into the throat of Kobayashi!”

Stephanie Starr: “We said there’s some rule bending at times, but that’s an outright rule break!”

Bobby Joel: “The official may have seen Monica’s only fans, so he was happy to see the real thing.”

Major Mayhem crawls over for a cover.


And Rio Kobayashi powers out, but with the distraction, the match has been flipped. Major Mayhem pulls Rio Kobayashi off the mat and pushes him to the ropes, he hangs his throat over the top rope for a choke, forcing a count from the official. He lets go at four, commenting to the official. “You counted in the right language, good on you,” and pats him on the shoulder.

Stephanie Starr: “Jeez what an ass…”

Grabbing Kobayashi by the wrist, Mayhem sends him across the ring and leaps in the air, dropping him with a Thez press! He grabs the head of Kobayashi and slams it on the mat before reigning down with elbows! Private Paulie, after being done with his 50 push ups, gets on the apron to divert the official’s attention for a moment and Major Mayhem throws several closed fisted punches, drawing a negative reaction from the fans. The referee sees Kobayashi covering his cheek and looks at Major Mayhem. He holds his fist up, trying to ask if Major Mayhem threw another closed punch, but Major Mayhem feigns ignorance, pretending not to understand him.

Trying to get to safety, Rio Kobayashi heads to the corner away from the Troops, but Major Mayhem follows and knees him in the gut repeatedly. The Rogue Spirit slides down to a seated position as the Troops move in closer. Major Mayhem stomps a mudhole in Rio Kobayashi, shouting various obscenities at him until the official forces him to back up. The jeers of the crowd grow once The Admiral sneaks in and chokes Rio Kobayashi with the American flag behind with the American flag!

James O’Connell: “And the Troops are continuing to tilt the match in favour of Major Mayhem!”

Stephanie Starr: “And with their own country’s flag no less- How can the officials miss this?”

Bobby Joel: “In their defense, there’s not a single referee out there with 20/20 vision.”

Major Mayhem scrapes Rio Kobayashi off the mat and pushes him back in the corner, slowing down the pace, and sticking to his wheelhouse of brawling, elbowing him in the head before sending him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckles, hitting them with a hard thud. Major Mayhem scoops Rio up and parades him around the ring and drops him with a scoop slam! The American flexes his ‘guns’ to the fans. He ‘runs’ off the far ropes and drops the leg across the throat and chest of Rio Kobayashi! He covers him.


James O’Connell: “And the leg drop doesn’t work for him, brother.”

Bobby Joel: “Did you say, brother?”

James O’Connell: “Don’t you Americans say that?”

Stephanie Starr: “No.”

James O’Connell: “Then sorry, guess I had him confused with someone else-”

Major Mayhem gets to grinding his younger opponent down. He wraps his arms around his neck and shoulder, tapping him in an arm-triangle choke. Rio rolls to prevent the big man from being on top of him, getting to one knee. Major switches to a BEAR HUG and he hoists Rio up, even trapping one of Rio’s arms to keep him from escaping.

James O’Connell: “And the bear hug. Between that and the strike to the throat area, Major Mayhem is making breathing difficult for Kobayashi.

Bobby Joel: “And you know how he learned that hold? He told me he wrestled a bear!”

Stephanie Starr: “Why do I not believe that story?”

The referee asks Rio if he gives up, but he stays in the fight as Major Mayhem gives the only type of hug he has likely given or received in his life. The fans clap, trying to rally behind their unlikely hero. With his free arm, Kobayashi elbows the Major in the head enough to break his grip. Trying to quicken the pace, Rio quickly heads to the top rope-

And Mayhem cuts him down by the legs and he lands rear first on the top turnbuckle. Major Mayhem goes back to the well of power submissions, putting Kobayashi on his shoulders in a Canadian Backbreaker! He jumps up and down, trying to snap Kobayashi in two!

James O’Connell: “And Major Mayhem continues to wear down Kobayashi with submissions designed to make it harder to breathe. This is a nasty Canadian back-

Bobby Joel: “AMERICAN backbreaker-”

Stephanie Starr: “You can’t just add American to everything. But this is a good idea in regards to Kobayashi. Hurt the back and abdomen, make breathing harder with injured ribs, cut down on his normally strong endurance.”

The referee once again asks Kobayashi if he submits from the backbreaker submission, but he keeps calm, wincing in pain, but keeps his wits about him. He waits as Major jumps and he slides off his back. Kobayashi transitions into a reverse facelock and has a Dragon Sleeper in! He stands while keeping the hold in, squeezing the head of Major Mayhem to the delight of the crowd! Major Mayhem’s arms wave as he struggles in the submission. He finally feels the side of Kobayashi’s head-

And he yanks on the locks of the Rogue Spirit, causing him to break his grip. Major Mayhem turns around and decks him with a lariat! He goes for the cover as the fans jeer.

ONE…TWO- Kick Out.

James O’Connell: "Rio Kobayashi had a moment to breathe even locking in a submission of his own, but once again, some unfavourable tactics from Major Mayhem stops him."

Bobby Joel: “I asked Major Mayhem for his approach to matches earlier today, he said he treats it like war-”

Stephanie Starr: “And I think this may be an occasion where Rio may need to match that level of nastiness. Just level the playing field.”

Major Mayhem kicks Kobayashi on the mat and the rising Japanese star is rolled to the apron. The referee is still reprimanding Mayhem for pulling the hair. The American backs up and knocks Kobayashi off the apron and he collides into the barricade! Major Mayhem joins him outside and sends him into the flimsy barricades a second time.

James O’Connell: “And with the action taking to the outside, I once again remind you that it is a 20-count for a count-out.”

Bobby Joel: “This is going to get nasty.”

The American has a clear advantage as they escape the confines of the ring. Picking Kobayashi up, he drops his chest across the top of the barricade, once again trying to affect his breathing. He slams Rio again into the barricade and throws a close fisted punch. The referee’s count is at three as Major Mayhem drags him closer to the announce tables which are on the other side of the barricade.

He shouts at the Japanese table with The Grand Tiger and Nobuo Yoshida looking on. He shouts incoherently about how he’s ‘Beating their Emperor’ or something and the Japanese legends are just confused. He slams Rio’s head against their table and scoops him up. He looks around and sees the ring post. He steps forward, but Rio slides off and pushes him into the post!

Stephanie Starr: “And the delay from Major Mayhem, not sure what to do, gave Rio the opening!”

Major Mayhem’s shoulder rams into the steel and he goes down to a knee. The count is approaching the ten mark, halfway, as Rio gets on the apron. The official keeps an eye on the troops, trying to keep them away from Kobayashi. Showing some agility, Rio Kobayashi springboards off the middle rope and takes Mayhem down with a moonsault! The fans cheer as sits up against the barricade, shrugging his shoulders.

James O’Connell: “Beautiful moonsault from the DJPW star!”

Rio Kobayashi sees Major Mayhem stirring on the outside and pushes him back in the ring. He slides into the ring-

And the Admiral grabs his foot in view of the referee! Rio turns around, giving him a deadeye.

Bobby Joel: “No, you broke the number one rule, Admiral, don’t get caught!”

The referee points at The Admiral and-


James O’Connell: “And the Admiral is gone!”

Stephanie Starr: “Now how about the rest of his ‘troops?’”

Bobby Joel: “They didn’t grab him in sight of the official, but they need to be careful.”

The Admiral, probably the only mildly competent one of the crew, argues with the official. Major Mayhem, seeing all this, gets in the official’s face. “HOW DARE YOU INFRINGE ON OUR DAMN FREEDOM!” The referee points to his shirt, reminding him who’s in charge and the Admiral is led to the back by some of the trainee wrestlers. Major Mayhem continues his arguing. His opponent chuckles, amused by the anger, before he takes advantage. He grabs him from behind him and throws him back on his head with a Half-Nelson Suplex!

James O’Connell: “Blade’s Edge!”

Stephanie Starr: “Taking too many suplexes like that ended my career, always wince seeing that!”

Rio Kobayashi goes in for a deep cover.

ONE… TWO..- And the Major stays in it.

The Tokyo crowd rally behind Kobayashi, hearing them clap and they begin to chant.




And the normally calm and sometimes hated Kobayashi is taken back a bit. Major Mayhem grabs the back of his neck and struggles back to his feet. Rio, exploring his striking game, slaps the American across the head with an open palm! He grabs Major Mayhem’s shirt and rips it open even further, doing ANOTHER two knife edge chops to the chest! The chest of Mayhem is beginning to turn red! Kobayashi runs off the ropes and meets his opponent’s jaw with a big boot! Mayhem bounces off the ropes and is sent overhead a second time with a Backdrop Suplex!

James O’Connell: “Kobayashi has been chopping Major Mayhem down and after taking the brunt of his offense with help of the troops, he’s taken complete control!”

Bobby Joel: “I honestly thought he was done for when it turned into a mini-handicap match, but Rio’s resourceful.”

Major Mayhem leans against the ropes as his troops console him. Monica grabs what appears to be an American themed Sensu fan she likely got from a gift shop and paints different colours and she fans off her general. The referee, knowing they’re likely to interfere, motions for them to back off as Rio charges in with a low dropkick! Mayhem falls between the ropes, nearly falling out of the ring entirely, and Rio pulls him back in the ring. The Japanese star scoops Major up and drops him with a scoop slam before turning to the turnbuckles.

James O’Connell: “Rio, feeling the rare support of the crowd, may be taking a risk here.”

Stephanie Starr: “He’s not used to this, often getting a mixed response, depending on who he’s facing, but I guess with the crowd’s respect on this night, he’s going to give them a show.”

Bobby Joel: “Or it will blow up in his face?”

Ascending to the top, Rio’s back is to Major Mayhem. Monica and Private Paulie shout for their general to get up, not sure if they should intervene after The Admiral’s ejection. But it is no use as Rio dives through the air and lands a moonsault!

James O’Connell: “Beautiful moonsault!”

He sits on top of Major Mayhem, hooking both legs.


James O’Connell: “And another kickout!”

Bobby Joel: “Rio took a major risk and he hit it, but I’d argue it wasn’t worth it. Any high risk dive takes that little bit out of you and unless you need it to turn the tide or you put someone away, you risk match control.”

Stephanie Starr: “But that moonsault did more damage to Major Mayhem than Kobayashi.”

Feeling the support of the crowd. Rio looks down at his opponent while holding his ribs after the moonsault. He holds his hand forward and motions with his finger for Major Mayhem to get up. The Major stumbles up, coughing after the moonsault took the wind out of him. Kobayashi kicks him in the gut and tries to put him in a pumphandle. He gets Major’s feet off the ground- and the American blocks it, scooping him up and CRUSHING HIM into the mat with a Samoan Drop!

James O’Connell: “SAMOAN DROP-”


He lands on top and hooks the leg with a deep cover-


And a close kickout from Rio as the fans exhale, taken back by the sudden pin.

James O’Connell: “That was nearly it. Major Mayhem was able to immediately turn that into a pin and that alone caught Rio off guard.”

Stephanie Starr: “A quick pin is one of the most underrated parts of a wrestling match, that’s why we see small packages, school boys, roll-ups, all be effective. If an opponent doesn’t expect a pin and is put in a deep one, they might not be able to get out.”

Bobby Joel: “And you see times where a wrestler after a big move is out of position, or just too worn down to move into a pin right away. There you see the opposite where a good position nearly won him the match.”

Infuriated by his opponent, Major Mayhem gets to a knee and growls at Rio. He shouts at him, “I’m going to drop a fucking bomb on you-”


Bobby Joel: “...Oh yeah, agreed.”

James O’Connell: “-Well, couldn’t say that any better, just in case anyone's watching, what he says is not reflective of NTE, our sponsors, or anyone else on this show.”

-What Major Mayhem really means is that a big powerbomb is incoming. He puts the head of Kobayashi between his thighs and wrenches Rio up-

And Rio rolls through with a sunset flip! Major Mayhem waves his arms around, trying to keep balance, but the Aloha Major doesn’t work as he’s pinned down.


And Major kicks out and rolls to the outside.

James O’Connell: “And Major Mayhem avoids disaster by escaping outside.”

Bobby Joel: “Smart. Gather yourself for a moment.”

The referee checks on Major Mayhem and Private Paulie sees his chance. He goes up one of the steps and enters the ring, laying a big forearm into the leg of Rio-

Who simply turns around, looking down at the Private.

Stephanie Starr: “-That was a major mistake.”

Bobby Joel: “Would you call it short si-”

James O’Connell: “I already made that joke, Bobby-”

The official sees Private Paulie in the ring and he’s confused. The Private goes for another punch but Kobayashi puts his hand on his head and just keeps him out of arm's reach of the small trooper. The crowd laughs while Rio has a ‘Really?’ expression on his face. He looks to see Major Mayhem on the outside and gets an idea. He picks Private Paulie up in a gorilla press and turns to Major Mayhem.

Bobby Joel: “Whether Private Paulie wants to or not, he’s going to get his flying license!”

Rio Kobayashi runs and throws Private Paulie into Major Mayhem!

James O’Connell: “And Private Paulie is taken out!”

Stephanie Starr: “-I have no idea if that would count as a disqualification or not, and for who.”

Private Paulie lies on the outside after the landing and Major Mayhem rolls to his stomach, shouting at the Private, telling him to give 100 push ups.

Rio rolls to the outside and yoinks Major Mayhem up by the collar and back into the ring! Rio Kobayashi goes to a corner and kneels, lining up a big move. Seeing that she’s their last hope, Monica gets on the apron and gets Kobayashi’s attention. She thinks before trying to do her best attempt to ‘seduce’ him, putting her hand on her hips and blowing a kiss to him.

James O’Connell: “-I think I have seen everything with this match.”

Bobby Joel: “Hey, Monica is a pretty lady, Rio should be lucky she’s giving him her attention.”

Despite having no interest in Monica, Kobayashi decides to go over to the corner where he laid his rose down. He picks it up and hands it to Monica. She blushes and appears smitten as she holds the rose.

Stephanie Starr: “Well, I guess Monica’s the one who’s smitten?”

Bobby Joel: “Maybe he’s subscribed to her Only Fans?”

Out of the corner of his eye, Rio sees Major Mayhem charging so he side-steps and the Major stops right in front of his ‘Secretary of Defense.’ He sees the rose and he’s infuriated. He rips it from her hand and tosses it to the ground, shouting at her for ‘Taking gifts from a Dictator!’ Kobayashi simply backs up and waits before dropping Major Mayhem with a stiff spinning wheel kick!

James O’Connell: “GR 47!!!”

Stephanie Starr: “And Mayhem is knocked out!”

Monica, upset that her general threw her gift down, storms off, and Major Mayhem is without his troops. Rio Kobayashi gets his opponent in a pumphandle position and lifts him up, driving him into the mat with a snapping Olympic Slam!

James O’Connell: “VORTEX!”

Bobby Joel: “And there goes a true American hero-”

Stephanie Starr: “More like an American fraud-”

Rio Kobayashi sits on the Major’s chest, holding back his legs.



