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Describe a wrestling match in three words

Champagne Charlie

Well-Known Member
Jul 28, 2011
United Kingdom
The way this game works is that someone describes a wrestling match in three words and everyone else has to guess what match it is. The person who gets it right then does the next one. If people cannot guess it, they should add an extra word for every wrong answer. I'll start with a very easy one

Screwjob in Montreal


Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2011
Lol. I was confused at first because it is such an easy one - so I thought we had to keep using three words to describe it. I was about to post "biggest work ever" to keep on describing it. :tongue:

A ring breaker
Either Brock Lesnar vs big show at smackdown 2003 or Mark Henry vs big show at vengeance 2012