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Jimmy King

It’s Britney, bitch
Dec 12, 2010
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Slam Diego
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The following takes place after the tag title match at Back in Town...


Despite coming up short against The Connection, there's still a celebration to be had for The Undisputed Alliance. Although they wish it could be a party with some gold, they're still celebrating the birth of Nate Savage. There's cake aplenty, and party favors are strewn about in the locker room where Savage, Fenix, and their lackeys, Kung-Fu Boom, enjoy the festivities.

Nate Savage: "Jax, I know I already said, but thank you again for all of this. It's certainly not how I expected to spend my evening, especially after the unfavorable result of our match, but after that match, I could use something like this."

Nate Savage says this to his friend before he takes a big bite of cake. Jackson smiles at him and pats him on the back.

Jackson Fenix: "Of course, anything for you, bro. I know the match didn't go our way, but I figured, why should we let that spoil our night!"

Jackson's phone begins to ring, and he looks at the caller ID to see who it is. His eyes widen, and he gets up from the couch.

Jackson Fenix: "Hey, I gotta take this real quick, but I'll be back!"

Nate doesn't speak because his mouth is full of cake, but he throws a thumbs up to confirm, and Jackson brushes past Jimmy Boom Boom to exit the room.

Jimmy Boom Boom: "Great party, Mr. Fenix!"

Jackson Fenix: "Yeah, yeah, outta my way, nerd!"

Jackson exits the room and shuts the door behind him before answering the phone on speaker.

Jackson Fenix: “Hey Mom…”

Momma Fenix: "How's my little Jackie boy doing?"

Jackson looks around to ensure no one heard his mom baby talking to him.

Jackson Fenix: "I'm good, Mom; what are you calling for?"

Momma Fenix: "What do you mean? I can't call my little boy to see how he's doing?"

Jackson Fenix: "Ma, I didn't mean it like that, you know that."

Momma Fenix: "You better not have; I raised you better than that."

Jackson Fenix: "I know, I know. Hey Ma, did you see my match tonight?"

Momma Fenix: "Of course I did; why do you think I called? I'm sorry that you and Nathan didn't win. I thought that you two had it."

Jackson Fenix: "Me too, Ma, me too."

Momma Fenix: "Jackie, I was also calling because a friend of mine said they saw you on some show talking about that Jeremy Best boy, some show called Dark Side of the Ring or whatever."

Jackson Fenix: "Oh yeah, that. Yeah, I forgot about that. They asked me to talk about Jeremy."

Momma Fenix: "You could've said some nicer things about him."

Jackson Fenix: "Ma, did you see what he did tonight? Jeremy is not as nice as you think he is. Nate knew that from the start that he was no good."

Momma Fenix: "Oh no, I was so upset about your match, I turned the show off. What did he do?"

Jackson Fenix: "Well, for starters, his friend Bryan Baxter had been holding another guy, Krash, hostage. Then, Jeremy had Bryan assault Krash, and they still hold him, hostage."

Momma Fenix: "Oh my goodness! Well, it's good that you're not friends with him anymore."

Jackson Fenix: "Right? I dodged a bullet on that one!"

Momma Fenix: "You could still try to be nicer, you know. Your Grandma watches the show, and she says that you're so rude. I couldn't believe it until I saw it tonight. Jackie, I raised you better than that."

Jackson looks surprised by this revelation that his Grandma watches the show.

Jackson Fenix: “Meemaw watches?!”

Momma Fenix: "Of course she does; she watches for you. She wishes you'd be nicer. It wouldn't hurt if you were a little nicer and not so rude."

Jackson Fenix: "I know, Ma; I'm sorry. I don't know why I act as I do; I guess I do it because it's fun."

Momma Fenix: "You know what else is fun? Being nice. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life because you're a grown man, but if you do it for anyone, do it for Meemaw, okay?"

Jackson Fenix: "Okay, Mom, I'll try."

Momma Fenix: "Alright, I'll talk to you later. Maybe visit soon. Meemaw will be in town and would love to see you."

Jackson Fenix: “For sure, definitely.”

With that, the call comes to an end. Jackson thinks about what his Mom spoke to him about, specifically the part about how his Meemaw wants him to try to be nice. Jackson loves his Meemaw, and he'd do anything for her.

Jackson is pondering all of this, and he walks back into the room and accidentally bumps into Jimmy as he re-enters the room.

Jimmy Boom Boom: "Sorry, Mr. Fenix, I didn't see you there."

Jackson Fenix: "No man, you're okay; it was my bad. Hey, enjoy the party."

Jimmy Boom Boom looks bewildered at Fenix being so nice and understanding to him.

Can Jackson Fenix be a nice guy?