Rio Kobayashi
15: 47


After Major Mayhem gave him more trouble than expected, Rio Kobayashi is victorious. He wipes his hair out of his face and catches his breath for a moment as his theme music plays.

James O’Connell: “Major Mayhem brought out the heavy artillery and his troops, but Rio Kobayashi takes a stand for what he calls, ‘The Real Generation’ defending it from a Gaijin looking to tear it down."

Stephanie Starr: “It wasn’t his typical match, but Rio gave us a great taste of what he can do tonight. Good win by the upstart.”

Bobby Joel: “It’s going to be a long flight back to the US for Major Mayhem-”

James O’Connell: “Unless he says something stupid to be stuck in customs.”

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And here is your winner, by pinfall at 15: 47. Kobayashi Rioooooo!”

Rio Kobayashi stands up as the referee raises his hand as the fans cheer. Kobayashi paces around the ring as Major Mayhem rolls to the outside, holding the back of his head after that vicious slam. One of the trainee wrestlers attempts to give him an ice pack, but he throws it to the side, instead yelling at Monica and Private Paulie. The victorious Kobayashi asks for a microphone and hushes as his theme music is paused for a moment.

Rio Kobayashi (Translation): “I always find myself a controversial figure to you.”

He says to the crowd in Japanese.

Rio Kobayashi (Translation): “Some nights you wish nothing for me but my failure, other nights there are fans who rally behind me. Tonight, it seems we found a common cause and a common foe.”

He turns to Major Mayhem who doesn’t understand a word he’s saying.

Rio Kobayashi (Translation): “You, Major. I am not some ‘Emperor.’ I am no tyrant, but a man held down. I am a revolutionary building a future for wrestling in Japan. It will not be ruined by ignorant outsiders who wish to destroy or exploit it! It will not be held back by people from a by-gone era. We need more shows like this to spotlight the sport I defend.”

There is clapping from the fans while Major Mayhem shouts obscenities, saying he ‘doesn’t understand him.’

Rio Kobayashi (Translation): “And if you come back, I will be glad to shut you up again! This is Japanese pro-wrestling. This is my world… THIS… IS… REAL!”

The fans cheer Rio as he wraps it up by saying one thing to Monica.

Rio Kobayashi (Translation): “And you, miss. You’re not my type.”

Laughter from the crowd as Rio Kobayashi tosses the microphone to the side as his theme music plays again. An angry Major Mayhem along with his troops are brought to the back as Rio takes a moment to finish celebrating his win before leaving the ring.

James O’Connell: “Rio Kobayashi, quite a way with words. Very passionate, and a bright future for him.”

Bobby Joel: “Love him or hate him, you need to recognize ‘Real.’”

Stephanie Starr: “I hope our fans can keep tabs as his career goes on, but we still have some high stakes matches to go.”

James O’Connell: “Perfect, because next, we have a non-title match with pride on the line, AMA's Grand Champion, Shinzo Omega, fights FWA's Vengedor!”



Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “The following match is a non-title match, scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute time limit!”

Here Comes Revenge || Metallica

The whaling of the guitar from the famous heavy metal band “Metallica” plays through the arena as the lights around the stage fade as the music builds. There’s a decidedly mixed reaction from the Japanese crowd, with the man with vengeance in his name, always having questionable methods. The screen shows post-apocalyptic imagery, twisted metal, ruined streets along with match footage from the winner of FWA’s Ground Zero season four. There’s a burst of fire as Vengedo makes his way out with his twisted skull mask, skull adorned shoulder pads with a connecting cape, and splashes of red on his attire for the night. The masked heavyweight stands in the middle of the aisle way as the fire burns around him before making his way slowly down to the ring.

James O’Connell: “A chance to pay a debt, and expand his skills on his road to revenge, Vengedor makes his Japanese wrestling debut and the winner of FWA’s hit show, Ground Zero, is well on his way to carving his legacy in wrestling.”

Stephanie Starr: “Coached by Katsu on his winning season, he later stood against her, believing he needed to remove himself from the young rising star, but Katsu was able to quell him at FWA’s biggest show of the year, re-earn his respect, and now, he finds himself in her domain as a way to learn her ways and face against a champion from another promotion.”

Bobby Joel: “I would imagine if he’d stay here longer, he’d be a treat to the Japanese crowds, he’s got a lot of the tools, most notably, aggression, but he is against another vengeful soul, but one who has reached the heights of world championship gold in another company.”

Heading down to ringside area, Vengedor stares forward, his mask obscuring his emotions. He unclips his shoulder pads and cape, with a trainee wrestler carefully grabbing it from him. Heading up the middle step, he goes on the apron and steps between the ropes.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing in the Blue Corner from FWA, Vengeance is his name…”

Vengedor looks up to the hard camera, stepping forward as Yuji Yoshida bellows out his name…


Looking around the ring, Vengedor goes to his assigned corner. He’s calm, taking deep breaths in and out as his heavy metal theme is drowned out by the whaling pulses of his opponent’s theme.

Complicated End Times || O'Brother

The LED screens flash repeatedly a logo of a pyramid with an eye on it and a crown to each pulse as fog builds around the entranceway. As the strums of the guitar begin, a figure emerges through the fog. He wears a leather vest opened to show the gold shine of his championship belt. His attire is an all black, body covered in tattoos. His face is obscured with an all metal silver oni mask with horns. He is The End, the AMA Wrestling Grand Champion: Shinzo Omega.

James O’Connell: “Through the valley of fog, the AMA Grand Champion, Shinzo Omega, carries his championship into battle. Though his gold is not on the line, he wrestles with pride tonight to make Vengedor pay the toll.”

Bobby Joel: “I’m going to put an end to all the tribalism here and say this, it does not matter the letters on your championship, to hold gold in wrestling, means you’re a quality competitor. You arrived in a big pressure scenario, and Shinzo might be one of the deadliest strikers around in ANY company.”

Stephanie Starr: “This match I’m fully expecting these two to just lay into each other. Both from different parts of the world, different companies. Shinzo is Canadian, Vengedor, it’s unknown but he carries on the masked wrestling tradition, but I honestly think they each embody different parts of Japanese wrestling. Omega’s inspired by strong style, Vengedor, a lone warrior with a fighting spirit.”

Unclipping his championship belt from his waist, Shinzo Omega holds the championship up high with his right hand, before he slowly cuts his throat, stopping to pose with both arms elevated to the left. He then makes keeping the belt held up high. Vengedor takes a step forward, but the official reminds him to keep in his corner until the bell, not wanting a repeat of the opening match of the night.

James O’Connell: “In the end, this is a new environment for both men. Previous success may mean something, but once the bell rings, it doesn’t matter what championships you hold, who taught you, who damaged you, all you need to do is survive the onslaught. "

Shinzo Omega heads up the steps in the middle of the apron and steps into the ring as his symbol appears in a spotlight over the middle of the ring canvas with Yuji Yoshida introducing him.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing, in the red corner, from AMA wrestling, he is the AMA Grand Champion… The End…”

Shinzo Omega kneels down, legs crossed, championship on his shoulder.


Removing his entrance mask, we see a cold look on his face as he looks up to Vengedor, his opponent. Vengedor stands in front of the AMA Grand Champion before kneeling down and sitting across from him. Shinzo’s theme music fades as both men sit across from each other.

Bobby Joel: “Neither man’s intimidated by the other.”

Stephanie Starr: “Two men who walk their own path.”

James O’Connell: “Two men damaged and willing to crush the world around them to get what they want. The semi-main event, living up to that billing and then some just from the eye test.”

Handing his AMA Grand Championship off to the official, he gives it to someone at ringside as the two combatants slowly get to their feet and head to their corners, locking eyes. The referee quickly checks both of them for weapons, and he rings the bell.



Written by: Rosie
@Dubble J @El Jefro Blanco

There’s a coldness in the air with both wrestler’s own dark auras. Two rising stars in two different promotions, looking to make their mark across the ocean. They carefully line up for a collar-and-elbow tie up. Sensing the slight size difference, Shinzo Omega quickly goes to his area of expertise, his knees, and pulls him in for a knee strike to the head!

James O’Connell: “Strikes come early!”

Shinzo quickly follows with a teep kick to the rear and tries to kick higher up, but Vengedor backs up and follows with a heavy elbow! Omega then responds with an elbow strike of his own! The strike knocks Vengedor back, so he uses the space to attempt a short lariat- but Shinzo ducks and spins around for his Catastrophe Kick-

And Vengedor falls backwards, just barely avoiding the dangerous kick. The crowd gasped as Vengedor, in a rare moment, was slightly taken back as he nearly was out like a light.

Bobby Joel: “That kick’s going to take someone’s head off if it connects.”

James O’Connell: “The Catastrophe. Just a lights out kick that can come at any moment.”

Stephanie Starr: “A spinning back heel kick, so hard to counter because that foot comes out of nowhere, usually towards the side of the head. You don’t see it coming. Several people use it, but few master it like Shinzo.”

A very slight smirk appears on the face of the AMA Grand Champion. A warning shot for his signature kick. One of the items in his repertoire, but perhaps one of his deadliest. Vengedor collects himself and gets quick, engaging in an aggressive lock-up with Shinzo Omega. He uses his size to push Omega to the ropes. The official counts and there isn’t a clean break as Vengedor claws towards the face of Omega. Some meanness from the FWA star. He sends him across the ring with an Irish whip and Vengedor puts his weight into a shoulder block!

Bobby Joel: “That’s the weight of Vengedor coming in. At 250, he isn’t exactly a small man.”

Shinzo goes back to his feet and is pushed to the ropes again by Vengedor. The second time around he side-steps into a rear-waist-lock. Vengedor quickly switches so that he is behind and begins to pick him up for-

James O’Connell: “Justica-”

No! Shinzo Omega slides off before he can be flipped upside down into a piledriver, but he quickly gets distance, going to the corner. Vengedor turns around as Omega cuts a glare.

Stephanie Starr: “And consider that the warning shot from Vengedor. The piledriver variation, Justica, can crunch your neck.”

James O’Connell: “I’m usually the play-by-play, but I’ll add some color to say that in my broadcasting career, there’s only one other person I know to have used that variation of the piledriver. That man held onto a title for over a year, if that is any sign of the ‘effectiveness’ of that move once mastered.”

Both competitors take their time before another lock-up. Simple mistakes almost ended both their nights, and with their opponent, there’s little room for error. They reach in the middle of the ring, but Shinzo quickly goes for the wrist with an arm wrench. Vengedor throws a punch, but Shinzo ducks with a knee! He follows with a spinning kick to the ribs! There’s a thud on contact and Shinzo runs off the ropes and takes the FWA star down with a flying forearm!

Vengedor rolls to the corner out of instinct and Shinzo goes back to his comfort zone, the kicks. He unloads a hard kick to the chest then a second and a third as the kickpads slap against the skin. Vengedor leans in the corner, begging for more and Shinzo obliges, hitting rapid fire boots in the corner!

Bobby Joel: “I genuinely have to question the sanity of Vengedor, he’s sitting there asking for more! Don’t egg on the man with the scary tattoos!”

James O’Connell: “Vengedor is taking punishment in the corner.”

Shinzo sends Vengedor to the opposite corner and crashes into him with a spinning back elbow! There’s a thud on impact and the AMA Grand Champion leans against his opponent, confident, as he takes him down to the mat with a snapmare. In a seated position, Vengedor is still stunned after the many strikes and Omega capitalises by running off the ropes and driving his knees into his head with a meteora! In an immediate pinning position, the referee makes a count.


And Vengedor powers out, pushing Omega off him.

James O’Connell: “The Meteora doesn’t do it, but Shinzo Omega becomes the first man in the match with a clear advantage.”

Stephanie Starr: “In some ways, it makes sense with him having that world title experience.”

Bobby Joel: “No matter the letters on the title, a world championship is a major accomplishment emblematic of skill, hard-work, and smarts.”

Stephanie Starr: “Then how did you win yours?”

The commentators have a little quip with each other as Shinzo Omega keeps control of the match, once again forcing Vengedor in the corner. Stomps away before tying him up in the ropes with a crucifix, adding a neck crank! The official counts to four as Omega releases the rope assisted hold. Vengedor stumbles forward towards the middle of the ring.

James O’Connell: “Showing some variety, Shinzo had the arms of Vengedor completely trapped!”

Bobby Joel: “Shinzo’s trapped Vengedor in the corner early on, reigning down some strikes, but you can’t forget about other parts of his game.”

On the apron, Shinzo Omega readies his feet and springboards in the air-

But Vengedor dodges! Shinzo lands on his feet and rolls to safety. The two run with double lariats! Vengedor seems to get a slight advantage as Shinzo flies back. The heavyweight masked wrestler follows with a hard knife edge chop and Shinzo’s in the corner as Vengedor cracks him in the jaw with an elbow, creating a loud thud!

Stephanie Starr: “Oww…”

And Shinzo Omega simply glares at Vengedor. He grabs and cracks his jaw, showing no fear after the elbow strike which would knock out anyone else.

Bobby Joel: “Make it TWO men who need their sanity checked-”

Not deterred by Shinzo’s unflinching response to his strike, Vengedor motions to the AMA Grand Champion to come at him. Shinzo leaps up for a knee strike, but the Ground Zero winner side steps, he goes for a waist-lock and attempts a German Suplex which Omega flips out of! Shinzo follows with a vertical dropkick and Vengedor is forced to the outside!

Sensing the distance, Shinzo Omega runs for a dive. Venngedor looks up and quickly ducks-

But Omega readjusts, springing off the middle rope and landing on his feet with a back flip!

James O’Connell: “The fake-out-”

He follows with a dropkick between the ropes, sending Vengedor down!

James O’Connell: “Into the dropkick to the outside!”

Bobby Joel: “Jeez, this guy has so many ways he can take control.”

Stephanie Starr: “And great awareness with the fake-out. It’ll be up to him to control the pace, and keep Vengedor guessing.”

The official begins the twenty-count as Shinzo hoists Vengedor to his feet and smashes his head against the barricade! Some near-by match official’s backup as the match goes to the outside where things might get a little nasty. Shinzo Omega follows it by pushing Vengedor directly into the ring post! Vengedor holds his back after the impact and Omega clocks him in the head with a roundhouse kick!

James O’Connell: “Shinzo Omega, outside the confines of the ring, continues to find ways to deliver punishment.”

Bobby Joel: “His most recent title defense was a Texas Deathmatch of all things.”

Stephanie Starr: “Remove the rules of a match, an already talented competitor can become more deadly.”

The official is at a five count and Shinzo Omega pulls Vengedor closer to the apron. He puts his arm over his shoulder and pulls him by the tights, trying to lift him up. The fans gasp, but Vengedor elbows his opponent in the head!

James O’Connell: “Omega was attempting to Uranage Vengedor, maybe into the edge of the ring, but Vengedor avoided disaster.”

Stephanie Starr: “I think we know how the cliche goes when you’re driven into that part of the ring, avoiding disaster there.”

