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Ryback: Nobody Hates Wrestling More Than Wrestling Fans

Captain Charisma

Well-Known Member
Dec 8, 2012
During a recent episode of his podcast (transcript via Wrestlinginc.com), former WWE star Ryback talked about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On Kurt Angle’s in-return:

“It was nice to see Kurt Angle back. I thought they did a good job—people will complain about it no matter what,” Ryback said. “Nobody hates pro wrestling more than wrestling fans; I know there were some people that were upset that Kurt Angle came out to the Shield attire and didn’t come out in his regular outfit and music so people were unhappy about that. He came back on 3-4 days notice. Great comeback story and it was good.”On Raw vs. SmackDown at Survivor Series:

“There used to be a pay per view called ‘Bragging Rights’ where they would do Raw vs SmackDown on the entire pay per view, so this is there way to do that with inter-promotional matchups to create the illusion, but there’s a monopoly to create a conflict, and create a war with the company,” Ryback said. “It’ll create for some interesting matchups, but it’s funny because they do that, but they’ll do it when AJ Styles came in and filled in for Raw, but none of it ever makes sense with professional wrestling.”
It seems interesting to me as he talked sense. And he didn't shoot at WWE.


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2010
Seems like an unhealthy view to have over something you supposedly like.

The EC

Well-Known Member
Aug 3, 2011
I mean, pro wrestling is almost devoid of logic when it comes to storylines, they do a lot of shit like The Gobbledy Gooker, Shockmaster and Michael Cole at WM that is cringeworthy and produce some segments and characters that are just straight up embarassing. But that's all part of the charm and experience as a wrestling fan. I hate all that shit but I love it at the same time because wrestling wouldn't be what it is without it.
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