FWA 'Carnal Contendership 2023' || Results.

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Sep 13, 2022
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The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
proudly presents

Sunday 30th April, 2023.
LIVE! from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee...


The show begins with an immediate shot inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee and the 18,500 FWA fans in attendance. The atmosphere is vibrant and extremely noisy as the crowd are excited for the official first stop on the ‘Path to Back in Business’ - Carnal Contendership.

We then go to the commentary table, where Jean-Luc Watkins is sitting at the desk, sans commentary partners - Rod Sterling, Anzu Kurosawa and Allen Price missing from the table. JLW wears one of his finest suits and smiles at the camera upon receiving his cue through his headset.

Jean-Luc Watkins: Wrestling fans, please allow me to welcome you - one and all - to the 2023 Carnal Contendership event! Tonight, the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance will present three matches to you, with tonight’s main event being the titular Carnal Contendership Match.

Thirty combatants will enter, but only one will remain standing and that individual will go on to challenge for the FWA World Championship at Back in Business, this July in Mexico City. Over the years we have seen careers made, legacies created and destinies forged in the Carnal Contendership and tonight will be no different.

We do not know who will show up, who will not show up and most importantly, who will take their chance and overcome twenty-nine others to earn their spot in the main event of Back in Business XVII. We will be paving the path to Back in Business tonight.

Before that, though, we have two championship matches to take care of. New X Champion and King of the Deathmatch, Cornelius Aurelius Caesar will defend his championship against the current FWA Television Champion, Shawn Summers and The Connection will be putting the FWA World Tag Team Championships on the line against The Buddy System. Before either of those matches can take place, though… I need some commentary partners. Let’s hand it over to Kurt Harrington to make the introduction.”

After JLW’s spiel, the focus shifts to the ring where Kurt Harrington is standing by with a microphone in his hand, along with the referee for the first match. Harrington waits for a moment and then lifts the mic up.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2023 Carnal Contendership!”

The fans cheer loudly and Kurt beams out to them with a grin.

Kurt Harrington: “At this time, please allow me to introduce the guest colour commentator for tonight’s show… he is the FWA World Champion, ‘Disco’s Last Warrior’.... CHRRRIIIIISSSSSSSSSS PEEAAAACCOOOOOOCCCKK!!!”

The crowd cheer very loudly as the music begins to play and after a few seconds, the FWA World Champion slides out onto the stage and then stops in place. Chris Peacock has his championship around his waist and he spins to face the crowd and throws up the ‘Night Fever’ pose as fireworks shoot from the stage, wowwing the fans further. Peacock is not dressed to compete tonight, wearing a purple suit, and he slaps hands with the fans in the front row on his way down to the commentary position alongside the ring.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, this is the man who will have a very vested interest in tonight’s main event, as the winner of that match will be facing him at Back in Business. Chris Peacock still the FWA World Champion after The Grand March, overcoming both Cyrus Truth and Michelle von Horrowitz in a Three Way Dance.”

Peacock reaches the announce position and there is a moment of uncertainty as Watkins rises from his seat, but the commentator does the decent thing and extends a hand, despite the animosity that has existed between the two of them for most of the time that they have known each other. Peacock picks up a spare headset and sits down next to JLW, setting the championship down on the desk in front of him.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Thank you for joining me, Chris. Congratulations once again.”

Chris Peacock: “I appreciate it, Jean-Luc. Thank you, man. I am very happy to be here, although I know there is a certain someone who is not best pleased with tonight’s arrangements-”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “As if on cue…”

The gazes of Watkins and Peacock are drawn to the ramp where someone is tottering down towards the ring having come out from the back and the camera picks up a very out of breath Allen Price, jogging his way around the ring.

Chris Peacock: “I tried to tell him.”

Price reaches the commentary table and reaches for one of the other headsets that are free, but JLW slaps his hand away and then rises to his feet.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Price, I know you don’t like this, but this is how it is tonight, understand? We need you backstage, doing the interviews like we discussed, okay?”

Despite the reasoning from JLW, Price stomps his foot on the floor and can be heard complaining that he does not get to be with his “two best friends” on tonight’s show.

Chris Peacock: “Allen, come on. We’ve got a show to get on with, man. Tonight is a big night. Just suck it up, please?”

It seems that the additional plea from Peacock is sufficient for Price to get the message and he glumly drops his head and starts heading back around the ring and up the ramp.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Thank you, Chris. I do kind of feel sorry for him, you know?”

Chris Peacock: “Same here. However, we’ve got three big matches to get through tonight, so shall we get on with the show?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’re almost ready… and I apologise in advance.”

Chris Peacock: “Please tell me this is a joke.”

A pained groan can be heard from the FWA World Champion through his headset as the arena is turned a shade of pink. The camera then spots J.J. JAY! making his way through the crowd, signing a few autographs and hugging some fans as he heads towards the ring.

Kurt Harrington: “Please welcome your other guest colour commentator for the evening… UNCLE J.J. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris, you have to admit that he also has a vested interest in tonight’s matches and well, I don’t think anyone will suggest that this will not be entertaining…”

Chris Peacock: “I’ll play nice, Jean-Luc. As crazy as it is, he is actually now one of the more bearable ones now. If it was Thomas West, I would have walked.”

Uncle reaches the barricade and hops over and walks towards the announce table with his arms outstretched. JLW rises and shakes his hand and Uncle then moves past him and puts his arms around Peacock for a hug, who instantly pushes him away.

Chris Peacock: “What the hell are you doing?!”

After laughing at Peacock playfully, Uncle takes the other remaining headset and sits on the other side of Jean-Luc Watkins.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Uncle, thank you for joining us.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Baby! Boogie Baby! Wow, what a night this is going to be, huh? The three of us together, calling the action, exchanging playful banter! Who would have thought it? Not me. That’s who.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, Chris here was actually just saying some very kind things about you, Uncle.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Why wouldn’t he? I’ve never done anything but show my admiration for my Boogie Baby! It is about time he returned the favour, actually.”

Chris Peacock: “Let’s not stroll down memory lane tonight, Uncle. Unless you want to talk about The Grand March, that is.”

The commentators fall silent as attention turns back to the stage and things seem about to get underway for the first match of the evening…

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, this opening match is a Tag Team Championship match, scheduled for one fall and a 60 minute time limit!”

The lights dim with some slow paced blue strobe lights fill the arena before Bryan Baxter slowly walks out from the back first. Baxter, decked out in his black trunks with his red Buddy System jacket, the FWA North American Championship strapped around his large midsection. The crowd boos loudly for Baxter, as he stands and absorbs the boos, seeming to enjoy it.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, the challengers, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred, ninety-two pounds… the FWA North American Champion Big Bryan Baxte and “Your New Best Friend” Jeremy Best… THE BUDDY SYSTEM!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What a way to kick off the show tonight, two of FWA’s premier tag teams. Believe it or not, this is the Buddy System’s first tag title shot.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “But where’s Bestie?”

Chris Peacock: “Hopefully he walked into traffic on the way here.”

After a pause, Jeremy Best finally emerges from the back, but he’s wearing a golden luchador mask. He jogs out from the back, waving to the jeering fans.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “An interesting look for Jeremy Best tonight and one would assume it has something to do with the injuries he sustained at King of the Death Match, specifically thanks to Caesar and that hammer shot.”

Chris Peacock: “I have to say… the mask is quite an improvement.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And speaking of an improvement… it’s certainly an unusual sight to not see Mr. Scorpane in their corner here tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how they operate without him in THEIR corner…”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “That’s right, Ol’ Billy Boy has upgraded his confidants!”

Baxter and Jeremy share a hug on the stage before making their way down to the ring. The pair climb into the ring, high fiving one another before Baxter removes his jacket and the North American Championship and both prepare for their opponents.

It’s more boos as the FWA Tag Team Champions walk out from the back. Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson come out together but they are not alone as the aforementioned Mr. Scorpane slowly walks out behind them in a uncharacteristic bright pink leisure suit.

Kurt Harrington: ”And their opponents… the reigning and defending FWA World Tag Team Champions… representing Chtulu’s Nephews… weighing in at a total combined weight of three hundred, thirty-nine pounds… “The Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson…. THE CONNECTION!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Connection have been rolling through the competition in the FWA Tag Team division with five successful title defences so far since winning them back in October but now face perhaps their toughest test in The Buddy System. And where there’s the Connection, you can bet the rest of the Nephews are going to be around… and now they have Mr. Scorpane in their corner too!”

Chris Peacock: ”Come on, we don’t actually buy that Scorpane is aligned with the Nephews, right?”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “How dare you doubt the loyalty of Scorpy. He’s been able to take part in a Nephews Adventure in the last few weeks and even got the luxury cabin aboard the ship. OBB knows where he belongs.”

Chris Peacock: ”I literally hate all of these people. I’m rooting for the ring to just explode during this match.”

Michelle and Grayson mostly ignore Scorpane as they make their way down the aisle, but he is all smiles as he follows them down, climbing into the ring with the tag champs. Gerald and Michelle remove their titles and begin to converse in the corner, staring over at their opponents.

Meanwhile, Bryan and Jeremy can’t keep their eyes off their own agent as he enters the ring and asks for the microphone.

Bill Scorpane: “Long time no see, fellas.”

Scorpane smirks as he gives a nonchalant wave over to his clients as Bryan especially looks not pleased.

Bill Scorpane: “C’mon, Bryan, don’t look at me like that. You know I’m a business man and I’m all about doing what’s best for business… for my business, specifically. Trust me when I say there’s some mutual benefit for all of us by my new relationship with the Nephews. After all, that’s what allowed me to give you that info to get you to King of the Death Match to help out Jeremy, was it not?”

Bryan shrugs his shoulder and nods in agreement.

Bill Scorpane: “And furthermore, I’ve negotiated a deal for tonight as well… I’ve agreed to continue to be in their corner tonight… but in return, there will be NO NEPHEWS involved AT ALL in this match!”

The fans actually pop at Scorpane’s words here.

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”I can’t help but be impressed with Scorpane’s negotiation skills.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “What can I say, Ol’ Billy Boy is a convincing fella.”

Chris Peacock: ”I wouldn’t trust the word of either one of you… we’ll see how long this lasts.”

Bill Scorpane: “I know this is gonna sound unusual… especially coming from me… but I just wanna see a good… clean… match between these two amazing teams… and may the best team win!”

Chris Peacock: ”Yeah, this has to be nothing but a bunch of bullshit…”

Scorpane gives a nod to Bryan and Jeremy, who seem to be as unsure what to make of all of this as the fans, but Bill Scorpane climbs out of the ring and allows the match to get under way.



The Connection [c] (Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson) vs. The Buddy System (Bryan Baxter and Jeremy Best).
Tag Team Match - FWA World Tag Championship.
Match Writer: Dubb.

The match gets started with Jeremy and Michelle starting things out for their respective teams while the camera gets in a shot of Mr. Scorpane at ringside, watching intently. Jeremy and Michelle circle one another, both feeling each other out while the fans begin to vehemently chant “YOU BOTH SUCK! YOU BOTH SUCK!”

Chris Peacock: “Hahaha! These fans are great! You both suck! You both suck!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “I am not surprised at the lack of class from either you or these people in Nashville, quite frankly.”

After some stalling, Jeremy and Michelle finally lock up and begin to jockey for position until Michelle escapes with an arm wrench to Jeremy. Jeremy hits the mat and rolls through the hold from MvH and then takes her down with a quick arm drag! Michelle is quick back to her feet as Jeremy stares her down… and extends his hand out for a handshake! She walks up to Jeremy, stares at the extended arm and then delivers an unprotected forearm shot right to Jeremy’s face, actually eliciting a bit of a pop from the crowd.

Jeremy stumbles backwards, holding his nose and can be heard audibly on camera, “that wasn’t nice!” Michelle, clearly not interested in making friends or being nice, moves in with another forearm attempt, but Jeremy ducks the attack and grabs Michelle in a headlock. However, Michelle shoves Jeemy off and into the ropes. Jeremy bounces off the ropes and leapfrogs over MvH, bouncing off the opposite ropes where Baxter gets the blind tag. Jeremy leaps over Michelle once again and goes for a sunset flip, but Michelle fights it off only to be taken down by a forceful running clothesline from the incoming Baxter!

Best returns to his feet and exits the ring as Baxter stomps repeatedly on the back of the Dreamer before adding in a falling headbutt, keeping the former FWA World Champion down on the mat. Baxter bounces off the ropes and goes to drop an elbow down on Michelle, but Dreamer rolls out of the way and Baxter crashes to the canvas! Michelle rolls all the way out of the ring.

As Michelle looks to regroup after being overpowered by Baxter, BBB makes the tag back to Jeremy, before Irish Whipping Jeremy into the ropes to give Jeremy some extra momentum as he dives through the ropes with a tope suicida to Michelle sending both crashing to the floor! Michelle and Jeremy both begin to pull themselves up as Gerald Grayson gets in on the action, as climbs the turnbuckles and hits a big DIVING MOONSAULT out of the ring that takes out both Jeremy but also his own partner!

Baxter finishes up the sequence as he steps out onto the apron as all three try to pull themselves up… Baxter runs the apron and flips forward with a cannonball senton off the apron and takes out everyone!

Chris Peacock: “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTRIKE! Baxter knocks down all the pins!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Come on Ol’ Billy Boy - what are you doin’ just letting all this go on at ringside! If you’re going to have us keep the Nephews away, you need to earn your stay!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Maybe because he never wanted to be with the Nephews and has his actual clients’ best interest in mind? Just a hunch.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “What is this nonsense you speak of? I think I know OBB better than you do.”

Baxter is back to his feet first, pulling Michelle up by a handful of her hair and TOSSING HER HEAD FIRST into the ring post before rolling her into the ring. Baxter helps Jeremy up and rolls him into the ring as well. Jeremy gets back up, taking advantage of Baxter's attack on Michelle as she begins to get up to her knees… Jeremy unleashes some rapid fire chest kick combinations meaning it was some Friendly Fire to Michelle which Jeremy follows up with a running dropkick to Michelle. Jeremy made the cover.

One! Two! Kickout!

Jeremy continued on the offensive on Michelle, running to the ropes and springboarding back looking for a DDT, but Michelle reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex! Michelle bridges back for the pin!

One! Two! Kickout!

Both roll back to their feet after the kickout and Jeremy runs towards Michelle, but Dreamer avoids his attack, hooks his arms back and its a release Dragon Suplex to Best! Michelle rolls to the corner and makes the fresh tag to Gerald. Gerald enters the ring and locks the recovering Jeremy in a waistlock as MvH unleashes the East Berlin Violence Party to Jeremy! Mule kick, Forearm strikes, European Uppercuts and finally a step up enziguri and then concluded with a high-angle German Suplex from Gerald with the bridge…

One! Two! The… Jeremy kicks out as Bryan was about to enter the ring but Jeremy is able to escape on his own.

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”After a strong start from the Buddy System, the tag champs have turned the tables on the challengers here and now it’s Jeremy Best who is looking to be in trouble.”

With both MvH and Baxter returning to their corners, Gerald pulled Jeremy back to his feet and sent him into the corner with an Irish Whip before following him in with a handspring clothesline. GG then follows it up with forearms in the corner, the crowd counting along - One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

A fired up GiGi backs off as Jeremy staggers out of the corner, swinging his arms wildly but connecting with nothing but air before Grayson finishes him off with a running high knee! While the crowd isn’t a big fan of most in the ring, they are solidly behind Gerald as he has his way with Best.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Listen to these people! They love the Connection!”

Chris Peacock: “Uhh… they LIKE Gerald. I’m not particularly sure why, but I suppose he’s the lesser of all the evils in this ring and they gotta cheer for someone.”

Gerald drops down and goes for the pin, hooking Jeremy’s far leg.

One! Two! Kickout!

Grayson doesn’t let up, continuing to control the momentum as he sends Best back into his own corner, running in with a running forearm before tagging Michelle back in. They exchange places as Michelle now unloads some stiff chops to Jeremy’s exposed chest before she lifts him up and places Jeremy on the top turnbuckle…


Michelle crashes down on the mat as well, but manages to roll over and make the cover.

One! Two! Thr…Best with the shoulder up once again!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Say what you will about Jeremy Best, but he still has a lot of fight in him!”

Chris Peacock: “Wait, I can say whatever I want to about him. Well first of all, he’s a little pus…”

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Wooaaah, easy Chris - it was a figure of speech.”

Not letting Jeremy recover, MvH immediately locks in a camel clutch submission. Referee Larry Stevens is there to check in with Jeremy, but he doesn’t get much time to react before Baxter is in the ring to break up the submission, clobbering Michelle from behind with a forearm to the back of the neck!

Michelle drops down to the mat as Stevens immediately gets in Baxter’s face, instructing him to return to the apron while both Michelle and Jeremy are pulling themselves up, Michelle takes advantage of the referee’s back being turned and kicks Best right between the legs!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ooooh! That’s gonna leave a mark for Bestie, but I love Michelle’s gamesmanship!”

Chris Peacock: “Is that what you guys call it?”

Baxter, witnessing the low blow from Michelle, shoves his way past Larry Stevens, going after Michelle, but Gerald comes flying into the ring with a springboard dropkick to cut off Baxter! But BBB quickly rolls back to his feet only to have Gerald strike him with a running high knee followed by an European Uppercut from Michelle and the two then work together to hit a double Northern Lights Suplex to Baxter, taking him to the mat!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Everything is going in favor of the Connection right now! They’re really hitting on all cylinders tonight and it’s not looking good for the challengers!”

Both Jeremy and Bryan both roll out of the ring as Michelle and Gerald stand tall in the ring, but they aren’t just going to sti around and let Jeremy and Bryan recover. They share a look as both climb adjacent turnbuckles… SYNCHRONIZED SHOOTING STAR PRESSES from the top to the outside! Gerald connects with Bryan while Michelle takes out Jeremy!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Oh my! Such a rare but beautiful sight. The double shooting stars. You have all just witnessed a true phenomenon of the cosmos.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”I can’t argue with it being a beautiful sight and if Buddy System wasn’t already in trouble, they are now.”

Michelle and Gerald pull Jeremy back up to his feet, rolling him back into the ring. The Connection duo both climb up onto the apron with Michelle re-entering the ring. Jeremy begins trying to crawl away on the mat, but Michelle grabs him by the ankle, twisting him into an anklelock before dragging him back to the corner and tagging in Gerald! Michelle then DROPS to the canvas with the anklelock, sinching in a grapevine to Jeremy as Gerald enters the ring and leaps onto the turnbuckles for the SKY HIGH double jump moonsault!


Gerald hooks Jeremy’s other leg while Michelle still applies the anklelock!



Baxter lays out Gerald with a big headbutt while Michelle unwrapped herself from Jeremy but Baxter is waiting with a big DISCUS LARIAT to take Michelle down to the mat! Gerald staggers back up to his feet to the waiting Baxter who lifts him up into a spinning sitout powerbomb!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”I think the beast has been awakened! Big Bryan Baxter just took out both Michelle and Gerald and now there’s three bodies out in the ring!”

Bryan grabs his own partner and drags him to their corner before stepping out, reaching out and tagging himself back into the match!

The North American Champion enters the ring and turns his attention to the legal man, Grayson, as Michelle rolls out onto the apron. As Gerald gets up, Baxter lights up his chest with a heavy handed open hand chop to his chest, doubling GiGi over before he delivers another stiff headbutt to his smaller opponent, sending him down to the mat.

Baxter than uses all his weight to walk across Gerald’s chest, before leaping into the air with a jumping splash! Baxter hooks the leg of Grayson.

One! Two! KICKOUT!

BBB doesn’t let up as he continues to overpower Grayson in the ring, getting to the point where he’s now almost toying with the tag champion, lifting him up into the air in a Gorilla Press. Baxter shows off his strength as he walks around the ring with Grayson, bench pressing him before dropping him down onto his shoulders and POWERSLAMMING him into the canvas!

Baxter makes another pinfall attempt!


At ringside, the camera catches Mr. Scorpane wincing at the kickout.

Chris Peacock: “I think your boy OBB was a little disappointed at that kickout.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ahhh, you would be wrong! He was certainly worried that GiGi was NOT going to kick out and now I see the look over relief on his face now! Don’t you doubt Ol’ Billy Boy’s newfound loyalty.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”We shall see, but to this point in this one, he has remained surprisingly neutral. We’re used to seeing Scorpane get heavily involved in matches, especially in Big Bryan Baxter’s favour, so this is a pretty unusual event in itself.”

Bryan grabs Gerald by the hair to pull him up before motioning to Jeremy in the corner. Best backs away from the corner as Bryan lifts Gerald up, charging towards the ropes with A BUCKLE BOMB as Jeremy leaps up with an ENZIGURI to the back of Gerald’s head as he collides with the turnbuckles!

Gerald immediately drops down into corner, seated up against the bottom turnbuckles as Baxter makes the tag to Jeremy. Both head to the opposite side of the ring before Bryan charges in first with a running HIP ATTACK to the seated Gerald. Baxter steps out of the ring as Jeremy charges in with a running baseball slide dropkick to Gerald’s chest!

Jeremy pulls Gerald out of the turnbuckle and then leaps to the ropes for a springboard moonsault to make the pin!

One! Two! Thre - KICKOUT!

Jeremy pulls Gerald back up, lifting him up into a Fireman’s Carry and looking to connect with The BFF… but Gerald fights him off and escapes down his back! Jeremy turns around toward Gerald and is caught with a Slingblade! It was a desperation move from Gerald, leaving him slow to recover himself! But GiGi begins to make the crawl to his corner as Michelle eagerly sticks her arm out, wanting the tag.

Gerald inched his way to the corner, finally within reach…

BUT BAXTER PULLS MICHELLE DOWN OFF THE APRON! Preventing the tag and Baxter tosses Michelle into the ring steps! Larry Stevens shouts out at Baxter to return to his corner, which he does, while eyeing Mr. Scorpane as he does so.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “C’mon OBB! What are you doing down there! You can’t let that happen!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Well he did and it kept Gerald from getting Michelle into the match. And Dreamer collided hard with those ring steps, she’s looking very slow to recover!”

Back in the ring, Gerald pulls himself up using the ropes, finding his partner on the ground. He turns back round and is surprised with a step up enziguri from Best! Best sends Gerald back into the corner and tags Baxter back in. Jeremy climbs to the top turnbuckle as Baxter grabs GiGi, lifting him up for a Spinebuster and it’s a Spinebuster - Flying Meteroa combination to Grayson!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”What a combination move from The Buddy System! This could be it! We could have new tag team champions!”

Baxter makes the cover on Gerald..



Michelle breaks it up at the last possible second, diving through the ropes! Baxter quickly gets up and both he and Jeremy overwhelm Michelle with a double team until Baxter looks to take out Michelle with another Discus Clothesline…

But Michelel ducks and Bryan LAYS OUT REFEREE LARRY STEVENS!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Oh no! It’s the dreaded ref bump! Whatever will we do now?! Oh dear.”

Chris Peacock: “The fans at home can probably HEAR the look I’m giving you right now.”

Baxter pays little mind to the referee being down, but Michelle quickly takes advantage as she rakes Baxter’s eyes, blinding the bigger man as Jeremy came in and also got a rake of the eyes. A boot to the midsection to Baxter allows Michelle to drop him with a swinging neckbreaker before she unloads a Poisonrana on Jeremy!

Michelle helps Gerald to his feet, and they step out onto adjacent aprons as Baxter begins to stagger back up to his feet… double springboard dropkicks to Baxter to take him down!

As Jeremy begins to get to his feet, Michelle grabs him and tosses him through the ropes, following him out to the outside. Michelle begins to work Jeremy over at ringside as Gerald looks to take advantage of the new momentum on Baxter in the ring. Baxter begins to get up but is caught by a spinning backfist from Gerald that surprisingly only staggers the bigger man, but Gerald adds an additional spinning backfist to take him all the way back down.

Grayson then pulls Baxter to the corner… SKY HIGH to BBB!

Gerald has the pin!




But there’s no referee! Larry Stevens is still out!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Gerald Grayson has it won! He has Baxter down but there’s no referee!”

Chris Peacock: “I’m guessing this isn’t what you had in mind when the ref went down, was it, Uncle?”

Gerald headed over to the referee, looking to wake him up while Baxter was starting to stir… and reaching for his tights… and retrieving the brass knuckles from his trunks! Baxter slides them on his wrist, while at ringside Michelle had laid out Jeremy with a Saito Suplex to the floor and noticed Bryan grabbing the knux in the ring. So she grabs the ring bell and heads to the ring!

Michelle rears back and is about to blast Baxter with the bell…

Bill Scorpane pulls the bell away from her from behind!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Ah ha! There it is! It was only a matter of time before we saw his true allegiance come out.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ol’ Billy Boy! No! Say it ain’t so! Say it ain’t so!”

An angered Michelle shoves Scorpane, asking him “what the big deal” was, but Baxter pulls her away! Baxter then pulls his fist back and prepares to deliver a blow to Michelle with the Brass Knuckles… but Scorpane grabs Baxter’s arm instead!

Chris Peacock: “Wait, what? Now he’s stopping Baxter too? What the Hell is going on here?”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ooooh Scorpy, you scoundrel!”

A confused Baxter is now the one confronting Scorpane in the ring, but he is caught from behind with a German Suplex from Michelle! Scorpane left the ring with both the bell and the knuckles he had retrieved from Baxter’s hand as Michelle climbed to the top turnbuckle…


Gerald brings Larry Stevens over and he makes the pin! The woozy Stevens makes the count…




NO! JEREMY from out of nowhere manages to break up the count!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Just when it looked like this one was over, Jeremy keeps the Buddy System alive a little longer!”

Michelle attacks Jeremy and then lifts him up for a Brainbuster, but Jeremy floats down Michelle’s back! Best then lifts Michelle up onto his shoulders… looking for the BFF, but Michelle reaches down, grabbing at Jeremy’s mask! She manages to shift the mask around, turning it to block his vision… but Jeremy follows through anyway…

BFF to Michelle!