Shinzo throws a punch, but Vengedor blocks it with one of his own. Backing up, the masked wrestler unloads with a heavy superkick on the chin! Omega’s jaw is jacked as Vengedor hits a second which sends him into the barricade!

James O’Connell: “HEAVY thrust kicks from Vengedor!”

Shinzo Omega sits against the barricade, having hit his head against the steel and Vengedor backs up. He wipes his feet and charges full force, driving his weight into Omega with a cannon ball!



Indeed, it does, the barricade falls backwards as both men lie on the floor, the count reaches ten, halfway. The fans cheer as Vengedor pulls himself up slowly with the unbroken barricade. His skull mask looms over and his eyes look over at Shinzo Omega, an Alpha of a competitor he wishes to prove himself again.

James O’Connell: “Broken bodies just in the early stages of this match.”

Stephanie Starr: “This is already meeting an expectation of being full of heavy hits and then some.”

He pulls the AMA Grand Champion to a vertical base and drags him over to the ring, the count reaching fifteen before he rolls in, breaking the count. Vengedor stays on the apron, gripping the top rope and he does something unexpected. He pulls himself up and the 250 pounder SPRINGBOARDS hits a dropkick to the chest!

James O’Connell: “A springboard missile dropkick!?”

Bobby Joel: “Jesus hell, wrestlers these days seem to know how to do anything!”

Vengedor pulls Shinzo Omega up in a front slam position but instead spins him around and DRIVES him into the mat with a sidewalk slam! He goes for a cover.

ONE… TWO… and a kick out but the moves are beginning to become heavier in the match.

Stephanie Starr:
“More and more we are seeing large wrestlers become capable of exploding with speed and power, doing things which people even a decade ago would believe to be impossible.”

Bobby Joel: “This match for Vengedor may be his chance to prove he’s an alpha against Omega.”


James O’Connell: “Vengedor has had the match in his hands for the past several moments, really having his way with Shinzo, doing everything he can to keep the AMA Grand Champion at bey.”

Bobby Joel: “Sometimes it takes a moment for things to change and I have to think it was the cannon ball THROUGH the barricade.”

Stephanie Starr: “Absolutely, but Shinzo’s been hanging in.”

Shinzo is hit with a knee lift and falls back to the ropes. The official checks as the AMA star clenches his fist, trying to return with a forearm strike to his opponent. Vengedor doesn’t seem to be negatively affected by it as he takes Shinzo over the top rope with a clothesline!

James O’Connell: “And back to the outside. You have to think Vengedor has the advantage here again?”

Stephanie Starr: “He came out ahead earlier. I have to wonder if he’ll do it again?”

Vengedor goes back to the outside of the ring and this match is turning into a brawl. He grabs Shinzo by the collar and throws him where the barricade fell and now the two men are in the area between ringside and the crowd! The announcer warns the fans to keep their distance while they approach the far barricades and Omega is sent into them! There’s some punches thrown back and forth, with Vengedor coming out on top. Going near one of the time keepers, Vengedor motions for them to get out of the way.

Bobby Joel: “Thank goodness it isn’t OUR table this time.”

Pulling the AMA Grand champion closer, he places him on a chair and backs up, ready to boot him. Vengedor runs for a dropkick, but Shinzo ducks out of the way and Vengedor kicks the chair! The masked wrestler tries to get up but Shinzo catches him with a roundhouse!

James O’Connell: “And Shinzo takes down Vengedor. Also if you haven’t noticed, the referee does not seem to be counting.”

Stephanie Starr: “Official’s discretion, he’s letting it go.”

Shinzo looks at the near-by table and he pushes all the papers, water bottles, and etc off. He pulls Vengedor in a powerbomb position. He looks at the table and wrenches the gut.

James O’Connell: “Powerbomb through the table-”

But Vengedor counters with a backdrop and Shinzo Omega crashes spine first into the table! The table doesn’t have a clean break but the steel supports of the table are bent!

James O’Connell: “Now Shinzo goes onto the table!”

Bobby Joel: “I AM THE TABLE!”

Stephanie Starr: “That might be a worse fate than if it was a clean break.”

Looking back at the broken down Shinzo Omega, Vengedor stumbles away and decides to make his way to the ring. The official checks on both competitors before beginning a count.

Bobby Joel: “Now THERE’S the count.”

Stephanie Starr: “I think a count-out win here might carry some of the same weight as a knockout. If he can’t get up and back in the ring for the twenty count, might as well take it.”

Vengedor catches his breath as Shinzo Omega rolls down on the outside, hand on his tattoo covered back. The official gets to a five count before he begins to crawl. An awkward landing on the table, his back is in knots. The announcer makes the count with the referee to communicate it to the crowd. Shinzo gets to a ten count, a normal count out in most western companies, but not here.

James O’Connell: “Halfway to a count out. Can Shinzo make it back?”

Shinzo makes it past the barricade as he is on his hands and knees on the outside padding, breathing heavily. The official gets to thirteen and Shinzo crawls to the apron skirting.

Fourteen! The referee shouts. Shinzo begins to pull himself up.

Fifteen! Omega’s arms shake.


And Shinzo slides in!

James O’Connell: “And Shinzo just gets in the ring with seconds to spare.”

Vengedor pulls Shinzo to his feet, not wasting this moment, and he scoops him up and down into the canvas with a powerslam! Right on the spine! He hooks the leg for a cover.

ONE… TWO… T- And the Grand Champion kicks out.

Stephanie Starr: “It’s rare you see a world champion in a position like this, fighting from underneath.”

Bobby Joel: “Different environments, different opponents, all those result in anything happening.”

Vengedor looks at the official, wondering about the count’s speed. Rolling on the canvas, Shinzo Omega holds his back after some hard crashes into a table and the canvas. He sits up as Vengedor refocuses, stalking his prey. He picks him up in a fireman’s carry and readies a spin. Launching Shinzo up, he falls for a Facebuster-

But Shinzo lands on his feet and does a leaping double foot stomp to the ribs!

James O’Connell: “The Fireman’s Carry Facebuster countered!”

Stephanie Starr: “Underrated agility from Omega.”

Bobby Joel: “But now he has to turn this match around into his favour.”

Rubbing his back, the camera picks up that, over his tattoo on his back, is a red mark, likely from the fall on the table earlier. As Vengedor gets back to his feet, Shinzo chops him in the chest before kicking him in the gut with a teep kick! He jumps and hits a pump kick! Following that up, he leaps up in the air for a mule kick, hitting Vengedor fast and often! Vengedor tries to counter with a strike, but Omega ducks and drives him into the canvas with a snapping German Suplex!

James O’Connell: “Shinzo Omega is pushing back against Vengedor’s onslaught!”

Landing on the back of his head, Vengedor crawls to the ropes and Omega tries to take HIM to the outside now. Shinzo goes at him with a head of steam but Vengedor drops the shoulder to send Omega over-

And Shinzo lands on the apron! He grabs Vengedor’s leg and hits a dragon screw with a rope assist! The masked wrestler is on the apron after having his leg twisted and Shinzo holds him in position for a brainbuster.

Bobby Joel: “Bad landing incoming-”

But Vengedor pushes Shinzo Omega off the apron. He narrowly avoids disaster. Wanting to take a risk, Vengedor turns around and begins to climb up the turnbuckles, his back turned to Shinzo. Before he can do whatever dive he’s thinking of, Omega joins him on the apron again and clubs him in the back of the head.

James O’Connell: “Vengedor, perhaps overestimated how much time he had, and this is going to end in disaster with-”

Locking both hands behind Vengedor’s head with a full nelson, Shinzo Omega sends Vengedor over and onto the apron with a dragon suplex!!!


Stephanie Starr: “I am so glad I retired now, oh my God….”

Bobby Joel: “We witnessed murder.”

engedor lies on the outside floor and Shinzo slowly picks him up and drags him into the ring. Vengedor is struggling after the landing. He gets to a knee as Shinzo runs off the ropes and knees him in the head!!!

James O’Connell: “THE END… IS NEAR!”

Vengedor is knocked out as Shinzo Omega pulls him away from the ropes for a cover.

ONE… TWO… THR- And Vengedor powers out.

Bobby Joel: “The end… was NOT near there…”

Unshaken by the kickout, Shinzo Omega readies his feet and keeps a glare at the head of Vengedor.

Stephanie Starr: “Catastrophe incoming for Vengedor.”

Vengedor is about to get to his feet, but whether it is intentional or not, he falls to a knee instead and falls towards the corner. Shinzo readjusts his game plan and backs up. As Vengedor sits in the corner, Omega makes a break towards him, driving both knees into his face with a meteora!

James O’Connell: “No Catastrophe, but instead a meteora for his troubles!”

Bobby Joel: “That’s like being told you’re going to get shot in the head but instead the bullet hits you in the leg. The lesser of two terrible outcomes.”


Vengedor grunts in pain as his leg is pulled back by Shinzo Omega.Grapevining the leg of his opponent, Shinzo Omega has a kneebar in and Vengedor is forced to crawl to the ropes.

James O’Connell: “Despite avoiding the Catastrophe, the fortunes of Vengedor have not been much better with Shinzo Omega chopping him down and just as he thought he’d get a break, the kneebar has worn him down.”

Stephanie Starr: “Might not be targeting any specific limb, but sometimes you just need to grab a limb and do some damage.”

Omega lets go of the hold at the official’s warning, the dark brooding man having some sense of honour. He backs up and waits for Vengedor to get up and does a hard kick to the leg. Then a second! He picks up in a pumphandle, Shinzo manages to keep his balance and he drops him gut first onto his knee!

James O’Connell: “And now a Pumphandle into a gutbuster!”

Bobby Joel: “And I’d argue the damage to the leg helped that move. He was able to trap the arm under the leg easier.”

Shinzo looks at the corner turnbuckle and he gets a desire for adrenaline. He gets on the apron and ascends the top turnbuckle. Rubbing his back, Shinzo decides ‘screw it’ and leaps into the air, landing on Vengedor with a diving senton!

James O’Connell: “SENTON FROM THE TOP!”

Shinzo hooks the leg.

ONE… TWO… T- and another kick out from Vengedor.

Bobby Joel: “I’m not sure if that was wise from Omega. He already got some damage to the back. A miss there could have ended his night.”

Stephanie Starr: “But he knocked the wind out of Vengedor.”

Shinzo Omega attempts to pick Vengedor up in a fireman’s carry, a Death valley Driver incoming. But the move off the top rope did end up hurting his back. He is unable to lift Vengedor up, so he switches approach, taking the leg out from under Vengedor with a Lightning Spiral!


Shinzo attempts to transition into a cross armbreaker, but Vengedor clutches his hands together in an attempt to block it!

James O’Connell: “NOT TOWARDS ERASING DESTINY! Vengedor is fighting, trying to prevent his arm from being extended into the juji gitame!”

Stephanie Starr: “It’s a deadly combination Shinzo does, but Vengedor had enough awareness to, at least for now, block it.”

Bobby Joel: “It’s the lack of damage to the arm. We’ve seen kneebars, Vengedor get dropped on his head even, but the arm has been the one area which hasn’t been targeted, though if his grip slips, he can still easily tap out.”

The two fight for position on the mat with Shinzo pulling back as much as he can, trying to break Vengedor’s grip and the crowd comes alive, wondering if Vengedor can break out! Vengedor’s grip begins to break and the cross-armbreaker is locked in, but the legs of Shinzo aren’t able to keep him flat on the canvas. Vengedor is fighting tooth and nail to avoid defeat. The masked FWA wrestler pushes and almost has Shinzo’s shoulders on the mat and he begins to lift up Shinzo.

Stephanie Starr: “No way… The power… The power!”

Bobby Joel: “Might be a bad landing for Omega.”

Lifting Shinzo Omega off the mat, Vengedor manages to hold him in a fireman’s carry. He spins him out, driving him face first into the canvas with a Fireman’s Carry Facebuster!

James O’Connell: “F5!”

Vengedor crawls over to make a cover.

ONE… TWO… THREE- Kickout from Shinzo.

James O’Connell: “Vengedor, after getting dropped on his head, has been fighting tooth and nail to get back in the match and Shinzo nearly had him tapping out, but he POWERS out into the F5.”

Bobby Joel: “Just impressive. As the match continues for both these men, I find them continuing to raise their game.”

Vengedor looks to end this match as he goes behind and tries for his Awful Waffle. Shinzo places his leg between the legs of his opponent to prevent him from lifting him up. There’s some fight, but with Omega still recovering from the F5, Vengedor picks him up-

And Shinzo reverses into a backstabber! He quickly pops up and hits a Death Valley Driver, holding his back after a sudden burst of energy!

James O’Connell: “Through the Valley of Death!”

Stephanie Starr: “But I’m not sure Shinzo has the energy to fully capitalise.”

Both men are low on energy after each of them have taken several major falls in the match. Shinzo grabs his back as the official counts both men on the mat. By a six count, both men are slowly getting up and they are forehead to mask. Shinzo Omega winds up with a large forearm, hitting with a smack! Sweat flies from the impact and Vengedor responds with a chop that lights up the chest of Shinzo Omega!

James O’Connell: “Both men are tapping into their reserves, trying to use whatever strength they have left to put the other away.”

Bobby Joel: “And now they’re just taking turns pounding the other into a pulp, I love it.”

Shinzo has a small smirk on his face, feeling a rush after the chop as he returns one of his own, and Vengedor responds with an uppercut! Then a forearm from Shinzo, one from Vengedor, the two are exchanging strikes and the Tokyo crowd has become split, some supporting the AMA Champion, others, the upstart from FWA. Finally, there’s an advantage as Shinzo blocks a punch and hits a headbutt! Shinzo stumbles back and tries for another Knee-

But Vengedor pops him up into a powerbomb! He folds him and rolls him out and DRILL him with a sliding lariat!

Stephanie Starr: “Hard hit after hard hit, and Vengedor gets the advantage with a powerbomb.”

Bobby Joel: “And as a southern man myself, I can appreciate a good lariat.”

Vengedor wipes his hair out of his eyes and tries to get an idea what to do next. His attempts at his primary finisher have been countered before, so there’s not as much hope it’ll work this time. He looks towards the corner and gets a plan, pulling Shinzo to a powerbomb position. He lifts him up and appears to be going for a buckle bomb, but back to back powerbombs are not as wise and Shinzo slides off, hitting a superkick to the back of Vengedor’s head!

The AMA Grand Champion is breathing heavily, knees weak, you know the rest. He slowly pushes Vengedor to the top turnbuckle.

James O’Connell: “Shinzo with a counter and now he’s putting Vengedor on the top rope.”

Shinzo meets him on top and clubs him in the back of the head. He gets under him and tries for an Olympic slam.

Bobby Joel: “I’ve seen this before and Shinzo did this to beat a man twice his size. An Olympic Slam off the top.”

Stephanie Starr: “This is going to end terribly for one of them.”

