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E-Fed Staff Member
Sep 13, 2022
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... the FWA presents …
the “LIGHTS OUT” launch-pad.


The fans boo heavily, as the bag carriers for the Undisputed Alliance, Jimmy Boom-Boom and Kung Fu Karl, make their entrance. Jimmy is openly frowning, while Karl has an attempt to look placid, serene, despite the jeers. They both have special attire for this rare in-ring match - Karl’s karate headband has his own face on it, while Jimmy’s BOOM BOOM cape has a skull and a possum, both with crossed eyes, stitched on it. They scornfully pass a large grey dumpster, frowning at it, as they approach the ring.

Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, your launch-paud opening contest is a DUMPSTER MATCH! Introducing first, from California, with a combined weight of 425 pounds, Jimmy Boom-Boom, Kung Fu Karl - KUNG FU BOOM!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "You heard that right, wrestling fans. This… ‘match,’ with audible quotation marks, is unlikely to be a clinic, nor a classic. A Dumpster Match, wherein the only way to attain victory is by locking your opponents within the aforementioned dumpster."

Allen Price: "This is going to be a fun one! A DUMPSTER MATCH, Jean-Luc! And such star-studded teams! I bet the Undisputed Alliance have taught Kung Fu Boom all they can about dumpsters."

Rod Sterling: "All I can say is thank goodness this is on the pre-show."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Kung Fu Boom showcasing a new side to themselves, a more quick-to-violence side, something I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed when they were on Ground Zero."

Allen Price: "I thought the other guys were on Ground Zero…?"

Kung Fu Boom climbs into the ring, Jimmy doing a really cool somersault flip as he does so. They pose, and are met with further jeering. Jimmy flips them the bird.

The jeers turn to cheers, as the colorful, the whimsical, the luchadores, arrive. Halloween Knight struts out from behind the entranceway, while the lid of the dumpster is opened, and Trash Mammal bursts out! The two point to each other, nodding, and slap hands, as Trash Mammal climbs out of the dumpster, joining Halloween Knight as they saunter towards the ring.

Kurt Harrington: "And their opponents, with a combined weight of 458 pounds, Halloween Knight, Mamifero De Basura - TRICK OR TRASH!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Let’s look at the objective facts, guys. Both of these men lasted far in the last season of Ground Zero, with Halloween Knight himself being a finalist - colorful characters aside, surely they have the ability to be more than a one-note schtick. Surely."

Allen Price: "I don’t know what you are all down about. These guys are fun. They made me laugh."

Jean-Luc Watins: "‘Fun’ is no laughing matter, Allen."

Rod Sterling: "Despite Allen, Anzu is right. These two grew a fanbase to support them through Ground Zero, and if nothing else, that should be commended. Whether they can retain that fanbase in FWA… We’ll have to wait and see."

Trick or Trash slide into the ring, and waste no time, immediately launching themselves at Kung Fu Boom with strikes! Getting a measure of revenge for the assault on Trash Mammal!

Anzu Kurosawa: "See, psychology. That bodes well."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Hmph."


Kung-Fu Boom
(Kung-Fu Karl and Jimmy Boom Boom) vs. Trick or Trash (Trash Mammal and Halloween Knight).
Dumpster Match.
Match Writers: Smooth Jazz Wolf


This starts off with a bang, both teams sprinting into each other with dueling fisticuffs! Halloween Knight trades strikes with Jimmy Boom-Boom, while Kung Fu Karl brawls with Trash Mammal! Trash Mammal can’t quite match Fung Fu Karl’s pointed strikes and learned attacks, and Kung Fu Karl manages to gain the offense whilst backing Trash Mammal into a corner, unloading on him. Meanwhile, Halloween Knight takes the offense on Jimmy Boom Boom, whittling away at him and backing him into the opposite corner. One man from each team on offense! Kung Fu Karl whips Trash Mammal towards the middle of the ring, while Halloween Knight does the same to Jimmy Boom-Boom, resulting in Jimmy Boom-Boom leapfrogging over Trash Mammal, while Trash Mammal slides under Jimmy Boom-Boom! Jimmy Boom-Boom leads on his feet just before Kung Fu Karl, while Trash Mammal remains crouched, and as Jimmy Boom-Boom turns, Halloween Knight sprints off of Trash Mammal’s back, catching both members of Kung Fu Boom with a single-legged dropkick, a boot to each chest!

Rod Sterling: "Even between both teams so far, not to anyone’s surprise, but it would appear that the luchadores come out on top during the initial exchange with some good use of agility."

Kung Fu Boom roll to the outside to recoup, and Halloween Knight sprints at the ropes - Kung Fo Boom split before he can dive! But it’s a fake out! Halloween Knight stands on the ropes, posing, and Trash Mammal catches the off-guard Jimmy Boom-Boom with a suicide dive! Then, Kung Fu Karl distracted, Halloween Knight nails Kung Fu Karl with a senton! What a Jump Scare! Trick or Trash deal some kicks to Kung Fu Karl, before sending him into the barricade. They attempt to do the same with Jimmy Boom-Boom, but Jimmy leaps over the barricade, landing safely on the other side, albeit crushing an audience member’s drink underneath his foot. He nails Trash Mammal with a right hook, before jumping onto the barricade and leaping over Trash Mammal, catching Halloween Knight with a hurricurana! Kung Fu Karl then strikes out and hits Trash Mammal with a roundhouse kick!

Allen Price: "Jean-Luc, Karl is a legitimate fighter, would you say he possesses the biggest threat here?"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Allen. If I started introducing myself as Chef Watkins, would you assume I made high class meals for catering?"

Allen Price: "… Yes?"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Good to know."

Kung Fu Boom toss Trash Mammal into the ring, following him inside to continue their advantage. Jimmy Boom-Boom lifts Trash Mammal in a gutwrench, allowing Kung Fu Karl to nail some karate kicks to the midsection, before Jimmy Boom-Boom dumps him back to the mat with a gutwrench suplex!

Anzu Kurosawa: "Look, Jean-Luc! Wrestling!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Yes, I acknowledge this isn't as much of a dumpster fire as I feared."

Allen Price: "Good pun, Jean-Luc."

Jean-Luc Watins: "Sigh."

Halloween Knight re-enters the ring, catching Jimmy Boom-Boom with an arm drag! And does the same to Kung Fu Karl! He goes for a very lucha-inspired armdrag on Jimmy Boom-Boom, but Kung Fu Karl blocks it, until Trash Mammal intercepts - and Trick or Trash take down Kung Fu Boom with dual lucha armdrags! Jimmy & Karl get sent to opposite corners, and Trick or Trash nail a Dumpster Diver on Karl! Then another on Jimmy! They high five! Kung Fu Boom stumble out of their corners, and Trick or Trash catch them with back body drops! Karl & Jimmy retreat to the ropes, and Knight & Mammal whip them across the ring, throwing a pair of lariats - but Jimmy & Karl duck under, and catch Trick or Trash with dual dropkicks! Now Kung Fu Boom high-five!

Rod Sterling: "These teams might be able to keep the advantage if they… Just didn’t high five after every successful move."

Halloween Knight strikes out with a pump kick, but misses, and Kung Fu Boom toss him out of the ring. Trash Mammal throws a strike, but Kung Fu Karl intercepts with a judo chop. Jimmy Boom-Boom hoists Trash Mammal up on his shoulders, and starts spinning! Airplane spin! Around and around and around! The trip around the globe finally ends with Kung Fu Karl nailing a roundhouse kick on Trash Mammal’s dome, allowing him to stumble to the mat, dizzy. Halloween Knight springs from the ropes, catching Jimmy Boom-Boom with a Horrorcanrana!

Allen Price: "This is just showing that you can’t keep your eyes off of anyone, folks! Someone like Halloween Knight could spring at you from any angle. Like… Up, for example. Left and right, too. Maybe not down. But most angles."

Rod Sterling: "Good commentary, Allen."

Halloween Knight faces off with Kung Fu Karl, the two elder statesmen of their respective teams. Karl throws down some poses, very intimidating, but Halloween Knight shows no fear. Karl throws a leg sweep, but Knight jumps over it. Knight throws a lariat, Karl avoids it. Karl throws a forearm, Knight intercepts, and transitions into a spinning hip toss! Karl rolls out, Jimmy Boom-Boom climbs in, and nails Knight with a missile dropkick from the top rope! Knight bounces out of the ring, and Trash Mammal climbs back in, and locks up with Jimmy. Mammal goes for a snap exploder suplex, but Jimmy lands on his feet, goes for a german suplex, Mammal grabs the ropes to prevent it, side-steps into a hammerlock, switches into a full nelson - Dragon suplex!

Anzu Kurosawa: "For someone dressed like a giant possum-"

Allen Price: "Raccoon, Anzu."

Anzu Kurosawa: "-Mamifero De Basura has a knack for punishing high-impact moves like that. Some technical maneuvering to get Jimmy into position, before nailing the dragon suplex. There might be hope yet for them, Jean-Luc."

Kung Fu Karl re-enters the ring, but he’s not alone - he has a pair of nunchucks with him! He does some very impressive nunchuck twirling, as Trash Mammal looks on, hesitant to step forward into nunchuck range. Trash Mammal quickly slides out of the ring, and grabs a garbage can lid from underneath the apron, before re-entering the ring. He steps forward uneasily, using the lid as a shield against Karl’s nunchuck strikes! Halloween Knight steps up from behind - BOO! Startled, the nunchucks shoot out of Kung Fu Karl’s hand, and smack Jimmy Boom-Boom right in the mouth! Mammal swings with the lid, catching Karl in the face!

Allen Price: "Let me tell you from experience - both of those hurt."

Rod Sterling: "Noted. Pass me a pen, let me write that down."

Trick or Trash pull up Jimmy Boom-Boom, attempting to double-team him, but Jimmy rolls out of it, catching Mammal with an elbow strike, before grabbing the discarded nunchucks and slapping Knight in the gut with them, before quickly piggybacking onto Mammal and wrapping the nunchucks around his neck, dragging him down with a sleeper slam!

Rod Sterling: "Do you think Jackson & Nate know about the wrestling prowess their bag carriers might possess?"

Anzu Kurosawa: "… I doubt it."

As Trash Mammal recovers, Jimmy Boom-Boom retreats into a corner - only for Halloween Knight to catch him with a monkey flip! Karl sprints in, Knight avoids it, Karl slams into the turnbuckle, and Knight nails him with a monkey flip! Trash Mammal staggers to his feet, resting in a corner, and Halloween Knight hits HIM with a monkey flip too, sending him with a senton into Kung Fu Boom! Teamwork! Kind of.

Allen Price: "Does it count as teamwork if half the party is taken by surprise?"

Kung Fu Boom exit the ring, and Halloween Knight follows, looking to press the advantage, only for Jimmy Boom-Boom to trip him, and Kung Fu Karl to whack him with a low dropkick! They re-enter the ring, now looking to seal the deal on Trash Mammal. Karl nails him with a series of karate chops, vicious and painful, before following it up with a slammer of a DDT! He pushes Mammal’s body towards a corner, allowing Jimmy Boom-Boom to nail a picture-perfect split-legged corkscrew moonsault from the turnbuckles! Karl prevents Halloween Knight from re-entering the ring, catching him with a hotshot across the ropes, and Jimmy follows it up with a shoulder body block, sending him down to the floor below. As Knight sprawls at ringside, Karl makes a gesture. Jimmy sprints to the ropes, bouncing back, and Karl gives the assist with an alley-oop throw, and Jimmy nails a fantastic 450 senton clear over the ropes, onto Halloween Knight!

Anzu Kurosawa: "What agility! Jimmy Boom-Boom with that stuntman background, that’s one of the highlight reel."

Kung Fu Karl resumes battle with Trash Mammal in the ring, swinging with some karate kicks. He throws out a thrust kick, Trash Mammal avoids it, runs to the ropes, and springboards with a spinning back elbow! Karl is stunned! Jimmy Boom-Boom tries to jump in, but Mammal catches him with a Cartwheel Death Valley Driver! Knight grabs Karl by the ankle and drags him out of the ring, while Mammal kicks Jimmy out on the opposite side, following him outside with a cross body block. Trash Mammal battles Jimmy Boom-Boom outside the ring, while Kung Fu Karl does the same to Halloween Knight on the opposite side! In synchronization, Trash Mammal whips Jimmy Boom-Boom to the corner barricade, while Kung Fu Karl does the same to Halloween Knight - Jimmy leaps onto the barricade, tightrope walking across it, while Knight does the exact same thing on his side! As the barricade ends at the entrance way, Jimmy Boom-Boom & Halloween Knight leap off their respective barricades at each other, and Jimmy Boom-Boom catches Halloween Knight with a crossbody in midair, crushing the air out of him!

Rod Sterling: "Oh my goodness!"

Allen Price: "That was amazing!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Mm."

With a 2-1 assault, Kung Fu Boom strike at Trash Mammal, sending him retreating into the ring. Trash Mammal tries to mount a defense, but between Jimmy’s flashy strikes and Karl’s bone-crushing kicks, he can’t fight back against the disadvantage. Kung Fu Boom nail him with a double DDT, before Kung Fu Karl signals for the big finish! He starts powering up, while Jimmy Boom-Boom abscond to the turnbuckle. Karl hits the Lighting Fist! Jimmy with the Shooting Star Press! HERE COMES THE BOOM!

Allen Price: "There’s the tag finisher! Pin him!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "… Allen."

Kung Fu Boom high-five, before Karl points at the dumpster, waiting in the aisle. Nodding, Jimmy kicks the dead weight of Trash Mammal, pushing him out of the ring, and the two start dragging him towards the dumpster. It’s a slow process. Minutes pass as they finally reach the dumpster, Jimmy taking a second to grab a quick breather, while Kung Fu Karl signals… FOR THE KARL KICK. He stands on one leg, the other poised in midair, waiting for Trash Mammal to get back to his feet so Karl can deliver the killing blow!

Rod Sterling: "This is adding icing to the victory cake, folks. Mamifero De Basura is out of it, but Kung Fu Boom wants one final shot before that dub."

He waits.

And waits.

And waits.

His leg looks awfully wobbly, as he continues to hold the pose.

Jimmy Boom-Boom checks his watch.

Allen Price: "… I think the guy is actually dead. He should’ve gotten up by now, right?"

BUT WHA?!? HALLOWEEN KNIGHT RISES FROM WITHIN THE DUMPSTER BEHIND KUNG FU BOOM! Jimmy Boom-Boom feels something is amiss, and turns - just in time to catch a chair to the face from Halloween Knight! Kung Fu Karl hears the commotion behind him, finally abandoning the plan for a Karl Kick to turn and face Halloween Kick - oh, but standing that long with his leg in the air has given him a cramp! What cursed luck! Behind him, Trash Mammal springs to his feet - He was Playing Dead! Huge pop! Mammal throws Karl headfirst into the side of the dumpster, grabbing him as he reels back! Trash Mammal signals to Halloween Knight! Halloween Knight signals back! Knight leaps as Mammal grips, and they hit the Codebreaker/Martiknees combo! The Doomster!

Allen Price: "The Doomster! It’s like, doom, and dumpster. Clever wordplay."

With Kung Fu Karl out, Trick or Trash hoist him onto their shoulders and toss him into the dumpster! That’s one member of Kung Fu Boom done with! But as for the other one… They glance around, and Halloween Knight spots Jimmy Boom-Boom retreating down the aisle, a bit dazed after that chairshot. He points him out to Trash Mammal, who climbs on top of the dumpster after shutting the lid, and gestures to the retreating Jimmy Boom-Boom! Halloween Knight unlocks the wheel locks on the dumpster, and gives it a gentle push! The dumpster, with Trash Mammal riding on top of it, starts slowly gliding down the ramp, slowly but surely picking up speed!

Rod Sterling: "Uh-oh."


Allen Price: "RUN, JIMMY!

Jimmy Boom-Boom glances behind him, sees the dumpster bearing towards him, and lets out a very manly shriek as he picks up speed, running towards the ring as the dumpster closes in! He slides into the ring, two seconds before the dumpster SLAMS against the side of the ring! As the dumpster hits, Trash Mammal leaps off with the momentum, sending himself soaring over the ropes, catching Jimmy Boom-Boom with a diving crossbody! Leaping to his feet, Trash Mammal punches the air in triumph, as Halloween Knight jogs after dumpster, lifting the lid once more. Jimmy Boom-Boom gets back to his feet, dazed, swinging wildly, and Trash Mammal ducks under a swing, lifts and spins - RABIES SHOT!

Allen Price: "Rabies Shot! BAM! Jimmy is out!"

Trash Mammal pushes Jimmy Boom-Boom under the ropes, where he lands in the dumpster next to Kung Fu Karl! He goes to shut the lid and secure the win, but Kung Fu Karl’s hands eek out, grabbing the bottom rope and preventing the lid from shutting! Halloween Knight re-enters the ring, tossing a chair to Trash Mammal, who holds it in front of Kung Fu Karl’s hands. Halloween Knight scales to the turnbuckle, signals, and hits the THRILLER!

Anzu Kurosawa: "Halloween Knight going coast-to-coast!, Probably breaking Karl’s fingers as he does so!"

Thriller lands dead-on, and Karl lets go, falling into into the dumpster! Trash Mammal clangs the lid shut! This one is over!


Winner: Trick or Trash via dumpster closing at 11:22.

Kurt Harrington: "Here are your winners… Halloween Knight, Mamifero De Basura, TRICK OR TRASH!"

The victors celebrate their first win and a successful in-ring FWA debut, embracing each other and raising their arms in victory. Halloween Knight starts dancing, encouraging everyone to join in! Trash Mammal does a half hearted effort, before ditching it and instead sliding out of the ring to high-five some fans at ringside. The arena applauds, cheering for the newest FWA tag team and their triumph.

Allen Price: "You missed a really good match, Jean-Luc."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Uh-huh. I’m sure."

Rod Sterling: "It wasn’t… Terrible."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Let’s not downplay things - both teams were regarded as, well, undercard comedic guys. And while they were, they still showed a side of themselves to not be immediately classified as one-dimensional. So I’d count that as a victory for us all."

Trash Mammal climbs onto the dumpster, stomping on the lid, as Halloween Knight continues to dance behind him…


The Lights Out launch-pad returns from a brief advertisement for a blender to PONI BOI already in the ring awaiting their opponents.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Lights Out launch-pad main event and it is set for one fall with a twenty-minute-time-limit! Already in the ring, from Seoul, South Korea weighing in at a combined weight of 271 lb…MIDNIGHT Mustang and SUNRISE Stallion…PONI BOOOOOOOI!”

There’s a nice contingent of cheers for PONI BOI, who look eager to impress at this opportunity being presented to them.

The lights of the arena dim as the lights near the stage flash purple, red, and gold in tune with the strings of the music. All video screens are off apart from the one showing the main entrance video. The music builds for eight seconds then Princess Nova and Elizabeth Rose make their way out. Nova's skirt flows behind her while Elizabeth Rose twirls her signature staff in her hands. Rose rests the staff on her shoulder, looking forward as Princess Nova, in contrast, grins massively. Keres follows in the middle to join her sisters while being carried by two followers. Nova curtsies as the three make their way to the ring.

Kurt Harrington: "Introducing their opponents, being accompanied by Princess Nova and hailing from The Residence…Elizabeth Rose and Keres…they are Eterrrrrrnal!”

Elizabeth Rose has a perpetually bored look on her face as she follows her sisters, with Keres leading the charge as Nova "waves" to some of the crowd. Keres is lifted up to the ring apron as Princess Nova heads to the steps, wiping off her feet before entering the ring. Elizabeth Rose goes towards the hard-camera side of the ring, sliding onto the ring apron sits along the apron, cane on her shoulder. Keres enters the ring and goes over to her. Princess Nova follows and hooks her leg on the top rope. Keres whispers something into Nova's ear before leaning down to Elizabeth, doing the same to her. Rose slides into the ring, joining her sisters as their theme music fades out.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This will be our first time seeing the newly christened Elizabeth Rose in action alongside Keres, while Princess Nova will be at ringside for moral support.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “It sure is strange to see Liz…I mean Elizabeth Rose not looking as energetic and excited. It’s like the life has been completely drained out of her by Keres and Nova.”

Allen Price: “Well, when you put it that way you make it sound terrible! Elizabeth finally saw the light after resisting for so long. She did the right thing by embracing the love that Eternal wanted to share with her.”

Rod Sterling: “Only you would believe that tripe.”

Referee Richard Davis calls for the bell…


(Keres and Elizabeth Rose) vs. PONI-BOI (midnight MUSTANG and sunrise STALLION).
Tag Team Match.
Match Writer: Jimmy.


Keres will be starting off with MIDNIGHT Mustang and right out of the gate Keres clobbers Mustang with a super woman punch! Mustang goes down like a sack of bricks, but he does his best to shake it off and crawls over to tag in SUNRISE Stallion. Stallion, with a bit of hesitancy, enters the ring and tries his luck with a roundhouse kick that Keres ducks with ease. The momentum from the kick caused Stallion to spin and Keres clubs him on the back with a forearm. Keres lays into Stallion with repeated forearm strikes in the corner before she sends him to the opposite corner near Elizabeth. Keres goes for a running elbow strike in the corner but Stallion moves out of the way. Keres stops herself from crashing and burning, but just as Stallion is about to go on the offensive on Keres, Elizabeth enters the ring and shouts at Stallion not to hurt her sister. Stallion is confused and Elizabeth has now tagged herself in, much to Keres’ confusion as well. Elizabeth assures Keres it’s okay and out of nowhere she catches Stallion with a spinning back elbow! Stallion staggers back against the ropes and Rose drills him with repeated rapid-fire backhand chops, as well as some european uppercuts thrown into the mix…

Anzu Kurosawa: “This new aggressiveness from Elizabeth is unnerving, to say the least.”

Rod Sterling: “You can say that again.”

Allen Price: “This new aggressiveness from Elizabeth is unnerving, to say the least.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He didn’t mean to literally say it again, Price.”

Allen Price: “Oh, well good, because I disagree anyway. A little aggression doesn’t hurt.”

Rose takes Stallion down with a snapmare and drives a penalty kick straight to his lower spine. Rose then applies a seated rear chinlock to Stallion. Rose wrenches in on the move, all the while with a blank expression. The crowd starts to rally behind Stallion and it does start to help Stallion feel some momentum as he starts to rise with Rose now on his back with a headlock locked in. Stallion stumbles toward his corner and in turn he falls backward into the corner, crushing Elizabeth beneath him.

Anzu Kurosawa: “This is the opening that PONI BOI needs to get back in this fight.”

Stallion tags in Mustang drives home some kicks to Rose in the corner. He backs up a few steps and he goes for a handspring splash into the corner, but Rose moves out of the way in time! Mustang bounces off the corner and he stumbles out right into Calling Mr. Violence! The low roundhouse kick has Mustang where Rose wants him and she drags him over to the corner to tag in Keres.

Rose takes Mustang down with a drop toe hold face first into the bottom turnbuckle! She turns him over and leaves him open for Keres to connect with a running crossbody! Keres drags Mustang away from the corner and applies an arm bar. She wrenches back on the hold with intent to rip the arm from the socket. Mustang reaches out and grabs the bottom rope to break the hold, much to Keres’ dismay. She releases the hold and she goes for a punt kick to Mustang, but he moves out of the way and for a roll-up but this time it’s broken up by Elizabeth before a count can be made…

Anzu Kurosawa: “Elizabeth makes the save for her sister yet again!”

Allen Price: “Sisterly love is so sweet, isn’t it?”

Referee Davis forces Elizabeth to get back to her corner while Mustang crawls over to make the tag to Stallion. Stallion comes in hot and charges at Keres, but Keres ducks whatever he had in mind and drills him with several forearms to soften him up…Realta Contorta! The rocket kick from Keres does the trick and after some urging from Elizabeth, Keres tags her in. Mustang tries to intervene on his partner’s behalf but Elizabeth puts a stop to him with The Eternal Effect! Keres has Mustang set up for Elizabeth, who is ascending to the top…Eternal Demise! Elizabeth quickly hooks both legs for the pin…


Winner: Eternal via pinfall at 9:37.

Kurt Harrington: “The winners of the match, Elizabeth Rose and Keres…Eternal!”

Eternal relish in their victory in their own way while the referee tends to PONI BOI. Princess Nova joins her sisters in the ring and she’s pleased at the outcome.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Say what you will but that was an impressive victory from Eternal.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Yeah, regardless of how I feel, I can’t help but be impressed by that.”

Elizabeth Rose stands in the middle of the ring with her newfound sisters in Keres and Princess Nova, who has since rolled into the ring and is simply ecstatic, bouncing around in her dress. PONI BOI both struggle on the mat and Keres gets an idea. She grabs the midnight MUSTANG and drags him towards the corner. Princess Nova rolls sunset STALLION out of the ring. Keres slowly removes the bottom turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel corner.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Hold on a moment, what is Keres doing?”

Keres pulls on his hair and forces him to bite the exposed turnbuckle!?

Rod Sterling: “I think the Mustang is going to need a dentist!”

Keres walks over to Elizabeth and places her hand on her shoulder, whispering something in her ear. The fans shout out “No!” as the official steps between them, trying to prevent a post-match attack.

Anzu Kurosawa: “There, someone’s trying to step in between and stop this, but I’m not sure it’s advised.”

Princess Nova steps in and tries her best to plead, practically giving puppy dog eyes, but it doesn’t work, so plan B. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her lipstick. A purple shade. She pulls the official in for a big kiss!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That kiss from Princess Nova, again! This one’s purple, what’s in those things!?”

Nova gently lets go and the referees eyes open, glazed over like donuts. Nova pokes him in the nose and giggles, pointing to the side. The referee obliges, rolling out of the ring and heading to the back, eyes looking forward like a zombie.

Rod Stirling: “-Did that kiss put him under some sort of- trance?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Someone needs to tell Jon Russnow to make that illegal… There’s no WAY that is fair, but now there’s nobody to stop them.”

Turning to Mustang who is still knocked out, leaning on the exposed steal, Elizabeth Rose backs up, ready to pound his head in.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Lizzie! If you’re still in there, this is NOT you! Stop!”

Rod Stirling: “Can anyone stop-”

The lights around the stadium begin to flicker before a video appears on the screen. The three ladies of Eternal stop and slowly turn to the screens.


Music plays in the background as we see footage of the streets of Kinshasa. Of the cars that are on the road, there is one that stands out. A stretched limo. The fancy car makes its way through the streets with, in the distance…

Stade des Martyrs

The car takes a turn and begins its trek until-

It rolls up into the parking area of the stadium behind the scenes, this is looking to be current footage. The camera pans over to the rear of it where the chauffeur heads to the door. A gloved hand opens the door, but the camera is too low to see much of the person apart from the legs. It is clearly a female, wearing an expensive looking pair of Louboutin stilettos, and with a skin complexion thats oh so familiar.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Someone has rolled up to Stade des Martyrs, and she seems to be ready to make her way to the ring to confront Eternal-but, the Launch-Pad is coming to a close! We’re going to see this on LIGHTS OUT!”



Live from the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Sunday 8th October, 2023. Only on the WCNetwork.



We return to the arena with Eternal in the ring, somewhat bemused but resolute and ready for whatever is about to be thrown at them…

Jean-Luc Watkins: “As we saw at the end of the Launch-Pad, after Eternal, Elizabeth Rose and Keres handedly beat PONI BOI, they were attempting to continue the beating, put mustang on the shelf, but we saw on the screen somebody make their way to the stadium and that person, a woman, is making her way to the ring now!”

Rod Sterling: “With that limo and those ankles, I think I have a theory, but I’m not going to jump the gun.”

Keres, Princess Nova, and Elizabeth Rose are standing in the ring with Rose looking at Keres and Nova. She seemingly knows what is going to come. Finally-

The music hits and if Stade des Martyrs had a roof, it would be blown off-

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Oh yeah, yeah, yeah indeed! The Goddess is back!”

Every fan in the Stadium is on their feet, cheering loudly for the arrival of the newly minted Hall of Famer, Gabrielle. She steps out atop the entryway, and the Stadium is buzzing; any fan who skipped the pre-show' and is still making their way out to the Stadium itself is missing out on quite a moment. Gabrielle, simply, yet alluringly dressed in a black leather pair of short shorts, and tight white baby-tee is back.

She just stands there for a few moments, soaking it all in, letting that familiar applause that she's missed now for so long sink in. The Hall of Fame ceremony was one thing, but being out here in a packed Stadium with a ring down below her, this is something else.

Rod Sterling: "I just knew it was Gabrielle!"

A "Gabrielle" chant breaks out as she finally starts to make her way down to the ring. The rush of the fans giving way as she locks eyes with Ms. Rose and the two of them dont break eye contact for a second as Gabrielle slides into the ring. Monitor and Mentee coming face to face now as Keres and Nova loom behind Elizabeth. Not that Gabrielle has paid them any attention as of yet. The duo leaning closer to Rose, whispering in her ear and then departing the ring.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "This feels like a moment here. Without Gabrielle, would Elizabeth Rose even be in the FWA?"

Rod Sterling: "I doubt it: Gabrielle got then Lizzie Rose signed to the FWA personally. Lizzie learned so much from this woman, and even went on to defeat Gabrielle at Back In Business last year."

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Is Gabrielle back here for revenge on Lizzie? Or is she here to help Elizabeth?"

Neither woman has blinked. Elizabeth looks as stiff as a board. Shocked that this woman from her past would come back now. That familiar smirk crawls across Gabrielle's lips before she's just overheard saying "this isn't you, Lizzie, this isn't you!"

It's fair to say, ever since Elizabeth's transformation, she's been near-emotionless, but clearly the reemergence of Gabby, a woman she has so much emotional ties to, has clearly reached her in such a way that nothing else has done. The emotion is clear on her face as she paces a little spot on the mat, is that emotion sadness? Regret? Anger? Guilt? It's hard to say as her head twitches a little once Gabby uses the name we don't speak of anymore, and there's just a moment where she looks up at Gabby, and there's a softness that comes to her eyes as she steps to Gabby...

...only to brush right past her without even making eye contact or acknowledging her presence. Elizabeth doesn't even wait for a reaction from Gabby, as her head whips to the side, and the crowd "OHHHHS" she just briskly walks out of the ring, stomps up the ramp shouting at Keres and Nova "WE'RE LEAVING" and while Keres doesn't appreciate being spoken to like that she and her "sister" follows Elizabeth, as Gabby looks on looking conflicted.

Elizabeth doesn't look back once.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, an unbelievable way to start this pay-per-view, with ‘the Goddess’ making her return to the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance… but perhaps not with the results she’d have been hoping for…”

We cut to the commentary booth, where the four announcers for this evening finally have a chance to welcome us to the show.

Rod Sterling: “And that’s just the start of what promises to be an enthralling night here in Kinshasa, with no less than six championship matches on the agenda! And the first of them starts… right now!”

The camera shifts to a wide shot, just in time for…

In the ring, Kurt Harrington stands under the spotlight with referees Richard Davis and Matthew Dean in the background. He brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is your opening bout of Lights Out 2023 and it is a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the FWA World Tag Team Championships!

“Introducing first, accompanied by Epsilon… the team of ‘The Mad Wizard’ Konchu Hao and ‘The Exile’ Cyrus Truth… the DARK ROADS ALLLLIAAAANNNCEEE!!”

