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30 Rock


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2010
Streets Ahead
It took me until July this year to watch an entire episode of this show. Yes I admit that I made a mistake and that I was years behind the times. It was only when I was confined on an airplane for thirteen and seven hour stretches, that I watched blocks of episodes in a row and it was great.

It is a great comedy show and I am now hooked on it. I have caught up to the end of season three but will hopefully get back up to date with it soon. My favourite characters are Kenneth and Frank. Kenneth is so hilarious in how innocent he is and Frank is just awesome. The amount of guests stars they have as well is just amazing, it really does help having NBC backing you. Salma Hayek guest starring for six episodes was just wow.

Anyone else a fan of the show? Who is your favourite character?