Using his strength, Shinzo tries to lift up Vengedor and he’s about to get his opponent in the air, but Vengedor grabs the nose, blocking it. This draws a somewhat negative response from several fans, but Vengedor is no stranger to getting dirty when needed. He changes position and gets Shinzo on his shoulders with a Fireman’s carry. The fans gasp-

James O’Connell: “Watch out below-”

And Vengedor hits a Samoan Drop off the top rope!


Bobby Joel: “And he’s on top of Omega!”

The referee goes for a count.


Stephanie Starr: “Shinzo’s got a crucifix-”

Before three, Shinzo Omega slides Vengedor to his shoulders with a pin-


James O’Connell: “Last ditch effort from Omega-”

Vengedor rolls to his feet and in one motion picks Shinzo Omega up and SPIKES him on his head with a short piledriver!

James O’Connell: “And he EATS the piledriver!”

Bobby Joel: “Counter after counter, but I think Omega might have lost an inch of height there.”

Tired, using his last bits of energy, Vengedor pulls Omega up and flips him over, driving his head AGAIN into the canvas, finally hitting his Awful Waffle Piledriver!

James O’Connell: “JUSTICA!”

Vengedor lies on Shinzo and the referee makes the count.



19: 44

To the shock of many in the crowd, FWA’s Vengedor narrowly pulls out a win against the AMA Grand Champion, in non-title competition. Vengedor lies on the mat a few moments, catching his breath, but he’s victorious.

James O’Connell: “We talked about a potential upset earlier in the night, this might be even bigger, and it actually HAPPENED! Vengedor just pinned AMA’s Grand Champion, Shinzo Omega, in a non-title competition!”

Bobby Joel: “I’m shocked. Vengedor raised his game in a big way tonight and while I’m not sure if ‘the door’ between AMA and FWA will open up any time soon, it is a MAJOR statement win against very game competition. FWA management, take note, you might have something special on your hands.”

Stephanie Starr: “Both men got downright nasty, brawling on the outside, laying in heavy strike and and their biggest moves, but not getting caught with the Catastrophe might have been the saving grace for Vengedor.”

Slowly, Vengedor gets to his feet as trainee wrestlers roll in the ring, trying to give both competitors towels and ice packs. The masked wrestler tosses down his ice pack as the official goes over to raise his hand.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Here is your winner, at 19:44 by pinfall, VEEEN-GEEE-DOOOOOR!”

Coming to his senses, Shinzo Omega places an ice pack on his neck and is handed his AMA Grand Championship. Vengedor turns around and gets on his knees, looking at Shinzo Omega, an alpha of a competitor he just beat tonight. Shinzo holds his championship closely and looks at Vengedor. The expression of Shinzo’s perhaps is even harder to read than that of Vengedor, which is saying something given the fact he’s masked.

James O’Connell: “A mix of emotions from these two warriors. Is there contempt between them? Maybe respect?”

Bobby Joel: “I’d like to think these two psychopaths find kinship in each other.”

Stephanie Starr: “But on this night, it was not The End for Vengedor and he makes a step to paying a debt owed.”

The AMA Grand Champion gives a small nod, acknowledging his opponent and Vengedor does too. There may be no love between them, but in some ways, they both are two tortured souls who are willing to walk their own paths. That much alone can result in a seed of respect. Omega rolls out of the ring, leaving Vengedor to celebrate.

James O’Connell: “Stay tuned folks, because next, we got ourselves a Joshi dream match. Main event, coming up after a word from Takaaki Kojima!”



After the ending of Omega and Vengedor’s hard hitting affair, the ring has been cleared of wrestlers and instead, we see a man in a lovely hat in the ring. He is wearing a brown suit with a pin on it featuring NTE’s logo and small glasses on his face. He has a greying goatee and bows to the fans as announcer, Yuji Yoshida, introduces him.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Before our main event, please welcome Nine Tales Entertainment CEO, Takaaki Kojima!”


Kojima gives a bow to the fans and speaks, with the English feed having a translation.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Thank you fans. I hope this show has met and exceeded expectations... Apart from a sponsored match. As a life-long wrestling fan, I was excited to jump at the chance for Nine Tales Entertainment to put together a supercard wrestling show. Before our main event, I would like to give thanks to some people and make some important announcements. First of all, I give great thanks to the promotions who helped put wrestlers on this show from Genku Puro, DJPW, COSMIC Joshi Wrestling, and FWA from the United States. It has been a great pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to working with you to continue to build the wonderful sport of pro wrestling.”

The fans clap as Takaaki nods.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Next of course is to thank the wrestlers in the back who have competed tonight, and the two ladies looking to close the show out tonight. A wrestling show is nothing without its athletes and you showed your heart tonight. Then, finally, the fans who showed up and showed nothing but passion tonight. This show out-performed what we expected and we were able to open sections off we initially didn’t plan on using.”

Panning around Nippon Budokan and, as the promoter said, it is a pretty packed crowd, with only a few empty spots in the far ends of the arena’s upper decks.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Now, there was a question if this show is a one-off or that there will be more. After discussion between various promoters involved and financial sponsors we have agreed that we will do more wrestling shows in the future, but not under the NTE brand, though we will broadcast them on our network.”

Turning to the stage area, the businessman motions.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Because today I am proud to announce the upcoming launch of the home of "Wrestling Spirit," PRO-WRESTLING KITSUNE!”

The fans clap and cheer as the screens show a company logo.


Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Our first tour of shows will be announced at a further time, but our mission with PWK is to further grow the Japanese scene. We will be working alongside companies like the ones which helped tonight, DJPW, COSMIC, and more, to co-promote shows and allow interpromotional matches. Though it does not mean we will have a ‘home roster’ who will be primarily with us. But we commit ourselves to this mission because, while competition is healthy, my parents taught me from a young age to raise others up. I hope I see each and every one of you at a PWK event. But who is on our show?”

The businessman who, despite being somewhat short in stature and old looking, is capable of engaging with a crowd as he gives a small stroke of his goatee, humming on the microphone.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “Well, I happen to know the first name we will have as part of our roster, and to announce it-.”

Bobby Joel: “THANK YOU!”

We hear the southern man on a house microphone, the English commentary team, who have been quiet during the announcement, pull on his sleeve.

James O’Connell: “What are you doing, Bobby?”

Stephanie Starr: “Seriously, you’re not-”

Bobby Joel: “Thank you for inviting me, Kojima-San!”

Bobby ignores his broadcast colleagues and shouts. He goes through a space without a barricade and is at ringside.

Bobby Joel: “Oh wait, I’m sorry, my bad folks, I need to press two for Japanese here.”

He clears his throat and begins to speak in Japanese. The translation appears on the screen for us. When he talks, he is competent, clearly has picked up the language decently well over the years, but his southern accent is still apparent.

Bobby Joel (Translation): “I am thankful to Kojima for allowing me to take this new wrestling company to new heights. I am looking forward to being number one in Japan!”

He rolls into the ring and his English commentators just groan, at a loss for words.

Bobby Joe (Translation)l: “If you want to win in wrestling, you can count on ‘The Dubb’ which is short for ‘Winner’ in English, if you don’t already know.”

Joel taps his temple.

Bobby Joel (Translation): “And PWK will be the winner of all wrestling companies, and you can-”

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “What are you doing..?”

The CEO plainly says to the commentator.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): “I know I offered you to do English commentary, but I am talking about a full-time wrestler. So please listen to the person who was meant to make this announcement, one of the greatest Junior Heavyweight Wrestlers in history of our nation, Grand Tiger!”

The fans cheer and clap as the masked wrestler gets up from his spot on commentary and goes around the barricade and into the ring. He’s got a custom made suit with tiger stripes on it to match his mask. In his hand is a clipboard as he goes up the steps and enters the ring slowly, his knees telling decades of battle. The fans chant before he speaks.



The wrestler waves and gives a slight bow of respect.

Grand Tiger (Translation): “Thank you, I am humbled by your response. Now how about I just say this quickly. Pro-Wrestling Kitsune has found its first signing and it is someone close to my heart. I helped train this young man and he is someone I trust with not just carrying on a legacy I built, but creating his own. And I admit I opened the door for him, but he has worked hard to earn his stripes so to speak.”

Looking into the hard camera, he shouts.

Grand Tiger (Translation): “Please welcome, the man to carry on the Tiger Legacy, the Next Hunter, my Nephew, Tiger X!!!”

There’s a Tiger roar heard over the PA system as his Nephew’s theme music plays.

Rising (Complete Mix) || Yoshida Brothers

The LED lights play a video of tiger stripes moving along with the wrestler’s name and logos appearing. As the young man walks out, the fans cheer, excited for a hot prospect. The young man is in his gear, a golden tiger mask with red claw marks around the eye and an “X” logo on the forehead with matching tights. He kneels down on the stage, hands over his face in an “X” before he lets out a big ‘roar’ and jumps up.

James O’Connell: “I don’t think that’s what Bobby expected. Not only we have a new wrestling promotion starting up, Pro-Wrestling Kitsune, but the first signing! It is none other than a second-generation wrestler, the nephew to one of the greatest Junior Heavyweights in Japan, Tiger X!”

Stephanie Starr: “He’s been wrestling for over a year now and rather than joining a promotion right away, he’s been appearing around on smaller promotions, trying to get himself ready. An athletic marvel, and maybe a killer instinct like no other.”

Bobby Joel gulps, knowing he might have gotten himself into a spot of trouble as the young masked wrestler makes his way down the aisle. Through the openings of his mask, we can see a confident smirk and a sharp look in his eye. He jumps up onto the apron and looks in the ring where NTE’s CEO, his uncle, and Joel, stand. He motions for the crowd to clap. Bobby Joel grabs a microphone and speaks up.

Bobby Joel (Translation):
"Stop there! I know you this wrestling family, but this moment was meant to be about me! Not some bastard newphew of a Hall of Famer, me!"

The fans jeer the American. Tiger X doesn't seem affected.

Bobby Joel (Translation):
"I mean, you're what? Maybe one year in your career? How about we make this about one of the greatest gaijins this side of the Pacific! I can kick your ass any day of the week-"

Tiger X reaches forward and covers Bobby's microphone. The fans "oooh" as the youngster grabs the microphone and talks. His voice is smooth, charming in a way, but has an underlying intensity.

Tiger X (Translation):
"Then prove it, Joel... I'm in my gear. I know when to strike, and if you're out here wasting these people's time, disrespecting MY family's time, then consider you my prey. So you can either do it the easy way and fight me, or I end your night right here right now!"

Stephanie Starr: "I think Bobby has realised that now, he's messed up."

James O'Connell: "Absolutely."

The country man gulps.

Bobby Joel (Translation):
"Listen here, I know I can give you a main event worthy match which will put you on the map even in defeat, but, I'm not in my gear-"

Now the Grand Tiger grabs the microphone. He hums.

Grand Tiger (Translation):
"Last time I checked, you have two contracts, Joel. Kojima!"

The legend turns to the businessman in the hat.

Grand Tiger (Translation):
"I know you are not used to this, and that's why you hired me, but how about I suggest a solution here? Ask the fans here."

Kojima hums before nodding. He is given the microphone. He shouts.

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): "Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see Tiger X fight against Bobby Joel, make some noise!"

The fans let out a loud cheer and Bobby Joel's heart sinks. He has to fight in a match right here, right now.

James O'Connell: "That's a clear answer!:

Takaaki Kojima (Translation): "Get a referee, One fall, twenty minute time limit! It begins now!"

Stephanie Starr: "You messed up, Bobby!"

Grand Tiger and Takaaki Kojima exit the ring as a referee rushes down. Tiger X hops in place and lets the referee check him for weapons. Bobby Joel struggles to remove his dress shirt and cuffs and he's forced to wrestle in slacks. The referee sees Bobby Joel remove his attire and rings the bell!



Tiger X (タイガーX) VS Bobby Joel (ボビー・ジョエル)

James O'Connell: "I did NOT expect to be calling a Bobby Joel match tonight."

Stephanie Starr: "I know, I should have brought popcorn!"

Bobby Joel gets his hand out of the cuff of his shirt and Tiger X quickly pulls him down in the middle of the ring with an arm drag before following it up with a vertical dropkick! The wrestler is still gaining experience, but gets great height off the kick, hinting at a natural talent and potential!

Bobby Joel goes to the corner, trying to beg off the masked upstart, but Tiger X follows with a handspring back elbow! He sends "The Dubb" to the opposite side of the ring and flips him with a Monkey flip out of the corner!

James O'Connell: "One move after another, Tiger X is taking it to Bobby Joel!"

Stephanie Starr: "He had zero prep time, but then again, that's what you get for running your mouth and sticking your nose in other people's business."

Joel grabs his tailbone and rolls to the outside. He wants to leave! Several trainee wrestlers stop him at the end of the aisle and he shouts at them.

James O'Connell: "You can't run away now, Bobby. Deal with your mess!"

Tiger X claps as the fans get behind him and the Junior Heavyweight runs off the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Bobby Joel!

Stephanie Starr: "We've been having fun at Bobby's expense, but, I'll also say it here, Tiger X has been good. Showing a lot of potential."

James O'Connell: "Second generation wrestler, been training hard for the past two and a half years, wrestling all over the country to earn his keep, I'm not surprised."

Tiger X lets out a shout, showing a smirk through his mask. He's confident in a situation like this. He pushes Bobby Joel back in the ring and Bobby Joel gets on his hands and knees, hands up, begging the masked star to stop. Polling the fans, Tiger X thinks.

James O'Connell: "There's no sympathy from X right now-"

And Tiger X nails him in the jaw with a superkick!

Stephanie Starr: "Lights out for Joel!"

Pulling Bobby Joel in, Tiger X hooks both the arms and takes a moment in to soak in the audience.

James O'Connell: "Just like his Uncle, he's going to lay out Bobby-"

And Tiger X lifts Joel up and drives him into the mat with a sit-out Tiger Bomb!

Stephanie Starr: "With the Tiger Bomb!"

Tiger X sits down and there's no doubt as the official counts.




Tiger X


James O'Connell: "Karma comes for Bobby Joel as Tiger X beats him in just about two minutes!"

Stephanie Starr: "I've been wishing for that all night, haha."

Tiger X stands up as Bobby Joel rolls out of the ring, being taken by surprise and beaten down. The masked wrestler gets his hand raised by the official as Yuji Yoshida announced the result.

Yuji Yoshida (Tranlation): "And here is your winner by result of a pinfall at 2:16, TIIIIIIII-GEEEEEER X!"

The Grand Tiger re-enters the ring and shares a moment with his Nephew, shaking his hand as the man expected to carry on his legacy gives a bow to his family member. Grand Tiger knows enough to take a step back to let his family member celebrate as Tiger X climbs the turnbuckles.

James O'Connell: "And just a reminder, Tiger X, first official signee to Pro-Wrestling Kitsune, the company NTE is forming. Information will be avaliable after the show with a schedule, hopefully more signings, and we will continue to see the Japanese wrestling scene grow."

Stephanie Starr: "And if tonight was a test, Tiger X passed with flying colours and if he can realise even an ounce of his potential, he can be a Junior heavyweight star for years to come!"

