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Avengers: Endgame[2019]


Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
Spiderman is supposedly happening just before Infinity Wars.

Also, unless all movies in phase 4 are not before Thanos.....Marvel already spoiled who goes and who stayed.
I could be fine with Spider-man happening before Infinity War, but I'd rather it not tbh though with the time skip it would def be easier for them to do it that way. As far as the future, they've said the phase system is done so I'm expecting more standalone movies on a small scale with maybe some team-ups here or there.

I don't think they've officially confirmed other movies after Spider-Man, at least not with any tentative release dates so all are subject to being changed or canceled, but this is what I'm expecting:

Guardians Vol. 3 with FAT Thor :mark:

Black Widow, supposedly they've already got a script and a director gotta be prequel I'm assuming at this point

Black Panther and Doctor Strange 2 gotta be all but confirmed at this point, would be disappointed if they didn't.

Ant-Man 3 seems like a fair bet too

Other than that I think they've got the door wide open for anyone that survived Endgame, plus all the new Fox properties as well. Personally want a good Fantastic Four movie for once before we get to X-Men but who knows if that's possible at this point.

Jimmy King

Well-Known Member
Dec 12, 2010
San Diego, CA
This movie ruled.

I like that Cap cursed in this movie. Nice little throwback to back in Age of Ultron when he warns Tony about language

Any-Man stole the show for me with his one liners, Tony, Hulk and Thor were all great too. Speaking of which, Thor Lebowski ruled and I can’t wait for The Asguardians of the Galaxy movie

I dug all the throwbacks to previous films with the time traveling, “that’s america’s ass” :lmao

That final battle was all sorts of bad ass. Cap saying “Avengers Assemble” was so good.

I’m fine with how it ended. I’m glad Cap got his happy ending. Bummer about Tony though :(
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Oct 9, 2011
You honestly think that wasn't going to happen?
no I thought cap was biting it and regardless just cause you think something's gonna happen doesn't mean it doesn't have an impact