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It's Gonna Be May


Jun 28, 2010
Sup Smarks!

April has proven to be a strong month for us as it has been our highest populated month of 2015. A milestone that I am willing to blast out on top of the mountains.

Some of you may not know, but we have an official podcast here at WS now. While we continue to work on the show, we hope that you jump on board and listen to our podcast. It's truly a project that we staff are excited about. The first podcast is out and marketed out to over 1,000 people in my personal podcasting network. If you would like to help offset some of the cost of doing the podcast, please contact me.

We have also brokered a deal between us and an up and coming Wrestling News site called Social Suplex. You will see their ads on our site and our ads on theirs. Please go and visit them and check out their news.

I am planning on continuing to look for things to help improve the overall traffic of the forum as well as consolidating forums to make the site as enjoyable as possible.

For the month of May, we are doing a contest to give away a $10 gift Card to Starbucks. Official rules coming in a few.

We hope that you help us grow WrestlingSmarks into a power house of a forum!

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