Bobby Joel rolls to the outside as he holds his back after getting driven in to the mat. He is in front of his fellow commentators and they can't help but laugh at his expense.

Bobby Joel: "What are you numb-nuts laughing at!?"

We can hear him shout.

Stephanie Starr: "You got your ass kicked, that's what!"

James O'Connell: "Next time, don't stick your nose in other people's business, lad."

The English commentary team laughs as Bobby Joel frustratedly kicks the barricade and, rather than rejoin them, opts to head to the back, done with the night, as Tiger X celebrates in the ring.



James O’Connell: “Well, with Joel getting a bit more than he bargained for with the debuting Tiger X, it seems like it will be just us for the main event here on the English broadcast table.”

Stephanie Starr: “Just like an average CJW event, especially with the participants in the main event. I’m not complaining.”

Yuji Yoshida stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, and bellows out his announcement.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Ladies and Gentlemen of Nippon Budokan, it is time for your Words Unite Main Event! This is a Joshi showcase match scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit!”

The fans clap as the lights of Budokan dim.

NEW ADVENTURE || Must Save Jane

The whimsical and adventurous tunes of “New Adventure” play in the speakers of the arena as the lights of the screen show crashing waves. The music builds and builds with the camera panning around to a young fan with a scarf featuring Yuna Funanori’s logos and she has a Pirate hat on. After a few moments we see the Japanese Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean herself, Yuna Funanori make her way out with a long blue and white coat, poofy matching pirate hat on her head, ship wheel in one hand, and her parrot, Patches, on her shoulder. She has a big grin on her face giving the fans a pirate salute as she swings herself around. There’s applause and cheers from the fans as Yuna makes her way down the aisle for the main event as portions of the crowd chant-




James O’Connell: “Yuna Funanori captures a true adventurer’s spirit, travelling around the world, seeking adventure, fun, challenges, but like ships passing in the night, she has never had a chance to fight her opponent tonight, a woman who’s drawn parallels to her.”

Stephanie Starr: “Yuna is the definition of a free-spirit, always able to take any challenge on the chin and smile in the face of adversity in the hopes of a fun adventure. The ‘Captain’ here sails alone tonight in Nippon Budokan, maybe to bag a catch which will be quite a mark on her resume by beating the Kitsune Warrior in one on one competition.”

Making her way down the aisle, the lights of the arena change to a subtle ocean blue as Yuna pets her bird on its head. She looks around at the packed crowd as her sea shanty plays. At ringside, there’s a perch ready for her parrot as she places Patches on it.

James O’Connell: “I never knew a bird could get a manager’s license, haha.”

Stephanie Starr: “Someone tried to move him before, poor guy nearly got his eye pecked out.”

Yuna goes up the steps before stepping into the ring under the middle rope. She spins around and heads to the corner turnbuckles.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “Introducing, in the Blue corner, she is The Last Great Adventurer…”

Funanori spins her ship’s wheel before giving a salute to the fans-


There are cheers from the fans as Yuna gets down from the corner and slowly removes her entrance attire, showing her gear tonight to be a blue base with ocean designs.

James O’Connell: “Don’t let the pageantry, the chipper spirit fool you, Yuna Funanori is one of the brightest stars from Japan today.”

Stephanie Starr: “Easily one of the best strikers in Joshi wrestling, and as we’ll discuss as the match is underway, she has a bright red target to aim for.”

The ocean waves on the screen-

Begin to freeze. The lights of the arena fade so that only the LED screens are visible.

Before the image is swept away from a violent white storm of snow.


Footage on the screen shows a snowy mountainous region. The night sky is covered in the gentle glow of the Northern Lights. Two beings make their way up the mountain as the snow blows in their faces. The first appears to be a woman wearing a thick winter coat. Sticking out from her head are two fox-like ears from a mask, Katsu.

Standing by her side is a creature you could hardly see because it blends into the snow well. A fox with nine tails. She looks up at the peak of the mountain, within reach. The fox gives her a gentle nudge as she pushes forward. The mysterious creature speaks Japanese to her with the English translations appearing on the screen.

Kitsune (Translation): “Just a little further.”

Katsu looks at the fox, shivering. She covers her right shoulder with her left arm.

Katsu (Translation): “Are you sure I’m ready? Is it too soon?”

She asks.

The fox has a whimsical smile on its face. Its nose twitches slightly.

Kitsune (Translation): “Now, you don’t need my words of confidence. Believe in yourself.”

Katsu stands up as a gust of snow blows into her face.

Kitsune (Translation): “You have to. Because, even if there comes a time that everyone is against you, someone will need to believe in you. So why not be you?”

She clenches her good hand, the left. She grits her teeth as she makes her way up.

Kitsune (Translation): “Go, young one, begin your next adventure.”

The snow blows one final time on the screen as it fades to white.

On stage, we see the silhouette of someone with a cape. Her arms are crossed in front of her chest, hands forming “fox head” gestures.”


“Megitsune” blares out through the speakers as, behind the shadow of the woman, nine tails appear waving around. After fifteen seconds, the arena lights turn on in a blazing and flashing white light! Katsu spreads out her arms as the lights see her wearing a custom entrance mask of a large Kitsune mask, her attire is an all white, and medical tape is on her right shoulder. She spreads out her arms as fire shoots from the sides of the stage area. She quickly slashes her throat with her left hand and makes her way down the aisle.

James O’Connell: “Now THAT is how you make a return! Katsu has been a rising star in Joshi, especially over the past year and a half, making her way to America and fighting in some major title matches, similar to what Yuna did before. That was where the comparisons between them began.”

Stephanie Starr: “But this match-up nearly was cancelled after, in mid-October, Katsu was rushed to hospital with what we found out to be was a fractured collarbone. The timeline was tight for a return. She knew she probably wouldn’t be 100% if she was cleared, but she powered through rehab anyways and just two days ago was given the clear by her doctors.”

On her way down the aisle, Katsu’s cape flows behind her and she puts her hand out to her side. Her supporters in the crowd chant her name, excited for her return:




Even with an elaborate mask, we can see her eyes locked in the ring at Yuna Funanori. She gets to the end of the aisle and the camera zooms in closer at the effects of her injury. Along with the tape, a scar is visible just under her neck, stretching all the way to her right shoulder.

James O’Connell: “Katsu has said before that she’s felt the comparisons between her and Yuna to be inescapable, a pressure on her to either match her, or people put her in a box with her.”

Stephanie Starr: “I understand they have been through similar trials, similar accomplishments, but they are two completely different women. So tonight might be when we finally get an ‘accurate’ comparison between them.”

Katsu goes around the ring towards the hard-camera side, sliding onto the apron. She removes her entrance mask to show her regular mask, matching her general attire. Taking a deep breath, she’s got some nerves going into her return match. She quickly drops to the splits and slides into the ring.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And her opponent in the red corner, from COSMIC Joshi Wrestling, representing YOKAI Death Squad… The Kitsune Warrior…”

Katsu heads up to the corner turnbuckles, putting one foot on the top rope and bowing her head.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “KAAAAAAAATSSUUUUUUUU!”

Katsu does a throat slashing gesture as she crosses her hands across her chest with her signature pose. The camera zooms in to see her coloured contacts an icy blue to match her aesthetic for the night. She gets down from the corner and unclips her cape. She kneels down in her corner as her theme music fades.

The referee goes to each corner to check the wrestlers for any weapons. Yuna has a grin on her face. A big co-event, she’s in the main event, and it is a match she, deep down, may have been wishing for. The official even takes a glance at Patches at ringside… the cute but small bird stares into the official’s soul with its cold eyes. He shakes it off and goes to Katsu. The Kitsune Warrior appears focused, looking forward. She lifts her arm and feels her collarbone area. She might have returned sooner than she should have. Regardless, the official gives the clear. He gets in the middle of the ring and signals for the bell, starting the main event.



Written by: Rosie
@Sky Tiger @AON

The two ladies slowly circle each other in the ring. Yuna is licking her lips, excited for the match as Katsu, with a couple months out of the ring, has some hesitation. They lock up for the first time in the ring and Katsu quickly transitions into a wristlock before kicking Yuna in the gut. She’s got some rust, but clearly has a game plan. She walks up the ropes while keeping the wrist secure and she does a rope assisted arm drag on Yuna! She quickly transitions into a pin, wanting to end it early-


And a quick kickout by Funanori. The Pirate quickly grabs the head and transitions into a small package-


And Katsu reverses the momentum,


And a kickout.

James O’Connell: “Quick pins, one after another and-”

Taking advantage of the fact that Katsu isn’t quick to her feet, Yuna traps the right arm around her leg and transitions into a La Magistral cradle!

Stephanie Starr: “La Magistral!”


And with the arm trapped, Katsu nearly gets pinned in less than a minute, but she gets the shoulder up. Funanori gets up and runs off the ropes, wanting to pick up the pace, but on the rebound, Katsu leaps up and pins her down with a frankensteiner!

ONE… TWO- Yuna turns the momentum around, going into a pin with a jacknifte!


And Katsu bridges up to get the shoulders off the mat. She has the waist of Yuna held.

James O’Connell: “Back and forth, high speed pins to begin.”

Stephanie Starr: “It’s just bang bang bang, one after another. It's hard to keep track of.”

The Kitsune Warrior turns around so that her and Yuna are back to back and she tries to hook both the arms for a backslide. Her left arm hooks one arm, but the right, the one coming off surgery, is giving her issues. Yuna Funanori reverses it and pins Katsu down with a backslide!

ONE… TWO- Kickout.

Katsu throws a Roundhouse kick and it narrowly misses the head of Yuna Funanori! The pirate backs up and the two are at a stalemate as the fans clap. Katsu rubs her collarbone area, making sure it is alright after her first moves in a ring since her injury.

James O’Connell: “Quite a sequence to begin our main event and the fans, showing some respect.”

Stephanie Starr: “Two ladies from Japan who have been capable of travelling across the pacific to make a lasting impression on the worldwide scene of wrestling. It’s a match which hasn’t happened here or anywhere in the world yet with them never being in FWA at the same time and Yuna Funanori never appearing in CJW.”

The two competitors lock up properly for a second time, but this time Yuna takes the advantage, doing a quick arm drag and following up with a palm strike! There’s a thud as it narrowly misses the chin and hits Katsu in the chest- right near the collarbone. Katsu, annoyed after her injury is targetted, follows with a HARD kick to the chest, dropping Yuna Funanori immediately! There’s a thud, causing a gasp from some fans as Yuna drops down to her rear, looking up at Katsu. The Kitsune Warrior yells at her opponent before hitting her hard with a forearm to the jaw!

Stephanie Starr: “And there goes the chances of this being a friendly match.”

James O’Connell: “Whenever strikes like that are exchanged, things get tense quickly.

Katsu pulls Funanori up for an Irish whip into the ropes. Both competitors get the same idea as they both try for dropkicks, practically mirroring each other and resulting in a double miss! Katsu gets up to her feet first and dodges a punch from Yuna, going behind into a roll up! There’s not even a one count as Funanori pushes Katsu off with FORCE and the masked wrestler rolls between the middle and top rope, landing on the apron. The Voyager tries to knock Katsu off the apron and gets a knee for her troubles! The Kitsune decides to take to the air, she pulls herself up and springboards, landing a picture perfect Crossbody!

James O’Connell: “Flawless Springboard Crossbody!”

ONE… TW- Kickout from the Wolf of the Sea.

Stephanie Starr: “The rust is slowly being shaken off. Great crossbody and I think Katsu’s experience fighting larger opponents in FWA has forced her to refine the speed and aerial parts of her game even more.”

James O’Connell: “She’s used to that High Speed Lucharesu style.”

Changing things up a bit, Katsu spins and hits a back kick to the ribs of her opponent! She then goes low with a hard kick to the leg and a quick forearm strike to the jaw, her arm still having some mustard in it despite it not being 100%. She runs off the ropes and hits a vertical dropkick to Yuna’s chin-

But the Pirate is quick to stand up. Katsu looks as Yuna’s face has a wide grin on it. She’s quite the wild card. The Pirate Lord lights up Katsu’s chest with multiple chops. Katsu responds with some kicks to the legs, but her chin meets the boot of Funanori with a STIFF kick to the jaw! Katsu falls back first into the middle rope and Yuna Funanori runs with a full head of steam like a Cheetah after prey, and Katsu dropkicks the knee, forcing Yuna to land on the middle rope!

James O’Connell: “Could this be it now!?”

Stephanie Starr: “Sakura kick incoming!”

Katsu knows what to do next. She bounces off the opposite side ropes and runs. As Katsu begins her swing around the ropes, Funanori ducks and Katus’s momentum causes her to go back in the ring-

And she immediately grabs her shoulder!

James O’Connell: “Too early for that and, Katsu, obvious discomfort with the arm and shoulder. Was she actually ready to return tonight?”

Stephanie Starr: “She said she was maybe around 80%, a passing grade. But the Tiger Feint kick, commonly done by lucha wrestlers, oddly enough, made popular in Japan by Grand Tiger who’s on the Japanese table now, takes core strength and arm strength to pull off. And that follow through, might have pulled something.”

James O’Connell: “In that case, I have to think it’s out of her arsenal for the night?”

Stephanie Starr: “Likely, and it’s her most common set-up to Nightfall.”

The match official checks on Katsu but she waves him off, just instead giving her shoulder a quick rub. Yuna Funanori gets up and winds up a HARD forearm strike to the chin! Then another! She takes a step back and follows with a standing dropkick! Katsu falls hard on the canvas!

James O’Connell: “The tweak of the shoulder gave Yuna enough time to take advantage. Do you think she’s going to zone in on the arm and shoulder?”

Stephanie Starr: “If Bobby was here, he’d be barking like a dog for Katsu to give up or for Yuna to destroy the arm. I’m of two minds, it makes sense. The opponent knows the risks wrestling hurt, but sometimes if you have respect for an opponent, you try to avoid that injured area just because you know they want to wrestle another day.”

Pulling herself up by the ropes, Katsu tries to get any cobwebs out of her head as Yuna charges off the ropes, she leaps up, getting some hangtime with a hesitation low dropkick to the head of Katsu! The Kitsune Warrior falls between the ropes, hanging over the edge of the ring!

James O’Connell: “A knockout dropkick!”

Funanori pulls Katsu in for the pin, covering the arms to keep her away from the ropes.

ONE… TWO, not nearly enough, but Yuna gave a strong hit to Katsu. The Kitsune Warrior goes to one of the neutral corners, taking a breath, but Funanori has an idea. She winds up yet ANOTHER forearm to catch her foe in the chin and she has Katsu in the corner.

Stephanie Starr: “Load up the cannons.”

The supporters of Yuna cheer as Funanori salutes, winding up so she can unload as many forearm strikes as she can-

But the first one misses and Katsu reverses it, hitting Yuna in the chest with a side kick! The Kitsune Warrior rallies her fans behind her as she hits rapid fire kicks to the chest of Yuna! The first few, Yuna appears to smile, almost getting a rush from battle, but one catching her in the chin dampens her mood! Katsu creates some distance and hits a corner dropkick, directly on the chin!

