POST FALLOUT 023: Online Exclusive Post-Main Event

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Dark Side
Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
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In what is meant to be a crowning moment of her career has quickly turned south. The feed has been cut for the fans at home, but the cameras are still rolling. The Allianz Stadion in Austria has erupted in boos after former Television Champion, Shawn Summers, rushed the ring and took out not just the man who took his championship from him, Phillip A. Jackson, but also the woman who now has won it, Vampyra. After his attack with the bat, security staff have finally managed to escort the disgruntled ex-champion out of the ring and to the back as medical staff check on both Jackson and the FWA Television Champion, Vampyra. In her gear, Vampyra lies on the mat as the doctors check over her knee. They have removed her knee pad and moved her tights up to check the swelling and the knee is red. Sitting up, the FWA Television Champion is helped up and she keeps the weight off of her injured right knee. The fans clap, showing respect for the new champion, with her championship belt now on her shoulder at last. The FWA doctors managed to get the former champion to the back as well.

The doctors help Vampyra towards the ropes and the Dark Huntress rolls under the bottom rope and onto the apron. She sits on the apron as the doctors get to the floor. They get ready to help her down, but Vampyra puts her hand up. She whispers something to one of them and they head towards the commentary area to grab a microphone. Receiving a microphone, the FWA Television Champion, still breathing a touch heavily, pats the microphone to check for sound.

“Well, that hurts…” A couple of fans chuckle before some applause. “I believe I should not be too long given the rude interruption from jealous former champion, Shawn Summers…”

And upon the mention of his name, the Austrian crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. Vampyra has a small smirk under her mask. “I agree…” She catches her breath before adding, “...But I feel as though as someone learning much about the culture in FWA, America, and the wonderful countries we visit that I indulge in a tradition with Japan. Often after the main event, the match winner is tasked with sending the crowd home. So I suppose it would be fair that after my first FWA main event win, that I do so. This might be a chance to learn a bit about myself as I am still new…”

Her voice trails off as she glances towards her newly won FWA Television Championship. “Though I guess we will have many more opportunities.”

The Austrian fans give an applause to the Dark Huntress before Vampyra gets some stuff off her chest.

“These first few months in FWA have moved quickly. I came from Japan to sign my contract with Cal Robinson, flew to Las Vegas, then rushed to Texas. I returned home to honour my commitments with my home promotion and since then I have not been home in Japan. Lights Out came, I made my first appearance on a large American show and I happened to earn the title opportunity I received tonight. Everything was going well, but it never felt real. New country, new promotion, new people. My English is strong, but I was alone with only my wrestling as an outlet, my escape, as it always is.”

There are some applause from fans, appreciating a hint of a human side to the woman in the vampire mask. Vampyra moves her free hand as she talks.

“I took it out on Sawyer Xavier then things escalated and went faster than I could have ever expected. I was surprisingly tasked with being in the F1 Climaxxx tournament when Toner was removed. I had a match on short notice, fighting for a world title, falling disappointedly short, then facing the world champion.” She has to wait a second to find the right words before she continues.

“I have felt off. I am young, but I am no novice. Yet, I am stuck playing catch-up to everything. Learning American wrestling. Learning FWA. Learning about another continent I have never been on. Learning what it takes to compete here. All this while trying to teach people what Vampyra is… I felt like I was a fraud. So then came tonight…”

Taking another look at her newly won championship, Vampyra adjusts it on her shoulder. She takes a deep breath, showing a genuine grin and jokes. “-And if it wasn’t for the fact my knee feels like the size of a baseball, I would still say it is still not real. But I am a champion! I will look back on this night fondly. For the first time in my six-year career, Vampyra is a singles champion!”

The fans give a cheer, clapping. Vampyra nods her head, giving them a chance to die down before she continues.

“-And yet, this is just a start. I still have the F1 Climaxxx tournament…” The FWA Television Champion looks down at her knee, “-Even on one leg. And while my chances of even going to the semi-finals are not the brightest, who would I be as a champion if I did not give a fight worthy of being champion? Michelle, I will see you soon. As for my championship. If given the opportunity, I would love to bring this championship home, show it to my fans in COSMIC, defend if approved by FWA. Though there is one name who I need to focus on... A certain man who has made an enemy tonight-”

Vampyra looks towards the camera. “Summers, you’re a bitch!”

Showing a rare bit of profanity in English, the fans have a genuinely loud response to Vampyra, showing her proverbial teeth. There is a “Vampyra!” Chant. Keeping a bit of intensity, Vampyra adds.

“When the time comes, I will hunt you down!”

Her voice echoes through the microphone. Vampyra winces, still feeling the pain in her knee.

“Until then, I think it is time to get this injury sorted. So fans, if you know, feel free to join in-”

Taking her finger, the YOAKI Queen does a small throat slash gesture, “System down…”

And some fans do join in, other still learning her catch-phrases. Vampyra puts her hand out, putting her fingers in an “M” shape and some fans join in as she says…

“Death… awaits.”

Putting the microphone down, Vampyra is helped to the floor by the doctors. She does her best to keep the weight off of her right leg as her
theme music plays her out. With help from the doctors, the new FWA Television Champion heads up the ramp. At the top, she manages to raise her championship up high before she heads to the back and some much needed medical attention.