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PWG From Out Of Nowhere


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Dec 3, 2010
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Biff Busick vs. Mike Bailey
So this was fun, this is my first time seeing Bailey so far so good, opening minutes had some good chain wrestling exchanges before Bailey say fuck this and starts kicking him. He would outsmart Biff by sending him to the floor; Bailey would follow up by hitting a springboard lionsault (I only call it this is because he used the middle rope) to the outside. Shortly after Biff is like fuck this, and belly-to-bellies him into the apron. I should also mention Bailey wrestles barefoot with the kick pad thing just covering the top part of his feet. Back to match, Biff is in control for the most part working over that lower back. Bailey comeback is fuckin’ great as he hits a standing backflip stomp and a standing running Cancun Tornado :mark: The match turns into the back-and-forth portion with both men hitting some sweet, sweet moves but the big ones wouldn’t connect. BAILEY THEN HITS A FUCKIN’ SHOOTIN’ START KNEE TO THE BACK PRESS FOR WHAT LEGIT LOOKED LIKE A 3 COUNT, but was only 2. Just as Bailey got a little too confident on the top rope, Biff struck, launching himself upward with a European uppercut From Out of Nowhere and following up with a fuckin’ half and half suplex from the apron over the top and into the ring for a two count. The match would end minutes later when Biff catches him in the rear naked choke and Bailey taps. Fun match, really fun match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Tommaso Ciampa
I will straight up tell you I was never a Ciampa fan until he got to PWG and on the first night almost murdered Brian Cage. Match starts off as the normal feeling out process even get a Ciampa hug spot :lmao Cedric then turns it up and hits the dive over the top followed by a big splash for two. The early portion is all Cedric until Ciampa catches him with a sweet German and knees him in the fuckin’ face. Canning ball to the outside, this leads to Ciampa taking over slowing down the pace but just for like a minute. I wanna call it a great sequence out counters but it reminded me of the RVD/Lynn stuff and I can’t stand those matches, haven’t aged well at all. More back-and-forth stuff it’s not mind-blowing or bad but it’s the typical Indy stuff IDK, however the finish was what made the match; Cedric crops Ciampa head onto the top buckle but Ciampa is standing on the middle rope, so he’s standing on the middle rope with the back of his neck touching the turnbuckle in a bent over position and Cedric running dropkicks him 3 times before giving him the Roddy double knees backbreaker for the win. WOW! As I said earlier not my kind of match, too much I’ll get my shit in then you do yours but that fuckin’ finish tho. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hat before.

The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent?) vs. The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds and Jon Silver)
I have no idea who the Beaver Boys are so this is my first time seeing them. I love the Best Friends, I don’t know what it is because they are not the best wrestlers but comedy and spots just make up for all of it. Early portion is all Chucky T comedy against Alex, until he brings da spots and Chuck bails. So we get Trent and Alex for a bit, with Chuck asking him for a moonsault and seeing how this is Trent’s first match after surgery and his torn knee he does it to a huge pop. Next Chuck does one and crowd chants holy shit :lmao it’s a joke because Chuck always refers to himself as a fat boy. Jon tags in and is in fuck this comedy shit and kills Trent, this would lead to the Beaver’s getting a mini-offense before the best friends bring the comedy stomp and back senton but as they are about to Hug, Jon kicks them both. He then ties Trent’s knees to the bottom ring and Alex pretends to jerk off on top on Trent :lmao he fakes Chuck out 3 times before he fakes cums in his face DEAD!!!!!!! Chuck bringing out the grenade, to the great despair of Reynolds’ balls :lamo Oh Jon going into beast mode because his partners balls got destroyed with a double superkick was great. The match would turn into the high spot double tag moves, it went way too fast and too many moves for me to write down but that was fun. The match would end when Chuck hits the Sexy Chucky Knee and a Double Chokeslam for the win. Comedy, lovely comedy. Wrestling needs more comedy.

