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Funny Rep Comments


Active Member
Feb 22, 2007
I was looking through my Rep, and I noticed I have some pretty funny comments...heres a few

04-14-2007 01:59 PM Monkeystyle "Does this work http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n191/MonkeyStyle_2006/jg13.jpg"

I never checked lol, I have learned in the past to never open a link Monkeystyle gives me

06-05-2007 12:17 PM the dark knight "i have a small penis"

06-18-2007 04:59 PM Dylanfsd "Beyond the Mat Rep again..."

This is after I told Dylan he never rep'ed me for Beyond The Mat...I lied

06-20-2007 02:03 AM the dark knight "still no hair but here's some rep"

07-03-2007 01:49 PM Matthardyv1 "like what the fuck rell" (neg rep)

After I voted for Monkeystyle in the KOTR Tournament

07-03-2007 02:15 PM Monkeystyle "you asked for it" (neg rep)

After changing my vote to V1, notice it was the same day lol

What are some funny rep comments you've received?

the dark knight

are you fucking kidding? its either i hit i instead of u OR you're just bullshitting me. lol at it anyway


Active Member
Feb 22, 2007
lmao thats honestly your comment, you even put the "roflmao" smiley after it


06-07-2007 01:23 PM Soulpower the pics make me happy in teh pants

I just find this funny by Soulpower haha

Rated RJC

Active Member
Feb 7, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
06-19-2007 08:10 PM Dylanfsd for embarissing me infront of everyone in my BTB saying that I am calling myself good and nobody else says im good.. thanks man.... your a good friend

08-03-2007 01:16 AM Dylanfsd Wont do it again..sorry hope you dont hate me

06-15-2007 06:52 PM PeepShow Nice PPV.....I love Edge....YES!!! LOL

05-29-2007 07:43 PM xtremebadass Employee of the Month right here

05-20-2007 11:12 PM Famou$ 187 Legend Killer.

Just a couple from RJC's greatest hits

the dark knight

ok, wasted 10 mins reading to get some.

The Mojo's: Eight Man... 03-28-2007 07:04 PM Monkeystyle here's some rep

it was actually neg rep lol

Say something about the... 04-04-2007 09:30 PM Axis Fag
10 minutes! 04-04-2007 08:59 PM NinoBrown Spam
Rate the WrestleMania... 04-04-2007 08:39 PM Montana wrong place
Who are the most... 04-04-2007 07:12 PM OsamaHussian ...
Thats the real... 04-04-2007 05:33 PM Chuck bigot

a series of neg rep...i was pissed that day but when i thought about how fast i got all of them i laughed.

whats your shoe size ? 04-06-2007 08:33 PM Nancy Di Loreto This is what you'll be remember for. Everyone knows you because you're that guy with Neg Rep. It's better than + Rep because not too many people have it...

.....funny comment though.

Who is KING? 04-12-2007 04:06 AM King_Ash You hurt my feelings

another neg rep....he was serious :roflmao: that belongs to D1...

IWF King of the Ring 05-14-2007 07:25 PM CenaMark54 You're right. Most of the current champs do suck.

a rep by CM!! i was bashing cena in an indirect way and he repped me for it lol

Request a Song 05-21-2007 03:39 AM FlamesofFury Here's some green rep, hit me back sometime soon with some green rep

green rep lmao MS came up with it but still funny.

Undressed Request Section 05-24-2007 11:17 PM NinoBrown SPAM!

^^ron simmons neg rep?

Software/Game Request... 06-13-2007 03:35 AM Headfirst For Hardcore mucho gracias

found it kinda funny...

Information/Display... 06-22-2007 09:30 PM Mike Chaos hahahah notice how he doesnt want the name now lol

i didnt know that SD fan deleted his original post till mike told me lmao.

Say something about the... 06-24-2007 06:20 AM Defiant One fuck you too :fyou: lol jk man
1st insult i get from the rep system :(

adding video problem 06-28-2007 09:57 AM Wrestling Station Damn at last i can rep you :( here is a 36 rep points for you.. oh i forgot to.. :gun_rifle: my bro and then :moon: to give you a nice mixture of :inlove: lol

after months of spreading he finally came up with that fucked up comment lmao

*Soccer Station #1* 08-05-2007 08:07 AM excellence of execution hi mate:)

what a way to say i agree with you lmao
07-15-2007 10:09 PM Mat rep for you killing kassidy man

Ah I remember that fondly

07-10-2007 11:08 AM the dark knight well, shit, i have to rep even though i knw that you did it on purpose lol. dont do it again hehe

Hehehe, the Amy Lee sig

04-30-2007 06:34 PM xtremebadass thank you lethal weapon, you are on my nice list, the nazi is now on the naughty list

I think NooDLE needs a spanking
Feb 7, 2007
Brisbane, Australia
Mayhem Help 04-11-2007 11:33 PM Montana Your a monster!

--I wrote the ME, a tag match and a triple threat that night/morning. I am a monster!

Some more tech/splatter... 05-03-2007 12:47 AM JMay187 Just because your Knicky

--Thank you JMay!

Funny WWE RAW rant 08-02-2007 04:40 PM The Outkast Kid That sig is the SHIZNIAT!!!

--Yes, I do too love the (old) Explosm sig ...

Rate the Wrester Day 23... 03-04-2007 01:23 AM MJ807 Oh My brother TESTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--I'm just going to guess MJ liked my rating...

Otherwise, I usually get: wow, great job; thank you; cool/nice rp etc etc. I dont get funny or weird ones, just plain old reps here and there...


