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Pro-Wrestling News & Rumors Tidbits *May Contain Spoilers*


Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
Lol people are angry at Cornette for bullshit yet again.
I had to Google it bc you didn't specify for those of us that only check this site :side:

But it doesn't seem like too big of a deal. Cornette's damage control just going in on Joey Ryan and reiterating that he doesn't have a problem with gay people was absolutely amazing, but his original comments does make it seem like he has a problem with Sonny's character, which personally I don't see as that bad (from what very little I've seen so not very much to go off here), but as much theater as wrestling is, I don't really see a problem with a trans character in a battle royal like Cornette seems to have, I don't believe it's making a mockery of the sport like he thinks so. I do 100% agree with his opinions on Joey Ryan making a mockery of it with his dick gimmick tho, and as far as damage control goes, that was probably the perfect response to mostly win over a lot of people that may have been turned off by his original comments. But overall, I kinda feel Cornette's complaints when he generalizes them, but his specific complaint about that Sonny dude just don't matter to me bc wrestling has had effeminate men for fucking ever, and I think this might be an actual trans person just playing off his real life persona turned up a bit so in a way it's even more "realistic" than the Adrian Adonis or Adrian Street characters of the 80s which I'm willing to bet Cornette had no problem with. BUT it was also just a side comment mostly that Joey Ryan blew out of proportion so I wouldn't call Cornette homophobic or transphobic by any means just from those, and like I said he had some excellent damage control, so nothing has really changed in my mind.

The best comment from all of this was from the Luchasaurus guy saying he's experienced this prejudice for a million years as a dinosaur :TI:

Jimmy King

Death Rider
Dec 12, 2010
San Diego, CA
Yeah but in today's society you either have to condemn him as a homophobe or support every single thing he said, there's no room for middle opinions like yours :side:
This is true unfortunately. I actually like Corny too, mostly for his stories and rants even if I do disagree with the majority of what he says about modern wrestling


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Nov 13, 2010
LOL rasslin fans goose and giggle when Cornette buries WWE.....but as soon as he says something about anything else it's "shut up oldman
" :lmao
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