Bull Nakano SI interview - Talks WWE HOF, 1990s WWF run, Sukeban role, more

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Dreams are Endless
Dec 23, 2011
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“I learned of my induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on January 9 when a WWE staff member contacted me,” said Nakano, who constructed an iconic look with her hair and face paint. “I was aiming to imagine being something out of this world, something special, and the original, Bull Nakano, was created.”
“Although we were rivals, I developed a trusting relationship with Madusa through our almost daily matches,” said Nakano. “This trust allowed us to enjoy wrestling each other.”
“I talked with Vince about my future work in WWE after every TV match,” said Nakano. “I didn’t speak any English, so Luna Vachon explained it to me. It is a fond memory of mine.”
“All of the top stars were also excellent human beings, especially the ‘Macho Man’, who was very kind to me,” said Nakano. “Randy made me laugh with his gestures when I could not understand English. I want to make sure to thank him.”
“It was a tough experience,” said Nakano. “It was some of the most brutal and unreasonable training methods of the Showa era in Japan, and I sometimes needlessly injured my body because of it. But I am grateful because I learned strong spirit and hunger through wrestling.”
“That is what I am most proud of,” said Nakano. “I changed the value of women's professional wrestling in Japan–and the world.”
“During this era, Japan as a whole was crazy with money, both in the way it was thought of and how it was spent,” said Nakano. “Similarly in the wrestling world, parties were everywhere, and money was moving so fast that people forgot to appreciate both good food and good drinks. Now I rarely drink alcohol. I am thankful for my daily life.”
“I was appointed Commissioner of Sukeban in 2023,” said Nakano. “The thing that excites me most about Sukeban is that I get to see the past, present, and future of the unique Japanese culture all in the ring. I like the acknowledgment of the Sukeban lifestyle from decades ago, and the veteran wrestlers and young wrestlers coming together to put on the best show.
“I am so proud of all of the athletes who are active now, and I try to support them. My favorite wrestlers, the ones I care about most, are all the Sukeban wrestlers. I consider them like my children.”
“I see unlimited potential in the Sukeban wrestlers,” said Nakano. “There are so many young, talented wrestlers on the roster. I want to continue to watch and support Sukeban as Commissioner to see how far it will go in the future.”