As the music kicks in properly, Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao walk out from the back with Epsilon between them, to a loud cheer from the crowd. Cyrus’s hoodie is complementary to Konchu’s robe and the two raise their arms in unison. Large plumes of fire billow out from the stage on either side of them, getting another good reaction from the crowd.

Anzu Kurosawa: “It feels like so much has already happened tonight, but that was just the beginning… Lights Out starts properly right now and well, what a way to kick things off with a Falls Count Anywhere Match!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This match will be brutal and it will be messy, but do not let that detract from how deeply personal this is going to be for the Dark Roads Alliance, Cyrus Truth especially. Cheated at Back in Business-”

Allen Price: “Oh, cry me fuckin’ river, Jean-Luc! Cyrus Tuth just isn’t good enough anymore, and that hack Konchu isn’t either. There’s no chance that these dorks are going to beat my boys and you’re all just too stubborn to admit it!”

The DRA enter the ring and Konchu gets up on one of the corners and cackles loudly out into the crowd in Kinshasa, many of whom copy him. He applauds and nods his head before enjoying a moment with Epsilon where his minion jumps up and gives him a high five. There is no such joviality from Cyrus Truth though, who stares straight at Allen Price in his protective box.

Rod Sterling: “Oh, wait… the stage is on fire!”

A shot of the stage shows that the stage is in fact on fire; some of the set was caught by the fire used in Konchu and Cyrus’s entrance. Some nearby fans are panicking.

Allen Price: “Hang on, Rod… I know just who to call!”

The siren and accompanying music is slightly confusing, but then the sound of a blaring horn causes a number of the fans to realise what must be a fever dream. A fire truck emerges onto the stage from the side and unusually, one of the firefighters is standing on top of the vehicle. On closer inspection, this fireman has a moustache and does a small shimmy as he clutches onto the cannon - it is undoubtedly the FWA World Champion, Chris Peacock.

In the driver’s seat is Alyster Black, who carries out all of the championships belonging to FTN and holds them as Peacock operates the hose atop the fire engine and thick white foam spews out of it and puts out the fire on the stage. Both Peacock and Black are decked out in full FDNY uniforms, including helmets.


The return of the upgraded truck gets a groan from some of the fans, but others find the spectacle utterly hilarious. Peacock turns around and has the writing ‘SWALLOW IF YA HEAR ME!’ emblazoned on his back. He climbs down the ladder and joins Black on the ramp, collecting his half of the tag titles and the FWA World Championship.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This shit again- WAIT! HERE COMES KONCHU AND CYRUS!!”

DRA do not have the patience for this and meet the champions on the ramp and the fists begin to fly!


(Chris Peacock and Alyster Black) (c) vs. The Dark Roads Alliance (Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao).
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the FWA Tag Team Championships.
Match Writer: Man.

The crowd cheers wildly as the challengers meet the champions on the ramp and the bell rings immediately to signify the start of this Falls Count Anywhere match. Cyrus Truth and Chris Peacock trade punches closer to the ring whilst Alyster Black and Konchu Hao do the same further up the ramp. FTN are hampered by the firefighter costumes and the additional weight that they bring and this is evidenced by both DRA members getting the better of them. Konchu sends Alyster Black into the barricade in front of the fans and Cyrus bounces Peacock’s head off of the ring apron.

A stagehand collects both Black and Peacock’s titles from when they dropped them and takes them to the timekeeper’s table. Cyrus pulls Peacock out of the heavy jacket and groans when he sees that Peacock wears red braces underneath over his bare chest. Peacock grabs the helmet which had landed on the apron and he gets some space between himself and ‘The Exile’ by smashing Truth in the face with the helmet! The plastic cracks and Peacock brains Truth one more time with it, which knocks him down.

Meanwhile, Konchu Hao is lighting Black up with chops and a Throat Thrust causes Black to sputter for a moment, but before Konchu can follow up, Peacock is behind him. The FWA World Champion removes one of the suspenders he is wearing and then wraps it around Konchu’s throat, trying to choke him out. Alyster shimmies out of his jacket and trousers, and with Peacock holding Konchu in place, Black lays into him with several heavy strikes to his exposed chest, midsection and face.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Neither of these teams have been together for particularly long in relative terms to their singles careers, but FTN are the tag team champions and are in that position for a reason. They’re on the same page at all times.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ll see how well that rings true later on when they’re tearing each other’s heads off over the FWA World Championship. That is going to be the real test of their bond as friends and as a team, perhaps more so than this match.”

Before Peacock can fully choke ‘The Mad Wizard’ out, Epsilon scurries over and jumps on his back! The fans cheer as Peacock spins around with Epsilon punching and striking him on the head, but Peacock Snapmares Epsilon down and Konchu’s minion lands on the ramp flat on his back.

Peacock needs to be assisted by Alyster Black out of his firefighter’s trousers and Black then grabs Konchu by the head and together FTN bring Hao towards the ring and roll him in. They encounter Cyrus Truth, but the combined might of the tag champions is enough to stop him in his tracks. However, Cyrus does get a couple of big shots in on Peacock, but Black rebuffs him. Black rolls Cyrus into the ring and Peacock lifts up the ring skirting… and pulls out his Singapore Cane.

Allen Price: “HA-HA! Now these two idiots are in trouble! Cyrus Truth can talk about the truth and all of his lessons or whatever, but he’s about to get taught a lesson that getting hit with a cane by Chris Peacock hurts a lot!”

The weapon feels very comfortable in Peacock’s hands and he slides into the ring with it. Black keeps both Truth and Konchu at bay with stomps on each of them in turn. Peacock points the cane in Cyrus’s direction and Black nods. Peacock gets behind Hao and puts the cane across his throat as Black hooks Truth up and traps his arms in the ropes!

It is a worrying scene for the Dark Roads Alliance as Peacock whispers into Konchu’s ear what is going to happen. FTN share a nod and Black then swaps places with Peacock and applies a firm headlock on Haoh, holding him down and forcing him to watch what is about to happen. Peacock swings the cane around, laughing as Truth kicks out at him. Alyster Black then transitions his grip on Konchu and drives him face first into the mat with a Curb Stomp!

Again, Peacock laughs in Truth’s face. He then walks over as Black holds Hao’s arms out in front of him and then slams the Singapore Cane down over his back! Konchu writhes in pain and Peacock lines him up and does it again!

Rod Sterling: “This is just psychological torture by FTN on Cyrus Truth, and then physical punishment on Konchu Hao. These two clearly had this in mind when working together to get ready for this match… and we may be just at the beginning of how cruel the tag team champions can be.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “It is easier to break your opponent’s body if you have already broken their spirit, and by punishing both members of the Dark Roads Alliance like this, FTN can achieve both at the same time.”

Cyrus does whatever he can to free himself, but his progress is stopped when Peacock turns on the spot and cracks the cane over the top of his head! Truth doesn’t go limp though, and he maintains his look of defiance at the FWA World Champion. Peacock seems rather spooked by it - but he regains his composure and strikes Truth again… again Truth is unmoving! Even with a line of blood now trickling down from the top of his forehead, Cyrus grits his teeth and makes it clear that he is not going to back down from FTN.

Behind Peacock, Black has exited the ring and he goes searching for some plunder of his own, and he pulls out a trash can. As Black gets the trashcan up into his arms, he does not notice that Epsilon is on the apron and Epsilon leaps off with a Rolling Senton… into the trash can which smashes Black in the face!

Allen Price: “HEY! Someone get that little bastard out of there! Someone needs to do something about this… this isn’t right!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “You’re more than welcome to go and try, Price. We won’t stop you if you feel the need to get out of your little house.”

Epsilon’s body dents the trash can and his move gets a big cheer from the crowd as he gets up from the floor. Peacock notices the commotion and exits the ring himself where he grabs Epsilon by the scruff of the neck. The fans boo as Peacock raises the Singapore Cane, about to strike Epsilon with it… but Konchu snatches it out of Peacock’s hand through the ropes! Peacock tries to get back into the ring, but Epsilon stomps on his foot and kicks him in the shin!

This leaves Peacock perfectly in place for Konchu to knock him down to the floor with a Baseball Slide! With both of the champions down, the Dark Roads Alliance regather in the ring and both Konchu and Epsilon help Cyrus Truth out of the ropes. Cyrus leads the march out of the ring, and he picks up Peacock’s cane… and snaps it over his knee! With the broken pieces of wood in his hand, he gets down on top of the FWA World Champion so he can drive the broken and splintered side of a cane piece straight into Peacock’s eye!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Looks like Cyrus Truth is not afraid to get his hands dirty, either, which should not come as much of a surprise to anyone.”

Konchu Hao is met with a kick to the midsection by Alyster Black… but when Black goes for a forearm, Konchu ducks it and hooks Black up… BACKDROP DRIVER ONTO THE RING BARRICADE!!! Black falls down into the laps of some of the fans in the front row. Konchu climbs over the barricade to follow up on him and he presses Black’s shoulders down onto the stomach of an overweight man in the front row;


As Black flops onto the ground and starts to crawl away with Konchu in pursuit, Truth picks up Peacock from the floor and discards the broken piece of cane. Truth bounces Peacock’s head off of the ring steps next and Peacock then slumps down against the steps, looking dazed and with a cut above his eye from the cane being driven into his face. Truth looks around and stomps on Peacock, hitting him with the FIRST FIVE STEPS!!

The final stomp causes the back of Peacock’s head to smash into the steel but there is no respite for the FWA World Champion as Truth pulls him back up to his feet and sits him on the top of the steps. With Epsilon’s assistance, he retrieves the trash can from the floor and he places it over Peacock’s head, covering his upper body. ‘The Exile’ then gets a steel chair from the timekeeper’s area and closes it… AND HE SMASHES IT INTO PEACOCK INSIDE THE TRASH CAN!

Peacock falls to the floor and the trash can slides off of him, and Truth begins to strike him with several more mounted strikes.

Allen Price: “This is abuse. The FWA World Champion has a big match later on tonight and Cyrus Truth is so JEALOUS that he is not good enough to be the FWA World Champion that he’s trying to make sure Peacock is not one hundred percent heading into the match later on tonight. What a crybaby.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, it seems that both Peacock and Black are not coping very well with the Dark Roads Alliance, because Alyster Black is being hounded by Konchu Hao in the crowd here in the Stade de Martyrs.”

In the crowd, heading towards the back of the lower seating area, Konchu Hao is pursuing Alyster Black and he cackles as he does so. Black stops to tell him to be quiet, but Konchu strikes him with a Mongolian Chop. This cuts Black off, and Konchu then cradles him by the side of the head and runs him into a wall underneath some of the fans at the entrance. Hao then wheels over a production crate and lines it up and charges in… but Black dodges out of the way and Konchu crashes into the wall with the crate.

The momentum causes Konchu to fall down on top of the crate and Black then clubs him across his back a couple of times. Alyster opens up the crate and looks at what is inside, but opts not to use any of it. He turns around, and Konchu approaches him with some pace, but Black ducks down and elevates Konchu up, and Konchu lands in the crate! Black attempts to slam the lid down, but Hao gets his hand in the way, so Alyster slams the lid down onto Konchu’s hand and pushes down onto it. Konchu’s groans of pain can be heard from inside the crate and he pulls his hand away, allowing Alyster to close it.

With Konchu safely secured in the crate, Alyster slides off of it and then wheels it away, out of sight through the entrance, and the camera follows.

Rod Sterling: “Haven’t we already had a dumpster match tonight? Alyster Black has confined Konchu Hao in that crate.”

Back at ringside in front of the commentary position, Chris Peacock is still falling prey to Cyrus Truth, with both men now bloodied. Cyrus drops the chair that he has just struck Peacock with across his back. In the background of the shot, Allen Price is very animatedly expressing his vitriol for Cyrus Truth by showing his middle fingers off.

Allen Price: “Yeah, what do you think about that you miserable bastard? Kiss my ass!”

Price’s heckling gains the attention of ‘The Exile’, and Truth turns around and shoots Price an angry look. Immediately, Price backs off, but it is clear that Cyrus has reached the end of his tether with the commentator. Despite being in his special enclosure, Price looks terrified when Truth stands right in front of the clear Perspex and Truth shoves his arm through one of the breathing holes and grabs Price by the collar!

Allen Price: “HEY! GET OFF OF ME! LET ME GO!”

The crowd cheers loudly as Price tries to fight Truth’s grip, but he can’t break it… and Truth yanks Price forward, with Price’s face smashing into the wall of his pod! Allen’s headset falls off and he holds his nose with his hands, but Truth yanks him forward once more. Price strikes Truth’s arm weakly, but he can’t break the grip… until he sinks his teeth down into Cyrus’s wrist! Even for Cyrus Truth, that is enough to cause him to back off.

Allen Price: “That’s what I thought. You taste like shit, by the way.”

Truth turns around, AND CHRIS PEACOCK TACKLES HIM INTO PRICE’S POD, COLLAPSING IT!! Both Peacock and Truth are down on one side of the broken box, with Allen Price stuck in the wreckage underneath them.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Should we have done something to stop that? Are you okay, Rod? That didn’t catch you, did it?”

Rod Sterling: “I’m fine, Anzu, thank you. However I’m not sure that Konchu Hao is, because he’s still being wheeled through the backstage area here in the stadium inside that crate!”

Backstage in the arena, Alyster Black is still wheeling around the production crate with Konchu Hao inside of it. Security personnel are doing their best to keep fans who were waiting for drinks and snacks at bay to allow the match to continue without interruption. Black sees a merchandise stand - being manned by Funky Fedora of all people - and he runs the crate straight into the table and the whole stand falls down onto the crate!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Yeah, take that you funking freak!”

Alyster takes some amusement from the scene but once again Epsilon arrives on the scene and he grabs onto Alyster’s leg. Black attempts to shake him off, and does so with a boot directly to the face. The fans surrounding the scene aren’t happy as Black then lifts Epsilon up and slams him down onto the hard floor with a Body Slam. Before Alyster can do much else though, he looks to see that the buried crate is now open and Konchu Hao is ready and waiting for Black once more.

Marching towards ‘The Mad Wizard’, Black is thwarted by Baba Vanga’s Illumination! Except that he isn’t, because his mask is covering his eyes. With the pocket sand having failed, Konchu goes for a more conventional approach as he and Black begin to trade punches. As he is standing in the crate, Konchu has the all-important higher ground and he uses it to his advantage to go punch for punch with Black. After creating a bit of distance and knocking Black back, Konchu steps out of the crate and closes it. He climbs on top of the crate and then steadies himself, before taking Black down with a Jumping Lariat from the top of the crate!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ve seen Shining Wizards, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Flying Wizard before. That looked like a bad ending for all involved there, though, Konchu Hao could have even come off worst from that one.”

Both Black and Konchu are down on the floor alongside Epsilon, and Black shows some life as the scene cuts back to ringside. Chris Peacock has risen to his feet following the collision into Price’s box and he stumbles away from the wreckage with Cyrus Truth behind him. Peacock walks around the steps, and Truth is able to catch up with him. He grabs the FWA World Champion by the hair and Peacock winces. Peacock turns around and fights back, desperately raking Truth’s eyes.

That creates the separation that Peacock was looking for, and he then delivers a strong Pimp Slap directly to the face of Cyrus Truth! The disrespect gets a lot of heat for Peacock, but he grabs Truth and sends him into the ring barricade. Peacock beats down Truth to a seated position and then backs away and lines him up… AND PEACOCK HITS TRUTH WITH THE STRUT AGAINST THE RING BARRICADE!!! Cyrus slumps down to the floor and Peacock gets on top of him for a cover;


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Cyrus Truth stays in the match and keeps the Dark Roads Alliance’s hopes alive of relieving FTN of the FWA World Tag Team Championships.”

Rod Sterling: “Those hopes may be alive, but given how rough that Strut looked, I’m not sure that Cyrus will have much more left in him.”

A frustrated Chris Peacock lifts Truth’s head up and slams it into the barricade once more in his angst. He then lifts Truth up from the floor and cradles him around the head and starts to bring him up the aisle towards the stage. Truth puts on the brakes to put up some resistance, but Peacock shoots his fist up and catches Truth under the jaw with Fight Fever! Peacock then brings Truth further up the ramp onto the stage, where the FTN fire truck is waiting.

Anzu Kurosawa: “That fire truck is going to come into play here. Oh, I didn’t mean to say that, sorry.”

Peacock grabs Truth by the wrist and then Irish Whips Cyrus into the open door, and it slams closed, and Truth falls to the ground holding his shoulder. Peacock looks around the vehicle to see what is available for him to use, and his eyes light up when he slides up the grate on the side of the truck. He pulls out the hose and the fans begin to boo as Peacock presses some of the buttons on the side, trying to turn it on.

The hose does not fill up or spray any sort of liquid out onto Truth, so Peacock instead takes the hose and pulls it out… and he whips it down onto Truth’s back!

There is some commotion from behind Peacock as someone walks out behind him on the stage and Peacock turns around to see that it is Konchu Hao. Peacock panics, and pulls back the lever on the nozzle of the hose… AND PEACOCK SPRAYS KONCHU WITH THE FOAM FROM THE TRUCK!!


It buffets Konchu back and there are loud pleas as Konchu is covered from head to toe in the white substance from the hose. Peacock cackles loudly as he does this to Hao… but Konchu pulls off his mask - AND THERE’S AN ALYSTER BLACK MASK UNDERNEATH!!! IT WASN’T KONCHU HAO AT ALL!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What a couple of idiots.”

Peacock stops immediately when he sees what he was doing, and Black tosses the other mask away and it lands on the stage. It is unknown where the actual Konchu Hao is and how he is managing without his mask, and even how Black managed to take it from him. Black shoves Peacock and FTN have a staredown themselves for a moment before Peacock demands that he picks Cyrus up.

There is a tense moment between the tag champions, but Black does do as requested and together FTN lift Truth up and they together hook him up… DOUBLE SUPLEX INTO THE FIRE TRUCK!! Cyrus falls down and lands on his head, and Black covers him;


Anzu Kurosawa: “They may be idiots, Jean-Luc, but they sure know how to get it done in between the ropes, or wherever they find themselves, as Cyrus Truth is finding out here. This is essentially a Handicap Match.”

Truth refuses to go down and a frustrated Peacock stomps on him before he lifts him up and starts to bring him back towards ringside. Black is on hand to make sure that Cyrus cannot fight back and Peacock rolls him into the ring. Peacock pulls himself up onto the apron and then onto the turnbuckle. He lines Cyrus up and takes flight… FROG SPLASH!!!

Black then follows suit and Peacock rolls out of the way… FROG SPLASH!!! From the Double Frog Splash from FTN, Black hooks both legs and covers Truth once more;


There is a cheer from the fans as Truth stays alive, but FTN seem to be fully back on the same page now and they share a nod. Alyster brings Cyrus Truth up and hooks his head between his legs to bring him up for the Powerbomb…

Peacock stands and waits as FTN looks to finish off Truth with THE LOAD BLOWER… but Peacock’s attention is captured by something else happening at the top of the ramp. A popcorn cart is being wheeled out onto the stage and Peacock slides out of the ring to see what is happening and the popcorn cart begins to wheel down the ramp, seemingly on its own.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “IT’S A DAMN POPCORN CART!”

There is a look of confusion on Peacock’s face as the cart barrels down the ramp towards him… BUT THEN EPSILON HOPS OUT OF THE CART AND THROWS HIMSELF AT PEACOCK, WIPING HIM OUT!!

Black drops Truth and then watches as a figure walks out from the back… wearing a popcorn bucket over their head. There are some crudely cut out eye holes in the paper bucket and this individual picks up Konchu Hao’s mask and uses one of the discarded firefighter jackets to hide their head for a moment. After a few seconds, Konchu Hao is ready to get back into it!

Anzu Kurosawa: “We may not ever know what happened to Konchu Hao backstage when he was with Alyster Black, but what matters now is that ‘The Mad Wizard’ is back out here and ready to level things up for the challengers!”

Konchu charges towards the ring where Alyster Black is waiting for him, and once Konchu is in the ring, Hao and Black begin exchanging strikes once again! Both are exhausted from the match thus far and they weaken before slowing down and hitting each other even harder. Peacock slides into the ring after shaking off Epsilon’s attack from the popcorn cart. He clubs Konchu from behind and together FTN force Hao into the corner.

Taking turns, FTN lay into Konchu with a series of hard strikes - a double team Violence Party! They have both Konchu and Cyrus where they want them now, and this time Alyster Black demands that Peacock brings Cyrus up from the mat and he seems ready to finish Truth off. Black runs the ropes and he comes back towards Truth… ONE SHOT KILL - BUT EPSILON PULLS CYRUS AWAY AND BRINGS PEACOCK INTO RANGE - AND BLACK FLATTENS HIS PARTNER!!!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Woah! Epsilon comes in clutch there and that could have opened the door for the Dark Roads Alliance!”

The fans cheer as the FWA World Champion gets floored by the One Shot Kill, laying flat on his back. Black is shocked, but he evades the Savate Kick attempt from Konchu and then takes down both he and Cyrus with a Double Clothesline. This leaves just Epsilon and Black standing in the ring… but they are not alone for long.

A furious and irate Allen Price enters the ring and points a finger into Epsilon’s face and scolds him for getting involved in the match. What he fails to notice is that behind him, Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao have both gotten back to their feet and together they send Alyster Black out of the ring over the top rope. The fans reach a fever pitch as Cyrus Truth stands behind Allen Price, who is still not aware of his presence.

The reaction from the crowd being as loud as it is alerts Price to what is happening behind him. He slowly turns around and his face turns to one of anguish as he allows his body to fall weak and limp, knowing what his fate is going to be. Cyrus has a stern look on his face as he grabs Price by the collar… and LIFTS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS… CYRUS PAUSES FOR A MOMENT…


Jean-Luc Watkins: “You absolute cretin, Allen Price. I warned you countless times that putting your nose in Cyrus Truth’s business was going to come back and bite you on that pasty arse of yours. That was payback for Back in Business.”

The fans go wild as Price is dropped onto his head and lays motionless on the mat. Truth and Konchu then turn their attention to Chris Peacock, who is just rousing from the One Shot Kill. Peacock turns around, straight into Konchu’s path… AND KONCHU DRILLS CHRIS PEACOCK WITH THE RASPUTIN’S REVENGE!!

Rod Sterling: “THIS COULD BE IT!”








Winners: The Dark Roads Alliance via pin fall at 26.07.

The cheering in the stadium is deafening as Epsilon jumps into Konchu Hao’s arms in jubilation. Cyrus Truth kneels over the body of the FWA World Champion, who is now no longer a dual champion, and then also looks in the direction of a downed Allen Price as well. For the first time in months, a smile creeps onto the face of ‘The Exile’.

Chris Peacock has hardly moved after being pinned and Alyster Black lays down on his chest next to him, just inches from having been able to break up the pin. From Alyster’s body language, it is clear that he is heartbroken. Meanwhile, the referee is handed the FWA World Tag Team Championships which he passes to Konchu Hao and then Cyrus Truth.

Kurt Harrington: “Here are your winners AND NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW FWA World Tag Team Champions… CYRUS TRUTH AND KONCHU HAO!!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Is this the first nail in FTN’s coffin? Tonight, Chris Peacock and Alyster Black will be going into battle for the FWA World Championship no longer the FWA World Tag Team Champions!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “What a start to Lights Out! After months of mockery and bullying by FTN, Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao have taken their revenge and taken the tag titles at the same time!”

The Dark Roads Alliance leave the ring together, negotiating all of the mess and wreckage at ringside. Passing them on their way up the aisle are a couple of medics who have been dispatched to help Allen Price. This brings a smirk to Cyrus’s face, and he puts a congratulatory arm over Konchu’s shoulder as the new FWA World Tag Team Champions look back one more time before leaving with their newly-won championships and Epsilon in tow.

In the ring, Alyster Black sits down next to Peacock who pulls himself up from the mat. Peacock looks at Allen Price being treated and tries to shuffle towards him to check on him. In doing so, he is not able to accept the FWA World Championship from the referee, who just gives it to Alyster Black instead. Alyster moves to hand Peacock the title, but Peacock sees his partner and opponent later tonight holding the championship.

Both rise to their feet and Black offers no resistance when Peacock snatches his championship away from his partner. They stare at each other for a moment and Peacock shakes his head as Black tries to plead his case that he was not acting maliciously. Peacock turns his back on his partner and crouches down over Allen Price, seeing whether his friend is okay.

Rod Sterling: “Well, Allen Price may be gone for some time, but perhaps Chris Peacock could be losing another friend later on if things do not go his way…”

Alyster Black backs out of the ring, knowing that he has another match to prepare for tonight whilst also managing the disappointment of no longer being a tag team champion. Chris Peacock looks over his shoulder briefly, but then goes back to showing concern for Allen Price.


An advert airs for a blender.


Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your Gunfight Battle Royale, where the two winners will qualify for the Gunfight One Ring match at ‘Winter Wasteland’. Introducing first… from Birmingham, Alabama… weighing in at three hundred eighty five pounds… THE BOULDER!”

The Boulder lumbers out to the ring to a mild reaction from the fans.

Kurt Harrington: Next… from the depths of HELL… weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds… ‘the Dark Traveler’... DEATH WALKER!!”

A hooded Death Walker slowly walks out through the darkness, notably without the Dark Guardian. He slowly makes his way down to the ring to boos from the crowd.

Kurt Harrington: From Las Vegas, Nevada… he weighs in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… ‘The Prodigal Son’... BLAKE… TAYLOR!”

It’s more boos as “The Prodigal” Blake Taylor makes his way out from the back. He stops on the stage to throw some shadow punches before trotting down to the ring.

Kurt Harrington: Accompanied to the ring by Jason Quinn and Robert Steel… from London in the United Kingdom… weighing in at two hundred and forty six pounds… ‘the Perfect Storm’... AL BLIZZARD!”

Al Blizzard walks out from the back with Jason Quinn and Robert Steel following right behind him.

Kurt Harrington: From the Realm of Despair and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds… VENGADOR!!”

The lights go dim as purple strobe lights flash, Vengador walks out from the back. He has his eyes locked in on Al Blizzard specifically as he makes his way to with a positive reaction from the crowd.

Kurt Harrington: From Whitechapel, London and weighing in at two hundred and seventy three pounds… JACK THE CLIPPER!!”

Jack the Clipper makes his way out, brandishing some scissors along with the Scissor Sisters by his side. The crowd boos as he heads down to the ring to join the group.

Kurt Harrington: From San Diego, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty four pounds… ‘the Wildcard’... JASON RANDALL!!”

Jason Randall looks focused and ready as he walks out from the back, not paying much attention to the fans as he walks with a purpose down to the ring.

Kurt Harrington: From Savannah, Georgia and weighing in at one hundred and seventy six pounds… SAWYER… XAVIER!!”

Sawyer Xavier slowly walks out from the back, receiving a mostly positive reaction from the crowd. Much like Randall, Sawyer looks focused and ready to prove a point here tonight.

There is no music as the next wrestler, Trevor Walker, walks out onto the stage.

Kurt Harrington: From Parts Unknown and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds on a good day… TREVOR WALKER!!”

Kurt Harrington: Next, making his FWA debut… from the Warehouse by way of Small Heath, Birmingham… he weighs in at two hundred and seven pounds… JAY KENNY!

The owner of Walker Wrestling Experience makes his way down to the ring, the crowd greeting him with boos.

Kurt Harrington: Next, from East Cleveland, Ohio… he weighs in at two hundred eighteen pounds… XAVIEN MARSHALL!

Xavien Marshall is brimming with confidence as he makes his way out from the back to a mostly negative reaction from the crowd.

Kurt Harrington: Nex, from New York City, New York… he weighs in at two hundred five pounds… BROOKLYN STEINER!

The final member of this battle royal, the former Hollywood star, Brooklyn Steiner is fired up as he makes his way out from the back to a solid reaction from the fans. He rushes down to the ring to join the other eleven competitors as the match is about ready to get under way.


Al Blizzard
vs. Ashley O’Ryan vs. Blake Taylor vs. Brooklyn Steiner vs. Death Walker vs. El Vengador vs. Jack the Clipper vs. Jason Randall vs. Jay Kenny vs. Sawyer Xavier vs. Trevor Walker vs. Xavien Marshall vs. [BThe Boulder[/B].
Gunfight Battle Royale - two winners will fight for the Gunfight One Ring at ‘Winter Wasteland’.
Match Writer: Dubb.

The bell rings and things get underway as literally all eleven other men immediately go right after the biggest man in the ring, The Boulder. Well almost all, as newcomer Jay Kenny chooses to lean against the ropes, calm, cool and collected while the other ten men team up to push The Boulder up against the ropes..

But Boulder battles back! A right hand to Sawyer Xavier! A right hand to Blizzard! A knee to Trevor Walker and a double clothesline takes down both Xavien Marshall and Brooklyn Steiner! BIG BOOT to Vengador and a giant chop to Ashley O’Ryan! HEADBUTT to Blake Taylor! Another HEADBUTT to Randall! The fans are on their feet with excitement as The Boulder lays waste to the competition!

The fanfare is cut off as Jay Kenny walks out of the corner and proceeds to unleash a flurry of kicks to the gigantic midsection of the giant. The educated feet of Jay Kenny send Boulder backward… stumbling as he mixes in some kicks to the tree trunk thighs as well. Finally with Boulder up against the ropes… Jay Kenny hits a roundhouse kick to The Boulder’s head… that sends the big man toppling over the top rope to the floor!

Boulder by Jay Kenny at 1:03

Rod Sterling: “What an opening statement from The Warehouse graduate Jay Kenny!”

With the big man eliminated, everyone else in the ring is back up and they begin pairing off in a orgy of punches and kicks around the ring. We see the pairing off of recent opponents like Sawyer Xavier and Blake Taylor in one corner, Ashley O’Ryan and Brooklyn Steiner in another, and Vengador was more than eager to get his hands on Al Blizzard.

After his early elimination, Jay Kenny found himself having some words with fellow new comer Xavien Marshall… the words don’t seem too pleasant between the two, but when Death Walker goes after Marshall, he quickly side steps the monster and spins around with a spinkick to the midsection followed up by a scissor kick from Marshall to take Death Walker down to the mat! The pair share a look with one another… before they start stomping a mudhole into the beast on the mat.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Perhaps an early alliance here in the Gunfight.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “But you know how things go in a Battle Royal… you’re allies until you’re not.”

Elsewhere in the ring, Jason Randall works over Trevor Walker in another corner with a series of knee strikes to the midsection. Brooklyn Steiner meanwhile gets the upperhand on Ashley O’Ryan and it's a dropkick from the former Hollywood Star that sends the FWA legend OVER THE TOP ROPE, crashing to the floor! A shocking early elimination!

Ashley O’Ryan by Brooklyn Steiner at 2:55

Rod Sterling: “Woah! Ashley O’Ryan is out! Once again bested by another one of these newcomers in the ring - Brooklyn Steiner! A statement being made already tonight by some of FWA’s new blood.”

Another rookie to the fed, Blake Taylor, has Sawyer Xavier against the ropes, quite literally. Taylor recently picked up a win over the more veteran Xavier, and now works him over with some comb punches up against the ropes before hitting a big left hook that ALMOST sends Xavier over the top rope but he comes back down to his feet, only to have Taylor reach down and grab Sawyer by both legs, just manhandling him as he lifts him up by both legs and DUMPS him over the top rope!

