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IMPACT! Thread: February 25, 2020


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Feb 23, 2015
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Anyone ever said oh well I'm going to take a nap for 20 mins or so, and then you wake up hours later? Well yeah that was me right now, but I was able to get through Impact this Week. The biggest thing from this Show wasn't a Match I feel, but Taya attacking Tessa during her Match with Ace Austin. Taya and Tessa had some wonderful Matches together especially that Street Fight where both ladies dressed up for the occasion. Now you're going to give another program between the two yes please. Both ladies are going to do what needs to be done with their words and their Matches with this happening now. I'm very happy to see this, and I would say Elgin vs Edwards was solid, but I hate...HATE..when Impact tapes Matches at other Events. The fans aren't inspired to care about the talent vs a Impact Crowd. I can see totally both guys holding back for the big shabang for Match 5 and I'm glad we get a breather for next Week. I would of been doing that in the previous Matches to be honest.

I liked the Gutcheck Segment might need to see the full Episode, but it was entertaining. The two guys going hard to win this, should be interesting if anymore stuff happens between the two as both seem like they are going to stiff it up to make a statement. Miranda Alize vs Grace was fine she was good to deserve another shot down the road. We can't have enough Luchadoras in Wrestling if I do say so myself. I've had it up to here with the Rosemary stuff with Su Yung and Havok, Swinger and Disco are a team and Hell has frozen over, oVe Members lying to us saying Sami can't coming back, and Petey with Scott on Camera with each other. First step has begun in Team Canada returning people.

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