Jeremy rolls back to his feet, grabbing at his mask trying to re-adjust it…

Meaning Jeremy couldn’t see Gerald.. He had been measuring up Jeremy from the apron..

EXTREME IMPACT from out of nowhere!

Gerald hooks the leg…






The Connection once again pick up a hard fought victory in the tag division. Once again they retain their championship belts!

Winners: The Connection by pinfall at 25:36.

Gerald rolls to his feet, crawling over to Michelle and helping her up to her feet as Larry Stevens retrieves the FWA Tag Team titles and brings them over to the Connection. Mr. Scorpane instead climbs in and takes the titles from him.

Kurt Harrington: “Here are your winners… and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions… THE CONNECTION!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”It was the resourcefulness of MvH that made use of that mask and perhaps the unfamiliarity of Jeremy Best wearing a mask to begin with, that allowed Gerald to take advantage and pick up another huge win for The Connection and they once again retain!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Was there ever any doubt?”

Scorpane holds the tag titles as Jeremy and Bryan both are getting back to their feet. Bryan’s face shows his displeasure with their agent as he stands between the two teams, holding the titles…

And he turns and hands them to Michelle and Gerald, lifting up their arms!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “That’s my Billy Boy! What a shot! What a team! What a unit!”

Chris Peacock: “What a joke! What a bunch of wankers!”

After handing the titles over, Scorpane walks over and joins Jeremy and Baxter in the other corner. He leans in and whispers something to both of them. Bryan and Jeremy look at one another as Scorpane stands back and extends his arm out. Bryan simply nods and shakes Scorpane’s hand and then Jeremy does as well!

He then turns and rejoins the tag champs, once again lifting up their arms to boos from the crowd before leaving the ring with The Connection, leaving Jeremy and Bryan alone in the ring!

Jean-Luc Watkins: ”I’m truly at a loss here… I’m not sure what was said between Scorpane and The Buddy System but it appears he’s chosen to continue to work alongside the Nephews instead!”


White noise. Dead air.

Lying in the middle of a wrestling ring surrounded by darkness, we see Lizzie Rose lying in the middle of the ring. She has black shorts on with a bra that has a black and white pattern on it, paying tribute to her hometown basketball team. She is in a daze as she sits up, grabbing her head. She’s been here before.

Lizzie Rose: “Uhhg. Not this again.”

She blinks and looks around. The darkness obscures it, but she already knows what is going on. FYOG. The game of Eternal. The “E-fed” game. But, she can’t seem to escape it. It is addicting. She looks around until she hears a familiar voice. Princess Nova’s. Using some of her ring announcing experience, which is surprisingly a true fact, she takes to a microphone.

Princess Nova: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FYOG Two… Welcome to the GRAND TOGA PARTY!”



The darkness is gone and Lizzie Rose finds herself in an outdoor venue. Unlike the reference picture, it is night time as she finds herself in a Greek/Roman themed wrestling venue. Banners read “FYOG II: THE GRAND TOGA PARTY!” There is an aisle from the ring leading to gladiator arena style doors with two men in Greek guard outfits. The crowd is mixed with faceless audience members, standing motionless. At a commentator’s table, we see Keres sitting there with a black Toga. Princess Nova has a white toga style dress with the Civic Crown on her head instead of a tiara. Lizzie has dread on her face seeing Eternal at ringside. It ISN’T over! Turns out your problems can’t be solved with a simple tag team match!

Lizzie Rose: “Seriously, what’s your guy’s problem? Why can’t you guys leave me alone!?”

She groans. Keres and Princess Nova ignore her complaints and continue on with commentary.

Keres: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FYOG II: The Grand Toga Party. I am your lead commentator, Keres, alongside my loyal sister, Princess Nova. First of all, we give our apologies to the King of the Deathmatch winner, Cornelius Aurelius Caesar if we are encroaching on your territory. This was planned well in advance of your grand return and victory. So congratulations.”

Princess Nova: “Consider this a loving tribute to your time, and a time where professional wrestling relied on tricks like this rather than substance. Hehe. Our dear friend, Elizabeth Rose, continues her trials here in FYOG as we have an EXCITING test for her!”

Keres: “On the same night the Carnal Contendership, a play on the Battle Royal and a Gauntlet match, we plan on giving our own loving tribute for Elizabeth. Care to announce and explain, sister?”

Stepping off the commentator’s table, Princess Nova grabs the microphone.

Princess Nova: “The following match is a Gauntlet match! You are eliminated by pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope, with both feet landing on the floor. Upon elimination, a new participant enters the ring and this will continue until all participants have entered. If Elizabeth Rose wins, she will gain her freedom from FYOG. If she loses…”

Nova’s voice becomes cold.

Princess Nova: “Then we keep having fun with her…”

Before she giggles and continues.

Princess Nova: “Introducing first, already in the ring, from Brooklyn, New York, she is Elizabeth Rose!!!”

Lizzie just rolls her eyes in the ring. She won’t call her Lizzie any time soon, might as well not complain pointlessly.

Princess Nova: “And her opponent…”

A parody of a classic song plays, giving love to the common milkman and after fifteen seconds, a skinny man with a very 50’s haircut makes his way out, clean shaven, milky white skin, with a very traditional “milkman” look. In his hand is a carrier with glass milk bottles as he gives a friendly wave to the fans. Lizzie just blinks in the ring, confused.

Princess Nova: “From your neighbourhood, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is friendly, courteous, hard working, and making his rounds, he is: Mikey the Milkman!

Walking down the aisle, he hands bottles of milk to some “fans” in attendance, each glass having a cow pattern on it. He strolls around the ring.

Keres: “So, Mikey does not make enough as a wrestler, so he has to have a part-time job as a Milkman?”

Keres asks as Princess Nova steps back on commentary.

Princess Nova: “It was the norm in the era that thought shows like this were a great idea, sister. People like the Lumberjacks are the exception and not the norm today.”

Going up the steps, Mikey goes into the ring and waves to the crowd once again before handing Lizzie a bottle of milk. Lizzie puts the glass down in her corner, politely thanking him, though not trusting ANYTHING from the TORN Universe. His theme music fades and the match begins. The first of who knows how many for Lizzie.

Lizzie approaches cautiously, slightly unnerved by the whole experience still, but at least she isn’t facing a steroid fueled musclehead. She goes for a traditional lock-up, a collar and elbow tie up and she immediately transitions into an armlock, surprisingly out-wrestling someone for once. She snapmares Mikey down to the mat and runs off the ropes, going for a low dropkick to the face. A quick pin.


And Mikey kicks out.

Keres: “Elizabeth going with a ground approach to start. Impressive to think how amateurish she was to start.”

Princess Nova: “She for sure has the will to make it to the end-”

Keres: “And fall-”

Lizzie Rose glances at the commentator’s table with a side-eye. She heard Keres snide remarks as Princess Nova just happily waves like the princess she is.

Lizzie brings her attention back to her blue collar opponent. The milkman has seen greener pasteures if you will as he stumbles back to his feet. Lizzie grabs him by the wrist for an Irish whip to the opposite side ropes and arm drags him swiftly to the mat and follows with a hurricanrana sending him towards the corner turnbuckles! She quickly follows it up with a running back elbow into the corner, hitting her mark. Mikey the Milkman takes several steps forward, in a daze, and Lizzie Rose spins around and nails him in the side of the head with a Step-up Enzigiri! He flops to the mat as Lizzie Rose goes for a pin.

One… Two…

And Mikey the Milkman barely gets his shoulder up. Lizzie Rose, used to being an underdog in a match, now is in control. Princess Nova gives her claps of encouragement and even blows a kiss.

Keres: “What’s wrong? Not used to being in control for once in your life?”

Keres shows a very small… smirk.

Keres: “End it.”

Dragging Mikey to his feet after he was udderly cheesed on that kick Lizzie Rose looks for Sliced Liz. Her face shows a bit of frustration, annoyance that she is going through this process again AND that Keres is continuing to egg her on, milking every moment. Before she can run up the corner, Mikey the Milkman comes to life and pushes her into the corner. The former FWA North American Champion turns around and Mikey shouts.


The Milkman goes to his box of milk and pulls out a glass of milk. He uncrews the cap off and chugs it in the middle of the ring, getting hyped up!

Princess Nova: “Oh dear, Milkamania is running wild!”

He runs around, shaking the ropes, feeling revitalized from the delicious 2% milk. He’s ready to cream Lizzie in the middle of the ring. But, he doesn’t attack her, too busy feeling the dairy running through his veins. He shakes the ropes again and Lizzie Rose, just wanting to get this over with…

Dropkicks him in the back and he flies out of the ring, both feet hitting the floor. She is truly the Dairy Queen!

Keres: “Looks like someone got a little too distracted. But that was just the side meal. Continue, my sister.”

Princess Nova gets on the main microphone to announce.

Princess Nova: “The winner of the first match, Elizabeth Rose!!!”

Lizzie turns to Nova and she is NOT amused. She shouts at ringside to Nova.

Lizzie Rose: “What? How long do I have to do this song and dance for!?”

Ignoring Lizzie’s pleas, Princess Nova clears her throat and introduces the next opponent.




The lights around the stage have a purple hue as smoke builds. The funeral music builds until a tall man walks out through the smoke. All black. Over his gear is a black kitchen apron with white text reading “R.I.P.” Oven mitts are on his hands. On top of his head is a tall, fluffy chef’s hat. He stands in the smoke, looking forward, unflinching.

Princess Nova: “Her next opponent, from the Deadman Bakery in Death Valley, weighing in at 299 pounds… THE BUUUUUUUUUNDERTAAAAAKER!”

He walks forward slowly like a zombie. Lizzie Rose is initially intimidated by the smoke and mirrors. But seeing his look as he approaches… She just groans. WHAT is this mid-nineties BS!?

Keres: “The most feared baker in all of Death Valley, the Breadman! -This is peculiar… I can accept Lumberjacks, and a milkman, but this? An undead wrestling baker?”

Princess Nova rejoins her sister on commentary.

Princess Nova: “But, he DOES have amazing pastries! His coffin shaped Doughnuts are such a nice treat on my cheat days!”

Walking down the aisle, the undead baker turns the corner and slowly heads up the steps. On top of them, he raises his arms as an oven timer goes off and the lights return back to normal. Stepping into the ring, he stands in the middle of the ring and removes his oven mitts first before his hat, rolling his eyes in the back of his head as the oven timer beeps again. Surprisingly, he keeps the cooking apron on as his theme music fades. The bell rings, the second leg of Lizzie’s test.

Seeing that this time she does have a much larger opponent, Lizzie Rose decides to act fast, running forward with a dropkick-

That just bounces off the Breadman’s chest. Lizzie gets to her feet and looks at the zombie-like pastry chef. She forearms him, and it just bounces off again and again. He steps forward slowly as Lizzie Rose looks up in horror before being met with a stiff uppercut!

Keres: “And there goes Elizabeth’s run.”

Princess Nova: “So soon? But I believe in her!”

Coughing, Lizzie Rose gets up after an uppercut jabbed her in a throat and she won’t get relief as the Bundertaker’s hand clutches her throat. Lifting her up, he slams her down with a ring rattling chokeslam!

Keres: “I believe he calls that, let me check my notes… The Cook Slam... I will be so grateful for when we are out of this era...”

Princess Nova: “Very punny, hehe.”

The Bundertaker is slow to capitalize on the account of the fact he is just slow in general. He drags his feet, walking around Lizzie on the mat who is blinking, dazed after she crashed into the mat. He slowly, and as menacingly as he can… does a “stirring the pot” taunt.

Keres: “And Elizabeth is just one move away from another defeat. Another poor, poor defeat. Nova, just say the move’s name. I can’t handle these puns.”

Princess Nova: “It is time to Rest in Yeast!”

Scraping Lizzie Rose off the mat, the Bundertaker scoops her onto his shoulder. A tombstone piledriver incoming. But the slow moving giant took too long and Lizzie Rose slides off his shoulder. As the Breadman turns around, Lizzie Rose takes him down to the mat with a Brooklyn Flash Slingblade-

And the Bundertaker immediately gets up!

Panicked, Lizzie Rose drops him down with a second Brooklyn Flash.

Rose quickly gets to her feet and looks back at the Bundertaker. Sure enough… He sits up very fast. Frustrated, Lizzie Rose hits a full speed Roundhouse Kick to his head! Calling Mr. Vain! The Bundertaker doesn’t drop right away so she kicks him again! She goes for a pin.


And the Bundertaker practically pushes her up like he’s on a bench press. Lizzie Rose, frustrated, looks the commentator’s table and glares at Keres. She’s getting TIRED of this. She leans over the middle ropes. “Stop this.” She shouts. “I’m tired of this already!”

Keres takes her headset off and moves Nova’s off of her head. She whispers something in her ear and Nova covers her lips. Princess Nova gets up from her spot on the desk and skips over to Lizzie Rose. Lizzie leans over the ropes, looking at Nova. What is this princess doing? Princess Nova uncovers her mouth. She has a violet lipstick on. With a grin, she leans in-

And kisses Lizzie! Lizzie tries to push Nova away but as soon as the kiss is released… She finds herself in a fog. An almost trance-like state. Princess Nova gently puts her hand on her cheek. There is a comforting grin on her face. One of genuine care.

Princess Nova: “See? That wasn’t so bad… Don’t worry. We’re doing this out of love. I knew as soon as you pinned me we were right. We know you belong with us. But we need to make sure you’re ready. This is FYOG… This is For your Own Good…”

Princess Nova tilts her head slightly. Her warm grin fades as her voice coldly says.

Princess Nova: “Now destroy him…”

Princess Nova skips around back to the commentator’s table and Lizzie Rose’s body, tone, everything changes. She has a scowl on her face as the Bundertaker begins to rise to his feet. Backing up to the corner, she runs and leaps in the air, driving both her boots into his chest! A Goomba Stomp with extra anger! She drops the bigger man to the mat who tries to sit up again. Keres and Nova have their headsets on again.

Keres: “Yes… Yes. Just a taste.”

Slowly, the Bundertaker gets to a seated position, but Lizzie Rose has ZERO hesitation as she runs off the ropes and hits a second Goomba Stomp! She goes for a deep and aggressive cover.

Princess Nova: “Their fates are…”


Princess Nova: “Sealed…”


Princess Nova: “With…”


Princess Nova: “-A kiss.”

Lizzie Rose gets up from the pinfall as the Bundertaker rolls out of the ring. But her aggressive edge soon fades. She blinks, confused as if she didn’t know what was going on. She sees her giant foe destroyed on the outside. Looking at her hands, she has a small shake. S-SHE did this to him?

Keres: “Two down, but the real test is about to begin. Princess Nova, sister, your thoughts?”

Princess Nova: “Oh, she was a MUCH better kisser than Joseph, hehe. I rank it… top five.”

Lizzie Rose stands in the ring, still digesting WHAT the heck just happened. Princess Nova gets to the announcer’s microphone.

Princess Nova: “And your winner, Elizabeth Rose! Now, introducing, the final opponent-”

Some generic metal plays through the speakers as we see a rather large man, no muscles, but plenty of flub, walk his way out wearing a black mask and single strapped singlet with black boots. He walks down the aisle.

Princess Nova: “From parts Unknown, weighing in at over 400 pounds, he is big. He is generic. This... is... SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER!”

Keres: “Who created this man in a video game? Please tell me, I would like to crush them.”

Princess Nova gets back on the commentator’s table as SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER walks down to the ring. There doesn’t seem to be much about him apart from he is big… and has a scary mask.

Keres: “Sister, tell me, where did we drag him from?”

Princess Nova: “Well, we are in an era which was a downturn for wrestling as a whole. As society changed, wrestling doubled down on their old ways. That is drawing on size alone, and over the top and one dimensional “characters,” hence the Milkman and Baker."

Keres: “Then why does he appear out of shape? I understand the need to respect all body types, but this is a mockery.”

The SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER gets into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring, flexing his flabby “guns” to the camera.

Princess Nova: “Scandal caught up with wrestling, sister. The use of performance enhancing drugs was rampant in wrestling and all sports, so they had to find those who did not look like they were on it, while still meeting their “large” criteria.”

Keres: “I am so glad we moved past this.”

Getting to his corner, the SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER stands like a boulder of a man with no relation to The Boulder himself. The bell rings and the final match begins.

Lizzie hesitates, looking at the man in front of her. She runs-

And the SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER just drops her with a big shoulder block! Lizzie rolls on impact as the big masked man picks her up and does a brain chop to her head! Then another! And a chop to the chest! He moves slowly, but hits like a truck. He Irish whips Lizzie off the opposite rope and meets her in the middle of the ring with a shoulder block, not even leaving his feet.

Keres: “And SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER… slowly, I repeat, slowly, takes control. This man moves like a small slug.”

Princess Nova: “Like I said, a product of the time period, sister.”

Raising his arms, the SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER tries to pose for the crowd as he moves. He runs off the ropes, somewhat slowly, but still has enough time for a big splash to the back of Lizzie Rose! He rolls her over for a pin.

One… Two…

And Lizzie Rose barely rolls her shoulder up. The SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER PICKS HER UP AND GIVES HER A GIANT BEAR HUG. He shakes her around as she’s in his arms. An unbearable situation to be in.

Princess Nova: “Something tells me our hugs are more pleasant, hehe.”

Keres: “Oh dear, looks like Elizabeth might have some more work to be done.”

Lizzie Rose tries to fight out of the hold, but it is in tightly. She continually forearms the big man with her free hands, trying to break free. Finally, she claps her hands together against his round head and manages to slip out of his grip.

Running off the ropes, The Rave hits a dropkick which causes the big man to stumble backwards a step. She does a second. She might have something going. But a third time she runs at him, and it is not the charm as the SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER hoists her high in the air with a military press. With his size, he throws her over the top rope and into the steel barricades, ending her night!

Keres leaves the commentary table as Princess Nova goes over to the arena microphone.

Princess Nova: “And here is your winner… SUPER MASSIVE DESTROYER…”

Lizzie lies down on the outside padding, holding her ribs in pain. She looks up as Keres and Princess Nova stand over her. She can’t speak. Just the fall took a lot out of her. Keres shakes her head.

Keres: “So far in such a short time, and yet, so far. Elizabeth, you beat us at The Grand March, but we are far from over. We need more from you. Understand?”

Princess Nova goes down and unlike her sister, she is far more gentle. She lightly holds Lizzie’s hand, giving it a pat.

Princess Nova: “But you’ll get there. I personally believe you just need to get in the right mindset… Which leads to the FUN part. Hehe!”

Keres raises her fingers and-


Lizzie closes her eyes before opening to find herself in what looks to be a castle room. The walls are made of stone brick, but the amenities are still somewhat modern. A divider is across from her with clothing hooks and more. In front of her is a sink and a salon hair dryer. Clothes hangers are around the room with various dresses on them. All of which appear lavish and pretty. She’s confused as Princess Nova and Keres stand behind her.

Keres: “Take a seat. This is your appointment… Now.”

Keres coldly commands Lizzie and reluctantly, she takes a seat in the barber chair. Princess Nova places an apron around her, much like you’d do at the hair salon and rolls it over to a sink.

Princess Nova: “Let’s wash out your hair, shall we? You worked so hard with that match…”

She tilts Lizzie’s head back and runs water and soap through her hair. She hums as she rubs it through her hair.

Princess Nova: “You deserve a nice clean-up. A new makeover.”

Lizzie Rose: “This is… less sinister than I thought it would be…”

Standing in front of her, Keres folds her hands behind her back, looking at Lizzie.

Keres: “If you get to know us, you will see we’re a bit… more complex than meets the eye.”

Nova puts a towel around Lizzie’s hair and moves her over to the hair dryer. It is like one of those old salon machines from the 80’s. She covers Lizzie’s head with it and turns it on. Lizzie Rose has apprehension from her body language, but nothing bad seems to be happening. Just your normal… Creepy. Hair salon session. Nova pats Lizzie’s hand.

Princess Nova: “You’re so going to be the envy of all in FWA!”

Keres: “But I believe we have done what we can for this session. Sister, you did excellent work as always.”

Princess Nova curtsies to Keres before standing at her side.

Keres: “Elizabeth, we will see you again really soon.”

Keres raises her finger and…


Lizzie opens her eyes and she is in one of the areas of the Bridgestone arena, decked out for make-up and the such. Mirrors, makeup tables, everything. She has her phone in front of her on what appears to be a wrestling forum. The FYOG logo is visible and it has results. Loss: Lizzie Rose.

Lizzie Rose: “I lost again?! What’s with the mods! I swear they’re SO biased…”

A common and, not always accurate excuse for anyone in an e-fed, but this is not the main thing of concern. She is completely unaware of what happened in the TORN Universe. Eternal really has her convinced it is just some... literal game. She puts her phone down on the stand in front of her and…

Sees her reflection in the mirror and she is stunned. Though Lizzie is not one for makeup, she is completely dolled out, like a proper lady. Her hair is done up, well groomed and straightened. Her brown hair is darker, almost black, with a healthy shine to it. Her face is smooth, foundation applied almost perfectly with some eye shadow that almost twinkles, bringing out the colour of her brown eyes. On her lips is a light shade of pink lipstick. She looks like she has movie-star good looks. Lizzie is stunned.

Lizzie Rose: “What the-”

And her eyes go down to what she is wearing. She gets up from her chair to take a look at a short black dress with some gold trim. Its material is almost pleather like. It has a belt with “ROSE” written on it in gold. On her legs are long boots going up to her knees, matching her dress. A far more confident look compared to her Basketball tees and jeans. Blinking, Lizzie Rose’s jaw is dropped.

Lizzie Rose: “What did makeup do?”

???: “Lizzie, they need you to get ready for your photoshoot-”

Someone from FWA’s media department stands in the door frame. She’s got blonde hair on, a polo shirt, and a headset around her neck. A clipboard is in her hands and she looks at it.

Woman: “I know you opted against the Carnal Contendership match because you said you couldn’t focus with everything going on, but they really appreciate you making the trip anyways for this-”

Lizzie Rose stutters a response.

Lizzie Rose: “Uhh- t-thank you.”

The woman looks up and takes a look at Lizzie’s new look. She looks up and down.

Woman: “Daaang girl, you cleaned up!”

She smiles at Lizzie who hides her face, embarrassed.

Woman: "Come on, give me a pose."

Lizzie Rose, though a bundle of nerves over getting complimented, puts her hands on her hips and does her best attempt at a pose. The woman puts her hands up like a camera.

Woman: “Work that! You look like a superstar! You really need to do this more often. It really suits you. They'll see you in five.”

And Lizzie is visibly blushing. She’s never really been one to fancy herself up, but here she is, cleaned up, and seemingly pulled it off greatly. The woman leaves and Lizzie Rose takes a long look at the mirror again…

Maybe she can get used to this?


Backstage, there is all of a sudden a lot of noise being made around a corner, and a panting Allen Price is shown trying to catch up with the action.

Allen Price: “No one told me that this interviewing gig meant that I had to run. Someone told me to go and see what’s happening, as there is something going on outside Jon Russnow’s office.”

Price rounds the corner and then stops and an exasperated look falls onto his face, along with a lot of sweat.

Allen Price: “You’ve got to me kidding me with this…”

As the camera catches up with Price, the raised voices become more distinct and when the owners of them are shown, Price groans further. Ratin Mikichin, Steve the Techno Vampire and Greg are all banging on the office door, with the FWA Brand Coordinator seemingly not opening up. Price shakes his head and then approaches the group.

Allen Price: “What are you doing?”

The group turns to Price and both Ratin and Steve take a step closer to him, with Ratin in particular becoming very animated.


Greg has to get in between Ratin and Price, as a smile forms on Price’s face as he is reminded of his exploits at The Grand March. He motions for Ratin to cool off, and Steve then ushers him away. Greg then turns to Price and gives off a cheesy smile.

Greg: “Hi, I’m Greg.”

Allen Price: “I know who you are.”

Greg: “Well, then you know that what we’re doing is trying to get into Russnow’s office and get in on that sweet, sweet tombola action! Ratin and Steve want to know what numbers they have drawn for the Carnal Contendership match!”

Allen Price: “Tombola? What tombola? There isn’t a tombola! All of the entrants in the match received their entry number via QR code… if those two didn’t get informed of their numbers, then they’re not in the match.”

Unsurprisingly, this information causes Ratin to flare up once again and he tries lunging at Price, who is unfazed. Price shakes his head and leaves the scene, and Greg turns back to his friends and exhales deeply.

Greg: “Well, I guess they’re not letting just anyone in this year. Don’t lose hope, friends. We don’t need Carnal Contendership anyway… because I’m going to get the two of you to Back in Business, whether Russnow is on board or not. The Higher Power has decreed it so. Come on, I have an idea for Meltdown I wanted to run by you both…”

Steve and Ratin seem dejected about not being able to enter the Carnal Contendership match, but Greg puts his arms around both of them and then ushers them away.


Following the sojourns backstage, the feed returns into the arena where the very unorthodox commentary trio are shown once again.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, wrestling fans, in addition to the Carnal Contendership Match in tonight’s main event, you were promised two championship matches and whilst The Connection overcame The Buddy System in tonight’s opening contest, the second proves to be an entirely different affair.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Yes, it is a match which has been billed as the ‘Most Dangerous Game’ and it will feature two men fighting over what was once the greatest championship in this entire company - the FWA X Championship. Although the real ones still call it the Triple J Championship.

The competitors in this match include one of the most treacherous, repulsive and weak-willed men that the cosmos has ever witnessed, facing Shawn Summers.”

Chris Peacock: “Still bitter about Caesar not joining the Nephews? Well, this match is not going to be taking place here in the arena, because it has already taken place on a secret location known simply as ‘The Granary’.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “As per the requests of those involved, the following has not been approved or edited by anyone. What you are going to see is raw footage, and we cannot confirm whether the contents of this video are suitable for all audiences. Please enjoy to the best of your ability… the ‘Most Dangerous Game’.”