Xavier crashes to the apron as Taylor turns around, lifting his arms up, confidently gloating over his elimination…

But Sawyer had managed to stay on the apron and pulls himself back up on the ropes. Taylor turns back around, noticing Xavier was still there… and charges in to put on the finishing touches..

But Xavier drops down, pulling down the top rope and Taylor’s own momentum sends himself sailing over the top rope to the floor!

Blake Taylor by Sawyer Xavier at 3:48

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Perhaps a bit of a rookie mistake by Blake Taylor there and Sawyer Xavier takes advantage of it!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “A bit of revenge from Xavier after his loss on Fallout!”

Elsewhere in the ring, Trevor Walker has turned the tables on Jason Randall, pulling the Wildcard out of the corner and lifting him up onto his shoulders into an Airplane Spin. Spinning him around in the ring before trying to dump him over the ropes, but Randall holds onto the top rope to block it until Brooklyn Steiner comes in from behind with a forearm smash to the back of Trevor Walker to break it up. Randall comes back down to the safety of the mat as Steiner and Trevor begin to exchange blows.

In another corner, Death Walker finds a rush of adrenaline as he battles his way back against both Kenny and Marshall with jabs and headbutt combinations to both of them before he charges out of the corner with a running elbow strike to take Marshall to the mat! Jay Kenny is on shaky legs as Death Walker gives him a boot to the midsection and drops Kenny with a DDT!

Meanwhile, Vengador has Al Blizzard in trouble! He has scooped Blizzard up… but The Perfect Storm battles back! He turns the tables on Vengador briefly, working him over the ropes before backing up and going for a Big Boot…

But Vengador moves out of the way! Blizzard’s leg goes over the ropes and he’s now straddling that top rope until Vengador hits a step up enziguri, sending him over the top! But Blizzard lands on the apron… pulling himself up..

SUPERKICK from Vengador!

Blizzard falls back… AND IS CAUGHT BY JASON QUINN AND ROBERT STEEL! They help put Blizzard back up on the apron!

Rod Sterling: “Some trickery from Blizzard and his associates keep him in this!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It certainly pays to have friends on the outside apparently.”

Frustrated, Vengador rushes over with a right hand but Blizzard blocks it and comes back with a forearm smash and steps back into the ring. Vengador immediately comes back with a rolling elbow strike to Blizzard that sends him into the ropes…

But Vengador is blindsided by Death Walker! A big running lariat sends Vengador into the ropes before Walker just heaves him up and over the top rope to the floor!

Vengador by Death Walker at 5:11

Al Blizzard is all smiles, laughing at Vengador for his elimination… but Death Walker stands behind him… stalking… waiting…

Jason Quinn and Robert Steele try to alert Blizzard of his presence… and Blizzard’s eyes grow wide as Walker walks behind him, wraps his arms around his throat…

BEDTIME STORY to Blizzard! The momentum of the move has Blizzard rolling back up to his feet but he’s grabbed by the head and TOSSED over the top rope by Death Walker!

Al Blizzard by Death Walker at 5:29

Rod Sterling: “Death Walker is looking absolutely dominant in there!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “He is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. We saw how much it took to eliminate him from the Steel Roulette Match! He’s a beast!”

While Al Blizzard has a bit of a tantrum at ringside, Death Walker find himself once again paired up with Xavien Marshall. Marshall attempted a german Suplex from behind to Walker, but Walker battled it off with a pair of back elbows before turning back around and knees Xavien in the midsection, setting up him for the Dark Cloud, but as he lifts Marshall up onto his shoulders, Jay Kenny comes in with a running pump kick that causes Walker to drop Marshall and takes the beast down to his knees!

Meanwhile, Jason Randall has Sawyer Xavier against the ropes, literally clawing at the eyes of Xavier and then biting at his forehead before he hits a discus lariat that sends Xavier over the top rope!

But once again, Xavier holds onto the ropes and saves himself from elimination! Randall comes back over, but Sawyer fights back with a pair of right hands, hooking Randall by the head as he attempts to suplex him out over the ropes. He manages to pull Randall off to the apron, but Randall once again rakes the eyes! He then grabs Sawyer… lifts him up into a Fireman’s Carry… looks like he’s thinking Death Valley Driver onto the apron!

But Xavier battles back with elbows to the head! And he spins it around into a DDT onto the apron! Randall’s head bounces off the canvas and he falls to the floor while Xavier lies on his back on the apron!

Jason Randall by Sawyer Xavier at 7:03

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Out goes The Wildcard! That’s two eliminations for Sawyer Xavier now, both coming by staving off near eliminations!”

Sawyer rolls back under the bottom rope into the ring, having some time to catch his breath now… only to be attacked by Jack the Clipper who had been laying low! Clipper laughs maniacally as he takes Sawyer to the mat and begins to unload on him.

Elsewhere, Jay Kenny and Xavien Marshall once again work together on Death Walker while the other Walker, Trevor, looks to take Brooklyn Steiner to school on the other side of the ring. Trevor sets Steiner up for a piledriver, but the rookie manages to escape with a backdrop while on the other side of the ring, Sawyer Xavier is in trouble… Jack the Clipper has him halfway over the ropes…

Trevor Walker staggers to his feet as Steiner leaps onto the ropes with a springboard hurricanrana, but Trevor holds on! The wily old timer shows his ring awareness as he pulls Steiner back up and looks to powerbomb him over the top rope…

But instead it's Steiner reversing it into a headscissors over the ropes! Both men land on the apron and begin to pull themselves up. They begin to battle on the apron now as Trevor blocks a kick from Steiner and then hits a big knife edge chop to Steiner’s chest! And then it’s a SUPERKICK from Trevor that sends Steiner falling over to the apron, but hooks the bottom rope with his arm to keep himself from falling down to the floor!

Meanwhile, Death Walker is sent into the ropes… coming back… breaking through a double clothesline from Kenny and Xavien… and BLASTS BOTH OF THEM with a double clothesline of his own!

Death Walker is fired up as he charges to the ropes… BIG BOOT TO TREVOR WALKER ON THE APRON!

Trevor falls to the ground!

Trevor Walker by Death Walker at 8:33

Death Walker now turns his attention to Brooklyn Steiner, as Steiner tries to get up on the apron… he makes his way over, but Steiner surprises him with a thrust from his shoulder through the middle ropes to DW’s midsection! Walker is doubled over and staggers backward as Steiner springboards into the ring…



Sawyer Xavier battles back against Jack The Clipper, reversing Jack’s attempts to suplex him out of the ring a springboard bulldog! But he’s immediately hit with a big boot from Death Walker!

Jack The Clipper is all smiles, patting Death Walker on the back, telling him he has it from here… but Walker spins around and CLOTHESLINES JACK OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!

Jack the Clipper by Death Walker at 9:01

Death Walker reaches down and grabs Sawyer by the hair…

But he’s hit from behind with the DECAPITATOR FROM XAVIEN MARSHALL! Death Walker falls into the ropes, and Jay Kenny is there with Xavien.. THEY BOTH LIFT HIM UP AND DUMP WALKER OVER THE TOP ROPE! Death Walker crashes to the floor!

Death Walker by Jay Kenny & Xavien Marshall at 9:12

Rod Sterling: “Out of nowhere, the most dominant man in this match is out! It took two of ‘em but Death Walker is eliminated!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And with that… we are down to four men! Two of them will walk out as the winners tonight…”

In the ring now, Sawyer Xavier stares down across the ring from Jay Kenny and Xavien Marshall, two men who had been working together most of the match… while Brooklyn Steiner was slowly trying to recover from the Hell’s Fury from Death Walker…

Xavier shrugs and charges head on at Xavien Marshall with a big uppercut! But Jay Kenny sweeps the leg, taking him down to the mat! Kenny pulls him back up, but Xavier strikes with a spinning backfist to stagger Jay! But it’s a Switch Knee from Xavien to take Sawyer back down to the mat!

Brooklyn Steiner is up but is immediately hit with a double thrust kick from both Kenny and Xavien Marshall to take him back down to the mat! Xavien Marshall throws his arms up to boos from the crowd…


Anzu Kurosawa: “I told you it was only a matter of time!”

Rod Sterling: “The entire match these two rookies have worked together but Jay Kenny saw his chance to make sure he’s one of the final two in this match!”

Jay Kenny pulls Xavien back up by the head and tosses him over the top rope, but Xavien holds onto the top rope and saves himself!

Before Kenny can try to finish the job, he’s caught out of nowhere with a shining wizard from Sawyer!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sawyer Xavier is having a great night tonight… and he has a chance here to go even further… and the crowd is embracing the underdog here!”

With Kenny down and Xavien trying to get back up on the apron, Xavier calls his shot as he runs to the ropes…


But Xavien blocks it AND THROWS SAWYER OFF and he CRASHES INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST and falls out to the floor!

Sawyer Xavier by Xavien Marshall at 11:07

Rod Sterling: “It would appear you may have jinxed him there, Jean-Luc.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Perhaps I spoke too soon but still a great run from Sawyer tonight but comes up just short… and now we are just one elimination away from finding out which of these two will move on to Winter Wasteland but also earn a tag title shot!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And all three are rookies here in FWA! What a night for these newcomers.”

Xavien Marshall enters the ring and immediately confronts Jay Kenny as he is getting back up to his feet, shoving Kenny. Jay tries to explain himself and get them both back on the same page, pointing to Brooklyn Steiner. Xavien Marshall shakes his head and they turn their attention to Steiner…

But Xavien blasts Kenny from behind with a running forearm smash! He then pulls Kenny up and POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!

Marshall can be heard swearing at Jay as he grabs him by the hair and begins to pull him up, but from behind it’s Brooklyn Steiner with a dropkick! Marshall collides with the turnbuckles before stumbling out into an inverted atomic drop from Steiner who then follows it up with a springboard knee strike!

Brooklyn turns his attention to Jay, who is beginning to get to his feet. He grabbed Kenny and heaved him up over the ropes, pushing him out onto the apron! Steiner then once again goes high risk as he jumps to the ropes and walks the ropes, but Jay Kenny pulls his legs out from under him and Steiner falls groin first across the top ropes!

Rod Sterling: “Perhaps Steiner pushes fate a little too much that time as Kenny makes him pay for going hush risk.”

Jay leaps into the air with a jumping side kick to Steiner… sending him off the ropes to the apron, with Steiner clutching the top rope to hold himself up! Jay Kenny strikes with another swift kick to the chest of Steiner before targeting that right arm he’s holding onto the ropes with… KICK TO THE HAND!

Steiner’s hand slips free..

BUT HE REACHES OVER AND GRABS THE ROPES WITH HIS LEFT ARM! And he follows it up with a kick of his own to Kenny! He rocks Kenny with another… now it’s Kenny holding on for dear life!

Xavien Marshall is back up and he climbs the ropes..


BUT KENNY DROPS DOWN TO THE APRON out of the way! Xavien lands on his feet right between both Steiner and Kenny!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “All three men are in a precarious position right now!”

With one arm holding the ropes, both Steiner and Marshall begin to exchange blows… both men teetering on the edge of elimination here…


This time its Marshall who drops down out of the way on the apron and Kenny connects with the kick to Steiner..



Winners: Jay Kenny & Xavien Marshall with Jay Kenny last eliminating Brooklyn Steiner at 14:25.

The bell rings as both Jay Kenny and Xavien Marshall find themselves looking across from one another on the apron. Kenny smirks, extending his arm out to Xavien.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What a debut for this man, Jay Kenny. In just his first match and in Xavien’s second - these two have earned themselves a tag title shot and both will go on to Winter Wasteland to wrestle for a X Championship shot as well!”

Rod Sterling: “And now Jay Kenny wants to bury the hatchet… he acts like this was his plan all along but he was clearly aiming for Xavien Marshall with that kick!”

Marshall decides not to shake the hand of Kenny, instead jumping down off the apron and down to ringside.

Kurt Harrington: “Here are your winners… Jay Kenny and Xavien Marshall!”

Marshall throws his arms up in celebration while Jay Kenny simply shrugs it off and jumps down himself. Both men receive a warm round of boos for their efforts as they celebrate their wins separately.


An advert airs for FWA: Winter Wasteland, scheduled for December 17th in Istanbul, Turkey. Only on the WCNetwork.


Kurt Harrington: “The next contest is set for one fall with a thirty-minute-time-limit and it is a number one contender’s match for the FWA North American Championship!”

The crowd roars to life and cheers loudly as The Showman makes his way out on stage with his usual AC/DC Back in Black t-shirt that he wears for big shows. By his side as usual is his best friend, Crazy Harry, who is hyping up The Showman like only he can.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, being accompanied by Crazy Harry, from the Badlands Trailer Park and weighing in at 240 lb…he is The Showman…Chris Crooooowe!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It’s a must win situation for Chris Crowe, because a win tonight will place him one step closer to reclaiming the title he never officially lost. It was relinquished due to an injury and Chris Crowe has had to jump through some hoops to get here tonight.”

Rod Sterling: “Chris isn’t going to let this opportunity slip away so easily either. He knows what is at stake and he’s going to make the most of it.”

The lights of the arena flash a light red as cherry petals fall on the big screen. The camera zooms in towards the entrance area as some smoke builds. After about thirteen seconds Katsu makes her way out, her cape flowing behind her, showing her Kitsune inspired mask. She basks in the red spotlight as fire shoots up from the side of the stage, her arms crossed in front of her with an “X,” hands doing the “wolf-head” gesture. The Huntress spins around and does a throat slashing gesture with her pointer finger as the flames shoot higher before making her way down the ramp.

Kurt Harrington: "Introducing their opponent, representing YOKAI Death Squad, from Osaka, Japan, she is the Kitsune Warrior, KAAATSUUUU!!!"

Moving down the ramp at a somewhat quick pace, Katsu removes her entrance mask to show her regular one and she gives a small head tilt while holding it next to her head. Going around the ring, she hands her mask to a younger fan before sliding onto the apron. One hand on the ropes, she opens up her cape and closes her eyes, keeping a calm aura to her. She quickly drops down into the splits then slides into the ring.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Katsu is no stranger to gold not only here in FWA but elsewhere, and tonight is her chance to earn herself another opportunity to add more to that list of accolades. She knows it won’t be easy, but Katsu is a fighter and has never backed down from a challenge.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Anzu. Katsu will face a great test tonight with a former North American Champion standing across from her, as well as a unique new challenger.”

Heading to the nearest corner turnbuckles, Katsu climbs up them and puts one foot on the top rope. She does another throat slash before holding her finger down in an “M” formation. Heading down, she leans down in a superhero-like pose, holding her arms in an “X” in front of her chest. Katsu’s hands again have the wolf gesture before she spins around and heads to her corner.

The alluring vocals of Janet Jackson’s “That’s The Way Love Goes” begins to play as the mood lighting in the arena dims to a sultry shade of red. Walking out onto the stage, through a steady cloud of smoke, are two people wearing pink, glittery, skin-tight full body suits. The back of one suit says “Antonio” in white and the back of the other says “Monica” in white. They each hold one furry cone shaped object in their hands as they slowly move and vibe to the music while standing on either side of the entryway. After a few seconds, out saunters Xperienx Xtacee, looking as flashy as ever in light purple glittery tights with a matching velvet cloak and holding a rhinestone-encrusted cane. He motions Monica and Antonio with the cane, signaling them to come over and kiss him on either cheek. Xtacee puts on a very satisfied smile and holds his cane with both hands, pointing it in front of him, as Monica and Antonio stand at his side and point the furry cones at him. In unison, Xperienx Xtacee thrusts with the cane as his lovers tap the back of the cones, causing golden confetti to come shooting out of all three objects.

Kurt Harrington: “Making his way to the ring, side-by-side with his lovers Monica and Antonio, hailing from The Right Side of the Bed in Las Vegas, Nevada, and weighing in at a lean 180 pounds, he is The Sensual Enigma… Xperienx Xtaceeeeeeee!”

Rod Sterling: “You used the word unique to describe him Watkins, and that’s probably the best way to describe Xperienx Xtacee. His flashy looks match his flashy style and he’s shown he can get down and dirty when the time comes for it.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “In and out of the ring he can get down and dirty, at least that’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Xtacee found his way into this match by scoring a victory over Chris Crowe on Fallout 033. If Xtacee can pull off a win tonight he could very well challenge his new friend Jackson Fenix for the North American Championship if Fenix can get past Bryan Baxter later on this evening.”

Now in the ring, Antonio grabs Xtacee’s cane and slides it out of his hand before leaving the ring. Monica removes Xtacee’s cloak and top before also leaving the ring. Xperienx goes into the corner and sits atop the turnbuckle with a flirtatious smile on his face as he stares down his opponents.

Referee Gracelynn Guerrero checks each competitor and then she calls for the bell.


Chris Crowe
vs. Katsu vs. Xperienx Xtacee.
Triple Threat Match, #1 Contender for the FWA North American Championship.
Match Writer: Jimmy.


The match begins with Katsu and Crowe circling each other and sizing each other up. Not before long though, Xtacee joins in on the circling action. Xtacee extends his hand out and offers up the challenge for a test of strength. Katsu seems slightly reluctant at first but obliges him, still with a slight hesitancy in her stance. Crowe seems like he’s going to play along, but just when it looks like he's about to grab hold of Xtacee’s hand, he drives a back elbow flush on Xtacee’s jaw! Xtacee staggers back and Crowe unleashes an unholy sounding chop across Xtacee’s chest! Xtacee leans against the ropes, clutching at his chest in agony while his lovers Monica and Antonio shout love and encouragement at him.

Crowe turns his attention to Katsu and drives a boot to her chest that knocks her back into the ropes, but she’s not going down that easily as she bounces off the ropes and charges forward where she ducks a clothesline from Crowe, and then she bounces off the opposite set of ropes and launches herself with a springboard moonsault that takes down Crowe in an instant! Katsu takes Xtacee by the hand and goes to send him toward the opposite end, but as she does so, Xtacee counters that into performing a handstand into a cartwheel. Katsu swings wildly with a back elbow only for Xtacee to perform a Matrix-like evasion to avoid contact, and Xtacee connects with an uppercut that has enough force to knock Katsu back into a corner. Xtacee connects with running knees to Katsu’s chest in the corner and he quickly follows up with a bulldog out of the corner!

Xtacee postures for the fans that show him some love but it’s cut short when Chris Crowe drives a stiff forearm to the side of Xtacee’s head! Crowe then takes Xtacee in close and drives him down to the mat with an STO! Crowe then drops down for the cover…

One…NO! Katsu breaks it up!

Anzu Kurosawa: “This has been an interesting mix of styles with Xtacee’s flashiness, which bears some similarities to Katsu’s high-speed Lucharesu, and then there’s Chris Crowe’s more hard-hitting brawling style.”

Katsu brings Crowe up in a front facelock and drives home rapid-fire forearm smashes to the face of Chris Crowe! Katsu then takes a groggy Crowe by the hand and sends him across the ring with an arm drag! Crowe springs to his feet but he’s caught with another arm drag from Katsu! Crowe takes a bit of time after that one to get back on his feet and meanwhile, Katsu is revved up and she charges forward and takes Crowe off his feet with a hurricanrana into a pinning maneuver!


This it’s Xperienx Xtacee to break up the pin with a running knee strike to Katsu! Xtacee hits multiple elbow drops on Katsu before he follows that up with a standing moonsault and he quickly hooks a leg for the pin…

ONE…TW - - NO!

Katsu gets a shoulder up in time but that may come back to bite her because Xtacee has grabbed hold of that arm, and he locks in a cross armbar! He wrenches back on the hold while Katsu does her best to fight back but Xtacee is showing no ounce of letting up.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wisely done by Xtacee to take Katsu by the arm and transition into a cross armbar!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Quick thinking on his part, Jean-Luc. He knows what’s at stake here.”

Rod Sterling: “Don’t forget about Chris Crowe, though!”

Sterling calls it as Crowe breaks up the submission with a running leg drop to Xtacee! Crowe drags Xtacee up to his feet while Katsu nurses her shoulder. Crowe has Xtacee in the corner and lays into him with forearm after forearm until Xtacee is slumped down, which leaves him open for Crowe to hit a corner cannonball on Xtacee! Crowe turns around right into a running dropkick from Katsu that knocks him back into the corner. Katsu charges forward as she’s aiming for a running corner splash, but Crowe dodges it and Katsu manages to catch herself before experiencing a disaster. However, Crowe clubs her in the back and he follows that up with more clubbing forearms before he drags her out of the corner with a cobra clutch and then he sends her crashing to the mat with a cobra clutch slam! Crowe drops down for the pin…

Crowe breaks up the pin though before the referee can count because he sensed Xtacee flying off the top, so he moves out of the way and Xtacee hits his unintended target Katsu with a flying knee drop! Xtacee rolls through but as he hops back to his feet he’s caught by Crowe with a running bulldog! Crowe drops down for the pin this time…

ONE…TWO…NO! Xtacee kicks out!

Anzu Kurosawa: “The fans are eating this one up! They’re into it regardless of who their favorite is in it!”

Crowe applies a headlock to keep Xtacee grounded for the time being. Crowe usually doesn’t resort to submissions but in this instance he’s willing to make an exception. Xtacee struggles to break free but he doesn’t have to wait long for Crowe to release the hold to avoid an incoming penalty kick from Katsu, and Crowe manages to catch Katsu off her momentum into a quick roll-up!


She kicks out and rolls through as Crowe is on his knees, and he ducks another penalty kick to the chest but Katsu catches him with one to the back with her other foot. Crowe winces in pain as Katsu unleashes another penalty kick to his spine. Crowe stumbles to his feet while trying to fight through the pain surging through his back and Katsu connects with a dropkick to the chest that knocks him back. Katsu follows that up with a low dropkick that brings Crowe down to his knees, and she sizes him up before hitting Crowe with the Death-Spike! Katsu isn’t finished yet though as she runs atop the turnbuckle and launches herself off and connects with a diving moonsault on Crowe into a pin!

ONE…TWO…THR - - NO! It’s broken up by Xtacee!

Rod Sterling: “Oh I thought that might have been it!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Crazy Harry did too! He looked like he was about to have a heart attack but a wave of relief washed over him when Xtacee broke up the pin!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “These three are giving it their all, wrestling fans! This is still anyone’s match!”

Katsu is still down and out, breathing heavily, as is Xtacee. Not long after that, Xtacee musters up the strength to kip up and he brings Katsu to her feet, and he’s looking to go for Foreplay, his straight-jacket DDT but Katsu spins out of it. Katsu connects with a spinning enzuigiri! She sends Xtacee into the ropes with a hurricanrana and she has him where she wants him with the Sakura Kick, but Xtacee moves out of the way to avoid disaster! Katsu catches herself back to her feet and ducks an Educated Feet attempt from Xtacee. Katsu catches him and she has him set up for the Blazing Spiral, but Xtacee spins out of that. Xtacee goes for another Educated Feet, but misses as Katsu ducks and that doesn’t give her enough time to react to a discus lariat from out of nowhere by Chris Crowe!

Rod Sterling: “Katsu got absolutely obliterated by that discus lariat!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I think that knocks her out of the equation!”

Crowe sets his sights on Xtacee and goes for another discus lariat, but Xtacee ducks that. Xtacee runs the ropes and propels himself with a springboard crossbody right into the waiting arms of Chris Crowe, who counters with a devastating powerslam! The fans are feeling it now and Crowe is too as Xtacee is slowly rising up when Crowe nails him with a boot to the midsection…The Closing Act! Crowe gets all of it and quickly hooks both legs…


Winner: Chris Crowe via pinfall at 19:58.

Kurt Harrington: “The winner of the match, Chris Crowe!”

Crowe has his hand raised by the referee in victory and Crazy Harry slides into the ring to celebrate with his best friend. Harry jumps onto Crowe in like a hug and the two of them share a moment.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris Crowe punches his ticket to the front of the line for a shot at the North American Championship, and we’ll find out in a matter of moments who he’ll be facing, whether it’s Jackson Fenix or Bryan Baxter.”

Rod Sterling: “I bet Crowe will be rooting Baxter just so he can get his hands on the Bastard.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I’m sure he doesn’t care who it is, he's just pleased to have earned a chance to reclaim the title he never lost. Don’t take anything away from Katsu and Xtacee either, who both put up a tremendous effort. Like Jean-Luc mentioned earlier, this was anyone’s match and it could’ve gone either way.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Let’s not forget that’s not the end of Katsu’s quest for gold tonight. She still has an opportunity to claim trios gold with her stablemates in YDS later on this evening.”

Crowe and Harry have exited the ring, still in elation over the win. Meanwhile, Xtacee is tended to by his lovers Monica and Antonio, while Katsu looks disappointed. She’s joined by Cali Heyama and Ririko, who comfort her and reassure her it’ll be okay.


The fans come alive as Jackson Fenix emerges from the back with his partner and best friend, Nate Savage right by his side. Jackson is fired up and more than happy to play to the crowd as he runs back and forth on the stage.

Rod Sterling: “I’m really excited for this one - Jackson Fenix has been on quite the roll lately, and earned himself a shot at the North American Championship with a win over Death Walker on Meltdown… and it pairs him off with a familiar foe.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “You’re right about that. There’s no love loss between Jackson Fenix and the North American Champion… Buddy System and Undisputed Alliance had one of the more memorable feuds of 2022… but a lot has changed since Back in Business. Because now these fans… they… love Jackson Fenix!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Not sure I get it, but you’re right. And his recent alliance with Xperience Xstacy has had something to do with that.”

Rod Sterling: “Jackson Fenix has held tag gold in the past… but tonight… he wants to get his hands on some singles gold.”

They climb into the ring, Nate Savage begins to hype up Jackson as they await the champion.

It’s a loud chorus of boos for the North American Champion as Big Bryan Bastard makes his way out to the ring. Bryan Baxter is all by himself as he walks out from the back. He pauses on the stage to opened his “Bastard” letterman jack, revealing the North American title around his waist. He stares down to the ring, a nasty sneer on his face.

Rod Sterling: “What a year it’s been for this man as he approaches on one year as the North American Champion.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “He’s definitely been on a roll but and while he’s normally not in the best of moods, he may be even more foul tonight after losing to Tommy Bedlam on Meltdown.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “One of the many reasons I probably wouldn’t want to be Jackson Fenix right now.”

Bryan Baxter slowly makes his way down to the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd as he climbs up the steps and then steps through the ropes into the ring. He removes his jacket and tosses it to ringside before unstrapping his North American Title.

Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a sixty minute time limit… and is for the FWA North American Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, being accompanied to the ring by his Undisputed Alliance tag team partner Nate Savage… from Las Vegas, Neveada… he weighs in at two hundred ten pound… he is… “The Sin City Bad Boy”... JJJAAAAACKKKSSSONNNN FFFEEEEEENIX!”

The crowd pops loudly for Fenix, who tosses his arms in the air with a big smile on his face.

Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… hailing from Hickory North Carolina, he is the FWA North American Champion… BIG BRYAN BBBBBAAAASSSSSSSSSTTTAAARRRDDDD!”

The look on Baxter’s face doesn’t change, as he continues to just look like someone ran over his kitty cat. He lifts up the North American Title high in the air while staring down Jackson Fenix. The crowd boos loudly as he displays the gold.

Referee Tommy Palmer is handed the title belt as the match is about to get under way.


Big Bryan Bastard (c)
vs. Jackson Fenix.
Singles Match for the FWA North American Championship.
Match Writer: Dubb.

As the bell rings, the two men stare each other down while they circle the ring, each seemingly waiting to see who would strike first. Ultimately, they both move in at the same time, going for a collar and elbow but instead it’s Jackson ducks down underneath the large arms of Bryan Bastard, with a go behind. From behind, Jackson applies a side headlock to Bastard, but is quickly shoved off into the ropes by the powerful North American Champion. Fenix bounces back off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Baxter before bouncing off the opposite ropes and hits a running clothesline of his own to BBB.

But Baxter absorbs the blow completely, simply staring Fenix down as Jackson responds by hitting the ropes once again but runs into a big brick wall as Baxter sends him to the canvas with a big shoulder block. Jackson quickly rolls back to his feet only to get hit by a second shoulder tackle from the Bastard, once again sending him down to the mat.

The crowd boos as Bryan Bastard holds up his arms in the air, taunting his challenger as Jackson gets up to one knee, staring down his opponent. He pulls himself all the way back up as BBB charges in with a lariat, but Jackson ducks it! The Sin City Bad Boy runs to the ropes and comes back with a spinning heel kick that staggers Bastard back to the ropes!

Looking to take advantage of the opening, Jackson rushes in with a big forearm smash to Baxter’s back and then unleashes a flurry of those forearm shots, working Baxter toward the corner. There’s a fire in the eyes of the challenger as he works Bryan over in the corner with a combination of forearms and kicks, managing to wear down the champion.

Rod Sterling: “There’s a lot of fire behind this offense from Jackson Fenix! These hard hitting blows are a bit unorthodox for him, but I think it’s a testament to just how bad he wants this!”

Fenix has the crowd fired up with his outburst of offense and he finishes off his corner barrage with a step up enziguri to the cornered Baxter! BBB stumbles his way out of the corner… dropping down to his knees as Jackson rushes to the ropes and charges in with a knee right to the Bastard’s head! The North American Champion falls over to the mat and Fenix immediately goes for the pin!



Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wishful thinking there from Jackson Fenix.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Perhaps, but you can’t blame him for trying there.”

Not letting the champion get back up, Fenix rolls over into a reverse chinlock submission. While referee Tommy Palmer is there to check in on Bryan Bastard, the champ isn’t about to submit. Instead, he uses his size and power advantage to make his way back up to a vertical base while Jackson held the submission, and then lifts Fenix up into air and slams him down onto the mat with a side suplex slam!

The tables are now turned as Bastard gets to his feet while Jackson arches his back on the mat,selling the damage done from the suplex before he begins to get himself. However he is immediately rocked by a big headbutt from Baxter, sending Jackson staggering backwards into the ropes. With Jackson against the ropes, Baxter charges in with a big clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor!

BBB steps out onto the apron while Fenix is trying to pull himself up at ringside. He eyes Nate Savage, who looks ready to come over to help his partner before jumping off with an axhandle smash to Fenix! He then takes a handful of Jackson’s hair and pulls him to up to his feet… and then takes the long hair of Jackson and WHIPS HIM BY THE HAIR INTO THE RING STEPS!

While Baxter ignores the warnings from Palmer about the use of the hair, he stalks over his opponent… taking Jackson’s hand and placing it across the bottom ring step… and STOMPS ON THE HAND!

The crowd boos which elicits a smirk from Baxter as he places the hand across the steel again… and looks ready for another stomp when Nate Savage intervenes! Savage comes over to aid his partner, causing Bryan Bastard to stop in his tracks and goes nose to nose with his fellow big man.

Rod Sterling: “We have ourselves a hoss staredown! This is a match up I know many of our fans would love to see as well… but Nate Savage has to be careful to not get his partner disqualified here!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Yeah, Rod, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Bryan Bastard might be trying to egg Savage on here… wanting a disqualification here!”

Sure enough, as they begin to exchange some words back and forth, Baxter gives Savage a shove and can be heard daring Nasty Nate to strike back, clearly looking to draw that DQ as mentioned. But Nate doesn’t harm his partners chances that way… instead, he’s actually given Fenix some time to recover!

Nate points in Jackson’s direction while flashing a smile… as Bastard turns around to see… a boot right to the face!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Superkick Me Baby One More Time!”