ACH vs. AR Fox
UGH! AR Fox and his unnecessary of unnecessary spots, this should be a blast. I’m not the biggest ACH fan unless he’s stealing Rock/Austin finishing stretch moves or he’s shouting DBZ move names. This is what I expected it to be a ton of athletic moves and spots, I liked that they played off the dick rag which was left at ringside. AR also busted out the top rope back senton flip followed up by the top rope leg drop to ACH on the apron. ACH comes back with the special beam cannon which gets a 1 count but the crowd chant that was two :lmao ACH turned into STONE COLD ACH! Which wasn’t shocking was the best part of the match. Beautiful transitioning from the giant swing into a cloverleaf, but AR fights out of it. The match turns into the combo spots with AR getting the better for the majority because that all he does, thankfully the match would end when Fox walks into a Stunner and a world-destroying delayed snap German suplex for the win. Meh!

Chris Hero vs. Drew Gulak
Right off the bat Excalibur lets us know this is a student vs. teacher match; Chucky T is on commentary so this should be great. Fat Hero is still here but he’s not as fat as he was like a month ago so bravo Hero. This is Hero at his best using his strikes and weight advantage to his advantage, another thing which makes this so much more better is Hero’s gimmicks is knockout blows so there is no need for his matches to go 25+ minutes, just makes his elbows useless. Back to the match; both men did a tremendous job of hitting the other as hard as possible then transitioned into submissions bending body parts in ways it shouldn’t go. This is the type of back-and-forth match I like it’s not just moves for the sake of doing them; it’s pick a body part and go to work. Oh this also had selling and 5 matches in; it’s nice to have selling for once. Gulak targeted Hero’s knee working it over until he ate an enormous jumping kick to the face followed by a sweet elbow. Both men trade chops as Hero starting bringing the Elbows and they are on point, he head up missed the moonsault and Gulak locks in the ankle lock but Hero gets to the ropes. They traded elbows and lariats trying to knock the other out so Hero being the teacher switches to a rolling straight punch :lmao more strike exchanges until Gulak out smarts the teachers and kicks the injured knee, he applies the ankle lock again but Hero rolls through before kicking out. Gulak still has the leg and applies the Gu-Lock (figure four ankle lock) Hero gets to the ropes, he runs into 3 Hero boots followed but a straight knee to the jaw. Nasty Rolling elbow but Gulak out of nowhere rolls him up, he apples the ankle lock again but they do the Eddie/Kurt spot with the boot coming off. Hero kicks him twice but Gulak hits him with Hero own boot for two :lamo Gulak is pissed so he tries to end it with a Tombstone but ended up receiving one himself. Hero followed immediately with a stalling jumping piledriver for win. Damn good, Gulak looked great as Hero gave him a ton on offense. Gulak’s entire strategy was based on submissions as he busted out almost everything but at the end the angry fighter is a sloppy fighter and the teacher was able to put him away.

Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal
HOLY SHIT! Both guys have been hitting the roids hard since 2012, not Brian Cage level because he no longer looks human while these two look jacked. The speed and high flying is busted out early here. I legit had to rewind it to watch again to see if I could write it down but no, way too much shit. As expected the match is every fast paced, with both men busting out the good spots we even got a Ricochet RKO OUTTA NOWHERE :mark: this would lead to him taking over for a bit, he didn’t work a body part it was most moves in attempt to keep him down. Matt would take over after Ricochet attempts to get cocky with a suplex and he hits the here it is driver. The match breaks down and it’s both men some pretty impressive moves but it’s nothing I have not seen in PWG before. I will however say I marked so hard when I saw the brainbuster countered into the rana. The match remained even throughout with both men running through their entire arsenals, with Sydal in particular breaking out all the old favourites, the match would end when Ricochet misses the shooting star, but he counters out of the pump handle, he hits it on the 2nd try as Matt tries his own shooting star but lands on his feet, Ricochet delivers the headkick and finishes him off with the Vertigo for the win. It was another one of those spotfest matches, but a lot more tone down version of ACH/AR if you can believe that. I did look at some of the users rating on the internet and it is overrated as fuck, nowhere near the 4 and half. It just hit me this is one of those highlight package matches that you see on youtube when you search wrestler a vs. wrestler b and you see a 2 minute match of all the crazy shit, this is that match. It’s also one of those matches when you are showing someone the crazy spot matches; this is probably what you show them.