The three behind the desk all nod their heads and gently smile before the scene fades to black and then transitions away…



Cornelius Aurelius Caesar [c] vs. Shawn Summers.
Rupert’s Granary ‘Most Dangerous Game’ Deathmatch - FWA X Championship.
Match Writer: BattleTank.


We cut inside a cargo plane. Shawn Summers is tense as he holds his trusted Summer Slugger baseball bat close to his chest. The cargo plane doors open as Summers straps his baseball bat to a special harness on his leg. Summers looks down into the vast openness and takes a leap of faith, parachuting to the ground…

Once Summers lands at The Granary, he takes a look around, surveying HIS territory. He unlatches the parachute from the harness and places it down. He grabs a hold of his baseball bat and takes a few swings before breathing in the cold air breeze.

Shawn Summers “Ohh yeah, home sweet home!”

Summers is ready for war, decked out with a black bandana, army-style camouflage pants, and forearm shields. He knows he will be getting himself into some shit, so he is prepared to take any type of glass, barbed wire or light tube shards Caesar throws at him.

After taking in the scenery, Summers then embarks deeper into The Granary, as he begins to create his battle plan, knowing Caesar isn’t due for The Granary for another six hours…


A long Trireme ship cuts into the picture from out at sea. A scout stands at the top as the ship gets closer and closer to the shore. The ship finally drifts to the beach as a host of Soldiers embark from the boat. Standing tall at the back of the line is Cornelius Aurelius Caesar!

Caesar, the reigning FWA X-Champion wears the title proudly around his waist. Being a war-time general, Caesar has already mapped out The Granary by recon missions using his Scouts since the moment this match was announced…

Caesar’s soldiers, all decked out for this Death Match with light tube shards as spear tips, begin to form in different lines surrounding Caesar.

Cornelius Aurelius Caesar “SHAWN SUMMERS! I HAVE ARRIVED!”

Caesar, looking to goad the hot-tempered Summers into giving up his whereabouts, shouts for his opponent. After silence sans the waves crashing ashore, Caesar nods his head as the different formations of soldiers begin dispersing in opposite directions. Caesar walks up from the sandy shore as the official ring for this match isn’t too far up ahead.

As Caesar disperses his soldiers to hunt down Summers, he begins laying the groundwork for his plan. He walks up towards the ring and begins some housekeeping-moving a few glass panels, a string of barbed wire, light tubes, thumbtacks, skewers, and everything else in between that you would find at either your local Hardware store…or a Death Match!

The camera cuts to inside a pair of binoculars. The binoculars belong to Shawn Summers who is up in a tree, not too far away from a group of soldiers. By his side inside this makeshift blind Summers has built is his trusted baseball bat. Summers waits for the group of soldiers to get close enough, and then like Rambo in heat…


Summers is able to take out all five of Caesar’s soldiers with the baseball bat! Summers looks down at one of the fallen soldiers and picks up his spear.

Shawn Summers “A fucking light tube shard! Caesar doesn’t fuck around!”

Summers grabs a hold of the spear as he stomps on the fallen soldier for good measure.

Summers catches the ring up ahead and begins his journey towards it. Before Summers can get any further, another platoon of soldiers jumps out and surrounds him! Summers clutches his baseball bat in one hand and the soldier spear in the other…

Shawn Summers “Come on you fuckers! I’ll take you all out!”

The soldiers charge at Summers, and this time they are a bit tougher. One is able to graze Summers’ arm with the light tube spear, and Summers begins to bleed from his arm. Summers looks down and sees the blood starting to trickle down his arm and becomes enraged, swinging his baseball bat like Barry Bonds in every which way! Summers is able to knock out all of the soldiers as he spots Caesar and the ring right ahead in the distance…

Shawn Summers “It’s gonna take more than that to bring me down!”

Summers yells up at Caesar who is standing in the ring, patiently waiting for his opponent…

Cornelius Aurelius Caesar “Shawn Summers! Let the most dangerous game commence!”

Caesar picks up a stack of light tubes as Summers slides into the ring. Caesar goes to hit Summers with the light tubes but Summers ducks. Summers doesn’t get far as right after he ducks…


The trap clamps down on his foot as he shouts in pain, trying his best to pull it off…


Caesar stays on the offensive as he pulls out a handful of skewers. He grabs a hold of the fallen Summers…


Summers is wearing a mo-hawk of skewers! Summers shouts in agony as he rushes to the corner, picking up a staple gun…

Summers, skewers still in his head, turns around…


Caesar falls to the mat in pain before ultimately rolling out of the ring!

Summers, now in full control, takes his time, stalking Caesar just like Caesar’s soldiers stalked Summers earlier on.

Summers and Caesar are on the outside, away from the ring. Summers circles around Caesar and begins to talk smack…

Shawn Summers “Give up, Caesar! You don’t know what you’re getting into! This is MY ISLAND! MY TERRITORY! I control everything around here!”

Just as Summers thinks he is in control, Caesar raises his arms…


Summers smirks at Caesar, who after all, had time to rig this place to his favor while Summers was hunting his soldiers. The two trade blows in the middle of the fire pit. The flames range from thigh-high up to shoulder-high, depending on the way the wind blows.

Summers and Caesar lock up as each man tries their hardest to push the other into the fire. Caesar gains the upper hand after connecting with a headbutt! Caesar then winds back, and hits a spinning backfist! Summers lands extremely close to the fire, but catches himself at the last possible second!

Caesar lungs forward towards Summers who is waiting and moves out of the way…


When at the last second, one of his soldiers douses the flame wall with water! Caesar flies through unscathed! Summers follows suit through the opening and pounds down on Caesar’s back! Summers picks up his bat that he left near the ring earlier, winds up…



The bat vibrates off the ring post and jams up Summers’ hands as he drops the bat…

Caesar is waiting with another bundle of light tubes…


Caesar then reaches underneath the ring and grabs out a burlap sack. He tosses it into the ring as he smashes at Summers’ head for good measure before sliding him back inside the ring.

Caesar picks up the sack and opens it, sprinkling HUNDREDS OF THUMBTACKS in a circle! Caesar kicks Summers in the gut, and lifts him up for a suplex into the tacks, but Summers knees Caesar in the face and Caesar drops Summers from his grasp. Summers quickly races to the opposite side of the ring, looking for something, anything to hit Caesar with. Caesar, on the other hand, has carefully crafted a master plan as one of his soldiers hands him a Singapore Cane wrapped in barbed wire!

Summers finds a fork in the pile of weapons placed in the corner of the ring. He turns around, going to hit Caesar with the fork…


The barbed wire STICKS to Summers’ head as Caesar tries to pull it out!! The referee grabs his bolt cutters and breaks the cane free, but Summers is now a bloody mess, and his once bleach blonde hair is now as red as Caesar’s ring attire!

Caesar grabs a hold of the beaten and bloodied Summers, looking over at the tacks….


Caesar takes some tacks to the back, but knows this is his chance to capitalize as he goes for the cover…


Somehow, some way, Summers kicks out. Summers is still holding onto the fork from before and when Caesar is too busy pulling tacks out of his back…


Summers lets out an animalistic roar as he rubs the tacks from his chest! He grabs Caesar-still with the fork in his forehead-from the front…


Summers with the cover…


Caesar, who’s back looks like a pin cushion, finds a way to kick out! Summers uses the downtime of Caesar getting help from his soldiers to take the tacks out of his back by setting up quite the contraption.

Summers takes two chairs, and places a pane of glass on top of them. He then takes two more chairs and stacks them on top of the pane of glass. He then grabs one last pane of glass and stacks it on top of the second tier of chairs.

Summers looks over at Caesar who is starting to get to his feet. He runs towards Caesar, hops off the ropes…


Summers then grabs Caesar and brings him over towards the opposite corner where his double-stacked chair and glass tower sits. Summers tosses Caesar hard into the corner and follows up with a big splash…


Caesar looks back at the tower of glass as he hoists Summers to the top turnbuckle. Caesar is looking for a SUPERPLEX through the tower of glass but Summers blocks the attempt. Summers then reaches down to the second turnbuckle, where his baseball bat is placed from before. Caesar doesn’t see it as he tries to lift Summers up again…


Caesar falls off the top turnbuckle but catches himself before landing on the tower of glass. Summers is now in complete control as he drags Caesar back up to the top turnbuckle. He places Caesar in between his legs…before he looks down at the glass tower….and gets a sadistic look on his face.

Summers reaches into his pocket and pulls out a match. He strikes the match, tossing it on the top pane of glass, WHICH IS NOW ENGULFED IN FLAMES!!!!

Summers hammers away at Caesar’s back some more before carefully lifting him up…



The glass explodes into a million pieces as both men somehow land perfectly between the stack of chairs!

Summers and Caesar are both down and out, but the way they landed, Summers is able to drape an arm over Caesar…


Winner: Shawn Summers by pin fall

The referee, broom in hand to sweep up the shards of glass in between Summers and Caesar, hands Summers the X Title! Summers looks up at the title and clutches it close to his chest as he continues to lie on top of the motionless Caesar…

Shawn Summers, in the heap of rubble, raises his arm in the air! He has done it! He has survived THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME!!!


The Nashville fans explode into a chorus of booing as soon as the very first beat of “Greenback Boogie” hits the PA system in the Bridgestone Arena. The camera quickly flashes to the commentary desk and before the impromptu team of Allen Price, Uncle, and Chris Peacock even have a chance to say a word, the fans take over and very likely verbalise the thoughts running through the entire commentary booth’s respective minds.




The commentary team share wry glances at each other and Allen Price - of all people - makes an attempt to keep the show moving.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, eh… a boisterous crowd here tonight in the Bridgestone Arena, but it’s getting hard to blame the fans reaction given what transpired at The Grand March a few weeks ago. That lowlife thug, Toner, had quite a bit to say about… well about everybody.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “My personal favourite zinger was when he said Boogie Baby was a pus- WHAT THE FUCK!?”

The crowd seems confused as the arena lights switch to a hot pink filter. The crowd look around at each other and Peacock cocks his head in the direction of Uncle, who shakes his head in response and shrugs.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Don’t look at me, I’m right here, Neph!”

Finally a roaming cameraman spots a figure emerging from the section of the crowd and the booing instantly resumes; Danny Toner, clad in a full Nephews tracksuit, is physically pushing his way down to the booth.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What’s he doing? These are paying fans for crying out loud!”

JLW’s worries are a little too late - an overly zealous fan pulls Danny back by the shoulder and goes to shout something at him but is immediately clocked in the face by a solid right from Toner.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “What on earth is going on here!? Can we get some security??”

Chris Peacock: “Scumbag.”

The first word uttered from the World Champion since Toner‘s music hit is the prevailing thought as the surrounding fans attempt to swarm Toner while security comes charging through the crowd. Toner is wielding a beer bottle in his hand to bay off the livid Nashville fans and when security reaches him, he drops it and raises his hands innocently.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Gotta give it to him; this does look pretty cool with the pink filter.”

Security seem unsure what to do and end up simply holding the baying fans back as Toner struts down and nonchalantly hops the barricade beside the commentary desk. He takes off the jacket part of his tracksuit - revealing a black tee with “LeDanny Toner” on it - before balling it up and throwing it at the commentary desk Peacock immediately stands up from his seat and stares daggers at Danny who simply purses his lips together and kisses at Peacock.

Peacock lifts up his World Championship and holds it high above his head, never breaking eye contact with Danny. Danny winks, rummages in his pocket and whips out an Alyster Black mask which he holds high above his head, mocking Peacock’s taunt. Danny laughs and turns his back on the commentary desk before making his way toward the ring. As he gets to the rope, he stops, drops the mask, stands on it, and enters the ring.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “You gonna take that disrespect, champ?”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A reaction is what he wants, Chris, don’t waste your time.”

Chris Peacock: “…”

Peacock says nothing but keeps his eyes firmly on the man clambering onto a turnbuckle in the ring and soaking in the booing as if he is being lauded for scoring the injury-time winner in the World Cup Final. As Danny awaits a microphone, Kurt Harrington does his introduction.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming at this time… ‘The Last Draw in the Sky’… DANNY TONER!!!”

Trash immediately begins raining down on the ring as Danny finally gets his hand on a mic.

Danny Toner: “Let me hear ya!”




As the crowd chants, Danny waves his hands around like an orchestra conductor and grinning wildly. The chants finally die out and Toner nods his head.

Danny Toner: “That’s it, puppets, sing for me! Ya boy is paid by the second, I’ll milk this segment for every fuckin’ penny it’s worth!”

The crowd responds with a roar of dissent.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Imma talk to someone about my contract. Are you paid by the second, Peacock?”

Before Peacock can respond, Danny is off again.

Danny Toner: “Or hell, maybe I’ll do what I always do and run through motherfuckers for an hour in the Carnal Contendership and bankrupt this piece of shit company!”

Danny throws his head back and laughs as if he’s told the funniest joke of all time.

Chris Peacock: “If he had any balls, he would.”

Danny Toner: “See, there’s a little problem there though… that means me getting that fuckin’ asshole behind the commentary desk over… again. And frankly, I’m about sick of carryin’ this shambles of a federation to a successful buy rate at their biggest PPV of the year!

See, I’ve had a little look at our ‘carnal contenders’ this year, and barring Randy Ramon rising from whatever hell-hole he’s buried in, the main event of Back in Business is going to stink the whole fuckin’ joint out… and I don’t mean that good, stinky joint! In fact, if I hadn't made a promise at The Grand March to make somebody's whole career… I wouldn’t even allow the cherished name of Danny Toner be attached to such a fuckin’ flop of an event.”

The crowd are still letting Toner have it, feverishly disagreeing with every word he is spouting.

Danny Toner: “But, alas, I’m a man of my word as you all know… and I issued an invite for anybody with a death-wish to come out here tongiht and accept my open challenge for Back in Business. So, wrestling fans, who’s it gonna be?

Who’s gonna have their name made and etched into the history books? Who’s gonna receive an ever-lasting Back in Business legacy in exchange for exiting MEH-HE-CO City in a bodybag? Let’s go motherfuckers… the people are anxiously waitin’!”

The crowd absolutely explodes as Danny’s jaw drops open and a panicked look sets in. The cocky bravado is replaced by Danny shouting to anyone that listens “NOT HIM!”.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Oh my…”

Chris Peacock: “Toner doesn’t look so damn cocky now!”

The cheers slowly turn to jeers as a foot taller and two hundred pound heavier “Chris Kennedy” makes his way out to the stage in lumbering fashion. The man who very much resembles The Boulder taunts by stomping his foot on the ramp.

Chris Peacock: “For fuck-”


Uncle’s reaction is matched only by Toner in the ring as he still has a look of - admittedly now on closer inspection - fake awe. He’s waving his hands, pleading “Chris Kennedy” off as he makes his way toward the ring. Sensing the very real danger he’s in, Toner hops the ropes and makes a beeline for “Kennedy”.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Smart move by Toner, trying to get the upper-hand on this bonafide legend!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Uh, just in case anybody has drank some of Uncle’s kool-aid, that is NOT Chr-”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “EQUALIZER!!! What a manoeuvre from the 4D-GO master!!!”

The crowd are as loud as they’ve been all night - no doubt pissed off by the tease - as Toner jaw-jacks over the unconscious Boulder. He picks up his fallen microphone and makes a bold declaration to the FWA Cosmos.

Danny Toner: “The simple fact of the matter is this: there ain’t anybody on this planet, active or retired, in history, dead or alive, that can lace my damn boots. There ain’t anybody near good enough to share a ring with ME at Back in Business. Nobody in the world is going to come hunting for me. And honestly?”

Danny glances over at the commentary booth.

Danny Toner: “There isn’t anybody or anything interesting enough in this company to make me want to hunt them. This company is the fuckin’ pits and I’ve just about had my fill of this kip as well, so revered wrestling fans, I take my leave with a simple piece of advice… KEEP THE EYES!!!”


The crowd spin on a dime and begin cheering at the top of their voices as a person in a plain-black mask cracks Toner in the back with a steel chair. Toner crumples to the ground, wide-eyed, as the man with a much more similar gait to the actual Chris Kennedy sizes him up. The roof comes off the arena as Toner pulls himself to his knees and immediately gets belted with a superkick.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!! I think that’s the REAL Kennedy!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “What are you talking about? The real Kennedy is still out cold from Toner’s Equalizer!”

The man in the black mask crouches down beside Toner and whispers something in his ear before raising a solitary fist to a loud pop. He looks around once and takes his leave with the Nashville crowd absolutely buzzing for what happened… and what’s to come. The champion gets the last word before the segment draws to a close.

Chris Peacock: “That could be Chris Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy or whoever the fuck. All that matters is that they shut Toner’s mouth. If he decides to open it again, maybe someone else should step up and close it permanently and I’d be happy to oblige.”


The feed heads backstage into the interview area, where Allen Price is standing by with a pouting look on his face, clearly frustrated about being in this position for tonight’s show. Price seems to miss his cue as there is some dead air with the Fallout commentator simply looking into the camera for a few moments. A loud cough can be heard from off-camera, and Price suddenly jumps back into life, but once he begins talking, he is lacking any sort of enthusiasm in his voice.

Allen Price: “Hello, I am here backstage – as I have been all night – and I now have a guest joining me. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Joe Burr.”

After a beat, Joe Burr walks into the shot next to Price, but initially only the top of his head is visible. This means that the shot needs to be quickly adjusted and Price even moves his legs further apart to remove some of the height difference between himself and his guest.

Allen Price: “Joe, thank you for joining me at this time. Up next is the 2023 Carnal Contendership match, what do you make of your chances?”

Joe Burr: “I’m not here to talk about the Carnal Contendership! I don’t care about it and I’m not going to be competing in it this year. I want to talk about whatever that was that I saw earlier with my friend Lizzie Rose and those Eternal creeps.”

Burr pauses for a moment and then drags the microphone in Price’s hand closer to his face.

Joe Burr: “I thought that me and Lizzie beating the two of you at The Grand March would have been enough. It should have been, but it seems like the two of you aren’t ready to let this go yet and you still want to screw around with Lizzie’s mind. Well, I’m not going to stand for it for one more second!”

Getting even closer to the camera, there is an actual intensity emanating from Burr that is seldom seen.

Joe Burr: “So… Nova… Keres? I’m issuing a challenge. On the next episode of Fallout, I am issuing a challenge. It is to one of you – I don’t care which one – to come out to the ring and face me in a match. Not one of your freaky-deaky things. A standard wrestling match. But don’t get it twisted, sisters. Just because it is a standard match doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take that lipstick and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine - up your asses!”

He slowly nods his head, breathing heavily through his nose.

Joe Burr: “So bring all the lipstick you want, play your games. It doesn’t matter to me. Because when all is said and done? You’re going to get your shoulders pinned.”

After mean-mugging the camera for a few more seconds and lingering in the frame, Burr walks away. Allen Price is left standing motionless for a moment, before he heavily sighs into the microphone before he addresses the camera directly.

Allen Price: “This sucks. Please, can I come out there and call the main- OWWWWWW!”

Price screams in pain and drops to the floor. The camera follows him down, and he holds the back of his knee and groans in pain, as a walking stick is planted on the floor next to him and someone else walks into frame with a slight limp. The camera pans upwards and reveals Christian Quinn!

The appearance of the former Fallout interviewer and commentator generates a loud cheer from the fans, having not been seen on FWA television for some time, and he repeatedly jabs Price in the ribs with his walking cane.


After a few more jabs and with Price in some pain on the floor, Quinn looks into the camera and smirks for a moment before he straightens his tie and begins to walk out of shot.

Christian Quinn: “Jackass...”

With Quinn having left the scene, we are left viewing Allen Price on the floor holding his ribs before the scene fades away.


Elsewhere backstage, Todd Salum had caught up with FWA North American Champion, who was preparing for the Carnal Contendership.

Todd Salum: "Big Bryan Baxter, I know the Carnal Contendership is about to get under way… but I wanted to get to the bottom of what happened during the FWA Tag Title match earlier tonight… what is going on between The Buddy System and Bill Scorpane?”

Baxter glared down at Todd, not too pleased with the line of questioning.

Bryan Baxter: “Look, I’ve got more important things to worry about right now… like going out there and getting myself a FWA Title shot at Back in Business… I don’t need this right now…”

Todd Salum: "Okay, but I think if we could just know what he said to you and Jeremy… where’s Jeremy, maybe he can shed some light…”

Bryan Baxter: “Jeremy? I dunno man, outta my way.”

Bryan shoves his way past Todd, abruptly ending this non-interview.


There is an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation from the large crowd amassed inside the arena, as they know that it is now time for the 2023 Carnal Contendership match.

Jean-Luc Watkins: Wrestling fans, it is now time for what you have all been waiting for; we are about to find out who will be the one to challenge Chris Peacock for the FWA World Championship in the main event of Back in Business. Chris, this is an event you know well… what are your thoughts right now as your challenger is about to be revealed?”

Chris Peacock: “I’m excited more than anything, Jean-Luc. Whoever emerges victorious here out of the thirty men, women and possibly weaselpeople that enter this match, will have earned their shot to face me and I am looking forward to the challenge, whoever it may be.

Careers have been made in this match, and I am talking from experience. I may not have won the Carnal Contendership before, but being in this match twice and lasting as long as I did both times sent a message that I was ready to get to the place where I am right now.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Who knows who will show up? Last year we were blessed with an unlimited amount of entrants which resulted in dozens of surprises for the fans. Things are more restrictive this year, so it will likely mean that the Nephews will be unable to show the dominance that was exhibited last year. My apologies to you all.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A crying shame. Just remember though, whilst everyone will be vying for a place in the main event of Back in Business, it is not the only prize up for grabs. The competitors who finish second place through to seventh will each earn a spot inside the 2023 Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette which will take place on the FWA’s Eighteenth Anniversary Show later this year.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ah yes. The loser’s chance at redemption for a prize which they had proven they were not worthy enough to win. I think it is clear what Cthulhu’s Nephews think of the Golden Opportunity concept.”

Chris Peacock: “Michelle’s not over it yet, is she? However, Jean-Luc is right. The Golden Opportunity allows the holder of the briefcase to call their shot and maybe if you are lucky like I was - and Nova Diamond before me - you can cash in that Golden Opportunity and relieve an egotistical maaaaaaannniiaaaaaacccc of the FWA World Championship… HAAAA-HAAAAAAAAAH!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “I don’t think you’ll still have the title by the time the Anniversary Show rolls around, Boogie Baby!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Let’s hand it over to Kurt in the ring, who will go over the rules of the Carnal Contendership Match for those who are uninitiated… It’s time for the main event!”

In the ring, Kurt Harrington stands alone with his microphone and a sole spotlight shining down on him. He flashes a white, toothy grin and then brings the mic up to his mouth and begins the introduction for the match.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event match of the night and it is the 2023 CARNAL CONTENDERSHIP MATCH!”

The fans cheer loudly and Kurt smiles once again before resuming.

Kurt Harrington: “The rules of the match are as follows… Two competitors will enter the match and after a period of three minutes, another competitor will enter the match every ninety seconds until all thirty competitors have entered the match.

Competitors are eliminated from the match when they are put over the top rope and both feet touch the floor below. The match will continue until twenty-nine competitors have been eliminated and the winner will go on to challenge Chris Peacock for the FWA World Championship in the main event of Back in Business: Night Two!

Now introducing the individual who has drawn, number one!”

The crowd erupt into a series of jeers as the first person out from the back is someone that they have already seen tonight in the opening contest; the North American Champion, Big Bryan Baxter. Baxter wears a mean scowl on his way down to the ring, still dressed to compete from earlier on in the show. Despite his annoyance at tonight’s events, Baxter still remains the North American Champion and he wears the title over his shoulder.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, from Hickory, North Carolina and weighing in at three-hundred and twelve pounds… he is the FWA North American Champion… BIG BRRRRYYYYAAAANNNNN BAAAAAAXXXTTTEERRRRRRRRR!!!”

Chris Peacock: “Haha! Look at his face! If there was any way that this night could get any worse for this piece of crap, it was getting drawn number one in the CC. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “I concur! Especially after Mr. Scorpane so smartly decided to open up his own mind. Perhaps you wouldn’t be as excited about the unlikely possibility of facing Bryan again, Boogie Baby, now that William will no longer be around to help him beat you like he did during the F1 Climaxxx…”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, part of Bryan Baxter’s meteoric rise here in the FWA was in part due to his unblemished record in Pool B of the F1 Climaxxx tournament. I am sure that the Carnal Contendership would have been earmarked as another opportunity for him to climb the ladder further, but from number one it is a tall task. Although not impossible, as you both well know from last year.”

Baxter enters the ring and holds the championship in his hand and he paces slightly whilst his music cuts out. It is clear that he knows that he has a mammoth task in front of him tonight. The lights dim as the other competitor that will be beginning the match with him is about to be revealed.

The crowd in Nashville EXPLODES into a loud cheer and this is only punctuated when CHRIS CROWE WALKS OUT ONTO THE STAGE! Crowe walks out with the slight limp that he was always seen with previously and he grins upon seeing the reception from the crowd and his trusted friend and ally, Crazy Harry, walks out next to him and places a hand on his shoulder. Crowe looks into the camera and flashes a grin before he advances towards the ring where a very concerned-looking Bryan Baxter is waiting for him.

Kurt Harrington: “Introducing the individual who drew number two… making his return to the FWA… “The Showman” CHRISSSSSS CROOOOOOOOOOOOWWWE!!!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Uncle, you said that anyone can show up here in the Carnal Contendership Match, and well, you’ve been proven correct”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Don’t sound so surprised, Baby. Chris Crowe is of course a former North American Champion and that is a title that he never actually lost; he was forced to relinquish it due to injury after Back in Business last year and well, who better for him to start this match against than the man who holds the title that some would say is still rightfully his?”

Chris Peacock: “Great to see Chris Crowe back, and there’s something to be said for people called Chris with bird-related surnames, right? In all seriousness, though, how great it is for the FWA to see him back here tonight? He could go all the way!”