Bryan falls to one knee, clutching the ring apron as Fenix rolls back into the ring. Shaking off the cobwebs, Bryan Bastard climbs up onto the apron and rolls back into the ring as Fenix waits for him, climbing to the second turnbuckle… and jumping off with his Kill the Lights meteora!

Fenix makes a cover!




Fenix is back up first as Bryan begins to pull himself up as well, quickly grabbing the champion by the head and he attempts to go for a finisher with the Sin City Hangover… but he’s unable to get Baxter up off his feet! Bryan Bastard breaks it up with a knee to the midsection and then reverses it into a vertical suplex to send Fenix down to the mat.

Baxter is met with boos once again as he gets up, but goes back on the attack, grabbing Fenix and sending him hard into the corner with a big Irish Whip before charging in himself with a big corner splash to his challenger! He backs up… and charges in with another big running splash, this time the impact sends Fenix down into the corner. Bryan takes his boot and begins to blatantly choke Jackson in the corner using his foot.

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! “Come on Baxter, break it up!” Tommy Palmer instructs… but the Bastard just keeps on choking the life out of Bryan.

“Go ahead! Disqualify me! I don’t give a shit!” Baxter barked at Palmer while still applying the pressure to Fenix’s throat with his big boot.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A disqualification would just mean he retains the title, of course. And we’ve seen over the last year… Bryan Bastard will do whatever it takes to retain that belt!”

Rod Sterling: “No one wants to see Jackson Fenix lose out on the title thanks to a disqualification!”

Tommy Palmer seems conflicted, not wanting to end the title defense by DQ… but Nate Savage jumps onto the apron to get Baxter’s attention. This finally gets Bryan to release the choke as he grabs Palmer by his collar and points out Savage. “Eject his fat ass!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Really? He’s one to talk.”

Palmer does walk over to Savage and begins to warn him to get off the apron while Bryan walks back toward Fenix in the corner…

And the cornered Fenix… LIFTS HIS FOOT RIGHT UP INTO BAXTER’S GROIN! Savage grins as he jumps down off the apron, as Pamer turns around to only see Baxter leaning over, holding his testicles in pain before dropping to his knees. Fenix grabs the ropes to pull himself up out of the corner… and charges in with a shining wizard to Bryan Bastard! Another cover by Fenix!




Fenix leaps back up to his feet, fired up with the fans behind him. Bryan Baxter is still reeling from the low blow as he staggers to his feet, and Fenix comes in from behind… BREAK THE ICE backstabber! Bryan Bastard is right back up to his feet after the move but is staggering around the ring, holding his back in pain as Jackson rushes to the ropes…


Baxter hits the mat and Jackson makes the pin!



THR - NO! BBB kicks out again!

Savage winces at ringside, thinking that perhaps his partner had won but the match went on. Once again Baxter begins to get to his feet and Jackson strikes with a standing dropkick that sends Bryan into the corner. Fenix rushes in with a spinning heel kick, but BBB moves out of the way! Fenix crashes legs first into the turnbuckle, and falls down to the mat! Bryan Bastard slowly comes back in, dropping a falling headbutt onto the fallen Fenix in the corner. He then scoops Fenix up off the mat, bodyslamming him onto the corner before climbing to the middle ropes…

BASTARD BOMB corner slingshot splash to Fenix! He hooks the leg!




Bryan Bastard gets back up to his feet and argues with Palmer about a slow count as Fenix rolls out onto the apron. Baxter turns back around and steps out onto the apron with Jackson, who tries to get up to his feet on the apron and meets Baxter with a forearm smash, but there wasn’t much force behind it. BBB no-sells the attack and instead headbutts Fenix. Fenix stays up, but just barely as he holds onto the top ring rope. Baxter then gives him a boot to the midsection to double him over on the apron…


Fenix’s head spikes off the apron and his body slumps off the apron down to ringside while Bryan climbs back into the ring and tells Palmer to count him out!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Bryan Bastard once again trying to find the easiest path to victory, wanting a countout now!”

One! Two! Three! Four…

Nate Savage rushes around the ringside area, kneeling down by Jackson and begins trying to encourage his partner to his feet. Five! Six! Seven!

In the ring, Baxter already has his arms up in the air, celebrating his victory..


The fans come to life as Fenix begins to move… Savage letting him know he’s almost out of time…



No! Fenix slides under the bottom rope at the very last possible second! The match continues! But Baxter was waiting for him and immediately stomped on the back of his head on his way into the ring! He then pulls Fenix up to his feet… SPINNING SITOUT POWERBOMB!



Thre…No! Fenix just barely gets his shoulder up!

Rod Sterling: “Jackson Fenix once again shows signs of life but I’m not sure how much more of this punishment he’ll be able to take!”

Before Fenix can get back up to his feet, Baxter ran to the ropes and hit a running senton, keeping his challenger down before he bounced off the ropes and hit a running splash, bringing all 300 plus pounds of that body mass down onto Fenix! He hooks the far leg once again.



Thre - shoulder up!

Some frustration begins to set in now as Bryan Bastard sits up to his knees after another unsuccessful pinball attempt. He grabs a handful of Fenix’s hair, pulling him up… and he begins to set him up… locking his head and lifting him up into the air…

Anzu Kurosawa: “It’s looking like the Baxter Driver is coming! There would certainly be no kicking out of that for Jackson Fenix!”

BBB shows off his strength as he walks to the center of the ring, holding Jackson up in the air, before transitioning him to his shoulder… BUT FENIX SLIDES DOWN HIS BACK!


An another to the other leg! The repeated superkicks to the knees sends Bryan Bastard down to his knees on the mat as Fenix measured him up one more time… for ANOTHER SUPERKICK!

Rod Sterling: “Oops he did it again!”

The crowd is on their feet as Fenix rolls Baxter over onto his back and hooks the leg..




NO! It’s a shoulder up by Baxter this time!

Fenix is undeterred as he gets back up to his feet, the crowd loudly showing their support for the Sin City Bad Boy. He meets the Bastard as he gets up to his feet, he hooks him by the head… and somehow manages to lift the big man off his feet…


Jean-Luc Watkins: “He hit it! He lifts up those 300 pounds of the North American Champion and has hit the Sin City Hangover! We’re going to have a new champion!”

Fenix hooks the leg..




NOT QUITE! It was 2.999999 as Bryan got his shoulder up!

This time the shock set in for Fenix as he sits up to his knees with his hands on his head and a look of genuine surprise on his face.

Rod Sterling: “What is it going to take to keep Bryan Bastard down?!”

Fenix looks at the turnbuckles… and his eyes light up. He walks over to the corner and climbs up to the middle ropes… waiting as Baxter slowly… very slowly… begins to get back to his feet… staggering up…

Fenix… lifts up a pair of DOUBLE BIRDS to a big reaction before he…

…leaps off the ropes..



Baxter stumbles backward, dropping to his knees and using the middle ropes to help himself from falling back down completely. Tommy Palmer checks on Fenix, who is folded up in the corner… as Baxter reaches down into his trunks…

The crowd boos loudly as Bryan Bastard retreives his trusty brass knuckles, sliding them onto his knuckles. Bryan grabs the ropes to help get all the way back up to a vertical base… and begins to measure up Jackson…


Nate grabs Baxter’s arm to stop him!

Bryan Bastard turns around… AND DECKS NATE SAVAGE WITH THE BRASS KNUCKLES! Savage collapses off the apron to the ground, immediately getting the attention of Tommy Palmer, who rushes to the ropes and checks on Savage now…

As Fenix slowly gets up…


Fenix drops to the canvas as Baxter tosses the smoking gun out of the ring. He drops down to his knees and makes the cover while Palmer returns to his position..






Anzu Kurosawa: “How about that! So many people have gone down from that brass knux powered punch from Bryan Bastard… but not Jackson Fenix! Now it is Bryan Bastard who has to be wondering what he has to do to keep HIM down!”

Triple B gets up to his feet and immediately confronts Tommy Palmer once again… getting in the face of the FWA official and barking at him about his slow counts. Baxter shoves Palmer in frustration… as Fenix comes in..




THRE - NO! Kickout!

Both slowly pull themselves up..

But Bryan Bastard strikes first with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE that flips Fenix head over heels to the mat! Bryan snarls as he gets back up, pulling Fenix up…


Right in the center of the ring!

He sits down on Jackson’s chest, pulling back on both legs for the cover..




Winners: Big Bryan Bastard via pinfall at 18:03.

Exhausted, Bryan Baxter staggers to his feet as Tommy Palmer retrieves the North American Championship and hands it to Bryan Bastard, lifting up his arm in victory.

Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner and STILL FWA North American Champion… Big Bryan Bastard!”

Baxter snatches the North American title from Palmer, and holds it up in the air, eliciting more boos from the crowd. A disappointed Jackson Fenix rolls out of the ring to regroup with Nate Savage.

Anzu Kurosawa: “A strong effort tonight from Jackson Fenix in a tough loss. I know there’s no such thing as moral victories but Jackson should be proud of his effort here tonight.”

Rod Sterling: “The dominance of Bryan Baxter continues here tonight! And we know he has a future date with a man he has been trying to avoid… a man he did not want to give a title shot to… well… there will be no running at Winter Wasteland when he has to take on Chris Crowe thanks to Crowe’s win earlier tonight!”

While Bryan continues to gloat over his victory in the ring… the man in question walks out from the back. Chris Crowe stands at the top of the stage, staring down to the ring.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Speak of the devil! There he is! Chris Crowe has had his eyes on this title since he returned… a title he never lost!”

Bryan notices Crowe at the stage, and his smug look of victory quickly fades… and the foul look from earlier returns. Baxter once again holds up his belt… ”This is mine, not yours!” Baxter shouts out in Crowe’s direction as Crowe just smirks.

”We’ll see about that!” Crowe responds as we cut away.


Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is a Trios match scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute time-limit, and it is for the FWA Trios Championships!”

Kurt announces to the crowd who give a positive response.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And here it is, wrestling fans, the first defense of FWA’s Trios Championships!”

Drawing a positive response from the fans is the theme music of YOKAI Death Squad. The stadium lights flash various neon pinks and greens as the lights on the screens flash various 8-bit logos of the group and its members. After a few moments, the number one contenders make their way out, all in matching colours of a white base and their usual neon trims. Ririko claps to the music, which some fans join in. Katsu holds her hands out as Cali Hayama hops in place, kneeling in front of her. Ririko tilts her shoulder, showing a “heart” over her chest, the tongue of her entrance mask flopping down. The Sky Devil points her finger like a gun as smoke shoots up on the sides of the stage.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing the challengers, the 'Crazy Ghost,' Ririko, the 'Sky Devil,' Cali Hayama, and the 'Kitsune Warrior,' Katsu, YOKAI Death Squad, Y-D-S!”

Cali hops in place and turns to her friends. Katsu reaches her fist in and all three exchange a fist bump before heading down the ramp.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Despite Katsu seemingly wishing to continue her singles commitments as well, which that alone means she might not be 100% going into this match, YDS have been on a tear through the Trios division on their way to this match.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Three straight wins in the Trios eliminator tournament and one win away from doing what they felt should have happened at Back in Business.”

Rod Sterling: “But there is this dynamic we can’t ignore, as Cali Hayama explained on Fallout, there’s this prior knowledge, perhaps a friendship, between Bellatrix and her and Katsu.”

Ririko high fives a couple fans on her way down the ramp as Cali and Katsu take the lead, slightly more focused. At the end of the ramp, the team splits. The former FWA Television Champion breaks towards the hardside of the ring, sliding onto the apron before doing the spits into the ring. Cali Hayama immediately jumps onto the apron and hops over the top rope, her jacket flopping as she moves. Ririko slides into the ring to join her team. Katsu and Ririko head to parallel corners as Cali Hayama rushes to the ropes in between them.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, Trixie does have many friends, apparently.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I think YDS will have no issues putting that aside…”

The Canadian rips off her half mask before motioning around her waist. Ririko takes off her mask and winks to the fans. They jump down as their theme music fades away. Katsu unclips her cape while Ririko and Cali slide off their entrance jackets.

The moans of the “Take me to Church” cover echo through the speakers of the arena as the lights flash with some candles are seen on stage. First making their way to the stage is Celestia and Blair Ravenwood. Over their usual gear, they have witch robes on and hats. In their arms are their FWA Trios Championship belts.

As “Hex Girl” kicks in, the lights in the arena shine once more, as though a party had just started, as Bellatrix Bordeaux skips excitedly onto the stage, drawing delight from the fans! Trixie returns their love with a big smile and plenty of waving as she joins Blair and Celestia. Donning the same witchy getup as her partners, Trixie’s robe is open, showing her usual gear with a light purple plaid design, along with her portion of the FWA Trios Championship, which is wrapped loosely around her slender waist. She constantly adjusts her pointy hat, which keeps attempting to flee her head as she stands between her two tag team partners.

Kurt Harrington: “And their opponents, from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana respectively, they are the reigning, defending, FWA Trios Champions! Blair and Celestia Ravenwood, and Bellatrix Bordeaux…THE COVEN!”

Upon their introduction, the Trios Champions make their way towards the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with Trixie’s presence garnering most of the positive reactions, and the presence of the Ravenwood sisters earning the negative.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This oddball pairing between Trixie and the Coven, as you can tell, has a bit of a mixed feeling from the wrestling fans here tonight.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “The intentions from The Coven have appeared to be mostly positive, but critics, YDS likely being part of them, find something fishy under the surface.”

Getting to ringside, Trixie’s excitement all but fades as nerves, and the realization that she’s about to do battle with three people whom she considers to be her friends, sets in. Blair and Celestia, however, look as calm and confident as can be, as the three girls slide off their ropes and toss their hats aside. Trixie rolls into the ring, removing her championship title from her waist and clutching it as though it were the most precious thing in the world, while Blair and Celestia head up the steps and join her in the squared circle. The sisters raise their championships up high in the air, showing a hint of confidence, while Bellatrix Bordeaux can’t help but lock eyes with her opponents as the theme music of The Coven fades.

Rod Sterling: “And right there, might be what costs The Coven their championships tonight. This past ‘friendship’ so to speak.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “She was able to put it aside at Back in Business in a massive battle royal, but it is three on three now., no running, only one team has your focus.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And with YOKAI Death Squad’s experience as a team, this will likely be a greater challenger than at Back in Business, especially with The Coven having some big losses recently and YDS having all the momentum.”

The Ravenwood sisters hand off their Trios Championship Belts to the official. He goes over to Bellatrix who is a bit hesitant to hand off her title, knowing that there is a chance it may be the last time she holds it. She gives the belt a big hug before finally handing it off. With all three championship belts in his hands, the assigned referee holds all three belts up in the air to the hard cam before he hands them off to ringside.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This ‘friendship’ is going to be tested tonight.”

YOKAI Death Squad’s choice of start is pretty easy. They go for the explosive Ririko who hops in place, eagerly grinning. The Coven look and they end up leaning to Blair. The two tallest women on the roster facing off. The bell rings and the FWA Trios Championship match-



The Coven
(Celestia Ravenwood, Blair Ravenwood, and Trixie Bordeaux) (c) vs. YOKAI Death Squad (Katsu, Ririko, and Cali Hayama).
Trios Match for the FWA Trios Championships.
Match Writer: Sky Tiger.

The two circle as Ririko, in a common thing used to get the crowd behind her, claps. The fans pick up the rhythm as the two finally lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Blair uses her long legs to push Ririko towards the ropes, but the Joshi quickly turns around and presses Ravenwood against the ropes. The official counts for a break and Ririko lets go raising her hand for a chop-

But instead pats Blair Ravenwood on the head, causing a chuckle from some of the fans. The member of the Coven gives a glare as Ririko grins, giving a thumbs up.

Rod Sterling: “Uh, do we count that as an offensive move in the match?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “The DREADED head-pat! This has got to be it!”

Anzu shows some sarcasm in her commentary. Blair throws a punch but Ririko ducks and responds with a forearm to the chin. The older sister of the Ravenwood family stumbles backwards and is met with a second forearm strike, then a stiff standing big boot! The heavy strikes of Ririko get Blair down to a knee and she tries to lift her up on her shoulders for a big move early, but wisely, Blair Ravenwood sides off and takes her to the mat with a headlock takeover, keeping a tight grip of the head.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And that might be the best approach for The Coven against YOKAI Death Squad, keep them grounded, don’t get into a striking match-up with them.”

Rod Sterling: "The ‘playful’ head-pat from Ririko got Blair frustrated a moment, but she’s slowed it back down. "

Ririko fights for position on the ground, but as Blair’s headlock slips, she transitions to a hammerlock, trying to grind the big girl down. Ririko pushes Blair off after some elbows to the gut, but a quick low dropkick stops her, dropping her to a knee. Blair quickly follows up with a running knee lift and pushes Ririko into her team’s corner. She rakes her forearm into Ririko’s face during the count, keeping Ririko trapped to tag in her younger sister!

Celestia gets to the center of the ring, readying a run-up. Blair steps aside as Celestia flips Ririko overhead with a Monkey flip! The Crazy Ghost lands on her backside and Celestia runs off the ropes to hit a low dropkick, going for a cover.


And Ririko easily powers out of the pin. Celestia quickly positions herself to be in between Ririko and her team’s corner.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And that there wrestling fans, is the most fundamental part of tag team wrestling but the most important. Trap your opponent in your side of the ring, and keep them separated.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “But with Celestia the legal competitor against Ririko, this might be the time to pick up the pace early on.”

As her bigger foe attempts to get to her feet, Celestia kicks her hard in the leg, creating distance. She runs off the ropes and leaps with a high dropkick to the face, dropping Ririko to the mat! Celestia keeps it going with a hurricanrana and a jumping snapmare. She disorients Ririko with some of her quick moves. Celestia ducks a clothesline attempt and springboards off the middle rope-

And she is met with a thunderous chop to the chest, causing a wince from the fans!

Rod Sterling: “JEEZ THAT CHOP!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Ririko might be, pound for pound, one of the heaviest strikers in FWA. Yikes.”

Celestia holds her chest and yelps out in pain. The crowd doesn’t even shout “Woo!” to the chop as the sound stuns them. Ririko lets out an ecstatic shout before running off the ropes with a big time lariat! Celestia flips on impact and Ririko scrapes her off the mat and pulls her towards her team’s corner. Ririko hoists Celestia in a vertical suplex and holds her in place. The fans begin to count as Celestia’s feet wobble in the air. Then she makes a tag to Cali Hayama-

Who immediately tags in Katsu.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is an interesting strategy. All quickly tagging in to allow everyone a chance in the ring briefly.”

Rod Sterling: “You can really tell they’re used to this style of match.”

Ririko slams Celestia down with her vertical suplex and Cali Hayama follows it up fast with a hilo over the ropes and into the ring! She lands on Celestia and Katsu then darts into the ring, running off the ropes and hitting a low dropkick to the chin! She quickly covers Celestia, hooking the arm to keep it away from the ropes.

One… Tw-

Not even two as, even with the hard hits from Ririko, this match is just in its early stages.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And now here’s the biggest question mark for YDS in this match. This is Katsu’s second match tonight. She’s proven she’s got the endurance to do it before, wrestling both nights of Back in Business weekend then fighting two matches at Anniversary, but you can get worn down over time.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Her schedule for wrestling is probably one of the most grueling of anyone in FWA. Two companies on two different continents, and now a double workload in FWA. I’d argue she is rarely ‘well rested.’

Rod Sterling: “They might need to keep her to short sprints in the match.”

Katsu pulls Celestia Ravenwood up, probably the member of The Coven who can match her speed, so she eases herself into the pace. She pushes Celestia against the ropes and attempts an Irish whip, but Celestia reverses the momentum and Katsu bounces off the ropes and responds with a bicycle knee strike, just under the chin! Celestia bounces off the ropes and Katsu arm drags her to the mat. She follows it up with a standing dropkick. Now she’s getting loose again after going through another match.

Feeling comfortable Katsu runs off the ropes for a flying headscissors-

And Celestia flips out of it! She stumbles slightly, but manages to keep on her feet.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And athleticism from Celestia now!”

Katsu appears surprised by the quick counter from Celestia and now the agile witch takes her down with a hurricanrana, hooks the leg for a pin!


And Katsu reverses the pin, adding a jackknife cover!


Celestia kicks out and grabs the waist, getting to her feet.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “One quick pin after another!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And I don’t think they’re done yet-”

Celestia Ravenwood hooks both of Katsu’s arms and bridges over into a Backslide pin!

One… Two…

Katsu rolls out and pins Celestia with a crucifix!

One… Two…

Celestia powers out as Katsu attempts to grab the leg, trying to get extra leverage. The two get to their feet, but Celestia is quick to attempt ANOTHER pin with a victory roll!

One… Two… Three-

And finally Katsu powers out and rolls away as the fans, after seeing the pinning battle, clap.

Rod Sterling: “The two smallest, fastest people of the match exchanged pins and nearly ended this match within the first couple minutes.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I think that is more emblematic of what Katsu has done in Japan. Some of the smaller competitors there are perhaps the masters of getting lightning quick pinfalls.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Sometimes with that, a match can end in an instant so you need to keep on your toes. As for this time, it ends in a stalemate.”

“That looked fun!” Trixie shouts from the apron and she extends her hand to Celestia Ravenwood. The fans cheer as she’s probably the more popular member of the team. Celestia obliges and tags in Bellatrix-

As Katsu walks over and instantly tags in Cali Hayama.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And here comes the final two from the Battle Royale at Back in Business.”

Cali Hayama shows a small smirk as she steps into the ring. Bellatrix has a small bit of apprehension from the idea of facing Cali Hayama.

Rod Sterling: “Cali Hayama at Back in Business had a near perfect debut. Showcased a confidence and athleticism rarely seen, went the distance for her team, but in the end, Trixie’s heart and grit won out for her and The Coven.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And as Cali alluded to on Fallout, she was one of Trixie’s first people from wrestling she considered a ‘friend’ outside of her older brother.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And how many ‘friends’ does she have now?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “She was on several of Cali’s livestreams, so there’s something there. And as much as Cali said she was proud of how far Trixie has come, she doesn’t want to fall again.”

Looking Bellatrix in the eyes, Cali shows a small smirk. The current CJW Tag Team Champion mutters to Trixie. “Want to show you’re champ material? Let’s see what’cha got.” A little playful from Cali. Bellatrix Bordeaux takes a deep breath and throws a hard punch, cracking Cali in the jaw!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And a strong right from Bellatrix, I can’t believe I’m saying that-”

Rod Sterling: “She’s not the largest, but the girl put some mustard on that.”

Cali Hayama is on a knee after the punch and she rubs her jaw, cracking it slightly. She gives a slightly impressed nod and she clutches the back of Bellatrix’s head and cracks a knee lift to the head! Bordeaux falls back to the mat, covering her cheek as the knee is smashed into her orbital bone!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Yep, she’s not playing now.”

Cali Hayama, wrestling with a chip on her shoulder, pulls Bellatrix up to her feet and forearms her in the jaw with a thud. She sends her opponent across the ring with an Irish whip and she cartwheels to the side to dodge Bellatrix!

Rod Sterling: “-Oh”

Trixie turns, just shocked at the move as Cali nails a superkick!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Cartwheel into a superkick!?”

Trixie’s on spaghetti legs and Cali tops it off with a springboard Moonsault press! She presses both shoulders down for a pin.

One… Two-

And Bellatrix kicks out.

Anzu Kurosawa: “How did this girl get so light on her feet?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We talked to her earlier today and asked, said she does parkour for training.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Why?”

Rod Sterling: “Apparently she played this game ‘Mirrors Edge’ as a kid that had Parkour and she thought it was cool and tried it.”

Having had enough showing off, Cali decides to slow it down a moment and go for a chinlock. She winks to the camera. “Do ya see? I’m not all dives.” Blair and Celstia shout from the corner for their partner to get to her feet, likely a needed reminder for Trixie at times. She gets to a vertical base and grabs the back of Cali Hayama’s head and jacks her jaw on the top of her head!

Trixie goes for her team’s corner, but Cali grabs the belt of her shorts, trying to bring her back into a Waist-lock. She lifts Trixie up but she snapmares her and Cali has to roll out. The Asian-Canadian turns around but Trixie ducks her strike and meets her with a brain rattling headbutt!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And the headbutt!”

Bellatrix Bordeaux stumbles backwards to her team’s corner and Blair makes the tag, getting back in this match! She does a double-leg takedown on Cali Hayama and rains down punches. The official has to warn her to back off, but she simply pulls Cali up into a front facelock.
Blair elbows Cali in the back as she attempts to ground her athletic foe. She pushes Cali to the ropes and chokes her on it until she’s forced to break. Blair backs up and runs for a clothesline, and Cali drops the top rope! The elder Ravenwood sister manages to get to her feet on the outside, but she’s in the drop zone. Cali Hayama runs off the far ropes and meets her with a suicide dive on the ramp side of the ring!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Tope suicida!”

Cali Hayama gets pumped up and the fans cheer. She pulls Blair to her feet, but she has to worry about another Ravenwood, trying to prevent the advantage of the match to shift, Celestia enters the ring and heads to the corner. Before Cali can notice, it is too late as Celestia takes to the skies with a crossbody, taking both girls out!

Rod Sterling: “And now both teams have a member to take to the air.”

Katsu looks and, despite there being better ideas, she decides to join in. She rushes to the opposite corner and crosses around the ring, she leaps over the corner post and changes directions with a Triangle Moonsault!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Oh great, it’s going to be one of those moments.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Take nothing away from Katsu here. Into her second match of the night, she’s still capable of doing a breathtaking move like that!”

The fans begin to chant for Trixie. They want her to join in. Bellatrix Bordeaux feels a little excitement and steps into the ring. Taking a deep breath, she sees the four ladies on the outside and runs full steam ahead, diving between the ropes and doing a no-hands suicide dive!

Rod Sterling: “And Trixie just launched herself like a human missile!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “To be fair, isn’t that 90% of her offense in a match?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, there’s now one left.”

The fans, sensing what is going on, begin to chant for Ririko, the girl who isn’t exactly a high flier on her team. She eagerly steps between the ropes and shakes in the ring, feeling the anticipation. As the people on the outside seem to get together in a group, she runs off the far ropes and vaults herself over the top rope and onto everyone on the outside!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And everyone’s flying!”

There’s a wild cheer from the fans as everyone in the match (minus Blair, poor girl) takes to the skies to the outside. But the official has to prepare a count. Cali Hayama’s the first up as there’s a three count. She pulls up Blair Ravenwood who was the poor recipient of all five dives, and pulls her into the ring and attempts a cover.

One… Two-

And a kick out by Ravenwood at two. Cali Hayama looks to see Katsu get to her team’s corner first. The masked woman is somewhat short of breath, but she seems ready for a tag. The Canadian wrenches the arm of Blair and makes a tag. Katsu gets to the top rope and jumps with a double foot stomp to the arm!

Katsu does a hard side kick to Blair’s thigh, following with a spinning back heel kick to the abdomen. Blair throws a punch but the Kitsune Warrior ducks and tries to sweep the leg for a Lightning Spiral-

But Blair Ravenwood spins out of it and immediately goes for the eyes! The official warns her.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And Blair goes to the eyes-”

Sensing danger, Katsu attempts to go back to her team’s corner but Blair grabs her in a chinlock from behind and pulls her to the center of the ring. She turns around and drops to a knee, dropping Katsu’s spine on her back!

Rod Sterling: “And that’s a unique backbreaker! Headlock into it, nasty, especially after the eye rake.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “If she’s in a position where stuff like eye rakes are allowed, then sneaking one in may be smart.”

The fans jeer after Blair’s rule bending. She goes for a quick cover on Katsu.

One… Two… T-

And Katsu rolls her shoulders up.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And that’s already a two count. Katsu’s endurance is going to be tested once again tonight.”

Rod Sterling: “You can only go full head of steam for so long before you run on fumes. I’d argue Alyster Black and Chris Peacock may have similar concerns tonight.”

Blair looks to see her tag team partners begin to return to their corner. She pulls Katsu towards her team and chokes her with her knee in the corner. Raising her hand, she tags in her younger sister and drags Katsu to the middle of the ring. The two double Irish whip Katsu across the ring and Celestia hits a spinning wheel kick!


<< 07:12 >>

The smaller Celestia Ravenwood, despite her speed, has chosen to slow things down with Katsu now in a camel clutch in the ring. Ririko and Cali Hayama are reaching on the apron, hoping for a tag, but Celestia is facing away from them, meaning, as Katsu crawls to the ropes, she’s forced to go farther away. As she approaches the ropes, Clestia breaks the hold and stomps on her back!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And this might be the part where The Coven truly takes over this match.”

Celestia Ravenwood looks to the corner and tags in Bellatrix Bordeaux. There’s some hesitation as Trixie doesn’t seem to have a plan.

Rod Sterling: “Though Bellatrix here doesn’t seem to have a plan to keep Katsu isolated.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Trixie, and this isn’t a knock on her, but she’s used to fighting underneath, so this may be a moment where she sort of doesn’t know what to do.”

Katsu uses this moment to begin the crawl to her team’s corner. Blair shouts at Bellatrix and she finally clues in what to do, keep on top of Katsu by any means. Trixie runs and jumps on top of Katsu, clubbing her repeatedly with elbows. Blair points to a neutral corner, directing traffic for Bordeaux. She pulls Katsu up and pushes her into the corner, punching her in the face before adding several headbutts! She stumbles back, but collects herself enough to grab Katsu and send her face first into the canvas with a running bulldog!

Blair shouts “Get on top of her” and Bellatrix top mounts Katsu and throws several punches with Celestia and Blair rooting her on. The fans, seeing The Coven encourage some extra aggression from her, decidedly have a rare mixed reaction.

Rod Sterling: “I never in my time have seen a team have to guide someone from their own team in a tag team match like this.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “But in this case, it’s needed. High pressure, titles on the line, three on three, no room for messing up, and Bellatrix may need to show that bit of extra aggression to pull out.”

Trixie is surprised by the mixed reaction from fans. She stops and looks confused.

The Coven decide to change their approach. Celestia extends her hand to ask for a tag and Trixie obliges. Taking a page out of YDS’ playbook, Celestia immediately tags in to Blair and now all three can enter the ring briefly. Blair scrapes Katsu off the canvas and forces her into her team’s corner. She drives her shoulder into the gut of the masked Joshi and pushes her to a seated position. First, Celestia runs full force and hits a Penalty kick in the corner. She holds her position as Blair goes over to Irish Whip Bellatrix Bordeaux into the corner with a Cannon Ball!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And an assisted Bundle of Fun! The Coven’s working on their triple team moves and that might help them in this match!”

Blair Ravenwood pulls Katsu away from the corner and goes for a cover.

One… Two… Th-

And once again Katsu kicks out! Riiriko steps into the ring, considering whether she needs to break up the pin, and the official has his back turned as he goes over to the Joshi. Celestia quickly enters the ring and adds a stomp for good measure on Katsu before rolling back to her position.

Anzu Kurosawa: “And a mistake from Ririko, getting the attention of the official so that The Coven can double team more."

Katsu gasps for air and rolls to her stomach towards the middle of the ring. Blair heads to the corner and adjusts her knee pad. She begs for Katsu to get up. A shining Witch coming. Katsu gets to a knee and Blair charges-

And Katsu counters with a standing Spanish Fly!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Spanish Fly! She used Blair’s momentum against her!”

