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WCW Monday Night Nitro July 7th, 1998 (da man becomes DA MAN)


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
World Heavyweight Champion: "Hollywood" Hogan
United States Champion: Goldberg
Television Champion: Booker T
Cruiserweight Champion: Chris Jericho
Tag Team Champions: nWo Wolfpac

WCW Monday Night Nitro
July 7th, 1998
Atlanta, Georgia

Nitro opens up with a recap of thunder. JJ Dillon announces that on Nitro in Atlanta, that Hollywood Hulk Hogan is contractile obligated to depend the World title against the number #1 contender GOLDBERG!

Nitro Girls are being THOTS in the ring.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Zarry “Living Legend” Zbysko who are all dressed up like this is some special event welcomes us to the show.

Hollywood Hogan along with Bischoff, The Disciple and a covered up but wearing tight leather Liz FUCK YEAH! All make their way down to the ring. Eric gets on the mic and says he knows Hogan had a great holiday but has something to say. Hogan gets on the mic and says when he flew into ATL he had people worshiping at his feet. But it’s time to get down to business. Good new this is the final week before bash at the beach and the battle plan is in motion for he and Rodman to take out DDP and Carl Malone. They plan on making sure the mailman never plays basketball again. Now the bad news, to those 1 or 2 Goldberg fans with speakerphones the bad news is this match ain’t gonna happen brother. GOLDBERG hasn’t beaten anyone and he’s not in his league. So this match ain’t gonna happen, but for the 1 or 2 fans of his. He’s gonna give them a chance to scream and in a few minutes he's going to bring out an nWo brother that we haven't seen in a while, and he's going to face Goldberg. If Goldberg gets by this nWo brother, then Hogan will face Goldberg. Hogan says his fans will eat up the Goldberg fans. HUGE LEGIT GOLDBERG CHANT BREAKS OUT NOT LIKE THE FAKE ONES THEY PIPE IN.

Outside the arena some geeks are hyping up Goldberg saying Hogan stands no chance 107-0.

nWo merchandise commercial brother.

Mean Gene is with some NASCAR GEEK, this redneck talks and it sounds like some fat aj styles talking. Mean Gene shows up his whack car.

WCW Television Championship: Dean Malenko vs. Booker T
Booker uses the rare height and power advantage early on to first get the better on the mat then with strikes and moves. Dean seems to be off his game and one step behind until Booker goes for top rope dropkick that Dean avoids. That allows Dean to get a little bit of offense in before getting caught in a spinebuster followed by a spinkick for two. Dean fights back and nails a crossbody and both men go over the top. That allows Jericho to come out and says he wants Dean tonight it has to end once and for all tonight. That allows Booker to roll into the ring and nail Dean with the scissors kicks in-between the ropes for the win.

Backstage: Goldberg is doing press-ups on chairs because he da fuckin man.

Karl Malone pre-taped promo about Dennis Rodman.

Raven's Rules Match: Kanyon vs. Raven (w/Lodi)
So Raven finally gets theme music, only took about a year or so. Also lol @ the WWE Network being so cheap they had the dub over Raven’s music and add his WWF one. I understand Voodoo child and Self High Five but Raven :lmao anyway, Kanyon wastes no time and jumps him on the floor. They brawl back intot he ring and Kanyon locks in a sleeper that quickly gets countered into one of his own. Kanyon counters that into a backdrop and both men go over to the floor. Raven gets thrown into the steel rails as Kanyon picks up a chair. Back in the ring, and Kanyon flapjacks him onto the chair for two. He places the chair on Raven and heads up top but Lodi cuts him off dropping him balls first onto the top rope. That allows Raven to superplex him onto the chair. Saturn charges to the ring and beats the piss out of Raven & Lodi for a DQ. In a Raven's Rules match. Which was supposed to be No DQ :lmao Post-Match: Saturn takes out Kanyon as well as Raven and Lodi. Saturn pulls out a table and loads Raven on top and hits his brand new patented splash off the top onto Raven. Saturn gets back in the ring to celebrate and Kanyon hits the FIREMANS CARRY NECKBREAKER~!

