OPEN PROMO: A Prologue to a European Journey: An Unlikely Friend

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Apr 16, 2016
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New Brunswick, Canada
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A Prologue to a European Journey:
An Unlikely Friend


October 25th:

London, United Kingdom
Heathrow Airport
8:32pm Local Time

Another hectic evening in the largest international airport in the metropolitan London Area as the skies through the glass windows of the building are showing an reddish-orange hue. Evening has come and plenty of travellers are either getting off of their long flights or rushing to get on theirs. The marble white walls of the airport with lights shining through try to cast a hint of wakeful energy on the tired travellers, though it is failing to meet one. Rolling a travel bag which is probably on the edge of what is acceptable for travel is a Japanese woman. She has a black sweater on with a turtleneck, and a pair of dark blue jeans with sneakers and a purse over her shoulder. Her long dark hair with dyed purple tips is familiar, with her bangs going down over her forehead. She has glasses on, hanging over eyes which have bags under them. Covering her face is a black cloth mask which has become a familiar sight since 2020. Yep, that is Vampyra. That will likely be the closest we will see to her being unmasked. She takes her phone out of her phone to send a message off as she mutters to herself in Japanese.

“Now I see why Cali always has a coffee or an energy drink when she gets off the plane. This trip is exhausting.” She groans as she heads out near the main exit of the Airport. "Now, where is this girl she told me about...?"

Looking around, Vampyra is seeking someone out. Several people nearly bump into her as they leave and enter the airport but finally, she sees the person she is likely looking for. Holding a sign reading “VAMPYRA” in bold letters along with a doodle of her signature mask, we see the friend Cali was talking about. She appears to have a mix of Japanese heritage in her, though her skin has a darker tone. Her dark hair is straight and long, partially covered by a deep green coloured beanie. She has a blue jacket on, unzipped to show a t-shirt with the Tri-Force from Legend of Zelda on it. Vampyra looks towards her and takes a few steps forward to the young woman who bears an overly excited grin. Vampyra is a bit cautious, but greets her tag partner’s friend.

“Hello. I assume you are this ‘Cyber’ girl Cali told me about?” Vampyra makes a small and polite wave. The girl nods, showing a lot of enthusiasm. She speaks with an unique accent, having influence from someone from London, but a bit different.

“Yes! You must be Vampyra! I could hardly recognize you without your mask!” She grins widely before giving a proper introduction. “Some of my friends call me ‘Kay’ or Cyber-Kay because of my username, but my name is Kimmy! So Kimmy or Kay is good. But wow! I can’t believe I’m actually getting to meet a wrestler! Well, other than Cali, but I knew her before, you know. Ah! I’m so excited!”

Kimmy can hardly contain her excitement and Vampyra, trying to have patience, plays along. “Yes. I guess it is nice to have company at least while I am here…”

“I know! I’ve been looking forward to seeing FWA here for a while. I have been watching since 2011, but I never got to see it live and I’m going to go to multiple shows in Europe. And it is extra awesome that you wrestle there! MAYHEM is absolutely my favourite stable in COSMIC.”

Vampyra tries to listen along, but something about her accent is confusing her, so she asks. “Are you from here?”

Kimmy, realising she never explained, answers her question. “I live in London, but truthfully, I have moved around a lot. My father was in the Navy so I have lived in the Philippines, Japan for a year, Canada, but now I am back home and I just finished up film school. So my accent might change a bit depending on where I am.”

“Japan?” Vampyra hums before asking in her native language, “How much Japanese do you speak?”

Kimmy takes a second or two before responding, “I understand some basic things and I can order my food in Japanese, so that is something.”

The Dark Huntress gives a polite laugh, “Then I suppose I should teach you some while I am here.”

Looking over her shoulder, Kimmy points to the doors, “Say, want to talk more outside? I think we’re blocking the way.”

Together, the two go outside and find an area where they can stand away from most of the crowd and talk. The sun is setting over the vast airport parking lot into the horizon. Vampyra yawns under her mask as they find an area a bit away from the main doors on the main sidewalk to talk.

“So yeah, sorry if I am fangirling a bit. But I guess it is a bit of a celebrity moment for me even if you’re mates with Cali. I think Cali mentioned it, but I was the one who got her into wrestling in the first place. Though she didn’t watch much FWA, I showed her COSMIC Joshi and some other promotions in Japan and that really caught her attention. When she told me she got booked for her first tour there I literally yelled at her to join MAYHEM, or maybe Sin… and-”

Cutting her off, Vampyra gives a rash response. “Do not talk about them. Please…”

Realising her mistake, Kimmy covers her mouth. “Right, you do not have that great of history with them, sorry.”