But, Katsu doesn’t get up right away. She’s still low on energy.

Cali and Ririko pound the top turnbuckle to rally their supporters behind them and the crowd begins to chant.




Katsu begins to crawl to her team’s corner on her hands and knees. Celestia looks at Bellatrix and whispers something to her and the two jump down. Just as Katsu is about to stand-

Celestia Ravenwood and Bellatrix Bordeaux pull both her partners off the apron! Cali and Ririko turn around, particularly at Bellatrix, annoyed, perhaps surprised she’s using these tactics, but Trixie panics, raising her hands. “I WAS DOING WHAT THEY TOLD ME TOO! SORRY!”

Katsu looks annoyed as Blair finally comes back to life, grabbing her from behind with a Back Suplex! Katsu bounces off the canvas and rolls to her stomach.

Rod Sterling: “The cut-off from the Coven!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “They’ve been improving as a trio, that’s why they’re the champions.”

Deciding to keep the team fresh, Blair Ravenwood tags in her sister as she returns. Celestia heads to the top rope. Blair holds Katsu down on the canvas. Celestia takes caution to the wind with a Frog Splash to the back of Katsu!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Beautiful Frog Splash by Celestia!”

She rolls Katsu over for a pin.

One… Two… Thre-

And another kick out from Katsu!

Rod Sterling: “With each kickout, Katsu’s expending more and more energy. She needs a tag soon, or her team is going to be done for.”

<< 11:07 >>

By now, Blair is back in the ring as the legal competitor and she’s grinding Katsu down again with another submission hold. Ririko and Cali Hayama are practically frothing at the mouth at the idea of getting in the ring. She has a sleeper hold locked in with her knee pressing to the back. Katsu has her hand on Blair Ravenwood’s arm, able to release some pressure, or else, otherwise, she’d probably be out.

Anzu Kurosawa: “The effects of this being Katsu’s second match are plain to see and this is the worst case scenario for YOKAI Death Squad, Katsu being isolated for a decent portion of the match.”

Ririko is practically conducting their supporters in the crowd to chant for her friend.




Slowly, Katsu is able to get to her feet. She elbows Blair in the gut, finally getting a break of the hold. She reels back a big superkick, but Blair catches it.

Rod Sterling: “And there goes the hopes of her getting a-”

Blair spins Katsu around in an attempt to disorient her but she spins back and hits an enzuigiri! Blair drops and both girls are on the mat!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “You spoke too soon, this is their opening!”

Cali and Ririko both extend their hands, hoping for a tag as Katsu, running on empty, crawls over. Blair tries to catch her masked foe, but it is too late as Katsu leaps and makes the tag to Ririko!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And this is YOKAI Death Squad’s chance to come back in this match!”

Like a firecracker, Ririko rushes into the ring and takes Blair Ravenwood down with a back elbow. She follows up with a knife edge chop to Blair’s chest, creating another loud crack. There’s an Irish whip across the ring and Ririko kicks Blair in the gut on the rebound, then dropping down for a kick to the side of the head. Topping off her spree she lifts her overhead for a gold medal quality Olympic Slam!

Rod Sterling: “Ririko’s full of energy more than usual!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “She’s been watching her friend get beaten down for several minutes now, she was desperate to get in.”

Ririko lets out a shout in Japanese and the crowd, despite not knowing what the heck she said, still find a reason to cheer. Blair Ravenwood gets up near a neutral corner and Ririko charges, leaping for a back elbow strike! She pulls Blair in and drives her into the mat with an STO!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Riri-TO!”

Ririko hooks the legs for a pin.

One… Two… T-

And the vicious STO isn’t enough.

Rod Sterling: “YOKAI Death Squad, after a flurry of offense from Ririko is back in this match, but they may still be at a disadvantage with how worn out Katsu is.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “At this point, you’ll need to either end this quickly, or isolate someone from The Coven with quick tags.”

The Power Girl gestures with her arms “No!” wanting to end the Coven’s reign here and now. She keeps between Blair and her team’s corner and picks her up in a Torture Rack position.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Idol Bomb incoming!”

Out of desperation, Blair begins to shake her arms and legs, preventing Ririko from getting a strong grip on her. Adding an eye rake she breaks out and falls backwards, immediately tagging in Bellatrix Bordeaux!

Rod Sterling: “And Blair with the fingers to the eyes escapes and brings in Trixie!”

Bellatrix heads to the top rope, nearly stumbling as she does, but she settles herself. She leaps through the air with a crossbody!-

And Ririko catches her. She hoists her up for a Scoop slam, then a twisting elbow drop to the chest! She goes for a pinfall attempt.

One… Two… And Trixie kicks out, holding her chest coughing.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Nevermind- Ririko has too much power and she’s too fresh.”

Moving her opponent to a neutral corner, Ririko lights up Trixie’s chest with several machine-gun style chops. Grabbing Bordeaux’s arm, she attempts an Irish whip- but Trixie trips heading towards the corner and instead of landing into the corner with her back or chest-

She slips between the middle and top turnbuckle crashing against the metal post!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “OH FUCK!”

Jean-Luc Watkins slips an F-bomb as Trixie’s frame cracks against the ring post. There’s an audible gasp from the fans and all five wrestlers in the ring stop, speechless.

Anzu Kurosawa: “About The Coven having an advantage… I think that’s over now.”

Rod Sterling: “This may be the time to call off the match. There has to be spine damage, a hernia, cracked ribs, something.”

The official rolls out of the ring to check on Bellatrix Bordeaux as she lies on the outside mat, clutching her back. Cali Hayama steps off the apron and helps Katsu up and the two check on their opponent, a look of genuine concern on their faces-

And Blair and Celestia Ravenwood join in, showing similar worries. But upon seeing the faces of YDS checking on their partner, they immediately step in between.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Katsu and Cali trying to put aside their Trios championship pursuits for a moment to check on Trixie, but the Ravenwood sisters appear to take exception.”

Rod Sterling: “I sincerely doubt that The Coven believe their concern is genuine.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Of course, we’re in the middle of a title match on PPV. I would too, but I think in this case there is some concern.”

While all this is going on Ririko is just standing in the middle of the ring, shocked, probably worried she just crippled a poor girl. The official gets the tag partners to go back to their corners and checks on Trixie. She crawls on the outside mat and shakes her head. She doesn’t want to quit, the titles mean so much to her.

Cali Hayama looks at Trixie and sighs. She gets Ririko’s attention and tells her something in Japanese. The translation:

“End this now, before she gets hurt any more.”

Ririko gets to the outside of the ring and carefully picks Trixie up, rolling her back in the ring.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Concerns or not, they need to finish this match.”

Ririko quickly goes for a deep cover, just hoping it is three.

One… Two… Three-

And Bellatrix kicks out to the surprise of the fans who give a cheer.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Bellatrix is not quitting here. Not sure that’s wise.”

Cali Hayama shakes her head. Ririko drags Trixie closer to her team’s corner and she appears to talk briefly with Cali. She tags in and walks over to Bellatrix, with Ririko standing behind her as a way to check. Cali’s slow to do something. She tries to pick Trixie up. The “Hex Girl” quickly attempts to pick Cali up, but her back immediately gives out.

Rod Sterling: “Seriously, stop this match, now!"

“Trix’ you did well. Just… Stop.” Cali tries to get her friend to stop fighting, not wanting to hurt her any further. Bellatrix looks up-

And Slaps Cali in the face!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And that is her answer.”

Ririko immediately grabs Trixie in a waist-lock, and Cali, getting her answer, decides now she has no choice but to force Trixie’s hand. She runs off the ropes and nails a running dropkick as Ririko drives Bordeaux backwards with a German Suplex!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Drive-By-Plex!”

Ririko immediately goes over to the Coven’s corner to knock both the Ravenwood Sisters off the apron as Cali quickly pins as Bellatrix is quite literally folded so far that her feet are touching the canvas.



Rod Sterling: “Bellatrix Bordeaux will not stay down!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “But how long can she stay in this, especially after Ririko knocked both Celestia and Blair off the apron?”

Cali Hayama shakes her head in disbelief. This girl won’t stay down, and she’s going to have to borderline kill her to do it.

<< 14:43 >>

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Despite some apprehension at first, YOKAI Death Squad has been zeroing in on Bellatrix, especially the back.”

Rod Sterling: “There comes a certain point where you need to put personal feelings aside and do business.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “And when someone takes a fall like that, you need to zero in on it.”

Kastu, after having some time to rest, is the legal competitor for the moment and she has a Boston crab in on Trixie, keeping her weight on the back. Often one of the first holds someone training in Japan learns, it is one she knows well, even able to lock it in on larger opponents. Bellatrix crawls on her elbows, keeping her belly off the mat, a rare moment of Trixie knowing the counter to a submission apart from pure rage. Eventually, Katsu makes the conscious decision to break the hold, dropping a knee on the back! Trixie screams out in pain.

The fans give a mixed reaction to the micro-aggression. They aren’t the biggest fans of The Coven as a whole, but Bellatrix is one woman who has earned their respect and after her bad crash into the post, they feel for her. Katsu tags in Cali who immediately tags in Ririko. Ririko scoops Trixie up with a scoop slam. Katsu steadies her feet and hits a standing moonsault! She quickly rolls off as Ririko hits a running senton across the ribs! Cali tops it all off with a running shooting star press!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Triple team, ending with Draco Meteor from Cali Hayama!”

Cali Hayama, with her special attack dropped, rolls off to let Ririko get the pin. She plays defense from any potential broken up pins.

One… Two… Thr-

And STILL Trixie kicks out!

Rod Sterling: “They nearly crushed her ribs and she still kicks out.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “At this point, I’m not sure if it is heart, being hard-headed, or stupidity and all three are contenders.”

Ririko holds Trixie in a front facelock and puts her in a position for a suplex. She lifts her high in the air. Another delayed vertical. Blair and Celestia shout from the apron and somehow, they get her to come to her senses. Trixie drops down and pulls the Joshi into a small package pin-

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Small package!”

ONE! TWO! THRE- And Ririko gets out just in time.

Rod Sterling: “And Trixie still has life!”

She stumbles to her feet and Trixie in an act of defiance, gets to her feet and runs full force at Ririko for-

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Torpedo Trixie!”

The running twisting headbutt nails Ririko in the skull and both girls are on the mat. The fans in her corner for the night begin to chant for her to make a tag.




Anzu Kurosawa: “This might be The Coven’s last chance at keeping their FWA Trios Championships!”

The official counts both girls as they are down on the mat. Both teams reach out for a tag as both the team's more eccentric members struggle on the mat. Despite being on the receiving end of the last offensive move, Ririko is able to move first. She’s on her way. Trixie pulls herself up to her knees, looking at her friends on the apron. She extends her hand.

But Ririko’s reach means she’s able to make the tag to Katsu first, she runs forwards and drives both knees into Trxie’s back!

Rod Sterling: “Burning Arrow!”

Katsu looks up at Blair and Celestia after flattening Bellatrix. She quickly elbows Blair in the face before dragging Trixie towards her team’s corner. The camera picks up her practically pleading with Trixie “Stay down, please…” Katsu’s tired of this. She’s not in a position to even stay in the ring for long. Even with rest on the apron, she’s running on low with two matches in one night for the second big show in a row with her being triple teamed for a good portion. Her and Cali nod, making the tag. They want to end it.

Together, the two pick Trixie up off the mat, hooking her head and legs-

Jean-Luc Watkins: “They’re ready to Control + Alt + Delete this title reign.”

Celestia shouts “TRIXIE!” on the apron, trying to wake her partner up. Trixie finally notices what is happening and she desperately claws at Cali’s and Katsu’s eyes, she escapes! She makes a leap and tags on Celestia Ravenwood!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Finally Trixie gets some relief!”

Celestia quickly ascends the top rope and hits a double missile dropkick on Katsu and Cali Hayama! Katsu rolls out of the ring as Cali Hayama rolls to her feet. Celestia nails a flying forearm, then a vertical dropkick. She kicks the Sky Devil in her gut and jacks her jaw with a single knee jawbreaker!

Rod Sterling: “This might be their time!”

Seeing some space, Celestia looks to the ropes and takes to the air, she springboards off the middle rope and DROPS Cali Hayama on her head with a springboard Tornado DDT!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Holy! Beautiful Tornado DDT!”

She quickly covers!

One… Two… T-

And out of precaution, Ririko rushes into the ring and breaks up the pin!

Rod Sterling: “If there was a time to burn your break in the match, this is the time to do it.”

The match begins to break down as Blair Ravenwood rushes into the ring and meets Ririko. The two exchange strikes, but with Ririko’s heavy chops, she forces Blair to the ropes. The Crazy Ghost runs off the ropes-

And Celestia catches her mid run with a superkick!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Superkick!”

Ririko is stunned by the kick. Celestia quickly checks on her older sister. The two see Ririko shake off her cobwebs and she runs, so the two sisters lift her up with a double stun gun! The big girl rolls to the apron and the two sisters charge at her with a double shoulder tackle, forcing her to CRASH into the barricade!

Rod Sterling: “And now Ririko is out of the picture too!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is going to be the end.”

During all of this, Cali Hayama rolls to the apron to catch her breath. Celestia and Blair decide to make a quick tag as Blair’s told to get back to the apron. The two look at Cali Hayama’s position and they know what to do. Blair pulls Cali so she’s caught in the ropes and unloads several rights to a warning from the official and jeers from the fans!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is getting nasty.”

Looking Cali in the eyes, Blair has a smirk, she says to her “So much for being Trixie’s ‘friend’ huh?” and she lies on the apron so her body is hanging over. Celestia is heading to the top rope.

Rod Sterling: “Is Celestia going to dive onto Cali Hayama when she’s on the apron like that?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Well, as the cliche goes, the hardest part of the ring. That’s where there’s less padding and the plywood under meets the steel of the frame, and she’s going to get sandwiched between that AND Celestia. I guess that’s it for Cali’s YouTube career.”

Celestia feels a rush as she’s on the top turnbuckles, but upon seeing how little room there is for error, there’s a slight hesitation. Blair encourages her sister to finish the job-

But Katsu rushes in and superkicks Blair in the chin!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And Katsu with the save!”

Blair falls back into the ropes and her sister loses her balance, crashing groin first into the turnbuckle! Katsu charges at Blair, but she drops the top rope, forcing the masked wrestler to the outside. But she’s a touch too late as Cali comes to life. Hayama grabs Celestia by the collar. Cali biel tosses her off the top rope and onto the apron!

Rod Sterling: “That’s it for Celestia! She crashes and burns from the turnbuckle down to the apron!”

Cali gets back into the ring and focuses back on Blair Ravenwood. Grabbing her by the wrist, the Canadian attempts an Irish whip, but Blair reverses it and slams her down with a snap powerslam! She goes for a deep cover.

One… Two… Th- And Cali Hayama kicks out!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Both teams have most of their members taken out and at this point, I imagine this is primarily a one on one affair between Blair Ravenwood and Cali Hayama.”

Frustrating beginning to build, Blair decides for her silver bullet now. Put this gamer girl and her friends down. She backs up in the corner. Trixie pulls herself up next to her and-

She extends her hand for a tag.

Anzu Kurosawa: “What are you doing Trixie?! You’re lucky you weren’t pinned after that nasty fall!”

Rod Sterling: “This young girl has a lot of pride, but it may be overshadowing her judgement.”

Blair gets up and looks at Bellatrix. She doesn’t want to tag her in. She exclaims to her “You’re hurt, we got this.” The camera zooms in on Trixie’s back where there’s a large red line across it from the ring post. Bordeaux’s hair is obscuring her face as she’s beat, but she still wants in. She gives puppy dog eyes. “Please… I need to prove myself…”

Blair turns around, but the distraction was enough time for Cali Hayama to spring to life and hit a Superkick on the chin! Blair falls back-

And Trixie makes a tag!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And despite the injury, Bellatrix wants in.”

Rod Sterling: “This is not wise.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “They're going to pick her apart.”

Blair rolls to the outside towards the commentator’s area, grabbing her chin as she realizes Trixie's in the match.

Bellatrix Bordeaux gets in the middle of the ring and goes forehead to forehead with Cali Hayama. Moving hurts her, but she stands face to face with the first woman she befriended in wrestling. “Come on… Let’s do this…” She says. The Twitch streamer shakes her head. She doesn’t want to do this, but she’s getting tired of this routine. Cali backs up and hits a strong kick to Trixie’s chest with a thud!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Timber!”

Trixie practically flies in the air after the kick and backs up into the corner. Frustratedly, Cali repeatedly pounds kick after kick into Trixie’s chest. The fans get a mixed reaction. The official has to step in between as Cali looks around him, shouting. “Stay down! PLEASE! You’re done! You’re hurt!” And Cali gets around the official and adds an elbow strike for good measure! She pulls Trixie out of the corner and the official has to warn her.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Cali Hayama is trying to put the friendship aside by trying to grind Trixie down until she quits.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “She may not like the fact that she has to do this, but it’s a requirement now.”

Trixie struggles to her feet as the official is reprimanding Cali Hayama, the official standing between them. This is her last shot. Her feet shake as she gets up. Cali notices as Bordeaux has one last run up. She yells for the official to move and dodges, but it is too late as a Shotgun Dropkick meant for Cali hits the official in the back, sending him sprawling to the corner! Trixie lands hard on her back and she screams in pain.

Rod Sterling: “The referee is down! What now!?”

Looking shocked, Cali Hayama notices the referee is down. She swears under her breath and looks around, Katsu is collecting herself on the outside. Ririko is trying to pull herself up after the crash into the barricade. Blair isn’t seen and Celestia is still lying face first into the ground after being tossed onto the apron.

Cali goes over to Trixie and pulls her up slowly in a front facelock. She shakes her head. “Sorry Trix. It’s over.” Blair on the outside, crawls near the edge of the ring, she seems to be covering something under her stomach. Cali Hayama turns around, ready to handspring into Chaos Control-

And Blair jumps and nails her in the head with one of the Trios Championship belts!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Where did Blair come from!?”

Rod Sterling: “I saw her near the time-keeper’s area, she just grabbed one of the titles and smashed it on Cali’s head mid-handspring!”

The fans give a chorus of boos. Blair has a smug smirk on her face, holding the championship belt in her hands. The camera zooms in on the nameplate which reads “Bellatrix Bordeaux.” As Trixie starts to come to her senses, Blair tosses the belt aside. Trixie is none the wiser.

Rod Sterling: “And Trixie is oblivious to what just happened. She didn’t see it. I’m honestly not sure how she would feel about it.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Considering how many ‘pee-pee punches’ she likes to do, she might be okay with cheating.”

Katsu, who has been on the outside, witnesses the infraction and anger builds in her. She rushes over and tackles Blair!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And Katsu is FURIOUS!”

The masked wrestler top mounts several punches and she and Blair roll around on the outside. In the ring, Trixie sees this, confused, why is Katsu so upset? Katsu gets to her feet and Trixie, using her last bit of energy to help a friend, darts and dives between the middle and bottom rope, taking out Katsu!

Rod Sterling: “And now Katsu’s out!”

The official finally begins to come to his senses, and Blair picks up her tag team partner, dragging her into the ring. She tags herself in as the official finally sees. Cali crawls up to her knees and Blair Ravenwood runs off the ropes, nailing a full force Shining Wizard!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “SHINING WITCH!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Good night YOKAI Death Squad.”

Blair hooks the leg as the referee goes over. Ririko crawls to the apron, but she’s too tired as the referee makes a slow-

One… Two… Three!

Winners: The Coven by Pinfall at 18:21

Kurt Harrington: "Here's your winners and STILL FWA Trios Champions, The Coven!!!"

“Take me to Church” echoes through the stadium speakers as Blair crawls over to Trixie. “We did it.” She says as the official grabs the trios championships. Bellatrix grabs her championship and hugs it tight. Celestia slowly joins her teammates and the referee raises their three arms. But there are jeers after the way they retained with Blair’s trickery.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Regardless of how they won, I think both teams proved just the potential of the FWA Trios Championships tonight.”

Rod Sterling: “YOKAI Death Squad really brought it all, but ran into a brick wall with an added belt shot."

Anzu Kurosawa: “I genuinely believe YDS will be in the title hunt again sooner rather than later, but The Coven with a statement win tonight.”

Bellatrix looks confused. She’s not used to any jeers from the fans. Blair whispers something in her ear, maybe trying to rationalise it to her. Celestia hugs Trixie.

Cali Hayama rolls to the apron, coming to her senses after the one-two punch of a belt shot and the Shining Witch. Katsu and Ririko make their way over to their friend. The camera catches Katsu speaking to Cali. “I saw what happened.” Cali rips off her glove and throws it down.

Bellatrix, seeing her friend upset, decides to try to lift her spirits. She walks over, practically falling down after the damage of the match. She looks at Cali Hayama and extends her hand with a large smile. She’s completely oblivious to what happened. YOKAI Death Squad give a furious glance at her. Cali shakes her head.

“If you’re okay with winning that way, Trix’, fine… Have it your way…”

And she rolls out of the ring with her teammates. Bellatrix looks heartbroken, dropping her championship.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “She doesn’t know what down, but it’s clear. Her friendship and professional relationship with The Coven along with the burdens of being a champion are going to come at a cost.”

Rod Sterling: “Which in this case, might be her friendship with YOKAI Death Squad.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Whether it is a singles title, tag, or a trios title, it’s lonely at the top, Trix’.”

YDS head to the back as Trixie looks on, realising.

A rift is forming with the Trios Championships creating it.


An advert airs for the F1 Climaxxx 2024, beginning after Winter Wasteland (December 17th) and running through to its final at the Grand March (April 28th).


There’s a pop in the Kinshasa arena, the Congolese apparently big fans of Violet Dreyer and letting her know it as she appears on the stage. She doesn’t respond to the positive reaction, instead beginning her descent to the ring with a focussed look on her face.

Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall with a thirty minute time limit… introducing first, from Sydney, Australia and weighing in at one hundred and forty one pounds… VIOOOOLEEEET… DREEEEEYEEEER!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: "We last saw Dreyer in an FWA ring before Back in Business, where she defeated Jeremy Best, gaining retribution after Best defeated her in the semi-final of the King of the Deathmatch tournament."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Since then, we’ve seen her rekindle her friendship with Alyster Black, a relationship that is behind this particular match-up. Dreyer has taken exception to her opponent’s treatment of her as a messenger of sorts, and intends to show her that she’s anything but."

Rod Sterling: "Her opponent. Indeed. I, for one, can’t wait for Violet to get his hands on that suited battleaxe."

Dreyer rolls into the ring, loosening up in the corner as her music fades out. It’s quickly replaced by…

Kurt Harrington: "And her opponent… from the Meadows and weighing in at one hundred and nineteen pounds… weaselperson!!"

There’s booing in the arena as weaselperson walks out onto the stage, shuffling in an awkward and anxious manner to the centre of it. She looks around herself warily and then, finally, begins at a slow pace down the ramp.

Rod Sterling: "weaselperson almost looks shy here tonight, but I don’t buy it for a second. She was anything but when she was assaulting Alyster Black and Violet Dreyer, trying to game herself a match with the FWA World Tag Team Champion…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Former FWA World Tag Team Champion, Rod. And something tells me that particular vendetta has nothing to do with gold. It seems, though, that the path to Black runs through Violet, and that’s a sizable obstacle that weaselperson will contend with here in Kinshasa."

The derision seems to have little effect on the suited combatant, who continues at their own steady pace towards her opponent. As weaselperson arrives at the bottom of the ramp and approaches the ring, though, she's taken out by a sudden basement slide from Violet Dreyer! The crowd pops for the move but Violet isn't done there. She grabs weaselperson by the scruff of the neck and hurls them into the barricade! of Montreal finally stops playing, almost in time with the sickening thud of wp's body against the steel railing!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "We've got a hot start to this one, with Violet Dreyer taking it to weaselperson on the outside!"

Rod Sterling: "Unsurprising, really, given what we've seen over the past few weeks. weaselperson has ambushed Alyster Black and Dreyer herself, and now Violet looks to exact a little revenge before the opening bell."

Anzu Kurosawa: " And she’s not letting up… snap suplex! weaselperson is dropped again on the outside!"

Violet gets up to more load cheers, the audience behind her and the quick start to the match. She grabs weaselperson by the suit and throws her beneath the bottom rope, proceeding to hop up onto the apron and climb up to the top rope. As she does, the official calls for the bell, signifying the official start of the match…


Violet Dreyer
vs. weaselperson.
Singles Match.
Match Writer: SS.

Anzu Kurosawa: "Diving crossbody from Violet Dreyer!"

Rod Sterling: "A high octane way to start the match for Dreyer, who refrains from going for the cover in favour of dragging weaselperson back to their feet."

There’s a ruthlessness about the manner in which Violet first doubles wp over with a boot to the midsection and then turns her around with a forearm strike. Dreyer grasps her from behind and plants her with a back suplex! This time, Dreyer does go for the cover, driving a forearm into weaselperson’s face as the official counts…


A kickout from wp, and Dreyer wastes no time in hoisting her up to a vertical base once again, before laying into her with a trio of hard chops followed by a vicious forearm smash. weaselperson looks to be on unsteady legs, with Violet quick to double them over with a boot to the midsection. She then drags wp’s head into position between her legs and wraps her arms around her toreso…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Looks like Violet Dreyer’s going for a piledriver here… but a reversal from weaselperson! She gets her first offense of the match with a back body drop!!"

Dreyer immediately rolls back onto her knees and then her feet, and just about manages to see the blur of brown fuzz coming towards her. She sidesteps the attempted busaiku knee kick and swiftly transitions into a rear waistlock, checking wp’s momentum and then taking them overhead with a German suplex! Violet bridges for the cover…


Another kickout from weaselperson, with Dreyer maintaining her rear waistlock and dragging her opponent back up to her feet. It’s another German suplex, but this time Violet throws wp across the ring with a violent overhead release!

Rod Sterling: "It’s not often that Violet Dreyer is able to overpower her opponents here in the FWA, but she has the strength and size advantage over the rather gaunt weaselperson in this one…"

Unrelenting, Dreyer follows up with a quartet of forearm strikes, backing wp into a corner. Violet proceeds to stomp a mudhole in her opponent, before finally dragging weaselperson out of the corner and throwing her overhead with a gut wrench suplex. wp defiantly drags herself up to her feet, but Violet is immediately waiting for her with a sole food, and then - with wp turned around - a dragon suplex that spikes her violently onto the back of her neck! After the violent collision, Violet goes for the cover.


From here, Dreyer slows down the pace, first placing weaselperson in a single-leg Boston crab. Violet sits at a high angle on wp’s back, making it even more difficult for her to drag herself to the ropes, which she eventually does after a full minute in the hold. wp is slow to drag herself up, using the ropes to help her, and Violet swoops in with a cravate hold, further weakening the neck after the dragon suplex. weaselperson struggles to grasp the ropes, but the larger Dreyer keeps her in the middle of the ring, forcing wp to instead have to reverse the hold, going behind into a hammer lock of her own. Dreyer fires off with a trio of hard elbows, then an enziguri, and a jawbreaker!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Impressive combination offense on display from Violet Dreyer, but still weaselperson is on their feet…"

Dreyer follows up with a kick to the midsection, dragging weaselperson’s head into position between their legs…

Anzu Kurosawa: "PILEDRIVER!! weaselperson is planted onto the top of her head! This time Dreyer’s able to hit it!"

Instead of the cover, Dreyer instead looks over towards the turnbuckles. She begins her ascent, the crowd willing her on (whilst Rod instead insists that she should’ve gone for a cover) as she steadies herself up high. Dreyer comes off the top, looking for her diving double foot stomp… but weaselperson evades and scrambles up as Violet rolls away. Dreyer turns around and eats a busaiku knee kick!! weaselperson almost takes Dreyer’s head off, but decides that Violet is too close to the ropes for a cover. Instead, wp drags Violet by the scruff of the neck into the middle of the ring, applying a front facelock before hoisting her up…


Rod Sterling: "Violet Dreyer is dropped on the top of her dome, and immediately weaselperson goes for a cover…”


Violet kicks out! weaselperson doesn’t show frustration (which would be difficult through the suit), instead rolling out beneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet on the apron. She waits patiently for Dreyer to struggle up to her feet before springboarding back in and nailing her with a knee strike! Violet is staggered from the move and, after finding her feet, weaselperson hoists her up onto her shoulders with a fireman’s carry.

Jean-Luc Watkins: "weaselperson perhaps looking for a Death Valley driver here, but Dreyer holds onto the top rope to block it…"

Rod Sterling: "weaselperson is forced to abandon the attack, dropping Dreyer onto her feet and winding up for a discus forearm… evaded by Dreyer. And then a bicycle kick! weaselperson is staggered…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "POISONRANA!! Dreyer spikes weaselperson! And now another cover, this time she hooks the leg…"


weaselperson thrusts a shoulder up! Violet suppresses any momentary frustration, and - mimicking wp earlier in the match - rolls out onto the apron. She stands to her feet and waits for wp to do the same, lining up for a springboard attack of her own (probably the tornado DDT we’ve seen her use before). weaselperson, though, waits for the opportune time, bundling forward into the ropes and causing Dreyer to lose her balance! Violet is hung up over the ropes! weaselperson climbs out onto the apron and takes her time in dragging her onto her shoulders in another fireman’s carry…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! On the apron!!"

The crowd pops for the move as Dreyer rolls down from the apron and onto the outside. weaselperson hops down too and drags Violet up, the Australian woman struggling to stay on her feet as wp backs her up into the apron with alternating forearm strikes and Mongolian chops. weaselperson takes her by the wrist and delivers a hard Irish whip into the barricade! Violet falls into a seated position, but weaselperson immediately hoists her up and applies a front facelock. She drags Dreyer back a couple of paces before hooking the arm… and then delivers a snap suplex onto the apron!! Violet’s back lands across the edge of the ring before she falls down to the ground on her neck!

weaselperson surveys the damage for a moment before, upon realising the official has now reached seven on their count, lifts Violet up and throws her under the bottom rope. She hops up onto the apron and - the official stopping their count - begins an ascent up to the top turnbuckle. She steadies herself, staring down at the supine Dreyer, before leaping off…

Rod Sterling: "450 splash -- but Violet gets out of the way!! weaselperson crashes and burns!"

wp skids across the ring, climbing to their feet as quickly as they can, turning just in time to see Violet springboarding into the ring. This time, Dreyer connects with a picture perfect tornado DDT!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "She calls that the Molotov Cocktail!!"

weaselperson is spiked onto their head, with Violet immediately dragging her onto her feet and into the middle of the ring. She connects with a trio of hard forearms, followed by a crucifix driver! Straight into a pin attempt…


Jean-Luc Watkins: "weaselperson once more kicks out! I have no idea how either is still standing here!"

Rod Sterling: "For once we agree, Jean-Luc. These two have been throwing bombs at one another! And the crowd is on its feet!"

Indeed, the audience is hot, cheering Violet on as she climbs up to her feet again. There's a scowl on her face as, once more, she moves into a cowne. She begins to climb the turnbuckles, weaselperson stirring beneath her. As wp staggers up to her feet, Violet steadies herself up top…

Anzu Kurosawa: "Violet Dreyer is looking for her top-rope meteora, which will spell the end for weaselperson if she hits it…"

With wp turning to face her, Dreyer comes off the top rope… but she's caught in mid air! weaselperson staggers back with the extra weight, steadies herself, and then drives Violet down with a Liger bomb!! Into a cover.