Out in the Arena a Limo pulls up; an elderly lady helps Buff Bagwell out of the limo and into a wheelchair. He has his neckbrace on Schiavone & Zybszko admit that whether he's nWo or not, pro wrestling is pro wrestling, real life is what we all live, and it's good to see Marcus Bagwell legitimately. And I'm glad to see him as well.

More geeks fans are outside hyping up Goldberg, followed by Nitro thots and footage of the pathetic nitro parties. They then recap the DDP/Malone nWo stuff from last week. These entire shitfests put together is like 10 minutes of air time smh.

"Mean Gene" brings out Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone. Gene says all eyes are on this tag match, as Page hypes up the crowd before saying this will be the worse week of Hogan’s life (which in 2016 is debatable) he then says it doesn’t matter who Hogan puts in front of Goldberg it doesn’t matter Goldberg is gonna take him out and Hogan is next. Then at the PPV he’s gonna hit him with the BANG! Malone then says he’s gonna whip Rodzilla like Madonna should've :lmao then knock the paint out of his hair boy. RODZILLA KILLA!

Recap of Mongo's pre-taped interview from last week, daring Arn Anderson to reform the Four Horsemen. WE WANT FLAIR!

Scott Putski vs. Riggs
You wanna talk about piss break no fucks given match so after 15 to 20 minutes of video packages and DDP promos this is what you give the crowd :lmao anyway this was trash both guys did a bunch of stuff and went back and forth with little to no meaning. Putski wins with a split-legged spinebuster. Yeah.

More clips of Goldberg getting hyped which includes him headbutting a locker, followed by a video package of Goldberg's path to this point dating back to his debut.


Backstage: nWo Hollywood are clapping as a limo pulls up and Scott Hall comes out :mark: Scott is hype and says it’s time to talk Goldberg to school. nWo all celebrate because it ain’t no party until Hall shows up.

Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; he says that he's going to defend his title against Ultimo Dragon tonight even though he's not the #1 Contender. And that at the Bash at the Beach, he'll be defending his title against "Rey Mysterio Jr" since he beat him on Thunder. JJ Dillon rushes down and says he should be careful what he wishes for because you never know. Dillon says while Jericho will face Dragon tonight, he will face Dean at the PPV unless they touch each other. Malenko runs out to kill Jericho and Jericho taunts him, daring him too. JJ calms Malenko down, calming him down, but Jericho brings up Malenko's father and brother and his mother being a potential whore. Malenko is pissed and kills him before getting taken out by security. Malenko's now lost his match at the PPV.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon
This was fun while it lasted; it never really got going as it was just a filler until Dean ran back out to get more of Jericho for the DQ. Post-match: Malenko gets arrested by the Atlanta Police. It was officially announced that he's lost his Bash at the Beach match against Jericho. And is now on his way to jail.

Heenan on commentary YAY! Also Nitro girls in tight pants humping the floor.

Fuckin Johnny Swinger comes out looking like Dolph Ziggler adjace which is Shawn Michaels adjace :lmao this motherfucker then says he’s the hottest commodity in WCW and telling people to know/remember who he is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chavo comes out in a hard hat with Pepe (Wearing a hardhat because on Thunder Eddie snapped and cut a piece of Chavo’s hair off his head with scissors leaving a hilarious bald patch)

Chavo Guerrero vs. Johnny Swinger
Chavo trying to wrestler with a hand on his head to cover the patch was fun, then he got serious and swinger stunk up the match on offense which lasted all of 5 seconds before Chavo hit a spinning tornado DDT for the win. Post-Match: Chavo says Swinger has some split ends and begins to cut his hair smh. He then challenges Eddie to a hair vs. hair match at the PPV.

Win number #25 over Glacier is show, before more Goldberg pumping himself up.

Disco Inferno comes out and dances. Alex Wright follows him out to his own music, and Toyko Magnum stalks behind Wright and dances. All three men dance to a remix of Disco & Wright's music smh.

Disco Inferno & Alex Wright (w/Toyko Magnum) vs. Public Enemy
FUCK YOU WCW! I ain’t watching this shit.

