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Creating your own Console Mini


Active Member
Jul 27, 2018
I'm sure everyone is well aware of the mini consoles that have been released in the past 10-15 years. It started out with Activision releasing Atari pre loaded consoles with games that may or may not have been a favorite. I think SEGA was the next company to follow suit and create their own version. Most recently, we had the NES Mini and the SNES Mini released. There were some really good games released on each, as well as a few lemons. For my 80s babies in here, does anyone remember saying, "I can't wait to get home and play some Ice Climber when I get home from school!"? Nope, me neither. As a matter of fact, I don't know of anyone who may have said that. I'm sure there may be one or two out there, but I haven't met them. I have saw reviews for a PS1 version, that I am hearing has received a lot of criticism from those whom have purchased the product. From the lists of games I saw, it has a good selection. It does include Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, and the original Grand Theft Auto. it may not be Vice City or San Andres, but it is still a really good game. Last but certainly not least, it has Final Fantasy VII included in the system. That is my favorite game ever, so that would be enough for me.

Anyway, if you were given the option of selecting what games you wanted programmed into the system, or just replacing certain games with one of your choosing, what would you select. Yes, I do know there is a way to hack the consoles and upload your on games, but this thread isn't about that.

For the NES Classic, I would leave most of the games on the system and replace some.

First off, I would Balloon Fight with Rygar. How this iconic game didn't make it onto the system is beyond me. Also, Balloon Fight? Seriously, I know some games were only added as filler, but come on now.

I would replace Ice Climber with Blaster Master. Another iconic game that was left out. This was one of my favorites growing up.

I would replace Super C with the original Contra. I mean seriously, why was this allowed to even happen? Contra was where "The Code" first got its origins. Its still used in Pop Culture, Wreck It Ralph anyone?

I would replace Donkey Kong Jr. with Skate or Die. How was all of the Skate or Die video games left out of this?

Mario Bros. (not Super Mario, but the arcade version) would be replaced with Mickey Mousecapade. I don't understand why this Mario game was included. It already had Super Mario Bros. 1-3, so why add this too?

Pac Man would be replaced with Maniac Mansion. Another awesome game that got its own TV series. I have enough versions of Pac Man, so I wouldn't need another on this console.

Star Tropics (never got into it) would be replaced with Monster Party. An awesome retro game. It's Legacy speaks for itself.

Excite Bike would be replaced with Pro Am racing. Pro Am was the better game, imo.

I would replace Ghost and Goblins with Duck Tales.

I would also swap out Galaga for Millipede. I like Millipede better.

I would get rid of Gradius and replace it with Adventures of Lolo.

These are the changes I would make to the NES Mini. What would you do with your Console?


A Very Barry Mod
Mar 7, 2019
Sleepy Eye
PlayStation 2 Mini:

- Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

It's the best game in the series and is probably more accessible than Sons of Liberty. Don't see why you wouldn't get this one if Sony goes for a PS2 Mini.


It's one of the more recognizable titles from early in the PS2's run that had the world buzzing about tactical shooters.

- Final Fantasy X

It's the obligatory Final Fantasy requirement. Might as well go with the one everyone loved, right?0

- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Now, you could go with San Andreas or III, but I chose Vice City merely for the soundtrack it had, and how easy it is to just pick up and play at any point, unlike San Andreas, and is more refined, unlike III.

- Resident Evil 4

RE4 sold big on the PS2 while selling only relatively well on the GameCube. People love it and I don't see why people wouldn't shovel out $200 to play a collection with 4 in it, even if I personally hate the game.

- Silent Hill 2

It's probably the landmark PS2 horror title. I have no clue why anyone would not have it on there.

- God of War

God of War is a huge franchise nowadays and I'm sure people would love to have it on a PS2 Mini.

- Kingdom Hearts

The other big RPG title on the PS2. While personally, I like .Hack and Disgaea more than Kingdom Hearts, people will flock to KH like flies to shit.

- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Not my favorite Tony Hawk game, but it's the best one.