Crowe enters the ring and slowly nods his head, feeling at home inside the FWA ring and he finally acknowledges Bryan Baxter, who watches on stoically. Crowe points to the North American Championship and raises a knowing eyebrow. Crazy Harry pats Crowe on the back and then heads back up the ramp as Baxter hands the championship down to someone at ringside.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I hope that you are all ready, because the 2023 Carnal Contendership begins NOW!”



The 2023 Carnal Contendership Match.
30-Person Battle Royale - FWA World Championship - #1 Contendership.
Match Writer: Mandalorian.

The crowd roars as the bell rings, indicating that the match is now underway and both Baxter and Crowe walk towards the centre of the ring and seem to be exchanging some words with each other. Baxter then shoves Crowe backwards and the former North American Champion looks down at the mat for a moment, before he then reaches up and socks Baxter with a punch to the mouth! The blow garners a big cheer from the crowd and it takes Baxter back a couple of paces, and Crowe takes the opportunity and throws himself at the bigger man and starts laying in some punches to the head and back!

Baxter is forced to put a guard up as Crowe pummels him and he ducks down next to the ropes, which allows Crowe to get the higher ground on him, but Baxter then elevates Crowe upwards and over the ropes - but Crowe lands on the apron!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Almost a very early elimination there! Bryan Baxter is a goals-oriented competitor and he knows the only way he will win this match is by eliminating the competition and there’s no need to hang around!”

Crowe steadies himself, wincing after the landing due to his knees and he waits for Baxter to turn around and then grabs him around the head and catches him on the top rope. This creates enough separation for Crowe to get into the ring and he raises his arms into the air in an Axe Handle, but Baxter grabs him around the waist and holds him by his side - dropping him onto the mat with a Sidewalk Slam! Crowe groans on the mat for a few seconds but both men then get to their feet.

Once they are both up once more, Baxter scoops Crowe up onto his shoulder and attempts to walk him towards the ropes, but Crowe slides off of Baxter’s back and pushes the North American Champion towards the ropes, and he quickly follows up by grabbing one of Baxter’s boots and trying to tip Baxter over the top rope.

Chris Peacock: “Baxter is huge, man. Surely it is going to take more than just one guy to get him out of there?”

Despite Baxter tipping the scales at over three hundred pounds, Crowe’s technique means that he is able to get some purchase and Baxter quickly finds himself in a bit of danger as his upper body dangles over the wrong side of the ropes. Baxter is forced to use the middle rope to keep himself from being tipped out of the ring by Crowe. He manages to shift the momentum back towards the ring and plants his feet on the ground, whilst catching Crowe with a nasty elbow to the face.

Baxter stands tall and waits for Crowe to turn around and measures him… AND BAXTER ALMOST TAKES CROWE’S HEAD OFF WITH A DISCUS LARIAT!!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ouch… welcome back, Chris Crowe, I guess. Well, here comes another one; the North American Champion is ready!”

Acknowledging the numbers now appearing on the large screen, Baxter hunches down and makes it clear he is ready for whoever is next as Crowe holds the back of his head on the mat. The crowd starts to count along…



There is another loud response as another big name is the third person to enter the match and Mike Parr confidently walks out from the back, despite his low entry number. ‘The Prodigy’ stares at the North American Champion, knowing that due to his victory at The Grand March, he has an opportunity at the title he has held four times before.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “And speaking of North American Champions, what about arguably the greatest North American Champion of all time? Mike Parr, who defeated Jackson Fenix at The Grand March to earn himself another opportunity at the championship currently in the possession of Big Bryan Baxter!”

Chris Peacock: “Mike will know that the North American Championship is not his ceiling, though. I have had to do battle with him in the Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette in the last two years and I fancy him to make it at least that far again, Jean-Luc.”

As Parr walks briskly down the ramp towards the ring, Big Bryan Baxter has his eyes firmly locked onto the number one contender for his championship - AND THIS ALLOWS CHRIS CROWE TO TURN BAXTER AROUND, BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION - CROWE DROPS BAXTER WITH THE CLOSING ACT!! Baxter is on the floor, holding his head after being dropped emphatically by Crowe, who then gets back to his feet and welcomes Mike Parr into the match with an attempted punch.

Parr blocks the blow and then ducks another and leaps into the air, catching Crowe with a knee to the face! This doesn’t take Crowe down, and Parr then grabs him around the head and moves towards the corner, where he pushes himself from the top turnbuckle and drops Crowe on the top of his head with a Tornado DDT! ‘The Prodigy’ then walks across the ring and stomps on Bryan Baxter’s ribs a couple of times. He tries picking Baxter up from the mat, but the weight is too much to shift, so he gives up and then turns his attention back to Chris Crowe.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “This is a good position for Parr, he’s got them both down but not where he wants them. Have your way with them, Mike!”

Parr picks up the former North American Champion and connects with a couple of kicks to the midsection, which puts Crowe in the corner. Parr tries to scoop Crowe up, but is unable to do so as Crowe resists his attempt to elevate him over the top rope. Crowe hits Parr with a couple of punches and then shows that he is not afraid to play dirty and he bites Parr’s head! Parr backs away… RIGHT INTO A POUNCE FROM BAXTER, STRAIGHT INTO CROWE! All three men in the match are down and the countdown clock appears once again.



Two of the first four entrants in this year’s Carnal Contendership have a Nirvana song as their theme and there is a polite cheer from the crowd as Sawyer Xavier runs out from the back, not looking to hang around.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ah, Sawyer Xavier. If there was ever someone who would benefit from being a Nephew. We could give this young man the guidance needed to win a match such as this!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The high-flying approach of Sawyer Xavier is a stark contrast to the styles of Baxter, Crowe and Parr so it will be interesting to see what he brings to this match. This could be his breakout moment!”

As Sawyer reaches the ring he jumps up onto the apron and then pulls himself up onto the top rope where he measures Bryan Baxter. Xavier looks to take Baxter down with a Meteora - but Baxter catches him! The North American Champion adjusts his hold on Sawyer and looks to be about to Powerbomb him, but Xavier adjusts his weight and this sends Baxter forwards towards the ropes, and Xavier keeps his legs around Baxter’s shoulders and sends him over the top rope - but Baxter lands on his side on the apron!

Xavier attempts to force Baxter from the apron with his boot, but the North American Champion holds on, preventing himself from getting eliminated. Chris Crowe is up in the corner once again, with Parr getting up in front of him after Baxter’s Pounce, and Sawyer charges in and uses Parr’s back as a platform and then cracks Crowe in the back of the head with an Enziguiri. Parr is back up straight away and he picks Xavier up from the mat and roughly tosses him over the top rope, but Xavier lands on his feet.

Parr steps in towards Xavier, but Xavier gets his leg up and connects with a Gamenguiri to Parr’s face, which sends him stumbling back. Crowe also staggers out of the corner next to Parr and Baxter approaches from behind and Xavier climbs the turnbuckle and then jumps onto the adjacent top rope - SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TAKES EVERYONE DOWN!!

Chris Peacock: “That was awesome!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Absolutely thrilling offence from Sawyer Xavier!”

Xavier is the first to his feet and he punches the air, hyped up from being able to wipe three others out at once, and behind him we see that the fifth entrant is about to come out.



The crowd express some disdain as the deceitful DJ that is ‘TheTranceQueen’ Luna Piper slowly saunters out onto the stage. Luna wears the goggles that she has been known to utilise during her previous appearances in almost exclusively Battle Royals.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Luna Piper finds herself in her second Carnal Contendership match and my bet would be that she is hoping that her old rival THE POWER~! does not make an appearance again to cost her her chance of appearing at Back in Business in the main event.”

Chris Peacock: “I don’t know much about Luna Piper, but I do know about those goggles of hers and the trouble they can cause her opponents.”

The infamous whirling goggles of Piper remain affixed to her head as she reaches the bottom of the ramp and then walks up the steps into the ring. She is immediately approached by Sawyer Xavier, who goes for a punch, but Luna casually dodges it and then plants both of her feet and spins around on her heels. Xavier jumps up into the air onto the top rope and looks to Moonsault back towards Piper, but she once again simply walks away to avoid the impact. Sawyer lands on his feet, though.

Once again, Xavier looks to go after the freshest person in the match, but Piper cuts him off with a kick to the midsection which doubles him over. She gets her boot behind his knee and pushes him down onto the mat, but Xavier rolls through… and Piper catches him with a Low Elbow to the face as he sits back up! Piper is then left to contend with Mike Parr, who manages to connect with a clubbing blow to the back and Parr then lifts Piper up into the air and drops her across his knee with a Backbreaker!

‘The Prodigy‘ rises to his feet and spots Chris Crowe is approaching him once again, but Parr connects with a kick to the top of his knee as he approaches him and then drops ‘The Showman’ with a DDT! Parr gets up again and then comes face to face with the man whose championship he has his eyes set on after Carnal Contendership; Big Bryan Baxter. Baxter towers over Parr, but this does not stop Parr from talking up at him and then the two of them begin to exchange punches in the middle of the ring!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Parr and Baxter, ahead of their anticipated North American Championship clash at some point in the future, they’re going hammer and tongs in the Carnal Contendership!”

Baxter of course has already competed tonight and it begins to show as Parr gets the best of the exchange between the two of them and he backs Baxter up against the ropes. The action has started to spread around the ring as well, with Luna Piper and Sawyer Xavier temporarily working together in an attempt to eliminate Chris Crowe as the countdown resumes once again…


The alluring vocals of Janet Jackson’s “That’s The Way Love Goes” begins to play as the mood lighting in the arena dims to a sultry shade of red. Walking out onto the stage, through a steady cloud of smoke, are two people wearing pink, glittery, skin-tight full body suits.
Jean-Luc Watkins: “What’s going on here then?”

The back of one suit says “Antonio” in white and the back of the other says “Monica” in white. They each hold one furry cone shaped object in their hands as they slowly move and vibe to the music while standing on either side of the entryway.

After a few seconds, out saunters a third person, a man, wearing a lilac bodysuit covered in white rhinestones, with a matching velvet cloak and holding a rhinestone-encrusted cane. He motions Monica and Antonio with the cane, signalling them to come over and kiss him on either cheek. The man, Xperienx Xtacee, puts on a very satisfied smile and holds his cane with both hands, pointing it in front of him, as Monica and Antonio stand at his side and point the furry cones at him.


Uncle J.J. JAY!: “We’ve got ourselves a debutant, and well as another cane enthusiast, he certainly seems to remind me of someone without naming any names… Where is your cane, by the way?”

Chris Peacock: “Oh, did I not bring it out with me? That’s not important right now… I like this guy’s vibe, man!”

In unison, Xperienx Xtacee thrusts with the cane as his lovers tap the back of the cones, causing golden confetti to come shooting out of all three objects. After that, Monica removes his cloak and Xperienx walks towards the ring with a purpose as his companions disappear back behind the curtain, with the five competitors in the ring all watching ‘Him’, and the crowd seem very enamoured with the newcomer.

He slides into the ring and well, and finds himself drawn to the ongoing battle between Mike Parr and Bryan Baxter, and a punch from Baxter sends Parr stumbling into XX’s path, and a Xperienx leaps into the air and knocks Parr down onto the mat with a Dropkick! Baxter settled back into a corner, but next Sawyer Xavier finds himself in the path of Xperienx Xtacee and gets a Backhand Slap directly across the mouth!

Chris Peacock: “OH HELL YEAH!”

Luna Piper avoids a Dropkick from Xperienx, and then attempts an elbow drop down onto him on the mat, but XX kips up to avoid it! Xperienx quickly drops a leg across Luna’s throat and rolls back through to do the same thing to her once again. Again, XX rolls through and he does a slow rotation of his hips and then points down at Luna and connects with a third, decisive Leg Drop! Xtacee rises to his feet and does a small bow to the fans, who are taken with him immediately.

However, XX once again has to deal with someone else in quick order and a Low Dropkick to the knee of an advancing Bryan Baxter, which sends him into the corner and the North American Champion is sat down against the bottom turnbuckle. XX holds his arms out and smirks as he backs into the opposite corner and then runs in… BRONCO BUSTER TO BAXTER!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This Xperienx Xtacee is having some fun out there, it seems and well, the FWA fans seem to be lapping it up!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Don’t speak too soon, Baby…”

Baxter takes a few of the hits from XX’s BB, but then he grabs Xtacee’s legs and manages to stand up with XX still in position and BAXTER DRIVES THE NEWCOMER DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A HUGE POWERBOMB!! Not in the mood for any shenanigans, Baxter casts an eye over to the screen as the countdown begins again as he grabs Sawyer Xavier from the mat and attempts to force him over the top rope…

Chris Peacock: “Sawyer Xavier in a bit of trouble here! Can he hold on for the next entrant, who might be able to help him out a little?”



Chris Peacock: “WHAT?!”

Bryan Baxter drops Xavier and then stands in the middle of the ring with a shocked look on his face and the Bridgestone Arena becomes UNGLUED as a figure walks out from the back!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “How can this be happening?”

The man waves and blows kisses to the crowd as he stands at the top of the ramp, however the longer he remains there, the quicker that everyone realises that all is not what it seems. As Krash’s entrance video disappears from the screen, the man is shown to the audiences at home and in the arena and the reaction turns into extremely loud boos from the crowd. He is wearing Krash’s gear, he even has a moustache… but it is not Krash. Of course, it is Jeremy Best.

Chris Peacock: “Oh, you motherf-”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “What’s the matter, Chris? That’s Krash!”


The look of worry and concern fades from Baxter’s face and he begins to laugh and grin as ‘Krash’ makes his way down to the ring and he attempts to slap hands with the fans but no one wants to and Best is met with middle fingers instead. In the ring, Bryan Baxter picks Sawyer Xavier up and HITS HIM WITH THE BAXTER DRIVER!! As Best gets up onto the apron, Baxter points to the top rope and Best looks out to the fans for approval (which he of course gets none) and then takes a position on the top rope. Best takes flight…

Jean-Luc Watkins: “DAYBREAKER! I cannot believe that Jeremy Best and the Buddy System have stooped to this level.”

When Best rises to his feet, both he and Baxter share a hug and find something to be happy about after their loss in the opening match of the night. With Xavier on the mat, he is easy pickings for Baxter who, under Best’s encouragement, picks Xavier up from the mat and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Xavier lands hard on the floor and the referees on the outside confirm that he is the first elimination of the 2023 Carnal Contendership!


Next in the sights of The Buddy System appears to be the man set for a collision with Baxter soon, ‘The Prodigy’ Mike Parr. Baxter stomps on his chest and then together he and Best lift him up and try to force Parr over the ropes.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Baxter and Best have the advantage right now, wrestling fans, if they can just pick everyone off one at a time, they could really work their way through the field in short order. Perhaps whoever comes in next can help them shift the tide out of their favour…”



The ever-progressing level of goodwill being shown by the fans towards Jackson Fenix gets a good bump as ‘The Sin City Bad Boy’ runs out from the back and he wastes no time going after Jeremy Best and Bryan Baxter!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Here’s Jackson Fenix of The Undisputed Alliance, and he is someone with plenty of history with The Buddy System!”

Chris Peacock: “Let’s not forget that it was Fenix that was beaten by Mike Parr at The Grand March to get that match with Baxter; Fenix still wants a piece of the North American Champion, though”

A big forearm smash to the back of Baxter’s head knocks the big man down to his knees and then Fenix pulls Best away from Parr and this allows ‘The Prodigy’ to land back in the ring safely. Fenix swings for Best, but Best ducks it and then runs the ropes, however Fenix follows him in and then Clotheslines him over the top rope, but Best lands on the apron! Fenix turns his attention away from Best and locks eyes with Parr, with the two sharing an uneasy nod as thanks from Parr, who then is left to contend with Luna Piper after she tries to take him out of the match just after he had been saved by Fenix.

Fenix brushes past this and sees someone coming out of the corner of his eye and gets ready to strike with a Superkick - but stops when Xperienx Xtacee holds his hand out in front of him. The two have a staredown for a moment, and then XX begins to slowly gyrate in front of Fenix, who immediately understands the assignment, and he begins to thrust his hips too!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “They’re showing you up, Boogie Baby!”

The sexually-charged dance off gets an appreciative cheer from the crowd, but both Fenix and Xtacee have the same idea to go for a punch to end it at the same time, but both dodge each other’s blow. XX runs the ropes and then ducks under the swing from Fenix and then comes back with a roll through underneath Fenix’s arm once again and attempts a Jumping Flatliner to Bryan Baxter - but Baxter catches him! Fenix turns around, but Baxter throws Xperienx Xtacee at him!

Baxter walks over to Jeremt Best and pulls him up and then charges forward and crushes both Parr and Piper in the corner with a Body Splash! It is once again just both Buddy System members in control of the ring, but the crowd cheers when Chris Crowe stands up and shows no fear, and he spins Best around and drops him with a punch to the jaw! The strike knocks Best backwards and he falls to the mat near the ropes.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris Crowe is going after The Buddy System; he and Baxter have both been in this match since the beginning!”

With Best out of the way, Crowe and Baxter once again begin to exchange punches as they had done at the beginning of the match. Once again, Crowe gets the better of it and he delivers a couple of kicks to Baxter’s midsection and then attempts to hook his arms together for the CLOSING ACT - BUT BAXTER SHOVES HIM TOWARDS THE ROPES, AND BEST LOW BRIDGES THEM CAUSING CROWE TO FALL DOWN TO THE FLOOR!

(TIME IN MATCH: 11:47)

Crazy Harry rushes over to check on Crowe and he then helps him up after his elimination. The fans are not best pleased as the second entrant is the second elimination in the match and it is now once again all smiles for The Buddy System as they await the next entrant in the match, ready to face them together.


The crowd are unsure of who this could be and The Buddy System look on in confusion but as a figure dressed all in black walks out from the back, Jeremy Best is shown gulping and even dropping to his knees in despair.


The mystery of where Chris Peacock’s cane is is also quickly solved as IT IS IN ALYSTER BLACK’S HAND! The roof nearly blows off of the Bridgestone Arena as the former FWA World and X Champion marches down towards the ring, and both members of The Buddy System seem extremely concerned.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The longest X Championship reign in history ended at King of the Deathmatch and now Alyster Black has his sights set on regaining the FWA World Championship but first… he’s got to deal with The Buddy System.”

Chris Peacock: “That’s right, Jean-Luc. This guy is my best friend and the only person that I want to face at Back in Business for my title. Right now though, he’s going to use my cane to fuck those two guys and I can’t wait to see it!”

Black climbs up onto the apron and Bryan Baxter attempts to get the jump on him, but BLACK CRACKS HIM ON THE FOREHEAD WITH THE CANE! Baxter stumbles backwards, and Black enters the ring where Jeremy Best is now standing on his own, dressed as Black’s long-time tag team partner and friend. Best puts his arms out, almost pleading for mercy from ‘Black Jesus’, BUT BLACK SMASHES THE CANE OFF OF BEST’S HEAD TOO!!

Jeremy falls down onto the mat on his front and he cowers as BLACK STARTS WEARING THE CANE OUT ON HIS BODY! The fans are losing it as Best gets a small dose of what has been coming to him since Back in Town, but Black’s onslaught is paused when Luna Piper approaches him and he jabs her in the ribs with the end of the cane! The frayed cane is then slammed down against Piper’s back, and Xperienx Xtacee takes a shot to the ribs as well for good measure.

Mike Parr runs in and kicks Black’s hand, causing him to drop the cane in what was a smart move, but then ‘The Prodigy’ gets kicked in the midsection and he falls down to the mat momentarily. With Black standing alone in the ring, the fans take a moment to show their appreciation for him.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “He’s cleaned house!”

With others out of the way, Black turns his attention back to Jeremy Best, who sees Aly coming and climbs over the top rope onto the apron, looking worried as Alyster advances towards him. In a somewhat act of kindness, he removes the moustache and just as Black is about to get his hands on him again… BAXTER WIPES BLACK OUT FROM BEHIND!!

The North American Champion has blood dripping from his forehead after the cane shot and Best is shown looking relieved… UNTIL JACKSON FENIX SUPERKICKS BEST FROM THE APRON AND BEST FALLS TO THE FLOOR!!!


The crowd cheers as Best is down on the outside and Baxter turns his attention to Fenix once again, but Mike Parr gets Baxter with a Chop Block from behind! With Baxter down on one knee… AND BAXTER GETS A SUPERKICK ME BABY ONE MORE TIME TOO!! There appears to be some teamwork going on between the opponents from The Grand March against Baxter, because just as Fenix felled him with the Superkick, Parr is on the top rope and he takes flight… X MARKS THE SPOT!!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It may not be worth much in this match, but if Mike Parr hits that move when he faces Baxter for the title, we could have a new North American Champion!”

Out of instinct if not anything else, Baxter gets up to his feet. He is bloodied, beaten and holding his midsection and he backs against the ropes, which ALLOWS ALYSTER BLACK TO CHARGE IN WITH THE ONE SHOT KILL, TAKING BAXTER OVER THE TOP ROPE AND EMPHATICALLY ELIMINATING HIM!!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 13:19)

The crowd cheer as the temporarily united force of Black, Parr and Fenix deal with The Buddy System and they along with Xperienx Xtacee and Luna Piper are the only active competitors in the match right now. Everyone seems to be after a breather of some sort after the flurry on Baxter as the next entrant is about to reveal themselves…



The highs of seeing The Buddy System eliminated in quick succession is immediately tempered by the man who was shown earlier tonight to have become the new X Champion. Summers has his newly-won championship on one shoulder, and the FWA Television Championship on the other and he grins proudly on his way down to the ring, ignoring the boos. Despite his confidence, Summers is not in the best physical shape, still wearing some of the wounds from his battle with Caesar shown earlier on.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Well, I guess going along with Uncle is paying off for ‘Der Bastard’, huh? Not me, obviously, but Uncle Ru! Don’t both of you guys know him pretty well?”

Chris Peacock: “Shut up, Uncle. Thankfully there are enough people in the ring that dislike Shawn Summers even more than I do. It must make Alyster feel sick seeing him with the X Championship.”

Indeed, Alyster Black has his attention solely on Shawn Summers, who walks around the ring and hands his championships to the timekeeper. Summers ensures to wink at Chris Peacock on commentary as well, who ignores him. When he finally gets into the ring, he walks straight up to Alyster Black and they go nose-to-nose, both shouting expletives at the other, and Black goes to strike first, but Summers cracks him with a Headbutt.

Summers comes out almost as bad as Black, but Black then takes a Reverse DDT from Luna Piper, but then the DJ finds herself in Summers’s clutches, and he takes her over with the WIPE OUT!! The Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex sends Luna across the ring and she settles against the bottom turnbuckle. Summers uses this opportunity to line her up for the Bee’s Knees, but Jackson Fenix cuts him off with a forearm to the face. Summers however stomps on Fenix’s foot - and then kicks him between the legs!

The low blow is legal in the CC, and Summers runs towards the ropes and then springboards from the middle rope and catches the oncoming Xperienx Xtacee with the Lights Out knee strike! ‘Der Bastard’ wears a smirk on his face and holds his arms out to the crowd, having taken everyone down. Everyone apart from one person…

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’d turn around if I was you, Summers…”

The crowd begins to cheer loudly as behind Shawn Summers… stands Mike Parr. Summers turns around slowly, realising who it must be, and he smirks as he stares into the intense eyes of ‘The Prodigy’... AND PARR AND SUMMERS BEGIN TO TRADE BLOWS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Neither man gives anything away, the anger of the last two years still as present as ever.

Summers manages to cut Parr off with a knee to the midsection, but Parr then pops up and connects with a knee to the face! With Summers down, Parr tackles him down with a double leg and the two fierce former rivals roll around on the mat trying to hurt the other as much as they can. On the other side of the ring, Alyster Black tries to get some payback on Piper by trying to eliminate her from the match, with XX and Fenix both still down after Summers’s offence.



Kleio De Santos is not alone as she walks out from the back, due to both of the Ravenwood sisters of The Coven coming out from the back with her. The crowd react negatively towards the sinister group; to which Celestia pulls some taunting faces. Kleio meanwhile has her eyes set on the ring and the competitors in the match.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Those two are coming out with her? They can’t all enter the match! This isn’t right!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “After all of your stunts last year? Well, Kleio De Santos is the official entrant and representative of The Coven in this match and after another impressive showing in the King of the Deathmatch tournament, she must be feeling pretty good about her chances in the Carnal Contendership.”

As The Coven make it to ringside, Kleio receives wishes of good luck from both Blair and Celestia, who decide that they will hang around and perhaps cause some mischief. KDS enters the ring and her first action is to run across the ring and go after who she may perceive to be the biggest threat in the match, Alyster Black. As a result of Kleio connecting with a Roundhouse Kick to the back of his head, Black’s Violence Party on Piper is interrupted, and the DJ drops to the mat and then rolls under the bottom rope down to the floor.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A reminder that you have to go over the top rope and out to the floor in order to be eliminated. Luna went down under the bottom rope, therefore she is still in the match.”

Kleio traps Alyster’s head and then bites down onto his neck! The crowd winces at the nasty-looking move and Black groans before breaking out of Kleio’s grasp and he attempts to strike her but she reacts quicker and a rising knee strike to his face knocks him back towards the ropes. Kleio measures him and looks to strike Black with a Jumping Crescent Kick, but Black catches her and tips her over the top rope, but she lands on her feet on the apron. Despite this, Black connects with a very stiff forearm and Kleio is knocked backwards, right into the arms of The Coven!

Both Blair and Celestia push Kleio back up to her feet on the apron and she gets into the ring to pursue Black once again as he goes after Jackson Fenix this time, but KDS spins him around… LETTERS TO KLEIO!!

Chris Peacock: “Come on, Aly. You can shake that off…”

After taking down Black, Kleio approaches Xperienx Xtacee and beats him to the punch and she starts unloading on him in the corner with some strong body shots. On the other side of the ring, Mike Parr has gotten the better of Shawn Summers and a stomp to the X and Television Champion keeps Summers down, as Parr himself now approaches De Santos, but as he walks towards her FENIX CATCHES HIM WITH A SUPERKICK!!