Violet kicks out!!! weaselperson, some frustration now creeping into her body language, hoists Dreyer up to their feet once more, rocking her with a discus forearm! Violet is turned around, wp grasping her in a pumphandle…

Anzu Kurosawa: "Violet Dreyer senses her peril here, fighting out with repeated elbow strikes, followed by a hard stomp on Mi -- on weaselperson’s foot!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "And then a headbutt!! Violet’s amping up here! She grasps weaselperson in a front facelock, maybe looking for her ‘Deadbeat Derby’ falcon arrow…"

She hoists her up, but weaselperson is able to slip out the back, landing behind Violet and reapplying a pumphandle…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "PSYCHO DRIVER #2!!!"

Rod Sterling: "You HATE to see it!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "Into the cover…"


Winner: weaselperson via pinfall at 15:08.

weaselperson rolls off her defeated foe, breathing heavily after the exertions of a hard-hitting match. Eventually, she sits up, the official offering a helping hand to get to her feet. weaselperson stares at the referee’s hand, sneers, and then uses the ropes to help herself to a vertical base. The official instead points at the victor, deciding lifting her hand is out of the question.

Kurt Harrington: "Here is your winner… weaselperson!!!"

Rod Sterling: "What a slug-fest! Violet Dreyer and weaselperson give it their all for a quarter of an hour, but in the end it’s the weasel that emerges triumphantly."

Anzu Kurosawa: "That was, seemingly only stage one of the weasel’s plan, with the initial focus of her attacks being Alyster Black. Black of course has already competed once tonight, losing the tag team championships he shared with Chris Peacock to Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao in our opening contest."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Black will also challenge for the FWA World Championship in our main event, and I’m sure weaselperson will be keeping a close eye on her original target… but not for a little while! There’s still work for her to do out here, apparently!!"

With of Montreal once more blaring out over the speakers, weaselperson stands over the prone Dreyer. She grabs a handful of hair with one hand and brings a clubbing blow across Violet’s face with the other! And then a second time!!

Anzu Kurosawa: "weaselperson with a vicious post-match assault here, in keeping with her MO since her return at the Anniversary Show."

Rod Sterling: "There’s no need for this! This… this… this WEASELDREAMER is up to her old tricks!! Suit or no suit!!"

With Dreyer face down on the mat, weaselperson begins to wrap Violet’s legs in a cloverleaf around one of her own. She proceeds to reach down, trying to collect the defeated Dreyer’s hands in order to pull her face away from the mat…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "weaselperson is going for that vile curbstomp again, a move that we’ve seen utilized before… by both Alyster Black and the weasel. BUT HERE COME THE DIAMOND DOGS! Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarello are making a beeline for the ring!"

Rod Sterling: "GET ‘EM, DOGS!"

Before she’s quite able to get a grip on Violet’s hands, weaselperson notices the marauding Dogs sprinting down the ramp. She thinks better of it, relinquishing her grips and stepping away from Dreyer, rolling out of the ring on the opposite side from the Diamond Dogs as they slide into it.

Anzu Kurosawa: "weaselperson doesn’t like the numbers, and decides to fight another day."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Wise decision…"

Rod Sterling: "Wise, maybe, but I’m none-the-less disappointed."

We see weaselperson hop the barricade as Ricardo helps Violet to her feet, whilst Santino shouts angrily at her from inside the ring. The crowd hurls abuse in her direction as she backs away from the ring and towards an exit. We fade from the scene.


Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a thirty minute time limit… and is for the vacant FWA Television Championship! Introducing first, from Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, England and weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds… ‘the Young Lioness’... MADISON… GRAAAAAAAAY!"

Rod Sterling: "Madison Gray earned her place in this huge match for the vacant championship by winning a triple threat match, overcoming both Blake Taylor and Jack the Clipper to book this spot. That was her first win in an FWA ring, and what a big one it was."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "You can say that again, Rod. Please don’t actually say it again, like Price does. Gray has turned her FWA career around with that one huge victory, and now just needs one more to get her first taste of gold here."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Her confidence would’ve been high after that triple threat win, but last week’s tag team loss - against her opponent tonight, no less - would play on the mind of all but the strongest competitors. We’ll get to see what Madison is made of here tonight."

Gray slides into the ring and loosens up in the corner, staring off up the ramp with a focused look on her face as her music fades out.

Kurt Harrington: "And her opponent, accompanied to the ring by Grandma Ethel… from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds… ‘the Brazilian Witch’... KLEIO… DE… SAAAAAAAANTOOOOOOS!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Here comes another woman who is yet to hold gold here in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, even if her profile in the promotion has been higher for longer than her opponent. Kleio has done a lot in her time here, including two impressive runs in the King of the Deathmatch tournament."

Anzu Kurosawa: "Impressive, but ultimately fruitless. But that’s all in the past, Jean-Luc: tonight is a huge opportunity for Kleio to break that duck, in a one-on-one wrestling match without barbed wire and glass to worry about. Sounds quite dull, actually."

Rod Sterling: "You mentioned Kleio De Santos’ victory in tag team action last week, over a tandem involving Madison Gray. That has to be a huge mental boost for KDS: she’s already beaten Madison once, albeit in tag team action. Now, let’s see if she can do it when it really matters…"

Kleio climbs into the ring and stares across it at Madison, limbering up in her own corner. Ethel, meanwhile, lingers on the outside, conversing with some of the fans on the front row around the ring. The official shows each of them the championship belt before holding it up in the air for the audience to behold. After handing it out onto the outside to the timekeeper, he finally calls for the bell.


Kleio De Santos
vs. Madison Gray.
Singles Match for the vacant FWA Television Championship.
Match Writer: SS.

The match begins and the two begin circling the ring, KDS adopting a familiar taekwondo stance whilst Madison uses her favoured Karate stance. After dancing around the ring like this, De Santos is able to approach and hit a quick side kick before darting away again, Gray unable to grasp her in time. KDS repeats this three times, quickly dancing in and out and landing on Gray’s side, although most of the blows are absorbed by her arms. When De Santos approaches a fifth time, though, Gray is able to catch her leg, and then throw her onto her back with a hip throw!

Rod Sterling: "The Young Lioness has De Santos down! Gray tries to mount her, maybe looking for the ground and pound… but De Santos wisely gets to the ropes!"

The official forces a break, and when the two begin to circle the ring again KDS thinks a little more carefully about rushing in. Gray jumps on the hesitation, coming towards De Santos and landing a kick flurry, culminating in a front thrust kick that knocks Kleio into the corner. Gray backs away before charging in at Kleio, attempting a running dropkick… but De Santos dives out of the way!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "A nasty landing there for Madison Gray! Nobody home in the corner and she comes down hard in the back of her head!"

Kleio doesn’t give her any time to rest, hoisting Madison up to her feet and dragging her into the middle. It’s punches in bunches now from De Santos, Gray throwing up a hasty guard up to block the worst of the jabs and the uppercuts. KDS finds a path through with an uppercut, though, and follows up with a front snap kick that staggers Gray… and then a roundhouse kick to knock her off her feet!

Rod Sterling: "Here are those MMA instincts! Immediately, De Santos mounts Madison Gray, and she nails her with some forearm strikes and elbow smashes!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "That hasty guard goes up from Madison again… and Kleio snatches her arm! She’s going for kimura lock!!"

Madison, though, wants none of the hold, immediately scrambling to the ropes and hooking onto the bottom one. She climbs under the bottom rope for some respite, but immediately KDS follows her out… only for Madison to meet her with a mule kick! She follows up with a trio of forearms, backing Kleio up into the barricade, and then a series of alternating knife edge and overhand chops. She takes Kleio by the hand and whips her hard into the ring apron! De Santos stumbles forward into Gray, who nails her with a Northern Lights suplex on the outside!

Jean-Luc Watkins: "That move will no doubt succeed in incapacitating Kleio further, but Madison can’t win this match on the outside."

Rod Sterling: "She rolls KDS into the ring, and now she goes for the first pinfall attempt of the match. Gray hooks the far leg."


Gray attempts to slow the place down, placing Kleio into a guillotine clutch. De Santos is worn down by the move, the official having to come in and check her arm at one stage, but KDS clenches her fist instead of letting her arm drop, and begins to once more creep over to the ropes… only for Madison to roll back into the middle of the ring! She wrenches at the hold and, seeing no other option, De Santos merely rolls Gray onto her back, pinning her shoulders in the process.


Madison lifts a shoulder up, and KDS makes the most of the momentary hesitation by hitting a forearm with her free arm! Then a second! But Madison catches the third, attempting to shift into a Kimura of her own, but once more Kleio forces Madison’s shoulders down…


Gray releases the hold and scrambles to her feet… but she eats a clothesline from Kleio De Santos!!

Rod Sterling: "Madison Gray goes down hard after the clothesline, but immediately she fights to her feet! Some heart on display here from the Young Lioness!"

De Santos winds up for a second clothesline, but this time Madison is able to duck beneath it, and then she clocks the turning KDS with an enziguri! Madison follows up with a boot to the midsection, dragging De Santos’ head into position between her legs and hoisting her up…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Madison Gray going for her sit-out powerbomb here, but Kleio is raining down blows from above!"

Anzu Kurosawa: "The Boa Constrictor shifts position on Madison’s shoulders… VICTORY ROLL!"


Madison kicks out, and the two are straight up to their feet. Kleio goes back to the same well, going for another clothesline, which Gray again ducks, clutches the arm, and pins her with a backslide…


KDS rolls backwards and up to her feet quickly, with Gray still keeled over in front of her. De Santos leaps over her with a sunset flip roll-up…


Gray rolls backwards this time, grasping Kleio’s legs, and pinning her with a jackknife cover…


Once more, both are to their feet at roughly the same time… and Gray just UNLOADS on Kleio with a huge discus elbow smash!!! Kleio slumps into Madison after the move, with Gray quickly applying a half-nelson and slamming KDS onto the back of her neck with a bridging half-nelson suplex!


Rod Sterling: "Kleio kicks out!! Somehow!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "A relentless pace here! Near-fall after near-fall, but Madison can’t quite get the job done!"

Madison is breathing heavily after the exchange, but she signals that the time has come for the match to end. She drags Kleio up to her feet by the hair, knees her in the gut, and then applies a front face lock. She hooks a leg, before hoisting Kleio up…

Jean-Luc Watkins: "HMNB!! Madison gets all of the fisherman’s buster!! But she isn’t going for a cover…"

Anzu Kurosawa: "One more big bomb…"

Rod Sterling: "She’s stalking KDS from the corner, looking anything but a student as she tees up for the Disappointed Master..."

Kleio finally gets to her feet, stumbling around to face Madison. The Young Lioness comes at her for the spinning back elbow… no! Ducked by Kleio! She grasps the arm as she floats beneath, straight into a front face lock…

Rod Sterling: "LETTERS TO KLEIO!! De Santos with the lateral press!"

ONE… TWO… … …

Anzu Kurosawa: "Her foot’s on the ropes!!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Ring awareness!!!"

Kleio sighs deeply, but Madison is out of it. She drags the Young Lioness into the centre of the ring and, exhibiting impressive agility, hops straight up onto the top turnbuckle.

Rod Sterling: "Kleio steadies herself on the top rope… FLYING ELBOW DROP! Straight to the heart!"

Jean-Luc Watkins: "That’s it!!"


Winner: Kleio De Santos via pinfall at 14:18.

There is booing around the crowd as the bell is rung, but it doesn’t bother Kleio De Santos, who is on her knees with a look of unending relief on her face. Grandma Ethel slowly climbs up the steps, meaning to celebrate with KDS, whilst Madison rolls out of the ring defeated.

Kurt Harrington: "Here is your winner… and the NEW FWA Television Champion… Kleio De Santos!!"

Rod Sterling: "This crowd might not like it, but - your opinions on witchcraft aside - there’s no denying that it’s been a long, arduous road to this point for Kleio. And now she’s done it: her first championship here in the FWA."

Jean-Luc Watkins: "She claims the vacant Television Championship, but what a performance from Madison Gray in defeat, showing many that she can hang with more established stars of the FWA like Kleio De Santos. She comes up short, but Madison Gray will have opened up a lot of eyes with her performance here tonight."

Anzu Kurosawa: "But the night, ultimately, belongs to Kleio De Santos! Your NEW Television Champion!"

De Santos looks at her newly won championship belt for a moment as the official holds it to her, finally snatching it off him and - with Grandma Ethel applauding her - holding it high above her head. The crowd are unmoved, raining down boos as we fade from the scene.


As the ring is cleared out and we’re preparing for the next match… something peculiar happens as the camera spots a single yellow balloon floating down from the rafters.

Rod Sterling: "What in the world? Is that… a balloon?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: "Yes, Rod… that is a balloon. This type of astute observation I would expect from Allen Price.”

Now two… wait no… three… four… more yellow balloons begin to float down as well.

Rod Sterling: "Well, of course, I know what it is… but why? What’s going on?”

Anzu Kurosawa: "Maybe it’s someone’s birthday?”

More and more of these yellow balloons begin to fall from the rafters.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Okay, yeah this is odd.”

As the balloons continue to fall… we suddenly hear… a voice.


The voice was unmistakable. We don’t see him… not yet. But the voice is that of a man many thought to be dead. A man who was buried alive at Lights Out.

Yes, that voice belonged to Jeremy Best.

The camera cuts to the cartoon land of Friendtopia where the non animated Jeremy Best sits upon a cartoon white horse known. The horse gallops through a field of golden flowers before coming to a stop upon a bridge over a quaint river. A tower sits in the background as blue birds fly around overhead.

“My Friends! I know you’d come!”

Jeremy gives a big smile to the camera.

“I know you have all been worried sick about me. And I’m sorry for not being around lately. Let me assure each and every one of my besties out there… that your ole pal Jeremy is a-okay! I’m doing quite swell actually. But I’ve been very, very busy. I’ve had a lot to prepare for, you see.”

“What am I preparing for? What a delightful question.”

“At Back in Business… friendship… as we know it… was attacked.”

“The man that many call Krash… but I could never call Krash… tried to end friendship. He tried to bury friendship. He tried to.. kill friendship once and for all.”

“But my friends…”

“Friendship cannot be buried.”

“It cannot be killed.”

“Friendship lives. And so do I. And with my return, I come with a single promise. A promise to make friendship stronger than ever. To truly make this… the Friendship Wrestling Alliance.”

“And that’s why… I come with an invitation. And invitation to all. An invitation… for… friendship. Because for one… without Krash, there’s a big hole in my heart. A hole that I would love to have filled. So I am inviting someone to come fill my hole.”

“But I think I’m not the only one in FWA who needs to have their hole filled.”

“There’s others who would like to find a friend. This is how we combat what happened at Back in Business. This is how friendship wins. We must come together…”

“And come together we shall.”

“So join me… in the coming weeks… for a friendship extravaganza. Come join me… for…



“This is your invitation… and don’t worry, there’s more to come. In fact… I will see you all… on the next Meltdown and I can tell you even more about this wonderful event. I hope to see you all there! Good bye for now, friends. And remember, don’t have a good day. Have the Best Day!”

From Friendtopia, Jeremy bids us farewell with a friendly wave as we fade back to the ring.


Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, your next match is scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit. Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Sitka, Alaska, X…Y…Z!”

The crowd cheers for XYZ who appears at the top of the entrance ramp. The usually celebratory XYZ is more focused tonight. While he still greets the throngs of fans who hold their hands out at him, the look on his face is different tonight.

Jean Luc Watkins: “XYZ is clearly laser-focused tonight. He’s vowed that if he doesn’t win the X Title tonight, he’s never going to try again. He’s challenged for this title multiple times, but it’s eluded him. Tonight at Lights Out is his final opportunity to make his dream a reality.”

XYZ hops into the ring and backs into one of the corners, his eyes locked on the top of the entrance ramp.

Kurt Harrington:Now introducing, hailing from Sweetwater, Texas, he is your FWA X Division Champion, Tommy Beeeeeedlaaaaaam!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Tommy Bedlam didn’t have a history in these X-Rules matches, but ever since he won the title from Shawn Summers at Back in Business, he seems to have flipped a switch, no pun intended. Sweetwater’s native son has shown us a more violent side of himself than we’ve ever seen before, and he’s going to need it tonight against XYZ.”

The crowd once again comes alive as Tommy Bedlam, the FWA X-Champion appears at the top of the ramp, his cowboy hat pulled down low. As he makes his way down the ramp, he takes off his sunglasses, tossing them into the crowd. He climbs into the ring, approaches the near-side ropes, and pulls open his long, leather duster, revealing the X-Title around his waist. He hands his duster and cowboy hat over the top rope, before handing the X-Title to referee, Richard Davis who hoists the title into the air over his head.


Tommy Bedlam (c)
vs. XYZ.
X Rules Match for the FWA X Championship.
Match Writer: Tommy.

As the bell rings, Bedlam and XYZ don’t waste any time getting their hands on one another. The two men pick up right where they left off at the 18th Anniversary Show, swinging wildly and trying to inflict as much harm on the other as they can.

Rod Sterling: “These two men had a very memorable encounter back at the Anniversary Show, and it looks like they’re ready to do it again!”

The action quickly spills to the outside of the ring, as neither man will let go of the other. Every time Tommy lands a blow to the head and face of XYZ, the challenger responds with a blow of his own. Finally, XYZ manages to create a bit of space between himself and Bedlam and hits a beautiful standing dropkick that catches Tommy squarely on the chin. The champion falls backward into the ring steps.

Seeing the larger man on the ground, XYZ quickly decides to use his speed and agility advantage as he climbs onto the ring apron. He glances back one time, bounces up onto the middle rope, and throws himself into the air with a moonsault. Bedlam manages to get one of his massive boots up, catching XYZ in the mouth.

XYZ is reeling as he backs up into the security railing that surrounds the ring, and like a dog on a bone, Bedlam doesn’t give him an opportunity to get his bearings. Bedlam sizes up XYZ and charges in for a spear. But XYZ moves out of the way! Tommy Bedlam crashes through the security railing and into the FWA Universe! The momentum of this match has taken a sudden turn.

XYZ quickly takes advantage of the opportunity and climbs up onto a nearby piece of the barricade. XYZ leaps into the air, over a fan in the crowd, and lands with both knees on Bedlam’s chest, driving the wind out of “The Cowboy!”

XYZ goes for the pin in the middle of the crowd, as referee, Richard Davis slides across the floor for the count.


NO! No! It’s a two-count, as Tommy Bedlam gets a shoulder up quickly.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Falls count anywhere in this one, folks. Tommy Bedlam and XYZ stayed around the ring during their first match, but it looks like they’re branching out a bit for tonight’s contest.”

XYZ picks Bedlam up and delivers a series of forearms to the side of his face. The two men are soon battling up the steps in the crowd. XYZ tries to drive Tommy’s head into the handrail, but “The Cowboy” blocks him! He grabs the enigmatic XYZ by the hair and drives him face-first into the handrail. Then he does it again! And a third time! XYZ is reeling as Bedlam takes control of the match.

A crushing headbutt to the forehead of XYZ drives the challenger onto the ground as he crumples onto the concrete steps. Tommy grabs a beer from one of the fans standing nearby, chugs it, and tosses the mostly empty cup into the audience as the fans who support the X Champion go into a frenzy.

As XYZ stumbles backward up the steps toward the concourse of the Stade de Martyrs, Tommy stays in pursuit. A clubbing right hand to XYZ’s jaw knocks him through a curtain and into the concourse. The fight continues to veer further and further from the ring.

XYZ delivers a series of kicks to Tommy’s thigh, slowing the larger man down. This gives XYZ a bit of breathing room as he backs into the concession stand. Tommy sees an opportunity to inflict more damage and charges in…but XYZ plants a drop kick into Tommy’s knee, bouncing his face off the counter! The champ is busted open as blood quickly begins to pool up on the concession counter.

XYZ grabs the champion by the hair and bounces his head off the counter two more times as blood begins to splatter. Seemingly lifeless, Tommy falls to the ground in the middle of a handful of fans who are waiting in line. XYZ falls onto the champion and goes for another pin. Richard Davis hits the concrete to make the count.


Tommy kicks out!

XYZ makes his way behind the concession stand and picks up a folding chair. He hops over the counter and stands by the bloodied face of Bedlam. XYZ picks the chair up over his head and swings it straight down! Tommy barely manages to roll out of the way, as the chair smacks the concrete floor! XYZ drops the chair, feeling the effects of the reverberations in his hands and arms.

Once again, Tommy sees an opportunity as XYZ is reeling. He slides across the floor and picks up the chair. XYZ continues to shake his hands and arms, trying to shake away the pain, and Tommy, back to his feet draws closer. He pulls the chair back….and someone grabs it from his hands!

It’s Wild Jerry! Wild Jerry, Christian Howard, and Sierra are in the concourse. Wild Jerry throws the chair across the concrete floor as The Menage begins to rain down a flurry of punches and kicks on Tommy Bedlam. Tommy is outnumbered, and this could be just the break that XYZ needs. Bedlam is down to a knee as The Menage continues to dole out punishment.
Jean Luc Watkins: “This is a three-on-one assault of the FWA X Champion, and there’s not a thing that Richard Davis can do about it. Anything goes, and The Menage have the numbers right now.”

It’s Christian Howard who picks up the once-discarded chair and approaches Bedlam. He picks the weapon up over his head…and someone pulls it from his hands! It’s Chris Crowe! The newly crowned number-one contender for the FWA North American Championship is here to lend his friend a hand. He drops Christian Howard to the floor with a thunderous right hand. Tommy gets back to his feet, grabs Sierra by the hair, and tosses her over a merchandise table! T-shirts go flying as Sierra lands in a box. That only leaves Wild Jerry, who quickly realizes he no longer has the numbers in his favor.

Tommy delivers a right hand to Wild Jerry, sending him reeling directly into the waiting arms of Chris Crowe. “The Showman” grabs Wild Jerry, and he hits The Closing Act on the concrete! The Menage has been disposed of by Deathswitch. Tommy extends a fist toward Crowe, a sign of appreciation for the backup. The partners bump fists as Tommy returns his attention to his challenger.

XYZ sees Bedlam coming and delivers a vicious chop to the champion’s chest. Then another. And another! But they’re not phasing “The Cowboy.” As XYZ draws back for what would be his fourth chop, Tommy catches his hand and delivers an uppercut, the force of which knocks XYZ to the concrete floor. Tommy grabs XYZ by the leg and drags him toward one of the doors to the arena.

Tommy drags the challenger halfway out of the door, leaving his upper body inside while his legs lay outside the arena. He opens the door and slams it across the small of XYZ’s back! He pulls the door back and slams it once again into XYZ’s ribs.

Rod Sterling: “I’m not sure the last time that I’ve seen someone use the building as a weapon, but that’s what the champion is doing here.”

Jean Luc Watkins: “He’s doing whatever it takes to keep that title. Ever since his feud with Summers, we’ve seen a more violent Tommy Bedlam, and that could be bad news for the rest of the locker room, Rod.”

Convinced that XYZ is softened up, Tommy Bedlam goes for the pin.


NO! NO! Richard Davis lets an astonished Tommy Bedlam know that XYZ somehow, someway got a shoulder up. Bedlam has an exasperated look on his face as he’s obviously wondering what it’s going to take to keep the enigmatic one down.

Bedlam picks XYZ up from the ground and carelessly tosses him onto the pavement outside. The battle has spilled to an area behind the arena, as there are a couple of parked cars and a dumpster.

As Tommy goes over to pick up XYZ once again, the challenger comes up with a beer bottle and smashes it across Bedlam’s already-bleeding head. The champion crashes to the pavement, and both men are down.

Anzu Kurosawa: “We’ve seen Tommy Bedlam use beer bottles before, but “The Cowboy” just took one to the head, and the tides may be turning once again.”

Bedlam isn’t moving as XYZ slowly pulls himself to his feet, favoring his damaged ribs as he does so. He climbs into the bed of a nearby pickup truck but decides that it’s not enough. No, he climbs onto the roof of the truck. He goes for another moonsault, his second such attempt in this match…and this one doesn’t miss!

There’s a sickening thud as XYZ’s body crashes into Tommy Bedlam. Somehow, XYZ finds the strength to hook one of Tommy’s legs.

Jean Luc Watkins: “Oh my God! That has to be it. We’re gonna have a new X Champion!”


NO! Tommy Bedlam once again manages to get a shoulder up, and now XYZ is the one who’s frustrated. He grabs Bedlam’s head and bounces it off the concrete before going for another pin.


NO! Tommy once again kicks out!

Rod Sterling: “I think we can all appreciate how much the X Title means to Tommy Bedlam, but at some point, discretion is the better part of valor. When do you stop subjecting yourself to this kind of punishment?”!

Anzu Kurosawa: “I don’t think either of these men are interested in stopping.”

XYZ makes his way back to the pickup truck that he just jumped out of and digs around in the back. He comes back with a tire iron in his hand. Meanwhile, Tommy Bedlam has somehow gotten back to his feet. XYZ, with the tire iron over his head charges toward Bedlam. He’s going to try to crush “The Cowboy’s” skull.

Bedlam catches him! Bedlam catches XYZ and drives him into the hood of a Toyota Camry with a vicious spinebuster! The hood crumples under the weight of the two competitors, and Bedlam goes for a cover on the hood of the car.


NO! XYZ kicks out once again.

Rod Sterling: “We’ve talked about the amount of punishment that Tommy Bedlam has sustained, but there’s no way that XYZ is in any better shape. But the challenger won’t stay down.”

Jean Luc Watkins: “Rod, maybe it’s true. Maybe the dream never dies. XYZ has focused on trying to win the X Title for so long. If he loses tonight, it’s the end of that dream.”

Bedlam is clearly getting frustrated. He doesn’t know how much more punishment the challenger can withstand, and he’s not sure how much more punishment he can dole out. He walks over and picks up a trash can, hoists it over his head, and slams it onto the head of XYZ. The second blow with the garbage can busts the challenger open as blood begins to pour from a nasty gash across his forehead.

Tommy picks up a broken chunk of plywood that has fallen from the can and raises it over his head. But before he can bring the plywood down, XYZ manages to throw up one of his feet, landing a kick that catches the X Champion across the nose. Bedlam is staggered, and XYZ delivers another kick. XYZ is scratching and clawing, doing anything he can to stay alive in this match!

He manages to stand to his feet on the hood of the car, steadying himself as much as possible. He leaps into the air, wraps his legs around Tommy’s head, and spins him around in a full circle! It’s the head scissor take down, but instead of taking Bedlam to the ground, the momentum slings him into the side of a large dumpster! Bedlam smacks into the steel structure with a thud.

Bedlam seems to be out on his feet, only holding himself up by leaning on the dumpster. XYZ, feeling the momentum of the moment, takes a few steps back and goes charging in again. In an act of pure desperation, Bedlam charges forward and connects with “The Last Call!” The clothesline hits with such force that XYZ does a full backflip before splattering across the pavement.

Anzu Kurosawa: “That has to be it! The Last Call just turned XYZ inside out.”

Bedlam falls on his opponent and hooks his leg.


NO! NO! XYZ kicks out once more. Bedlam has gone from frustrated to enraged as he screams and begins to slap the pavement. He turns and yells at the official, Richard Davis who lets “The Cowboy” know that it was only a two-count.

Rod Sterling: “The champion is losing his composure, folks. He’s hit XYZ with everything imaginable, and he just will not stay down!”

Bedlam gets a sinister look in his eyes as he drags XYZ from the pavement by his hair. He pulls the challenger back toward the same car that he spinebustered him onto earlier in the match. Bedlam climbs onto the hood and pulls XYZ up with him. Both men are wobbly, both from blood loss and the amount of abuse that their bodies have gone through.

Tommy shoves XYZ’s head under his arm, hooks both of the challenger’s arms behind his own back, and lifts him straight up into the air. For a moment, he pauses, XYZ’s feet point straight into the air. Tommy Bedlam delivers “The Bullseye” straight through the windshield of the car! The glass shatters as shards embed in XYZ’s head and Bedlam’s back.

Tommy drags XYZ from the dashboard of the car and tosses him back onto the pavement. He goes for the pin once again.


That’s it. Tommy Bedlam wins the match after driving XYZ through the windshield of a car!

Winners: Tommy Bedlam via pinfall at 19:12.

Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner… and STILL the FWA X Champion… Tommy… BEDLAM!”

Bedlam lifts the belt in the air, the official lifting his other hand in victory.

Rod Sterling: “Tommy Bedlam has done it. He’s defended his X-Title against XYZ for the second time, and per XYZ’s promise, this is the last time that he will challenge for the belt. The enigmatic XYZ gave the Cowboy all he could handle, but it just wasn’t enough tonight.”

We fade away from the scene with Bedlam still celebrating in the ring.


There is no commentary.

No music.

Our rabid crowd is confused at first by the opening piano riff and walking bass. That is until Richard’s “Oh ah ah ah ah” echoes through the arena. They know, by god do they know. There’s only one man who enters to this song when he is going to be facing Chris Peacock.


But they are sorely disappointed when it isn’t the mayor of Tonerville that steps through the curtain, but instead one half of FTN.

The challenger for the FWA World Championship.

Alyster Black.

Rod Sterling: “Well…that’s not Danny Toner.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And that’s not just a single Alyster Black.”

Indeed, the Alyster Black standing atop the ramp is soon joined by nine other Alyster Blacks, all lined up across the top of the ramp.. The fake Alyster’s step out from the top of the ramp and begin interacting with the fans at ringside, all of them flipping off random people and barking insults, including a few C-bombs.

Eventually the Alysters line up along either length of the entrance ramp, just as “Down With the Sickness” finally comes to an end. They patiently wait, standing still, heads held with, with their hands crossed behind their backs…until…


The first Alyster Black comes to life, opening his robe to reveal a replica CWA World Tag Team Championship belt.


The second Alyster does the same, revealing a second CWA World Tag Team Championship belt.


The third Alyster is also holding a relatively obscure championship belt, the APW World Championship.


Alyster number four returns to the pattern, revealing another CWA World Tag Team Championship.


Five shows off the first piece of FWA hardware, the FWA World Tag Team Championship.


But six seems especially excited, opening his robe to reveal the FWA X Championship.


Alyster seven holds up a middle finger while opening his robe to reveal the FWA World Championship.


Eight doesn’t open their robe to reveal a championship belt, instead they reach inside their robe and produce a long golden tentacle. The CDW Tentacle of Justice.


And Alyster number nine reveals a second FWA World Tag Team Championship.


Alyster ten drops his robe, he’s minus a championship belt. But possibly not for long. He turns to the camera, grabbing it and holding it steady on his masked visage.

Alyster Black: “Belt number ten baby, let’s fuckin’ go! Chris I love you buddy!”

Alyster Black leaves the formation as the rest of his masked compatriots return to the back. He slides into the ring and paces around whilst ‘Sonne’ slowly dies out into silence.

Anzu Kurosawa: “That was certainly a grand entrance from the challenger.”

Rod Sterling: “A challenger who looks worse for wear following tonight’s opening bout, although somewhat over any disappointment over no longer being one half of the FWA World Tag Team Champions…”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “But in spite of that he’s still here, ready to challenge not only the World Champion, but also his best friend. And he doesn’t seem the slightly bit perturbed by the notion of taking away his partner’s FWA World Championship.”