- Katamari Damacy

You have to have some weirdness with your titles, and for some reason, Katamari Damacy has a huge cult following.

- Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry can be the other Capcom title added on to the PS2 Mini, as it did sell well and still has a following.

- NFL Madden '07

It's my favorite Madden game and it only made sense to either go with this or ESPN 2k5, but Madden 07 has a little more bang for your buck, as it were.

- Twisted Metal: Black

Twisted Metal was already on the PS1 Mini, so might as well bring it back for round two!

- Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

Obligatory racing game.

- Tekken 5

The big fighting game for the collection to act as pièce-de-résistance.

I think that would be a spectacular grouping, if we're going off of landmark titles for the PS2. I wouldn't know if it's financially feasible for Sony to do something of this sort, so who knows.
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Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I've only played the Madden series, the shortlived NFL 2K series on the DreamCast, and of course ESPN NFL 2K5.
2K3 was a slightly better version than the Dreamcast games IMO, same general great gameplay with slight improvements and better graphics. Also that era of NFL had some real nice rosters
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A Very Barry Mod
Mar 7, 2019
Sleepy Eye
2K3 was a slightly better version than the Dreamcast games IMO, same general great gameplay with slight improvements and better graphics. Also that era of NFL had some real nice rosters
Tell me about it, the Vikings were still world beaters at that time but they couldn't make a god damn field goal when it mattered!!! :vince:
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Slick Mitch

Well-Known Member
Feb 10, 2012
Xbox Classic

- Halo: Combat Evolved

It's the quintessential Xbox franchise, enough said.

- Project Gotham Racing

It was between this and Forza Motorsport but I ended going with PGR as it became the second-highest selling game after Halo at the time of it's release.

- Dead or Alive 3

Like Grim alluded to you need a fighting game and for this console Dead or Alive 3 was THE fighting game.

- Fable

In 2004 you were living under a rock if you didn't hear about this game. Even though I wasn't in love with the series there is no denying it's popularity.

- Ninja Gaiden

Another huge hit in 2004 that was hugely popular.

- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

This was a tough one since I love the Ghost Recon series as well but Splinter Cell was a huge success and was one of the most highly acclaimed games for the console.

- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Another hugely successful RPG for the console and literally one of my favourite games ever.

- Jet Set Radio Future

One of my most-played games when I had an Xbox and one of the coolest games ever made.

- Panzer Dragoon Orta

Never played it personally but it's considered one of the best games ever for the console

- Halo 2

I was only going to include 1 Halo but Halo 2 if you ask me is THE Xbox game. One of the most popular games of all time and one I still play every now and then.

- MechAssault

The first game that became popular for it's online play, I had to include it for what it did for Xbox Live

- Fight Night Round 2

Possibly the best boxing title ever

- Jade Empire

A fantastic game that I almost forgot about. One of the best RPG games ever made.

- The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

One of the only times a tie-in game was much better than the movie it's based on

- Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

For my final pick is a highly entertaining game. I never played it but actually my dad loved it lol
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Active Member
Jul 27, 2018
I guess I'm just venting, but why the hell does SEGA create so many versions of the Flashback, and not one has Shadowrun? I mean come on! It's a classic and a cult favorite. How many Cyber Punk RPGs do we have here in 5he US? Not many, so why not dust it off and install it in the Flashback?

Also, would it kill Nintendo to create a Version 2.0 with Shadowrun installed?

An awesome game and both versions are completely different. It's a shame it hasn't been installed on either system.


Well-Known Member
Jan 11, 2011

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Mario Party 2-3
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 & No Mercy (I know, not gonna happen, but...)
AKI WCW wrestling (same)
Sin and Punishment
NHL 99
Banjo Kazooie & Tooie
Conker 64 Prototype
Zelda 64DD version prototype
Zelda OoT
Paper Mario
Dinosaur Planet prototype

GB (with Super Gameboy borders)
Kirby Dream Land 1-2
DKL 1-3
Zelda LA
Metroid II
Super Mario Land 1-3
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