The Young Bucks vs. Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander)
With their biggest fan Dave Meltzer sitting ringside, the Young Bucks dick heel antics were on fuckin’ point, they even did their own announcing before jumping the mafia. Matt two sweating the mafia in the eyes before doing the suck it train into the corner :lmao IndyTAKER even using Eddie moves before doing the Viva shaking for like a minutes :lmao That would allow the Mafia to take over for a brief moment until the Buck took over, and it was classic Bucks as they combined their dick antics along with cheating and moves for a great. I also liked that they kept the high spots to the minimum until the tag match broke down and it goes into the BUCKS MODE! I should also mention Bucks using the Hardy Boys double team moves were great. Alexander, gets the hot tag as he takes the fight to both Bucks before his partner can come in to help out. They hit this sweet, assisted Blue Thunder Bomb and a Slingshot Cutter into a German Suplex. out-of-this-world tag finisher is fuckin’ insane. But speaking of insane Here comes the suck it followed by punches :lmao, Mafia have some damn great tag moves, assisted spinebuster only gets two. SUPERKICK TOMBSTONE SPOT IS THE GREATEST! Double low blows into the X-Factor and tornado DDT, leads to the finish with the BUCKS first blowing a kiss to Meltzer before HITTING THE MELTZER DRIVER FOR THE WIN. Hero jerking off to this was hilarious, and him calling Meltzer "GRANDADDY METLZY!" DEAD! You can love the Bucks or Hate them they always deliver for me, and this match only had like 7 superkicks that’s right only 8. Great stuff.

PWG World Championship: Roderick Strong vs. Trevor Lee
Roddy is such a prick. If only ROH would see the level of GOAT that is heel Roddy in 2015 has been its AMAZING! He might be going for MVP! Opening minutes was full of intensity and hate. Gotta love a champ stalling if the crowd is gonna shit on your little boots, and when you take cheap shots behind the refs back. Roddy gains control for the opening minutes but as soon as Lee picks up the pace and nails him with a sweet dropkick before working the head, first Roddy chop gets a middle finger from Lee before he goes to his own stalling WAT! Well Roddy is pissed and he begins to beat the shit out of young Mr. Lee; which included a jump kick from his knee into Lee’s face, Lee would comeback with the suicide dive but in the 2nd attempt Roddy would pull a fan in front of him so Lee would stop. And that would allow Roddy to yank the leg from out of him dropping him back and neck first on the apron :mark: Roddy is back on offense breaking his back, chopping his chest and kicking him in the face. Roddy takes the fight to the floor with both men trading big shots until Roddy rolls in as he felts Lee strikes, more strikes in the ring with Roddy hitting the Angle Slam for two. Roddy/Knoxs feud is the modern day GOD/Hebner feud :mark: Lee’s multiple comeback attempts were turned back by Strong until he fell victim to the jumping mushroom stomp. The two exchanged big strikes, but while Lee was getting the better of it, Lee begins to make that comeback but he keeps telegraphing it which is allowing Roddy to get a move in. scissor roll-up gets two, as Lee counters 2 of Roddy’s 6 move combo. He counters the gut buster with the mushroom stomp to the throat. Lee is noticeable tired so he botches a couple of stuff, before walking into the half nelson backbreaker. He follows up with a front face suplex before hitting the running knee, elbow and side suplex for two. Tiger driver is blocked, and the rana is blocked into the strong hold but that gets broken with kicks. Roddy runs into a boot and a high round house before Lee hits the dead lift German for two. SICK Crossbody with Lee getting the better for two, Lee heads up top but is cut off, Roddy hits the superplex but as he goes for another gets caught in the orange crush for two. More strikes are exchanged but SICK KICKS IS FOLLOWED BY THE GIVER DRIVER FOR TWO! Lee tried a small package but Strong kicked out and hit a pair of jumping knee strikes and the End of Heartache for the win. They did a remarkable job of making people believe that Trevor had a chance of winning which definitely added to the match. Really good match and is my MOTN.



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Nov 13, 2010
I honestly can't tell if the Bucks are a comedy act or if they are trying to be serious. Half their spots look so silly.


Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I really think they're parodying themselves at this point and honestly it's fucking awesome. They're move is called the fucking MELTZER DRIVER, I mean come on :lmao