"Mean Gene" brings out Buff Bagwell, in a wheel chair, with his mother Judy Bagwell. This is a legit interview. Apparently, Buff almost died two times during his stay in intensive care before his surgery actually took place. HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT WOW! He says that this is the hardest thing he's ever had to do, and thanks the fans for keeping in touch with him, he loves the fans. Buff says that Scott Steiner wanted to bring him out last week, but he’s been taking a second look at life. Buff says that Steiner has to go his way, and Buff has to go his. And he wants to tell Atlanta that "Buff-Daddy loves you." Buff praises his mom. He then finishes and says he was the surprise that Scott was supposed to bring out, but he's just happy to be able to move again. "I'm buff, and I'm still the stuff." AWESOME!


If Goldberg Wins, He Faces Hogan Later Tonight For the WCW World Championship: Goldberg vs. Scott Hall
Finally some name value and match that means something. Fake GOLDBERG chants during his entrance because before Goldberg even comes they show shots of the crowd and not one person is chanting Goldberg either they are yelling or just looking around. C’MON! Now when he gets in you can see people chanting but it’s not that loud. Hall trolls early, but Goldberg ain’t taking no shit and uses his power. Hall tries to uses the experience but Goldberg is way too powerfull. Some many miscommunications' and botches in the early going :lmao Goldberg picks up Hall in an over-the-shoulder powerslam. Hall spits at him, but Goldberg throws him down. Hall gets a brief advantage with a kick. A belly-to-back suplex for one. The "Goldberg" chant starts, and Goldberg starts to Hulk up. Goldberg completes the Hulk-up, while Hall continues to hit him. Goldberg with an armdrag, and another one, and another one. Hall hits the floor. Hall calls to the back. nWo Hollywood comes out (Vincent and Disciple :lmao), but Page and Malone take them out. Goldberg drags Hall back into the ring, but Hall drops his throat over the top. Hall signals for the end and the Outsider Edge. He picks him up into position but Goldberg wiggles out and kills him with a spear. Jackhammer get the win and his chance at Hollywood Hogan tonight FUCK YEAH! 107-0 **1/2

Nitro THOTS are hanging around da gawd Heenan and the other two losers. Schiavone claims during the commercial the crowd was chanting “Hogan’s Next” Really fam :lmao

Psicosis vs. Juventud Guerrera
This was cool, tons of fast action packed moves in about 3 minutes or so. Psicosis trying to prevent all of Juvis' high flying shit and keeping it on the mat. Every time Psicosis tries to end it, Juvi finds a way out of it. He finally decides to work his way eventually up top and it works until gets too cocky, going for the Gullitone Leg Drop too early. Juvi catches him coming off the top and hits the Juvi Driver. 450 Splash for the win. Post-Match: The Flock storms the ring and starts to beat the shit out of but mid-way through they cut away to a Goldberg video package. Because fuck mid-card storylines it’s GOLDBERG NIGHT! **1/2

More DDP/Malone vs. Rodman/Hogan hype because that’s what go home shows are for.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. The Giant
Giant does what he can it sucked big time but at least Jim stuff to his 80’s offense and didn’t try to bring out the tape fist gimmick. Fuckin’ idiots. Post-Match: Giant talks shit about Kevin Greene because you know that’s still a thing smh.

Diamond Dallas Page (w/Karl Malone) vs. Jim Neidhart
Neidhart gets banged in about 90 seconds :lmao Only good this about this was the Diamond Cutter and Heenan saying on commentary did the mail man get lost on his route because he took about 10 seconds to come out after DDP. I love you heenan, also fuck you to those people that made the Heenan twitter accounts.

So after 2 hours thanks to the WWE Network, we finally get the nWo wolfpac :mark: oh minus Savage as he’s still injured. Nash gets on the mic and sucks up the ATL some, Konnan says his usual shit that I don’t think anyone even knows. But wait here comes Kidman and sick boy :lmao

WCW Tag Team Championships: Sting & Lex Luger vs. Kidman & Sick Boy
Do I need to say more, this was shorter than the Page match. Scorpion Death Lock on Sick Boy and Torture Rack on Kidman at the same time for the win.


