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Bound for Glory 2017 Discussion Thread

HEEL Blazy

Well-Known Member
Oct 1, 2011
Macon, Ga
Seems pretty good. BFG is the Mania for Impact, so it would be the time for a babyface new champion.
I have Drake winning because he's barely had a month and a half and they want to build new stars. Still Impact might want to have the fans go home happy so it's a toss up truly.
I'm honestly not sure how I want it to go. I don't keep up with Impact really. Tho maybe I'll start watching who knows haha. But figured I check out this PPV tonight. Been impressed.
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Becky Two-Belts

Evil Owner
Jun 28, 2010
I'd personally keep the belt on Drake, but I feel Impact wants to capitalize on the Johnny finally winning the big one story.