There is some confusion as the usual upbeatness of the classic disco song is missing, and replacing it is a much slower and melancholy version. After a few seconds, Chris Peacock walks out from the back with the FWA World Championship in his hand. He is still dressed and looks exactly the same as he did earlier on, although now he does have a plaster over the cut in his forehead caused by Cyrus Truth. It is clear from Peacock’s demeanour that he is in no mood for games tonight, in clear contrast to the jovial nature of Black’s entrance.

Anzu Kurosawa: “This seems pretty representative of how Peacock feels coming into this match; he is no longer a tag team champion and it is due to his partner hitting him and their opponents capitalising. Peacock seems to be quite closed up when it comes to Alyster Black at the moment…”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He is just licking his wounds, Anzu. How many times have we seen Peacock try to be all dark and mysterious. He needs to just focus on getting the job done tonight instead.”

Rod Sterling: “That could be what Peacock is doing, here. Putting his friendship with Black and any personal feelings aside and just focusing on keeping the FWA World Championship.”

Peacock enters the ring and his music slowly fades out; it is clear that there is no want for messing around or fun in this match for the championship and the showmanship be damned as well. In fact the only emotion Peacock shows is when he looks into the championship before passing it over to Larry Stevens. From across the ring, Black nods his head at Peacock, but gets no response back from the champion, who stares at him blankly.

With both men in the ring, Larry Stevens hoists the championship up into the air so Kurt Harrington can get on with the introductions.

Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, and it is for the FWA World Championship!”

There is a big cheer and the camera focuses on Alyster Black, who does some final stretches in his corner.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, the challenger. From San Dimas, California and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds… he is the longest reigning FWA X Champion in history and the man they call ‘Black Jesus’.... ALYSTEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKK!!!”

There is a good cheer that goes up for Black, with the crowd being in his favour tonight. They are less enthused when the champion appears on the screen ahead of his own introduction.

Kurt Harrington: “His opponent hails from Boogie Wonderland by way of Brooklyn, New York and he weighs in tonight at two-hundred and ten pounds… he is the current, reigning and defending FWA World Champion… ‘Disco’s Last Warrior’ CHRISSSS PEEEEAAAACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKKKKKK!!!!”

Kurt leaves the ring and the two competitors stare across the ring at one another, with Peacock not being animated in any way possible.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, the time for talking is over, wrestling fans. We’re going to see how far these two friends are willing to go for the right to call themselves champion of the world…”


MAIN EVENT || 1/60.
Chris Peacock (c)
vs. Alyster Black.
Singles Match for the FWA World Championship.
Match Writer: Man.

The bell rings and the fans are left at a fever pitch as Alyster Black is the first one of the two men to compete in this match to step forward from his corner. The disdainful look on the face of Chris Peacock tells a thousand words; it does not matter to him that it is his best friend across the ring from him. All he sees is a man who wishes to take the FWA World Championship away from him.

Rod Sterling: “This is not like the Steel Roulette at the Anniversary Show for Chris Peacock. There is no incentive for him to work alongside Alyster Black in this match.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “He defeated Devin Golden to win the title and has defended it three times since against seven different challengers, including Alyster Black himself. He knows what it takes and he is not going to let friendship get in the way of getting business done.”

Black, in the middle of the ring, extends his fist forwards towards Peacock. Still, the FWA World Champion looks sternly across from his tag team partner. The crowd shows some annoyance at Peacock’s reluctance to match Black’s offer of respect, but their opinions have not mattered to him for some time, and that is not about to change here.

The body language of the challenger indicates that he feels slightly hurt by the champion’s refusal to acknowledge his peace offering. Black says some words to Peacock, which are indistinguishable to the viewing audience, but are almost certainly along the lines of him making it clear that he’s willing to leave it all in the ring and let the best man win. The encouragement appears to do the trick as Peacock pushes himself out of the corner and he takes a few steps closer to Black, who is still waiting for him.

Peacock looks down at the balled fist of his best friend for a moment and does nothing. But after a few seconds, he nods his head and then bumps fists with Black. This does get a good smattering of applause from the crowd.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Those lamenting Chris Peacock’s shift in attitude and willingness to take every advantage available to him; perhaps they will be pleased with his approach to this one. If there is one person in the world that we may see Peacock not try to manufacture an advantage against, it would be Alyster Black.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “I am inclined to agree, J-L, especially with Allen Price out of the equation now thanks to Cyrus Truth earlier on. However, Chris Peacock is going to have to balance how much he wants to remain the FWA World Champion against how far he is willing to test the strength of his bond with Alyster Black.”

After the fist bump, both Black and Peacock returned to their corners and they eye each other up one more time before emerging forward towards one another where they meet in the middle of the ring. Rather unconventionally from his regular, Peacock initiates a lock up with Black. The two jostle for position for a moment and Peacock grabs Black’s wrist and wrings his arm, but a clubbing strike from Black’s other hand breaks this up quickly.

Black seems rather perplexed by the approach being taken by Peacock, who begins to circle the middle of the ring once more, perhaps looking to lock up again. Against his preferences, Black goes in again and gets the initiative with a Side Headlock, but Peacock quickly switches places with him and tightly holds his partner’s head close to his body. Black backs into the ropes and uses the momentum to shoot Peacock off across the ring. When Peacock comes back, both men go for a Shoulder Block, but neither can knock the other down with it.

Once again, Chris Peacock seems to want to tie up in the middle of the ring and again - this time likely against his better judgement - Black bites. They lock up and for the first time in these exchanges, Alyster Black uses his height and weight advantage to good effect and he backs Peacock up into the turnbuckle. Larry Stevens very diligently comes over and forces a break due to Peacock being in the ropes.

Rod Sterling: “I think these could be some mind games that Peacock is trying to play with Alyster Black; they both went to war for the best part of thirty minutes earlier on against the Dark Roads Alliance; a slower pace here is probably something that Black wasn’t expecting.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, if you’ll forgive the unfortunate pun, given how explosive Alyster Black’s offence can be, something like this and a more methodical approach could play into Peacock’s hands from a wrestling perspective.”

Whatever Peacock’s plan is, it seems to be working. Alyster Black appears extremely frustrated with how the opening few minutes of this match have gone and he motions for Peacock to fight him properly. The champion looks likely to relent and agree to Black’s proposition… but he quickly changes course and drops down, rolling under the bottom rope! Peacock walks at ringside with his hands on his hips and his head bowed down low.

The move is not a popular one with the fans and Alyster Black cuts a very frustrated figure in the ring. He attempts to get out there to follow up, but Larry Stevens demands that he remains in the ring so he can begin to count Chris Peacock whilst he is on the outside. Peacock does not react as the count reaches four, but then he does pull himself back up onto the apron. Peacock scans the ring and sees that Black is ready to pounce on him as soon as he is back in, so he drops back down to the floor and the count resumes.

Anzu Kurosawa: “I’m not particularly sure whether this approach from Peacock is a tactical one, or if he actually does not want to fight Alyster Black at all. FTN lost the FWA World Tag Team Championships in the opening contest, and a big part of that was because of Alyster Black hitting Chris Peacock with the One Shot Kill. That has to have gotten Peacock wanting to tear Black’s head off, surely?”

Peacock continues to brood on the outside of the ring. When the referee’s count reaches eight, he realises the need to get back into the ring, even though a defeat via count out would not result in him losing the championship. The fate of the count is taken out of Peacock’s hands though when Alyster Black exits the ring as well and he pursues Peacock around the ring. Chris does not run away, to be exact, but he does not want to stick around to see what is going to happen, either.

When it appears that Black is going to get closer, Peacock gets back into the ring and stands up straight. The fans jeer the apparent cowardice and Black stands with his hands on his hips at ringside. The challenger decides to get back into the ring from the apron through the ropes… but Peacock rushes him as soon as he gets through the ropes! There it is!

Black is taken by surprise by the initial running knee to his ribs, and Peacock then gets to work in clubbing Black down to the mat with some forearm strikes. Larry Stevens attempts to interject given that Alyster is in the ropes, but the champion ignores him and delivers some stops down onto his tag team partner’s head and chest whilst he is down.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “One simply has to admit that Chris Peacock played that perfectly, and really has seemed one step ahead of the challenger at every turn in this match thus far. Now, that forward thinking should really start to pay dividends for him if he can play this right.”

Rod Sterling: “That probably won’t be a very popular move with these people, but it was damn effective! He drew Black in and then sucker punched him!”

In an attempt to get away from Peacock, Black shuffles along the ropes into the corner, but Peacock is right with him. He sits Black down on the bottom turnbuckle and then holds his head in place so he can strike him in the head with several punches and then he applies a Front Facelock, pulling Black away and out of the corner. The challenger tries but is unable to get out of this and Peacock knees him in the chest and ribs a couple of times for good measure.

This rears Black up and Peacock strikes him with a quick jab to the face. The champion does it a second time and then considers momentarily going for some sort of dance move or other theatrics, he opts not to and strikes with a third strike which lands on the mark and causes Black to stumble backwards a few paces. However Black quickly turns around on the spot and fires back with a Rolling Elbow to Peacock!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Hey, that’s not unlike the Rasputin’s Revenge Peacock took earlier on - and Alyster is also going for a cover from it, the first of the match!”


Peacock sits up immediately after the kick out with an annoyed expression on his face, although it is clear that one caught him off guard. He checks the plaster on his head as he gets up and Black is up to meet him, and ‘Black Jesus’ stings Peacock’s chest with a hard chop across it. The champion absorbs the blow and grits his teeth, before returning in kind to Black. Black crouches slightly to get more upwards momentum on the next chop which comes, and Peacock turns around tensing his chest.

Once Peacock is back to face Black once more, Alyster connects with yet another chop and Peacock’s chest is starting to redden. Another chop from Black reverberates around the stadium and has Peacock leaning back against the ropes. Black straightens the champion out and puts his arms over the ropes and delivers a fifth chop to the chest of the champion, and a close up shot shows some of the welts becoming visible on Peacock’s body.

Rod Sterling: “Those chops are not going to tickle, folks! After Peacock’s slow start to the match, Black has kept up a similar pace but is managing to deal out a lot of pain on his best friend.”

The champion drops to a knee whilst holding onto the middle rope and he puts his other hand across his chest, so much is the pain caused by the chops from the challenger. Alyster slowly brings Peacock up from the mat and Snapmares him towards the middle of the ring. With Peacock seated, Black takes a moment and lines him up, delivering a Dropkick to the back of his head! Peacock cradles his head, and Black flips him over and presses his shoulders down;


Once again, it is a quick kick out from Peacock, and he sits up… but Black puts his boots through his chest and face with a Double Foot Stomp! Peacock holds his nose and rolls towards the ropes, but Black grabs onto his boot to prevent him from escaping out of the ring once more. The two play a tug of war over Peacock’s foot for a moment, but Peacock manages to get off a couple of kicks to Black’s head. This creates some separation between the two and Peacock is able to shuffle under the bottom rope and out onto the apron.

When on the apron, Peacock pulls himself up slowly and Black approaches him, reaching over the ropes, but Peacock thinks quickly and catches Black’s throat over the top rope! The fans aren’t pleased, but Peacock does not mind. Black hunches over holding his throat and Peacock takes a moment to measure him. The champion slingshots himself over the top rope and drops a leg down over the back of Black’s neck for a Famouser! Peacock hooks Black’s leg for his first pin attempt of the match;


Jean-Luc Watkins: “That was probably the first real piece of offence that Peacock has been able to get in the match and it came after using the environment to his advantage; I don’t think Black was expecting it, to be honest.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Well, Peacock’s initial plan of frustrating Black with a slow and methodical pace didn’t work out too well. He took a few of those chops and got kicked in the head a couple of times; it follows that he used whatever he could to get back in control of the match. Peacock is the champion. He wants to dictate the pace.”

It is not long before Black is back up to his feet and Peacock ensures that he is ready waiting for him and Peacock delivers a chop to Black’s chest once more. However this time when Alyster tries to return fire, Peacock ducks it and then tackles his partner down with a Double Leg Takedown, and he continues forward with a Jackknife Pin!


Peacock stands up out of the pin and Black does the same behind him. Looking to stop Peacock from whatever he is planning next, Black grabs Peacock around the waist and seems to be wanting to go for a German Suplex, but the champion acts as if he is one step ahead and tries to hit Black with Fight Fever - but Black avoids the backfist! It is clearly one that Black had scouted beforehand and with Peacock out of position, he changes his grip and clasps his hands around Peacock’s neck from behind… Saka Otoshi! Then Black attempts to transition it into the Bulldog Choke!

Upon landing the Saka Otoshi, Black’s hands came apart momentarily, and this is what Peacock is using to avoid the submission. He has one of Black’s wrists in his grasp and using the wrist control he is trying to prevent Black from reclasping his hands. Peacock uses his hips to slither out backwards from underneath Alyster, but he retains his hold on Black’s wrist, so turns him around. Peacock stands up and with Black still down, he just kicks him in the face! Peacock does not stop there, though, as he kicks Black in the face several more times and then yanks on Black’s arm, sending Black’s head straight into his knee!

Peacock continues to kick at and stomp away on his partner’s head in the middle of the ring, until he decides to let him go and Black falls flat down onto the mat.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Near miss for Peacock, there. I think some of the frustration from almost getting caught in the Bulldog Choke came out there and it manifested in the form of him kicking his opponent in the face until he wasn’t moving. Simple, but definitely effective.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris Peacock is of course famously emotional, and I think it is a case of him simply getting lucky that didn’t blow up in his face because had Alyster Black got that Bulldog Choke in, this one could have been over right there and then and we’d be crowing a new champion here in Kinshasa.”

Peacock watches for a moment as Black slowly presses himself up from the mat. He makes a decision that he is not going to allow Black a route back into the match like that so holds Black in position whilst kneeling behind him and he exposes the side of the head and neck of Black… and begins to drop hammer-like elbows into the side of Black’s neck! There is a cold look of determination in Peacock’s eyes; he by no means wants to be doing this, but knows that he has to.

Once more, Peacock continues until Black’s body is limply hanging off of him due to the series of hard strikes to a sensitive area. Not content with the elbow strikes, Peacock lifts Black up and then drops him down onto the mat with a Reverse DDT! The champion does not go for a pin and waits for Black to instinctively rise up from the mat. Peacock stalks Black as Alyster does just this and Peacock charges in from behind and hits a Somersault Cutter! The new and impressive move from Peacock gets a small cheer of appreciation from the crowd, and the champion rolls Black over;


It is clear that Peacock does not wish to grant Black a way out just yet and he instantly gets a firm grip on Black’s wrist once more and brings him to his feet. He forces Black up to his knees once more and looks at him with a tinge of regret as he brings Black’s head in closer to his knee once more and slams his knee into the side of Black’s head.

Rod Sterling: “Peacock has really taken this match by the scruff of the neck, now. He knows how tough the man that he is dealing with is, so he knows how much it is going to take. He’s not going to let him off easier, either, just because of how close they are.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “With no FWA World Tag Team Championships keeping them together anymore, who knows how much regard Peacock still has for Alyster Black? This is about the FWA World Championship and really, no friendship should be coming before that. Especially when it is a snake like Peacock we’re talking about.”

The strikes to the head are all good and well it would seem, but Peacock wants to kick things up a gear. He lifts Black up from the mat and brings him over to the corner where he slams his partner’s head into the top turnbuckle. Peacock then follows up with a couple of forearm strikes whilst cradling the back of Black’s head to give more of a blunt force.

The champion then takes a deep breath and lifts Black up onto the top turnbuckle with some considerable effort. Black is somewhat still out of it, but a pop shot right hand from Peacock makes sure of it. Peacock places both of Black’s feet on the outside of the ropes and climbs onto the bottom rope himself. A Headbutt from champion to challenger ensures that Black is still malleable for Peacock to do what he wants to with him. Peacock stands on the middle rope and uses Black to climb up onto the top. Chris then lifts Alyster up, so both men are on the top turnbuckle together.

Peacock hooks Black up for a Superplex and takes a deep breath when he tries to take Black over with it, but Black grabs onto Peacock’s waistband to block it. Trying again yields the same result. There is a frustrated groan from Peacock as he attempts to take Black over for a third time, but Black digs an elbow into his ribs. Despite the repeated blows to the head, Black has some fight left in him and he is not allowing Peacock to execute this move.

Some more shots to the ribs with some more power almost cause both men to lose their balance, but they actually hold onto each other to stay in position.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Who was ever doubting the bond between these two; they’re in a FWA World Championship match but they’re still looking out for each other!”

FTN lock eyes with each other from their precarious position atop the turnbuckle closest to the commentary position, but this moment is brought to a close when Black connects with a Headbutt to Peacock’s forehead. The plaster on Peacock’s head above his eyebrow actually acts as somewhat of a target for Black as he lands another Headbutt in the same spot. Peacock falls back slightly, but grabbing onto Black’s head prevents him from falling. However a third Headbutt to the top of Peacock’s head this time causes him to fall from the top rope and he lands on his back in front of the corner with an almighty slam.

There is some commotion and cheering in the crowd in support of the challenger as Alyster Black now finds himself standing over Chris Peacock. ‘Black Jesus’ catches his breath for a moment and then turns around whilst on the top rope and takes a deep breath. A final glance over his shoulder confirms to him where Peacock is situated and Black takes flight… DIVING MOONSAULT! The dangerous and risky move hits its mark and Black is left holding his midsection for a moment, and he then shuffles back towards Peacock and leans sideways onto him to pin him;


Rod Sterling: “It isn’t often that you see something like that from Alyster Black, is it? What a move!”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Black knows that he is going to have to pull out some of the big guns to get the win here. Peacock is resilient but Black’s will to become a two-time FWA World Champion is just as strong. What is going to give first? That’s what I can’t tell right now!”

After being thoroughly beaten up by Peacock for the last several minutes up until Peacock’s Superplex plan backfired on him, Black needs a moment to recover and as a result he does not immediately follow up on Peacock after the near fall. This allows a slightly winded Peacock to pull himself up from the mat at the same time. However Peacock is not all the way up to his feet when Black is back and he delivers another one of those unforgiving chops across the champion’s chest.

Peacock is tilted backwards by this but does not go down. Black grabs one of Peacock’s arms and then wrings it and uses this to get the champion back up to a vertical base. Black checks behind him and then takes a few stutter steps before throwing himself down onto the floor, but this sends Peacock directly into the turnbuckle behind Black, sternum first! Peacock stays with his chest on the turnbuckle pads for a moment, but this moment is long enough for Black to be able to charge in and crack him in the back of the head with a Running Forearm!

The champion slumps down onto the middle turnbuckle, but Black pulls him up and turns him around. There is a slight pause before Black does anything else, but his course of action is confirmed when he begins to unload on Peacock with more quickfire chops and punches! HE’S HAVING A VIOLENCE PARTY! It is an unusual guest of honour to Black’s shindig in the corner, but all the same, Black relentlessly pummels Peacock back into the corner. Larry Stevens has to act as the party pooper though, as he tells Black that he is going to risk disqualification if he resumes attacking Peacock whilst he is in the ropes for much longer.

Anzu Kurosawa: “What a spoilsport!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “As enjoyable as that was, I am afraid that it was the correct call, wrestling fans. Those of you who are sticklers to the rules enjoyed that piece of officiating, I am certain.”

The FWA World Champion has a clear hangover from the Violence Party and he slowly stumbles out of the corner back into Black’s path once the referee has cleared out of the way. Black lines Peacock up and connects with a Discus Forearm, which sends Peacock back into the turnbuckles but in a seated position against the bottom one at this juncture. With Peacock in this position, Black has a clear idea in mind and he sets Peacock’s head into the correct position. Black takes a few paces back and then rebounds off of the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, and then he comes back and runs through Peacock with a Running Facewash!

Black leaves his boot in situ for a moment and looks around at the fans who are wholeheartedly on his side for this match, despite everything that has happened in recent months. Caught in the moment, Black raises his arms to gee up the support some more and he seems to be willing to go along with their requests for him to hit Peacock with the move one more time. Black nods and then takes up a similar position as before. Again, Black hits the ropes and then hits Peacock with a second Running Facewash!

The fans are in the palm of Black’s hand and this time he initiates the prospect of another Facewash by holding a finger up to the crowd. When they show their agreement and want for him to do it again, Black once again makes the journey across the ring and back towards Peacock… BUT PEACOCK JUMPS INTO LIFE AND CUTS THROUGH BLACK WITH A SPEAR!

Rod Sterling: “I didn’t see that one coming! Alyster Black was in control and I’m not even really sure what happened, but these fans wanted him to hit Peacock again but it blew up in his face!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Not particularly sure what compelled Alyster Black to do that either, if I am being completely honest. There is no doubt that out of these two, he is by far the most palatable as a champion and also to just experience. The sleaziness of FTN comes almost wholly from the Chris Peacock side of the equation.”

Whilst Black was momentarily revelling in the adulation from the fans, Peacock finds himself encountering the exact opposite as he stands up following the Spear and gives them a piece of his mind. He makes it clear that he feels that the crowd are beneath him and then waves the fans off, not willing to allow them to have any further impact on the outcome and happenings of this match. After the Spear, Alyster Black rolled under the bottom rope and took up a position on the floor around the ring.

Before the referee could stop him, Peacock exited the ring himself. He goes no further than the apron, though, and waits for Black to turn around. Once Black does so, Peacock charges across the apron and then strikes Black in the chest and face with a stinging kick which makes a very loud noise. Black drops to his knees on the outside and holds his chest in his hands. Again, Peacock waits for Black to get back into position but this time he also shouts for Black to do so whilst motioning with his arm.

The champion gets his wish and Black does turn around… GLITTERBALL DROP TO THE FLOOR!!! The back of Black’s head bounces off of the floor as Peacock brings all of his weight down onto the chest and shoulders of the challenger. Peacock gets to his feet and then looks at Black holding the back of his head on the floor and he stomps down onto Black’s face to keep him down and at bay.

Anzu Kurosawa: “Look, Chris Peacock is an accomplished fighter - he’s the FWA World Champion for crying out loud - but this is not a position where he wants to be, even now. Alyster Black is probably the best in the world at fighting in an environment like the one that you find around the ring here. We saw him trap Konchu Hao in a box around here!”

Rod Sterling: “Absolutely, Anzu. But you did say it yourself; Peacock is no slouch. He’s going to be comfortable fighting on the outside of the ring just like Alyster Black is. He’s met Black strike-for-strike throughout the entirety of this match thus far.”

In the interest of this being a title match where a count out of any kind would probably result in some sort of a riot, Larry Stevens allows both competitors to remain uncounted whilst both are on the outside. This is of course a different approach to the opening moments of the match where he utilised his count to enforce some sort of affirmative action out of the champion.

Peacock takes advantage of the official’s leniency by bringing Black up from the floor and slamming his head down onto the ring apron. The champion then holds Black’s head and pushes him back, before slamming him straight into the ring barricade at ringside! Black is left holding the back of his head once again. It seems that Peacock is actually trying everything in his power to concuss his tag team partner, because he then slams Black’s head into the barricade a couple of times.

There is a fan in the front row that catches Peacock’s attention - it is the large man that Konchu Hao pinned Black’s shoulders down on in the opening match - and Peacock sees that he has an Alyster Black mask hanging out of the pocket of his coat. Peacock shakes his head at the man and then he clubs Black a couple of times on the back as he brings him up. Peacock hooks Black up in a Suplex position at ringside, but he does not go for a regular Suplex on the floor; PEACOCK DROPS BLACK RIBS FIRST ONTO THE BARRICADE WITH A FRONT SUPLEX!

Anzu Kurosawa: “Ribs. Ring barricade. If you ask me, that move was a receipt from Peacock to Black for what happened at Back in Business on Night One; Black tipped Peacock from a ladder out of the ring, and Peacock landed really badly on the ring barricade on the outside.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He broke two ribs in that incident, if I am not to be mistaken. Alyster Black could very well have similar injuries as a result of that move, though. Definitely not unlike Peacock to harbour a grudge like that still, even after he and Black supposedly moved on from it.”

Peacock sees some amusement in seeing Black’s legs on top of the fan at ringside, but he moves them himself when he tips Black over the barricade and back down onto the floor. The fan in question, along with nearly everyone else inside the Stade de Martyrs boos Peacock with loud and ferocious jeers. Peacock grabs the mask from the coat and then throws it straight into the fan’s face! This gets him some more boos from the crowd, but Peacock doesn’t care and then tells the man that he’s coming for his North American title, in an obvious jibe towards FTN enemy Bryan Baxter.

The focus on the fan means that Peacock failed to notice that Black was pulling himself up and he is almost at a vertical base with the assistance of the side of the ring. Black pulls on the ring skirting as he stands up, and he sees Peacock turning around after his body shaming had concluded. The champion looks to resume his attack on the challenger, but Black catches him with an elbow to the midsection and then a backhand to the face.

In a fit of rage, Peacock grabs Black’s head and bounces it off of the ring apron once more before he climbs up onto it. Peacock is unable to advance straight into the ring though because Black has both hands on his foot and lower leg. Peacock is unable to shake Black off, and Black uses Peacock’s leg to get himself back up onto the apron as well and the two men stand next to each other. They begin exchanging strikes, with Peacock punching Black and Black elbowing Peacock.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is a scene reminiscent of when FTN first came together - pun not intended - at Meltdown XXII in Rotterdam eleven months ago when Black last eliminated Peacock from a Battle Royal to become the FWA World Champion for the first time in his career.”

Rod Sterling: “This is no Battle Royal, though, and it is in Black’s interest to get things back into the ring. He cannot win the title via count out. Peacock will retain through the champion’s advantage rule.”

The exchange has both Peacock and Black teetering on the apron several times, but both are able to maintain their grip on the ropes with their spare hands. Instead of an elbow strike, Black delivers a quick Throat Thrust to Peacock, which catches the champion off guard. Peacock gasps for a moment, but the sudden change of tact from Black did the trick as Black is able to control the champion’s positioning. The two men face towards the ring and there is a hushed gasp as the fans know what Black is going to go for…

Black leans forward… RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP FROM THE APRON TO THE FLOOR!! The fans pop loudly and replays show the awful landing endured by both competitors; even Black as the aggressor did not come out well from the dangerous and self-destructive move. Both of their heads are shown to have bounced on the floor on the outside of the ring.

Larry Stevens quickly rushes out of the ring to check on the condition of both men. He is weakly shoved away by Alyster Black whilst Chris Peacock is almost entirely unresponsive.

Anzu Kurosawa: “We could be looking at concussions all around here, guys. Whilst you can see some padding surrounding the ring here, let me assure you that it is in no way comfortable or forgiving to land on. That would have hurt both of them a lot and their ability to continue this match should be in real doubt now.”

Rod Sterling: “That reminded me of Alyster Black and Krash at Desert Storm in their I Quit Match a couple of years ago and also what happened back at the Anniversary Show a few weeks ago. These two men love each other but they’re not afraid to tear the other one to pieces if it means being the FWA World Champion.”

There is a confronted look on the face of the referee as he looks down on both men, unmoving. It is not what Stevens wants to do, but the rules dictate that he must. He slides into the ring and stands by the ropes. After a couple of seconds and a pained shake of the head, he holds a finger up in the air;


Jean-Luc Watkins: “It would be a true shame for this match to end with a count out - even a double one - but if that is how it is going to be then there’s not much that anyone can do about it. You can see that this is mentally torturing the referee as well. He wants a definitive winner like the rest of us.”


Neither Black or Peacock have moved a muscle save from small rouses of consciousness since they both hit the floor together. The crowd are stomping their feet and clapping their hands, making as much noise as they can in an attempt to get them both to get back to their feet so they can continue with the match.


Rod Sterling: “I don’t know, you two. I have had the privilege of calling thousands of matches here in the FWA but honestly? I can tell when competitors are done and I’m seeing two of them right here.”


The heartbroken expression on the face of the referee tells it all, as he too shares Sterling’s view that neither man will be able to answer this count. Slowly, but surely, Alyster Black is able to lift one of his hands up from the floor.


Anzu Kurosawa: “Just consider what these two men have already been through tonight, though. They opened the night in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match against the Dark Roads Alliance and suffered the heartbreak of losing the FWA World Tag Team Championships. Now they’ve spent another thirty minutes beating the hell out of each other. They are physically and emotionally spent. HOW can either of them keep going?”

Rod Sterling: “I’m not sure, Anzu. But for Alyster Black, he has to. The only way he can become the FWA World Champion is by bringing this back into the ring where he can get a decision.”


It seems that Alyster Black also understands the severity of the situation and the necessity of getting both himself and Peacock back into the ring. The FWA World Champion is still down and barely with it, whilst Black has pulled himself up to his knees on the outside of the ring. He strains and uses the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet, but collapses down onto it when he does so.


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Black has made it back up, but that is just half the battle. He can get into the ring now and win by count out, but unless he can get Peacock in there to, it won’t mean that he becomes the FWA World Champion. It really would be something that FTN would do; end the biggest match of the year in a count out. What better way to piss everyone off?”


Black sees that Peacock has one of his arms up in the air, almost as if the champion is reaching out to his best friend out of instinct more than anything, perhaps even forgetting that they are currently competing against each other.

This hand represents Black’s chance; the challenger grabs it and heaves on Peacock’s body as much as he can. The deadweight of Chris Peacock - all two-hundred and ten pounds of it - feels heavier than anything Black has lifted before in his life. Regardless, his will emerges and he pulls Peacock up to his feet, but the champion’s body is limp.

Peacock slumps onto Alyster, and Black manages to hurl Peacock up onto the ring apron.


Acting with as much haste as he can, Black rolls Peacock under the bottom rope and into the ring. Peacock is safe.

Rod Sterling: “Alyster has Peacock in the ring now - he’s got to join him and beat the count!”

The exhaustion of getting Peacock into the ring causes Black to drop to a knee, but he looks up and sees Stevens about to call for ten…

BLACK DIVES INTO THE RING, JUST BEATING THE COUNT! Both the champion and challenger are in the same position as they were on the outside of the ring, but this time within the confines of the ropes. They lay next to each other, breathing heavily and hardly moving. The fans cheer loudly that the match is going to be able to continue.

Anzu Kurosawa: “An absolutely gargantuan effort by Alyster Black to keep his hopes of becoming a two-time FWA World Champion alive. He’s got to now take advantage of this. Peacock is not in good shape. If Black can dig a little deeper and find that reserve of energy within himself, he can do this.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It is no secret how resilient Chris Peacock is, though. Sure, he got pinned earlier tonight and that was after a barrage of big hits, but is there part of Peacock that allowed that match to end how it did? Was he trying to save himself for this match?”

Whether or not Chris Peacock allowed the FWA World Tag Team Championships to escape him intentionally is still up for debate, but what cannot be questioned is his own will to stay in this match for his FWA World Championship. Peacock and Black both begin to roll over onto their chests, so they can begin the process of getting back to their feet together. Peacock has to use the nearby turnbuckle to get up and Black the ropes.

When they do, there is a moment when they stare at each other. Black’s face is not visible but his body language reads tiredness and desperation. Peacock’s face is a mixture of determination and worry; conflicting emotions trying their best to push the other down from the surface. With Peacock in the corner, Black’s natural port of call is to go for a Violence Party, but Peacock is aware of it and sees it coming. He catches Black with an elbow strike to the face to keep him at bay.