Active Member
Feb 7, 2007
New Jersey
Funny Rep Comments 08-10-2007 10:22 AM FlamesofFury ----you know if I didn't leave a comment in this box it would have said "You have to leave a comment" so I did

lolz FOF....

the dark knight------ :2up: random rep

thanks for flipping me off :2up: :gun_rifle:

Viva La Luke ------ Gotta love the pity votes!

After i voted for him in MOTM

Dylanfsd ----- Balls mahoney

Still dont get that one....

Rell---- Thanks...you know I'm not going to win right? Its because I'm black jk lol

Lol that was for nominating him for MOTM...turns out he was right

That Irish Kid ------- Matt Hary is funny!

lol TIK thinks Matt Hary is funny

FlamesofFury ------ YOUR SO HOT!!!!, jk hit me back with the same rep laterz

somebody likes me hehe

Lita_Hardy ----- lOVE YA BABY

yeaaa boyyy lolz

MJ807 ----- R.I.P. Benoit

when everyone was all sad still about Benoit that night

Mat ----- here you go V weezy

Lol i forgot about this nickname

PeepShow ------- LMAO......rat cum......hahahah


Rell -------- I want my prize bitch

I told them in the SB who ever reps me 1st gets a prize lmao

Defiant One ----------Dont worry bout that Barry guy hit me back sometime

Lol D1 was trying to console be about that asshole and at the same time telling me to rep him back haha

Tracey Gerweck ------ Thanks for listening and believing me really im scared dale and rated can do some strange and horrible things

During that Mayhem raid...Tracy was crying cause we accused him of snitchin...

+//New-Breed\\+----- Oilers fan. F'n rights man

Lol that was headcheese mad long ago

and for my 1st Rep on this IWF..........

CruiserWeights 02-17-2007 12:10 AM millman4134

Thank you millman!!! :D


This Sucks! For The Monkey ... 06-03-2007 01:31 AM
Trav40 F*ck you too, ASSHOLE

After I read that post of Trav40.

Get Over With The Injuries 05-22-2007 11:40 AM
CenaMark54 Injuries stink

After I posted about the Injuries.

Name the PPV 05-21-2007 03:31 PM
PeepShow Correct NAME THE PPV

This one confuses me, I never really answered any Trivia or named any PPV.

TNA iMPACT! BTB PPV... 05-21-2007 05:50 AM
FlamesofFury Birthday Rep for you sir

Nice, I get Birthday Rep.

Bring back WCW and... 04-28-2007 12:23 PM
Great One Nice try.

When Great One doesn't like someones post. This happens.

Famou$ 187

+ Rep
FlamesofFury http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n191/MonkeyStyle_2006/other stuff/randyortonintowel.jpg
the dark knight post something useful, DUMBASS!
King_Ash nice sigs bro
wwe_fanatic Heavy sig!
RazorX. just cuz
Rell Rep for Juelz
Smackdown Fan RR
Nation Very Nice
PeepShow Nice post
excellence of execution
Montana Great Post
wordlife326 you know ur music man
Wrestling God thanks
straight_edge76 awesome pix, love the brittany murphet pic and that madison grl 2
xtremebadass random rep hit me back sometime
peroxwhy?gen914 yo homie
PeepShow thanks
Kaedon Thanks for reading
JHar888 This guy rules!
wordlife326 kickass... awesome sigs
xtremebadass random rep!!!!
The Leviathan thanks! lol...
Rated RJC For voting
Degeneration_X2006 finally we agree on something lol
Rell thanks
Defiant One
Mat some rep bro
xtremebadass random rep
Wrestling Station when i remind you about giving rep is just that you have to follow the rules, dont feel bad about it, im here to keep the forum clean and going on track. so here is a super rep for ya homie!
Wrestling God have some random rep
wordlife326 random rep
The Leviathan rr! lol...
Kaedon Thanks
wwe_fanatic Awesome Henry Sig
P.O.U.N.C.E Nice to see a Henry and LAX fan...thas what im talkin about...WSM kicks ass.
Mat classic pac song
Montana good Q, keep em coming.
Montana Good Q
Nation Random Rep
Defiant One returning the Rep,........bitch lol
Mat nice choice in a song famous
Tracey Gerweck u a great member.
phantomgerald hit me back sometime
PeepShow heres some rep, since I dont think Ive actually ever given you any......
MikeRaw rr
Defiant One hittin you back homie, hit me back sometime
PeepShow Thanks for the rep
Defiant One Thanks for the man hittin you back
Viva La Luke Heres some rep back.
the dark knight have a nice day i just hope u dont get banned today. u broke several rules

Defiant One Love the TI sig, hit me back sometime
Smackdown Fan RR
OO7 more veggie sex required
The Italian Outsider nice post
Mat nice pic man
Spiral Thanks For Rep
Defiant One I'm Kip James Bitch Nice hit me back sometime
Tracey Gerweck u r awesome dude
Defiant One 200 posts in 11 days nice, hit me back sometime man
Viva La Luke Thanks for emailing
Rell bitch
the dark knight thnx bro. here's super rep
†horza13† spreading , hit me back sometime
Mat i'll give u rep man
Defiant One you noob but a good noob lol keep up the good work man


Feb 7, 2007
Rate the PPV-Day 3-...02-10-2007 08:54 PM NooDLE ojhhh man!1! i m sooooh wasetad! dis iz da must focked up kool ade eva!


Active Member
Feb 22, 2007
You forgot the rest though:

It still doesn't explain it to the rest of us, but he put it in quotes.
You bastard, I was getting him back for calling me HAIRLESS :angry:...I already told him in the SB though