On Spaghetti legs, Yuna Funanori goes towards the middle of the ring and Katsu goes back to her bread and butter, her speed. The Huntress does a headscissors but transitions it into a modified Russian Leg Sweep! The head of Yuna slams off the mat and Katsu gets to her feet!

James O’Connell: “Beautiful combination into the leg sweep. She used one arm for that, not grabbing the hand with her right arm, probably a way to keep the injury out of danger.”

Stephanie Starr: “Whenever the pace of the match quickens, it always seems to go Katsu’s way. I think she needs to keep that in mind as the match continues to build.”

Katsu claps and rallies her fans behind her. She twists the arm as Yuna gets to a vertical base. She’s about to sweep the leg with her off hand, but Funanori spins out and quickly hits a German Suplex, bridging into a pin!

ONE… TW- Kickout, but Yuna maintains waist control! The supporters of the pirate in the crowd cheer.




James O’Connell: “And there, another move which may end up harder to hit for Katsu tonight. The Lightning Spiral.”

Stephanie Starr: “She’s going to need to use her non-dominant arm to sweep the leg and you get less speed and force off it. Makes it harder to hit, and less impactful. Not impossible, but shouldn’t be Plan A.”

Keeping hold of Katsu’s waist, Yuna Funanori decides to channel her inner wrestling machine and hits a second German Suplex! There’s no pin attempt as Funanori rolls to hit a third one!

James O’Connell: “Didn’t expect Yuna to be a suplex machine.”

Stephanie Starr: “And with each suplex, Katsu lands hard on her neck and shoulders. Really two areas of the body most affected by the collarbone. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but smart.”

Changing her grip, Funanori tries to cradle Katsu for a suplex, but she can’t lock her arms properly, her opponent is fighting. She decides to go ahead with the suplex-

And Katsu lands on her feet! The Kitsune warrior hooks both arms behind Yuna and hits a move straight out of her hero’s playbook, a TIGER SUPLEX! The camera catches a brief glimpse at the Japanese commentary table where the masked Legend is visibly ecstatic at the use of the move.

James O’Connell: “TIGER SUPLEX!”

Katsu bridges as there’s a count.


But Katsu breaks the bridge, immediately grabbing her neck and shoulder.

Stephanie Starr: “Should Katsu have even wrestled? We mentioned before how much neck strength a bridge takes and it’s affected with a collarbone injury. Then add the fact she can’t keep her grip as well, ANOTHER tool for Katsu out."

The referee, sensing something is wrong, checks on Katsu again. This time, Katsu is slow to answer. She looks away with her all white mask, she doesn’t want the match to end.

James O’Connell: “I don’t doubt she was cleared to wrestle. But it’s like a playable injury in Football. Someone’s capable of playing, but you know they’re not going to be at max ability so sometimes you limit their time, start them on the bench. But she doesn’t want to take it easy.”

Stephanie Starr: “Many young wrestlers don’t have that in their head. Speaking as someone who retired due to injury, I understand that there’s times that you NEED to take a risk, push extra hard to get noticed. But if I could go back, I would have been more selective going up.”

The time taken to check on her neck and shoulder gives Yuna Funanori time to gather herself. She dropkicks Katsu directly in the back and now the masked wrestler lands on the middle rope!

James O’Connell: “And I think we know what Yuna’s going to do.”

Stephanie Starr: “A taste of Katsu’s own medicine.”

Yuna Funanori runs off the ropes for her own Tiger Feint Kick! As she spins around, Katsu stands up and catches Funanori's legs! Yuna looks shocked as Katsu pushes her down to the apron and repeatedly stomps the gut! There’s a mixed reaction from fans from this extra aggression, and Katsu falls between the ropes on the apron, fired up.

James O’Connell: “And Katsu’s angry at that!!”

Stephanie Starr: “Using the move of someone else can either be seen as a sign of respect, or disrespect, depending on the situation. In this case, using one of your opponent’s moves against them, ultimate disrespect.”

Both ladies sit on the apron, catching their breath. They have not left the ring yet in the match, but one misstep could be disaster for one or both of them. Katsu steadies her feet and catches Funanori with a Superkick on the chin! The Last Great Adventurer falls back and responds with an open hand slap to the face, her gloved hand cheating a loud CRACK on impact. Katsu tries to respond by kicking Funanori in the gut, but Pirate catches it and pushes her back! The Kitsune Warrior is off balanced and Yuna leaps up-

James O’Connell: “No-”


James O’Connell: “NO! Dammit! That hurricanrana to the outside floor!”

Stephanie Starr: “That’s a thin pad! There’s little stopping the impact and I think Katsu’s hurt!”

Sure enough, Katsu rolls on the floor holding the surgically repaired collarbone, crying out in pain. Yuna Funanori is quick to her feet and rolls in the ring. The official peaks through the ropes to check on Katsu. He’s tempted to stop the match.

James O’Connell: “You should not take a fall like that just two and a half months after collarbone surgery. Just call off the match.”

Stephanie Starr: “I have to agree. Katsu’s potentially going to spend more time on the shelf.”

As Katsu gets to her feet, she’s still grabbing her collarbone. The referee is about to go outside, but Yuna YEETS herself over him, hitting a plauncha to the outside!

James O’Connell: “Plaucha from Yuna! Come on!”

Stephanie Starr: “She didn’t see Katsu grabbing her shoulder, I don’t think she knows.”

The referee steps in immediately, going to the outside and separating Funanori from Katsu. Several of the trainee wrestlers rush over to Katsu along with a ringside physician. The match, for the moment, appears to be at a standstill. Even some commentators from the Japanese table reach over to check on her.

James O’Connell: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure if the match is going to continue. Just the hurricanrana on the floor alone might have ended her night.”

Stephanie Starr: “Valiant effort. But I think the doctors might pull an executive decision.”

The doctor is checking Katsu’s collarbone area, checking if there’s a break and the crowd is somewhat hush. Yuna wants a fight, but several people are standing in between. Then, from the entrance way, both of Katsu’s main tag partners, Cali Hayama and Ririko, make their way down to check on their friend, still in their gear, with towels over their shoulders after their loss against Virtue.

James O’Connell: “Ririko and Cali Hayama checking on their YOKAI Death Squad teammate. They weren’t going to be at ringside for this match, their night was done. But in this case, I think it is just a matter of making sure their friend is okay.”

Stephanie Starr: “The three are close. Ririko and Katsu became good friends, opposites attracting after fighting against each other early on in their careers, and Cali instantly clicked with them when she debuted and the three have been inseparable.”

The camera picks up Cali Hayama talking to Katsu in English, saying “Your collarbone’s still fucked. Call this off. Get some rest.” Concerned, but trying to be straightforward with her friend. The doctor checks and indicates that there’s nothing broken. That’s all Katsu needs and she breaks through the crowd of people-

James O’Connell: “And Katsu’s staying in the fight-”

But gets a Spinning Backfist for her problems from Yuna Funanori!


Stephanie Starr: “Yuna’s been watching and she had that loaded up, ready.”

There’s a somewhat negative reaction as Yuna Funanori seems to take advantage of the injury situation. Yuna shrugs off the reaction and pushes Katsu in the ring. She hooks the leg for the pin as the referee counts.

ONE… TWO… THRE- Kickout from Katsu.

James O’Connell: “I’m shocked that the match is continuing.”

Stephanie Starr: “Absolutely.”

The official checks on Katsu immediately and gets her to the corner. He gets Yuna Funanori to back away and the doctor does one last check with Katsu. The masked wrestler holds her shoulder, breathing heavily. The doctor asks her something and Katsu nods. Cali and Ririko remain at ringside, staying in her corner as the referee motions for the match to continue!

James O’Connell: “She’s been given the clear, but for how long?”

Stephanie Starr: “The head of Medical is likely going to remain close to the action, and Ririko and Cali Hayama now are backing their friend in her corner. Hopefully with those precautions if she’s hurt, someone can call it off.”

With one good arm, Katsu’s keeping up the fight, but Yuna Funanori has a clear advantage right now. The Pirate winds up a big chop to the chest, landing just under the collarbone! Katsu screams out as there’s a second. This is getting hard to watch. The Wolf of the Sea sends Katsu across the ring off the ropes and pulls her down with a vicious arm drag on the rebound! Keeping wrist control, Yuna drops the leg across the shoulder!

James O’Connell: “If there was any hesitation to target it before, Funanori is now 100% exploiting the recently injured collarbone and shoulder.”

Stephanie Starr: “And someone like her, a vicious striker, she can just repeatedly hit the injured limb until the bone cracks. I fear a bit for Katsu’s long-term health here.”

Keeping control of the arm, Yuna pulls Katsu up and continues to wrench the arm. She’s hell bent on damaging those ligaments in the arm, completely neutralising it as a threat. Katsu uses her non-dominant hand to deliver a forearm! It has some force behind it, but not enough to break the grip of Funanori as the Pirate kicks the Kitsune Warrior in the ribs. She hammerlocks the arm and sends Katsu crashing over with a Hammerlock Suplex!

Katsu immediately sits up, grabbing her shoulder. The damage to it is building. Funanori is licking her lips, loving the fact she’s been in control of the match. She unloads a HARD kick to the chest!

James O’Connell: “And there’s the strikes you were talking about!”

Stephanie Starr: “I heard that one from here.”

There’s a gasp from the fans as a loud thud is heard. Yuna unloads with a SECOND kick to the chest! Then a third directly to the shoulder! Another strong kick has Katsu falling backwards. Funanori readies herself and hits one more hard roundhouse kick, catching Katsu to the chin as she rolls to the corner. Katsu pulls herself up, but she won’t be able to escape Funanori so easily. With a corkscrew, she sandwiches her with an elbow strike! Pulling Katsu out, Yuna bridges back with a Cradle Suplex!

ONE… TWO- and Katsu gets the shoulder up, raising her good shoulder off the mat.

James O’Connell: “Katsu is going to be fighting from underneath the rest of this match.”

Stephanie Starr: “When you have some part of your body basically worn down to nothing, you’re going to have to change how you fight, maybe instead focus on ending things quickly.”

Ririko shouts at ringside in support of her friend while Cali takes a deep breath, silent, watching intently. Focusing back on the arm and shoulder, Yuna grabs the wrist and twists it. Despite her small size against most opponents, she’s against someone around her size, so she lifts Katsu up by the arm-

James O’Connell: “Katsu’s in the air-”

Stephanie Starr: “And not by her own choice-”

And she is slammed down with a vicious slam!

Yuna Fuanori flexes for the crowd and there’s a mixed reaction from the fans. The chaotic pirate is in control. She goes to the apron and begins to ascend the top rope.

James O’Connell: “Davy Jones' Elbow incoming.”

Stephanie Starr: “No, Katsu’s getting up.”

Indeed, Katsu rolls over and begins to get to her feet, grabbing her collarbone. She’s in a bad way. Changing approach, Funanori leaps through the air and hits a crossbody-

And Katsu rolls through into a pin!

ONE- Quick kickout from Funanori! She scrambles and gets to a knee-

As a desperate Katsu spikes her head first into the mat with a Hurricanrana!

James O’Connell: “Death Spike from out of thin air!”

The CJW star goes for a cover, sitting on top of Funanori and pulling her legs back.

ONE… TWO- Funanori pushes Katsu off her, not enough.

Stephanie Starr: “That was a last ditch effort sort of thing. Maybe Yuna came in too hot, so Katsu rolled her through. In the scramble she saw an opening.”

Yuna Funanori, after eating her first bit of offense against her in a while, rolls to the outside of the ring. Katsu takes a moment to check her arm, shaking it, trying to get feeling in it, and the young wrestler gets an idea. She looks at ringside and backs up. Cali and Ririko know what she’s thinking about doing and they know they can’t convince her otherwise. So they give her a nod. Katsu shouts “CROSS SLASH” and she darts across the ring, hitting a Triangle Moonsault to the outside!


Stephanie Starr: “Katsu’s not giving up in this match, but she knows she needs something big. That might be it, but I fear for any more damage to the shoulder.”

Rallying behind her, Katsu’s fans chant her name as she gets to her feet. She’s got some adrenaline in her as she slams the apron with her good hand before pushing Funanori up.There’s some struggle, but she manages to get her opponent into the ring and she heads to the top rope. Arm out of commission? How about using her legs? Katsu jumps and Funanori is taken down with a diving hurricanrana! Then, how about a single leg dropkick to the jaw! She goes for a cover!

ONE… TWO- Kickout.

James O’Connell: “This is Katsu’s first chance at taking control and picking up the pace, relying on her legs and aerial offense might be the way to go.”

Stephanie Starr: “She’s been the ‘kitsune’ in peril here. I genuinely think she might be looking at more time on the shelf by the end of the match. But she’s risking it.”

Feeling fired up, Katsu slaps the mat wit her left hand and she goes back to the high-risk district. She dares not attempt the Phoenix Splash, knowing that it’d be hard to hit now, but another diving move might be ideal. Yuna recovers and gets to a knee as Katsu gets balanced. There’s a CAW from Patches at ringside which distracts Katsu and Funanori yanks her by the arm off the top rope to the canvas!

James O’Connell: “And Yuna Funanori just jerked Katsu off- the top rope. Sorry lads, poor choice of words on my behalf.”

Stephanie Starr: “And to think a parrot caused a distraction. Yeah, that bird’s a demon with wings.”

Yuna Funanori transitions into an arm breaker DDT, diving the arm and face of Katsu into the mat before adding an elbow drop to the shoulder for added damage! The arm’s been targeted expertly by Funanori and it’s been her match.

Holding Katsu to her knees, Yuna slaps her across the face with an open chop, then to the repaired collarbone! Katsu lifts a knee, catching Yuna in the chin! Katsu tries to pick up the pace, but she is met with a dropkick! Rolling to the apron Yuna loads up her arm.

James O’Connell: “Here comes the Black Pearl.”

Stephanie Starr: “We talked about using speed and taking to the air for Katsu, but Yuna’s not exactly scared of doing that either.”

Yuna propels herself off the top rope for a forearm but Katsu ducks. Yuna lands and she seems ready as her masked foe tries to counter as she flips her overhead with a standing Spanish Fly!!!

James O’Connell: “PIRATE’S PLUNGE!”

And Yuna Funanori immediately grabs the arm, hooking her arm under it for an Americana!

James O’Connell: “And right to the arm with an arm bar!”

Katsu lets out a LOUD scream as her arm is pulled and she tries to worm her body in a better position.

Stephanie Starr: “No, that’s closer to an Americana, a type of hold in jujitsu. Really rare to pull off in a wrestling ring. I don’t think this is executed perfectly, Katsu has some control of her body, but still, that arm’s trapped.”

Ririko and Cali Hayama grab on the middle rope and lean in, trying to get a view of their friend in the submission hold. The referee asks if she quits, but Katsu, for some reason, doesn’t want to tap out. He then looks to Cali and Ririko who are in Katsu’s corner and points to the towel on their shoulder.

