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SmackDown Live Smackdown Live Feb 5 edition.


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Nov 13, 2010

SmackDown LIVE preview, Feb. 5, 2019: Daniel Bryan clashes with Jeff Hardy in Elimination Chamber preview

After revealing his new, eco-friendly WWE Championship last week, “The New” Daniel Bryan found out from WWE COO Triple H that he would be defending the hempen title against five other Superstars inside the unforgiving Elimination Chamber. Tonight, the “planet’s champion” will face one of his challengers, as he takes on Jeff Hardy. Will Hardy make a statement before the career-altering battle, or can Bryan establish dominance before defending his title? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Mustafa Ali and Randy Orton collide with Elimination Chamber Match in sight
Mustafa Ali has quickly become SmackDown LIVE’s newest sensation, but will face perhaps his toughest challenge yet when he squares off against Randy Orton tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

With both Ali and Orton slotted for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match on Feb. 17, each Superstar will look to take the other down a peg in hopes of putting themselves in prime position to leave with the WWE Title in roughly two weeks’ time. Can Ali pick up another major victory or will The Viper strike him down prior to the monumental championship showdown?

Can Nakamura & Rusev coexist against The Good Brothers?
After weeks of intense rivalry, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev found themselves on the same page last week after both fell short in United States Championship Matches against R-Truth … and The Good Brothers weren’t good with it.

Nakamura & Rusev laid R-Truth out with a brutal assault after being incredibly frustrated that they both suffered roll-up losses to Truth with the United States Title on the line. After the fact, both The King of Strong Style & The Bulgarian Brute were confronted by Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, who were not happy with their treatment of Truth and challenged them to a match. Both Nakamura & Rusev agreed, but then The Super Athlete told Nakamura in no uncertain terms that he shouldn’t think about betraying him.

Can Nakamura & Rusev coexist long enough to overcome one of the most experienced teams on all of SmackDown LIVE? Find out tonight!
Show looks good on paper.