Parr is not taken down by the Superkick, but it does stir him enough so that Summers can get back up to his feet and he brings Parr’s head down and then hooks him up… MIDSOMMAR!! It is clear that ‘The Prodigy’ is out of it from the combination of Fenix and Summers, and this allows Summers to quickly pick him up and throw him out of the ring over the top rope - Mike Parr is out!

(TIME IN MATCH: 13:12)

Jean-Luc Watkins: “An absolutely huge elimination there, wrestling fans and one that Shawn Summers will relish given his history with Mike Parr. Summers needs to be careful though - because he’s Fenix!”

As Summers spent too long leaning over the ropes to taunt Parr on the outside, Fenix was ready to strike with another Superkick, but Summers blocks it and connects with a Headbutt to Fenix, before he tries to force him out over the top rope. Kleio De Santos seems to be having some luck with Xtacee as well, as she has gotten underneath him against the turnbuckle in an attempt to eliminate him. XX manages to fight off Kleio with a few strikes, which sends her across the ring as the countdown begins once again…



The fans seem initially unaware of who is making their entrance, but things become clearer as the large figure of a man only seen a handful of times in the FWA - and never in competitive action - makes an appearance as yet another surprise in the Carnal Contendership match! Blizzard walks down to the ring, dressed in gear consisting of black trunks with some red accents on them and denoting his moniker of ‘The Perfect Storm’.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, I know there was some buzz around Al Blizzard towards the end of last year, but before he could step between the ropes here in the FWA he was forced into apparent retirement with a serious injury. But, here he is and he looks like he means business.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “It must have all been part of a long game, Baby. Fake retirement and then come back and win everything. Devin Golden did it twice! Hey, he might show up!”

Chris Peacock bites his tongue as Blizzard enters the ring after walking up the steel steps and his first action in the match is to charge across the ring and he wipes Kleio De Santos out with a Big Boot! Kleio gets folded up by the move and then Blizzard grabs the incoming Xperienx Xtacee around the neck and then uses his spare hand to strike him with several forearm smashes to the face.

Blizzard drops XX and then turns his attention to Shawn Summers, managing to shake off the couple of punches that the double champion is able to let fly against him. Summers rears back and goes for a big punch, but Blizzard drops his shoulder and then scoops him up onto his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. As Blizzard has Summers up, he sees Fenix approaching but another Big Boot drops the Undisputed Alliance member back down to the mat.

Blizzard elevates Summers up and then plants him on the mat with the AL CUTTER!! Blizzard rises to his feet and roars out to the crowd.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Al Blizzard has made light work of everyone out here and he’s got some pedigree about him, too. He’s won championships elsewhere and could have his sights set on yours, Peacock.”

Chris Peacock: “He’d present quite the tough challenge if this showing so far is anything to go by; when you come into a match at this stage it is important to use your freshness. Some of these guys have been in there for over ten minutes now.”

With everyone else down, Blizzard turns his attention to the only one in the ring that he is yet to get some offence in on, being Alyster Black. Like Shawn Summers, Black manages to fire off a few hard strikes on him and these do rock Blizzard slightly. Black backs into the ropes and looks to come back at Blizzard, but Blizzard cuts him off on his return with a Running Knee Strike! It knocks the former FWA World Champion for a loop and Blizzard looks to get a big money elimination, but Black holds on to the top rope to save himself.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Hey, hey. What’s going on here?”

As Blizzard continues to work over Black in the ropes, a figure is shown emerging from the back. They are dressed head-to-toe in black and also wear a black mask on their face; their identity is completely obscured.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I have no idea who this individual is, but they seem to have an interest in Al Blizzard. What is that they’ve got there? Is that a sign of some sort?”

The unknown individual holds a large placard in their hands and as they raise it, their presence seems to catch the attention of Al Blizzard. He walks over towards the ropes on the side of the stage and leans over to see that the card reads “BECOME HIM”. This seems to cause Blizzard to go deep into thought and he almost freezes when he reads the words… THIS ALLOWS LUNA PIPER TO SNEAK UP BEHIND HIM AND TIP HIM OUT OF THE RING!


Piper had snuck back into the ring after avoiding Blizzard’s demolition of the other competitors and she was able to eliminate him whilst he was distracted. Blizzard seems frustrated momentarily about being eliminated but he then goes to pursue this person on the stage who lowers the sign and then disappears behind the curtain. Luna Piper, the only person standing in the ring, does a small hypnotic dance as she waits for the next entrant.



As Al Blizzard leaves, another Brit enters and the two stare at each other momentarily before Reagan Cole walks down to the ring down the ramp. Cole is notably on his own tonight, with Jeffry Mason and TYLER nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “For the second consecutive year, Reagan Cole enters the Carnal Contendership at number thirteen. Last year, he was eliminated by a debuting Jeffry Mason but this year, ‘The British Apprentice’ finds himself aligned with the sadistic deathmatch specialist.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Well, he’s made it very clear how he feels about my Nephews and very unjustly so! Boogie Baby here was right, at least he has a reason not to like us, but I’m still hopeful we can wear him down one day.”

Chris Peacock: “Never going to happen. It might be hard for us to put our personal feeling about Cole to one side but I can speak from experience that this guy is tough and he’s very capable of going far in this thing.”

Cole slides into the ring and Luna Piper’s eyes widen and in a quick rush to prevent him from being able to get her, she removes the goggles from her head and attempts to put them on Cole, but he slaps them out of her hand, sending the goggles down to the floor at the bottom of the ramp. Piper goes to strike Cole, but he traps her hand. She tries the other hand, but he does the same and then drills her with a Headbutt between the eyes.

Cole ignores Xperienx Xtacee who is currently lighting up Jackson Fenix with punches and chops in the corner and instead goes after Kleio De Santos and lifts her from the mat - taking her over with the Invented Suplex! Cole gets straight back up and is cut off by Alyster Black, and the two of them go for a Headbutt at the same time, resulting in a nasty clash of heads in the middle of the ring. With Cole and Black smarting, Shawn Summers gets involved and he applies a Double Underhook to Cole and takes him over with a Double Underhook Suplex!

Instead of keeping Cole locked in, Summers does the same application to Black and takes his nemesis (one of several) over with a Suplex as well. Summers sees Xtacee advancing towards him as well and meets him with a kick to the midsection to double the newcomer over. This allows Summers to attempt to complete the trifecta, and this one is high-angled, but Xperienx lands on his feet behind Summers.

‘Der Bastard’ turns around and Xtacee connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick directly to the face, taking the double champion down!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Some Educated Feet there from the newcomer Xperienx Xtacee, and he’s making a good showing of himself in this match. Oh… wait a second… we’re getting some news from backstage… something is happening… Price, are you there?!”


In a backstage corridor there is a very loud commotion going on and swarms of security guards are in the background of the shot, whilst Allen Price occupies the foreground and is still holding his ribs after he was assaulted by Christian Quinn earlier on.

Allen Price: “It is absolute pandemonium back here, Jean-Luc! We know that The Buddy System got eliminated from the match but by the time they got back here there was someone waiting for them-”


Price is interrupted by a loud shrieking voice and Violet Dreyer is doing everything she can to get past the many security guards that are holding her back, preventing her from getting at Jeremy Best and Bryan Baxter. Baxter is trying to get through the mob as well, but is also being restrained. Jeremy stands behind all of the ruckus, looking concerned.


The security seem to be doing their job well and as a result, Violet is forced out of the frame and her shouting can still be heard as she is ushered further down the corridor.

Allen Price: “Violet Dreyer attempted an ambush on The Buddy System but security stepped in. It is getting pretty hot back here, I’d feel much more comfortable back there with you, Jean-Luc… Jean-Luc?”


Returning to the ring, Xtacee takes a moment to thank the fans for their graciousness, but this proves costly as Jackson Fenix is behind him and he grabs XX and plants him into the mat with CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’! Fenix, having taken a good amount of punishment in his own right during the match so far, stays down as the countdown begins for the next entrant with all active competitors in the process of picking themselves up from the mat.



The crowd responds positively as Bellatrix Bordeaux walks out from the back as the next entrant in the match, dressed to compete. Trixie does her best to put on a brave face as she approaches the ring, seeing that there are seven others already in there, being Black, Fenix, Xtacee, Summers, KDS, Cole and Piper.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Should there be any further developments backstage, we’ll be sure to return to Allen Price for an update. In the meantime, here comes Bellatrix Bordeaux, to compete in her first Carnal Contendership.”

Chris Peacock: “I think Trixie is someone who could really grow into one of the top competitors here in the FWA, given some time. Already we’re starting to see her make some better choices - wait! No! TRIXIE! PUT THEM DOWN!”

What Peacock is referring to are Luna Piper’s goggles which are on the floor at Trixie’s feet, which she picks up. Despite nearby fans warning her not to, Bordeaux smiles as she innocently places the goggles over her eyes… and immediately falls into a trance-like state. From inside the ring on the mat, Piper smirks as she sees that she has enthralled someone else and she tells Trixie to enter the ring. As with anyone under the trance, Trixie follows Luna’s commands.

Once inside, Luna tells Trixie to go after the nearest person to her, which happens to be Shawn Summers… and she charges towards him and jumps on the dual champion and takes him down with a Thesz Press! Trixie follows up with some slaps and even a bite to Summers’s forehead. Piper seems very amused by this and tells Bordeaux to move on, and she runs across the ring to where Alyster Black is in the corner and starts stomping on him whilst holding onto the ropes and then she uses her boot to choke him for a few seconds.

Jackson Fenix, spotting that Bordeaux is under Piper’s control, turns Trixie around and attempts to remove the goggles… but Trixie lands an uppercut right between his legs! Not for the first time, Fenix goes down holding his balls.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “In most circumstances, I’m sure Jackie would enjoy a girl touching him there. Careful what you wish for, I guess.”

The next target for Trixie/Luna is Xperienx Xtacee, who manages to avoid Bordeaux initially and instead he decides to go after Piper, and a Jumping Shoulder Block knocks Piper down to the mat! This causes the control Piper has over Trixie to fade slightly, and Bordeaux seems concerned momentarily… and Kleio De Santos comes across and she rips the goggles off of Trixie’s face!

Trixie is absolutely elated to see KDS in front of her and she immediately embraces the woman she considers a friend with a hug. Kleio awkwardly hugs her back, but all this means is that they’re both in perfect position for REAGAN COLE TO TAKE THEM BOTH DOWN WITH A DOUBLE RHINO’S RAGE! Cole gets up to his feet and takes a moment to collect his breath and thoughts as the countdown for the fifteenth entrant begins…



The crowd swell in anticipation and Reagan Cole’s eyes widen as his former tag team partner Aka Yurei walks out from the back! Aka has her face painted a white and red pattern tonight and she has her eyes firmly set on the man she won the FWA World Tag Team Championships with last year.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, Aka Yurei returned to the FWA at The Grand March with a new tag team partner in Keiko Hirabayashi but tonight she will be having a reunion with her former Spirit Walkers partner in Reagan Cole. Reckon this will be a happy occasion for Reagan Cole, guys?”

Chris Peacock: “Why wouldn’t it? It’s not like Reagan is still buddied up with the guy that took Aka out of action for six months, is it?”

Despite what happened the last time they were in the same ring together, Reagan seems pleased to see Aka in the Carnal Contendership and he reaches out to put an arm around her, but Aka doesn’t hesitate and starts laying into Cole with some heavy strikes! The crowd eats it up as ‘The Crimson Ghost’ haunts her old partner and pummels him with several palm strikes to the chest, and she finishes off the combination with a MASSIVE chop across Cole’s chest, which sends him into the corner.

Aka follows him in, kicking out at him as she does so, and once in the corner she rips his vest in half to expose his bare chest and then delivers another chop across his chest! The sound reverberates around the arena and Aka makes it clear that she is not done with getting some payback on Cole just yet, and she lifts him up and props him in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Aka begins to climb up behind Reagan.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is a risky play by Yurei with whatever it is she has in mind… HOLY-”

The crowd cheers extremely loudly as YUREI SPIKES COLE ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD WITH A POISON FRANKENSTEINER!! It certainly was a Vengeful Strike as far as Aka Yurei is concerned, given her history with Cole. Aka sits up after completing the move, noticing that Cole is unmoving on the mat after the move and could be in position to be thrown out of the ring, but before she can act, Xperienx Xtacee connects with a Double Stomp to her chest, flattening her down on the mat as well!

Xperienx gets back up but is grabbed from behind by Luna Piper and Piper attempts to apply the goggles worn by Trixie on ‘Him’, but he manages to block her attempt and hooks both of her arms up and DROPS HER WITH A WING CLIPPER!! XX picks up the goggles and then places them on Piper’s head… and picks her up from the mat and throws her over the top rope and out of the ring!

(TIME IN MATCH: 16:20)

Piper is shown on the outside stuck in a trance of her own doing until one of the referees on the outside removes the goggles for her. She slams her fist against the floor when she realises that she is out of the match. In the ring, Xtacee performs a small shimmy in the middle of the ring before he heads over to Kleio De Santos and attempts to eliminate her over the top rope to the concern of The Coven on the outside.



Another very popular entry into the match and the camera catches the face of Shawn Summers as Tommy Bedlam comes out of the ring as we officially enter the second half of the match and as soon as Bedlam identifies Summers, he goes straight after him!

Chris Peacock: “I know that Tommy Bedlam has wanted nothing more than to get his hands on Shawn Summers since The Grand March; Tommy should be the Television Champion right now and not to mention what Summers did to his girl. You’ve earned this ass whooping you’re about to get, Summers!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “It’s horrible what he did. I know I’m not above a lot of things, but going after a pregnant woman? I’m not sure that even I would advocate something like that.”

Bedlam gets down the ramp as fast as he can, and he reaches under the bottom rope and pulls Summers out of the ring by his boot! Summers, not eliminated, gets a guard up as Bedlam hammers him on the back with some very hard strikes. Summers manages to create some separation between himself and his current rival, but Bedlam proves to be relentless and he grabs Summers and sends him into the ring post on the outside!

The referees on the outside tell Tommy to take things into the ring but he brushes that suggestion off and gets some more shots in on Summers on the outside, and he sends him into the ring barricade next! Tommy then decides to go along with the suggestion of the officials and he rolls Summers into the ring and then follows him in. Summers staggers backwards away from Tommy as Bedlam also gets into the ring… TOMMY CHARGES FORWARD AND CLOTHESLINES SUMMERS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH SUCH FORCE THAT BOTH MEN FALL TO THE FLOOR AND ARE ELIMINATED!

(TIME IN MATCH: 10:02)


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Two eliminations for the price of one there! Tommy Bedlam is not concerned in the slightest about not getting further in the Carnal Contendership match - he just wants Shawn Summers!”

Despite being eliminated from the match, Bedlam stays on top of Summers on the outside and ‘Der Bastard’ does his best to get away from the irate Bedlam. He stumbles around at ringside towards where his championships are and then holds them both closely to his chest. Still, Tommy is getting in as many shots on Summers as he can and he charges forwards… AND TACKLES SUMMERS THROUGH THE RING BARRICADE AT RINGSIDE!!

The crowd go wild as Bedlam simply refuses to lay off Summers, and the referees at ringside all crowd around the wreckage where the two men are still fighting with each other despite the punishment they have just been through. The countdown clock comes back up once again as the officials are all trying to do what they can to separate Bedlam and Summers, with the FWA security of course pre-occupied with Violet Dreyer and the Buddy System backstage! The referees do their best, as the countdown resumes…



The crowd reacts negatively to the man who is entering his second Carnal Contendership match after debuting in last year’s instalment - Jeffry Mason. Mason though is not alone, as he carries a trash can filled with weapons towards the ring with him, promising that there will be some suffering in store for those who get in his way.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Last year, Jeffry Mason entered this match as an antagonist to Reagan Cole, but tonight he is an ally. Not only that, but he was a finalist in the King of the Deathmatch tournament… we knew he was sick but he showed us exactly why and that brand of violence seems set to be making another appearance in this match.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “People are about to get HURRRRRRT! HAHA!”

In the ring, Reagan Cole looks on as Mason slowly walks towards the ring… AND AKA YUREI APPROACHES HIM FROM BEHIND AND TIPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE RING!!


The crowd cheers loudly and Cole is SHOCKED on the outside, with Aka not giving it a second thought before she turns her attention to Kleio De Santos and has to fend off Trixie Bordeaux at the same time. However as Cole looks over at Mason as the latter reaches the bottom of the ramp, he is confused when Mason tells him to get back into the ring - because the referees didn’t see the elimination due to them having to deal with Bedlam and Summers!

Cole grins and then slides back into the ring, with Mason throwing his trash can of toys in as well before rolling in himself.

Chris Peacock: “Cole has gotten away with this due to some pretty quick thinking on Jeffry Mason’s part and a big chunk of luck!”


It seems that Bedlam has had his fill of Summers as he allows ‘Der Bastard’ to limp away with his championships, and as a result the referees return to their posts on the outside of the ring and they’re just back in time to catch REAGAN COLE RETURNING THE FAVOUR ON AKA YUREI AND ELIMINATING HER FROM THE MATCH!


Whilst Aka Yurei and the fans are very angry about that turn of events and Aka has to be escorted away from the ring by the referees, Mason begins removing some of the weapons from the trash can. Alyster Black gets up and takes a baking tray to the head which knocks him back, but Cole then floors the former X Champion with the COLE-BREAKER! With Black down, Kleio De Santos tries to grab one of the weapons herself, a steel chair hanging out of the trash can, but Mason prevents her from doing so with a stomp to the back.

Mason then takes custody of the chair himself and slams it down on KDS’s back! The Ravenwoods on the outside are furious about this, but it is Trixie Bordeaux that takes the main issue with it and she charges at Mason and tackles him to the mat!

Chris Peacock: “Get him, Trixie!”

As Bordeaux unleashes a series of slaps and punches to Mason, mostly ineffectual, Cole steps in once again and grabs her from behind… and HE GERMAN SUPLEXES HER ONTO THE TRASH CAN! Cole then helps Mason up and Mason thanks him and then says “I’ve given you everything you need.”... and Mason walks towards the ropes and backs out over them, and he jumps down to the floor!


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Two years in a row that Mason has taken himself out of the match now - but this time instead of costing Cole his chance, he’s set him up to potentially win if he can keep hold of all of these weapons!”

Cole looks on with a look of determination as Mason departs up the ramp once again, and then he notices that the countdown has appeared once again…



The theme music of the former FWA Television Champion gets a solid pop from the Nashville crowd as the stage lights are dim and the young joshi star makes her way out, still cloaked in the darkness as the action continues in the ring.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Vampyra is here in her first Carnal Contendership! In an emotional address, the former Television Champion stated her intentions to prove she belongs in FWA, and this is THE match to do it in.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “But she seems to be waiting her time…”

The name “Vamprya” on the screen flashes before being sliced through by a sword, crumbling to dust. The fans are confused and even some competitors in the ring glance up as new music plays.

The lights on the stage flash red as we finally see the woman on stage. Gone is the black and horns of Vampyra, instead, we see a white and red appearance, a mask with fox-like ears. The name on the screen changes to-



The fans give a surprised pop as the newly renamed Katsu shows a confident and wild grin on the stage.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Now we know what she meant by a new beginning! The rebirth of Vampyra… This is Katsu!”

Chris Peacock: “And look at that new mask, damn! That’s going to sell like gangbusters!”

Having had enough time to soak the moment in, she has a match to enter. The young joshi rushes down the ramp to enter the melee. First to greet her is Reagan Cole, who swings the steel chair brought in by Mason towards Katsu, but she ducks the blow and then runs the ropes and she comes back off of them with a Running Dropkick - sending the chair straight into Cole’s face! This knocks Cole backwards and he finds himself slumped across the middle rope. Katsu points a finger into the air and then runs the ropes again… MOONLIGHT KICK!!

Cole slumps down after the impact and Katsu, now on the apron, quickly scampers across it and takes a position on the top turnbuckle where she sees Alyster Black incoming. Black charges towards her and she jumps over his head, connecting with a stomp to his back as she flies over him. Katsu rolls through, but right into the path of Jackson Fenix, who catches her with a forearm strike to the face. Katsu turns around… BLACK RUNS IN LOOKING FOR THE ONE SHOT KILL… KATSU DUCKS AND BLACK WIPES FENIX OUT!!

There is no sign of remorse from Alyster Black, not that he would have time to regret hitting the wrong target, as Katsu has already grabbed him from behind and attempted to throw him out of the ring. Black goes over the top rope, but hangs on to the bottom rope on the other side as Katsu uses her boot to try and break his grip, but he holds on. In any case, Katsu is unable to put much more work in on Black, as Kleio De Santos approaches her and delivers a kick across her stomach to stop her.

Kleio tags Katsu with a few more strikes and brings her into the middle of the ring by doing so. Grabbing Katsu’s head, Kleio looks for another LETTERS TO KLEIO - KATSU SPINS OUT OF IT AND CATCHES KDS WITH A BICYCLE KNEE! Kleio is groggy from the strike and Katsu grabs her around the back of the head, seemingly ready to eliminate her from the match, but BORDEAUX TACKLES KATSU TO THE GROUND! Trixie slams Katsu’s head against the mat a couple of times whilst screaming “LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Isn’t Katsu supposed to be one of Trixie’s friends as well? Does she not recognise her with the new mask?”

It would seem that Katsu is also trying to convey that point, but Trixie is having none of it. This seems to be okay up to a point as far as Katsu is concerned, as she then shoves Bordeaux off of her and then when both are back up, connects with a Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head! This drops Trixie down to her knees and Katsu runs the ropes… and TAKES HER DOWN WITH THE BITE!! Katsu remains on her knees, breathing heavily, as the countdown begins once again…



‘The Young Lioness’ Madison Gray jogs out from the back for her first Carnal Contendership match, getting a kind reception from the fans.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Madison Gray is still very early in her professional wrestling career but tonight she has a chance to catapult herself to stardom and drawing nineteen… it could be worse.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “She is also nineteen years of age. What a coincidence! Whoever thought to include a detail like that must be a pretty smart guy!”

Gray slides into the ring and the first thing she has to do is avoid another Roundhouse from Katsu, which she ducks and then gets behind the joshi and she takes Katsu over with a Half Nelson Suplex! Gray thinks about following up, keeping her guard up at all times, which proves useful as Xperienx Xtacee makes a move to go after her as well and take her out of the match immediately, but she resists this attempt and cuts him off with a thrust kick, and she then stings his legs repeatedly with a series of kicks, and this sends him into the corner.

With XX set up, Gray steadies herself and then connects with a hard Running European Uppercut! Ignoring Jackson Fenix and Reagan Cole being tied up in another corner, Gray sees Alyster Black in the opposite one and and attempts to do the same to him as she did to Xtacee, but Black avoids the contact and Gray crashes into the turnbuckle! Black then acts quickly and holds her there before delivering a huge chop across her chest!!

Chris Peacock: “I think he might have just caved her chest in, guys. Alyster has been on the receiving end of a lot of stuff so far in this match and I think he’s had enough of it.”

Indeed, Black does radiate a frustrated aura and he sees Xperienx Xtacee seated against the bottom turnbuckle after he ate the European Uppercut from Gray and Black charges across the ring and then runs through XX with a Facewash! Black then turns around as Gray is back in the centre of the ring and he floors her with a Rolling Elbow!

The crowd are very behind the former FWA World Champion and Chris Peacock can be heard clapping through his headset as Black then sees both Cole and Fenix on the verge of going over the top rope, so he tips them both over… BUT THEY BOTH HOLD ON! Both Cole and Fenix grab the top rope with both hands and they hang above the floor, and they both start kicking out at each other whilst suspended from the ropes.

In the ring, Alyster Black shoves Trixie Bordeaux away and then meets KDS with a boot to the midsection and lifts her up, looking for the SATAN’S SPIKE… BUT BORDEAUX CRACKS HIM IN THE BACK WITH A KENDO STICK! The stick had been in the trash can brought by Mason and it seemed that Black was not hurt in the slightest by Trixie striking him with it, however he does drop KDS and turns around, slowly advancing towards her as the countdown appears on the screen once again.



The crowd cheer loudly as the mysterious weaselperson walks out from the back, but on an initial glance, something seems different about them. The wandering eyes and meandering way of movement have been replaced by what appears to be a more focused approach. weaselperson is walking towards the ring with a purpose.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, here comes weaselperson and to say that this individual is something of an enigma would be an understatement if you ask me, wrestling fans. They defeated Logan Darwin in their debut and then fell to Trixie Bordeaux in the King of the Deathmatch tournament in the first round… I have no idea how they will get on in the Carnal Contendership.”

Chris Peacock: “You’ve got to like touch this thing and be near it to eliminate it - that could be enough to get them quite deep into this match, if entering at number twenty wasn’t enough.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Don’t be such a hypocrite. What happened to not judging people by their appearances, mister silly disco man?”

weaselperson enters the ring just as Alyster Black is about to exact his vengeance on Bordeaux, and Black does grab Trixie and sends her over the top rope - but the Ravenwood sisters are at ringside to catch her! Trixie stays in the match thanks to The Coven! Alyster Black turns to face weaselperson, and is nonplussed by them, seeing them as just someone else in his way to winning this match.

Black goes for a forearm strike on weaselperson, but they block it to Black’s surprise! Showing some impressive technique, weaselperson keeps Black’s arm at bay and the strikes with a forearm of his own! Maintaining his grip, weaselperson is able to turn Black around and he jumps on Black’s back and wraps his legs around Black’s body and puts him in a Rear Naked Choke! Black struggles in the hold for a few seconds before he shows some obvious signs of fading in the submission.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Submissions are generally no good in Battle Royals, but weaselperson has choked out Alyster Black here! Black is not eliminated, but he is definitely incapacitated!”