James O’Connell: “Katsu does not want to submit here, but the official, knowing Cali and Ririko and now in her corner, is giving them the option of throwing in the towel if needed.”

Stephanie Starr: “That or he may need to call off the match. Katsu’s risking injury and if Yuna had more experience with this hold, she’d probably have tapped now or popped her shoulder out of its socket.”

The fans have begun to have a slight slew of support to Katsu, likely due to her having to fight underneath and not giving up. Katsu holds her free arm up, thinking about tapping, but keeps on. She begins to move of body and she’s out of the center of the ring, getting closer to the ropes-

But Yuna Funanori rolls her back to the middle of the ring and transitions into a Kimura!

James O’Connell: “AND NOW THE KIMURA!”

Stephanie Starr: “Now this hold is a little more common. More pressure on the elbow too.”

Cali Hayama, who utilizes the move herself, is PISSED. She shouts obscenities at Yuna who looks at her and winks, sticking her tongue out.

James O’Connell: “And of course, this is similar to the version of the Kimura used by Cali, the Keyblade.”

Stephanie Starr: “And now she’s watching her friend suffer in the hold.”

Ririko grabs the towel and she’s thinking of throwing it in, but hesitates. She KNOWS how much this match has meant to Katsu. The Kitsune Warrior manages to get a bit closer to the ropes, but that just causes Funanori to WRENCH on the hold harder, and Katsu lets out a scream, practically in tears!

James O’Connell: “Hold on, I think I see-”

Stephanie Starr: “Saori’s back!”

The woman who returned earlier in the night, makes her way down to ringside to cheers from the fans. She stands next to Cali and Ririko, grabbing the towel from their hands and throwing it away from the ring. She slams her staff on the apron and shouts at Katsu, trying to encourage her.

James O’Connell: “And she’s trying to rally Katsu!”

Stephanie Starr: “I genuinely think all three of these ladies are concerned for Katsu here. This is NOT a match you should be having less than three months from collarbone surgery, but they all KNOW she wants to push through and they are trying to give her that spark.”

Katsu drags herself closer and closer to the ropes and with her teammates playing orchestra to the crowd, she begins to hear the loudest chants for her in the match.




Hand shaking from the pain, Katsu reaches-


James O’Connell: “And Katsu saves her match… for now.”

Stephanie Starr; “If Yuna was more of a submissions artist, she’d be done. Funanori had to go outside of her comfort area in order to exploit the injury. I commend her for being able to do that much with it.”

Katsu rolls outside of the ring as soon as the hold is released and her friends rush over. The official, knowing there’s a potential injury, gets Yuna Funanori to keep her distance while he checks on Katsu with a doctor. Katsu’s arm is across her stomach, a position which hopefully gives it rest. The arm of Katsu is red on the elbow area and of course, the chest and shoulder is all red and bruised from the chops and the submissions.

Stephanie Starr: “Smart, pause the match, check on Katsu. Her health is more important right now.”

An ice pack is applied briefly as the physician checks the collarbone. No break. Yuna gets down and pushes the official away!

James O’Connell: “Come on, Yuna, let her be checked on! She’s coming off an injury, damnit!”

Stephanie Starr: “Yuna Funanori is not afraid to get down and dirty once in a while-”

She’s about to grab Katsu, but she feels the powerful hands of Saori Suzuki on her shoulder as the former Universe of COSMIC Champion throws her away! Yuna and Saori get face to face, shouting.

James O’Connell: “Saori Suzuki with the save, and she’s just DARING Funanori to try that again.”

Saori holds her staff on her shoulder just as a reminder as the referee gets in between them. The official gives the all clear so, just as things are getting separated, Katsu unloads a BIG SUPERKICK on Yuna Funanori!

James O’Connell: “Katsu has LIFE in this match!”

Stephanie Starr: “And not a moment too soon!”

Katsu unloads multiple kicks, trying to get some revenge on Yuna, kicking her in the leg and ribcage, but Funanori is smart and goes in close, throwing Katsu shoulder first into the barricade! The Last Great Adventurer goes on the apron and readies a moonsault-

But Cali and Ririko stand on the apron next to her.

James O’Connell: “And YDS is getting involved.”

Stephanie Starr: “They usually don’t do this unless they feel it’s ‘deserved.’ Usually when someone else is prone to cheating, but I think in this case, they’re sticking up for Katsu.”

Yuna smirks before sticking her tongue at Hayama and Ririko,daring them to get involved. But all they want is to give Katsu a moment. Just one. Katsu rubs some feeling back into her shoulder and grabs the legs of Yuna Funanori. She tries to grab the ropes, but likely due to some leftover moisture from a certain MOIST man, her grip slips and Katsu POWERBOMBS Yuna Funanori onto the outside mat with a THUD! The Huntress of YDS falls down, grabbing her shoulder! Probably a last ditch effort.


Stephanie Starr: “Payback from the hurricanrana finally coming through.”

The referee gives both Cali Hayama and Ririko a verbal warning, telling them not to get involved in the match. The former CJW Tag Team Champions oblige, backing up and the rest of MAYHEM keep back. Yuna Funanori rolls to her stomach on the outside mat, wincing from the hard landing as Katsu leans back, catching her breath.

James O’Connell: “The damage has been done to Katsu, but this might be her only true chance to take control, do you think she has enough strength left?”

Stephanie Starr: “If she’s careful, maybe.”

Looking at Fuanori on the floor, Katsu notices her right arm exposed. She decides for a little turn about and she STOMPS the elbow onto the outside floor! There’s a gasp from some of the fans as the arm bends and the Pirate Wolf rolls on the floor.

James O’Connell: “And Katsu now targets the arm!”

Stephanie Starr: “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, arm for an arm.”

Katsu pulls Yuna to her feet and she puts her opponent’s arm in a hammerlock. She uses her good shoulder to DRIVE Yuna back and arm first into the ring post! Katsu continues by wrapping the arm around the ring post and slamming it repeatedly into it! Trying to escape Katsu’s fury, Yuna rolls into the ring, but the Kitsune Warrior follows. She forces Yuna into the corner and Katsu gets behind her, sitting on the turnbuckles. She grabs the arm and leans over the ropes with a hanging figure four necklock with the arm pulled back!

James O’Connell: “And some old school Katsu, or dare I say ‘Vampyra’ here with the neck hang.”

Stephanie Starr: “And trapping the arm, smart.”

The official gets to a four count as Katsu releases the hold and lies on the apron. Funanori grabs her arm and feels her triceps. Katsu steadies herself on the top rope and dropkicks her pirate foe in the arm! Now SHE’s the one targeting the arm. Yuna lies face first in the canvas, attempting to push herself up, but Katsu channels her inner Messi with a PK to the arm! She runs off the ropes and goes with an even harder PK to the chest!

Katsu takes a deep breath and smirks. She’s finally on top of the match. She wrenches the arm she’s been targetted and raises her boot to the shoulder. She falls down and JAMS her foot into the shoulder! A bit of a twist on Sole-Fu as it changes the target. Finally, Katsu sweeps Yuna’s leg with her good arm and slams her into the mat with a Lightning Spiral!

James O’Connell: “And a Lightning Spiral with the non-dominant hand! Still effective.”

Stephanie Starr: “She failed earlier, having issues on the follow through, but after some damage done, she’s able to pull through!

After she bounces off the mat, Yuna Funanori sits up, her head, neck, shoulder, and even back all crashing into the mat. Katsu runs off the ropes and drives both her knees forward into the back of the head of Yuna!

James O’Connell: “BURNING ARROW!”

Falling on the impact, Katsu put her entire weight in that and she’s ready to do the deed. She checks back to see Funanori’s ring position and she begins to climb the top rope.

James O’Connell: “Night will fall on Yuna’s match.”

Stephanie Starr: “But can she do the tuck with one arm?”

With her back to Yuna, Katsu leaps for her Phoenix Splash, she spins and tucks, but has to readjust-

As Fuanoari rolls out of the way!

James O’Connell: “And nobody was in the pool!”

Katsu manages to land on her feet and she rolls, but instantly grabs the collarbone area again. Yuna pounces and takes her down with a leaping lariat!

Stephanie Starr: “And Yuna Funanori, still finding use from the arm after some rough landings from it!”

On a knee, Yuna Funanori grabs her arm and shakes it, trying to get feeling back in it. Red bruising is seen around the elbow from the stomp on the floor and the push into the ring post. Katsu goes to the blue corner and slowly tries to pull herself up. Her friends on the other side of the ring pound the canvas, trying to rally behind her. Yuna, looks up and shows a big grin. Her arm is nice and lose as she lets out a HUGE chop to the chest!

James O’Connell: “Bad arm and all, you could hear that from the rafters!”

Katsu winces, stumbling forward, meeting Funanori forehead to forehead… And grins.

Stephanie Starr: “Katsu’s still up, she’s DARING Yuna to go all out.”

The Pirate Queen pushes Katsu back in the corner and obliges with a HARD FOREARM STRIKE WITH ONE ARM and a knife edge chop with the other! She repeats this over and over again as the official has to step in to break it up, but Katsu is knocked down to a seated position.

James O’Connell: “One strike after another, Katsu just got laid into!”

Stephanie Starr: “This is it.”

Marching across the ring, Yuna Funaori runs full steam ahead hitting a sliding Forearm strike to the collarbone area of Katsu!

James O’Connell: “CANON FIRE!”

Katsu rolls out from the impact and lies on the canvas, back down. Yuna Funanori ascends the turnbuckles, and after the rush of adrenaline fades, grabs her elbow.

Stephanie Starr: “Katsu is in the drop zone.”

Giving a salute to her fans, Yuna steadies herself and dives from the top delivering a high impact elbow drop to the chest of Katsu!!!

James O’Connell: “DAVY… JONES… ELBOW!”

Stephanie Starr: “Her collarbone has got to be shattered!”

Yuna Funanori grabs her elbow off the top rope move, but she moves in for a cover, hooking both legs with her good arm.



Stephanie Starr: “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

At what can only amount to a 2.9 count, Katsu gets her shoulder up. Yuna thinks she’s won, but the referee tells her it’s a kickout, holding up a two. Funanori looks shocked as MAYHEM on the outside can’t even believe it.

James O’Connell: “Katsu kicked out of the Elbow Drop… I can’t believe it.”

Stephanie Starr: “If she didn’t cause damage to the arm beforehand, I think she would have been done. You could see Yuna favour the elbow after impact. I don’t think it was as strong as it could have been.”

The official quickly checks on Katsu to ensure she’s not hurt. The chest and shoulder area is a bright red, but from what he can tell, no broken bones and motions for the match to continue. Yuna gets in the official’s face and PLEADS with him. She holds up three fingers, trying to make her case. Even Patches begins to squawk from its perch, saying some obscenities.

Katsu rolls to her stomach and notices that her opponent’s back is turned. She trips her up with a drop toe hold and turns her over into a crucifix pin!

James O’Connell: “FOX CAGE! FOX CAGE!”

ONE… Katsu reaches for the leg. TWO… Yuna kicks her leg away- THR- and Funanori kicks out!

Stephanie Starr: “So close! Katsu’s signature pinning combination. The Seatbelt pin she calls the Fox Cage. Unfortunately, her arm just couldn’t reach over to pull the leg down. If she did, would have been over.”

Rolling away after the sudden pinfall attempt, Yuna Funanori looks across the ring at Katsu. Getting to one knee, Katsu’s injured arm is across her stomach and she grabs the collarbone. After the elbow drop, that arm is practically useless. The two meet in the middle of the ring where Yuna nails Katsu in the jaw with a left elbow! A loud crack is heard and her supporters are getting louder.




A tired Katsu smirks and winds up with a hard kick to the chest! It lands with a thud as Funanori nearly falls from the impact. Katsu’s fans have become rabid.




James O’Connell: “The Tokyo crowd ready for the final stretch of this match.”

Stephanie Starr: “With the pride of these two wrestlers, who knows how long this can last?”

Yuna Funaori takes a deep breath and loads up a forearm strike with her good arm. Then a second, and a third! She backs up and hits a roundhouse-

But Katsu doesn’t drop. A fired up Katsu RIPS off her medical tape on her shoulder and lets out a massive scream, winding up an elbow strike which drops Funanori!

James O’Connell: “She fights through the pain!”

Stephanie Starr: “That tape is meant to help with the motion and range of the arm. After collarbone surgery, it takes time for it to get the range of motion back, sometimes you lose some as a whole.”

As Funanori gets to her feet, Katsu bounces off the ropes and leaps up, taking Yuna to the mat with a Frakenstiener-



Stephanie Starr: “Katsu’s ace in the hole in terms of submissions. She’s tapped out people twice her size with this before! Yuna Funanori is in danger!”

Yuna’s legs flail as the fans cheer! Some fans rally behind her to break out of it, others who support the Kitsune Warrior hoping for a tap out. Katsu pulls Yuna’s right arm with her left and does what she can to keep the hold in, tightening the grip of her legs around the head of the Last Adventurer! Yuna reaches up and tries to push Katsu to her shoulders, but the Kitsune Warrior keeps her shoulders off the mat.

James O’Connell: “Yuna’s fighting for position, but the longer the hold is in, the less oxygen goes to her brain.”

Stephanie Starr: “And with the Frakenstiener set-up, that submission is in DEEP.”

Arm shaking, Yuna reaches for the ropes, but she is too close to the middle of the ring. Cali, Ririko, and Saori are rooting for Katsu, shouting for her to keep the hold in. Funanori is fading fast, but perhaps it is because she lost some of her sanity after years on the ocean, she doesn’t fall. She pushes Katsu’s shoulders to the mat and the referee tries to count, but Katsu gets one shoulder up-

But Yuna Funanori is nearly standing! Her legs wobble as she begins to lift Katsu off the canvas.

James O’Connell: “I can’t believe it…”

Yuna has Katsu on her shoulders in a powerbomb-like position-

James O’Connell: “I can’t fucking believe it!”

And she stumbles forward, hitting a Buckle Bomb into the corner, finally breaking the hold!

James O’Connell: “YUNA BREAKS OUT! Buckle Bomb!”

Stephanie Starr: “But she’s on fumes. You can’t be in a hold like that for long without it taking so much out of you.”

The Last Great Adventurer gets to her feet, barely keeping herself up. She pulls Katsu towards the middle of the ring and places her head between her thighs. She hooks both arms, taking a breath as she does. In a last ditch effort, she lifts her up and hits her with a sit-out double underhook facebuster!

James O’Connell: “And the Angel’s Wings! She plants Katsu down to the mat!”

Stephanie Starr: “And look at where she is in the ring!”

Katsu lies on her back and Yuna notices that Katsu’s in the perfect spot for the Davy Jones Elbow. Her energy is limited, but Yuna Funanori crawls to the corner.

James O’Connell: “She noticed. One more elbow through the Kitsune Warrior’s heart.”