I ain’t even mad at the fake chants piped in again as we get the Doug Dillinger and security walk to the entrance way :mark: even the way he breathed in the smoke and blew it out his nose was incredible. I get chills still watching it to this day. "Hollywood" Hogan makes his way out by himself, OH SHIT! No Bischoff, No Liz, No Vincent, No Disciple nobody I don’t think he’s ever come out alone this is huge.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: "Hollywood" Hogan vs. Goldberg
HOLY SHIT! THE POP AT THE BELL IS GREAT! LEGIT GOLDBERG CHANTS BREAKS OUT WHICH GETS HOGAN NERVOUS!!! Goldberg uses the power advantage early. Hogan tries to go to the route too but for one of the few times he’s not the stronger man. Hogan takes the L on the test of strength as the crowd goes nuts, but he gets to the ropes to force the break. Boot to the mid section and Hogan finally shows his true color first by raking the eyes then removing his belt and whipping Goldberg with it. But all that does is piss Goldberg off who snatches it away; he throws it away and begs Hogan to bring it. Low blow by Hogan, is followed by a clothesline and a choking on the mat. Hogan misses the elbow drop twice before killing Hogan with a clothesline of his own. Hogan begins to stall on the floor and picks up the weighted belt again. They go back to the test of strength with Hogan winning now, he throws Goldberg to the floor and rams his head into the steel rail. Hogans not done as he hits him in the back with a steel chair which is not called for a DQ. Hogan connects with a leg drop back in the ring. When Curt Henning makes his way out, he is then followed out by Malone & DDP. MALONE HITS HENNING WITH THE DIAMOND CUTTER HOLY SHIT! HOGAN SEES MALONE FINALLY HIT THE DIAMOND CUTTER, WHICH HAS BEEN BUILT AS THE BIGGEST MOVE IN WCW, AND HOGAN FREAKS OUT BECAUSE NOW BOTH OF HIS OPPONENTS AT PPV KNOW IT! MALONE SIGNALS THE DIAMOND SIGN TO HOGAN AND HOGAN FLIPS EVEN MORE! HOGAN TURNS AND............SPEAR BY GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG SIGNALS FOR IT AND THE ANNOUNCERS FLIP OUT. HERE IT COMES! JACKHAMMER FOR THE 1….2…..3…. WHAT A TIME TO BE A WRESTLING FAN! 108-0 :mark: Post-Match: Goldberg picks up both belts and celebrates with the first bit of emotion we’ve ever seen from him. Goldberg’s music spots playing the crowd is legit going nuts with actual Goldberg chants it’s just incredible to watch. Now as for the match it not the greatest but holy shit that finish was incredible. ***1/2

Thoughts: So i found out that this was the first rating WCW won over Raw since the Raw before Mania14. Since then WCW was getting killed. So Hogan's master plan was to drop the title on the go home of a show. And what was the results. well, The Nitro ratings were 4.8 off of hours of a 4.4, 4.5 and a whopping 5.6 while RAW received a 4.0 off of hours of 3.6 and 4.4. This does show that big time shows were possible and a Monday record was set with nearly 42000 fans in the Georgia Dome. Guess what happen next week Raw beat them in the rating proving that this whole Nitro meant nothing it hurt WCW Worse, it lost the company so much money off the potential advertisement and commercials for a Goldberg/Hogan PPV down the line. It also pushed Goldberg who was only a year in to be the man who is really a one trick pony to be the man and that ended up backfiring as we later found out. This is why the inmates should not be running the asylums. I totally understand Hogan's reasons for dropping the belt now, for rating the the potential of him ending the streak at Starrcade '98 or '99 and those byerates but it didn't pan out because egos and other stuff. Oh well, the show the had a big fight feel for the final hour or so. But way too much filler shit. 6/10 show at best.​


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Nov 13, 2010
Goldberg should've steamrolled Hogan.

Couldve had Malone and DDP come out before the match to build their angle. Distraction victory for your monster is dumb.


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
sure a Goldberg squash would have been perfect but Hogan's ego wouldn't have allowed it. I did like that they finally showed Malone mastering the Diamond cutter making Hogan shook.


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Feb 25, 2012
WCW always short the short sighted thinking that PPV buy rates mean nothing. It was always about ratings.

Goldberg hoisting Hogan up in the air will always be an iconic moment but it definitely wasn't the best business move