The FWA World Champion remains in the corner and Black approaches once more with a bit more momentum behind him, but Peacock gets his boot up and it catches Black in the side of the head. This creates some of the separation that the champion was looking for and he shifts himself up onto the middle turnbuckle behind him. Again Black comes forward, but a stiff kick directly to the face causes the challenger to back off once more, and he drops to a knee.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The turnbuckles have not been Peacock’s friend in this match so far. This probably isn’t a good idea on the part of the champion…”

With Black scrambling to get back up to a vertical base, Peacock gets up onto the top rope and once Black is standing up… Peacock leaps into the air, looking for another GLITTERBALL DROP - BUT BLACK CATCHES HIM!!

The challenger takes a few steps and turns around to face the middle of the ring and Black drives Peacock into the mat with a POWERBOMB!! The champion is down on the mat spread-eagle once more and the fans cheer when they feel that this is Alyster Black’s moment to win the match. Black leans back against the ropes and breathes heavily.

Rod Sterling: “Was that Chris Peacock’s final gambit? Simply, how much more can he be expected to endure? This match simply has to be Alyster Black’s for the taking now?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “He’s got to finish Peacock off first! I think that there is only one thing for it…”

The challenger limps and stumbles towards the champion and he reaches down, grabbing a fistful of Peacock’s thick black hair. Stevens tells him off for it, but Black ignores him. Alyster plucks Peacock from the mat and lifts the unresponsive and jelly-legged body of his best friend up from the mat. Black looks the dazed Peacock in the eye for a moment and he sees that the lights are on but there is definitely no one at home.

Alyster nods his head and weakly says “I’m sorry.” before he places Peacock’s head under his shoulder. Black takes a deep breath and sighs before he lifts Peacock up into the air… AND DROPS HIM DOWN ONTO HIS HEAD WITH THE SATAN’S SPIKE!!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s definitely going to do it. Alyster Black with the Satan’s Spike. Peacock fought well, but now it is just a formality…”

The fans are in a frenzy as Black looks down at Peacock’s crumpled and beaten body before getting on top of him. Black cradles his head as the referee counts the pin fall;







Rod Sterling: “WHAT?!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “WHAT THE-”

Anzu Kurosawa: “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!”

The fans are silenced in shock and awe, before they burst into rapturous applause and cheers. Personal feelings towards Chris Peacock be damned, that does not happen very often at all. Alyster Black slowly sits up from the pin fall and Peacock is once again down on his back, and Black knows that was nothing but pure instinct from the champion. There was no way that Peacock knew what he was doing.

Once the shock of Peacock becoming just the third person in history to kick out of the Satan’s Spike has dissipated, the immediate feeling which consumes the challenger is frustration and this manifests itself in a straight slap across the face of the champion. Alyster’s pain-filled screams and shouting at Peacock makes it clear that he is angry for being made to do whatever else he must in order to win this match. He slaps Peacock several times in the face and screams down in his face.


There is of course no response from Peacock and in his angry haze, Black flips the champion over onto his front and places his boot on the back of Peacock’s head. Black grabs one of Peacock’s arms and holds it back, looking like he is going to prepare him for a Curbstomp, but he drops the arm which falls limply down to the mat.

Anzu Kurosawa: “What is going through the mind of Alyster Black right now? We saw at the Anniversary Show that Peacock was willing to endanger Black’s entire livelihood in order to be the FWA World Champion. Does Alyster Black have it in him to do the same? Does that cold, black, shrivelled husk of a heart hold too much compassion for the man he may well have to kill in order to win this match?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: This is exactly why everyone, myself included, has always questioned Chris Peacock’s intentions when it comes to Alyster Black. He’s wormed and weaseled his way into Alyster’s heart and mind and made it so Black does not have the gumption to do what he needs to do. Black has similarly struggled against Krash in the past as well. I assure you, this was Peacock’s game all along. Only now, I think Alyster Black has clicked onto the fact that he was being played.”

The backing off from the Curbstomp was not the act of hesitation or mercy which it initially appeared to be. Black roughly grabs Peacock’s arm and pulls him forward towards the ropes. He places Peacock’s open mouth over the bottom rope. Larry Stevens begs Alyster not to go through with what it is that he is planning, but Black shoves the referee to one side. Stevens looks over at the timekeeper’s position as if he is going to call for the bell, but the conflicted look on the face of the official tells the whole story. His natural, human, morbid curiosity wants to see whether Black will actually go through with it.

Black looks down at Peacock. His boot rests on the back of Peacock’s head, ready to shatter all of the teeth in his mouth in his pursuit of the FWA World Championship. He lifts his foot up…

… and stomps on the mat next to Peacock. Black lets out a guttural scream of frustration as he is not able to go through with what he has to in order to put Peacock down once and for all. The champion, unaware of what he just avoided, slowly rolls over onto his back and looks up at Black. A small smile forms on his face for a second, but then he grits his teeth.

Anzu Kurosawa: “I think Chris Peacock is telling Alyster Black that he made a mistake not finishing him off there once and for all.”

Rod Sterling: “One really has to ask themselves whether they think Chris Peacock would have followed through with that. Would he have done everything he needed to? If you think the answer to that is ‘yes’, then you surely understand why Peacock is the champion right now and Black isn’t.”

Instead of a Curbstomp, Black does stomp on Peacock’s face, but this does not appear to have any effect on Peacock whatsoever. The champion motions for Black to hit him with another. Black does so, but again, Peacock simply grits his teeth and takes the stomp directly to his face. He shakes his head and shouts for Black to give him another, almost trying to rouse Black up enough to the point where he will cross the line that he needs to.

Another stomp has the same result, and Black then resorts to stomping on Peacock’s head several times. Clearly, Black considers a dozen or so stomps sufficient to keep Peacock’s tenacity at bay, but he would be wrong. Instead, the stomps seem to be providing Peacock with much needed power and energy. Black goes to stomp on him one more time, but Peacock bursts into life and stands up in front of Black… AND HE PIMP SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE!

Black holds his cheek, taken aback by the sudden outburst more than he was hurt by it, and he turns to face Peacock. The champion is bloody and defiant, and he rams his middle finger into Black’s face, piefacing him with the gesture.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The real Chris Peacock, ladies and gentlemen. A stubborn, foolhardy man with an apparent death wish. Why would he feel the need to piss Alyster Black off in this moment? It is just going to make his downfall all the more painful for him.”

The goading and taunting from Peacock is enough for Black and he grabs the champion by the head once more and shoves his head under his arm.

Anzu Kurosawa: “There’s no chance of Peacock kicking out of the Satan’s Spike twice, is there?”

Everybody is about to find out as Black lifts Peacock up into the air one more time, but this time he cannot execute the Satan’s Spike as Peacock is able to readjust his weight and land on his feet behind Black! The challenger turns around in a haste, but is met with a kick to the midsection from Peacock… and then a Disco Thriller Stunner! Peacock is able to bounce straight back up, clearly running on fumes, but Black is now the one in danger as he pushes himself up from the mat so he can face Peacock once more.

However before he can do anything, Peacock charges at him but runs past, rebounding off of the ropes. The champion then comes back at Black once he is back up to his feet and Peacock hits Black with a Spear! The second Spear of the match is as damaging to Black as the first, and Peacock takes a second before he gets up to his feet and he backs into the corner, waiting for Black to get back up once more. However, Peacock does not want Black on his feet. Just sitting up slightly is enough as PEACOCK TEARS THROUGH BLACK WITH THE STRUT!!!

The knee from Peacock hits Black straight on the forehead, and Peacock continues forward until he is up against the turnbuckle. He turns around to see that Black is not fully down and out despite his brief flurry. The challenger’s head hovers above the mat as he tries to sit back up after the move.

Rod Sterling: “Peacock has been brought back to life in this match with what must be a fourth wind, but even still, he still has the challenge of putting down the toughest guy we’ve got on the roster.”

Again, Chris Peacock’s idea for finishing Black off involves him climbing up to the top rope. With Black down on the mat, Peacock pulls himself up onto the top turnbuckle once more. He stands over Black and then strokes his moustache… and removes his elbow pad on his right arm. The fans begin to boo Peacock as they realise what it is he is going for…

Jean-Luc Watkins: “No, he’s not going to, surely? Chris Peacock is going to try to beat Alyster Black with the Daybreaker?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Is this what he has been trying to do all along? Has that resentment about Back in Business actually left? Is Peacock still angry that Alyster Black was focused on Krash back in Mexico City? This is his revenge if that is the case!”

The FWA World Champion smirks with a smug grin as he stands up over Black and leaps into the air… LOOKING FOR KRASH’S DAYBREAKER…


Peacock eats shit on the mat and arches his back upon landing, his determination to send some sort of message to Alyster Black coming back to bite him in a big way. Black breathes heavily on the mat and he looks over at a pained and wincing Peacock as he sees that he has an opportunity once more to get ahead in the match.

Rod Sterling: “We have passed the forty-five minute mark in this match, folks. I think that we are witnessing something very special in front of us; both men know that this match could very well be the end of FTN and the end of their friendship altogether. Do they just want to stretch this thing out for as long as they possibly can and just enjoy being around each other whilst they still can?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Surely now Alyster Black can see for himself who he has been dealing with? Chris Peacock did not think twice about insulting Alyster, Krash and the Gang Stars to try and win this match with Krash’s move; he must know that anything is fair game by this point. He should drape Peacock over that bottom rope again.”

Both Peacock and Black pull themselves up to their knees once more, and before anything else can happen, Black slaps Peacock across the face again. Peacock shakes his head and then fires back with a backhand of his own, and then a punch to the face. Peacock has another punch blocked and Black slaps him in the face once again. This causes Peacock’s face to go red with anger and he slaps Black back right across the face. There is some venom in the returned fire from Black and the sound of the slap echoes around the stadium.

They rise to their feet at the same time and go forehead to forehead in the middle of the ring. All semblances of brotherhood and friendship are out of the window and Peacock strikes Black with a very stiff punch to the face, and Black fires back with another slap. This one almost knocks Peacock down to a knee, but he uses his lower position to tackle Black down to the mat and the two of them just begin fighting on the mat!

There is no finesse and absolutely no technique. This is a fight. Fists, elbows and forearms fly as Peacock and Black roll around the mat. This one is not in jest like their contract signing escapade; this is as real as it can get. Any and all negative feelings that the two men can harbour from inside themselves emerge in a ball of pure and unadulterated anger.

Anzu Kurosawa: “F-FTN, right? They’re trying to kill each other, I think! How can they go back to how things were after something like this? Peacock is going for the mask!”

In the ultimate sign that things may never be the same between FTN again, Chris Peacock is actually trying to remove Alyster Black’s mask from his head. Black’s mouth becomes visible due to Peacock’s efforts, and the mixture of wet and dry blood dripping from it shows the extent of the damage that Peacock has imbued on the challenger throughout the course of the match. Black’s fingers are in Peacock’s eyes as he grabs the champion by the head and then slams Peacock’s head down into the mat.

Peacock groans and then punches Black in the mouth a couple of times from on the mat, but this does not release him from Black’s grip. The champion then feels Black’s thumb hooking around his mouth so he bites down on it in desperation and refuses to let go of it. Blood begins to pour into Peacock’s mouth as he breaks the skin and Black roars out in pain. He removes his hand from Peacock’s face, and the champion spits out his partner’s blood down onto the mat and then gets back on top of him.

Punching Black several times in the head from a mounted position and shows no sign of stopping. Black eventually is not able to offer up any sort of resistance and Peacock just pummels him down into the mat before the referee pulls him away. Exhausted and mentally broken by the events of the night so far, Peacock breathes heavily and then motions for Black to get up.

Rod Sterling: “Is this Chris Peacock’s chance to finish this thing off once and for all? His face is covered in blood belonging to both men. Is this massacre about to come to an end?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “He certainly holds all of the cards, which is staggering considering what he has been through tonight. His poisoned and twisted mind has one final thought… and is it one even crueller than the Daybreaker?”

Peacock puffs his cheeks in and out and he narrows his brow as he waits for Black to rise. The challenger can only make it up to his knees. Black is a bloody and exhausted mess; the same state that he found himself in at Lights Out last year. Almost as if he was picturing Danny Toner in front of him once again, Alyster Black does the same thing he did one year prior.

The sight of Alyster Black showing him two middle fingers causes Chris Peacock’s eyes to widen and fill with fury. The fans initially cheer, but their excitement fades when they realise what this is a preclusion for. Peacock nods his head and charges forward… AND HE PLOUGHS THROUGH BLACK WITH AN EQUALIZER!!!!

Anzu Kurosawa: “The very same move that Danny Toner used to defeat Alyster Black with at Lights Out last year… Alyster Black’s Lights Out curse continues here tonight in Kinshasa…”

Alyster Black collapses to the mat after the knee strike and Chris Peacock grins deviously as he drops down next to his partner and goes for a cover;





Rod Sterling: “The curse doesn’t get him this time! Alyster Black kicks out of the Equalizer! Listen to this crowd, they’re believing that he is going to do it, Jean-Luc!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, he needs to get a move on, Rod. I’ve been checking the clock periodically… and we’re past fifty minutes in this one. Ten minutes might seem like a long time but when we’ve seen how hard these men are hitting and allowing themselves to get hit. They could literally fight forever.”

The FWA World Champion is positively beside himself that Black was able to kick out of the move that he had borrowed from (and not executed as well as) Danny Toner. It was enough for Toner in 2022 but in 2023, the Equalizer did not fall Alyster Black at Lights Out. Peacock slams his fists down on the mat next to Black and screams “FUCK YOU! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? JUST GIVE UP! STOP! JUST FUCKING STOP! PLEASE!” directly into the masked man’s face.

The champion has to fight back tears as he rises back to his feet. Peacock looks all around him and sees the resentment being thrown in his direction from the fans. They don’t care that he’s had to fight tooth and nail for the best part of an hour to keep his championship. “FUCK ALL OF YOU, TOO! I’M FUCKING SICK AND TIRED OF ALL OF YOU! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU? WHY WON’T YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Have we ever seen Chris Peacock like this before? So vulnerable? Is all he ever really wanted out of this… a friend?”

The champion continues to rant out towards the fans, “YOU’RE ALL MAKING ME DO THIS TO HIM! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” The commentators remain silent as Peacock engages in a classic form of deflection onto the fans for actions he wishes he didn’t have to resort to. He watches as Black once again shows how strong his spirit is by rising from the mat once more. The FWA World Champion wipes tears from his eyes and tries to compose himself once more as he positions himself in the corner once again.

Black slowly rises to his feet but he is immediately tackled by Peacock and run into one of the turnbuckles… AND THEN SLAMMED DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH THE ROLLER DISCO!! Peacock then stacks Black up in a tight cover;


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Alyster Black fought well…”


Jean-Luc Watkins: “... but nothing can seemingly stop Chris Peacock at the moment-”



Not yet.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “H-h-h-how?”

There is an almost weightless feeling in the stadium as Alyster Black kicks out of the Roller Disco. Black is motionless on the mat and the euphoria is broken by a piercing and pained scream coming out of the mouth of Chris Peacock. The champion’s voice cracks and eventually just fades as he roars out in frustration and anger. He slams his hand down on the mat with such force that he could well have broken it, but he doesn’t care.

The frustration quickly morphs into sadness and the champion of the world puts his head in his hands for a moment and shudders. When he lifts his head again he has tears streaming down his face. There is no energy to shout anymore, at Black or the crowd. He takes a moment and then exits the ring.

Rod Sterling: “Peacock is leaving the ring. Why?”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Desperation, Rod. Have you ever seen anyone take as much punishment as Alyster Black has in this match? Put yourself in Peacock’s mind; he’s wondering what he actually has to do in order to win this match. It is a sheer spectacle to see what the FWA World Championship means to both of these men.

“Regardless of how you feel about them both individually or when they are together, you’d be either a fool or hypocrite to diminish what they have done tonight. To lose the tag titles and then get over that crushing disappointment to come back out here and give us a match like this. It is remarkable and I personally never want it to end.”

On the outside of the ring, a distraught Peacock grabs the timekeeper and shoves him from his seat at ringside. This draws the ire of Kurt Harrington, but Peacock barges past the ring announcer and threatens to strike him, which causes Harrington to back down. The FWA World Champion takes the chair and heads towards the ring with it. He slides the chair under the bottom rope.

As Peacock enters the ring, Larry Stevens goes to pick the chair up but Peacock steps on it to prevent him from doing so. The referee tries to argue with Peacock, but in his rage the champion drops the referee with a right hand! This gets more boos from the crowd and Peacock shows no remorse whatsoever as he sees Stevens down on the mat. Peacock takes the chair and opens it up slightly… and then places it around the neck of Alyster Black.

Rod Sterling: “This is too far, Peacock! He’s lost his damn mind! He’d break his best friend’s neck in order to remain the champion? This is a man too far gone. Past the point of redemption. What a sickening and loathsome man.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Come on, Rod. You know how these things go. All is fair in love and war. This is a war born out of love, after all.”

Alyster Black is completely and utterly spent. He is not able to offer any sort of resistance to Peacock’s planned course of action. Chris cannot even see his face to see whether he is even able to plead with him not to do it. The champion stands in a similar position to Black was earlier on as his foot hovers over permanently changing the course of his opponent’s life forever.

Peacock does everything he can to fight back his tears, but he can’t. He weeps for what he is about to do, feeling regretful even before the fact. The champion brings his foot up…

… and stomps on the mat next to Black’s head. The fans sigh in relief and Peacock drops to his knees next to Black. He shakes his head and then removes the chair from Alyster’s head. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”.

Anzu Kurosawa: “He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not even the FWA World Championship is worth it in Chris Peacock’s eyes. He said all along that he loves Alyster Black… and now he’s proved it.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Then they’re both fools and neither deserve to be the champion of the world. Neither of them are strong enough and for all of Peacock’s flaws, he actually disappoints me that he isn’t. I actually thought by now he would have realised that he needed to do everything he could to win.”

As Peacock looks up and sees that some of the crowd are actually appreciative of him not trying to end Black’s career, a stirring sound comes from within the stadium. From on his knees, he senses that someone else has entered the ring. The camera focuses on Peacock’s face as from behind him stands a figure. A knowing look appears on Peacock’s face and he grips the chair in his hand tighter and slowly rises to his feet.

Anzu Kurosawa: Randy Ramon.

A look of rage fills Peacock’s face as he turns around and faces his former mentor and friend. ‘Rockstar’ has a grin on his face as he appears to haunt Peacock once more. This is someone that Peacock would not hesitate attacking with a chair and the FWA World Champion charges at Ramon with the chair raised… BUT RAMON IS TOO QUICK AND CATCHES PEACOCK WITH A REMIX!!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “DOWN GOES PEACOCK!”

The Superkick drops Peacock and the champion goes down in the middle of the ring. Ramon looks at the scene in the ring with both members of FTN down. He laughs and offers them a middle finger each of his own before he ducks out of the ring, kicking the chair out as he does so. R3 smirks as he hops the barricade and makes his way through the crowd and out of sight.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Randy Ramon has taken Peacock down with a Remix, just like he did at Back in Business… and has tilted the complexion of this match on its head.”

Rod Sterling: “Just like that, he’s gone! The FWA Hall of Famer returned from the dead to surprise Peacock at Back in Business… and he could have just condemned Peacock’s title reign.”

Of the three men down in the ring, it is actually the referee who comes to first, with Stevens unsure of what has happened after Peacock floored him with a punch. He sees that Alyster Black is slowly pulling himself up as well, completely spent, but somehow still with it. Black, completely unaware of Ramon’s swift arrival and departure, slowly starts to pick himself up from the mat. He sees that Peacock is down on the mat as well, and stumbles towards him.

Rod Sterling: “Wait… what is Black going to do here? He doesn’t know Randy Ramon was even here!”

The challenger lifts the champion up from the mat slowly and looks around at the fans for a moment, a lot of whom are willing him on to finish the match off. Black seems to be looking just that as he lifts Peacock up from the mat and hooks him up once more… BLACK DRIVES PEACOCK INTO THE MAT WITH A SECOND SATAN’S SPIKE!!!! BLACK COVERS;




Winner: Alyster Black via pin fall at 58:51.

There is a huge amount of noise in the stadium as the bell rings, and ‘Sonne’ begins to play. Alyster Black can hardly believe what has happened. He drops down and holds Peacock’s head close to him and presses his forehead against his best friend’s. Peacock is completely unresponsive at this moment in time and Black is hooked away by the referee and presented with the FWA World Championship.


Jean-Luc Watkins: “The curse has been lifted! Alyster Black wins at Lights Out and he is a two-time FWA World Champion. Chris Peacock held that title for almost eight months, but his era of stability is over. Alyster Black walked into Lights Out with one championship, but has walked out with a different one.”

Anzu Kurosawa: “Well, questions will be raised. Was that Remix from Randy Ramon the difference maker? It seemed for all of fifty-eight minutes, nothing could separate Peacock and Black. Not a great night for Chris Peacock here in Kinshasa.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I believe that the term is ‘hoisted by his own petard’. Even still, something feels slightly hollow about it all knowing that Ramon’s intervention seemingly was required as it opened the door for Alyster Black to get the win-”

Rod Sterling: “Not that Alyster Black can be blamed for that; I don’t think he even knows what happened. He was down on the mat and about to have his neck broken if it wasn’t for Peacock changing his mind.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A very dubious honour held by Chris Peacock now; the first person to ever lose the FWA World Championship and the FWA World Tag Team Championships on the same night… I have no idea how he is going to react to all of this…”

Confetti rains down onto Alyster Black but the new FWA World Champion seems less concerned about celebrating but making sure that his tag team partner is okay. Black sees that Peacock is starting to come to and he helps him up to his feet, although Peacock has difficulty standing up on his own.

Peacock feels the confetti falling down onto him, hears the music and then sees Black with the FWA World Championship in his hand. Then the realisation sets in for Peacock that he is no longer the top dog and his eyes widen when he realises the circumstances of how he lost it.

Rod Sterling: “Black might not be aware that Ramon was there, but Chris Peacock is. You can almost still see the footprint on his jaw…”

Alyster Black extends his hand to Chris Peacock, nodding his head and seemingly thanking him for the battle. The former champion looks down at Black’s hand… and walks away. With some difficulty and to boos from the fans, Chris Peacock exits the ring and drops down to the floor. He shoves away a medic trying to help him and then walks up the ramp with his hands on his hips.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “There we go. All of you who wanted an answer as to what Peacock’s true intentions for FTN were now have your answer, but I could have told you months ago.”

Rod Sterling: “This can’t be the end of FTN? Black didn’t even know that Ramon was there! He just played the field that was in front of him…”

From in the ring, Black can be heard calling out after Peacock but even if the former champion could hear him, there was no changing the outcome. Peacock reaches the top of the aisle and looks back at Alyster desperately pleading for him to come back to the ring. Peacock shakes his head… and leaves.

Anzu Kurosawa: “This rollercoaster of emotions is too much. This is something that Peacock will surely come to regret once he has all of the facts?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Hardly much point in wondering about that now. Peacock has made his choice… we have a new FWA World Champion to celebrate.”

Alyster Black stands in the middle of the ring with the FWA World Championship; something he has fought repeatedly to hold again for the best part of a year. But for some reason, he doesn’t feel like celebrating.



Dark Side
Apr 16, 2016
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Sep 13, 2022
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awesome show all round.

enjoyed the opening match of the launch pad more than i thought i would. thought it was a great blend of surprising wrestling holds and madcap stuff. sjw is the king of this kind of stuff. shame jimmy noshowed the match tho what a heel move. jlw's reacts in this match were a highlight, exactly how he would be in this situation.

eternal v poni boi was a fun little squash, and the segment after it was great. enjoyed gaby arriving at the arena, would've been a hype way to kick off the main show in real life. tk should've done this with edge to get some last minute buys, easy money. super excited to see where this goes and if the goddess gets sucked into the torn universe.

tag match was a difficult one to judge and went to a 2-1 tiebreaker. both extremely good promos. great match write-up -- enjoyed both of the falls count anywhere matches here, the introduction of konchu into this feud with peacock/ftn and cyrus really gave it new life and excellent to see truth finally get one over on peacock. looking forward to seeing if/how they bounce back. congrats to cyrus on a huge win, and truth on becoming i believe the 15th triple crown champion.

crowe getting a shot at the north american championship seemed written in the stars with him never losing the belt and think that's gonna be a stellar feud -- he edged out both katsu and xtacee here in a close one. match write-up was a fun fast-paced one, enjoyable work from jimmy.

north american title itself felt like an epic and guess when first looking at it i'd overlooked the enormous history that there now is between these characters. fun to see some of that come out in the match write-up. baxter's reign is really turning into something now. three hundred and seventeen days and counting...

the x title match was just carnage. enjoyed rod's line about using buildings as weapons. has been a really fun dynamic between xyz and tommy during this feud but think bedlam is ready to move onto something new now. felt like some closure in this match-up and will be interesting to see how tommy's x reign continues to develop.

trios title match was epic. did a hell of a job juggling all six competitors - i think you're a shoe-in for writing that three-way trios match at winter wasteland beavie ;). this felt like loads longer than the 18 min timestamp altho get your point about having to describe multiple characters and giving them all shine, which you definitely did. high quality match write-up and we're super appreciative of the effort. yds winning alternate ending to be released on fwa 100th anniversary dvd (alongside that cromwell/nova vs. connection ending).

the battle royale was an extremely well-paced match which can be really hard to do with those match types. dubb did a great job with that. xavien and jay i think will make a super interesting team. commis to willis for the 3rd place finish but still seeing big things soon for brooklyn steiner. also shout out to sawyer on the deserved 4th place finish with a really solid promo from him.

buddy bowl sounds interesting. i will enter with anzu and i will DEFINITELY write a promo wink wink.

main event match was hype all the way from the start, huge match feels right from the intros through to the lengthy feeling out process to the breakdown (quite literally in peacock's case). loved the subtle digs from jlw in peacock's direction. peacock kicking out of satans spike wouldve been an absolutely massive moment, not to be undervalued. incredible match writeup, probably my pick for moty so far. altho larry stevens gotta sort his counting cadence.

massive congrats to rawr on becoming a fellow two-time fwa world champ. if he can keep hold of it until after the f1 i'll use my prize on him.

as for man - what a brilliant reign with the world championship, something that was really needed with that belt. dating back to my first win with the belt back at back in business, the belt has been passed around so much and i've been hoping for someone to really settle it down again with a few successful defenses. man's writing has been of such a high quality over the past two years and this lengthy reign really feels like the culmination of that. two hundred and thirty one days with that belt (he tried to extend it to 232 by holding up the show, the palindromic bastard) is a hell of an accomplishment in the 'modern era of fwa'. it is actually longer than saint sulley's second reign, meaning that it's the longest since sulley's first reign, which ended three years ago.

twelve matches scheduled for winter wasteland. all specific feuds, no multimans. hope to see this next ppv really built.

Doc Sulliday

Isn't that a daisy?
Sep 13, 2022
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Overall great show per usual. Really enjoyed having Trick or Trash back, they were probably my favorite angle from Ground Zero S4. It was a solid way to open the show for sure and I can't way until we see them again. Really enjoy the booking format to open with the tag team title match and close with the world title match. Solid book end to build around the biggest story for this show which is Alyster Black and Chris Peacock. Big hype to The Dark Roads Alliance. This tag team win I believe makes Cyrus Truth an official Triple Crown Champion in the FWA right? World, NA, and now Tag team? Cyrus and Konchu have had great a story together since Ground Zero Season 2 and its great to see Konchu add another title to his resume as well.

The Gunfight Battle Royal was a nice little way to get some young guys involved. I don't know enough about Jay Kenny and Xavien Marshall. Brooklyn Steiner had a pretty solid showing for one of if not his first match?

Chris Crowe winning the triple threat match was pretty predictable for me as soon as the card went up, so I'm glad he came through and didn't disappoint. Super much looking forward to BBB vs Chris Crowe for the NA Title. Correct me if I'm wrong because I think this happened during the Jon era of Meltdown when I checked out a bit, but isn't there some solid history there? I know there's history with Crowe and the NA title at least.

Jackson Fenix has been so impressive lately and I was really rooting for him, but BBB has obviously been an unstoppable beast. Enjoyed the immediate build up with Chris Crowe at the end wasting no time. I have a feeling Crowe vs BBB is going to be one of the most marketed matches going into Winter Wasteland.

The Trios match was really well written, good job to Beavie on that one. As for the result I have to give all the credit to my partner Welshy. He carried most of the weight on this one and he really shined through for us. It was cool that Blair actually got the pin at the end, as she's one of the few members of The Coven who low key hasn't shined a lot in ring. Trixie has rightfully been winning a lot, and Celestia got a lot of pins back when it was just her and Blair, but this was a solid moment for Blair. I told Welshy that the first defense is always the hardest, so this was a nice weight off the shoulders.

Weaselperson vs Violet Dryer was okay, solid little match but it's hard for me to still stay into Weaselperson engagement wise following BIB. Is he still Kazadi or is WP basically gonna be like Suicide?

The TV title match result I was most nervous about after reading Juice's promo. Madison Gray took a huge step up for this show and really gave me a run for my money. I'm sure the loss is disappointing on her end for sure, but her showing is something to lift her chin and be proud about because I really wasn't confident I had this win locked down. It's a big relief for me though with Kleio. I created her three years ago and although she's had some fun stories and wins here and there, a lot of it was with her falling just short in the end. I was getting close to losing hope and enthusiasm with her as a character, but I feel like she's really gotten going more than ever with The Coven and now winning her first official title.

Tommy Bedlam vs XYZ II was fun. I am a big XYZ fan, but I've been on the Tommy train for quite some time, and seeing him continue to cruise with the X title is a big deal. I can't wait to see what he goes on next with the X Title. The X Rules match was fun as well and I loved the inclusion of things like the pickup truck.

The main event lived up to it's headliner status. Alyster Black vs Chris Peacock has been a feud that's been building up for quite some time. I think had FTN won the tag team titles, Alyster Black winning in the end would have felt off. But it aligned up perfectly storyline wise for them to lose the titles at the beginning of the show, and then for Alyster to beat Peacock on this one. Feels like an official breakup and a solid end to a great storyline. I have been scratching my head at the Ramon finish at the end of Back in Business. I was one of the ones who didn't exactly care for that ending as it overshadowed the match itself, but now it feels like it was for naught a bit? Hopefully I'm wrong and we get a Randy vs Chris Peacock feud to go into WW. I wanted to write this after the Steel Roulette match, but I don't think there is any question that Chris Peacock has had the greatest World title reign in 3+ years. Sully's first reign obviously just based on length stands out (shameless plug where I mention it's the second longest ever), but Peacock's reign was probably more entertaining and more difficult to an extent...it definitely had less Mike Garcia so that alone is a solid plus. I think him defending, successfully, the title in the Steel Roulette was the defining moment. But now the pendulum swings back to Alyster Black. Between the record breaking X Title reign and the recent tag team title reign that went quite the distance, Alyster Black knows how to keep titles. I also think as a character now, no offense to the likes of MvH or Chris Peacock or Danny Toner or whoever, but I think Alyster Black has defined himself resume wise as one of the greatest of this current generation with this second world title win. I mean this man has multile tag team title reigns, a record breaking X title reign, and now two world title reigns. He's not only a lock in as a first ballot Hall of Famer, I think he's hands down the face of the FWA.