As weaselperson puts the finishing touches on Black, both Cole and Fenix have found themselves back in the ring after their close call. Katsu and Xperienx Xtacee are in the process of exchanging chops in one corner and Kleio De Santos is struggling against Madison Gray. The Coven seem to be having trouble placing Bordeaux back on the apron as Trixie’s legs are akin to a young deer as she tries to balance whilst they prop her up.

weaselperson gets up and allows Alyster Black’s body to roll to the side and De Santos sends Gray in towards weaselperson and they follow through with a Lariat that takes Gray down! KDS realises that she now has to deal with weaselperson herself. She looks to strike them, but weaselperson is able to evade her kick and they maintains their hold on her leg and move KDS towards the rope and weaselperson manages to elevate Kleio up due to her lack of balance and she tumbles over the top rope, landing on the floor after not being able to stick a landing on the apron!

(TIME IN MATCH: 14:13)

Just as this happens, The Coven get Trixie back into the ring and realise that by saving the person who saved Kleio more than once, they were unable to prevent Kleio’s elimination! They rush around the ring as Bordeaux screams whilst charging at weaselperson, but they step out of the way and Trixie carries on towards the ropes where Katsu now is, and Katsu thinks quickly to elevate Trixie up… and BORDEAUX LANDS ON THE FLOOR AS WELL!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 10:19)

Katsu does not get any time to revel in her first elimination of the match, as she is immediately accosted by weaselperson, who connects with a Headbutt as she is still in the ropes. The Coven are shown to be looking angrily in Bordeaux’s direction before all parties depart the ringside area.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s two thirds of the entrants in this year’s Carnal Contendership that have revealed themselves. Still in we have Xperienx Xtacee from number five, Jackson Fenix from eight, Alyster Black - nine, Reagan Cole at thirteen and then Katsu, Madison Gray and weaselperson from eighteen, nineteen and twenty, respectively. There are ten more entrants left!”



The crowd respond positively and loudly as the now former X Champion but still current King of the Deathmatch makes his way out from the back. Like Shawn Summers earlier on, it is evident that Caesar is still feeling the effects of the match shown earlier on to tonight. However, unlike Summers, Caesar does not possess the pride of victory.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Ah, Caesar! Oh, how it pained me to see the man who once spurned me and threw away the opportunity of a lifetime in such a torrid state. Woe is me. Woe is me!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Losing his X Championship to Shawn Summers would have no doubt been a significant blow for Cornelius Aurelius Caesar. Everyone on this match should be cautious though, because a Roman with revenge on his mind is a dangerous prospect for anyone.”

Caesar slides into the ring and immediately goes after the first person that he can get his hands on, which happens to be Xperienx Xtacee. XX goes for his Educated Feet move once again, but Caesar ducks it and gets behind ‘Him’... ET TU, CEASAR?! The Backstabber has Xctacee arching his back on the mat and next Caesar elevates Reagan Cole over the top rope, but once again, Cole hangs on. As Caesar looks to move on, Cole grabs him from behind over the ropes and Caesar pulls him up over the ropes and onto his shoulders where he plants Cole in the middle of the ring with a Michinoku Driver!

Jackson Fenix attempts to connect with another Superkick in the match, this time to Caesar, but Caesar moves out of the way. Fenix though turns around quickly and avoids Caesar’s attempt to grapple him. Fenix tries to grab Caesar in order to throw him out of the ring, but Caesar blocks this attempt and then scoops Fenix up, trying to throw him out as well. As Fenix does everything he can to hold on, Madison Gray also arrives on the scene after getting past Katsu being hung upside down over the ropes by weaselperson as she too looks to avoid elimination.

Initially helping out Caesar, Gray decides to go after the Roman instead, and she also tries tipping Caesar out as well. The effect of this is that Fenix falls down onto the apron, but once again he holds on.

Chris Peacock: “Fenix is like a cat, man! How many times is it now that has he held on and not been eliminated?”

Caesar though has an initial struggle doing everything he can to repel Gray’s attempt at throwing him out and eventually an elbow directly to the face does the trick to get him away from her. She meanders off, holding her mouth, and Caesar takes advantage of this to grab her around the neck and he throws her over the top rope, where she falls to the floor, eliminated!


After eliminating Gray, Caesar opts to go after both weaselperson and Katsu, trying to tip them both over the top rope at the same time. Katsu cuts him off with a kick to the midsection, whilst weaselperson then goes back to trying to eliminate Katsu and trying to fend Caesar off at the same time.


ENTRANT #22: XYZ AT 31:30

Entrant #22 is another popular one with the crowd and XYZ runs out from the back, appearing on his own tonight for the Carnal Contendership. HIs cape trails behind him as he makes his way towards the ring before sliding in.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “XYZ was unsuccessful in his attempt to become the X Champion in the King of the Deathmatch tournament and we’ve seen lately that he has been having some issues with Death Walker… who may still be yet to come out in this match.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “I am actually a very big fan of XYZ. He is definitely somewhat of an inspiration for me and for the Nephews in general. Never give up on your dreams, kids!”

XYZ climbs up onto the apron and settles himself on there and waits for someone - who happens to be Xperienx Xtacee - to get up and he lines him up before taking flight and XYZ takes XX down with double knees to the chest from the top rope! XYZ rolls through and then sees that weaselperson is approaching him after giving up on eliminating Katsu and XYZ blocks weaselperson’s punch attempt and shoves him backwards and he kicks weaselperson in the shins several times and some to the thighs as well.

weaselperson absorbs the blows and manages to catch XYZ’s leg, and weaselperson takes XYZ over with a Dragon Screw! XYZ holds his leg for a moment, and weaselperson stands over him for a moment. weaselperson then goes to pick up XYZ - but XYZ is able to land a Dropkick on weaselperson after they brought him up! With weaselperson down, XYZ sledges Caesar in the back, once again allowing Katsu some reprieve.

However just as Katsu thinks she is spared from threat by Caesar, XYZ also attempts to eliminate her, and she is forced to fight him off with some forearms to the head. XYZ is knocked back a couple of paces and Katsu looks to connect with a Bicycle Knee Strike, but he leans back to avoid the contact and also then sweeps Katsu’s leg out from underneath her in one fluid motion. With Katsu down on her back, XYZ leaps into the air and then drops an elbow down across her chest!

Chris Peacock: “One thing I’m noticing as we get further and further into this match is just how much of an advantage people entering later on are getting here.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “You mean like you did when you won Golden Opportunity, Boogie Baby?”

Chris Peacock: “Hey, I got there by doing over an hour in the Carnal Contendership. Eliminated quite a lot of Nephews on the way as well, if my memory serves me correct.”

As XYA gets up, he pulls Reagan Cole away from Jackson Fenix and knocks him down with a Clothesline. Alyster Black is back on his knees by the ropes after weaselperson was able to put him down for a short while, and XYZ decides to try and force ‘Black Jesus’ out over the top rope after applying a Front Facelock to eliminate one of the largest threats in the match…



There is a party atmosphere inside the Bridgestone Arena as the masked luchador known as Juan Tothrefor makes his way out from the back and he does a small jig on the stage before pointing to the heavens for a moment and saying a quick prayer. He then heads down to the ring with some exuberance, with those in the crowd knowing who he is looking very pleased to see him.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Another debut in the Carnal Contendership match tonight! Those with some awareness of the Art of Lucha promotion based in Mexico - where Back in Business will be taking place this year - will know all about Juan Tothrefor. He’s a multiple time Art of Lucha Television Champion and tonight he’s going to show everyone here in the US what he’s capable of!”

Chris Peacock: “He’s certainly got some energy about him which I like a lot, Jean-Luc. Art of Lucha… that’s Chubby Carlos, right? If this guy has been working with someone like that and having some success, he’s got to be pretty good, right?”

Juan, despite being on the larger side as far as luchadors go, is able to agilely hop onto the ring apron once he reaches the ring and he sees the Jackson Fenix approaching him on the apron and he slingshots himself over the top rope and spikes him on the mat with a Tornado DDT! Juan gets straight back up and motions for someone else to take him on and that someone is weaselperson.

The luchador attempts an Arm Drag on weaselperson, but weaselperson quickly and efficiently blocks it and stops Juan from taking them over. They attempt a Back Suplex on Juan, but Tothrefor manages to flip all the way back and he lands on his feet. A cartwheel allows him to dodge the attempted Lariat from weaselperson, and once Juan is back on his feet, he leaps and gets some serious air as he lands a Dropkick right onto weaselperson’s chest.

Juan then sees XYZ still struggling with Alyster Black and goes over to provide some assistance, but it is at this point that Black manages to fight XYZ off to some extent with a couple of well-placed punches to the ribs. As Juan gets closer to him, Black looks to cut him off, but the Mexican stops him with a slap to the chest, and he then interlocks his fingers with Black’s. Juan does a little shimmy, pleasing the crowd and then he runs over to the corner and runs up the turnbuckle. Once up there, he jumps onto the top rope and then bounces into a seated position on the top rope and comes back off of them with an Arm Drag!

The skilled offence gets a big cheer from the crowd as Black is sent away across the ring by the momentum caused. Juan notes Reagan Cole trying his best to get Caesar out, but the Roman manages to turn the tables on Cole and ‘The British Apprentice’ soon finds himself on the wrong side of the ropes, desperately trying to keep himself in the ring. Juan turns around away from that - but he gets struck down by the Educated Feet of Xperienx Xtacee!

Xtacee is clearly exhausted after his long stint in the match so far, but he is very willing to entertain the fans still and he bows to them in appreciation for the welcome they have given him. The countdown clock appears on the screen behind him as he waves to a few fans in particular.



There is a collective gasp from the crowd as the lights in the arena turn off momentarily and a bright red spotlight shines on the stage where smoke begins to pour out. A large hooded figure walks into the smoke, with another right behind them. The lights return to normal as Death Walker removes his cloak and tosses it to one side, with The Dark Guardian loudly shouting about his charge. Death Walker throws up an ‘X’ symbol to the crowd and everyone in the ring as The Dark Guardian returns behind the curtain.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Well, as some would surely say business is about to pick up! This guy is just a monster. No other way to put it, really.”

Chris Peacock: “6’1, two-forty something? Yeah, this guy is the real deal and he literally comes from Hell. Not sure this is a guy that I want to fuck around with to be honest, and I’m not sure Xperienx Xtacee knows that.”

As Death Walker enters the ring after walking up the steps, he enters the ring through the ropes and immediately is confronted by Xperienx Xtacee, who looks to strike him with a punch to the head, but Death Walker catches his hand! Death examines their hands together for one moment, and then strikes XX with an overhand punch with his other hand. He does not stop at just one punch, though, and drives his fist into Xtacee’s head and face a few more times.

Xtacee’s legs begin to give up underneath him as Death Walker pummels him, and this makes him easy pickings for Death to grab him around the neck with both hands and then throw him over the top rope, AND XPERIENX IS OUT AFTER ENTERING SIXTH!

(TIME IN MATCH: 27:23)

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s the kind of game changer that Death Walker can be. Do not take anything away from Xperienx Xtacee though; lasting over twenty-seven minutes in his first Carnal Contendership and FWA debut.”

After eliminating Xtacee, Death Walker sets his sights on his next target, who happens to be Caesar after Cole shoves him into Death Walker’s path and Death Walker knocks down the former X Champion with a Big Boot! Reagan Cole’s elation at sending Caesar to the slaughter from in the corner is short lived, as Death Walker charges in and connects with a Running Elbow Strike in the corner!

Death Walker then sets about taking down anyone that moves with a powerful Clothesline, and he utilises this against Katsu, Jackson Fenix, Alyster Black and then weaselperson. Although weaselperson avoids the first Clothesline attempt and they jump on Death Walker’s back, looking for a Rear Naked Choke in the same vein as they did on Alyster Black, but Death Walker is able to Snapmare them away. Death Walker turns around and Juan Tothrefor is flying through the air, looking for a diving cross body - but Death Walker catches him! Death Walker positions himself in front of the ropes… FALLAWAY SLAM OVER THE ROPES AND JUAN CRASHES DOWN ON THE FLOOR!!


Jean-Luc Watkins: “Two eliminations in quick order for Death Walker, and it seems no one has been up to the challenge presented by him… but here comes XYZ!”

XYZ catches Death Walker from behind after his elimination of Juan, and he lays into his recent rival with several body shots and a Dropkick in an attempt to send him over the top rope. XYZ lifts one of Death Walker’s legs up to try and tip him over and the next entrant is on their way.


The music plays and a lot of fans rise to their feet in shock and anticipation. Juan Tothrefor is at the top of the ramp after getting eliminated, holding his ribs. Juan watches on as the owner of the promotion that he primarily wrestles for walks out from the back and is entering the Carnal Contendership!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “THAT’S CHUBBY CARLOS!”


After nodding his head in Juan’s direction, Carlos walks towards the ring with a grin on his face and the crowd are still surprised to see him. Even the competitors in the ring also takes notice of this new arrival in the match, realising the threat that Carlos brings.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’m just trying to fetch some notes as this is one I was not expecting to be here at all; a former CWA World Champion, CWA Continental Champion and most pertinently to this match… a former CWA WrestleRoyale winner and that alone instantly makes him one of the favourites to win this match.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “We’ve not been doing picks this entire time, but this is my pick, J-L! THIS IS MY PICK!”

Chubby enters the ring and he motions for everyone in the ring to bring it on… and XYZ is the first to do so and he charges at Chubby but gets knocked down with a shoulder block. The next to go after the newest man in the match is Death Walker, and he looks for a shoulder block of his own, but Carlos matches him in the middle of the ring. Everyone else in the ring watches on as Carlos tells him to go for it again.

Death Walker seems angered by the suggestion and then runs the ropes once more. However, Chubby turns on his heel and runs against the opposite ropes and when both are back in the middle Death attempts a Clothesline, but Carlos ducks it and both run the ropes again and CARLOS RUNS THROUGH DEATH WALKER WITH A SPEAR! FAST FOOD!

Reagan Cole thinks quickly and tries to get on top of Chubby before he can get to his feet and he does get in some good shots on Carlos’s back, but Chubby manages to hold him off. Cole breaks through and looks for a Headbutt, but Chubby catches him and holds him close to his chest AND TAKES COLE OVER WITH A BELLY-TO-BURGER SUPLEX!! The crowd cheers as Cole is pancaked on the mat and Carlos ensures to be up faster this time, but Alyster Black charges in and runs Carlos into the corner!

Chris Peacock: “How about this, huh? Some CWA-on-CWA action! I think Alyster is going to celebrate this reunion with a Violence Party!”

Indeed, Alyster Black peppers Carlos with as many strikes as he can muster and the blows do seem to be affecting Carlos, but he blocks a few hits and then pushes Black away INTO A SUPERKICK FROM FENIX!! Fenix strikes again, but he himself is then run down by Carlos and a Clothesline!

Chubby pulls Caesar away from Katsu as he was trying to eliminate her and he takes Caesar over with a Suplex! Chubby rolls his hips and then sees Katsu approaching and catches her with a boot to the midsection and then gets the second and third Suplexes to complete the Triple Cheese Burger with a Double Suplex to the two of them! Carlos is then presented with weaselperson, who charges at him and knocks him down with a Shotgun Dropkick!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Would you guys say that weaselperson seems a bit different tonight?”

weaselperson rises to their feet and breathes heavily before stomping on Carlos a couple of times to keep him down as the twenty-sixth entrant is about to come out…



Chris Peacock: “WOOOOOOOOOOO!”


This is another one that is popular with the crowd and ‘Slick’ Rick Vance recognises this as he walks out onto the stage strutting down towards the ring. Notably, Vance is alone as he was at The Grand March when he appeared to help Chris Peacock in the main event, with his fellow Diamond Dog Santino Dongarelli conspicuous by his absence.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “We had Chubby Carlos and it seems like the CWA connection is continuing with the former CWA World Tag Team Champion ‘Slick’ Rick Vance. Seen without Santino Dongarelli, though. Chris, where is Sonny D?”

Chris Peacock: “First of all, that is ‘Big Dick Slick’ Rick Vance and as for Sonny, we don’t know, man. Honestly, the guy dropped off the face of the map and we’ve not seen or heard from him ever since my celebrations which this dickhead and his pals ruined. Y’all forgot I had friends too, didn’t you?”

The nightclub owner and tag team specialist enters the ring exuberantly and just begins hitting everything he can see, although the speed he is doing so means he is not able to get enough power behind the blows to do any real damage. It is mostly just Rick letting people know that he is there. This changes when it is Alyster Black that Rick encounters and he holds his fist up over ‘Black Jesus’, but then extends a helping hand and offers to get Black up.

Very reluctantly, Black accepts the gesture and it seems that initially at least, the two friends of Chris Peacock are going to work together as Vance encourages Black to join him in trying to help weaselperson with Chubby Carlos, but before Vance can get over there to help after Alyster has committed, he has Reagan Cole to contend with.

Cole is very worn out after his involvement in the match thus far and he spins Vance around and attempts to pull him in for a DDT, but Vance spins out of it and cracks Cole with a punch straight to the face and he then hooks Cole up from behind and drops him with a DDT! Vance then exits the ring through the ropes and climbs up onto the turnbuckle and steadies himself whilst looming over Cole… MUFF DIVE!!!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Crassness for the sake of crassness with you guys, isn’t it?”

Vance gets up and beats his chest to a big cheer from the crowd and he sees Black now being worked on by Carlos after weaselperson abandoned him and it seems Vance is going to help Black out, but then he spots something out of the corner of his eye - Katsu. Vance adjusts his hair quickly and then slowly walks over to Katsu and leans on the top rope as she is stomping on Caesar who is down on the mat at her feet.

After clearing his throat and raising an eyebrow, Vance says something to Katsu… AND HER RESPONSE IS TO SLAP HIM IN THE FACE!! Vance holds his cheek in shock and then backs away from her, but Katsu is not prepared to let him get away with just that!

Chris Peacock: “There are so many things he could have said to warrant that reaction from Katsu, but I am almost certain that Rick deserved that.”

Vance is shown to be regretting his decisions and he tries to get away from Katsu as the countdown clock shows itself once again.



Chris Peacock: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Come on, Boogie Baby! You really didn’t think that there wouldn’t be any of my Nephews in this match? Don’t worry, it’s just Gerald… I’d hate for there to be more Nephews out here for the sake of it. When there’s too many they can really detract from what is important.”

Gerald Grayson does walk out from the back alone, without his tag team partner Michelle von Horrowiitz or indeed any other member of Cthulhu’s Nephews. Despite competing earlier on tonight, Grayson is fresh and he seems to understand that entering at this stage gives him a big advantage.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A Nephew was in the main event of Back in Business XVI and Gerald Grayson would be more than happy to keep the good times rolling after successfully defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships earlier on tonight alongside Michelle von Horrowitz.”

Chris Peacock: “Hey, at least if it was Grayson that I faced from the Nephews, he’s the only one who I’d actually believe if they said that it would be just the two of us out there.”

Grayson runs down the ramp and then slides into the ring, where he immediately goes after Rick Vance, who is still being chased around the ring by Katsu. Grayson tackles Vance and then grounds and pounds him for a few seconds, ostensibly getting some revenge for MvH due to Vance’s role at The Grand March. Grayson gets up off of Vance, which allows Katsu to continue, although Vance can be seen smiling as she gets on top of him to continue what Grayson had started.

Seeing Death Walker in one corner working on XYZ, Grayson turns Death around and then leaps into the air and knocks him back with a picture-perfect Dropkick! This sends Death into the corner with XYZ pinned behind him, and Grayson then starts laying into Death Walker with some forearm strikes in the corner! Grayson then Irish Whips Death Walker out of the corner, and into weaselperson’s path and weaselperson meets Death with a kick to the gut and weaselperson drops Death Walker with a Double Underhook DDT!

XYZ grapples Grayson from behind and attempts to deadlift him up and out of the ring, but Grayson uses the ropes and his feet hooked around XYZ’s thighs to block it the attempt. Grayson elbows XYZ a couple of times and this allows him to free himself and he then turns around and explodes into XYZ with a European Uppercut in the corner! Reagan Cole, Jackson Fenix, Caesar and Alyster Black all find themselves in another corner, and Fenix is forced to back onto the top rope to escape the mob in front of him.

Both Caesar and Cole stand on the bottom rope to grab Fenix and they strike him, knowing that if they knock him down from his perch then they could eliminate him. Fenix stands up and strikes them both, but Caesar and Cole force him further up and try to shove him off, but Fenix grabs onto both of them such that if he goes, they’ll go with him. However, they are unaware that they are in perfect position for Black to sneak underneath them…


Black forces the group forward AND FENIX’S FALL IS BROKEN BY WEASELPERSON! As a result, almost everyone in the ring is down, with the exception of Grayson who is working over XYZ still and Katsu, who picks a worn down Rick Vance up from the mat, who seems to have been having the time of his life despite being beaten… and SHE THROWS HIM OUT OVER THE TOP ROPE!!


Vance lands on the floor in front of the commentary table and flashes a thumbs up at Peacock, who can be seen laughing at the fate of his friend in the match. Katsu stands tall and motions that she is ready for the next entrant in the match.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Three more to go!”



The arena lights flash and flicker as Konchu Hao walks out from the back to a very generous reception from the crowd and he is naturally accompanied by Epsilon. Epsilon seems to want to join Konchu at ringside, but ‘The Mad Wizard’ motions for him to stay back and then marches towards the ring with his arms outstretched, cackling to himself and everyone else around him.

Chris Peacock: “COME ON THE OTHER SIDE INTO THE DARK WE HIDE GATHER THEM FOR THE RITE! Say what you want about Konchu but this song fucking rules. It was such a shame he didn’t beat that dickbag Baxter at The Grand March.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Konchu also decided to tell Epsilon to stay back tonight… what kind of things do you think he’s got in mind if they are too visceral or violent for Epsilon to witness? That can’t bode well for everyone else in the match…”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Nah, screw him. He’s a HACK! He’s always been a HACK and he will never stop being a HACK.”

Chris Peacock liking a song that is the complete opposite disco was a big surprise, but what is not is Konchu Hao revelling in the carnage that has unfolded in the ring as the conclusion of the Carnal Contendership draws nearer and nearer with each passing entrant. Konchu Hao immediately gets into the ring and finds himself up against a familiar foe in the shape of Alyster Black, and Konchu grabs him around the head and neck and starts laying into him with John Dee’s Knees!

After smashing Black in the face several times with both of his knees, Konchu turns around and sees Katsu charging towards him, and a strong Clothesline from Hao takes her down. Gerald Grayson does the same and meets the same fate, taking a Clothesline of his own. Weaselperson is the one to cut Konchu off with a kick to the midsection and weaselperson gets behind ‘The Mad Wizard’ and looks to hook his arms in a Full Nelson… but Hao spins out of it and gets behind weaselperson and windes them up… RASPUTIN’S REVENGE!!!

Konchu rises to his feet and lets out a very loud “KEHAHAHAHAHAHA!” which gets a loud cheer from the crowd. As Konchu laughs, someone rises to their feet behind him and the fans cheer when they see that it is a very beaten down Jackson Fenix, who inhales deeply, knowing exactly what ‘The Mad Wizard’ is capable of.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Jackson Fenix could be having some very troublesome flashbacks right now.”

Konchu cackles loudly once again as Fenix stands in front of him, but this particular laugh has more of a sinister undertone to it. The crowd are excited to see the rivalry between Konchu and The Undisputed Alliance become temporarily reignited, but before anything can happen CHUBBY CARLOS TAKES BOTH FENIX AND KONCHU OUT WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! The former CWA World Champion takes on the role of the buzzkill, but he does not seem bothered by this label. Instead, he picks weaselperson up from the mat, and tries to dump them over the top rope and take advantage of the damage done by Konchu.

Chris Peacock: “Getting to the business end of things now, gentlemen. Who is going to be the penultimate entry?”

Everyone in the ring is either occupied with trying to eliminate someone, trying not to be eliminated or just down on the mat taking a breather as the countdown appears for the second to last time…



Chris Peacock: “WHAT?!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “YOU?!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s right. Me.

The camera cuts to the announce table where JLW rises to his feet as the fans cheer loudly, and the commentator and former X Champion is obviously very pleased to have drawn such a high number in the Carnal Contendership match. Watkins removes his tie and unbuttons his shirt before ripping away his trousers to reveal that he is in his wrestling gear underneath! Watkins leaves the announce table and then slides into the ring. JLW immediately gets involved and sledges Chubby Carlos in the back, thus allowing weaselperson a chance to get back into the ring.

Watkins sees Reagan Cole advancing towards him and he ducks the swinging hook from Cole and gets behind him and grabs him around the waist and takes him over for a German Suplex! JLW pulls Cole back up and readjusts his grip and this time Cole is dropped onto the mat with a Tiger Suplex! Then, entrant #29 brings him up once more and changes up once more into a Half-Nelson and HE DROPS COLE ON HIS HEAD WITH A HALF-NELSON SUPLEX!! Watkins rushes back up and opportunistically tries to tip XYZ over the top rope, but XYZ holds onto the ropes and prevents his elimination.

Chris Peacock: “Well, Jean-Luc has certainly hit the ground running in there, opening the parentheses on Reagan Cole and-”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Shut up for one second. What is he doing out here?”

Chris Peacock: “Don’t tell me to shut up. I’m the FWA World Champion, you fat old prick. Who are you talking about? Oh… oh.”

There is a small amount of hullabaloo from the crowd as someone runs out from the back in a blur of pastel blue and the cameras recognise it as Allen Price, who runs around the ring and heads straight to the announce table. Price seems to be making every effort to ensure that Jean-Luc Watkins does not see him. Luckily for Price, a combination of others in the way and also JLW being busy with XYZ, and also Caesar trying to eliminate him in turn, Price can reach the announce table undetected.

Chris Peacock: “Allen, what are you doing, man?”

Allen Price: “I couldn’t handle it back there any longer, Chrissy. I knew Jean-Luc was entering the match - I am pulling for him or Alyster now that Rick is out - but I didn’t expect to wait so long to make my move. Uncle.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “You’re still a massive waste of space, dude.”

The ring is rather full, with twelve competitors in there at the moment and they are all fighting tooth, nail and fur to ensure that they are going to be the one to challenge Chris Peacock at Back in Business… and there is one left.