Sighing, Vampyra says, “You didn’t know. I’ll try not to be hard on you for it.”

Trying to keep the conversation positive, Kimmy continues, “But I guess it’s cool that Cali ended up in my favourite group and now I’m meeting one of them. I’m really looking forward to seeing you live.”

The YOKAI Queen gives a nod “Thank you.” Before something comes to mind. “Say, how much of my career do you know?”

“Pretty much everything.” Kimmy realises how stalker-ish that may sound and clarifies. “I saw you just as you became Vampiress for the first time. But I heard a lot of good things about you from Cali, like as a person.” She puts her hands in her pockets. “And honestly, I guess sometimes it isn’t quite easy making friends when you travel as much as I did. That’s why I kind of found some online and as I moved I happened to occasionally move close to where they live. I lived in Vancouver for two years so I went down to Kelowna several times to meet with Cali. I have a few mates in London and across the country. Though I guess meeting with someone who at least has a few interests with me is cool… Even if I need to keep myself from fangirling, haha.”

“I think I can relate a little bit.”

Seeing the sun set, Vampyra looks and speaks, “The truth is it has been quite an adjustment over the first few weeks in FWA. A new company and a new land. I do not have my usual support near me. Focusing on my matches has been the only thing that has concerned me. Cali told me not to over-stress, and I see her point. But I would be doing no good taking this lightly. I have Phillip Jackson coming soon and the former champion has been a total baby about his loss. There is a long tour of Europe coming. Truthfully, it is the biggest tour of my career because for the first time, I only can rely on myself and if I fail, what is there to be of me in FWA?”

Turning back to Kimmy, “If I am to show the world what I can do, I also need to show them what I am not. I am not someone who wishes to fail. Despite me facing mostly males for the first time in my career, I do not want to be seen as an underdog, I am a contender. I am a champion. Sawyer may surprise me, but he is just the first step.”

"I understand. At least as much as I can as someone who isn't a wrestler." Kimmy nods. "It's a stressful time. I know what it is like to go to a new place... A LOT. Sometimes having someone who can relate with you or just be there can ease you in."

"I'm glad someone understands." Vampyra does a small bow, “Thank you for agreeing to this. I suppose at least while I am travelling in Europe, you will be able to give me company and keep my mind at ease. If I can handle Ririko, then you will be easy.”

Bearing a wide grin, Kimmy asks, “Does that mean you can get me an autograph from Reagan Cole? He’s been one of my favourites… Even if the man has shit luck when it comes to titles.”

Rolling her eyes, the Joshi shakes her head ‘no’ and Kimmy makes another pitch.

“Well, how about this? I know you’re going to do a lot of promotional work during this tour and you’re pretty creative with that. If you need someone to make your ideas epic,” Kimmy points to herself, “I’m your gal! I may not look like it, but not to brag, I got some decent connections thanks to school for film studios across Europe. I can see it now.” Holding her fingers out, she makes a ‘camera’ hand gesture with Vampyra in frame. “International Wrestling Superstar AND FWA Television Champion, Vampyra! Nice ring to it?”

Nodding her head, we can tell from a slight squint of her eyes that there is a grin under Vampyra’s face mask. This Kimmy girl might be a bit hyper, but she means well. Maybe Cali was right? “I think we can talk about that idea.”

Turning around, Kimmy motions for Vampyra to follow. “Then how about this? I can take you to your hotel then I can show you to a pub I go to for food while I do some video editing. I think after that flight you need to unwind.”

Following Kimmy, Vampyra nods her head in agreement. “Good idea, on one condition. Please do not take photos of me without my mask and if you are lucky enough to find out my name, do not speak of it publicly.”

“I know the Lucha-thing. Name and face are not on public record. You got it!” and Vampyra audibly breaks out in a laugh upon hearing Kimmy use the phrase "Lucha-Thing."

"Hahaha, Good..."

Walking towards Kimmy’s car, Vampyra, going into this with low expectations, has found herself someone to keep her company on this long adventure. After an initial few weeks of in-ring success and a bit of culture shock, she may finally be able to ease her way into her new promotion. It may come in just the nick of time as, after Sawyer Xavier, on the horizon, a chance to win the first singles championship of her career and who knows what else?
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