Stephanie Starr: “Katsu kicked out of one, but a second will be too much.”

Getting on the apron, Yuna pulls herself up by the turnbuckle and begins the ascent. She wipes the hair out of her face, it drenched in sweat after a physical contest. One boot is on the top rope. The other gets there-

As Katsu begins to crawl to the corner.

James O’Connell: “Katsu still wants to fight.”

Stephanie Starr: “At this point, I say there’s a 50/50 chance she’s going to be injured again after this match, if she’s not already. It doesn’t matter, at this point, she’s got too much pride on the line.”

Katsu pulls herself up and Yuna grabs her in a front facelock, pulling her up on the ropes. Funanori slams Katsu’s head against the top turnbuckle.

James O’Connell: “Yuna’s going to try to pull deep in her bag of tricks here.”

Stephanie Starr: “Yeah, and it may end in disaster for Katsu.”

It appears that Yuna Funanori is trying to turn her back to Katsu for a unique move, but Katsu clubs her in the back with her good arm, forcing her opponent to turn around. Yuna headbutts Katsu, who returns with one of her own. The masked wrestler is now standing on top of the turnbuckles with Yuna Funanori.

Stephanie Starr: “Watch out below!”

And Katsu leaps hitting a SUPER FRAKENSTIENER!


-And she immediately locks the legs and rolls over, locking in the Spirit Drain again!


Yuna Funanori, after crashing from the top rope, now has a submission hold locked in TIGHT around her head. The camera shows Yuna’s head peaking out through it and her eyes are practically bugging out as her head is squeezed, arm trapped.

Stephanie Starr: “I’ve never seen a transition like that before and Yuna’s beginning to fade.”

Katsu screams out as she has the triangle choke in, adding some elbows to the top of the head with her good arm before letting it get tighter.

James O’Connell: “Nowhere to go.”

Stephanie Starr: "And she's on empty."

The arm of Yuna Funanori is weak, beginning to drop. The fans hold their breath. Realising there’s no escape, Yuna Funanori choses to fight another day-

Weakly tapping out.

James O’Connell: “IT’S OVER!”

Katsu immediately releases the hold and both competitors lie on the canvas, finally ending their war of a main event.



25: 36


As her theme music plays out in the arena, Katsu lies on the canvas, breathing heavily. The crowd cheers and claps as the main event is over after both ladies put everything they had. Ririko rushes into the ring followed by Hayama and Suzuki and they check on Katsu before doctors and trainee wrestlers enter the ring to check on both wrestlers.

James O’Connell: “Massive praise to both women in this match. Physical, and of course, Katsu, after just getting cleared in time, didn’t go easy.”

Stephanie Starr: “It was an uphill battle, Yuna Funanori has been a shinning beacon of Joshi in an international scene. She showed it, countering everything, ruthlessly targeting the arm until a second Spirit Drain ended her night. The torch may have been passed.”

Trainee wrestlers give both wrestlers ice packs as Katsu sits up. The doctor tapes it to her shoulder to keep it in place as Yuna Funanori rolls out of the ring, spent. Patches flies down and rests on her shoulder, probably the only human that psychotic bird can get along with. With some pride wounded, Yuna gets up and slowly limps her way up th aisle. Katsu stands up as the official gets ready to raise her hand.

Yuji Yoshida (Translation): “And here is your winner, by the result of submission at 25:36, KAAAAAAAA-TSSSSUUUUU!”

Katsu has her good arm raised and she drops down to a knee, tired after the match. Someone hands her some water.

James O’Connell: “Now I have to ask, what will be next? Katsu was in line for title opportunities in two different promotions before her injury. CJW, FWA, and now potentially PWK, she HAS to have their attention after a performance like that?”

Stephanie Starr: “I think what’s next for her some rest. You don’t wrestle a match like that without needing to take some time to recover.”

As her theme music begins to fade, someone hands her a microphone. Katsu doesn’t stand up right away. She breathes heavily, tired after a grueling match. The customary post-main event promo spot belongs to her. Her breathing is heard over the microphone before she mutters in Japanese.

Katsu (Translation): “-That hurt…”

Some of the fans chuckle as Katsu slowly gets up, her good arm holds the microphone. Turning back, she sees Yuna Funanori near the entrance way.

Katsu (Translation): “Funanori…”

Yuna stops. She doesn’t want to turn back. But Katsu gives her possibly the best praise you can give someone after a match.

Katsu (Translation): “You opened the door for someone like me. Without you, there would be no Katsu in America. For that, I thank you.”

She gives a slight bow as the fans clap. Yuna Funanori finally turns around and we see a small smile on her face.

Katsu (Translation): “When the time is right, I don’t care if it is FWA, CJW, Pro-Wrestling Kitsune, whatever promotion, I want to fight you again.”

James O’Connell: “High praise from the young star to Yuna, justifiably so.”

Stephanie Starr: "I'd enjoy a rematch sometime. Two talented ladies facing off. Maybe with higher stakes next time?"

Looking back at Katsu in the ring, Yuna Funanori simply gives a nod, showing interest in a potential rematch. Until then, she exits to the back, leaving the winner of the main event some time.

Katsu (Translation): “In October, I had serious doubts as to if this match would happen. My road to get here has been physically and emotionally draining. Each day you are forced to wrestle with your thoughts, unable to do basic things… I nearly pulled out. So, to be treated like I was tonight… To have a match like that, you made it all worth it. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Katsu shows a little emotion, her voice catching. The crowd cheers as Cali simply pats her friend on the back. Katsu looks back at Saori Suzuki who returned tonight.

Katsu (Translation): “But if I thought the past three months were challenging, then I can only imagine what this woman here has gone through waiting almost a year to wrestle again, not sure if she can. Welcome home, Suzuki.”

The crowd cheers and welcomes back the former world champion. Suzuki’s name is chanted for a few moments as Katsu lets the crowd get it out of their system.

Katsu (Translation): “And I know I have this time as the winner, but I think you have some things to say. So here.”

She hands off the microphone to Saori Suzuki. The veteran hesitates a moment, but obliges. Katsu steps aside for her mentor to speak. She lets out a loud

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “It has been some time, hasn’t it?!”

The heavyweight has a smirk on her face.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “For those who thought I was done, guess what? When you think you’ve taken the Boss of wrestling down, she comes back for another round!”

Her voice booms on the microphone.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “For the past year I have been watching my world burn down around me. Miho Watase, Miss Fuka…”

The mention of the new CJW Tag Team Champions draws boos from the fans. Saori looks into the camera and directs the message to those two.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “I trusted you. From moment one when I formed MAYHEM I thought we would be teammates for our career. Then you stabbed me in the heart…”

Saori points to her chest.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “And ever since that moment I let my anger push me through so I can return. I will not rest until I break you and your Virtue friends into pieces!”

She lets out a powerful threat to the delight of the fans. The veteran looks at the girls who have stood by her. YOKAI Death Squad, the other remaining members of MAYHEM with her. Saori’s tone begins to change. It becomes a bit more somber.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “-But I know things have changed. This has not been my first surgery. I have been wrestling for a decade and a half now. I’ve seen a lot of change. I know I have something to give… But I also know when to pull back.”

Stephanie Starr: “Pull back?”

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “While injured I have been working hard to train wrestlers and work behind the scenes. That has been fulfilling. And even though my desire to wrestle remains, I value my health And I want to know that each time I wrestle you get me at my best. Therefore, I will be a part-time member of the active CJW roster.”

The crowd is quiet. Some disappointment is on their faces, but they continue to listen. Saori Suzuki points to her factionmates.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “But when I see ladies like these perform I KNOW wrestling in Japan is in a good place! So I don’t want to hold them back. We discussed this yesterday, and came to a decision. With me taking less of a role as a competitor, MAYHEM as a unit is dissolved.”

James O’Connell: “She’s dissolving MAYHEM? The unit she founded when kicked to the curb.”

Stephanie Starr: “A rough decision to make.”

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “But…”

A small smile appears on her face.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “I hear there is a new Unit in CJW ready to take the spotlight. They are… the Sky Devil, Cali Hayama, the Crazy Ghost, Ririko, the Kitsune Warrior, Katsu, YOKAI DEATH SQUAD!”

The fans cheer and the YDS trio each have smiles on their faces. The torch is handed to them. MAYHEM is over, but now, their sub-unit has become THEIR Unit.

James O’Connell: “MAYHEM is no more, but Katsu, Cali, Ririko, YDS seem ready to take the spotlight.”

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “Do me proud. YDS is your creation, I don't want you to carry with mine, you don't need it. But if you need me, you know where to find me.”

The fans clap as Katsu is handed the microphone again. Ririko rushes over to give Saori a hug and Cali and Katsu share an embrace with their former Unit leader in the ring. Saori takes a step back as Katsu speaks.

Katsu (Translation): “So I guess 2024 begins a new chapter? And there’s no two ladies I’d rather enter it into than you two.”

She smiles at Cali and Ririko. She notices Saori Suzuki begin to step between the ropes and she stops her.

Katsu (Translaiton): “Wait just a second… I think if MAYHEM is over, let’s send it off right. One more time?”

Saori Suzuki looks back and enters the ring.

Katsu (Translation): “So fans, I thank you for coming tonight. Support Japanese wrestling. Support CJW. Support Pro-Wrestling Kitsune when it comes around. Support all the promotions who had a hand in making tonight possible. YOKAI Death Squad logging on, MAYHEM, signing off…”

She hands the microphone off to Saori as she lets out loudly to the crowd who join in

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “SYSTEM DOWN…”

All four ladies in the ring hold down an “M” hand gesture one final time… And Saori with a heavy heart, says.

Saori Suzuki (Translation): “-A new chapter begins.”

Colourful streamers shoot off from the lights as Katsu’s theme music begins again. The camera zooms in on the former members of MAYHEM meeting in the ring, embracing for one final time. The crowd cheers as the commentary signs us off.

James O’Connell: “Thank you for tuning in to Worlds Unite on NTE as we end stories to begin others! Pro-Wrestling Kitsune incoming!”

Stephanie Starr: “Thank you for making this event possible! Until then, see you next time!”

With streamers covering the screen the show finally fades to black.



It's been an up and down past several months personally. I still don't say I'm perfect, but working on this show, some segments I've posted in the meantime has been a nice escape. I truthfully didn't lose a spark for this but mentally I just needed time away to recover, and honestly in some ways I still am. But I'm thankful this is done and I hope you guys enjoy this show. I give a big thanks to the people who signed up, those who volunteered with grading and match writing, even if circumstances happened where one had to be cut, still the interest alone was a great sentiment. Specifically SS, thanks for writing the Three way and I'm thankful this show also is able to add a little zest to Anzu's story going into King of Death Match, and AON thank you... for giving me another reason to seek therapy. Maybe sometime I'll do a sequel where we follow up with Pro-Wrestling Kitsune... Maybe even that show will have a bit more in regards to Japanese talent, wink wink.

Thanks, guys and gals.
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Mar 30, 2020
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Favorite Wrestler
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Favorite Wrestler
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Favorite Sports Team
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Review Part #1
- I really like the way you have started the show. With the introductions of the commentary teams and just the general setting of the scene. A strong start with a commentary table, for a standalone show is very hard to do, but it has ben done very well here.
- Opening contest. Tag Team titles match. A strong way to kickoff any show.
- I do enjoy the heavy amount of detail that has gone in for the ring entrances before the match has begun. For the very first match, that is a lot of effort and most be applauded.
- The chaos beginning and the bell has even rung yet!
- Very impressed how long, detailed and just very smooth the first match was. That really caught me by surprise, and shows just how much time and effort you put in to make this a success. FML - you had be surprised.
- It 100% the longest opening match, I've listened too in a very long time.
- Going to have to listen to this show in parts :) And congrats to the new tag team champions
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Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Review Part #1
- I really like the way you have started the show. With the introductions of the commentary teams and just the general setting of the scene. A strong start with a commentary table, for a standalone show is very hard to do, but it has ben done very well here.
- Opening contest. Tag Team titles match. A strong way to kickoff any show.
- I do enjoy the heavy amount of detail that has gone in for the ring entrances before the match has begun. For the very first match, that is a lot of effort and most be applauded.
- The chaos beginning and the bell has even rung yet!
- Very impressed how long, detailed and just very smooth the first match was. That really caught me by surprise, and shows just how much time and effort you put in to make this a success. FML - you had be surprised.
- It 100% the longest opening match, I've listened too in a very long time.
- Going to have to listen to this show in parts :) And congrats to the new tag team champions

Originally that was going to be I think third last match. After the initial opener was cut, decided to start off hot.

But not congrats to them, they are meanie poo-poo heads.

Looking forward to hearing your review :)
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Mar 30, 2020
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Review Part #2
- Time to listen to more of this packed show.
- The focus on Japanese commentary is a nice touch. Its a cool way to establish the lore and universe you are creating here.
- Kung-Fu Boom sound like quite a fun team. Who ever was the creative behind this team, clap clap clap.
- Max Castor parody is funny. The rap was funny. The narration really sold it in audio form for me.
- This entire match is setup up for comedy.
- This is certain a fun light-hearted match for sure. Boom-Boom is such a great name.
- He was watching "the fast guys" HAHAHAHA!
- Jimmy Boom Boom is awesome. Whoever created this guy. BIG BOOM!
- The Spoon Crew! LOL
- Being called Max and Anthony is funny as hell.
- Rosie with another awesomely written match. I really have to say you're attention to detail is something else.
- A solid win for the Ozmanclaimed. I still leave as bigger fan of Kung-Fu Boom.

- Time for the first single's match. And baby oil is already being mentioned far too much already. Also Moist. Vomit sound.
- Who on earth came u with gross character!
- Super Massive Destroyer is actually the name I have previously used for a character, that had Abyss as the rep. So this is a funny moment for me. Same name. Different face.
- An AON written match. Okay okay.
- This is a troll match LMAO.
- Slipping and sliding on the baby oil. WTF.
- This guy is getting more baby oil! What a pervert!
- Being intentionally bad, made it good.
- A complaints statement. This is comedy gold.

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Mar 30, 2020
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Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
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Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Review Part #3
- Triple threat could prove fun. Sawyer FTW!
- The match was short, but fun and no real complaints. Other than Xavier where is the win!
- Always enjoy connecting a show to the overall universe. Name dropping WW was a good touch.
- I guess Anzu is taking part in the KODM? That is quite a cool thing to include. Don't sleep on Nine Tales Entertainment.

- Major Mayhem. What a great name for a character for a US patriot character.
- Introduce in God's language! Holy fucking shit.
- This Major Mayhem introduction is gold. Super offensive. But pure foreign American gold. Get this lad in the FWA more often.
- Finish my promo off for me....
- A sound of Thunder to save us all!
- Well its not hard to guess who the face of this match is going to be.
- Realizing this is Tommy vs. Rosie. And I am remembering the roleplay now.
- Another monster match and a great write. The victory home crowd 100% would have wanted.
- I love the idea of talking to someone after the match, and them having zero idea what you are saying. Great!
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