One of, if not THE biggest reaction of the night from the crowd is reserved for the final entrant in the 2023 Carnal Contendership match. Cyrus Truth walks out with an extremely determined look on his face and everyone in the ring takes notice of ‘The Exile’ as he counts the twelve potential victims in the ring waiting for him.

Allen Price: “The notes in front of me tell me that Cyrus Truth is the only person in this year’s match that has done what everyone here is vying to do; win the Carnal Contendership match. They also say that WOLF is the only person in history to win this match twice. Can Cyrus Truth already add to his immense legacy by becoming the second tonight?”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “You’re as deluded as Cyrus is if that’s what you believe, Price. If there’s anyone who was in that Grand March main event that deserves another shot, it is Michelle von Horrowitz. No one wants to see someone that Boogie Baby has already faced win this. How big are we going to let his ego grow?”

The expected retort from Chris Peacock does not come, as the FWA World Champion is shown to be intensely concentrating on the match itself now and he, like everyone else, watches as Cyrus Truth enters the ring and everyone manages to rise to their feet regardless of how much punishment they have taken during the match to stand up against ‘The Exile’. The threat he poses is evident from the response to his presence from all of the others.

Truth lowers his head for a moment, acutely aware of the target on his back due to his reputation and entry number. He then snaps his head up and defiantly demands that everyone else “BRING IT ON!” and THE OTHERS ALL SWARM TOWARDS HIM!

Truth, the freshest man in the match, delivers a barrage of strikes to anyone and everyone who dares approaches him. He fells Grayson, Cole, Caesar, Fenix, Katsu and XYZ all in one go. Death Walker takes a couple of very stiff chops to the chest and then Truth gets behind Alyster Black and stomps on the back of his knee before rushing through the crowd and hitting the ropes - coming back with a Running Boot to Black’s face!

Jean-Luc Watkins grabs Truth and cradles his head, managing to get off a couple of forearm strikes and he attempts to hook Truth up for a Suplex of some description, but Truth smoothly transitions out of it. Their momentum takes them towards the ropes and Truth turns the tables on Watkins and sends him over the top rope AND WATKINS FALLS DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!


Watkins slams his fist against the floor and rises to his feet and his eyebrow cocks when he notices that Allen Price is sitting at the desk.

Allen Price: “I don’t think he’s in a good mood. I should get out of here. Byeeeeee!”

The headset is ditched and Price runs on the opposite side of the ring from Watkins, who makes his way back to his regular position. In the ring, Truth turns his attention to Katsu and tries to bring the joshi up and over the top rope, but she resists this attempt a lot. Truth sets about seeing who he can remove from the match as both Gerald Grayson and Cornelius Aurelius Caesar find themselves near the ropes together… and once Cyrus reaches them, he tips them both over and they land on the apron together!

Grayson lands on his feet on the apron, whilst Caesar lands on his knees and this leaves him open for Grayson to connect with a Savate Kick to the head, and this almost knocks Caesar down from the apron!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That didn’t exactly go to plan, did it? Nevertheless, the match shall resume and well Caesar looks like he could be in a spot of trouble here. Both he and Gerald Grayson went over the top rope, if either of them have both feet on the floor after that then they will be eliminated!”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “How great would it be for Gerald to eliminate that treacherous swine? Come on, GiGi! You’ve got this!”

Despite it being a hard blow to the face, Caesar held on firmly to the middle rope, although he was close to losing his grip. Grayson goes for a knee this time, again aiming for the head, but Caesar is able to grab the knee and he rises to his feet, with Grayson now hopping on one leg on the apron! The high-flyer’s balance is tested, until Caesar sweeps his leg and knocks him down onto his back. Grayson uses the bottom rope to try and pull himself under and back into the safety of the ring, but Caesar prevents him from doing so.

The FWA World Tag Team Champion then uses both of his feet to push Caesar back, and this sends Caesar stumbling back across the apron and he stops himself just before he hits the ring post. Grayson gets back up and goes for a chop to Caesar’s chest… BUT CAESAR DODGES IT AND GETS BEHIND GRAYSON, LOCKING HIM IN THE TRIUMPH!!

Grayson’s legs kick out in front of him, hovering over certain elimination… but before he can try and get an escape from the hold… CHUBBY CARLOS CHARGES IN AND TACKLES CAESAR FROM BEHIND AND BOTH MEN FALL TO THE FLOOR!

Chris Peacock: “Are they both out?!”

The referees are down on the floor, as Caesar still has Grayson trapped in the submission, even though he is on top of him on the floor… and CAESAR’S FEET ARE NOT TOUCHING THE FLOOR!!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “DAMMIT!”


Caesar is still in the match, whilst he seems unsure how he will get back into the ring as there is presumably a finite time that he will be able to lay on top of Grayson before he gets pushed off and eliminated himself. Caesar keeps the submission locked in on Grayson to further wear him out and lengthen the amount of time that the Nephew will be out of it for him to plan his next move.

Chris Peacock: “Theoretically, if he just stayed there, he’d be able to stay in the match, right?”

The attention shifts from Caesar’s predicament to back into the ring, where Konchu Hao is in the process of eliminating Death Walker. Chubby Carlos turns back around from looking inquisitively at what was happening on the floor and sees Hao leaning over the ropes himself… AND CARLOS THEN TIPS KONCHU OUT, AND ‘THE MAD WIZARD’ IS OUT! Death Walker hangs onto the ropes and stays on the apron!


Jean-Luc Watkins: “That makes two eliminations for Chubby Carlos in quick succession and wrestling fans, we’re edging towards the climax of this match. Ten competitors left. The top seven will guarantee themselves a place in the Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette Match at the Eighteenth Anniversary Show at worst. One will challenge Chris Peacock for the FWA World Championship at Back in Business.”

Chris Peacock: You can do this, Aly.

A very beat down Alyster Black is the focus of the camera for one second, and ‘Black Jesus’ takes a break from crouching in the corner to catch his breath to focus on Reagan Cole once again, but Cole cuts him off and bounces his head off of the top turnbuckle. Black responds in kind though by grabbing Cole roughly around the neck and pinning him against the turnbuckles and then he unleashes a Violence Party on ‘The British Apprentice’!

The cameras move from Cole getting pummelled by Black to Caesar on the outside, who has moved into a position where he is standing on Gerald Grayson’s lower back, and Grayson is beginning to stir after being locked in the Triumph for so long, and Caesar leaps forward, and lands back onto the apron. He gets up and seems relieved before ducking back into the ring, WHERE JACKSON FENIX SUPERKICKS HIM IN THE JAW! Caesar drops down to the mat.

Chubby Carlos is then shown attempting to eliminate weaselperson and XYZ at the same time, but both repel him and push him backwards where he walks back and bumps backs with someone. The crowd swells and immediately begins to cheer VERY loudly as they realise who it was; Cyrus Truth. Truth and Carlos both instinctively know who it was that they each walked into, but they slowly turn around to face each other anyway.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “This means something. This is HYPE!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “For those in the dark, you are looking at the two participants in objectively the greatest match in the history of the Clique Wrestling Alliance. Two former CWA World Champions. Two bonafide legends of the business. Never did we think we would see their paths cross here in the FWA. In 2023, no less. What a moment.”

The two old rivals share some words for a moment, with Carlos exuding confidence as he stands his ground against ‘The Exile’. Truth even seems somewhat elated that he gets an opportunity to fight Carlos. After some verbal back and forth, neither can hold themselves back for any longer AND THEY START THROWING ABSOLUTE BOMBS at each other! The exchange is hard hitting and Truth absolutely takes advantage of the fact that Carlos has been in the match for longer than him to get the upper hand.

Cyrus chains together a series of punches, and backs Carlos up against the ropes and looks to shoot him across the ring, which he does… BUT CARLOS PULLS HIM IN FOR A BELLY-TO-BURGER SUPLEX!!

On his knees and looking down at Cyrus, Carlos claps his hands together, pleased to have gotten the better of the exchange, but he fails to realise that being on his knees puts him in prime position for KATSU TO STRIKE HIM WITH THE BITE! The knee to the back of the head lays Carlos out, but Caesar is back up but still very weary and he his Katsu with a Knee Trembler to knock her down onto the mat as well.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “You can see the physical toll that this match has taken on everyone left - Jackson Fenix, Alyster Black, Reagan Cole, Katsu, weaselperson, XYZ, Caesar, Death Walker, Chubby Carlos and Cyrus Truth.”

Chris Peacock: “The winner of this match is who can outlast everyone else. I’ve been close to doing it- wait, weaselperson is still in? Holy shit. He’s barely barked.”

weaselperson is indeed still in the match and looking pretty good in there as well, as he seems to be employing submission moves to wear down some of his opponents. This is evidenced by XYZ being trapped in a Cross Armbreaker through the ropes by the anthropomorphic weasel.

Alyster Black leaves Reagan Cole alone, with Cole slumping against the bottom turnbuckle. ‘The British Apprentice’ seems to be just trying to survive in the match, and has taken a few beatings along the way in order to do so. Black looks to be advancing on Death Walker, but he is cut off by Caesar. Caesar boots Black in the midsection and tries to hook his arms up to deliver the Crocea Mors, but Black fights out of it as much as he can and he backs over towards the ropes and BACK BODY DROPS CAESAR OVER THE TOP ROPE - BUT CAESAR LANDS ON HIS FEET!

Once again, Caesar avoids a near miss and he reaches over the ropes and TRIES TO LOCK BLACK IN THE TRIUMPH! It would seem that Caesar is attempting the same strategy that led to Grayson getting eliminated on Alyster Black, but Black is not having it! Black prevents himself from getting locked in the submission, and he turns around and clocks Caesar with a punch to the nose! Caesar lets go of the ropes with one hand… AND BLACK BITES THE OTHER ONE… AND BREAKS CAESAR’S GRIP!! CAESAR FALLS TO THE FLOOR AND THIS TIME HE IS OUT!

(TIME IN MATCH: 18:38)

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Looks like Caesar’s luck ran out, guys. Wouldn’t have happened if he was a Nephew. Just saying.”

Black turns around and sees that CHUBBY CARLOS IS CHARGING IN TOWARDS HIM… AND BLACK MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Carlos collides with the ropes and Black then strikes him a few times against the ropes. Carlos grabs Black and Headbutts him to drop him down to a knee. THIS LEAVES CARLOS OPEN FOR CYRUS TRUTH TO CHARGE ACROSS THE RING AND CLOTHESLINE HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! CARLOS IS OUT AS WELL!

(TIME IN MATCH: 13:01)

The crowd are shocked by that elimination, but no one is as surprised as Chubby Carlos himself. He shakes his head and slaps the ring apron once back to his feet and looks through the ropes at Cyrus Truth, who has already moved on with the business at hand and dragged Alyster Black across the ring to try and force him over the ropes. Carlos shakes his head one more time before acquiescing to the request of the referees on the outside to leave.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That one is a standout elimination as far as I am concerned. Wrestling fans, we are down to our final eight and this means that only one more elimination needs to occur before we find out just who it will be that will move on to the Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette match this year.”

Chris Peacock: “I can from experience on just how valuable a spot in that match can be, because look what it can get you. Obviously it doesn’t compare to winning the Carnal Contendership match, but as a consolation, you could do worse.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “How would you understand that comparison? When did you win a Carnal Contendership? We should ask Nova Diamond. He’s at least on par if not better than you.”

The gravity of the situation seems to be understood by everyone remaining in the match as they all separate for a moment and stare across the ring from each other. A divide of sorts seems to form between the remaining eight; Cyrus Truth, Alyster Black and Jackson Fenix on one side and Reagan Cole, Katsu, Death Walker and XYZ on the other. The fans cheer as it seems that it is a battle of generations about to take place, with Black, Cyrus and Fenix all being part of CWA in the past. Cyrus shakes his head, realising that had he not eliminated Carlos then he would not seemingly be on the outnumbered side.

Whilst all this is happening, weaselperson seems to be staying out of the way, but ready for action should it come his way. The two sides converge on one another quickly and the crowd gets brightened up by everyone pairing off. Alyster Black and Reagan Cole trade punches and heavy strikes, Jackson Fenix is backed into a corner by Katsu and Cyrus Truth is left to fend with both Death Walker and XYZ. Despite being outnumbered in his personal fight, Truth fends well due to Death Walker and XYZ being unable to communicate with each other due to the issues between them being too much to put aside for the moment.

However, XYZ does take a step back and allows Death Walker to take the lead, offering support when needed. Together, they work over Cyrus and XYZ even holds Truth in place for Death Walker to get in a few shots on him. Death Walker then picks Cyrus up and walks with him towards the middle of the ring and PLANTS HIM WITH THE DARK CLOUD! XYZ and Death Walker then have a moment of communication between them and XYZ jogs over to the nearest corner, and pulls himself up onto the top turnbuckle. The fans cheer as XYZ impressively tightrope walks across the top rope and steadies himself whilst creating some momentum… XYZ WITH A SOMERSAULT SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP TO CYRUS TRUTH!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “XYZ and Death Walker working together is a turn up for the books, given their recent history. Remember, the next person eliminated will miss out on the Golden Opportunity match and it seems that Death and XYZ want that person to be Cyrus Truth.”

XYZ motions towards Death Walker that they should eliminate Cyrus due to his weakened state, and Death Walker seems to agree as he picks Cyrus up from the mat… BUT THEN TURNS AROUND AND FLATTENS XYZ WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The crowd boos very loudly as XYZ is taken down. Death Walker abandons the elimination attempt on Cyrus to pluck XYZ from the mat and THROW HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 19:46)

XYZ is the one that misses the Golden Opportunity cut - and it is thanks to the treachery of Death Walker! The fans make it clear what they think of Death Walker, who does not react in any way to their jeers in his direction. Death leans over the top rope down at an astonished XYZ, who holds the back of his head next to the ring barricade.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Come on, XYZ! You can’t go around falling for things like that! Death Walker shuts XYZ out tonight here in Nashville! OH! WAIT!”

Death Walker’s taunting of XYZ gets him in trouble as ALYSTER BLACK ATTEMPTS TO TIP HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Death plants his hand on the ring apron to block it… BUT JACKSON FENIX, KATSU AND REAGAN COLE ALL COME AND HELP AS WELL! Death Walker shakes his head and refuses to be eliminated from the match… UNTIL XYZ GRABS HIS ARM FROM THE OUTSIDE AND PULLS IT AWAY AND DEATH WALKER FALLS TO THE FLOOR!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 17:10)

XYZ makes an immediate getaway, realising that Death Walker is about to pursue him. However, Death Walker’s path to XYZ is blocked by REAGAN COLE, WHO IS THROWN OUT OF THE RING BY WEASELPERSON!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 37:46)

The crowd cheers as it becomes clear that weaselperson simply picked their spot and waited for the group to eliminate Death Walker before picking one of them off. Both Reagan Cole and Death Walker are shown to be frustrated on the outside of the ring and both are asked to leave the ringside area. The five remaining in the ring all stare at each other, knowing that one of them will be winning the 2023 Carnal Contendership.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Two rapid-fire eliminations there, but whilst I am sure both Death Walker and Reagan Cole will be disappointed, both will feature in the Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette at the Eighteenth Anniversary Show later this year.

Four of the remaining five competitors in this match will join them, with the other challenging Chris for the FWA World Championship at Back in Business. Jackson Fenix, Alyster Black, Katsu, weaselperson or Cyrus Truth. Gentlemen, do we have any picks or predictions at this late stage?”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “I am predicting the weasel to pop off, Jean-Luc. I don’t know what it is, but weaselperson seems like they could go all the way. Everyone is focused too much on what they are rather than what they are capable of. That’s why I think they can pull this off.”

Chris Peacock: “It should come as no surprise that the one I want to see win this match and face at Back in Business is none other than my tag team partner, my best friend… Alyster Black. That being said, any of these five will provide a worthy challenge, so I know that I’m going to have my work cut out for me in Mexico City regardless of what happens here.”

Jackson Fenix is the one that emerges from the mat first and he notices that one of his opponents occupy each of the corners. Fenix, who has been in this match for over forty minutes, brushes his hair back out of his face and slicks it down. He then in turn motions for each of his opponents to perform oral sex on him, and the crowd eat it all up! Fenix then motions for them to come for him, and Katsu is the first to do so. She tries for a kick, but Jackson catches her leg and spins her around and then runs the ropes whilst she regains her bearings and Fenix takes her down with The Britney Spear!

Katsu holds her ribs and rolls away towards the ropes, and Fenix is then knocked down onto one knee by Cyrus Truth from behind and a stomp on the back of his knee. Truth gets his head down and runs the ropes again, looking for another Broken Path. However, before Truth can boot Fenix, Fenix HITS ANOTHER SUPERKICK ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!

With Truth dealt with and out of the way, Fenix this time proactively charges in and cracks weaselperson with a running forearm in the corner, which puts them down onto their knees. Fenix quickly jumps onto the second rope in the corner and waits for Alyster Black to approach, and Fenix jumps over weaselperson and looks for a Meteora on Black, but Black catches him. Black rushes Fenix towards the ropes, but Fenix manages to sit himself down on the top rope and he gets Black to break off with some punches to the head.

Fenix then spies weaselperson rising to their feet near the ropes and realises that they are in prime position. FENIX LOOKS FOR ANOTHER SUPERKICK TO ELIMINATE WEASELPERSON, BUT THEY DUCK DOWN AND SEND FENIX OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!! WE’RE DOWN TO FOUR!!

(TIME IN MATCH: 42:44)

Jean-Luc Watkins: Wrestling fans, regardless of your feelings towards Jackson Fenix, Nate Savage or anyone associated with The Undisputed Alliance, you simply have to respect Fenix’s efforts tonight in this match.”

Chris Peacock: “Absolutely, Jean-Luc. Not everything has worked out for Fenix and his partner Nate Savage this year, but Fenix can be proud of what he’s achieved tonight and a spot in GO is a good enough reward for lasting as long as he has in this match.”

Jackson Fenix lays on his back on the outside and he looks up to the ceiling before he sits up, moving his hair from his face once more. As he slowly gets up, he seems understandably disappointed, but the smiles from the fans and the positive reactions from the crowd are enough for him to smile back and he accepts some dabs from fans in the front row as he walks towards the back.

In the ring, weaselperson turns back to the other three remaining and looks at them with the wild and vacant expression they have been known to pull regularly. weaselperson slowly lifts Cyrus Truth from the mat and smashes him in the face a couple of times with his elbow. He tries to send Truth towards the ropes, but ‘The Exile’ prevents him from being able to do so and he pulls weaselperson back and scoops them up onto his shoulders in an Argentine Rack and then he drops weaselperson with the EXILE’S EDGE!!

This puts weaselperson down on the mat and Truth rises to his feet, only to be accosted by Katsu, who manages to lift him up and put him down onto the mat with a Scoop Slam. This seems to take something out of her as well, as she instantly puts her hand across her back after lifting the much larger man up. Cyrus rolls onto his side on the mat, and Katsu scores with a Penalty Kick straight to his back! This causes Cyrus to roll back onto his back, and Katsu takes both of his legs and puts him in a Boston Crab.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Katsu seems to have a clear goal in mind here; wear down Cyrus Truth and target his lower back. If he is unable to stand properly, he’s going to find it very difficult to win this match.”

Katsu keeps the submission locked in on Cyrus and knows that she is under no requirement to release him from the hold due to the match rules. However, she does not see Alyster Black approach her from behind, and he then takes her down with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Not only did Katsu land on top of Cyrus, but Cyrus’s back was contorted even more due to the yanking motion caused by Black forcing Katsu down.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Black picks Katsu up by the mat by her mask and he brings her towards the ropes and attempts to bundle her over the top rope! Black uses his power and size advantage to manhandle the joshi, but she does everything in her power to fight out of it, but Black is relentless. He manages to get her over the ropes and onto the apron. However, Katsu fights him off and brings her leg up to strike him with an Enziguiri to the back of the head!

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “This girl isn’t going down without a fight, and I respect that. She needs to show this dog stomper a lesson!”

With Black caught off-guard by the move, Katsu is able to take advantage once she is back on her feet and she walks Black along the ropes and then bounces his head off of the top turnbuckle! One does not seem to be enough, and Katsu instead grits her teeth and starts repeatedly slamming Black’s head against the turnbuckle and the crowd seems to react louder and louder with each time it happens.

Eventually, Katsu relents and Alyster Black is left to stagger towards the middle of the ring, and Katsu slowly begins to climb up onto the top turnbuckle, presumably to go for a high flying move from the top rope. She attempts to steady herself… BUT ALYSTER BLACK SPRINGS BACK INTO LIFE AND RUNS AT THE ROPES, CAUSING HER TO LOSE HER FOOTING!

The crowd gasps as Katsu is left stranded on the top rope, and Black then charges forward and shoves her down… AND KATSU FALLS TO THE FLOOR, ELIMINATED!

(TIME IN MATCH: 30:52)

Black leans against the turnbuckle, breathing heavily after eliminating Katsu from the match, whilst she is sprawled out on the floor due to the nasty fall she took en route to her elimination. The crowd are still pumped though, as there are now just three competitors left in the match.

Chris Peacock: “Fourth place in her first Carnal Contendership match… I know someone who did that a couple of years ago and well, look at me now. I think this Katsu has a lot of upside, but I’m sorry girl, this is Alyster Black’s year.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It could well be, Chris. However, he has both weaselperson and Cyrus Truth to contend with first. Cyrus has been here before. weaselperson is in their first Carnal Contendership match. We’ve seen so many unexpected things happen tonight that I don’t think we can rule anything out at this stage.”

Turning around, Black sees that both Truth and weaselperson are both back up to their feet and all three warriors, looking worse for wear, move towards the centre of the ring.


The crowd cheers as they all hunch down and examine the other two, looking for a chance to strike and get an advantage. Alyster Black makes the first move, lashing out in Cyrus Truth’s direction, but he is grabbed from behind by weaselperson! weaselperson has a tight grip around Black’s waist, but Black scrambles and struggles to get himself free. Truth then measures Black and strikes him in the face with a Discus Punch, and then weaselperson takes Black over with a German Suplex! Black lands on the back of his head, and weaselperson rises to their feet, jumping in the air and catching the advancing Cyrus with a knee strike straight to the jaw!

The knee strike knocks Truth back a few steps and he then advances forwards with another attempt at another Discus Punch, but weaselperson avoids the hit and then gets behind Cyrus. weaselperson rushes Truth into the turnbuckle chest-first and tries to then hook him up for a German Suplex out of the corner, but Truth kicks off of the turnbuckle and forces weaselperson back, and Truth then rolls through.

weaselperson lunges in at Truth, but Cyrus thinks the quickest and scoops them up onto his shoulders and it looks like he may be going for Journey’s End, but instead, Cyrus walks weaselperson over towards the ropes. weaselperson grabs onto the top rope to try and prevent Cyrus from simply elevating them up over the top rope and down to the floor.

Chris Peacock: “This weaselperson has proven to be a very tricky customer and hey, they’re not willing to leave this match without a fight. Getting a couple of eliminations themselves. Whether it is me at Back in Business or in the Steel Roulette, I don’t think anyone will be able to say that they wouldn’t have justified their place.”

Loud snarling can be heard coming from weaselperson’s mouth as they do everything in their power to resist Cyrus’s attempt at eliminating them from the Carnal Contendership. Truth seems to be getting frustrated and then decides to drop weaselperson, and their throat gets caught up on the top rope! As weaselperson gasps for air, Cyrus takes advantage of this and then tips them over the top rope!

weaselperson is not eliminated, though, finding a footing on the ring apron. They grab Truth from over the ropes and connect with a big Headbutt to ‘The Exile’ that knocks him back a few paces and back into Alyster Black’s clutches and another German Suplex! With Cyrus down, Black turns his attention back to weaselperson, who is closer to getting eliminated. However, as Black approaches, weaselperson roughly grabs him and uses Black’s own weight to bring him over the top rope so Black joins him on the ring apron as well.

weaselperson takes a moment to check that Cyrus is down on the mat, but doing so costs him crucial time that allows Alyster Black to slap him across the face!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is very precarious for Alyster Black and weaselperson; both on the ring apron right in front of us here in the announce position.”

The slap catches weaselperson completely off-guard and Black follows up with a big chop across weaselperson’s chest, and the force and anger behind it causes weaselperson to drop to his knees on the ring apron, where he looms over the floor. Black then reaches down and grabs weaselperson’s arms… LOOKING FOR A CURB STOMP ONTO THE APRON!

weaselperson shakes their head vigorously and snarls once more as they struggle, but before Black can deliver the decisive blow - CYRUS TRUTH CHARGES INTO HIM!!

Chris Peacock: “NO!”

Black manages to grab onto the ropes with one hand, but he is right on the edge of losing his footing… WEASELPERSON STANDS UP AND KICKS THE SUPPORTING ARM…



(TIME IN MATCH: 47:59)

The fans are stunned and both weaselperson and Cyrus Truth look on from in the ring as Alyster Black lays flat on his back on the floor, with his partner and man he hoped to face him next to him. Both members of FTN look into each other’s eyes for a second and Peacock rises to his knees with his head in his hands, before looking up at both Truth and weaselperson, realising that it is going to be one of them - and not his best friend - that he is going to be defending his championship against at Back in Business.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “You just knew that Chris Peacock was going to try. You just knew it. Boogie Baby is so predictable like that. This proves more than anything that what we saw at The Grand March was nothing but a fluke.”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “It is heartbreak for those that wished to see tag team partners collide in the main event of Back in Business, and I don’t think anyone wanted that more than Chris Peacock himself…”

Peacock helps Black up to his feet at ringside and puts his arm around him, trying to console him… but Black pushes him away! It doesn’t seem to matter what Peacock says, nothing can temper the disappointment coursing through Alyster Black’s body right now. Peacock calls out after Black a couple of times as he walks away, but Black is determined to leave and get away from the situation as quickly as he can.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The heart does go out for these guys, but wrestling fans, we must attend back to the matters at hand. One of either Cyrus Truth or weaselperson is going to Back in Business to challenge for the FWA World Championship. Thirty entrants have come down to this. Our final two.”

