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Global Wrestling Network


New Member
Jul 18, 2012
Well I finally got the wrestling bug again and it's not because of anything that actually happened on wrestling. I'm absolutely ecstatic about the GWN Global Wrestling Network. I think the people at Anthem sports are doing a lot of things correctly but I think there's potential to do a lot things better.

There was the time in professional wrestling when you had Mega events like Chris Hero and a fan got in too it. Some racist comments got thrown around.

The event went viral on YouTube Twitter and many other social media Outlets but very little money was made of the event I think of the opportunities the global Wrestling Network would take an event like this which would basically just be Twitter buzz and turn it into Revenue for G.W.N. .

Do Wrestling News show , like TMZ style shows. You could also have Chris hero and the fan on the show basically "Talking Heads" like you see on CNN , with maybe like a Jeremy borash moderating the two and Both their opinions give them both a voice . Think of how cheap you could produce something like this that we continue to put fire on the conversation and ultimately downloads for the GWN app.

I cant help but think about stuff like the IWA Queen of the Death Matches tournament incident where North Carolina indy wrestler Mike Levy was pretty much beaten to a pulp by several IWA Mid-South personalities, including Ian Rotten, Tank, Devon Moore and even Rotten's son following Levy's loss to Mickie Knuckles in the tournament.

It's a brutal, Knuckles had just gotten her shot at being on national TV from TNA. Moore and Rotten at different times yell at Levy to "Learn to sell" and "Stay down") so he was being taught a "school of hard knocks" lesson.

Personally, my feeling is An event like this could make the global Wrestling Network a lot of money. Some of this sttuff may be saw as a unfortunate event but they do happen often in wrestling they happen as a way to teach people a lesson. Whatever your opinion on the event might be and I think most people will have a negative opinion on the event that took place at the show this was just a little moment in time .

Regardless of what you may think these events will always happen in professional wrestling and they could stand to make the global Wrestling Network a lot of money exploiting as a way of making money is life. Some people might not like it but I think Eric Bischoff said it best controversy creates cash.

Think about Rosemary and how she suffered an injury at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event during a Reina de Reinas Title match which also featured Sexy Star.Think how the global Wrestling Network could benefit from such events like this you can't really say on impact this was real and everything else you seen was fake but if you had a news show on The GWN you could basically say that. You could basically turn a conversation .. That was basically off-limits for basically impossible to talk about without acknowledging the fact that wrestling is scripted on your scripted wrestling show you could take it and make them positive for you. These are very negative things that happen in professional wrestling but due to the fact that a scripted industry has very real personalities with very real people real things happen and people want to hear about them.

You could even get guys like the rock Chris Jericho guys that would never probably ever come to impact. I bring up these names specifically because these are all names that were on Twitter talking about these events and could you imagine if they were talking about these events on the global Wrestling Network.

I love the fact that there is now a place for indy wrestling to live. For years you've had fans say that indy wrestling is the lifeblood of professional wrestling. Well if you believe that then you should definitely have this app. There's so much potential to have business with this out there so much business to be had. I hope Anthem Sports seize the opportunity I think this network could actually be bigger than impact itself. Roundtable discussions with the biggest names in professional wrestling talking about the biggest events in professional wrestling whether that's raw or Smackdown or any wrestling show ... GWN stands to make Anthem Sports a lot of money. The sky's the limit the opportunities are Limitless.

Content that will promote itself. I recently seen smash wrestling was on their Twitter account, asking fans what match do you want to see and listing off smash wrestling classics what matches do you want to see on the global wrestling network was the question. Think about that that's free publicity that's free publicity that Impact never had to do think about thousands of any promotion doing the exact same thing I think about roundtable discussions the biggest names in professional wrestling doing the exact same thing. Thousands of wrestling promotions thousands of wrestlers all on Twitter promoting the living hell out of the global Wrestling Network it's a dream now but it can be a reality. Hypothetical scenario but what if.... We had a guy like Stone Cold Steve Austin rip Stephanie McMahon on the global Wrestling Network and Stephanie McMahon actually responded on Twitter about something that actually was said on the global Wrestling Network think about that for a second Stephanie McMahon would be promoting the global Wrestling Network. Thousands of wrestling new sites would be reporting these events again promoting the network.

The WWE Network and the global Wrestling Network might both be professional wrestling networks the similarities truly end there. Basically the WWE Network consists of any original content wWE chooses to spend a lot of money on and whether that is archived defunct wrestling companies wWE original programming either way WWE has to spend a lot of money creating the content. Global Wrestling Network business model is much different You let other people create the content and you give them a platform to air it on. I think of shows like the Heyman hustle or the Stone Cold , Jim ross ,Chris Jericho ,taz , jim cornette podcasts they already create this content you could give them a massive platform.

The opportunities are endless my excitement as well.I've often said that I didn't really understand the business Talent relations of wrestling companies doing business together but for the first time this make sense. Basically if you have two wrestling companies doing the talent exchange somebody's going to have a wrestler not win and they don't want to lose this business relationship is completely different.

I definitely see the opportunities Especially with #BoudForGlory in Canada of doing a smash wrestling Invasion angle. But I basically would have the smash guys jumped the guardrail. Then I would have had the TNA president say basically I don't care because I work for Anthem and we're making money as long as they're on the network by the way ....

...smash wrestling weekly show debuts what a great way to debut the opportunities are endless. You can do the same thing for all the promotions on the network .

Now i know crash don't have the resources to produce a show so help them produce it and exchange for the content. What about shows like wrestlecade in Winston-Salem NC... that already have a history. What if you bring wrestlecade to the Impact Zone broadcast it at a high-level production Or even leave it where it is and broadcast it put it in H-D.

The opportunities are endless and everyone wins. Think about the content that you would have at events like wrestlecon the interviews you could collect. What about action figure reviews video game reviews there's just so much potential for this network this is so much bigger than Impact Wrestling I now think of Impact Wrestling as a Cornerstone to the global Wrestling Network or at least that's what it should be.

I hope everyone has the vision that I have the belief that this could be in the anthem office. I think of weekly smash wrestling shows airing on the network I think of weekly explosions Roundtable discussions I think of cheap content. Content could definitely be produced on a pretty low budget. I think of shows like Wrestletalk that could be brought to the network again I bring up Heyman hustle I bring up all these shows that are already out there all these podcast that are already out there. Potential for the global wrestling network is to make Impact Wrestling a global brand. Hell it could make it can make every one of these company's a global brand that are apart of the network.

Let me talk more about format or as Eli Drake would say "let me talk to you."

So due to contract reasons I don't expect to see impact Live all we will get is the current 10-day after the Pop television airing And if there's contract restrictions for Xplosion I also understand that. If there's not any contract restrictions they should make Xplosion a two-hour most watched show. If there is contract restrictions for xplosion they must make a two-hour show on the network exclusive. A show that that is equal to Impact. On top of that helped crash produce a two hours weekly show , also smash wrestling weekly show . Understanding the formula that all these companies on the network should have weekly shows. This brings me to the one night only pay per views TNA produces. I say take those pay-per-views and let the weekly shows for smash wrestling build towards them. Weekly shows that build towards pay-per-views for the different respectable wrestling brands. This means you could be promoting multiple wrestling pay-per-views with different dates from multiple different wrestling companies .

This can Create a wrestling Boone. Correctly this could be the next era of professional wrestling. I hope everyone is excited for the global Wrestling Network go download it and start watching if you're not a wrestling fan that is the only reason not to have this app.

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