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Keith's Sunday Night Heat Review Thread


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Aug 6, 2010
Sunday Night Heat 4/10/98

X-Pac (W/DX) VS. Owen Hart

The former Euro champ D-Lo comes out to hype up his Euro title shot against Pac on Raw. The story of the match is that Owen is so upset over having injured Dan Savern by accident with a botched piledriver on raw (clearly a reference to Owen's real life botch at Summerslam 97) that he is not in the right frame of mind to wrestle. Pac wins easily. Nothing match and lame storyline. Fuck you Russo:mad:

Some nerd who looks about 15 tries to interview Stone Cold for WWF.com:lmao

We get a Raw recap of Vince's leg injure at the hands of Taker/Kane. From his hospital bed Vince sells his injuries, lays on the melodrama and says he's gutting it out:lmao

Matt Hardy VS. Funaki
Funaki looks for pay back from his team's tag loss the previous week. They have a solid match but it should have been longer. Matt's crucifix into a powerbomb looked good. Funaki turns the tables with knees up from a Matt moonsalt. A fisherman surplex and elbow off the top gets Funaki his win. **

Headbangers VS. The Oddities (W/ICP)
Throw away match. The Oddities get the win with help from the Clowns. *1/2

We get an early Steven Regal "Real Man's Man" video:mark:

Ken Shamrock & Mankind VS. D.O.A. (W/Paul Ellering)
The tension between Shamrock and Mankind goes on. Maybe Ken's sharper than he looks! He attacks the DOA in the dark from Mankind's entrance.:mark: The heels soon take over with a double team. Later Mankind tags himself in which pisses Ken off. During the match with see Austin break into the production truck with a axe! Break in the match Shamrock is not too keen to tag in. A Mankind double arm DDT gets a big pop. When Paul Ellering grabs his leg Mankind locks the mandible craw on the manager:mark: Shamrock grabs a chair and seems to be about to hit Ellering with it but instead strikes his partner. The DOA get the win. **

Austin cuts the wire linking the satellite to Vince's hospital room:lmao

The Rattle Snake join Shane and Cornette for the main event. During the match Vince calls in on a cell phone and has heated words with Austin who has fun intimidating Vince's kid.

Jeff Jarrett (W/Southern Justice) VS.The Rock
These two click from the off and have a very watchable main event. Credit to the Rock who really sells for Double J. The People's Champ gets a near fall from a Samoan drop. Jarrett responds quickly with a clothesline and shows his aggression putting the boots to the Rock. The number one contender side steps a Jarrett drop kick, but then takes a swinging neck breaker. Dennis Knight clotheslines the Rock on the floor and runs him into the steps. A Jarrett crossbody off the top is smoothly reversed for a near fall. Double J again responds quickly. The Rock catches a breather by reversing a surplex on Jarrett. He then scores two and an half. Moments later the Rock hits a DDT followed by a low blow, a slam and a people's elbow. Before the three count Knight breaks up the count. The heels double team the Rock. Austin makes the save stunning both heels. The show ends with a stare down between The Rock and Austin. This is impressive forward thinking. Planting the seeds for a future main event feud. ***
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