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Jun 25, 2011
The Fringe Class
What the fuck are memes? I make jokes are those just fuckin' memes? I don't get it. Seems quite lazy compared to what I do daily.

What is a Thanos? What's this Area 51 thing? It seems like a bunch of 10 year olds that have never heard of Area 51 spreadin' this shit. And last year I kept seein' this stupid thing where people were postin' pics of "like OMG the sun is down already" like this shit doesn't happen every year. Maybe if your dumbass wasn't lookin' at your phone all day long you might have noticed. I can't relate to you and stop postin' this trash.

I don't get this garbage. How do I insult this garbage without offendin' a bunch of people that use other people's random pics as their own sense of humor? Whatever, here I made a threat/d.
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Nov 13, 2010
Memes are used when someone can't think of their own shit...which is why it's so prevalent.

Because the masses are dumb and use others thoughts to express their dimwitted views......funny thing......right wingers make the best memes.
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