The FTN drama at ringside provided both Truth and weaselperson an opportunity to take a breather, and for weaselperson to get back into the ring after helping to eliminate Black from the apron. After a few seconds, and with Chris Peacock watching on intently from ringside after Alyster Black has disappeared behind the curtain, Truth and weaselperson stand up to face each other and decide this once and for all.

Surprisingly, the two lock up. Truth initially obtains the advantage, but weaselperson is able to use Truth’s momentum against him and he ducks behind Truth and attempts to lock Truth in the same Rear Naked Choke that he had employed previously in the match. Truth uses his fingers to prevent the hold from being properly applied and he stands tall in the ring, not allowing weaselperson to bring him down onto the mat.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “This is smart strategy from weaselperson; just choke them out and then dump them out of the ring. Do that successfully, and he’s at Back in Business. Cyrus has got to stop this from happening if he wants to win and prove that he is not over the hill, like everyone knows he actually is.”

The camera catches Cyrus Truth gritting his teeth as he struggles with the weasel on his back… but Truth runs backwards and runs weaselperson into the corner! Truth repeatedly backs into the corner until weaselperson lets go of him, and once he does, weaselperson slumps down the corner and Truth forces him down against the bottom turnbuckle in a seated position. Truth looks down at the being in between him and his return to the main event of Back in Business with rage… and then starts stomping on weaselperson’s head!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “The First Five Steps - and this could be weaselperson’s last moments in this match… oh… he’s not stopping.”

Truth does not stop at just five stomps on weaselperson. When the fans realise that Cyrus is going for the kill here, they begin counting along…


After one stomp for every competitor to have entered the Carnal Contendership, Truth breathes heavily and looks down at the beaten and battered weaselperson. Cyrus looks over to the fans as he grabs weaselperson by the head and looks to bring him up… but the fans gasp and some even scream as Truth walks into the middle of the ring. Cyrus looks down at his hand and sees… a mask.

Truth holds the empty skin of weaselperson’s head and looks back to his opponent in confusion and his eyes widen when he sees the man slumped in the corner.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s… THAT’S ZACHARY KAZADI!!”

The crowd cheer loudly as the camera focuses on Kazadi in the corner of the ring, still dressed as weaselperson from the neck down. Chris Peacock looks on, confused also, and he clutches the FWA World Championship slightly tighter. Kazadi looks like he has been wrestling for over half an hour, and the barrage of steps from Truth has left him with a split lip and he struggles to open one of his eyes after the beating.

Despite this, Kazadi rises to his feet slowly and he holds his hand out towards Cyrus, making a small motioning gesture. Cyrus takes a moment to interpret what this means, but he realises soon enough that Kazadi wants the headpiece back, so Truth obliges and even steps back to allow Kazadi to gingerly place it back on his head.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Of all the things I expected to see tonight, Zachary Kazadi being weaselperson was not one of them. Well, we don’t know how, or why… but one way or the other, Kazadi wants to see this match out as weaselperson. Win or lose, he does it as weaselperson. It has brought him this far.”

The two share a respectful nod as weaselperson slowly brings his hands up, ready to fight this until the end, but it is clear that the prolonged time in the match, all of the beats and bumps have taken their toll on the man under the mask. weaselperson beckons for Cyrus to bring it on, and Truth is more than happy to oblige - and weaselperson manages to beat Truth to the punch and strike him with an elbow smash to the face!

This puts Truth on the back foot and much in the same vein as Truth did with his stomps in the corner, weaselperson begins to unleash a barrage of elbows on ‘The Exile’, and with every strike they seem to gain more power on the strikes, but at the same time, they are only angering Cyrus Truth even more. weaselperson rears back and looks for another elbow… BUT TRUTH SCOOPS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS… AND DRIVES WEASELPERSON INTO THE MAT WITH JOURNEY’S END!!!

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Cyrus Truth with Journey’s End for weaselperson… but his own journey back to the FWA World Championship could have one final twist in the road which leads to Back in Business…”

The crowd are cheering loudly and Chris Peacock watches on knowingly, and he shares a momentary eye contact with Truth, before ‘The Exile’ picks weaselperson up from the mat and then throws weaselperson over the top rope… AND THEY LAND ON THE FLOOR!!


(TIME IN MATCH: 35:16)

(TIME IN MATCH: 20:16)

The bell rings after over an hour of action, and Cyrus drops down to his knees after realising that he is the last one standing out of the field of thirty. He looks up and confetti begins to rain down from the ceiling, and a rare - but very brief - look of genuine happiness flashes across his face before he once again locks eyes with Chris Peacock on the outside of the ring.

Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2023 Carnal Contendership Match… CYRUS TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTH!!!”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Many would have thought that The Grand March could have been Cyrus Truth’s last chance to prove that he is still able to keep up with the emergent stars of the last three years… but tonight has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is truly not the case.”

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “The second ever person to win two Carnal Contenderships, his first victory coming in 2016. Which coincidentally is how long he spent in the ring tonight. It might not have been for as long as others, but it was the most important twenty minutes and sixteen seconds tonight. Life is just a series of twenty minutes and sixteen seconds, and on another night, this could have gone another way. ”

Jean-Luc Watkins: “Agreed with you on that, Uncle. Zachary Kazadi - or weaselperson as they clearly prefer to go by - was the biggest surprise package imaginable tonight and this was a Carnal Contendership full of returns, debuts and unexpected moments. However, despite all of that going on, it was the one true constant in the FWA for the last number of years that prevailed. Cyrus Truth will face that man, Chris Peacock, at Back in Business.”

weaselperson is shown at ringside, coming back to it after the Journey’s End, and their head slumps when they see the result of the match and Truth standing victorious in the ring, but behind those vacant eyes lies a glimmer of hope with a spot in the Golden Opportunity Steel Roulette awaiting them.

Truth nods his head and politely applauds the reception he is receiving from the fans, all of whom are very supportive of his victory. Cyrus takes on a much more serious tone though when he turns around and sees that Chris Peacock has joined him in the ring. There was a moment of respect between the two of them at The Grand March when things were all said and done, and Peacock is willing to extend this once more and he extends a hand to Truth, who looks down at it.

Cyrus’s gaze shifts from the outstretched hand, to the championship on Peacock’s shoulder, then to the champion’s eyes. ‘The Exile’ slowly nods and then accepts the handshake to another big cheer from the crowd. After the firm handshake, Peacock leaves to allow Truth to celebrate his victory.

Jean-Luc Watkins: “A lot can happen between now and Back in Business in Mexico City… but for now it seems that the two men that will do battle in the main event are looking forward to the challenge that awaits. Chris Peacock will defend the FWA World Championship against the winner of the Carnal Contendership match, Cyrus Truth.”
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lol. lmao. congrats to cbk, well deserved but doesnt make it sting any less.


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Is the Path to Back in Business a new thing or has that always been around? More workshopping IMO.

Caesar isn't King of Deathmatch. Doesnt have the Crown.

Not a fan of the growing friendship between Watkins and Price. Trying to make Price cool by having Watkins's approval. It won't work. And Watkins & Peacock getting along swimmingly, I seem to have been out of the loop on the dynamics.

Peacock is lucky West is a CDW exclusive.

Uncle meta Paul Rudd ref +5

Buddy System need a tag team song. But I guess it makes sense Baxter would let JB bully him into choosing the song. So I can't be too mad. Since it makes kayfabe sense. Also still a 10/10 theme.

The Connection theme also 10/10 and big improvement over whatever the old one was. Now if only Michelle had a good solo theme.

Peacock, if the ring exploded, everyone would no sell it just to spite you. You don't get to partake in the pleasure of watching people explode given you no selling it :( and then blowing up stop sign dos :(

Bill Scorpane used to suck but I really like him now. Allen Price should take notes on likeability though I doubt Nephews would ever take him in anyways. CIA bit and all.

I have faith there will be no Nephews or Scorpane involvement in this match.

I didn't know about the East Berlin Violence Party. +5

I too like it when Gerald has his way with Best B) some of my favorite m/m ships

Peacock with the misogynistic insults. Very lame of him. Thats our megaface champion.

Gerald has really pushed Michelle towards the spot monkey life. What a positive influence.

Baxter is very cool. Very much reminds me of peak Snowmantashi. Would love to see him have a lengthy NA run. One of my top 5 characters I think.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Oh no! It’s the dreaded ref bump! Whatever will we do now?! Oh dear.”

ded +5

Chris Peacock thinks the worst of Uncle but he was being 100% sincere in that observation.

IDK about Michelle german suplexing Baxter but Imma let it be.

Also I lost track of who was the legal man, but Baxter got pinned after 450 and then Jeremy got pinned after EI with no tag. WOAT referee or a certain match writer protecting himself with the shifty refereeing. Who knows?

Great performance by Billy Scorpane. No interference from him. None from the Nephews. As anticipated. And he joins the superior alliance too. This was a pretty close match promo wise and think that Connection / Buddy System 2 & 3 are things that should happen and could easily get their rivalry on the level of the TxR v. GR v. GS from a while back. Though we'll see if there's a rematch in store. As far as the promos go, I think I liked the Connection promo's match focus a bit more than the Buddy System but like a .25 worth of difference in overall quality for me which is super tight.

TORN universe seg time

"milking every moment."

I get it, cuz Milkman!

"He’s ready to cream Lizzie in the middle of the ring." what a line

"She is truly the Dairy Queen!" my word

Someone should fire Nova for sexually harassing Lizzie. If Lizzie does end up joining TORN duo, this will feel a bit like KDS and Coven in which case, that'll be a fun ass 3 v 3.

Super Massive Destroyer being considered generic when there is no one remotely close to his size in the FWA right now.

NGL, these segments feel a bit long. I didn't want to skim so I read it all but a 3 match gauntlet with one-off jobbers. It would kinda be like grabbing a portion of CDW and planting it in the middle of the show. It really feels like it should be its own thing. That said, I know there's a lot of positive reception for this so since there's an audience for it, I'll certainly say carry on. I did enjoy the dialogue bits & character work for sure outside the match bits.

Caesar v. Summers was a suitably brutal match. Lots of blood, and things going into people and cutting them up. Perfect follow up to the King of Deathmatch and letting the X title live up to its legacy. The set up of the different timed arrivals, and the dialogue was fun (though I'm not sure how authentic they sounded, I also would've liked to see it carry on for the whole match instead of just the beginning. Very close finish. Didn't read either promos (yet) though I'm hoping to at some point this week. Tough loss for Caesar, winning a belt and losing on your first defense always sucks, especially in such a tight affair. Will be interesting how Mr. Part Timer manages to carry two belts at once or whether he swindles management into sparing him the defenses.

Seems like there might've been some miscommunication with Allen Price being labeled as one of the three comms over JLW.

What's Danny Toner doing in the pink tracksuit?! He's not a Neph!

LeDanny Toner >>>

Danny being open about his wage situation really surprises me. That's a man of the people. Yuppie types usually don't talk about their salaries to their coworkers cuz that'll cause some drama. Good guy Danny.


If that was really Chris Kennedy that attacked Danny he would've worn a white mask, not a black mask. He's La Muerte Blanca not La Muerta Negro. False alarm. That's not Kennedy.

Someone tell Joe Burr he can't threaten to shove something into a lady's ass.

Christian Quinn Pop!

Surprised to see Chris Crowe back. Didn't expect it since he was grading, hopefully this isn't just a one-off because Crowe v. Baxter would be brilliant. Parr out next. Make it a triple threat at BIB please.

Idk about this XX guy but I like Monica and Antonio's style.

Love everyone getting worked by obvious Jeremy Best bait. Heel of the Year.

XX & Fenix hip thrust wars. Fascinating.

Sad early Crowe elim :(

I didn't know Alyster Black had a new theme song .o. Black cleaning house to the tune of Wu Tang >

RIP Buddy System :(

Love that Summers has beef with literally everyone. Too bad we didn't get a heel off with Buddy System.

We're back in the everyone randomly wearing masks era. Love it. Is this in honor of GZ ending?

Glad to see someone is putting in effort in trying to get Krash back. Violet Dreyer the only FWA wrestler with any integrity.

When are we getting Aka v. Cole 1 v 1? Sounds like we're overdue.

Tommy doing the ole' Jeffry Mason Arrive. Screw Rival Over. Leave. Well done.

Speaking of Mason!

Reagan Cole is such a piece of shit :/ I like to see Trixie suffer but not at Cole's hands.

Katsu mega theme song improvement. Top 15 worthy I'd say.

Katsu switched masks for the merch sales? What a soulless decision. Cant believe Peacock would insinuate that.

Lol'd at Trixie not recognizing Katsu

I'm sorry but JLW's wrestling fans is getting go away heat from me.

weaselperson theme song top 5 worthy I'd say

XYA is a funny XYZ typo.

Real nice debut from XX, seems to have a fun character, and interested in reading that promo once it goes up.

GG hype! Peacock still doubting the Nephews after none of them interfered in the tag match. Nothing satisfied him.

Wait Peacock is a Konchu fan now? Did Baxter get Max Peacock attacked or was it Konchu. Fudged priorities.

Christ get Price out of here. JLW being in the ring isn't worth us having Price on the table. Okay he didn't last long, I guess I'm not too bothered.

Caesar out at 21? Someone check in on Oz :( The G.O. Tryhard Hype is dead. Shouldve been a Nephew if he wanted in.

XYZ running away from Death Walker? What a coward. I expected better from a hero.

Peacock at his most hypocritical. Decries the Nephews for interference all night then tries to help Alyster Black survive. Will review when I get the chance but Alyster Black promo was reaaaaaaaaaaal good. Will definitely hurt not to have won it all, I'm sure. But that's just how it goes.

Poor weaselperson :(

Good show, cheers to Man for another tough CC effort, and BT & Dubb for the other two title matches.

Jimmy King

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Slam Diego
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team

Iron Man Fenix BAYBAY!

Fantastic show all around and congratulations to all of the winners. Big time kudos to my fellow staff for making this all possible and great job to everyone else involved.

The road BIB begins NOW!


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Apr 16, 2016
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Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
Favorite Wrestler
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Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
Favorite Sports Team
TORN universe seg time

"milking every moment."

I get it, cuz Milkman!

"He’s ready to cream Lizzie in the middle of the ring." what a line

"She is truly the Dairy Queen!" my word

Someone should fire Nova for sexually harassing Lizzie. If Lizzie does end up joining TORN duo, this will feel a bit like KDS and Coven in which case, that'll be a fun ass 3 v 3.

Super Massive Destroyer being considered generic when there is no one remotely close to his size in the FWA right now.

NGL, these segments feel a bit long. I didn't want to skim so I read it all but a 3 match gauntlet with one-off jobbers. It would kinda be like grabbing a portion of CDW and planting it in the middle of the show. It really feels like it should be its own thing. That said, I know there's a lot of positive reception for this so since there's an audience for it, I'll certainly say carry on. I did enjoy the dialogue bits & character work for sure outside the match bits.

Nova kissed a girl and she liked it.~

And yeah it was long-ish. A bit longer than expected. We wanted to go with a quick-ish elimination match to be "in the spirit" of a Rumble show. (With a Tribute/Roasting of the New Gen era). And I'll take it. Probably won't be a spin-off fed ala CDW (I guess Jon has told you all about it! Jon's a CDW exclusive), but something for the storyline. We also would have trimmed the post-match thingy from it into its own segment later on, but we knew Joe Burr was throwing out the challenge, so we decided to not mess with it and do it in one shot. But I'm at least glad people seem to have got a kick out of the segment. Working with Jonny is always great, and AON's been awesome pitching ideas and working with in this storyline. Hopefully we cook some more.

And while I can't for sure say if Lizzie will join us. Coven v Eternal in a spoop off? Sign me up, Sully! Cinematic match damnit!

Katsu mega theme song improvement. Top 15 worthy I'd say.

Katsu switched masks for the merch sales? What a soulless decision. Cant believe Peacock would insinuate that.

Baby Metal, the cutest most hardcore band. And come on, have you seen how expensive it is to travel from Japan? She needs the money she can take, after all, Joshi wrestlers always retire before 30!


Also Weaselperson, the craziest mammal in fur I done ever read.


E-Fed Staff Member
Sep 13, 2022
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Is the Path to Back in Business a new thing or has that always been around? More workshopping IMO.

Caesar isn't King of Deathmatch. Doesnt have the Crown.

Not a fan of the growing friendship between Watkins and Price. Trying to make Price cool by having Watkins's approval. It won't work. And Watkins & Peacock getting along swimmingly, I seem to have been out of the loop on the dynamics.

Peacock is lucky West is a CDW exclusive.

Uncle meta Paul Rudd ref +5

Buddy System need a tag team song. But I guess it makes sense Baxter would let JB bully him into choosing the song. So I can't be too mad. Since it makes kayfabe sense. Also still a 10/10 theme.

The Connection theme also 10/10 and big improvement over whatever the old one was. Now if only Michelle had a good solo theme.

Peacock, if the ring exploded, everyone would no sell it just to spite you. You don't get to partake in the pleasure of watching people explode given you no selling it :( and then blowing up stop sign dos :(

Bill Scorpane used to suck but I really like him now. Allen Price should take notes on likeability though I doubt Nephews would ever take him in anyways. CIA bit and all.

I have faith there will be no Nephews or Scorpane involvement in this match.

I didn't know about the East Berlin Violence Party. +5

I too like it when Gerald has his way with Best B) some of my favorite m/m ships

Peacock with the misogynistic insults. Very lame of him. Thats our megaface champion.

Gerald has really pushed Michelle towards the spot monkey life. What a positive influence.

Baxter is very cool. Very much reminds me of peak Snowmantashi. Would love to see him have a lengthy NA run. One of my top 5 characters I think.

Uncle J.J. JAY!: “Oh no! It’s the dreaded ref bump! Whatever will we do now?! Oh dear.”

ded +5

Chris Peacock thinks the worst of Uncle but he was being 100% sincere in that observation.

IDK about Michelle german suplexing Baxter but Imma let it be.

Also I lost track of who was the legal man, but Baxter got pinned after 450 and then Jeremy got pinned after EI with no tag. WOAT referee or a certain match writer protecting himself with the shifty refereeing. Who knows?

Great performance by Billy Scorpane. No interference from him. None from the Nephews. As anticipated. And he joins the superior alliance too. This was a pretty close match promo wise and think that Connection / Buddy System 2 & 3 are things that should happen and could easily get their rivalry on the level of the TxR v. GR v. GS from a while back. Though we'll see if there's a rematch in store. As far as the promos go, I think I liked the Connection promo's match focus a bit more than the Buddy System but like a .25 worth of difference in overall quality for me which is super tight.

TORN universe seg time

"milking every moment."

I get it, cuz Milkman!

"He’s ready to cream Lizzie in the middle of the ring." what a line

"She is truly the Dairy Queen!" my word

Someone should fire Nova for sexually harassing Lizzie. If Lizzie does end up joining TORN duo, this will feel a bit like KDS and Coven in which case, that'll be a fun ass 3 v 3.

Super Massive Destroyer being considered generic when there is no one remotely close to his size in the FWA right now.

NGL, these segments feel a bit long. I didn't want to skim so I read it all but a 3 match gauntlet with one-off jobbers. It would kinda be like grabbing a portion of CDW and planting it in the middle of the show. It really feels like it should be its own thing. That said, I know there's a lot of positive reception for this so since there's an audience for it, I'll certainly say carry on. I did enjoy the dialogue bits & character work for sure outside the match bits.

Caesar v. Summers was a suitably brutal match. Lots of blood, and things going into people and cutting them up. Perfect follow up to the King of Deathmatch and letting the X title live up to its legacy. The set up of the different timed arrivals, and the dialogue was fun (though I'm not sure how authentic they sounded, I also would've liked to see it carry on for the whole match instead of just the beginning. Very close finish. Didn't read either promos (yet) though I'm hoping to at some point this week. Tough loss for Caesar, winning a belt and losing on your first defense always sucks, especially in such a tight affair. Will be interesting how Mr. Part Timer manages to carry two belts at once or whether he swindles management into sparing him the defenses.

Seems like there might've been some miscommunication with Allen Price being labeled as one of the three comms over JLW.

What's Danny Toner doing in the pink tracksuit?! He's not a Neph!

LeDanny Toner >>>

Danny being open about his wage situation really surprises me. That's a man of the people. Yuppie types usually don't talk about their salaries to their coworkers cuz that'll cause some drama. Good guy Danny.


If that was really Chris Kennedy that attacked Danny he would've worn a white mask, not a black mask. He's La Muerte Blanca not La Muerta Negro. False alarm. That's not Kennedy.

Someone tell Joe Burr he can't threaten to shove something into a lady's ass.

Christian Quinn Pop!

Surprised to see Chris Crowe back. Didn't expect it since he was grading, hopefully this isn't just a one-off because Crowe v. Baxter would be brilliant. Parr out next. Make it a triple threat at BIB please.

Idk about this XX guy but I like Monica and Antonio's style.

Love everyone getting worked by obvious Jeremy Best bait. Heel of the Year.

XX & Fenix hip thrust wars. Fascinating.

Sad early Crowe elim :(

I didn't know Alyster Black had a new theme song .o. Black cleaning house to the tune of Wu Tang >

RIP Buddy System :(

Love that Summers has beef with literally everyone. Too bad we didn't get a heel off with Buddy System.

We're back in the everyone randomly wearing masks era. Love it. Is this in honor of GZ ending?

Glad to see someone is putting in effort in trying to get Krash back. Violet Dreyer the only FWA wrestler with any integrity.

When are we getting Aka v. Cole 1 v 1? Sounds like we're overdue.

Tommy doing the ole' Jeffry Mason Arrive. Screw Rival Over. Leave. Well done.

Speaking of Mason!

Reagan Cole is such a piece of shit :/ I like to see Trixie suffer but not at Cole's hands.

Katsu mega theme song improvement. Top 15 worthy I'd say.

Katsu switched masks for the merch sales? What a soulless decision. Cant believe Peacock would insinuate that.

Lol'd at Trixie not recognizing Katsu

I'm sorry but JLW's wrestling fans is getting go away heat from me.

weaselperson theme song top 5 worthy I'd say

XYA is a funny XYZ typo.

Real nice debut from XX, seems to have a fun character, and interested in reading that promo once it goes up.

GG hype! Peacock still doubting the Nephews after none of them interfered in the tag match. Nothing satisfied him.

Wait Peacock is a Konchu fan now? Did Baxter get Max Peacock attacked or was it Konchu. Fudged priorities.

Christ get Price out of here. JLW being in the ring isn't worth us having Price on the table. Okay he didn't last long, I guess I'm not too bothered.

Caesar out at 21? Someone check in on Oz :( The G.O. Tryhard Hype is dead. Shouldve been a Nephew if he wanted in.

XYZ running away from Death Walker? What a coward. I expected better from a hero.

Peacock at his most hypocritical. Decries the Nephews for interference all night then tries to help Alyster Black survive. Will review when I get the chance but Alyster Black promo was reaaaaaaaaaaal good. Will definitely hurt not to have won it all, I'm sure. But that's just how it goes.

Poor weaselperson :(

Good show, cheers to Man for another tough CC effort, and BT & Dubb for the other two title matches.

As for the commentators, JLW has considerably warmed up to Price recently, as he does hold some affection for him as a person. There are obviously moments where Price is still annoying as fuck (as displayed on this show), which exasperate Jean-Luc. Also, Price been a commentator for almost two years now, he’s not completely useless at the job anymore. Not a wrestling scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s able to hold his own now. As such, JLW’s main gripe for not liking him as a partner is slowly eroding. TGM was an example of how JLW does hold some value for Price, letting him have the glory at the end of their match that he knows Price would enjoy more than him.

As for Peacock and JLW, Peacock has cooled down on him since he’s been nicer to Price (let’s not forget how Peacock’s issues with JLW historically began because of how he treated Price and showed bias against Peacock to counter Price’s own). Peacock and JLW aren’t friends by any stretch, but there’s some respect there. Since Peacock became World Champ, JLW especially has held him in higher regard as he’s delivered on his promise.

As for Peacock throughout the show, I think it’s clear that he contradicts himself all the time. Definitely some behind the scenes stuff going on in his head that causes him to have such skewed versions of events sometimes. Won’t go into it too much as it’s going to be saved for promos, but it’s mostly all intentional. He’s also able to sit next to Uncle for three hours which he definitely wouldn’t have been able to do before. Like was said on the show, West is the one he really doesn’t like. Jon and I have discussed at length before, not sure he has mentioned to you or not.

Thank you for the review, it is much appreciated. Commiserations on the CC result, your work has been highly praised and we’re looking forward to seeing where you take things next now that the weasel is out of the bag. Ps I assume Jon gave you permission to use all of his characters in your promo. Thanks!


E-Fed Staff Member
Sep 13, 2022
Reaction score
So, that’s another one in the books and we are now officially on the path to Back in Business. Yes, that’s a thing that I’m trying to make happen.

Anyway, massive shout out to everyone who did a promo for this show. All three matches were very close and the CC match promos included a few that will definitely require consideration when we come to look at the end of year awards. A massive congratulations are in order for Cyrus, who becomes only the second character to win two CC matches. I look forward to our match at Back in Business.

Congratulations to out to CBK and SS for their victories, but both Oz and Dubb should be very proud of their promos, both of which could have easily also won on this show as well as many others. Also to everyone who made it into the GO match. It’s a very interesting cast of characters we’ve got in there this year which should make for a unique match.

I had a lot of fun writing the CC match and planning it all out beforehand. I hope everyone is happy with how their characters were portrayed but if anyone has any pointers or anything like that, please let me know for future!

It wasn’t just mods who contributed to this show; both Tig and Rosie/Nostra put together some fantastic segments to move their respective stories forward. Another shout out to Rosie for her match graphics, and also to CBK for the ‘International’ versions.

Back in Business is shaping up to be a massive weekend of amazing shit, and myself and the mod team are truly grateful to have you all as a part of this community. For anyone not yet part of the FWA and thinking about it, we’d love to have you as well.

That’s about it for now,
Man x